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Tech Culture: CNET Live: September 27, 2007

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Tech Culture: CNET Live: September 27, 2007

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Brian Cooley and Tom Merritt are allowed outside to talk 'Halo 3,' iPhones, and conduct a giveaway involving a car.

^M00:00:07 [ Music ] >> Coming up on CNET Live Halo 3 is out and we've got game spots Jeff Gersman [assumed spelling] stopping by to give you some inside secrets and we've got our first give away ever on CNET Live. I'll give you a hint. It involves a car. And they finally let us outside. Light! For the first time in front of the live audience it's CNET Live. [ Clapping ] >> Welcome to CNET Live folks as Tom just said. ^M00:00:40 He ain't lying, and we're live in the field for the first time. We didn't go too far from home. Just down the elevator and out the lobby. >> We just jumped out the sixth floor. >> But here we are at CNET plaza the world headquarters here at 235 Second Street in San Francisco. >> It's true it's world? I always forget that. >> This is the big game right now. >> They got CNET UK, CNET Australia. >> They've got an office in Moscow now, a lot of folks don't know. >> CNET France. >> [inaudible] is a big one. >> Washington, Kentucky. >> Lexington is a big drinking town, but this is headquarters, and we are here live. If you're in the local SF area, come on down and join us. We're gonna be here for at least a half an hour second and Folsom [assumed spelling] in San Francisco and we're still taking your calls of course. >> Yeah, if you can't join us, don't get too mad. Just pick up the phone 888-900-CNET. That's 2638. And Cheryl is up there. >> Right up there. >> Not dead, just up on the sixth floor and she's taking your calls and then routing them using electronics right back to us. >> I like that. We got rid of the string. By the way, this weeks show is brought to you by infinity that's why we got the all new 08 G37 Coupe. I believe that's a G37S, hello. And we're gonna be doing a little game with that car later. Nobody get's hurt. I promise. >> Really? >> Well I hope. >> Like your last game. [ Laugh ] >> It's time now for things to be crave. ^M00:01:45 [ Music ] >> These are some of our favorite things from the crave log at crave.cnet.com and mine has a military application. ^M00:01:52 >> Oh no. >> In fact only a military application. Ah, that's definitely not it right there. >> What's this? >> I don't know what that is? >> That's a little too close actually. >> Here it comes. Woo >>This is what I'm looking at though. Okay, this is a new little thing from [inaudible] Martin that is the side of a maple seed. >> I can see that above it. >> A little bit of shape so you can drop it from on high and it flutters down and it's got two jets in it. Two mini jets that allow you to steer it as it's fluttering to the ground. Then there's a camera in there that has got a wireless transmitter and it sends the pictures back to headquarters. >> Seriously. >> Seriously. >> In this little wafer of a thing. >> Yeah. And so you can drop a ton of these things on your enemies and know everything about what they're doing. >> A little bit of a leaf litting [assumed spelling] propaganda. Your leaf litting recon. >> Oh, yeah, Tom Cruise is ordering a ton of these things. >> That's very cool. Now this is not for sale right? >> Not yet. >> Yet. >> But like the internet or GPS, it's a military application that could some day become. >> It'll trickle [inaudible] be there at BestBuy. It'll be on the hook as you check out right next ot the lifesavers and you'll pick up one of these and a package of candies and check out. >> A little mesh net. Hang these up on your maple trees in the back. >> I like it. Here's what I crave. Woo >> It sure is. >> The computer. >> Oh, this. >> Yea, that. >> Down there. >> Not those. So this is the acist [assumed spelling] EEEPC. EEE three E's. >> Is the name. And yes. >> Stupidest name so far in 07, but it's a cool idea. I think. >> [inaudible]. >> It's a super small laptop a q gig flash drive, no hard drive, 256 ram, 7 inch screen, correspondingly [inaudible]. >> I have 8 gigs in here. >> yeah, but you don't have a keyboard. >> I got a keyboard. >> Real keyboard. >> No, no, not real. >> This could be a really cool and I know the idea of a PDA laptop middle ground has always failed. >> Nobody's gonna want that. >> This is cool though. This is cool. >> Here's the shopping page where you go buy these guys. There are two hundred and sixty bucks for some of these. >> Not a bad price. >> That's real cheap. >> That's why it's only 2 gigs. >> Well yeah, but that will be a great super portable to carry around. I will use this instead of a full size laptop when I'm traveling. No booting. >> You would? Really? >> Much better energy consumption I'm sure. >> Oh, yeah because it's got a [inaudible] is it windows mobile or something, that's why it gets [inaudible]. >> I don't know the OS. That's a very good question. >> It's got a some kind of instant on like PDA or something. >> Their up on Cray, they range as high as six hundred bucks but you know what? You can get them super cheap in the high two hundreds. >> Oh, they have them in 4 gigs. >> They got a 4 and a 2. >> They have them in more. Alright. Alright. >> I like the [inaudible]. Okay. >> No one will ever buy one. >> Okay, so were going to some of your [inaudible] as the first step. Let's go to the audience. >> Oh yeah, we have questions. >> Where's Molly? >> Molly. I'm over here. >> Hey everybody Molly Woods is joining us today. >> Molly. I was just here for the halo 3 demo. I hope it turns out. I am also doing some crowd mingling. We do have some questions in here. The first one comes here. Tell us your name sir. >> Ah, Andrew. >> And what is your question? >> Andrew. I have the ipod touch but I can't add any applications. >> Molly. Nobody stampede him in case you didn't hear that. He has the ipod touch and wants to know if he can add any applications. >> Has anybody jail breaks the ipod touch yet? >> The last I looked, they had not. >> That's what it would take at this point right? >> Yeah, ah, I'm gonna look because at any moment now somebody is going to do this. >> So what's he in jail break or what? Let's refresh people's memory. >> Well jail break is the program you use to unlock the ability to add third party APS to the ithong. So and there's actually ap tap which allows you to do the whole process by just running an installer. You don't have to do any of the hard work yourself. >> Yep. >> People have created an application to do it all for you, so we just need the same sort of thing for the ipod touch. >> Yeah, our technica as the ipod touch jail breaks the eludes hacker community so. >> Not yet. Oh, you know what? There was a guy who was trying to get all of the memory dump out of the ipod touch. He was gonna store it up on his website and the ISP got a takedown notice from Apple, >> Really. >> That said he can't do that. He can't put it up on the web where other people can find it. And they stopped his transmission. >> I mean you know. >> Well but they didn't do it with the ipod? They let people get away with it. >> So Andrew, don't know yet, keep an eye out for jailbreak ported to the ipod touch is basically the concept. Let's go to our phones because we are still taking calls today. We don't want to turn off our normal audience. Let's go to Peterson. Peterson, in Boston. Hello Peterson and welcome to CNET Live. >> Peterson. I'm good. >> What's on your mind today. What question can we answer for you? >> Peterson. Well now that you put me on hold, um I have two questions. My first question was like you know [inaudible]. I was looking to find out if there was any possibility to bring in the videos that you usually get from you two onto your desktop. >> Did you hear all of our discussion of it? When you were on hold? >> He did, but let's do it again for our audience. >> Alright, so we had a Sarah Harven [assumed spelling], one of our producers, recommended. >> Grab something. >> Yea, something I wrote down and I can't find it. Z convert. Z convert. There's also Keepvid [assumed spelling] which will allow you to save streaming videos from you two, and real player 11 will do it. >> Yep the beta. The beta. >> As the flag that pops up whenever your on a video site and you want to download this video it says and you can just hit the button and it will do it. >> Alright. >> So there's a lot of ways. >> You might have already heard those answers. >> Now you've heard them again Peterson. That's fantastic. >> Okay we will have more calls. More questions from the audience. But we are here to talk a little bit about Halo 3. Jeff Gershman's [assumed spelling] in the wings waiting to join us and give us some tips and tricks. But first Rich Damero [assumed spelling] was in New York for the launch and let's see how it went. ^M00:06:54 [ Music ] [ Background talking ] >> Hey there Rich Damero with CNET TV outside Best Buy in Midtown Manhattan. ^M00:07:03 You know it's been three years since the last installment of Halo hit store shelves and these fans are ready for more. And tonight they're gonna get it. There's just one more thing. It's gotta wait until midnight. ^M00:07:15 [ Music ] >> Halo. Halo. Halo. >> Just want to play Halo 3. [ Background talking ] >> Cherry flavor, extra deliciousness. >> That is extra delicious >> I'll be gaming all night long. >> We're not nonstop. We're gonna beat this game straight on. >> There's not a lot of games out there. We can have a numerous amount let's say like sixteen players at one time. >> And how long does he spend playing this game? Let's know the real dirt here. Come on. >> Every now and then. >> We've been out here for a long time, I figure about my fellow players and you know get out the pizza. >> Yesterday, my friend called me up raving about the game. Just absolutely over the moon about it. So I thought maybe I should come out and actually make a play to get this game. If I'm gonna do it I may as well get here and be first. If I was here second or third I probably would have gone home and got some sleep. I got here yesterday at six. Sunday at six. By the time I have Halo in my hand I'll be out here for thirty hours. >> You're crazy. >> I know. Thanks. [ Background yelling ] >> Actually I am a Halo fan. So um I can say I'm out here supporting the whole gang thing and Xboxes Halo 3 man it looks a lot more advanced too and I think the consumers and the people are gonna really like it. [ Background talking ] >> Just fifteen minutes ago before the launch they had a hummer drive down fifth avenue. The master chief himself got out with his very first copies of Halo 3 delivered up to the store and the guy that we talked to in line before, the first guy, got his hands on it. [ Clapping ] >> Twenty four hours now. >> Twenty four hours all for this. >> All for this and it's worth it. I'm gonna knock it out tonight. >> When you make it to that register there's only one more choice to make. Sixty, seventy, or a hundred and thirty bucks. No matter which one you get there all gonna get you lotsa game time. I'm Rich Damero with TNT Bay. ^M00:09:45 >> Great energy at New York at the launch event Rich Damero of course there hanging with the people that are Halo 3 crazy. We're going in that exact same Bay. Some merits here with Jeff Gershman from our gamespot.com. Guys take us into it. >> Yeah, Halo 3 pretty frickin incredible launch. We were just talking. It's not like the Nintendo we where you weren't gonna get one. You can't actually find one. At one point they actually said they had eighty one copies a second rolling off an assembly line. So ah they knew that the demand was gonna be high and met [inaudible]. >> There are plenty of them. You didn't have to go that crazy. It just shows how like fun it is for people to just go wait in line for things. >> Exactly. >> I guess. >> And you know sometimes they get a free ride home out of it. >> Pretty amazing launch too. First days sales biggest entertainment sale ever. It beats Spider Man 3's movie release as well as Harry Potter according to Microsoft. A hundred seventy million dollars of course when your charging as much as a hundred and thirty dollars for one version, you know the book didn't cost that so. >> Yea. >> And then you get the little helmet though. >> Yea you do get a sweet plastic helmet that's too big for a cat, but I think if you got like a [inaudible] in there or something maybe unbolted some stuff, screwed it out, you maybe would fit it around a baby. >> Ah, a baby Molly. >> You might want to take note of that. >> Yea. >> Little helmet. >> So you might want to get the collectible edition after all. >> Alright let's get into the game here. >> Okay. >> It looks great. Do you think it looks as good as Bioshock? [ assumed spelling] >> Um I think it looks as good as Bioshock in hit's own way. It really succeeds on artistic style as opposed to technical paralysis. You see a lot of different environments. Jungle, deserts, snow, and they do a really good job with that stuff and kind of conveying this crazy alien technology. But it's not just out and out like gorgeous as Bioshock is top to bottom. >> And you get a couple of tips and tricks for people. What level are we on here. >> Yea, so this is the beginning of the second chapter of the game and I'm gonna show you how to get one of the skulls. Skulls are a little kind of bonus items. They hide pretty well here. You kinda jump up in these rafters here and then walk along here, inch it over. >> I could never do that in real life. >> Jump up there. And get on top of this pipe and at the end is the skull. You hit the button, you pick it up. You can club people with it if you want. And this will unlock something that when you go back and play the game cooperatively with other players you can actually make the game way harder. >> So this doesn't even help you out much. It just makes more functionality. >> Yea, exactly, so you know if you want to make the enemies more resistant to hand grenades and stuff like that. This will do that. >> Those things are hidden pretty well. I mean that one was. >> Hey that's something you kinda need to know where to look or you can spend hours just digging through these levels and looking for stuff. >> Overall the reviews have been really positive for Halo 3. >> Is there anything wrong with it? >> You know the things that are wrong with Halo 3 are pretty minor. It's stuff like when there's a saved film you can go back and watch a replays. It's not very easy to rewind it. So when you're dealing with that kind of minutia you know you kind of have something pretty special. Other than that you know it's Halo. You know if you didn't like the previous Halo games this is still Halo. >> We did have one person emailed us and was bemoaning the fact that you have to get to a check point to save. And the cut scene froze up on him and he lost like four hours of gaming. >> That's actually not possible. >> That's what he played. >> The check points, I'd like to see that check point. >> Check points are pretty close together so unless it's something where it doesn't create a hard save or something like that which I don't know. >> Yea. >> It makes it more important to replace those scratched discs. If you do get one that came out of the casing when you bought it. It seems like all of them did and Microsoft does have a disc replacement program where if you did buy a limited edition and the disc is too scratched up to play, they will replace it but of course you're gonna end up without the game for like two weeks. So my advice is they have that program extended through the end of the year. Just play the game until right before the end of the year and then send it to them if you want a [inaudible] disc. All the discs that we've seen have been scratched but they all work just fine too. So it seemed like it's more of a cosmetic problem. >> Thank you Jeff for stopping by. Jeff is the Editorial Director of gamespot.com. You guys have your own show coming up this afternoon right? >> We do. On the spot if you go to gamespot.com/onthespot and we have some Tokoyo Game Show coverage. We're gonna have a big rock band announcement. And also some coverage of the Halo launch where I get slapped across the face really really hard. >> Well now I want to watch it. What time is it on? >> That's on 4:00 pacific. 4:00 pacific so 7:00 p.m. Eastern at gamespot.com/onthespot. Thank you Jeff, and thank you for stopping by. >> Thank you. >> Brian? >> Hey Jeff quick thing. Halo 3 what's it all about? He goes you shoot folks they die. Simple. Okay, so that I could understand. Coming up on CNET Live we're gonna have our download of the week which is kind of a web ware thing as well and then we're gonna play a very cool game inside this Infinity G37 Coupe with members of our studio audience. Stand by, that's coming up on CNET Live. ^M00:14:15 [ Music ] >> Let check the tech. Check the tech. Technology is leading the way and I want to show you some tech highlights. >> CNET TV up to our necks in tech. ^M00:14:55 >> Welcome back to CNET Live everybody. Brian Cooley with let's see merits. We're taking your calls even though we're here in the open air live at CNET Plaza, world headquarters here at Second and Folsom in San Francisco. It is world headquarters. It really is. It's amazing isn't it. >> Yea. >> It's such a friendly looking place. Triple 8-900-CNET. Phone number is of course open. We're gonna go to the audience and also take a phone call. Let's go to the phones here and make sure our phone folks don't get left out. Let's go to Alan in New Jersey with an iphone question. Mr. Iphone, let's see what you can do for him. >> Hey. >> Hey Alan. >> Um I just upgraded my firmware for the iphone. The software update that they released today and I had my phone on Team mobile and with third party aps and now I have a six hundred hour paper wait. What do I do? >> Ah, okay first cautionary tale to anybody who has unlocked their iphone. Don't upgrade the firmware yet. Wait for the iphone deb team to come out with their locking software so you can lock it back up then upgrade the firmware and then they will come out with new software to unlock it. However. >> This is what Jocks was warning about this past week saying future updates will break your iphone if you unlocked it. >> So, so what is it doing? Is it doing anything? Is it just not turning on? What's the behavior? >> It turns on with the SIM card not activated and it asks me to activate again through AT&T. >> Okay, so it's not so bad as I thought. It's actually turning on. Do you have an AT&T SIM card? >> Alan. No. >> What you might try to do is find, do you know any friends who have an iphone? >> Alan. Yea, but it's asking for me to go into itunes and reactivate. >> Well you tried putting one of your friends SIM cards in the iphone? >> Alan. No. >> Okay, that's what I would do. I would take one of your friends iphones AT&T SIM Card out and put it in your iphone see if it works. If it works, then you just gotta wait for the iphone deb team to come up with the update. Ah, you might have to do a little, there might have to be a little hackery since you went ahead and did the firmware upgrade? But you're gonna have to wait for that unlocking to come out again before you proceed. And you're not gonna have it for a couple of days. Sorry, that's the best I can give you but it doesn't sound like all hope is lost. You may just be without it for awhile. >> Okay, sorry about that Alan that's not the best news in the world. Boy this iphone unlocking thing sure sounds like a lot of trouble. >> Well you know what that's not as bad as I thought it would be. >> Oh, great. >> It doesn't sound that bad. It just got rid of the unlocking. >> It still works. >> And so when they come out with the new unlocking software it might work. >> Alright. It is time for the you know what of the week. >> Download of the week. >> Yea. ^M00:17:41 [ Music ] >> Download of the week is brought to you by our good friends at CNETdownload.com. I say that because I know some of them. And this week we're talking about Seth Rosenblatt's blog posting on the daily download which is their blog where they give a lot of great tips and information so check it out at download.com. Groove shark is a website so this is a little best of the web download combo here. >> Yea rolled into one. >> When you go to groove shark you can download shark bite and what shark bite is this peer to peer software which you can see the middle. It's peer to peer software for sharing music. So the first thing it'll do is it will take your entire music library and upload it to groove shark and then you'll be able to access your music library on the web. Which is great. The other part it will do is then it will take your music library and it will add it to everyone else's music library at groove shark and make it available for sale. >> So they published this from jail somewhere. >> Ah, no, they published it from Florida. >> Same idea. >> And what happens is everybody gets paid. That's their whole slogan. >> So they are spreading money around. >> They sell the songs for around ninety nine cents then they give a cut of that to the labels, a cut of it to the artist, a cut of it to the person who uploaded. So you can actually gain credit by uploading the music. >> And we think the artists and the labels know they're doing this? >> Not as such. [ Laughing ] I don't know we have to talk to them. >> That's a very cool motto though to be honest. >> But yeah, check out grooveshark.com. >> It's a community legal music store. User generated user music store. >> We'll see if it flies. It's a smart way to go about it. It may not still work if the labels don't want it to. >> I do like it though. Let's get another question in from our studio audience. Molly do you got another hot one for us? >> Molly. I do, we actually have another iphone question but it doesn't sound so disasterous. Gladimere [assumed spelling] do you have a question about the iphone? >> Gladimere. Yes, I'm just wondering if you guys heard anything about upgrading firmer to support picture messages finally because it's very annoying that you can not send you know pictures via MMS. >> Ah, for sending photo's. >> MMS isn't enabled on the iphone. >> Well if you do ap tap I know you can do it. That's the third party ap pack. There's a couple of applications in there. Have you tried that? Or do you not want to try that? >> Gladimere. Um do you have any application in mind? I didn't see any. >> Ah, there's a, what is it called? I just uninstalled it. It's like share. It has share in the name and it allows you to take photo's and either send them by email or post them somewhere. I can't remember what it was called though. And then. >> You've got the new video up on how to do ap tap. >> Yeah, and then I post into flicker and that's limited. It's not the same as what your asking for but it's another way to add photo's. I haven't heard of any others besides those though. >> Okay? >> Let's do the phone call here. Let's see who we've got on line 1. Let's go to Steven in New York. Hello Steven and welcome to CNET Live. >> Steven. Hi [inaudible] Brian how are you? >> Is that you honking in the background? >> No never mind. He's on his car phone. >> Hi Steven. What can we do for you? >> Steven. I have a question about a VCD it's a from China and I tried to record audio off of it. >> Okay, there's one of two ways to do this. One way is to do it in real time. If your sound card is sophisticated enough. It will fold back the output into it's own input and then you just run a sound recording program. >> Yea, that's the easy way. >> Otherwise I don't know off hand of another way to rip the audio from a VCD though I would bet it's possible. >> You should be able to rip the VCD right just rip it out. >> Yea. >> And then you could audio convert it and put it into a file format that would allow you to break it up into the audio track and rip the audio out. >> Yea, here we go. Here's one called VCD to WMA. That's a pretty obvious title. And it will rip the audio from a VCD to a windows media audio file and from there if you want you can go to mp3. They have a way to do that. I haven't used it. So go look for that download title VCD to WMA I think it's over at download.com. >> Of course. >> Okay. >> Alright, we do take some emails here from time to time from viewers that send in their questions to CNET Live at cnet.com. Calief [assumed spelling] from Philadelphia writes, and I actually am reading if off a piece of paper. >> How quaint. >> Like email is supposed to be. My ipod video runs just fine but when I connected to my laptop it says that it's corrupted and has to be reformatted. But if it runs just fine obviously not too big of a problem. >> Yea. >> He says before I do this, reformat the ipod, I want to get my files transferred to my laptop. Is there a way to retrieve my files before I reformat it? Yes there is. And hopefully this works for you. We'll show you how to use your ipod as a hard drive in today's insider secret. ^M00:22:16 [ Music ] >> You always hear that you should back up your computer files in case of an accident right? But doesn't that mean you have to get some pricey external hard drive or maybe pay for some service? No, no, no my friends. The answer may be rocking away in your very own hands here. ^M00:22:31 I'm Tom Merit [assumed spelling] Editor for CNET.com. No this edition from insider secret. I'm gonna show you how to use your music player as a hard drive. ^M00:22:38 [ Music ] ^M00:22:40 >> Tom. Since some eighty percent of you have an ipod out there were going to demonstrate how to do this using the little white beast here. But you can use almost any music player as a hard drive. [inaudible] for instance. Even the tiny little shuffle works. Now some of these are even easier to set up but if you're using an ipod, you'll need to tell the computer to recognize the disc in here as a hard drive. So, first things first. Hook up your music player as usual. Now if you're not using an ipod, you may be able to see this as a hard drive already. If you're using a Mac, look in the finder, if you're using a windows machine look in my computer. If you see your music player showing up as a hard drive. Open it up. See some files and folders? You're done. You can skip all this itune shicanery [assumed spelling] I'm about to show you. However, for us ipod users launch itunes as usual, if it hasn't launched itself already. And then click on the ipod icon. Go to the music sub tab. See that there? And then look for that little check box that says enable disc cues. Check that little box. That is telling your computer that your ipod is a hard drive. Computer, my ipod is a hard drive. Now the other thing this means is that you're going to have to eject the ipod from your computer manually every time you're done using it. That doesn't mean you press some button and then it flies off. It's this little button right over here next to the name of the ipod in the left side of itunes. When you press okay, you may get a little warning screen that tells you that this is dangerous or what not. Just tell them it's okay, you saw it on CNET. Everything's gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be fine. Now, if you have an ipod shuffle it's a little different. You got much less space to work with. So they give you this little slider here that you can use to allocate how much space goes to itunes music and how much to the rest of your data. Now go open up finder if your using a Mac, or my computer if your using a PC. It's gonna work just like any folder on your computer. You can create new folders. Drag files in etc.. If it's not working, make sure your not trying to use a Mac ipod on a windows machine. Those two are incompatible. It's like Brad and Jennifer. Heavens, the things are formatted differently. They won't be able to talk to each other. Also, a word to the wise. You see all these weird folders that are already in here? Those are the ipod system folders. Stay away. At least if you want to be sure your ipod keeps working the way you're used to. Like working at all. Just add stuff in the empty space. Don't subtract anything. One more little bummer for you windows users you won't be able to store a file that's bigger than 4 gigabytes on your windows ipod. That's because it uses the fat 32 file system instead of the NTFS file system. Fat 32 can't store large files the way NTFS can. Now, you could turn this into a NTFS drive but then it wouldn't really be an ipod anymore. Or wouldn't play music or anything. But that's it. You've got yourself a little personal data device. This is more than just a music player here. You can even install programs on this thing, although their gonna run a little slower because the hard drive in an ipod spins a little slower to save on battery life. That's it for this edition of insider secret. I'm Tom Merit for CNET.com. Enjoy your new hard drive. ^M00:25:46 [ Music ] ^M00:25:48 >> Hey and come in next week folks when Tom Merit loads the entire human genomic data base on an ipod. What are you gonna do next with that thing? >> Alright, welcome back to CNET Live and I'm Brian Cooley with Tom Merit. We are live here at CNET world headquarters in San Francisco. Our first live audience live show. And it's time to take care of our people. [ Background Screaming ] [ Clapping ] >> Brian. Everyone having a good time? Right on. Thanks for joining us. Now it's time to reward you for being with us. Here's how we're gonna do that. We've got some prizes up here that are gonna be given away with a navigation game played inside the new 08 Infinity G37 Coupe. The prizes you will be playing for will be a set of the bows quiet comfort 3 headphones. Very nice. Here's the new ipod nano. Woow. The new squatty one that everyone loves. Our mp3 editor said that's actually the best of all the new ones, and a CNET fleece. Not a bad prize. How we're gonna do it is play a navigation race. The fastest person to enter an address get's their pick of the prizes. The second fastest get's the next pick and so on. Now, here's how we get our contestants. Everyone in the studio audience has put there name in here. I'm gonna draw ya. You can't be a CNET employee. Remember. Okay. Here's my first contestant. Can I see Betty Lieboff [assumed spelling]. Betty, come on up. Where's Betty? Betty Lieboff [assumed spelling]. Hello Betty. Come on up, have a seat. Stand right there. Our next contestant digging into the bowl is gonna be Dylan Prodess [assumed spelling]. Where's Dylan? Hey big win. Somebody get my card for me. Okay, note to self. Next time we do one of these get a wind break. Okay, and our third contestant, we've got Betty, we've got Dylan, third contestant is Molly Cameron [assumed spelling]. Alright. >> Hey wait a minute, they're together. >> You guys came here together. You're not in cahoots right? >> No, no. >> Okay, alright. Betty how are you doing? Okay, let's play the game. Here is how it works guys. You're gonna get into the Infinity one by one. I'm gonna have you draw an address from these sealed envelopes. Now that's the address that you are gonna have to enter in the navigation system as fast as you can. We're gonna time ya. Tom Merit's in there with his iphone timer and whoever's the fastest get's their pick of the prizes. Most of which are laying on the floor right now. So we're gonna clean them off first. Then you're gonna play the game. I'm gonna start with Betty, because I called you first. You guys, stand back a little bit to the back of the car so you don't see exactly what's going on here. This is all about the skills. Betty, get in the Infinity G37 and let's play the game. Betty, say hello to Tom Merit. >> Tom. Hi Betty. >> Betty. Hello, nice to meet you. >> Do you like this car Betty? >> I know but he's taking this car out of here. Okay, Betty, here's what you get to do. You get to pick one of these three envelopes. Each one of these is the address of a legendary tech company in Silicon Valley. You open the envelope and then you're going to enter the address. Okay, Molly Wood is standing by is going to be charting the times. She'll be the official time mistress while Tom Merit is gonna be actually running the stop watch. And it's all about the speed. So, pick an envelope. Open it up and get ready to enter the address. You want the one on the top. Let's open it up and see who it is. Legendary Tech Company Assilican [assumed spelling] Valley are the addresses. >> Tom. It's Xerox Parts. >> She doesn't know until she gets in what it is. You got Apple 1 Infinite loop Group Latino California. Are you ready to start? >> Alright, I've got >> Here we go. Start in three, two, one, go. Okay, she's off and running. She's off and working the whole interface. >> Betty. I want to go back. I want to go back. >> She's in the wrong menu. >> Betty. Wrong menu. >> She's gotta back up. She feels that ipod nano getting away from her right now. But she's catching up. >> Betty. Where am I? >> Press green, there you go. >> Destination. Destination's what you want to enter. >> Betty. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Okay. >> Destination. >> How do you want to enter a destination. There's probably an abbreviation for destination is my hunch. What are the first four letters of destination. >> Betty. Wait, wait, wait. Okay, destination three. >> ah, huh. >> Okay, here we go. >> Betty. Oh my God, one. >> Address okay. >> Betty. Space, oh my God, there's no space. Okay, one. IN wait a minute, INFINI. >> I'll tell you what Betty, you're off by one screen. I know you don't want to hear this. >>Betty. Oh shoot. >> We have a max of two minutes. Come on Betty. >> Betty. Wait, oh, oh, P >> Looking for the P. >> Betty. Cupertino? >> Okay, it's gonna be a different screen for the city. This is the street screen. >> Betty. City, city, city. >> Okay, she's working the city. Here we go. She's on the Cupertino. >> Betty. Okay. >> Now what's the address. Let's put the number in for the address. The number just the number. Okay. Okay, now I'm gonna give you a little hint here. Say okay, say okay on this one. >> Betty. Okay buddy. >> We're approaching the two minute limit. Betty we're gonna have to time you out at two minutes in a minute. >> Betty. Hold on where's okay. Oh, don't do that to me. >> Oh, Betty, I'm sorry, you used up your two minutes. Ah, give her a hand. Betty, come on out here dear. Do you have a navigation system in your car? >> Betty. No, I can't afford one. >> Have you ever used one? >> Betty. Never. >> Let's hear it for a first time newbie. Sit tight Betty, you're at least third place okay? It doesn't get any worse than that. Let's get Dylan up here. Where's Dylan. Come on Dylan, time to play the game. Sit in the car. Here we go okay folks, let's see what Dylan does. You have the choice of one of two choices left. Tom's got you back to the main screen. He has the timer set. Molly's got Betty down for two minutes the full time. It's kind of like maxing out in golf folks. Take one of the envelopes. Did you take the one you want? You did okay. Open it up, the timer doesn't start just yet. Open it up and let's see which company in Silicon Valley you have to navigate us to. One of the legendary Silicon Valley Tech [inaudible] awaits. Rip that thing baby. Rip it open. Yea baby. Dylan do you have a nav system in your car? >> Dylan. No I do not. >> Okay, have you ever used one? >> Dylan. I have before. >> Okay, you've got Google. 1600 Ampi Theatre Parkway, Mountain view California. Lots of characters. Get ready to start. Okay? >> Okay, I've got the timer going. >> Okay, the time is ready, you're gonna start in three, two, one, start entering. Okay he's off and running. Alright Dylan's working it. ^M00:32:19 [ Music ] >> Dylan's working it. Dylan's working it. >> Dylan. Okay, one, sixteen, sixteen zero zero. >> Okay he's on the address. He's got the address in. >> Dylan. Whew. >> He's got the address, we're moving fast here. >> Now Ampi Theatre Parkway is about as long an address as you can get in Silicon Valley, so Dylan got stuck with the toughest one of them all. Molly's sitting there with the time card. She's leering saying ah huh. Let's see if he can bring it in before two minutes. >> Dylan. It has to be something specific there. >> No peaky, peaky. I want the other Molly to not look. Can't look at this. You can't see it anyway, okay. Alright Dylan's working on the city now. He's on the city folks, he's got address and Ampi Theatre Parkway. Here comes the city. He's moving fast. Tom, what's our time. >> Tom. Fifty two seconds. We're at fifty two seconds. He's doing real good, but there's plenty of time to screw up. >> Dylan. View. >> He's looking for Mountain View. He's got Mountain View in there. Okay. >> Dylan. Got Mountain View. I got Mountain View in there. >> Okay, push it through. Keep going until you get the navigation started. Once the street address here we go boom, boom Oh, >> Dylan. It wants something specific. And it's with the street. >> It wants Ampi Theatre Parkway. Okay, here we go, here we go, he's on the Ampi Theatre Parkway, he's got it pulled up in the text prediction and you gotta start navigation. >> Dylan. Ampi Theatre Parkway. >> Start navigation. >> Dylan. Start. >> He's got it. Tom, what's the time. >> One minute twenty nine point 1. >> One twenty nine point 1. [ Clapping ] >> Dylan good work, hop out brother hop out. ^M00:33:52 >> Okay, take a seat over there with Molly Wood. Let's get our Molly up here. Molly the contestant. Molly have a seat. You're our third and final contestant. Let's see if you can beat Dylan's one twenty nine point 1. Here is the third and final address of a legendary technology company in Silicon Valley. Open up and see who you've got. Your timer's not started yet. And then she's gotta beat one twenty nine one to get the choice of any of the prizes which now folks this just in includes a bows wave radio. Hello. And the Bows Quiet Comfort Headphones, and the ipod nano, and the CNET fleece. By the way those products courtesy of Bows. Maker of the audio system in the G37 Coupe. You've got Ebay, Molly. 2145 Hamilton Ave, San Jose. Get ready, start entering in three, two, one, go. Okay. ^M00:34:40 [ Music ] >> She's off and running. Hit the destination button. She's on to address. 2145 is her address. 2145 she is wondering what to do next. 2145 what do you do next. She hits okay. Okay, we're on the street address now. Did you get a nice shot of my ass with that camera? Okay, good I wanted to make sure of that. Okay, Molly's working on that Hamilton Avenue. Hamilton Ave, not a posity of characters, let's face it. Tom, what's the time. >> Tom. Around thirty seconds right now. >> Okay, doing good, doing good. She's on Hamilton Ave. Nice, she does a nice recovery from an unintended hyphen. Excellent. Okay. Okay, she's got Hamilton Ave. Let's me give you a hint. That was the Hamilton Ave in the wrong city Molly, you've got to correct now. >> Molly. Oh no. >> Oh, she was making great time and then she choose Hamilton Ave, Costa Mesa. >> Molly. No, No. >> Anyone hear from the OC? No, good, okay. Alright, she's back on address. Kind of having to pick it up here and back fill. Wow. What's our time Tom? >> Tom. Just over a minute now. >> Just over a minute. You got an 8. You want to beat Dylan. You got twenty nine seconds more to go. >> Molly. Oh. >> Course you guys will divot the prizes anyway because you came together. I like this little team you guys have working here. Okay, here she goes. She's on Mountain View, which is the wrong city, but it's a good try. Keep going. Give it some more. There we go. She's on San Jose. San Jose, California. She's got the city. Now, give me that address. Two, one, four, five. Okay. And now Ham predictive text says Hamilton Ave and you gotta start navigation. You gotta start navigation. Where's the start? Where's the start Molly? Where's the start button? >> Molly. Oh. >> There it is. ^M00:36:30 >> Okay, what's the time Tom? >> Tom. One fifty one point three. >> One fifty, come on out Molly. Now Molly Wood's gonna tell us the run down. Refresh our memory. Alright I want you guys all up here. Betty, Dylan, Molly, come on up here and Molly Wood as well. Let's review the times. Okay, Molly who had third place. >> Well the good news is that everybody's a winner including Betty. Who timed out at two minutes with a valuent [assumed spelling] effort. >> At two minutes, Betty, you are third place. Second place was. >> Molly. I gotta say I was pulling hard for Molly. Molly is our second place winner. >> Molly's also got good for Molly our second place, and our first place winner of course was. >> Molly. Our first place winner is Dylan. [ Clapping ]. >> Okay so you were first place. You get your choice of the prizes here at the table. Do you want the Bows Wav Radio? Come to the side of the table here guys. The Bows Wav Radio, do you want the Quiet Comfort Three Headphones, do you want the ipod nano, or do you want the CNET fleece? You're thinking that it's pretty chili here. >> Yes, that's a warm fleece there. >> Make your pick there Dylan, you're number one. Audience which one would you pick? >> Underwear? >> Underwear, pick the underwear. >> Brians underwear. >> But I mean among the prizes what do you think? Dylan times up, what are you thinking? He takes the ipod nano. [ Clapping ] Let's see which one. That's the black new ipod nano 8 gig. Very nice. Congratulations good work. Molly you were second place. What of these remaining prizes do you want? She take the Quiet Comfort Three Headphones. Congratulations. [ Clapping ] Betty, Betty, check it out. Do you want the wav radio or do you want the CNET fleece? >> Betty. I'm going for the radio. [ Clapping ] Betty congratulations. Thanks guys. That's yours. Thanks for playing. All of you that's tremendous. Tom? Let's never do this again. >> Tom. I liked that. >> You got to sit and relax. Yea you lazy son of a. >> Tom. Ah, yes, coming up next week speaking of being cranky John C. Devorak [assumed spelling]. The noted tech [inaudible] will be on the show. >> And he's always a good fun time, so be with us again next Thursday for CNET Live. >> 4 pm Eastern, 1 pm Pacific, and 10 am Hawaiian. >> Thanks guys. ^M00:38:42 [ Music ] ^M00:38:56 [ Car racing ] >> Agility captured by the worlds most advanced 4-wheel active steering system. Now cornering is more precise. Handling more responsive. The all new three hundred and thirty horse power Infinity G Coupe. Intensity captured.

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