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Tech Culture: CNET Live, October 4, 2007

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Tech Culture: CNET Live, October 4, 2007

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Molly goes ga-ga over a new Wii toy, and Tom shows off some new screenplay-writing software.

[ music ] ^M00:00:10 >> Coming up on CNET Live, the cranky geek himself, John C. Dvorak joins us. >> Plus, a new toy for the Wii. >> And a new AT and T Smart Phone that's not anything like everything you've seen before. It tilts. ^M00:00:23 [ music ] ^M00:00:31 >> Welcome to CNET Live. I'm Tom Merritt. >> I'm Molly Wood. >> And Brian Cooley is out, I don't know, winterizing his cars or something. >> He's a weather stripping fool, that guy. >> Yeah, he's got the day off. So Molly is very graciously stepping in to - >> Not that graciously. >> No? Sure? >> I'm pretty mad about it. I'm not gonna lie. >> Okay. Maybe not so graciously. But, you can still give us a call, 888-900-CNET, two six three eight is the number. And when you call, Cheryl will set you up on the line. She's in there waiting to take your call, get it through to us out here, and then, we'll pick up and talk to you. >> Exactly. >> Answering your questions. Helping you out. >> But before we do that, we're gonna look at a couple of things we crave. ^M00:01:09 [ music ] ^M00:01:14 [ background music ] >> Here's some of our favorite things from the Crave Blog at Crave.CNET.com. Check it out, it's an excellent blog. And today it's more of a DIY thing. John P. Falcone, not to be confused with John C. Dvorak, John P. Falcone from our offices in New York was looking at some of these USB chargers. There was one Cooley was showing actually, on CNET Live a while back that allowed you to plug two things into the wall - >> Right. >> Off of one USB cord. >> Right, right. >> And he thought well, couldn't I just do this with a USB hub? >> Dude, Mister Falcone is a thinker. That guy. >> He is. He's got something going on in old dome up there. >> He does. And look what he has done. >> So this is a picture of all the stuff you can plug into the USB hub. He's got the power strip here going into the USB hub, and then all of these gadgets charging off of that one hub. >> How have we not thought of this? [Inaudible.] >> Yeah, some of these gadgets had USB charger cables, others he had to kind of jimmy them up, find a USB cable for it. >> Oh, yeah, you can see. There's some adaptors in there. >> Yeah, he's got some adapters going on. >> But a lot of them - >> But for the most part - >> A lot of them do charge over USB any more and that's, that's simply genius. >> And then you don't even need that power strip. You just go right off of one plug. >> Wow. >> Right off the wall outlet. >> Yeah. I might still need a power strip cause I got a lotta power needs. >> Squid. >> Squid. >> You've gotta have the squid. >> Yes. >> If you don't know about the squid, look up power squid on Google. >> Yeah, definitely. >> Take a look. >> The thing I'm craving actually, not out till November. A little more pedestrian, perhaps, than a DIY gadget. >> You need feet for it? >> The Wii Zapper. >> Oh. >> The Wii Zapper, EA Games apparently had a preview in New York and our own Will Greenwald got to go. And it was his first chance to play with this one which everybody's been kind of all excited about because - >> That's good cause it's motion sensitive, right? >> Yeah. And it's like the little, so he played Medal of Honor Heroes II. But I'm thinking, Duck Hunt all the way. >> Oh yeah, Duck Hunt with the, you got the nunchuck in there and the controller, and then you're just shooting at the ducks. >> Yeah, it's cool because it's just a little - >> Very Nintendo. >> It's not an additional. I mean it's an additional thing, but it's not an additional actual gadget. >> It's kind of an accessory, yeah. >> You put in your current, your current controller. >> It's a dock. >> I think it's pretty cool, pretty cool. >> That's way cool. And when does it come out again? >> November. >> Okay. Well in time for the holiday season though. >> Yeah. >> So if I ever do get a Wii, then I could get one of these. >> Dude, you don't have a Wii? [inaudible]. >> You know, I looked around and it is hard to find them. >> Oh, I know. >> You can get them as bundles. >> Yeah. >> That's the way to get them now. You spend like five hundred bucks, twice the price. >> The good thing is, even if you're forced to buy a bundle, somebody is gonna wanna buy those extra games. >> Yeah, I suppose. Actually, there was one I found that I was, you got to choose your games out of the list. >> Oh, that's not bad. >> But it was still, it ended up being more than you would have paid if you bought all the stuff separately. >> Craigslist. >> Cause they know, they wanna get you. >> I know, brutal. >> All right. Let's get to your calls at 888-900-C-N-E-T. On the line is Andy in the UK. All the way from across the pond. Hello, Andy. >> Hey, Tom. Hey, Molly. How you doing? >> Doing well. >> Good, how are you? >> Good, I'm good. [inaudible] I've got a question about downloading video. >> Okay. >> I just bought an iPod touch for my commute to work. I've got to commute three hours into work. And when I get to work, I can't watch things like CNET or YouTube because I work in a school and those are, are blocked. So I was wondering if there was a way to automate downloading videos that don't maybe have an RSS feed like TopScene or TopFive or, you know, the other things like that that are embedded into a page but don't necessarily have their own RSS feed? >> Ahh. >> Okay. >> So you want to be able to pull those videos off the website. Like a video capture kind of thing? >> Yeah. But automatically so I can put them on the iPod and watch them, cause I'm way lazy. And I could go and hit the download button on each one, but it's gonna take some time. >> Right. Wow. Yeah, I don't know about automating. I know that there is an add-on. There's an add-on for Firefox, and extension for Firefox called Video Downloader which will let you grab those videos. But I don't know if it has the ability to, to automate. >> Right. >> Well, I wonder if you can combine something, right? >> Maybe. >> Could you create your own RSS feed in something like RSS Mix that points to the pages, and, and then, it allows Firefox to grab those. But I don't know how you'd automate it from that point. >> Yeah. I think - >> You could try to, you could try to take the links and put them together so that they're combining a bunch of those videos together. >> Right. But I think ultimately, if you - >> Cool. >> I don't know of anything. I think it would involve some scripting to be able to actually automate the downloads. >> Yeah, you have to write a script. >> Yeah. >> That's how you'd do it. >> You could pull all the pages as an RSS feed and you could get the extension for Firefox Video Downloader. And then probably some scripting to load the pages, one after another. >> Yeah. >> And activate the, the extension? I don't even know if it's possible. >> And look around and make sure they don't have RSS feeds. For instance, the CNET TV videos do have an RSS feed. You've just got to poke around to try to find it. >> Oh, right. >> I think it's off the page right now, but it will be coming back soon. >> It is off, yeah. It's coming back. >> Cool. >> But yeah, e-mail CNET Live at CNET.com and I can give you the RSS address for TV. >> Can you now? >> Yeah. >> I think I'd like to have that, too. Thanks, Andy. >> Thanks, Andy. Let's go another call from New Jersey. Hello. >> From New Jersey. Hello. >> You gotta turn, you gotta turn off your PC. >> Oh, yeah. >> Cause otherwise, it's gonna be delayed. See, I hear myself in here. Yeah. You got your PC off? >> Hi. Hello. >> Hello. >> Hi. Are you there? >> Yes, I'm here. >> Okay, do you have it turned down over there cause you're getting some wicked feedback. >> Yeah, I turned it down. >> Okay. Is this Sharog? >> Yes. >> What's your question, Sharog? >> Yeah, I have a plasma TV that's hooked up to a PlayStation Three by HPMI. I'm thinking of buying an Xbox cause I want to play Halo III. And I want to connect it through HPMI, too. So, but my TV has only one HPMI input. So is there any, any way I can connect both of them without having to go back and, you know, manually change the wires every time?. >> [Inaudible]. >> Yeah. >> Yeah, absolutely. I have the same problem. I have a Mitsubishi WD fifty-two fifty-two, old TV. It's a couple a years old and it only has one HPMI port. So what I did is I went out to my local electronics store and bought a Belkin HPMI hub. And it allows you to switch between three different HPMI ports. That's actually one of the minimal ones, you can get them in up, like, three to five ports. And I actually have a remote control for it, too. So my Harmony remote can control it, and when I press, you know, switch to the Xbox 360, it switches the Belkin as well as everything else, so I can pull all the different HPMI devices up on the screen and they're all running through that one HPMI port on the back of the television. >> Yeah. >> So just look around. There's different hubs. I got a Belkin because that was the, the cheapest one and a good brand at the time. But if you shop around - >> It looks like they're gonna run you between sixty and a hundred and fifty dollars, depending on, kind of, the features that you want. >> That sounds about right. >> Some of them actually have remote controls for switching. I don't know, you know, how, how, how expensive you want to go, basically. It looks about like about sixty dollars is the lowest you're gonna find it. But it's a really common problem even, actually, my television has two HPMI ports and it's, even that is nowhere near enough now that I have the Xbox 360. >> A-ha, yes. All right. Let's go on to Michael in Maryland. Michael, welcome to CNET Live. >> Thanks for taking my call. >> Hey, you're welcome. Thanks for calling. What's your question? >> Yeah, I have an HP DV twenty-four ten laptop. >> Okay. >> And I recently upgraded the RAM to two gigs so I could play games like Water Warcraft but it still doesn't run smoothly. >> Hmm. >> Hmm. So you want, the RAM isn't working for you, and it's, what is it? It's an HP? >> DV twenty-four ten. >> How, how long ago did you get it? >> It's like, probably three months old. >> Three months old. >> Wow. And then, is it a gaming laptop? I'm not too familiar with this particular model. >> No, it's one of those new HP laptops that they make. >> Right. >> It has, like, a dual core processor. >> Right. >> What's the gigahertz on the processor? It's a dual core. >> One point eight. >> Oh. And then, what's the, it sounds like - >> Okay. It's a little bit slow processor although it's dual core so - >> What's your graphics card that you're using? >> I actually use some of the RAM as the video memory. >> As the graphic video memory, yeah. >> Yeah. >> And what about your hard drive. I mean your hard drive speed, you could probably, you might be able to get a faster hard drive and tweak up a little bit. It's not gonna get you a lot. But that could help in read times. >> Yeah, that's a, that's a start. Is it a seventy-two hundred lap, or hard drive? >> Do you know? >> I got to tell you though, I think it, you know, anymore, games are so graphics intensive and they're so memory intensive that if you're not laying out for an actual gaming laptop, you're gonna have performance problems. It definitely depends on the game. But if you're finding that over and over the game just won't run, you know, with a laptop, because of the limited expandability, there's only so much you're gonna be able to do. >> Yeah. You can't swap out the video card. That's the big problem with a laptop. >> Yeah. >> Yeah. >> Now, you might try, there are external video cards, but because they have to run through an external bus, then they may or may not give you a lot of extra performance. Although I don't know what video card you have inside that laptop. So it might be worth looking at to see if it's appreciably got more power in it. >> Okay. >> Yeah. Sorry. Otherwise, laptops.CNET.com. >> All right, thanks for your call. >> Good luck. >> We appreciate it. >> Yep. All right, it's time for our first look at the much anticipated Smart Phone from AT and T called The Tilt. It was announced last night and we, and also Bonnie Cha, have it. ^M00:10:22 [ background music ] >> Hi, I'm Bonnie Cha, senior editor at CNET.com. And today, I've got your first look at the AT and T Tilt. This is AT and T's first Windows mobile six device, but that's not what's special about it. It's called The Tilt because it has a slide-up keyboard here, and then the screen actually tilts up forty degrees. It's nice for viewing e-mails. You can set it on the desk and watch videos as well. And the keyboard's really spacious so it's good for messaging. This is a mobile professional device, good for business users. It's got everything you would want in it. Wireless options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G. It's a complement to 3G capabilities. It also works with AT and T Video and AT and T Music so you can stream video, also purchase music. It's also a three megapixel camera on the back. For the business user, it also the Microsoft Office Mobile Suite so you can edit, create, and view Word documents, as well as Excel. At launch, The Tilt will go for two ninety nine ninety nine with a two year contract. [ background music ] If you need something for your work and personal life, the AT and T Tilt is a good choice. I'm Bonnie Cha and this has been your first look at the AT and T Tilt. ^M00:11:29 [ music ] ^M00:11:32 >> We have it here. >> Oh, look at that. >> Actually, Bonnie was kind enough to lend it to us. You can, The Tilt is actually pretty handy. Like, you could really - >> So what is The Tilt thing handy for? >> And you can type away. So, they sell the phone, you know, standard mode is like this, just little, kind of, fairly, you know, whatever good size phone cause Smart Phones are fairly big. And then you slide it up, and then you actually just tilt the screen forward. >> That's it? That's the whole Tilt thing. >> Like that. I guess, I guess, I see you're unimpressed. >> Little bit, little bit. >> I can see that from you. But you know what? Take it, and then do some typing. >> Okay. >> And I think you'll find that it's pretty cool. I mean, it's Windows mobile which, you know, I feel like we're, I guess, we're all gonna have to accept some day, but - >> Ah, let's see. Put a name. As our, oh, I went to something bad. >> Windows mobile is our new overlord. >> It's a navigator. >> See, and you can tell, these are the problems with Windows mobile. He can't even find the home screen or the, like how to make a phone call. >> I wanna go to - >> The Windows mobile, I'm not so sure about that platform but it sounds like Palm's going away. >> Enter a name. Here we go. Okay. It's kind of slow. >> He's entering a name now. It's kind of slow. >> Molly Wood. >> Hate her. >> No matches. >> All right. I think The Tilt is perfectly fine. >> It's good. It, it's nifty. I'm just not sure The Tilt really gives you a whole lot. It, it's okay. >> It's something new. >> All right. Yes, it's time now for our, actually, no. It's not time now. It's almost time for our download of the week. We've got some script writing software, absolutely free. And a quick tip that answers a burning question many Adobe Page users have. Stay with us. ^M00:12:53 [ music ] ^M00:13:15 [ background music ] >> Let's check the tech. Check the tech. Check the tech. >> Technology is leading the way and I want to show you some tech highlights. ^M00:13:21 [ music ] ^M00:13:27 [ background music ] >> CNET-TV, up to our necks in tech. [ music ] ^M00:13:33 >> Welcome back to CNET Live. We are taking your phone calls, taking phone calls galore. Call us up at 888-900-C-N-E-T, two six three eight, two six three eight, call us. >> Yeah, something like that. >> Yeah. >> Anyway, you know what time it is now? >> No. >> Now, it is in fact, time for the download of the week. ^M00:13:49 [ music ] ^M00:13:54 [ background music ] >> Download of the week is brought to you by our good friends at CNET's Download.com where they provide you free spyware free downloads. And this week, we've got some script writing software. I can't exactly pronounce it. I don't know if it's celtics or keltics or keltex but it's C-E-L-T-X. Some folks up in Canada have put this together. It's absolutely free software for writing a script. That's actually for taking calls. Here we go. This is for writing a script. >> Oh. >> So you've got your script writing software for film. >> I thought you were - >> What? >> Well, you're so nerdy, I thought you meant like Zen Development platform or something for actual coding. I didn't know you meant, like, a movie script. >> You can make a TV script. You can make a film script. Something like that. >> Oh. Maybe I'm the nerdy one. >> Look at the functionality in here. You can actually make a story board. >> That is cool. >> That integrates into your outline. You can do character descriptions. >> If you have it on illustrator. >> You can make a schedule that, you know, shows the shoot days of when you're going to go. The forest shot will be in the day. And then, we'll do another forest shot at night. >> Wow. >> You can double click on it and it takes you to a little description of the shoots. There's the story outlines. This one is the example and is The Wizard of Oz so they actually have the entire novel that it's based on here. >> Oh, well that's nice. >> And, the coolest part for me is, actually up here in the corner is this little button called web services. >> Um hm. >> And that actually allows you to store all of this up on the web for free. And then other people who have this client can then go up on the web and make edits and look at the schedule and collaborate with you. >> Wow. This is like perfect for a little DIY film project. Your own directions. >> Oh, yeah, absolutely. It's actually even some Indy films, some, like, professional Indy films can make use of this. >> Yeah, that's true. >> It's got a lot of functionality in here. >> And it's a free download? >> Yeah, it's absolutely free. Absolutely free download. >> That's awesome. >> And they provide some free web storage for you as well. >> Media in the hands of the people. >> Yeah, it's pretty cool. Anyway, it's C-E-L-T-X, keltics, oh point nine point nine, available from their website, also from Download.com. >> Dig it. Now it is time for some calls. Get your calls on. 888-900-C-N-E-T, two six three eight. We're taking them live. >> Let's go - >> For example, I think we're taking one now. >> Yes. Let's take one from Manuel in Texas. Are you on the line, Manuel? >> Hey. >> Hey, how's it going? >> Pretty good, thank you. >> Thanks for calling in. What's your question? >> Thank you. Yes, there is an offer on Yahoo.com or Yahoo Music that you can buy one year subscription for unlimited music and you get the second year for free. >> Okay. >> And my question is, I've been hearing a lot, you know, on your website and just around that DRM is, kinda like, not the way to go. So I'm just wondering if it's worth to pay for two years, you know, rather than - >> Right. >> Ah, I see what you mean. So, how much, I don't, do you know how much the subscription is, Manuel? >> For two years, it's like, well, one year is one forty-four and then you get the second year for free. >> Okay. That's quite a bit of money. >> Yeah. >> To invest in that. Here's the thing with subscriptions. Subscriptions are great for people who just don't really care about owning the music, but want to have access to like, the entire world of music at any time. So you can swap back and forth. You can get rid of some. You can pull songs down. That's really great for kind of, on demand radio approach to music. >> Yeah. >> If you want to build a library though, that you want to keep for a long time, you don't want to go subscription anyway. >> Um hm. >> So in that case, I think we're gonna see DRM free music on all the major labels within a couple of years. >> Yeah, I mean, we're, the, the, we're already seeing DRM free music offered from two of the four major labels. And so you got to figure that's kind of the way that things are going. Those songs are ninety-nine cents now on Amazon MP3. They're a buck twenty-nine on iTunes Plus. They just kind of keep coming, so if you don't want to own your music and you're willing to pay that much to rent music for two years, maybe. But two years is a long time and the industry is quickly moving away from DRM. I think we're seeing a lot of the giants fall. >> And actually, the hundred forty-four divided by, you know, that's a hundred forty-four songs. That just, I used a calculator to do that. That was dumb. A hundred and forty-four at a dollar a song, that's like a hundred and forty-four songs. >> Wow Tom, that was awesome. >> Yeah. Boy, did I not need to do that. But, so you see, you have a hundred and forty-four songs that you can keep forever. >> Yeah. >> And anybody who doesn't know, DRM stands for digital rights management which means there are restrictions on how many times you can copy it, where you can do it, where you can play it. Un-DRM music like you get from iTunes Plus or from Amazon or eMusic or Audio Lunchbox or somewhere like that, has no restrictions. It's just an MP3 so you can put it on any device you want, play it any where you want, you own that song. You just need to back it up so you don't lose it. >> Yeah. It really, when it comes to, if it's about a subscription service, then it's just about how you wanna listen to music. If you really don't care about keeping it, you know, then it might be worth it to you. >> All right. Hope that helps you out, Al, Manuel. Let's, I almost said the next person's name. The next caller on the line - >> It's Alex. >> Is Alex in Pennsylvania. Hi, Alex. How's it going? >> Good. How are you? >> We're doing well. Thanks for calling in. What's your question? >> I was wondering whether I should get, I should keep my Linux computer, transfer over to Windows, or get a Mac. >> What kind of things do you want to do with your computer? >> Well, I kinda want to do video editing, but I've seen that Macs are really expensive so I kinda wanna budget. >> Mm-hmm. >> Yeah. I mean, there are, you know, Macs that can be considered budget Macs. But the problem is that they may not have the power to do the video editing, so you may be better off actually with, I was going to say Intel based hardware. But with, you know, with a Windows box that you can, maybe, do a boot with Linux and Windows. >> Yeah, you can get Adobe Premier Elements or Joshocka [assumed spelling] is a free one that a lot of people like. >> Yeah. >> I haven't tried it. So those are things you can get for Windows. There's not a ton of real well recommended free video editing software for Linux yet. >> Right. >> I don't, I know there's some specialty stuff that will run on Unix type, but that's really expensive so you might as well get a Mac if you're going to do that. >> Yeah, man, I think - >> So on a budget level - >> If it's on a budget to - >> I'd say try to get a Mac because then you can get Final Cut Express and that, that's one of the best things to learn on because a lot of people are doing Final Cut Pro. >> I'm telling you though, I tried to, I tried to do some video editing on a Mac mini that was - >> Oh, you don't want to do it on a Mac mini. >> And that's just not - >> No, no, no. You got to get at least a Mac book. >> But that's just it. What else are you gonna get? I mean, an iMac is gonna be at least two thousand dollars. >> Well, you can get a Mac Book Pro, or you could get an iMac beefed up with RAM. >> You could get a Mac Book Pro? >> You can. >> That's like twenty-four hundred dollars. >> No, that's what I'm saying. If, if you can get a Mac, if you can afford it, that would be the better thing to get. >> Yeah. But if it really is about money - >> If it's outside your budget, I mean, we should say, like, what you need is a couple of gigahertz of RAM and a couple of hundred gigabytes, at least, of hard drive space. >> Yeah. >> Or an external hard drive which is another way to go. >> Yeah. And then a decent, you know, obviously, the Mac is gonna offer you some better video editing software but the PCs have some decent options now. >> Yeah. The PC's sort of a second choice. If you need to keep it on the cheap, you can get, like, a thousand dollar set-up. And then Adobe Premier is like, I think, ninety-nine bucks. >> Yeah. Premier Elements. >> Premier Elements, yeah. It's not gonna be as good but it'll get you there. It'll get you started. >> I don't know though. >> Or you could try Joshocka. >> It's okay. Premier's a little hard but, yes. >> Yeah, I mean, well, video editing, that is difficult. >> Video editing is hard. So you know, if you're willing to learn it, then I guess, and you're willing to learn it anyway, then Premier Elements and a cheap PC isn't a bad way to go. >> All right, we get complaints all the time. And, we get complaints all the time from people about Adobe Reader not working well. This is actually one of the regular e-mails we get. It works slowly, it eats up system resources, all kinds of things. So, to answer a slew of these e-mails at once, in today's quick tip, I'll show you how to speed up Adobe Reader. ^M00:21:27 [ background music ] >> Adobe Reader is so slow sometimes. But it's the most popular PDF reader on the planet, well at least this planet. I'm Tom Merritt from CNET.com. Here's a quick tip for speeding up Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader comes with a lot of plug-ins, and that's one of the things that slows it down. Thanks to a little program called Adobe Reader Speed-Up developed by Joseph Cox, you can disable those plug-ins and just let Reader be a reader. When you first get into Speed-Up, choose the Speed-Up option and press next. You'll see a list of Adobe Reader plug-ins. Now you see why disabling them makes a difference, there are loads of them. Speed-Up automatically selects five critical plug-ins to keep, and disables the rest. If there's a plug-in you particularly love, re-enable it by checking it. You can find out what a plug-in does by pressing the button called plug-in help. Then press start. That in itself should speed things up quite a bit. If you want to go even faster, and who doesn't, by all means do so. Launch Speed-Up again and click the tweaks link, select the general options on the left. Now you can do things like disable the ad, disable the splash screen, and even the automatic updating for Adobe Reader. That helps. [ background music ] I'm Tom Merritt from CNET.com. You no longer need to fear launching a PDF. It's okay. ^M00:22:49 [ music ] ^M00:22:53 >> All right. So, hope that helps you out a little bit. You can also try Foxit Reader. That's the other solution. >> Foxit? >> Foxit, F-O-X-I-T. >> Yeah. >> It's a PDF reader that replaces Adobe Reader. >> I see. >> But if you really want to use Adobe Reader - >> I will say actually, one thing to recommend the Mac is the Preview, the application that the Macs ship with for reading PDFs. >> Yeah. >> It is really the only thing that I've found that will reliably launch PDFs. Not necessarily from the web but, oh well. >> 888-900-C-N-E-T is the number to call if you want to get on the show. We've still got a few more minutes to take some calls. Let us go to line five, Andrew in Connecticut. Andrew. >> Hi, how are you? >> Thanks for calling in. How are you? >> I'm good. How are you? >> I'm doing well. What's your question? >> I want to know what's gonna happen with Blendle.com [assumed spelling]. >> Blendle.com, I see. >> A very, very hot. >> Do you want to explain Blendle.com? >> Very hot web three point oh property there. I think we have a buzz out loud fan on the line. We have talked about Blendle.com. Did you, did you go ahead and register that? >> I did. Yes, I have registered Blendle.com. >> Here's the plan for Blendle.com. It was conceived actually by our producer, Jason Helm, as a way to connect all the social networking sites, kind of a trillion for social networking because we said, I want to be able to post to FaceBook and Twitter and Pounce, all at the same time. And also we think that all web three point oh URLs should end in le. >> Yeah, well, that's the new trend. >> It's the new trend. So what's gonna happen with it is that Tom's gonna go ahead and code that up. [ laughter ] Write that application. Get all the APIs and - >> I'll put up a WordPress Blog, maybe. Or a Wiki. >> Wiki. >> Actually, we should do a Wiki that tracks all the different L-E start-ups. >> Hey. >> That could be - >> So you're saying that you don't have the math skills to pull off the, the trillion - >> To do a little Ajax work. I am not an Ajax kind of guy. Not yet, anyway. Maybe in my old age, in my dotage, I'll pick up some Ajax. >> All right. That's enough inside jokes for one CNET Live show. >> Let's go to Jonathan in Canada who's on line four. Jonathan, thanks for calling in. What's your question? >> Well, hi there. I have an IBM Thinkpad T-23 that somebody gave me a while back. And I, it's got just USB one in the two ports in the back of it. I've got a wireless USB adaptor on it and it drops my connection all the time. Now the USB adaptor, I know it works fine because I've used it in other machines and no trouble at all. Any ideas? >> Is the USB, wireless USB adaptor USB 2.0? >> Yes. >> That would be my best guess is that the Thinkpad 1.0 just isn't communicating very well with the 2.0. That shouldn't happen. It should work just fine. But I would guess that either you're gonna need a new laptop or a new USB adaptor to make it work. I don't know, have you tried actually, let's go back on the basics here. Have you tried upgrading the firmware for the USB driver inside the laptop? >> No, I haven't. >> Try that, actually. >> Yeah. >> You know, I almost forget to ask that because everybody's always like, yeah, I already did the driver. >> Right. >> So that would be the first place to go. You got any other ideas? >> Yeah, absolutely. It looks like some people say there's a possibility that the USB card inside the laptops might not provide enough power to the adaptor. It sounds like actually dropping the connection is a problem with large files. There is a forum discussion actually about it on Tom's Hardware.com because it does seem to be a not uncommon issue. Most people think it's related to the actual, the speed of the USB port on your laptop. >> Okay. >> But always, you know, the driver thing is always a good suggestion. >> All right. Let's go to line one and Chris in Colorado. Hello, Chris. >> Oh, hi. I had another question for you guys about the Mac operating system. >> Okay. >> I have a Windows machine right now, and I have like the external hard drive and everything. I do a lot of things on the internet, a lot of blogging, everything. I see that the Mac has a lot of really nice features built-in. But I also see that they tend to release them every couple like months, well, not every couple of months. But I was wondering, should I wait until, maybe like, November or something? First of all, should I even consider getting a Mac? And second of all, if I do decide, should I wait for them to upgrade it again? >> Okay, let's deal with the first, should you get a Mac? >> Right. >> As a blogger who wants to do video and photo, yeah, probably. A Mac's not a bad choice, if you need to get a new computer. >> I would say, though, if that, I mean, if that's really, if you're just doing basic, basic blogging and video editing and photo uploading, you don't necessarily, you don't need a Mac. Like a Mac, I think in that case, if it's not intensive video editing and you don't want to move into kind of the Final Cut world. >> I think even for basic video editing, I would say, I would say, go for the Mac. >> I don't think so. No, I don't agree. >> I think it's easier. We just disagree on that but - >> But then, you can't put it out there as your big, as the, well, all right, it's your show. >> That's my recommendation. So you've got a second recommendation. >> I'm just saying, I think that now, with Windows Vista and Windows Movie Maker, the video editing is almost as, just as easy, in fact, I would say. Although, I have not tried the new iMovie so I will put that out there as my one comment. >> Yeah, I heard the iMovie, the new iMovie is not the way to go. Do you want to go FCP Express? I've heard people complaining about the new iMovie. >> Well, then, you could have Vista and the free Windows Movie Maker which is really good now. >> Yeah, I heard that's not really good either. >> Oh, I like it now. >> You like it? >> Yeah. >> All right. Also, should you get one, should you wait if you decide to get one? I would wait, yeah. >> Yes. >> I would wait till they finally get around to announcing Leopard so you don't feel like, oh, I got left behind with Tiger. >> Definitely wait until Leopard. And if you can hold out, wait until January because that's gonna be Macworld and there's probably gonna be some new hardware announcements then. >> All right. >> There you go. Now, it is time for Best of the Web. ^M00:28:25 [ music ] ^M00:28:30 [ background music ] >> Best of the Web brought to us by our friends at Webware.com. And this week, it's Google Transit. This is a little project that's been kicking around the Google labs for a while. And it's a pretty simple concept. It adds a transit map on top of your Google map. So if you're looking, if you look for driving directions, something like that, you can actually now click, instead, show me the public transit. >> Show me the transit. >> In fact I pulled up a little map here in Portland and you can see it now, it says, drive there, here or - >> We're only going from First Street to Second Street. Let's walk. >> You know, you wouldn't think it would be that far, you know? [ laughter ] One thing to note, actually, this is only in ten cities in the US right now. And apparently, all over Japan because of the train system there. >> We tried to find some in San Francisco and there wasn't anything there. >> Yeah. So public transit, we click this little jobby right here. And hopefully we'll get some kind of bus. >> It just says, walk actually, cause it's so close. It's like there's no public transit. Just walk over there. It's smart enough to do that, though. That's kind of impressive. >> You can see it in place in another Portland thing here. It kind of shows the box. >> Walk to the nearest transit center. >> And then you can see it has like a little bus icon. I just think that's kind of cool. And if it also integrated walking directions. >> It gives you travel time, how much it's gonna cost. >> Yeah, and then when the next train or bus is gonna come. >> That's pretty neat. >> Yeah, I like it. >> It's pretty nifty. When they get it rolled out, I guess one of the things they said in the webware article is that San Francisco didn't have all of the transit options. >> Yeah, right now I think it only has BART. >> Yeah. >> Which is fine but BART doesn't go everywhere. >> Once they get it comprehensive, then it would be something to, to try. >> Yeah, it's not bad. >> So, you also might want to look at your local transit agencies cause sometimes they have stuff like this. >> They actually do have pretty good maps. Yeah, your local transit website often can set you up. >> Next week, Rusty Hodge of Selma FM will be joining us to talk about the war on internet radio. Copyright Royalty Board is trying to get some royalties for the artists whose music they play. [ background music ] The radio people don't want to pay as much. We'll find out what the deal is. It's four pm Eastern, one pm Pacific, ten am Hawaiian. Sorry, John Dvorak didn't make it. We'll try to have him on again. Thanks for watching. ^M00:30:23 [ music ] ^M00:30:36 >> Agility, captured by the world's most advanced four wheel active steering system. Now cornering is more precise, handling more responsive. The all new three hundred and thirty horsepower Infinity G coupe. Intensity, captured.

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