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Tech Culture: CNET Live: February 14, 2008

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Tech Culture: CNET Live: February 14, 2008

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Online dating is discussed, and Tom does a strip tease for Brian.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:10 >> Coming up on CNET Live, finding love on line. It's Valentine's Day, after all. And sending my funny Valentine video. Plus a first look at Google Android from Barcelona. All that and more coming up on CNET Live. >> Whoo. [ Music ] ^M00:00:30 [ Laughter ] >> Yep. That's it. CNET Live. Oh yeah. Okay. I'm Brian Cooley, actually sober, despite appearances. And he's Tom Merritt. >> You should see him when he's drunk. >> Yeah. >> I'm Tom Merritt. We're taking your calls, answering your questions at 888-900-2638. 888-900-CNET. >> And actually, when I am drunk, you can't see me. It's a weird genetic thing... >> Really? >> ...that makes me transparent. >> That's another one I haven't heard. >> We'll check after the show. You'll see it. >> I guess I haven't seen you drunk. >> I guess you have seen that already. All right, what happens when they call, though? >> When they call, you get set up by Cheryl [assumed spelling]. She's standing by... >> There's Cheryl. >> ...to get you all in line so we can pick up your call in here and get you your question answered. >> But right before we unleash you upon her, we're going to give you a little taste of some things we crave. ^M00:01:09 [ Music ] >> These are some of our favorite things from the Crave blog at crave.cnet.com. And I'm gonna start off with something that actually isn't... >> Oh no. >> ...real. It's... >> [laughing] No kidding. >> ...a Star Trek communicator. >> [makes beeping sounds] >> Exact replica of the original series. >> Does this? >> Yeah. >> You can do the flick? >> Now here's why I brought it up. When I first saw it on the blog, I thought, "Somebody has actually modded a cell phone..." >> Right. >> "...to look like the Star Trek communicator," which would be excellent. But unfortunately, no. >> Really? >> It is -- it's just a replica. It just does beeps and makes the sound effects from the show and whatever, but... >> It's like one of those little key chain sound effects things. >> Yeah. So I'm figuring somebody in our audience could probably mod that. >> No. I think anybody in our audience could probably mod that. >> You just take the guts out of a cell phone... >> So this is the challenge. Here's the challenge. I want someone out there in the CNET Live audience to grab one of these things and put phone guts -- in fact, what was that module we talked about last week? You put different shells on. That cell phone guts thing. >> Oh yeah, the Modula [phonetic]. >> The Modula. >> Yeah. >> Or the Modu [phonetic]. What was it? >> Or yeah. Something like that. Modu. >> The Modu La. [phonetic]. Well, he's from Barcelona, so he calls it the Modu La. So anyway, that would be, maybe, a good base unit. That is my challenge to you, CNET Live viewers. Now here's what I've got for a little Crave action. I actually brought it with me. Now this is a GPS stamper for your SD card full of photos. And I've got one right here. Just came in the mail yesterday. >> Oh. So you ordered this. >> Actually bought one, 'cause I want one. Yeah. >> You bought this thing? >> So I now have one. And what you do is you set your time and your time zone on this. So it knows exactly where you are. And it's constantly recording your location on a timetable. Very simple stuff. And then you go and put an SD card inside there. I'll take one out of my camera. >> Okay. So it's -- so I see what's it's going to do. There's a time -- you have to have the time stamp on your photos... >> Right. >> ...out of your digital camera. But it's got a database of where you were when. >> Bingo. And it does time based dead reckoning, so when I put my card full of photos in there, it will say, okay, what time was that photo taken? You must have been here. Here are the coordinates. >> So make sure the clocks are right on both [inaudible]. >> That's the thing. You've got to synchronize your clocks, or it's like, wait a minute. I wasn't even in Barcelona that week. But this is very cool. I even used it... >> Or it could be damning evidence against you if you weren't supposed to be. >> Right. But I wasn't really there. >> So I haven't tried this in the field yet, but I'll report back next week on how it actually works. >> All right. Cool. >> And about $150.00 bucks, list. >> Let's go to the phones. On the line, we're going to start with probably the question we have the least chance of answering. - This is Jesse, out in South Carolina. Hey Jessie, thanks for calling. >> Hi guys. >> How you doing? >> Good. >> Good. What's your question? >> I have an older iBook G3, second edition and it has OSX Panther on it. And I got tired of the way the theme looked older and the lines went across the top of the bars, so I downloaded and installed a theme for it. >> Mm-hmm. >> And I got tired of that, so I uninstalled it, and now my finder's completely messed up. It's got bars everywhere it shouldn't and I can't use it. >> Okay, so your finder works, it just doesn't look right and it's unusable? >> No. It doesn't work. I can't use it at all. >> Like, in other words, does it even launch at all? >> It launches, but there's no icons and there's scrolling bars where there's not supposed to be. >> All right. I don't know how to fix finder out of that. Potentially, you could reinstall the old theme, and then look for a cleaner way to uninstall. You got any thoughts Brian? >> Mhhm [phonetic]. >> Nothing? >> This is a tricky one, because... >> I -- macosxhints.com.com has an article on repairing your finder crashing issue, which isn't exactly your issue. But the best I can do is direct you there and say if you dig through there you might find some clues on how to reinstall finder, particularly. >> Okay? >> Thank you. >> I haven't OS 10 long enough to really be like that deep into it to know how to reinstall finder. I would also, you know, just throw you to our forums, 'cause I know somebody at forums.cnet.com has the answer to that question. >> Yeah. That's what I was going to say. Yeah. So go to forums.cnet.com and just -- that would could be -- takes a little more time than we've got to just kind of plod through on the top of our heads right here. >> I'll throw that macosxhints link up on the show [inaudible]. >> Okay. That'll be going up for you. Let's go to -- Kevin in Minnesota has a question about burning CD roms, but not just any CD rom. Hello Kevin. >> Hi. >> Hi. How you doing? What's your question for us today? >> I'm wondering if there's a free program that can help me make autorun CDs? I... >> Yeah. We went over -- sorry. Go ahead. >> I'm currently using a program right now called CD starter, and it works great. It pops up a menu that gives me a list of all the programs that I have on the CD. >> Yeah. >> But the thing is, it looks kind of like Windows 98 century. >> That's a little old fashioned. >> No. You don't want that. All right, so I went over to Download.com and I looked for CD autorun and I filtered by licenses that are free, which is always a nice trick you can do on Download to find stuff that you can use ongoing and not have to pay for it, though your conscious may want you to. One of the highest rated is called DeepBurner Free 1.8. It's got good ratings from both CNET reviewers and, as you can see, a big rating from our users as well. I'm a little concerned that it dates back to April '06. That should be a relatively modern piece of software, though, and hopefully better than what you've got. Here are the details we've have. It does let you do autorun configurations on a CD. And let me bring up a look at the screenshot, here. So you can see it's a very clean, straightforward, you know, Windows interface with the XP look and feel. So I think this will get you a lot closer to what you want. And again, it's a freebie. We filtered for free licenses on this one. So try DeepBurner 1.8 over at Download.com. I think you'll like that. >> What was the one you were saying you use now? >> I just let him go. >> Oh. Okay. >> He's using one that has a really old look and feel. So we don' want him to be doing that. I'm gonna throw this one at you just 'cause I just want to challenge Dr. Merritt. We're going to Jacob in Brooklyn. Hello, Jacob. Welcome to CNET Live. >> Hey guys. A really quick question for you. What do you recommend for a first time Linux user, [inaudible] 2 or Cygwin 2 for a low-end laptop? >> You know, it doesn't really make that much difference. The difference is Kubuntu uses the KDE desktop... >> Okay. >> ...instead of the... >> If I was gonna guess, although I've never heard of >> ...Kenu [phonetic] desktops. >> So, for a beginner it doesn't matter at all 'cause you're not used to one or the other. I mean I don't think I can say that one is easier for a Windows user to transfer [inaudible]. >> So one isn't necessarily more windows-like. >> I mean people have their opinions, obviously, but... >> Yeah. >> ...it's not far and away, in my opinion. So I'd probably just the Butu [phonetic] 'cause it's more common. And if you're looking for support, you'll have more people using the same version that you have. >> Let me ask you this. >> There's noting wrong with Kubuntu. >> 'Cause I haven't spent any time with these desktop shells on Linux, and not since years ago when they were very different. Are they able to replicate a Mac or a Windows crumb trail, if you will. Start. Programs. List of programs. Or is that something that's patented or trademarked by Apple or Microsoft? >> Yeah. You haven't used it. They do pretty much exactly that. >> So they can make it almost the same. >> Yeah. Sometimes they're called different things, but you know, yeah. >> But the crumb trail feels about the same. >> You're down there in the, you know, you can customize it, too. You can make it work however you want. >> All right, so they can both be made very much like Windows. >> You can even skin them to look like OS 10 or Windows. >> I've seen that. >> Yeah. >> And they're very good, too. >> Yeah. >> They're very good. All right. So good luck with that Jacob. It sounds like they both would work out for you, so whichever one you have easiest access to, I guess. Now coming up, we're going to be talking to two experts in the world of online dating and relationships about the online dating craze, because it is Valentine's Day. >> In fact, there are more than 1,000 dating sites on the web, around 1,400, with millions of visitors each month. Some you pay for, some you don't. News.com reporter Kara Tsuboi checked a few out for herself. Take a look. [ Music ] ^M00:08:23 >> Hi. >> Hi. >> That's me on a date, connecting through a webcam with WooMan [phonetic] from Los Angeles. >> What do I see outside? Is that your window or something? >> Yeah. You see downtown San Francisco. It's beautiful, huh? >> You find a woo session, and a woo session is basically two guys and two girls or three guys and three girls who spend a minute a pop talking to each other. >> New as of October 2007, that's the gist of WooMe.com. >> I'll do it in the afternoon. Hop into a session, take a little five-minute break, meet three new people. >> Unlike more established dating sites, webcam sites like this one, VeeJay.com, and Camlink.com require very little personal information to get started. First a user name. >> KellyK [assumed spelling]. >> KellyK. >> Then an email address, zip code, and a picture. [ Shutter sound ] >> That's a keeper. >> [ inaudible] that bad? >> I'll see. >> And finally, your birthday and brief description of your look. >> I'm 22 years old and I'm smokin'. >> Smokin'. Yeah? >> You're making my day. >> This is like the antithesis of eHarmony. eHarmony takes 60 minutes. This takes 30 seconds and then you can spend 60 minutes meeting 60 people. That's how I like to think about it. >> Worldwide, there are more than 1,400 Internet dating sites. Given the market saturation, online dating consultant, Mark Brooks [assumed spelling] says newer sites are forced to innovate, both with concepts and technology. Want your avatar to meet mine? Try out OmniDate.com. Or let's find out if our voices are compatible. Log onto LoveDetect.com. >> Another one of those ultimate online dating sites is CrazyBlindDate.com. It's only in about four cities across the country, San Francisco being one of them. I have caught up with two brave guinea pigs here, Abby [assumed spelling] and Karina [assumed spelling]. Now you guys, why did you decide to go onto this website to get a date? >> We figured it would attract a more spontaneous kind of person and just would be fun. >> Prior to the date, you only get to see a pixilated photo of your match. You can only communicate through texting through the site's Cupid Line. >> Abby and I are here. >> Good luck, girls. > > Thanks. >> Thanks. >> Okay, we're about a half an hour into this date and so far, things seem to be going really well. Now unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside, but thus far we've seen some high fives across the table, lots of smiles, and no end to the date in sight. Not bad for a totally random blind date. >> All right, and hour's up, and our Crazy Blind Date has come to an end. >> Girls, how did it go? >> Fun. >> It was definitely fun. >> But I liked that it was -- there was no assumptions going into it. So. It was like meeting someone in the neighborhood anyway. >> How are the guys, though? Any love connections here? >> Umm. >> You first. [ Laughter ] >> Well, I don't know. I'd go out with one of them again. >> So, what do you say, a love connection with either of these two girls? >> Umm, possibly. We'll see. People these days seem to just be more open to meeting people in weird ways. >> As long as people are out there looking for love, there will be a website to cater to their needs, desires, fantasies, fetishes. But hey, if that doesn't work, you might as well give it a go the old fashioned way. I'm Kara Tsuboi... >> Wow, girl, you look fine. Here. C'mon this way. Go. Go. >> ...reporting for CNETnews.com. ^M00:11:50 [ Music ] ^M00:11:54 >> Guys, I've only been there a couple months and they're already dragging people off camera. 1,400 dating sites, as she talked about, a twelve million dollar business. There's a lot of confusion out there on online dating. And being St. Valentine's Day, we thought, hey. What better day to discuss this? So we have a couple of experts with us today. Thanks for joining us. >> Thank you. >> Scott Swanson, you host eight minute dating events, is that correct? >> That's right. >> We'll find out a little bit more about that. And then we also have Alissa Kriteman. You're a dating consultant or a relationship consultant... >> Yeah. >> ...and you have a podcast as well. >> Yep. I do. >> Tell us a little bit about your podcast. >> My podcast is called "Just for Women. Dating, Relationships, and Sex." And it's really about helping women make empowered choices in their life. >> Okay. And then Eight Minute Dating seems self-explanatory, but tell us little bit about that as well. >> It's a speed-dating event. People sign up online. And it gives people eight minutes to get acquainted and decide if they want to be on a -- go on a second date with each other. >> Now there's so many sites out there. I mean, obviously there's Match.com, eHarmony, the popular ones. But then there are a lot of niche sites as well. Have you guys tried that? Have you tried a lot of these sites? >> I was doing a lot of online dating. I was on a television show called "How to Get the Guy." And, yeah, I was on seven sites. And so from that I've extracted some tools and tips that people can use for online dating. But I think Scott -- I don't know. Eight minute dating? I think there's a ton of websites out there, and because of that you do need to know how to navigate a little bit. >> How did you end up wanting to host for Eight Minute Dating? >> Well, you know, I'd looked at all kinds of different things and back then there was even Matchmaker.com. I don't know if they're still big anymore, but Match.com, Matchmaker.com, you know lots of smaller niche sites... >> Nerve. >> ...like you're talking about. Nerve. Yeah, definitely. And the thing that I kept finding for myself was that the women that I would meet online, even though, you know, they might have looked good on paper, and we looked like a match, you know, kind of online, you don't really know until you actually meet the person, you know, face to face and get a chance to communicate. >> Yeah. We were chatting just before... >> Yeah. >> ...the interview that with the advent of video dating, there's a sight called WooMe.com. >> WooMe. Yeah. >> I was calling it Womb.com, which, I think that's unfortunate mispronunciation, but... >> [Laughing] That comes later. >> WooMe.com is about putting yourself on on video. >> Yep. And there's SpeedDate.com as well. So you can see the progression of where online dating has gone from just profiles and a little bit of information to actual interaction to look and see and feel somebody out. >> What's the advantage of leaving your house versus just dating on the video? [ Laughter ] >> Well, defiantly, dating on the video is a lot more convenient. You know, you kinda just turn on the webcam and you don't have to go anywhere. >> You have to put clothes on. >> You only have to dress like maybe this high up, you know. But in person, I think, you know, there's an opportunity to actually get a deeper feeling for somebody, right, by actually seeing them and interacting with them, joking with them. I can tell in my events the people that are getting along, based on their body language. I think it's harder to feel body language when you're at a two dimensional screen as opposed to being in three dimensions. >> Now talking about meeting in person, though, is an important point. When you're online dating, there's that point where you have to decide if you want to meet someone n person or not. What are some guidelines for people about what to put out there, what kind of information to protect and how to make sure your meeting the right kind of person? >> Well, one of the things I coach women on is be really, really specific. First of all, before that is to really seek with your heart instead of your mind because you'll have a ton of thoughts. Oh. He's cute. He looks great. But really, who taps into your heart? So that's A Number One. And then beyond that, when you get inundated with all of those responses, you have to know, what are the specifics? What are the top three or four things that you definitely want to focus on so you can sort of filter through that ton? And then stick to that. >> So that's probably an interesting point. You said if you get inundated with a lot of responses. What happens if you don't get inundated with responses? 'Cause I have some friends who tried online dating and they're like, nobody contacts me. >> Well, they probably need a profile coach. Yeah. >> A profile coach is a good idea. You know, with men in particular, I always coach them both at my events and with men that I work with in the seminars that Alissa and I help lead, that man have to talk about what they're passionate about. If you just kind of read of the resume, you know, what I do for a living and what my hobbies are. That's not so interesting. Unless you're really passionate about something, your real personality doesn't come through. And it can come through in online dating if you do it right. >> Well, I hope this helped some of our listeners out there, at least the ones who are single anyway... >> Yeah. >> ...or looking. Eight Minute Dating. How do people get involved if they want to either get involved in an event locally or find out more about it? >> Visit eightminutedating.com. Basically, there's a drop down menu. You can choose the city that's nearest you. And then a list of events will come up here in San Francisco. We do our events at Jillian's at the Metreon. >> Okay. And then your podcast? How can folks subscribe? >> Just for Women: Dating, Relationships, and Sex. It's on the Personal Life Media Network, so. There's a whole bunch of shows on there. Mine's -- there it is. Oh, that's perfect. I love it. There I am. Check it out. It's great information for men and women. I've heard many men listen to my show because they want to understand what's going on with women. >> So Just for Women is about the content. It doesn't mean that you're not allowed to listen. >> Absolutely. No, I encourage men. Women. Children. >> Dogs. Cats. All right [inaudible]. >> Thank you so much for joining us. I hope this helps the folks out there. But I really appreciate you guys stopping by. >> Yeah. Thanks for having us. >> Thanks for having us. >> When we come back, free download of the week and more of your answers -- more of our answers to your questions on CNET Live. ^M00:17:32 [ Music ] ^M00:17:37 >> At this very moment, Eric Welch is defending his family from the constant onslaught of online threats, all with Norton 360. Automated all in one security that protects you online when you buy, bank, or browse. Keep up the good fight, Eric. ^M00:17:52 [ Music ] ^M00:18:11 >> Okay. Welcome back to CNET Live on this -- no kidding -- Valentine's Day. Coming up, we got more of your phone calls at 888-900-CNET. >> But first, it is time for the download of the week. ^M00:18:22 [ Music ] >>Download of the week is brought to you by our good friends at CNET's Download.com, purveyors of fine free, sypware free software. Today's download of the week though, is not yet available on Download.com. >> Oh. Aren't you edgy now? >> Because it's in private Beta. But we'll help you out with that after we explain what it is. This is called Digsby. And it is an online instant messaging client that's gonna come up here in a second. >> There it is. >> Let me get my email out of the way in the back there. >> [Inaudible] >> All right. There we go. This is an online instant messaging client. Now it does what you would expect it to do. It takes your AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, Google Talk, all of the different IM clients and puts them together in one. But if you see down here at the bottom, I also have my yahoo mail. And you can also get your G mail down there in notifications. >> Yeah. >> And here's FaceBook. So all of the... >> What comes in there then? >> The FaceBook events, like so and so has written on somebody's wall. >> Okay. [inaudible]. >> Here we go. Here's a bunch of Lelia Port [assumed spelling] has a new wall post. Ben Gold added a new note. All of that stuff comes up there. >> Huh. >> And it also show up down in the lower left hand corner as a little alert if you want it to. >> Can you put Twitter in here? >> You cannot put Twitter in here yet... >> Damn. >> ...although the guys at Digsby said as they keep going, they want to add it in there. >> Yes. >> 'Cause I know that's important for you. A guy's [inaudible] limit there. >> This is not the ultimate time waster until you do. And then it is. >> But it's a really nice product. It's still in private beta. >> Yeah. >> My only niggling detail is you have to make sure to uncheck stuff after the install, because they will change your Internet Explorer homepage to Google... >> Oh. >> ...with the Digsby logo on it. It's not a horrible page... >> It's a little rude though. >> ...to have. But it's like, I wish you wouldn't make me uncheck that. >> It's a little rude. There's a little real networks. Yeah. >> Other than that though, using it has been great. I haven't had any other issues with it. >> Huh. >> And it works well as an instant messenger. In fact, I like its instant messaging interface a little bit better than Pigeon. >> I like it. It looks really good. It looks very clean, too. >> Now here's the thing right? It's private beta. How do you get invited? Webware.com just put up Digsby invite codes on their blog. If you go Webware.com... >> Okay. >> ...you'll get a code that will allow you to go to Digsby, download the product, and install it. You're essentially invited. We have 5,000 invites. First 5,000 people to use the code get Digsby. >> Okay. So join the club and be one of our invited guests to try out Digsby, which looks pretty darn good. >> Yeah. >> Let's go to the phones, shall we? >> And thanks to the guys from Digsby for letting us do that. >> Yeah. Nice little sneak peak there. Yeah. Let's go. We got a call here about Intel CPU power performance. Can -- 'cause, you know, I gotta log in again on this stinking machine of yours. >> Is this Zach [assumed spelling] on the line? >> Hello, Zach. >> Hey. How's it going? >> Good man. How are you? >> Good. I'm getting a new laptop PC, and my choices are Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.6 GHz, or Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4 GHz. Which one should I consider getting? >> What are you most concerned about, performance or power consumption? >> Performance, definitely. >> All right. So you want a hot rod. Well, if I'm not mistaken, if you go to a Intel Core 2 Duo, I believe that's a little more higher -- a high performance core because I've got a -- Intel has some great comparison charts on their site you ought to check out. I've got one here. And you can select any chips you're interested in, and then say compare these, and it does column by column. And one thing you'll notice. The more advanced technology is always a lower nanometer number in this one here about the architecture. So a 45-nanometer diesie [phonetic], not diesie, but a 45-nanometer process is what they're using for the Core 2 duo family. The somewhat older Pentium dual-core is using a 65 nanometer. It'll be little less efficient in terms of power into performance. So you're gonna get a more modern chip out of the Core 2 duo. And also you see you've got different bus speed. the Core 2 is a 1.3 megahertz. And the dual-core is an 800-megahertz. So -- I'm sorry -- a 1300 megahertz versus 800. So you're gonna have a more modern chip overall. And it should be more efficient in terms of watts times any of the clock cycles, if you go for an Intel Core 2 Duo family. But again, go compare the exact two chips, because I didn't know which ones you were looking for. I'm just comparing general families here. So go to Intel. Just Google Intel CPU comparison, and you'll find this chart that I'm looking at. In fact, it looks like this when you first get to it. I'll pull this up here so you see how many of the CPUs they've got. Of course that requires Internet connection that actually works. Here we go. Yes. It's been one of those days. >> Ah, the Internet. It's a fickle mistress. >> The bytes are in molasses today. I don't quite know why. Yeah. I'm just jammed up here. Anyway, go check out that chart on Intel. >> Hold on. Let me turn off my byte [inaudible]. >> Yeah. Tom's downloading "War and Peace," the movie and the book at once. >> Okay. Thank you. >> Oh and there it is. Now it comes up, of course. Okay. >> Thanks Zach. Let's go to line one and we have Jim from Illinois. Hey, Jim. >> Hi. >> What can we do for you today? Thanks for calling. Yeah. I'm trying to move iTunes from an old computer to a new Vista computer. >> Sure. Yep. >> Can you help me with that? >> You got it. And you're like, how do I do it? >> Where do you go? >> Yeah. >> Yeah. Are you using anything to move your data from one computer to the other? Are you using the Windows data transfer protocol? >> No. >> Okay. That might be one thing to consider. Either with crossover cable, over Ethernet, which is kinda jenky, or on a USB hard drive. You can use the data -- what do they call that -- the date transfer assistant. >> Transfer wizard? >> Data transfer wizard. >> Yeah. >> You can select what stuff you want to move. So you can actually select your iTunes settings and your iTunes directory. And that's the easiest way to get it all to move over there. One consideration, though, is after you do that, anything that isn't in the iTunes music folder, you kind of have to teach iTunes to refind. >> Yeah. >> It took me a little while. Once I showed it where a few things were, it seemed to catch on and pull everything else in. The other way would just be to take your iTunes directory and your music directory, push that off onto a USB drive or over the network, and just replace the directory in iTunes on your new computer, and the music. And then reinstall iTunes over it. And it will pick up all your old settings that way. >> Do you think he's going to have any -- go ahead. >> You don't have to put it onto the iPod first? >> No. In fact, if you do it the way I'm telling you, where you just move all the iTunes stuff over one way or another, when you plug the iPod in, it will recognize it because it will have all the same settings as your old machine. >> Okay. >> At some point, do you think the iTunes software on the machine might ask to reauthorize in some way because it thinks maybe it's on a new person's computer, an additional user. >> Yeah. It will. It will. You will have to reauthorize that computer. That's a good point. >> Okay. So he'll have to do that, but he'll do it online. >> And you've got five computers you can authorize... >> That's right. >> ...so if you haven't used up all five, you just authorize that one. >> That's right. So five is the limit. >> So you might want to go and deauthorize the old one, too. >> Okay. That's how you do it. >> I think their website said that, too. Yeah. >> Yeah. >> Yeah. >> So you've got plenty of headroom to authorize another machine before you have to deauthorize the old one. So good luck with that. >> All right. Thank you, Jim. World's largest mobile phone show is under way right now Barcelona. That's why I'm wearing the FC Barcelona jersey today. >> Oh, that's why. >> Ronald Dino. [assumed spelling] >> Ronald Dino. >> CNET editor, Kent German, is there. Got a first look at a prototype phone running on the much-anticipated Google Android platform. Take a look. ^M00:25:29 [ Music ] >> Hi. I'm Kent German, senior editor at CNET.com. I'm here at the GSMA World Congress in Barcelona, here to show you one of the versions of the Google Android platform. We're sitting here at the ARM booth. They are demonstrating a device that they're actually powering. It is running a version of it. This is just a framework, but I want to show you a little bit of what this particular one looks like, walk you through some of the things. It is an ARM9. That means it's 200 megahertz, so it's pretty fast. And it's got all sort of functions that you might find. It has maps. It has email. All that kind of stuff you'd look for. It has a web browser. But I want to just show you just a little bit of the functionality in it. You go in, you can see it just has a basic calendar. The other thing that's kind of cool is we can see they have a maps. Acutally, we're looking at Barcelona. And we'll just see they have contacts, applications. So remember that this is just a prototype. Android devices are going to be out sometime this year. There's a number of people that are signed on to the Open Handset Alliance. ARM's not one of them, but they are powering this device here. I'm Kent German, senior editor for CNET, from the GSMA World Congress in Barcelona, with the Google Android device. ^M00:26:28 [ Music ] >> Yeah. >> All right. So Barcelona's looking cool. Miss that hammon [phonetic]. The hammon's [phonetric] [inaudible]. >> No. The hammon's right here, everybody. We don't miss anybody. >> No. No. No. No. Anyway, I'm liking the Android profile, too. >> Yeah. I know. It looks good. >> I'd like to see it do something. >> Now that's just -- but that's just under -- what's under the hood is Android. >> But it's pretty. It's pretty. >> If you look at that, you're not really seeing a product. >> Yeah. >> You're not even seeing Android. You're just seeing what Android enables. So it's kind of an amorphous story. You know those aren't -- products are really what matters. It's the fact that that can be done on any phone on any carrier when and if this propagates. That's the real big idea. >> Let's go to the phones. On the line in the District of Columbia -- I'm assuming that's what the DC means. Is that right Abraham? >> That is correct. >> All right. Thank you sir. What can we help you with today? >> Hey. Need some help. Do you guys know any good software that I could use to convert video files so that the Xbox 360 can read and then actually see it on my TV? >> Actually, yes. I can recommend a very good tutorial on this at Lifehacker.com. The VLC media player, in conjunction with a batch script that they have there, that's one way to do it. Another way would be to install Tversity, t-v-e-r-s-i-t-y, and that will allow you to not have to convert it because it will play almost any media file on the Xbox. So you can go at it one way or the other. There's this very detailed and good tutorial here about how to convert so that it plays well on the Xbox. >> Mm-hmm. >> Or you could just go with installing Tversity, and be able to actually bridge over to the Xbox and play a whole wider range of videos then play now. Now Xbox just expanded the number of file formats it supports, too. So that might have helped you out as well. >> And it supports like MP, MPEG 2. It doesn't support MP4 because I know it's an iTunes -- I mean Apple proprietary. >> Right. But Tversity will allow you to do that. >> Okay. Hey guys, thank you very much. >> I'll throw all those links in the show notes for you. >> Okay. Thank you. >> All right, man. >> All right. Good stuff. One more, we can get one more. Bonus call. Where do you want to go? >> Let's go with Michael. >> Okay Michael. Michael's in Minnesota. >> He's got a question about Vista. Hey Michael. What can we do for you? >> Hey guys. Well, listen. I've seen you on some early press about Vista SP1 and not seen some positive reviews. So, really, what's the upside to it? And will Microsoft ever get this straightened out right to produce a viable OS there? >> Well, first of all, just for people who don't know, SP1 is Service Pack 1. It's a patch to Vista that's supposed to fix a lot of the driver issues, update the way it works, make it a little smoother. One of the problems is some of the drivers that exist for Vista won't work properly under SP1. So they're rolling out in a rather odd way. In March, you'll be able to go to Windows, and get it on request, if you know what you're doing. But they're not going to start pushing it out until April. And when they push it out in April, it will detect to see if you have any of the unsupported drivers and it will wait to suggest it until those drivers are fixed so that they work in SP1. >> Yeah. So it's kind of a hodgepodge of a roll out and a clean up job, even when it comes out. So it's not like it's a silver bullet and you're gonna say, oh good. I got SP1. I'm all set. I can go get it right now. No. The roll out schedule is weird, and, you know, until we really know how it deploys to a lot of people, not just to some beta testers, we don't know how successful it's going to be dealing with number one issue we have here on CNET Live which is, hey, I just got Vista and what I had before doesn't work anymore. It's been a real mess. >> Yeah, but apparently they've fixed a lot of those driver issues, and that's why those five or six drivers are left behind because they changed the way it handles drivers. So that sounds like a positive to me. >> Yeah. >> I'll keep my fingers crossed. >> Do you guys know what some of the categories of drivers that they're talking about, 'cause I know GPU, graphics cards, and older hardware [inaudible]. >>Graphics cards are a big one. Yeah. >> Really big, yeah. >> Graphics cards is one of the big categories, I know. I don't know what all the drivers are they're supposed to support. >> Yeah we have -- to keep on top of this, you might want to check out CNET Crave from time to time at crave.cnet.com is where we're posting updates on SP1. And as we get versions of it in, anything between now and then that isn't released to the public, we'll have our initial reactions to it there. We've been pretty good about saying, here's what it's covering and here's what it's not. So go search on Crave now for Vista SP1. You can find out what we've learned about it so far. And it might get detailed about the particular drivers that you're looking for. So good luck with that, Michael. I know it can be a bear to wrestle Vista to the ground. All right folks, thanks for some good calls. Now it's time for the best of the web. ^M00:30:52 [ Music ] >> And the best of the web is when we check out the latest in web sites and web 2.0 applications, courtesy of our friends over at Webware.com, CNET site that's all about the web 2 revolution. Check out this one. It's Valentine's Day, so obviously we had to... >> Does that say striptease? >> That sure does. >> I don't know if I want to see this. >> Yeah. Don't worry. It's rated G, 'cause that's the kind of show we are. >> Gee whiz? Or... >> Gee. Hey. Okay, so... >> Gotta love JibJab. >> These are the folks at JibJab. You know, they first got famous for the Bush-Kerry animation a couple of elections ago. These are emailable or sendables, as they call them, cards. And so you've got this little strip tease thing that I'm not gonna run through too much of, but the key is you can put someone else's face or your face in it. >> All right. They've been doing this for while and this is just an extra, lovely valentine version. >> Yes. So here are the two characters. So I've got the man and the woman there, and I can say I want to upload a photo. And I can say, let's upload Tom. >> Of course. I kind of knew that was coming. Not a big surprise. >> And you go in there. You upload that. And you can prepare Tom's noggin now. And you get this little art studio where you go through -- it's loading up Tom's image now. And you can drag and drop to frame up exactly where his face is, like so. >> Crop it up, yeah. >> You crop it. You go all that. Well let's just cut to the chase. When you're all done... >> I thought you were gonna do a heart shape around my head. >> Aw. Wouldn't that be cute? And really insipid. >> And seasonal. >> So it looks kind of like this when you're all done. Let's see if this is actually going to play properly. >> Which head did you put me on? >> So it opens with a little book. It's like a little movie, little flash movie here. >> Oh. There I am. >> This is sent as a card. >> Oh look. It's you. You already put yourself in. >> And we're off to the races baby. >> [Inaudible] That's gonna give people nightmares right there, I'll tell you. >> It's giving me a nightmare right now, and it's daytime. >> Yeah. All right. You know... >> So that's over at JibJab. That's what they call sendables. And this is the greatest Valentine's card video ever. >> Ah, streams. We don't need them. >> Yeah. Good to be alive. >> [Inaudible] >> Whoa. Check out Tom now. Ayyiyi. Anyway. Okay. >> Hey. Next week will be much better. We promise folks. >> We hope. >> We've got Jonathon Coulton. He's in town in San Francisco for a show. He's recording a DVD video. >> Good. >> He is geek musician extraordinaire. If you don't know about it, go check out his site in preparation, jonathancoulton.com. >> You've got nice legs, by the way. >> Those aren't mine. >> Wish they were. >> That's next Thursday. What time? >> One o'clock Pacific, four o'clock Eastern. >> And eleven a.m. Hawaiian. >> Whew. ^M00:33:07 [ Music ] >> At this very moment, Eric Welch is defending his family from the constant onslaught of online threats, all with Norton 360. Automated all in one security that protects you online when you buy, bank, or browse. Keep up the good fight, Eric. ^E00:33:33

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