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Tech Culture: CNET Live: February 12, 2009

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Tech Culture: CNET Live: February 12, 2009

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Words, words, words. We're all about e-readers and obscure vocabulary today.

[music] ^m00:00:09 >> Coming up on CNET Live we'll show you how to adopt a word. They need you. >> Yes they do and those words might also show up on the talking Kindle 2. >> And of course your calls and video questions, we've got some good ones this week. CNET Live starts... Now! ^m00:00:24 [music] ^m00:00:29 >> Hello folks, welcome to another crazy edition... CNET Live! Is it crazy this week? >> I don't know. >> I hope so, we were wacky last week. >> Yeah we'll check later but a little late now because we're on the air. Anyway I'm Brian Cooley, he is Dr. Tom Merritt, and he over there... >> Is crazy! [talking at once] ^m00:00:55 >> Anyway, this Motley bunch of "experts" is here to take your calls and your questions and help you figure out what's wrong with your stuff and how to fix it. So give us a call at triple 8, 900 CNET, triple 8, 900-2638. >> Phone lines are loaded up right now, so wait till you hear that first caller and as soon as they drop off... get on line like that. First of all though it's time for things we Crave. ^m00:01:15 [music] ^m00:01:20 These are some of our favorite things from the Crave blog at Crave dot CNET dot com, and we're gonna be talking about the Kindle 2 in a little bit but I've already got something that might rival it. It's from Plastic Logic and it's kind of a different take. It's a document reader. So instead of being about books it's about newspapers, business documents, and it's got a nice big paper-size form factor. They just signed some content dealerships with... dealerships, sounds like it's gonna be selling cars. They signed some content deals with Ingram Digital, Libra Digital, and Zinio. With Zinio I've never figured out what they could be possibly good for. >> I don't know if you know what they do, they deliver magazines off the news rack like Time Magazine. PC Magazine just went entirely Zinio, they don't even print it anymore. >> Oh they make it a web publication. >> In the same form as a magazine. Exactly, that's it. So this will be able to show those magazines in their full form. >> Yeah, finally a place for that to live and really be meaningful. Is that a black and white or a color display? >> You know what... as far as I know they've only got a black and white display so it's not... is it Fujitsu that came out with... this is gonna be around the price of the Kindle. They expect it to be commercially available sometime 2010. >> I like the bigger display area, very nice. Now I've got something a little more rudimentary, but I love adaptors. >> Very useful, I love this thing too. Just caught my eye this morning on Crave. >> You take it and stick one of that thing into your DDI monitor, that's the end you see showing up there on the screen. And on the other end is a USB jack. It turns any monitor into a display link adapter, monitor, which means you connect the monitor with just a USB cable. Now you still need power to the monitor for any large size, because this is not gonna have enough power to run it unlike Mymo for example that I've got here, but... >> But will you be able to daisy chain them? >> That's a question we don't know. Eric Franklin who wrote this in the lab says we haven't tested or gotten enough documentation yet. If you can't, it's real dumb. >> Yeah, it's kind of dumb then. >> Yeah. If you can, then you can hook this up to... >> Because how many people have DDI monitors and only USB out on their display? >> Right... that has to be part of the formula, and also we don't know the price yet. I found something like this in the UK for like 90 pounds. If that translates to the U. S., bye-bye too much money. But we'll see. >> Okay, time for your questions. Don't forget you can submit links to your video questions to CNET Live at CNET dot com, just record it on your computer, upload it to your favorite video sharing site, and then send us the link. CNET Live at CNET dot com, for all of those out there who say they can't find the email address, it's CNET Live at CNET dot com. First up through the gate is John from Israel. >> Hi guys this is John from Israel and I have an iPhone question. It's a pretty shame that the iPhone doesn't have a built in FM transceiver, so I was wondering if you guys could recommend a decent, affordable, FM type gadget thingy I could add to the iPhone? That would be great. Thanks, love the show, bye-bye. >> Alright, a very good question. There's lot of apps out there that can get radio but I don't know if they'll be available in Israel. They're available in the U. S. and it's a different market, but just for the folks who can get them AOL Radio has all the CBS radio stations. Of course... >> We like that. >> Fly Tunes is another good one, iRadio, there's one called Public Radio that will give you all the public radio stations. There's one called the Radio app, it's from Intersect World LLC, that'll give you weather radio, scanners like police scanners, that kind of thing. Those are pretty cool, but if you can't get those in your iTunes in Israel Griffin makes an add-on that just plugs into your headphone jack and then you plug your headphones into the other side of that, and if we can pull it up on the screen you can see how it works there. It goes into the iPhone and then you can actually buy an app that'll be available later this year that will allow you to control that from the iPhone screen. Or it has the buttons on there, the volumes and all that sort of thing. >> This is an inline cord device. It doesn't go into the Apple iPod port on the bottom, which would be a different form effect. I like this better because it doesn't make your device longer and it doesn't want to break off on the bottom of the port, which I'd be nervous about. And he said transceiver in his question, so just in case he meant transmitter, we do have a couple of pics if you go to CNET Crave and type in iPhone transmitter, that'll transmit your iPhone over FM to your car radio. But I think he was going this way, reception. >> Alright. Got a website pic for you real quick. This is... >> What the hell is this? >> This is Save the Words dot org. It's an effort to take less used words in the English language and get them back into common use so they don't fall out of the dictionary or something. You click on one like jobbler, gives you a definition - one who does small jobs. To celebrate my pathetic pay raise, I'm going out to drink with some jobblers. >> Alright give me one, pick one for me. >> Well you can sign in and adopt the word. So for instance, fabrification, already adopted. Can't pick it. >> I wanted that one, give me ovoblastic because I'm feeling that way today. >> You're feeling a little ovoblastic here? >> Okay, making eggs burst open in the womb. Well that's me! >> Alright, the Sigourney Weaver virus will destroy all foreign cells and ultimately emerge from the body via ovoblastic process. >> I'm kind of hunched over now... >> Good word there Cooley. Yeah one thing I don't like about it is the way it makes all these noises whenever you're hovering over the words. Ten cent stores... really that's? It's like dime store, I say dime store a lot. >> Let's get to the call, God let's get to the calls! Okay let's go to line 1. Actually we're gonna go to line 2 first because this one is a... we've got a Windows 7 question here that has become so much part of the major trend all around CNET's forums, on CNET TV, people are Windows 7 crazy. Let's talk to Edward from Maryland. Hi Edward, welcome to CNET Live. >> Hi. I'm running Windows 7 as a virtual machine and the window icon previews aren't showing up when I hover over the tabs. >> Right, right, so I've got the same thing going on right here, if we can pull up my screen. You see I gotta few tabs open down there. You're talking about down in the task bar right? >> Yeah. >> So you see those down there? And when I hover over them they just give me... let me get out of the paint app, they'll just give me a name right? Is that what you're saying? You don't see the full preview like you do really in the real Windows 7? >> Yeah. >> That's because in the virtual machine it can't handle arrow glass, so it's not able to give you that full experience where you'll see that. Now I don't know if that'll be true when it's out of Beta. I don't know if the virtual machine will be able to handle arrow, it might not be able to. But you're not doing anything wrong, that's just the way the virtual machine handles Windows 7 Beta right now. >> Okay, so that's just where you're stuck for this moment. Let's go to Bakersfield California where we're gonna say hello to Jacob. He's got jailbreak question. Hey Jacob, welcome to CNET Live. >> Thanks a lot for taking my call guys. How you doing today? >> Alright. >> I have a question. I haven't updated to the latest firmware 2 point 2 point 1 for my iPhone 3G and I understand if I do that, I'll have to real jailbreak it and I want to know is there a way to back up all my jailbreak apps before I have to do this, because I know if I jailbreak it again I'll have to go and re-download them and... >> Yeah, yeah, yeah. >> It's time consuming. >> Exactly, that is one of these little fights between the jailbreakers and Apple, is every time they update the firmware you gotta go through another process of jail breaking. A couple of people have taken attempts at this, Big Boss you may be familiar with, he does a lot of apps for the jailbreak iPhone. He's got one called APT backup, which will actually take a list of all of your apps and it will put those in iTunes, and then when you real jailbreak and real sync, then you'll be able to get those apps again but you have to reinstall them. Another one that I haven't tried, which might be worth trying first, is the jail broken backup from Google code. This one looks like, well actually take the apps themselves and back them up for you. So I'll put both of those links in the show notes at blog dot CNET TV dot com. >> Right, good luck on that one Jacob. Steve's in New Jersey. Steve's got an issue with Vista and what it's making his hard drive do. Hey Steve, welcome to the show. >> Hey guys. >> What's up? >> So I have Windows Vista Business on my laptop and as soon as I log on, you see the disk activity light of it loading my profile and everything, but the disk activity light continues blinking for probably 10 or 15 more minutes and I don't know what's going on. It's making the disk activity noise too. >> Well just housekeeping right? >> Yeah, how long have you had the Vista installation? >> One day. >> One day, okay so it's probably still going through an indexing everything on your hard drive for the Vista search, it's just a little bit of housekeeping. It's pretty normal, I'd give it a few more days, and then if you still see the disk activity, you can try FileMon from Mark Russinovich, and Bryce Cogswell. Microsoft hosts it, it's the system internals guy. I'll throw a link to that in the show notes as well. That'll tell you what's accessing the disk, so even if you just want to investigate and find out if it is the search that's indexing it. Try FileMon, but essentially I would give it a few days for it to kind of finish indexing and then you shouldn't see that disk activity all of the time. >> And if you get nervous that you've got something rogue going on, just click over on your network icon and just break your LAN connection for a second, see if that shuts off the drive. Then you know at least it's a network service. That helps narrow it down a bit, but FileMon will tell ya the same thing. Thanks for the call on that one. >> Coming up, more of your calls but first Amazon... >> Ama-shon... >> Showing off it's latest version of their Kindle e-reader up in the land of Rockefeller New York earlier this week. Natalie del Conte was there and so was author Stephen King. >> Were they together? Take a look. >> I'm Natalie del Conte with CNET News dot com and we're here with the Amazon Kindle 2, which was just launched here by Jeff Bezos in New York. ^m00:11:13 >> Today... I'm excited to introduce Kindle 2. ^m00:11:22 So what do you get with Kindle 2? Free 3G wireless access to 230,000 books, the latest electronic paper display, 16 shades of gray, it's faster, it sips battery power so that you can read for 2 weeks. New York Times best sellers and most new releases are 9 dollars and 99 cents or less. No multiyear wireless contracts, no monthly service payments, and when you want it to it reads to you. >> Stephen King was here to read from his new book, Ur, which will be launched exclusively for the Kindle and I got a chance to interview him about it. How long have you been using a Kindle? >> Since December of 2007, so it's been about 15 months. >> It seems like you are a little bit dubious from your presentation at first, is that true? >> Well I think that books were always my first love and obviously there's somebody in the business about Kindle's versus books, and there's some in my own mind. But I like them both, I mean I think there's room for Kindles and print books and books on audio CD, the whole nine yards. I think that it's all there. The real thing that's important is the story. If it's a good story, the rest is just a medium of delivery. >> The Kindle will cost 359 dollars and ship on February 24, but you can order it today if you'd like. I'm Natalie del Conte with CNET News dot com. ^m00:12:57 [music] ^m00:13:00 >> Kindle 2... Alright. >> Nice improvements, not dramatically new product though. >> Are you talking about the Kindle 2, not Stephen King? >> Yeah. >> He's had some nice improvements but he's not a dramatically new product. >> He's dramatically older. >> But he's really good. >> Of course. >> I'm not saying anything bad... I would never say anything bad about Stephen King or something would come upon me and kill me. Yeah, the Kindle looks good, I like that so... I ordered one already. >> Did you really? >> Yeah. >> Oh you're a sucker... I mean you're really a visionary, I like that. >> I am an early adopter... I've become one in this job. [laughing] >> Okay let's get back to some calls shall we? >> Let's do. >> I want to get to Jason. He is in... I think it's Newport Richie as opposed to Newport Richie, either way hello Jason welcome to CNET Live, how are ya? >> Hey pretty good, thanks. How you guys doing? >> We're doing pretty good. What's bugging ya out there? >> Okay well I'm thinking about building a new machine and for... a media center, and looking for a TV tuner that can do all my digital HD channels through cable, not just a clear quam but like everything... >> Encrypted digital ones, yeah, right. >> Exactly. Is there a cable card device out there that can do that? >> I haven't tried to do this, I did a little research and one of the issues is Cable Labs, the folks that kind of oversee the way digital cable operates in the industry, mandate that it be locked down all the way from the signal coming in to the playback device. It's kind of part of how they want to make sure there's not digital piracy. You know what I'm talking about here? And so there are a couple of system vendors that will build computers that are certified and have a cable card slot, a digital cable HD tuner and all that, but you don't want to buy a system you want to build one. Have you looked at this one from ATI? It's part of their TV Wonder series. >> Yeah, that's the only one I found. It seems to be like, discontinued and I can't really find it anywhere. >> That's all I could find either. I'm not finding anything that's like a PC card or a PCI slot card. >> Internal device right? Plugs in via USB? >> Yeah, it sits on a little floor stand there. Yeah, so I'm not able to find you a PCI device that has cable card and tunes digital, and you answered my first question is, would you be satisfied just with the clear quam stuff, the open analogue HD that most cable systems still have? But you want to go beyond that? So... >> I was trying to get rid of the cable company provided DVR altogether. >> Oh, okay. >> It's unreliable and I'm tired of coming home and something's not recorded. You know what I mean? >> Yeah, it's a great idea I just don't think that there's a product out there because whoever makes it is gonna have to play ball with Cable Labs. I'm gonna keep snooping around. If we find something we'll put it in the show notes later on today. That's all I found so far, I'm on the same page you are. Sorry about that. >> Alright, time to take a quick break but we will be back with the download of the week and it will show you a new world of video, right after this. ^m00:15:45 [music] ^m00:15:49 >> Watch every game from the NCAA championship live online for free with NCAA March madness on demand. But please, use with caution. ^m00:16:00 [music] ^m00:16:15 >> When the biggest stars... meet the biggest laughs... they come today. [laughing] ^m00:16:25 The Late Show with David Letterman. >> Why are we laughing? >> I'm not sure. >> Weeknights on CBS. ^m00:16:30 [music] ^m00:16:34 >> Welcome back to CNET Live... yeah we're just talking about Mig and Tig and... if you know about that. If you're working at a muffler shop, you gotta call us because we got a question along those lines coming up relatively soon. >> Good tease. But first, it's time for the download of the week. ^m00:16:49 [music] ^m00:16:54 >> The download of the week is brought to you by our good friends at CNET's Download dot com, providers of spy ware free, free software, and today we're looking at the new Miro 2 point 0. We've showed you Miro before on CNET Live, and it has just gotten into the version 2 now. It's not entirely different, but as you can see it's got some cool little tweaks to it. Let me go through the Miro guide, that kind of gives you the idea. So here you got the Ted videos. We were talking about Ted last week, you want to watch all of those features, they're now up online. You can get them right inside of Miro. Over here you got a link to Legal Torrents. That's right - Legal Torrents. And there are a lot of them. No, look at it... short video, television episodes, music, net label music, pictures, animations, audio books. Look, you can even get on the origin of the species. It's Darwin's 200th birthday you know? >> I didn't know that. >> I don't think he's doing too well though. >> Eh, I don't think so. >> Yeah, anyway Miro 2 point 0, just kind of wanted to let you know it's out there. Great way to manage pod casts and especially video. >> Back to your calls at triple 8 900 CNET, triple 8 900-2638. Let's see what we've got here, we're gonna dive into this... you know it's been vexing us as long as we've been staring at it here on our phone screen. Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, the ominous question from Jordan in Long Island. Hello Jordan, welcome to the show. >> Hi, how are you? >> Good, you're about to stump us so go gently. >> I think I might. We just had a webcam system installed in our community. We live in a gated community and basically the guy, the technician, is telling us in order to view the cameras on the internet, we need internet explorer. Now what about computers, we have IE and we're able to log on and view the cameras but we also primarily use a Mac and... well we open up Safari through FireFox, the message that we're getting, it says the page and it says American Dynamics video server page has content of mime type application, forward slash... OLE object, because you don't have a plug in installed for this type.... >> So this is an Active X plug in issue. I was gonna ask you if you were using a Panasonic network camera, but you're using a similar one that uses an Active X control to see the video and to control the camera. BT, you got an ideas on this one? >> Yeah, we were digging in first of all trying to find out the error, but really what your time out does makes sense. Essentially the Active X controller plug in, they don't have them available on the Mac platforms so a lot of people are suggesting, I was reading online forums, that if you really want to get access through your Mac you'll need to install something like VMware which allows you to run Windows from your Mac, and or something like Parallels desktop where you can then get access to it because in the Windows OS it does have Active X control. So it's a plug in thing, behind the scenes. It's not you, but that's really the best guidance that we can give you if you want to put it on your Mac. >> I've found out Mozilla ActiveX plug in that theoretically would work in FireFox, because it works in FireFox no matter what. So I'll throw that link in the show notes. But yeah, the other thing is to complain to them and say look, I don't use internet explorer jerks. Give me something that's cross platform. >> Now I've got a bunch of cameras that do the same thing, they have an ActiveX control for viewing and control, and as a result I can't see live video from them on let's say... my Blackberry, because the browser in it sucks. So that's always an issue. But on a iPhone, you can see live video because apparently in the iPhone browser you've got ActiveX support which I find interesting since you're having a problem on the desktop, but the smaller Apple product with less computing power doesn't have that problem. That's odd. ... not saying anything. Okay. >> Let's get to our DSLR question because I think we can do that rather quickly, hopefully we can help you out T.J. What's your question? It's about cameras right? >> Yeah, my question is I'm comparing 3 cameras and I don't know which one to get, the Sony A300, Nikon D60, and the Canon XS? >> Well I tell ya, those are all 3 pretty close. I think the Rebel XS and the Nikon D60 both got ratings of 7 point 2 from our photo folks out in New York, and I have the Canon Rebel XS. When I say I, I mean my wife, but we love it so it's kind of a tough call. You've got to look at the price differences and the feature differences for you, but just from personal experience I could say the XS is a good camera. >> The Sony A300, it's about the same price as the other 2 but it comes with 2 lenses. >> It's nice to get the extra lens, we just didn't find it was as good of a camera. >> Oh, it's not as good of a camera? >> That's what the reviews say. >> And often... don't put too much value into those kit lenses that come with the cameras, they tend to be the poor lenses of the family with relatively low light gathering ability and a little more optical aberrations if you're really a picky photographer. In a camera like this you're obviously pretty serious, so think more about getting the body that you want, whatever the kit lens is, and having a little bit of investment money available for a good lens that gonna be a little higher up the food chain. >> That may be why they throw the extra lens in there, is to make up for the deficiency, so think about that too. Cassandra wrote into CNET live at CNET dot com asking, I have so many good photos on my phone. How do I get them off and share them with my friends on the web? Well Cassandra, Molly Wood's gonna hook you up on today's quick tip. [music] ^m00:22:25 >> Hi I'm Molly Wood from CNET dot com with a quick tip on how to send photos from your cell phone to the photo sharing site, Flickr. It's handy if you're traveling, you're at a sporting event, or for celebrity sightings. Now when you sign up for Flickr you get a special email address that you use to send photos from your phone. To find it on Flickr's site, first login and then click you and then your account, and then now choose email. You should see your Flickr upload email address there, or an option to create an upload to Flickr email address. Now you can also click edit and then if you click this tiny link down here, Flickr will email you this address which is a pretty easy way to add it to your address books, and it's not that memory friendly. Alright now whenever you take a picture, you just email it to Flickr. The subject line becomes the title of the photo, and whatever you put in the body will be the description. This works for videos too. Now you can also add tags to your photos. You include the word tags with a colon on the subject line, so you could do tags colon monkey baby. If you want more than one word in your tag, put it in quotes like tag colon "monkey baby". Alright one thing, if you do have photo sets on Flickr, you can't specify what set to email your photos to. That is kind of a bummer and I hope that Flickr will fix it quickly. Alright but now what about Smartphone apps? If you're on a Blackberry, Flickr has a very good app that let's you post photos, tag them, even geo-tag them if your phone has GPS. You can add them to different sets and you can even change the size. Now strangely, there is no Flickr uploading app for the iPhone. You have to use the email address for uploading. There is a web app for Flickr at M dot Flickr dot com, but it's just for viewing and searching photos. There are some third party Flickr apps like Air Me, Reflections, Dark Slide Premium, and Mobile photos that work on iPhone, and they're all pretty descent. So there you have it. Now excuse for not posting photos from everywhere you go all day long. Try not to abuse your new found power. For CNET dot com, I'm Molly Wood and you're welcome. ^m00:24:24 >> Alright good stuff there Molly Wood. We got another video question. This one's coming into us from Canada. Roll the question. >> Hello this is [inaudible ] Vancouver Canada. My question is, is there any products similar to iLife for users, like for movie editing. That's it, thanks a lot. >> Alright so wanting to do some movie editing. There's Jashaka, the open source video editor that we always give the warning that we've never tried it. Have you tried it? >> Yeah, it's a bit of a... >> So really the equivalent to Windows Movie Maker. >> Yeah, Windows Movie Maker's taking a beating on this show for a long time, but there is a newer version out that's in distribution now that is a lot better. So if you're on Vista, you'll have the new version of Windows Movie Maker and I'm hearing that it's okay. I've played with it a litle bit, it's not quite so Fisher Price as the earlier version was. It was really pretty useless, so start with that. What about music? BT? >> Yeah, when it comes to music making, kind of get an equivalent for a garage band, there's an application out there called Mix Craft. It's in version 4, it's about 64 dollars so unfortunately it's not free. The great thing about iLife is it's packaged with the machine or you can buy it, I think for like 79 dollars. But Mix Craft does allow you to bring in loops. You can also actually bring in Apple's own garage band loops into the program, it does a beat making and you can also record audio directly into it. So that's a... that's something that you'll want to do. >> And for photos, I can't imagine anything better than Picasa. I mean, it lets you aggregate your photos, import, manage, and do lots of great retouching. I'm so impressed by their automatic contrast and automatic color, and the latest version of Picasa 3 does a great job dialing in natural colors and balancing out your lights and darks, so there you go. It's not one suite, but put these all together and you're gonna have the same functionality. Real quick... new this week called Cheapskate. It's from the Cheapskate column done by Rick Broida which you'll find over at CNET dot com slash Cheapskate. This week we've got a great new hosting service from him, there it goes, and it's a freebee from Microsoft out of their small business office live section. They want you to come on in and drink some Kool-aid. Go ahead, because what you're gonna get is free domain name and free web hosting for a year, a believe it's 500 megabytes of storage, you also get a 100 email addresses, lots of good bells and whistles. Here's what the interface looks like when you go in there. You can get a web address from them and they have some real horsy ones, they're not terribly exciting. But you can also move a domain you've already got over there, redirect it to this hosting and do that for free through them as well. So this is a very impressive tool for getting what is a rather flexible and fairly powerful, free hosting and domain thing, just by signing up. After the first year, it's 14.95 a year, which is pretty cheap for hosting. I think that's a good deal even after the freebee expires. >> Alright. >> Another call? Shall we? >> We gotta get to that soldering call... >> Yeah we gotta do that, it's line 3 I think. We're gonna talk here about something we've never talked about before - how to solder stuff! We've got Nolan here in Minnesota. Hey Nolan, welcome to the show! >> Hey. >> What's up? You broke something, didn't you? >> No, well I went to my grandma's house to put in some memory, and I saw that the heat sync had fallen off... and... >> Off the CPU right? >> What? >> It fell off the CPU? >> Yeah. >> Okay. And what... >> One of the heat syncs, I think it had multiple ones. >> So something broken on the heat sync? >> Well when I looked closely at where it went, there wasn't anyplace to like attach it to the computer. >> Oh so to clip it down, the little think to clip it to is gone. Is that right? >> Yeah. >> Okay. Then you want to solder a little hook on there to kind of clip it down right? >> Yeah, is that possible or should I just like ship it somewhere? >> I didn't know... if you could solder aluminum or not. I always thought you couldn't without specialized gear, but thanks to the American Welding Society we got a pretty good answer for ya. We're gonna put this up on the show notes, well that means Tom got-your-tongue Merritt is. It's kind of like when he says, we have a certain DSLR. He means his wife does, and I mean he's gonna post it. So it'll tell ya how to solder to aluminum. [laughing] So what you've got here is an issue of what kind of solder you use and what temperature you've got to use, but at a high temperature it looks like you can solder to aluminum, but we're talking about up to 490 degrees to 660 degrees. That's above any soldering iron that I've ever used, which tops out at the bottom end there. So it's a matter of heat as I understand it, and the right kind of solder. Check this out if you want to get into it, otherwise just go buy a new heat sync. >> Nolan, have you done any soldering? >> We do have a soldering iron, I'm not sure how hot it gets. >> Okay. >> Temperature's key. >> Yeah, you're gonna need somebody who's pretty experienced in this to kind of help you out if you give it a shot. Otherwise, you can just send it in to get repaired. If it's under warranty, you might be able to get it done for free. >> Well just go buy a new quieter, more efficient cooler. >> Yeah, you could replace the heat sync altogether right? >> Yeah, because there are better coolers out there, especially if the machine's kind of noisy now, the fan's coming on a lot. A more efficient heat sync will keep that fan quieted down more of the time. We got time for one more you think? >> Yeah, sure. >> Let's do one more. Okay. >> I want line 2. >> Well here we go. I want line 2, it's all about me. >> Joe is on the line. Joe, you got a question for Brian Cooley. Is that correct? >> That is correct. >> What's up Joe? >> How you guys doing? >> Good. >> Alright, I'm in the market for a new Smartphone and I've been looking very closely at the Blackberry Bold and I wanted to know how you, Mr. Cooley, are enjoying your Bold? >> I'd look at it very closely too so you can plant the heel of your right shoe right on the screen after you've owned it for about 2 weeks. I basically hate it. I went from the iPhone to this because I had issues with the iPhone keyboard and it's inability to search calendar and contacts, but I think I'd almost trade back now because the Bold is so poor a web browser it's like having my old Trio back in that respect; very little improvement. So that's a real downer. Of course the keyboard's great, the email is great if you're on Blackberry enterprise server. I'm on Blackberry internet server, so I'm reaching out to get my accounts not through a corporate server, and it's not impressive at all. So it's really about hooking up to a Blackberry enterprise server to really bring that phone to life, integrate the contacts, have really great push. When you use BIS, the internet server, the push is like every hour to check email no matter how often you force it to. And bare in mind I'm on AT and T, that may have something to do with it, but yeah I'm not impressed with it. It's a tool, it's a hard dull little tool despite it's prettier look. I wouldn't do it again. >> I got you. >> Alright. It's your attributes. If you want email and keyboard or if you want a good web experience in there as well. >> Let's get Steven in here real quick. Steven, what's your question real fast because I was told to say goodbye before I picked up. [laughter] >> Hi, I have a question. I want to turn an old machine into a server for the computers in my home and possibly have it go out over the internet. >> Okay, well Windows Home Server is an option, OEM if you can find a copy free and clear of a machine. They don't sell it at retail but you might be able to find an OEM copy of it. I like freeNAS at freeNAS dot org, not exactly the server you're talking about, going out on the web though. This is a server of files, but it's a really easy way to get your shared storage on an internal network... and if you want to go out on the web, I would get Linux, probably Ubuntu or maybe Debian and put apache on there. >> Yeah, that's probably the best way to go there. >> IIS into Windows versions, that's old school I guess. >> Wow, IIS. >> Remember? >> Yeah. >> It was in Windows for the longest time if you knew where to dig it up. >> Yeah, maybe an ultimate. >> Yeah so look around. Look for IIS on your, if you've got a Vista Ultimate machine, it might be in there, don't know. >> Before we go I want you to know about CNET Widgets. Yeah... call me a flash Widget. Tell us all about the Widget. >> We've got Widgets to go on your website for planning products, we've got our reviews in Widgets, we've also got CNET downloads in Widget form, and CNET TV our favorite Widget... so you've got a collection of our latest videos in there and all the code to lay them in and make them look really good. We also have deal of the day from shopper dot com. So 5 Widgets available for ya, they're brand new for your site. We'd love it if you'd pick one of two of them up and put them into your network. >> We're trying to get a pod cast Widget in there now. >> That would be very handy. >> Jason Howell's working on it. >> Like it, so it'll be 6 soon. That's at CNET dot com slash widgets. >> Alright, that's it for this week. We want to see more of you next week. Record your video questions, upload them to your favorite video sharing service, and email them to us... CNET Live at CNET dot com. Don't say I didn't tell you the email address. >> And we'll see you next Thursday at 1 o'clock Pacific. >> That's 4 p.m. Eastern, most of you are on the East coast. >> 11 a.m. Hawaiian, that's how it always is. >> There it is. ^m00:33:25 [music]

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