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Tech Culture: CNET Live: December 6, 2007

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Tech Culture: CNET Live: December 6, 2007

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Tom and Brian meet a just-hatched dinosaur.

>> [ music ] Coming up on CNET live, a cuddly hatchling, sort of cuddly. Kind of cuddly. Plus a closet that cleans and irons your clothes like that and a cutting edge MP3 player with both WIFI and stereo blue tooth, sweet. That and more coming up on CNET live. [ music ] Hello folks, how are ya? Come on in see me. >> Have a seat, pull up a chair. >> Dr. Maro's waiting for you. >> Grab a brandy and help us answer your questions. [ laughter ] >> 8 triple 8, 900 CNET 2638. >> When you call, what happens? >> When you call actually you get to talk to our call screener who is standing by. I believe it's Cheryl today. >> Hey Cheryl. >> There she is. >> There's our call mistress. >> Waiting to get you all set up in the computer so we can pick you up in here and answer your questions so give us a call. >> Programming note, we had promised you Hammer, M.C. Hammer. >> Yes, former executive of the Oakland A's. >> Unfortunately he was not able to make it, he's got a scheduling thing, he's tied up at some airport somewhere so we're gonna try and get him on again soon but not today unfortunately but we've got another very special guest for you. >> He did send along his apologies. >> He did. >> Unlike that time Devorak skipped out on us. >> That's right so kudos to him. >> But Devorak did come back so hopefully Hammer will too. >> Yeah we're okay on this sort of tradition here. Before we get started with your calls on triple 8, 900 CNET; let's check out some things we crave. [ music ] >> Here's some of our favorite things from the Crave Blog and Crave dot CNET dot com. I had a last minute change, I was gonna talk about some programs that convert video for the iPhone. [ yawn ] Flux capacitor. >> Now we're talking. >> Yeah baby. >> Hello. >> Available from things from another world for two hundred twenty bucks and it looks exactly like the one from the movie. No plutonium included though. >> Can I ask a question? >> Yeah. >> Does it work? >> Well I don't know what you mean by 'work'. It'll turn on and lights will come on. >> Yeah, yeah that's good enough. >> You know what I like about it here, it's hard to tell I'm sure on the screen here, but it looks as though it actually has classic dymo labeling on the top just like a vintage piece would have had. >> Absolutely, no Delorian included though. >> But you can buy those. >> They've got em back out so you buy this you buy that. >> Starting to disappear while you play guitar. >> Boy that's a great weekend. >> Yeah. >> Okay here's what I got for you, you know who likes ironing and washing their clothes? Look at us, clearly nobody here but look at this thing here. Closet size, it's called the DrIron. You could easily mispronounce it Dr. Iron but it's the DrIron, get it? And you just hang your clothes up in there and it does the drying and the ironing. >> I love this idea. >> Is this great? >> Oh yeah. >> Now this mechanism down at the bottom here that you see, I imagine that's the heat source? And they use a combination I think of dry and moist heat to kind of cycle the fabric, plus the key here folks is everything's hanging. Good tip for you travelers, just hanging things takes half the wrinkles out if you give them a day or two. So this is kind of cool now, it's not a cheap toy. Three thousand dollars. >> Three thousand dollars to replace what? Hanging it up on a. >> Hanging it up on a great dryer with cinder blocks. >> Yeah. >> A really good iron? >> An iron you have to use. This does it all for you. >> What's your time worth? Okay. So that's the DrIron from a company in the U.K. Anyway, let's get to your calls at triple 8, 900 CNET. Let's go to caller number one. Which one do you want to do here Doctor? >> Let's go right to number one, yeah. >> Okay this is very you. Nick in New Hampshire, what's your question for us today? >> Hi Nick. >> Hi. >> What's on your mind? >> Um I had a question about a blue tooth on the iPhone. I went, I don't know where I was online, and it was something about the political campaign and Ron Paul had figured out how to put a blue tooth on the iPhone and he said he readily gives the directions away on his campaign website. I went to his campaign website, there's no directions there. >> I thought you were a crank call for a minute doing a Ron Paul pitch. But no, you're serious. >> Yeah. >> Really? Okay. >> I don't know anything about Ron Paul putting a blue tooth on an iPhone. I really honestly don't, but I do know there is an assent program of running linux on an iPhone. If you go to iPhone dot five forty, not the numerals, but spell it out f-i-v-e dot f-o-r-t-y dot net. You can put it up on the screen actually for people to see, it's on my laptop. iPhone linux project, this is the wicky they started back in July. It really hasn't gotten very far and I couldn't find anybody else who's been doing linux on the iPhone. Thing is you've got free BSD on the iPhone because it's OS10. So a lot of people are just playing around with that, they don't see the need to actually put other distros on there. >> You're already on an IX. >> Yeah because you've already got a nix type sort of thing. There's also a google code project that goes along at code dot google dot com slash p slash iPhone dash linux that goes along with the wicky. That's the only projects I know about. I was unaware of any presidential candidates had done it so. >> Thanks for the heads up on that Nick, we didn't know Ron Paul had such interesting tech routes, we should have him on. >> Of course blue tooth mobile edition being talked about as well so that could be. >> Alright so we'll keep on eye on that with you. Let's go to line 2, we've got Mitch in Indiana has a CPU question. Hello Mitch welcome to CNET live. >> Good I was wondering about what the difference is between an AMD and an Intel processor? >> Yeah that has always been a big question. That's like MAC versus Windows, that's boxer's briefs, it's one of those big questions, what's the bottom line? Well we've got a few nuggets here of the technical differences and let me also give you the bottom line on the street difference. From what I gather from our labs, is that generally AMD had an edge for the last year, year and a half, up until earlier this year because they were a little faster and a little cheaper and just a cool good bargain processor. Intel with recent technology, I believe this has happened across 07 has caught up with their 65 nanometer production process which is apparently a little more advanced than AMD again. I'm not a chip expert but just what we've gathered from a couple of the chippy blogs out there, that's kind of what's going on is that Intel's moved ahead but it's perhaps a little more pricey for a given clock speed and number of course. >> Yeah last time Intel used a RDR RAM in the chips and AMD was using DDR and that gave a little bit of a performance advantage, well I should say RDR RAM is faster than DDR RAM but DDR RAM is cheaper. >> Yeah. >> So that gave AMD some price advantage and there's a few other examples of that sort of thing where AMD actually had a little bit of a price advantage and so performance versus price was always AMD's big advantages. The performance difference wasn't that big and other ways that they put the processor together kept them competitive plus they were cheaper. Now the prices have started to get closer, Intel's started to move back ahead in the performance and so it's kind of up for grabs. >> Yeah, by my understanding Intel's getting a lot of kudos again really like, okay they've come from behind, from slightly behind across 2007 but you know the bottom line here is the exact chip you're looking at. Because we're talking about an entire line of processors within there the various families are going to be stronger or weaker at one manufacturer. You really have to dig into their processor line ups and both of their websites have that and like you to compare some of the nuts and bolts like the various, the clock speeds of the cores, how many cores, the kind of RAM they use, how much is in the cache, as well as how it connects out to the bus or the motherboard, and if you do a nuts and bolts comparison there it might do you better than trying to get an overview of AMD versus Intel. But it's a complicated question and I would go chip by chip. That's my best advice to you. >> Somewhat religious argument. >> Yes. >> They are very close and so a lot of people can spin the facts whichever way they wanted to go. >> I'm on an Aphlon 64 inexpensive computer I bought and I've been very pleased with what it's able to scale up and do in terms of intensive applications and I've had the machine 2 years and I don't feel like I'm running out of head room. So I'm very pleased on my end. >> There you go. >> Okay folks, coming up a freshly hatched get this: camarasorus. >> Easy for you to say, but first we've got a first look at the new MP3 player you just might wanna consider buying this holiday season. It offers about every feature in the book, you got WiFi, you got stereo, blue tooth capability, Pod Cast support with wireless updating, photo video subscription, cooks dinner for ya, makes a fantastic kipperd salmon, take a look. >> Hi I'm Jasmine France senior associate editor for CNET dot com and I'm here today with the Ibiza Rhapsody which is made by an appliance manufacturer, Haier America. This player has eight oh two eleven B and G WiFi capability and there's this antennae built into the back. Now what that allows you to do as the name suggests, is actually get onto the rhapsody music service and stream music directly from the catalogue or from Rhapsody channel. Now it's definitely a cool extra to have on an MP3 player. You can also download songs on the slide from the Rhapsody music service. Of course you must have a subscription in order to do this. The other wireless feature that's built into this player is the stereo blue tooth and it's the first time we've seen both stereo blue tooths and wireless capability. In addition to that it has a built in FM tuner, it does support video and photo playback, it also has some cool downloadable themes called airskins which you can change the background here. It also has separate Pod cast support and you can download Pod cast also over WiFi. Now a couple of neat interface features I want to point out. First of all when you dig down into artist albums and songs, you get a search field across the top here, makes it really easy to search for anything that you might be looking for. Also when you get to the playback screen you get this cool effect where you can get an album art thumbnail over this album art wallpaper on the back drop. I think it's just a cool little extra. Now as far as physical attributes go you have the touch pad on the front, works very well, it's really responsive there are track shuttle keys, play, pause, and a back button. Now this is a hard drive player it comes with 30 GB the company will also be coming out with 4 GB and 8 GB flashplayers. This one comes in 5 different colors and it sells for 299 which is kind of a high price but considering all the features you get we're not at all surprised, we think it's a pretty good value. I'm Jasmine France and this is the new Iziza Rhapsody. [ music ] >> We have a very interesting guest filling in for us today, it's Pleo a just released robotic dinosaur from Ugobe. The company says like any creature Pleo feels hunger like any creature, like any creature. >> He feels hunger, fatigue, just like the rest of us, he's tired and hungry. You get to play around with him, reacts to human input, he's looking at me right now because I'm looking at him, raise your fist in anger, he's rolls his eyes, you kind of tickle him he gets all giggly, likes that. >> Look his tails wagging now, he's like yeah. Turn him around he's like, what, hey? What are you doing? Backs up, yeah. Good boy. >> Okay what's interesting about this. Oh no it's Dr. Merritt so you're stuck with him. >> What happens here is you get this guy, you unpack him, and it's kind of like a birth process you go through. You pet him on the back, you give him a little bit of a whack like that to wake him up like he's just come flying out of the womb and then he kind of wakes up, we did this earlier before the show. Now he's a little hatchling and apparently he understands about his little leaf here that his sensors can pick up. Hey what you want a little snack? Look. >> Nah he's like I'm not hungry. >> No cause you're a dumb bag of chips, you have no idea what I'm doing here. Want a leaf? There you go. Okay he likes his leaf, there we go. See? He's tearing it apart. >> Now that's dog behavior, he's growling. >> Yes you have that in a dog but they also have cat behaviors in here because if you scratch his chin he kind of purrs a little bit and puts it out longer so that's very cat. >> Now see is he food aggressive? >> Let's find out. >> Nah you still have your fingers. He's got pretty blue eyes. >> Ahhh let go. Help! >> The producer loves this, she won't let us get out of this segment without me doing this. He supposedly will fall asleep if you do this. >> He won't nap and coo with you like he will with our, with our. >> Is he gonna fall asleep or are you gonna burp? One of the two. >> See when Bonnie had him on the show and he got all nippy with you he's just gonna like boy. >> There he goes, he crashed. >> Alright. >> Blue screen of death. >> Anyway, alright so Pleo's 349.99. Amazon says they'll be stocking on December 18. >> Shhh he's sleeping. He fell over drunk. >> So they'll be shipping December 18 when inventory arrives. Woe here he comes. Hang on. No he's like a bad drunk coming out of his sleep look. >> Yeah he's like a turtle on his back. >> That's like me after 4 o'clock. That's like that fighting crying jag, you're ready to go. >> It's the kind of thing you use in a void comp test to determine if you're a replicant or not. >> So if you have greater motherly instincts than we do this might be a great gift. Otherwise not so much. Anyway three hundred and fifty bucks Amazon will have em just in time for holiday shipping if you pay an outrageous amount of money for overnight. >> Okay, alright you be quiet for a minute. I gotta do this thing right here. Go to line 3 where Brent's got a question from Salt Lake City. I think I like Brent I think he's kind of tidy like me. >> Hello Brent. >> How are you doing? >> Good, good, good how are you doing? >> Okay. >> What's on your mind today? >> Okay I have a new Dell XUM 600 and I just can't keep the screen clean and I'm afraid to do anything to it you know. >> Okay now what is it dirty with? Is it dust or is it schmoozt? >> It goes dusty and then you get prints on them you know. >> First of all stop touching your monitor, I mean that's the first thing. I know there's always that urge to touch things especially if you're showing somebody something on the computer but if you don't touch the monitor you save a lot of cleaning. If it's dusty just dust it, don't use anything wet if you can avoid it and if you do have something you gotta clean off it, you want to use first of all a very soft, like a baby diaper or something is great that's super soft, or those microfiber rags you can get and make sure whatever you moisten it with doesn't leave residue. So I like just plain distilled water, just the ionized water because all the minerals have been cooked out of it and it's really pure. You don't want to leave anything on that's gonna dry with a film. Beyond that if you need more than just water and a little bit of very light rubbing, and keep it light because you got delicate silicone transistors behind there, you don't want to push hard because you can cause permanent marking in the image. But that's all you gotta do, keep it easy, you don't need to do much to clean and LCD, you don't want a lot of harsh chemicals. >> Yeah that's the biggest thing right? >> Yeah. >> They're really worried in the control room that he's gonna go on edge. >> They forget he's got infrared sensors under his chin. He doesn't walk off tables does he? >> Yes he does I'll leave him there all day. >> Alright. >> He breaks, I buy em. >> I'd hate to do that. Okay so, you do a tease and we'll watch it walk. >> Okay yeah, why not? Next up the download of the week and more of your calls right here on CNET live. [ music ] >> Classifieds, I'm part of the 85 U.S. open. >> McEnroy. >> There's a chance that ball did hit the line. You're not evil. >> Are you handling disputes with a simple phone call? Are you a card member? >> [ music ] ^m00:15:52 Catch the baddest textploitation bids at CNET TV dot com. >> [ music ] ^m00:16:12 CNET editors, connoisseurs of fine technology. >> Want to check the tech on the latest rides? CNET TV's car tech with you in the driver seat with in depth reviews of the newest models. >> Some of the worst technology limitation I've ever seen. >> And special reports from auto shows around the world. Just go to CNET TV dot com. >> Okay folks welcome back to CNET live triple 8, 900 CNET. The phone number triple 8, 900 2638 we'll be back to your calls in just a moment. >> Alright but first it is time for the download of the week. >> Download of the week is brought to you by our good friends at download dot com bringing you free spyware, free downloads. Today we're talking about MP3 tag 2 point 39. >> The old point 39. >> Yeah MP3 tag is a great little utility that scans your hard drive and finds all of your music in different formats, MP3 whatever you got and then allows you to batch edit the ID3 tags in here. So as you can see actually, let me pull this over, I got a bunch of stuff up here that has no ID3 tag, it's just a file name. >> Yeah all that blank stuff for the road. >> Yeah so I can go in and I can put in albums and artists in batch. >> So if you bought a whole bunch of one artist songs together, you mark em, and you go over and just do the album with one click. >> Or if like with this Johnny Cash one it's got some Orbe record spotlight. I could put the actual original album, The Ballad of a Teenage Queen came on or I Got Away. Band of the Run that's a good example, it's got all the best for Band on the Run here which I just put Band on the Run as the album, it's not the greatest hits, you know what the greatest hits was. Think of that. >> Anyway there are all kinds of things you can do with this and it gives you all of your music at one instead of having to go into ID3 tag editor and individually edit each song. Or doing it in iTunes where it just saves that information for iTunes and if you play it the other player, it's not gonna pick up that information it's not filed in the ID3 tags. >> I didn't know that, interesting. Okay this is a nice little tool and I noticed its freeware. >> Yeah it's absolutely free. >> I love that. >> It's good stuff. >> This is very get to it, sharp edge tool, get those tags out. Okay folks back to your calls at triple 8, 900 CNET. We're heading into let's see, power settings. We just talked a little bit or will talk a little bit about this. Tom we got a guy in Texas named Reginald who I think has got a question right down your smoke stack. Hello Reginald. >> Hi how ya doing? >> Good. >> I have a problem with this and it's the only problem I've had unlike other people who have major problems. The only problem I'm having with this is it ignores my power settings. Now if I set my screensaver to come after the power settings and it works but if the screensaver kicks in first then the power settings get ignored. >> We've had some questions about Vista power management. >> Yeah this is a little different one. I have not heard of it ignoring so in other words you're saying like, turn off the screen after twenty minutes or don't turn it off at all, that kind of, that's the power settings you're talking about and it's just not doing it. >> Just isn't doing it, my screen saver kicks in first it won't do it but if I set the screen saver kick in afterwards it will. >> This is just the screen saver that's coming with Windows; it's not a third party app or anything like that? >> Correct. >> Yeah, yeah, yeah. Huh, that's actually got me a little stumped because I haven't heard about other people having exactly this problem. I've heard about people having it not go to sleep but not where the screen saver messes up the power settings. You got anything on this one Bryan? >> No because I have not fiddled with Vista's power settings at all. >>Okay it is a pretty specific problem that unfortunately, I'm not finding anybody else that has it. So I would go to the forums, forums dot CNET dot com in the Windows section, plunk it down there, see if anybody else is having the problem and I'll investigate too and see if I can get mine to do the same thing. Because I haven't had it do that either but we'll get back to you. >> Okay good luck with that Reginald. Good luck. Triple 8, 900 CNET the phone number. Let's go up here for a RAM question. We don't get a whole lot of RAM questions around here, you know RAM's kind of RAM but not necessarily. Let's talk to Justin in North Carolina. Hi Justin. >> Hey I was just wondering, where is a good place to get cheap Rambus RAM. >> Yeah Rambus RAM or RD RAM as they call it can be had from most of those major online memory clearance houses. Crucial and Kinston and all these various memory cellars. To me RD RAM is a commodity, it's an elite kind of RAM but it's a commodity. So just buy cheap, just snoop around and just search for the best price, you can go to my sign in to our shopping site and check it out or to shopper dot com or any of your favorite shopping sites for tech products. >> Price wise one of those kind of places. >> Look for the best price on the exact spec that is a lot of specs. >> Make sure you're getting a reputable merchant, that's the real key there. >> Because it's hard to tell if you're buying used RAM or not until, even after you get it sometimes it's hard to tell. And so you do wanna get hopefully a name brand from a reputable merchant and there are a variety of name brands, you'll know them because you'll see them sold at all the different merchants. Kingston is one that I mentioned before and there are a few others out there but you definitely want to look as a commodity. So I don't have a place in mind but as a strategy, I'm shopping for price because RD RAM is RD RAM. >> When I replaced my RAM in my laptop I'd just gone and looked on different websites for the best price, when I found the best price I did a little research on that company if I've never heard of them just to make sure they're reputable and have a decent return policy if it breaks, anything like that, and I've had no problems. >> Just to blow our own horn, if you go what is called a CNET certified merchant which is any merchant you see on CNET in the product reviews, we stand behind them. We've already checked them out, make sure they have a real address and a real phone number; they aren't some fly by night operation out of some guy's bedroom. So you're kind of feeling a lot better if you go through one of the merchants that we have. So I would start there honestly even if I did work here. So try that out. Thanks for the call. >> Alright now for email questions actually it's a little similar to Reginald's question but not about the power management. Vu wrote into CNET live at CNET dot com said, how do I get Windows Vista to actually shut down when I press the shut down button? Because a lot of people may have noticed by default it actually puts it to sleep. So I know what you're talking about Vu, and I have an answer in today's quick tip. >> Windows Vista finally gave you a power button right here in the start menu. Frankly I'd prefer it right on the desktop but okay, the bad thing is in many systems the power button icon is set to put your computer to sleep by default. I'm Tom Merritt from CNET dot com. Here's a quick tip for getting the Vista power button to well, act like a power button. Click on start and then click on control panel. Then click on system and maintenance. Click on power options. Select the power management plan you use and then click on change plan settings. Click on change advanced power settings. Now click on power buttons and lid then click on start menu power button. Select the function shut down. This will shut the computer off when you press the power button. Which is what you want it to do. Click on ok. Now go to the start menu. See? The power button is now the power button again. Now you can turn that PC off. That's it for this quick tip. I'm Tom Merritt for CNET dot com. Power to the power button. >> Okay nice I like that and I like the fact that it took 94 steps. >> It's a very easy process. >> What's wrong with those people? Make the operating system properly configured when you sell it. >> You're scaring the Pleo. >> I'm sorry here you want a leaf? Here, here you go. >> It's time for it's one twenty-four p.m. feeding. >> No he didn't like it. He got haughty. >> He'll eat my finger like all day long but he won't eat the leaf. >> Well I would do that. Alright what do we got going on. Don't tempt fate it could get ugly. [ laughter ] >> That's good for streams though. >> Yeah boy that'll get some traffic. Okay let's get to our call in alright? >> Let's go to Miles. >> Okay we're gonna go to Miles right here on line 5, he's in Indiana. Can you guys I just lost my network connection. >> Hey Miles where are you calling from in Indiana? >> South Bend. >> South Bend alright, a very respectable town in the big ten family. What can I do for you? >> How to put copy protected DVD's on iPod? >> Alright, how to put copy protected DVD's on iPods? Well you can rip DVD movies to iPods using handbrake. Handbrake is a program for MAC or Windows however, you have to be able to crack the encryption and unfortunately cracking the encryption is illegal. There are ways to do it but if I tell you about them I go to jail and actually anybody on the web, I get fined a lot of money and refuse to pay it. >> And then you go to jail. >> And then I go to jail, but you know what I mean. It is actually against the digital copyright act for you to break the encryption even for fair use. You totally have a fair use right to take a DVD movie and put it on your iPod but it is against the law for anyone to tell you how to break the encryption to do it. That's why the encryption is there. DCSS was a program that would break that encryption, there were all kinds of controversies around DCSS. If you can, find a DVD that doesn't have an encryption or somehow you get the encryption off which is illegal. You can use handbrake, handbrake is probably the best program to do that but that's the whole problem with the encryption program. In fact there's a rumor going around that Steve Jobs is actually in cahoots with the movie studios to put an ability to rip a DVD to iPod on DVD's that you pay an extra amount of money to get that ripped version. That's way to use that encryption. >> So it would be a different kind of disk? >> Yeah so you would know, you'd get a regular old DVD but then it would have something on it that would ping the apple store and say, hey wanna rip this to your iPod? Just pay an extra five bucks. >> You rip this to this device so. >> Certainly, yeah. >> Kinda clever as a half step. I'd say it's a half step. >> It's one of those good idea, bad idea. >> Yeah thanks for the call on that one. Let's do one more here. This one is kind of an interesting topic and deceptively simple perhaps. We've got John from Arkansas. Hi John welcome to CNET live. >> Hi I'm sorry I'm completely computer illiterate and I'm trying to get this up on my MAC which is, it's a 95. I was wondering can I do that? >> It's a 95, 1995 era? >> Yes. >> No because that's not gonna be an Intel based MAC. That's gonna be using. >> Not only that but Vista won't run on anything that old. >> Yeah and first of all you don't have horse power period. Secondly you're running a different kind of an architecture that's based on the 68,000 family of processors from Motorola, that's not even a power PC that old I don't think, and today you have Intel chips in MAC's and that's why you can run Windows on them so readily and so nicely. So no you simply can't, you can do it with a modern MAC using the bootcamp technology that is just part of the Macintosh now but with your old machine, you just can't do it I'm afraid. >> Sorry. >> Yeah. So it's a both matter of horse power and incapability of your hardware architecture so it's time for either a really cheap Windows machine to go Windows or save up and get, pay eleven hundred, twelve hundred bucks for a nice IMAC and then you can run both. Thanks for the call, appreciate it that's an interesting question because going back that far things do change. >> Yeah a lot of people don't realize it's only the recent MAC's in the past year and a half that have Intel chips and those are the ones that easily run with it. >> Yeah before those power PC but going back as far as him is 68,000, those little Motorola architecture. >> Oh yeah that's ancient history. >> That's ivory case. Yeah. >> Keep that, that's a classic. >> Yeah. Keep it, sell it to Tom on eBay. And it's time for best of the web now. >> And best of the web is brought to you this week and every week by our friends from webware dot com. CNET's webware dot com where you find all the latest in web 2 point 0 breaking everyday. Here's the one that I love from this week while browsing around. Are we on the right thing here? No I'm not because if I got to this tab you will see. >> There it is. >> This is a google zaps interface the iPhone out. This is an upgraded look at google zaps on the iPhone because they've put the asp on a tab across the top, you gotta ribbon bar with everything from Gmail to the calendar to the reader and others. Secondly when you do a search now at that initial screen, google search screen, it begins a list of predictive, suggested searches which is always nice on a mobile device, I don't care how good you think the keyboard is, it's nice to have something guess and you can just do quick complete click and thirdly it just runs fast. They've optimized the codes so things go bing, bing, bing. They promised us that now searches load as fast on the iPhone even at two and a half G as they do on a desktop computer. That's interesting. >> You have an iPhone? >> No. >> You're really excited about this. >> I am because I'm waiting for the next iPhone with 3 G and then I am in so I'm lining up all my toys and tools and saying okay when I get the phone, I'm ready to dive on it and this is definitely one of them. So of course this is a freebe upgrade so just go hit google zaps and you should be able to. >> Of course google search is built into safari, you get a little task. >> I almost never go to the google dot com page but I might now because I know some of these other things. Because the calendar is one thing that's like oh geez it's not optimizing, if it is now and the reader too. The reader is optimized but now it's all in one place. >> All in one place on one ribbon, this is a very nice thing so google paying good attention, giving some nice love to the iPhone. You iPhone users I think you're gonna absolutely dig this, it's like a must have. >> Alright. Next week it is your last chance to get in some questions. We've got two more shows before the end of the year but next week is our last live show before the end of the year. We'll have a taped CNET live. >> Something like that. >> So it'll have an altered name but anyway, tune in next week at 4 p.m. eastern, 1 p.m. pacific, 11 a.m. Hawaiian because of the time change. >> Oh he's so crafty. >> Bye guys. [ music ] ^m00:30:26 >> Classified I'm part of the 85 U.S. Open. >> McEnroy. >> Wait there's a chance that ball did hit the line. You're not evil. >> Are you handling disputes with a simple phone call? Are you a card member?

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Could a 10TB Solid State Drive be in our near future? Amazon fluffs up their cloud service, Lyft goes social and Tim Cook gives ba...
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It shoots. It scores.
2:53 March 27, 2015
Mirrorless Samsung NX1 takes on dSLRs for action photography.
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