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Tech Culture: CNET Labscast Ep. 23: Buy now or wait; best gagdet ever; and a big goodbye

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Tech Culture: CNET Labscast Ep. 23: Buy now or wait; best gagdet ever; and a big goodbye

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Along with the rest of the weekly CNET Live shows, this is our final outing in this current form. Fortunately we've saved the best for last, with a testy buy-it-or-wait laptop debate, everyone's picks for best gadget ever, and a few final shoutouts to the chat room loyalists.

-- -- hello everyone welcome to this king sized episode of the CNET Lance guest. Does -- thank you for being here but -- -- -- -- -- probably heard this are ready though so I'm just going to. Remind everyone they're getting rid of the entire CNET live lineup. Including us but as the last Lance can't -- in its current format. But I'm still excited to have spent all this time with you guys. I think this is like -- so like a 160. Something altogether since Joseph Julian I started our long before Scott anti worked here it's obvious who -- to sit down Scott tyra. I definitely -- -- -- yeah. But -- just -- the phones. But I guess we will. Don't have great a show about the stuff that's going on in the lab that we've been that talk about to tell you how to keep until 2000 may be time with some fun stuff the fun surprises. I just -- you wanted to briefly introduced everybody up for the final -- -- and. I I just wanted -- use myself Liam just Kaminsky. Editor extraordinaire who writes very little until. I put off that -- God is these in my right -- -- in -- type -- over. And that's supposed to have infused -- often yeah that was over the last guy that is -- -- -- -- and time capsule -- actions I'm Scott -- and for those people. Several thousand years in the future that want now. Human beings are that are talking on this video recording. And and and got obviously got -- memo this morning about wearing the B button -- of the Phoenix went to the rescue guys did not that the heroic the next -- settle I -- and are aware of the class a look at -- that's why are you wearing his Sydney 2003 -- -- -- -- -- that come from. So I figured -- -- I slept over -- -- actually I bought a whole bunches Sydney Olympics memorabilia thinking it would be really -- valuable now I -- like these. Easy piece to roll out I can't really only go up in value. -- -- -- -- You had to go you know your headphones -- assured young and a comical doesn't -- I before we get too far down the F -- -- here I do want to let the one -- he thought he did last week that actually relevant to what we talk about. Which is Scott brought up the good point started back at CES that laptops which -- sort of intimately involved with. -- he said with the next generation of Intel chips coming out in windows eight all the stuff -- be an idiot to buy a laptop now. I've crossed by and we disagreed just for the -- disagreeing. Am and we did a public debate on it's got and we we -- a question and answer thing on the site and we shot a video but it. Who who do you feel I mean medication at the date. Some more comments saying teams guy I did all I thought I -- like you've got. -- all fairness like you said you were taking a stance that maybe you either we're talking about it it was a tougher counterpoint to argue. Because I think that says that really -- no brainer right now. Would be. That you wait because ivy bridge as everybody knows if you've been reading CNET and if you don't know what's coming out anywhere from a month to several months down -- -- have a month. Several months and when that shows up in laptops like you said Dan. Could could could -- -- to some period of time -- several months or maybe longer you're waiting for one particular model. But it makes sense to -- if you're gonna get certain games on it but you did make any -- point. That if you're not just -- -- blindly upgrading there is logic to in commodity devices like laptops maybe you should. Way to get my point was what do you do with classic -- for -- but what I'd like -- -- which really doesn't his laptop and everybody else you're on FaceBook on accurate when you watch in that flakes -- not doing anything that crazy you're not -- -- not doing that thing where we can do distributed computing to help people around. -- put together. I get like different that chemical molecule compound bowling I just hey yeah I just goalie at home. I disagree manifest them to -- is as -- before. As I don't think gesture I think you're doing photo editing or -- consolidating what a laptop the last two years cannot do any photo editing the U wanted to. Well my 2008 MacBook -- -- -- really hard time. Running out of running its photo library and maybe you just gunned up your laptop over the course of four years I may have but I I think that people are also I you know the with the amount of photos and video editing -- -- -- -- I do think that it can be done. Faster with newer models of laptops so that's something to consider -- right. You're not you're not rendering. You know graphics for Jurassic Park four. In -- opt to upper right. Back -- I'm proud to have probably -- some people might you know what -- -- -- -- out there that are making their next Titanic. On their own little video cameras and renders them. As well -- right yeah. In doing that definitely adds to -- outright I don't understand on a lot of little -- -- you can buy it Lhasa Apso never listen to. Are on a lot of -- Scott is is correct and if I were gonna buy new -- -- I'd probably -- the -- but let me ask. -- for example with your laptop catches fire -- through crisp. Deploy these bills hypothetically got a bottle of on current and and putting it -- -- in in in a plastic bag of uncooked rice doesn't fix it. Which is what you do with -- gadgets -- reserves at the start. RM and I Lennon and I yes idealists and -- -- -- to damage wait two to three months to buy a new one or break and get something new now. Org you know the indicates Buick Cadillac to -- while which would you choose this is exactly -- predicament. On the -- that argument my four year old says laptop is finally died and -- -- predicament Iraq and ST for the article site. Essentially I'm looking -- there are a non tablet. Or a laptop. And -- oh I'm using just an old think the put these horrible things and a few years ago as -- known -- minorities now. Edited by effort does. -- a minute before ultra netbooks netbook that. And book it's like it. -- up -- -- mega hit the computer of the island's children and his employment. I -- again I'm sort of trying to decide should -- get something like the Sony. Tablet and it's for example I am now on. Now that's an easy doesn't even get an iPad are generally up to whatever yeah -- -- now. Your second choice I don't get -- though I don't. It as a first of all we can ask this question anybody in the room as we all know we -- easily like guys can now hold on a laptop like we did too until I make a moment when I wanna get. It's hard for us that's true it's hard as I mean come on that's actually a joint that would adjuvant from the -- -- every kimono this usage while you won't -- diplomat from -- traditional sense. No but if there -- -- next week. Objects. That give us an opera that is -- -- -- business are -- yesterday now now we saw. So although not the only and do they take over the -- we're going to -- -- -- -- And we're going it was a new live grant -- -- Donald Graham -- and growing we're going you know. No crimes guy no crying. That -- would go in Jim and Julie -- -- an option that's great -- well. In the mine and yes I demand Julia and mountains act needs to be. Has he says there are yeah yeah yeah yeah -- -- I expect that at and. Now now we won't be a big big big big big. -- -- lion will find fun stuff to do until they come up with a new series of shows maybe if you -- over to our FaceBook page sixteen Atlantis gets FaceBook page. If yes having fun going on -- -- a video posted there we can ask not take questions in the -- -- on the command trying Cameron posted there. But the guys I soul I soul into it I sold soul. -- you guys to write in email anybody here -- would love to do. Men -- -- history with Julie where we take a gadget on the street and we just. Raid people who embrace he's stolen many don't even -- -- asset ID. How do you how do you use this how would you use how to make fun of the audience that's the way that I could -- have fun with them just political you can air. -- an iPad wanted to. Despite its I don't know I think -- I think it be funny -- tag team where -- -- -- history. You don't believe we can even Begin even -- the entire show right by shake -- that -- -- so long. We can have different people all day every day entertaining. And what phones that -- -- where you're -- your mother your girl big mama you're you're sites with. -- Don't even highlights how dirty or you with your tech. -- little -- -- could be used to be where we where we would ask you guys questions and you have to got to come up the answer to win prizes and stuff that sort of like what. But then delete it talks is -- they do the man on the street. You know the question I think you I think you -- your own I think unit in real GeMS that they are which is dragging and pupil of the street Ackerman is that the game show. And if I should take and the gun running and that I gotta say it's a problem because I don't did you. Get the same like all the people who don't know is gonna get worse is -- -- -- -- is all the time. When I first came in from an interview before it came from and you are regularly telling what is the resurgence not -- I don't -- your life a little like -- -- -- -- -- -- I went online and I just -- watching CNET video I get it. And I saw. I saw -- videos have written a severe. I swore I knew Ackerman when I came in I sat down I -- -- -- -- videos Ackerman was exactly he spoke exactly the same -- -- -- -- exact. He is no different you can make love like that. How are you doing today -- And if template. I don't -- -- -- -- -- We join us here well you know it doesn't I I have something I'm I'm I'm gonna burn into your brain right now -- you recall -- have. During the early years of the show I would occasionally the end of the show hold up a copy of my old album tales out of night school and point out that it was available on iTunes Amazon. Wherever you buy music online and -- Doing it now in the beginning yeah it doesn't have a surprise for you. Like getting my new best friend just if this is the future is my album. -- just gonna rip copy back the other protest got his back from idea. -- coincidentally greenhouse. And that it will actually be available on iTunes Amazon Spotify already -- you get music within the next four to six weeks. Because I am not important enough to I have an actual release date -- As does Michael L Michael already -- to get our community nursing light hearted -- once the lab's ask us does not and what the program connection out. If you really wanna talk -- Joseph and you'll get your pricing them -- Of equity argument I'm boxing at the and -- -- cursor flaw first of all on the little pissed the fact that -- -- dedication and thank you and is now planning and attract. I didn't have item -- -- motivation. Yeah right. And that's true that's true to give you shout out on stage is nice on stage statins like images -- -- you get that. And intently -- -- -- -- and allow them any added them all the netbook in the picture on the back -- -- And there is now is -- -- liner notes is known about his one page line and the from the banks and credit. Anyway. He got back -- -- -- -- yeah that's right it's. -- even hearing one of the tracks is as -- -- has a remixed wanna attract the Atlanta casting subnet than the original version -- at the top of the shooting -- -- one win as a -- I wanted to avoid the war -- before the -- to out of control when it from my final plug thank -- everybody and of course it's gonna -- lot of control. And of course you can keep up with all -- stuff on now on Twitter FaceBook. Website -- -- dot com -- follows him on his argument is the 55000. What the hell that -- -- I got your dogs goes to sign the eighty to twenty -- on his FaceBook 25 -- -- 5000. Didn't is that is that in 2000 -- in its side at 929. From the continental. We are able to -- close call them the twenty ninth when I. Yeah that's what you are ready just out of we have to meetings tribunals. And from now I mean if you had if you wanna be -- thirtieth. And -- Tagalog check out the Scott Stein on FaceBook in the number thirty lineup in a sign up and you'll you'll get to us. Your reward will be knowledge I I think are incredibly good actor -- created that many -- -- -- God -- that's something people thought you were -- somebody else it happens so I remember that you flip the switch early nine and I think you went to 30000. Couple months yet -- -- have been linked to -- does that happen in -- January to between January and march when from a thirty -- 55 that's just. There was -- had an interpreter to time. I'd like I did I do -- -- not a bad as having only. I -- and -- right cause I don't really. The president -- -- of would know of any other than -- celebrity like. That would that would happen to I don't know likely Charlie Sheen join -- did Twitter get a million followers right now and that's a heck -- -- -- -- -- analogy. But -- I -- wonders why nobody amazingly many of them in the -- chat room. I sees them I see some people pointing out that it's rather anachronistic as -- -- having a an actual CD which is true I just did a handful of these for promotional purposes and will be available exclusively through Amazon. -- and obviously for most people it's a digital download which a white city now we know they'll be rating and barber shops like LT. I'll be on the street in front of the subway and with the can top out indicate and the CDs will be in the case of notes in like ten dollars CD. Yeah I mean I didn't know there is a thousand dollar public servant is garbled email email Gillian -- and you would download can -- and you downloaded Elena I don't wanna -- -- automatically -- images of my favorite site. But I don't wanna go to what you all are AT&T'S site the -- -- back I. I'll actually needs money so we can give me at least it means we Apple has -- right now we should how to be catered lunch -- of the month I had an air act to share one thing with no premiere of her songs are gonna that I yeah -- IDs to make songs. And best play nevermind I'm sorry you are gonna ever -- -- -- -- -- No just thinking I automatically know -- -- authority for the music sounds like it sounds like this that I somebody points out. If your video on other parts. In a telephone we're hearing. This is -- one minute song and made called Abraham Lincoln's a magician. And what you recommend -- this is from 2000 and mind. -- Well -- lack -- an excellent thing. This is only with garageband of course you'll never know how -- -- musicianship. But this is this very Avant -- likeness -- -- might be -- It it has only one -- -- of 93 lines of dialog is about Abraham Lincoln being in addition -- yes -- -- doesn't hurt and LE restaurant do. A tablet coming Alex would say it out and its legacy of neglect and the movie Flash Gordon is it is very. -- might be 1979 due to be registered content. And then this is the only part that has a dialog -- of its side. When Abraham Lincoln was a magician. But it. -- -- -- add the project hit him again pulled papers out of its hat box its and since so many ignorant and then. -- -- -- Now. Now and that's it and then -- I like that and saying that he Abraham Lincoln was a magician you don't I would not to think he was a vampire -- -- really -- -- -- now that is is that's right here this August oh my god are spoiled and don't -- we're -- -- generating a lot of it. Is actually a network -- -- of the guys -- trade. I thought was we we we can't let us have operated I think on the show up but that doesn't matter to -- -- Then I that I can't play music as illegal the right license that is the one thing I -- in Zou Dan Ackerman -- right. You can do -- be taken off the -- we don't have another that I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So look lets us connect to a technology question here I either -- out of this this morning as -- -- and if I just put a -- yet. Hypothetically could I would never actually and how do mechanical failure when it still got your head movement and -- face got Maxwell's the greatest death. What do you degrees gadget of all time and you had to go with your or -- test immediate answer what would be quick -- is denied -- -- -- he says I found I found a cache hitting me I've got to get -- no -- Kelly like I won't iPhone post App Store. -- change the world YJIL. Teams -- -- Because it would -- was -- than the growth of what -- call like the deck is a computer meaning like the -- idea of like something you -- by your side. That is connected I can do everything that you need in a pinch and technically. You would need to carry a laptop or anything else with you. And you really get an amazing -- things done and that. Basically what the iPhone and then all Smartphones have turned into I think that was that's a good that's -- pretty amazing transformation. I tell you -- you had a choice. I I really Ballmer look less like -- it is the I thought I -- -- I don't know if if it would be the -- IA had left -- a deliberated over Honduras continue to Samsung or and I found behind. At the time -- went -- time because the the -- proprietary pin connector. Essentially -- reviewing a lot of musical. Systems the time and cited that meant I could carry a lot of uncompressed music with me. -- and music is very important to -- site in that respects. Now I listen to lots of music play games as not -- right -- a -- or even as authorities as a like texting devices pretty terrible. But to do everything you know you basically you all your valuable time. And that's a good good -- and -- another until I found out that I'm not that I'm not letting him let me know -- yes it is the iPad -- -- -- that it had the odd that it's it's. My TV -- the -- yes. -- relaxed I want clean is that -- -- watch my sports on it. Item blast musical and you guys on his work -- was wrong people and army are to be disconnected alone. Plot ball and it must with the watch and I'm -- -- whatever we just don't know we keep backed up or movies it brings people together and the big screen TV the old -- the big screen TV surrounds eyes hold the it all -- -- computer capable little it brings families together brings people together. It in drowns out your noisy neighbors it's the ultimate -- -- -- -- -- -- and they ask. You Dell's latitude Naylor noted a jet fuel that -- made at our heels so I've been what is this the selfish and armchair don't share a personal organizer that man your -- of course is that you insult him. Beloved home -- there I tell you know you have to be -- -- -- dad I can be so we have one iPhone the second I found a B three TVs surround sound. Really I know I never got questions you -- with them. But what the -- And it -- -- Them. When they're going to be a Mac. And then -- it is -- as possible have tablet. What Sony I have had a -- unless it has historically what's the most important -- I get. From assessment -- -- -- I am the threesome -- the next. I don't I don't. That's a typical -- respond -- like that. In the system. Wouldn't consider reexamining the question looking at a from a different way not in treated like straight ahead like like you predictable guys all been. -- -- -- tale of an irate -- I thought about saying the iPad because it's just so darn useful it's changed my life and so many ways for that I thought back to defend. What else is changed my life and many generations of peoples lives so I said I know this is the most important gadget of all time. Here it is -- the Atari 2600. But what if they until -- that's so well not premeditated answer -- I -- -- I -- a good thing. I was gonna say the -- of the iPad up until five minutes before -- here when I want -- eleven -- thought it -- the academy's five minutes to think about this. What did come up the question so obviously I I -- I -- touted as I thought of the question -- my grandmother died -- don't think about it how much. Time we spend on deems a game related things whether it's on a console is on our phones on tablets. -- how many generations of people have been I have been influenced and have done -- -- being goaded into. Becoming high tech entrepreneur awards in game makers and creative people because they had an Atari 2600. I bet it's millions and millions of people around the world must deny the original that is in a risk is. This is not the Sears game master. I'm not -- I have an I was a kid that biggest old and -- Nagano and if you all of you and confiscate your iPad unit that. That I don't know what that is you're most influential piece of equity and always in your hands -- space invaders like -- why don't I had my hands. -- -- Okay I'm gonna recommend -- I'm gonna think about it for a few moments in my answer guys out -- -- -- as answer we'll treat this thinking about Africa -- that's what we're here for things I thought at -- moment it says is that the one that really changed my life growing up was the game -- Now off course because like you might that the -- blew my mind it blew my mind you could take that outside the home. And it can go to summer camp -- -- -- -- human Duncan saying the aliens -- mean to like the woods. As can battery life without I -- And ends of the way it's an -- and -- out -- bugs Nike here like it you know. Planks soccer's just inside collapsing by the site -- games in Italy plays -- and electrical outlet -- camera was so that's about before it was like books and puzzles. So that's treated really did not have on the go technology that regular people could have before that outlook until -- launch -- even watch was remembered. -- -- -- -- Aaliyah had blackened white -- only watch. I don't -- Automotive News. -- all about it. But the catch you knock the battery life on my team believes that it well yeah I think that lead grammar pursuing like I think like the iPad and -- like having that level of castle we have to worry about battery life like you could put the batteries in -- game away and you -- -- for I don't know along. A whole side but Apple is your Gamertag kangaroo. Go out there and heading -- defend myself. Obviously a levels. But it was that was an accident the disparate and it's an -- toward the wanted to -- this -- I K you -- -- like come into play shipments. And -- Nearly an area from record yet it is a single -- believe it they don't have to hear music and you know. Break the what are we gonna do in the in the post podcasts wrote to -- -- dates. -- it sir can I have I now we're -- upload all of Joe's got a big project coming up I'm very excited about it but I incorporated pulled the wraps off yet but. We're developing some new -- battery life tests for phones. And I think that their we've need to be breakthroughs and I I think it's gonna be really cool to be able to give people aka objective data. Rather than just I used it for awhile and this is how long it lasted. All. Those oh so look for that and even doing a bang up job the on development on that yes well fortunately. -- Very helpful -- you brought -- help from all over the top guys and I got help from around the world -- a -- period. And Dell will continue testing more laptops than desktops and other things. Our Nam or not it's at its axis is -- mute keys and they loved you and youth. When Harriman's. -- -- -- -- Another setting. If you do what they want. Anything exciting going on in the TV ad testing ground -- time argument they -- -- music -- what the camera export. -- -- -- And I've -- and -- it and a glance at blue that we had. Nineteen inch television which was okay arm -- just -- you get a hold went to TVs do now with -- says the Sony might fix it now to simply deep which is the second best TV that they'll release this year -- which wasn't very good I'm actually impede. On what's gonna happen with Sony this year stated this second best TVs and a great looks the rest of their -- in order obviously it's like 600 dollars more than the competition -- known as good. -- now what happens in the fall when those -- led TVs come out effect is gonna have. Not everyone else back and I don't think so I think it's going to be a real -- -- sort of products in that it'll be they'll ship probably lessen. I'm I'm guessing 101000 -- okay between them -- a below what North America and grand. Yes yes oh city on thousand dollars and and that's -- -- time -- -- -- Doug and on the sunshine and the only solution via their back I don't really on on me sunny day -- since of these is costing you -- kind of time vortex. So -- Sony sort of taking you off by thinking that -- you seeing the rise to the Koreans to sing the algae in and Samsung really showing that technical dominance Europe with the pilot site. It's gonna be very interesting seven look forward through every TV within five years. I think sun yes so that's going to be the next screen technology so on and we've -- you know it from the vita to -- Headset -- I'm getting has -- and it. On the Samsung galaxy S two -- elements. You know pretty much any screen and it's repeating has been really good elect under the -- Scott had some problems with the actual fee to screen and then it looked like some sort of -- -- black level thing going on. Yes I'm doing very odd that I hadn't and we found it in another -- -- in the office for us and I'm kind of a perfectionist and lake is still here me and -- and down when -- looks bright and crisp and the Contra syllables are incredible. But if you have an instance where the screen goes to. Perfect dark and -- I am I found that once your eyes adjusted. You actually so I sought sort of a slightly mottled pattern when I was in darkness and -- seasonal like a mighty model and I wondered if it was like. They compression are necessary aggression or something and it's interesting that tip when it turns out that I think you're saying -- -- somebody was saying that. In media layer that was put on the -- -- -- -- it's consistent each time. I'm whatever is it only shows up -- that one condition I sort even if you have. -- at the white. Appearing at a black screen. Your eyes adjusted gifts -- you don't see that pattern and that's a very very rare in Netflix I sought sometimes with. Low lighting. It was it was darker scenes because it was date -- between different date is Friday those -- patent wasn't consistent thing. And looked -- in -- mind that it was isn't somebody else's -- different pattern so I don't know if you wanna -- you're looking your -- if you have one in the dark. And look at a black screen scene that shows up that is a very specific wind instance things like that's not what I have played any game in never showed -- -- But I think that's a big that's a -- -- when that's an art I think it -- you have actually added via. My bag a public among. And -- but it's never took it out at home via never it's still -- short. But that's because we have so us -- -- charged by now know it's probably retain structural. But today I get we have we have less time I think I -- -- one or two games at a time announcement flight four or five like -- -- mass effect three and a draw something. Right. Up. And dead yet what but he plane outside to do something dot something and I love -- against -- on any holy console games. Non playing with the battlefield three on -- PS. Senate but I love that game got. I love Zuma on the iPad are paying for that forever and that it's like crack Angry -- basis final legislative. I went back to the basics with that I'm still a huge fan of kingdom rush. Simplest little tower defense thing I never care about like swords and shields but. It's incredibly so I put a simple addictive games and like a board -- -- -- but. And are hard to get into even on the iPad anything even like infinity blade -- -- The original and -- you know I just find anything answers -- reflexes and timing and proper positioning. I I just I wanna get lazy and simple and just -- -- that have to worry about timing. Too much like photos. I'm sorry we ever request. There and then -- to -- under -- they -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that the -- ministerial now I can't see anything. I can't see any view I don't know where I have you're gonna do that earlier this about it I I I I too good looking -- over here. And Q reasonably deceptively looking. The execution of both the DX -- -- I don't love -- I sit and only Joseph noticed I got a you have got this might notice she hadn't -- bank you can answer questions about it and I guess that's half more months. But only joy comes up to me it's as allies on our -- we -- we've obviously d'alene enough otherwise -- rebellion -- Columbia daily -- -- -- I would like to point out that. If you've enjoyed our our one hundred sixties. Five -- episode run or you just like Julie or Joseph war. Dyer Scott myself personally or whatever content I you can continue to see were up to FDI CNET Lance -- FaceBook page which will maintain you know that the fact that the digital city podcast page -- portal collector Alan and it's about how to channel has a larger following is a lot easier to get -- -- -- out that -- have on that. There are you hearing because of one if it's on FaceBook -- have again -- -- -- something we don't have them for that one but is set that up or you could. Follow us on Twitter -- that Jeff Scott I'm -- Dan Ackerman tie is that. -- -- they -- change that was -- just and was originally and over announced time and okay good and then these two guys every year have yet to. Has yet to get on via the -- wagon but that someday they will. Or oldest at a public accounts for I have a bounty for the first person that actually the last guy and a Newlywed Game admin content. And then at what the screen displays the did you could definitely UK to keep it would be even. Without. Ever -- now all of the all of these -- holding the thing you know on the book. -- -- -- Please drugs -- and oh my it's part of any. Final final thoughts or comments I have audio we're going to go everywhere I admit I guess we'll go out to -- jump in -- org effort -- on an iPod constant back and we're leaving -- brand forever out of technology that I don't know about all of cnet's bandwidth forever in -- statement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pod constant ha I'll tell you the longest podcast of have been blocked about seven minutes before I don't want to find out of my day. I want this to take two hours to encode let's keep going and that's that's how we'll take two hours anyway I'm not. So that you -- -- -- keep -- -- of course be futurist I will be available soon know within the next four or so weeks. And keep and I half -- that -- we'll send you -- -- -- if you really wanted to and -- -- I think you guys we grin I've had a lot of fun doing this the company's active doing something else for area facilities council of people may just yet let's just say thanks to -- -- -- you know you want to go yeah I guess. I feel like -- -- a get a check from CNET that does and how well -- I know Harry Byrd. Attempting to -- this guy and Madden and never getting around to it that include Michael who actually listen to dance album there. It's a forehand and intelligently it does -- very well. You know happy hey do these number one fan com I'm surprised and several days we. And of course Curtis likes -- -- If you if you instantly into a tough little guy pop -- Guys are gonna give you won't be shut judge get a total equipment that's right and Arizona saying Davis say -- -- pops up as a guest on the podcast once and that. Has been listening for awhile. Ago I said -- name -- You know cycle was disappear from Australia visiting. Definitely -- -- uncle Henry and even. Love your bank -- and all. Guys about missing items arm holding my iPad I mean. Bidding of the government and dedicated fans of angry really appreciate all your support means. You guys of the constant thirty people that -- -- -- -- and 130 of that policy guy. Australia the actual real people better fit to be -- Tibet march 29 but doesn't dirty power users and okay but there every week and I think that there -- guardian angels you guys -- the -- -- would be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- room. Wanna -- the number -- out since I started this may believer injured in. Atlanta. I can take another hit it -- and what is telephone isn't it we're not gonna get out the clock because you got its forty -- believe all shook. -- that is worrying about it but there are over we are gonna have lots more content coming since we're not anonymous are really going anywhere you'll be seeing a lot of shows that -- and and stuff and on CNET so it'll be -- and technology as well. -- -- -- Now. Only go so so continue the conversation -- -- trying to -- our allies and. I'm running core I. Guess they just say yeah. The damn fun or -- gonna make a donation Vanilla and yeah and I do implement them that he's an hour -- I'm glad it -- didn't they didn't really excited and nominees this thanks friend -- -- a very friendly guy he's he's very mobile. Home to subscribe I don't wanna hear this it's. It seems like he's tearing up that he has an emotional guys -- people through the entire -- Exxon -- job. Today. Music that -- and it went -- under euros under your dedication to the heart of the Internet yes. Okay and so on so they can always -- -- there's instant social search skin certain. In what the hell does that means that a letter noted that said that last week we should go topless -- -- -- no I don't think I sir all that part -- -- with -- do agree with the deleted -- -- -- on a few years ago. I I don't know we've been playing sports and what does -- gradually for the remainder of this so as we know that's -- you -- -- I just happen to be looking -- to be sitting next -- -- and -- -- to. Yeah. Yeah yeah. He's got and I don't -- there. Ultimately. -- -- -- yeah. Yeah yeah paying. Everybody -- you don't that's enough -- if you know an overload of in the --

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Prizefight: Battle of the Specs Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus
4:34 March 2, 2015
t's a tale of the tape between two 5-inch screen phones before the Galaxy S6 is released. Let's see what they have under the hood...
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See the Sailfish-powered Android rival Jolla Tablet
2:11 March 2, 2015
We take a look at the Jolla Tablet, an 8-inch tablet that runs Sailfish OS, aimed to be a cleaner, easier to use Android rival.
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Microsoft's new 5-inch Lumia 640 comes your way in April
1:05 March 2, 2015
This budget handset comes in four colors and will sell all over the world.
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Supersize Lumia 640 XL is Microsoft's budget phablet
1:09 March 2, 2015
A 5.7-inch screen makes this Windows 8.1 phone a more economical bet for lovers of the large display.
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Huawei Watch a gleaming sapphire Android Wear beauty
1:26 March 2, 2015
Stainless steel, sapphire crystal and leather or metal bands: Meet the newest contender in fancy smartwatch design.
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Smartphone cameras get smarter: Inside Qualcomm's imaging lab
1:27 March 2, 2015
The chipset giant is working on ways for smartphone and tablet cameras to recognize people, scenes and even your sloppy handwritin...
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