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CNET Labscast Ep. 20: The last netbook, Lytro demo, and gaming on the Razer Blade: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: CNET Labscast Ep. 20: The last netbook, Lytro demo, and gaming on the Razer Blade

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This week, we check out the first new netbook we've seen in a long while, demo the amazing new Lytro camera, and test some games on the funky Razer Blade laptop.

-- -- It. -- -- -- A perfectly executed intra nasal references to -- Cisco were actually running the live stream for this thing which is really out of the way we should do it because we're just not bright enough to do it ourselves and -- I just go -- thanks for joining us today stadium last minute we have some exciting hardware for us Scott also has some exciting hardware -- it's been testing some exciting hardware. And I have some slightly less than exciting hardware and -- and I'm gonna start -- with that. By pointing -- and I have right here in my hot little hands. What might be the world's last netbook from of the netbook computers got. And Josh and actually doing it all too well it's all -- -- well back to its entire -- from 2007 or 2010. I'll where everybody thought -- I can just get a 300 dollar computer. And and and that was it's on its -- of this guy which is brand new despite the fact it looks like it could have come out at any point last several years yeah that's got it's got the razor blades super high end gaming laptop that we talked about last week and he's gonna -- -- live game demo on wanted to see how it actually worked as a gaming laptop. That's not gonna be with a customizable buttons on because almost no games have those customizable button -- playing like the Old Republic which is well -- that you you place -- -- you can set up customizable buttons below it should come with that and there are some and have -- that -- -- -- says -- just just to show you how the gaming runs on it. That that's -- just don't edit the fact that popular games don't have button sits on it is important. You can you could test I'm just saying. For those people are gonna say I could turn by those buttons on this I could paint flames on the side of my cartoon doesn't mean you don't like -- of the -- on yeah they gonna do myself. I think it's a sort of like eighteen kit sort of customizable a picture whether -- -- got -- just got the very. Buzz worthy code you call it like -- camera Wi fi efforts that. Approach if it is gonna save photography Scott. That's right here. Of trees they photography from the photographers. -- I've heard about a camera that I am I. -- Network so much about it animals probably are more about it from an of course Julie has been testing on this netbook that razor blade and some other fun stuff in the land and we'll hear if -- they with. All that stuff up I would set -- with the netbook which actually just finished running that in a second battery test on. And debt compared to all the netbooks you have to pan you had the test of the last like three or four years. How is this experience different -- It's just -- -- as -- the first round and actually that's a well -- camera gun down yet. We actually employed your camera -- -- -- and yet NASA -- whenever there really is literally just -- and I would go to their head -- frustrating -- all cameras have gone dark. That doesn't have gone through a fair and all of acting -- being -- -- -- -- -- now. The -- got okay great. Must've been a -- Not from the parent I can tell -- at the end up. And software and opinion but. -- two. Years. It was a it was -- that's -- it is an epic master and then the other atom processor lol. The same thing it was just as stating if not -- in the battery life and -- better. Battery life is consistent with -- -- but you know and now. It's when and where it and ten and -- and hasn't -- -- these things cost less money. Only the custom thugs which is about as if he does UK possibly put a screen and keyboard together for at the same price range that it is so frozen and -- -- although I got it backwards too because -- -- one gate. I SA now do you have so many tablets out there that are a little more functional. And -- at that you dropped in price 399 years and 1099 would you would you trade up to an iPad. Her I mean look again on here it's exactly the same of these things have been for years it is -- an entire entirely correct you can write on that with a keyboard but you are yet the processor. Nothing's changed. And the profits we're getting more power efficient maybe there's there's a slight improvement forth but these are still Intel -- processes -- not doing anything -- that special and that's the reason why the last Intel atom laptop that we reviewed before this was in June 2011. And that was actually a Chrome book. You might have written every few Josh you -- your review and I do -- -- and so no one fantasy Intel atom windows laptops since. Months before that probably about a year ago there. Affiliate -- -- that businesses. -- descent into poses. No because this is a brand new version of the -- I think it's already a how many -- and IV trails of internal cedar trail. I don't know -- this should get his business is just crap I didn't they used to be a place for these because they went out they said well these are kind of like you know you need a secondary computer -- your kids their travel machine in the in the -- and everyone's always been -- -- and laptops have a thousand that's great and there were no tablets at that point and there and I have no I don't know iPad that'd actually the first time so -- -- -- kids on a plane -- months ago. But I promise they oversold it as they always do anything -- -- and and and they try to convince people that's all you needed you could just do everything on this. And that -- not communicate some people were disappointed if they kept the expectations down to what a netbook should do. Then does the you know you might not -- it was like anything they over they kind of over saturated the market and then crashed. I think at this point I -- the -- answer apparently is ties they can be but still drop the price if you want these things to exist right now. When you don't want you 5199. OC 199%. For what it is like a buyout by a thousand dollar laptop -- one of these for free via. Enacted widely in London yesterday and it's gonna perform like an atom netbook and its -- -- and -- -- -- -- in the same thing for five years of there's no point one making at that price they're making there's no -- making -- name -- yeah but if the pre does not want to make it -- I'm saying if exists right now. But -- the only one I haven't seen in another new -- announcement long time this was the eyes. Did you ask them by animated bird but this is up because they were at EI IC ES in had no other things that no other laptops to announce dozens others the only thing tea and brand they had started -- -- -- The -- looking into the world -- gonna take out. The walkman for -- You know two decades or whatever -- for their walkman. It is still making iPods even though most people don't tie vote for three decades adds so. -- that handle up. To I -- super excited about this particular system I mean you know it is what it is. We actually try to bring in -- -- recently been -- on -- of a plane because I wanted to use the iPad in China is going -- -- So -- -- up a kicking around and that we actually relive the experiment -- -- winter on the trip. Play movies on stuff. I did it again. Now and then for a hundred bucks more of the same 399 is the iPad. 2 is now -- I -- -- -- one of those AMD eleven until two portables at a lot better vol one of those do yet but the -- you are -- example for all this thing. -- for all these things now I've never had -- -- and if he's gonna react. I've never had an empathy by the and one it was attractive game and you review the last annum plant outside the area. Do you know I don't know utilities. But those are great that's a different beast that is puzzling financial report that's on a Vietnamese -- with -- last gotten -- see. Him. Would you trust your CES -- on any you know now wouldn't that. That's that we can I would agree if I give us before we jump to -- -- laptop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Battling nice watch and I'm -- I'm looking at that but your watch is also quite something. Battery. That. -- Oh that's nice. So there event that. If so. That focus on that and they in. Of this and did better received they can do -- -- a net. Benefit again. But we can and then you can sit down and they're getting actually that focused on the -- and -- and then that happened and how does it do that can you explain the that the background here. Software magic if a fan of Sony -- pick unit. Yet it's it. Light field technology basically it's a regular camera sensor -- but they've. Fitted with these micro lenses and and Google news. Is it essentially taking a whole bunch of photos at -- disorder and and -- shy okay but it's pulling it from all directions -- -- it's gathering all lit from all directions are positive. So it allows you to do stuff like shoot without -- Because it has the information that it needs in order to yes certainly look at a way that's where the software -- -- software in. Process the images in and you get that are there an infinite number of focus points. Not infineon. But I did a lot usually okay I mean -- average photos Euro union and be able to focus your life. Three place focused -- I thought it was sort of like almost like taking like photo data for all the different shot it could get a soda -- -- bit into taking multiple shots -- -- -- -- Died with a free in the focusing more exact. Using so. At the -- -- pictures and insert pictures that are undoubtedly -- saying -- you can see on a certain pages. That have -- -- dollar bill stretching out towards you or such it's an impressive. Effective first although you know little obviously are gimmicky because many times you really going to use -- needed -- -- -- like sports photography. He Weller and types of shots that the things that bring them and everybody's -- its electric and -- not really one tree in it. Does several things and the effect is that they'll be able to. Keep updating software and do -- or write the images so right now yeah it's the you -- in the -- you've broken back him. Yet -- And you get a thing -- -- -- so I mean am I mean it. It runs out but basically. What I think will happen at least initially. We. About -- user groups. -- -- fans like people who she with three cameras. Have a group. You know and -- and android's probably -- this or January probably -- multiple times -- The other question of can -- and -- the feasibility of taking that technology and putting it into. -- -- -- -- -- And then but will anyone do it I don't know or Smartphone Smart -- I could say I'm sure it's fair licensing are making their own but the thing is requires have expressed are doing it it's not gonna be the truly on the processing power and -- actually ends. Right exactly it's in the micro lenses on top of the sensor and and their ability processing. So it's -- -- the combination of hardware and software you could just make this a software update to an existing. Right what exactly would you need a very deep barrel because of that window. And you wiser and wiser shaped like. A couple of reasons -- it for them the mainland that I was told was that -- -- yet. Mainland I was told was that. Down. Was that it -- DT gathers -- possible for the use their first camera. -- -- whole -- -- -- it accurately and now I'm just getting oxygen but you're not you have to be about six inches away from -- Closest subject -- it. Focus. No macro. That process. I know there is -- the day except it -- to be creative. And you can she liked the feel of it -- if it's it's got a nice sort of feel in the hand and it's sort of like yet here's -- -- actually you can get that right up to yourself but it does a nice gadget. It does. Every Smith here analysis at -- little awkward offers but that on -- the sixteen games. For mining again ET's. And then had to get the pictures office announced via a -- -- Porter and there is there's a particular that was -- is being here and the software only works with -- Mac illustrate -- real gas OK but indeed it's still in bed that this some sort of embedding tool for embedding the images on their website yet actually what you need to -- -- you have to use use their software to -- that far back -- of the software process. We'll -- that picture you took -- -- in our podcast. Blog posts short and -- say it until it's embedded in my skull yet but I am happily throw -- I -- -- his tests are the -- -- religious -- I mean that refocusing thing they have the ability to poker ran images is. I'm by forming the real. Nice part is the instant you you don't have to focus you can -- -- -- -- box my thought is that first of all I think ergonomically. There's a little bit of like -- what might it do this coming in all the feel yet because it's sort of like if you're out at the battles for it and quarter but there's no real -- -- Unit holders to your fingers like a big cigar perhaps guy who ended uphold that legacy and -- That have perhaps got if you were on either the Nina the Pinto perhaps Santa Maria -- stand on the -- and destroyed last yeah so it into the new world pretty tightly to the viewing. The -- yet enacted here but yeah right I got error. Bad LCD yet it can be better. The first generation price tag means there's yet these -- there's no the second aren't just -- your photography or cheap gimmick. I don't think it's cheap gimmick I don't think is right about forgot all about quiet days because. I've been aiming the service though wild. You know no it's not -- indicating now on Wednesday and I think when -- My point would be would expect. More and more people that the game be -- their Smartphones. But a lot of those people are getting more interest in photography because it can. So there they are actually trading. To. To real customers -- -- pointed to where I can. Q Smartphone like a Gateway drug for photography yet it definitely. And you know don't -- -- -- story now. You know the crappy point and shoots at that low -- to -- straight people. Love -- gamers and -- want -- then he can -- And it's one of the few Aries. Manufactures. Anything. Very cool as an IQ like outside the box applications in the real world affiliate for this one I security scanners -- likely ultimate patsy everything later. Secondly I feel like they can -- a second and they'll -- a pair of binoculars. Because usually when you have binoculars you are dealing with depth of field lines like -- -- or binoculars camera. Where he could use it spy something's gonna take photos and to select the form factor. Leo it's not -- very. You Diana and I. Sent her passion that well you really fly as you're watching scrutinizing that means I'll I don't know if it's -- -- -- and it does it mean. I don't know if it would I'm not sure where you want to do -- cannot -- -- And like but I like it if you had a this -- technology belted a pair of binoculars like the form and -- -- would be -- And because you're dealing with depth of field I'm often turning the focus on the rat killers or dealing with right you do anything the depth of field -- issues. But of them saying it's all about the field so if you had after about that -- -- that right click the little we elect a more efficient. You know like. An it guy is Sony's -- binoculars. Camera. -- -- -- And natural act element. I would like to see something else here that's very exciting and that is this. Razor blade -- that we talked about last week -- going to be showed on Wednesday we did -- -- -- some gaming -- we have some concern that the edge graphics and we're not powerful enough. Right let me certainly do that Scott's gonna so that the left over here we're gonna point his camera at the screen will on the back that it does and it's -- -- -- you make your -- being Green and -- it -- about Tokyo. Gonna show graphics and you know rich brown set up to you is big PC gamer claims data -- -- -- to on you know. Pretty. Of that actually it's been -- and it -- John -- -- -- -- out pretty high amounts. But now highest -- ultra settings by. -- client there. But it's doable but not as good as you get a super -- and the -- lets beginners -- his but the screen looks fantastic I mean McLaren. The Christmas on the screen really I think that. Yes -- name and and ideally it increases stick its and a Christmas and during the Christmas thanks -- residents like -- -- it's. It is very crisp and done it -- -- -- embedded. By you know Victoria it's not it's not screaming gaming experience -- is absolutely playable on city go out atmosphere. But again as you point -- got the big the big gum -- point which is that the dvds custom OLED little buttons. Other don't have as dire -- that right now so for in this game for example and -- not having any -- that there isn't and I use what you meant anything right to know that but it comic business Karen buttons that you -- -- call logs don't I don't yet from what -- -- always -- mean you'll standalone macro night that he had his intimate moments that I know and that's why I and that's why I'm taking it -- -- got by pointing out the other that we -- the system but yet there. It's about ten to fifteen games rather have -- what you are going to come how many they have now. I am you know they don't -- and have and at some point that -- do any good appearance. But the the number on -- -- yet we want to do was install this. Analysts were frankly 12 street work with the biggest PC game of the last you know year it is to have a custom buttons that are. Ideally with a second screen pop up and do things in the game is -- -- government could do via. But the I have to say though and -- at this before -- from Amazon. I really thought that having screen. For whatever reason I would would make it. Me non response answer. Actually is very responsive. Compared to -- -- I thought it so it's not only have a ten buttons look I mean that the of the light above and the open any kind of graphic image on that's great but I'd love to have you know like. -- -- buttons that -- ago or or whatever else you're playing aspect Korea analyst frank. If the graphics. Music and graphics were up to. You you can get past tests -- -- graphics with -- In her -- I think I think their people are gonna want. But for a laptop this then that's pretty yet and cut it's not configure. I have one -- benefit -- but there are people I think. That will I would bet would trade -- in -- and say you know I suspect. Images popping out. At any of -- -- graphics -- like the look your -- that. -- and back you know give me the rest. I just think it's I think it almost forces and I needed. For the first. But the review you know is a 2800. That -- It's methane. Threatening its current plan. Deathly -- feels nice but it is -- excellent. It's almost like -- -- it's -- kind of proof of concept in a way and now we'll see what people do that while I'm very excited about that certainly more so than my in my netbook. Arguably more so than like to have like like her to. -- -- of the -- topic actually bring up real fast I heard you and I gave. Carnoy discussing. The perspectives arrival dates of your. It. Apparently FedEx has been sitting at tracking numbers that I posted one on new -- -- -- -- with the -- impact the life and the annual. I bet that -- Thailand don't know I'm gonna wait a minute I'm gonna -- -- I'm gonna reach you it's their generation dear customer this is an email from the Apple Store I'm gonna review at the customer. At this month and you can now get an answer is we're happy to let you know that the items below were on -- way to EU we also included delivery estimates and tracking information -- you're shooting -- just thank you for your time and or shopping with Apple the Apple Store. -- product listed iPad with Wi-Fi 32 -- black. -- these third generation Prius go to Apple's website and they're calling it iPad they're they're generation packet that put an end to his. Any of the iPod touches that so we -- I think -- generation fourth generation yeah. Enabling that. Show up. -- -- -- And I -- -- -- in my snarling non. I apologize and -- out there that weird moment when you click on the FedEx tracking information it says in this particular case. I'm I don't know what -- says but the the standard overnight -- -- and it's a dry and -- thing indirect evidence yet and chick I wanna dress up to edit access and net video. -- -- -- On March 10. Shipment information to the FedEx -- leader march 10 picked up in Middletown Pennsylvania -- -- future delivery requested which means even though -- synthetic hand. I've got you finally get your your your iPad third generation until Friday of the telly addict either all UI world or anyone else I am not admitting or or or denying. Is and I can say is -- -- -- of them and I admit I -- about half an and that I don't know you -- have. But that's usually take out other people and then I I behind their bit blurred out -- -- information. -- -- that next week we can discuss what's happening to people iPad -- -- feature sizes that we ordered the -- for African trade size sounds hey -- story has cratered. I will look ugly and on the record and tell you I I think that ordered counseling that -- -- ordered. The 64 and that sounds insane is probably as and -- and it. The reason I did it is because tears running I've used 32 and Macs that now really I think it's a messy -- and or anything else if you're messy your desk is twice the size of your desk or in human history -- -- size. With a budget that means you'll get -- -- before and you're gonna Phillips 64 and probably. Now pretty out of the clouds that not secretly TV shows and even have to get them any you know you want to -- Diane but I find when it comes to class and no apparently -- -- mr. in the climate panel out of app data gets funky -- and delete something and reinstall it doesn't always. In a lot of these apps -- you're living in them with downloadable purchases. And sound files and everything else and and I just I -- -- I think that's the point I might regret it the way I'm saying to myself this is a expenses 800 dollar experiment by. We discover some games other stuff I think for most people now agree -- 32 I think 64 is not the fifteen. -- small -- the issue I. If you're already paying also I think -- if you're gonna go to sixteen. In just get the iPad. I got 399 kind of person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a little bit -- budget -- I think it's there for you and it'll give you great experience and even file size increases and everything else it -- the contents of this terrible. I've been and that -- person with the Kindle. I was a -- I was a cheap all of the 79 dollar Kindle. I'm not I need to buy the ad free I -- that -- that I needed -- for that kind of person and talent and the like you know I just think like mitigating it by saying I'm gonna get the new cool wind that the sixteen game I think it's. With the photos and video editing stuff there there are -- on the this -- thing. The statement this is Scott's advice report people should -- that put -- -- -- -- Scott I. I just use boasted. -- sixteen -- he's supposed to storm and on the cloud hanging out and you are right here's -- thing if you're dealing with if you will -- You don't care about photo and video editing then you're probably fine but that -- it. You know like on the iPhone four S a two minute video comes in like 317. If you're gonna edit any significant it imovie. He dreams of then. Decision but he didn't cheat on you and you gigabytes yeah -- already at least thirty to. I think you're gonna end up at a point where you'd say wow I just wanna -- this. Is there they don't store that home video stuff from the class and effort for movies to -- -- -- -- although I did discover and -- sentinel reported this ready. That not all movies are -- -- mobile. Okay because -- -- licensing restriction license I think as -- half the movies I purchased can't recount. I was able to get my my justified teeth when it -- of them mafia but I just iPad field -- -- -- -- Julie you still still no iPad via. Not even the 2399 definitive. Do you know if our pal -- who -- it and everything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he writes these books than their -- as an attachment -- -- saint Otto RI. -- -- presented as more and shape than inking but I have a thicker and thicker coiffed. Anyway his new guy in his new book the modern parent's guide to kids and video games. Comes out march 13 it is a free e-book apparently can get enough iBooks on Amazon and also from -- -- parents' guide books dot com. -- there you go I've got rights fair value within days and time to CNN and generally good guys got I've known him for years and see that's them accurate -- for Macs and Mac but not a Maryland. That's the -- friend the friend of the podcast. Check out Scott Stein's new book modern parent's guide to kids and video games then at parents' guide books that sounds like that I think that it's got that I can easily -- -- got a -- out Allen answered I -- everyone thank you for joining us today and hopefully we'll do it again next week in the week after until they tell thought coming -- -- -- I'm Scott -- a -- I love it. -- I. -- -- -- --

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