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Tech Culture: CNET Labscast Ep. 19: Hands-on with the Razer Blade laptop, plus Mass Effect gear

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Tech Culture: CNET Labscast Ep. 19: Hands-on with the Razer Blade laptop, plus Mass Effect gear

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This week, get hands-on with the Razer Blade, a slim gaming laptop with a unique control pad. And with Mass Effect 3 rolling out, we show off all the ME3 gear we could find, from hoodies to light-up console cases.

All right -- are logo fade out human beings they need in. And of course on the CNET labs cast we -- waiting today for our buddy Scott Stein show because he has. The hottest new product of at least the week if not like two or three weeks that is the rays are believed you know that is time. Yes that -- It is a moment when I. Dual -- aren't -- to read this to she's implying you're in my -- will -- of earth again. But today we would've seen the success CES this year essentially. What was the name that other thing was switch blade yes yes it really right sort of like -- -- played publicly confess I pound laptop. Am. Innocent man Wiki article with talking about it is right here in mine and razor. Clinic helpful seconds ago they were what we are some things and so will -- passionate and the thing about this is that it's using. I'm really platform that they're launching which. You know you can be you can be skeptical about or there's some optimism if they can get I -- gaming developers truly run with it that's the swiftly do you -- That is that crazy if you if you sign CES coverage and it should be running right here on. This thing as a whole bunch of buttons. That I light up right there. On that on the right side and those are customizable. And the touchpad -- is actually screen to assess certain things if we are on line. Weird element properly is working so Obama -- there and you can bring up like watch YouTube videos on your second screen its lead while watching another YouTube videos and a bigger screen I don't even know what I'm endorsing -- because. Not a statement but right now they're doing that primarily to show the functionality because there are no. I don't know I hope there are no evil sounds coming from this thing but I'm. That bad they don't really have any -- percent making a second screen functionality yet. But they do you have buttons become activated for certain games with certain graphic assets and you can totally customize those with. As they were saying there -- rows of functionality few triple finger swipe here. You'll actually be able to -- and that's what exactly you could bring up a whole bunch of buttons if you're a macro. Had a chance to gamer who wants to record you know like every the dozens of buttons you could do that on this. And yet -- eight years and it's a -- in -- like MacBook Pro -- -- laptop. Gaming laptop now there there are tradeoffs with that which is that the graphics may be aren't the same as man you know we we've just started benchmarking and talk but has yet. By it that so far if you just line -- you know this is not fit burglars are harmful -- and not the most powerful laptop graphically but it's not one of those like big. You know Alienware take these and other and that was the idea that they were trying to -- -- down to make it something that is more portable. Could play something that people want violent battlefield for -- -- we're -- do mass effect during exactly that this is not only yes and it's made for that and that's that's the idea. Your memos to like I think a lot and demos and games like battlefield three -- result of the Old Republic is one that -- heavily involved strategy games things that you want that extra custom keyboard yeah I think this is really for the person who's gonna be like customizing the heck out of what they do I think for them. -- -- -- It's it's more of that type of like living and with the content account and 2800. Pro. Hello I am laughing and the flight hours and -- you can get tough train. Well yes. It doesn't does -- get this of the -- lately it doesn't even nicer and of gaming laptops in the car would not be at the nicer and the -- -- but yet you are paying a lot for the design you're paying for the concept. Of the switch blade UI which actually. -- is working on a couple of products there's a Star Wars Old Republic keyboard uses that. And now what's weird is you log in through -- act synapse 2.0 CX sixty I would based. Sign in but then you can use it offline. And the idea which is not a bad idea I theoretically if you're really -- the -- products is that it saves your macros and settings. Animals sync them to whatever device you use it for traveling ran but it does it -- -- someone off if you're going and it's -- great now I can use it we'd -- it went went to lie again. -- little bit and does that help you get new I mean I assume that every game or app that has its own customizable macros you need to download some sort of configuration file for an art files. -- who in some of them may be set to go to Egypt to configure a little bit of like if -- one of the custom Star Wars the Old Republic he sent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They can customize buttons you maker. Right so whatever that might be because I wanted to get a get anybody who wanna get a game that has -- and stuff like mass effect or battle Ryan -- whatever if -- only you have to count on -- -- count on them I think yet -- on -- take care and I think -- about ten to fifteen games available for -- small amount. -- that -- -- they're planning to grow but -- like that first version was their first laughed out. And die and even as the switch -- UI has only been on this -- Star Wars gaming keyboard you at least at this point so it's pretty small batch. Arctic ice sitting around -- -- abruptly add -- like is I did not realize -- -- the same thing that's the string them up but this is also if you remember the Optimus keyboard from a couple of years ago -- -- wanted to make. A whole keyboard like that and I -- actually came out the full keyboard I think it just a little number pad finally came out of anointed him in the -- an abortion at CES but I do remember -- being available online for. Probably very expensive as it was delayed -- years again is -- -- -- get delays but with a necklace on this -- no idea I mean I think it's a cool idea here Republicans -- -- right now it worked faster than I thought 1086. Dollars -- currently -- the -- keyboard because CNET being used by news for an sold video editing -- oh yeah. Not really can -- the -- Tesla product. One thing that a school that that is that not those in lesser talk about what -- -- it was surprised by is that this is customizable fully outside of games to use some kind. You can program is Java and ground yeah you -- -- -- Load this up with a whole bunch of functions I haven't seen how -- that goes -- they were saying goes pretty deep as far as opening -- worms macros or whatever you -- and hopefully be able to like create -- Photoshop and hackers and uploaded someone else could download and use them yet that -- -- on this -- like a -- number of Andy uses the same back -- technology -- we were saying like -- -- SDK in its opening to developers right now but they really the more open view of the -- because they think that. Interesting idea I think -- -- this for sale right now. -- this is for sale in order to just direct from RAZR from RAZR -- -- our analysts say not so they make they're saying it's at their I think they're pretty. Or four laptops. It's a smaller batch process. Via things that impressed me so far I thought that this there's actually was a pretty responsive touch pad. You've given -- on screen. -- -- -- the screen itself has really nice viewing angles. As my first instinctual beautiful Prius is -- yet beautiful. Viewing angles the thing that threw me off obviously is that when you of this track pad on the site here. I keep reaching for -- -- yeah I know just attract and there are -- you only on the side totally after re learn that so I can't I'm getting thrown off I keep touching the bottom it's. Me I mean I was about -- -- I don't know what I'm setting it up at my am and just kept -- the -- -- the bottom and public. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sure the people farmers are being listening to -- there's a reason for that but the act. Yet the fact all the ports -- line appear like a MacBook Pro but on the other side where you normally -- slot loading drive that has no slot loading has no dvd drive this is on. It's got solid state storage have to -- 56. A south stainless part of what the costs related to end but no optical drive but then likened -- at a -- -- -- -- -- is an open house there. I bet there are now and and I -- we're gonna have a first take later overview up later this week -- later this excellent and it's funny. All that -- that the downloading in the streaming and everything makes me think of the other big PC gaming news over the weekend which was the concept the idea. Funny valve for -- Tata. Yeah console and -- of course is the publisher and developer who does portal and half life but more importantly they created steam. The op online game store that's kind of the default online game store that for -- -- of people now. So if they say we're gonna make it PCBs console while that somebody and listen to but I have the same time. -- what happened last time we try that called phantom. From infineon labs. And Nevada earlier -- as legendary leave people were like at the Optimus keyboard -- exceed never actually really came out. On the phantom was a company -- that wanted to make a a PC. Set top box. And have you stream and download and play games on it on your TV through their own controller. Which sounds exactly like what this valve concept is although it may just be a concept piece. Well it sells like united that's -- spices that have become popular again now with the it is the X 51 -- a bright red -- I -- it's basically a console slides and PC form factor so why would valve now -- -- spice when authority. -- -- -- -- -- You know what people look at that living room console space and they just -- money and they're like. If only it can get a box and then -- -- it would buy an adapter that TV ID gold but it's a soft actually declared the cells not the actual odd that a that's fairly draconian but the hardware that time -- Core I seven and eight K of ram and Nvidia GPU like an actual. PC with its own custom controller. But we don't know one if it's real to if what they're making is just a mock up and three how you would deliver would -- be open every PC game. Would -- with -- -- right right custom configuration files and drivers for every game much as Nvidia would. If you want a custom and custom. Razor blade I -- -- things for things. I see two problems that one is that very simply if you were catering like with valve -- steam to the PC crowd. You kind of want nothing but the best -- -- you're investing in now high end gaming hardware assist me hard to make an affordable box. And then. If you do make the affordable I don't the second when that's all really. I understand DS but if you then you make into the box in your insert environment dumbing it down the -- -- -- console base and you're not really what PC gaming is about my went it is go to and it Xbox-360. -- -- -- I didn't make a custom configuration file and install for every game that want to run on that otherwise you know even if you're an expert and have a super crazy ass PC. Any gain trying to solve 5050 chance -- not gonna work ever time you gonna have to mess around it to get it actually run right of the drivers and his games and install right. So if they did that -- have to hand do that for every game which means it's -- -- every PC game ever it's open to whatever small handful. I'm you know don't need the full steam catalog although that would be very cool. That's the same question to ask of the phantom guys speculate 2005. At CES. They didn't have audiences in north. XT you know. No more phantom. You know I remember this is this is true way back when I was -- and maximize their I buddhism for oceanfront products of CS. And I but I wanted to leave -- -- -- course and I believe would not hallucinate this that that phantom sent us. A mock up of the box we asked for the over the unit. And they sent to me that was only ever mock up I don't know if there ever actually -- -- -- getting physical mock up in a suitcase or something you know as they what is this and I'm working unit but. Mineral collector's item that I -- of -- -- -- -- -- and we send it back into. That was the closest ever got. But its interest -- things. Seeing how online but this is a Scott Stoll is like era and the -- up Barack. Steam. You know is obviously very popular -- And origin is trying to tighten yes place yeah and it's interesting seeing how the U -- and it's also destroyed. -- and game which is essentially -- bulk of the day. Is now not stocking. -- tunnels and I think it's because of -- large. Oh yeah yeah yeah totally doesn't amount annoyed because I need to have -- steam account now and in origin account of some games are one and on the other. And that's -- a set of steam being one precludes it could just get everything. They'll have to do with origin tip. Right also -- that'll makes me think it like last week -- -- -- a completely out of nowhere speculation that this that would mean on the flip side -- PC gaming I kept wondering with windows eight. Could somehow -- up on the next Xbox I only thought that because in a similar discussion point. Flipping on the other end. That a lot of in Xbox is basically PC and if you want to try to get that type of is not only Kinect friendly. That is -- and we're simplified UI than it kind of makes you think -- -- in the living room. And then you get apps because the Xbox -- has apps -- thing about this is totally ridiculous -- I mean I think they like to lock down councils but yet. There's a sort of logic to it especially if you want -- distance the next Xbox from the next PlayStation. -- really feel like yeah that's the direction they can -- That combine everything I visited the danger of course is that I mean it almost looks better for Apple -- -- -- the Mac app strategic gains that you know they're gonna run on your Mac if it you know you meet demand but only -- only for -- to choose from right don't get their chairs are its setup to work right on the PC side obviously you'd have to have a whole separate -- store. That that I PC gaming with fellow PC gaming -- and half the time you just can't you get the games to install right and everybody knows that and -- -- -- that steam does a really good job at that. Though if anybody can do it they can do it on on live obviously has their own take on that where they won the game themselves -- they know works right for them. You know that also works pretty well. But I don't see any real consoles off to the -- -- -- the Xbox 720. And possibly be. The PlayStation four. Whether it is -- for console so often not strictly advertising creative is directly to your TV and Tina you've got one of these in here right now I I do think that the PS3 will -- the I I don't say anything competing with this often. You know -- funds and and even the game boy Leo you know its various iterations and -- come next. Oh yeah I mean even the 3-D S didn't do that created the last couple of PSPs to do that. And can't think this -- opponent is doing okay -- keep releasing you know it just. -- variations on the hardware elements but something that. Apple hasn't done it's just they just come out the new one is not like seven different skews its its one ski -- that's exactly it and even out the back windows. Don't think I'll have made an end as I -- is we don't even know we got an diner and an app on an innovative a plus as dvd box collects and again and is it -- -- -- -- USB stick addition. Us though this has got congress in here didn't bring his his defeated today I don't always I did an IRM on how to -- -- got some bad news. No -- no power and -- going on IA had been charging this and yet. I wanted to see we can connect to -- channel obtaining data from our location on I -- see I'm I'm I'm trying to find Scott. That we can Begin to friends with -- and -- and then I think he's now I don't I like how every USB in his -- Howard downward charger I get a charger in my office finger touch it was glowing orange and yet look what happens I will -- have to try this again next I don't I thought my underpants down. A really cool -- -- came up on -- on CNET that I which was how to install a USB. A palace so area I'm in there and if we have one of those in these viera connect they expect you could if chops it up. I seriously need. -- -- brought half of my view to charge it which is the USB two vita. -- But clearly right you need both pads. -- as -- -- PC but it really is not made to the charges at a much slower rate. You really need that -- harbor minority -- pathologies going. As I've just discovered. Mutant. Well I I discovered I wanted to get a backup power cable firm for home because I left mine here. As another historic hill and okay great via -- AC cables I got that is like fifteen nothing like -- that's pretty inexpensive for a a power cabling your home it's only the power brick and the planned to go to the wall not the cable that connects the -- it to the power brink of divide that separately. I and I don't explain that really out of box very clearly off had to go back and get that it's only a little fifteen be awesome piece it niceties as you start that are was I don't know what's and I like by the -- and also by the cable that's again very. -- -- -- recent thing is the and that's like iphones and and I patents like that work. Anybody get the charge into sync cable not via. My guess now with the iPhone you get the little -- easy thing that you get to break but it seems. The iPod that's what I was thinking iPod needs the. -- Clearly suggest there are doing on wildlife and now we thought that the error that's -- -- -- country that -- -- People get all I deliberately give them. I usually go to space and he's just like me you know I'm in the area now -- I can edit the beginning and I am now trying to hear laughter and -- about it apparent that it -- and it. -- -- and keep -- Atlanta when -- that's true likely to part of the -- -- notes or newbie to the vita. Actually had a double that next week when -- see things that. Instead I want to share review of the very important tomorrow Tuesday for watching -- later it's already happened is very important day you know -- Mass -- -- space center and TV day or that -- I think. It has a three day and my theory is that and other people's entities have not really -- this. Somehow this videogame series has become one of the most important -- universe -- of like that generation of people. It's like with the games and and the animated movies in the apps in the book from the comic books and the toys and that. And all the other -- keys. It's like its big debate begins today as Star Wars or Star Trek was -- -- as the Star Wars but. It's the preeminent sort of new scifi universe in the last ten years old implementing a controversial what it what else is it a bit wider client access. I think this is generated more Kasten firefight easily more mostly cash but more people have -- after effects like more people played -- -- -- game than ever seen a firefight TV shareware and that's content pie hides itself and and and my OS it would have -- -- I don't. I'd like there -- many gamers -- yet that's but they've built such a huge universe around it and that's the thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He probably -- know that answer. Directly. -- was. They they they where they where they bought the government bought NT TP on tattooing but there was another robot they were gonna get first and blew up. RR five before very close okay but if you're I have an action figure eight she realized that -- -- a scanner. I'm just saying or freedom hammerhead is even on of even -- he was in the -- -- -- to frame exactly. But if yes but also -- I was younger than Nazi gamer or -- NASA -- Started playing you know mass -- wondering -- very sort of in the you know influential -- -- -- and grew up with these three games they would know what the -- -- -- Fijians. Which is like the -- you know now -- the artificial disease -- by some other race to stop the war -- -- -- from reproducing. And that sort of how how deep -- universe gets for those guys to think we know who I deviated. Exactly -- -- -- -- I think its impressively deep but I don't think mass effect is gonna quite get to that. What are resilient and has I think it's -- I mean -- -- is contained although impressively. Yes and that -- that's -- -- that almost that a hard timing out yet to be doing game instead of the movie now. Google is -- besides -- -- it really created a lasting impression and had three big sequels. Perfect dark or -- was there -- the risk chronic -- says it's going to be a -- And that the believe it or not I -- I don't subscribe to that I kind of don't really get and now I've never been to that -- first things that. I think that's been a little strategy belly the first is that -- -- -- -- now. I just sat there watching it in dental experience that's great and I is the show -- -- -- how much itself. I. At the ass which included coming up next to see that dismally at choking -- Begin mass effect data Mara and I can't I was thinking of arthritis yes but him but -- related news or should the breaches of screens. I also tomorrow iPad app I may get in trouble even showing that all right we'll get it would you know that. Also will be unveiled tomorrow -- launchers that same day effect -- I think that's the and that's the game's occasional most of game. But this -- I'm curious is these dead space. IOS app makers and I was actually surprised the great dead yet. -- -- additional control pad but it's a great game when you think look at backed this week -- India avoid B. Full mass effect upon the for the cents and TV -- at least tomorrow it'll be fooled the other something -- -- a totally outside of that the most of its. That's good that I like anywhere other thing was -- to -- Italy's supreme rumors and stuff do you think that any of these things will actually. Come for. -- hardly faith or to put your money on it the only way I would -- anyone's predictions. About the iPad three if they got their money out right now it's -- I think this'll happen here's fifty dollars. If somebody was to take be up on something that I'm I'm I'm ready to go up to -- -- pandemonium at the actual money down the -- got the burned I would do it but I. I've been wrong all eyes were just making -- I've been wrong and I'm usually wrong and being overly obviously over aggressive on things -- happened and I've learned my lesson about pulling back. But I -- just be both China and a bunch of things I think this morning -- not a bad guy in discussing does the iPad really need to re design. There have been a lot of lot of talk that the new. IPad may be very similar design -- this one a bit thicker of head may be a bit thicker. I I would actually be fun that I would admire my stance would have that was different we have four -- would have had the higher resolution display high resolution display seems like -- -- about an Oscar lock is again those are basically an expensive partly can't imagine they'd be able to get in there for 499. For performance and are now but it seems that I haven't heard of anybody every leaked data for marine -- As talked about that and I and even going down to the software in people's argument that it's built into the code and that's the only thing that scenario. That might be enough and I -- between that and cameras and graphics better cameras are rapidly upgrade to handle. That pixel -- like the other game for sure games even for the general alas I imagine if your if your. And billing her for apps that engage it by. I don't save it's just a new CP UG PU combo -- -- resolutions -- and was -- -- better camera. Yeah I guess that's an upgrade -- use your argument that the iPhone four S -- -- say America remain for the I didn't have an iPhone four -- -- -- iPhone four when Nevada now absolutely I think I wouldn't be surprised to hear because -- -- -- to us or they just act like iPhone. IPad two lesser iPad HD is people worse murmuring now -- that his any get the suggestion that it's a bit of C -- to tweak U lateral and forward leave. Saying I like the general feel of the iPad -- think it means I don't when he thing thinner and thinner bezel would be yet. As a little white lists white not necessarily the form factor that. Would like that -- -- if it's going to be figuring can enlighten me lightly just holding it on one hand or two hands for while isn't it yeah hiring site if it was less wind that beat -- -- on some definite and ultimately cabins and ideas on why I think I think the wife -- -- now that the -- does not want -- -- -- -- like wait he means wait wait Willy yeah apes and likely to -- out any it is. But the thing I don't -- have is good about tree line. Essentially that's light and power out call leak -- -- -- on corn up is because it's -- actually more -- little pixel boundaries. You actually need to have a point a lot behind it to shine through for the same brightness that's actually going to use more power which may be why -- You might be thicker with a bigger battery and absolutely without a better way to build in the battery officially taken -- -- -- -- -- it's obvious they like this may be designed it. I still -- in the camp right want better speakers because this is always gets muffled. And Basil and the -- here I was -- a little weird in terms of the thirty pin connector. They should have -- they just -- -- the outlets on really yet for a landscape mode and home button -- has been discussed part. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's still going to be a hobby -- months. Smarty hasn't really taken off to the degree that people will want to in particular and -- -- people who buy Smart TVs. People still think that 3-D TVs just show a three day. -- some Smart TVs even less well understood site. Apple TV is -- months immediately obvious programs -- starts -- -- it's full of the L -- tomorrow we'll -- -- out of a fifty inch or 55 and everything it'll come -- -- -- Manila on -- -- Gloria world's largest Manila on matchbox what's the percentage chance of that happening at the TV expert 10% 10% got. Of an actual TV and I know we actual TV are not even on -- -- set top. And you have a beautiful south side it's easier for our tech lessons on 10% of the deficits okay yes and it's and it's -- -- I think definitely the Apple I think the puck yeah -- -- comes out. Back to -- guy. And my guess would just be that they finally. Take the rest of the apps out of the closet because there has been that like most of it is -- -- where. Where the rest of those apps -- -- expecting -- and I feel like they need to unleash it and just provide -- of that stuff you're expecting on. -- -- find out I would say it's a stay tuned to CNET all day Wednesday look at this guys we've used up a whole show. It's amazing and this might be a most technologically non error filled show ever I'm very excited at the but I whenever I -- it. The Democrats are fantastic and it looks and that's why I'm wearing my and seven. Normandy. But he. That is now in Jewish education in yes in the way in which. -- MSI it just guys. It drops -- coolness with the hood but today and say hello -- spoken look I've also got a couple of mass effect T -- You know what if you wanna get one of these T -- the hop onto a FaceBook page and until well it's actually better with Kinect. His view master like to three on connected nation actually isn't my idea is casting and -- -- More importantly that we more importantly -- you know -- so buyer you're out of that guy -- -- picnic that cover. Com into may be the state what people are both Kinect is the one that's up for debate which -- -- should be also with an. And work with connect I have not tried is -- connect yet now by having the game and I will. -- -- questionable steam after I've got the big mass effect art of the mass effect universe art book which to showed up. X with covered book. And out to couple photos of this than -- -- the public gallery of all the cool. Monster black stuff -- once it actually goes live when you bought discussion tonight at midnight I believe. That does -- does the buck -- of people listening bullet Australian etc. that is a as -- A collection of a game art but I think -- -- public -- and have one final thing. That you showed up this morning. And that is not seen these in stores in big box they've never seen really know what you look like what they do it's called game fault that the company makes the -- -- -- exactly -- You don't get these two battlefield threatening had a very limited editions Ng yen and -- -- these plates. On to your console this is a PlayStation 3 one I didn't actually have a PS3 slim here to to put it on I'm gonna put -- -- -- the front of it now. So it's like armor for Europe PlayStation 3 if you really wanna dress center console click your favorite game you can do that and period for the best part. Which premiered at this button. I can't get out my house waiting yeah it was the best spot definitely -- of numbers and adding that and a -- ago. And a half -- sold the plant. Popping into open yeah right. That's all too much as -- Armenia and of course lets you stand jewel PS3 and -- -- -- yet. Which which account visited -- on them I don't like Angela console costumes are her Dresser and Canada with others -- that. But I do like that idea I think that he is actually the best. That he had seen -- -- a -- -- -- you know what are we giving away and and what it says that holds them and write to every business today if we Lydia T shirts. Maybe somebody can tuck into giving way idea vault as well. And has -- -- We'll go on the -- will go the FaceBook page was he with the group all right well thanks through a database for launch in. And listening to every editor that can give me -- path that -- -- -- Scott take on. -- -- Yes it's even I have -- today for the very first thing. As you've just gone and now. Will give more information and -- benchmarking and -- has been. Putting it through the -- it's gonna go back and India. The benchmark that benchmarking microscope yet get as acting for -- -- panic as that we both strikingly. Get turned around and -- a -- -- -- with you for. Although I can't even get that expensed on -- -- -- -- -- -- not faced look at that -- -- -- on Twitter at CNET -- -- Scots on Twitter to -- got to know that. You're on Twitter at -- AT and it'll vary at -- all right. -- not on Twitter and I'm on Twitter at -- Ackerman and that's probably all you need to now and then what are you ought to as everyone. -- -- -- That are really scary thing is handled the equivalent chips feeling I need to get -- you're gonna feel like a billion followers and in twenty minutes yen. You'll busses and and and it. I -- masses are -- a treaty that the logo on the left some music out and actually getting the B final tracks ready back from mastering engineer a new album since then maybe you can -- listening -- -- -- --

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