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Tech Culture: CNET Labscast Ep. 18: Hands-on with Dell's XPS 13, new PlayStation Vita apps, and the Galaxy Note

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Tech Culture: CNET Labscast Ep. 18: Hands-on with Dell's XPS 13, new PlayStation Vita apps, and the Galaxy Note

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This week we show off the new Dell XPS 13, or as we like to call it, the DellBook Air. Plus, check out the latest PlayStation Vita media and social apps, and watch us play with the half-phone, half-tablet Samsung Galaxy Note.

All right we -- gonna successfully do. I think it lets cash out now I know Julie I don't even put headphones on an industrial official we have an Emmy. Hello Scully. Now the what if that's your real name people are -- Scully -- -- its funny. -- just gimmicks don't. Never -- -- -- last names -- that's right that's right or or or the guys companion in uncharted is and his name's going yes yes though so mr. -- skull Vin Scully. I'm going. After installs a lot is he had his own camera. Billy had a theme -- the -- are really yeah okay we can cut him for reaction shots I really can't imagine. Hisha edition of the is the overhead Steelers and tell you -- I guess that's his -- -- that the camera is kind of the lifeless games. Where I have -- field doesn't succeed we'll cut to -- cut the Skelly. A product fail -- itself we gotta be every bit things to talk about today because were also hardware and product focused here on the CNET labs cast. Our number one is and and this is in no particular order god they've taken the Sony PlayStation vita which we played around with the other week -- and and a whole what do you apps to add a new functionality but that's kind of cool mesa more than just the uncharted game playing device. Number two I got -- Samsung galaxy note here it's the only hot. Bone of the year so far or is -- a tablet you tell me I want to -- pants pocket discussion about that I'm sure. And then Julie has got what Scott has deemed that the -- Dell book air. Dell's version of -- MacBook Air that is the Dell XPS thirteen which of these topics like the discuss first. Stuff. Moderately dive into. The veto the vita are less we've been -- humanity in and that -- there's new updates -- and we talked about this last week and we were thinking about what the vita you know is good for nation gaming and I keep dreaming -- -- personally it's my Moby Dick the idea of a PlayStation phone. Just because and I wrote a piece about how I think the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- people criticize -- when -- -- to say -- that. I credit Sony to that degree that they're capable of making a phone in the Xperia play as much as you may not like it. It's actually somewhat capable concept if they only had analog sticks and if the device only played it -- next gen games. -- the vita is all downloadable. And also those cards are so tiny. And that's screen resolution is what 960 by five for its iPhone four S like there's no reason you can't shrink that down -- four inches or three and a half. And if you get those graphics and a smaller device and -- now. I think is -- those apps launch spam you know there's Netflix there's FaceBook there's on Flickr there's a Twitter and -- capable lap. All the stuff. Is trying to make it like a Smart device like a Smart -- everything looks like apps but it does not found there's not a phone and it's so big that it's not mean here doesn't mean it's. It's a very nice device is just not very marketable at all let's look at that about the -- -- know which they actually made into a phone they're actually probably all of the -- -- high they are in demand held them up their wrath. Now they're very similar. One is obviously thinner here and I hope you all -- and scenery go oh yeah and that's where from. His right thing one -- that was five point four inch ER five point three that went three. There's a five inch but it significantly. Deep media thickness is the big deal here but there are very similar sized devices all -- If you think about it. And you know you could use that screen that that'll let screen and and -- use these apps in and it's a touch compatible if it works like a Smartphone and it's also to videos. And yes that's it and now those of them that was the types of functions I wanna see more on the vita. Netflix works it's a little slow to start using the once it gets going -- -- being -- great on the screen. The more I wanna see -- the other -- a video apps that the live tweet app which is their version of a Twitter app which is okay it's not any right out of and you can get from Twitter -- was rather go to. Twitter on the web browser that's built in. Yeah and I played around with FaceBook on an ominous for FaceBook and on here but you know you bring it up FaceBook is very slow loading -- -- nose cap pulled from the store and -- really -- there. App that was that was not that impressive the Twitter wants OK in Vietnam. Killed about you know what you -- you -- -- or not I don't know but. I think the more that you put in those on any streaming music services like pandora and others. And obviously -- each BO go Hulu plus I'm sure it'll be on the -- at some point do you really think so -- look -- -- it. So you'll want its competitors on its two lines now hearing on building great PlayStation -- so I feel like it's but I can't get the actual signal here so. Or -- -- -- there aren't there are no tweet from leaking out yet. And it'll actually -- that what thing. Comments on this connections on -- -- dental work and it works and it's the same way. -- Netflix -- than anything else though that's all cool. But it took him awhile to get those out of -- games available first obviously. Brand. You know -- -- just like they have Twitter and FaceBook built into Xbox Live right nobody -- uses that the only way it would work. Well is you want -- for social connectivity in games I don't feel like I -- like outside it's like an iPhone I like the idea FaceBook connect. Because it's a more even more -- game center obviously it's a more direct way of playing games and words of friends. Now they -- what if they I don't know if they want to put FaceBook connect and because PS and is their network. I am but -- -- how it like -- -- but as I agree and I don't really care for tweeting games because. Just -- -- right he's like bracing is a joint tweet your achievement no I don't ever want to do that. Personally but you know it has networking right now -- Every video and audio -- I mean again the PlayStation 3 does have MLB at any -- NFL game you know sending game ticket rhetoric that has -- that they -- -- the game to get service. -- and -- any ticket and they also have Hulu plus and have Vudu. On the PlayStation 3 they were the first to get Vudu and -- think what you said when they want that what they've done it -- DeWitt. I'm thinking -- music apps like pandora I don't have that on music -- -- -- now -- have they have their own values are there any accurate I think music unlimited oddly spelled via -- -- will also -- -- of the music unlimited service however did say the same thing that's exciting -- to your CDC an umbrella -- -- and beauty contest media -- -- -- it right parameter was on the PS3 at -- I was like I was kind of -- -- Function the most to buy and play around with that I don't know but -- for -- -- tune in radio. At -- have a PSP radio that was -- that great but. They should they should have. A radio app on on the -- I think that's an artist -- over the air signals. Politely tune in radio all of the -- a little wedding radius -- -- okay okay I'm sure it'll say I mean basically it's -- financials anyone of those devices you're dealing with it you know. The arm architecture and everything else you just it's it's just Sony's. Operating systems so I mean I think you -- of the reports that in general the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone yeah that was OK as a phone but did not satisfy in the gaming device right. So the idea get Xperia play you know if you get the -- rightness. What happens again had a half hearted phone if you even do leaves -- the report calling for the Wii Skype on it and that I think is -- means you get better access. -- Beckham instinct and I still say. I shrink this down like the PSP ego. Which actually -- death yes I have it I say it's it's not perfect but it was really nice this might take that it has -- really compact and they put two analog sticks and and -- you. Put -- the next gen vita. Get to that size is no reason is -- you and dean here is a reason why could eventually shrink this down that's true -- is pretty huge it's -- You shrink it down make it really remarkable man you make it sort of an Xperia play type bundling it like this. Of the -- -- -- -- -- I mean given the two analog fix on its share but it doesn't have to have the giant wings -- -- or the you know it doesn't really need it but. But -- the touch screen on the back we -- really need to do not that's a number react or. Things were not what is bad for being felt they could save I have to -- use -- for our babies were they shoehorn it into things it is -- that it's like six axis on the PS3 when it first launched a certain games -- -- -- you like I don't wanna use this. That the main feature that you love. The whole point of them vita is the dual analog sticks it's got a dead it's got a console like control. That's awesome so you want to use that and and like you said -- about complexity hey I agree -- -- -- as may be 12 maybe three to many. Interactivity. Functions. That you'll never go back to like I feel it more likely to be there right now 100% of the time I'm pretty much using -- analog -- controls that's great yet. And charge anything else. Touch I would use if I if there was at I had to get an iPhone -- scheme was ported to it. Feel like oh it's makes sense deport those things the back touch and it is used for weird like us has and it's on its mind and I middle and let's. We -- and PSP. They're easier -- things like edit claim is an attorney used to zoom in and in this sniper rifle or extra steering functions -- There isn't anything I found he couldn't already do with the other buttons. It it's not it's not the central and and and fees. Times news and theory just amazingly accurate and it seems like -- YA. Seems like a lot of investment in a really weird little extra features much more confusing old Isaiah -- it -- a liken it to -- -- -- he got the list. This is excellent prizes like you know -- gases cause this much content -- -- -- need all that stuff. Now here's the question if you were considering getting a PlayStation vita for the games and maybe have -- pinch yourself yet are these extra apps. Twitter and Netflix and the -- to -- -- they really have. Isn't that kind of -- of -- -- it's not -- now know I -- I understand for the times and I'm I would only for its -- like a set of video and and music apps because. I don't wanna pay. Sony does have a store for renting like iTunes and renting TV shows and movies I want to keep paying for that stuff so I get Netflix Hulu plus or wherever else I want you to you. There's YouTube app on there and I can watch videos -- a month ago. I do like that as a selling point -- is -- little if you don't have an iPhone or an Android Smartphone. Parents would do those exact -- exact bright but the thing is I think that's a triple X I think that they expect now -- not attainment and at this point so you think that's the baseline -- no matter what the device is meant for if it doesn't do. Twitter and Netflix and few other things then you just kind of have to have the did you speak in the game some people disagree and I think there's a lot of people say no just dedicated games but I just think that it's already. On its way there it's clearly. That the -- is designed to be a Smart device it is it is in that territory. And so I feel like to not have it feels weird that's all I feel like it's not -- -- you know need but that's -- Yet announced. -- yet payments come out of the box at this point those those apps -- of the box and everything exactly you know. The fire -- at every -- you know them. You got this did it mean and laptops have some of you know some of those apps like Skype is very Yunnan and right now the FaceBook app as a. There had been making widgets for the laptops as well as those in accelerating and as part of it out of the box experience of 3-D S out of that the Internet no offense -- -- three he has you know -- -- -- -- -- -- And it. But that big effort so for the PSP to have that almost instantly in the games like a lot of stuff that -- featuring ads this. Huge price point is a site dude that's already been done to death at this point -- what is new about your product that. You know justifies the back touch panel that still firmly against management PP winning it when -- -- that fast I think it -- that ethics. And you -- let's say that now that's gonna be a mechanic and cannot access the -- console. I think they get to keep it happy like a Pokemon. I think it's on something if they can get the battery life better and they can make -- in portable and make it smaller. Oh I -- I got a territory cool little caveat about the PlayStation -- if your -- and -- the best buy this week just to see. Like how they had set up and they had a big -- of the first party accessories which into the -- idea here. But -- cases and stuff so -- -- -- they have the power adapter -- -- do you want one home when -- where we lose what's the first thing you -- is the AC -- And I -- AC adapter fifteen dollars -- that's actually pretty good if you lose trees he got different things usually like. Pretty expensive to replace it right so it's territorial and Apple equation -- -- but it's not here's what it is the box that says AC adapter in it. Has the AD converter block and that plug that goes into the wall it does not have the cable that connects back to the -- -- itself down that cable is sold separately under the name USB cable in a separate fifteen dollar -- mode as well -- the same thing -- -- site evict the wind cable separately in the power brick is another. Option exactly. So so if you lose your cable. If you lose your power cord. And you probably others connected -- don't go to the store -- just by the -- data picker to get home you open it up. And there won't be the cable to connect facilities and other proprietary -- not a micro US they hooker I don't know how can say about her son son it's a little I think -- might be the same when the PSP go ahead psychologists on -- -- -- It's a little. But -- -- mini version of thirty. Yeah it kind of a benefit that aren't there that both the latest updates -- the vita. Maybe next time. Will actually get our -- they had a time and get some ad hoc. Wi-Fi go on and play against each other where were applicable round Robin toward that which I think the -- about the same thing it's -- -- and a fine. A non yeah right like the totally confusing me but the vita and it's great as a social elements between Twitter and FaceBook. And then there are mere -- of social apps they have on a good idea have names like party and near. And like -- -- else. It's so confusing when you look at it I just -- like -- -- if you had one thing that connects me -- social rights only social. Nice they have all those features and a friend know what is geo location stuff its messaging brightness make it all infections -- every wind just. Too many -- to -- socially things going on I got scared. I like the features vendors like way to show me what is going on this school you can't see your PS3 network friends on there and get updates it's -- -- -- but and we have a Q and David Carnoy adequately phantom PlayStation network -- he -- like there are ways you can get your view games that's another small note the game library pupil. Downloadable PSP games. Download and on your PS3 and connect them over with that system. -- -- and now I speaking of secret stuff things that are not complicated roof. It's not complicated when you wanna make a really cool new laptop you just take most popular laptop out there any copy it that's what -- by Julie -- they got right there. Have the Dell XP as thirteen. Am I am and it does it. But if you do if you took that -- circular logo off the back of the lid replaced with an Apple logo with the closed you would not be able to tell if actually because adjusted terms of black bottom. Yeah and it's not as tapered in the front but if you just look at the link from the top down right you look at from the side you -- -- -- I am average person yet exactly where and that's clearly they're going for our eyes and it isn't like that and he's easily -- LA outsold -- at the top items over by a seamless field and it was. That's that's created -- and the and it air does not have them and I like that all over the have to -- track -- and the fact that -- some version yet -- -- -- which is nice. And the glass of the screen is nice but the screen itself might of the revenue was was really that great it's only thirteen 66 by 768. Law thirteen inch air is fourteenth -- -- -- 900. And it's and and it's between here. Such as well it's it's all I'll look at -- -- -- -- -- -- of the screen. One lower resolution than you'd expect from a premium thirteen -- a lot of the ultra books had a team resolution but some of them have like fifteen by 600 by 900 would be great. -- but it's also it just looks terrible off access if not a great looking screen -- -- -- -- -- a little bit and -- -- -- -- out. They really cheapest -- the screen -- the bugs I think it has good. -- -- -- coming for TV back and -- and has good good uniformity across the screen. You don't have to me he had to get something in focus right and that's that's and that was a problem with the original vision -- the SHU. And I last yet that you are terrorists -- thirteen -- for this week but yes it's gonna noticeably better screen this time and then the first iteration and I. -- And say this so this is gonna that's cranes over to sign. Yeah I mean one it's -- low resolution screen that you really want in the kind of a premium product lower than the MacBook air and it's got terrible off axis viewing. Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal's means that largely the same thing about it that he's of that that -- told -- there. Gonna make any higher resolution screen available soon which will hopefully be better -- 16100 by 900. Which is. Which is great I -- thirteen inch and thirteen inch -- -- on 19291080. Only one or two but that's just too small Yang Yang thing. 15100 by 900 I think it's perfect for something like this it is a memorandum of IOS thirsty nation regaining SA as 200 by nine and okay -- to the Lazio distribute yeah and -- is great it's time it's just right yeah I can pack a little more on the screen. We -- here your luck and a lot of data like it but -- soon either at the news the -- audio effects as yet it's there beholden to the camera would see if they can at least -- Yeah they're great Green yeah I could totally see it again reflects where the black -- yeah lightly and everything else is generally negative act but. The thing is about -- to be doesn't need to have -- off axis. Well as it is a singular. -- also often using it kind of a collaborative way yen or you're just watching that we would like you're looking around to different things if you're gonna trying to -- mean you can amity and -- Like there it's just that right yes cool again. In and I but I like it -- that's the thing -- it feels to lose yet little heavier than you. It will because I think because as Scott pointed out. It's a thirteen inch screen is something that's more like an 1112 inch body it's actually a very small body for thirteen inch I measured it it is. Slightly larger than the eleven -- and slightly smaller than the thirteen inch air. The ticker yet the footprint feels really nice it's it's just crosses over if elected to have those fields dense. The bottom bezel a little thicker but the material feels nice -- rubberized. That's like data -- think it's like aluminum on the back magnesium alloy and carbon fiber -- believe on the and I and I like that I like the use of -- real state appeared you wish that the Ayers. Has -- instantly vessel can only -- -- partly to -- wait. They do and then on the eleven inch -- think it's really because you get a full keyboard. That's on compromise a particular order to get on this to. Now they can have a nice soft touch in and collect a lot the quiet which I appreciate. -- and it's an excellent it is nice now it's got it and read -- on the bottom that you see that gap. You're really you're gonna. I bumpy and it got the little camera. The other thing that the company filed a that was doing that are present imprinted in now that that's -- -- but it got the -- is for I guess probably heat. Yet for the ventricular of the body is yet though is that the air obviously flat on the bottom of that and that makes it a little the little fitter overall a possibility -- that's a 999 with a 128 gig SSD in a core I five -- -- those guys is can they get the same thing in a cheaper feeling of being for lake. Hundred to 200 dollars less like the Foleo thirteen from HP Epsilon which -- a hundred dollars less but that's for 999 I'm happy with that. You could spend an epic and other 200 bucks or 150. -- get a core I seven -- 256 gig SSD. But no higher screen resolution just yet. It. I yeah like a -- I -- the first quote very important laughed out of 2002. I just wanted to battery life and other word that's still a try pending matter. The magic number for that -- its -- as an add on for hours I mean four hours of right for hours east in his but it doesn't just launch -- open now now now. Eleven -- share territory. -- not thirteen -- territory now and then and and dared to go back to again Walt Mossberg who got -- few days before us is the only one did. I -- that the battery and it was kind of disappointing to him I don't know of Iran and actual benchmark on -- but death at five I don't behind before we bother me. But I overall I think -- quite nice and which was an airliner and I -- -- -- -- -- Yeah they got. Most of them them as -- that humans -- yeah man but this is an XPS is -- -- mind you don't know it now. And I expect -- -- a lot better than their previous big high profile launch which was the I think the XPS fourteen is the which -- just a big bulky. Boat of a laptop that they -- right -- else is like mineral to look like it's so thin compared to what. -- -- -- It's then commit shouted out you -- desktops yeah -- it's it's it's it's it's. I like it don't like it has got just -- quick quick gut checked out or -- thirteen. Time -- the size of this better okay I want to fifty side by side immediately Google will -- animals like the iPhone is better but again -- I -- -- thirteen was the number of ports there's not a god that our compromise no ethernet obviously and I are USB ports no SD card and displays telling -- that have HDMI right nothing and only -- battery life was -- -- necessary territory so. That's why I like it using it size wise this. Design designs that science sign -- designs and that I. IPhone he says it is eyes. So -- I'm very cool. So our third -- gadget of the week. Is the Samsung galaxy note I saw -- it at CES -- -- while that's actually something cool I was expecting seating is randomly cool it's a big. Big phone slash small tablet alternative -- briefly here to the that is up to dive into tablet. It's a tablet as a phone it's a phone -- and out here a fine. -- -- Typically won't let -- makes letter that it's plastic on the -- yen yet feels really dislike of push is in -- in -- so it's cheap plastic on the back that's the real -- that's the biggest problem it's very lightweight. Move to -- -- looks like Android it. Yes pressed them -- -- he does -- turn it on and then delicate finger swipe to that it actually. Get to the menu yet and it just wasn't -- Andy -- And then bigger -- evidence that you you turn on the phones that. I don't wanna do that yet. You've talked to -- one man I have -- and then -- is that we have a stylus and now they you know that I think it'll just. Okay it doesn't piracy and there and yeah I think well advertised feature to the -- for this are not bad. Now another actually -- enticing and that's -- put the concept to the phone or tablet or tablet. Is very enticing Andrea -- do the job advertising if it's a question of practicality when you actually get it in your hand. You know is it to be teases as a phone -- -- too small to use the tablet we were doing a pants check before. That's -- -- -- I've noticed that now I am wearing pants. American I flipped it in the front pocket in my jeans that fit but I wouldn't go running around with -- you were wearing but I guess more casual slacks that -- in there if -- cargo pants that be fine. Skinny jeans not so much data may look at my bearings but then it's a fragile you be afraid edited to really run around -- -- make -- in your pocket MIT it just feels really plans to -- me. -- wide wide flat lit thinks happened and I curvature of any robot legs should wage. It's it's almost to -- it's approaching the six inch Kindle size and I -- I -- -- -- but I feel like this is not far off. That's the -- screen is five point three. Die it's like the same thing jacket pocket Kindle I want to. In a jacket on it -- And it preventive jacket pocket I have that translates -- screen. Yeah that's a great screen at the bottom pocket of the didn't instruments and -- problem -- that content can hold up the vita and the am and I. -- and calls the five inch screen -- and you hear me. That's not you know what. I download like Angry Birds on there and it looks really nice and big screen obviously movies look really great on -- Tom -- but when used a web browser it defaults to the mobile over because it's an Android device and that it really. No matter what anyone says it's a one size fits all and whether it's a three inch -- a five inch -- a seven inch tablet or nine inch tablet -- the same thing. Don't default to the mobile version of the web site -- you go in and manually change it on whatever site you're on. Please see those you know like basic boring text links to -- you know make -- your Blackberry or your area. -- -- -- Though -- must be a way to. Hackett I'm sure some 300 pound -- things in LA IE -- on on the bottom so as it is so that your browser appears as a full -- rather -- for a -- also -- -- -- -- literally in the settings like you can change it seems to have attitude. Not go to the mobile version yet cites as data it as an -- -- iPad version of the eyes like it's become an -- pay attention to anything you can she does the fault is it goes slower version and have to manually and on every single -- the full version that was annoying. The finger responsiveness it's good for an Android phone it's still not the same as a you know what I mean is just -- and there are proprietary. You know trade secret reasons for that and if you did not use an iPhone or an -- a -- you probably wouldn't notice. But if you do you -- The sampling and other assistant -- A site that has anyone seen the film top secret. The old movie we have this decision whether to commit common -- comes often and as a B telephone in the full granite and company right now I have you been in the foreground and -- Shut Dennison. And -- -- -- let me know feet condition improves. Everything he has said. That's a good reference Omnia. Yet that's the we're not showing -- albums even the style some interest than it is uses -- technology and yes if yes and active stylus they can't use like your 3-D S stylus or anything right in it allows an extra. In until now fine tuning in and certainly expecting this unethical sketch pad but how did -- walk around. Discussing creating comic and -- only thing. I do and I'm gonna go to -- -- it. I'm going to -- a -- Wikipedia artists graffiti artists are missing after passing out on the law. It doesn't really via electronic Paper -- then that the police can follow -- -- -- -- -- Excuse trying to appeal to David Hockney try to steal away from the -- -- They edge device features. -- if you just need a phone I'm not sure this is the right. Device for you if you just -- tablet again I'm not sure it's about a Jack of all trades master of none. But it's cool and I appreciate people doing different things -- playing around stuff you know. -- so that's my take on and I'm not sure -- find it a useful but. I appreciate -- -- analog sticks laugh and I. That's the finals. But -- you know the more different supposedly -- -- several dozen things about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel I can do maggot and magnetized inter studio at the at edit I wasn't able to talk about -- -- last week as I was away as the week before and and we have a show last week. But I am I look to toy fair came back when things I enjoy playing with nano dots who make these little tiny magnets. Have finally made -- dots which are be larger marble sized version. And I can get an attack at thirty and you -- -- together -- -- looks -- some strange infectious diseases magnets. And you can make him in a bracelets or wherever else and interestingly and myth busting thing apparently being an attack as it reminded me. That as far as. Magnetic hard drives and credit cards -- reminding -- -- for LCD screens. Were phones even you -- bring these magnets right up to it and be fine as has teased a solid state stuff is spot -- -- -- Smartphone etc. of course. Most people are not comfortable with analysts alike -- for -- it even knowing that. It freaks me out by of course magnets or -- devices like iPad so their ego on. And die yeah they're these things so totally -- -- tell -- about the danger of accidentally swallowing. So these are not for kids -- -- -- a clear warning for a for the agent I think it's much higher than you expect that certainly delicate thing you can -- -- fun at all brain of a one of the dangers they warned about success followed a guy I am I being sarcastic -- -- saying they -- incredibly fun it is all these little dots are they say the risk which could potentially be. That they would go into your intestines and your test is can stick together. Across but these little dots that -- -- in a strong magnets and other parts of its terrifying but that is a aimed at real risk to swallowing these. They also said -- a weaker point that the magnet strength and these larger ones was reduced. Is they they proudly said that if they had brought them up to the strength of the smaller dots is a break your fingers if you've played with them. But when they snapped together there is a basket that -- -- they could break your ultimate they'll come out -- extreme edition -- It's -- power -- that they're. There it also can't get swept back out there -- -- addictive little desk to ways and there's an -- to build stuff out of them but they are not for little kids. Or even. -- -- English kids they're their. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More -- -- him magnetic ball and multi colored it. -- we're gonna -- finish up our testing of the Dell XPS thirteen and and it's got for it on a Sony laptop review it dead tie you work -- anything exciting these days. TC and old fourteen inch television that the go to the brand today it's like apparently it's the most popular TV on Amazon those are the ones that that you went to best -- there's -- stacked up by the candidate astronauts as candy bars and get -- by its exciting index of the priests and then the soft drinks -- TCL forty -- the -- -- -- -- priests -- Crist and the chips can only have quite a British and Australian. And how much -- -- -- TV costs 380. They'll have regular fourteen chance. Saw it as you can imagine it's fairly basic by Obama that -- images yes oh well aren't. But let's not play. That the current TV goes up then the -- And in the -- -- I'm window -- outrage here -- -- TV as. -- but -- join has done every Monday allegedly giving it to stream working. 2 PM eastern via webcast or just pick -- at this cnet.com slash labs cast -- on FaceBook and it. It FaceBook dot com slash CNET labs cast are on Twitter -- sign that guess what that's right -- -- -- -- And that is all we will see you next week -- -- I think -- has a very exciting things to talk about -- to say what they are now but they -- that. -- efforts to and I get the music going otherwise who's gonna feed into the logo and ego. -- -- -- -- --

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