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Tech Culture: Chart a course to your own GPS

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Tech Culture: Chart a course to your own GPS

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CNET senior editor Bonnie Cha and host Brian Tong will answer your questions help you navigate your way through the jumble of GPS devices on this edition of Editors' Office Hours.

[ music ] ^M00:00:05 >> All right, what's up everybody? Welcome to the Editor's Office Hours. I'm Brian Tong, editor with CNET TV, and potty mouth. I'm here with Bonnie, the boom. >> The boom. >> I don't know how to make my own sound like that. >> That was really great. >> Is that cool? Are you happy to be here? >> I am. >> Okay. So just to get things kicked off, if you heard some voice chatter before the show actually was on, I apologize for those comments. But we will move forward, cause today is a new day. >> It is. >> Carpe diem my friends. >> Yes. >> Is that the, is that how you say it? Yeah. All right guys, you know what time it is. This is all about you. Down below us we have our little chat box. If you want to talk smack about what Bonnie's wearing you can do that. >> Excuse me. >> It's down below us, also up here in the right hand box. This is the question box. Now we know that the theme of today is really about GPS. >> Yes. >> But honestly, you can ask us anything. >> Anything. >> Talk about mobile, why Bonnie continues to call me at one a.m. at night. Any other things that you guys want to talk about, we're totally - >> Let's talk about harassment here, and how Brian is the definition of harassment. >> Okay, smart phones, everything you want to know. >> Yeah, go for it. >> So yeah, pop in your name up here. If you don't have an account with us, username, password, and give us your email. I will send you lots of spam, and that's how you talk to us. So this, you guys you know, enable us to talk to you, so we do have a few questions. But first of all, since we are talking about GPS - >> Yes. >> - I guess I should talk about one thing GPS related. >> Okay. >> Now there was a little posting about the invisible, not invisible, but the GPS, the Garman Nuve [assumed spelling] phone. You had seen a little prototype a while back. >> Yeah. >> What's the rumblings with that? >> So it was I guess almost a year ago. So it's Garman's first smart phone, you know, they're purely GPS, or have been purely GPS. But they're you know, offering this GPS enabled smart phone, and we haven't heard anything for a while, but it does pass through the FCC, which is a big step for it being released in the United States. They are aiming for a release in the first half of 2009, but I don't know much beyond that. I feel like at this point it's kind of like dead in the water. >> Yeah. >> You know? Like we've been waiting for so long, and there are all these other smart phones out now that kind of, the good thing about Garman is gonna have its kind of navigation software on there, so it has that advantage over the other ones. >> Yeah. >> But you know - >> Other than that. >> - it's been a long time, so. >> Now when you saw that original form factor that they had showed you - >> Yes. >> Was it really more like a dummy phone branding the software? Or what - >> Yeah. It was kind of yeah, just I feel like a very much a prototyping. It was under a glass bubble, and we couldn't really take it out to see, yeah. We saw it at TFMA last year. >> Was it kind of like in Beauty and the Beast in that you know, classic cage where the rose is dying, but it was a Nuve phone instead? >> That your favorite movie? Beauty and the Beast, you watch it every night. >> No, never seen it actually. >> Yeah, okay. >> My niece told me about it actually. >> Yeah. [ singing ] [ laughing ] >> Okay, let's get to some questions, shall we? >> Okay, let's do that. >> Okay. This question, we'll take this from the bottom, the first question is from Dee Internet, I get it, it's probably trying to play on words like the internet. >> Uh huh, Dee. >> Or not at all. Samsung, Omnia, or Blackberry Bold, which one will provide the most satisfaction over the next two years? >> Most satisfaction. >> Which one has vibrate? That's first what I want to know. >> They both do. >> Okay. >> Well it depends, God this is going so wrong. >> No, we're gonna be professional now. >> Okay. >> I stopped, I stopped. We're gonna be professional now. Cause this is our last one before the holidays. >> It is. We're a little goofy. >> So we'll be professional. >> Oh we'll be professional. >> Or you will be. >> Yeah. They're two very different phones, I feel. You know, the Samsung Omnia is all touch screen, whereas the Blackberry Bold doesn't have a touch display, it's about messaging. So it kind of depends on what you want. If you want more web browsing, and like multimedia, I think the Omnia is kind of the way to go. Whereas the bold is definitely more businesslike, and good for messaging. So in terms of durability you know, I think they're both very good. >> Very durable. >> Yeah, so again, it's kind of whether you want the touch screen or the full QWERTY keyboard. >> Okay, that's cool. All right, this next question is from Matt Burley, I haven't even really read through these, but we'll just take them. >> Okay. >> Okay. What's up the Boom and Skunk Stripe? Thanks Matt Burley, you are now on my crap list. Want to get a new mobile phone, I'm just playing. Want to get a new mobile phone, I need a good camera, a good web browser, and the ability to tether my laptops. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time, and bring back Crave. >> Crave. Well it kind of depends on what carrier you're on. >> Yeah, Matt, what carrier are you on? >> Yeah, let me know, and I can give you some recommendations. >> Okay, cool. Hopefully he'll send us that information, and then we can get to that. >> Yes. >> Okay. This question is from Enzen Elzwin [assumed spelling], because I know how to say his or her name now. Do you think that portable GPS will be replaced by the smart phone in future years? What's your take on that? >> I think for now, I think for the next couple years you know the stand alone GPS, like the Garman's and the Tom Tom's are still gonna be around. I think people are still just getting used to GPS, or you know, realizing the idea of it. But I do, I think eventually that smart phones will kind of replace the stand alone GPS. >> I think the main limiting factor is smart phone screens - >> Yeah. >> - are so much smaller to be able - >> Right. >> - to be able to use them, the usability of them. >> Yeah. >> I mean you have certain touch phones, touch screen phones that have GPS directions, but it's still not like you know, the software, it's not like Garman software - >> Right. >> - is on their phone. >> Like the functionality just isn't quite there to you know, the portable GPS. But you know, I think eventually - >> Yeah, but they're really good though. I mean - >> They are good. And you know, you've got the voice directions. Yeah the screen size is small, but you know most of the time you should be looking at the road and like - >> Really? >> - maybe. So you know, I think it'll eventually go there. I think the companies realize that too and are kind of shifting their focus, you know, still dedicating their time to the portable stuff, but also looking at you know, cell phones and mobile phones. >> Okay. >> Yeah. >> Here's a question from Shilo82. What, let's talk about, let's not talk about GPS. >> Let's just jive, okay. >> Well yeah. What's the best budget GPS? >> Tom Tom has a good one with their One series, they're pretty good, and you know, probably you can get them under, around a hundred and fifty, under two hundred for sure. Garman you'll be, like the 200 series is a good budget GPS, and Mio [assumed spelling] has a couple good ones too. I think Tom Tom and Garman are gonna be hard to beat, just in terms of like interface and usability. So take a look at the One series. >> They have the Tom Tom one, but is the Tom Tom 1XL, is that the wide screen version? >> Yeah, that's the wide screen version. But like the Tom Tom One, 130S and things like that are kind of - >> Yeah. I got, I actually got that last year for Black Friday for my parents. >> Oh yeah? >> Still in the packaging. >> What? >> I would use that. >> Did they ask for it? Or were you, did you think they needed it? >> My parents are really hard to shop for. I don't know about you, like for Christmas - >> Yeah. >> Like do you buy tech stuff for your parents? >> Oh no. >> Yeah, see I don't - >> See they don't get along with tech. >> Yeah, I mean I buy, my dad probably has like twenty mugs cause that's all he's good for. >> Oh I get them all the golf stuff. >> Oh okay yeah, my dad's easy to please. But my mom it's like oh thanks for the GPS. Never use it. >> Okay, back in the closet. >> Okay yeah, stupid. Okay, anyways, I don't know why I'm talking about that. All right, next question. What is, it disappeared. What's this, how did he get it on, okay fine, this question is from don't know. Somehow he sneaked - >> Yeah. >> - into the forums and then published his question before I could answer him. What a jerk. All right Dome, actually it's from, if you've been reading any of his blog posts, he is in Vietnam right now. >> Yes, he is. >> But even though he's supposed to be on vacation, he's been writing for CNET. >> He's been writing some good stuff. >> Which is cool, yeah. He's been, he went into a shop that actually modified 3G iPhones to use Vietnam carriers. But they were like soldering the mother board. >> Yeah, I know. >> It's crazy stuff. But Dome, hello my friend. All right, here we go. Hey guys, I don't need no stinky GPS, that's not correct grammar Dome, and I'm gonna dock you points for that. But just wanted to say that you guys look good from where I am, which is Vietnam. Thank you. >> Thanks Dome. Hi Dome, we miss you. >> All right, I don't. Okay. I don't miss Dome. Okay. Here we go. This question is, why is my thing up? I can't - >> Here I'll do it. >> Yeah. >> Which one were you gonna take? That one? >> Yeah. Read it before, cause it wasn't showing up on mine. See? It's disappearing. Okay guys, we're having a little - >> It's on, it shows up on the site. >> Okay. >> Okay, well I'll just - >> Yeah, just read it, yeah. Just read it. >> Hold on one second. I don't know where to go. >> Okay here we go, mine's showing up. >> All right. >> What is best in dash portable or mobile GPS? I mean it depends on how you're gonna use it, again. >> Right, and your budget. >> What's the best all around? I have just one car. If you had more than one car I'd be impressed. So I don't need a transport from car to car. >> So he's asking is it better to get an in dash or portable or mobile? >> Yes. >> Okay. Well I don't really test the in dash navigation stuff, you know, Anton and Wing do. So I can't really answer to that. Portable, like I said before, I'm really just kind of impressed with the Garman and the Tom Tom series. The Garman Nuve 880, it's kind of on the higher end, but I really like that one, and gave it an Editor's Choice this year. You used it. >> Yeah. >> [inaudible] problems. >> No. >> Hey how do you do the voice command? >> Oh my gosh, dude seriously. I - >> Do you not - >> If people have seen my product reviews, I get into the product. >> I know. >> I learn it in and out. If they see my blooper reel, they can show, they can see the dedication that I put in to figure out how the product works. >> Okay. So yeah, I like the Garman Nuve 880, the Tom Tom Go 930 was also good. So if you want one for just fun, novelty's sake, the Mio Night Rider GPS was cool, cause it had the voice of Kit on it. >> And you said some really weird things to me. >> Yeah, like I don't even remember. Like - >> I don't know, it was like Brian I'd like to get to know you. >> Yeah, where can we go today, Brian. >> Yeah, it's just very, very odd. Okay, we're gonna keep on taking some questions here. Okay, here we go. Yeah, do you want to? >> Oh I'll take one from the internet too. >> Yeah, let's do it. >> Is GPS locked on the Omnia? What is the best free GPS smart phone? For the Verizon Omnia, it is, it's locked in the sense that you can only use it with VZ navigator to get turn by turn directions. As far as free smart phone with GPS, I don't think there are too many with those. I think you can get a lot for around like a hundred and fifty with a two year contract, like the Blackberry Curves and the Samsung Epics from AT and T, and things like that. But I don't, can't think of anything off the top of my head that's free, unfortunately. So that's that. >> Okay. So let's do this, let's take a little breaky breaky. We have a video here, this one actually is featuring the Nuve 880, is that right? >> Yes. >> Yeah, it is. And it's featuring you? >> Maybe. Or it's you. >> No, oh it is. It's the holiday gift guide. It's a holiday gift guide video featuring myself. Bonnie is actually in the video, if you look really carefully. >> I am? >> So, no, you're not. >> Okay. >> But we'll see you guys in a few minutes, this is our top recommendation for a holiday gift guide 2008, the Nuve 880. >> The Garman Nuve series has a great track record for pumping out quality devices. I'm Brian Tong from cnet.com, and today we're shining the light bright on the Garman Nuve 880, our editor's top GPS pick for this year's holiday gift guide. ^M00:12:12 [ music ] ^M00:12:19 >> The Garman Nuve 880 is sleek and simple, with a great looking four point three inch wide screen, that's bright and easy to read. The touch screen is spacious, and really responsive to our commands. What makes this device different from other models is its speech recognition capabilities. Other competitors have this tech, but the Nuve's voice capabilities and accuracy set it apart. Now you'll need to use this microphone that you can attach to your steering wheel, but it's well worth it. There are thirty different voice command functions, like finding an address, adjusting the volume, and accessing MSN direct services, and it works like a charm. Find address. [ ding ] >> What city in California. >> San Francisco. [ ding ] >> What house number in San Francisco. >> Now you'll see a three point five millimeter headphone jack, a micro SD card slot, and a USB port on the device. It's packed with the features you'd expect from the Nuve series, like the ability to play MP3s, and audio books. And there's a picture viewer, world clock, and other goodies like games. Now you can listen to the audio through the speaker, the FM modulator, or the audio output, and it has Bluetooth for wireless hands free calling, which lets you make and accept calls. MSN direct services bring weather, movie times, gas prices, and traffic to an already top notch package. Now this is a great device, but what are some of the things that you guys should be aware of? Well the Nuve 880 is priced around twelve hundred dollars. Yes, it's over a grand, and with some online hunting you can find it for a couple hundred dollars cheaper, but you guys got to beware. Now another thing, compared to other GPS devices, route calculations take a little longer on the 880. It's not maddening, but there are units that do it faster. And I still don't like how there's no manual volume control buttons on the device, but you can adjust it with the voice commands. So those are just some minor complaints. But Garman packs this bad boy with every feature you can think of, and the stellar voice commands give it the edge, and make it worthy of our CNET Editor's Choice Award. I'm Brian Tong from cnet.com, and if you're looking for the creme de la creme of GPS devices, the Garman Nuve 880 is where it's at. ^M00:14:24 [ music ] ^M00:14:30 >> No stop, I will not, no I will not go out with you. >> Oh my God, here we go again. >> I will not go out with you. >> Stop it. >> I will not go out with you Bonnie. >> This is so embarrassing Brian. >> Okay, you broke my heart once, twice is too much. >> This is why we're not doing Crave any more. [ laughter ] >> She had no idea I was gonna do that. >> I know, I really hate it when you do that. [ laughter ] >> Okay guys. Anyways, someone asked in the chat if Skunk Stripe and Boom are having relations. We are friends, we're BFF's. >> We're BFF. >> We're BFF's. >> And that's where it ends. >> That's where it ends, except when she tries to call me. It's like we, it was very, you know, sometimes it's really had to keep this professionalism that I strive for. >> That you are so perfect, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> Okay. Let's get back to work, cause we got questions that people are here to get answered. >> I know, I'm gonna take this one. >> Okay, please do, please do your job, thank you. >> Alan Iceman? >> Alan Iceman, yes. >> Alan Iceman. >> Alan Iceman, yes. >> Alan Iceman, I'm not so good at that. >> That's all right, it's all right. >> All right, he says, he she, I'm looking at the Garman 265WT and was wondering if the traffic extra is worth it, and any other cons you've seen. The traffic extras are worth it because they are completely free. You don't have to pay extra for them. What they did is, you will see some little ads at the bottom, but that's how they can offer you free traffic, and it's really nothing like so in your face that it gets annoying. So I think it's worth it. As far as cons, you know, the traffic alerts were a little on the slower side, I wish they were, they told you a little bit more ahead of time. And otherwise, nothing really bad about the Garman Nuve 265, so I think it's worth it. >> Okay, excellent. >> Yep. >> Excellent. >> Let's see. >> You want to just keep on taking questions - >> Yeah. >> - that you like? Let's do HipHop ForPres, that one's - >> Want to take it? >> Yeah, yeah, let's do. >> Okay. >> Okay. HipHop ForPres, what's up. What up Brian and Bonnie, I just want to know what are some of the key features to look for in a GPS. >> Well here's the thing about GPS. All the models offer pretty much the core navigation features, like text and voice guided driving directions. What I really liked about voice guided directions is the text to speech functionality, so it actually, having fun? >> Yeah, no I'm stretching my back out, it's sore. >> Sorry. >> Are you gonna answer HipHop ForPres's question? >> I'm, oh so text to speech functionality will actually like speak out the street names, which I think is really great. So you can focus on the road and kind of just listen for the street name, whereas you don't have to go back and forth looking at the screen. >> And if they were watching the Nuve 880 video, that is actually one of the best text to speech recognizers that we'd played with, right? >> Yeah, but you're thinking about the voice command system, which is different a little bit. [ laughter ] To say. >> Oh yeah. >> So on the Nuve 880 - >> Get it. >> What he's talking about is you can actually speak to the GPS and enter addresses that way. >> Yes, that's what I meant. And text to speech is when there's text, and the unit speaks to you. >> Yes. >> I know these things you guys. >> It says turn right on Main Street instead of turn right in a hundred feet. >> Yes. >> So that's the difference. Good try though. >> I apologize, she rattled me during the break when she continuously persisted to hit on me. I apologize. >> So we have this question here. >> This is from, you want to take JM Parton? >> Yeah. >> Okay, let's go with that. JM Parton, do you have any experience with the Garman software for Windows Mobile or Blackberry OS? >> Unfortunately, I don't. >> I know, I mean I've always - >> Yeah. >> Typically the phones that we have, they have the Telenav. >> They have the Telenav, yeah. Telenav is kind of [inaudible] like location based services. You can always use like Google Maps, but the difference is you're not gonna get the real time directions, you're just gonna kind of get a list of where you need to go, whereas you know, Telenav will like - >> It'll go step by step. >> Step by step, yeah. >> And you'll have a voice telling you. >> Yeah, exactly. >> But you will not be able to give it voice commands, like I you know, I messed up. >> It's okay. >> I don't talk to my phones though, I really don't. Okay, what's, this is from Enzen Elzwin. What's a good GPS for biking? >> I don't know if you're looking for like a motorcycle, or just like a regular bicycle. For motorcycles there are two specific ones. Garman has one called a Zumo, 550 I think. And that had good reviews. And then Tom Tom has a Tom Tom Rider Two. I think the Zumo offers a little bit more as far as you know, accessories and Bluetooth integration too. So that's probably my pick over the Tom Tom Rider. As far as bicycles, I haven't really tested, if you're a serious biker, I think you need to go with kind of the ones dedicated for that, you know, I think Garman has some rugged hand helds and things like that that are specifically made for biking, and if you're training, things like that. As far as like directions, I would go with something small, like the Tom Tom One, that could be you know - >> Yeah, it's about like this big. >> Yeah, it's about this big, so. And even like small I think will be a good match for bicycles. >> Okay, excellent. What are, what are PGD's? >> I don't know, I just took that. But I don't know what PGD, so the question is Bonnie and Ryan, do the PGD's use, or have the capability to use DGPS. And if you could clarify what that is. >> Yeah, please help us Lackem [assumed spelling]. >> Yeah. >> Because - >> I don't know all those acronyms, unfortunately. >> Please yeah, help us and maybe we can help you. Yeah, we don't know everything. >> Yeah. >> But what are PG, do you want to guess what a PGD is? >> Portable - >> GPS device? >> Maybe. So do the [inaudible] or have the - >> Personal girl date? >> What? >> I'm just kidding, he didn't write that. Is it in the chat? PGD's, PGD's, people help. >> Anyone. All right, I'll take this one while - >> Okay, okay, take this next one. >> FortyNinersFan123 asks what is, why are you snorting? >> Nothing, someone wrote me something in a chat box. >> What is the best phone on the, in AT and T that has the best quality GPS. Gosh, I can't, I'm trying to think offhand. >> The best. I mean I've, if they're all Telenav, they're all Telenav. >> They're all Telenav, and they're all you know I think maybe he's asking like as far as like reception and things like that. I find that most of them are kind of the same, and I don't have any top picks. I know that the Samsung Epics has it, the Blackberry Bold has it. But unfortunately I don't, I can't say which one is the best, you know. So. But I mean they're all around the same kind of level. >> Okay, excellent. Let's see what others we have. Okay, people are asking about this sticker that's on my laptop. It's our cool groovy CNET logo on a sticker that I put there now. I don't know how they can get it yet, but maybe I'll talk to my excellent and beautiful marketing department, and maybe they will provide me some and I'll give them out on one of my shows. >> That'd be cool. >> That would be cool. >> Mm-hmm. >> Maybe we'll give them out in Editor's Office Hours. Also people that might have watched Crave, there's still a lot of prizes that I have to still mail out. I'm serious. >> Shame on you. >> I'm serious. I have a box of like fifteen things - >> It's been a while buddy. >> - that I need to send out to people. It's because I'm so, I'm so swarmed. >> I know. >> if I had a secretary, like you, like I would be able to do that type of stuff, so. >> I know you are busy though. It's hard to catch Brian. >> Okay, do we have any other questions? >> Let's see. >> If not, we can just talk about anything. >> We can just talk about anything. >> Okay, I have a question. With the holiday gift guide, you guys chose the Nuve 880. >> Mm-hmm. >> Were there any other contenders that were really close, and what really put the Nuve over the edge? >> You know, it's not even anything, just Garman has it kind of down as far as interface and usability. You know, Tom Tom is close I think. But you know, like I said, as far as the voice commands, the Nuve 880 was just on top of it. I mean it was really accurate, and it does more than address entry, you know, there are other GPS that have the address entries. But with you know, the Garman you can say you know, calls blah blah blah, or launch applications that way, so. Hey. >> Hey. >> Hey. >> Okay, hey, is this true? Is this true? Super Technie asks did you know it's Anthony's birthday today? Is it really your birthday? >> It is. >> Happy birthday Anthony. >> Come here, come here, come here. >> Come on. >> We're gonna sing happy birthday. Well clearly we have no more questions, so. [ laughter ] Stand between us, stand between us. Okay, actually, okay, get down, okay. There's a song that you go - >> group: Happy birthday to you. >> And then we go, I say boom, and you say ching, and then he has to go cha cha cha. >> Really? >> I'm serious. >> I'm sorry Anthony. >> Okay? Here we go. >> Happy birthday to you. >> Boom >> Ching. >> Cha cha cha. [ laughter ] >> Happy birthday dear Anthony. Happy birthday to you. >> Boom. >> Ching. >> Cha cha cha. >> Cha cha cha, whoo. How old are you Anthony? >> Twenty four. >> Twenty four. >> Twenty four. >> This is the man behind the scenes that has been running the show, making me look a lot better than I really am. And Anthony, thank you for all your help buddy. >> Thank you Brian. >> Happy birthday. >> Yes, happy birthday. A young outstanding twenty four. >> Yes. >> So there you guys go, that's Anthony. >> Damn you Jamie. [ laughter ] >> Okay. You know, we actually do have a question. >> We do. >> Yeah, we do have a question. Okay, what's the best GPS for a senior citizen? I guess most easiest to use. >> Easiest to use. I would maybe try the Tom Tom 1XL. >> Yeah. >> Cause you get that extra big screen, and it's easy to use, just basic navigation features. You know, maybe the Garman 200, I think it has some features that you don't need, so my pick would maybe be the Tom Tom 1XL right now. >> Isn't it funny though whenever, like you know in CNET Live when people ask for oh what's the best device for an old person, it's always like the one with the largest screen? >> Yeah, yeah. >> It makes sense, it's like well make sure you have a good big screen for the old eyes. They can't see. >> [inaudible] old person. >> Let's go dancing or clubbing. Okay, what's the advantage of the MSN services on the Garman? That's from FortyNinersFan. Go Niners baby, even though you know, they're building, but I like them. >> They're building. >> Not now, but I've always liked them, they're getting better. >> Yeah. >> Okay. What are the main [inaudible]. >> So the MSN services - >> Direct, right? MSN direct services. >> Yes, MSN direct services brings you kind of real time information, like the weather, you can find movie times - >> Yeah, correct. >> And you know - >> The traffic, there's better traffic like reports - >> It's a little more, yeah, it's a little more detailed, the traffic reports, and you know, you can find fuel prices. >> Mm-hmm, that's right, gas prices. >> Things like that. I feel like as we go you know, forward, like a lot of, you don't really even need MSN direct any more. Some of these GPS manufacturers are kind of integrating these services into their products. So you know, I think a big thing for 2009 is gonna be those connected devices, like the dash express, which we saw last year, and Telenav just came out with one called the Shotgun, and basically uses a cellular network to kind of - >> Yeah. >> - connect. And you get all this information. >> Well like you were saying you know, there are now these days, I was thinking as you were talking, that people are just using their phones for that stuff. >> Yeah, yeah. >> And it's nice to have it on the GPS device, but to pay an extra fee - >> Right. >> - when you already have your phone that gives it all. >> Right, right. >> Plus they haven't really improved the MSN direct services - >> They haven't really. >> - from whatever, a year and a half or two ago? >> Yeah. >> It's still offering the same stuff. >> Right. So, I don't know how long that'll last. >> Okay. We kind of covered this, but do you want to say, answer this question again. >> Sure. >> The in dash or portable, what are the advantages or disadvantages of each. >> I think the biggest thing is price. In dash is gonna be a little more, and you know, portable is kind of the more budget friendly. And you can use it in multiple cars. So I mean if you do have multiple cars, or you know, take a lot of road trips and rent cars, it's kind of nice to have. You know, as far as functionality, I haven't really used that many in dash, so I can't speak to which one's better. I think there's probably a little bit more functionality I would figure - >> Yeah, I just, I typically like playing around with like my sister's car. >> Yeah. >> And even messing around with Garmans, like the Garman's just really straight forward and easy. >> Mm-hmm, yeah. >> I mean that's [inaudible] helps you, I shouldn't say just Garman's. >> Right. >> But Garman's and [inaudible]. And I almost feel like watching how GPS has evolved, I mean how much more can they really do? >> Yeah, that's the thing. And I think that's why people are kind of banking on the connected GPS devices. But you know, the problem with that is their extra fees, so you know, are people willing to pay that like monthly fee to keep that going. >> It's almost like, I mean as we see it on more phones, GPS is becoming more of a software thing because the hardware's already in the phones these days, right? >> Yeah, yeah. >> I'm not saying GPS is dead. >> No it's not, you know, like I said, I think there's still a couple years before that. But you're right, you know, how much more can you build on what's already out there, you know? >> Exactly. >> So. >> Okay guys, so that's gonna do it for today. We just want to say thanks for coming out. We won't be here what, for the next two weeks I believe? >> I think so. >> Cause we'll be on vacation. >> Yeah. >> Yeah, for the next two weeks. So we hope you guys enjoy your holidays, drink lots of egg nog, you know, light the Menorah as they say. >> As they say? >> Happy Kwanzaa, all those, all - >> Happy holidays everyone. >> Happy holidays. I didn't say merry Christmas, but I said Kwanzaa and Menorah, so all of the above. Whatever you are, whatever planet you're from, merry holidays. >> Holidays. [ laughter ] >> And happy new year. >> Okay, we'll see you guys, take care. Remember, Editor's Office Hours, two thirty p.m. east coast time, eleven thirty a.m. west coast time. >> Look at me. >> Bonnie, thanks for coming. >> You're welcome. [ laughter ] >> I don't know who's gonna be in the dreadful Editor's Office Hours seat next week. >> The poor, poor person. >> I know, I know, it'll be you. Okay, we'll see you guys. >> Bye. >> Have a great holidays. >> Happy birthday Anthony. >> Woohoo. ^M00:29:00 [ music ]

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1:54 March 27, 2015
With Twitter's Periscope hitting the scene, we had to see how it measures up to Meerkat.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: What's the difference?
2:30 March 27, 2015
Paralyzed by choice? CNET's Jessica Dolcourt helps you decide if you can really be happy with the base model S6, or if the S6 Edge's...
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2016 Kia Sorento
5:28 March 27, 2015
CNET Senior Editor Wayne Cunningham test-drives the new 2016 Kia Sorento Limited Trim model and checks the tech on this comfortable,...
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Mercedes F 015: Car of the future (CNET On Cars, Episode 62)
20:50 March 27, 2015
Mercedes asks what shall we do when driving ends, the new safety tech that must be on your new-car shopping list, and the Top 5 affordable...
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Imagine a 10TB Solid State Drive
2:58 March 27, 2015
Could a 10TB Solid State Drive be in our near future? Amazon fluffs up their cloud service, Lyft goes social and Tim Cook gives ba...
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It shoots. It scores.
2:53 March 27, 2015
Mirrorless Samsung NX1 takes on dSLRs for action photography.
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