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CES In-Depth: The top gadgets and stories from Day One at CES: CES 2014

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CES 2014: CES In-Depth: The top gadgets and stories from Day One at CES

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Sony announces their Playstation Now gaming service, we check out Samsung's bendable TV concept, Panasonic's high-tech hair dryer and another "C-E-Yes or C-E-No!"

-All right, welcome everybody to CES In Depth from the CNET Stage at CES 2014. I'm Brian Tong and these two knuckleheads right next to me, Donald Bell and Brian Cooley. -[unk] to you, sir. -Thank you. The-- My esteemed colleagues here with CNET. Now, for the next 20 minutes, we're gonna kinda wrap up and bring you some of the hottest news and products that we heard about today from CES day one. Yesterday was press day. Today is really officially CES Day 1. So, we just want to jump right into it. We started the day with Sony's keynote and they revealed their new service called PlayStation Now. If you guys aren't familiar with it, this is Sony's kind of answer to bringing some of those games on the PS3 and possibly-- -Yeah. -PS2 backwards compatibility back to the PS4, but through a streaming service. -Streaming gaming service. -Streaming gaming service. -Yup. -Yes. You're not-- You don't care-- -I've never gotten to the Sony stuff. So, but I-- I'm excited that it looks like it's a way for-- it's an answer that Microsoft has not provided for like streaming of the back catalogue of games, right? -Yeah. -I mean it seems like a unique Sony proposition. Was there any pricing around that or-- -No pricing. It's gonna be either subscription or pay service on the spot, but they didn't give any price-- -And it wasn't strictly games either, right? -It wasn't kinda like all there-- -The video-- -The video content. -That's another component that they haven't announced yet, which will be like live TV or recorded TV on demand, but you can stream from the-- -That's the question, is what live TV and what DVR ability will they have? Because that's where they can go head-to-head with Xbox, which-- that's a big delta right now, is Xbox is going stronger living room and PS4 has gone stronger to remain in more game. This is an important catchup move I think to make them more on parody with Xbox 360. And it sounds like it's got a little bit of steam box DNA in it, right? The streaming games, moving them all through a lingua franca of the net-- -Yeah. -and just play them out that way. -I like the way you use that word. -Lingua franca. -Lingua franca. -I think you'd like it. -I'm kind of hungry actually. -Sounds like a big fish. -That sounds like a sandwich though. -Absolutely. Also, with Sony, they revealed their ultra short-throw 4K protector. This is called the Life UX and think of it as a projector on top of your ceiling. Really short range. Maybe even just-- -Or below. -Or below. -Right. Yeah. -Somewhere like 4, 5 feet away. Projects a 147-inch 4K image on your wall. Retail price ranging anywhere from 30 to 40-- -40,000 -Thousand dollars. -I think Donald described it best. There's a picture of it right there. -Right. -You can see it down by Kaz, kind of a left to Kaz right there. It looks like a baseboard here. -Right. -A big one if you've seen one. Yeah. -An expensive one. -But I mean, the way-- I'm assuming-- I've talked to Katzmaier about this, but I'm assuming this is his dream for what the ideal 4K situation would be 'cause he-- -Yeah. -been pretty strong about how 4K television's in that 60, 70 kind of mostly consumer range of televisions. 4K really doesn't make a lot of sense. -It's not big enough to have that resolution really-- -Right. -deliver anything different than 1080-- -4K projectors is what he was really excited about. -Huge image. -But who's going to install, do all the work to install the projector in the back of the room, run the cables,-- -Yeah. -do all that mess? -Well-- -Show a short-throw projector right on the wall. -And it's super short though. Looks like it's throwing like 12 inches. -It's on the wall. -It's going right there. -We do need to mention that Donald showed us how to build your projection screen. So, I think you would be that guy-- -That's not-- -that would-- -I'll get the demo unit. For this, that's great. -That's what's I'm talking about. -Thank you for giving that to me. -All right, also kind of cool, a little retro throwback. Polaroid shows off their android camera now. How many of you guys out there remember Polaroid take the picture, get the picture instantly? This is a cool Polaroid android camera and it prints out the photo right after you take it. It's about 4-1/2 inch device. -Socialmatic. -Socialmatic. I just love the fact that it's-- it's bringing some of that nostalgia back. -And no price is set yet, which to me is critical. This is the 30 bucks for 80 sheets of crepe paper, which-- -Is it portable? -That's just the paper. If that is, it's not bad. It's pretty-- That's way cheaper than Polaroid photos are or were. They run about a dollar in exposure. You know, you could still buy Polaroid film from Fujifilm, but this is an inexpensive media. But if this is like a 90-dollar camera, I think people are gonna use it for a while and then tell their friends, yeah, I use it for a while then I stop using it. It's got to be a cheap camera. -Yeah. Yeah. -Otherwise, forget it. It's just not that important. -Is there an Instagram tie-in or is it just modeled to look like the Instagram of those. -Well, you know what happened is actually that was kinda like started from a project that was like a Kickstarter that they tried to launch-- -Uh-huh. -and they were saying this is like an instant Instagram camera. -Yeah. -It never took off and then Polaroid partnered with them-- -Okay. -to create this device. So, this is kind of the remnants of that project. -It looks like an Icon. -Right. -Yeah. Yeah. -But what I loved about the Polaroid is that it was the anti-social camera, right. I mean there is social sharing with the-- with the Polaroid film. -Not-- -They have the scale. Tell you that, when she cut it up in a lot of pieces, it doesn't scale. -I went over to the booth though, the funny behavioral thing. People are taking pictures with some of Polaroid's other models and they're like, well, the picture takes too long to see now. You know, everyone is so used to-- -Yeah. -taking the selfie. I know you do that a lot. -Yeah. -And then looking at the selfie and then sending the selfie. Now, you gotta shake it out. -Yeah. -Which-- Okay, let's dispel the myth right now. You don't shake Polaroid photos and you don't shake these with zinc paper. You don't shake those either. -What was the song that didn't shake? -Take it like a Polaroid picture, baby. -Yeah. -The worst thing you could do to a Polaroid print is shake that thing, but everyone's doing it. -Maybe they can make it the new version of the biggest-- -They could shame 'em. Right. -Everyone wants to do it. -All right. And then kind of the last one, maybe not the sexiest, but just another move for Yahoo as they're kind of trying to transform themselves and really be more-- even a bigger more relevant content machine. They showcased and announced their news digest app. This will be on your iPhone first. -Yeah. -What it does, it's a combination of algorithms and curation of the top 10 stories. It will be delivered to you early in the morning and then later at night so you kinda get two hits of the latest stuff, the most relevant stuff. Again, one of their push is to get that new content that they-- You know, they want that fresh kind of edge that people are looking for. -Yeah. I feel like if it wasn't Yahoo, no one's getting app coverage like app announcement coverage at CES. Only Yahoo could make that happen, but it will be interesting to see it happen. -Yeah. -When the iPad first came, remember all the magazines that launched and iPad was gonna be a magazine platform more than anything at least in the beginning and there are all these new magazines custom built for the iPad and we were all gonna pay for them. Nobody pays for tablet magazine. I think it's down to like maybe 2 percent of all magazines that are-- -I'm like-- I'm one of those few people that actually pay. You know, I buy-- I buy a physical subscription and then the digital comes with it. -There's one called Game Informer. It's supposed to be really popular. -That's-- -I am one of those guys. -Yeah. But I think-- this is gonna print magazine like, which I don't-- not necessarily is. It's for Digest. -Yeah. -But the magazine on the mobile thing that arrives at special times like this on a publication moment, that's part of why the magazine hasn't been very popular in tablet is we're just used to what we want when we want it, although I like that they're organized in condensing. I think a lot of us miss the organization of a periodic print publication. -All right. Now, you guys, we're gonna check on another headline here. Have you guys seen the bendable Samsung 85-inch TV yet? Have you guys checked that out? -It's cool. -Kind of crazy. I don't know if you need it. -It's crazy, but it's cool. -But the big buzz-- It's all the big buzz this year. So, we've got Sharon Vaknin ready to give us a live look if you haven't seen already. One of those bendy TVs in Samsung. -She is yawning. -She is yawning. She's excited. -She's so bored. -She is umped up about this. -Oh hey. -Hey. -Hey guys, well, we are here at the Samsung booth, which is always one of the more striking booths at CES. They always put on a big show. And this year, their biggest product is their curve TVs. One this wall behind me are a couple dozen curved TVs. And they look pretty good, but some people still think they're a gimmick. And I wanna talk to you guys about that today. So, 10 feet this way. And while we're here, look at this booth. It's kind of insane. They're showing up appliances. They've got more home theater solutions, but what I really wanna show you guys today is what's really attracting a huge crowd here at the booth. So, curved TVs are new and they're so new that Samsung knows that consumers aren't necessarily sure whether or not they want to stick with the flat handle or the curved TV. So may I introduce the bendable TV? This is insane. Watch as one of the booth attendants clicks a button and the screen just bends. Mind you, this is a glass screen, so it's a flexible display. The degree of which it's bending is called 4200R. Okay, that sort of describes the radius of its bending. All this talk, you might still be wondering. And so, well, first of all, you see-- you guys see this? It's got-- It's like an accordion. So, can we-- can we close it again? I wanna show you how crazy this is. So, she clicks a button and the screen starts to flatten in theory. Is it flattening? Is it going? Oh my gosh, it's so smooth I didn't even notice. Boom! And it's flat again. So, I asked Samsung, okay, how much is this guy gonna be and when is it coming out? No answers. This isn't really intended to come to the market. It's really just a prototype to show just how awesome Samsung's technology is and what it can do. So, don't expect it to come to market. As far as the price goes, very expensive 99 ballpark amount. So, again, curved TVs are new. They're a big hit at CES this year, but I think that companies like Samsung do have a long way in convincing consumers that this is what they want. My experience, I've spent some time in the Samsung booth and I have to say that if you are sitting dead center right smack in the middle of that curved display, you're going to have a really immersive experience. It's going to feel like you're at a movie theater like a little bit of a 3D effect. The moment you step right or left too much though, that angle or that viewing angle starts to get a little bit distorted. So, if I'm over here on the left, that side looks really good to me, right, because now it's curved towards me. But right here, it's not the best picture for me. So, I still need to be convinced a little bit. At a really big size like this 85-incher, it looks good. No arguments there. But for my living room, we'll have to see. -All right guys, that's a little peek at the Samsung booth and their bendable TV. Back to you. -All right guys, thanks to Sharon for that. I think the Samsung people got to her a little bit. -Two things going on here. First of all, I was talking to some people earlier and they're saying, wait a minute, you're talking about this curved TV, but isn't the whole idea right now that we're buying super thin LED TVs and maybe eventually OLEDs when they become affordable because we love how they just go flat against the wall. -Right. -Now, the industry is reversing direction-- -Yeah. -and giving us curved TVs that are about 8 inches deep, so this is one that answers. When you're watching it, curve it if it's supposedly a better image. I'm not convinced either. And then when you're done, hit the button and it flattens into the wall for good looks in your house or to show slides they are running just as wall art. -Well, even besides watching Sharon with the TV, you could see like the little-- the light on the camera that's lighting was-- went from being like a pinpoint reflection in the screen to being like a streak-- -Yeah. -when it came out. It's like-- I mean, of all the-- the other one-- one of the more popular randomness we have on CNET is like the matte screen TV so people can buy-- -Oh right. -TVs more like in really reflective rooms. -This is a TV that creates a more reflective room. -Right. Right. -That's really cool. -The other thing about the whole immersive thing, when you ever-- if you guys go out to the Samsung demo, they tell you to stand in the center very close. -Yeah. -Like of course it's gonna be immersive when it's wrapped around your peripherals and you're like 2 feet away from it. -Okay. So, this is-- this is the dirty little secret of 4K TV that BT is bringing up here. When you buy a 4K TV, if you ever do one day, you're probably gonna buy a bigger TV than you've ever had before 'cause you're gonna say I want a bigger TV and 4K is great. Lots of pixels to fill it. And then your natural inclination is to say it's the biggest TV I've ever had. We can backup a little bit and still have this big TV. You need to get closer to a 4K TV. This is kind of the counterintuitive thing. The idea is you get closer. The screen therefore fills more of your vision, creating the immersive effect whether it's curved or not. And you still can't see dots or lines maintain the illusion of reality. So, when you get a higher res TV, move in. Don't sit back. Otherwise, you're gonna waste it. -All right. You know, when you I get this close to Donald,-- -Yeah. How are my pixels? -you're very nice. -Okay. -You want me to get closer? -Yeah. -No, okay. All right you guys, time for a break. We'll be back in a moment with a live demo of Panasonic's high tech moisturizing hair dryer. Ladies and gentlemen, you'll wanna check this out. -My dad had a Honda. My mom had a Honda. -I was coming from a 2007 Honda Accord. -I traded it for a Ford Fusion Titanium. -No joke, I test drove 15 different vehicles. I kinda was indifferent towards Ford and then I sat on the Fusion for the first time and I was like, wow, this is it. You have the power, but you have the fuel economy. That's what eco boost does. I love to tell people look at what Ford has to offer. -Okay. Welcome back to CES In Depth Live on the CNET Stage. Now, we've got our friend, lovely Lexy Savvides, all the way from CNET Sydney. She's gonna demo off the new Panasonic hairdryer. Lexi, I'm gonna just toss it over to you. Tell us everything about this. What's it like? -Thanks, Brian. Well, this is a brand new hair dryer. Okay, we're thinking a whole bunch of tech here at CES is all about bendable TVs, everything with all sorts of connectivity, but this is just a hairdryer. And no, it's not the Home Shopping Network either. I'm actually gonna give you a live demo of it. The main part about the Panasonic Nanoe is all down to the ionizing technology that's inside. So, I have here, Jeffrey, guest artist from Panasonic, who is gonna be blow drying my hair. Now, the hair dryer looks pretty much like a standard hair dryer. And for all intents and purposes, it's got a whole bunch of the same controls, so you get a couple of different speeds and a couple of different heats as well as a range of heads and setting. So, you can style your hair in any number of different ways. The main difference with the Nanoe is all down to the ionizing technology and that's from a separate vent at the top that's just above where the actual heated air comes out. So, these ionizing particles are slightly different to the ones that you find on regular ionizing hairdryers. They're thousand times more moisturizing. So, this means that all of the moisture from the air and your hair itself is actually gonna be locked in, so you end up with shinier and more healthy looking hair. Now, Jeffrey is just blow drying a very small section of my hair because it's Vegas, it's dry outside, it's the dessert. And my goodness, my hair has turned totally frizzy and it's gonna take a long time to dry all of it. But Jeffrey is doing a pretty good job of styling it at the moment. Jeffrey, tell me a bit more about how the hairdryer handles. Is it just like a regular hairdryer? -Well, one thing I really, really love about this dryer is number one, the weight of it. I've been working all and everyone's asking if my arms are getting tired, but they're not really honestly. It's a really lightweight blow dryer. But what I love about this is it literally conditions the hair as you dry it. So, the number one complaint I hear in the salon is about heat damage and that's damage from excessive hair drying, but this literally puts the hair in better condition after you've heat styled it, which is, I think, revolutionary. -Guys, I've got to admit something. I actually did pop over to Panasonic's booth earlier and got my hair done properly with this Nanoe dryer. And it's actually stood out really, really well for the remainder of the day. That was about 6 hours ago or so. And I went outside. It's not frizzy. It's not turning into a lion's mane like it normally does when I get my hair blow dried or I do a terrible job of it myself. Of course, it helps if you have a professional stylist on hand to do it for you. But overall, the results are proving really, really nice. And I can definitely see a difference. If you wanna check out a before and after difference, you can check out the CNET video. I've just popped it up online now so you can see what my hair looked like before and what it looks like after. -All right. -I just wanna see what it does to BT's hair. -I think-- -You don't-- You don't mess with this. You don't mess with this. -I wanna see that all get ionized. -Moisturized. -Right? -Yeah, I mean I'm intrigued. I love how some of the ladies from the backstage are came to the front to check out-- Okay. For the audience out there right now, how many of you are like kind of intrigued by this product right now? Put your hands up. Hands up. All right, all right. I see some men-- some guys with their hands up. -Some dudes. -I see the ladies with their hands up. -Some bunch of dudes. -Come on, you've got some wavy hair up there, bro. You got some nice hair, Brian. You gotta be-- He's like, don't buzz me out like that. All right, thanks Lexy. Okay. So, what we're gonna do now here is you guys aren't ready for this. We-- And this crowd here. This is gonna be fun. -I wasn't ready for any of this. -The audience has participation. -That's not a problem. -I know you weren't. -Okay. We have a segment here that I like to kinda play around with and it's what I call CE Yes or CE No. So, what I've done is kind of find some of those things on the stage floor and we want you as well as my colleagues to tell me what you think when we check this out, right. So, play that. -All right. -Can you feel that? -Yeah. Yeah. -Turn it up. -That's the CE No already right there. -He's got his own digital underground. -That's the CE Yes. Okay, here we go. First things first, this is the Polaroid C3 Cube. These are 1.3-inch cube cameras. If you guys can see, there we go. -All right. -They're magnetic. They're right here to-- -Oh, there. -They're magnetic. You can take pictures. You can affix them anywhere. It's kind of like a twerky, cute, little, go-pro cube thing. CE Yes or CE No? -CE Hell No. -Yeah. -I'm sorry. That looks like a weird creepy like nanny cam kind of thing. -Like a square eyeball. -Audience, CE Yes or CE No? -No! -Oh my gosh, I thought they're cute. -What about you? What about you? -Oh, no, no. I don't think they're-- you know, like some guys have been like looking at me like, oh, so cute. -Not true. -No. -Okay. -Look at your head. -Okay. Here we go. Next one. I'm feeling-- I'm gonna see what you guys feel on this one. This is the-- Excuse me-- This is the Priovr VR, okay. It's a body motion controlled suit to play video games. It can be used on dates to attract women. -Yup, clearly. -Oh yeah. -CE Yes or CE No? Cooley, would you wear this? -CE Oh No. -Donald? -Would I wear it? No, but I'm not-- I'm not gonna pan this entirely. It could be a CE Yes. It depends on the context. -I mean if it's done with wireless sensors and not all that cabling, we'll talk. -I'm talking about this right here. Audience, CE Yes or No? I wanna hear you. CE Yes or No? -Yeah! -Oh, I heard some yes. -You got [unk]. -Yeses. -Yeah. -That could be cool. -Okay. Okay. We're getting warm. All right, I'm feeling this one. This is the Withings aura sleep kit. All right, now, if you look at this thing, that little blue guy that sits on your tabletop. -Uh-huh. -The mat goes under your bed. -Uh-huh. -It diagnoses your sleep patterns, find out rhythms if you're moving or not. Now, if it-- if it finds out that your sleep is disrupted, I see your eyebrow, it sends off signals and like kind of lights that supposedly stimulate melatonin release to allow you to sleep better. -Okay. -All right. He is talking about melatonin release. -I'm talking about release-- -Something was moving in my bed. Come on, stop. -CES Yes or CE No? -Stimulated release. -CE Yikes. That's just intrusive. I think-- I think Men. -If I sleep better-- Sleep is a precious thing. I would take more sleep if it worked. -Audience, CE Yes or CE No? -Yeah, I see some of the people are like I kinda like that. -It followed me on CE Men, I think. -CE Men. -All right, this last one is my favorite of the day. This is the body kit strap, you know, if you're an action camera enthusiast, for the dog, you put it on your dog. -Oh. -And you can find out what it's like in Phyto's world. CE-- I know your cat [unk]. -I've got six cats. I want six of 'em. CE Yes. -Donald-- -Sure. I don't see if there's anything objectionable there. CE Yes. -I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I would wear it. -I know you would. -Yeah. Yeah. That's my only fear, is the purvey territory that goes there. -And that's a real CE Yes. -That's a CE Yeah. -All right, everyone in the audience, CE Yes or No? -I don't like that one. All right, there you go. Okay guys, thanks so much. That's it for tonight from the CNET Stage here at CES. Join us-- Join us tomorrow beginning at 9 a.m. Pacific time for the Inside Scoop-- -I'll be there. -followed by the debut of a show Donald and Sharon will be doing called The Fix, the how-to everything, a special show here on new TVs here at CES and a wearable tech demo. The list goes on and on. If it's cool, you know we got it here at CNET. We'll see you guys tomorrow, right?

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