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CES in Depth: The big announcements from Press Day at CES 2014: CES 2014

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CES 2014: CES in Depth: The big announcements from Press Day at CES 2014

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We recap the biggest stories from day one at CES 2014, a hands-on look with Roku TV, and Brian Tong's first ever "C-E-Yes or C-E-No"

The CES is [unk] from CES 2014. Now joining me here, my colleagues, my lovely and handso me colleagues, yup, Bridget Carey and Jason Jenkins in the house and, you know, we're here for CES In Depth. We kinda talking about some of the big headline news or some of the products or things that stuck out in our minds. You know, a lot of trends happen here, wearables, 4Ks, LED TVs, you know, also Smart appliances. But I wanted to talk about-- today we heard about LG's Lifeband and their heart rate earphones. For you guys, what's your take on the whole fitness band thing? We've really seen it explode now wearables and kind of the fitness angle. What's your gut-- What's your gut take on this, Jay? -Well, it looks like I can't agree this. Really a very, very shortlived because your phone can do all this. I've got moves on my iPhone and actually this is better than these fitness bands 'cause it knows where we've been and it's got much better display. This is something is gonna absorb by phones really, really quickly. They're really nice products. I used the Fitbit for a bit, but that was it. -Fitbit for a bit. -Fitbit for a bit. -What do you think Bridget? -Yeah, I mean, how much, you know, are you motivated actually put it on. One that struck out to me interesting was Razer. They have one called the Nabu. It's supposed to be the best of both worlds. The Smartwatch, you know, capabilities of the Pebble where you get your text alerts, but also your fitness so maybe they're finding that happy medium, you know. -Yeah. -But yeah, right now, I'm curious, but I'm not dishing out the dollars. -I mean, a lot of CNET editors that are even into fitness have given the wristband a try. I've tried multiple ones, but over time I don't-- at first, you think it's cool that you know how many steps you took, you might like that here CES. But then after a week or two, you're like, "Does it really matter?" And like you said Samsung phones, iPhones, there's apps and also natively the tips that can track your movements without worrying anything on a bracelet. So, I do think they're all jumping, you know, I'm bored. There's some interesting things there, but shortlived-- What's the shelf life guys? Let's throw out a number. Let's play a list. -Six months. -Six months? -It will be landfill, okay. -Okay. -That's very sad. Also, you know, we talked about some of the other things out there. Oh, okay. We talked about, you know, the Pebble, right? Pebble is kind of coming back with their nextgen version, the Pebble Steel. I think that one is interesting, but again when you talk about short life, you know, there's something in my gut that feels like Pebble is the one that got people interested in this market. -Yeah. -And that once you see the big players come out with what, you know, their final polished generations of these Smart watches, then let's be honest of whatever Apple puts out there. I wonder, you know, Pebble is gonna just get absorbed by, then it's like they're the ones that pioneer that, but are they gonna be able to stay in the market and be relevant. That's-- I think it's a tricky one for them. -Yeah, 'cause as soon as Apple comes along or Google, you know, then it's like oh-- -Right. Exactly. These are the big boys. -who remembers Pebble. -Yeah. -But you know they are making it stylish. I mean, it doesn't look a toy anymore. It looks like something new to wear as an actual watch. -Yeah. And then, you know, there's definitely a tech store a success story from the TechSpace as well, you know, kickstarters where they got their start. They raised over $10 million from Kickstarter. I mean-- so, we shouldn't just, you know, 313 be like, oh, they're in trouble. -Yeah. -I mean, they've had an amazing story just in itself in the TechSpace. So, you know, we'll see where these wearables go. We're transitioning over to kind of one of the cool things I saw that I may not buy, the Samsung bendable TV. What do you-- A bendable TV. -Did you hear that LG now has one too? -Is it an inch-- -It's-- It's-- -Is it an inch bigger because, you know, they're like-- they're like sword fighting all the time? -Oh, yeah. Who's got the bigger one? -Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. -Yeah. But-- Yeah, just change it on a whim with a remote. It seems like something that's cool to show off to your friends on the big game day, but-- -If you're a baller. -Yeah. If you have a lot of money, right? Yeah. I don't know. Something different. It's kind of quirky, you know, but-- you know, you take it out of it. -Well, the TV guys have insisted the curved screen. Is it better for you because it's more cinematic 'cause it surrounds your favored visions? -It's such a small curve. -It's like you need an IMAX theater that's curved on a dome. -It's so small. -I get sick on those. -Yeah. -Is there a slight difference? -You're on a bigger curve. You'll be happy if it was found. -If you wanna go, go away. -Jayson, do you like bigger curves? -Well, I'm not sure-- -But you're blushing. I don't know why, but you are. Okay. We're also, you know, Sony's 4K camcorder, I thought that was pretty interesting and we just saw that from Sony. Again, it's not gonna be very affordable, but pushing 4K into the really true consumer space, they're pioneer in that. I like it. I'm not-- I'm not gonna buy. I don't have a need for 4K camera. I don't have a 4K TV. -But-- -When was the last time you bought camcorder? When was the last time-- -Really? Really? -anyone uses a camcorder? It's just on the phone like it's all in phones. I mean, the thing of Sony that's really successful is the professional end. -Yeah, absolutely. -Cameras for everybody. I mean that actually makes loads and loads of money. So, I mean it's kind of exciting and interesting and well done them for making a 4K camcorder, but it's not gonna sell. -They almost have to because if they have these 4K TVs, -Yeah. -and it's like, Oh my god there's something to make content for them, so let's encourage people with, you know, more 4K this and 4K that. -It's tricky because also, you know, it's just shown that people are going to gravitate more towards convenience. If it looks good enough or even better than good enough, it looks great. It may not be 4K, but are still gravitating towards what's coming in. I mean, look at our Smart, you know, point-and-shoot cameras. -Uh huh. -Those are almost completely like when was the last time, I don't know, do you guys use point and shoot? I just picked up my-- -Phone. -my phone now these days and then-- -Yeah. Yeah. -I miss a point-and-shoot when I don't have a good flash. -Yeah, right now. -That's about it, so-- -Is there gonna be a terminology issue with 4K and Ultra HD? I mean, are they're gonna all use one eventually? -Although sometimes they use both together that to make sure that we all feel good about that. -Yeah. -Also, you know, another product that we've seen here in trend though, we've seen here Smart appliances, kind of the ecosystem, Samsung, Smart home, LG's homechat. You know, we've seen other devices kind of before the big players have kinda jumped in here from simple things and just all these different interphases to really control your home. Do you guys own any of these things even something like a Nest thermostat or anything like that? -No. -No. -Oh, I'm very-- I'm very excited about the potential of it. I mean, it's really-- it's very, very early days and a lot of this stuff is very, very gimmicky-- -Yeah. -because it's very new. -I love my Nest though, honestly. -Oh well-- -It's ex-- I mean, let's be real, it's expensive. But I wanted dto give it a try just for the standpoint of, you know, we see so much tech coming in and out of our doors, you know, at work and, you know, it's expensive. It's definitely not a general consumer thing yet, but it's fun. I mean, you walk by, it detects you there. It turns on the heat. It's pretty nefty, but not-- not at that-- not even, you know, when you're talking about a $20, $30 thermostat versus like about $150, $200 thermostat-- -You're changing your life, yeah, for that price. -you know. But-- You know, I do like this whole Smart Home Automation. Some people might be-- maybe for the anal retentive like that like, you know-- -Keep shock of everything. -control your lights, control your crackpot-- a crackpot. Are you done with that? -I don't know what a crackpot is. That must be a blessing. -It's a slow cooking thing. Yeah. -Oh [unk]. Slow cooking. Thank you. Thank you. -Yeah, slow cooking. There you go. There you go. -For those of international watches. All right, so, another thing just being here, you know, this is the day before CES takes off. Just asking you guys, what are you guys really maybe were you looking for to sometimes media members in the press are little jaded. -A little. -When they-- A little. Sometimes, when they-- when they come here year after year, but is there anything that maybe you're kind of looking forward too here at CES 2014? -Well, I'm really excited-- I'm interested by Smart watches as an idea. I've not seen one that I would buy away, but I sort of think more phones are getting more complicated again and bigger and I can see that something that I wear would be really used, so I just don't know quite what it looks or what it does. -Someone-- No one shown you that thing yeah, right? -Basically iPhone hasn't come out with one. That's pretty insane. -But you never know someone may-- will be here and they will come and something-- I'm looking for that. -On the same reason, give me a reason I put it on my wrist. -Let's now-- -I mean, also make it a little more stylish too, you know. -Well, they haven't really targeted the female from the smartwatch standpoint. -No, they haven't. -Just-- I'm just saying, you know. -I've noticed. -I know. -I've noticed as well. So, also, what we're gonna do here now guys, you know, In Depth, again, every-- everyday at the end of the day, we're kinda just-- just gonna highlights some of the things that happened, but I have a little special segment for you guys. Okay. Marco over there, can you hear me Marco? We're gonna-- We're gonna turn off the music. This is a segment, you know, we'll get the bee bump in a little bit in a second, okay. Just-- Just let me-- Just let me just-- -Okay. -We'll just relax here for a second and let the music take control. Okay. Can we hear that? Okay. You feel that? -I'm feeling something. -You feel that. Yeah, you're feeling something. Okay. This is what we call CE Yes or CE No. You get that? -All right, so-- -We did that. -what I'm gonna do here is I have a few things that I've seen at CES and I wanna get your take-- -Okay. -CE Yes or CE No, all right? Here we go. All right. We're gonna take this first picture from my camera. Is the Calibre Bluetooth toothbrush. It tells you how well you're brushing, where are you brushing? There's accelerometers. There are gyroscopes in it. CE Yes or CE No. -CE Yes. -CES actually. -CES? -I've got an electric toothbrush that does the job. I'm CE No. -I'm a little No on the price though, but yes in concept. -What was the price on it? -$100. -CE No. CE No. All right. Here we go. Next one coming up if I can get this right. Okay. Here we go. This guy, this is kind of targeting the female market, right? This is from Netatmo. This is called The June. Now, this is targeted for women. It detects sunlight, right, that hits you and it tells you by syncing with your phone, it alerts you whether you need to start applying sunscreen on, if you've been out in the sun too long, right. We all need that. Oh, I don't need that. Yeah, you guys might need it more than me. CE Yes or CE No, Bridget? -CE No. -CE No! -I'm pale. I know when it's getting hot out. I know to stay away from the sun. I don't need like, oh, let me check if I'm burned or not, you know. -Okay. -It's not worth it especially it's almost also like 100 bucks. -Yeah. Jason? -CE Dumb. -CE Dumb. -Oh my god, no! -Yeah, it looks pretty, but- -Okay, so it works on the fashion side for you. -Sort of, maybe kinda. -Okay. Okay. Fine, fine, fine, fine. All right, we talked about this. This is gonna be a quick one. Bendable TV. CE Yes or CE No? -CE Yes. -Yeah. -Yeah. -CE No. -CE No?! Wait, who said-- who said out there-- Uh-oh. I see CE No and Yeses. Okay, I'm a CE Yes just because it's crazy. You could bend your TV. It's crazy! -Here's another thing that's gonna break-- -Come on, CE Yes. All right, here we go. Last one for you guys because everyone at home is just like what is going on here. Panasonic high-tech hair dryer, blower keeps your head moist, well drain your hair. -What? -I don't even-- -CES in the crowd. Jayson Jenkins-- -Keeps your hair wet. -No, no. Keeps like your skull moist and stuff that's just go moist in a hair dryer. -Oh, yeah. -I don't know how it does that. It's amazing. I wanna check it out. -Yeah. -CE Yes. -Oh yes, that's CE No. CE Okay. -CE-- -CE maybe I have to see to believe it. -Maybe I got a CES. Greg over there with the bald head CE No. I'm feeling that. All right guys, that will-- If I'm doing this show again, I'm gonna do more of this. That's all I'm gonna say right now. Okay. And then probably, finally, one of the classic moments, you know, sometimes you come to CES you don't know what to expect. -Uh huh. -We had a classic moment at Samsung's Keynote. We're just gonna show it to you. This is Michael Bay at Samsung's Keynote. He came on stage and we're gonna show you what happen, all right? Let's check it out guys. -Ladies and gentleman, director and producer, Michael Bay. Good afternoon. -Thanks Joe. -Good afternoon, Michael. -How was everyone today? My job as a director is I get to dream for a living. -Michael, you know, you're known for such unbelievable action. What inspires you? How do you come up with these unbelievable ideas? -I create visual worlds that are so beyond everyone's normal life experiences, and Hollywood is a place that creates a viewer escape. And what I try to do, as a director I try to-- The type is all off. Sorry, but I'll just wing this. -Tell us what you think. -Yeah. We would just-- We'll wing it right now. I take-- try to take people on an emotional ride and-- -The Curve? How does it-- How do you think it's gonna impact how viewers experience your movies? -Excuse me, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. -Ladies and gentlemen, let's thank Michael Bay for joining us! -Hold on guys. -I love that. -Wait, wait, the type is not right. I'm gonna go. Oh, I'm just kidding. I can read. I'm no Michael Bay. Come on. That was-- That was a classic moment. I mean, I've never. This is a movie-- How would Michael Bay feel if Megan Fox did that to him on the set of Transformers? That's unacceptable. That's unacceptable. -Did you read at his blog he didn't really apologize? He just said I got too excited and right or wrong line-- -He looks so excited. -and I guess live isn't for me. How embarrassing. -That was exciting for us, let me tell you. -He was supposed to have a big promo for the new Transformers movie too. -All right, guys. Well, you know, we're gonna do now here. Thank you so much for coming up here CES In Depth. We're gonna take a break and we're gonna say goodbye to lovely friends here, Bridget and Jayson. But I'll be back with Jim Funk from Roku. You like that name? I like that name. I like that name. You can tell people from Roku are here 'cause they are clapping for that name. There just brand new announced Roku TVs. We're really excited about that so we'll take a break. We'll be back with Jim and we'll catch you guys in a second. -My dad had a Honda. My mom had a Honda. -It was coming from a 2007 Honda Accord. -I traded for a Morpheus Titania. -No joke, I test drove 15 different vehicles. I kinda was in different tour Ford and then I sat on the Fusion for the first time and I just like, "Wow! This is it! You have the power, but you have the fuel economy." That's what Eco Boost does. I love to tell people, look at what Ford now has to offer. -All right guys, we are here back with Roku's own Jim Funk. They were-- They were doing the wave over in the back. If they do it, I-- Jim and I will continue the wave. Guys, ready? Start it, hurry up. Jim-- That was fun. Okay, Jim, we're here with you, here to show off Roku TV. I mean, this is an exciting announcement for you guys finally getting your UI and interface into a TV set. Can you kind of tell us about the products and how it came to be? -Yeah, sure. We're making set-top box. It's now for about five and a half years and what we did is we took everything we've learned about making a good user interface and we put it inside the TV. So, we partner with Hisense and TCL to the five largest TV manufacturers in the world and this is Roku TV, showing here at CES and ship being late summer this year. -I mean September? -Summer, September. Whenever the retailers put on the shelf, that's when we'll have it out there. -Okay, excellent. Now, I'm standing on some cement blocks. I just wanna be really transparent with you guys out there 'cause Jim is a very tall man. Can you show us the UI because a lot of people that may not know about Roku, you know. TCL and Hisense, these are, you know, two companies China-based really making en routes in the U.S. and they're not familiar with, you know, Roku as much as over here in the United States. So, if you get kinda maybe just talk about what they're getting and people that have never really even given Roku a chance to that, but I mean it has so much content, kinda show them what they can expect. -So the first thing, people are familiar with Roku. This is a standard interface, very familiar to people who are Roku users, all the great content there on the right-- some TV specific functionality. So, the TVs are made-- Hisense, but all the softwares from Roku. So just like no more Roku-- Come over here Jim, be my friend 'cause we want to see the TV, right? -Options on the left and on the right, all the different services. We have M-Go movies. We have our Search Feature. We have news from AOL. But a Go Back appear and what you'll see are the inputs or the different options that you have. And the way we design this, when you sit down your TV you say, "What do I wanna do? Do I wanna watch my cable? Do I want to watch Netflix, Hulu Plus?" You don't think about input 1, input 2, input 3. You just wanna click. So, if I click on cable, I'm running my cable TV, whatever channel I'm tune too. I sit back. I'm right back to my interface again. I wanna go to Netflix. It's right here, Hulu Plus, Pandora, all of that built-in to it just like you have on the Roku player, but now with the single interface, a single simple remote control right in your TV. -And we should scroll up to show a specific icon here, YouTube. YouTube, that's big for you guys and also for people that are Roku owners, right? -So, we launched YouTube on the Roku 3 in December. It will be coming out on other models this-- next couple of months. -Yeah, it's great to have it on Roku. Now, one thing that I think is really cool at the Roku, this is just a personal anecdote is I'm a Slingbox user and you're able to throw your Slingbox video from your device onto a TV with a Roku 3 and from what I've been told that also we'll be able to work with this TV sets as well. Is that correct? -That's correct. So, let's say you have this TV in a second bedroom, your Slingbox is in your living room. -How many bedrooms do you have Jim? -Three. -Third bedroom. So, yeah, just like with all the Roku products, all the apps that available on the Roku box, they'll be here on Roku TV. -And for Roku as a company just seen how you guys have grown and evolved. I mean, this is one of the steps. We have two manufacturers right now. Are you guys looking to do anymore work with, you know, some of the other TV manufactures out there? -Yeah, we think of Roku TV as a platform. It's all software and TCL and Hisense were our first two partners, but we're really looking to make the Roku platform as broad as possible. So, we still do lots of boxes and do lots of TVs as well. -Okay. Well, you know, there you go. The TCL and Hisense Roku TV, we have them right here looking great, and that's really gonna do it for us here with Roku TV. Thanks so much for coming out, Jim. I appreciate it man and I appreciate let me stay on the cement blocks. Okay, please join us again starting at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time tomorrow. We'll have the Sony keynote. Yes, another Sony keynote. Our live torture test. You see them last year. You know what you're expecting. The 404 Show, the next big thing super session. That's gonna be with Brian Cooley and Tim Stevens. We're also gonna show you Drones, everything you can think of, all the news and new products we're talking about. So, goodnight. I'm gonna get some food. We'll see you right back here tomorrow.

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