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First Look: Ceiva 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame
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First Look: Ceiva 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame

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The Ceiva 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame represents a nice upgrade for fans of Ceiva's PicturePlan service, but it may be a harder sell to new customers.

[ Music ] >> I'm David Carnoy, Executive Editor for and we're here to take a look at the Ceiva 8 inch photo frame. They made a couple of different sizes but we went with the bigger model, the 8 inch model. What it does differently than some of the other photo frames is it's not just a photo frame but there's actually a service attached to it. You can automatically upload images from a webpage. What's new about this frame for Ceiva is like a lot of other frames out there this one actually has memory card slots so you don't need to have the service you can insert a memory card with photos on it. We weren't entirely in love with the interface on the frame. It's not bad but it does require a little bit of too much scrolling. What's a little bit different about the Ceiva frame is that the buttons are on the front of the frame. A lot of frames have them on the back of the frame. In the past the way you connected to the internet was via a standard phone line but now this frame has optional Ethernet and wireless adaptors. The frame does use a power adaptor. There are no internal rechargeable batteries. And it does have replaceable faceplates. It comes with one additional faceplate. One thing worth mentioning about the Ceiva service is that it not only allows you to upload your own photos but you can also subscribe to certain channels. These include such things as a little news channel, a weather channel. The frame itself only allows you to have 50 photos in rotation at once from the service. So you probably won't want to subscribe to a ton of channels. All in all we like the overall look of the frame. Its stand is nice and sturdy. The picture is pretty sharp too. It's maybe not the sharpest picture of any frame we've seen out there. But if you like the idea of the Ceiva photo service or you are a current subscriber this Ceiva 8 inch frame is definitely a nice upgrade and certainly worth consider. I'm David Carnoy and that's the Ceiva 8 inch photo frame. ^M00:01:51

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