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Car Tech Live 257: The sites and sounds of the 2012 New York auto show: Car Tech

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 257: The sites and sounds of the 2012 New York auto show

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On the very last episode of Car Tech Live, CNET"s Antuan Goodwin and Wayne Cunningham give you a taste of the new cars coming out at the 2012 New York auto show.

I'm having him here with Antuan Goodwin at 2012 new York International -- -- pretty nice cars behind -- there's -- McLaren and Aston Martin's technically Aston Martin that's not an SS -- -- -- -- -- -- pretty nice stuff but we're not gonna back up those. Our thought about sort of the new -- in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- rolling news. -- That thing at this who has been. All don't like regular cars that regular people drive and pretty much everything here is something that you've probably -- -- commuted to work next year. Yet except for well maybe next year the RLX concept by actor right I just saw that that's such a pretty close to production so. I expect to see production version of that at the LA others -- This is really the replacement of RL sedan that's actors being you know full on -- -- Op that shall not -- the concept and it's gonna have that super handling. Hybrid power -- that they thought about last year and released in the and it's next. -- gasoline engine -- And then electric engine spinning the back wheels when you need it kind of like the idea. The -- Lexus RX. I yeah yeah -- -- that kind of a similar kind of thing that so accurately -- -- catching up with. Hold -- Lexus hybrid power system this is looking pretty -- -- they're talking about Poland for 170 horsepower with this and in -- thirty miles per gallon due to the nice company. -- they're gonna keep the RL -- economics here. I think it's gonna be the RLX domestically -- -- put Apple are helping behind them. And also explains all wheel drive although Google's secretive that was -- also economy in a non hybrid variant would just problem. Yet -- but maybe it will be the Oreo -- the -- likely be interesting if it weren't split. Or it could be the ES HA WD's. But whatever just like your idea and that -- interest thing. But what really got me interested was just debuted a couple of hours ago it's the infinity. LE concept. Now essentially this is a small sedan will be smaller than the G sedan. -- -- All electric power train. Essence is likely competitors and it actually hurts them in the press -- -- it's like they just left the -- ultimately. -- -- But what's interesting is that it's the concept so it looks very conceptual. But they say that it's about 85% accurate to what we're actually gonna see on the roads -- 24 month. I'm thinking that -- this car boat and luxury. Sedan. That has a full electric power train about 240 Palffy toward. Hitting the market. Within about a year Tesla model lets them that it's gonna be really -- for people looking to spend about 50000 dollars on electric car. -- media that they are -- -- -- production. They're definitely gonna put -- in the production and it should look pretty much like what we thought it. I -- by it and it's definitely not a kind of car that that infinity currently -- -- -- it doesn't really look like that he doesn't seem this. That's -- kind of styling and I I guess looks a little bit like that the larger -- in some way. Looks a lot like the GTX they -- the big SUV that's all those sort of -- Proportion down to -- more opposite ends sighs -- and they did kind of like -- -- but -- company line it's like they didn't make. An EV into an infinity they -- the tailpipe Altman unity and mated in the UVs they want to know this spring through. You're fan of the the G in the M or even the ethics that these are probably -- and happier. So you have your electric drive as -- setting about the range -- any -- suspects yet. Haven't officially quoted but unofficially they're saying about the same hundred miles of -- -- and if five it's exactly like that and we can expect. EP thank you -- well -- three miles. Still a little bit less than what -- guessing 160 mile range on their model -- but I think. When it comes out it'll probably end up talking up a little bit less -- now. -- -- -- real breakthroughs bars. Power train going about their electric parking technology that but now what about -- -- -- cabin -- manatee seen anything used cars infinity. They've got like a very conceptual. Kevin technology package in the right now so I don't think that anything that we're seeing in the car -- on the show floor as -- and make it into production at the 15% that's not going to be -- -- -- -- -- what is interesting -- -- it has -- -- -- -- -- -- And what infinity is done that's amazing is that they've built that system the they've tied it into. There intelligent park assist system in the -- -- camera. The idea being that you're not gonna have to -- twenty minutes back in your car up and going forward trying to get. The inducted -- line that would be inducted charger in your car guy hands pull into your garage hit parking -- fill -- -- -- actually very interesting. And I saw that that. The Nissan company which owns and an idea obviously also want ultimate here right now that every high hopes -- the ultimate have been on a bit of a roller coasters aren't. How I feel about this vehicle. Because it debuts -- it. It looks like they just took the headlights off the maximum slap -- -- ultimate call -- -- Of the power trains pretty much the same two point -- force lenders and that -- that day like that they've got six more horsepower. Include nothing new really happening. That's bread and butter -- a yadda and the 3.5 liter V6 also exactly the same new change in -- or. Not still all CBT. But up when you get on the inside of that car. Looks like a completely different vehicle -- really nice -- on the interiors lots of different. Of materials you know my middle like look like middle of the dashboard next -- -- And what they're calling in zero gravity seats that -- based on net the technology. I guess that means they're really comfortable. Okay -- and they've also got their new infotainment system needs on neck which is actually ruling in. Google Maps POY and up pandora Internet radio and degrees and you're here -- Smart phone or -- and like connected car connected. Haven't existence from -- and -- an -- would it very interest to see what they're doing there so it kind of things like they took -- it is not really broke don't fix it sort attitude with the ultimate for this next generation. Never really was a bad looking car and the CDT end of the -- that power -- it's never it's not really that bad that the 2.5 liter they've got in there -- -- I would get a -- 38 miles per gallon on the highway in consideration of -- Pretty close to 44 big -- can't really complain about that -- when we left at the awesome and we hated the patent in the fixed all. Yet at that midsize sedan I didn't see a new car from lax since -- L last witches. Whether it was -- -- entry level sedan as -- returned in front wheel drive and Alex is saying no this is actually. More than just an entry level sedan from Lexus now on they're saying they're actually -- -- the Mercedes-Benz. Out of this in CV ES 300 -- that I thought spinning on the of the platform in their boots it. Everyone's looking -- looking. Well that's that that's actually made a cool thing about it they're actually operating. Hybrid version of yes but it obviously fifty like they had before saying. 3.5 liter V6 engine no changes there Anthony -- that they got that new Lexus import system which is very much like quitting and to write to have that stuff and then the -- level remote touch controller. A look at it like -- -- a mouse a little bit. They've got that -- and you know kind of expect -- -- build those things and of the repression that yes it's about time. -- but really it's the hybrid version that I think most interest -- because. That uses that are actually -- hybrid power train is the Camry hybrid. Right so to leader -- can cycle at 2.5 liter acting cycle lap 200 horsepower combined -- -- -- early if you like the Camry hybrid which I did we just reviewed it not too -- you are really like that car. And you wanna spend 5000 dollars to 101000 lost too much -- it. And adding -- -- about Lexus -- on there a better sound system. -- others a few things are jealous that over the way to let. Out of time I certainly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they're talking about forty miles per gallon selects -- yes. So. That's really I mean I could actually give meaning that I would have changed about the aggregate those -- they'll. Of course the F has always been a tough -- Out what -- the current IA. -- responded to the best and there's the BM WX one which is it is just a compact SUV but it looks cool it's -- and practical it seems like it is actually one of the cheapest BMW and yet. It is very based going to be about 31009. Notes and as you like adding iPod integration will double the 35000 X I -- not -- -- Data that's -- navigation. But you get. A car industrial drive or with all wheel drive isle or and with that support liter engine or the six leaders both Herbert -- -- so. And I think there's some really good -- -- televisions in there and it also has vehemently as head unit technology which is really gets up I'm going. I've been given cards -- that editor's choice of the retirement review them lately. -- essentially this is you know rolled out there were. Basically complete complaining that leading expert Pat Robertson of the BMW one series is BMW and lightly excellence -- -- back. You don't -- sitting up a little higher and let people like hitting a -- higher. Others that may be -- lowering springs or something kinda like in the view windsors aspect out. I definitely never quite call of -- to edit it at all. What else amusing that the said Tom Lavin who along the -- -- of these small. You know. Across the receive either companies and stated that -- models of those five -- seven -- one of the things that. Really am also kind of mixed on is -- the new Infiniti Infiniti. Lincoln and Casey an error of not really like the fusion. In the between their -- -- that debuted the last year. An earlier this year actually right around the time we receive yes. In the case is pretty much that same car with a really nice interior. And -- What I would consider to be a polarizing Xperia X admin not a huge fan of that mustache -- That Lincoln's got going on right now between the go all the way across the front -- they say wings. And I think he left stats I don't see how they are not being -- -- Every little bit -- on them is the attitude about the many other earth like -- -- like little -- in the it's like that's kind of a smaller car in the all the way around -- will be integrated into the headlights like you know they're going all the way back. Argued that deep pillar at within the interesting thing about that car is that it's -- this glass -- like or maybe fourteen and a half. Square feet of glass on the on the on top of the vehicle. And all of that lifts up and flight back -- you can have an open top experience that -- man looks a little weird when it's open but when it's closed you can barely there. Analog on the line that and it's been a day I saw the Subaru Outback which every loves outback and -- Get -- and a little -- they haven't changed much but willingly did use the they'd made the -- -- more aggressive it's it's an ultra super buyers like that. It's like I think the reason lies seamer buyers like there'll progressives and they like -- are and it -- -- -- so super macho but -- cowboys by -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As receivers and there are expected to -- them. SOU and you get that there are things going on -- -- for growth of what you do Subaru. If the company that drastically changes their like visual identity every couple of years -- -- CNET with the president. -- -- changing like every five years like to a completely different looking vehicle I think. They were buyers are gonna pick it up as long as it's a good card delivers that all wheel drive performance that they really want. Yet -- and they have a repeat -- an ability and in all her business news is that they'll you know people like that. Update -- the worst thing at this in my opinion. January you know that the flying dire which is not even applying higher -- media that transition. Ranks. It's not so much a flying car as it is the planes you can drive on the -- if you want to in the coming does stated it's called a remarkable airplane -- you don't -- a flying car that real sensitive. But like I want people. Yet over the cards up editors and you will never buy one none of you'll ever buy one of these and private and airport takeoff flight and other airport drive somewhere else. I think somebody will someone with like almost 280000 dollars just throw away on -- at a pilot license and and and -- absolutely -- standing in line via. So I guess if you're like one of those people who may be like takes the commuter flight -- from San Francisco nearly four times a week. And you just don't wanna deal with the airport lines mean you could get out of places and drop almost 300000 dollars on this and flight yourself. But I mean I feel like -- may be. -- nine point nine African people -- The completely useless endeavor and is very oddball sort of situation. Well actually there's -- key statistic here at the cruising speed of this here VG implied that the transition in flight 605 miles per hour. Given maybe 500 miles and they're just -- LA. Have to get five our lives I think most -- -- like I'm gonna yet on -- 737. About seven at Saturn and our. Edit maybe you seem like an hour over grabbing at that point at. I literally. Just you just -- -- different means no 100%. I think the people you know the same envelope by this. Flying cars thing I think it would. By amphibious cars and that's light -- At that that Steve was just kinda wanna be able to stay -- got it will fuel -- into illegal. Ads that you know on one of our lives it will never get a single moment at -- I have always been that -- -- live is perfect for you. I -- when Cunningham and Ogden when you're on the floor of the 2012 New York. Internet a lot of them.

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