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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 256: New York auto show preview and the last live show ever!

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 256: New York auto show preview and the last live show ever!

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The Feds want to ban navigation systems, a preview of the New York auto show, we take a ride in not one, but two very fast cars, and finally we say goodbye to Car Tech Live.

The feds want the band navigation systems -- preview of the New York auto show. And we take a ride and not one but -- very fast cuts this is Arctic live -- march 20 ninth. 2012 and sad to say this is actually our last -- tech lives. -- Wayne Cunningham in the studio -- Antuan Goodwin Brian Cooley is not here for the last ship. And -- and BS in -- -- wouldn't it it is team. Seems a little bit at that. Welders who moved past it -- And it's gas -- lecture last show in the studio here and and frankly and next next week we will do -- a TV show from the -- I -- from the New York auto show floor. Of Adobe air -- that car tech live whereas. Or C winding down this or we have wound down on this that a series of shows we've done quite appealing to earn 56 -- that's. -- isn't quite a few years actually two and fifty success at them -- one per week. So I don't do the math and this success at five years of shows pretty much. -- a good run yet. As I think. What you nationally -- at -- I'd only of a bit of that on the soon. Went for three years for years now is for the on the -- statement yet and then -- like two years of actually in studio very maybe maybe three years with -- I think we've I've done those welcome to the same time -- -- amber and other reason why we're. But there -- reason why where -- not going to be doing the show any longer is that cnet's kind of refocusing our. Our activities and we're actually gonna be doing more. A video -- in trying to -- more. Pieces where we're -- be comparing cars doing that on the -- videos kind of things that. So -- -- You know our times to be spent in doing that kind of stuff so. You know maybe will also be discussing some news on video or you know -- we -- special pieces about some of the news but we won't be doing a weekly a show like this so well. You can of course stick the the CNET that cartoon blog and see all the stories that we generally talk about in the show too so. And and that will be resource -- that went down let's getting into the unused he wanted to talk about that this week. And data -- start operate with sort of little bit of a rant I did some out finally got a chance to really delve into this document that the national highway transportation and safety administration. Had -- -- released about a month ago this is the one has all the recommendations for auto makers that. These aren't actually laws -- -- recommendations. And potentially the basis of future laws. That would govern how auto makers construct cars the whole point been. How they would -- constructed or are include electronics and cars to be less distracting. And there was a lot of interest in things in this that document -- want to really got to look into it element was fascinating was that they have some tests they cited some tests that hadn't done. On distraction and they found that. Really talking on a hand held phone and talking with the passenger. Were about the -- same level distraction which is virtually nil. Is ill today as far as -- you know they they have a baseline of talking to them. -- well I'd just driving is the baseline driving was no. Interference or distraction whatever and they said that that talking on a hand held phone or the -- doesn't really produce any -- The difference -- that -- a chart here and in a document they release which says -- -- in this article here yet. You can find it in in the big PDF there but so that that was one of the interest in things out by going to this document -- -- the really stood out army was the fact that. The -- that is then -- is recommending not to have a dynamic maps. In a car. Yes that that's that's kind of where where the streets. It's -- -- -- I'm sure that you know someone somewhere is like night -- and approval relative distraction you know we don't want it on on the post. Wait a minute. You wanna direct Paper maps yet what you wanna do -- -- -- really see any other way to do navigation and -- maps moving. -- the point to make -- say we do recommend a static map or a from -- infrequently updated man they say a near static map which is -- -- update maybe every two or three seconds which I think would be more distracting from -- in a map it's continually moving. Yet Alec you know into and use an -- pop up in your periphery this kind of attracts the -- Until -- Gilligan a screen that's flashing. As opposed to some -- -- constantly moving your -- is ruled by a little bit more distracting. And then and then also. What it what happens when you look down in between the updated -- -- -- latest updates every five seconds Hewlett and it team and a half. Same screen and you get a -- down again in two and a half seconds later out of -- you don't have the most recent information. -- not -- that you might like looked down of that delight way to in my close to my turn yet and you might panic going like I don't know the ornaments and returning and you know I mean why -- -- confused of -- from -- -- to go. And can't figure out if they they need to you know when -- need to turn and and that's -- the dynamic map has always helped. I think the problem that the -- the people who wrote this document is that the there have is that they think that. When you have like a source like -- like -- dynamically moving map that they think the drivers have to be staring at -- all the time. You don't do that effectively much like backup cameras. I only use the screen when I drive now -- -- just -- out of the navigation and if I mean is that really what they think excesses. That -- him. Well yeah actually read you know one other aspect of this document -- -- other recommendation they have is is displays in the car should show no more than thirty characters. Of the about a panel and a third of the -- yet -- between exactly that's exactly what is the thinking -- via. And -- -- scrolling text either. His ideas they think that if there is text you'll be compelled to read him. And I -- public or in in my article on the second analog in some of this that -- have a a photo of area. This is actually from a GM car which shows via the satellite radio screen satellite radio screen -- says. You know X -- -- on rock underground garage it's the -- channel little Steven's underground garage its name again then atlas the and this actually just lets you know what's going on on the talents on that same time at that time at you know -- -- have song information appears song plane. This is the mighty Madden Fred program so there's that -- more than thirty characters of text here right now that just to -- talking. Yet is what's happening and there's a bunch of characters on the screen right now. And that wouldn't I wouldn't fly underneath the new guidelines right and and I think they're the people who wrote this document. Thinks that if the screen is up and you wanna look down edit -- read it you'll have to read every character on the screen the whole thing yet instead of just saying and -- -- also -- slow readers elderly sounding if you're worried now and -- Ground. Was -- -- It and the fact that you know and not realizing that of course that. And this is what I sprint under Ivan Wong may be -- satellite radios playing. -- it would benefit screen briefly just to see what the next you know what the soccer science -- I'm only gonna read the song title not gonna read like. The whole talent from you know a station online interest me I navigated there using the exactly so this is kind of a silly thing that to. -- come out in this. This -- it's a document. It's funny is if you think about it if you look at your windshield there's way more than thirty characters in front of you at any given time lawyer driving are given bill -- words. Givens like other you know things that are on the vehicles root site Chinese -- -- it's pretty complicated held there and people seem to handle that all right. And then as far as like moving displays -- -- to see more and more of these gigantic LCDs. LCD billboard on it -- have motion and that you know we're constantly refreshing in updating. -- -- at night timer pretty Frick and distracting means gigantic. Bright billboards. -- creates a real problem -- have a long and I'm compelled to read every thing that's thrown at me -- have to I'll be looking at the screen any screen that's a great board to. Asked to read the badges on every car look at that brand license -- tonight and -- go in that direction but -- that track -- -- there. I would argue that I don't think I would argue that I don't think people handle it really well anyway when it. When they're looking at things they actually still drive works if they're looking for parking and they always seem distracted and -- Oh yeah yes certainly you know describing on the street and you know it's funny actually the other day I was driving you into work -- and I notice the person behind me was that talking on the cell phone while they're right and they were holding the hand set up to their head while they're driving us again like I hate -- that. But then I was thinking about it you know well. If it's probably not too dangerous considering the fact that this is most likely -- obviously an automatic car should drive. And this is in slow city traffic so it's you know you go about thirty miles per hour and stop -- the -- -- quiet. Stop start up again at the next and go to the next traffic -- unit kind of to block the block is the same as the traffic this is how notes. And as a stunt that too dangerous were to be doing that real -- that I mean a -- For me. You know did that did jumped from taking one hand off of the steering wheel. -- you hold a phone. I -- to moving your eyes which is something that people always do your -- are always -- -- anyway and even if there was just like a a single and split the -- glanced down -- -- every now and then any we've glanced editors kilometer. Every so often. Anyway I mean these are things that happened the I -- its always moving and the devil like it's that's a bigger jump. As far as reaction time and what does it think about it you've got one hand -- you're steering wheel and you need to react. There's gonna be a second of like oh crap. Here's a half second I need to react. There's gonna be an additional half second of I just drop the phone and grabbed the steering wheel learn what happens now you basically not only have -- do you have a longer reaction time. She -- those other decisions into -- -- don't want to drop your 200 dollar glass blown from you know first for pot hole. Well certainly you know I agree with that and the fact that. This is just in steady traffic of nothings in experience that humans -- problem but as soon as somebody cuts or opt -- and are laying. Jumps out of the parking you know maybe pulls out of a parking space and and drives -- -- cuts across traffic anything like that happens and yet then then you really have a problem with him holding the phone and trying to figure out like it. -- you know I -- you know what do I do now. And I fill it also when you're doing this you're -- movement leader. To a degree limiting your feared that the mobility of your hand and a -- people who talk on the phone. And who -- actually physically holding a phone of their heads -- That -- guessing but I feel like they're less likely to actually do this checking your blind spot when you do things like -- And so it's it's it's it is the post -- -- speaking and three there's not actually of a physical connection the chip to maintain with something. -- and a microphone somewhere in the cabin. You just talking thing you're more likely to look around to do the whole -- -- thing. In and check your blind spot -- -- You -- that for me. The of the -- the -- the quality of holding a phone to senator head. It just takes. A decade to play video games while holding a phone to decide in my head because it's that it's a mess. But as a planet as opposed to you know. Glancing down and navigation display every now and then I mean I don't really think that any different from glancing down -- speedometer to know -- faster go. -- isolated and that's a really good point that -- you are pulling up under head. -- less likely to make those and you know observe around you on because it does news and blog -- a move my arm at the -- I was in my head and well nobody wants that does this and it's -- I talked about heads -- display is a managed you know -- -- It's a distraction. To remedy what what part of this document and this is one thing that bugs me about -- -- -- these recommendations is day. Don't -- They don't need to address very many specific thing it's and they didn't do tests on navigation or some of these screens. What they really say is you know we've got -- more general principles so the general principles are no more than thirty characters of text on the display. Which -- which would include head -- display to -- -- really be characters in its uniqueness means to hold them. Present address that actually but it does document it's kind of it's kind of have to get -- get through because they have all these complex formulas. Or you know the viewing angle and things like that great -- -- -- to address. And they also have lots of about running tests. Running tests focus groups and things like that for auto makers. Stuff that you know we're not only an idiot in -- to you -- I don't have the technical knowledge to. Understand that's that's really good way to do it or not you know I think a lot of stuff in this document is okay make sense a lot of -- based on. Recommendations already made by an auto alliance which is -- pretty widely supported automotive industry group that -- has already issued recommendations for how to. Make non distracting proxy -- -- I do wanna photographed the area clinical. -- the citizens really -- because -- actually deals with a couple of studies they did and it shows. Their baseline is one and that's is driving without -- Two interacting with passengers. Are because one wants that he was dining cars in -- study was done in heavy truck and a and so they have devices the top. It taught as an unobstructed. -- so it's more dangerous due to the Internet are unity heavy truck it has -- -- Late longer braking distances them yet they -- its. And it's -- as I mean this -- the study also suggests that an -- of the passengers actually less dangerous than just driving. He's the one as the baseline and I think the ideas there that if somebody if you have a -- -- the where they might. Also is looking yes see things I can bring that tried it again it's that there there's -- mother. It's on that Oracle. It goes all the way down to 23 which is the worst possible thing on at least in the study is -- and text messaging on us off road and I -- it -- -- -- And that and just below that which is only -- -- between an eight and nine is reaching for a moving object while driving. You can -- is active the though the whole concept of like -- -- you get -- here. Your iPad others that your cell -- whatever I like it you know like I -- people do this thing. Where they put their phone on speakerphone and seated on the dashboard area and down the last time I -- a photo of the day export it slid out the window. I -- so I just know that there's gonna be a situation happening where you. Have to make that judgement call and I feel like people already kind of value Smartphones more than -- that the we talked about -- -- steady on a couple of episodes ago but it. There's gonna be a situation where someone making her left hand turn that phone starts to slide in and they re export. And when you reach this way he pulled the studio with -- in -- trade into the next ours the mean. -- -- -- -- I've sat up late -- in situations where united had something like on the dashboard sliding across and do you like you need to reach quarters on -- and and a yeah that's that's domestic and see how that's. Majorly distracting -- couple moments. -- trying to find stuff for what. Yeah I will actually talk about a couple of who -- what a difference a couple of moments -- when we get on the road later on in the packet that is very interesting observation about the jaguar. Our initiative within -- system. It's sneak -- that lets move on now from this that drive if you want to read more about the stuff read about some -- -- and covered in this emits a document that tickled the Arctic blog will have this in the show notes to. -- to link to this article and you could actually. It's is -- -- be having some. A median so they're actually calling for comments on this as well. On their website -- -- -- be having some meetings around the country where we'll be asking the public you know what they think about this whole thing. So you know you exit just chime in on this and auto makers are actually also -- -- of a regular dialog with. With -- about these two and intro animation these. You know these are reasonable. Suggestions are reasonable. You know hopefully -- -- I can hope they don't get into actual regulation and turn these laws are anything. Booklets in industry agreement puts it in the New York auto show a preview what we're going to go to the New York auto show next week. And seeing a lot of the new cars are gonna show off there. And there's a good bundle -- actually there's some pretty -- things we'll see this is one of the last major international auto shows of the season. So we're getting sort of the last cars that auto makers are. -- -- We're announcing it and -- of those ones is that -- took a look at some new Nissan Altima. -- out of its -- -- thirteen Altima. They put out a trio of -- as. I've been headline there of in the basically they showed off the -- the tail lights and then through a top human and I think there is actually even a fourth -- that Yuma to date. While we were preparing for the soon. But I mean essentially. And I think that that it's interesting for me about the -- is that you know when it came out its and then assume it was an unassuming car. And next thing you know it's out it's like basically causing Camry and accord like take a second looking like holy crap -- released -- come with this car. As the years went on it does -- -- -- it. Basically kind of the stagnated -- bitten by the time we get an ultimate -- it was basically a Camry hybrid and -- body. But yet this kind of interest I -- I am very interest in seeing what Nissan says with that sort of midsize car segment if it looks like there. They're gonna be doing. Pegasus. Yes and -- just a very boring cocker for the last how many years but yet the -- and the pictures are missing in the teaser photos and and the video we're just a running their -- said. Pretty dramatic lines of this can be close to be something I mean I would expect its volume maintain pretty much the same kind of power plant. Probably is gonna have probably some sort of like you know 2.5 liter four cylinder that actually has haven't hasn't been very many rumors. About like crazy powered power train options for this vehicle. But. There is gonna be a hybrid and is gonna use. Some of the hybrid technology -- developed with the the -- -- -- So you know we is a potential -- to -- That's and that sort of cross pollination. I started to happen there tool that however won't be on the going to be -- that it'll -- -- a little bit later to on the line. And easily way to while the third pixel water develop the you know I would -- of these cars and semi 2013. Altima -- -- -- -- its -- -- thirteen -- a -- I'm pretty Syria to look a lot like him. The Versa say. I mean the new Versa doesn't look bad yet as to -- of frumpy looking. But I mean Nissan does -- -- boring looking cars anymore and they -- all of their cars that are. Either super ugly kind of sexy -- -- yeah I'm pretty sure that rule. We'll have a strong reaction to with the new Altima looks like. Yes I also yet to come -- and this is at long last BMW is going to bring their IX one. Vehicle to new York and you haven't really heard -- -- one -- probably in this is. There -- small SUV that they've sold in Europe for a -- actually lost it in Europe a couple of years two or three years ago. And as audited Q operations and housing offices schools and -- great to get this in the US and and they never brought it here partly causes economic issues and all that finally -- saying they've got a business case to sell the scar in the US. It's extremely popular in Europe in fact it was so popular they didn't have enough supplies even import them to the US. But I guess they've sold as many as they could in Europe -- to have -- can take awhile for people on wanna buy new cars there are so. They're gonna bring the start of the US and I believe it's gonna have the same engine as the IB MW 320 eyes. That's the two liter direct injection Turbo charged really good engine really -- power. -- -- and fifties sound somewhere intranet due horsepower. Which is which -- be plenty for this car. Clearly shifting scene. What -- it to how compare size wise to like the X three EEE. And the expired -- you know it's was obvious to be smaller than the am yeah X three. -- -- I'm thinking. -- -- -- side -- and uses like that sort of segment where it's you know really kind of based on a small car platform but raised up a little bit. I'm having a hard time caring about it mostly because I'm still a little pissed meeting at the one series -- Yoga the best looking version of the these these new -- theories passenger car in my opinion and we don't even get that weird looking. -- It'll papers and and a and a -- -- yet there's this 19 X three years and I mean that's wanted to is us while almost looks like a hatchback itself. The -- like a super -- Look at it. Like somebody put a three series news analysis the slick Photoshop -- -- we published up photos of the version that at the current version the current European version. I don't think it's gonna look too much differently because -- and in opera couple years they -- updated a little bit of a few styling changes for the US but. I don't think this is gonna be any kind of dramatic change from the way it currently looks I'm sure the body's going to be basically the same structure may be with some cosmetic differences. And of course all of the tech we've seen like in the street when he died and stuff like that which -- is good stuff so. In a map perspective engine tech in and cabin -- should -- should all be pretty it's been pretty impressive car. I then we get into the -- seabirds. -- is actually has two major route launches app for the New York show new welcome a new -- when he thirteen -- back. And it when he thirteen legacy to you. -- -- and I mean they're technically this incorporate. And -- -- is basically well established Indian president but now the up actually ST. Yeah I think they started -- actually as the same vehicle owners that have diverged the legacy and that outback. That used to be. A long time ago I do remember seeing an -- that was bad Subaru Impreza outback yet. And then I looked up. After couple of years not painted into it realized it was now based on the legacy platform. -- may just be giving away a bit of my ignorance of -- hubris -- For that -- -- -- -- because yet it was. The and the yet Impreza had -- members -- was sort of a basically the imprisonment raised up when the lake like plastic on it more more robust and like -- Audi all road kind of thing -- a picture of the new well. Out that the 2013 out back this aggression released photos. Of these cars and doesn't look terribly different I think there's new grille style in there you mostly as a stronger bar across the top -- the Subaru badge on it. -- -- -- stop and they also mentioned both of these cars actually NM 2.5 liter boxer engines that's the four cylinder boxer and they've have this engine for -- for while I don't think. I said increased performance and two -- efficiency. I look like they're also using the new CBT gearbox that they debuted on the UV in new Impreza. In the Isa is gonna be available on on in these vehicles wells gonna help them get them the better efficiency. Yet -- an alternate data engine output as a 170 horsepower and 17400. Torque which is pretty get although I guess -- not using direct injection or anything like that. You still the same basic engine that -- but I used as far as the 2.5 goes. The two have been president drop to that 2.2 liter -- -- displacement -- for that guitar. So the -- -- little -- but they'd -- -- the bigger displacement engine in these vehicles. And bigger vehicles that make sense you know I think they -- there are -- something dramatic. To improve the efficiency. Of via the imprisonment if it's kind of hard to get a fuel efficiency -- -- an all wheel drive vehicle that's just did the drive trains. Mechanically efficient. -- less mechanically efficient -- a front -- rear wheel drive. I'm so disappointed that the ideal -- doesn't have enough power to. To NPR's geometry. That's -- Mr. ambassador going to be pretty awesome seniors who bears the -- the tailored to the -- it yet to get TriBeCa that they're ready. However that the -- that the equally and it still exists yet yeah it's it's a -- one out one thing cool about the the biggest tech. The -- tech feature that's gonna be launched on Obama. -- -- back in the legacy is the cell ethically eyesight. A driver assistance systems yeah and look -- yet its uses two cameras and amounted dead just a -- media the review mere inside the car looking forward. And -- in the stereo -- vision they can actually. Enable quite a few features of that they can and -- -- and able -- departure warning. So the -- if you cross clean line without signaling -- -- -- to. I they can enable adaptive cruise control closings will see the cars ahead and of course an app could control it can always have about pre collision systems. President these items available to see the cars that are ahead figure -- the distance between your -- in them and and a note nodes or to -- the speed NC can actually match speed with them but adaptive cruise control and down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is usually -- radar or sonar something that's a little bit. Against gives you a specific distance based on some of doppler effect but this is actually just kind of looking up from the -- going -- about the right distance I'm pretty serious smarter than that of. Well well they say this a system that seem less expensive than those -- millimeter wave millimeter radar wave systems so. After that perspective it it's cheaper to put in the cars that date to have an announcement that pricing -- the option will be. But now am I think it's kind of similar to use some of this available -- -- -- -- with this kind of stuff you. -- it'll reached in the see how precise it is compared to those who will have to test it out -- see if we actually ram into the cars were. Sometimes a single camera. You know pre collision system be a pretty precise even on -- Smartphone -- two cameras. -- distance uses. I don't know -- the -- about this is just reminding me a lot of Microsoft connect. Yeah yeah like I'm imagining what it can bar at -- 91 -- to be and -- reviewed here abusive through and if it is good work. Yes I am in north Kinect you know connect software and their -- -- -- connect software needed preferably where you can make it do you -- be. -- is as it was control that works with its listeners that only by vehicle payments can you bring up the app to put of the legacy they have -- that's the sedan. Like thing. Yes and that's in there now we've got that -- on the on the -- -- -- bring that -- it -- this is there. I've always liked the legacy X it's always seem like a nice forty cards that midsize sedan. -- it looks and full year kind of a more -- than previous versions in this that -- -- thirteen version. And yet we have that grille with a yes a very strong bar across the across the top with the super bad John and all the slightly different treatment than -- media. -- Little more open -- Forty you know if it extra -- I wonder if they'll have -- anything Turbo option in here and send them -- Ada has finally -- your eyes it looks like. -- -- -- to. That's right and the body -- from -- about the lets listeners renowned would vary slightly in and he. Yeah we get all of the other the idea that -- and some front body were there that -- -- that aggressive. Appearance desolation for the legacy and -- -- for India. Back to you. The -- of the legacy voice you also have a B six option. -- has a three point six. -- -- a significant one and there yeah and interest and well -- Vegas media content in the same space. But the -- -- it seems like a pretty big change in architecture and promise to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so you get an. Idea -- have the group eyesight system to we've got a few more stories about different tech cars coming -- -- for the show although not much information on -- Lexus announced a new version of the yes. Which is there a. For a long time it was like in my mind Lexus Camry the or Apple on. Yeah well yeah I guess I -- I've always imagine -- -- Avalon is basically Cameron and -- -- the -- you can understand how you basically call everything at Emory. And I. It is -- -- it's essentially it imagine that the GS. And I imagine the new sort of like exploded for an end Lexus putting on everything and then stick it on the front of the yes and -- pretty good idea what to expect there. Yeah this'll be this is -- their front wheel drive vehicle. It's not only that it's terribly exciting actually -- -- this is the and meet even more than a Camry. Historically have thoughtful experiences like the most car ever anxiety. Where is the -- with at least be subject of my -- I kept forgetting yes actually existed yet I certainly couldn't really understand when you wanna pay a couple extra thousand bucks. Currently -- their neighbor. -- hasn't event on the -- and yet when you get an IS which is a real drive in Leo bombers and really did best sport -- to. But on on the same wave -- actually Toyota announced a new mystery sedan. Obvious that such had been designed in North America so that that it's kind of intriguing. And certainly the -- is going to be concept actually this is -- be tea. Is them preacher will achieving like that gets a proficiency -- -- now that it has -- here this looks like an in his next yeah I really dramatic -- -- -- -- you know even. Like the Toyota badge on the back of the scars like this -- the twin beds and a better camera and it comes out of the beside him -- that it's technically I could be admitted as. It looks interesting so the rumors floating around or seeing it does give me the next -- align them with an of that roof line. And thinking that they're probably going for something VW CC asking. Like -- deals cu profile. With us with -- -- seating guys for a trying to get in -- that's -- in the market and maybe that is the future of the Apple on and then what will be what. Further differentiates this from via -- a from the from the Tamarine as far as. My mind you. Yeah I would think that on -- -- needs something to be exciting does is not accepting as it is simply going to be a sedan. Two data sets a new sedan could it be awesome news Jerusalem. -- -- -- -- there's a lot of history into it and they can drop from. Yes in silica as well you know that and yet it's on several days if they -- silicon -- have to have you know ultra system because the -- -- silica. As there's not one -- my fever Carson in history. And -- finally and I think this is actually the most exciting news we have ahead of the New York show and very eager to see this is a the new Acura says they've got a new flagship -- -- -- at the at New York show. So that would I would -- think that would be in the RL because our oil has been -- sedan flagship. And -- but they're saying the -- more expensive in the Indian. A definitive yet it is -- gets about 50000 plus for -- relative -- Kenya for a little muscle that interest. But the and you and I think they're gonna show the -- -- an office concepts. Maybe it'll be a real car. I mean that the systems Aetna. It's it's interesting I it has SH AWD. But they're calling it sport hybrid old drive world -- difference from their super handling all wheel drive system because it has the type system. Right this is -- new hybrid system that they announced and they actually showed -- net NSX concept. They've been -- -- around the different shows. Although in the -- private different orientation and then that one does. It'll only be reversed basically I think gas. That the. Typically when the -- six to -- their flagship. As far as their halo car much in the same way in the Audi. Yes I was -- of a flagship is a big sedan look like a big. You know luxurious -- and that's -- that question is like the BMW seven series and a Mercedes S class now is think different ethnic -- -- do what is the most exotic bizarre currently can make select. Lexus is flagship would be. -- -- -- -- Even though they only need like 800 of them and it costs 300 -- -- thousand dollars it's. Definitely not like what are considered to be lexis news. Bread and butter but it's like the car that goes like hey check this out super awesome now that you're here have a look at this -- That's really quote entire but -- when you're actually in a yeah at fifth Vista as it and it is unique -- -- I'm deeply intrigued about the send you accurate. And that -- -- what it's gonna do is have that test -- hybrid system. A wheel drives so in the data in the NSX they have the electric motors on the front wheels I believe -- on the gas and in another electric motor powering the rear wheels. This'll prop I would be -- of possession revert. Story that is similar to what we saw -- testing the TL. I just before the in -- -- yeah there was supposed to be some teal hybrid and that they are trying to and an infant. But if they were -- -- testing -- showing up to journalists and in Japan. To have its -- system -- it which was actually what prompted that long article are developed these elements in -- -- Along with -- -- these cars there's a couple of other rumors that we don't have any confirmation on the is that last couple things when I mentioned but we did see the Audi. -- -- or European version so -- -- still -- the launch the five door version of that car and that's only when they sell in the USO. Adding your New York would be a perfect place to see that -- they -- pulled -- to LA next spring but there are next fall but -- I could see that -- happen in new York and also the Mercedes-Benz A class. That might that could show up in New York as well. Com Mercedes-Benz has been threatening to bring -- -- -- the US they showed off the new version and Geneva really good looking car really liked it. So that like to see that show up in New York to that there will be in New York. Checking out all those new cars of next week and data -- lot of stuff on on the site on Arctic. About the show in the cars we we see there but now let's say -- -- on the road in our too hot pot car. It's well before -- start is there any choice -- jaguar at the source. -- -- best left to. Look. At all that yet. Which bursts. Now this is the performance version of XK with a supercharged up about five liter V8 yet. 550. Horsepower going out of the rear wheels program and automatic transmission I think -- six speed. Good news. They -- drive selector that we kind of -- debut on the excess. Personally I don't like this thing it has no place in a car. That has RS badges all over it from racing -- magazines not gonna wanna be on the track -- this thing out here how good the panel shipments are the interesting thing about this car that was the head the the exchange. And check the I think in the -- seven years old now. This isn't a very high tech -- and kind of you know dumb high displacement engine kind of an old suspensions and out. Not a lot of high tech things happening where performance is concerned. If you really think about it not five liter engine super charger about 500 horsepower. Isn't the most expensive Shelby GT 500 -- you can buy it. -- does that come about 30000 dollars. Pretty much all the options are those hours. There are options as pretty well a bit about price -- is really cool looking cars -- -- and out an extra day. This just looks mean. -- really just -- long carbon fiber spoiler out bagged carbon fibers glitter. Surrounding the dual exhaust and I've been nice -- -- -- -- that -- And how all over the place. A lot of air intakes -- and indeed that's super charger. Yeah -- -- contrast to this really comfortable cabin I got another starts at just been got an abortion before -- -- just like. Luxury. I think you know. This stealing in the leather like how often do you see -- -- -- this being leather you know everything is that the very well put together there are some kind of like weird plasticky. Panels and if you're not a fan of gloss black plastic you're gonna hate this center console but overall it does. It's a very good looking. -- -- however in setting out here. Yet another highlight of the cabin tech in this -- got -- really -- that but -- and Logan's body. It sounds great interest in England we got the car but it sounded fantastic. That would into the mean -- -- realize somebody wrote all of the things way off. -- and utilities on it even better and I mean it's just that great sounding stereo systems and great looking stereo system also recently Chrome -- done speakers that are -- adamant that. Carbon -- and -- can. -- -- -- Yeah it was -- -- good partnership for -- to get this. Bowers and Wilkins which is a big. -- -- quality audio -- -- -- maker. And found. To have the -- sport exhaust. But it's you can press to make it possible louder -- pretty well -- regular. That's like -- not just that and -- -- in a car like this you can I have a little bit of a right to be obnoxious right but -- this thing. -- sports car. But it is -- yeah it's that is the guy really the new version of it of the 9/11 and updated version of slightly longer a little. There's -- looking to do I haven't looked at the specs actually compared to the old generation -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not by much and can definitely do a lot of other things of -- about all -- drivers in the four S. Yet the Turbo all the different things -- doesn't go -- basin for this car although it does have. The portion of double a couple of which is the out DD KV transmission seven speed dual clutch transmission and especially when my. Favorite parts of the content. Right finger reindeer run resides in -- instantaneously. About it's almost telepathic and knowing when you're about to down -- -- -- Hitting the button on -- -- well and in getting a response from the gearbox. And the problem is. The buttons are just dumb. Margins they're doing me like -- left hand for a -- right hand her down shift kind of thing that most automakers do it does this thing where you -- -- and have -- and pulled back to -- him. And so my mind it's just completely and intuitive. Nothing -- to it after while men on the first dragons when imagining him. But you know what I was -- -- is on the news wayward drive and -- literally don't wet. Bay winding roads that -- -- really test the grip on this thing. But I'm but I'm not using the manual shift mode so much because this thing is so Smart in sport mode about down -- fast when -- needed to. And you know it really has been putting me in the right here that I wanna be and as president cabin -- in this car. This one -- that fairly basic but we do have the navigation system and -- -- -- iPod hookup and all -- kind of stuff. I agendas Bose audio system which I don't think -- -- -- actually I got my travels and an exhaustive system on this. Those ideas to make it kind of gets the level of the car that it's not what -- that are really premium audio system. Brightness this interface is got to the exact opposite of what we just saw the last car that jaguar XK arm rest and -- there were no -- -- Biden. And that's whether the button for everything I think there's like forty button near the center console and a little overwhelming and -- look down. And content on your first drive -- just pick out the I don't know any human. Well how about that for the last cars -- the last day car tech live -- the -- we've got the 2012 jaguar XKRSU. And the two -- twelve Porsche 9/11. Which goes under the designation 991. -- is via the official -- designation for this new. Version of the -- -- So too spectacular -- really in a lot of ways I think we are mostly pretty excited program. Yep I was really conspiracy Hearst was the of the meaning that we can always radiated driven Mini Cooper -- around. And then you out by and said hey you're gonna -- and the elderly -- yet. -- Dead dead dead or is kind of dumb that I'm -- -- we both kind of common on that. This platform has been around and this car is in space on the XK and it's been around for parents 2006. Gas. May -- 2005 -- of has been around for a while. But it's it's. Basically. They've continued to update the vehicle over -- years so it's like there are incremental changes those with the XK are asked. You can collected aluminum front suspension that's later. A stiffer springs out of there is an active suspension system geared visited filter it's no buttons for it. It just does what it does -- -- -- they adjusted the the geometry of it is card as fantastic grip. -- -- Really does move like a much smaller vehicle even in the way like we had all week I was impressed death. There's one there's one turn in the route you're driving and I haven't -- in the deck at this point it says it's a ninety degree turn and in this -- -- -- -- -- miles per hour and this is coming up a pretty good straight so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go pretty fast and -- -- but it is a really sharp turn it to the -- around there and and deathly got a bit Whipple lead but it's sorted itself out pretty quickly afterwards to. Right. The interesting thing is that. It doesn't really like to slide into the theme marketed this seems like all the promotional materials and make it seem like -- is the crazy jagged. In a come back invites you put it it's actually really really stable. I you can have to work hard to get it out of sorts when you can you can you could swing the -- around a turn or you could. Get a little bit of wiggle coming off but you gotta be pretty abruptly years -- to make -- things happen and it's predictable and I think that's what you really want out of a. NASCAR annual would operator county or -- That's a -- data delayed I mean -- -- -- -- without much trash testing controller you really just be written tires constantly and it. Power he really -- tires that gap this what's the risk and Porsche was the same portion Ireland was the -- -- -- the same impact as it better -- I would say much better yet as far as handling goes. Oddly the only -- to get into after getting out of the XT ERS lingo like -- -- in this state this week it. Because -- you know run and around those roads -- running it just it was so easy so simple justice. Take this -- speed over these turns that it wouldn't. The upset at all and you know you could push hard you die and there's of that engine I mean it's only a three point six -- six owner but as a lot of power there. Four and 44. Horsepower -- I think. -- a numbers at the dislike foreigner and forty somewhat horsepower and -- press analyst it was for orbit. And the interesting thing about the 9/11 is that. Where is the jaguars morbid sit back how many to have fast you -- the right kind of experience the -- dislike what you wanna do now what's happening that we are -- to -- Oracle Internet. -- not that. Which she but it is much more in -- everything from the steering to the suspension to being soft due to the gearbox. That the PDK transmission news it's amazing. If you -- gear shifts right. I think coming off of a weakened right -- -- if left and down shift. Everytime I try to down shift in the Porsche and -- -- shifting and vice Versa and I think. What you get used to that I had a great option for it for shifting your -- gears. Data centers aren't totally intuitive but they -- work the same way on the left -- right spoke out yet it's pushed down for. And is under a shift in full I don't remember this is updating its -- -- time being angry and it still remembered that which -- knows both the place. And I'd national standard and I relied on the the things automatic sport shifting a quite a bit because it was so good. You know going -- -- -- it would it felt like it would actually down shift. Multiple times the harder pressed on the liberate you -- -- Japanese -- on the break a bit report turn it would down to -- The press harder to down shift again. Which -- in euros of savings off speed faster outstrip -- I mean is just extremely cool that it does that. And as also impressed with the -- it. He gets up to speed fast and can stop that matches -- this race -- stuff right there. And there's like a button for everything in the -- the video but it it's you can adjust the suspension separate from the drive -- separate from exhaust note. And then you can you give it one -- and they all turn on it's it's. Little it's a little overwhelming. And ethic that that out also kind of draws into the infotainment system in the port where there is again. Dozen buttons underneath the screen for everything that -- want to do which is different from the in the jaguar. -- which actually doesn't have very many buttons at all -- there is a system that could use. Shortcuts to the different functions like phone navigation. I because as it is you can I have to go back through -- home screen before you go out to the different. Function hubs and when you're dealing with a car -- with almost the seven year old navigation system that has. -- 1990s. Kind of like flash animation then there -- capable it. It kind of takes for ever to get from the map. To. Audio settings via you can do zero to sixty run in the time that it -- returned to -- -- -- you -- do that -- seconds. It takes. It really atom. Yet they really rely on the touch screen more in the -- the push it does have this all bugs and also makes use of his dial on the side which lets you -- menu options pretty well. They are I think the -- system is a little bit better not a lot better is -- a still hasn't really put a lot of concentration of that you know. -- -- his art to be better is in the jaguar system is it is now it's so bad that immediately looks fine. Is that I do -- that it has. Big -- it's kind of hard to miss something. When you're aiming for it I just wish that it moved faster in that of the unit and everything needs to be sped up in some of those things. Like temperature controls and seat heaters need to be pulled off of that screen. And and actually give give me a button. So that I can quickly go tap tap seat heaters offer yet but the steering wheel -- -- control on the steering wheel everybody openness. But it's in comparing -- cigars because. The jag goes for 132. That's -- everything pretty much included credit. It's a 130 even the and -- you can eat -- 2000 extra dollars for carbon fiber. Engine cover -- -- yes but you'll spent at and then that the -- starts around 95. That. There's a lot of options you need to throw in there and in ours is option to use. 125000. Dollars so these cars are fairly comparable in price. And equipment and all that so. -- you know I can't help but think you know by -- -- under 130000 dollars to spend -- which of these cars what I yet. Actually had like what is it the the the Neary whenever -- A sort of moment I can't find that their card to toss in but if you just had -- -- -- to decide between these two cars. I think I'd like SP into weekend with a -- But I think at wanna own that core in just seems like a better car for dated today. Even though it's it's I think it's a little bit smaller. Image doesn't really feel much smaller on the inside is that mean let's face it everything behind -- -- tag is useless yet. And it gets better fuel economy on dvd -- and -- today we get late 187. Yet the the course should it comes in low twenties that you really in it actually driving at. 27. I was thinking yet kind of similar lines on the as far as I would have to agree I think to write a -- -- The -- is a better car all around and I would I would I spend my money on that -- Although I do like the app fact that the M. There are for a road trip though I was thinking for road trip I would really prefer the -- except for the fact based and weren't yet. Let's look at network storage space because it's more comfortable though and I feel like -- would still take the port. Really personally added due to be honest review edit and did chemical -- -- the edge of during the video of the -- is an expensive. GT 500 -- thing I did some digging. Those cars are remarkably similar on Paper there about the same size or about a hundred pounds within each other and wait there's -- -- sixty times damn near the same thing. Why -- you -- that jag. And when you could buy three GT 500. You can buy two GT 500 outfit one of them for racing. And then have two cars -- -- you'll be able to forward. Needs well they'll be a solution but I didn't get it experienced during from the portion to the -- that. How it just felt so comfortable and easy and nice. And I don't think -- the the -- would really give you that to -- of lecture eat so that that's one thing where the Dag does have over the yet you know the the mustang and I think the -- to some degree to. -- an -- is -- if you're willing to pay for -- since the luxury I think is if you're gonna pay for a sense of luxury. We do of the current aren't -- -- well the thing is needed to -- Does performance well -- mean its its its goal is to be fastest jaguar ever built. And I feel like they're the could've gone a little more hard -- -- -- And frankly I'm really waiting for the dagger CX sixteen. -- -- It about to come of course leader. -- over the last couple of couple months. That -- those are that is our on the road second article what is in the CNET garage -- our right now we just finished our reviews idea. The -- 9/11 the -- your -- KRS those are on the site. How we just have a review of the Infiniti G 37 IP -- -- infinity performance line numbers just geezer of seventy. I next step we got the -- Volkswagen CC that every -- should be publishing that today expressed some mini Cooper's group. John Cooper works. And the a Mitsubishi I dash MI UD's. There electric car will have those that reviews coming up soon. Annexing New York -- -- -- will be given that we also are gonna get the a Toyota Prius the in the Lexus GS 350 and in the coming weeks. -- we'll be talking about those on the show because the show is over. I I really want to thank you guys you listeners for listening and you know our audience here listening to us on a weekly basis and are common in sending your comments and really appreciate you guys that I take the time to listen to us and -- you'll find other content other -- the will be posting on -- So -- -- guys and data shows over.

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