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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 254: 2012 Geneva auto show edition

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 254: 2012 Geneva auto show edition

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CNET Car Tech's own Wayne Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin discuss the highs and lows at the 2012 Geneva auto show.

This car tech live from march 2000 well. I'm Wayne Cunningham -- in the studio with that Antuan Goodwin and then it. We're really listening -- actually on the show floor at the Geneva auto show this the F when he twelve anybody's -- the at the back right here to -- it. Answer other than 81 of these before now this is that in Geneva this exits and of the neutral ground show out of your. Others of equal representation of the driven key auto makers -- in the -- auto makers which both have ideas presence. Senior vice president a lot of other ones around you -- -- -- -- would expand its brand and believe me. -- -- -- Volkswagen and an yet they're different lot of companies that Japanese manufacturers here of course. North American manufacturers as well -- -- -- a have a pretty big presence near it but that -- -- -- directly across from Ferrari and -- And I saw over others accuse -- -- over here. Right it's Cadillac records GM's reputation. I -- in that they actually had guys walking around wearing that police uniforms -- -- apps on the side that the San Francisco police. -- other users text and -- I think -- there also wasn't like roller skating around the news I think that's part of the show and maybe not so much. -- security I don't know what it was important since at least here and it's so weird. Just don't understand the connections to those generally get that -- necessarily but now one thing I did here there which is pretty broad -- -- -- -- -- the new concept car from infinity. And it was actually act -- enough of that build and design unite Europe. Out of Nissan Infiniti -- -- invites -- as opposed to being. Built in Japan. Same guys who built -- to our minds and they've got a little interest in that you and I mean these guys obviously -- that independent spirit and on and Nissan -- -- invited to prevent this obviously is something crazy from my disease that would reveal. It's actually not as crazy that you cards actually really cool this is. Engine sports car and it's got a really nice design and actually it's got a reminiscent of the old and it -- And the -- and effects -- to constantly been seen around this is also confident company emerged dash. -- that tells you right there that it's actually got electric element to it. -- it takes advantage of that the electric power train that he thought is that you can leave as well except. Weight difference because it has -- electric motors -- the two rear wheels. Lithium ion battery pack and -- range extender. Gasoline engine. -- that gasoline engine and that only has thirty miles range on the left. Minutes. Hoping hoping to -- the into the -- and really sleek. Talk about win the super cars in the -- hoping that more than 30000 at least get to have one. Why not just do for the full thirty miles but it will -- to sixty in -- for second. I -- -- which is yet that's it and it's not quite as good as you can BM is -- my best regards but it also said that 200. Twenty miles per hour -- thirty seconds. And that's gotta be pretty good news. Gotta be pretty good and I am -- once you get at that thirty. A mile mark that's when that gasoline engine that sits in the middle of the vehicle -- -- generating electricity and. I'd be happy about what are your battery from -- -- -- that -- starts like that yeah you know you got no more -- than you have and any of that engine and get your experience. They have -- released any specs about this we don't know what happens. When -- rendering engine power volume -- go nearly as fast. -- and the content that it probably doesn't need right. They both exist -- -- -- -- a lot of clay model when I did today I'll. He's content to an emergency and driving them around and as the reception like dad -- Nissan -- and there is no RC. God there's a recent version of leave an element of action and driving around -- -- people -- itself. They can't do things like -- at that and I love to see it is about. It is -- murky and make it into production somehow because. This is really beautiful dark and continues network have a real sports highlights and I mean selling the G. Packets are really nice and fast and sporty but not like hardcore sports. Now right now being flooded the night PLC darkness after -- hard -- back to know. It's kind of like these that the vehicle that I'm thinking it's sort of the -- -- the point of this it's also Green. It's also pretty close to production ready. But it's not. Performance oriented or attractive and all that is -- -- Toyota FTV -- concept. And that's basically there. So long I get their idea for like what -- future dollars hybrid would be -- of the -- that the next generation essentially they kind of build this. Really. Small -- bags -- vehicle. Using -- -- what they would consider to be. Economically viable and -- currently. Materials and practices -- it's not formed out of a single piece of carbon fiber or anything like that. That it really sleek profile and get an X three and blue book -- -- a drag. I get up that really ugly cars out there and would have -- -- it's -- -- front looks little like the bow of the -- I keep seeing -- -- the quarter mile and it still want to yeah. But it did get this sort of like it looks like a boat flipped upside down. But it did -- these weird channels in the client -- that. -- -- Barr is the whole thing is and that is extremely -- -- and dynamic is that that. 235 to a prison in Iraq which is better than the -- -- and the reason really good as far as I'm definitely point 25 on the plane. And it gets bigger and believe that. And so the out. And in this car because it is that I of that dynamic papers -- this may -- what future does look like Justice -- and get them load it in draft. And that's that music and yet they're also -- The week down they're also going we're here with a smaller -- here at club one liter Atkinson cycle. Gasoline engine so. Visibility and three million -- -- team leaders. So much smaller engine I've -- lighter car a little smaller cars did nothing inside the -- Thanks again. I think more interior. Yet it's got the hatch back to weird sort of bubble -- heads back kind of ugly do. And don't know what looked like everything lawn -- -- -- There -- -- -- to -- for cars but none of them next. -- Saddam sitting there really light and look it up. Definitely an essay about weight and that thing to do and -- -- they said dad. Do the conversion from -- leaders of -- hundred kilometers visits them around like it's two point one liters 200 kilometers which -- -- about a 112 miles per gallon. You know if it's an extremely high -- fuel efficiency and vehicle. -- you'll receive from this concept. But I don't know if I would wanna be driving that car around them and get that point -- just get a motorcycle and -- And the old man white finish to do it always makes it easy to photograph multiple -- -- these flights. Easily end up looking like star field but. Didn't like that look -- minutes. Don't like anything else about it didn't blink -- -- equally ugly cars and I you know they're in -- sport concept -- -- -- a fuel cell SER. The argument that ultimately this does look a lot of it happening an -- -- a variety of -- more broadly here to in the form of a better way. Another got a -- of -- good looking cars but some kind of the way they manage to take the design cues from the mall sign. And the -- continental and put them on a vehicle that's even uglier. Neither of these vehicles -- that -- EXP. Nine F concept so. I'm thinking what happened is the winning -- marketing department said hey you know. -- just -- -- it's -- -- money on the high -- means you get in on this TV thing. And then they just didn't I wouldn't be surprised to find if that same -- and platform and underneath doesn't really remember the VW group. So that same platform -- underneath it seems that and in the way in that -- and -- really just grab that. And then they -- their W twelve engine under the hood. -- speed transmission basically the power train. From the current continental GT was -- twelve. And that there is you need. Says president it is like. Hi I have an infinitely -- -- -- or anything like that it's pretty high up in the largest TV again I think it's about the same -- like the Audi Q seven. -- it looks like it could go off road -- point three inch Chrome ram and an extremely thin tired and you know a lot of -- work on the Brian's been kind how to get this turbine thing happening at the front of the vehicle where the lights have these sort of radial turbine blades inside of them. But then -- back -- doing something completely different with the service weird and very Linear thing happening -- it. Looks like it was designed by two different Canadian and two different countries that -- and who are communicating via. Tell it to handle whatever the list as -- -- yeah so I. But inside its its what you expect from -- really nice materials. Extremely comfortable. It's really quiet cabin with a looks like what looked like good news. Haven't taken of these apparently they don't like completely virtual PG -- -- -- LCDs. Got a tablet needs careers in entertainment system all glass -- And best -- -- you can't see outside the vehicle when you're sitting in an event that was. -- have a -- that you have your inside generally don't look like outside and it's. The Bentley super comfortable I've put of course the silicon -- -- whether they'll produce that are not -- So I enhance the hardware to produce and they've got a ten year old maintenance manual transmission. And then basically denying its. They're sort of -- building for the interior and they're already doing on the left behind. I also. If big if that platform is fully borrowed from the rest -- -- -- that -- -- it wouldn't be hard for -- to make -- the problem and I don't think anyone -- mind. -- the car I would prefer as opposed -- that Bentley is the Rolls Royce plant. Series to easily. Record. And got out Rolls -- I mean this is a rare event -- -- actually has. You know an update to their cards and advantages of a perennial. And that the series 2008000. Different design views in the current -- -- it looks -- but what about the rear trunk drops down a little more of workers. I've still -- that massive panic coachlight look to it and ended the carriage doors they call them opening up. But it's enough that that -- -- series two. Book I'm not only affects other than the standard fan in the big sedan and also makes this event. And yet drop it do -- -- all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That body design. Every design and admits into the engine is that a little bit cleaner -- that CO2 production which of course are very concerned about here -- -- -- -- it's like. 350 grams per kilometer which is win above targets no other companies are -- our. Of course they live really really don't bother these for years it really hurt the environment that -- as it platitudes -- back and -- about a lot of Monroe. And at that point your server -- one and. And I imagine that that they've got -- -- electronics and managers because I. Those -- is part of the BMW group and even then -- benefiting from my BMW really did Apple products. And give up his at some updates in the last minute amounts of time -- -- -- benefited from its well. Maybe look at the -- can access the -- -- talk to -- and the awesome as ever it wouldn't be news feed me. Really -- -- community. -- that that is relatively. And your your app but you're intimately connected drive in the world -- I think they've -- you have something like that. I mean it's -- the the next thing it's that they would definitely that ends. -- aren't there something that I have an opportunity like Tony Stark at Kennedy -- off its utility about someone else would like independence thing and excellent what's possible on how. Now out ES's is actually cuts that are more affordable for most anybody read the -- and and -- its consumer electronic show this -- we solved the dashboard for the -- -- the new interface was that we did see the car. Guards here. They unveiled and it's actually shorter what they have here is actually read or not a five door and we're used to believe the -- -- US. Out but they probably they will eyes -- have a -- version was in college so maybe you're not so god next month. But it looks like a shorter -- shorter than the attorney for users to my eyes -- actually compared the specs yet. Com. But it -- a nice little car in the the cabin tech package is really impressive because they managed to. What a lot of the things up you get in the 86 please send -- a really big premium cars in -- -- -- in the -- in the US and. The cheapest price. Seen in feasibility if you want a small -- but still -- -- really nice car. You don't have to make that compromise and go -- -- -- won the Bang & Olufsen sound system but I don't wanna give me six more. Exactly and that's -- the key point is you can actually get a -- -- sound system. In reality for me it's a -- system -- -- high end ones in it but it only costs 900 dollars probably not but and its -- Or 900 euros what I heard so. -- -- -- graduated -- dollars in the North American market and a but it sounded really and I got a demo of the audio system Marianne. Don't really crisp and clean as got to expect from -- channels and they don't have little acoustic lenses the rise of out of the dash like some of the other system. Noted compensate eventually got light up rings around the -- speakers. Sounds like it here so that it a little bit and then you wouldn't think that -- see -- doing -- love but I guess there's sort of with the technicalities being an elephant. I but I didn't think that acoustical and kind of their trademark. And -- of the presidency that it's not there even if it's just done. Kind of you know rather -- like it. Therapies lenses or at least the fixed and the ones that -- them. Yeah why they chose not to -- that -- might have been purely cost. Lot of -- the does that -- -- is just down in the lower slightly lower quality -- going forward in the previous month. That you know this because we ever get an updated standard that any -- on either side and maybe -- -- just that we don't we don't have room -- -- -- -- these these acoustic lenses. In our dashboard that's -- -- platinum packages. Problem as soon. Down one link below the ass screen in the history -- -- -- -- straight out of the yet cut the middle of the dashboard. Not a touch screen. But it is very thin because it's that I LED backlight. And that's that allows them have it pretty -- iPhone. And open a pop -- That's just you know delegates -- rounded edges and it's gonna come straight applicable I'm tired but instead of -- Upstream net app and that's pretty awesome which is pretty case spirit I had definitely and they could -- for they have there won't -- -- ability all the MMI. But on top of the little title for them -- -- is they -- touch surface. The connection -- letters and stuff on there make good choices from what's on screen. Taking advantage of the small space there are making new in the small space of the agreement in the 86 in the -- got more space gets me -- but until then. We've got a smaller -- in the -- and the reason you can't put it somewhere you want to take and I take advantage -- speaking on top of -- -- It's important -- that's -- -- -- that -- -- -- have to Vincent reportedly the first -- it a little bit. Stupid in my opinion but its dividend has been that the company that makes it good it is -- -- -- -- -- -- that and that love the Liberty Media event to start date. Authorities -- advance even invent the power but of the day I don't know. I don't know that it came from but eventually what they've done it again and -- -- LP 700 war. And then -- the -- Then instead of what a regular car company put it convertible top up there and you can close -- rain date -- it. No wisdom that haven't been -- -- -- we're not gonna happen and screen anyway it's a big head that off too. And then they then -- this is good enough. And then they sold -- -- two point one million euros somebody. -- -- -- -- -- -- One just 11 key on behalf of those other makers make one concept car and then it just in the and if someone's garage somewhere in twenty years from now. But they're actually selling this or have sold it to -- birds -- when you're out of the don't want a regular days that is down here and there. And upload -- via the owners of nearby maintenance -- -- -- -- And we got -- that happens night and evidently did an excellent but then if you're into like you're looking -- awesome super card so that you can actually fly. -- -- Ferrari actually ahead of creating new job with their new US -- -- -- and that's instantly. I think it's just a lot in common -- -- that need. Recently there seemingly. Noticed the new platform from them pretty much right they've got the same needs twelve engine but. Way more power 740. -- -- instead -- an all wheel drive systems rear wheel drive only because it's basically their 599 replacement that front engine rear drive grand tour. In the photo that we saw before -- still talk about the -- of some parts of Latin. It looked a little weird and had just might -- going on within the photo has edited the content from side to return it disturbed me edit the various -- like me. -- -- -- -- -- -- It actually went really well in the -- -- in my opinion it's the best looking car in the lineup right now that deep imprint in the side actually part of their their programs. So what happens is here comes over the hood of the vehicle generating downforce than interests and inlets. Great news channel underneath the flu like floating. -- -- that kind of sits where the rocker panel meets the windows. And then it goes down -- the -- channels where it interacts with the air coming off the front wheels reducing drag. Pretty was the entire car in the air dynamic element any -- to -- on this vehicle is being wind tunnel test -- designed to. Reduce drag -- -- downpours and -- and we love our car. Market that the vehicles whizzing down on the front -- Would almost 270 pounds. Down -- those -- are looking at them and that's pretty awesome. And with 740 horsepower you weigh about that 120 miles oh yeah and that's definitely -- in the top speed of 200. When it out -- and that's that's going to be whether they're competing and we got a territory. I am a bit like that we haven't found one horsepower that is the much later -- -- they -- Non eventually lighter than the previous you know -- -- 59 and then it replaces -- gets shorter wheelbase -- to be more nimble also. But it still read it hardens the apartments in the provided Soledad and make them more -- looked like Lotus. Now. C apartment today at the end of next in the event just -- it gigantic abomination. Last week I -- the event with a good looking car in the wake of the IDF twelve -- at us it's just not gonna do. -- spoilers and as a parity keep cars like about 99 and now the I have twelve growing -- is that the end of -- the -- work. Are you getting through to the opera the grocery store. Now I mean it's not -- -- -- race around cars -- -- again. RAZR had been there for -- for I think they want it seems that -- and I and I think it's kind of like in the wake of the new vehicles like that a 599. Now. Which was really hard core break only got more power. Then their their -- special version 599. And -- west of the base model of the IDF 12100. Crap. Honest -- -- like the have worked before violated college network -- -- about you know. Going to be good practice the important thing to highlight after the record high but it's so that's -- the -- -- sort of sport race car wears. At twelve -- that it that something. -- -- faced reluctance. And of course that comes when it luggage. Yeah I've got to know my -- that leg off like leather luggage set that kind of build up the warrior -- As something you get tickets are on vacation. -- you can drive it. -- into the trend in another country. Supposed to be in the ore body was probably want to get trailers that. Agreements. Not the whole -- because -- like way more hard that we actually have time to talk about that not all of them haven't. Dad yet we gotta get back to see more of the cars that on the floor here we've got more to do more stuff a look at an impressive show's over we'll have all of our job. -- coverage posted on our site down -- specialized -- does a package that area of the site public so that all over the out over this blog posted them. Call all wheel drive cars that cnet.com -- you can find us but in no -- giving them an evidence log of when and where its report to be about. You don't see any episodes have been arrested feeling if it --

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