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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 251: U.S. goes after in-dash car tech

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 251: U.S. goes after in-dash car tech

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Feds issue strongest position yet against distracting car tech, Tesla Model X has us excited, and confounded. Is Washington state penalizing electric car drivers? And we drive the 2012 Subaru Impreza.

DOT makes its strongest stance yet against -- in car tech. What to give her a little ride in the Tesla model X virtually speaking and we're also gonna show you who's the most dependable car out there -- tech is -- breaking. Its -- -- -- -- everybody this is episode 251. And a for this was at fifteenth sixteenth live 616. Two days after Valentine's Day -- could forget that what a perfect way to remember dates. -- -- in in May will be saying the same thing 74 days after Valentine's Day I don't have seven days after -- -- well that's what we can keep leapfrogging at the head behind anyways Brian Cooley Wayne Cunningham Antuan Goodwin Steve I was at the controls today have filling -- -- Mitch -- -- is going -- -- -- big story actually just came -- a little while little while -- this morning on Thursday for -- -- -- -- shortly after -- I do the show here it's a new recommendation. Not binding but sounds real serious from the Department of Transportation. Run by old tech commuter rail -- Ray LaHood. And they have proposed new distraction guidelines these are voluntary and their guidelines -- -- neither laws nor firm regulations. But the sure -- read like them and they're going after distraction in cars. At the OEM level we're talking about you fumbling when your Smartphone -- a whole different crusade this is the DOT. And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration telling carmakers. Need to build -- -- in cars differently -- make an -- nervous. So here are the three basic thrust -- -- critical link in the show notes to this PDF which is a little wordy but if you look at the executive summary. About page -- nine is rickets interest in three guidelines number one. When it comes to non driving related attack in the car things are -- -- driving the vehicle. They want to make sure the carmakers are going to dial back on displaying images or videos and are necessary. Dial back on displaying automatically scrolling text be curious to -- our take on that in a minute. Be careful of requiring manual text entry of more than six button or key presses per task or require reading more than thirty characters. -- task number two for other non driving related secondary things they want to work on the time. That you spend on them and they say that they should have a rule of thumb saying the huge don't glance away from the road for any tech task that's not essential to driving. -- more than two seconds or a cumulative time for a total of twelve seconds of two seconds or less looks. To get a task done and is also something here about one and a half second glances at all gets very Dicey. And finally low level three here. They say of the last one is that they want all device functions designed to be performed by the driver through high our eye and hand coordination typical visual -- -- So that that requires only one hand to operate. Can't think of much text requires -- talk about that -- -- of is that I had -- a look at all of -- it is essential the drive it. And also they say that each active display should be located as close as practicable to the drivers forward line of sites. So those are the basic recommendations what we think. -- navigation seems like it's me when of those I devices it's essential to driving -- it's an interesting question isn't essential riders are nice add on. I think -- it's pretty decent children okay is. I mean for one can't carry on bag -- people are going back to Paper maps. And for two Ray -- wants until well a means for you it's like even if even if you did mean a Paper map is even more of driving distraction in the navigation -- -- that doesn't do with the doesn't follow itself people forgot how fun ways to fumble with Paper maps propped up on the steering wheel back in the day he's the driving down the road like that the papers in the way you can't see through it it's legislative as a public limited sleeve that you would like -- put on your dash -- for the seriously -- -- will be required to have a passenger in yet. With rocket to read a map that's deregulation thing turn here turn here no single -- and you get look at them. No editing oral or worse than navigation systems actual elevator -- say they're always talking about other stuff and they're like looking out the window -- -- -- -- crap that's a term like that. And he is very rare that I find -- in the passenger seat to give me -- it's currently looking in about a mile -- in half you're gonna wanna make sure you get over to the right calmly yeah proper distance as opposed to the oh crap yet so it's a window that I'm actually surprised look overly -- you don't get -- directs the drive. But it seems like there's some wiggle room in needs direction venture from then there admits aside they're probably. They don't seem to wiggle room but I think auto makers could find it. You know dimensional images and you should not have any distracted images or video. I don't I hope they don't mean a map using images that's distract. Bright is that and images that video it is moving out about the Google tech we've seen an Audi BMW that Kyle looks like video that Google Earth -- oh yes and then that those that. -- in hybrid cars they have it that. Powerful and impatient. Yeah I think I could be considered his dad's video but you know maybe that's essential for the car's operation because you need to know where the power's coming from you need to know your battery dead. It's like -- -- elected as in the signal does that when. -- -- something game on non on the holiday -- snow anywhere you like started out and you trial like -- -- your fuel economy over ten minute period a year concede that being. Hit pretty hard by this madness really show anything except some numbers and representation of a car with -- -- But is that video you know is that many notices wanna ask you about don't want as they sit in here we don't like the idea of any automatically scrolling text that covers a lot of -- Well mean that it covers most are idiots. Radio systems that are already out there right now let alone satellite and -- -- yeah in fact we're getting away from those because some displays are getting bigger and cars they don't need to scroll I was missing yeah although with so many of them still -- always makes me -- and they've got a big LCD and they don't take advantage they give you about an -- character window with -- -- for -- -- -- -- -- HD radio -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- album artwork -- -- -- In this screen that that's way more important to you and onto -- critical and connect at. A wanna see if it was songs in the key of life or greatest hits child added this on and off it was on vote -- and a so in -- given the people people visually recognize -- rate it's true noted. Now -- that was sarcasm but -- seen an album recovery years. What -- agreement in a certain age. When -- -- maternity units displays as close as practicable to the -- -- yes now -- -- that has a lot of wiggle room because. -- you can't but it you know seventeen inch display like right in front of the driver and plays an instrument cluster you know you have to put that the console. The -- -- the seems to urge may be more head up display. Yet three out in my mind -- based on and the first time I heard this list is when you. We're just enumerated in some putting together in my head with this this interface -- the -- is gonna look like and I'm seeing. Gigantic head up display with a bunch of widgets that you can touch it -- you -- -- hands yet with one hand could you can't go more than a couple of -- -- -- -- few seconds per interaction via for a total of twelve seconds -- job. Gigantic head -- display. Fifteen or sixteen widgets kind of floating around minority report in front -- -- via. Edit into being more of strength of the distracting about that. And it would be that there were just just not there. Also said in here along with the -- closest practical to the forward on -- site including specific recommendation for the maximum downward viewing angle. To the geometric center. Of each display other words get things up like head up -- as opposed a lot of those displays that are not just over out of line of sight but -- also down below. The dashboard horizon -- mean we're so used to that now but. Is that really really good design can't all -- much higher. Well you know we used to complain about the Porsche these have their -- communication manager screen nobody around me -- -- down low and they certainly raise that -- and that that was definitely a good move you know hard. I am -- a lot of the problem might seem to -- with cars is navigation system is optional and so -- the carmaker to make it something they can put in or pull out. They have to put it to lower on the -- -- because there's room there. There is a lot of -- -- is just leave in the screen in there. Eric you get -- where you don't get -- the -- there are now it is the gigantic climate control system that yeah and that's what they should do you know I I think that's it makes sense to go -- that correct elitist means -- the screens are probably cheap enough that it -- and and -- -- -- the bottom -- vehicle. There's -- it was a store we actually took it out of today's rundown because we got -- DOT's -- is gonna take some time but there was a guy from -- the head of Harman international which has all -- -- car tech brands as well as GB on others under them saying in five years. There will not be a car of any price point in the US it doesn't have an LCD screen it may not be a big one. But at least be of some decent size he wasn't talking about inch sizes in particular but there's an indication that you -- may be wrong it's an LCD. So that way they can at least get some consistency okay if we're gonna push the screen up it's gotta be across all our cars we can have. Two gas caps for every model one -- LCD up high woman doubts that gets a little messy from carmakers. But I -- -- -- it's a -- was thinking like how we can have all cities in car that's distracting it's it's an image on -- screen and we can't have that can get that flavor from ministers and yet and I also think I mean they mentioned a little bit about the you know cellphones like that disabling all these functions. And you know if they make -- -- you pair your phone and when you're moving it disables the Bluetooth while that's just stupid because of it is gonna pick up -- him phones and make calls you know -- -- the damn thing. -- that's what happens and you lock outs and and we we see cars that go both ways the -- -- heavy -- out you go to about two miles an hour it's like a -- -- on this in lockstep idealist -- Felix employers' rights had a hard time with the camera average last -- trying to input an address but I could not care to read like the brightest and not one that's long enough right it isn't what you get in its sound. -- the voice commands are -- -- happy either seek it really arm. I -- that the problem with the voice command would let -- put in an intersection it would let me put an address which was great but you know let's included -- -- immediately -- the mission I don't know ministries refused on the market this error and trying to. So that was that that's a good example of ours at their trying to -- something in the -- the locked out won't let us wait a -- example. And you -- into the Google nav on your Android device and -- what are even talked to the Android device but that's more distracting I think. The using something that is built into the car I mean maybe. -- are we driving people back to may be the -- the mobile device people need to step in. Is juggling your phone with really good voice -- better. Then any thing I and hand built into a car. And I'm putting it that way -- I don't make any carmaker makes really good voice technology not compare the self that the Smartphone as they just below the car industry away the -- thing is though that all that Smart -- we spray had been in the cloud. Yeah no you can't use Siri without -- interconnect you can use to -- lingo yeah without. An Internet connection it's not mean that the processing power for -- can which recognition. It usually happens up there somewhere in space you know -- the Internet is her. Well this is all non binding. It's they say it's voluntary regulation salute that you parts that voluntary is obvious. Regulation is usually the same language they use -- -- carmakers often not voluntarily. The you know tail lights must be a certain height. Bumpers have to be a certain -- you may not have anything sticking out of the door handle on the outside the can catch a pedestrian and drag him down the street those are regulations that they have to follow. These -- regulations they don't. But it's only one step from them saying okay we've tried these out and we're gonna flip them over to -- a required at some point. That's the language they use regulation is. These organizations. Formal. Law -- -- mr. Lewis that is going to be in a lot present usually do you know why. I -- you trying to skip that word and try to be polite all of a sudden. -- books history is ticket for DC if he retired in a couple of years. Is my net. Have much impact -- he seems to be the big driver behind this although. You know this is coming from. What's really to between itself and DOT among among clear on -- at I think that's is that such as department of Butte okay. Okay so that's why this is all under under under re released -- being led by him anyway give us your comments are we're -- -- link in the show notes you can read the the executive summary of the PDF presenting to look I will call that out in the show notes take a look. -- page -- will put that in the notes as well and just look at what they say that should be required of carmakers. At least seriously urged of carmakers. And -- that would change your car. So when you may have just paid good money for and may be the carmakers wouldn't -- anymore or worse what if they were told they had to unwind. Next thing you came in and a service call they had to disable -- with a software update. They can do that. And effective -- questions asked whether that would be the path or is everything old grandfather did in which case you might have a very valuable Carl was on the somebody wants the old Ide drive. That lets you do is more than may -- -- 2014 I drive to do. So interesting topic and will be -- -- talking a lot about this you can also finisher voicemails on this as well by the -- 866. -- and number 866401 CNET 866 for a while we have so many phone numbers and -- 8664012638. Call right now after listening on your. This gifts gig if your phone -- note to thank. About these regulations that might be required. Okay Tesla model X win and I went down LA last week. And was last week -- -- Who does that then -- -- -- Thursday Thursday time flies up right in front ends -- here and hold down the fort. So we're announcing the model X which is their SUV. Basically -- crossover -- what it looks like. And gull wing -- The first thing you see you go pay. It's got going to oils aren't going doors of their follow them sorry guys can wing doors. And here's why they call -- that if you're looking at our video version you see that they kind of fold in the middle. So as they come up they also fold of -- horizontally. Halfway or sew up the door so they can become more compact. This way they don't require so much room to lifting -- compartment -- normal space and not be trapped that's basically the idea. It's gonna happen. I don't know I you know I think -- -- wants that to happen and in the you know but this is essentially a concept car. -- -- pretty finished stating cult concert carbonate hill cameras for side view -- yet on his way up they say they wanna do it -- unit might be able to. And then -- -- the crazy doors although they talked -- lot about the functionality -- and it really focus on the functionality of that and said this is. The most accessible cars that the -- that's easiest to get into it only as their grow as TV you can actually. Climb into the -- grow easily while you've got a baby seat in the second exactly -- -- that out as hello parents you want this car because I guess when not having kids I don't know -- -- got a kid in the second row that seats all strapped in with belts. You cancel that seat forward yet -- -- with the child seat -- clamor back there what a pain. It's a nice looking the if you haven't seen it it's kind of what Acura Audi looking. Is that a fair picture you know or a fat -- or -- the day -- -- There's Elon Musk sitting in the back of it in the photo we're looking at right now that shows a you can actually get into the third grow its motivation to look like. It's that easy you know Nevada casinos up -- it's like okay you can do it you're -- your your back pop and -- couple times you do it -- about the climbing over some of those third growth things and in -- that are out there it's it's definitely a -- peek at. You can do it -- like a -- a regular two door. -- and I wasn't there says -- The it has competitors -- India and -- in photos it just looks dumb it looks like a dork thing there too many moving parts like a door. Is pretty simple you've got a -- at one end of it -- -- -- a -- and a lot of moving parts. But now you get to hinges. But things are gonna come down in the right order in the -- -- Annan. Of course -- -- gonna ask what happens when you roll over can't get that Dorothea how does that work has -- that the multiple tasks as -- -- receive this analyst Hadley exclusive bull. That's cool way. I mean you know -- over in this when it was gonna crawl the front doors. I think you have conventional front doors by the way the gull wings are just the second -- slashed second half row and then the front doors -- traditional hinged doors into the front. Traditional hatch in the back and by the way -- there's no engine front -- -- you have. These two big deep cargo -- is front and rear it's kinda like a giant version of of what -- boxed her ass with a cargo bay in both ends of the the really big. And their crowing about how that makes for a really great crumple zone in the front. Exit that he crumbled in the completely exposed go to get engine -- -- -- by -- -- what does -- RO when -- about this and you know one thing we are not really mentioning its electric car. -- they -- they didn't talk about that as much as you might think because -- country trying to move ahead saying okay it's also just a car wreck a usable everyday car. But it is the same platform as the model SO a lot of specs that we would expect from them but one thing that's really cool I think about this -- the match and it can be available all wheel drive. So that -- and so one electric motor in the front and one in the rear. I was thinking about is a bit and it's critical to talk about how they can. Adjust the port across you know the -- yet to or better traction and all that. But unlike a car with the engine doing all wheel drive and it just in the park back and forth. Isn't shifting the -- it's just saying. 100% torque at the front and hundreds and -- at the rear window where do we want 50% of the front and a 100% real and I'm sure per we'll. Yet you know that it doesn't actually -- across the -- it doesn't now -- a Connecticut -- that it's just a single motor each wheel. He gets no kind of though there is no getting into one at a gearbox to split the torque wheel wheels at a recent differently when you turn well they -- well -- -- they mention them com what they're using for things like gas. I traction -- -- the text and -- and at improving handling is in we'll break. A okay calm but the gas. But I think it's passing star can have 200% port. Right 100% above that this particular kind of is -- -- present -- everything. It's it's that you -- in this thing into two complete power trains both working -- -- percent of the time so you can in half. Yes -- -- -- get casters the hardware development back and then -- it happened in the price comes in like thirty gram per car. Because now it's only half the price of the base model for -- things about sixty. It's it is so -- that the model -- basically underneath so it's gonna have me -- -- ten to 12% reduction in range because the bigger vehicle to move through the air. So the range on the model S would come down ten -- 12% they're guessing and once it is to production. Pricing should be similar zero to sixty they expect in four point four seconds which as they elect to crow is point four fast in the current -- 9/11 in all these little bullet points of they had to make it seem to degrade -- -- a great sports car and has the space on the accessibility of a minivan which was their story about the folding SO -- I admit I got a little quick right and yeah and the driver does hammered it and it had all that. Locomotive pollution rush hour train and no noise it was mr. Karr seemed fast. How does that happen without a lot of growling. Then you've got to pull over and charge it whereas in the in the best in the adversity to keep -- to please -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- BB it not gonna Mallory to do in zero to sixty and that's. About a -- and a half if you do that and then -- charge I think I -- If brutal the big bad -- of the big batteries because -- evidence yet. Lots of screens inside we've talked at the seventeen inch LCD that's also bottles dole video gauges and -- like -- iPod nano screens on the we deal. To allow the buttons on the wheel to have almost unlimited functions will be soft buttons. Overly soft -- and hard buttons so anyway that's some of the tech and that woman got all kinds of stuff if you haven't seen already go to carte tech. Dot CNET -- -- cars dot cnet.com and you'll find a slide show or video it's all there is search model XT's aggregate. Okay Washington State says if you drive NE VEU should be punished. 100 dollars why is this. Road taxes its presence -- -- EV road tax because normally the road maintenance is paid for by gasoline taxes. Cars don't use gasoline. That's a problem now I think Washington State is getting. A little too quickly -- ahead of this problem. You were at another that many electric car Rhode island's -- I'm there I'll mail use the you know the super eco tires which have very little impact. In other design for low friction -- so they're not gonna do much to the roadway and these are just a street light because they have to be. And -- I don't think -- Yet they admitted it's a little early. You know it's like okay where you -- its -- a cumulative problem I would say let's have a gas taxes in Washington. And see how many miles -- recouping of gasoline car. Tax contribution by doing that -- and charges a steep I have this right now 37 and a half cents per gallon state -- that's correct that's way up there. It at the highest in the country I think it might be. That's part -- doing this look how much they rely on gas tax that is the highest in the country if I'm not mistaken no one else comes above 35. -- time -- While okay so they have a lot of gas tax revenue coming in in Washington State 37 and I mean they're only basically saying they're only hit -- -- for about. What is -- 300 and no. -- -- some -- there are a couple hundred miles worth of driving compared to a gas car so this is not a major element of -- it's just a token -- The wasn't gonna punish the electric car drivers its not gonna bring back the -- money -- -- gasoline car would do in the same year. It's like one of those things that like on Paper probably makes and -- -- the nominal fee yeah but then when you actually say it in in public. Then it becomes like why are you punishing us we're trying to save the -- they -- -- thing where -- displayed to the bean counters is just -- not yet be your on the -- it makes sense. Identity environmentalists had just seems like -- tax on being Green and it looks like like not much you know if you sailed 200 -- across a year of driving that's almost nothing. And then you get the bail. Your registration arrives it's a hundred dollars more than it was the year before you see the thing about like taxes that are built -- purchases if they're invisible people. So a lot of if you believe he realized they were paying guest acts they just knew they were buying right now it's just in the cost of its all its sales tax like -- what you realize you're really -- it it's just something -- yup -- And now you're gonna get a line item on your registration. There is soon as you break it out as something else that's -- here now -- yeah look at Engel YT at 37 senate time. Per -- nothing you -- feel it and you're used to the price of gas. Yes it's it's a fairly stable thing except for a couple years by the way we have some good comments on this story actually some people did the math font on how much the sort of the equivalent to -- -- -- -- -- It -- out one for zero point seven dollars compares to. 37 cents gallon that's about three -- gallons of gasoline a year. Guys has about -- -- -- Phillips or something like that ten tanks -- of a lot of folks that's may mean as little as eight weeks. I have a lot five weeks in about of the gravel lot now -- -- says that an average of 151000 miles a year but -- -- per gallon. That's about -- 220 dollars and two and 22 dollars per year in gas tax several hundred dollars and bad news about what you're getting a disk. You -- a discount on the same amount of tax you pay for driving those miles in -- gasoline car. But -- the question is is it worth it in an 800 dollars -- electric car how many -- -- in Washington a few thousand. -- -- -- -- -- -- 5000 miles a year yeah this is your second car if -- exceed your city commuter whatever yeah it seems to be not the time to do this. It's almost like they're standing on principle and the principles -- admirable. -- handle the cars are in high point and some people on some -- -- commoners are also pointing out that that sort of punishes the early EV adopters. But that people -- and fifty miles per gallon Prius -- -- -- like going -- -- It's well yellow page advertising -- but their pain that. If it is -- emergency numbers on missile dual spreadsheets he would a Prius vs a logo a video of low consumption gas engine. -- -- -- -- -- Honda Fit there. Are three or Ford Fiesta or some kind of a -- high mileage four cylinder see who ends up. Coming off the best in terms of what you pay for the car and what you're gonna get stuck within Washington as -- -- one as they seem like that guy but it just seems a little whiny. The whole -- punishing me. It look like come -- we live in -- society reaping yet Protestant tax and all the time not a punishment is this what happens when you live in this country pay taxes completely rethink the growth comprise. If this is an -- imagine that this is an assessment and this is the thing people always gripes about property taxes like okay I know my property taxes are -- And they can't go beyond that and liking California with the Hulu rules so that they don't yet assessments which are basically taxes. But they're called something you and that's a -- crazy as it is based in an assessment on -- particular behavior. And it's discriminatory to be able to buy electric arts. Right I don't know -- -- is discriminatory. It's just my native of the fingers instantly. -- an innovative discriminatory. Or punishment or -- -- -- -- unfair it. Well that's a currently with the prices of electric cars and other high and and people that are fairly -- that you're buying them. The hundred dollars is an enemy much of others right eye -- It's not a lot of money over the year its -- when it when it arrives -- a new line item it's gonna irked that I like this is the equivalent of I own an iPhone and iPhone case cost thirty dollars but like its utilities -- five. And you're punishing me for being united front there's a right it's okay I had by the case with the works with iPhone sticker at the Apple tactics -- totaling about that. It is it's it's it's the price of privilege. That's what it is if you have an iPhone or electric car you are in the 10% at the -- -- had a right way too much for something yes -- -- -- top dollar for a premium product. -- there it is on a box speaking of mileage really briefly here Honda lost this cases about a week and a half ago they lost -- case. On how they were stating the MPG of their hybrids. That they were overstating. The mileage you were gonna get this was a suit brought by a vehicle owner but she used to -- used to be in the carpet and due to -- -- car -- which is kind of interest in -- -- also had a law degree which I don't think she had used before as a lawyer she retired or something like she's going back in the law profession -- -- -- -- sidebar if you system player Winamp. But anyway this is some where Honda was accused of overstating the mileage you would get. In a hybrid and I'm surprise it wasn't just so simple of is this what the EPA says are not wise it's on -- -- was what the he said they quoted the EPA's number do you and they use that in their advertising. And there is actually class action suit based on this as well -- sort of agreed to settle because it was cheaper to do that -- -- it yeah but this woman to -- to go on her own. Okay so she would separate the class and she with a small claims court -- sort of an interesting side note to the story a lot of she had a lot of. Support I think amongst the public. On the Internet public because she was you know fighting -- on her own -- while playing cleans cores Aaron on definitive -- -- win like 101000 dollars yet in small claims court. Now the rules in California a small claims courts say that you can't bring a lawyer. Laughs that's for her past legal background help drought yet she's not officially a lawyer and Honda could not bring the lawyers -- they had set one of their. Engineering guys Tuesday while the EPA said this -- and not gonna go unknown sources in the marketing. They see their products directly with the exit Niigata for the marketing got -- -- it. -- -- -- -- It instantly whenever we -- slightly off the artist is she made ID 867. Box yeah I'll know how to get an appeal as they wanted to actually have you know. Lawyers argue this out -- this because this could actually have a huge impact. On the auto industry as a whole if they're saying these EPA numbers they can't use those which. You know I mean it's it's an estimate it's -- test. I mean it seems legitimate Andy's next it is only forty miles per gallon on humans to record -- -- -- thought it and they very rarely get anywhere near that. Then the -- thing here though is this. If the EPA number is all their quoting. And the economy and -- hot water what are they supposed to say. Yeah I mean who honestly just -- really -- emphasize your mileage may vary. New York just like you start -- him -- -- next to it. With. This is what it's -- -- dead upland it's not necessarily gain an assertion that this is what you -- Dealing another paragraph at the bottom of the ad is what you're gonna get it. -- future. Is playing you know you look down that like to point -- at the bottom of the -- gonna be like another. Paragraph. Well what what I heard her evidence was when she went to small claims court as she had photographs. Of her trip computer in the Honda we can't as yet he's yet -- that as evidence you know there's not much evidence of small claims court apparently. And so Honda rep I talk to -- -- like you know we'd like to see better evidence there should be some independent testing something to show. There's some rather than just a few photographs of -- Computer remember that like. Back when that the current generation if it first came out people were asserting that. The chip computers a little generous -- is not per gallon estimate and don't actually do an antitank you know the teacher CT look at the miles you drove in. You do the math that comes out -- Maybe two or 3% maybe even as much as 10%. Are -- high yeah on the trip computer. -- and -- -- like yep I'd -- miles per gallon idea. Any us the most nominal dependent pulling time liked. Is that really a full tank average or it is due out as trip computer -- segments and -- original -- so is this an argument between EPA when her trip computer showed EPA and what her own calculations. Of -- Phillips and should just use the -- university and now she didn't even have a blog that they have -- universe is EPA -- computers said it you got a lot less mileage. -- well as we know that always happen. You are well experienced in speedometer -- house that you can tell you that you GPS device that you are you'll find -- odometer Isabel. Two were two to five miles per hour fast and the faster you go the more -- hostages yeah it's a gears and the gears up perfectly precise. And it's driving a little magnetometer look at and Subaru and on this and I think just a coincidence I'm looking at there Subaru Impreza site. And -- stating -- to 2736. Is their new language for MPG. A little -- -- coaching there. I don't think this is tied to the Honda -- and this is loses up before that but that might be the -- language stressing -- a lot of carmakers is up to write EPA numbers. You might get this thing you might even get more dancing more -- -- -- -- for that yet another but we never see your car and it may of the EPA now as -- -- -- -- manufacture under interstates. Including -- an elderly -- the they want -- really -- every little bit of marketing opportunity you know weekend every ounce. Going from what gets good gas mileage to what keeps running the new numbers just came out this week from JD power -- -- that all kinds of studies they do this one -- the vehicle dependability study. This one is the long term not the ninety days how many bugs -- -- have but this is the I believe three years. How many problems as you have it in that long period of time. And what they found is that there's an average of 132. Problems per hundred vehicles over three years a lot of vehicles that have any reported -- -- are at a large minority of the -- -- -- problems. But who came in number one was now Lexus which used to be -- the top. And was number one for a while a drop down its Lexus Porsche -- Toyota silent. Are your top five and those are all well better than the average. I -- the user owner reported numbers yet this is not where they're doing hard research. And so let's see who did the -- if that's the fun part of the story. Number of -- -- kind of down from five on up riskiest is jaguar. Ram. Jeep dodge Chrysler except for jag it's all of -- your marking Sony's brands bull bull bull -- -- home. That's Monica. That's not good but I mean you could afford to got a one important you want to press release on this as -- -- -- quick eagle at the bottom if you -- -- plagued its Chrysler Jeep eagle -- -- -- -- they AM seal around. -- also kind of low but not at the bottom column on -- mini is not as bad as it was consumer reports that many second to worst in their version of the study. This one puts many below. On average in terms of quality would dependability but not. Not at the bottom anyway -- the link to this -- you wanna see where your car falls. And HD radio still not going anywhere what was you'll Saturday Night -- -- So and so is still dead who was that panels and help me that was the Epson -- -- Franco. -- -- -- It's still dead space two previous build that -- It's as they go anywhere you don't care about HD radio columnist up missing in the videos of the anyone cares I Xena popping up in more cars actually but I don't think anybody really prepared to care as a buying point to ruin the car -- -- -- radio group I want that could put whatever that is that it's that it might make it yeah there's a car and -- inflict. Nice and I think it's nicer anywhere but the Bay Area and Seattle were mountainous terrain raises hell when it comes in and out all the time here those -- transmitter signals are bouncing off of mountains and and building as we -- -- the multi path and mysterious elements -- And -- you're going from HD to non HD. And that's worse than having no HD where you just you're years do you because it doesn't AB comparison all the time you are constantly reminded yet FM -- At present most if you just had F and you wouldn't compare it to anything active sucks but you wanna know that -- you look at all but you wouldn't that is -- if you didn't have something really clean coming in about 10% of the time. And -- that's what it -- set of god. So there's -- research done by mark -- -- and company to research company. They found -- O 867%. Of people had heard of HD radio now discuss 54%. -- at. Yeah it's a Paper -- bottom -- -- In 200821%. Said it delivers better sound -- 20% say so that's gone backwards in 20088%. Could say yes it has more channels and more choices and that recognition number has a move that all this is a mess. And 7% in the first surveys and HD radio is actually the same satellite radio at least now only 6% that at what a mess it's just that -- yeah yeah I. HD radio on on the -- is -- was gonna go anywhere yet it's gonna FM radio and annually cares how good it is have been zero commuters like he does wanna have something non and it's not what you want in terms of programming. Now so who cares and sounds better. And it. -- we got here -- the road forward is got sync available in more cars. Let's see what we have between thirteen. The fusion fusion fusion and -- it thinks a flex flex that it is making -- sanity used to be optional and it was a pretty. Cheap option I mean 200 you know three new as a -- data. Now they're they're making it standard in in both speed and complex and -- but it look at the revenue stream up to -- -- were thinking maybe they're. Competing with Kia and Hyundai and key in and they're putting those types of functions standard their cars -- So -- -- and keep ahead of them. All right that's starting with the 2012. Fusion if I'm not mistaken not even waiting for the new redesigned 2013. And I read that -- this would be taking effects like right away -- -- an -- opera fusion reflects that should have. Sync if it was Neil built from like this point forward and if it doesn't display the three and of buddies get getting a -- it's worth it at telegraph. -- hagel a regular. Right make their equipment in there and tell I hear it's coming -- so here I am committed to help you and buy a car now when you need money to close the month. I hope I'll pass you. Bottled burdened with many odd -- -- in the keep the -- Like any good everybody gets their -- -- on this one everybody. Okay let's -- on the road it's a Subaru that. Is part of there. Sometimes confusing line of the Impreza ness of let's say let's go for -- -- the 2012 Subaru Impreza two point -- sport limited. And see with this car is all -- -- -- Got it downsized the engine here. It's that. In the previous generation and Subaru Impreza. Like it and later eloquent get to 2.0 liter right now is still one more boxer engine -- kind of customers. Trademark. There are other trademarks and there's some at all wheel drive system right which is -- open standard. What's interesting is that. We also obvious -- industry blogs the first time servers -- use that about it started to roll it out through their cars in the last couple years but it's pretty recent. And I think in my -- time in the Impreza. The big -- -- -- with -- style. Last year -- one European powers and -- sit there are going to be putting SPT that a traditional automatic transmission. -- like me that the smaller engine to get. Better fuel isn't -- -- Edmonton. In -- limited drive. But bad. -- and media. The whole point -- this TV GM a smaller engine is to get better mileage in this thing is rated it at 27 miles per gallon city. 33. I think maybe 36 highway. I haven't seen quite that I barely got -- over 27 and in some things extended freeway drive -- so not sure how realistic those numbers are. It takes significant hate me ethnic. -- -- -- -- -- -- Right there is a USB port for -- iPhone or from iPod connectivity and can put a USB drive in there was some music. I hope of a -- -- is that abstinent if you have hands free calling me at a variety of streaming yet. And this is actually one of the best -- Bluetooth audio streaming as that -- I've seen because it'll actually show full track information on the radio display. You know it has the usual limitations you can only like skip tracks and posit. But then it also has. I the -- bit of information which a lot of systems don't so they don't you any you'd like song title or anything but the selection you -- that's that's pretty cool. -- So this car was first and foremost cheap. 21 gram delivered for the base model actually seventeen for the very base model really. New dad and that but we have the deal will -- -- get away from the 2.0 -- -- -- during the gap -- but still I mean that the engine and the transmission well the base is a five speed manual yup and then but it still has that said that two liter engine boxer engine and all wheel drive. Two you have the all wheel drive is what makes -- the -- -- if you need that at all and a lot of folks you know. And whether where you do almost the country -- -- -- -- -- thought about the stylus or -- and -- might -- and that hideous news is why wouldn't you buy this -- Just -- if you're look if you're in the market -- compact. Pacifica -- Elantra. Bullet city crews. You gotta put this on your list that's on -- on an advertisement but. I was very surprised volume that 17495. With you don't get any premium or limited -- those -- for trams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would have preferred we had the that available with the com. A manual we didn't get that we got the CDT car so that added a thousand dollars by the way. Now and it has little paddles which are really silly on a CD to at least if you've got caught skinny panels maybe ads maybe the whole concept of like eight years I hate it irks me since -- -- you need to get -- shift gate with a CDT -- just shift to IV and I don't mind -- being to move. -- -- -- -- -- no that's more than just coincidental -- electric years there you're completely do -- a disservice to technology -- vehicle right the technologies come on the being making it spend time doing what it's not yet make you pretend to be geared transmission let it behave like what it is. -- you -- counterpoint to that. Is that death and putting it in manual mode and I was -- -- -- wet roads of the -- you know -- And I was writing you know drug companies like twisty roads are all soaked up the you know when editing an ad ad market and -- -- in -- its virtual third year area and -- there that was. -- its third -- editor -- It words and I kept the act the constant. You know that ratio and costs and RPM which you don't get the CDT the Europeans all over the road on these yeah. The idea with the immediate response to hit -- PM just hangs and never do I think that that's the thing I don't like you know if you if you are doing. Zero to sixty -- -- SCBT. Every time you. Virtually -- interrupt the power there you're already not getting like optimal power to the ground yeah the drive train losses of the CBT system so like. If you can put it in sport mode. And then just have the engine just sit. At wherever its maximum within our -- but in -- You know then then you you don't lose that power for -- a couple of seconds where you and then have to get back -- that wind power and you're actually in going faster is CBT. Than you would without one if it would stop trying to pretend like -- the regulatory and -- and. If you're out with your CBT car and you're doing -- -- sixty runs in your writing them down and comparing -- you bought the wrong call but that -- -- It's a CVE -- -- -- supposed to be kind of ease the and it has sacrifices. Yet as our fuel economy aimlessly among our lives it's it's it's about it in the sweet spot. Staying in that 3000 to 4000 rpm range all the time you know Monica however there -- a gas engines app. It's a two point it's due later Boxee has pointed out it came down from 2.4. 2.4 -- Or five and it was -- and -- to -- -- and still good numbers for a very small motor 248 or sort of 45 foot pounds of torque. And it's 2736. With the CDT that better MPG is of the CD to you get less if you go with the manual. And you have a huge difference -- zero to sixty -- second and half with the CDT so you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the interesting thing is if you by 2012 impress Adobe RX or tweets -- -- It's the old chassis the -- they haven't bumped this new model up to the that the if you may have bought the WRX -- -- this chassis chassis. And instead of just not selling them this year they just are still continuing to manufacture the old model -- one of those messy to cars under the same nameplate but they're totally different underpinnings from their only talk of the next -- -- -- taxis being completely different vehicle. They haven't stated whether they're gonna just -- -- experts of this test the or they just -- -- -- To be good for them to clarify the -- -- people -- drive that your X know all about them it's a specialist code it's it's a it's a mainstream specialty car but there's a lot of other folks that -- that are looking them not. Clear about. This is -- him president president your exit yes you -- is -- -- -- -- anybody call W our next president York nobody says that but it's another badly we're in the -- itself and -- and that little -- we Netflix is like William I'm currently has -- -- -- X yet so great ability to just a -- February -- cooler on my -- remember the W Lawrence doesn't get said. I don't know what I hear what about your president your access yet but that's. Other notes on this car is com. Let's see we talked about you can only gets. I'm not mistaken -- non navigation head unit at I think you can in the -- anything that's -- Though but I don't admit there is a weird mixture in -- -- -- get the sport premium doesn't come with that you can't option -- on. If you go to the very top the limited or something then you can option -- I was gonna curious by carmakers that make you go to the very top trim. To then give them more money. It's like when -- let me. Be a fool and buy a mid range car and then option up to as much or more than your hiring -- let me have more flexibility because when I'm comfortable as a consumer with choice or spend more money. They tend to say by the top end or just spend less money. But let me spend more money on any model I want. I guess it's easier for general assembly line that Syria if you're configure excellence -- have to like half of the users export -- -- As that's a much work for global auto maker -- you know 8000 mainframe computers -- -- and -- is not a -- of whether it's more work re of the Kinect can't do -- as a matter of we make more money if the cost of -- me yeah I'm sure they're being counters have looked at -- that those -- the strategy we're gonna get better average you know revenue per car. But other carmakers into the opposite military option anything in any model so one moment of -- for the Republican nav system -- -- -- -- -- -- 7000 plus and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absurd you can upgrade the audio system piece by piece -- on this interest and -- sub 500 additional pair of tweeters on top of the tweeters 1218. And upgraded speakers and all the same positions no more but just better to 49 I think those are our dealer accessory a regular installed project for those got a price -- -- -- atom -- Honesty pays students -- and the zoning if you get -- dealer do an -- doesn't point towards -- your stereo system or do. One thing it's -- -- -- we have the passport premium model that had the so the standard review displays yep I at the sport limited axiom has expanded display -- a display audio kind of thing where they show you more. Information not on your radio so not a color LCD just a bigger monochrome I think it actually might be -- -- mature -- and not a big screen are still ribbon type a date slightly bigger more more like a three -- five kind of thing interest. The -- I got a lot of displays in this car. The one we had. A bigger one a big one yet this makes me nuts. I want to I want simple I want map and yet they should get -- the soul like expanded display audio typist initiative brought that down to you yet. Of the lower and ultimately I mean if it's something called sport premium premium should mean something yet at this car was called premium. And sport did the sport OK at the CD -- to review work easily means nothing nothing at all and it means a harder -- and it. Stiffer suspension whatever that means there's work to -- borders to -- -- and it's different in the sport tuned in order to analysts -- -- meaningful. -- anyway that's the sue B the other than the 2012 Impreza is a new version of that car it is. To most guys more attractive can we agree on maps and it looks the same and I think it looks better in person and it -- -- EV DO or photograph a public use regular walk around -- Carter. A vote pretty good. And it also. There was one of the things that they changed on this that was interest and they got rid of the Alicea of -- the styling is is fresh and and then of course the -- a smaller but the MPG is better. Significantly better it used to be kind of like a rotary engine car a technical marvel but a pig east U 20/20 seven. With the old engine and now we mention it's getting what was it again 2736. And a big -- happens -- -- -- for a smaller and -- big -- -- That's a huge jump in -- -- -- now and a not yet. It's as they boxer with the idea. That the the united the united going to be India. -- the blue Toyota design on me DI and that the as -- -- same argument amusement theme in Geneva and a 20 system box -- a completely different. -- -- -- -- -- Our folks that's the and that's that's the -- -- for the -- this week the suits in the CNET car tech garage. So let's see we just rolled out the Wrangler. Jeep Wrangler rubicon got a good muddy. Thank -- -- for turning this on to your mud bog. And it doesn't look the same now have you know but you'll see next time there. And the Range Rover evoke very interest in -- price of one of the most requested cars from -- our viewers and listeners I've ever seen emails on lot of folks asking what are you -- reviewed the evoke of the review up. Our review is -- up went up by yesterday OK I think -- video went up yesterday -- goes up today so both of those should be up in our by the time you hear the show fear. Catching us after we post up next we have -- on the new Honda CRV that we twelve is in right now the new Buick LaCrosse. And the Camry hybrid which I didn't know we had -- we get that -- of them could -- and the busy week coming up all right that's it for car tech live you know how to find this show notes car tech dot cnet.com -- to think about the new. Propose regulations from the feds to a strip a lot of tech got a cars. And email is easy car tech at cnet.com. Voice -- 866401. CNET -- -- your thoughts and find us on Twitter. It's Brian Cooley all one word. Wayne W a Y four and -- GOO and now we'll see you next week.

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