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Car Tech Live 248: Back from CES: Car Tech

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 248: Back from CES

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The Consumer Electronics Show presented more car technology than ever this year. We recount what we saw from QNX, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Pioneer, and even take a drive in the Fisker Karma.

Or back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and we saw more cars -- than ever before. We've got -- we're gonna talk about some stuff we saw from Q and X Mercedes-Benz. Audi pioneer -- even take a drive in the the skirt karma. This is car tech lives for -- nineteenth 2012 I'm Wayne Cunningham in the studio with Antuan Goodwin and Stephen beat him at the controls. I'm Brian -- is that opulence of announce right now but he should be back again next week imagine. So let's get into it we -- we're Consumer Electronics Show last week which is why we didn't have occurred -- live show. And there we saw last -- -- saw something really cool to you David you've gave the best of CES for car tech that overall the Vista CS or protect reward. And that was. IQ and exits a car to. Mobile applications platform and basically the reason not picked it is that it with a lot of small things that added up to lose one really. Awesome impression. And of of what -- and -- is kind of working on it aren't you for starters. Will they they basically took their sort of Q the next interface that -- very kind of seen in the Blackberry Playbook and they put that in the dashboard. Of -- -- put in intelligent suit that you know -- here. You're driving alone you can't -- in -- from the front seat to but then you can do things like stream pandora radio. Or access any of those apps that run on that that that's -- platform. They also replaced the entire instrument cluster with like -- LCD that you know Kennedy interest in things like she'll bury. Green -- is -- like live view of the -- agreeing if -- If you if you're driving on that track and allowed you -- kind of switch between -- attract mode and -- regular driving mode. But then -- started. Getting into -- the thing that really impressed me things that were kind of unique and -- its -- that for starters. The basically. Shoot awful way to hear your Bluetooth -- With the car. Without having to go through all the trouble pairing in going -- menus on your phone and -- on your in your car that. A you and I -- we can impair our phones to at least two cars a week yet. And that. I -- it varies from being extremely easy to extremely maddening ol' Q and extent has done is they've. Built some NFC technology into their currently cast so inside of the center console and also. In the little cup. You know -- pocket that fits underneath the disinterest active edit in FC sensors. That can read -- NFC chip. In the following out of -- the Bluetooth pairing process nice that would be really really convenient writes the just get in the car usage -- current cup holder. -- -- -- Just like that I am ended any -- like that would -- mean me definitely -- So just for our readers are probably not. You know children on the -- insider baseball bit of -- technology QNX is a software company that does. They do back end platform weren't there their software appears in. A lot of car infotainment systems. But use but you don't really see their -- -- or anything like that and so covering this that we're we're seeing what they're doing shows some of the stuff that may come up in cars in the immediate future or the near future -- -- what. Features there do you expect to see in cars coming sometime soon. Well definitely that their Internet connection. They didn't Oda. A a rear seat entertainment system and applications. -- and video streaming and als also even able to do a video conference with -- -- -- story. -- in the back of the -- on their own camera. I -- also showed off that that NFC a technology already here in phones now it's just the Smart application of that technology. To basically use that tag. It's very in the back of your galaxy nexus for example. To automate -- Bluetooth pairing. One thing that I want to see even I don't know for gonna see it anytime soon -- they showed off what's called ultra. HD. -- -- Basically and it is calls is the -- and basically what that allows you to do is do stereo quality. CD quality. Voice calls. Around so you know he did basically you never -- -- ran into that sort of like muddy voice. Duplex issue talking to people I don't know why -- want -- in stereo but it basically stated that will. If they ever decided to maybe use this same protocol for audio streaming you would need to reinvent the Wii button that's -- you're doing some sort of audio telephony or. Concert broadcast or whatever you can use that same ultra HD audio technology that your -- for the voice calls already. I and then you basically would it would be backwards compatible phones can do that what I think it'd be cool is surround sound for your phone calls -- -- -- -- the president talking to you for. Hall around your head yes and that would actually that would be weird because whenever I speakerphone with people tend to walk around the room -- -- -- things -- And you just imagine meet virtually to -- floating around and edit it at all they dragon. You know it's like they're behind you settlers they edit and then suddenly they appear on speakerphone and an -- you seem a little distracted the first thing to protect it we're doing it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm Leo little -- script error we talked about -- com or you you solve this site Garmin set up at the yet. This Carmen Williams that -- that they would you take photos. They would not let me take photos that it they have this they showed off three different levels of of they're sort of like will tell -- is because the PD market shrinking. You know it's more -- -- -- -- for Garmin to kind of basically. I mean they they know this but they need to let investors and in consumers know that PD market selling like. Chunk of what they do they also have avionics they also do a lot of OEM integration they've already started with that Chrysler in -- you connect system. And they want to get more into those sort of things and so they showed off. Personally I'm like a very simple dashboard that kind of had some -- notes that built into it bad things that we added if you've seen. The Chrysler you can -- and you are to be pretty familiar. Then they should offer -- add a second tier that kind of had this really cool haptic feedback rotary controller. -- with some. It is a very interesting -- dashboard interface and actually putting a video up on that today. I salute you check for that on the -- blow to see that an action. And then they showed off like a top tier sort of entire Garmin dashboard listing -- -- instrument cluster that has been replaced by gigantic LCD. A twelve inch. LCD display -- in the center stacks all of your climate controls all of your infotainment all of that is disconnect all. Brought into this touch screen infotainment sort of system that it'd -- if you're familiar with of the windows -- for a you -- from a windows phones. You can have an idea what that looks like black background white text it's really slick. And will design and they're basically bringing in your navigation to bring in in the Internet their meaning your contacts your calendar. So you getting your car -- And you can have this little. In anything that pops up and goes like hey Wayne. So here's the thing that you're doing today I you've got you know -- your appointments. I you can click on any given to navigate to witness discount that promise of you know you're their -- basically being intelligent tied -- to your cloud. Right like I can see it's got a really wanna go to that meeting but it's gonna take -- -- that meeting anyway yeah -- and many eight. I was just really said he would let -- take pictures and I could take pictures of it so. You could see what was going on but they would only let me show blinked out Green giant arm and -- -- -- -- in -- -- there. Potential customers clients and companies I guess how -- actually back there with with them in in their their privates. Their private Booth that you can't get into an invitation and they basically and a bunch of investors. -- probably prefer prefer to remain nameless -- at CNET that we get promises special access. One thing I saw which doesn't require any special access at -- this is really interest in in the north. While some north or south north hall. Nor is where the all automotive stuff -- and this year there were some really major displays from companies like -- cities bands. Audi Ford and we're talking like car show quality display it's yet think. -- -- -- Look better than their regular carpet at public. Think of it on -- -- and they're gonna start -- -- they might you know it was smaller and they had fewer cars and had more lights yet -- any alike are fluorescent lights person where that -- anywhere else in the -- was a well lit Booth. That's what they can definitely say that and willing funny I've -- about the -- out of an abuse at CES is that staff from the major auto companies as they had. More dashboards. And carts -- up and which is a perfect -- consumer electronics news colluding to export -- -- and -- them right and one thing that they had in the Mercedes-Benz group where they actually have the new SL roadster. -- they also just unveiled in Detroit the same week. This car -- had its ad dashboard in -- -- the first one with their new app strategy. I'm kind of excited about this because Mercedes-Benz was a little bit slow in the whole. App integration area. -- BMW already is that it has a strategy Audi has already got a strategy. But so -- Missouri as Mercedes-Benz and and they showed up this really pretty cool. A system built in built into their current -- command interface. -- -- -- if I'm Paper perfectly honest. Is probably the -- it. Of media infotainment systems available still that beard. Yell we'd be used knew that it split toning Green system -- like index cards or something horrible the other cars -- -- so futuristic looking. Yet the design -- that its -- had a forever and fortunately it's that. Well so that they -- adapting it and then this is the important thing I was talking to you -- the guide demo -- -- for me and you mention that it's. They are. Going to you upgrade to spend their idea is to use one of the concept ones that they've had in via. The U one and one of the concept and interface -- they've shown in the when they showed resolve sort of house crazy violent stuff going on it's -- -- little too much for Mercedes-Benz buyers. The kind of this weird like Tron we have the -- that -- saw with that it's like a black background lake. Violent neon is -- on everything again yet. They said -- he said they're gonna -- -- something like that CD you need to find a happy medium for day to just need to look at least that's the I. That's an idea but the goal of so anyway there app strategy in this whole new interface they have has this. Element this is actually -- to be deployed in the new SL which is coming out soon this year. -- they've got this Cover Flow kind of idea C of these. Index. Sort of floating in the index cards on a terrace saw with a different apps and you have things like FaceBook and yell and dad though Google search. And you can kind of flows through these little index cards and get to see these them. Different to cards in and then you -- and when you what you selected. And then you get into something like. -- -- -- for example. And you can find close nearby places. And picked AS. Any review you can find a review of nearby restaurants. I think I think it's just focused on restaurants in this first iteration of agree to block -- all the other businesses -- -- you think you really don't need to. And basically -- the star review in you can navigate. To them when I'd say that's really good for like discovering like a new place to eat when -- in the -- Tel -- Usually the first thing you do is bust -- phones like RE with a round and unit being able to do -- in the -- prettier cars when. Part presumably. Write a lot lot of the stuff has actually lock out when your winner the cars in motion. Of the things that I really like to see you I'm seeing this actually a lot more -- and it's probably just kind of piggybacking on FaceBook opening up there. Sort of API -- -- a lot of of a FaceBook integration and in cars with the events this is -- thing that I've always thought. You know the a lot of times you get invited to something somebody on you know party or a movie opening. Or something -- in the -- -- event kind of hasn't really nice being -- built into it and address when you see it on the web site. The and you get copied knowledge. The -- its youthful owner. You know re input it when you -- in the car. This is sort of an interesting you can -- in -- when you start saying like in they have FaceBook integration -- the -- people who have told you wanna do that a ruled the mean there's already the sort of rich community of people inviting people to things on FaceBook. And is being able to take advantage that information in your -- -- RE go into -- -- Swarming whatever and just duly elected to do there's -- who now going. -- is had to go to your navigation system the -- knows where it is you don't have to copy your phone and revenue your friend's address. That's that new England. And -- they also actually with the FaceBook integration in this new Mercedes-Benz thing. You can update your status but if you're driving the only of -- canned responses. So it says one of them is as I'm currently out and about in the car. -- know about you and you can change its. -- yeah I was told that you can kind of go -- -- news. When you're not driving. And then you would have to. -- it's currently about the -- -- greatly mucking about to my car. Yeah notes that the and a my brain immediately -- to move weird many voices in the or entity says Italian roosters like I am. Having fun motoring. It's -- you -- you would link the goggles and I'm not driving gloves. But sort of -- Yet they said that it's this that demo that they showed at CES of this Mercedes-Benz apps system. It's still a lot there's a remote lot of work on -- -- -- -- set for one thing it says that the first screens of something like. Mercedes-Benz a command online and they said no -- -- Yet they -- gonna change -- to Mercedes-Benz. That's also an interest in things of their press conference -- -- sparked the future of what they wanna do they -- they they showed off. Sort of a minority report esque sort of like tarts yet heard about anything so they -- this video and there's a guy and he's in a car. A Mercedes vehicle he's driving around on the and marketer of San Francisco -- this dude. Has everything on the screen you've got Wikipedia are let people create -- -- -- in that -- zooming into was created when looking at calendar and I'm sitting here at the press conference like. This car. And it turns out that its autonomous out -- -- -- sort of you know opinion about building some of that and then it turns out that it's just. The kiosk that in their Booth. To demonstrate. This sort of system of -- -- -- some other interesting things they had this guy. This sort of this sort car sharing system that he kind of wanted to build any -- of video of like. You know you're driving along to a concert and some other person wants to go to the concert and you can -- kind of -- you and you. Picked him up in your Mercedes and and you go to cons there in -- beautiful friendship. I. After that there it was sort of interesting -- in that one to become instant -- from the live stream high commentary is just like. -- and -- -- TVs and condensed they're sharing it with people at the bottom. It -- -- yeah and -- it's kind of interesting the whole concept of what the caller the social network King and I always thought that it -- kinda cool. Indeed you know at least thinking -- with the maybe you can make friends -- picking -- people -- -- free and out of the casual carpool that we have in the Bay Area I was in a lasting French but it wasn't. -- -- brief friendship. But the funny thing is you never know how certain things will take up and idea of cars the center a social network. It might be the wave of the future may be Mercedes-Benz is on to something you you know sometimes things you know it is skyrocket like you know -- means on the -- And you know there's there's also -- kind of a spin out. Outside embassies and -- into another auto maker on stars showed off the the open their and I applications. A platform basically giving. Apps selected -- providers access to their to automatic system Sony demonstrated the system. With a car sharing service whose name escapes me right now. -- with all who prove. Really writes really does they they basically enough -- partners who really -- where if you have an OnStar vehicle when you're really -- member. Then people can when he -- car which basically it's like a private that -- I have a city -- -- not driving it three days of the week. So make -- might pick up my hard drive for five dollars an hour or so you know basically -- he opened up their apps platform. To basically allow relay -- members to show up. Pop and lock my door is so you don't have to leave the keys underneath the rock or something like that. And and then also. You know allow you to keep track of your vehicle through -- -- -- automatic systems though. You'll have an issue with the exotic car sharing company where -- show up and steal -- At that adds it to do with the OnStar. Integration with -- -- -- ansari has the perfect platform enable -- so it makes sense that they would. Get into it. Weather related rides will actually take out -- -- -- kind of wonder about it really right to do was doing -- before they they announced the partnership with GM. I'll last year and this is -- Another step in that direction but -- the you can read in -- them. So you also saw. Tel -- has a whole new thing. That -- to yet so that. -- already kind of had an app to lament navigator. News via. On that navigator. It was good analyst for equal name for the -- will be they basically repackaged it. As -- but he did a little bit more than that they've also kind of -- -- audiences into a little bit more so and yet the iPhone app is so visual refresh. You -- it. Your navigation turn by turn directions with prompts you it. Died. -- -- in discovery's you can search for places you feel reviews you can find a place your FaceBook friends recommended you to recommend places to your -- -- -- -- All through the app. Then there's also a mobile web site at this -- dot in the I was basically is the similar sort of functionality. But it's on your list -- your laptops are probably gonna be a little bit. You know. More eager to click around in and do more it's more sort of focused on discovery at that point and -- -- -- with. Walking around their MacBook and one arm you -- going from point to point and that's it. But the the most interesting thing about now it again my attention is that they also. You know announced a partnership with port sync -- and for -- to discount as there. Mobile. Navigation app for future Apple vehicles -- you have. -- And you want turn by turn directions and you want a Paper forward -- -- you have one of if that'll be canned. This PS to question I think I think they're stuck with the -- -- -- thing. Destination hasn't yet and there -- -- whatever destination status yet sort of thing. But now you'll be able to like hook scale into that Annan -- you'll be able to basically such a -- -- onto the dashboard. It's -- turn by turn directions there and and gain access to controls. Through the sync system with voice command -- quality also. -- hooks into -- then allowed into video output. So even if you don't have -- port sync vehicle. I you can and I guess the first partner in this is Sony. -- you'll be able to plug your iPhone in this case are also injury and Blackberry versions of the upcoming. Up -- -- head unit and basically the interface will reformat itself and display on the touch screen. Of the Sony so basically you're adding navigation to a nine. Navigation enabled doubled in unit and doubted their potentials for them to have partnership with OEMs with other after market developers they head of a custom. A Ford Explorer that was kind of running -- show. Where they basically taken over the touch screen display in the -- -- in and replaced. The whole forward you know my Ford -- system with -- Conceivably we reduce that would and other vehicles as more partners are now so well what is that's -- come out it's out now on iPhone and now I in there and play around -- it. Right after the update -- -- Africa -- element. It is a separate download okay you you can actually have to -- and running movement side and a and -- I know with the current Tel nav app. They our you know -- -- on an app it was free immediate turn it -- directions with that. But if you want you could pay more like traffic and other. Either it's -- they haven't really discussed -- thing with me by a as far as this and I'm pretty sure it'll be something similar. There will be -- premium services but I think the basic turn by turn directions for. You know and is trying to get from point to point B. And I just want someone say turn left here turn right here I'd bet that should be built and the free. -- Out one. What I -- Audi boot -- electronics show this was pretty in Christine. They in -- -- he's done a lot with. Technology in the cars we actually voted via Audi a seven as -- Arctic current year -- just as it -- so much -- on his first real real connected car. And you know -- -- earth -- its navigation system. So in -- 87 is. While just below that 88 which is saudis five -- -- -- mile -- sedan. And then they also put this technology and a six and you -- -- think OK are they just gonna reserve this technology for the premium cars they sixth through a eight. But now at the -- to -- trying to -- -- showed off their new 83. Their cheapest car in the US the smallest -- in the US. Well I guess that TT is technically the smallest car in the US right now but -- -- three is sort of the you know -- affordable -- In the US. The showed off the new input him package for that and it has everything that the a 687 -- eight have and a bit more. -- and awesome what's what's new what's new is okay first stop. In the gathers up the cars they -- -- cool touchpad thing that -- use scribe letters and or select things on the map right. In this case they they integrated that touch pad with the -- a controller knob analogous separate. Squirrel ran on it's just built into the top surface of the -- yet some top but does not so you can subscribe on that and then -- on the not the dial -- -- -- a little bit bigger because of that space is the premium and smaller -- exactly and I think that's why they did this. And also cool is the fact they've got the the LCD. Now it rises up out of the top of the dash and the use this that -- would be used in -- LCDs so LED backlighting -- this LCD is elect is as thin as that he used it -- Basically also recommended fairly -- CE. I've yet he said it's actually just a little bit thicker than an iPhone or early yes so that's them. And -- super narrow LC slides up from the dash and it shows you the Google Earth then all the kind of stuff that they've to have -- the other cars that it's on the -- Gazing at night now -- that that's you know classic for European cars is that -- an -- direct control method than just like waiting on someone start. Jabbing met with a finger snapping off that -- that a -- -- -- it's far away and a kind of hard to reach. The -- but it's just so nice that that -- is actually gonna bring this step into you a cheaper rate it and it it kind of basically it's interesting because I think. A lot of of of small car people buy cars because they're small and now I'm not necessarily but will people -- small cars because they're small -- this -- because they're cheap. -- so it's good to sort of see the top tier. Functionality in the small car so you're not just kind of like -- going Atlanta one of I'd -- vote of the vehicle because -- live in the city. But at the same time I want a cheap sodomized by driving experience. You'd still get that that that technology in this car now what about one of your you know the runners up we sought to -- that -- -- that best of CES is the pioneer app radio. -- -- to tourists coming up that. Below -- sold last year they came -- with the app radioed just after a CES that it wasn't really even a contender in last year's show. But so basically it's there. I like to call -- dumb display the elect me to call it back and forth and basically what it is is it's it's -- head unit -- have anything in it. But a screen -- a connection for Smartphone in the first in unity with -- -- the iPhone. The second generation app radio to. -- injury connectivity to bed -- -- it also gets a bigger screen full seven inches so it's a lot more. A little bit more sort of -- speaks there. But it's interesting to me how of the year connecting. To the -- phone. I -- initially assumed that when the added functionality enter -- -- using Bluetooth -- pretty much. How everything works iPhone connects through their dock connector injury connects through Bluetooth but what kind -- -- and presumably because they. They need to stream live graphics. A through his connection is that if -- required that you used a physical. A connection for your display so -- of basically requiring that you either have a phone has Mercury -- -- Or Iran and they believe is called me in -- T connection when. And so if you don't have those connections. You won't be able. I TV in HL a mobile high definition link. And -- penalty is that my head. But if you don't have those connections -- your phone doesn't have a video output and you'll be able to use it at app radio. So if you're still hold onto your first in. I injury when you can kind of forget about it -- is the question of do you buy a phone to go with your car's stereo -- well vice Versa. -- -- this kind of a thing that I I find myself talking about all the time -- -- Ellis. -- -- -- Will our right now -- you get injury support -- -- only supporting handful phones that. You know it's disease doesn't really make anything easier I think worked and of Android users but it's interesting to see that there are at least doing something here. Another thing that -- doing that -- really cool. Is they've taken the whole sort of app -- -- interface and divorce it from the device and now they can -- this. Two there -- navigation and dvd receivers now so if you were. Holding out on an -- radio because you just have a ton of dvds -- -- you just -- a list like watching your caller CDs physical media you're stuck on that either new generation of Arafat. Navigation receivers and dvd audio video receivers also have what's called an advanced app mode. So you play your iPhone up to those and it basically on the net radio when you need. A physical media and -- get over that. It'll still have that big book of 250 CD's right underneath their -- -- that seem to be stolen sorting through them -- like photo and listen to today area of page five. I -- now there's another trend that made itself apparent at CES and this is more in the aftermarket stereo bargain is that many apps rate. And so little background on this. Those sort of like premium audio system that you see in car's fender system in the hold -- and eighty sort of Bose system more Rockford -- -- branded system. In a Mitsubishi yours and Nissan -- Already uses this technology. And it's basically you blow what happens is OEMs have different requirements for what the they want out of an M from a third party vendor then used the person. -- into -- creek field manual says. And so they're already started late building these like small -- that built a couple of space. They don't draw a more power then -- in need to. In you know for a moderate amount of power but usually pretty -- sound quality. But what. It started happening is that the sort of like small Internet Rucker by the Sudanese 300 watt two channel -- for -- That was about the size of a paperback book a big paperback book. But it paperback book that's great and there are certainly make these available to consumers who you know want to add a little bit of extra sound. -- to their car stereo without basically. You know making their -- -- -- -- -- -- some people still like the the big. High calorie and our other show pieces look like lights on the -- and and a S house. But the advantage of these smaller -- that needle -- and power. They don't do things -- in your -- -- And and and and you do usually don't really require like a ton of -- it is. And and whatnot there's usually kind of designed just to you -- and a little bit of extra punch. A two speakers at a rarity in your doors he just -- -- accretive speakers in your doors or maybe when it at a small audience of -- -- -- like that. That's what you do with these but -- -- -- a lot more of that. Sort of in the actor -- Yeah I'm excited about that is that -- -- the smalls. -- thing that I think is kind of cool is that Alpine also has like their tiny. Power -- used to be specific Alpine units you buy it. You plug into the -- -- my head unit also and you have 45 watts are a mess instead of 45 watts Max button harnesses averages so what happens is when you finance and -- -- wants it's really 150 want to get 300 -- and peak. Thirty they've made -- sort of small power -- -- Universal now a thing you can basically buy it for any car stereo wired in lines that would restore disease. Not eve not just -- companies but also -- companies like Alpine you do broader. Sort of car stereo in car audio video if that's getting involved so definitely the wave of the future there I think this is gonna do for enhanced. -- digital amplification -- for subs. In the ninety's. -- -- Now one thing that was really cool for me when I got out that when it landed -- and on was actually at Consumer Electronics Show -- -- week. I -- -- -- late Wednesday and first thing get in -- hotel would others discard karma sitting down from a hotel and Lee Randall. At ten data ports and the guy -- that. The -- rep who was with -- and that arrange for a drive. So got my first drive in the disk -- camera around the the mean streets of Las Vegas. That was a very rich and -- so -- the score karma uses it's a series hybrid system it's got electric motors power in the rear wheels. -- it's got a gasoline generator under the hood. And it's got batteries will give -- about fifty miles range. Then when you opt for anything about that Ukraine the engine cranks out and provides electricity this is very similar to those should be able -- -- -- as via. It's -- when it out or and it. Hinted that. There is no time when the gas engine in the district -- powers -- -- wheels. Unlike the typical rate at which there are certain circumstances were well so this is a really interest in experience right in -- current is for one thing it's a really. Dotty looking to -- it's -- very expressive Karros but it ballot an expanse. And it's -- these huge -- in this sports got a detection sedan and down four doors although only four seats to causes the the tunnel that on the senator has -- set. -- lithium ion battery. And it felt it so interest in the feeling of writings cars -- is pushing the accelerator. -- just pops forward it really past Newfoundland surge behind you and -- that. Electric -- which is you know feels like a locomotive. Would make there was -- of the Tesla -- -- yet. Well -- the roots are actually you know it has -- acceleration like under you know four seconds to sixty years or thereabouts. And this one is you know the district -- was actually kind of slow in comparison because it's six point. Three seconds under optimum conditions. Sixty it is like a slight decline and that's the batteries are Apple and when you have it and it says sport mode the other mode because stealth mode. Now. Still it is an opportunity and I'm and that's when evidence self mode which actually saves energy more more the -- entity uses. That's eight seconds to sixty which is very slow by sports cars it's not bad art standard plan I mean there's certainly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Large gap in their prices that -- yet created smoked Bible -- -- that -- but it is a really cool looking car -- didn't. And I definitely like that electric -- the -- it. Powers forward with that. -- gets I think a maximum three and amount range witnessed the cabin was really interest in because so this is a luxury car 8090000 dollars. You know the -- and there's not a -- of -- And yet and this is due to -- is. It's -- this it's this fabric and then the represented of mr. described it to me it says some. Thick -- lecture the industrial maverick. It's close to being nice analysts seem pretty -- It's been -- an idea he had -- some story about it New Hampshire only -- out of recycled PU -- probably the last BI union a nuclear winter. -- and but this is because the scar was and you can get up mr. -- with leather but this one was the eco chic -- So he -- immediately -- recycled red and -- note no leather and the wood is actually all recovered would. It's salvage from the bottom Lake Michigan or empires they -- in Southern California. And it was pretty -- would actually -- had a nice and have at a very has entered the on the -- in his -- Lake Michigan. Yet. -- Plus an LCD instrument. Cluster to. Which. -- and I mean I think the graphics would get bitten. Still a problem with the LCD instrument panels and I've seen so far. Where there's Cisco flat look to them and obviously -- flat yet com and add another just. The -- -- recently about the glass tops thinker. The -- has right now I think they just a little. Cheap. I -- I think the best to the best LCD instrument clusters aren't the ones that kind of like. Also build and may not necessarily mere rumor kind used to -- analogue but. Maybe maybe sit alongside analogue the right I've seen some really -- really cool and where it's like you've got analogue -- I think you've got late two. LCD and that that little bit of dementia -- in and that the actual physical -- -- makes them the fake. I -- a little bit more believable and immensely. The one in the Mercedes-Benz. The one that. Can turn into your night vision view -- using a speedometer and you cannot tell if that's not an analog speedometer and of course I'm -- it in the old should not sit. The -- out of that price class the Lexus LA. The really -- in digital dashboard that I think there are actually some physical components. And it. None of that none of the actual gauges twenty's and yet -- -- -- -- provide also get a picture and up the moment Leo and our feed here but to. We -- -- impressed by the district Burma's drive selector which is this little cluster of buttons. You know forget shift after shift -- anything like that I -- there it is you know it's the drive you know the anarchy. I am buttons. And -- is little tiny cluster on the console on you don't need anything more. You don't need a big shift because it select. -- -- conceivably. 11 year. Yeah yeah one reduction here. So -- fund drive it around Las Vegas and the -- -- along really nicely. Got a little impromptu drag race with the old -- -- because that's. I saw a couple of Gregory is happening on the street is that -- Either -- all it was funny because it was. Almost like -- -- from the fact that -- -- -- -- -- -- And be muscled out hunting at far bigger thing. And I'm in the cab from the back room with him or transit and to see -- take off and they're both like squirrel and ran out Holland and easily look at -- you guys like you guys keep real in Vegas -- You know it's that are a must it is an ad agency just like a roundly blitz -- -- go in the desert and take off now yes under constant speed different. We -- -- special from various ethnic that he was dated idea -- group cooling of that. Com. And knowing that just one last about the karma we just got an -- curve even approach the yet. We had a root sort of that I was directed to you and one Kirby pit where the -- the -- -- and others no cops on the section we haven't seen so far. Get to drive that in this -- handled very nicely. Yeah it's probably the weight it's it's almost 6000 pounds right so. It's a heavy car and that keeps the data it's also a big wide tires -- what the specs on the market there there why didn't. Dayton and so they have a lot of grip I kinda got the impression and it really turned really nicely eastern really nicely -- seemed to be nicely balanced. -- for this short stretch I mean haven't driven it on a track or -- -- -- but. From -- -- from this short little bit my impression is that. That'll -- up really well up to a point and what's loses that I think it would lose it in a big way do does that wait you know once you -- when you finally lose grip. In -- hold a prolonged time to finally lose and I think it's just gonna be like. 80360s. And in the dirt all sorts of stuff you want it. So that is kind of our CES Consumer Electronics Show wrap up that I it was a presidential lot of cars staff that just such a growing area. And so -- -- -- take a look at what he is Z. In this. They wait before you into the -- -- yet I just like to say. That I've been vindicated. You have to road before this -- -- -- show we got like a little preview. Via Acura in SX and were told it was basically gonna use the TL super handling all wheel drive system. And I was like -- -- now. That's not -- works are in a blog post basically. Basically begging. Accurate not to ruin the NSA can basically telling them. What you need to do to -- this super -- -- if you're stuck with -- if you just if you're bound and determined to -- -- ivory. And what I said lawyers for the V6 hybrid engine in the back on the back axle. Where -- this were exposed to be. It's designed to be a transactional and then put those was it late 220 horsepower electric motors on the front axle lower. They will really do any harm. And -- turn result that when the Acura in Essex was unveiled in Detroit last week. While I was trying to keep an eye on -- showed -- his time and I really wanted to be in its rate. I turns out that's exactly what they did. Yet so I was actually there and I got to talk to an actor reps any. Told me they were really and clear in their press materials about how this part and -- laid out but I finally got them to tell me. And it says yes like you said they put the Sunday 3.5 liter direct injection V6. -- -- -- behind the passenger count. Compartment you. They have an electric motor and of the thirty kilowatt motor rocket motor in a written with the transmission break. After the rear wheels that whole thing powers through Wales regionally 34303. And sixty horsepower on the back -- yet ocean out pretty good for the small -- -- this is the two -- it's. Very much like the original annex in its layout -- And then yet to I think of twenty kilowatt motors and entered which parents when he told me they only add up to -- of the -- -- -- on the front axles of course -- -- just kind of suggests the attitude ready to -- torque steer our -- yet court spectrum -- -- Yeah I get academic credit for certain yet controlled -- like monster speed three torque. As so I think with a slightly car and that that configuration itself it'll handle really well right. I've been an accurate person I was talking to reactor -- -- talking to you said. It just like the system in the EM MPX -- reversed right -- -- you know. Which are updated to describe that a new I think it called yes -- -- W or something -- there's a term they use. Please call all -- CTW but they don't actually they -- all do the same thing -- you dig through. I think I think actually I may have. Broken down the differences of permanent all wheel drive article -- can definitely look at the Wikipedia article on -- -- CWD in middle. Did the torque splits different depending on -- car you're getting and how it does that. But to discard them up to the your -- and through the -- look the -- onto your expectation -- with it yet I'm okay now -- -- here yet I mean I am told. That there are actually gonna make it. They are and so they they confirm that. And I'm told her -- they're gonna build in the United States and is better than other prisoners they're gonna build here interest in -- of yeah I'm all for that and we for -- their current -- I think it was kind of the star of the shows you it was it was really the concept he star of the Detroit show. It it which was a show they had a lot of really good solid production cars -- new models that are gonna come out. But this was the most interesting concept even though they said they'll produce it as well. That revenue wise kind of total. -- moment in the sun they're are edits in a production. Approved by actor. Anyway let's set ups take a look at what's in the S and it -- by the way no OTR this week. Yet we don't have one for you -- just a car and -- -- effective and which have 19 -- anyway. This is what is in the CNET garage now lol next that we currently have -- yet Chrysler 300 SRT eight. And the app Ford Edge eco boost in the -- downstairs are reviewing those right now those review should go up. Early next week expect to see those in the coming up we have. GLI. Audubon edition. Which -- and you know what that means but it sounds a very cool plus the new Nissan Versa and looking forward to -- in in this new. Affordable compact car. Right that's it for car tech live I'm Wayne Cunningham -- I in the studio with Antuan Goodwin here Stephen -- -- -- the controls. You can follow us on Twitter you can now actually can read our site you can look at all the our show notes here at the -- -- Dot cnet.com. And look at these links that we've been talking about -- -- It also -- on Twitter I am Wayne C underscore SF on Twitter can't. Antuan as and QA NT DOO on Twitter and Brian Cooley ocean back with a -- week is Brian Cooley which is just one word -- -- All right thanks has.

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