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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 247: Chevy and Fisker improve battery safety

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 247: Chevy and Fisker improve battery safety

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The Chevy Volt makes fewer sales than GM expected, Fisker issues a Karma recall, and we talk about our trips to the Detroit Auto and Consumer Electronics Shows next week.

There's -- people makes fewer sales than GM expected. -- issues a karma recall and we talk about our trips to the Detroit auto and consumer electronics show's next week. This is Arctic alive for January 5 2012. The new year. I'm Wayne Cunningham and in the studio with that Antuan Goodwin and damaged -- on the board. Brian Cooley is that half to get ready for CES next week -- she's -- a -- to -- there. Everybody's getting -- associates -- -- week. XW. I get ready for Detroit then CES -- yeah well that's the FT says when -- -- Linux. Its rate was about them second gap I'll -- -- our first big story. I've been turning a lot of comments on our blog this week as Chevy volts and a -- that DM officially missed its us sales targets for Chevy -- The is -- wanted to sell 101000. They sold about eight -- -- 80% it's not bad. I think there's a few different sides to this story you can look at it and say oh it's a big failure -- in -- you know as many as they update itself. But I know there's a lot of actually is the official numbers 7600. -- one -- -- it's sold. And they wanted to sell old 2011 so that's -- a C grade as a man in and I guess that as the -- the only thing is -- in our comments. On on our website about this them. Lot of people are ms. lot of interest in commentary in some people are saying look there's a huge weight it's I'm on the wait list add a -- right now they -- -- available forming. And weather and there's also a question of the is that you know -- needed GM actually manufacture in the years well. They certainly there's a few that it crash tests of -- Muslims -- gone and -- Onto requested Nevada. Of was the shortage an issue of supply or demand. And it can also be I mean they have to ship these cars all of the country to do so. Maybe in somewhere -- in some dealer lot in -- there's three of them sitting there. And in Massachusetts there is none and then line of people out the door waiting to get -- -- old thing with distributing cars and that's a lot more labor intensive and distributing cellphones for example. -- semi didn't quite meet its sales say in the actual wanna sell a lot more this year for their sales figures for this year are supposed to -- but they definitely want to increase that they'll certainly. Should be ramping up production to hit that is as well. So that's the Apple. That's the bolts. Actually -- -- a side note to the story. We have in this that web -- the street. -- -- a contributor to this site is. Racked up a thing and he and he's anticipating that to 600% gross in the electric car industry. He's that he's got to figure it's really interest in here he's done some some looking at how many cars that. Different how many electric cars different auto makers expect to sell and there are quite a number of new electric cars coming on the market this year to. And his take on it is anything that you plug into walls -- like cock. -- filling PH EDs yet I reach Extenders. And that sort -- -- Yet not you know I mean up the traditional hybrids which you can but dead and you were -- you can say he's that would -- is number here in saint there's. He expects sales in Boca -- burden. He's -- -- -- just -- -- in the article here -- Poll of over a 100000 ought to -- expects to sell. The big chunk that is a big -- is pretty big chunk. You know I guess when you start factoring in the plug in Prius. Value for three's name on something and start -- and Pretoria is gonna sell everything one of those that they can make it mean. The -- is sort of brand. Has already kind of prevent that -- people get behind that -- be -- -- you know if if I don't know -- if city's planning on -- usually did say they're planning on reading their estimates for the number of vehicles that they were gonna make sure the Nissan's doing the same. Probably doable. Well here's the breakdown he's got here that Toyota plug is not put -- Prius plug in which is coming out next year. Critics like to sell 121000 units of that -- -- 2012. Ford has their seem -- energy coming out that they expect to sell 181000 units and -- -- -- a plug in hybrid. -- since 191000. Cars. These you know these -- their their sales targets so they might be optimistic. Nissan wants to sell 25000. Leafs in 2012. And and the really big numbers -- -- wants to sell 45000. Bolts in his infinite. -- optimistic that it seemed to seems I don't know I mean if there is the you do aimlessly in a semitism are you know -- -- and -- everything and so all they can make. Tesla model less -- only -- 6000 units that the skirt karma only 5000 units. Ford Focus electric is coming out soon is that 7000 and the Twitter rab for electric which is going to be a new electric car on the market. 4000 units of that -- so Toyota's. We're not -- the moon here yet well. And -- -- being fairly. Conservative tune in what they expect to sell in this market. The basically getting the -- and they're gonna basically care quarter via. Of what it gets all the -- the electric vehicle market. -- -- -- -- saying we're gonna sell about half a -- then. The big numbers now if the marketers at the if that people who -- -- these are pretty Smart people these companies -- are setting these targets. You know is -- -- -- they're -- -- realistic targets -- the if they meet these targets and we're looking at oh well over a 100000 new electric cars sold out next year. -- and I can -- in and Christina. Interesting move on -- the herb you know could be the electric cars are taking up a lot faster. Then it's seen -- you know covered and always who's gonna slow and then you suddenly seem like a big ramp up. -- -- Any other the first year that -- vehicles out I mean you -- -- -- Into the -- kind of ready to a couple of issues during its first -- one of which which brutally yet. A little bit more sort of us sensationalism than it probably should -- was that whole like a volt battery fire issue. That was near the end of the year -- -- -- factory too much into. There their actual sales and whatnot. But speaking of those battery wired cities actually. Basically stated that the structurally -- dead the battery pack of the -- with the keys in which side impact poll basically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right value -- -- on on the heels of admits. Palm's investigation that's gonna tell you state it's a had a preliminary conclusion that think there's still investigating -- But that GM but it is come out -- said that. -- -- -- -- -- contact you and -- reinforce the battery with some components that they came up with which I assume something is due to dealer -- And they talk about things like there's also a coolant -- -- level sensor for the battery court system because it liquid cooled batteries. And the one -- -- it's funny little story this is not a recall. And am now it's a customer satisfaction program. Let me it's -- -- mandatory and -- and they recalls are -- You know I guess with recalls it. If you don't have your vehicle to park in conflict once he sees online if for example you don't command for the recall on a a -- -- for example and then you. Have a -- -- chief. -- it is -- -- they're taking the suit is actually that contact each buyer individually is. This is almost like test fleet at this point 7000 and change and its 7007. Hundreds and yet they're gonna call -- -- -- says. -- Command interval mogul exit Apple for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a mother got a customization -- limited offer that to some sort of give details or something. -- but it seems like -- owners don't really. And -- -- fees it says -- -- of the volt owners have contacted us and pretty messy Vidalia work. We understand is you know the vehicle set. On a lot. For three weeks before called fire so it's like. It didn't really seem like the bull -- owners -- owners are. Too concerned about their -- spontaneously combine a but it is -- a nice that I gesture of goodwill. Most of the Philippines is mostly -- Nevada registered to to those who run into net not for -- those bolts. I guess that the people -- devoted to it. But you know solid good response to a perceived problems -- -- -- at the same thing and and they bungled their response the -- one in unintended acceleration thing. -- initially when the -- started coming out even though that was sort of a little over boy I was W way overblown -- -- But Toyota. -- were criticized for for just not panel -- that while this ignoring what people are saying and and then eventually. Now they've -- and GM does not -- -- be in the same boat obviously especially with the new. Technology that some in the now they wanna sell 45000. These next year right it and -- -- and it everybody news. A structural enhancement is there. This freely whether -- going to be -- I wonder if you don't forget to 2000 of these cars on the road well they actually be calling everybody up and say hey you know we got a little fixer to commend -- the dealers. And the united privileged users polls in just like anything else right. Sent through the. OnStar or you whatever you know despite appear on the car's screen -- -- and custodians and problematic systems candy that your current service. I'm order sort of might you know drive the -- -- itself -- at some point at some point when you're at work. I'm money your business you can sister card automatically get -- to -- -- just like. When news of atom which you -- -- -- had problems with battery fires recently. -- -- -- -- would be asked to secure in their upcoming karma. That the PC theory yet. I -- that -- is a electrically driven meals but that gas engine to use those in an electricity TV range extender EV through India set similar to the bolts -- -- -- that so I history -- itself -- that quickly. Yeah although they didn't actually have there were no incidents or no I mean men know this camera's burst in the -- of course are only two and 39 of them on the -- -- -- There brought a little more by now operate but there was an issue that was brought to -- ten again it is attention. And they get the statement from -- say is that it -- cool and enters the battery compartment an electrical short could occur resulting in a fire. Through. Yet no reports but basically -- -- -- -- here's something man committed to potentially happen maybe yes -- the whole problem putting liquid around a battery. You know -- product hair dryer in the bathtub. It's better. At that on -- tonight -- -- yeah. -- -- that is you know but I I think there was -- there there was reports that are at least some stories floating around the -- -- somewhere that that -- is looking into this I think there. -- into a 123. The sort of -- -- the first time we heard -- a 123 they were converting a Prius. Standard creases in the plug in Prius is worked at plans to build line. Mr. It's kind of working with him Mallory Anna. Meaning union dissident but before -- -- -- says that there's a and speed of the problem is as -- state for an answer the battery companies that when wanna get on this is a 123 is one of the this should be one of the biggest suppliers of batteries for -- for electric cars and in this country and I'm sure they want to you. Wanna sell a lot of batteries and so the other they're off for the C electric current solution. Yet so Adam. Again. I don't think it's a big deal and then fortunately this hasn't really -- sensationalized. Mostly Vickers. I think the most the -- people are just like -- who. Noted never heard of this year -- -- Immediately -- justices out of a junkies or and we know -- this the idea that the general public aren't going to be. -- record initial much -- -- WGM and bites a lot of -- A lot of criticism new level government motors thing home sector. -- And hold people still are people still saying that looks at about below the -- guys still seek comments on line quite a bit about -- online news. And peoples and -- and in the works. Except at. So let's take a look at what I'm going to be seen in Detroit this next week we've already covered a couple of things like accurate NSX which is. Can be pretty exciting could be a big failure. And it could lead the concept. And relatively to eat -- the Green salt hazards but admit LX is actually finally showed -- a bowl -- out of its view of -- content you'll be showing at. Detroit and this is the strangely named a LF. LCU sport hybrid -- -- sport to pirated or. Two plus two coupe hybrid sport -- a LF LCA so the only limited now and you'll soon only did -- -- it's a concept and some -- believe that can breathe a sigh of relief when they know what's the concept because. Ugly. And pretty. -- -- out -- outlandish at the the Friday and when I first saw it I thought. It looks like someone cracks it in new and painted it down at the bottom window all right look at it it started to grow on me. It is it looks really. It looks like the future. When -- select a movie in late you know they try to make any movie besides ruled out the acquitted trying to make a car look like -- in the future releases. Little things apart. And just -- -- -- at duke and delight and I think. If they weren't too let's talk about what it is before we talk of -- I think they did -- the department we don't know much about what it is just that it's a hybrid wouldn't. To be sporty. I'm really curious to see what actual power train is and they'll find -- -- next week him die if it's gonna be a higher -- if anyone actually. You use something that the cat you know -- around -- parts and that my guess would be. That LS 400 -- -- -- archery system they're gonna have to do something about that the year it ran -- and about like a planetary cutesy TC sporty. As overly -- to menace another color I am of the words in there is the Toyota Prius C which were kind of -- -- -- -- one. That is being used small tiny -- Prius. And -- You know does anybody really want a smaller Prius but you know when they're talking about at least when -- releases current Japan that the figure they that was 83 miles per gallon. In the Japan testing no obvious it will be much less -- -- They've got thousands of pre orders -- called Prius -- over there you're confident in the they love their small cars that this is probably pretty -- -- -- -- You know what you see in a Japanese drew well here in the -- would like sub leader K cars I think he but definitely looking forward to this guy turned -- bit looked in the -- The ads though it's looks kind of like distance a smaller Prius and a lot Owens. Looks nothing like the concept that simulate cross your eyes and just keep missile it. Looked nothing like that -- And -- an element is money that at the console looked pretty cool. But and I don't know if that's gonna actually have a reduced power train it is it'll only gonna have like a smaller engine in this or couldn't have the standard Prius are trying to duplicate -- Although I wouldn't be surprised because when a -- yet here. Units of the used in the the pre -- B and says they can. He's at the Prius C -- -- can probably got better fuel economy went under one point five liter but I'm expecting the Apple on one point eight liter Prius that -- apologists who need a little. For -- -- less power of their agency yeah that's trustees unions and now we got a favorite to you should dad be really into you there if it. A Chrysler 200 super apps. By remote paw and if you go back and agreed in my view the Chrysler 200 views one of the lowest reading cards that I've ever reviewed. So I have no love for the Chrysler 300. And so I -- of this posting about who either gonna put -- -- engine in this car. And now it appears that it's right so -- volume that would it was at a three point six liter engine to be seamless star yet -- Which is strange for what's supposed to be a compact economy I think you can also use -- with a 2.4 packet. Leader and needed like a Turbo 2.4 -- it -- you. Need something -- instantly and balling up and read. Data from scratch. But let's rethink and I was entirely and that says -- -- so it's a sort of that to -- well parents that it's -- and a version of the is the equivalent of like Lexus sport yet -- -- slightly stiffer suspension in bigger wheels yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then we have the the Cadillac DT yes this is one new Cadillac model and smaller actually compact luxury car and I'm. And relief to missile segment the whole compact luxury car. They've got actually Nvidia that they put they've been put in a series of it is about -- -- still in gamma camouflaged. But this one is there actually testing it at the yet -- never -- the nor sleep. And dad pretty cool stuff in the -- is wanna move the video -- Q. Little adequately -- -- the Internet streaming media. And of these -- To old area and another one minute forty -- and gather -- talking to Baghdad a unity and talking -- the drivers and all that they're talking about there have been of course and our Latin. Listen shots of the car from the -- that seem evident looks a little bit -- -- adamant that now. I haven't noticed. The -- haven't seen a -- we'd really see that kind of styling that requires us to have are -- that the typical Cadillac -- will sharpen its styling as art and science art and science he had that they -- they have on the CTS and I hope this car reflects set as well ability to see. -- -- You know in my opinion the CTS is pretty good it elicits in V trim down so it may be windy we'll see in -- SV in three later. Yeah a real -- matter would be interest in of this ETS and -- -- that little small to be in the five but it will be be -- Yet and -- who -- them. Some cool cool footage of this car like -- -- and never bring unity like. Fast and footage that's that's where it yet you like cadillacs. And the -- so if that's a so upset as -- going to be out as a bunch of other cars at dead Detroit will be posting blogs and video from their next week. And dad but CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas you'll be there -- week -- show -- political later. Rate and 13 thing that's gonna be concurrent is that this shows overlap but it also appears there's gonna be a little bit of of coverage overlap affords going to be at both shows him big presence and -- -- as their home. And they also are gonna have a -- presidency yes because they think their tech company. Us so they will be unveiling the new Ford Fusion. Update. At -- in CES I think concurrently so after the via -- vehicles unveiled. Betrayed it should be honestly at this yet show that's redundant but it should be and displays yes. Efforts that take a look at there. Yeah I'm kind of excited about this -- actually it's the ultimate size sedan which I -- I contest is most boring. Car segment in you know existing it sat. Those stuff they've got me all pumped about it then they -- -- on any tech in the -- -- at a middle lane keeping assist system that they're they're launching an ad which is. Great for midsize. Car I will save the the Ford Fusion hybrid is one of the only midsize hybrids that I am ever excited about driving. And that's just Kuznetsov was going on in the dash sport that it's easy to kind of feel like you're in a video game that so yeah I'm really interested in this update. I'll likewise Mercedes is gonna have a big presence they're doing -- keynote. Speech. At CES so there's they should be showing off some interest in a -- -- -- driver safety. Technology's -- that are gonna go in the next couple generations of vehicles. When I imagine that a Mercedes keynote I just think of this sort of slightly uncomfortable. -- You know similar up their speaking and trying to make jokes the just fall flat from the system with -- scene again and again a different -- says in the repetitive and you just feel like I think it. In my opinion -- -- at least be better than every time I've been to like an Audi released they bring out some celebrity has nothing to do -- cars and they're just like. We've get Lucy -- here to talk about the new a four -- comes out late -- -- just told me about cars and I'm saying it. Or some chickens obscure that you don't have like heard of before -- one -- -- and I went to they had with Disney from inside the actor's studio. James Lipton and it's -- spirit and desire he was like ten feet away from you were a small room literally journalists there's James Lipton interviewing -- head -- -- -- -- -- Guitar interest in format to SO. Image and -- cius is the only a lot of equipment and today I just. Posted a blog about some new aftermarket audio equipment from mad at GBL -- some validity speakers and the public interest in. The age ideals into it's an interesting things with their sort of there after market Apple buyers and also with their ideas. They've they've put -- that they get the MS to the mix again it really affordable -- -- -- -- in -- -- -- -- pretty -- -- -- -- Directly into your stock stereo system -- -- it even more. Then and -- it was at the factory so look at port it to CNET and also getting some of those products impose show. And tested and on the Mayo -- That's an SP two it is a -- -- speakers and Jerry now yeah it says yeah that's a poor reference platforms have -- -- that. This its its pretty -- we had our final story here out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The last story here there is that is that a lot of different car sharing services that have been now launch team and there's one that called -- year of the -- was devoted to. Having pressuring amongst luxury and exotic cars slid shut down because a few of the cars in their network stole -- Year so it's I think they're trying to do like is like -- zip car firm. Look artery via Ferrari's -- Aston -- there if there's a Tesla their account that amongst them that and a giant actually get an invite it was funny. These comedian by night almost and it. -- -- looked at it again and this in a real instruments and have you know and that -- -- also cars. So why boom we have what happened was a -- How many cars with -- three or four. -- you know what happens is the way it works -- you sign that unique and arisen BC news show up in the older the card -- keys in your hand. You take off and it and drive up. For the eight hour trip -- the Marie and area under the back we're back roads and. Couple of never came back at the thieves use stolen and unity state credit cards about -- -- chicks. And yet for a vehicles -- the grand total of about 400000 dollars. This will never -- the Indian data which isn't that much I don't know how exotic these vehicles or is it that much so -- -- you have in -- Who you know about Ferrari four by the Italians you're already over that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Me the again -- And united and now -- there. The patent -- -- it won't fit these guys didn't really use any. High tech equipment in the cart attracted or anything like that it was strictly they their company Haider tried to you screen the the renters ahead of time. But some. The observed one. Just just kind of -- than you know use. It does -- and it seems like a bad idea. -- and I got. Tired of the invite list years and it seems like even worse of an idea. Yeah I mean. You know you think like people have there -- summer homes of the beach houses and they ran out to be. But you can't move the house of the and so it crashes -- and -- -- -- The article points out that as you know your being B which is that sort of thing where you Richard house out you -- out of room. Using an app. Get a similar sort of like a black mark last year when somebody rated on how often distracted and all about peoples and when NASA. Brett says anyway if your height if you were a if you were -- hide your member you. -- anymore -- -- a RE. ISO. That's the news this week let's go on the road. Often and one we're out driving me out -- Lexus CT 200 each. It is technically orbit -- and I -- just doesn't work. But basically eco mode. And the best fuel economy slowed which is the normal mode and a sport mode which -- Just as -- and and -- -- love the idea. That the most telling us department and changed the power meter to a tech commoners in a year. Engine speed but the engine happens to be exact same as the Prius that the one point eight liter. And then we have electric motor -- it out. But now enough power. Since the -- when you're in and eco mode for example. You can actually doubts about happen instantly interpret that lets pedal travel. And it gives you an artificial light foot for the LCD the action -- pop up display in the senate the dash. Which is nice. It's got the regular. Boxes navigation system this is. Slightly older generation I mean we play it -- like -- currently updating their whole. Navigation electronic system services. The previous room. You know the current generation rate and we expect to see an update to this with the next and it in this car but that could be a couple of years. That remote touch controller. I was sort of like the joystick track -- -- company's hybrid thing. -- have haptic feedback so that means you. You roll over -- on the old central block -- there was that you need a help icon without looking at screen. Now that it is a little -- it's weird you the cursor on one of these screens. Because. It's. Finding your icons finding -- things you want to touch. It is over the -- -- -- to -- -- the main menu screen you'll only have five icons across here but you can have the cursor anywhere on the screens that you're driving and also trying to find your icons. It be better just -- on -- straight line across like about letting you grab all over the place. That -- kind of want to point out just like weird sole book cradle that no we take care of I like it's universal side -- everything up suit looks like any C thunderbolt the biggest -- here. I'm so -- Gregory -- people of its its box. Kind of bring down here on the center console. Directly in front of half of the controls. I'm sure -- can't reach -- control controls I don't know -- -- in place at a loss to me again by an as the volume barely. -- violence -- it from eco -- sport mode. That's -- -- hard to get as well as there's like -- we're able option. I would say you know they're going to be using your Smartphone but some sort of -- to compared to just -- in the glove compartment. So that's -- Lexus CT 200 H and I know I'm frankly also had problems with that. That phone mount. -- sort of stuck on that even though it is you can totally remove -- I don't even know -- is like accessory at them by from the dealers something that look at them years you can just seeking out yet. -- I did. And this happened to be in the in the car we've gotten so corpus we've looked at it and said now this is -- practical. So lot of people's. Like to have their phones that are invisible wisdom I don't like portion or anything we'll talk about the -- that if disciplinary action that but I mean people sometimes. Out a lot of people do a lot of their stuff on their phone and they don't really care about the infotainment system and it just. They want to be able to hit a button next series on in the going to be able to use Google Maps and -- -- they like it better. And they just Bluetooth pair are dying on -- repair their phone and call of the day. Now. But despite the in practicality of that thing which it does yanked out and -- away from you know. And as well positioned -- you can see your phone but yet as far as a blocking everything else at -- -- sucks. Yet equally pointed out that it actually. Interferes with via the seat heaters arrested if you try to turn it -- popped in theirs up operate this and actually. You hit it pretty hard doesn't break the -- -- But the thing that that is really built into the car that bothered me on and are gonna ergonomic side as the USB port. The position of that it's -- a little -- top right on top of the console and the open that hatch well one thing. -- it's a really shallow. Recess where that USB ports and unions that you plug anything into it's gonna be sticking up out of media center console and -- and it hit editor. I am sure that. There have been a couple of USB ports snapped off and just -- B -- snapped off. And I guarantee that -- now and. -- -- I -- personally like -- buy this -- I would I would -- the hatch cover up that right away because. It just in the way. And it's also in communion to kind of plugs them in an alias record in from the driver's seat -- epic and -- Look over and reach around and did -- -- convenient assistance to me that I. The moral of the story there now now but the card so -- public. Need pay forty miles per gallon average that's really get. The news is just really hard for me to look at -- oranges -- Why do you just get a Prius. Like everytime I see one of those -- and seeing them more and more. Around seven -- parked on a feather in every time a few novel lines and -- -- you think I don't know that the Prius. Line. -- -- That it united doesn't look like it to be -- -- like miles there and you know what that is a pretty good you know they got a good reputation for rip around and select that you just cannot do that in this car -- -- I think the from zero to sixty is something like if it's well over nine seconds maybe it's sixties yes if -- -- -- and -- ten seconds in the funny thing is this is actually. It's heavier than the Prius doesn't have a good airline at dynamic -- at. And it's actually as as the hatch back. Take a little -- yeah that sort of rear head Syria is not nearly as easy did -- of -- -- -- So again it's just -- a worst Prius this let you know. -- -- style over substance Prius is what it is -- I think -- I did like the cornering and it I think at that point corners and prisons don't quarter. But just don't -- this spring -- away at. From making a Prius corner of a nice wide tires and Lawrence brings with -- if and I'm sure that would. Teach this -- a CT 200. And that could be that the interest into the seat -- unit came with he had. -- sport package which that we talked about cosmetic packages and cars -- -- that that Chrysler 200 just a moment ago -- dances. Kind of the same thing I mean might -- my feeling after rip around in the -- -- I was trying to -- rounds and it's happens London. Pull the badges off the -- that sport that is up the sides that -- meaningless. The cool looking wheels yet. How many of those -- -- accessories it is appropriate. My ideas it's treated just -- and he has. Well yeah maybe immunity at distant idea and I know they wouldn't sell O'Malley is that the Prius is -- -- it and treated hundreds of Lexus. Which -- I've been if you look at that it if you teach you enter it every -- in -- in a stamp on it -- -- go very far they don't go beneath the surface and hide it. Even the window glass and its weakness if it signaled it balances them I would if you can get tutored the accessories for the Prius. I don't know of South Carolina and looked into you have this or -- so hung up on me in a net pre has something to -- Did you -- lower scores. Yet. You know it's a capital parts of the Lexus that quality in and says. -- And yet and as as much as as much as I'm not in this car from being stellar -- -- -- is it with a good looking car. The components like but the interior is nice they and you have little nice leather. Where there is plastic it's a good high quality plastic in the unit feels like -- so in that respect you don't feel like -- been cheated out your money. You just today -- at a speed. -- -- -- -- -- in reality. I think it's just manage those expectations and there's just no there's not and it means. An article loser -- -- -- speed bagging on that mobile phone holder the entire time. -- -- -- and a third opinion or Mitch what did you think of the Lexus CT 200 H. I would never buy one really knows yet I mean I agree -- -- one I think. Why buy that when you need to have a -- mean and a actually I -- -- And on that theme did you like the pre is the would mean I like actually really like the Prius V. I you know I'd like them better than the -- standard Prius -- degrees C -- -- a sonic on a car I would. Really want to have it it's not really practical for my lifestyle but yet and I certainly liked -- better than the standard Prius for for some recently about the -- as he has really attractively it's like. It's not pretending to be anything other than like -- -- -- -- -- but yeah I wasn't impressed with that Lexus that -- -- it -- -- you know if it's. The way it what you get that this -- -- -- -- -- -- the best the best vehicles are the ones that -- within our -- -- news narrates. My job as fuel efficiency and going to be the best it is splitting into east -- needling in trying to like impressed everybody and it was something stiffness. And it's gonna feel about the CT -- -- I mean I guess if you like the Prius. -- in the -- you think the extra money's -- the style but I think that's ultimately would have wills down to -- paying a little bit more for now. Compromising a little bit -- tremendous amount but you're compromising a little bit paying a lot more money for style and fury but that. More power to you. -- -- let me I was actually disappointed about in this car was the audio system. -- -- Lexus is you you can -- -- -- side you can you can get an idea. Mark -- -- -- Mark Levinson that premium audio system which is really stupendous really fantastic sound. I the CT 200 -- only comes -- this ten speaker system which is a lot of speakers granted -- proposal which were real and having a really. Produced a good range it was all of its shrill I didn't hear lot of bass out of it. So. And in a -- correlate well of those compact luxury car like this and if you wanna -- the audio quality intentionally. I wonder if it's just they noted that if they just took if it seems like those systems the best Mark -- systems are kind of like tuned for the vehicle -- -- And I wonder -- is just and the -- -- sales of the VHS. And just said. -- before we put all that money and this was just make sure people are gonna buy ethnic can be. Canada as the speculation. I'm sure this is actually better seller in the media a -- definitely is not obscene numbers -- -- nothing sells a relief to right now. Yeah that's that's the -- Lexus CT 208 -- to -- what's in the CNET garage. And we take -- look at -- -- was that Verizon's there's a lot of empty space. -- slots are empty right that we actually don't have any add new advisory viewing room right now ordered next week because of -- CES in the Detroit auto shows these kids -- will be of those every knows. But the following week we'll start getting that new cars in and and that -- talking about those of reviewing them and the next ones we have. Upon our schedule for a couple weeks away are the Chrysler 300 CS RT eight and the jaguar XKRS -- -- performers from master content. -- you very different and this media stuff like that. This has -- that car tech -- I've been Wayne Cunningham in the studio to Antuan Goodwin and Mitch Chang. Guy you can now take a look at her site take a look at our blog all the show notes links things like that if you -- -- any of the stories car tech dot cnet.com. And you can follow me on Twitter I'm Wayne C underscore SF Antuan is and do a NT DO OM Brian Cooley is. Frankly it's one more Brian -- Thanks guys.

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