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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 246: CNET's Tech Car of the Year for 2011

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 246: CNET's Tech Car of the Year for 2011

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We announce the Tech Car of the Year and the Car Tech 10. Find out which car is the techie best, which proved the most popular, what was the best car stereo of the year, and Car Tech's best production asset.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which prove the most popular what was best car stereo of the year. And -- tech's best production acts asset these are all things only talking about in this our last that car tech live of the year for December when he first. 2011 this'll be a last show of the year. Now we won't be online -- next week. You're gonna be in -- our vacations -- Christmas time holiday time. Vacation time and -- -- Kwanzaa or edit and then -- Iraq actually for the first week of January with a new show and a new year. Until then but this is a very special -- it is. Because. -- I guess this recap time of the year time to take a look back. And everything that happened in. You can has just assess you know how -- twelve has been to us in and in the case of us that. You know Owens helped cars. Of the cars we've -- in the -- treated -- over the years and -- which ones are which ones are the best. Yes and of course our take on the best is as always what is the tech best. And that technical best current and data we have nominations open couple weeks ago. Seeing what dad we -- We thought really -- and the best the most advanced in car technology. That would release -- here -- and we restrict this to cars we reviewed over the year there's certainly other cars out that there really good glad. We like to restrict this to cars we've actually reviewed so we know if -- you know we know first hand ticket. So from -- are a lot of cars that we reviewed. And nobody we needed drum roll for this announcing the one we actually picked as the winner of the 2011 car tech tech car of the year with. And the winner is. The 2012. Audi -- page. Set it and. Yeah. That is being laughed at that it touted speaks starts I say there's no reason that it will hold hold your -- -- that the let's get to -- -- -- the front Audi seventh -- we chose our our blog post on that will be up in about seven minutes I'll post is a real preview here. But elderly -- on the site Celestine. The -- are leaking to the review talk about why we picked it. We'll discuss that'll -- here and -- also the Arctic ten which are ten other awards that we felt that other cars it deserves some sort of mentioned for. Some kind of achievement during the year -- so select the ode to -- a 787. Because it's because it's a damn good looking car. We'll give that it's -- the only of these sort of like GT coupe sedan companies since I did actually ends up looking like a car than a regular person would drive when it doesn't look like. Like -- like a prop from demolition man movies. It's a hatchback and one thing I notice about the Cisco okay so. You know the -- America -- but nobody likes the looks of that car. The you know some other ones -- BMW five series GT out that -- I even mentioned that activity of a word that I can see on the Airbus a field -- -- that it. -- there's also BMW announced the new four door version of the six series the six -- he's -- gran coupe grand cute -- which has the size planet back but that's -- -- got a -- and not hatchback which I think it's kind of mistake because. Not have the lines but it doesn't have the practicality that a seven hands. But beyond that okay you know one of the and this is going to be a point of contention and I'm sure with some of our readers and listeners. Of -- Chevy -- was also up there in contention for this and and these were related to front runners -- that a seven and that the Apple. And I -- had a hard time choosing between them as well. I didn't an -- that. -- -- for me it was kind of hands down the seven. Mostly just because I feel like the -- is. Its board looking. And that -- you know its its pretty indicative of of you know where I think we'll -- cars going but I think the a seven is is. More present. It's it's more indicative of the things that we will see. From cars now. Well I think it is it is one thing I like about 87 is it represents a new trend that we're gonna see coming in the next year and has -- up big this year. And it's it's come -- like wild fire is the -- trend of having connected cars. Right and then if -- that's gonna blow -- serious business next year. But -- out he's got the the -- will connect TV Google Earth integration into the navigation and the ability to search. Street -- coming soon and then in the again this is also. -- Sort of like building. In in car entertainment system that can reiterated. And that can be updated throughout the lifetime of the vehicle something that we've seen Ford do. We're starting to see it from the European manufacturers as well. -- and in some other cars have shown off some sort of -- -- searcher Internet search capability in the navigation system but this is really the easiest -- This is just as civil dedicated. IPad three G connection in the car. And you know Internet it is push the button and say you know Google search whatever and you and you find -- You know -- recommend having agents and it just so simple and and involved. My hearing your injury boon to lose Newton and by getting connection and you know things we rated it would be she's -- -- -- -- -- good system. But I mean that that some work yet that issue would never -- here as it rolls off the lot. Just connect to the Internet you don't have to have you know. Sit down with your dealer thing explain to you how technology works. Extremely self explanatory it's it is a very good looking system also the while effective there. I'm a feel it is important. When when people want to adopt technology. They have to kind of feel like it. It looks good like it is the future it makes them. It it really makes -- less afraid of like digging in and -- -- the features if it doesn't look like. -- -- -- of Green screen with black letter -- Its iPhone of cars and -- -- apparently guy its them. And there's a much more going on of those -- here I gotta say I mean when we look at a car protect its not just the the the Google navigation earth navigation system -- -- completely new and unique. There's so many other things that are just fantastic about this -- it's so when and when I reviewed it I was thinking. This is pretty much the perfect tech card -- it was just about as good as it gets. It has the app might meet in heaven in -- -- but there's also the optional Bang & Olufsen audio system which I -- just produces fantastic. Sound reproduction rate there is the Audi Microsystems getting this all wheel drive it's a very -- they've refined -- system -- very advanced now. There's the engine which is direct injection super charged only a three -- but it gets gives us -- tremendous power. That you know it's just it's so get all the way around. It's a total packet sort of thing I on the other hand. Of the unit if we can sort of bleakest into the car -- ten which -- -- that. The of the -- awards that we give outside of the tick or you're the people's choice -- -- -- again it's -- the power train. I'd settle -- you know here's how we can. And it even to look for -- is a different take on the on the -- a different take on the EV at the blending of those technologies. But that's a car that's all about its power train -- -- seven. Is about the whole experience just like every part of this car is as close to as good as it says you can get. -- -- and so when we discussed when -- our staff kind of came together and discussed which car we thought really deserve that the tech car of the year award. You know we kind of way the said he -- that there -- some I had some hesitation I know I -- when you're -- -- like a seven and Brian was pretty much -- -- seven as well. Rate available -- killed me with the instrument cluster. -- -- and it because I was gonna mess that a -- that yeah yeah I'm I'm an interface designers like I haven't and our background in Philly when I see things. Like your instrument cluster is basically a seven inch LCD with icons tossed into the corners and you know everything's just all over the place it's -- looks like. You know it looks like a user skin. You know how you get a phone and it looks fine and then -- some user -- -- it it never it looks fine I guess but it never look slick professional yet. That's what the -- -- instrument cluster looks like it looks like. Like I did that in Photoshop. Over -- weekend. -- put yet different today in an elements work really well organized -- enhance. The problem car designers and try to do you like trying interface design some cool things about the interface and of the whole announcement clusters that. This is some of the features calendar features -- -- people but yet still isn't quite. Doesn't deliver the whole package -- -- seven delivers and you know one thing -- -- -- seven we committed. Almost of the Audi a six equally as well as tech car of the year because he has the same power train has. The same cabin tech. It doesn't look as good -- you know it's up there -- -- -- -- some people will also be wondering you know they seven to 60000 dollar car. It's it's so expensive. You know there's -- -- -- -- a lot more expensive to that at worst accessed at the set. I have it will -- pretty good ground with the seven. So so that it is our that is a 2011 tech car of the year for CNET rate. -- was just the north car -- ten that we mentioned data. Yeah we very kind of blend into the city people people's choice that was. -- like the one that most of the users were interest and we've kind of wanted to give them voice there the -- and -- knowledge that yet there's the really -- car. And then there's a lot of Begin interest in things happening there -- power train in and with the the the exterior -- I think as well. What when they are actually some people would say not -- -- -- socially. I mean there's so much -- there there's so many people would solve the in the content there's a consequence that oh my god hadn't returned from the content of this you know he -- -- But you know one thing I've found driving the ball and I think it really appeals to you -- a typical CNET readers because that -- like. Engineering bent when you're driving -- your start and think like. Okay in my driving under electricity -- Yasser. You know how much how many you you know how much is electricity costing. That I am using to drive this and -- how much cheaper that -- -- that electricity than it is to use the gas and if you go over to the gas that engine and you feel like you field -- little. If it you know as long drive and an electricity win. -- -- -- they did things like that are kind of like you know well as the different sort of like fun driving. You'll never get a ticket for it from this will happen. But it it is it's a different sort of driving engagement that. Usually five -- I usually find that when I'm driving a car that has some sort of a trip computer -- some sort of a you know. I guess the -- -- that we have in this week has like this game that you can play we try to maximize your mouth per gallon over the course -- ten minutes since. So much fun playing that dislike on the highway the volt is kind of the epitome of that because it allows you to do you. It's a lot more flexible and allows you to -- more rewarding when when you do things right. Our -- the Nissan -- we had in last -- The -- deemed to grow the -- easy. The more you know the better you grow the more economically grove the grove of trees for you need to get a whole forest if you if you drove for a long enough and and economically enough. And we start talking and then about would be great if there were that their online latter systems you know online competition for the yeah like a one achievements. I want a high score board online achievement unlocked fifty miles per gallon and bring my cassette and L one -- -- certain -- -- that if it is. It's pretty -- how well. Hey you know I think cars have to go in that direction I think -- can go on that -- is there in the camps. It -- it'll be fun stuff. Set out yet we -- and you dissenting vote -- there was the people's choice is in our poll it dad got them more than 50% of the votes that. Popular there but -- our staff federally overrule and go for the let's look at the -- most popular car this is just looking at. Our user ratings on cars and -- Kia optima 2011 Kia optima PX gaps. All fine and there were no negative ratings. Everybody -- every reader who went on our site read the review and rated and assuming these are people actually -- on the tire. And and -- giving David reader reviews it was all five stars no force are -- three star known to start no -- Every everybody who really this -- said it was the best current. Yep I've actually never met a person. In and edit an actual -- like just talking to people on the street and I've never met anyone who owned an optimist didn't. This -- in recent opted in like -- it's a substantial. Jumping quality in the -- nameplate. And I think that's that's key is powered surprised that it could mean it it if I were designing a new car from the ground I think that it is given -- -- new name. I would've stuck with the -- and -- of the previous generation up with kind of crap -- But they needed and retains the key thinks it yet but I think he is doing -- really interesting thing where there taking advantage of the managed expectations. And so again to use the -- -- use an example earlier in the day of you know when when you go it is like a movie and -- You think it's gonna be crap in the show -- it's just tolerate I have the have a really high expectations which -- -- did is they. Let people think -- into this that analysts pressed going to be kind of crap -- just like a bigger version of the old Kia optima. But then they get like a really good callers -- people's minds -- just blown. When they sit down and the -- -- -- the expert and it's taken advantage of the fact that it's a good car. In the -- you know adding on top of that -- the experience of just having your mind blown by your expectations being exceeded in every way. That's why I think -- and -- they have a winner with platform. At present a challenge is getting people actually to sit in the -- again there's so much built up a bad reputation Kia and Hyundai than past vehicles that. People it yet they do need to get people actually into the car. But you know one thing about this cartoon is at its and that midsize sedan segment -- the camera competitor that is. The most popular segment in America and to see this of the car most people by its the most. All around practical use and so it from that perspective since -- and -- managed to build a good one. I can see you know most it definitely sets its most popular because it's the car that most people. By great. And it I think Kia also people are more aware of the through relationship between brands and sub brands and sister brands and -- -- -- ten the optima. Now the -- -- the Hyundai Sonata came out and you know just capture a lot of attention. But it's a crazy looking car. A so people I think who are a little bit more subdued. Who are just you know may be coming from a Camry. I can look at the optima in Gillick well you know my -- my friend who knows about -- that it's basically. This car that was doing you -- a ton of awards last year they got a lot of attention. But it -- and looked. It's not image you know attract a ton of attention. You know a sportier more athletic look but you know without just being completely -- -- increase the. And the optimism when we macho and -- design -- -- so than the yes and not yet. I was also mention a runner up the car's also got no negative reviews -- few. Fewer reader reviews in the optima was -- yet 2011 Ford Mustang GT. And you know mustang owners have a lot loyalty either says that I know -- -- a note I know it but then you know -- must indeed he was also an excellent -- yet. That -- that it is just that's the with the five point -- -- yet again that's -- -- engine so and I've seen readers site things like oh it's better than the BM w.'s M three you know and attorneys could -- side by side on Paper yet. On Paper it's a better value for the dollar I don't know around the track under at a -- track -- I suspect it'll be a different experience I mean you know its its its -- the thing where you could -- like they both do dishonest -- patent but that's Netflix. -- -- And it's -- -- engineer suspects. And I'm not a -- -- that take anything away for the mustang but it's easy to engineer a zero to sixty time if -- -- to engineer who we know when that TG. Skid pad. It's hard to engineer a car it's possible that transfer this week properly and it has really good sort of a dynamic balance. Again not just in the mustang doesn't do it well if it does obscene I think the M three does it better. And readers to and you want to send us -- YouTube videos of a mustang beating an M three. Its car tech at cnet.com. Is a little and then assembling the -- -- love seeing the hospital lot of I'm watching NASA videos and mustangs beating and trees around and indexing. It. Sell our Nextel award in the -- -- is the car with the most personalities. This one this. Is pretty view we we we had a good time with this card this is the 2011 -- -- club in. -- did -- Cooper works package. Now early this award and -- to any Mini Cooper and -- current generation mini two. As long as it's equipped with via -- mini connected here yet the mini connected future. It was just so fun discovering this as we -- -- drive in it and -- the cars talking to us. Nearly three different voices. That I guess can pertain to the three different parts of the the the biggest three. Command centers of the -- so there's the engine room. It's like a scotsman. And he's just I mean -- Just kind of particular my head that Scotty on Star Trek and -- -- -- scotsman the biblical woman who's connected to. Like. She's overall overall -- and then there is another guy who sounds a bit daft and respect kind of connected to the climate control systems that what -- -- it's getting warm out together. I would I was really amused when I think we did a fast start in the -- and and -- this -- voice comes in it is -- routes for a really fast drive today herself. Yeah it. But it gets crazy when they start talking to each of the -- -- before we come see -- happening in the car buyers. Self. And then you also factor in if you wanna consider this a personality of its own -- that music system. -- sort of like -- adaptive music where you pick a track. And depending on -- to do with her car -- intelligently like build view like an audio loop so mean there is. There is that the fifth -- -- doesn't have a voice it's just like -- -- many of the diocese when you step on the gas and you -- across like a certain you know number read you get Michael excellent to go -- to -- It is to attract where you turn on the turn signals and suddenly light from Google hot hatches to. It's so funny in the putting weapons to use I've -- wanted to drive around and make these things happened so you wanna like. Really faster brake faster turn on turn signal for no -- decision changed the music or get. When of these analysts think it. It's only -- the -- And a -- Can imagine I can imagine hearing. You know account I was really feel in the I couldn't stop -- that I need to do this this. -- There -- some very interesting features. -- I would I would love love to see you know that sort of like. I can't -- years -- type technologies that are built into cars in the future. Where you mean maybe you know -- fourteen -- Connected system will talk to you when you -- talk back to it. And that you could ask the that. The BB if the guy who's in charge of the climate control the weather system if you should pack and -- -- I -- Now let's move on to you our next order to we call something something Italian. This -- we just felt the attitude doesn't call Fiat 500 C we reviewed needed a little mention here. To swear it's a -- and -- The scar is. You know it's really interesting that dad this -- Yet through reentry to the American market and instead of Fiat -- choosing one of its boring garlic panda Arab and Doerr -- -- whatever else Seattle lineup. They chose the 500. Which is cool looking. It's small and it can approve and it's cheap here I mean inexpensive and and so it sort of proves that an -- -- does after -- war. -- and then -- it this is kind of again it's less powerful than the blade it's a shot fire right over the valve BMW mini. I -- -- pretty much delivers on. A lot of the promises. Of of the mini platform of being kind of fun to drive load if that really powerful. But it does have really good handling it's a smaller car. Again even more. -- you know suited for the city but it it doesn't. Look like a Smart cards and would like it. It's sort of -- yet and I'm also trying to think is there any other Italian. Car in the market currently beyond that it's O of the -- by China you can buy a Ferrari at our -- -- -- You could import Al Romeo eight C competitive -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- IOC's you know these are considering like some of that the Chrysler models are going to be coming to -- and -- market next year but that's that'll be that the -- -- -- accurately. There were sold in a -- yet a -- the PM Saturday -- which will be. Actually fast powerful and would some in this car does not -- -- -- -- -- nice that it's a jump -- that is well. Best sounding stereo in a -- And out we had to give this toward too bad that 2012. Volkswagen Beetle to got a Turbo. I had again this could probably apply to any Volkswagen model that is equipped with some of VW's. A fender branded stereo systems is serious -- -- was designed. -- -- in in concerts and pardon and with a -- manufacturer of guitars and amplifiers and we heard about the system coming out mini super early in the year may be late 2010 I was rolling my eyes. Just -- please stop putting these stupid -- on things is to get people's attention. But -- the beetle rolled into our -- and I mean for the money you pay for the system this is hands down. The best affordable premium stereo system that you can get it. I found it as good as. You know the really audio thousands of the Mark Levinson system in the Lexus or. You know so -- and is -- Carden systems better actually than the mini -- systems -- -- in in much more expensive cars rate so if you really light fantastic sound and can't -- like -- 30040000 dollar car. While VW's got you covered here not just the beetle the new facade has this to use sale and I think we'll start seeing it -- in other models as well area. Yet it's that you know really tenacity and I'd love nothing better than analysts and a good quality sound in a car stereo system so it's nice to you really don't have to compromise -- And -- of the beetle over also is a good car built around that. Its new GTI. But it's definitely a much better cars it used to be they're sleeker -- A sale lock -- -- the same thing is that later in your girlfriend and on the -- and you don't feel bad about borrowing it and it. Our next award week elect called -- the artist award. Will it tip -- -- Colombians out there and can and it goes to the and it's when he twelve -- on IQ. And you know late in the -- Doctor Who he traveler rounded space time and in a time machine called the artist that's bigger on the inside. It it is on the outside. In the -- IQ similar to that is the vehicle that it's not too much bigger than the Smart Four Two very similar footprint there. It's you can actually fit three adults and stuff in the trunk and -- you can actually fit -- in the -- -- It was that really museum in our video of this one of the first shots of the video. We -- our whole video team. In the -- for for guys yet in adults -- Indians are not small guys now this includes Brian Cooley sitting in the front seat. And death midst saying use -- normal sized guys in the -- and Tim temple smaller. S -- four guys -- when merely the video like the doors open to guys it's a clown card and a two guys get Avant to more guys get out your dislike in the arm the things like less than ten feet long or thereabouts. Right and and and sand. It Toyota and -- on and edit the cheapest trick pretty much. Buy it first of all victims of for a draft platform so they and they and they pushed the wheels way out to the corners. So the engines. Up ahead of the driver or whatnot and then the also do this a symmetrical thing. With be the passenger side seats. Where -- the dashboards actually pushed forward a bit on the passenger side so that when you have some in the backseat. -- you can slide the front passenger seat forward a number of inches. And free of leg room in the back. Those -- make it easier to get in the back yet definitely dork I've yet and because of the -- size he was so great in San Francisco when I was driving around because. Normally if you're driving somewhere in the city you're thinking like I don't wanna drag routes and how hard -- -- teens -- -- but this car. It was just again it's gonna Dublin that IQ and go over there because I know often -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rhetoric and the doors -- New idea that the fan IQ it it surprised me. And -- Vegas if we reviewed -- -- probably also be given its. -- this award to the Aston Martin's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- and award and the Arctic ten. Best -- according to meet. And I've been ranting of this year but the 2011 Nissan -- I love the QU. I think it's somebody's -- could. It's such a cool little and small SUV. Is its its. You know greatly engine got a -- It's got a little -- that lets you change between sport and in dynamic or edit work meter. Yet got there and you can change -- of the steering. You can adjust the steering. -- -- response -- -- Its -- cool little car in its weird looking. The and a it's weird looking. But I mean you -- signed so -- -- -- looking to be something we expected. At. -- we don't know where it their designers have been doing are smoking but alas it is losing bet with you again. A seriously believe it. Yes that's that's -- my best car from this here. Yeah I can put Mike garner my fear card in here because we didn't review the 2006 of -- via at. -- that right and yet as a little bonus for me. And I think a little indication to it -- he signed earlier this year announced the the duke are. -- -- -- -- Basically the elites at the Nissan GTR platform wits with a previous carte tech car of the year award winner from mistakenly yes -- -- they take that took that -- That the dual drive shafts and basically fit. In the east side and biology is your power -- underneath the duke -- content. Does -- so far and I mean yeah I mean they -- to -- a bit like 400 -- -- at -- For hundreds -- to and yet supported -- -- in this. Little tiny tenements devious -- Right from what I understand actually I've heard rumblings that that would the next extinction by Nissan and that there -- European division discounted data it. Without asking for permission from the mother ship with. That's a classic thing that -- put like some crazy. If engine power in training needles don't work it has some ridiculous little car so. Yet that's that's my award for this year my my personal or -- best power -- enemy and indicated by the -- car. Now outside about a car takes on best production asset and it normally we -- be talking and other equipment we used to. -- videos to our target media everything but there's something that just stood out and -- in its valuable CU listeners as well as well. VA emails at least once a month with -- like -- record on the protections. And we do them with passports cameras and and then -- we go through. I think I've we've gone through a number of sports cameras this year some and they survived -- -- keeps like dropping off cars and I speak. So but said that the one that that really just kind of impressed me is the best sports camera -- this year is the go pro HD -- to. Now with a huge fan of the regular go pro HD hero. But it wasn't really easy to use. And that was my primary complaint with it with this if you need instruction me with it at all -- to use it and so. I would usually defer to the contour cameras which were also good. But they were there they're really simple. In their in their operation. Other -- when they go for HD hero two came out they. Basically fix the interface -- yet I've never cracked -- on the instruction manual of this and I was able to really -- configure everything out of about it. And while the quality between -- pro cameras in the contour cameras are similar you can argue that you know each of them is good in their own way. Of the reason I picked big that the -- -- the HD hero two over something like the country GPS or the contour plus. It's personally will -- -- in order to make changes beyond linked to the two presets you need to connect to a computer or Smartphone. You want to jump from. A time -- mood to. You know it's 720. 720. HD 1080. You need a computer Smart from -- check to make you go to settings rate you can do all of that on the go approach in the menu without ever connecting to a computer which is great. We just out on the road you see an awesome -- they need just elect while we like to do with time lapse of -- -- Additionally the -- not to go pro is -- it -- inside of a poly -- -- And we have car cameras all of cars all the time I was there's some times the car is dirty in the suction cup and encrypt as well. We've I've had both comments -- -- go pro cameras all of cars. But because of the -- -- camera is in a poly carbonate shell instead of just being -- naked camera. The Coker cameras that we've had in the past -- despaired better over time so I feel less. Nervous about stick in the go pro camera on the front bumper of a car and then. You know ripping up skyline -- other than I do about the contours -- Mean they're expensive camera needs to -- to be replacing their eight. Yes and -- I -- and we found -- -- Metallica are the -- -- dropped -- cars which this year always fun as you only one of them was destroyed yeah that was the original -- reached the and that's because. We ran it over in the Cadillac CT -- -- the other other contour camera survive the crisis. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- it's funny when -- you're cruising along recording some us some good you know when you -- footage. And you pull over new check to see the cameras don't have -- -- it's not easy is are retracing your steps. And looking. Looking on the sides of the road looking to rocks and twigs and things to -- -- something the looks like this as small section -- camera. Yes that's -- go pro HD hero two which also I mean I really I'm really impressed by the video quality of these. This climate and day in the country to vehement in their fairly similar in -- Molly but it's just it's just beautiful stunning. The the video quality with these and anybody can take one of these and and attached to their card and maybe just a scenic drive down the coast yet it doesn't have to be always on the racetrack and you know looks assisted to. Edited and it's also want to restrict to -- -- I don't go to a single core of it without a sports camera of some -- com. So I mean. The go pro or contour we have to pick a winner. And that's how we did appear here -- expects production -- of pro HD heretic. Analysts that move on to use my sheep were here this is slower download for -- to he had stated we can alternatively titled it's as if corporate finance on China or the most controversial -- reviewed this year. -- it's because you know we're -- tech. And we checked detective's -- frank who elect to put it -- so we you know our -- are -- Tourist cabin technology in bells and whistles and driver safety tech. We also car guys he -- cars we love driving into every once in -- the car comes along and and it's just a fantastic driver's car. Which -- doesn't has any -- in and that's where the the boss 302 on the twitch of a Ford Mustang boss through to -- -- Because this car showed up. With a CD player. Game over all the -- take you get is the only car I think. -- may be the only Ford vehicle you can buy it that's not. A commercial -- that doesn't have sync and it. Yet no sync no so no Bluetooth no iPod integration and none of that and it's it's such a -- cheap system report to put in cars -- in the bosque. Mustang -- actually pulled it out. Yeah it was a decision they made a conscious decision not to do that. -- and you can argue the merits of you know why would you do such a thing but I I don't think any of us can argued that this is. A visceral driving experience just. -- they have this really of interest in quad exhaust system that has to hit an exhaust -- science that side exit it just -- its fantastic noise like. No other car that I've ever -- Reading your content wanted to run an up at like 5000 RP ME just for the sound. Embedded so -- it's fast too and when I'm amazed about these. -- noticed this type must think today we take this to the DT out of busting DT by -- as well is that they handled remarkably well. And yet particular -- -- this one port gonna -- out of its way to improve the handling of this but the loss through its who -- essentially. Attract a turnkey tray cards like. Paid you -- compete in some sort of you know breast routes that everything you go about Austria to the top row keys -- -- -- -- -- -- it -- that's that's what this car is its attract car and that think that's why they decided to like he called tech help is I think they think. The ball through two owners are gonna do it anyway they're -- -- -- -- -- stereo out anyway but engages in there and I at some point. So. You know it's. If the card it basically takes none of the boxes that we look for -- -- like review with the exceptional performance the mean if you look at the score. It's like -- comfort to performance. Eight. And if this word to -- -- -- kind of box that. You know that -- put it out didn't relate. Wanna spend the money to put cabin tech and then we had a Chrysler 200 then only when literally at the -- -- sort of wouldn't give this type of award by. Must -- -- to it was so much fun to drive and surely couldn't. You know. -- -- our iPods or whatever awhile ago it. The good news is that we learned and I in LA that -- 2013 -- -- two will have those things. The force put him back in there for a ID and if they think of the hat -- to us that is -- I think. Or they just you know in wanted to get a guy in the factory to pull those systems out on the mustang -- just for the boss probably look at. I'd never got to come our last of the -- to the -- ten. This is -- article on the daily driven trapped car which kind of follows in a similar vein as the -- here to -- and biggest. The reason that the -- that the Hyundai Genesis coupe. Three and I eight. Captured my attention and I but also of the rest of our attention. Is that. It's kind of one of those cars that do it -- you know its its fast it has decent cabin -- and it's cheap. -- you don't normally get that like you can get like a fast you know sports car -- -- -- which -- gonna pay BMW prices order Nissan 370 prices for -- You get a car that hasn't had anything in it. -- the past but in in -- you know you unite and get like cabin tech. What I thought was the most interesting about the Genesis coupe. You can't have -- he can't have this. You can have like a premium audio system. But it still comes with more cabin -- in any car that I've ever owned with my own money. It's got -- Bluetooth system -- it which is fantastic if a Bluetooth audio streaming and is the kind of car. That you can and it also has -- rumble breaks and I and of course and -- -- slip differential and and how did -- suspension. And and performance that you continue to attract -- is the kind of car that you could -- to attract. Have a nice by attracting a in the -- slap your iPhone or Android phone on the dashboard. -- we have Bluetooth and navigate home it's like in the car that you can guide you all of that with it does that -- just. A ridiculously. Practical. -- yeah it's you know that's really brilliant thing about it is so many -- -- it is just a fantastic sports car. Younger drive and all -- panels really well but that's mid thirties. You're what mid 20s26. Or somewhere around them yet. This yeah I hear -- I mean seriously this is I think you can probably expect acidic side price if -- did the right boxes on the floor mats. And all of that -- mean that. -- the value that Monday's offering on this car is just amazing to me. Yet the united for anybody that really wants to do you track days with a seriously but the -- that's really competitive. Certainly take out -- the front wheel drivers. And you don't have a good sporting chance against dad you know the -- things in the BMWs in the -- sun's so hot -- on the -- this this one's a good picked it -- you don't have a lot of money -- -- -- wanna get out there. Yet and I mean did that thing is. You compare this to with the Nissan 370Z -- you've got almost a thousand bucks left for tires. And for gas. And were more like performance upgrades you -- get some you know remove bucket seats -- but what if the customer -- -- It is especially -- into. I think you know people were interested in this segment our interest in -- month -- in their interest in and in custom wheels -- 8000 dollars in Q. A really nice set of -- wheels and tires that are you know -- -- -- about all the -- to an instrument if you had. You know almost 40000 dollars budgeted for sports. Mark yet in his eliminate beer helmet and you know -- -- -- issues at. And it's the thing. SO that sets and -- -- -- -- these -- the awards the act cards that we felt deserves some new you know some estimates in the equipment we deserve some I mentioned from the past year. And again -- tech car of the year 2012 Audi a seven well deserved. So now you guys at the -- part of the program where Antuan and I go out on the road. And this week. It's in everybody's favorite the Hyundai -- -- -- -- little -- -- start up at the start it was just like there's not enough torque. To keep the wheels spinning once they get going and interest central -- him -- and I mean if there's. -- low displacement -- point six liter engine heavily by the same engine it's in the accident put the same. Pitiful amount of horsepower. -- got direct injection Britain's -- that. Craig and have a lot of lot of bugs or hear the -- to discredit gets forty miles per gallon on the highway is that what they're trying to do -- this -- -- it's an efficient engine. Not exactly a powerful one I think we're just barely cracked -- a hundred horsepower here -- -- that's. Hello. I have a six speed manuals should be able to keep the revs up and do something with -- -- and made it takes. Practice. That are not terrible in it than just -- -- the gears is a little weird it's almost like they're just -- a little too far apart again. Probably figured -- Halsey and get that forty miles per gallon on the highway that -- -- you can get Abbott for performance driving -- flaky. But it's how you build up your read this time shift and when you -- you find yourself just below the of that sweet spot in the power band so it's not again. Not really totally feel like it's designed to bring you a one -- you know keep your speed out. A lot of our readers -- I'm really looking forward -- it and suggesting that this is you know I really high -- really about you. -- -- -- -- -- -- How we do have a -- head unit here that's pretty good on a card that it just 120000. Yeah I just don't think we knew I'd check it all the way -- cracking just over 20000. But you're basing under twenty at that point yet. I'm so you have a pretty good touch screen system that at first seems very similar to everything that we've seen in other -- units. But this is actually their first proper implementation of their blue -- system -- if you look here in the -- -- here you'll see some of OnStar like buttons. -- for accessing some of those blue link services like SOS -- concierge. Sort of thing I haven't been in the -- you also have us -- some connected services things like downloading. Points of interest for example from Google Maps you can actually -- -- Hyundai car from a computer. And they claim them in the -- link -- You can search Google now is that it's not in this system I mean there is unable exists and is very confusing because they're like five different tiers of it. It will probably three different here's it to be more realistic but the end demon running the the spec sheet that we have -- exactly state which when we have. So I think it's just a matter of the hardware is here and you just have to decide what level of -- implementation you're gonna get because we are probably things. Like FaceBook integration and checking and I think none of that here. So that is -- -- -- twelve Hyundai able Oster and you know it's funny how a number of our readers were common and when we are numb her nominating art you know. Nominees -- tech car of the year looking for them to vote on tech car of the year as some people suggested that the -- -- should have been that. That nomination. I'd have to drive and and I disagree new. -- its. The good car. I mean but I mean ultimately its just a quirky -- accident. And I mean Nan I see that having loved the accident. But I think it's this again. The case of managing your expectations -- -- -- is driving the X infineon like a -- since the excellent. And it turned out to be a pretty fun to travel car. What you're really looking forward as Gloucester look at British government's -- will be disappointed when you did find out it had the same. Power train platform is accent. Well I mean I was. Day when I found out that have the same power train platform is the accident I expected to have as much fun as I did in the accident. I -- a little digging and day gear -- on the transmission are different from. And I think maybe that's why end up having more fun in the accident that theory -- -- -- -- manual transmission. Are just speaks better. The bluster is. We're just as weird thing -- by the time you build power. You're already at the shift point and mid six thousands in the European and -- shift. And you just drop right back down -- that -- by now you're waiting again for power to come and it is really difficult. To keeps unity of the building of speed and keep that momentum that destroy it like going in and can -- and -- going -- and -- now. Yet on us that CUI. And trying to -- a fast also trying to do a fast start its. Yet a way to set like animal half second -- the engine to get to speak eat it really doesn't want -- wind up quickly. And -- and you have no power when it's anything below 4000. You know how much of above 4000 -- -- I you know the other day -- and I stall that -- -- trying to get off line passed just as I can take a quick left trenches and traffic and I installed -- of their push in that weird center button at the -- the started yet. Almost all did I definitely like beans in a number of times times just you know starting. But there's just not enough but -- -- is just finally eased out of the -- -- -- after. Rev the engine and internal clutched. To get it going. It's just not very easy to drive -- the other we are hoping for. Turbo version of this and -- promise that are yeah they definitely -- there's gonna be one next year and I that -- organizational and industry. That might improve things of Old Dominion. 138. At the Max. Had a of that -- realists expected to be 200. You know I mean if they can. You know -- civic SI -- stories like its performance expectations. But to be interesting and be very -- -- -- drive it would that would give it the power to back up. It's looks. They'll love the looks of this car. It looks better from the rear I think than it does from the front but it doesn't look bad in person from different it's simply unique look at the helix. Little pudgy -- But it's not bad I think that it does it -- wide -- it definitely kind of has. If you ever really created nearly the European like too many magazines from the ninety's when I guess people are really into -- Tuning their renews and -- imposes. And they're just really to like wide body kits on cheap cars in just -- and making them look low and wide the bluster. Looks. In my eyes wider -- images is -- Pad but it's not definitely not but if they do this sort of trick when -- -- -- like black. Glossy black plastic on the bottom -- In the use really bright colors and ours was and with 226 that two yellow I don't know what the hell that means that critics called. And it just makes the -- just look really why an insect like and and hunched -- the good looking car I think -- -- -- it's a little weird for it from the front looks like a planet -- Yeah I'm -- today at some reservations about it for someone in a different -- name like notes from Rogers orange color. It's a horrible. So like isn't actually like -- yellow bits -- it definitely stands out. But -- -- -- -- about driving in those proportions make the the view out the front and back. Kind of weird I would I was -- backing into apparel parking spot the other day and I could've sworn I was almost like on top of this crown -- behind me but there's also a revue camera -- in the dash. And that that is essential because the via the Mac annually top and that's and now I saw that like five weeks ago. Yeah it's. The weight of the hood is it's really flat and then it just drops -- went very quickly it makes it difficult to know where your front corners are and then did the -- the and that -- with -- of the rear. Makes -- rear corners I had I had did and it's time parallel park youth I think even with the camera and into the -- do a lot of -- too -- to the -- and getting out and being in seminary inches away from the -- and have a try again. When sort of it's gonna hats back space and Oscars -- really a -- a look at that as a practical usable it's practical the what's interesting about the -- is that it gives you really big opening but the -- -- -- pretty high. And if you if you if -- a look at a picture of this car I in the profile. You see the little shark fin -- the satellite radio antenna is. That's where the -- starts when. Halfway through the -- the source and a very like flats. -- that you your -- was opening the whole top of the cholera. But the lower in height is just is pretty high so you wanna put something heavy and -- and have to lift up over and down into it with gentle. Reasonable amount of space spec there and and with the the space we haven't even discussed this -- trick. Is that it's a symmetrical. As -- the driver side has the -- One along -- -- -- you know public delicate -- would but the passenger side actually has two doors. That are shorter. So there's so you can -- and open up into the backseat. And it makes it really easy for rear seat passengers again in and out. Normally I hate that kind of design and don't like that design in the mini club men. It's -- it seems weird but it had in mind in the -- because they hide that -- or really well Pollyanna like and it is our parking attendant you know parked this car for a week forest and then on the second the last day. He just -- I had no there was a door back there until it's all you open it in and I'll look forward undecided it was -- -- And -- ged so they become a hit it yet as they did that well com the thing that I found I have -- -- about the lost her. It's the ride quality really. Yeah it just feels so. Bumpy and cheap and its. I mean it it's just in completely and comfortable -- it doesn't feel like they're shocks in the car feels like there's. You know wooden pegs or something. I didn't really mind it so much -- Maybe like an age difference they -- -- -- And indented at a discounted to schema for the understood -- if I am I getting straight in this car in the civic SI it's. It's -- a stiff suspension also had -- but it doesn't feel and a you know you know. I guess hard is this when it's more supple. But I mean I feel like it and think if you wanna soft suspension in the mean the active there for you buy it that practically the same car I just different. Different -- grateful to wider -- here. It did kind of have like a tendency I think -- to wander over potholes and and you kind of feel of here. Going I don't know just BB round a bend in you you hit -- -- police kind of fuel front of the car can do this -- lateral shift it. It didn't really inspire confidence but like on a smooth. Of the background to get the same route it's -- -- the action out skyline. And it's just did. Really actually manages I think its -- transfer. Pretty well. Does it -- just not going to receive -- with that weird it's a very. Very much a CD cards is does it really be tuned suspension for that. And did I think that's also the disconnect. I think maybe you you you may probably be willing to deal with a rough ride if there were power yeah they could be. -- That ability to -- take off from a lights with with -- gusto. And it changes in your mind which you think about the car yet and if you can fly over those bumps and potholes -- -- and -- on the desert airborne most of the time is like the worst of both worlds. -- you don't really have the power sports car. But you're dealing with the rough ride you don't have enough power to actually -- -- keep your speed up and a turn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of it will -- the given a second chance from the -- We'll see what our -- up later to see what people will think -- -- lucky voter interest in this current image to see how. People think what people think about a once -- actually manages to drive it to all up to any reader response about that would be nice to hear -- don't know what's in this CNET garage now. We just dad had to review the -- of Gloucester and the -- Lexus CT 200 H with the -- sport package. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out we don't have any cars in the garage right now because that we're going on break on our holiday but to -- So what I would ask. What are the cars were looking forward to -- -- on what cars you -- drive next year -- even the most without hesitation Scion FRS. And I wanted to of that car. More than anything in life -- Up for myself I am looking way forward to the Tesla model S they -- world. They'll that in production next year and should be able to drive it. And also be Libby was releasing a new prisoners. Which I think should yet this is Turbo charged direct injection -- good stuff so it should be a -- little. Fun car I'm looking forward to toss one more it's kind of a toss -- between out of a -- -- drive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wanna see it in person with a new look and I want to do get more power next year that's always a good thing. We talked woods institute in the car tech awards. So more power is always good thing and I'm a little bit interested in that the Subaru XV cross -- -- and it. This is then that CNET car tech live Ford restore point first 2011 last show of 2011. And by the way if failure also Panama are roadside assistance show where we don't separate -- streams for those now -- that was in the same stream but you have to. Subscribe to that separately through whatever you -- to subscribe to streams. And that if you want they'll read dead look at -- links or show notes here a read about -- -- at ten in the Arctic at the tech car of the year. Go to car tech dot cnet.com. I would -- dollar notes and stuff like there and if you want to. Follow us on Twitter there is myself as -- C underscore SF on Twitter Antuan is and QU a NT GOO. On Twitter. And Brian -- is actually took -- -- took off for vacation up from occasionally. I he is -- also on Twitter and -- back. Frankly BRI and CEO OLEYC. What that -- he's tweeting about while he's on vacation. All right death thanks folks. Join us again next.

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