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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 243: Chevy Volt is hot...in the wrong way.

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 243: Chevy Volt is hot...in the wrong way.

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Chevy Volt spontaneous combustion is investigated, Toyota and BMW swap tech, Tokyo Motor Show wows us with weird (duh), and Maybach is dead.

Well they've got little problem with Chevy Volt batteries in GM knows what to say how Toyota and BMW are going to be swapping -- We're also gonna find out about cars that know when other cars are gonna run a red light. It's the CNET car tech live show hello everybody Brian Cooley with -- Wayne Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin Mitchell -- at the controls basically. The gang's all here first time in. Two weeks. While we're back we've been LA and Thanksgiving dinners do all sorts of stuff up basically screwed and evidence yet that if it it is very eloquent code arts let's see what's going on -- guys of the big story of the week -- -- bubbling up and has bubbled up a lot in the last ten minutes in fact is. An inquiry going on into the safety of the Chevy Volt battery pack. A couple of days ago few days ago the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration right during the Thanksgiving break here in the US a lot of folks in here about this opened a formal investigation. Into -- -- the battery packs an -- of -- can catch fire. When they've been collision damage does make that clearance is not volts that are coming off the line and nothing's happened to them and this is that you look and are after what your video version. This orange area on the bottom of this crash test volt -- been turned up on its belly -- that's the outline of where the battery lives is great big. T shaped thing it's a very large -- -- an electric car starter battery large part of a car so now move forward to this morning and just a few minutes ago we just got word. -- -- in Automotive News. That the head of General Motors. Is a -- actors and says that they are now egg investigating a possible redesign of the battery pack. And they have spent a Julien dollars developing this thing. They're not gonna redesign atlas they think they've got a problem is my hunch they wouldn't do this just to make a good press release I think they would. I really they would come out and say. There's a problem -- are gonna -- design and fix this. Get out lot of -- and oh yeah. Really depends on how much of a redesign you're talking about like. It -- I don't think they're gonna scrap the the you know the plan and start over you know if it's gonna be like -- -- fixed when they say redesign for its not like there's just ruins billion dollars out of the door what let's go back to the original problem of these. Battery supposedly bursting and -- what happened was they did crash test with the when these cars is all broken up and put it -- and -- -- three weeks later. Yet erupt and we hear it so it's not like -- Really critical problem at least from it doesn't seem like a critical problem to me and it I think it had more to do with the wing at the store at the -- -- -- then with that mean. If it's one of those things where you get into an accident to take your -- to -- -- stopped the -- gates. Fixed me you know maybe -- spot an issue with the battery pack to give you the -- back you're driving around like all things agree in the and boom you're on fire. I mean I think that's what people are worried about dislike so -- is into an accident your car now a ticking time bomb you what is the what is the projection how long before you know it's safe -- and do they really know how to tell if it's safe given the fact that it's all new. -- all the technology right don't what do you look for like is it isn't like rupture is neglected if -- is if the battery pack is deformed in -- York doesn't even need to be deformed as the -- shot either of the things that they need to figure out. -- the issue was actually the cooling system -- the cooling system gets ruptured. And that is the department and with any electric card new new electric -- that the batteries have to -- -- because they can't get very content. And so the cooling system -- got ruptured in this this crash test. And because they just left the better connected in the cooling system wasn't working anymore. That's why. First that's as interesting as this is a car that in some cases it has been damaged apparently and we don't know that you can't leave it disabled in east have certain systems running like you can't just park in nuclear aircraft carriers shut everything down you've got to keep the cooling system running all the time. This is kind of in that vein store in the Detroit Free Press has been following this says. Look at the fire risk of Chevy -- after two of three recent tests resulted in a battery pack catching fire. One smoking and another one emitting sparks. These -- tested happened to the middle of November I guess they were doing a lot of drug testing on the -- at that time at the -- a labs. Com in that incident the volt batteries caught fire quoting from the from a from the -- -- three weeks after the crash like -- said no one had drained the battery pack after the crash test. Would you -- lit room at the -- yeah I don't know that ring that's weaker -- -- they got that part of the story already does drain electricity out August to get Green electricity -- -- -- when -- -- pollutants before they talked about there. Technology their power -- technology. They always in other engineers are -- a little bit snide -- -- -- solvable problem of -- overrun. You ask you know Nissan with their leaf Chevy with terrible team asked them -- they'd dealt with -- overrun issues are asked to see if they have an answer for you right yeah that's what they said that. United I think -- probably comfortable there. -- technology -- that's a very new technology Corso was the volts and its is that it's opening a safety defects investigation into these 31 fire one spark one smoke is what it looks like. I'll and that this -- -- is following a PO famous case -- early on someone's garage burned down. But I'm not sure is because the bull caught fire with a charger caught fire yet there's something weird about that says that electric currently it was that reasonable or another is a story about somebody at some homemade electric car that they. First time that an excellent -- meaning that at. -- -- one was -- -- -- was -- leaf. At a remember I don't -- think -- electric cars are on extracting each one with the right broad brush. When I do that one -- our policy aimed at what -- whatever com enters on this story actually said that -- The last year there reported 285000. Fires in gasoline powered cars right zero fires electric powered cars like in the why and that's it and that's -- GM is pointing out his say these cars are lots they for the gas -- cars were just used to that risk. We know what not to do we know how to handle gas cars crashed all the time of the league -- over the freeway but emergency responders know -- today. They don't water it down right away and all that this is new area. I'll along the lines of -- -- what they're mediums into a major redesign whether assistant getting out part of the story we won't know if you don't of the exact details of what they're doing what that would suitable production is -- that we talked a few weeks ago about how. They had to shut down and retool of their plants at a very early odd time. And then of course this would seem to slow down production if they're gonna implement -- rolling change hard to say. But in the way this is what they're doing for sure they're going to offer -- of evil -- owners of vehicle loaner cars. So you can get it peace of mind -- they're calling it if you're nervous about your volt -- things are being checked out as the investigation goes along with an itself. They will offer you a loner even if your -- has no problems and is running phone. -- they give you like. You get a car well here's the U I remarked at one -- -- -- Nissan would say that we say well the damn things are selling so -- they've got plenty of volts to offer as loners who don't just. Which honestly is -- through the sales -- -- -- -- they they sold 5000 so far in the US with eternity 1510101000. The first year. Hmmm think they're a little behind the of the sales -- -- and hasn't really been as successful as they were hoping so they might have enough -- to give you -- -- loner but that wouldn't use -- regularly assigned nearly AP's in my what. So high anyway that's the story on the -- lot of things happening there -- of that are breaking by via by the hour of course we keep up on this on the car tech our blog at cars dot CNET. -- -- volt owner of course what is know what you're gonna do email us are you gonna take your car in for a -- woes is investigating and unload the car you're not worried in the least by new makes it. That's right that's the way to go about it by genomics to economics undies genomics booties pulled a helmet on -- and hang on and drive fast really fast that's gonna be the fix actually you you bring your -- to the dealer for -- The -- suit and -- in the end the driver's seat you're all set. -- -- -- The first question include a okay we're here for the recall its user -- an error could be right back. All right so let's see -- moving from the -- -- now this also a big one inside baseball -- a lot of details yet but BMW and Toyota are doing a power train technology swap. Where they got to swap the best of what each company does so that the BMW great on diesels certainly in Europe we see a lot more there -- there and Toyota of course. The killer in electrification certainly on hybrids. They're gonna -- so it -- lithium ion technology largely goes toward BMW and diesels go toward Toyota. I don't know how much or any of this is gonna affect the US market. We are that's weird because the I think BMW backed up on these look a little -- in the US by not to you know I don't believe they're offering the three series and diesel format today in the future ridiculous price I think -- -- at 335. BMW's overpriced I think any of that one was really expensive that -- editor of several grand -- was already a premium -- car. So it will Leo this is though one is a little bit vague right now in terms of which engines -- we -- where. But now we know that Toyota was going to develop its own one point six liter Turbo diesel with Isuzu and -- -- backed away from -- back. So they're gonna go get that motor from BMW. Against me for the overseas markets it is as he starts doing a lot of work in Iran and other companies that uses the whole Subaru tie in as well -- -- between the consumer is not really like working with -- that's the thing is that Americans and -- -- you you work for -- is what you do they'll be talking about that coming -- we've got a Toyota Motor -- -- in -- few moments here -- means no one knew -- talked -- -- -- frustrated with your in car navigation system. You have lots accompany new JD power research came out this week saying lots of owners. Really hate the -- in their car factory unit. And the one that could have its. Usability and satisfaction was my at least favorably at some at least -- -- -- -- because the -- but Garmin in the charger. I -- in all fairness it's integrated its in the dash yard it's just when you get the nav but and it turns into a seven inch garment that the Garmin aria. Then nothing unusual about it yet and it I think that's the thing is people is -- used to that sort of a lot of people -- used to simplicity of that interface. Whenever our review of Garmin and just like well. Net is changed here in the last half a decade and I think that's the Garmin strongest point is that Tivo brain -- was -- would pick it up in. Start navigating nearly two buttons on the home screen when you say in general the TomTom Garmin and magellan's have done a better job of being simple -- any car system. I -- I -- -- given that but I mean you know they also have to do fewer things like they don't have to look. Their design doesn't have to stand alongside. You know the of the same design elements that are in the climate control systems and so true you know they don't have to integrate with other things -- you they can have. You know their own sort of -- -- in their own standalone thing in. And they've been doing it first so much longer. That's -- -- of them elements present in as the ranking they say that dia. The bottom of the that the worst. Reported -- the one that the drivers are the most out of dissatisfaction as was the dense so system. In the Twitter -- for which I assume would be DN a lot of input and assistance and those are all I direct. I interaction systems is -- touch screen yeah and I would think those would be the easiest to use because the indirect systems where you have some kind of knob like -- driver. Mercedes-Benz command where your. Working with the system and directly it's kind of hard to figure out what you're doing I would I would I was surprised by that -- Because that with the using only when you think about a touch music okay what I want I'm gonna touch it's like -- a child does you know these sees -- -- reach out they -- it's -- RR RR most simple instinct. But -- -- -- -- that rate solo we like -- systems or not. Yeah that's what they're not often a they're not complementary to simplicity -- you just look at the Philadelphia lawyer objects and let's go talk about on. On but that the that the problem with the Garmin not a problem but the thing with the Garmin is one of -- when it was a seven inch eight inch display and that caller -- is this is on the which it that simple government interface -- -- -- that. This -- massive five inch rockets like. Do you want to navigate or -- -- -- -- buttons you lose -- with your fit right -- of this screen it's not a touch screen. You can use your elbow you can get on there with a -- norm. Five fingers together it's like it but -- -- is that isn't that -- -- -- when you're doing 75 miles per hour you don't gas and you don't really wanted to. You pinpoint accuracy you can really just hit half for the screen -- that's -- that's -- in your on your way. -- at the right half first starts. So answer to the estimates and routing quality is one of those that there is dissatisfaction somebody driving along the system says -- turn right here. -- I mean there's a lot of things that can go wrong with that we'd seen a lot of these systems and some of them are much better than others I've I was really precedent in a -- system recently. -- actually gave lane guidance where it kind of says you should be -- airplane -- on surface streets in the city. -- did a -- that's that's interesting -- night -- it is. Definitely. It's a very useful feature can it -- ya that whole. We need to be studied over now link in an intrepid -- -- you may need to get over two miles ahead and they keep should be meeting predict I mean it's like anything about that did -- -- got the last matters a great -- -- on a glance towards anonymous the stock when the -- here facing library and its -- the end at that point on display bulls -- reroute. -- -- Around the Nixon X that's what I was Gaza you know what I'm not an amateur hurry ought to take a bunch of right now -- the repair bill all get there are and I missed the turn it's my fault -- take the next nexus these were all. The drivers you wanna be around people -- the UN YouTube and all of us in this car tech club we know what to do go around if you blew it go around on hold up ninety lanes of traffic. Com the I'll take lane guidance over 3-D building rendering any day. That does -- a lot more good to give me regular and rendered for me is actually it actually hurts. And I you know -- often found myself turning it off when to deal with tonight's gee whiz feature Ehrlich a -- itself. The only if so -- you are into music you like that and elect a diluted its fancy. And we -- wanted to -- about it in the still automatically disable itself so that you -- For example or at least have supposedly a simplified -- -- -- you -- you needs are here to clear the deck those times it can be -- -- lights. Give me the direction -- the -- buildings. Away for a second -- come back with a pretty when I'm doing something non critical does cruising for the next 46 miles or whatever. Now speaking of all this and bad drivers and -- in the -- at the wrong time. Nothing is worse to be able to run red -- to -- must face -- most accidents happen at intersections and a huge number of those the cause fatalities are red light runners like the 1 I saw this morning coming to work. -- -- MIT researchers say they've got. Some technology that lets you -- that led them of the system figure out when he car's gonna blow through a red light based on the dynamics of its trajectory. The speed it's going whether it's slowing or if it's slowing just for deceleration not breaking all the subtlety kinda like what cars are reading these days to figure out if you're drowsy to real subtle -- of the data. This algorithm they say they can detect within a couple of seconds. Probable violators predictions were accurate 85% of the time which is really high. And the and this could be -- conjunction with a vehicle to vehicle. I don't think I mean once I -- -- percent -- have arts pretty cool yep. Then I read article I realized you know this is -- that brilliant this should be something they should have figured out ten years ago. As you're -- cars relative speed yet figure out how spastic and stop I mean this is something that they're already doing an in lot of in car technologies lot of the things -- like adaptive cruise control -- the cars have. So that these MIT guys I think these must be like the B team at MIT. These guys aren't allowed cannot rock tough room here. Good grief. When he was not impressed with. That's that's clear -- duplicating some other people -- -- and I -- uphold those who -- -- system and electric cars not slowing down is probably not stop there. All of -- -- about it that's the real I could write that's -- where it's like five lines right. If if if -- it vehicle speed is X and -- -- this and distance to red light is this not gonna make it yet Mexico Latin basic. -- just -- researchers this is the my story I didn't bring the I didn't write this is is that okay researchers found a sweet spot in which they -- at a five probable violators a sweet spot -- did not impress Wayne Cunningham does that affect. Well about two seconds to give drivers about to -- the intersection heads -- so yeah it would be Indian car things -- he's stupid you're about to blow a red light. Into an intersection or letting other drivers -- people -- -- once again to be debate yet but here's a question I've got his two seconds is what does is what doesn't impress me. Two seconds this kind of rarity in the -- the -- -- the accident running out and 11000. Soon you're barely gonna be eluded -- he -- if you covered -- that time. Dead man's -- faster -- to second across all speeds -- You're seeing here is is the little bit a little like negative information -- their -- they can tell the difference between -- -- you're slowing to stop. Are just slowing to make sure it's safe to -- the light. -- reality little bit of information now and a little bit impressive. Because there is the difference between then you and you're not always -- just. But I mean you know the 85%. Accuracy. You know if it's 85% between you know all car slowing -- -- -- approaching the intersection. It says that the difference in whether -- impressive or not are we discovered -- -- team MIT. Well that's easy -- that's a one line of code -- -- X equals yes yes. If yes that's expected to. When I was when and if there's a via a predictive. With the speed satellite -- when it would is that movie minority report -- a predictive. You know like I really -- site actions -- to pre you know like you did you do it in about what you're going to do you -- we can tell -- just about to -- so we're gonna send to -- -- look at -- halfway there doesn't. I -- it really gets -- halfway there. This there -- more oppression movie about tech minority report unbelievable there's not one thing in technology we have today -- next five years there -- that -- -- -- Knowledgeable about the Tokyo motor -- most of the Tokyo motor show now the scars interest in this is the -- when we pronounce this thing -- fund V. -- way to fund the fund the ZII staining for a vehicle. Internet now I am not for you -- -- integration new. And applicants sentence and -- style. Within I have for now interactive feature what I think it has the best. Whatever the hell this is -- it's all screen on the outside right. Right so what was happening here is. The entire outside surface of the vehicle of the screen so you can do things would change the color of your car. I UK and united if you -- say for example a coffee shop in you have like a delivery cars you can toss your delivery on the side -- it. You know that's -- you can also send messages to their drivers like the act the hell -- -- -- of and that's what I want. -- on the back you have this little Calvin peeing on afford to run exactly. Atmosphere -- the -- that sort of thing middle finger. But what's interesting here silhouettes of mom dad the little kids. Write an episode. Slower here yet -- that's a thing of the then what. You can also do it was also interesting is that the of the entire interior the cars also would displace these -- augmented reality. -- entertainment sort of functionality. -- and then finally the vehicle is not connected to the Internet so and also to -- other vehicles so -- bringing in contents. You -- in things like traffic. I you're also when you're connected to other vehicles -- news what other cars -- doing so you don't need blind spot detection because it knows there's a card there already. And I would imagine at some point with cameras they can basically make the car invisible from the inside display all the outside camera data yet reversed rejected inside and how you look through a bit of an invisible car looks like Wonder Woman by an invisible -- in and out and lend -- no -- -- not at all. I -- no not like that you. You don't want you close your car where like you would basically make all of the walls virtual transparent -- so you area yet they can't see in but you can basically see -- an interest in a video mail. Via news but satiric he had the cockpit of like the the fighter -- him -- -- little -- content. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a -- it's time -- time. That's why you went there this could be the ultimate grand prison no five some later and a -- -- are absolutely right that only recently that would -- predict the profile the better looking car. So that undecideds like Santa to having a sports a clean cool and -- could have a rolling wedge a door stop is different. Uh oh I'm not sure who are we looking at the froze the headlights of of the wheels I can tell it's -- horrible look of Bing is the best for the Tokyo motor show -- is the most telling. Their logo is the -- ship -- been rolling -- wooden -- really. It is a biggie they have sex with since 1954 and I think they are doing in fifty -- ruling that's right that's right -- -- we didn't have -- restore rolling we'll never hands. There -- get rid of president a lot of all of book -- for our -- they -- we have a nice little slide show of of the hottest of -- Tokyo other stories include what's -- call on the -- Easter this is a hat island electric roadster. -- -- -- -- -- Given the from a Honda could get excited and it's just a ruthless CR what do you call a security Sierras and and it looks -- -- legacy is closer in size to the end to be convertible of their current -- bigger you know point six liter engine room. Yet I want to tiny little thing. It's little though it is -- -- -- -- okay yeah he's visited giant next to a little wheels -- -- tiny European rights activists and conflict but -- feet -- and the -- like eighteen inches tall but there's -- way since there's no -- -- -- Stir anymore this that it takes that place if and -- in a production as it okay is. I -- it's it's -- a range of 100 miles. That's digital TVs the press release as saying zero to sixty and by six decent dual node 060 kilometers per hour and classic in Arizona 37 miles per hour as Aaron you -- its its its Ithaca put on 9102 car. -- -- No it's it's weird and it's it's not really exciting it's cool looking very qualities they would. Up -- nice gasoline engine and I did B tech in there yeah admitted in a but it that mid mattered everybody to conduct its way to the executive Dave -- if it leave like a transactional engine that fits over the rear -- anyway the -- -- -- -- -- Upton says if it's a rear wheel drive the inches in the back anyway he says. I love the cockpit. It's not so futuristic but I look at a million never you could get close to that and a few years even the -- a little feds won't approve it yet -- -- and jokes -- media that the eco displeased to see there were remarkably similar to -- you are -- CRZ zone here on meet the needs as bizarre as it is to see something like that. They'll probably be the part of this current and -- -- the soonest. Is that an update to this line of kind of like for those -- watch the video version it's like there's a central display in front of the steering wheel that's not all -- uncommon now. And then there to wing displays kind of like side mirrors but -- arm noted in an on the side of the instrument clusters these pods are sticking up like motorcycle mirrors that you just read that all crammed into one instrument cluster of the -- about same. You've got the the editing what I think -- the media interface for the next generation on Mondays and at and pirates. -- and this -- this of this -- roll -- for them because the same -- this is going on the the head of Honda was in Tokyo basically apologizing for how boring the civic less. All because of a vehicle greatest idea -- -- we blew me we'll get an accident would get right next apparently endemic -- -- and they did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the future are so that when people start bank cedar avenue like who's got -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the surgeries. Daddy is now. Shut up you see -- -- -- receipt -- -- -- -- you get to talk about colors are seeing Ryan isn't piracy okay. ST claw out at that -- -- wants to go drive it'll introduce you is what take your own car folks -- arrive without some. You just did -- we were really -- ever thought -- -- -- -- -- -- What's -- a look at of Godwin did it again. The juke in his -- concept is in here we just can't beat this thing -- with a stick out yet it's. Exciting -- -- -- it is -- and Antuan is and his boss -- In two weeks when he told his boat and it'll cost between twelve -- -- coming in. Yeah right did you car was the really cool -- duke -- they were doing this is less than that. This is in his nose so they -- actually the same engine as the standard -- that's one point six liter Turbo charging direct injection -- excellence -- Yakima and me down but they pumped up a more horsepower they've lowered this one down on the button is all parts on it. It's a concept so enough election -- the idea here being -- -- signings decide. At that -- -- -- parts division is actually get in there to offer -- parts war will potentially offer netbook parts. For more cars in just the 370Z in the GTR. So my idea bill you potentially mean if there's enough interest -- may -- will start offering news nobody keeps -- -- -- Maybe you will offer lake needs no wheels for the leaf means you'll be able to create a new -- version of the cross can't relate -- -- -- -- and -- -- Maxima is kind of right. We you know NT -- used to be like a pretty awesome tuning division -- immunity -- for -- out race cars and now. The agency battery titles for -- -- and -- of the original factory bad ass from Asia writes great and so if you're seeing the same thing that -- with Honda. Will mean not really the same thing to kind of started their own sort of like Honda factory -- Like eighty if you -- more aggressive sectors for your core due to the HH -- factors but he cordon if you buy them the new cars in the factory warranty is that sort of thing yeah just. Hop -- parts that don't really. Affect the vehicle that Honda acquire mode and horrors at some funded and in the news in March this company that they they are glad that of their like this right -- they're tight with the HFPs and their offering for like a lot of things completely they've -- -- -- -- -- parts -- the fit. The cynic in me be the secrecy -- can -- Crazy -- -- and of course finally the -- introduced car in world history. Has been introduced again finely production rights finally production. On the end of the FT 86 which -- three new name. For Toyota it'll be added that the GT 86 in Europe and -- the 86 they're just -- to -- -- in Japan and dive for supermodels and abusive rubio RZ we knew that was coming off and I in the North American market we're gonna get past Scion FRS -- -- -- the -- car rentals -- car they all have the same night two liter boxer engine that uses a combination of a direct injection in port injection. That's there and its -- The platform right flat for so it's a really low center of gravity 897 horsepower. 151 pound feet of torque lab but the thing -- media -- A hundred -- -- -- more than me -- It's also closer in in in overall length and wheel based Columbia and the -- that a lot of people compared to the Genesis two. Now we get that this means we're going to get the silent in the US also the Soviet navy deceive me out there have been an official announcement is the super bring it here we definitely in the sign -- -- -- -- Okay so that's what's that's what's totally rock solid now in this you know complicated. It's an amazing pushed by these two companies. To make a huge two door sports car launch. Especially for Toyota and Subaru that are both very out of that game. Big gamble -- -- Yet there has been naked performance cars the mean to -- Erickson the FT divers and Yale president. Aren't cornerstones and Mike Benton you know a year immunity Japanese -- accorsi mean that nothing that looks like this known makes a car of those two companies that and I say I get this -- -- Jews and to visually you know. And -- certainly nothing. Like that they've given up the sports car what with the last in March 2 -- they get -- the -- a -- at the IS. Unwillingness and -- and this -- where he. Starting to get back in the Vatican and it's funny -- every time I've been on a press launch with a group automotive journalists and some Toyota. Representatives the -- funerals are always like saint someone's -- -- and do a sports car again yeah so I think it's all that pressures pfiesteria some that say okay fine. Throw this at competitive sports car and -- will make it a sign on to -- really -- risk anything on a now -- okay so that's also been shown at -- Toyota again in production in four flavors. Around the world that's going to be a big thing what does that. When we think -- Dicey at the -- spring next year okay and so on waivers are. Are so all that arrives I -- it's going out finally after about two years of this rumor we can finally stub this sold. The sold cigar out the in the over wrought its gothic. Gaudy. Nasty Mai -- is dead. They've finally killed -- we heard this like a year ago of but my -- is now done they sold 53 albums so far this year and other expensive but that's -- doesn't make it even for them. Associate of the line for those -- -- the three and four and 500000. Dollars or something in the they start -- 375. For the cheap one. And go to one point four million. This little metal was big land now they make so Mercedes pulled there's a few Arabian shakes and a -- British millionaires are going to be. Very yet disappointed couple rappers. That's the best selling these in the USX and I remember seeing -- in the wild I think I not -- US recently. I think I heard it. Or one of the auto shows last year that it that -- the year without selling -- here are some it was almost that spare. I mean so it limits fifty I think -- things -- -- -- on the world they've sold so far this year it's like nothing. Anyway so that's in an -- -- U I want in mind you better go get it quickly they're running out and finally our last bit of interest in car tech for the week is. Well it's made of particle board noted that -- -- of plywood. Will limit. It's called the Swiss room box only the Swiss would come up with their dainty and they love small -- leave things that are very clean. But like a Swiss army knife in that it does a lot of things but it. It looks like it doesn't -- should -- so. Here is if you watch your video virtual friend described this in the back of some bizarre -- we assume it's a central owner and no my program. There is a what like up on a big red plywood series of boxes that fold out on these very nice integrated groove hinges. Into different form. It's may have a stove in one and they haven't seen in the other direction that a water -- in here to you so they can exit from the sink into government shall work. And dexterity. That has just entered these pieces all Panasonic come out and you can make that table that just extends out of the back of the car with them. Or you can take them -- can -- -- had a sixty being -- to -- and that it. It's -- that lead -- to table -- -- by itself outside. Around the one thing I think their missing years there's no sort of. -- -- media functions you that's -- you want the old port -- -- when you've got -- -- in those two go together I don't think you do because you don't wanna be hearing that around -- If you're out camping in -- wilderness. And -- of the Swiss their real -- And also a feel like -- be needed to speed it actually if this were an IKEA product it would look better right especially nice to know how to do stuff like they did this looks goofy I get the engineering is great but the goofy doesn't work for me I -- would make it comprehensible and missiles and is -- -- via. Video is great -- heard the table it's but it didn't like imagine like a near a reader going liking you can just you can trends towards a table and a sixteen easy steps -- I thought I'd rather build IKEA furniture than pull this thing out I think it's easier. But the ticket make it right cardiac hears that yes our -- -- -- school to get our own everything in slow motion and everything in. Other dating Sudan was wasn't announcing any over adversity good greenest part I don't -- that owning. -- -- my god. Wow the Swiss -- trip and all right that's cool and noticed the table like little Japanese tables like one of the ones and -- -- Tommy -- so apparently cannot get this in the US yet they're not via importing it here. But now on their website it says it's about like for over port four grand yet -- you can priceless look all that -- admit he can yet. I guess I give my Steele sought Megan's emotional finally we can go into the little card gallery now SpinRite in its -- -- I think we just saw the -- -- -- to be honest. That was it all right so one -- Harry Whipple it's really good old on. Only we're watching slow the video down slow the video did. -- You gotta watch this video closes get a dead and almost -- listening about watching this is mesmerizing we're gonna have this in the show notes -- car tech dot cnet.com there's the water supply washing the -- here and there's a Swiss army like every night yet but it canal for everything this actually amazing engineering if you think about it. Boxes but so -- -- Lee. -- -- and four following her night's moon delightful. All right -- need to -- and how this'll -- your country squire I am that's exactly what I'm doing that aggregate this in the squire has got to be ways in Washington DX. A exactly -- -- -- aircraft services during car tech video issues we need this. All right so there's a long day of video there's like two and a half minutes that you're never gonna get back but it's worth it specially for shower -- Okay so that's Sarra. Who it is smoke now -- that's our -- that's -- -- room box. -- -- move on to what's in the CNET car tech garage tradition. Here we see here this week for the remainder this year almost okay -- -- reviews are the Mercedes-Benz ML 350 blue checked their diesel. And the Acura -- acts. Coming up next we have in the garage right now most of three kind of loaded up. Yeah that's not bad it didn't -- Better than I expected to -- -- text and blind spots and stuff and -- is -- now the -- can't -- Which is our first car that has that -- thrown into the systems -- -- -- that. And after that we get the Toyota Prius V to the slightly bigger Toyota. And the latest civic -- I. So interest in Mexico cars -- if you run as we had -- -- last few weeks of up. Of existing vehicles coming it. There were pretty much the point now we continue evidence could be coming in for the rest of the year so you can not. Hold your horses on some of the core issue requesting his company isn't like what to more at this -- this is really get to the year is that so you just heard around town. West of -- lost here treatment OS they did don't don't don't make into one nervous at the velocity next Christmas present a completely content editor at designing an elected and -- -- them handle -- if our folks that's it for car tech live to this your back gets you next week I don't -- -- that is emailed let us know what you want us to talk about what stories written that in the -- your reactions -- was going -- tech news this week its car tech. At cnet.com show -- car tech dot cnet.com. And you can -- us -- on Twitter Brian Cooley all one word that's me Wayne is Wayne C underscore SF. -- -- one -- it do any anti GO OK John roadside assistance thanks.

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