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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 241: Alcohol testers in every car?

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 241: Alcohol testers in every car?

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Alcohol testers in every car? Congress considering it. Pioneer aims to beat Siri in the car, Ford SYNC update to be mailed to you on a USB drive, and another step toward in-car streaming ubiquity.

Above Brian Cooley here without the right -- usual but special. New York originated -- -- live. I'm here at CNET -- this is our pop up as they call you know there's like a Halloween our own fireworks store they take over a store for a short time. We did that here. In no -- down on the south end of Manhattan and for five days were here live -- amazing tech showcase include in this Nissan leaf. We've got OnStar have to be some other -- -- here tablets Smartphones connected TV the whole deal folks who love and it's been a mob -- so while I'm here in New York woman gets up to speed. On some of the headlines -- -- heartsick. Our current take teams spread all over this week we've got -- one way and one another and I'm here in New York -- -- -- -- regular format next week. Ballistic call out what's going on here its in car technology is its historic caught in the New York Times this week -- -- talking about. A system called dad's DA DSS. It's -- technology at the for the congress is considering funding soon. To the tune of five million dollars they would put an alcohol sensor in not just cars that people who've been busted for -- But anybody would be standard equipment in new cars like this now its a few years down the road at best but the fact that a real survey is being done is very interest -- The idea is there might be a breathalyzer in the car you gonna blow in -- Most folks -- not gonna like that what that might be a hand sensor on the wheel that can detect alcohol -- -- creating your skin. Or there might even be an error sensor on the driver's seat there will detect boos coming off the driver. But allowing the person the passenger seat to be a little -- up but it wouldn't Trace over here it's very unusual technology with a lot of loopholes and technically I think. But it's very out controversial -- interesting. To see how we're making the step not a at least consider that at the federal level so we'll keep an eye on that story as we go forward. I think the most -- part is they're talking about making the system calibrated whatever may be in such a way that it's not too sensitive. If it picks up a little bit of alcohol. And it doesn't appear to be above the legal limit it would give you -- passively -- start the car but is that not the government's way of officially condone him driving. After having consumed some alcohol up to but not at the legal limit. And adjusting gray area that I've never seen quite codified like that any potential. Not adopted yet -- potential technical system we'll keep an island that. The -- too many times -- Ford sync needs an update the current my Ford touch version of sync. It's it doesn't respond fast enough the screen is too busy with icons -- -- about this many time. Well Ford's got the update coming out we -- this last week it's gonna be available to you if you have the new my Ford sync in the last year or year and a half worth of Ford. Lincoln or Mercury cars and and you get down USB flash drive from -- and you can install that right through the USB port on your Ford car because the sync to vehicles all have that technology. And up port is really. Really working hard to get things straight now I look forward to seeing it at the LA auto show all -- get my hands on maneuvers and also you that -- video and of the coming of the LA auto show I'll be down there on the up. Fifteen and sixteenth -- that shows going on. -- -- Here has seen -- the voice command technology from Apple says. We can do that. That's a first arresting an aftermarket carmaker do this kind of thing and what they're saying is they can do a system like it that is very vehicle centric so. Look at the -- you got the typical dashboard how would you optimize a voice command system to just control that. And the connectivity to that it might be different than just a generic voice recognition system you can tune it and hold it. And even acoustic Wii balance it so we can hear you well inside the unique noises and harmonics that happen in the side of vehicle. So they want to get out in front of this sort of thing. And they say they'll be able to do something called if I have this right here. Zippers CY PR -- looking at this brand name here because -- there is a division of pioneer that apparently does this kind of technology and will also lets you access. Google searches FaceBook apps things like that specifically through voice -- trying to connect the dots of apps. Syrian voice and the dashboard all in one we'll see how pioneer -- of that and of course we'll keep an eye on that technology for him. -- we've got going on here has to do with the area of how we get further into voice technology this time with -- ones now nuances the company that does. Voice recognition as well they -- -- the offshore. That means you talk into the phone -- -- the cars might. And that is sent out on the cloud to be processed. And acted on as opposed to being locally processed and acted on it's a big difference but they feel the same -- -- nuance apparently has so -- insisting deals here within a year the story citizens to Detroit Free Press auto makers will be introducing nuance systems. That allow you to do -- like voice commands saying. I wanna -- to -- at this restaurant such as such at 6 o'clock. And the system will figure out okay I need to go find that -- find its open table interface and make a reservation or something like that and they -- that's going to be happening powered by new want to Begin within a year. Auto makers introducing that -- if we have any specific carmakers in here. I don't think I see them named by car brand yet so that apparently has not revealed not that I see here. But that is that not far away 2012 it happens any time in that timeframe. That's pretty -- now speaking of working with carmakers I didn't have told you about live BL a couple time which is a streaming radio service and there -- so -- out there. But -- it's interesting. Bolivia has got a deal now with a chip maker called CSR and they make a lot. Of the Bluetooth chips that are in products you buy cars phones laptops that tablets whatever maybe. And the deal here is to have this be set up so that those chip sets and I've got this right. Will automatically recognize your Smartphone. And your voice command system and though whatever technology got in the car and allow you to come into the car have your phone in your pocket. Just let it sit there kind of like. A slave resource to the vehicle and you'll just get to your dashboard and start tuning things like Internet radio and such the phone isn't part of it. And you might even use the phone ever did you just what he -- Bolivia service as an in car streaming radio. And the radio becomes the dominant interface the car become. Other phone becomes a slate device as opposed to now most of us -- phone is arming devices and the car dash becomes the slave devices is gonna turn that on its head. To give you access to live videos of various radio streams. And they bring in radio from other providers 977 music act -- you -- you radio -- -- -- there. Jack gaps are they gonna -- gap before live 365 and some others so -- -- you know we see our first car that has that technology built in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CNET government from this very interest in a story about the car being the -- fastest growing. Of our mobile technology products that about Smartphones. Wireless laptops tablets and all the rest but apparently the car is among the fastest growing. Of those notes anything with a wireless Wi-Fi radio or three G radio is considered a node on the network. But this is your story from CE outlook this week. Some analysts are saying that we are getting out -- the point where the car is growing so fast it can be ranked -- Mobil's. AT&T'S emerging devices division saying this. And they say that it's now being an appointment out very soon where wireless built into the car. Is going to be a given in next generation vehicles in the next generation after the current models that are on the road now. We've only seen this so far it Audi and BM WM -- two cards like now so far on the market and have a three G radio built into the car you don't even need a phone. And here we've got people from AT&T and other divisions now visited got a stake in the game but saying that we are just one generation -- of car models. Of revisions of current vehicles. Before built in wireless is commonplace. That could be a major -- Because that will grandfather a lot of people were introduced lot of people more accurately to the idea of a connected car folks who might not have a Smartphone we're only about. 43% of us in the US have a Smartphone right now and how many of them -- them to their car even if they can't to get a data connections to -- to get real narrow. But as new cars -- the market. 1213 million sold in the US a year and many of those have connected built in that will light a fire connected services on what's in this was an -- -- Of -- that's our special edition is episode 240 -- -- November 10 edition. Here from CNET -- in New York I'm Brian -- thanks for joining us we'll be coming to you with -- LA auto -- special edition. Next time around for episode 242170. Thanks for watching endless.

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