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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 240: BMW head up display goes full color and full cooler

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 240: BMW head up display goes full color and full cooler

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MirrorLink ramps up for smartphones in cars, new Ford escape features hands-free door, survey says you want voice command and wall plugs in your car, and we drive the Mercedes SLK 350.

-- ramps up your Smartphone in your car together new Ford Escape features a hands free door. Survey says you want voice command and a wall outlet in your car and we drive the Mercedes SLK 350. Welcome a car tech -- -- -- Brian Cooley Wayne Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin is on assignments. Wii game that a few moments and Mitchell -- at the controls let's get to -- we talk about -- -- lately which is a new technology new -- newly re branded really. That lets your Smartphone plug into your car and an echo its screen on to the cars display. And what we talked last week about -- coming out in Toyota's in Europe. Yet just really limited rollout it seemed like I -- -- that would mainly be here at that we would really see here is that it's currently Nokia thing at this point. Yeah Nokia is the big sponsor behind though they have a number of companies tied into it. Under what's called the -- activity consortium but now one of these companies it makes a lot of aftermarket stuff you'll see a twelve -- shops a direct us. Has a -- -- prodigy one pro which they say is the first after market way that you can put a mirror lake system in your car that's the Toyota won -- you're watching our video version. And that's the -- -- we talked about last week and then here if you're watching our video is a shot of the prodigy one technology. And then they have this mirror link -- version of it that will actually bring whats on your Smartphone. Fully onto the screen and that's actually the Smart -- scream and that's what the product looks like so this is an adapter onto your existing. Factory head unit or question. Now that's that would -- doesn't look they have they have about the of one -- go to your factory head unit or the will go to a completely. Separate. Aftermarket stereo if you wanna do that aftermarket unit would take a look at their products here because it's under direct -- now of dot com if you wanna know this company's website is. And so here is there system if you go to typical prodigy one line was at the box to be human -- -- -- a black -- -- -- -- black -- well you -- probably include any aftermarket head -- -- wouldn't really -- they have -- -- work -- OEM systems another -- -- work with just about every brand of -- -- systems -- -- -- And then some -- right kind of universal -- you wanna slap your own LCD screen on the dash and -- -- -- So if -- -- this prodigy platform now mirroring. Merely what's on your Smartphone -- the event out all do this soon already -- seems like Maryland is gonna roll up pretty fast. Overall that's -- think this is getting traction -- normally Android was kind of nothing and then all of a sudden became something that -- spikes. That. I don't know where I -- we're gonna be seen and senior links up next year and in cars so that would be interesting -- this is clearly after market now Toyota's figure it out for their platform. Once the OEM carmakers and the people of supply them -- -- out with one case they have a blueprint to work it out for other manufacturers and what do you Toyota you can go to all the automakers -- -- sodas during -- and you don't get behind on -- idea yet announced a mass production like that -- -- it's -- because you look at something like BMW and iPhone has such a law. On their infotainment system and iPhone does not were merely excel got its own -- -- on the iPod out and what's gonna happen there are serious -- that we still keep. To be on a scratching our head about who. And when will you find serious a satellite radio 2.0 we've heard a number of of our users in Alaska. Or four weeks saying. I've got a car that has satellite radio 2.0 and up primarily means you have pause and play like kind of Tivo pause and you'll also have the ability to get alerts. Are about other things on other channels if -- -- -- one channel and you wanna know if an artist is playing on another -- -- -- over there you can set that up. Are now serious confirms that there will be at least one aftermarket kit B lynx line plug and play a radius of one of those that grafts -- -- your existing head unit. A will be available on Etsy -- -- Offer Bluetooth streaming and it comes at this month of November so okay and don't understand yet to learn to do box. At best buy at least in woods is a best buy it's -- lot of places so that's gonna be your sparks Reno. The first after market with a call plug and play satellite -- that adapts to your existing head unit. To give you satellite radio 2.0 and the wide I think in a -- understand that a -- what does that Internet radio BOY your -- if I -- because -- -- -- old old. -- Mel Karmazin right there are people would -- is given a script to read. -- say Wi-Fi -- they'll pick it up in the tech press. -- if you have a -- had Smartphone with the data connection can use that need to pipe. T stream prompts you to stream a few I asked why would it is because you do have streaming rights to your account if you RE subscriber to satellite radio. -- -- -- for use outside of the car or something so anyway that's coming out soon the satellite radio 2.0 you can graft on. Or fifty bucks a little steep to me. Maybe its -- sports. Now of -- we certainly knew a lot -- of technologies mostly in BMW's. Corvettes. Cadillac -- oh yeah that's about it -- exist there and the GM ones are pretty crunch. You know so much -- -- all kind of pixel it's a monochromatic screen and you get your speed at their new digital music U2 G forces you Corvette which is always. -- school but then the BMW want to has been the best. With better ray has better -- about the same data as -- monochrome -- still limited data -- its. That kind of thing it is a really worth the 12100 dollar option writes it's it's over thousand dollars but now -- -- W showing off the next evolution of their head up display it. Of which they say is gonna have a lot more they're showing sexual -- -- -- here -- watching your video version let me show you via. Version here that is going to have hopes that's not a -- have a lot more done information in graphical quality to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com this is gonna show a graphical information not just numbers and simple lines like we're looking at -- we -- navigation. Yet they're showing actually navigation and speed and -- -- too much other information on here right at one time I -- this is just a rendering and if this is just -- in Photoshop -- this is an actual picture of the system looks like a rendering that's relatively. Accurate yet is not idea not a huge amount of information -- we can really clean but its showing me is some -- the -- indication it looks like an orange. Hand and that's the an indicator that tells you care lane departure is working and also behind that little icon or the adaptive cruise bars -- -- Speed. What's the Green 120 on the top Internet speed limit and on the current -- on the left in the round circle. Oh yeah so with the hills -- -- group Olivia -- guys cruise control sexual and speed that I could be. An object only to 106 Columbus for okay now 206 and that. And then on the right side of this display any of this is in full color you know watching a video version -- is in full -- orange red blue Green the full RGB spectrum is used up. On the display we've never seen -- I really -- the detail and the the colors on the salute to really get it it's really cool yeah hopefully that's actually what's -- to break some eggs. And the cars because as this is a mocked up in our and they also are overlaying. -- would be the wrong word but they are presenting navigation prompts on the windshield I don't think this is like augmented reality yet -- -- -- gonna map it right on the street now and I don't expect so either. I'm -- grants is they have this nice color displays detailed and you can also be watching you and your -- Iran is immediately said -- exactly or I was gonna like -- god is the end of -- with an Internet red -- miss my show last -- need to catch up on one revenue went up there at one of our users will be the first to hack -- -- -- That's the best part so when you figured out not if but when you gotta do that use them -- -- -- of your video right before you die. By watching it. I -- so keep an app for that when that hits and now we also have a some new technology that we saw of early version of at one of the recent car shows -- believe that Detroit they should listen but now it's coming out for real -- gates on its way. Right I get new escape will actually show it LA in a couple weeks we're gonna be there and see it. I it's -- -- be from that from the images and they show -- they just. The scars heavily -- on the video but you -- -- -- -- it's got a very -- -- and it's much nicer than the refrigerator box like shape of the current escape is its -- pretty square SOB nice update about it much needed update. But the cool tech communities you well I don't mean to use your hands or even your key fob to open the other tailgate the big hat store the back. -- he -- -- as they pointed out you have -- arm load groceries or boxes or whatever you walk up and you can even reach your K. -- unique charm tractor on some box all you have to do is have Becky in the pockets of can wirelessly talk to the -- authorized you and you just -- your foot under the -- And this is cool I like this I mean her ankle and arm will be these are some things luckily it adds that because you know your brother -- Foster parent child or whatever the instance may be. You -- five or six babies in your. Didn't foresee the day care -- whatever -- -- But toward getting Smart about where they put the sensor because yet right into the rear bumper -- -- template under their. That's a real ergonomic function a -- tired you are using standalone clipper -- a second minuet to a thing where you they were showing the -- -- confusion among some from my members of the media -- -- to use it what was that they had it out of the video that Ford posted may actually showed -- Take some random people I assume and people in their factory in -- eight try to open this tailgate without touching and and -- in the first personal heroes are watching you now as he leaps up around and there's not a -- he's okay are you still like a little odd little circus -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- RS against. Can't get it open yet now -- is doing little voodoo Hannes. Says I am but I think what this kind of shows is the system -- -- -- -- into an example of that which it does give a bit of built in theft protection answer. Okay now they have given another chance there's some dues are welcome -- -- how to -- open this thing he's wagon is bag around. Alia as -- a lot of -- is making heavy use of his briefcase that it and do -- that's as -- almost got me recently to bumper almost stereos come on that'll do it. It right -- -- -- -- comes -- that there it is. So I went to cold electro mechanical technology it's not like something super digital crazy connected but so what if -- kept running under your car will set the -- could just get your thinking your pocket -- and the cat runs ownership this thing goes and -- focused Europe but by the front of the car walking into the house value -- something runs it. -- interesting you're out there with a key you're near the back tailgate and anything at all under the bumper I would think would open the door and you might not know it -- I assume it's gonna -- The the scenario I -- -- and backing up garbage truck that are. I went out for them to escape look at this -- be all over that we had down to the LA auto show it to keep you still need yet you need that to be a proximity means right. It's approximating and I guess I mean get -- pretty close for those things actually were you can't -- Fifty feet away now -- with -- fifteen feet but I could see where you're at the front of the car you're getting out and you're heading toward the front of the car to your house your apartment. You don't even looking at the back it's out of sight out of mind and something a -- blows under a cap designer and if they don't have -- -- Be the thing goes up to sits there all night if you're in Texas and armadillos are going to be right aren't a lot of they were that reflective high. The -- of the radio -- will bounce right off and that's it'll open trying to. -- -- -- technology which a lot of companies are getting into lately they are just the latest again to some sound anti drowsy -- This seems to be a lot like what we seen in what -- Simple -- and -- the Mercedes-Benz has -- now this now watches your driving pattern and looks for things like. Lane -- -- things like that and dad I guess also if you like. Dished -- -- on the wheel sharply like -- you kind of drought probably pick it up and as sort of things like that instant data rates -- county thinks you are. And then it'll sound a warning or something but what's cool about this system -- takes a little step further it's -- actually telecommute to get your hands on the Wii. Yes the site you're watching -- video -- -- the icon here a big big icon -- they notice comes up in the forward. What do they call the two screens now might forward to my port that does much for the okay the -- the other part. So this is in the -- left hand wing display off to the left of the Speedo. Great little thing comes up -- -- keep hands austerity -- Editors sitting there are saying like pocket your friend internally adjust your phone -- yeah whatever -- man's paranoia could grab your laptop in -- passenger seats and -- we shoot videos they're always like to enhance the way -- -- -- be beeping constantly and you should be keeping your hands chemistry in well even when you're in the -- -- well I think -- -- on steering and a oh yeah well enough here. With the power -- What are the consents to human hands or one hand and went and ineptitude that -- -- -- hands at all but using other inputs as having a lot racism they do as they detect. We detect brake pedal accelerator and steering. And they take a combination of those and -- the start to get Fuzzy they figure falling asleep when acre foot -- -- coming off the gas gradually. But not breaking -- -- changing and if the wheels -- like. Drifting or something unnerving clear on the algorithm yeah I -- -- -- don't have actual sensors on the steering wheel rim to determine not at this price point now it's probably just if the motor. Amuses me out electric power steering and so it senses that -- -- we can turn without any resistance whatsoever obviously not. We not do it right that's that's -- they can tell both ways if you're turning the wheel or if the wheels able to turn because the steel of the front wheels are drifting a little bit and the steering wheel has no resistance you know holding on. And I think the rack can tell that it. Driver alert warning rest suggested as another one of the screens can do and one thing limits in the tally meant in this article to is that they also have lane departure prevention. So this'll actually use the app electric Paris during -- nudged the Wii you'll over if it senses you're drifting to they're gonna use the steering to do that and -- -- -- the -- which. The -- car's sun is based on that yet again and -- yaw brake you in the other corner -- are so Ford getting caught up here get a small -- -- because it shows popularly priced cars. Getting what used to be a million or 40000 plus world Dennison and -- Lincoln's this should come down actual Ford models due in reaching that in the new focus they've actually at that automatic parking thing which is that's amazing for that price yet you would expect that -- -- Subcontractor that an item that. The dual clutches in the fiesta -- and the Apple Steve and yes so they brought the a lot of technologies down to reveal look at it'll also go red -- -- driver alert warning rest now. All that -- that to a coffee shop I didn't and navigation -- -- -- punches in a Starbucks and -- The nearest dealer with -- -- means. That there is. People come up resembles -- isn't going to be -- that -- knockoff. I -- afford that we'll see if we -- we will be on the new escape of course in the may have that showing there although obviously can be -- around the convention center in getting -- although. -- press conferences like which in that state policy that hula who's doing what sitting on a -- on the scorecard here who's building in car tech. -- -- Is a company about to roll out technology beyond just the company's that you think of for built him -- before we get to that -- did a survey about what we walked in in car technology. And you know the so many things you could get answers on these days is like. Fifteen major new technologies in cars accountable up. Business survey sponsored by Harman found to -- have any ax to grind your good to be skewed toward the stuff they make but -- and they sell technology and cars -- realities and say anything. I want technology in my car. But seven out of ten which apparently was the largest single response rate. Was that people want. -- -- More than anything. And over everything over calls audio and navigation screen integrated with everything yet it was regular cars -- there -- some -- of voice controls only -- the Bluetooth. -- I mean for nano yet what the first. Place where users he voice command -- with the phone system -- and they had a for things like navigation and music system. -- climate like Acura in there and that whole thing -- you can do everything with voice industry needs -- can understand you can think 500 people surveyed 80% would pay a premium for voice -- -- I don't -- -- -- how much. Only 30% believe the touch screen or various types of knobs and controllers are better than voice interesting news for Audi MB MW and the infinity. Com and 70% say voice control makes driving safer as well as -- percent who wanted 83% though. Want real time traffic updates societies even a bigger number. And 64% say they want streaming Internet music. That's a pretty good percent for the music big number for technology is new to most people and that -- I mean I've heard of a lot of people using. Pandora in their cars even if they don't really have a a good system for that new integration -- example. And that's why anatomy is responding by integrating pandora and units now pretty -- yet I think we -- it picked up. Public fashion and iPod showed up back in the day and mutually ramping quickly and one I think interest in and -- -- -- -- 83% want the traffic which they're now. So that assumes they already have net or at least want -- In the car as opposed to -- a phone or on a -- the end date yet you have to have -- two copies is what it. When you could have it in some kind of had read elder of -- but is pointless and input on the map otherwise it does make sense to an idea Christina to -- -- and described -- -- -- -- you -- -- -- and it adults that -- reels of traffic -- it's you know that don't do not where it is when it's a figure out how much there -- having a bad. These people don't need directions I just wanna know there's tractors and ethnic conflict that. Others say here how many but it also said that many of us also want an outlet for normal plugs. Which I find very telling a lot of us still want to plug in household stuff -- -- -- like one of those -- plugs have been birders that you bind yeah some trucks and suvs can bring your own toaster. Make toasters and what is on the on the on the road I think we get a -- we have the aft port -- Hybrid a while -- with that we should tread upon the blunder into it. -- ago -- work now. That knocked the -- to dryers that way -- -- to draw ideas for charging laptops aka yet. You would -- -- do that would -- by another charger you know if you want a black car charger for their laptop a car charger for their iPad. And that's 120305070. Box when you start buying chargers his equipment. I already have a charger for my laptop -- went to buy another one the use of the car give me an outlet but to be paying another 150 bucks for that outlet in the car in the purchase price so could be a false economy. -- laptops are gonna have more USB powered options. In the USB's interest in -- -- not really -- -- for trickle charge at best. But you know we have a we carry an adapter now in our in our our video kit that lets say you charge an iPad office cigarette lighter which most of those don't yet -- to -- A USB port and the chart and most USBs and a -- two lamps and also has to be its five watts. And that's kind of a high powered US date. And most of those little car things you buy deploy in the cigarette lighter are not enough power or current or both voltage current so we kept this -- we carry charge and if they'll charge an iPad like twenty minutes it's like super high power. But up regularly and burn Wednesday. Are speaking of -- inside baseball little bit but Harmon is just -- a 400 million dollar deal to start supplying a new. -- premium but they also call the midrange head -- systems for Volkswagen. Now -- and we know as providing what. Audi. I yeah -- -- -- and I have a lot of divisions you know get a lot of stereo -- for example Carmen card and -- in GPL they don't yet and a bunch of them and -- it but they did these -- entertainment's and -- systems to -- you I think -- -- BMW maybe any money it's hard to find the stuff out because they don't publish it normally -- this is you know Williams supplier to U. The major car companies -- and dad I think they're mostly European companies. Okay they do out yes and here's the -- of press release from June of 2008 -- became the supplier of Audi head units were at which look really get at and only patented units -- a bit and there -- there among the more advanced out there plus they are the troubled the first to have the direct connection to the Internet. And the Google services which means perhaps may be depending on how they -- segment the market VW may be allowed to offer that -- Evidence that particular article we have a has a nice picture of one of their 3-D maps. With fully rendered buildings fully rendered German and sure this thing it. Always give us a domestic market shots of these things and I assume they're gonna bring that into the BW's two all the I would assume would be higher and -- BW. -- a minority army in the gulf fullest high trim and the better the facade that he did you figure -- -- certainly is a shot in the arm. Yet -- the thrilling you I like what they've done with them but they're definitely an economy car head unit. There are so different from for the price because it -- idea -- you know I mean I I I -- okay with -- I'm just okay with -- and I hope they get much better resolution and -- because they tend to be kind of big chunky dot pixel. Still compared to the saudis well what's interesting here Tuesday an exodus replaced of course all their -- they just updated a lot of their cars in the process of updating their entire lineup of many of these new head units that they've been -- rolling out these new cards. And so suddenly carbon comes in and says we're gonna supply new head units or they just changing midstream -- rights as ago like pocket change effort change hands as they did just do reflex. -- it's you know -- -- -- is not to like 20142015. Sooner anticipating the next the next generation of refresh of cars and head units of this is not gonna come -- -- immediately but it's good to know that VW's tying up with. The supplier of the head units of the more expensive members of the corporate family at least Audi in this case I don't know maybe they do -- also Harmon does -- I wouldn't want them to emulate to. Com that's big of -- -- -- -- Hughes is also -- a deal with Volkswagen lot of Macs -- Volkswagen right now to do what you're connected telemann sigh yeah this is just a simple. Well simple automatic system but as uses the -- competitors OnStar that has come out. IQ is not really announcing its own name generally. They've -- power Mercedes-Benz embrace service to -- they're doing a lot of after market test systems -- state farm is using version of their system. In some modeling has been marked yet but in this case Audi while VW's signed -- -- to start using cues that tell automatics and that's kind of in the big missing ingredient from. VW group. Vehicles and an Audi hasn't really had a tellem addicts system -- -- that was one of those a service assistance and emergency. Systems you just bunch of button in the car and and calls an operator in -- say. Oh I need help -- communities. I'd hazard -- I can't get out of my car so if you wanna start one of those on star radio commercial district now you can buy a Volkswagen and that's the bottom line. But this is -- along -- that other -- news it seems like Volkswagen is putting a lot of effort looking -- you updating their electronics yet. They're making big moves to get the OnStar like services and a much better more advanced head unit that -- bet is gonna be internally aura in neatly connected if you wanna option that way. Because this is part of their big push right now to. Become this enormous number one auto maker in the world. -- -- there yet they're pushing -- -- and the really been trying to increase their market in the US because they were up 6% or something for most the last decade. And they they really want to increase that they recently did have a big jump. I think in the last quarter in the US. Because of the -- the dip in Toyota manufacturing due to all the tsunami issues. And now -- flood issues that are really hurting -- a lot. And also the way to the American carmakers scaled back and -- still trying to grow back up from the recession. And so VW's actually got a real pop in the US and that's sure to be globally as well so there's a -- on -- -- let's double down on -- get the word out to people think. When that will buy their next car we ever Volkswagen's the cool new high tech -- Edit and refreshing their their -- to -- very reasons Leo and the thing is that they're not that big here they have the next big in the US recently although it's an old nameplate have been around a long time -- but in Europe there's such. In Europe and so many brand on South America. -- edge in value in -- Europe they've got to Laats he W how to eat C yacht to Dallas of them they've got a few other bring of one other brands just go to the pet scan and and go to -- that's like the polish VW. Which is a demo of a joke guys like somebody opening doing you know like you know three carmakers walk into a bar somewhere that an -- -- -- portion tie in which has always been kind of like. -- I don't need appear to be the strangest story in autumn and I'll never understand. Volkswagen Porsche Audi is the -- -- you think your parents are weird that it VW's -- of the where -- -- VW is the -- But not really yeah it's like -- -- puts a Porsche has the money but VW has the control. And it the German car company's of the strangest as the does that BMW they have that one family that owns 49% of the company never hear about them. They were the founders. Of the founders like nieces or something -- -- some castle in the -- mountains that what they did the Disney does exactly actually live there on a -- one other brands -- -- -- -- -- -- -- writing. That's right it's a huge group here's the latest on the numbers I think this is the latest manufacturing the the -- -- -- twenty tennis is last year so Toyota and GM were still tied and Volkswagen was about a million back so. Due to it was about an eight point six million. GM was about eight point five million and -- was that of rival says but some point three I believe these numbers almost are swapped. Well or Volkswagen is just about -- at the very front when you include all kinds of vehicles -- story -- This it looks like its global -- yet as -- -- is global for sort of answers number three in the community hammered and buying from a company Hyundai was even in 2010 compared to the others and then rising forward. Niece on and then after that you start to get -- to a very -- committal of a lot of competitors. And then -- has the box with the best be -- ID. The small -- at 521000. In neck and neck with auto bats and beautifully global numbers that the data -- everybody's -- -- 111000 of anything in this country. Politics has thought about what's going on at -- -- is the specialty equipment manufacturers. Show it's basically the show where you go to see girls in bikinis and 22 inch wheels on cars and lots of speakers in LCDs and are lots. -- that's poignant ones here. So us Sima is a just wrapping up its it's right now in Vegas this is the last day and I think -- and it's been happening this week it's always a -- -- like when it ends and yet it's issued show though and it's basically is to be a hot rod muffler. Tires and wheels type thing and tuning in and Chrome valve covers all economic crap now it's become a big high tech show and that's why -- we've -- and one down there. And they'll what are some of the things that we have not heard that our teams -- -- While he's been publishing a lot of photos of the cool modern cars from like Hyundai and -- but also we have this really tricky little story here. About the add glow in the dark Chrome roamed what -- hell is that it -- it's like backlit. Chrome the mustang has come up with. They have some kind of translucent Chrome material -- and they can kind of make this Chrome -- So it's Chrome like a bad that the mustang that on the grill but it's also -- can -- you can have light shone through certain. That's what this is definitely something you'd wanna show off but CNET was not perfect -- material to show cars that although I can see a growing economy you know on on production cars. -- -- -- -- total was dim colors you can set on the gauges. That's right vista's follow its -- ambient lighting in the nude in a rule and download the boulevard in -- you're glowing mustang. Symbols. Being seen for miles noted -- Augusta example. Too techie but I yeah it's -- have a huge market is currently. Illuminating -- in -- also coming up from -- on all so what more practical basis but not nearly as font com. I believe this is the first we've seen of an Android based headset -- head -- unit. So in other words -- rear seat entertainment headrest you can -- to put into your car swap out I believe the entire headrest four which is a common thing in the market. But this one is Android based I don't think we've seen before. NS looks basically like tablet that's been supportive and it into the Mac -- the its exact inspect its Jesse not very cleverness cents. Except that someone's done. And integrated into the -- -- -- of putting some kind of weird mount on the back here seat and putting your tablet -- -- -- you buy headrest recording built in -- like about its seven inch. And obviously -- touch screen and has all the icons all the -- -- -- exactly like to write an Android -- -- All the publicly all the icons in the top -- exactly the same place. This might not even be ginger might just be -- the earlier versions that -- du is ala yes gingerbread was used okay so -- gingerbread and not honeycomb. And so this is the phone based version of -- Droid. And the company visual logic is making this that you wanted to look at visual logic with a Z and do a lot of rear entertainment screens this -- -- likeness. The one thing about this idea of having these tablets in the back in which -- -- -- -- tablet in upper rear entertainment. Is the driver doesn't really can -- you can't say okay I'm gonna put on a movie for -- It's totally independent system -- unity by a headdresses as far as I know -- drop in and of the seat. -- buying this whole thing it's already built together with the right poultry to match your car. That's one way that it's done to get yet immaterial back -- -- have to mentions on Bob square by square panel they'd already existing better than you -- echo so -- used in -- takes username editing it to the zero going to be well I don't know -- the one year old. May have a problem with the two year old I suspect I got to rest Tuesday in which little widget it. Because these things are so in low light comes to strike and now we've got news that it's really does does mean is that it has alerted its push the picture of the chicken and you yet you -- and you get involved. In whatever it. -- complementing but this is -- -- watched. The Google look at portrait you put it it's an art and they never grow out of its jets on -- -- -- well if you put an apartment yes. On the -- -- take your open for the pussy galore and hit that at. Thank you for the -- but all -- right now on directed via. -- of the thing is interesting here is that this will also be -- -- tablet I am looking here for reference of three G I don't see it but it does have a Wi-Fi technology built him. Social as you get some kind of whale Wi-Fi hot spot in your car which would be too hard to do. This is a connected system and there you go you just ended up having the world of entertainment on your headrest and it streaming YouTube Revver or whatever -- -- like. So that's other from visual logic eagerness and get -- -- -- -- last moment here and X 14100 dollars what are. We are right and one tested these -- -- makes noted this in his article points out that the public performance -- sluggish. Even -- at one point. He saw pre production version and so it is -- was on display at Siemens and he says -- -- -- its first quarter seeking -- and just generic. 14100 bucks apparently can buy one. As I might not want there. Wanna put like you know just one in and now we -- to give one get to 700 to 700. Dollars. -- -- not a bad price for a tablet. Built into a pollster headrest that matches your car it's kind of -- it has been in an -- its revenue with the accessible via. Address matched -- -- your -- yeah now that's some it is not a horrible price although it doesn't it's it's cheaper than getting it right off factory dvds system back there by about a about two thirds. Are one of the things coming out of -- as you know nothing we have seen -- this is actually coming out of via Korea fire department. -- Rolls Royce is having now having issues we have some of their -- Not that it's not working but it's burning the cars down. -- -- if there are calling some ghosts from 2010 and so two year old ghosts and -- and there's smaller of their -- all her. They didn't get -- at only fifteen feet long -- and -- weighs four times. To fix an overheating problem that dials back to technology users that happens they got 590 of their cars out there with -- -- it's quite a few for them. That have a Turbo charged engine which they do and as a circuit board that runs an auxiliary water pump that cools the tour goes after you park as I understand -- the circuit board fails the pump doesn't spin the Turbo creates heat and the car burns. It's a little Rube Goldberg that the app one little -- piece of code is wrong and your car burns down. They are saying they're not aware of any fires occuring in the -- as a result but have some serious overheating that can cause fire worthy -- so for all of our listeners and viewers who drive rolls goes. But the company you do if you do you -- email that we always say you're thinking one no one we know -- roles. So we'd as -- rules if you coveralls -- apparently. You must the only. Car tech at cnet.com. And -- and I are going to pitch you -- really interesting investment. Anyway so there's a recall to be inaugural Royce for all one of you who maybe have one mile -- is only 250 -- -- all yet this. That's all -- much as well three houses in most foreclosed market these days okay. Now's the time of the day wanna go on the era and this is when if you are not aware we take the most interest in -- in the CNET garage on the road. For a little live drive and come back to talk about it at this time -- in one take us out on. They completely revised. Baby roadster from Mercedes the SLK 350 let's see what they thought about it. Literally -- its own -- -- -- I jumped on the Leo it's okay to -- -- special -- you just really. Accessible address their brightness they have Benz roadster. Convertible top that's pretty much dancing along. But doesn't -- and predicts that. Yes use the new 3.5 liter engine with direct injections and I'm gonna improve -- provisions. -- -- that I -- cycled into a sports leagues like I didn't see that Clinton has the right. Lets you change the response from its workload. You don't -- and change that you need them. Apple branding. You'd -- gas. I would start asking for addressing some of its -- resident students -- and something. And -- car. Yeah and the exhaust -- for you. -- and me. -- running your little meandering airmen immediately just fooling around town. I didn't have a pretty admirable in her ultimate down for its secure electronic screens are really paying. -- Consistent entertainment experience navigation system it's really nice and map hard drive based. Really -- -- hunters and textures maps showing. Buildings cities them and things like that. -- and -- programs and guide you around troubles months. Re screened tonight and you have -- do you look and murdering controller but it appeared -- -- -- -- -- right and that's also the I'm pretty much -- that modern human body resources you can imagine. Canada's east it was originally analyst. Two audio streaming function. -- you don't want tracking information on the screen for any track your plane on your iPod -- there. I'm really glad that the out of fingers I'm starting to get to do that and take advantage of technologies -- already there -- -- Glad to give you a better experience that a slowing things you're doing that whole thing where you don't we look down your vitamins. It just makes safer drives and business. Aren't so well within an hour pre divergent and aspects of this are not all of -- but on certain aspects but start -- is. -- the engine I liked it I -- -- rate sound I didn't about a minute etc. -- It's it was a big aggressive. In a U turn on the cards and a tiger ground to get tired -- get a startup tech -- And government. It did that and then when you stepped on I thought it sounded kinda like it had a lot of volume. But I thought it sounded kinda like a -- muffler or something it wasn't that make -- -- and it's kind of there really hard tone we get out of some of the sporting cars we get is this kind of -- fears something it was like it was a good Tony in the air. But it was kind of like around its it was a good -- and civic -- -- -- civic SI sounds better I think it's not a. Base that really BC global but it it's more about -- selling more but routes more that German engineering kind of thing where a lot of stuff is working in and treating these -- -- -- explosions. Burn area I had a lot of -- -- -- out of this one although it's had a really good in the in the video editors at of those -- it's that where where that noise Cumberland I didn't hear that when I was with but that's subject. That's -- I was -- The engine -- driving with RPMs up at 4000 most of the time. Yeah I do I export a lot but I didn't. Look at the transmission of -- packet Vietnam. The -- I thought was -- really PKU I think it was a two -- -- Wide open or no power. I found that at first it seem like that and I think this is also the transmission that he does mention the seven speed automatic yet. Which -- actually a lock up clutch so -- dad makes harder leaderships and you would with a normal. -- -- -- You and that that illuminate some of -- the -- and all that which is is -- for performance thing but in low speed driving get a lot of moments where. You getting your change it's really hard and you feel it's -- -- you back and forth in the -- and indicating. Rotated me -- those were reaffirmed unexpectedly so when that was the actual just the delivery of power when even if the car was coming off stop -- to that in a minute tune in -- this car annoyed me it just said. The -- -- was like in moon -- -- suddenly go to fill out when I got in the car. I know I never of these cars when -- first drive I always -- guess -- the power -- I don't know that the rock -- are getting onto the that the -- nothing again and start the card as I -- first mile or so out of this in a garage -- -- four. It's silica Sergey little Turbo four that was is trying too hard to make power out of a small displacement esthetic element for. Basics -- it's weird because I can't a similar feeling when I first read write in this first and an app for a photo -- it felt herky jerky yet I know what's going on under the -- here. But then want to grow but more and -- -- been more time with -- I don't know maybe it is it'll learn to. Marginally wanted to learn it could be right it could be a matter of -- them oddly accelerator and it all came fairly easy it was and I had to think about learning dated to sort of -- automatic and by the end of my time with this car I was. Race an around the hills driving really fast and have a great time with -- and is blasting your little white over -- -- -- excuse. Well let's talk about a silent -- from the front and it looks pretty close. Great as this car used -- that dopey little starter Mercedes look all around and then they gave it basically kind of an SL slash SL -- front end. And then you walk around the -- Gets events in the hood vents -- -- -- at Cingular yet -- very angular in front. And that is that latest -- picky about it is it's at odds lunchtime. Beer and brats were done. I use the old -- scars -- gonna come out when it gold get it out easily -- Yeah I thought it was just kind of the -- -- -- up. They just didn't Carey on although I think they had to keep it small enough to keep it below the SL they couldn't do much with the rewritten much of a big fraud -- gave it. Big massive long hood and a normal passenger compartment to hold humans -- have much room. And also the designer written -- -- and a cars -- always problematic it's usually the worst part of any car design. I think that disputed that because nightmare car designers because they gotta make a behind now for a bunch a reasons aerodynamics bumper safety a light altitude standards all this stuff says you gotta make a big high rolled on every car. So every car walk through the middle -- sticking up. And it's like -- what do you do with it but this one is particularly. And to add vendors can aborted -- -- looked a little bit like the ads for. A little and -- -- directly competes with easy for. Console like the SLS which is finally SLA so you can see they have the -- tail light -- and SO last you know a quarter million dollar car that -- and -- -- but. It was -- so -- in the back. The car starts off really big and series the -- medical. And the economist at there and with the -- -- -- with the top up in the units -- -- opposition. -- -- -- the back and look in a speech like because you got the some blasts that curved up and it's a simple white iPhone via the white card and help that yeah they look like humans could be. Trees and an International Space Station for. It reaching up to you know be the starship. -- let's see what -- -- an -- of the -- fact that it has a non defeat double automatic -- holes. You can't turn it off and they don't do that so that -- justice for meals as is on every time you come to a stop with few exceptions it puts the brakes on it holds up to -- take your foot off the panel. And you're not gonna creep into the person in front -- at a stoplight. Well I don't need that and I found it was really annoying every time it was a stopping go traffic to have the hold -- keep coming on and as I wanna nibble and traffic. Pick up six inches here. Pick up half a -- -- -- -- work my way. This thing was always gripping it was on my head to like give it some gas to release it when you come off the break it doesn't release obviously it wouldn't would be -- -- to hit the gas a little bit to break the brakes. And that it would creek that's -- in Providence and -- -- at a department you're not this. UI and W leaders that I took in its -- on July oh yeah you just you can't do it but yeah you got to do if you really a unit to the entire -- -- -- we split into separate. You took you to the -- -- -- to be in town in the commute for me it was either -- are -- -- -- regular -- that debt on offspring that's why are you a wide open all the time. On the other thing that was a little bit odd about this was that it's a good transmissions at the event at the mercy me we've -- of this transmission before I think on the yet. That AM GC class the drive train as a whole gives the car can not when he nine highway. Yeah it was good yet when he city we -- we came in like almost -- -- -- which is a bad. -- duplicate for a 300 horse power 300 horsepower engine gets zero to sixty of five point six and it weighs 33400. Pounds it's not like -- a pretty normal -- we -- that's been made yet but -- good mileage and -- acceleration at the same time in a car that's small but dance. From the top on this what we didn't get this option which is a little unfortunate they have something called the magic sky moon -- Which is a glass panel that has electrical -- What -- call of capacity you know that's the name my new band magic sky magic sky -- got motor at. And -- you Donald -- -- exactly right so this is a piece of glass in one -- children really dark I think -- 80% nominated again middle go to like almost completely clear we had the one that was just a fixed great caller which is nice that it you know but having nothing trick about it now I certainly like it better than it was just closed. -- -- Yet that car needed to have that glass we had -- which is an awesome by the way it's a metal top metal retractable -- base 500 for the fix the last 2500. For the magic sky. The whole lot of money. Now the add navigation system all at the electronics in the dashboard is all stuff we've seen from Mercedes -- Mercedes but -- a couple of additions that I -- you know one is with using Bluetooth streaming audio my phone. It actually showed the track information you -- meta tag gets an artist to -- album that you -- song title I don't -- I got that off the -- I may have and -- and it's something that Bluetooth system or Bluetooth systems in cars generally don't -- -- -- nice to see -- do that we see a few of those now but not enough and also they have a lot of -- -- to -- -- -- USB drive MP -- plugged into the car you know and it -- -- All Al mark for everything even -- -- -- list when I looked at the analyst of albums had on this drive. -- included below -- mark thumbnail with each -- you know listings of -- that grace -- database and oh yeah there's not a connected car percent -- -- -- -- -- preloaded. Database -- always wondered about -- -- -- albums throughout all the time. It's gonna if you about a new music you're not gonna of those albums so opera now that and that's yes that's the problem with the none can encompass static database via -- get a -- -- is that is there that recent database is a nice addition that you can get that. The original experience with music and it recognizes music really loving -- is a great database then -- their acidity implemented badly. If it's in there -- -- recognizes things really well as the -- is just so good are interesting this is a hard drive based nav system but does not have any space for you to put your media. Which is fine by us we don't really think that's very interest now exceed that is really think yeah you -- -- -- -- they call music register yeah so oh. You probably didn't quite get what the -- Batman one of his register -- but you -- ripped it I think says that I didn't try. A but it does have the music register which means you can. There there is only illustrate -- are yet you do have ten gigabytes of hard drive space for your music yet on the or some other car we had to dodge chargers larger hard drive and -- are wrong car. Yes -- ten gigabytes of space on here. Which we -- agrees not a big deal yet and it splits a lot of space -- -- a lot of music melody is it. Yes sitting there with CDs ripping them -- entity that suffering discs I mean it's one -- the most -- you can't really hates the idea. Well it's funny in that driving a lot of these cars these -- dad -- known story -- a lot of digital audio sources yet what I've really discounted devolved down to is I just either. Is it just plug it in USB. Underneath -- just looking at my iPhone. Because that's a pain to figure -- and out of your pocket -- up. Yet pairing always seems to break I know -- his post -- and automatically to -- in the car. In all the time the pairing just doesn't quite rightly so an Android phone doesn't quite recognize every time I get in and it when it debug it OK on Bluetooth on Bluetooth back on. Re register forget I get tired of that real fast but I do I will say this might -- do you get -- has -- like -- -- just become pandora. So yeah I'm just -- over managing music at the favorite coursing has to music thing but I am likes. I don't wanna have to boosts -- files and off of anything anymore -- -- of the USB drive as you actually use the cars that DA converter. -- opposed to the iphone's or whatever you Columbus -- -- like crap. -- -- -- -- -- web streaming and -- fingers through Bluetooth a two DP you have to -- puts it -- -- inequality that are now getting adequate fidelity but it's -- -- in the parameter in the audio file I am doing the I'm tired of playing with music and has an eleven speaker Harman car audio system of the 500 lot of did a lot of -- for our small cap only eleven speakers like heaven to finally put them at the two -- It's -- two -- folks are even little dinky -- like -- and 9/11 there are no back seats that its two -- and modest trunk space from the top is down. I like that and solar we discovered gesture app that which -- -- -- and solar great looking car that color looks better than the white one. Way better -- the white over red one like a point that out. So anyway that's CS LK 350. We have some polar opinions on -- -- bottom line 55000. Plus. Easily a 65000 dollar car to do -- -- our our way artisans close to seventy. What do you think of that -- sets and yet it's and it's a lot of money expertise cedar. It's a fun car but you gotta be in that 1% have to buy it as a boy graduates in the 1%. Yeah I'd wait bail on a bayonets -- to make -- crazy I would scope -- seventy we have I would save 37 more and go by -- I mean it's just by that point to the SL comes as so much stuff for a 103. -- were on camping and M three for that money to get that money go to OM three but if you want this kind of a retractable a rough roads that -- You really want to see it's enough for like an M three we'll give you as you don't -- have -- -- -- at and that's not any fun you can actually -- -- three has a retractable hard to a vacant right so you get -- retractable hard up for seats great power. And -- even cost -- 103 isn't like seventy something. I think the bases around fifty something but then you if you get in the retractable hardtop versions going to be a lot. A bit more and then of course being that -- charges every day for the if you want anything -- that tire if you're gonna have to -- anyway and it's not. Twenty bucks for anything its 500 for Bluetooth -- -- iPod integration on and that's another -- -- -- -- the cable to go with it at -- Please Esther okay it's not CS LK 350 a lot to chew on -- analog morphine to check out on the review at cars dot cnet.com and review in the video. Are sitting there waiting for -- and it's good stuff let's go see what's now sitting in the CNET car tech garage. So that SOK 350 review is a fresh as one of our latest and we also just posted as we mentioned in this discussion the Dodge Charger. Rallied plots. Which is kind of upper mid level charger but a V6 is gonna be a -- possibly did not do -- -- -- -- and adjusting for a change so check that out what we have coming in next. I've semi sonic just came in -- -- -- driving map around. And I'll that's a basic -- Get a little out -- well live video replacement is what it is hockey split up. Those are music to my ears those words and the actor -- SR SS RX may become an I was promises are hopefully we'll get it in. And dad then I'm a little vague on albeit next week because -- preparing an -- -- -- will be an -- now we're we're exceeding them Mercedes-Benz for the drive to -- additions to the allude to the those exclusive which has Savannah civics cloud that's your yes -- -- I'm open to the acid and the S class to protect the things we're gonna try to drive from San Francisco and -- and back on it came back on the -- -- her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's no way isn't like 4211. B colony up asking you from Tunisia and -- -- it it. Gonna get a ride it out to students got it make it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dot cnet.com to ask -- two URLs. We can't explain it they can't when it does. -- -- course our email addresses car tech. At cnet.com. And we're all on Twitter I'm Brian Cooley BR IA NC double LEY way -- -- he underscore S -- It makes you check out roadside assistance that's just coming up next project was -- in -- --

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