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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 239: Porsche Panamera Turbo S

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 239: Porsche Panamera Turbo S

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The most reliable cars are.... Nissan Leaf spawns a plug-in cousin, Ford stops your teen from texting while driving, a scathing report on red light cameras, and we drive the Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

Quality ratings and reliability ratings have taken a huge hits. Also tell you about the latest -- teachers Smartphone to show up on your dashboard and we're gonna go for a ride an abortionist so fast it made -- giggle like girls. That more its car tech live hello everybody I'm Brian Cooley -- Wayne Cunningham. Antuan Goodwin Kelly Hendrix at the controls this week let's get into the stories that are making car tech news this week gets a 27 of October edition. A Thursday. Let's take a look at the latest from consumer reports. We normally kind of walk a different side of the street than they do I mean -- are you great reliable testing organization with a look at the holistic. Car in kind of a universal way -- has up product. -- is a thing of -- were a little on a different side of the coin they are but this is very interesting stuff because it puts us together on technology. They found of the most reliable car out there now. He is Sony. Now they didn't a lot of slim models to -- Noted -- that has a sufficient amount of date. And this has to do with the consumer reports testing methodology here -- and this is really a survey what they do -- they. Asked all all the subscribers one point three million people to submit. I reports on the cars -- -- -- a survey as opposed to their own testing right and they have to get secondary and they had to get a hundred reports for each car attempted to its fullest. And so they only had that the XB in the -- -- reports of missing the new tc yet which is my favorite of the science would like to -- -- it did but. But yet and the M yes I came up at the top but as most reliable. According to these these survey results yet with the best model being -- Which is that fairly new one. And then the XB was at the bottom as the there was one now the one that was the big -- there that thing was a big issue was four going from tenth which was actually pretty good that sounds bad but -- messy pretty strong for -- stork like. Down -- twenty. And a lot of it had to do with getting tripped up on their own technology. Right they mentioned. At least consumer reports cited my Ford touch as being problematic yet and also the -- dual clutch transmission in the fiesta -- the focus. Now this is where I'm not sure about. These results because are these actual problems the mechanics had to solve or they just things that. Somebody driving the cars that this doesn't feel right I think it's the -- -- the reports of people who came in because -- they didn't talk to dealers on this they talked to the owners instead -- you had any problems with your car. And people are not really running -- cars a compound in cars just don't stop running with the exception of -- They just don't do that but they do give people the Willies about things not working right. It that's what we do what they're getting reports on here for as a siren into it it was like -- I had a problem with the transmission. May be I got educated later that it wasn't a problem but I remember having a problem. With the transmission by -- -- with those new dual clutch transmissions which feel different than your standard automatic. Somebody might have rotted and mechanic and -- this doesn't feel right -- -- said. We'll check it out and that's 500 bucks -- truck so He repaired events. I definitely don't forget that Eric and it wasn't a problem because Ford has said there was a story that we saw that we talked about last week where they've got. That -- better job educating customers on what -- power shift transmission isn't a dual clutch automated manual. It doesn't have the same -- sort of -- people are used to it shifts kind of ball locally compared to a silky automatic. -- a bad thing it's just a different thing. And so they have not educated customers about the lot of customers gonna go off -- off the -- for the new car thinking oh yeah I -- automatic transmission but here's here's the big change on the slowest. For that this 2011 survey is that Porsche. Was at number two U last year it dropped to -- number of the second from last this year how did that happen what's going on and I am I guess was -- I -- they said the new key and was possibly problematic says there -- number 27 almost 28 companies -- I haven't heard of anything horrible with the key and mean and -- just missed it but I wonder what users are complaining about release ABC it could get there's back. But -- -- don't reckons that reliability because of it's definitely not even take it out that people are complaining elegant way to the Porsche dealership now walked -- with them. If you'd be electronic -- that what happened what happened to me I was gonna go -- -- -- Lebanese army truck and a sworn if it came in -- I. -- of the key it apparently was the issue proportion to go from nearly -- to nearly worst. Cool to get -- as we of the hybrid in that the -- and ever hybrid in early this year there seemed to work fine it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- dressed in the actual owners. You know what we're areas and in previous generations you know Porsche a portion of -- files are partial files -- -- people who walk onto a lot -- wanted to -- than their whole life and they know college and high expectations for the new cars. A lot of these people were reading running -- and an -- people who just. You want an expensive car right they're getting jaguar owners yeah that's the problem though the BB level of expectation is different -- different crowd -- we had to complain about over the air conditioning their dominance. Relatively fast but compared to -- -- -- -- -- not that -- acknowledged they're different things like -- you know public. I guess at that soccer mom -- in -- key in our eight key in a row will complain about they're too many buttons. The instrument cluster where is your average you know in an attorney you -- the 9/11 and there's really like a car yeah -- -- -- great I don't care about your conditioning branded dates -- Guy it's a different set of -- of what they expect from the car -- and add -- of the Porsche engineers to that their -- you why isn't the simplest. There are buttons are kind of all over carbon and other live on accurate crazy ones which here it's like whoa that's a lot of switches light switches but even they even got a wake me up with the amount of switching they've got going on and on buttons for all -- -- -- -- But that's -- buttons but sometimes -- that they can stumble over themselves though let's look at the bottom analyst -- -- NASA bottom yet jaguar. Course and that's -- is no surprise to anybody that -- hours from the seventies. -- and aero Lucas. But -- a prince of darkness. But modern jags. And I feel like. -- feel that they're pretty damn reliable because there are not jaguar parts they're just the same parts of they buy from everybody else right. I don't know what's making these cars and reliable less than their technology isn't. I don't we -- -- at -- to be hard to use that we should not be dialing and tell the public shift in -- people think it's cool. Until they have for a -- is reading. Yet and at that thing ever stops working your car's data that little circle motorbike gear into Hewlett the top -- people I keep twisting it the in this the volume. And I get panicky put the -- reverse on the freeway at that that's expensive. What are you guys doing to me -- -- any of those have failed because that is that could be an issue of the answer Roma or stopping nothing rising yet -- you can't get that thing to go into gear that building is going. And that's a completely. Pointless feature me if they used to take the entire center console -- -- -- release -- -- -- carbon neutral. -- -- get onto a flatbed really they can fix it yet you seek the whole center console part due to that are no idea yeah that's a disaster. If that happens to even a few owners you never forget that you tell everyone you know. My car at a problem and -- the interior out to get everything I don't -- and obliterated -- to the guts out. Give us one more off the list. The Wii because notably lower interest that this is -- there's a little of the shot and -- around. -- exit Gartner writes and Chevrolet. It's that number seventeen that you're gonna mid level here. Didn't really rise or fall through the year and -- -- used to be ten chuckling. Now there are behind savvy nationality -- but -- their models the gamble -- actually rated as the most reliable of the Chevy models and that actually pushes. Pretty far into them more reliable scale fan -- Cut it out less than a year -- bodes well that's yeah a negative reports -- -- him that data when -- habitable and a little bit and said we only had reports of just over a hundred owners -- because there aren't that many out there. And I haven't had some long blue on the -- relief is not an evangelist for Apple currently used every -- -- -- that I see has some sticker on it -- some places like this is new gas. And you expect -- -- uglier than you totally that's why they're not getting any reports of problems because the people wanna reportedly bought those cars so far are evangelists. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nissan sticking their neck out on another version of electrification it is mentioned belief. They're gonna have a plug in hybrid electric remember the leaf as a plug in theory you discharge of -- off flow line current and that's -- But is -- gonna be a plug in hybrid so it's gonna bring in a combustion engine as well as a substantial battery pack. And this is for a 2015 apparently -- look a new model or the discount. New plea in the next Altima hybrid didn't -- release many details on this story Minnesota. Came out -- Carlos goes and -- it COB sun came out and said. We're gonna do -- plug in hybrid. Got 2015. Major vendor but that there's there's that this is joining us we're gonna launch for the breast alcohol that I'm betting there's gonna be -- in -- pirate. Other artists or something like that you I would hope so because I did they go -- -- -- -- they screw up the message of the league so again. And they are doing now with the ultimately are actually going to create their own hybrid system which they have not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Halt Apple's video doubters don't want to go through all those bad Solder joints will be there gonna sloppy and not -- and right and -- -- smoke. Trails from burned to -- -- -- -- carpet where -- drop the iron goes wrong. So -- know Doran London connected fast enough but then social was burned and three as it heads droppings I don't even if you don't want those guys go -- soldering irons are yet to blade none of that. I thought K miles it's a -- knew our -- we see -- -- LA error. When it's gonna be at the Tokyo motor show at the beginning of December of the -- -- like December 1 through third or something. But yet this is there there kudos -- motion design that they kind of be viewed. On the thing was the scenario concept and it's actually. In -- in production right now on the the -- -- we're gonna beginnings in nice looking car -- it's basically if you you know kind of cover everything. From the you know. The bottom up it's at the same reforms the Mazda six is is basically my feeling via. Does give you the -- six look like when -- You know on ugly it lower bodies completely off the proportions are all the same you aren't there yet you Blair and the -- -- It looks it looks much more details -- was more -- -- more. Aston repeat from this front quarter of the rear quarter looks more like an Aston repeat which is an -- a -- of for a from Austin but it's -- -- -- -- -- you from these -- of course that's -- the contest. -- out and that's the best looking -- on a Mazda in Egypt's. They're trying to get rid of a goofy grin let me design is get in what I also like is with this concept they're showing -- -- sky active technology rite which is their direct injection stuff which is gonna Mazda three soon. Are -- twelve -- to three so it's nice to see used here and I would actually expect a new. -- midsize sedan it. Well this is it gonna be the the sky active. So -- -- -- two Turbo diesel -- it wouldn't expect to get that we probably won't get it they'll probably have it over there in Japan maybe in the European spec. Affiliates is gonna have the effective. Regenerative braking system that you know. Basically. A replaces the -- -- with passengers or every time you break you gather up information. And I information on energy. And that energy is then cycled back into the system and much in the same way that that the the all an ultra metre and a regular car would to power things what -- headlights. Your you know recharge your battery -- Fire you know you're yours you're cylinders and all that so if it's kind of like the efficient dynamics. Regenerative system and BMW's. Where you know it's not yet really same thing factored into the start -- system or anything it's just. And -- -- to reduce drag on the engine. And as far as I know these guys don't actually pull the alternate or on the is not at this point they just augmented by having it free -- more. And have this system do the work whenever it can but if they need to they can re engaging Automator. A yes I really was hardly Austrian -- and one maybe this will as a concept -- anyway -- at a time arise by Begin production is to leave it in but they don't actually have originally written just yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As a some of the highly sought altered meter actually is the generator in the start stop system isn't so it's becoming gently says being back -- with a melt. -- like the -- electric crews are the Malibu hybrid that's high tech. That's like something I would do in my yard stick it. But let's let the fan belt be in my hybrid drive issue it is nothing you can do anything we categorize anything you can do we can do worse is that it. OK so modest at the some cool tech in the miles attacked Kerry coming out in Japan and will be on top of that one quick -- here forward is advancing another featuring to Mikey Mikey personalized settings -- in the keys so when whoever gets in the car and starts at. Gets their own personal settings and most imported all personal. Prohibitions. So you don't have been able to set it up so if -- kid gets him with their -- starts the car and doesn't -- on their belt. The stereo doesn't work pretty good incentive. Now they're adding do not disturb technology -- -- also when they get in with their Smartphone -- to saint. -- -- goes in and it automatically captures text and cashes them or replies I think with a which is cool. Nice little you know wrestle slick way to do it but I think we have to do is not use sync and work around this right if Ford really wanted to make us effective. And they should just include -- a -- blockers repeats that technology exists it doesn't doesn't diesel as I've seen that yet. It's illegal because you can't control it just to the cabinet McCall are the FCC is never -- -- count instead although that. The crazy man at a transportation Ray LaHood He says they're looking at it seriously like it and be in love it will roaming dead spots and -- in -- -- Alito about -- -- -- leak out of the card. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fostered technology. That allows a Smartphone to largely echo its screen on to the dash of the car. And we got a couple stories about that this week a new version of the command system from Mercedes called at your command we saw this at. Frankfurt Frankfurt. They didn't have a name for yet so now they call it at your command or -- that name which is this whole new interface that they kind of -- say. Is youth oriented. Why is that because it's got the same bad colors of the virgin America plane cabin cause it looks like Tron is -- -- yeah exactly nothing to you flights from like nothing. Are you kidding. Unlocked -- makes if you have money I love it. So here's this whole 3-D silly -- a Disco look and thing that. They think spells -- -- -- the interface works well it looks a little cliche but it works well but now that what do they do with -- link in this. In this platform here what they. Announced that avenue at your command system which is due to rule out in a few years. And -- be sort of iPhone enabled but then they also do a -- -- -- this is really focused on on the iPhone but then they also have a merely version. Either plan on watching that in in their cars as well okay so they're gonna adopt mirror linked into their interface so again your Smartphone we're seeing a concept if you're watching -- video. This free concept. Put enough there but this is this is the idea of starting to get people's. Phone interface to if not exactly largely echo -- the screen most carmakers are gonna wanna massage it a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- for a phone interface isn't necessarily great for a dash screen -- in terms of the context you're using it in or the size of the screen it's gonna -- to take a three and a half inch iPhone. Postage stamp display bloated to eight inches and -- -- good. There are helping to better ways to use that realistic about it but they changed dramatically or at least have a mode that when you link it to mere link or whatever iPhone equivalent there is is that it would -- Change automatically to a car friendly and yeah like the Android car mode which is still pretty good to go on the phone it goes to those six big buttons column but anyway the the other story around merely not just Mercedes getting on -- is Toyota -- at the even ahead of them they argue greater rule it out in European markets. And was that some dates on this this is moving very quickly here but as a competitor to life iPod out from Apple. Which does something very similar on this thing we're seeing here from -- -- -- post upon cars dot cnet.com. Shows a slavishly. Perfect similar representation of what's on the phone to what's on the -- screen. Which I think is it's good in this case. Ushering in nav screen -- very big sort of graphical text around it so that works well on the car screen. That's -- that's that's a nice echo if you will of small device to big screen. Yeah that head unit there -- your two looks like what we've seen in the new -- this is. The way it's sort of set up in the new sign ons yeah -- -- don't have -- over in Europe it's twit over there are so. Since right they don't same thing I guess but Sony head units that they currently -- looks like -- there's a retro fitting with this technology. So Toyota's European division is the first to allow true Smartphone replication on the index display so that's kind of a first of the auto -- break. Someone's flat out got it ready going to market it looks like on the European. There's an interesting here. Because of US liability issues. OEMs are reluctant to do this in our market but less -- That limit this -- litigious entities there is the second. Or third. Our European drivers are given the technology's full capability slid the thing about -- we're doing too much oil and the thing -- the merely. Suspect is that it's it has to be enabled in app. And that there is are there is -- testing process. And certification process for apps that use -- link so. In app like the that what is it like the default Twitter app for example which you really just don't wanna be dealing with in a car. Won't be -- compatible and that won't mirror. So only apps like decision is that doesn't that parking activity consortium. Okay the people who were actually behind the nearly expect yes Nokia leads or leave their part of it but it I don't know if they're actually like. Quote on quote believe you did I had a phone call of -- recently. And they can't seem like their an independent body much like them. Bluetooth. In the -- so they they operate outside of that this. Guinness terminal mode yet and became CCC and -- branded merely yet because that's -- the whole. If you've heard all these names to talk on the show -- also infect you it's this it's iPod out and that's kind of the two -- right now that are out. So this is a thing like on the first. On the IOS four iPad. You had to have the app be permitted to put itself its its image out through the dock connector right. Well as opposed to now everything mirrors out all of me it -- -- and -- On a per -- basis on the -- and iPad out won't Apple iPod out. Which is what like for example the -- your -- radio uses for its on Brian mirroring you can't see the home screen. Though that won't work no it has to be an app like so that the pioneer at -- app will send out or. A motion GPS sex -- sixty PS that will send out but if you accomplish your Winamp that's not quarter quote iPod out compatible. You'll get anything on the screen -- interesting but on the iPad not not talking about cars you can get everything out now -- -- -- -- -- -- a video of a video -- -- -- -- to do this kind of intelligent -- connection it's still being filtered -- -- -- interest Africa. And that's that the -- of different connection. From from the -- -- out and you know. Some Steven manufacturer probably -- able -- screen of video mirroring. Yet but it -- -- you when you control. Though okay got it that's why it's not so attractive are so vessels go to merely to stories moving there auto -- we haven't talked about a while we. -- -- the -- a lot already mostly last year. -- their mobile Wi-Fi hotspots Chrysler victim of VW. GM they offer them I think it's typically as a dealer installed option. Might be some factory level and I don't remember. But they offer a hot spot that kind of got I think obviate you'd buy everything having three -- I don't need a hot spot my -- everything I bring in my car already has three G as well as Wi-Fi you know it's like -- wanna make another -- If I can just go native three G on my device so -- -- taken a different tack than what they've done here and -- -- -- with another company as well. Is to now create. This idea public telemann X platform that also has an app bass to it. So what they've done here is they're gonna go after the tellem medics market -- like that Hughes and and -- final those guys that make systems like embrace which -- -- -- -- And medicines and and -- a -- old Mercedes. And and and form in Lexus an all those sorts of things and trying give you Mormon telemann X platform as well as -- apps platform. This connects directly to the car's system bus to its -- -- OBD two -- so very different more complex kind of auto net. And we'll get some more details on this as a I -- them a call to find out what's -- what's going on here in terms of details but it's much more integrators are just playing all hot spot in the car which. All those Verizon MiFi -- -- everything key and also -- -- setting up I mean obviously out and it's trying to stay relevant. But setting up a huge. Traumatic service that that's pretty intensive so yeah that's gonna be ought to work a lot of investment there and a lot of big competitors oh -- idea I mean. He uses is really the big. ECUs under a lot different labels in different car companies but. Taken out there. And what they're going after here Steve you all the stuff you find -- like OnStar mobile where you can. Log in your car check the lock status do geo fencing you get alerts at the Carly is a certain area. And if it's electric car you could you check charge state -- -- to charge I imagined things and if you can switch on or off from the BD two -- which is just an -- Or some other bus connections available keep -- -- on that lets you know what -- -- pick -- that gets. -- -- happening here with another integration. Android. Integration in cars and we get lot of questions about the iPod connections recent talk on the iPod -- out there iPod iPhone -- Factory or after market a lot of -- -- -- Android are like okay -- why do I got an aux Jack you -- help me. -- company called -- simple. Okay it's part of -- of America announcement signals -- simple. It's a brand event of America which is a pretty big twelve -- industry. Company is shipping what they say is the first Android car kits. To provide Bluetooth audio streaming from an Android device to the car radio. Keyword radio radio hook up front -- this look really good until radio got in there. Yes -- basically what this is is and wired FM -- is basically an FM transmitter that wires in line with your car's antenna. And the the antenna input on the back of your AM FM radio and and it connects to the -- phone via Bluetooth. So it acts as a bridge between you know FM modulation and and Bluetooth a two DP audio streaming the injury -- specific. Part of the equation comes in because there's actually an app available in the app market the transit blue to I simple app. That allows you to do things like you know adjusts. The radio station and that you -- transmitting to scenario for example appeared -- eighty point three and experts in Fuzzy you wanna find a new station. Then you can use the -- To you know tuned to another. Six -- I guess -- -- I checked the -- that should be automated to be honest. Say it should be and I think there's actually even like anatomy so we can just hit search and it'll. -- for the negative ads to be -- that actually isn't always frequency hop by itself on -- and no one's done that -- -- only once the problem is you up to -- injury to it took its frequency hopping by itself. You would -- for -- anywhere where it's going it should voice. Synthesis tell you change to frequency audio dock as -- -- went out and found that it's clear but if it's changed. Then you're not on the street with some debate over the flow -- the oh right is it would be transmitted to the we'll do it before it changes in five seconds I'm gonna change is a species is still -- -- And like you say the so what this is done is take a traditional FM modulator which uses an aux cord. To an FM transmitter in your car which is hard wired it's all modulator is department -- it's hard wired vs over the air in your car and replaced with a Bluetooth link. Which you know we're not huge fans of DP audio quality in the first place. As it depends on the phone. Some phones are better than others at Dallas and some receivers are better than others have -- -- lowest common denominator there's there's a range of compression ratios. And if your Sony have a local groceries here that's what you get in -- -- -- receiver at low compression ratio even if your phone have a higher when that's what you get so you go to the viewfinder is also the worst audio quality between the -- yet Freeman and then after that. This thing puts it out over FM modulation which has never great -- that's an even if you had a perfect case scenario and a the Bluetooth transmission and that -- MFN -- FM band is already pretty compressed. So is this just gadgetry for gadgetry say it's I mean its -- for those people who just want something you know they -- -- gated in in the not Adio. Files somebody wanted to press release for seem. -- -- but -- -- opera it has a total seem a product. -- installer is we got the first Bluetooth bloody blog it'll make you look like you got some really cool thing for -- it's actually kind -- not that cool. You know the capital chains -- frequency merit that's conical was using these things are using -- -- -- box yet so change the frequency got to get -- -- the dash and flip a switch you I imagine this may be does a lot of different frequencies. Yet out and -- -- noble and ended which is -- It kinda but then again there's another look it -- -- -- -- last week we have our two weeks ago we had an Android artists kitten as we Parse through was like let's go. -- I mean it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The person who had installed is probably -- crappy speakers anyway so that's probably -- news for -- it's doing a huge number of conversions that -- it's MP3 to start with -- -- pandora streaming authority gonna sound nasty then it -- a two DP. Then it goes FM transmission. Present when you had that it ten X -- connect. Device a little while back yet that -- it just plugs into a car's auxiliary input right certainly have a -- dog gallery much better solution if you have an auxiliary input that's yet -- -- is so nice and clean hard wired straight -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is straight and -- most devices have pretty darn good headphone -- these days that's what's put out of that aux Jack and it sounds real good. And it's no there's no -- there's no pairing is -- a lot of iPod car. Kits will have the tools a pig tail. The lecture yeah plug into a USB port on the caller and then a second until report because they're using the analog audio from the iPods. A -- analog converter and indices in the USB connection to actually these are -- logic charging -- logic yet. -- which is a great hybrid way to go when we see that and Hyundai and Kia all the time. It's really smart muscle -- we have been out it's got that the the Japan America have that you -- National Penn emeritus have a straight to -- what had some -- -- console -- the -- in the US be a surprise to seed in the -- when we're keeping an -- MW does -- Hyundai key is group does and it can't -- you like wills wills would. Net smart way to -- are -- a look at what's going on with we get a lot of people -- -- -- -- -- cameras do we use when we do videos of cars and one of them. Is the go pro line of cameras. The unit as always you can differentiate this from the other ones at the contour that we use the key here is at the the go pro. Has fallen off our -- on the highway -- And -- tour has while we're on third contour itself. For whatever reason if you really are redirect your investment gonna go pro because for some reason there are suction history better believe -- if they fell off the car. Look at that have had to go -- all of you via a couple times and of course no worse for Wear. -- you know -- -- farmers part of the reentry might it's like an underwater -- which I never understood they really think everyone's going underwater with this thing. Slick shock resistance underwater like the fifth to like fifteen meters and then -- have a really big. The Phoenix facilitate -- -- -- -- surf. It's for -- -- surfers and in it comes with a melt for a -- -- The C sort of like they're really kind of catering to the extreme sports audience and you know even -- -- -- that you never know like a lot of their. -- he'd like to they had -- a rally car. That the idea sponsors so there's lot of mood and they're involved and you Carlos is big this is the raw editor of media cameras out there what's new this -- a little easier to is -- the first thing that -- -- -- -- -- out of the -- the -- my biggest complaint with the the priest in -- recent -- Europe. The interface is usually like extremely difficult to use. So they've actually updated. A little bit -- interface with the text based -- if -- so you'll know. You run 1080. And they show the time remaining that's new resonance via that's cool so they've also switched over to a higher resolution still photo. A -- so -- Ericsson capturing an eleven megapixels. And they've got a couple of new. That if the sequential shooting moods -- -- when -- can shoot as you know sort of like a time lapse all the way down to about a -- perhaps -- -- And -- have a burst mode that can capture ten frames and once say in all eleven megapixel if you wanna get like -- it's just a teacher one of -- -- -- on. I took got a lot of new interface on that screen and picture mode settings but still high -- solid state action camp yet but that no app can activity or anything like that well in December they're gonna actually release what's they have this third -- system where you can buy these add on modules to -- -- -- the -- of camera. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that basically will allow you connected to -- -- Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi remote. They have set up so that you can stream live to the web. You can control to TV cameras from device that's running the Wi-Fi remote application. So if you -- for example if you have a race car and you're like you know you have your driver out there he's got like ten or fifteen cameras on the car. From the sidelines somebody within -- firings could switch its smallest cameras -- them. Neo fire off a couple still shots of something -- happening in the also broadcast what's happening -- of the -- into CNN December. I'm looking forward Gideon and okay that's going to be interest alike are the backpack -- you see a seasons or podcasts and live events although it's literally a back. It looks like they've also changed the -- more field of view options here. -- double -- agrees to 170 -- lives -- grade eight He was sorry it was always the Republican 170 degrees Superman they have net now moods where you can kind of I get I don't know how they're doing it I'm assuming it's some sort of digital zoom but you can studios a stop -- all the way down to ninety -- field of view you want less of a official IE -- I'll -- -- -- they -- That maintain good quality. And that could local legacy wouldn't be a -- in zoom when -- -- to go from -- really -- just wanna take the middle of the image to get a narrower. You just gonna crop the sides right -- the cameraman. And loaded okay it's not be letter box you are pulling megapixel -- okay. -- expert on -- stuff so we'll see if they're just doing of crop and push. It might degrade the quality will get the -- -- now check that out he's never gonna tell my -- on these cameras for shooting cars wide angles. Take all the speed at your shot it makes everything look slow you see a lot of -- -- really -- to the ground -- really low like an inch off. Problem mostly mostly a wide angles killed motion may actually make -- -- very slow and very kind of -- compared to a tight -- -- -- -- is moving fast even if it's not. This to be kind of a nice improvement if you wanna get the sense of speed and the sense of also depth if you're falling on something you're on a motorcycle going over a -- I'm not so wide lens will do wonders to convey that the back to be really good for what -- a -- look citizenship to drive twice as fast exactly is that's the -- and we'll get to that -- okay US public interest research group one of those groups that does public interest research advocacy. And they are really taking red light cameras to task this week it -- -- with the with a report today in -- this morning. Really slamming the privately run red light cameras that. Our city company partnerships of these companies run -- like to talk -- these companies before something about a -- don't like. And the go to a city and say let us run your red light cameras will put him -- to delete for free or hang them on the polls -- -- -- the permits. And memory and since you all kinds of documents of folks that aerial pictures and time stamps and able litter you're running red lights or what have you. And then you send -- tickets and we get a cut. I think it's like half for a significant minority of the of the revenue. While this group says. The contracts the way -- written between cities and -- private companies have minimum amounts of revenue guaranteed to the company which creates a quota. -- all the tickets of the camera grabs are faulty. But if you don't send any of them out as a city. And say no those are all wrong you might be in violation of a contract or have to write them a check to the private red light camera company to give them their minimum guaranteed revenue. That's a problem. That's not the way the steps should be done well the whole including that the private companies in this enforcement is a problem because they have a profit motive -- -- like it's almost like a private militia. There and the fact that they're basing their profit on how many tickets are issued is just that's just wrong from the -- I think you for municipality wants to use these they should have a set price. Which -- SP one surprise the company doesn't get any revenue based on. Tickets issued because that is just I don't want you know that the fines that I may be. Pain for some company provides -- and has some company and it's not a problem out of its go to the municipality is it a local dealer and some other state and I know my money's not gonna help anything in my -- -- my money or whatever it is -- isn't gonna help anything in my -- Not gonna build better you know roads or whatever they do with traffic money it's different avenues -- -- this report recommends five things public safety first. Includes evaluating these cameras systems against alternative options and other -- these things normally work for -- -- and have lots of false positive insure that the contract language is free of conflicts of interest. Avoid direct or indirect incentives for the vendors of folks who put these cameras up based on volume of tickets -- fines retain public control over traffic policy and engineering decisions. In other words they don't want these companies and they're saying you know what. You should engineer this -- time the -- a certain way because we're gonna catch more people. And ensure the process of contracting with vendors is open of course we all know how these deals are being done. So are pretty scathing language and it's been getting quite a bit of buzz today we'll put a link to that the show notes if you wanna read -- this kind of up. And adjusting logic they have about what they have found in all this and we know that. We had a lot of reaction from our users about these cameras whoever runs whether it's city or private company I think it's usually private companies that install and help administer them. -- -- -- go on the road here. Is in the same category. Of ticket -- trying to avoid getting them and what's cool what's not. Escorts got a what does this thing is just a horde and built into the thing you plug into the cigarette lighter is the guts of of -- traffic avoidance technology. -- -- escort already has their sort of I read our. Which is there's sort of -- smart phone connected. Radar detector. That basically. Appears an iPhone owner injury app that you -- allows you to -- report like false positives -- who subscribe to lists of -- speed traps and -- notification when you're speeding from the -- becomes the whole interface right into the black box -- exactly but -- -- the you know that that I read our isn't exactly. -- -- -- -- In escorts lineup it's a good radar detector but there are better ones in the lineup and with a smart -- does it's -- replacement power -- for. An escort. Radar detectors supreme it's if you have their -- lying one that you are He -- He -- via the Hillary spit in 2300 bucks on this. You can at this mark court to it to add a similar functionality to that device. So what it'll do is it has little USB port allows it to pair with the iPhone and there's an escort -- app that allows you to do the same sort of things you know -- get notification when you're speeding. Report speed trap using the -- and also against subscribe to noon. -- speed trap locations -- allows you to graft. Speed trap core outsourced information onto your existing escort that doesn't have that already and used an -- to kind of put this altogether price if you get like if you know for example that you you're -- your reader to is gonna go off to return -- -- -- local. With the grocery store typically -- there are bigger and so forth so in Beirut at the same way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A false positive and place you can hit a button on that on the app and it will report it and they're sorry maybe you don't -- here. And then is on the -- -- note if if somebody else in your neighborhood news that. There's always a cop hiding in this underpass. They can report that to the app in as you approach that you'll be alerted you'll be alert like H -- -- -- there about it. -- of the cables eighty bucks. You put that in there there is a service fee waived for -- next year for owners of escort and -- detectors they're two different lines. A special package available for new purchasers of those detectors. If you buy it -- the cable you get a hundred bucks off -- get the cable free and a discount off your detector to push a pretty hard to get this thing about. And of course the app I assume it's free. So that's critical you wanna add this sort of ticket crowd sourcing thing people -- -- alert them to an existing escort detector you've got. Check the different models it works for this McConnell back to some you know ten year old escort you've got that. That's over their on the escorts like an analyst Apple trumpet that when the united Israel as I read. Let's go resolutions these guys getting into the market -- -- which is even more interest and so these guys are now -- equal the cobra product yet. That's a remote on the road not on the road we're going on the -- on a plane to go on the role. Down -- our next big car show is -- -- specialty equipment manufacturers association. Basically. Big wheels. And iced -- -- That's seem that seem. Big wheels and -- marketers and intellectuals to -- Google any what's your name darling yoga cocoa Google Google -- -- that right currencies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yet its legacy -- alone but element to these -- to put up on the webcast but you look -- Alia. -- -- -- -- -- -- and cocoa images here. There's not a bad idea ms. agreed. And -- she never ever take a close somewhere at the -- -- they always say if under the out of the C and IDC -- Geist he's not gonna let it go too far right so here's T and Coca. This is like. American couple. -- -- -- Solidity is Roland just ahead yeah I put fuel on -- don't care of my state. The best. Disk is to cut his 50000 dollar watch on that -- out -- salt water. These in a park packed on about 1015 -- too many and as a matter -- loves. -- -- So anyway -- is is just as crazy show of like it's the last of the blue blooded. Red blooded American tuner -- -- seen it's just it's it's it's it's a culture into its own. And that is coming up in Las Vegas and we are gonna be looking at -- I'm a pretty much so a bunch of custom cars that it fits the weight of this show work just three days long and every single day. The entire parking lot of the -- Vegas convention center. Is -- with hundreds. A custom cars and then inside of the convention center all of the different in aftermarket parts companies alike. The company that makes you can't skin to me like leather replacement -- -- and in a company that makes brings will be they're displaying all their wares like that. Company that makes of big donkey stuff that you use to clean your hands after you work on the -- -- there -- having a press conference develop whatever they're doing. And I am offering you put your hand in some sample Greece and contribute to cleaner works like a demo slots and -- to -- -- and waxes exactly and then also the the different OEMs are often there. And showing off customized versions of their cars Hyundai is basically doing usually out of which -- weren't yes exactly and it's strangely into -- yes yes I -- I -- here they were all about the Genesis this year I think the boxers gonna be. -- -- -- Because they've already has sued off two custom Gloucester and we talked about one of them on a previous it was like neon Green in and Turbo charged engine -- every part of the vehicle have been. Been touched. And the Green lantern Gloucester yet so it's a seamless coming up the middle of next week and then after that we're gonna -- up the LA auto show which is 1617 of November will see the we'll see all the latest there which is used a good show for us as well and then of course we have. Our Detroit in Geneva coming up top of the year but that's weighed on the -- that's going to be our forecast what's coming up from the auto show's -- busy time again for car shows as the end of the year to two years is technically -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- auto -- -- than -- before -- -- So that's gonna -- -- -- really go on the road where we -- you on the road in the most interest in car sitting -- -- -- these days this week we're gonna take -- out in the car that have long had a love hate relationship with a lot of people -- was well. It's the it's the next best selling car from -- -- of the cayenne is the backbone of the company. -- away their best selling car this one is gonna be if it isn't already. Neck and neck with the key EM but this is the hottest of the mall we go for a right now -- and Antuan in the Porsche -- a Mara Turbo acts. What. It is amazing we just this -- would launch control. -- man that the regular just taking off there's time it's bad but it. That -- control that -- art. This is the course and America west 2012 model that wants control and it. And I think they rate is zero to sixty time about 3 point 6 seconds am perfectly believable. I am still. Art competition that -- only gotten this makes that are -- Is a direct injection form point eight liter V8 under the hood where it's winter months. Modern fifty horsepower but man it makes you -- the problem problems. There is nothing -- and yet I mean there wasn't even. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which -- Album modern electronics in -- -- really out of what was that. And this map has three city buildings and stuff like that if -- an urban area. But that's where -- portion of the one thing missing is voice commitment. Yeah it. That's bizarre omission. Really department -- you have -- a lot of tech. Wednesday yeah yeah but it does manually operated at one little cool bit of tech -- like this board -- package. If you want to know how fast that zero to sixty right now is the sport -- -- -- -- like a little analogue watch. Or clock or timer. That you can use to with steering wheel controls nearly time there -- sixty render time lapse and stuff like that. It also I think if I'm not mistaken and a little bit more performance edge of the vehicle and it. I'm not in this card does in that the nine elevenths -- haven't discovered much -- -- performance yet and any in. The credit package that actually standards as -- zoo -- Then you've got Alia power they could possibly put into this thing. Okay we -- do what -- the top of that video again so Kelly bail out of that and then we're gonna come back and -- started watching and listening. Restart it again it was a dramatic start -- ago what. The craziest part two and -- TR -- in human history that He can't fake that people that's -- really really wedding your pants and that's of that is there is -- one it was incredibly incredibly fun one more time gala. But that it's. It's it's it's the look on the faces I thinks the best part it's like this is -- -- -- -- authentic watched the look of shock and fear for life. That's part of it if the script we its -- and sinister and -- the first time. We -- we actually just discovered lost control gelatin before we start seeing a video and -- -- because the steering wheel. You know it's got the -- -- -- a few and it also has across the top there is the time -- little display vista's PD came in and do we just realized a that it -- -- -- sport -- mode -- and -- -- hit just -- in -- all the -- -- control -- outlined in -- we -- figure -- must -- -- It's all about cram of the breaks -- getting on the full throttle we gotta put it in -- bit yet put it in in manual mode the up. In you have to turn off the tracks control protecting you split stand on the -- Stand on laurel. And then the launch control light comes on when you get a certain rpm the decides that the break. In the -- off. And -- battery packs and like on the video conceivable Carson shares server and economies is first jump try to arrange itself out of its own skin -- -- -- But state really straight and it wasn't. All wheel drive that hasn't gotten sideways or anything in the launch no it's all four -- or dig in on that Karr 4400. Pound beast. Doing three point six that's what 550 or what's the number 550 rather hard to do you can do it for 13 the price of the Shelby but they manage the power really well they get it all to the ground would -- drive train. Five -- 54 pounds of torque 1523 MPG would we really seat we notice 178. I got after a pretty good long tour with some pretty aggressive mountain driving. So it's not bad I think about at all that portion is known for their efficient engines and I think. They put that in the span America it's it's a very efficient engine that's very impressive excellent very good MPG -- -- you're -- now pretty safe bet. The only other the Turbo Wesley comes of the PK which we -- as that big label on the wheel that dual displays what they're dual clutch transmission a seven. Seven called dual clutch. And -- This is the top of the stack -- the -- -- there. -- -- 174000. Dollars we have to address the price right you can that they can -- more options get it over 200 probably yeah I think so glad you hunt starts at 173 years and -- just. That's a way above. Oh yeah a lot of money lot of folks to know what I tweeted this thing they said means for 200 -- can -- an Aston Martin repeated really of something interest. Well I don't know whole genome the star wheel drive a lot better than past Mars can guarantee that -- -- handling its elegantly -- I gotta say -- -- -- taking this around corners around mountain corners and all that. You just would not get attache in it was really hard to push it to its limits actually you know I couldn't push it diplomats on a public road data being. Incredibly stupid -- -- -- -- pushed far enough to appeal some some over -- in which was dies. And you could really you could get a little bit of networked and do it yeah and unattractive would be just tremendous and it is so crazy -- 4400 -- for -- -- -- -- -- Is set up for the track. Launch mode and crime drama -- and all that nonsense in you can track your laps through the PCM -- their interface there winner of screen interface like. And those brakes on the front that you see those scalpers are like about a third of the size of the road. They cover the -- late. So the thing is if I could afford 174000. Dollar in America. And might not going to go buy. Just an ass which is gonna give me closer to -- hundred. If I'm not mistaken. And get the other 74000. Dollars spent on 9/11 -- are really nice Cayman XM a true track car. We were talking about that mentioned that you can get the BM three and something now soar by buying a lesser but still company and -- yet. You gain and a bunch of men there he's -- money a small fleet of in -- actually. Coupled -- used ones and even -- -- that's held a lot of money 175 -- before even starting -- 34 with with destination -- you guys mention. Voice command is an ala carte option to be human habits 600 bucks and insulting 600 dollars to add voice command it's like a fraction of the rate of -- that's why why would you make -- an option in older regular car that the you know that you think about late 600 bucks -- indicated that -- That's a pretty even affect the bottom line but that's what -- should put an added in there that's and supported it because you're insulting -- very well heeled clientele that's it would do ridiculous in the Kia soul has always -- standard. This has got voice I think standard of its not the bottom 3M IS think that's HD radio 370 -- -- -- Stop bits that's the that's it's a tiny part what you guys do just do it. We had to -- mr. sound system -- thousand watts 300 -- dedicated to the sub sixteen channel amp. That was a really clean really nice sounding system but I don't you know it wasn't warm and that's. That's what I wasn't crazy Tuesday about it yet as I drove around and sometimes with a really -- -- -- you drive around and you just wanna keep on driving because the music sounds. So good -- with this one. It was a really clean incredibly -- to reproduction -- -- precise. Here every little note in every track. But it just didn't make you feel is very German effect I think that's it in distant you know have -- -- And a warm sound to it that makes you just -- -- get -- -- -- is a wanna keep on listening. Or thousand dollars -- -- like it expensive option. Other card does come with the option of ceramic brakes. Which are pretty impressive are -- -- I was told that they were 171000. Dollars on me. -- on an Audi. First or breaks that are basically fade free they tell us what kind of power that might be a bad option -- -- debt that island who would who would say okay the port mandatory. In America about S and like -- surround brings options to 9000. Dollar and because of the grocery store you see for circuit. Again a security spending -- to -- -- What's nine grandma are angry and more to sailor on ceramic -- thought that was just easy oil that it probably of that and that's that's -- that's probably 30000 mile service. -- probably right about -- -- millions of dollars. Let's -- other interesting things on this car I thought were the hard drive based nav system but no hard drive media space. Which is kind of streaming to be a hard drive -- -- hard drive media space at. I don't see the point of part of me is I don't either buddy David but if you're gonna do -- appointment but you're gonna -- -- hard drive at least do what a 30000 dollars Chevy with a hard drive -- -- a hard. I -- use it and used sit -- here. Give me an option that is because a lot of this stuff in here is a lot of crap I mean the -- Smartphone charging cradle which is just for charging. Is 890 dollars while so you -- -- a phone and charge in the back I don't think it's a an antenna connector or anything it's just a charging cradle by their description. If crazy options on this car while with this when -- -- the navigation system looks really did it's up to those latest kind of -- we've seen and how -- -- for example. Almost latest almost yet it's not the Google earth and having little crunchy compared to the best we've seen -- out I'm sort of thinking if you're spending this much on a car wouldn't wanna navigation system that's like out of this world with a widescreen. Yeah exactly widescreen and BMW has the -- -- huge ones here. And out he's got a good and this is definitely the the ability to just leave that little -- hood sort of thing in the that was cluster the -- SSA Aston Martin's -- -- -- was so cool so collect script screen Apple care. That's so cool this one it's all its circular yeah it looks just real like hide and people love it totally it's only retro mock Apple photo of that legacy they -- instant classic five ring. -- Gauge cluster but the second from the right which is fairly good size has an LCD of about four point eight inches and it put anything in an -- that which was what music you're listening to my navigation -- -- area IMAP. It was all in there was very cool. To have that rounded display you never get around LCD and a cargo of people -- know to do a truly round LCDs its crop obviously but. Here's a kind of a picture of it here -- you can see you'll put this up on our video version here. And that's the one on the right of the -- which is always in the center portion of course and they're just showing a basic navigational directions thing there but you can put any of the major modules in there. All entertainment navigation. Vehicle information. Map which is different the navigation direction. And you can have a three year TD -- -- All mass greater you can do north facing and I didn't lead you to play on that. You can also showed the sport criminal information so that's until you've -- the -- there so when you're doing your -- -- to do was like it but which have done. Yeah like there's no late paying attention neat thing is this when you start the timer -- -- the grocery store parking lot price and the -- Let -- to hitting a berm taken off the chin -- the radio 9000 dollar body repair. Was eagerly to Kean that's right and that's right that's re use that beautiful beautiful suspected it's an air suspension and it's also an active suspension that's part of what the sport and sport plus -- do on their. So -- really elaborate suspension my favorite thing was. And we pull this up -- think its in the video I haven't watched the whole video yet but. They have because this is the most conflicted portion history. The trailer and towing package. Buffy -- is it's a pentium era. And it costs a damn much it's not just a regular old towing package it's a motorized. Double 07 neat hidden. What do you call it. Motorized -- -- here it is gonna show you the video you're watching a video version its actually -- if you want it that way. If you go and is that all the auxiliary -- are beautiful screen here so here's this motorized thing become. It's either in -- -- -- it's a big up yours kind of -- finger coming out of there are becoming -- little -- Rocket experts is great that's very Italian might get exotic Beers and appears this way you -- get that Modesto like a stupid on the right -- -- What I want there to be a switch on the console war I can do is make that happen it will have to drive right and really fast as -- open them up but now -- -- -- -- Bobble in the end bidders -- brilliantly deliberately on the -- note really an over the top. I don't really got to speak a -- about the looks of this -- because yes I like. The -- money are gonna find a sound effect for their -- that you'll like it. It's incredibly practical for one thing that hatchback is is already having that room back there are -- able to sit back -- there are no prominence and edit user. Moon and those that. Long Kirby look it's -- -- of speech -- -- and -- -- retro -- and I'm thinking this is very -- It looks -- from certain angle. Is this thing from and a -- economy. And you can't see all -- boosts the brightness and it's like well it -- That look full big blip and that they're not bad looking and an expert -- you just let alone. A little. Yeah it's not a pretty car I'm sorry and that's gonna becoming universally accepted now I used to get a lot of gripes -- unit reviewed this thing I always. I was ticket to task for its looks and MMI tweets we get lot of -- now they're getting lots of like yeah yeah it does suck ugly -- -- ugly. So the world's coming around and start to my guns dammit yet the pan -- -- -- going to be old fat ass looks awful. And they've got a big -- she kind of a beluga whale conduct -- in white it's like a joke it's a little bit like a -- way -- with dual comparison well I didn't think they'll -- developers who -- first to photos of the -- -- -- capacities -- that -- -- White House and you don't do that does look at the let's say. Let's put a photo of a beluga whale and -- -- photo of a panda Mara that this is our nearest beluga whale photos going to be here. It's actually -- very let's -- Porsche and -- -- But in just want a picture of a white one it'll be a perfect comparison probably not gonna happen real with -- -- -- this is becoming under the strain compares in the uterus and -- definitely a bit of a -- hammer the point home okay so here we go after watching -- video versions so here is. -- -- -- Turbo in whites and here is -- beluga whale. And America. -- -- Very similar to the -- -- a lot better looking. Because of that -- -- on the back the -- onto its -- goes up it looks better even when the two in the Pan American its tail up it doesn't break the -- much. An active way -- deviant and on demand similarity -- -- well then America. Ever seen in the same place at the same time know you never will we feast on Blue Hill driving -- and a man. In the universe just exploded -- It wouldn't wanna be like a video -- when you're shooting a video into a mere. Us which just goes on for there's a -- custom for -- All right so anyway that's a pan America Turbo it -- -- -- we think of it not a that you can't perform automatic and -- so it doesn't really matter. And if you can we'd like to meet she we have a venture capital request. So anyway that's that review is up now up and cars dot cnet.com. And let's and tactical what's in the CNET -- -- current Internet. So that's what -- -- -- air Turbo s's I would just as just checking out the new beetle the new new -- -- -- -- -- and is called The Beatles. -- 2012 beetle is also the latest we've had in the garage. We just got -- and then as those two accident. The Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 which is the BBS. Well not quite so baby anymore they've grown up in size and looks which helps and the Dodge Charger which is the one that isn't as hot as the challenger. So some would argue it's -- Some would be drawn. I'll say it has an eight speed automatic is it do we -- -- 38. Now we know the now standard charger it's not really a muscle car and a -- of the challenger -- TH look on media created in you -- you and you're gonna buy. And so those are now and then now we have no idea what's coming in next the other will be some cars next week art you have Zune wasn't in -- -- -- enough -- simply don't know that wheels of -- stuff like that I'm predicting and uses just predicting when -- -- -- scheduled Nissan Versa and -- team and maybe because those -- both overdue we've both of those Rob Thomas reiter arrives that we may get get doesn't have had been interest in comparison to -- -- -- get an idea that it totally that's a total head to head there. And the Cayman would never had a came in and so that'll be a good one for us to get -- will be our first Ron. At that car which is now what three years in the market OK folks that's it for car tech live you know how to -- just -- -- communicate with -- so the website for the podcasts. His car tech dot cnet.com. Our email address -- car tech at cnet.com sinister comments and questions. Voicemail comments 866401. CNET toll free call to -- data's Twitter were all there I'm Brian actually be -- ANC double OLE -- -- is -- C underscore SF. And Antuan is it QA NT GOO we'll see --

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