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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 236: Tesla lets us look at the Model S

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 236: Tesla lets us look at the Model S

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Wayne gets a ride in Tesla's newest electric car, BMW comes up with a new hybrid, Antuan races in Forza Motorsport 4, and Hyundai preps a mad Veloster for SEMA.

I get a ride in -- newest electric car. BMW comes up with a new hybrid Antuan races in -- -- -- motor sport for. And Hyundai preps mad -- Oscar for Sima. This is cnet's car tech live for Thursday the sixth of October 2011 I'm Wayne Cunningham in the studio with Antuan Goodwin -- -- on the board. And Brian Cooley is that busy with a lot of Apple's stuff this week so will he's not with as -- -- -- clearly be he'll be back next week. -- -- -- -- And kind of top of the show the big news -- from this last weekend was that Tesla. Unveiled what -- called beta one of the model -- model -- is that they're highly anticipated electric sedan. This follows up on the roadster which they've had out for a few years which was really kind of a proof of concept. And the the model is Al -- -- kind of like teasing in videos and photos and try to get depression. You know cartoons but not actually given annually check the drive. Yeah the Al those sort of first build -- that was. I don't even think that used. Any real parts or anything -- I was sort of I think it was both funded from platform actually ultimately did have their power train in it. That they were using to to buy an SE a figure out how it works and how they can make it work. While that does beta one stage and actually last Saturday night they invited a bunch of potential customers. To their factory in -- Fremont California. And death had a big celebration and at Elon Musk drive the model lesson out on the stage and they had deaf people in all the seats including the two rear jump seats into kids back there they unloaded two which is pretty funny their real -- That seamless one of those things -- wasn't -- make it. At some point and and the unity and they're gonna be to leverage of -- and then at some point theory is that there's I got a great picture those jumpsuits to actually they're pretty funny there around. It's actually a trunk that we can get in that -- -- They've got data a lot of what actually put these seats to -- -- a child's -- with the help four point harnesses so yeah I guess. Because you know in a normally. Collision -- rear -- collision. Defeat Beckett would keep you from flying out of the back in the vehicle market based in the opposite direction you probably need a little bit more. Upper torso support to keep you from Yang replaced in that situation. -- all of these types of -- actually rear -- facing seats are great if the to -- an impact from the front right rate. Because then -- your entire back here and absorb that in absorbs all the impact that way so that's west spent manually jump off buildings. When they land on the -- airplay on the -- but -- idea and make sense yet that you distribute the weight. Or distribute the force amongst -- entire -- back -- a larger surface area -- exact. Going but it is pretty cool -- this car I -- I was at the event at the factory on a Saturday night and then went to. Through a press only event on Monday and we -- as a ride in the car. Sensitive what -- drive the car because this is beta one and they're being normal medical precious about it it seemed very tribal. I was in the app passenger seat while the sky Graham Sutherland to when they're suspension -- and -- engineers. To their chief suspension engineer was driving the thing around. And we got a little course -- tripped over little solemn. I'll put it on a straight away and in you know put accelerator down and the thing really pushed -- this is -- -- much for your car than the roadster but. No problem that power train at all it really takes off nicely in the we went on oval track to and a little track of the new -- plant the back. A small little figuring it sort of thing with some banked corners the -- -- -- picked an Apple did you see there but yeah in noticeably protesting. They get a -- getting the -- -- and I think actually I think I remember. When the model list was and -- tests. I took a ride in one of the replica -- ruling chassis. I don't know what power train was in there was probably just streets to roadster but -- -- -- because they've been working on it for two years at this point. But we were at their on their loss got to show room. And we just -- it. Small trip around the parking lot and then it was time to get out and let someone else have again and -- So He gets a little bit of -- it is you get like a better -- -- and I wouldn't. Yet -- -- they've wanted to -- awesome which capabilities and the mob the beta one point of this car is it actually wasn't built at the the Fremont plant. It was built in sort of contract shop in Detroit. But it is the first modeled exceeds production parts. And they've the next phases accident on a beta two. And the start they're gonna -- building parts in Fremont October 17. And those parcel go and -- fifty beta two models. And those will be. Well. I asked I mean the beta one -- pretty well finish like the interior was nice they have the -- on seventeen inch gas screen and all that. And the car worked I mean the the power train the -- took -- it handled well. They told me like the Graham told me that they're -- -- a suspension tuning it you know it's still and that's going to go on until production pretty much you you know so the -- -- for example -- and set in -- -- Parse during system so they can tune that through software. Up to the very end. Right -- because they mean it looks like. Five series. To drive -- those cars as well officially being depressing it in that and and at that price when -- well. Yet 57000 for the the base model it's it's adding that that the -- editor and -- 57000 and a 160 mile range model. You can pay an extra 20000 to get the -- 300 mile range so really -- pain for more battery yes. Which it is interest in I'm assuming like to support system to go along with an extra battery out -- Neither does -- mean I would assume. Or batteries -- more -- which means suspension of compensate. Yet have any sense to react to that must be significant weight to increase -- -- -- -- Few extra hundred pounds yet. In in a 300 mile range model. -- although. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Vivendi going to be interesting -- -- analyst serene when you just remove the Dallas area and revisions like a balanced would. Adversely affect range and analysts is kind of contrary to everything to -- friend whose car ranges. Read his key its the most important thing about this car. It's immediate of that the power they -- in other looks. All that's great in the has to be there or black but because this is an electric car Reeves is the most important thing and I don't think it may do that absolutely yeah. Yet they want to maximize random -- every level. Multiples doing now are indeed they're not making roosters and more Elliot -- sturdy it is just working on the model -- there's they're selling nothing now. Palm -- -- at least they still have model that are distilled -- in inventory -- -- not rule and -- They may be assembling a few -- but it isn't the end of life for that model com. -- -- understood there was going to be to play a little bit of overlap between marvelous sales and roadster sales. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Roasters somewhere out of -- There were edited to go offline but Dennis -- The -- where that was in of the bottom of the chassis was built by -- -- by -- Lotus and the M. Exterior that -- the body was built by a French company. That the carbon fiber. This car's -- -- -- -- completely by Tesla in the Fremont plant I got to tour the plant here it's pretty amazing how much they've done with that space in twelve months. The only using a small portion of this -- -- data that's cool stuff there and and that are actually. -- -- -- Most of those that production materials at -- plants like. They were playing out they've got a injection. Plastic injection -- the packet where they can more bumpers -- parts and things like that. A contract those parts out. Somewhere else you know get part suppliers did send them like -- covers and bumpers and all -- And they're saying well this this means that in a with the Tesla a -- -- all the paint will be exactly the same because. It's a -- where you all the same pain right here in the factor. I guess and availability and does -- mean -- that really more efficient. I mean I guess from from period -- Bentley -- here Rolls Royce and you think eight X fifty hours to meet our interior and that's great. If you Tesla does anybody really care. I -- yes. An announcement that kind of that it's an interesting -- -- no idea. What they -- have plastics. Park I -- -- factory that they you know. Dot proposals aren't there yet -- they can have the bills -- -- Delta's use it at. -- -- data that works for them one willing funny about the size carts -- this bill one. Is one thing I noticed I think everybody -- the other at least journalists -- noticed was that yet shipped through the drive selector it's a column mounted -- -- it's the lollipop from the Mercedes-Benz. Not second -- and I don't like so what's above that and one -- one other guys explain to me that it's AM. They gonna see in the background and this picture here. One of the guys explain to me that they got the other -- columnist during your frenzy -- -- you German parts manufacture and and they also supplied a Mercedes-Benz so this kind of came out of a common part spin from CF yet. And Tesla said we don't we might change that disclose details that you -- it yet and yet you did it's -- click something that you touched. Kind of has to be unique to the car it's good to have Michael has slowed symbol -- something. That even needed gear selector. An electric car could be -- buttons they could be given a totally new push button do -- marked his hinges twit like. Three gigantic buttons across the dead -- -- -- that the network piece dignity could use the touch screen and be interest that -- that your voice command data. You might try like Tesla drive. That would be cool Tesla reverse -- -- -- and get -- of that theory technology in the I needed umbrella today. They can go that way I mean there already -- some ways command of -- likely artist Led Zeppelin and things that. Or that should always be -- -- -- out the stuff. It's that it that was the -- -- the Tesla model -- so -- it looks to me like Tesla is on track to produce these cars and I'm. Pretty impressive -- price scene is going to be. In a well under hundred -- and -- for a very functional electric car now. And the other end of that pricing system. The far -- -- that pricing the other also got news that a Kia. Is working on introducing a smalley EV by the end of this year. No word on what it's gonna be called -- we do have worried that or are rumors state that it will be based on. The Hyundai I ten mini car which is actually -- is smaller than the accent -- get it here it it's a small. -- world market vehicle. In the -- cars that it has the backseat. But. It's Willis and -- you either have a cargo area or -- -- yet you can act and it took it to weakness. So -- they're calling it project -- TAM -- And it they're planning to reduce 2000 of them in 2012. So I mean I mean im sure this'll be well under an. -- -- I'm sure who will be very for an -- is this by two dozen units in this is just a concept to the Mahler prototypes or. Will mean usually when auto makers you know what let me look at wind wind smart jumped into dvds and -- -- jumped -- -- -- Would they do is they say hey here's 2000 units. Random Korean utility. Replace your fleet cars with the threat and then that becomes -- there there beta program if you will. -- and a -- so they can get testing to real world -- Yet in an environment where they're not gonna get. Consumers on this card in order -- I don't know -- so in pain -- when He -- for the thing in. And now being satisfied when it when you didn't mean the biggest. There's the standard of quality for fleet vehicles any a little bit lower. And B they tend to be a little bit lower I guess equipped in Italy India in kind of cheap out on the interior stuff like -- really only tourists on building. A car around the power train in focusing on making sure that. You don't get negative feedback on things like wheel steering wheel feels like it's been out -- plastic and nobody cares that. Right yet to some working person -- -- and driving across that the plant in the factory right there and then also fleet vehicles typically -- up tons of miles. So you get. Yes and it makes sense and this this -- actually sort of follows on the news we had a couple weeks ago where. What was it Hyundai decided we're not gonna do electric cars -- fuel cell vehicles. And they said Kia can do all electric -- stuff so this is -- of the first. Follow up to that bad news that He is actually gonna have something fallen appear right. And and on still on the well semi electric -- -- at this point -- W actually took the wraps off there. They're five series hybrid active hybrid five. This really -- follows on the car they released earlier that we've previously reviewed the act of hybrid seven. So BMW's is slowly rolling that out their hybrid system through their sedan range at least from seven to five -- May -- -- three EC and and then -- to 188. At that. What we got here is that they did all they really did in this is very similar to what they do the seven series is they took the 535 -- Great car. Has that twin scroll Turbo three liter direct injection engine. Perfectly adequate to get the five series sedan around. Pretty well. In this case they took that car and -- and hybrid system. Lothian -- are looking rely on that battery pack in the -- Very sort of hybrid system we have in the -- seven series. So when you get you get more power -- little more fuel economy. Sounds like a win win. And also stopping duo system that preferably -- presumably. Isn't of -- usually when you add stop -- -- stop and start system. You know there's a little bit of -- computers lag while He waited for the the gasoline engine fire out engage -- then you go. When you have a vehicle that has an electric. Motor. In addition to its gasoline engine then. That transition between. Not having your -- nine and moving with -- gasoline engine on its movement over -- Yes you can creep forward and also didn't stop and go traffic to any kind of creep along or and there's anything to eventually come into the US adding -- -- Amanda. But it only talked a lot about in Europe. Having certain -- urban zones where you can't drive gas vehicles usually grab electric cars are. You know some and other transport like that so -- -- ideas here it's here that BMW's and you have been able to you. I'll let drivers drive through those those types of urban zones have because under electric -- power -- and apparently go two point -- miles. Which should be enough for -- I mean -- they -- if if if it ever gets to that point. Where they say like here is the block of the city downtown where you can only drive Levy's. They're gonna have to give more aggressive about letting people decide. When they gasoline engine kicks on and when it does it because as it stands. Toyota claims you can drive their car -- you know X miles per hour under under full electric power -- does the same thing with their fusion hybrid. They seem to collect 45 mouth -- -- It's darn near impossible to do to -- went to press the accelerator yet few seconds PS2. Yes but I mean I think I'm pretty good it near a tree in the gas pedal like in excel. And I mean you know transfer -- -- accelerate as you know. Slowly as I want to its. Almost impossible to get a car to accelerate -- to reasonable speed. Under full electric power. I mean -- gasoline engine will kick in at some point if you so much is hit a bump wrong and yet. Yep those kind of things He really would -- the button that says. Keep the gas and enough electric really TV mode only you know and and and I know I think that -- the latest Toyota Prius has and -- -- but. And The Beatles it'll it'll let you pass it -- you put in EV loading you go -- twenty miles per hour. -- -- sorry go to -- three -- mode the gasoline comes on but it doesn't like say. You're going too fast would you like to go into gasoline -- affiliated to doesn't give you the option of just saying no no don't don't do that I would rather. Sacrifice a little bit to speed acted to make the last smell under you meet current -- promised. They gave to. In front of your your -- -- -- you know piloting a new 2000 pounds of a car or more around -- Yeah I think when I hit EB button. I'm pretty much decided I want to be you you -- -- -- it's abandoned -- are you made. But yet at the accelerator does really have an override it at that point in I think the assumption there is that. You push Evey load and then you get a new situation where you really need the speed. Does ending -- this out by a series now I remembered the act of hybrid seven we had in here and I wasn't that impressed. I don't remember the active -- seven. -- hope -- impression that more than a full hybrid that I mean I think I may have been wrong. Yet to -- was and is was nothing in the very memorable -- was part of the problem and it really got I mean. Okay the thing with that department seven was that it got better -- look at the -- less fuel economy of the seven series that even better than the 740. And I got little delicate coupled yet and they got more power than the 750 years or not quite as much of the 760 -- You know I mean how does is muted a ton of power and -- but it -- -- the kind of thing ripping and while this stellar fuel economy rate. It out and this five series kind of the same thing you. It'll get better fuel economy than about 35 I by about four miles per gallon you know they're they're talking about maybe 34 miles per gallon average. And and the power looks pretty at three and forty horsepower not bad will you notice. I'm until we think it's interesting that. When you look it. The V they have the Toyota's and the new signs of the world. The key is of the world when -- need you build a hybrid. They say hey we're gonna take a small car at that not a lot of power -- to -- cheap car and make it efficient. The deal when you get to Mercedes BMW infinity. They go heretic the most expensive cars that we make and -- more expensive and hey it's a pretty much -- hybrid systems ours you two or three more miles per gallon. You to feel good about driving the most expensive Lexus that we make. Is a little -- -- there's an interesting kind of you know sway in ended the third mentality of putting -- -- -- on the vehicle. And that was like the other books on imported hybrid which prototype that was hilarious because they put bugs and three liter six cylinder in that with a super charger -- -- hybrid system -- it's awesome yet but it's not really getting. Yeah and it's getting great fuel economy for them -- of power. Right and it's kind of like. This shifted I think for for me immensely went the opposite of that it is of the -- -- Turbo charging technology. Has been used went through charging was popular in the eighty's and ninety's it was to add a ton of power. Because He was that she evaluated and a lot of power to a car -- now that same technologies and flipped on its head to make -- more efficient. Without compromise that's you know in NN in the if you look at hybrid and electrification technology. When it first came out its purpose was to make vehicles more efficient. But in. Lately we're seeing that technology be flipped on its head of the -- two and more power without compromise. Threat like that -- you're a concept of death Frankfurt. -- -- Hundreds of its hybrid system is faster Rebecca Smith -- a push to. The past button area that that's pretty good stuff so yes it's an -- -- strategy that they're using and you know it's. I don't think I mean it's and we look at the numbers it's great right but I don't think you really feel the difference I don't think I would feel a heck of a lot of difference between. The acceleration in this act of hybrid by -- -- 35. And again I mean that that that three liter twin scroll Turbo engine that that is set to get engine. That united did this kind propelling the seven series and you getting use all the idea. Let you know maybe in the complexity on the fuel kind I don't know personally I'm waiting on the M five active hybrid who -- -- -- predictions is up and somebody in your minds -- like this take everything that you didn't you mix instant into one card. Super of the matter say loosely implied GT active hybrids -- About the DT. -- drive. Yap it's that -- keep adding anti being intuitive and was also charges. Too and of those who differ. They -- -- bring on the one series put a one liter four cylinder engine in the one series with a hybrid system. That would that being interest being carved in to be handling with good fuel economy really good fuel economy I think it makes sense -- -- we expect -- -- is -- -- darn -- I want that. That's that's what's great and I'd don't know why -- -- -- that over here it's because Americans don't buy -- speed out yet some of how come on that does -- a future technology and blue sky and I guess that Nissan is actually -- has decided that working with they were here. They are working we. The equal Polytechnic -- -- dissolved. He FLA. These sets a high tech research firm -- -- Switzerland. To develop a -- powered car. Great so essentially. You put on what looks like -- swim cap and it'll out of funnily -- on it. This is just like out of the movies -- electrodes on yet again it is public bizarre diet and an M. It looks like that person still has here goto edit -- don't have to implant them into your school it looked like. But what they're doing is. Their testing right now. You know what you do what your brain today is when you. -- vehicle when you think collaborator think -- right think about doing. Yet these different or when you actually -- and doing these emotions yet turning left turning right stopping. What was happening in your brain when you twist that steering wheel yet in trend to extrapolate from that information. -- ways to potentially. -- a car using little more than talked. -- and it's a caveat that a little bit what Nissan is saying they're not actually saying we want to have cars that -- -- -- controlled. They are saying that we're gonna let me because they're being smart about this they're saying that. We can record your brain waves and maybe design a car that will. No that you're about to turn left you'll still have your hands on the -- -- -- but it'll -- itself on sale like okay you're gonna turn left -- period is just thinking it and and so we'll just gotta make the car ready for that maybe turn the wheels a little bit you know just the sort of get everything ready for that action and and you that can be tied into collision avoidance systems -- alerts as you often -- -- some thing and think oh crap. Long before. Your which actually immediately to against the needs of every panel was not -- -- One the -- to point -- -- here is that the normal driver doesn't concentrate enough on driving for this kind of system or you like when you're driving up okay turn left turn left turn left or left. Anything like there's a donut shop over there and an email. August 10. But what I think where this technology could really find an interest in proof of concept isn't in race -- -- -- There's no doubt be an interesting race drivers are thinking about everything they're doing is looking to turns -- and -- gonna be an issue if you're looking -- expect to be a problem in the car can Tenet. -- worked -- to figure out what's going on there. The but -- but that would allow and they -- into that they've done tests where they can actually. If -- thinking about break in the can actually. -- caused her to stop faster than they could if they did it just physically. Right mechanic at present it held a love collision takes just of -- -- for peace -- read general actually. Free loot the brakes collect sleep just panic kind of keep the calpers is ready to grant -- so it generates -- -- that might. Worked pretty well letting that the driver and that they don't. You know it's -- the things already braking before they're even really touch -- the the brake pedal you you know as long as they -- thinking -- -- -- to break back there. Sooner -- at. That it's -- -- stuff you know whether and I think people units in the race -- -- I think you know drivers can play train their minds to. Think appropriately to control the content -- -- work. I would be -- it'd be like to -- -- of kind of like getting into the moon and the if were frolicking gate drive in an absolutely they got into the -- a little bit to over this -- a couple of days that He and. I've been texting. A bunch of cars like every current Inca. On my Xbox. I've actually got my hands on a for the -- -- the pre release is that actual game with an early release copy of a forced the motors worked for for Xbox-360. And Alex -- huge fan affords a three. So you can imagine this pretty much ruined my week. -- definitely meant there have been up until 5 o'clock 2 o'clock in the morning. Every night this week. -- bulls would creases in. Tuning first in Miata then basically. Have a good time so you can select the different cars and wanna put -- these of these races -- greatly to -- it's like -- racing simulator they can do that thing where it's like you put the gaming and and -- immediately boom you're afraid for -- Italian Hewlett asking awesome and then you win the Ares and they like now pick your first car and dislike. Monster to -- -- in and a slate -- -- sparks here. -- -- time doing that but I mean as you go along when you start leveling your car and these are little when your driver up you get access to more vehicles and and in the game starts unlocking different -- those like you know after about an. Our you have like five or six cars in your right to choose from you can buy more cars with the -- that she win the game. It's a lot of fun. But I mean outside of just the racing. You could think hours into its game. Off of the track means that there's like a whole online community. Where you can -- start car -- started CNET car club at. That in many game comes out knicks beat people can like -- -- -- cars and each other's -- -- a pool of of cars in the theorized that the car club can share -- -- race against each other and there's a very cool mode called a new Vista. Which if you are the kind of person who like played. Make Braintree is -- and read the description for the car. Before you bought it this is like the perfect -- for you because basically what it does is it called out. What are what they -- calls premium cars -- -- certainly halo cars -- just that the developers put more effort into. Building models of these vehicles really crafting of the interior the car. And it basically allows you to virtually walk around the car opened the doors pop the trunk to the -- -- -- inside of -- fire the engine. And and in their click global points around the car -- you -- you know click on an annual -- like the DMC Delorean was built live. You don't decide as we ill and mobilize a very -- or you know it's it's the only car that have a stainless steel body. And then there's also commentary. One commentary track on his car from a Jeremy Clarkson from top gear. So it's -- lot of find just any -- narron. You know. You know -- fighting a tidy brown and listen to Jeremy Clarkson talk about it phone. Tough -- -- how does. Four is four compared to three isn't just. More and newer cars what are your car's. Slightly improved graphics but I did some back and forth playing in and and if not. Nine in decades -- -- A ton of difference but it's mostly the new -- Opening the the other Vista mood it better and better community integration. There is top -- integration helicopters tracked you can put you can be the star in the recently -- card -- -- wintertime up on the -- and and basically just you know over in this for the first week it was only like your game -- an automotive journalists if it went like a handful of us like competing against each other better. And then there is. A couple of little like small -- to the game system like there's they borrowed from need for speed shift the corner -- three system. -- need for speed. When you take it turned if you do it right. It'll keep your little pop couples being you've mastered their corner -- you you've entered eight XX -- perfectly. -- -- Kind of a nice little way of confirming that yeah this is the right -- to the track. That you can discover yourself without having to rely on that -- Green line which are just following them -- is actually has like. You know it'll give you a reading of one to four for each each corner that you master -- or you can just ignore it and dries and then have them have some fun. And I do they do and as -- -- topic with these driving into they have damaged. Similar yeah ocean -- damaged in -- -- you can adjust. So they're different difficulty levels there's an easy difficulty level where. Basically the -- and kind of auto brakes for you and the steering is a little boring game -- in damage isn't real. Doesn't really affect your vehicle -- you can crank it all the way up. Two expert -- You don't have any traction control you to do your own shifting with the clutch panel which means you're gonna need to we'll. And -- actually affects your vehicle so if you ran into a wall at forty miles per are not only will you damaged. That individual can't see your car but you may have. Also blasted. Your car's ability to cool it fell four year suspensions ability to cope when -- turns and so you gonna get in there kind of play around. -- you know the big customizable levels of difficulty in and then make the game as much of -- kind of just fun. -- or as much of a simulators you want and that one has come out. Comes out on the eleventh next week. Excellence yeah that's the Xbox. This is -- of the premier Xbox yeah driving simulator racing simulator and Sony Vegas Sony's PlayStation has as Braintree is no -- -- is getting a big update. They are eating a big update -- according we can we get some whenever He wants his mr. McManus said reported that. Data they're gonna do you huge update to calm new lot of new cars added. So I'd planned PS3 -- decide that played this game quite a bit immigrant -- by a lot lot of fun doesn't have quite as the smoothness and as you describe with Ford's. But to they point out that. There are hoping to cut the load times -- that's one thing when you play this game is adapted. So here's hoping you're gonna be here for a couple hours because just waiting for deems Taylor for the races to load and all it takes a while so that they're gonna cut that down they're -- -- new cars. A what lot of good things -- is actually going to be free update to which is pretty cool so -- -- look -- -- that I don't know. I know it's -- interest simulate but there's also some NASCAR stuff -- -- -- they Begin like a new NASCAR yet cars could live in the current season yet is that day Alan Paris from the series season so it'll act like I'll I'll say it. I I kinda like -- -- it. And that it I -- respect what it is. Yes the I I don't like it in the game I played the NASCAR racing in the game and it's all about you know. Draft dean in the -- chassis yet draft in the initial hard -- It is slick you be amazed how hard it is just to go past them and even if they're like a slower Cordelia. It -- It's it had -- no thought and a respect kind of -- -- -- -- been yeah I guess I was. Active and in the game I -- -- If that's or maybe just too tough -- -- I may be really an issue that -- and here. But they're gonna add a few things to -- -- -- try to improve the physics to them and they of the opponents so. I'm pretty cool little little update for our big update for -- is the five and -- -- that's. -- to see that that -- come out. Now we've also got she what else on the news here oh yes. -- is coming up almost seem at times with my favorite time of the year. Because of a gas and paying out him. Basically look at hundreds of -- seen. Cars and basically -- as the biggest after market show in the world. And this is let's say than they isn't that -- in Vegas are gonna tells all about damn I'm gonna be taken pictures and bullion -- into an all of that. And so usually when you we have a picture coming at you start getting the news a couple weeks ahead of time. The first car that's actually caught my attention. -- -- -- -- -- A Hyundai in a RK performance has -- teamed up to built in an insane looking biggest rally inspired. And evil lobster it is cool looking and write yes and it's got and again -- agreed paint scheme with a wide body kit and and night neon Green highlights. They arc He started with the losses one point six -- GBI and in the -- massive Turbo charger. Andy front -- in -- cooler. And updated the exhaust system and suspension and -- Indy -- to you know. Teamed up with another after -- ecology -- coach works. And they basically. Slot every surface inside the current Alcantara since the master of your -- can -- Yeah and furious if you you referred to it ever is now spurred into -- -- really likes to call it you know and since that of this. This is the Gloucester that you want and when they first announced the velocity that -- it was actually the the New York City. Rally -- -- cross -- did you receive the rally cross. -- -- But that car is like 500 horsepower ultra effortless it's it's not the same cards looks. He -- -- -- totally different engine and everything yet but -- the think there's actually rumored to be. A -- -- bluster -- -- in the works I think spy photos of popped up around the Internet here and there are so meet your commitment -- next year. But in answering this -- this -- Canada at the previous front -- -- -- But I've seen so are so. At this image shows there's always that -- that the darling current and everybody seems to be mod and you think roster might be this year and early last year there were like. Second Genesis coupes it's just like Andy showed up with like truck -- -- distant -- distinct human offer free access and I don't know. -- -- did it varies from year to year it's usually like whatever -- The new cheaper apartment car is that year because the tuning shops like to come and get their hands out something new -- -- that's -- opportunity to. Create something unique. Edited it news -- -- can get in there and do something that -- -- that's not just. -- 1990 -- -- again Saturday in a UVPs are still possible to get a unique interpretation of in 2001. WRX for example but -- Munich has been around for ten years -- have pointed you gotta coming to. In seemed to get people attention did not just be another one in the -- so. I think the Gloucester me may get some attention that the hunt is gonna have a couple of blockers at their Booth and also a couple of Genesis. -- and -- What I'm hoping for is is a -- -- some or no effect at. -- -- -- Because we got confirmation that we talked about -- last week that Nissan is actually. There is rumors that they're gonna build the -- car which is a melding of the GTR and the duke. -- electrical and it is the of the room with calling it the super -- last week. Yet but they -- they confirmed yet this week if confirmed negative that you are well within the GTR is our at the end of the name. And basically what they've done is wholesale lifted -- -- -- train and shoved it underneath the duke champion released yet the -- and the tool -- drive shaft prop shaft. Sort of septic could you -- a shorter wheelbase. But it's basically three point eight liter twin term OST -- it only just 480 horsepower. Popular to what this car. -- tests ETS pro all wheel drive system that the same twenty its wheels that are on the DTR. And it's also even got the electronics. So that's seven inch touch screen that from the export it was divine by grants for his nose -- digital. It's -- so you'll be able to monitor your -- than -- driving notes and do whatever you can in the GTR in this duke the only. Happy about this is that there's only going to be like two of them clearly continue and one. Right hand drive when and I'm assuming they're gonna like try around issues. And in May be you know drive in certain you know small it reaches. And then they're making a left hand drive when retired I think there actually is gonna deliver to your -- when. An excellent you have all been waiting for that I'm gonna be -- and from a house. Held breath for -- -- that and it is supposed to be road legal. Excellent -- -- -- editor David -- that is proven what I was near about the duke that it is an awesome car it's disprove him in -- -- completely insane because my favorite -- From the Nissan released -- Nissan is -- in the -- aren't -- because we can't didn't quite literally the only explanation can be a Catholic think they've been the same -- if they kind of went on to elect a you know we -- -- -- to. Celebrate and you can -- leopard. They're basically building it because Britney signing we make weird cars can we do. Because we can. Yeah I like it if there. It looks a host on the road are on the road segment today. Meehan and one net to go to the drive in the 2000. 2012 VW decide actually this is the newest step aside consideration -- -- that's come out and notes that. -- -- -- Noticeably less -- like there's -- that when Apple -- from about that earlier it's the Turbo motors the heart just knows what you really get into it and actually had a turbulent listener. No -- just. This business you hear the term. But as you know the -- and they mean the total -- and did you get off the line now when you just don't -- anything into it. Makes it feel like her would be yeah I -- one of them really vessels -- they got it initially the 2.5 liter. Five so here which is something -- if you on the but you know point five liters per cylinder. And that's run through a six speed automatic transmission that a product that Volkswagen. Slash dowdy -- hadn't been around for a long line. Got the high end navigation system and -- cards you. Obvious double B that he's got these new entertainment systems one as the like RN -- And this is the RN five -- Slightly more hybrid system and that means it has traffic. I've really nice clear maps it has a real. I mean you really tells -- Flash Memory based system with a look at these maps. -- -- cartooning and elbows it's it's not super colorful. But I mean there are colors to be seen NN that looks like it's got the touch sensitive screen -- also. You've got some doubt here and He wants to -- it needs and it's physical controls instead dipping when -- -- -- are still -- Scroll through different venues and you can view them in -- many other pieces into them. But overall it feels like a pretty good pretty reliable car. You know the price range goes all the partridge is pretty extreme -- only 191000 Q. -- -- below 30000 and it really doubt car. Yes that was the new -- -- -- and they've got a lot of the styling language on their that we saw on the agenda this sort of the new Volkswagen look that's coming now. Yet it's if -- what's amazing is vehemently they drop the car categorized. Easing back into the spot and we went down there to do -- there are now -- right testicle I thought it -- -- -- and it just because in my mind. The jet is bigger than it actually is. But it the -- the -- prints little bigger than it is but it's actually pretty small car to the site prints the smaller than in actually is but it's comfortable spaces on the inside. Yes and the sales as lot of room there's a lot of rear legroom -- I noticed. When the drivers He was set for me and I'm -- out by a foot a -- nine. Who would never set driver's seat set for me there was a lot of -- behind the driver's seat elderly had to say I think this could hit that thing that impressed me most about the stars. I got a little accident -- that -- rear ended another car in the am the front bumper was it looked fine. It looked -- -- -- needed work but -- they look you know virtually untouched. Yet think it's kind of a testament to -- The -- behind the scenes things that are happening. With vehicles you know them the bumper is just kind of vehicle color cover in most cases in behind -- there's a real bumper the that you know. Got both the phone crumpled up and if you pulled off and looked and -- -- -- But it'll -- more going on there -- been and yet -- more damage back behind there and then there's the struts to the latest push in satellite shock absorbers. Those -- have been compressed. But it looked really good and you can and it rattled the bill and -- was driving that the driving didn't peel off either -- them survive that accident pretty well. -- yeah. That's it. Does He told literally go out mile per hour -- it was -- slow as there were no no airbag deployment or anything like that. But overall like I found at a very comfortable -- -- did jumping in and get around and drive anywhere it's kind of thing where you dislike. I -- to -- or other stumbled cargo as opposed to some -- written like. Have to shift and do all those other stuff and which I think -- is -- an attribute of you know that the midsize sedan and that the non premium midsize sedan which I think is the most boring car segment in the World -- possibly more born in the minivan. Yeah I think its it and it's intentionally -- -- engineer the goalmouth into these cars because they really want them to be predictable. And I mean you don't want people trying to figure out where the windshield wipers are when its raining. A because that's just of the you know that it's not safe to do that due to wanted to you know have people looking down -- -- how do you turn on the headlights -- these things -- -- -- Automatically then -- that the switch you need to be all pretty much in the same place from -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- easy to use sort of yet it's what made the camera the best selling car in the US is that this is the car for the modern American -- yet seats no floor by people may be couple kids and back. You know one or two parents set revenue work every -- -- weekday. I grocery runs a kind of things you know that's posted do that kind of stuff and -- -- do that -- and a very uncomplicated way and I I think the -- Does that pretty well -- although I am disturbed at the -- price ranging because. Ours was Seattle so it was a fairly high trim one and the base -- -- one 62020000. I think. Im pretty high and that's only we could really get a lot of the good electronics and it. And the you know -- the nice interior. Yet of -- meaning you could probably argued the same -- for some some other cars mean none of I guess a smaller. Steel. And you. -- and Nissan Altima for example. I starts at about twenty going in for the of the 2.5. -- between two -- 2.5 -- which is I think the credit in your body with their right mind would buy it. As as the starter point. But then if you wanna start -- take to that it really easy to jump all the way yet to you know low thirties -- sort of price range there and yes. These kind of cars have to be all things to all people you don't. It's it's it -- when you're in the non premium -- -- segment Buchanan have to offer our and it just as the radio in artillery Jack. In -- freedom results you get because people are gonna want that sort of low price point but still have the power and space. Yet it's a broad range and I -- -- -- the card are manufacturers of thinking. Okay we now advertise the beside as a base price of nineteen something which it is easy than they can get people into the showroom and -- you think I'll get the suffered under pointing now. And then there's that look at it and the -- than the dealer says but you -- if -- -- -- look at this trim level -- -- nice stereo system and navigation system and navigation system all -- rocket apartments and a little older equipment. -- well you know this the electrons and -- see everything at Sony's electronics of the rocket but that's part of the zoom function of the yet. Every time I was so intrigued by annexing -- camera phone -- -- just -- It's basically. Will navigation system kind of -- has that sort of you know read you sort of bird's eye view sort of thing you get the rocket -- and all it does. -- zooms out a little bit causes an -- -- -- you work. But I -- was so intrigued by it that I just hitting it over and over again this kind of feels like you're in a rocket. Taking off in gonna get -- lay -- -- -- -- in fully parachuting back down here -- hence the icon here. It makes sense in the pro crackle stand when if you wanna get a quick look at it know where you are in the world. I've -- -- actually touches on one a couple of issues I had with the -- one was the -- -- He added some its most zoomed in and 75 feet scale says. And then the next step out -- 700 feet. And the difference is spike you really want an intermediate step -- -- each has its little -- zoomed in -- -- -- -- barely a block ahead. -- -- -- the next level than you're looking at you know half the city. What's odd it would -- navigation systems -- and click me if I'm wrong. But who is zooming out to half the country into the lake wakes up in just goes like where the hell am I can access them all the -- -- and goes old Nevada. And that was a pretty good night then okay I morning -- like that I end up. Again like you said you would want more granular the on the low end. And -- just don't even show me a lake that the entire country America's lake pretty much understand them in America. And maybe this is more useful in in Europe where you -- and may be -- producer Woodside -- -- of the border year old line. But could be in France Canada and Italy. Note let I don't know it just it seems like -- -- every Zuma that they -- early may be some of the north week what northeastern states that are pretty smart -- might need a little bit again little regional because they don't they're small enough that I think. In mid tier of like zooming out you don't need to Stevie entire eastern seaboard to new -- know you're New Hampshire that point anyway. This -- house and noticed the M you know they have light sensor the send automatic headlights and all that -- light sensor and said okay and it's night time turn on headlights dim the navigation screen. The -- are kept on getting stuck -- another system with the Jetta we've had before tier limited it's gonna get that the -- and to get stuck in it thinks it's nighttime all the time -- to drive and your lights on on the screen dim and gets a little annoying. I had a similar -- yeah I -- not really it its stock went think it'd biggest. A similar issue the need the Infiniti. G 37 -- that we had in last week and it's. Was almost too sensitive and it's like if you are your headlights and automatic mood and you kind of drive into the shadow of the trees. The -- pop on for a second and they go oh wait no it's not at. In the -- -- back off and fellow and you know it Buchanan driving through an area where there's like a lot of sort of -- losers of your shadows and it would just sort of out the lights me up and coming up and -- little worried. That people would think health flashing them at a Manila of HIDs and other directly or point your eyes but -- -- -- really know why they all live with. Yet -- and and then of course given the navigation screens cycle and opening today. -- Yet met -- -- is it is certainly nine and I don't -- people -- that I think they're flashing my headlights of them got a pen tablet that's clearly this is ever come again dazzled many -- -- that will -- their logic there. Anyway that was the 2011. -- 2012 Volkswagen -- so that's that should be -- -- -- are probably. And out cyclical what's -- -- has seen a garage. Now we just sat in the. Infiniti G 37 available -- just mentioned and the yellow -- emphasized. The books and -- review is up so what does that education -- right up on Friday okay as He looked towards them. -- currently having in the garage right now -- -- the we -- Ford Mustang crossed the Rio to. One held a card. And the opposite extreme the Nissan Quest minivan and the systems also -- they did or didn't. Is underway and coming up we'll have the Nissan Versa and Nissan Versa and -- -- Volvo S sixty are. But to deceive people -- also looking forward -- that. This is. Been car tackle why I have when -- -- Antuan Goodwin and damage said saying. Just a quick note normally do roadside assistance after the show we you lot of stuff going on me in the tech world this week so we're gonna skip it this weekend picking up next week -- -- Brian Cooley -- and you wanna see our show notes I'll look up some of the information we talked about some of the stories we talked about take a look at car tech dot cnet.com. Or you can take a look at our reviews and other other cronies -- blodget cars dot cnet.com. But always -- -- check out via car news here. -- -- --

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