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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 234: Fly or drive, there's an app for that

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 234: Fly or drive, there's an app for that

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On this episode of Car Tech Live, Hyundai bails on EVs; Satellite just got more expensive; we ask the question "when is it cheaper to fly?"; and we drive the new, but maybe not new enough, Honda Civic Hybrid.

Hyundai pretty much better deals -- electric car. Satellite radio that just got more expensive. Is it she heard a fly. And today. We -- -- do but maybe not do enough. Honda Civic hybrid. As we do welcome good folks at cnet's car tech -- have. Power back after. Long and harrowing trip to Frankfurt Germany. Good daddy here -- episode 230 for its 22 of September edition I'm Brian Cooley with -- Wayne Cunningham. Antuan Goodwin and Mitchell -- at the controls let's get to it as we mentioned just now -- adjusting bifurcation going on at the but the Hyundai Kia. Duel of companies and these two were kind of twins in many ways but also content not because. Hyundai is saying you know what. We don't think those -- are such a good idea -- you go build them over -- it Kia. Even though they're actually sister companies they have a very different vision of electrification -- -- you'll like this your big hydrogen. Well this is a kind of a strange story. Why would Hyundai say we're just not can be Levy or not why would they even announced that -- key. We hate our sister and I didn't get into an event -- recently where Hyundai was that taken one other Tucson a fuel cell vehicles and gonna go on a cross country tour with that. Upper charity dented to raise money for it children's. Cancer research yep and so. Obviously have some good technology out there and its -- drivable and usable. And they're continuing that -- search. So in some -- I could -- -- you're leaving here to do some kind of electric vehicle work is fine because I also assume that once they. Once -- develops a pool electric cartridge in the works and Hyundai can say -- we'll just -- that for our next next our next -- -- So -- is still there -- the EV routes mean the key thing here is that like even with this announcement. If five years down the line fuel sales are. And I -- rule the day. And -- can always go particularly broad -- anywhere technology we can rip off that tech review doesn't work and already analysts we've been off on a weird little riff on hydrogen. So and it still -- just like just like I'll leave the -- optima is the exact incarnate and He Sonata hybrid -- That that sort of back and forth the technology is really it really seems like they're -- nothing other than vote yes. -- I guess -- sort of -- don't expect any electric cars from us. You don't expect them but we might end up eat those words that you have the powers the price significant aspect that's right I forgot that the power to surprise -- Kia. That's what this is all about maintaining the power to surprise -- you know but -- A at hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is basically an electric car. It just uses -- -- stacked too. -- generate electricity -- charge verses you know convert. Right so they're not losing too much. With this this move -- religious in -- banners but it's very different pitch to the consumer one says you can plug it into something you've already got the other ones as you're gonna fill it up from someone you've never heard of called hydrogen filling station. They're gonna need it in something other than that Tucson. She could even a current -- -- -- like him. And 94 -- are in it -- -- entities you. And presumably. It replaced when the moon vehicle there's no one really Sunday's -- we think electric -- we're not gonna waste a good car on tickets coming out of old stock. -- that's going to go with those guys now speaking of which there's battery re search technology there is almost every week something interest in the battery front. And this week's news of the battery industry. Is -- It's that you -- not think about is it is a most listening batteries are solid state they don't have any you know moving parts and on the don't have -- But in the sense of batteries are actually not right now actually most of them are tend to be based illiquid or a jail. And this -- from a judge conglomerate General Motors and it took -- corporation of Japan -- -- gonna company called 63 of Ann Arbor. Being together to make solid state. Thin film batteries what are the benefits here. The this new technology -- pretty breakthrough technology if they can develop its. They say they can increase battery density by 200 -- 300%. Which translates directly to 200 -- 300 -- greater range so that's a greater amount of power in -- given weight of battery. Which are lighter. And Kerry a lot of charge also saying that they don't expire. That's always good. The always a good message to the consumer and our own problems that that that which means they don't have to have such a big cooling system yet that listings cool of people freaked out when you when we get via Kia optima and Wii -- that -- didn't battery. Oh yeah -- -- -- cavity free freaked -- they -- it was wrong again and -- it -- so let's but I like with the free as that way and it also -- cooling and weird and make the system actually pulls from the cabin to -- the badly and not all the points to again vote they both pulled from the battery goes wrong -- gonna -- -- -- of that event I'm sorry. -- youths who have heard this put them as -- when batteries blow they spoke. They don't do it real success O'Donnell on lithium. Booted -- -- -- -- athletic and I've -- lithium ion battery problems. The least of your problems with few benefits if that's what rock it. It's more a matter of that burn -- us big electric cars that are going fast. This is what is is a Guinness record for the fastest hybrid but in what sense well -- the fastest. Poll hybrid. The Guinness record is just the student and the Infiniti M hybrid in 35 -- -- set 360 semis now -- -- vehicle that we've actually tested earlier this year. It's average run and one it's thirteen point 9031. Seconds and that's in the quarter mile. Right ended the -- inexpensive they do you down and in the comeback though there's a -- winner headwind it averaged out. Okay so a Prius and seventeen seconds. A key and as hybrid well fourteen with the -- thickens and a -- America as hybrid though. Thirteen point eight that's an official fastest Leo -- -- the daily segment of society we want it record. If -- come in and -- problem. So down and back the fastest so far with Panama restored an asterisk on it is the M -- yeah I'm surprised the Prius stated in only seventeens. There's nothing important has just seconds or minutes. We -- that seventy NC and the -- of Symbian plus seventy plus ten -- seventy plus ends that threat a little. Little rounding error there. Though the the full hybrid designation like keeps vehicles like. These -- -- -- system. They've been very active civic hybrid and Mercedes in this it's 400 there's mild -- that never actually go into all electric -- yeah point. Keeps him out from out of the running for that -- even though I don't actually know -- -- factors Lauren and about it look at the time -- interest and but yet you want. The Guinness record -- this hybrid. Indeed the in 35 H and you can still get about 32 -- Miguel said. The speed record holding car does not meant to a record this and okay so. If you go to my did you check my Twitter account or my FaceBook page whatever you'll see what I see whenever I look at Wayne and see the ultimate company man. I -- pocket god -- face. There's no. -- -- the red ball in front of Maine all talk of data it's perfectly in line. -- CNET recent in my supplements and out of perfectly -- of the government why are you more of an elaborate attack that that's right I'm Wayne CNET. I'm -- CC. In -- underscore -- CNET that's right it's Wayne CNET SF. Are -- And a mountain -- to work. -- what's going I didn't even see this story to get into the into the show with Prius engine noise what are they doing to -- -- this our cars are too quiet thing. Will basically that pedestrian safety enhancement act basically means that any car that runs under full -- -- and make some sort in the because they're really quiet. You'd think they're not that quiet until you're on the street and there's actual road noise and traffic media talking in the pre sneaks up on you and you can't hear the wheels you can't get the proposal the have -- tire noise. And it under fifteen mouth and on tires this -- not a lot of that the -- pretty much -- -- -- low rolling resistance tires are really quite. So there's been a lot of talk about where these cards close to sound like Ford had a contest on feet a couple weeks ago to. Let people decide. And it's clearly just actually put out of via a video it here's the duke who's walking about that do if this is one of the intersection here's the Prius they had him. New well we do originally -- you can hear the sound right. -- the sound like it sounds like. Will it auto assembly injury electric bees in my -- -- goods -- applicant. Then -- -- noise it's like alright dual high pitched low pitched noise at the same time. It rises and falls with the vehicle's speed so as an -- Refuel and -- as the -- has the audio up here. Although some of the background. That. System. Okay so does sound like it sounds a lot like the -- sounds that you are going to turn a few weeks ago speech -- -- -- it spaceship slight whirring sound you know it's funny actually I went to the app pre isn't the -- launch -- so -- much of other journalists were. Driving -- -- and we spent little time in the parking lot trying to hear that sound is -- solicit. It makes it and we didn't really detect -- we certainly didn't hear from inside the car. What's good -- active speakers are on the else -- that get -- Relentless and and -- -- I mean. It's it's really subtly in from outside the cars it was and we had to sit around and try to. Friday here it it was in was really obvious what do you think maybe the video accentuating it thinks something in recently that had this technology with a hybrid we -- not the civic we had something else -- recently bit. One of the Hyundai is maybe year may be that had been oil and I didn't -- -- and audit your outside the -- -- -- a Chevy Volt -- that have that yet on an article makes them. Mute noise that it -- all the engine kicks in from -- stillborn every now and then that's a -- random -- the -- pocket. But that's just as a bad wire that's authorities sent us we went on -- pre user can blow at all or neglect to cycle but at. Right yeah there -- some odd times and it did that. Intentionally just like you know you're pulling -- -- up. And -- under electric and -- would like us -- to dislike. Maybe even like faster than you could do with your hand -- little -- it just penalty newly creative artists but the news really yet. To settling what went down that -- in several enough alive with reproduction a lot of group. -- one Salmonella added these cars -- is not just when your creeping along Amorim also when you first -- the car on. AS I think that Nissan was talking about putting this in the -- so that to -- -- Sony's walker and the parking lot. Maybe -- some cars started up nearby so they have a sense that maybe I'll start looking around and see what's gonna run you over. -- somewhere and really let's face it do it like even when you crank up they -- up the hybrid. The whole song India and the hell yeah include. -- the it'll happen outside that path outside the middle bandstand concert that was rejected -- has yet to -- -- -- we're human. -- -- -- would be awesome clinic are you would. But when we have -- -- really funny about this the signal to those with at least -- -- -- suddenly they said the the -- -- -- but I -- thirty miles an -- And do their explanation was another -- there's enough roadways that pedestrians accurate but I think really consumption is bad at that speed -- -- you get into thinking you. Nobody gonna get out of the way in time nobody gets out of that one alive has no analysis -- and capital -- Sharon's government figured out. Our it's a satellite radio and a lot you have -- radio we lot of questions from you about satellite radio and -- roadside assistance show. It's gone up in case you haven't noticed which you may not have if you haven't renewed lately but -- is expected. But it's now official so -- that now announces satellite radio increased their for a price on January 1 but it's now been announced going forward for their serious select plan. Is going to go to 151450. Among 1449 a month up from the 1295 they've had for a long time. This also comes the time -- rolling company's satellite radio 2.0 features. Which do you view what He -- pause and re wine and you've got other channel alerts. -- the usual and listen to the pop artist album in a sports team sports teams okay. Sold you know I -- I guess they they -- can -- -- in this thing He satellite radio is getting better but only if you have a new receiver ranked. Yes there's like they were in the after market there's a specific sort of universal receiver that can the -- car stereo manufacturers have been adopting. In the the OEM segment -- -- something that they're gonna have to integrate into new models going poignancy that yet I don't think I haven't seen on a new car and any alien vehicle now. NASA has launched quite yet not in any aliens okay so anyway that's the new prices we go forward. And technological expertise that's -- -- yeah. Yet conferences -- yeah and go to the gunnery split serious -- -- the current credit. -- power is okay YouTube video apology -- it repeatedly and human health Novell artisan never apologizes that you'll -- -- the used to run radio and our company so we -- camera. Let's see this is an interesting one forward is looking at building perhaps. Extensive -- vehicle's hardware -- the bull vehicles. If you watched or CES coverage couple years ago one of the awards we had. And -- went to bug labs. And they build this series of dock -- little modules let's -- you wanna make a device should look at a screen module the gonna to a GPS module looked at a B two and MP3 or storage module. A keyboard -- you can Frankenstein. Whatever you want -- of these little clicked together Lego like modules of technology. So now -- working with them. Which is an experiment right now -- on the market but that could let you liberty -- physical components to your car. But so you bought and it didn't have head up display you can go by the module later. -- click and it. If you want -- -- kind of doing this with the sim card the SD card they use now you can buy the stuff. And click it in your car it is very interest and that's never gonna happen there it -- at a mountain out -- it's gonna be in it but. Its effect go from from media if you will if you think about it from a consumer standpoint it's -- -- -- -- in -- mechanical or whatnot modules that it will mean for one. The therefore -- -- therefore wouldn't be able -- -- GPS but that's Ford's problem yet but now but now think about it like fifth -- about it from -- dealer installed option standpoint. Now if you you have a Ford vehicle and you want and a GPS and now port offers a modes let powered GPS module -- -- go to the dealership and have been just snap into your dashboard. It -- it makes it easier for them to build cars that makes it easier and Ed tech a standard your doctor module -- if they ignored Mon July it is now packaging. For their technology yes. So fuel if you're like the one dude on the world who wants a two and a two gigabyte hard drive your dashboard. You can get that the by buying the standard hard driving closure may -- an adding your own drive to its a PC model right so there's this sort of like. In a -- from and listens in on from a unit consumer herbs you would on your local best buy and pick up a GPS model for your -- but. On a back in sort of thing I mean maybe this is some -- they're looking to make. It easier than dealers and roll -- the card -- with -- desperate would be Iraq basically basically anybody just be a screen. Screen and the dead -- and all -- car write it but then. -- high in the glove compartment there's a connection for you to start. To -- a few modules in there. That would be awesome I think -- -- two things one and I don't know who makes money that's the tricky part one is it's a nice thing for the aftermarket for the used car market when you find a car it's ideal car you wanna but it doesn't have the tech that you would have bought it with. That's always a crapshoot with use cars -- you can't say -- -- order one now. -- -- -- you take it like it is. Well I'll buy this -- this forward and I can go get the -- module to head up display module whatever might be the additional instrument package module and I can get that -- -- how I -- bought -- -- -- -- this kind of -- you can kind of do that. But it's just like you had -- junkyard. You get -- -- -- in the it department twelve hobbyists out yet it does this to be totally part of a mainstream crowd is -- I hear -- add things on this thing. The other thing that's interesting is com. You know what does this do to make it easier for car company to not worry about so many configurations. How many cars they put on the lot was now and they don't sell to someone that day who wants a -- -- car or vice Versa that's always a big hassle for them is slotting. Preference of those configurations -- the big inventory -- that's gotta -- what they're looking at solving here so that all this stuff is done at the dealer. Basic car ship like -- is saying they ship kind of blank with a drive train. And may be upholstery set. But all the other stuff in as much as you can make it -- enables -- You will yeah I those kits are already out there dealers love them. And so the idea -- you push configuration out to the edge of the dealer network as opposed to making -- factory based. Is that this and efficiency here a bit -- -- love. Not some lessons at the consumers what ram want to write this article ultimate channels. That. It's as -- will adopt -- open X He has an architecture and their cars. That bug labs is and researching. -- -- -- -- a strong word yet if that's. How resilient and not Android I seriously in in the future and it and they will have something really like -- -- like. -- I wouldn't be surprised if that it will be area. Yet just don't occur at the durability electronics via dealers and the without reducing -- -- to make him come through the dealership to get those modules that are on -- nice high list price. Instead -- -- -- a best buy and buy something cool for a lot less money from one of the companies we cover here also -- want to maintain. Call the over the modules -- in the car they don't yeah people -- in just anything built by anybody that's true it's a different industry is not like your Android phone where you know crashing every ten minutes is okay. And look at -- you Droid. The test -- now -- force close got to force application to close. Opened it yet you can't expect constant. Idea force reviewed over time it just it -- Yeah I get to us today unknown people but a good day because journal editors -- time -- You both programs convince me to stick with I took off I I was gonna go to Android but now. You decided you don't wanna reboot the middle call -- that are let's see us justice -- -- -- -- integrating -- heart radio app. Via Blackberry with sync could this be any narrower. What the hell what am I missing years and you can put on our radio on a Blackberry and it'll talk to sync but this is adding to the apps they have currently which are pandora and I think -- B constituent gas to turn over you know -- -- their adding to this and so. -- and have to be able to have those on iPhone and and that well they've. They've been summons on Blackberry as well you know so getting the IR radio net also suggests that I -- -- should be come available on the other phones do for right to as a starting on Blackberry and -- -- that'll infect Android and iPhone. We'll play or very easily what happens is when someone announces the sort of like you control -- -- over Bluetooth. It's usually pandora and -- Injury in Blackberry. Assuming that -- them it's utilities that are close behind. Aren't let's say we honestly at this week -- -- looking it cost to drive which answers the question of our age. In an era when both flying and driving are ungodly expensive is which is going to make -- broke the -- rate. Does this work so basically what you do is it's an app in the website that you don't have it in an app on violence but if you don't have -- wireless phone is also a website to do -- is. You -- in where you are. You punch in where you want to drive to so for example. At the Disco in Atlanta Georgia. And what it'll do is once you give the make and model of your vehicle it hold decide little look at -- highway fuel economy. It'll look at fuel prices along the way it'll look it -- -- big the car's gas team is a little know how often you're gonna need to stop -- needed to look at fuel prices at those intervals until you. Total cost about this much to drive from. San Francisco to Atlanta. That's pretty cool so we you can see the if it gets really interesting in modular where you for example a smart for two and -- TDI. They cost about the seemed to drag but expertise only like nine gallon tank so. You have to stop -- -- more alternately you can do a lot of really cool. Interesting things here explores digging through that's -- information. But the coolest part is they compared to flights break there's integration with kayak -- that -- trip planning service. So it'll also show you how much the same trip would often just live it -- doesn't like for take into account things like. How many hands you're gonna stop at a hotel along the way and what's the real -- gonna cost when you get there and -- but. As far as distant but just getting -- me out of lake which is gonna call me from -- -- Interest of chemical. And the reason I looked this -- is because of the last month a group to LA to -- -- -- hours with a camera. And everyone always -- -- that's about it 1012 hour round trip around trip yeah via. And -- book and people ask me it would has just been cheaper to fly. I didn't know sort of retroactively look it up on the app and that's revoked when He -- -- acidic. It costs in the yet say that it would cost nearly 36 bucks to get there are one way. And at the time of this article is written an airplane ticket would have been about a 120 dollars and afterwards at the like. Weighs seven the -- you savings and -- about a dollar hotel room yet. W would have -- would have anyway He -- state anyways I was a lot of value -- -- -- -- -- just transfers to and from the -- yes to the airport. And that would have blown aren't there yet to -- in your car. Need to do ask that you do that and Narnia and -- -- Mitchell. Nightly arson hot lately it's been a week and that's something completely at -- -- you got the white falling reaction. The pleasure of the -- to connect them -- absolutely stretch out to bring a waterbed and ultimately. Okay well thanks to -- area my own data into a let's see -- we saw -- remote parking app at Frankfurt rights yet this was something I just. Was walking along. Going from one of the many calls too when the other ones it was miles and miles apart. And there was demonstration going on outside -- -- a company that does -- If you OEM electronics. For manufactures they're anonymous supplier they do -- -- system that's actually it's the same. Automatic parking system used by Ford and only in there and we can models and and we've yet -- had a -- focus recently -- we're pretty well and made they have a couple of other companies they work with opera in -- in this automatic parking system Audi Volkswagen. And so they were demonstrating. An addition to this an advancement on the -- So when you're using this the sparking -- you -- this app and -- at their parking technology the car unit turns the wheel itself and you control the brake and accelerator. You're the guy standing outside with an iPhone. At an app on the connected to the car and He was controlling the -- and acceleration and braking from the app. So He wasn't setting it -- you -- -- Outside the in the car -- in the -- just parking itself what that we know exactly where they got this idea. Of course have been disabled. On YouTube community will vote tomorrow never die that's right no right yeah when that is -- -- sitting there with his what is Nokia phone Nokia phones -- in the car around. In the next seat on the Texas eating -- English -- he's looking through the video display on the phone. Pretty cool so we're close to that because. -- -- demonstrated as this is not something they're only ever gonna release. But it's it's -- pretty cool concept. Up part of it is that -- and they've they've improved there herself our insistence of the cars can actually be extinct in sixteen incher sixteen -- part. So really close to -- And -- idea here is that if you had minimal parking spaces. And everybody had one of these you could just backed the car and patent and you went past Q. -- logo quite like this if you're watching -- believer we -- the -- prevent -- That was cool and he'll do it Heather it I would totally accept hazardous to use both and -- jump across the vote -- hillbilly expect that this is great. We have a clunky old police using anything you'd like I -- horrible I had PDAs that we're like 13 the size. Levine technology is gonna be amazing because the last time I tried to look at a lens video sorts through -- it was like. Six frames per second oh yeah and whatever you -- -- -- in it's control of the car and getting video from the front camera yet that happens is that's like an Apple iPhone commercial yet you can do all that and thirty seconds with the Nvidia tech notify him about a at ten Quad Core OK so -- -- -- -- stories around OnStar both of them are kind of interest -- In that I smell a rat first of all they're already giving a 100 dollar rebate on the OnStar -- that troubles me you do that when you're not selling well. Not because you wanna make friends there was the initial price of the things two and number 600 dollars unit to rent plus installation now cellular one and -- Yet now what's interesting here is. Maybe the -- it's. You -- you do that when you're not selling well yes but you also often seen on stars a long tail sales model yet as there are subscription model so whatever they can do just and the -- to be installed base and you make that money back in -- year. They started at the press. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which a lot electronic companies do. They roll out an early adopters -- that you -- Saddam -- -- -- though many secure -- that it also you know. The functional is that it has. You can do that. Jessica. That that Yahoo! -- -- it's not really mean it whenever they can do to get the price down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some noticeable when it tells about how they're doing has -- lot of reports and other selling -- retail I forget the numbers but there in the high hundreds of thousands of sell through to the stores are some things like that best buy now has a bundle 280 -- installation. So they wrapped it in for under 300 is probably a nice price point the other -- -- story is this one has come out that they are going to monitor and track OnStar -- -- even if you're no longer a subscriber. Unless -- explicitly tell them not -- but if you just cancel your OnStar service they are still gonna follow -- They're gonna -- -- the data but they're going to potentially sell -- share with third party companies as wells as happened in their own servers it's part of conceding to use your -- a probe to monitor traffic flow vehicle usage patterns what have you. But unless you read the fine print when and if you cancel OnStar they're gonna keep tracking your car recording that information that's. A controversial decision. The study that Apple and Android and even Microsoft a lot of -- -- hot water for what back in April. When all that iPhone tracking stuff came out and people realizing -- a -- as a tracking file on my phone. And it's apparently -- transmitted back to either Apple or or Google servers -- -- BI. Yet it is very strange that they're coming going this way at a time when they could've. Probably played this a little better you have to intentionally asked them please don't track me when I stop using new. I like the traffic part of it yeah yeah he's import information designated the -- -- -- great is that that's useful for a lot of people -- If it's useful for -- to even if you're not benefiting directly from it. And the reduction in traffic means that -- still benefits you. -- because nothing -- what they're doing diet but do they need to know I'm going to the Costco or the wall -- Target points old aren't -- now can mark Craig and writes that this is yeah. He got OnStar unit lost -- parking and special place at this. You can't always parked at the church always the Church of -- and one of improvements. To -- -- Christmas it. Hewlett abusing. -- only because -- go at that. So anyway just a heads up if -- OnStar customer and you are canceling your service or even if you had it didn't realize yes they tracked these vehicles and -- will do so after the spark their policy -- looking sneaking on busted him on this they came out and said. Just FY -- new terms of our privacy in our agreement are that we now track the cars. The -- explicitly say now whether you're a customer or not the hardware -- in the car insurance the most recent hardware but still. Good good to -- in this very interest in privacy. Is -- -- they're actually just keeping. I'm assuming can be connects to the wireless speed can cellular you know just keep in that symbol on yet they're paying for that ever -- Amazon pays for whisper sync but there's no revenue model once you stopped the man that's how cheap their connection must be buying in bulk and that's how value and its -- -- -- TG radio. As we -- really cheap data rates and secondly it's a valuable data is these days. I guess it's worth -- -- -- three -- it selling it if it was selling that's the key yet there is gave themselves -- might not make sense. Our last story is appropriate to our on the road segment is -- one about we showed you on a Toyota few weeks ago. How they turn these back door windows into augmented reality -- screen drama that's story. Now someone else's drink in the cooling -- it looks as though we have a story here. Who's doing this now this is from the com. Honda on the -- royal Melbourne Institute of Technology right it's -- independent researcher here yet has something called the games and experimental. Entertainment lab that's gotta be fun walk through and and that we don't have any video of this or pictures but they're considering turning. The entire. Back seat. Of a vehicle into a holographic. Projection. In 3-D without glasses. This is a dvd thing I can't wait to see what this looks like but that's out there and apparently Audi is embracing -- weird they want -- in the back. I don't backseat you're -- in the backseat of your car and you think your. Somewhere else in the forest on the fact that the right. And poetic man technology and of its own graphics -- and its gonna make it happen in mid -- I think that the projected on the screen it's kind of just. With -- with a laser typically -- -- bloggers see in the laser beams each other in the create. An image in a year not on an actual projectile surface us thinking how big is the back of a seat it's not flat anyway but it's not it is -- -- using a projector base they're using a -- -- image creation. Which is kinda like you know when you're only -- concert they're firing lasers there's in the crazy in the air it's -- that's in technology and others in this will be in a car why with the releases in the home first rocket into a dinner theater or -- must -- the sports bar which you can make instant money on it -- -- It's odd that they would save them for such -- -- is in the car it's just. This is playing the whole -- -- that's -- it's hard folks let's lets you know it all -- -- This is always the time we take humanity and duke its inaugural it's an interest in -- -- we have nothing interesting that's normally the case. And this week we're going on the road in the new. But not dramatically so but is it knew enough. -- the questions we -- -- sort out for you. -- Honda Civic hybrid at 2012 Honda Civic hybrid the new revised look with a new -- -- -- -- -- take us on the road. What's funny about the hybrid. It's got a sport. When the regular sitting doesn't even have a -- as they were talking about. Their hybrid of the one point five liter gasoline engine. -- diet may electric assist. Only -- 110 horsepower. They come out gasoline engine. I think that you know the people it. Bias in the hybrid really one of the fuel economy which is at 44 miles per gallon you said airport or city and -- it is the same across the board that's excellence I think people who buy this car owners of looking at fuel economy -- -- look down at bad ass on the the shift gate know what's what's -- for. -- -- I would assume -- -- hybrid but at the other interesting thing about hybrids but the way I made that up. -- can't ever -- your pure electric energy that that. Electric engine. Have to be moving with the gasoline engine in tandem. And is so it's a little bit interesting and that's not exactly like -- where you can kind of cream. Around in the likelihood that both the Y scrolling is 44 and -- the -- him for instance. Along with as the new Honda and atone when He called on it we've got some new instrumentation. In the app front here -- this my eyebrow display has a new screens -- the right via digital speedometer. -- I dash MID display -- get intelligent multi information display. And intelligent information and redundant. But that's what it is it's like a little five inch screen. That you control the steering will. Controls that shows you things like the currently playing audio source or are what's -- fuel economy -- -- trip computer information. Or -- and customizable. Wallpaper. You can upload. JPEG file the USB port here's an onslaught death school. Of course that's a -- we have a navigation system in this car which. So I got a familiar. It looks -- air -- and surface that's really the problem is that -- still use the same kind of like. -- it -- maps that look like hydrant and at. It's just really poor quality all the lines are involved and it's just. It's times like. Good looking map system and when you get the city and the streets are bunched up wanting to others and even zoom in as closely as you can zoom -- and it's just typical battery. Okay they have to stop with the maps they've got to update that system -- like -- Hyundai in Hyundai -- the last two without -- And it always has some sort of like Hyundai and apps still look a lot and get maps look better their evil yeah -- really simple. -- simple it is visually and simple cognitively yes -- mapped -- just. It looks like Kraft Paper you can get downtown Austin Dillon hunt is that it looked like graph -- -- with words on yup and the words get so -- Inky and weird the way they torture them along diagonal street yet. -- -- -- Horrible lately are reportedly get that equipment in this day and -- so I want and -- who's there who's still laying around from like -- Is a have a ton of dvds sitting in the face serious they're not change that systems. You know look and feel -- I think since we started doing cart and what's funny is now they have I in -- But the pixels -- Really tightly packed yes and the graphics or smoother ingredients reluctant looks good and compare you look at that the -- you look and it the dvd and you go what happened yet in years like it yet it's horrible. Yeah it's it's. It looks worse because the need everything feels better yes yes and if you -- should themselves -- -- -- You can get turn by turn on that upper display you can you can get the next turns that'll see it'll give you local -- -- -- -- left on whatever street which is good because. There's no text to speech here it will say turn left on elm street to see -- -- -- and no mean -- that threats pretty pretty simple -- -- -- -- -- -- Now here's the big question they added as -- were called in a few weeks -- had this currently added I think 3M PG to the highway number and maybe two or three to the city. Since we had since the protests here -- and it isn't busy innovating. Since the last year that we had a car comes in now at 44 and 44. I think an average of 44 the fourth and -- a -- that works. It'll actually do. It get to a 44 it on with -- Indian testing it it it for you for so very honest at the end of the week -- -- -- down like 42 -- just because you know. The station and peopled you know drew -- -- And in Vegas after awhile it just decided that can -- meaning it. I get -- the sport mode -- got into this port road is being released sup upon the sport closed. What it is that -- the CBT -- the rim of a little bit higher -- -- disables. I don't start out of sorts dot app which is to stick a if you're stopping -- a traffic not -- bad deal. The old civic was 4043. The new one is 4044. For the hybrid across the modest improvement. You and a mine doesn't dramatically change the cars relationship to the Prius looks pretty modest update to the cartoon art comparing it to think the biggest changes they they tend to is batteries after looking in my hand batteries and it's a pretty small battery pack -- -- get rid of your -- pastor. -- next out of that go -- a year -- year -- heated up with him there are okay but it's -- it's not so if you were only worth the -- and -- spanking but it opens Duncan it. Acidic in the pretty big truck would mean that such a -- and I just think they're a little -- Underwhelming. It's good MPG but let's go see what is a what we will be the nearest analog that -- get an Elantra -- in the forties already however it delivers that it that the at highway. And that's what -- -- In actuality the electorate delivers like mean thirty. And it's aids and we were getting bloated slow forties on -- -- for real yet aren't so easily it was low forties so I wanted it as witnesses it does -- what's interesting about this car is. I like it better than the regular -- Just because. I mean it it has less horsepower but it's that same network so it doesn't feel less -- around town. You can feel sluggish yet you don't have to put it in a steep eco mood in an almost die every time you -- -- onto the freeway. To get the fuel economy -- it's gonna get it. So like if you if you're gonna get a civic because you wanna give forty miles per gallon just buy the hybrid and don't even consider the regular city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You probably need to look -- -- something. And they did -- -- the engine from one point 31 point five -- getting better MPG nice trick. Yet you know or Kristen -- intimate grinding sound from -- that's what I couldn't -- didn't sound and when you step into it. Jet engines aren't. Ending -- now little fresh cuts -- the CDT stops -- -- the -- -- not just point this at that. In the -- and the restart wasn't elegant I thought it took like a number of cranks to get it back up to I was pretty present I can I get used to it after awhile hook -- I got to a tractor you get used to that would mean I don't think -- just you have to give it one Mississippi. Before you presume that severity is -- -- -- you know you've come off the Greek -- the -- on the gas -- Elvis second to realize that your -- So there's no Jack rabbit -- if you can't just like in a mall unless you put it in sport -- because He did run it. Keep -- -- and aren't so the nav package or the now trim level as -- does these things is a 15100 dollar up that you concerns -- -- gives -- voice command but just for the net out my everything else is a separate voice commands steel for the Bluetooth -- system. The key to that crap -- of the key to traffic but not whether. I have this right of traffic -- team sees -- technically he's just the free traffic through the radio waves on the receiving human BM and minerals in the summary generals in satellite radio -- now or you can get -- dollar cardinals. -- -- -- -- -- Is that I -- display come with some Catholics. And that's -- alternately -- -- is now above the DX over the excellent however that it beat the -- doesn't even have a read Yahoo! I didn't know this to have that vividly vehicle -- vista's -- offer that. Just so they can see it start -- that's. Yeah I didn't get they wallpaper that was stupid because the wallpaper on the mid isn't wallpaper it's just a screen you can go to to look at your favorite photo also -- really wanna look it thumping super stupid. Give -- wallpaper that I can put behind the display if that's even important and honestly I would just yet you're not gonna need it right later on your -- substituted is -- gee -- it's hopes to replicate -- I can put a picture of monkeys but -- it -- that -- look for pictures -- -- -- that you can't -- like between them yes and it takes -- About fifteen -- oh yeah and little pay fifteen key presses to go it -- they'd change picture it was. It stupid but it is it's -- it doesn't hurt Picard -- -- not -- place. The governor the -- back into -- -- leader it's still runs slide in there. While that's that's the part of best western parts of this is the the new civic hybrid the review gazes. Up and you can protect -- -- interest that in. What I guess would be the highest MPG Honda. Is currently running mostly right I mean a -- in sight to insight having gotten India and cycle -- about Internet and let there at -- -- getting an update this year says okay and it it's lighter and civic some assuming that it gave. -- to the Prius and current. Number but so far this is better than inside or CRZ which is more of a difference forty sporty. Mission so this is -- this is your high mileage Honda Acura Honda partisan. And you wanna get the highest mileage this is this is -- -- a look at right now may have made meaningful improvements in the MPG. As we -- and real world -- their delivering nicely on those numbers so that's all available to you over cars dot CNET. Dot com that is our on the roads enlisted a quick look at the CNET car tech garage. Now Wayne has been out driving. -- -- -- -- -- Which replaces the -- yes and the new Prius plug in you mentioned quickly how was the -- The sonic was funny it was actually very comfortable. It was well -- suspension was Welty and it didn't have much power. But -- -- to city cars yeah little. Cruiser is that it was particularly kind of quiet and -- they did a good job with C and DH and that it was better than -- better than a Honda Fit which actually drove -- -- compared. And the a -- -- the products they taught at the -- up to an idiot right. They know what they're violent trot out that form implement. We have it now in the garage Olivia we have -- previewing the sonic. As well as on their Prius plug in those are available to car tech blog cars dot CNET dot console due to. -- -- -- -- -- good looking car in the garage right now new Ford F 150 crew cab. XLD's. Four by four and probably loaded with everything just ego boost -- six -- -- that few weeks ago so that's good and the new. -- on the boring Altima. They sent -- woman that anything's I don't know what we're gonna do of that car but its downstairs also coming up next Infiniti G 37 and the new VW the site. -- folks that's it for car tech live we have got roadside assistance coming up shortly if you're watching a slide if not. They'll catch it over at -- tech dot cnet.com. Which is our podcast -- page for CNET car tech. A new battery -- the site as I mentioned car tech dot cnet.com for all of our shows. A car tech information about all of our latest blog entry slide shows videos -- cars dot cnet.com -- our main site. The phone number if you wanna leave us any calls comments or questions 866401. -- -- 866 for a one. 2638. That is free by the way. And of course it would put us on Twitter and eventually we're gonna have to ruled Google plus -- here but I'm just too fatigued right now. I'm Brian Cooley BRI a NCO -- -- last I checked. Point is wait and see the C stands for CNET. Underscore SS and into what is it doing anti GO. We'll see you all next week.

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