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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 230: Ford and Toyota team on car tech

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 230: Ford and Toyota team on car tech

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Ford and Toyota team on car tech, Audi announces plug ins & hybrids, In-car internet radio explodes, and we take you - but just one of you - for a ride in the Scion iQ.

Ford and Toyota team on carts -- an Audi announces plug -- and hybrids. New -- and Internet radio just about to explode. We -- you just wanna view for a ride in the sign on -- view. Hello I'm Wayne Cunningham with car tech live here with in the studio thing Antuan Goodwin and -- -- have frankly is -- -- people about Steve Jobs right now. But He was kind of do that introduction for us that this is cnet's car tech live Thursday it's -- -- -- of August 2011. First up on our -- list of news items we have here is. Ford and Toyota are doing some intriguing collaborations actually this is there are very tech there tech oriented collaborations there are working together on -- a hybrid data system hybrid light trucks this time. And you'll remember that to. The original. -- -- hybrid system was. Use similar technology is the original -- -- and -- synergy system. Although Ford would deny that they were you know. If they borrow order off their technology from Toyota -- back in the day justice system that in the escape hybrid right mr. talking about yet. And then the fusion and although the vision system has been upgraded -- -- in Italy by now okay. Yes so right now they are they they've just got an agreement now to jointly develop. Hybrid power train for light trucks and SUBZ. So argument is they improve the fuel economy and those in both but manufactures have a ever have a pretty big roster of suvs now. You know what's interesting here for me is in the second paragraph this article you mention that. It's for rear wheel drive vehicle. Until now most of the hybrid systems that we've seen from Toyota and Ford have been front wheel drive. Or all wheel drive in the case of like the Lexus RX 450. And then and then when they're all wheel drive in that capacity basically -- -- to stick in electric motor out back there's no sort of physical connection between the front rear axle so it'll be interesting to see. Exactly how this differs from that sort -- planetary gear -- and transact opening event going on now. Yet thing you know they'll have to Hulu will be CNET toward earth when fifties in the future with. Leo and India. Hybrid systems but then again like the new Ford Explorer I think is basically front wheel drive platform. And and an -- when you consider the the take rates on I think the eco boost -- one if the it's clear that there is still a demand there for people who want to be truck. Who understand they don't need 700 pound feet torque and and are willing to it -- it at least compromise a little bit on that the horse collar race. Two to be able to get the capacity of a truck out of fuel efficiency ratings and in of course for the cafe standards. Continuing to rise they're gonna need to do that. Yet this is one of those things that via net after it announces cap A standard -- so it makes sense of this this. The announcement of this collaboration come out because both companies there are looking for ways to. And attitude to boost their current economy and if they can that share the technology share the -- between them. But they're also along this announcement actually also announced a you column addicts that collaboration between the U. Com. Again and this is really just announcement -- -- here they don't really have many details. And a you know that they talked about. Are you working together on -- from. Do you. -- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards and -- what they're really looked unity is standards for. Some of their automatic systems and some of their on board. -- Electronics. So. -- and by having standards that means it'll be much less expensive. And this is you know one thing that Ford's been working at for a long time is bringing this type of technology into the Los expensive cars and I think Toyota has a similar interest. So -- taken offer in a separate used policy only in luxury vehicles for regional pricing in in cheaper cars. -- in the great now what sync you can plug in like a Bluetooth dongle. And with -- -- you have to Bluetooth -- with your phone. If you SB dongle with the with think and then would with with into new Bluetooth paired with your Smartphone actually go to the -- the Toyota Camry -- in -- And they basically just had a Motorola jury sitting in the cup holder of Bluetooth pairing kind of running the into the app on the phone to act does that bridge. But they're two very different ways that these -- systems used to connect to the Internet -- May be yet some sort of understanding that if all phones if we can develop a standard that is easy for phone manufacturers develop -- 222. When -- -- except. And to utilize in their phones going forward and -- Maybe one day you'll have to install and into an Apple -- Boehner looked for supported USB. No -- wireless Internet dongle you'll just be able to any phone will just connected that'll make it easier for auto makers across the board. To be able to offer the sort of connected systems without you having to purchase the secondary data plan -- you do in some some cars. Yet you know I really like the that way to approach to that and actually think Ford should I mean -- -- can adapt their system to be like that. It's -- it into that they both guns while port is certainly gone pretty far along with its own -- automatic -- -- says deceive them. Talking about working with Toyota and -- and what -- -- -- recent initiatives are. -- see if they can make them up with. In -- hybrid system between the two of them that. Opera similar functionality may be -- Dell obviously branded differently and rate. Because in -- -- -- low low price vehicles like the fiesta of their through connect service easy to reconcile yeah see it's reflects the phone call. Using your phone as a modem with something that I've actually had been done in about five years. So for that is for them to any need to be delivers an always on Internet connection for phone -- as. It's interesting to me the way clearly uses that -- into net to basically tether your phone via Bluetooth when. It seems to also that the the wireless carriers are starting to lock that down. I wonder if they're if they're some sort of how that works like if if you I don't -- -- imagine you'd be using a ton of bandwidth over that into connection it is pandora. Maybe you know and the occasional being searched for and restaurant reservation. But I mean how does that work into the grand scheme of a -- if you don't pay for tethering plan you're not reveal -- to pull your data off your phone for anything else. Yeah -- -- just in you mentioned that in -- system working through Bluetooth with Android. With an iPhone you actually have to have it plugged to the cable. Right because iPhone is more locked down like that you can't do run that data connection through the Bluetooth. You know connection -- so. Yeah it's you know whether Android on the blocking that down as well tear than maybe -- -- and there's always gotta be a way. That of anything yet that that sort of Powell things usually work with -- iPhone you have to have a cable. With injury usually have to go through Bluetooth some sort -- away. In both cases -- I think you still have to have an into an open on your phone to enable. Through that Gateway to the Internet. Right and -- -- -- app allows that data -- -- allows you know basically -- tethering now rate. Yeah its its school system like the way that I'd really like the way -- -- and unity talked about the -- data usage. Yeah I mean pandora's by the most heavy data usage in that then that type of thing. You that's only when your in your car and driving and listening to pandora and that you you may be on -- two hour commute but that's just him two hours -- data usage as opposed to sitting their for you know eighteen hours listening to. With a wide open and outspoken when using any more -- in tennis playing pandora over Bluetooth audio stream -- I don't know it yet. So here -- -- way around that. Gets -- -- Nelson there's actually another one. Has had another collaboration. That was announced this week. This one from GM and LG. LG is already provides lithium ion batteries to GM for the M the Chevy Volt. Actually really the Opel and impair that the version of those have -- in Europe. And dad what's. This agreement is all about is. The LG is going to supply lithium ion batteries to UGM for new. Electric carts that news didn't. There's going to be announcing about it let's. -- let's -- improvements that -- -- there stockholders that they were going to be. Have some pretty good contracts coming up and GM gets to say that today we're gonna be heaven it's more electric arts. Give him another excuse to show off that pedal Koehler and oh absolutely need to do just yet. At that ran a greater impediment that last week as yet that is sweet looking -- -- I created. Really really serious looking to should have. A version of the volt power train which means it may not. Be quite the performer that looks like it should be should make a version with. Meets at nine -- ten FF FF I F Cadillac designed to -- repeat iron. Area that would be when it is regular to the backseat this red -- and the the spreadsheets read and it's -- -- to be twelve that there. Are you knows. He Phoenix with solar battery pack expected to -- -- hybrid. Super charged -- Ellis seven it as if that. A lot of options for that color anywhere will be -- and for more. News on that at as -- that of course you know -- in the next a round of auditions which auditors season is just coming up as soon. They will have something on that. But here's -- little news item on the electric car front. That to. Costco has decided that. That -- -- electric charging stations anymore. And lake Eden and he's like the the -- stations for people were shopping there. Yeah I think yeah I think that was the use of initial idea right now is that I -- they wore her they had installed in some locations they installed some. Electric -- Yet chargers. Right in the parking lots and you can drive and ideas you know people cars can drive you will want to go to Tosca because heading and recharge while they shop. People already wanted to -- -- -- and that we can't keep away from Tosca like I would you need to go to cut it more than once per week. But if so -- do -- -- happening is that it looks like they're getting rid of these. The unceremoniously even getting rid of these that He be -- stations is basically taping. Xerox science to the front -- them that says hey if there's gonna be gone on the fifteenth. Mary which is strange because they they -- only been around for a few months in it's not like. These have been around for a long time. I can't imagine an elegant -- the rationale is in as it is you -- costing us money. That would cost more to removes the that would be -- -- leave them out and gets to leave them up then. It's a continuing cost -- He just leave them there. And the continuing cost it is to -- amounted to a one time charge -- might delicate on the books it would it would make more sense to use. Replaced him with eight partners -- that -- I know there's not a lot of people electric cars I'm sure. Lot of these stations by never saw any usage whatsoever. You know that's -- -- in as building up it seems strange that they would. If people ask it in your smart eat eat -- you can't let stuff in it it's like that's not the ideal Costco car -- outstrip. Any sign that Nissan leaf leave via an X there it Samuel massive amounts of -- -- -- as one of 300 hands of Tesco brand -- I wonder though if the type of people having UVs now are not the type of people -- cost and -- -- sucked it all these. Whole foods -- buy -- these charges from the and the -- of these chargers on the -- He says that Medimmune neatly EB currently fighting over. The accident destructive there's flicked it on -- EV drivers and -- and a plug in hybrid drivers. I mean that there immediate have to put them at every spot otherwise. You know how to local food are -- live out reality it's -- -- -- -- Gang fights in the -- the plug -- I've directly at electric drivers at a leading by between them at. You can -- in the -- he's coming out with -- -- of their road based on the hateful or looks like. I -- -- some news came out about this this is a 84 plug in hybrid so we -- we know that out He already has well actually under the Volkswagen group is already. Some hybrid technology float around there and so yeah this is sort of this auto builds that the year it's German web site that -- website some. And it published an article saying that Audi will -- produce a and a four. In 2014. With the rear -- electric motor says sounds like it's going to be a probably. Engine -- the front wheel and electric on the rear -- Something yeah well this is seems like predators and we're showing -- at recent -- -- showing. -- Versions of it says -- working on something interest in there. Interesting this could be as early as 2014 -- -- -- 2013. We see this car probably. Yes and medical in the -- and they actually already showed up Leah used the Q five is a hybrid quite wrote. All wheel drive. I don't that's a production vehicle of this is something they set up as a concept. And look look look for that one. Last -- in -- exact. -- close look at that and on top of that we actually got a confirmation that that -- building 188. So they're taking their flagship. Luxury luxury sedan. And put in a hybrid power train in that back -- gonna come out to well next -- -- -- to insert when He thirteen model. And death. I don't know with this. Audi -- -- like every. That really cool touchpad and -- -- some on the that the console. It is really -- performance. Technology under the hood and then they're adding electrification to that -- -- -- -- is it's a monster technology. Yet so and -- -- -- they're basically a hitting on all cylinders right now. And you've gotta think that Lexus has got to be a little bit worried about the distance -- me right now there there LS. High -- I don't know kind of indeed look Sri hybrid steered the front runner -- -- -- -- and you've got hybrid in that class but you know when I think about like the goal hybrid. Go straight to Lexus LS. Was it 600 H -- 600 HN -- when they sort of they kind of went -- with -- when they first announced -- and then they -- we're still building them but not really is a serious. Elite is closely 130000 dollars as an enemy -- closed its close to not touching. A 100000 dollars Atlantis yes it did away more expensive than the standard Ellis 460 is -- -- -- yet -- To learn -- is only gonna cost cuts test. -- considering -- it is already. 250000. Public you can buy. EB or an Audi. What they're announcing with us that its interest in of the stats on this age eight because they're saying it will have 882 liter four cylinder engine. Etc. I think it's yet Turbo direct injection to -- of -- owner that. I inputs and everything and and they've got this teamed up to an eight horsepower and 28 pound feet of torque -- -- Some different tune in on that than the standard version we've seen. It's not super impressive numbers it's it's reasonable for a good amount of power I think never enforced and -- with an electric -- -- -- -- it. It seems like -- drug and -- good amount however it. This is a different direction from like a Mercedes. Their -- that the electric engine is basically just icing on the -- of our extremely powerful gasoline and. Quote -- this that this that out he's definitely. Said we can -- maximize their you know the fuel economy out of this by going to the really this much smaller engine -- anybody would. General use in this because I think it's an interesting comparison that. Similar Volkswagen group. Hybrids of a second toward hybrid is a good example uses the super -- to -- six. Along with a hybrid system so it is crazy amount of power -- it's okay fuel economy gets better fuel economy and standard -- X ray. It's as -- fuel economy and -- with this say -- eight. The total system output output with this them hybrid systems 242 horsepower. Three and 54 pound feet of torque which still in reality is probably enough for most people. Yet an evil yet and that the new -- is that it's got this aluminum. Frame so it's really much lighter weight then. Comparable. Action -- much lighter weight than Mercedes-Benz S class and media BMW seven series. So doing regularly get away with that but this is also I think kind of -- European thing never -- said if they're gonna sell this car in the US. Yet but it certainly it makes you more in line with your Europe to say and we'll just -- four cylinder into -- huge huge selection again -- luxury sedan looks like. -- 44 mile per gallon under the European to cycle to listen and -- -- Term -- -- -- that's actually an average European tests like only as just like combined yet -- as the combined number and that's usually you in my experience that their numbers are usually. Higher. Fuel economy -- when we get an EPA testing them I would think of this car were put through the UEPA tested probably get. Mid thirties -- Computer -- -- -- tool policy we threw it out yet and constantly fantastic yeah gotta be nothing wrong with that unity to -- Maybe get up to a hundred and fifty miles an hour class this paths -- -- you could in the leaders -- essentially. Be surprised how easy is that you and if you these days at that. Dahlia most cars and can handle that pretty simple says -- hybrid -- gonna look look forward to you. You well looked at to something by apparent that this week in in the right. So it's in January. The previewed. Pre production model of a device called the asteroid and this is supposed to be the first. -- Aftermarket car stereo that's based on the injury and operating the nexus thing it's the first car stereo. Ever including alien solutions to to running on a version of the interim operating system and yesterday they stopped by. With the device itself like an actual production model. And I get a -- -- -- -- -- and it's. It's interesting and it you don't really see the injury this. They hide it well it runs and all of version of injury one point -- that and and of believe modified so that it up basically optimize for an in car environment so you don't get that sort of a desktop metaphor. Or there's no touch sensitivity if everything's not based. But they do hit the major points Bluetooth connectivity. USB connectivity. Interestingly the first they needed -- plug an -- up to it so it does work with iPhone connects. Bluetooth hands I would much and they Bluetooth audio streaming and -- -- -- in this necklace from the picture here and it is an excellent slot it's only about half as deep as your standard car stereo -- reports is the so be it didn't even bother with the -- -- test. -- -- -- -- Good for extra cooling in the back but. The whole point of -- -- in this case facility could install apps. So it's gonna come preinstalled with the mapping -- With the botanical road trip that basically -- -- -- -- -- tourism. An app that basically lets you report speed cameras and there opening it two developers. To develop their own apps so if you want to pay if pandora decides they want to build a pandora app that can run native on this they can do that or. Spot fire whoever -- ever wants to. Develop an act storied. App so this has GPS unit built into it yet comes with a GPS antenna. It comes with a microphone and enhance the calling it doesn't come -- Internet connection. So you're gonna have to supply your own you can -- plug in oh and USB sort of a three to your forgy dongle or you can Bluetooth tether your phone. To get the a connection there are and you'll need to do that to basically take advantage of India apps of the maps won't work without. -- it is. Data connection because they're Google Maps. Yes and this is a singled in cars -- clicker Singleton unit so -- -- should fit in just about any car. Have to have that knobs and buttons -- field quality. It felt like He was really good quality I thought it was -- to be -- to play around with but the interface is so simple. That it's really -- just kinda blew through things -- kind of jump. In two navigation and then and then jump back out of that and -- and whatever. What do they have an app called. It's some sort of radio Internet radio streaming app and -- thickly what's called. But then you can jump into that or then jump Al and then go into an iPhone USB device. Very quickly it's really intuitive. -- but again it's not. -- show -- injury. Suggesting that a parent made this series -- is not a you know I'm not at the first company think of anything of aftermarket head unit. They've been making him for a while yet they've had a couple of Christmas not their biggest deal appeared just some weird thing and -- company that makes the AR drone that's -- quads -- copter. That just came out of left field and. Yet has no relation of initial Bluetooth headsets from south of there -- it works on blue -- -- just add some extra controllers and that is. Hey let's make this thing in an innovative company when it what is this thing become available. October. We should probably get one in a little bit before that to for full on testing in the -- they have that and look forward to playing around. Our -- -- -- -- any idea on prices at this point three -- 49 dollars so it's gonna go kind of go head to head with pandora we would -- news app for India which is the other sort of smart phone headset -- different different paradigm here at their Booth. Very app centric so it can be interesting to see which one of these -- -- linking the best practice nuclear. A similar kind of some -- -- Mod that music service online music service is getting that. Adopted by BMW. That's gonna be included as standard in BMW and infotainment systems. This is this is -- -- -- -- -- Note about earlier we were gonna got a -- about earlier because. Ahmad was showing up a mini that was equipped. With smog. And many -- and damn. Nominee in BMW obviously Ambien to humans many. So most -- the -- of technology you see in minis comes from BMW. And so this is full integration of -- with the iPhone with that set it connected drive system. We've got -- photo of it here and it looks pretty good. And you've got this skip songs things like that you've got a number -- -- does use that -- -- left hand menu with weird icons that you. Similarly limited targets Easter there -- -- the team system -- Net I think it -- so use a silly that I drive interface basically but -- you know. -- -- step in and -- -- here it's got -- Cover art which is nice. But I wonder too there's also on the the menu a -- and menu there's a little search icon -- so I just want -- house virtual be -- here are gonna be like. Driving down the road at eighty miles an hour and searching for. A -- here here if you're new favorite band. In cabinet unit and it out. I'm. I'm not a blog user -- -- really use it very often but it. I do like the idea of choice. I've -- -- -- -- usually it's -- they were gonna put Internet radio on the -- pandora. And that's just it so it's good to see choice. You know -- is seeping -- -- again. In -- you know and some of the other services. Two gonna get in there are so that. If you'd you'd you'd like a service. You you you a least have the choice of going to -- and every window of the -- funneled into to the same thing so maybe we'll start seeing similar things. From Sparta fire X on the Khatami as it stands -- I've used this -- -- -- app in the -- it's not optimize them for in car use so you know I would like to see -- start partner with. You know car manufacturers start getting there some sort of backed or built on their app for that same sort of control. Yeah limitation here of course is that anti choices says that it's only on the -- Which is in line with BMW's current. Smartphone integration. Many in BMW's. -- they have iPhone apps and under the Android yet nailed down -- it seems like it to be easy for them to. Get over their bit and then quite yet. I think it's just like a matter of -- A lot of the of -- -- think iPhone is -- very popular. First choice. Wrath of -- you see a lot of manufactures going like -- so we go. Injury which is chemical -- kind of easy to do. We have a little bit more freedom we can or would it make more sense to. Develop our system for Apple. A very popular platform. You know. In the end you know within the limitations of which you can do it Apple and then trends for that thing system over -- -- without losing function out. It's like you don't want New England -- -- -- the so it's like. If you develop -- -- injury you can to these really awesome things and you can of Apple and now that functionality is limited. In which you've done and is you -- kind of short sold half of -- half of fear your installed. -- had a thing that's gonna shake the Apple base I don't think that at any Apple and uses Internet so you get that featured is the only India has had to get an iPhone. At -- every now and then -- -- -- -- this world -- minute news. -- -- Out yet another -- -- -- the cars here that actually showed up last weekend was the Pebble Beach concourse elegance. And not only that they have a lot of amazing looking vintage cars there. They also had some and feelings of new -- -- it is interesting that this it was started com. In unveiling. Today -- -- he's a blow against -- -- there yet and little luxury automaker together they're showing off new ones. This one -- in Infiniti showed off their JX. Concept this is a new cross over from infinity it's a it's a seven passenger three -- SUV while crossover so -- actually built on a car frame instead of a truck frame. And it to them. Let me set it up the content they're actually gonna showed up as a -- production version at the LA auto show which is in December's so pretty soon. The this thing is pretty much close to production imagine it would change mites. I mean it's that door handles the effort must the harbinger of its done cited work in it outside mirrors and door handles its not a concept. Interesting styling on here and tired and from the -- -- and mitigating some some. I used the headlights -- can -- -- WE they are it was in its delicate simple -- news that we can -- the effects units. Right in the egg really can -- it has sort of the kinks in the size and and close goes in on the sides and angles and that's very -- -- the current the current -- design. -- have to see in the around it like in it that the united. I tend to give card that -- European Green in. That's streaming is well -- a little like that. Well what I wonder about this is the Internet as a seven passengers competes with the Infiniti QXE. Which is -- the massive -- it's the same basically as the Nissan Armada rate you can bet that's pretty going to be standing by tilt and -- -- -- if it it is a lot smaller. -- greatly at least in vertical height. And maybe a little -- and how big news just -- initial reactions. That -- -- big wagon but I I just wonder if they'll actually get rid of the QX they -- -- this currently gets more pictures of it here. Exit -- the name of the yet they have said it's gonna have a V6 engine you com. I assume that's gonna be there 3.5 three point seven liter to not the big dead yeah eight is in the M. That the date yet QX. Got a rear shut your digital -- from the back. And looks more like a you -- a Catholic -- -- Yeah yeah a little bit and -- though there's I think there's a little bit of Lexus RX here. And a little bit of accurate and He acts. Definitely mechanical and from the rain inspiration there added -- the look is bad from the back maybe. The butter faced with that -- -- And they did say that the and the third row is actually not gonna be as. Tiny -- the way that infinity. I -- vice president described it as it won't be a penalty box. Back in the rear seat. And so -- take a look at the engine specs on this once more this has got a typical with the crossover. A way that there -- and crossovers is. Using a smaller engines than you would finally gain your typical similar size -- SUV. And so -- had -- -- have B six and also CDT. Which. You know with a lot of cases and eco questioning the communal C variable transmission. But Infiniti Nissan does a really good one -- the the best one are. Epidemics do you have any complaints and my initial reaction is always to make a face and services TV to -- -- use of -- on the edges. But. Yet another think about it I don't think I've had any complaints about the last CBT's -- that we don't think that was. And number on our -- probably having run as CBC -- it's a -- did they. Please. Admittedly you need you to play it to -- and passengers basically and handle all protect and status lower yet you don't need anything and there's nothing sporty about this it's out of the city seeing not going to be three owner around. You know canyons where he's scared of me at -- that I think it. And then they believe it's -- -- which like five times. And in no one's ever gonna -- it anymore. Right there's gotta be lot of really dusty paddles on. And I know there's some -- and a series of panels sectors either that are probably does this. Korea gathering dirt and dust and nobody's ever and via blanket might. My dad's old memory and power button. And it's just like you -- it and the cargo more powerful in a sledgehammer -- it's been a button for that it is. Pick a side yet -- Every now and implicitly. More time. Into -- and theater -- type. That idea it was me -- India ninety in 1990 -- inherited. And the academy of just left it on all the time. Sir when I want that are all the time that emit as much and -- -- but that important. Well -- we got another concept from media cobble -- session this from cowboy with a look at. This is the CO CO CI yeah well. CL meaning Ayers sky there's something like that and Friendster. German owners Slovakian. And -- But this is a big ally and convertible that's a pretty good looking car I think it's got some. It was particularly sixteen tons of them -- yes now this long -- It is still very square profile on the rectangular profile. -- has some curved edges that kind of make me think of maybe like big like 1930s kind of luxury car. I think I think -- simply reached in the past and the in the past this and adds that the to get that show off for the the Pebble -- -- -- I you know eat it it's you. When I first saw this car was like that looks like on that very unlike anything can -- doing right now but the more a look at it. -- starting this ease some of CT yes and there. With the and the -- was a little grill out yet kind of the headlights are very vertical here -- -- -- his headlights are also -- vertical but they're also kind of long yelling at a critical light pipes -- -- and -- which give it a certain as we look more a look at it the more and Tennessee. They're designed their. Yeah -- -- what I like is that Cadillac is actually doing something that's. Not the CT. So in terms of many variations on the -- yes it's a good -- -- -- -- can you blame them and to find tired lately and I got a couple years on this laurel had a branch your profile battle a little bit and open it important to you. You know new cars from them and -- -- old -- something although. And Cadillac has imply any of concerts in the pass -- -- get a few more photos here where. You know a lot of their concerts or does -- one -- they don't. What you know it could not an announcement of any kind of new model they're just dead just -- to show what they can view. Sexy get a patient the rear deck on this it's -- -- continue. I wonder if there's actually. -- it's funny with this concept I wonder if there is actually a convertible top here they just. -- epic has been bothered to build than an actual convertible -- And I understand there's like a like a blanket dispenser. And that's cars -- -- like it -- -- public tissue where it's just like. Here the blinking split out and it's in over the I think the rear passengers shouldered just click -- -- blanket out bird. So maybe there's not a top mean -- just wait a little look at there -- Canada can be maybe there -- no punches that they're -- -- -- that a thorough series. They'll seven the carriage Tyler's suicide doors into column and the -- -- -- looked at quite thick only four seats for buckets only. Italian camera of -- it is certainly how many more people -- that it has. Out of my TVs in -- area. New studio over media net. No -- central that would examine when I am surprised there there were doors on -- -- -- that very often use. A four door convertible without some sort of -- yet that Estes. Yeah a UI if you can kind of understand -- in it or bucket if they probably wouldn't active. Reinforced that spying rooms on its into the Archie from reaching and -- that -- -- -- commercial -- -- -- -- -- -- Any interest in design and said 082. Cadillac -- album. With something they're not gonna be building anymore. You fans of the winkle rotary engine. Will probably be sent to hear this but -- have halted production of the RX eight. Of the -- Yet -- which. It's about time -- it I think it's about time deliberately hinting it killing of art for years now. Within there are Gannett -- develop. Into a numbers man in and I don't know if it's been floating in limbo without an update for a very long time. -- a year ago are tired and this is there -- RX eight is more about the rotary engine that there are still trying to develop a new version of the rotary. This site and give it up guys I mean this thing it's interesting that it doesn't. Work. It work and -- work well. Perfectly fine and it's got -- toward birds -- well. Whatever they're getting rid -- -- it now because they can't make it meet emissions and it's it is -- reason Xenia. Yet -- wept when they -- -- about the story its European Commission standards that they can make it meet and they said of the camp zone in Europe well. Little allegedly -- time of the year now and military often speed will be that you often see them when I hear it -- mean that's the only when the Nazis. Floating around. It's actually you know I like the way this car handles India dental via -- of an art three. Not too long after I got here and I -- a boot time and that are totally adamant that three in the picture. From the statement. Yet really sports in and all that. And and for me sticking with that would that rotary engine I just don't see why there's so many better engines using solid -- -- technology. The -- out -- that. As -- -- and -- if I think if future loyal to -- for artery. Your loyal to it includes a small -- -- -- -- -- slow displacement. And it -- use its -- in low in the vehicle. Yeah you're just into -- -- of light wheat higher rating thing. But that is also boxer -- But since a mile a minute that it's small of the room to reflect a pumpkin -- -- -- Portion done amazing things the -- cell engines and name -- select in the that the -- Anyway that of -- in a ton of different directions at lobster they're going to need. Lot of different directions with their immunity to get a new focus at -- sky active. If that engine technology and they may be developing a hybrid Mazda six -- I think I've heard rumors floating around even though their whole ad campaign now if it's not a hybrid. Sony I think my this is kind of confused -- -- the only company ethic that's a little bit more confused than Honda. That's what they have some direction that with the -- sky himself but -- In early two it and see what days start and an outlet that they they actually call out to of the -- -- -- they've been in the swamp they've been in for the last few years. We -- -- here of their sales of them are exe which is another reeks -- well I think that it. And holds -- together at last year's lake. It's gonna be -- 200 models in the last year lead. Has -- -- low weigh less than five that Nixon had been down below 5000 units and says 07. -- Got a good look at and recovered from the of the car apocalypse really bad sales thing -- -- -- -- -- eleven -- 2011 numbers or -- program -- -- -- -- -- -- -- media and the municipal -- and people -- and I'll just are buying into an independently. Ultimately -- -- anymore -- too little -- it goes the enemy we muted deal on them. The -- to -- title of the month exceeded. -- Let me an incident about the script to use it notes that in 2004 the the sales peaked it to just below 25000. Is that pretty much at the same time as X-Men -- -- came out. And if that long at the art team now has yet which makes -- the -- and a car sales -- And it didn't get that featured prominently in expend two to you as. What was it like a star area sell them at -- tips over the news. For this part of that we hear. And take a little derived in a little car. So is the it's 2012 -- cute -- -- take take to get on the road. Not particularly exciting -- But that it generally wind. And than ever innocent -- not know that's -- don't actually have -- transmissions that let us EDT that we love so much. The close discouraging -- parents to use and abuse -- him. And it. Much as we'd like to complain about CBT's. It's not nearly as bad as that single -- automated manual in the smart at least this -- smooth. You -- and and the city car looks -- lewdness is what's gonna be most important. -- -- -- -- of -- form factor of the cards and it's really unique and competitiveness Hartford which. -- -- in comparison because it's. Shortly and -- on the smart thing. You can park anywhere. Density areas the parts are really easily. And especially got -- reader -- For those extra two -- for. There is the back seat back there yet to choose between what you're gonna put stuff back there are people. But the seats do fold flat so you wanna put things back there you -- a lot more storage space and you can -- What's interesting about this -- although there are tuned vaccines. Really only one of them -- useful. Because the seats push back so ours is technically at ten plus one and and so the idea being that the pretty far forward and not behind -- on the dashboard. Giving somebody behind me this means it. Now one thing is yes Q. And introduces. Them head -- -- the first time got a chance to see the new -- mid level pioneered in their operating. So it's got all sorts of interesting features that we've got have been asking more. And science and putting in -- he's really nice touch screen head unit. The most important winners most interesting one for our purposes actually -- -- radio integration when connected to an iPhone running the -- And -- so you can actually select your station's bookmark songs and -- thumbs up and down. Songs and we've got this standard iPod connectivity Bluetooth hands free calling is now built into this area. So there's no need for that external blue logic. Controller that we complain so much about the results you also get your address book and whatnot on the screen. -- you can't really access it while you're moving. Can -- Q that it doesn't authentic you funny look a little -- yet. -- Don't know how I feel about it -- have mixed feelings -- given a lot of small cars. It was still I think the least offensive that sort of like micro compact. Reason we treatment -- missile weird. Yeah let's do what -- connection about it is that -- and it's Fiat they've gone retro with there you on the super in the 500. And then you look at death things like the Yaris and their does bland and it does blend in with the environment. And then there is this which is kind of space age looking. Yeah I mean it looks a CD on the outside of the inside -- death piecemeal out yet. Inside is a strange it looks like has some very different. Interior designers went to work -- that thing where -- -- somebody was responsible for the doors. Somebody else was responsible for the dashboard in the yet a third person was responsible for that we -- little area. Just around the receiver. And they didn't have any meetings it is all get together their stuff and. Need to happen -- what I think happened with the -- so it's got a -- two tone interior to tones a plastic. And -- you're not -- different colors and there when you live here. Online park and degrading actually to use the the U verse is the black its gonna be just that's all you get for the interior. Not because -- their product in a produce these guys really simply and cheaply. As it is part of the idea and I think what happened with interior is that it's. They initially released this car in 2000. Either 2007. Around the -- -- some selling in other -- around the world for awhile as -- Toyota. I think they had one interior for at bat. And then for the US -- they added some elements to make it. I don't know more USC. That. -- world you know -- -- cheap -- you to. It is like 13 of expertise and has -- vanity site online. It's gotta have. And funky youthful and mean if kind of a meeting minutes when it looked at the IQ -- it not funky and Matthew isn't the phone here and threats got to put that sign ons and -- To keep student is there any random panels in the -- -- gloss black they do that. Right in YouTube's audience there's also this thing -- call leave the necklace with little red strip. Iran has sold it when I got out of it was like god there's another color. That that just a tiny little red accent underneath one -- the gloss black panels it. Yet and that's that -- designers and ago Mike and yes I -- science with science bowl created with. It was one cool thing that the door panels and its -- -- Lugo in them and when I saw that the first thing -- -- -- On a cut that out put a link and who like you know cut out the -- ago when the doors like pagan and -- foot long and about -- three -- call you cut that out. Like complex legal and -- the light of random -- because it's -- -- you're gonna -- The -- effectiveness of color shift delete the changes colors and -- -- -- to the beat you it'd probably be if sign if you're gonna build Lanka. Released series IQ one point -- That needs to be -- feature. You should design their their release series. I Q senior -- to CNET and yeah. They already announced that they're gonna have the body kits available for like officials land body -- in the first one is actually designed by I have access. Five X and have them released. Strong relationship with time yet -- lot of body kits and and they and if you ever see accustomed to Leo and at a car show five at fifth and -- the real. Right and in so they put some ground effects on in Somalia from reader you know extra body work you and data with that design with that really short -- designed -- some big wheels on that and suddenly your revenue toy cars. The wheels that -- on it that our tester head -- sixteenth -- you looked. Huge how we act like it in the sense that I turned and looked at the current public what -- -- those -- Arab massive. And then you know when looking near sixteenth and just like -- the -- so small in the wilderness pushed out. -- pushed all the way on the cart and a replica if you look at it from the -- it's almost leaning forward. The of the way the rear wheels -- -- almost -- the bumper yet. It just makes whatever wheels on their look maxis. Well I really enjoyed having a -- in San Francisco. Because. He was in my -- whomever is not too bad for parking but -- anytime there's any bit of open -- space it's like oh yeah compartment there. Or in the middle of the street other isn't spot across the street a little quick U turn only answer and you -- you turn in a single lane. In the much -- -- that the turning radius is like only like a foot or so longer than the car it's. And it's a short cards like -- you can zip around all over the place in this little thing. -- -- at the end of the coolest thing about this class because I mean you're not -- -- -- funded -- -- powerful. Because it's none of those things and it it's all you noted in my mind I can think like small cards can be -- but that it's CDT. -- that no favors -- doesn't even heard it. I think if -- in the video like it's it's not nearly as bad as that automated manual that in the for two. How predictable in its correctness is SS RT was unpredictable it crap. But the science just like oh this is when I get -- cool and you can sector level of expertise in from cars in a do and then make it safe and predictable and easy to drive. And I think that's more important being fun fun fun to drive. Yeah that that's true. And the mercy hospital that engine grinding sound -- of witnesses. Tablets and so don't sit there at the worst possible rpm for found relate would -- found. You think you -- satellite data to dine around -- all over the firewall. -- something in the massacres that it's a big applicant features that that's the way of saying you can give. Up against outwards to make the most new equipment and the world. Like an -- audible -- that -- coach that -- it out yet few weeks. -- -- If you're -- today. In the most annoying -- it's the nails scratching on the blackboard founded earth. Does one thing about it to -- noticed is there their EPA fuel economy is really get 3637. Yet and that is a president -- -- Well it's they -- and out its interest in that we get such a high -- number 36. Its combined is actually 37 yet and that's a -- its higher than any. Any other not -- hybrid car you so even though you cars it's a forty miles per gallon you know highway thirty now dale city yet they're usually like 34 two yes this card -- better supposed to be better overall but I found is in city driving -- I was -- mid to high twenties and it is your dislike O. -- a lot of that grind you engine noise telling me not to open up to take up -- from the stops never comfortable. Yet I just think though in a really Ecstasy really dense urban area like -- -- where. In a hit a -- -- in every block you know you're never gonna yet -- really did. And a long run for like a mile going say 25 -- thirty miles an hour of steadily. You're gonna be like stop start stop subsequent traffic everything else I think that's is gonna -- mileage and maybe -- -- PA testing doesn't really. In particular entity and it helped -- -- -- it takes and maybe more like suburban. Type of testing range but. Not like a really hard core urban area where you could talk on New York City or something like that -- -- gonna. Sit through three trapped three light cycles that you now waiting to get through light for example -- Creeping forward so -- and I we have a kind of don't think people real world we're gonna get that 37 miles per gallon -- be nice they did it just don't see it. And any other -- it's like this car cost exactly almost exactly the same things within 200 bucks of the XD yeah to a slate. My first question when -- like pranks if current why would you do is buy an -- -- to more space. But then again if you know again and -- these menus easy to park his car. Yet in the same that I can get certain attributes -- 161000 seemed a little steep. Fermi is a base price for the scar. Considering its size and I think people are a look at -- -- -- -- smallest unit -- what else that's how things work in America. All -- and calls the line. Right as -- 9000 dollars the other advertising and it is premium. Micro is impossible to premium that -- that premium. -- and use the 500 -- it. -- -- -- -- -- much premium about the interior that either of those cards. But -- And cyanide -- that we'd actually get to review and video up bomb on our sites taken from the -- -- at cnet.com and take a look at that. We'll take a look -- what's in the CNET garage. She's just so latest cars we December just. -- had a reviews He had 2012. Honda civics at -- -- soon possibly ES 2012 up Volkswagen deals the retractable hardtop this. So clearly no lights at least for now for 37000 dollars and -- also grant funded a first drives in the 2000 called Toyota Camry hybrid. You can take a look at that on our site. Next up we -- the -- Ford transit connect the funky little urban utility trucks everywhere in two weeks. And then that carried out by and the next week we've got -- yet Nissan Murano cross -- relate. Demonstrating that another weird look into our -- likes it can see what it's like today so this is in the SE. At car tech live podcast. -- -- doubt find this on the web car tech dot cnet.com. You can net. Post on Twitter and I can follow myself I'm Wayne C underscore SF. Antuan is -- do you AMT GOO and Brian Cooley is BR IBM. -- -- -- -- -- I can find this heartache that's gonna come out perfect posts there and download our podcast. -- like as.

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