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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 229: Check the tech in the Mercedes CLS550

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 229: Check the tech in the Mercedes CLS550

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Cadillac gets a Volt, HP wants WebOS somewhere - how about cars? AAA takes on OnStar...Can you sell your parking spot? And we drive the Mercedes CLS550.

Cadillac gets its own -- HP wants webos somewhere about cars. Triple -- takes on OnStar. Can you sell your parking spot and we drive the Mercedes CLS 550. Hello everybody starts -- live I'm Brian Cooley -- Wayne Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin. It's -- at the controls at the eighteenth of August's welcome to episode 229. Is going on in car tech today we've been around this one banding -- about. For probably a year now will there be a Cadillac version of the Chevy Volt and it looks as though. It's -- yes and we finally east bank on this one yet there was a report to earlier this week that's the Green -- reports as other blog site net broke this story they -- some insider. Information from GM and because that story kind of broke DMX is that okay we need to actually get on this and temperament for real market -- forced into. Confirming that there will be -- -- yet and this is actually it's a really cool looking cards it's this -- style very much like the -- it's like the CT -- Yet is Mary's forties style sprawling going to be pretty lightweight pretty small real stubby nose on it yet and it's gonna have to use that -- to power -- so that we've all seen them person at one of the -- -- -- -- -- -- being good looking -- it is. -- mean look and in person which is -- -- they go when you think of a Green car most consumers don't yet to solve these agreements mean and mean -- great. That's -- be there is -- still I don't know that's because spokes dude I mean Joseph Green that began an awesome that's perfect -- -- -- difficult to yell our is that -- name for -- -- apparently yes so you could electric. I'm gonna make that's where -- that took it is like excel are and -- the rates -- it didn't really comply with like -- yes and -- He has is the new model and now list but it's out of Mexico Mario. Means of -- still alive but does point that out that's your man to bring this car to market does GM that one's free okay it went from -- -- Cooley in for me to. Reveal all and arthritic Malcolm Begin to get Manilow dying in car there -- -- got -- -- -- earlier report on the story -- is the converged who were at the alarm when it comes out will use the one point five version of the -- power train which means what it's -- to be refined it and I'm not as if they're collecting allotted data in that -- in in the -- recoverable via on the -- also be able to make some changes hopefully and -- they're actually working on a whole 2.0 upgrade. So this'll be sort of a medium level upgrade from an assessment leaders at the brick her pockets and it's okay. It's the it's the Baltic power train as humans in the big T shaped lithium battery pack and we don't know they have a dividend are happening at Pebble Beach -- what it next week. We gathers this weekend for this -- gas prices -- so they're gonna be activity you're gonna be down at the -- weekend and lots of people are. You will be able to get an early shot of the -- ELR formerly known as a convert sent us a picture. To book our tickets in dock we'll have our own people there encased him to drop the mix miss it and you can -- -- back up speaking at GM what's more prosaic. But nonetheless interesting to as many of you have written is said. Hey guys loved the review is level the -- text why don't you do more with trucks. Pick -- trucks and such. And just for a side bar. Here's your answer ladies and gentlemen -- -- Do we do it right they don't get -- trucks -- that there -- you know they are. There's there's two major trucks in the consumer market a three meter tracks and there's -- -- Fifty even Chevy Silverado and the dodge something better than ever ram something -- And so while we just pissed off the -- Recently declared owners and homeowners amongst three vehicles they're gonna get an upgrade maybe every three to five -- -- -- So you know as opposed to all the Toyota's and compact cars and midsize sedans out there you know we're not gonna see as many. -- updates to the out of the big trucks -- And that's the texts are focus you know we don't get sent ought to trucks because of -- upgrade things like engines and transmissions and in a workaday way but. -- -- in cabin tech tends to be of much slower turn -- in passenger cars that's that's your reason but here we are. Taking -- you truck lovers up. Two big makers GM and Chrysler following in Ford's footsteps to start going. What used to be a big trend V sixes in full size pick up spec in earlier fuel crises of York. And now or start a sea of this week doing really well yes Ford data -- eco boost to be six which is that's a direct injection that Turbo charged six on better yet a united -- does have a better horsepower than a BU eight. And -- gets. Better fuel economy -- so why not find out -- it worth the loss -- it's -- -- and -- -- seen their sales are great on this thing they weren't sure they thought you know people still of -- -- in a pickup truck but gathered their sales are actually. More than 50% Bassett -- -- that's nice that's that's very surprised that -- really well that's an -- GM and Chrysler coming along this week we understand. Making a big push toward the same idea and Automotive News report coming out of out of Detroit. Saying that now GM says they are focused on continuing to improve their VA but at the same time moving -- V6 into their line. And same thing going on with Chrysler's well again most rams. RV -- on up to serious V rates but they will also eventually get a -- to -- V6 which is the the new family. Of the V sixes are but still has yet to receive direct injection last week checked the -- yea it should soon they're gonna put direct index -- -- had to start soon and so it it'll be more efficient engines. And yet direct injection is great to -- get more power use less fuel -- -- why not when you look at the numbers -- -- so the modern -- sixes are starting to. I guess where off the prejudice that full size pickup drivers have always had against anything less than eight. -- of a V8 car and so the people's -- -- -- they know what either your broken you could afford VA. Where you gentlemen many truck -- -- many are at or a midi truck even more so much of what's worse -- -- -- a mini truck in the world -- people literally any antitrust and MR there will be built they still make. Colorado. Who yet and -- -- those in the day but that's not. It's like -- mid sized client -- it's not Michael Milliken stand. They'll have -- or any saw little hustler or the Mitsubishi and my next. C brightness Subaru Baja Subaru -- hour talk ninety -- trotted out -- rock. That was good -- those Josie and the back Wright's I still maintain that now one of my highest -- I wanna meet current design. An -- that are totally do that there's no reason not to is is how I'm feeling about that. Maybe it's just because the woman only had two doors -- the other suit the -- That's the -- into that was when I get the -- jump seats that's the Gypsy tea I -- our project I saw a full size pickup truck the other day with a spoiler over the with -- At a tailgate networks. Don't use that that must be doing an element the other and super beauty immediately -- -- today and that's what it goes again -- this is that when there's -- actually. Clinically crew cab. -- -- -- would have -- the Lincoln. Black would. The Blackwood hello -- -- you lift truck ever collectible. There's the brat -- those hang on you're gonna die rear -- -- that is grab bars they had them. The oh my god -- level of that they're like little -- at least should do something you know all they do is hold you in a -- you could because they haven't in this -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- if you bribed everybody DOT -- -- -- an -- -- ordinance but it was Israel. To Doris single row seats that uses the back in your hang on produce. Love the -- -- let's talk about some of the technologies in cars now. Eight species that -- held away. And a related story to -- -- -- the leads into our next story was that best buy has basically told Hewlett-Packard to go -- and you all plans. Pull up to best buy stores and get these DM touchpad touchpad tablet out of our stores they're not selling and the start to smell bad. I mean they've barely -- that story leads us into this one here where HP is looking for somewhere else to merchandise webos if it's not selling on tablets. And hasn't on phones either maybe it's great for running refrigerators in carts. Story in the journal saying that they're trying to persuade auto manufacturers to use webos in their products and we don't know if -- thinking that webos would be. The actual interface in the vehicle or underpinnings like windows is in cars have you -- used webos I haven't. -- like dabbled analogue now you for a long kept like touched around -- and looked looked around on a Palm Pre. Yet it is the touchpad a bit on and it's it's it's different. Is it better than anything else sound like I think that be -- I'm of mixed mind because you know -- it's gonna be thrown that serve card period idea. Where you flip between different cards and ending in a card or navigation a card -- Calling card or your music -- might work in a car it may be pretty easy to -- around within on the other hand. Whenever you look at these cards. They're all very different calendar card looks completely different from a contact card and when you're in a car you want stuff to look the same you -- to buttons to be in the same spot. So you don't have to look at the screen you know -- -- heating plate. So they -- like you know the -- it would have to be. Uniform eyes that -- I -- we get the idea did have to be made more uniform. Men and -- optimize for carbon I think there's. There -- some there some link there to -- it's a great little OS in so many ways it's just. They haven't found a way to crack the code -- it making it particularly better on phones or tablets yet within here's the other thing they in the industry's moving away from. From that and it's moving towards we've already got this junk on your own anyway so we'll just lets you. Use your phone through our system. Presumably two inch -- to license you know webos to put in a car when you're just gonna plug -- Android phone or an iPhone up to it. An echo its interface out to the dazzled them yeah that's interest and that's why this may be as more and underpinnings thing where they're saying -- webos and can run the guts yet. Better than whatever you're using now a lot of competition -- that I need a -- vehicle for a refrigerator. That's our our take on it for cars great for fridge -- elegantly. You can have year. You're up full word. What is at the Florida along one. They have the refrigerator and it's bad when it's one is that the only reflects a fourth leg to get your ports -- with -- refrigerator to beyond the -- that with webos. On the free love except that as how they get the car market and automotive refrigerators and a so HP we just -- that -- and -- it. -- roadmap that's where -- AAA is -- using road -- to take it to OnStar and this is becoming. Quite a little busy market all of a sudden is this idea of after markets. Telemann X OnStar -- one month ago with SMB they call -- the mirror you can put in that will give you OnStar. Now here comes AAA the association -- AAA is a -- seven national. Organizations called ACP the -- -- club partners. And they are working with Hughes -- addicts which does a bunch of telemann -- -- they run Mercedes-Benz telemann X systems and some others. To do this advisor mounted device -- get a picture here you're watching a video version and it will let's use. Christopher comes back and you can put this on and get basically the OnStar button -- -- in this case it's the AAA button and it will let you do the help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the question is is it. Is it too uninteresting. And what do they do that I won't get from an -- OnStar from market which is well known name. And on sort of have -- is of the brand equity total -- But I mean if this is less expensive we -- surprise it looks like a by the melting of you can move it from -- car. True America that be cool. But I mean other than that the mean one should I thought it was the Bluetooth speaker from companies that let consumers like -- an article those Leo -- to the Red Cross him. But they don't -- that I'm sure that one touch button access here for call a tow truck a roadside assistance that that's -- AAA in a massive thing. That's their cash and trade is -- the roadside people. I wonder how exactly this works because I've actually tested Bluetooth speakerphone that claimed that it had all sorts of you know Twitter integration and in email integration and all this and it turned out that whenever you hit the button just -- 800 number. And used voice service. That I had to look -- -- -- I wonder just like the same thing where it is literally just the Bluetooth speakerphone. Windows -- it is just now presents a community bulletin GPS receiver in and -- -- That does actually have some diagnostic stuff and it'll look -- your cars but we DDQ court -- -- right cable from your visor. Yeah I think you have to do that. -- doing with a Bluetooth dongle. -- they might be it could be -- -- He is a pretty -- tell Madison is behind this technology is a pretty advanced company. And -- and into Tuesday mean there there already offering that pretty much exact same stuff for us state farm state -- gonna market this. And triple -- now on this bandwagon and I -- trust -- more with this type oh yeah. Most of us don't trust assurance that it but triple -- we feel pretty good about it -- -- a statement -- neighbor. At an event as usually there and electrically -- and turbulent travelers often are always there. -- -- -- 660. Dollars a month for the service for state farm. After -- guardian package that -- talking about that's already on the market. But there's also a twelve dollar a month and has a lot more services and there. That you -- the diagnostics stolen vehicle location but also they've got some some Green driving fuel economy in carbon -- -- are these going to be a big new. That's gonna have to plug in and also with their belittling and then deploy again in the through the whole portability on the window unless its wireless. -- because snaking wires around its of the union nasty wire or -- to go into your visor applicant is just to be nothing. It is ever tested well let's take it off of -- by there and there's there's no reason ever put anything up there because you're gonna wanna put it down one day. In the into the wireless goes -- it's gonna aren't I think like this ice even now but when I used to -- testing and not the -- the microphone or a Bluetooth -- -- for index things up and I don't even do that anymore. -- too much of a hassle. Yes and remove it you just move the position of the thing for this sounds are allergic to it can't like give the sent out your eyes and talk on the phone -- grandmother is winning -- in use now if. The windshield Richard needs gas so we'll see this goes but this is kind of a new trend in after market -- addicts. I guess some surprise -- thought -- -- the whole tellem medics thing this help mean stuff was -- dead in the water. I will not -- -- it was ever used it. I mean maybe -- just -- north people who drive. Cardinal OnStar but to me it's like -- lose -- distracted now and they're running in the stuff in -- and then -- -- -- -- this is the -- I guess that's what it is. -- you get a parking spot you're a busy city you know you know that people would just love to have that space -- vacating. Can you sell it. This is the question posed by an app that are -- Siegelman has on race radar this week. We were taken a look at how does this work. Yet parking auction is that -- name in the app and there are lots in this New York. The idea is if you're -- you know you're about to go to your car take off from your nice curbside spot right into your house -- -- rent an apartment building. You put that that space up for auction on now on the -- and then some he's driving around looking for parking sees that goes like okay -- -- that. Have to pay five dollars -- it's yet to get that I mean. In this case -- really they're not actually buying the spot because it's a it's a public broadcast -- -- Basra yet. They're -- the information. Is what dads and this company says that new but it -- they're selling it. And I I suppose. I imagine you as the person selling your spot will get a portion of that money in the company -- runs as a morsel. Another slice and deterrence idea. So I guess the -- that -- -- this is you would put the word out that you're about to leave a spot in otherwise it could take someone's money -- you just drove off. And some opportunist comes and takes it. All the sudden doesn't work of the models -- but this must be -- -- where you really are thinking ahead. About I wanna make some money despite into the congested city you can make some elements by the you know that they don't really guarantee like it if you. You buy a spot in a guarantee it's gonna be there because you know Sony pulls out you're not there aren't yet but it needs to be more often than not that it is courtesy screw this service at an auction of its and I walked down the road and to say -- am selling -- -- in this neighborhood there aren't -- -- -- -- many. Chase may only are they gonna print books dramatic and doesn't matter too bad. Parking auction it's called if you want privacy in the launching in New York. We think Google what's -- like this once. A Google had open spot this thing is with their own web app was called the idea was the same thing. You leave a spot you. You see that your lead union -- basically if enough people -- -- -- sort of it could karma thing. You -- complete -- though I would if enough people do it get a nice heat map -- where open spot in the city -- here's the opens botnet to watch your video stream its you know. Google Maps based obviously pretty straightforward stuff but -- in karma that works if that works like would be people to drive Green. The ways to tighten the -- -- Green you see yourself money. But I mean marking you're spot openly you plug your phone market to market quietly leave -- -- I don't know who can opponents but it might be complete -- and vote and it. -- that I've. The review would this put me off yesterday -- those drive around looking for -- ideally people would be nice to -- like that it -- -- -- so let's turn over in spaces though I just can't see. You answered in a busy city you bought your spot there's somebody there within thirty seconds so that's -- -- -- got to put the word out. And someone's gonna reply or something they'll take it in the -- -- auto auto paid and it has to give you some indication of what their car looks like I'm thinking the only solution events that smart meters. Meters that are like smart and know when somebody inspire not and that could mean write some sort of service area and that you can just like hit a button and C automatically every spot -- -- without someone having to report it get this -- says the manual reporting makes no sense of what we've got the smart meters already they just need some additional technology to -- to could be as simple as an ultrasonic sensor unit is to scanning that space where the meters stands. Giving a run for president at the guarantee as simple as an ultrasonic for the simple battle of -- -- -- that previously that lets you know how are technologies cuts the says it is its its easy to be it's a bumper sensor off of off a common car. What is six dollar part cost. It ties into the existing power supply which is solar an existing cellular radio -- in the -- you know it's funny though like they just put meters on my street via. And -- deal done meter -- they put them out of this neighborhood and put -- York and it's like. While a new with the new meters everywhere you putting meters now I just like we're now we're gonna come back to replace these -- what are they aren't new old meters are recycled one. Have nuclear fuel and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my apartment I have to clean Orleans. Oh my game and you keep coins I don't I never keep going -- to retirement and -- this this year rather than a culture people with -- just keep. Like ten dollars and point oh yeah in their car at all -- of salute but -- -- Okay so. This is the ongoing saga of app -- the car that looks like George. -- -- -- -- I think we can finally call these guys dead or -- reading that wrong. There restructuring. Natalie and just raised 2.2 five million dollars last month so Canon. Into the new all right but they had actually had the refund albeit deposits -- -- residents and others. A pretty strong cult following for these cars as lot of excitement -- from people on the Internet about these -- -- cars -- these electric cars. So -- to get really good range and all act as they're designed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it looks like an airplane this year its wings off the nationalist front wheels get knocked off I think that's a pretty easily 800 million -- leading over on to. But they. -- so there they had redesigned there there are deposit system somehow won because of that they had actually. Refund -- 500 customer deposits. That's a lot of little company the company is blaming its sister -- our story filed by who put the -- Only your pocket -- -- -- -- story that the company restructured. As -- -- that there was a problem with an escrow account administrative overhead and longer than expected road to reproductive that's -- too many things on. That's not a clean answer. I've seen too many like this where. Well there are five things went wrong -- is gonna -- this little small wooden I don't -- a bad feeling about this I am I wish it wasn't going to be the -- really cool. -- -- to know -- it's a little. A little odd to be on the road with many hundred of meager -- but -- it's a really cool looking car. But -- I'm -- onto their website it was the worst piece of investor relations ever receive but still the same -- they had been a working prototype and actually done testing the written -- around and all that let them drive at all but the problem was they had pictures of their shop. And that was a big list if I think they may have taken those day it was basically my garage. -- well and here's this it is like starting up a new car company is. Tremendous task via and you look at testing they've done a pretty good job in -- faced a lot of hurdles name. Made some pretty good strides with the help of some -- -- Toyota and -- and other manufactures. -- But and they even used a you know Lotus that body to set up nimble in a custom body for in the media first -- in a big leg up on chance they got that out of the -- they're gonna build -- them alas. But yes starting up a whole new car -- it's such a tremendous. That undertaking yet one of the hardest things you can do all the things in an industry to readers and the -- -- McCartney out of your garage. And it wasn't quite there garage -- look like mine legacy. Who's going to be bound and determined to find these these are the ones I saw it must've moved all right so. I don't know probably. -- bothered me anyway I'll keep an -- -- exists in case they open a reservations and amber right now they're sending them back for whom many reasons. If you drive an infinity. You might become a clever if you also buy an eternity in front of -- pretty cool web site by site driveway. -- -- infinity I'm gonna turn I don't know which -- -- last longer. This is a new British car brand that we have Rory Reid of our -- -- UK team put this up this week. Pretty sketchy stuff literally -- Sketchy and it looks good. -- is no. I don't know what that means you know sucker fish -- Yet Aston Martin in the front this is -- an SUV actually luxury SUV -- and -- we. A -- and -- -- in this is pretty typical concept car sketches where the wheels looked. Bigger than the -- itself -- their thirties. And that's why I'm gonna call -- why delegate to Portland group think it's totally totally. -- touch in the middle. You -- studio roll camera you can -- you asphalt rolling if you want on the weekend -- extra money this is gonna like you know Subaru Impreza with an extended Dell hood. It's like a lot of things so like a fantasy if they are like C axle the wheel doesn't even -- through the body in a car. Yes and even in the -- it's like below the body shells are it's completely below reacts Leo so this is eternity motors it's gonna be a high end car in this case -- -- it's basically BM WX six competitor although it does have four hours. And -- you know what we're talking crazy money right promises -- supposed to -- for when they they reported some wired more than 250000. Pounds pounds pounds and that's more like 300000. Dollars -- reliable rock that asset. There goes that idea but we'll be seeing this at some future car show via Frankfurt and guests yet -- -- -- -- gonna launch in Frankfurt so right at least with the concept and have it like. -- up with -- picture I think that. A little -- Sony but it's gonna be colored in that -- its its -- now -- -- that He didn't release three finger into it. Don't touch it might smear. Speaking of new cars that are coming new Bart cars that are coming. We told you awhile ago the bay area rapid transit Bart the local subway transit system here in San Francisco Bay Area hired BM WB -- W design works. To rethink and -- style. The transit cars on the Bart system does the same -- by the way that had that big -- earlier this week about shutting down cell service during a protest yes one in the same. So while there are -- dealing with the First Amendment but also reselling their cars but what we have. New hearing it we have all of media -- so they they have video right now and on the outside the trains don't look radically different. Than they did before -- still kind of middle lunch boxes with doors on the -- the -- people around with the do you have a couple of neat features like external color LCDs. That show where the trains going. So -- -- you're -- to look at a train in the know exactly it's going to where -- -- and the author of this kind of cool. Yellow illumination around the doors -- kind of both -- gives you look at visual cue for the -- and also out at this kind of look at digital. Countdown feel like as the -- and getting closer to attend his conclusion Steve districts start to disappear. And now -- -- see that there us. So the -- know that like -- I'm clearly not to make this -- there's no point running down the stairs gonna get half captain stated yeah it's still gonna like. -- children to run in the outdoors this and yeah innocently -- -- things He looks at what this is this what you parents taught you can't have nice things to take care of which you've got exactly. The interiors are elect a lot cleaner. And features that I've never seen a -- train that brightly illuminate the Florida writes but they've got three different concepts with three different -- on color -- light -- of the -- and whatnot and it's less concepts into seeing right now. Is Canada we just went instead -- sort of Olympic rings sort of thing going on time rate -- yeah and then Nam than what -- don't Hewlett. I -- I don't know another as the best in the double helix are talking about this in -- -- meeting yesterday and it's like okay how long does it take. Before some kid a Wheaton one week before some big hitting key and get stuck in sticks its head and a lot -- -- -- -- let us. Announced that the announcement yet in part they have to stop the tram -- a get the firefighters on there wouldn't be late for work job the life the jaws of life a bit depart the pretty double helix handrail. We get big head out of there. I noticed that on all these concepts they're changing away from the current fabric upholstery to the F -- bad idea -- on public transit in regard to clean yeah this is an -- -- shedding polyvinyl hopelessly anti bacterial look like only a slew Dickerson and just. All the doctor to slide off slides off the -- stick that's a Little -- yet -- for. My Atlanta and we and and with the public transit out there Marta mark had a plastic seats and and that's cool -- like over the seats -- can easily tilt as a -- limit. It and it. Europe every aspect unlike music I don't know what -- union might wanna sit down does -- go to the -- Because and I like the seats on concept -- interior comes a -- the Molly seems -- pretty lightweight they're very thin and -- in suspended above the the the floor which is nice. The seats and content they actually have had -- its the only ones that -- -- in my hand on that I think it -- else's. Every healthy players -- in and Eric Allen -- little contact pocketed. What does have slings I was gonna hand this Internet. Like salami drawing at a deli or something that's all I need dole easily -- -- and and then just like hand sanitizing. Our complete and hands clean after -- continent exactly -- but exactly put a solid slaying -- gonna hand in the least amount of support. You know it's lacking from these cars though and I'm noticing in Anderson and this is prone bar right now as they don't have -- cells. No they don't still yeah -- -- that you've done this to the string goes to the airport there's no place to put your suitcase -- write and edit video rental. You prosecuted under the -- nuns driven and there's some room that's still -- -- got some -- an excuse to stop taking his leg room that the overhead racks are totally. Necessary but they just don't have amenities. And at every civilized and in the world as trains and in there all you have luggage -- -- -- -- put overhead well this system was never. For the first for ages it didn't go to the airport it was there was an economy train and so now that it does after reaching the cars but I can say it's the same -- to read their -- -- them. Summit and of room over -- anyway that's cover insider at Bay Area updates those are you folks in Pennsylvania saying why are they going on about a Bay Area real. Eight at any MW random bit of news of regent into the ute yeah are about from the we talked about earlier -- -- spun off. When -- and they do it -- Internet really as -- earnings. Not -- -- cars anymore either while. That was in and out real fast and did they spin off via PC division it looks like. When I was at the rumor there are gonna get -- -- and if there's something about getting out PCs also. It looks like on a story on the net that have been only two right now says the company says it will discontinue operations -- webos services specifically touch -- And -- phones -- PC unit while but it needs to do anymore. Right that printers. 88 yet and they cartridges ink for years HP can look at their results they -- basically an ink company. That had some other stuff they should start when -- -- fifth. That's -- that's -- a huge turn -- me that's a huge turn what we've had Google Motorola and HP out of to businesses that were one legacy and won the future for them what are they gonna do. There are spun off instruments and and -- -- that other company that's -- -- HP anymore not a clip while that's it is anyway that's a little bit of interest in breaking news coming in the middle -- we. We got to cover all bases are focused on the road now we do every week about -- -- -- we take one of the cars are most interest in cars in our garage on the road and I'll pick it apart mercilessly let's not let's not beat around the bush this week we take out. A big image car from Mercedes top of the stack but it's kind of one of those cars it says yeah I make more money than you. It's the 2012 CLS 550 and women and one take us on the road. -- -- -- -- Others like him into -- -- out. Start giggling. As He can retire -- a lot of trust I asked them. This is that -- that new engine -- -- fifty designated cars. The -- six liter direct injection and her votes widgets. Displacement of old into my games but it's a lot more gas volumes about Israel better -- and opinions and and I think it's about order of 43 -- -- And -- and horse power. Don't wanna speed it He said you really thing here. -- gotta say this that Ellis is there really. Nicely designed really pretty dire. And this is -- think that makes people -- matters little smoother. Release but looking. Tired and every -- our -- Internet differently but -- that thing in the little -- and congress looking at just like a political. And anything they do their attractive but it means. Gotta tell -- that tech Internet commerce and navigation system standard. On this board its carbon Hermann heart and audio system which. -- -- fantastic. Audio quality and scrutinize. Mercedes and doesn't scenario they -- -- all the water and audio sources and then -- -- -- any -- content streaming on go. The hard drive in the -- Just -- just about everything but what it doesn't have is pandora any sort of the commission. I don't know we're gonna be seeing anything like that Mercedes. Does not indicate that got to have a really announced anything -- correction yet -- -- Evans automatic service that. Which had been absent action remotely start your car unlocked doors that got a great Smartphone. It's not happening -- -- you have to spend a moment that sort of thing. -- CS 550. Loaded up with tech and editor's choice on -- car what impressed us the most. -- personally liked the ride quality. With that aerobatics suspension that -- suspension it was just so good yeah I think it's better than any card in that price range. And the audio system to you and those of the two luxury things that stood out for me unit I just wanted to add this. -- it was a really -- -- caller. Area every were find -- -- -- a four door -- this is a vehicle that is. It's kind of like the the Ford or modern version of the of the year of the original by sixty SEC it's that -- the car that isn't it a little more practical now that it's got -- -- -- really it's just a big power -- like saying you have. This is what I drive and you don't. But US it's not as expensive as I thought it would be it's not up to ask his Odyssey L yet doesn't go over a hundred K it's seven. Somewhat loaded -- already comes a lot of good stuff and it's in and they don't skimp Omnia -- navigation as standard. -- lot of things are standard in this vehicles while yet as -- to sixty in five seconds or so. That twin Turbo four point six liter V8 to the -- goes home offbeat site not to statement to discrete term goes on -- -- that that's actually an area where needs refinement. You think the lag was gonna yeah it just doesn't have that kind of Linear acceleration -- -- You know a lot from that Mercedes-Benz has to work out how to. Illuminate that that lag it was -- -- a real head rocker when you're getting on and off of starts and stops -- you couldn't really easy and to throttle. You had you've gotta get into 20% throttle or drop back to zero that was the bad I thought it's gotta find that -- use the manual shifting and transmission. And kept the RPMs around 5000 -- -- you think you'll see a different story that it. A different story and there's no Agassi's I don't know an -- that car had power that just kept coming. A hole on and on and on as you use a massively powerful car. Bill lying the numbers the numbers not kill anybody this day and age you'd go out spent -- -- governor must -- go way above that. But the power was so silky and nice once you got it on but then. When you're driving around in traffic every day it's a poke around and I'm not yet a certain power -- are just didn't work -- jerky yet weird but overall super super slick car though the tech here we have not seen before didn't break any ground there at the like the latest saudis who are doing. Or -- BMW's it's good stuff but it's not over the top. I -- connected services yet they -- kind of behind now in their race against Audi -- beamer on doing that you know Google connected Apple. Sort of stuff no app platform when they seem to be concentrating on the driver assistance features because. I -- the star at the new lane -- departure prevention. Had deadlines -- warn mean it had daddy has -- -- critical it's the iPad for a long time you can even get -- would night vision take their their negligence is yet they did have that optional. The lane departure on this was that one that would. -- that the sticks acreage at the wheel. -- -- -- Student Daniel is the whale -- -- warning. -- and then when you drift data related to Linden Linden that the keep the -- decline. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To bring you back on cars and -- equipment that. The blind spot technology. Was a little if these -- tiny triangle -- way out -- the -- Way out of my peripheral vision smallest at least bright and farthest away of the systems like -- -- that the -- right after that was the Audi a six rent. Five WD's and -- huge lands in the on the inside of the -- housing where you can't miss I never saw these blogs popping as those looking for but are you looking in the Mir when -- state. Well mean the thing also is but the -- system does He really loudly -- It's of the cars next to you unit system blinding you to turn instantly -- If -- -- -- signal even if you can see the -- the cars like kind of a little bit ahead of you ready to nearly good until like herself than there. She might one -- -- Bono and that's one of screaming action and like loud -- like better disconcerting. Just like. If something's beeping like and I think it's that the instant death and it's something people like -- like them broken on the car on -- it -- -- what's happening. It's not just like a gentle. Yet it is this like either -- over there is that really not a gentle warnings it was a help. Something's broken pull -- now how -- you put on signaled slipping and at the was very imperious and Germans wouldn't surprise me to I have with the look of the current and when you did not like the look and say I do you like -- stereo. Two to 360 I bring our videos stream I do not like. -- apology I like the fronts. Front looks great. Very very SL lasts -- where they're going back and much more boxy grill and all that when you come around and it's like okay I'm not crazy about -- What is this that are that the media -- estimate rock -- and that's a collar rear fender don't go and get it that offenders Monica -- -- They get to the side and something about the side was -- it's too. Because too -- you know it looks like from that angle looked like someone took a Dodge Charger. This tricks to -- it while despite words at its sleek it is a it is one sleek car. It's got fluid sleek lines it -- doesn't quite work for me but -- this. The point is you notice it that's why this car -- people who want themselves to be noticed as they drive box this is an ego car. Yeah it's got some -- Dorsey consult a spouse but it's an eco car I got a few people coming up and talking about -- -- -- -- -- I'll bet you go to their site -- -- disputed what is at this illicit and and then the seal as consumers is that it is technically the -- while the CEO is a -- but yet DOS of the -- -- that backwards. Those seals it to -- -- -- -- sixty SEC brought forward to this sentiment in it and figure out that while they were calling -- the -- even though it had four door coupe. Yeah there's that terminology -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Period need to understand that -- that I agree with yeah marketing Collins and Q net here is the CL. This is a hot little number because without the second doors it gets more short coupled and -- in the -- -- come back. And it also -- of not having that -- -- because they can bring the roof line down taper off the back a little better but that's another way to -- up detect that it didn't get the defender's stick to your right. -- you're right it's got the old Cisco the older vendors and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway that's the CLS 550 review up on that is up our video on that is up and it's a yet -- lovely. It's a lovely car but the whole lot of a lot of fun on the -- -- alone lots -- love it is a -- it's just that it is that back in a couple of on -- -- -- -- -- It's been around so yeah I think that's. As well as at the whole lot of goodness there it's all that is why -- styling on classic style and anymore we want writer. But -- -- -- the scenic Arctic garage. And find out what ails us. -- you're smart funny that's okay you're smart just gonna get personality to your great personality and -- accidents. They assign IQ -- really -- smart object. Would Audi a six. Yeah everybody likes you. Those of the street cars we have right now the accessibility access the -- cute little stodgy that'll shortly -- and the frankly revised down the basis of connected services. We also are just took delivery of videos locks actually -- Now and it's -- -- twelve civic and is that it. So we're coming up shortly of the accidents on and -- six girl publishing -- distinct. And then next week. We have my favorite its mind of its my avail if -- -- the transit connections. I have my own. Basically un supportable look at you you're on delivering milk in that highlight every morning I am confident I'm gonna offer didn't already have been put out something on cnet's -- -- internal. You know spam email this thing. I'm offering to help you move that it that you have to -- and talk me into the city gonna trucking and auto. -- -- police to move this weekend I've got the transit connect lets do it different than you do we'll do our video around a move what is and it's already sure weekend. Now that's another. And it is civic hybrid the twinkle civic hybrid also becoming instant so lot of interest in cars interest in can be quotes on some of those but that makes -- month. Our folks that's it for car tech live stand -- we've -- roadside assistance coming up very shortly after catching a -- and don't forget all the ways you can take part in this. Really popular part of the CNET live empire we thank you very much by the way for your -- -- ship your emails your -- -- watching your viewing it's really been a great run as we've been building up the car tech franchise in the best stuff is yet to -- fight as a car tech dot cnet.com that's our our show page for all -- -- CNET car tech shows roadside and car tech live this one even -- tech at cnet.com. And phone for the voice -- line three -- your thoughts that go into the roadside assistance show is 866401. CNET 8664012638. And finally follow us on Twitter for our. Our aimless and occasionally drunk ramblings I'm Brian -- BR AMC double -- Wayne is Wayne C underscore SF. That's ridiculous and it's what does it do any anti G -- a clever contraction of his first and last name. They give -- old saying that the controls today and we'll see you next up on roadside assistance by folks.

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