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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 228: Checking the tech in the Mini Connected App

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 228: Checking the tech in the Mini Connected App

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Ford EV's will run on solar...sort of. Harman Kardon blends home tech and car tech. Andy Rooney could live without all of it. And we drive the Mini Cooper Clubman and its connected app.

-- -- will run on solar sort of farm and garden blends home tech and carts. Andy Rooney could probably live without any updates. And will drive the Mini Cooper Klugman and it's connected -- Long -- episode twenty -- -- car tech live which is coming at you right now on this August 11 everybody. Brian Cooley -- Wayne Cunningham Antuan Goodwin and Mitchell saying the car tech crew here for. Another -- -- what's going -- with news and the latest on cars and car -- this week -- -- -- -- the show by the way we don't -- say hello to our new -- we get a lot of them every week so welcome to -- this is cnet's weekly podcast -- over the latest in car tech. Usually some new model introductions as well and we also take you for a ride -- a car and are on the road segment and we all discuss our impressions of it it's technology it's on the road. Behavior and all that more will also give you -- sneak peek into what's waiting right now in the CNET -- car tech garage for next week. Future reviews videos and that kind of thing so let's get started a little bit of a up. A birthday celebration of earth they wish to the Prius -- -- anniversary I guess and that is that it now has a platinum record. Hanging in its garage. Really they sold a million of those things. One million -- -- yeah yeah REI. I think I've seen that many among the drive -- have -- -- that -- -- -- -- Francisco so yes seeing pre -- not unusual. A millions a lot of cars. Of any model. Yet and any news it it it just been released its -- to put out this -- it had been eleven years to do this. Three generations right reasons. And that the Prius is it's actually 60% of hybrid cars introduced a bill. It's Billick the big dog in that it's still appointment hugely dominant -- it's like iPod means MP3 player Prius means a high priority yet as the iPod event of a -- like Xerox. I'm -- trying to compare here just for kicks I wanna see how well the mustang so -- it was -- is that was a huge stair well now a lot of years and you mean the new generation mustang as saying mustang in general just for comparison when it launched isn't as well the biggest -- success stories and history to be anything near that would be really impressive. Our original sales forecast projected less than a 100000 -- things -- be sold in the first year. That was passed in three months. 3181000 were sold in -- able to buy in the first eighteen months -- million were built -- -- the difference but still the Prius has a huge number. Of of cars out there. And and even -- hybrids aren't a huge segment of the market that's actually pretty. Small percentage of the overall market but yet Prius -- -- dominating that. There about I wanna -- 5% of the market -- most all hybrids combine it management of the Prius a 60% of that than the Prius is like 3%. -- all car sales is amazing for one for one nameplate. Now pretty get in there also gonna at -- new Prius models are coming so they can reach out to different audience segments. You know right now the reasons you know a five cedar. Hatchback. And the yet and the bigger one will be you know have more room for you know families in and -- -- And then they'll have a smaller -- I guess to which will be sporty this -- -- is that this. The Prius secrecy Prius be come and then into their -- -- -- floating around in like the world market at the financier. A good great I think that's actually that's -- little bit bigger than the but it tendencies at five yes that's right now might just be -- on the fact that people and other parts of the world are willing to cramp and -- seats whereas us Americans know we need a lot of all the room to let you are seeing fat -- at that at. Looking at some numbers here on hybrid sales numbers you of the Prius. As of -- as of February 2011 so these are up fairly recent. The Prius is outselling the insight which is the next best selling hybrid as -- just a few months ago. It's not even close in the month to see the Prius sold 141000 the incite sold 17100. -- and thirteen years yet there's nothing even close to. So that's how they got to a million so our congratulations Toyota you have created a category and you own it sounds like our friends in -- -- And that -- that the couple products on an oil off -- is answering some of the EV skeptics out there who say yeah you get your electric car if it makes you feel better it's fine but it's still runs on. Electricity that's likely generated from a dirty coal burning plant. And it needs a -- that can't support everybody -- electric car anytime soon so have fun with your -- that's how the anti -- argument sometimes goes. Or -- get -- customers were wrote replied that they're working with a solar panel company called -- power. To give -- a special deal -- putting solar panels on your roof of your house. So you can generate enough electricity. To keep your car charge for a thousand miles of driving a month it doesn't go directly into the cart is larger overall house. But it will let you get a thousand miles of charge off your home plug free from the sun. Yeah I went to the the precedent to this site yesterday. And Dahlia the company some -- they're based in Richmond California which is in the Bay Area and Dahlia -- -- the focus electric there. And it's had an -- thing episode to do a little mental -- to go okay and generating this its electricity from a solar panels. And that's going into the grid. I'm using that much electricity driving my car -- so it's equivalent I've paid for my car driving with free solar energy yet this -- -- -- this -- powering a special plug just for the core it's powering the whole. The house that -- -- because into the grid and that because you generated electricity during the day. The -- things work and you know it varies some some states valley California. They let you sell back to be put solar panels on your house -- sell back electricity to you the utility come -- Not all states do that so you may not actually -- monetary benefit in some states are some municipalities. If you look at the credit that makes your electric charging free again in an equivalency. -- In that institution you're just getting -- -- a thing of Wellington are in you know I'm building solar yeah California helping in general and dad but one thing cool about this Tuesday -- -- -- thousand miles of in electricity charge per month. That's actually an average -- nineteen markets. So based on different to what our charges -- -- based on that different sunlight -- well they've got that and it's okay yeah so if you're in a state like Arizona or California gets a lot of sun. You could actually generate a lot more electricity than that. -- -- -- giving it a real world calculation not to sing yet we tested this in Arizona we got a thousand miles they get Morton. And this is out just to put in perspective it costs about. Average kilowatt hour in this country's battle 1112 cents across the country across all utilities and to charge a Nissan leaf lets say that would cost about -- two dollars and sixty cents. To give it a full charge which it's like seventy miles real world -- Out of the charts these units -- quick little back of the pencil map if it's the 1000 mile range that you say it's better in some states. And if it cost 101000 dollars to put these in which is what their ball parking with a federal tax credit. You can get more off if you -- state credits its 22 years for this -- to pay off based on getting free juice for your car so this is not. Strictly an economical good guy you've gotta be doing this for other reasons for it to be a Green thing. And the -- the way they were -- deals to -- in and -- -- focus electric when -- become available do you literal save page you want to you install solar panels and house let me refer you to a -- power installer okay. So the total partnership began 101000 boxes the the estimate for this panel -- On your roof and then the regular local or state credits to get that -- -- if you're really into any V. This is -- in part to complete the -- you know because. Arnold you're really gonna make that step this early in the EV error you're committed to alternative energy and some power also said that equivalent system. No tax credits nothing would cost about -- -- thousand dollars puts a big. Credit huge critical battery you know Mikey also their conference ideal because of the Ford partnership -- this gets a lot when you're talking about -- power which would never do on the show if they -- -- before. So imagine how many different you know sort of disabilities are -- off -- -- Interest like let's take a look at what's happening with I think only the second accident of -- -- self driving well. And of course this on the card and do it of the carver -- to -- -- Yeah it's a lot -- actually jumped on this story last week they got somebody that kept them they had a photo of a when of the dual -- several scars and Intel -- the terrible scars because it was weird. Alien pod to attach their goods. Handed out a big thing that beam on the top and the got a picture of it like -- a fender Bender with another Prius there there are produces. Seriously. That -- data that was Prius -- Prius that's cool -- Prius on pre as violence uploading there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So so far they're saying our car has not had a crash -- it's been the draw driver wants and the other driver wants. Here is that every new thing right to get the drivers I don't let the Damgaard takeover have Wheeler now the car -- better than us I tell yet. I don't know the guy but I swear the -- leaning on the Google Prius in this photo on July picnic. Just his hair the way He stands his height from all the photos I've seen. Is that Larry Page. Looks just like Larry Page from all the photos as saying He wears jeans everywhere casual shirts that's a hair -- is guy it's a reach but with it the worst he's -- -- is critical of the cars -- -- launch right now you mentioned the name and router costs -- etc. and it's like Salmonella. And he's got his back turned the camera studiously. And if you don't know is that the Google Prius that had the Prius on pre as violence do let us know. And that tip our winter until optics. Anyway I know just to two to equaled at a media -- do it. In China there is development going on on a driver was car pretty much -- -- of the Google autonomous cars. But the thing that I found most curious about it. Is that it is. Just just do something different I think not using GPS technology. Yet so strains that Internet interest in the other story as the gotta say it -- -- Now laser sensors and all kind of stuff -- no GPS yes a good. Make it useful in tunnels or in very crowded cities with tall buildings is yeah sometimes DPS -- -- haywire here in San Francisco once you get down with financial district. -- -- -- -- -- -- The cardinal were exposed to go right. But doesn't know -- -- it is -- I say take me there from San Francisco and it says I don't know the way to say it does that mean if it. I mean it is relying on GPS to. I hate it but it's relying on -- -- you know we're gonna. Nuclear know how much they don't use GPS community in victory until they're at it but what if things go well He so we really haven't bought the book that's horrible name that's -- my top five dumb names for tech products are gonna -- -- knock off Apple stores -- It's there knock off -- gallery here in my just drive down the road and keep on don't intolerant at a gas in the side of first auto works and this -- university researchers are working on this vehicle they say it's already running and they tested at this. A receipt of this test -- -- guarantee it's geared you know children and on -- citizens on every mile of its drive. It was set off at a 154. Mile journey from the province capital of -- on up to the capital of Hubei Province. 154 miles did -- three hours twenty minutes of the -- freeway pace. And it started navigated and stop that it's and without any help -- -- everything. It wasn't like auto pilot you get the thing off the ground and and put an auto pilot exited the whole thing all by itself without GPS. I mean they could have said okay drive a ten miles. To this point and take a laughed. And can program -- -- in at least -- -- -- you would have I can barely left turns out and listening. Without encouraged knocking over shopping carts don't like crazy car with the movie -- -- enough. Woody Allen movie was bananas sleeper. I go way back -- that I -- -- -- sewing while I'm dating myself but I don't -- sleeper that. Even like the moon buggy and diamonds are forever went nuts it's like -- -- imagine this it's like. You know. -- -- They didn't speak that it did not need it that's right they did that it is there was a Larry Page at that prohibits -- -- ministry -- -- easily -- -- -- and its all country between those two capitals this thing has and put it on higher ride -- this let it do its thing answer. So anyway that's that's irregular and hundreds of very advanced aren't event a lot of technologies -- -- that are proving that the sensors the cameras a lot of the things these vehicles can quickly be tied together to create autonomous systems we've been showing a lot of these cars and our reviews. The canal sale looks I got blind spot detection -- -- got to roll that into some more software and start self parking. I've got lane forward camera I can use that to do lane departure and some other things so. The -- -- to connect the dots -- these technologies and that's why cars removing toward autonomy so rapidly relatively speaking. Is because a lot of it's just kind of looping systems together speaking of that BMW is adding now a text to speech layer. Two connected drive I haven't looked into this year what do we know about this bonuses the connected driving -- basically the same app that we -- on the mini connected. Out which we'll talk about upcoming here. As so it's just Debian on his version of the -- what they've added is -- -- -- can actually read out the FaceBook in the Twitter you know these updates in the Twitter updates focus that was there before net that have yet to read a little snippets of the new thing and I'd expect -- to come to many. You because it's the same technology base yes same -- so here's -- looks later watching -- video version the new thing you'll see. -- the icons alongside FaceBook Twitter and net radio have changed debacle little sound -- coming out -- -- used to be a different shaped icon so now you can click. To get your -- He was -- on the right side panel there are read to you which is good because. As clean as the interface was there's a lot of stuff you have to click over to read. -- used one of those systems that -- your FaceBook beat you. Now I have -- -- rivals does not just being. -- it's like have a really good update from Brian equally at 12:15 PM. I am. Them being an invasion threat is it just rambled on -- that -- Andy does that mean some sort of natural speech would make it a little easier but right now. -- -- technology everything sounds like. A sad reluctant effect that it's set -- -- also that bots that bought dot com and it's like I mean even with -- -- -- -- is can be even more inane. We are so stupid yeah it did in those. Like tweet for actually in the SS to at -- -- the animals -- it's -- shorthand in I was a good deal with that. Did it it's not. Something that I would recommend it anybody in -- that tested the systems that have and -- what if the a free with the assistance call but it came with one -- -- hands free system tan the Bluetooth -- yeah and that tested. From blue lance. And it's just it's it's just it's the only thing worse and that is late reading your email you know it yeah because that's portable. This is weird because there are good text to speech systems out there their computer basically a pretty good job but I mean there are only really good and I shall not yet. Shortening. -- here. You know -- giving you public information at and relevant to which you need line now. If -- card -- rambling on and for like ten minutes. Reading off -- but don't you realize it's not a person yeah I mean -- not even close to. Is it really that important -- -- that I don't get the need to get these updates swollen drive packages. I -- there was the reason why BMW did this is probably because. The senate seat safety concerns were saying like you gotta spool of like Twitter updates are based upon gaps in your car in -- -- -- be reading that while you're driving yes may be -- its ever written replies -- -- -- -- -- and then that's safe. Yeah I do not mean analyst they put it like a way to filter -- dislike. If it's -- comes from. You know like -- -- lists on -- on on Twitter for the same reason. The follow 260 counts the only really care about what ten of them -- -- any given time the rest of them if it's good information to -- -- keep track. But only really wanna be notified when for example my sister tweet something or when in my immediate friends tweet something that's relevant information if they live if they lets you filter that. Only read out a list are only read out certain users in states -- babbling on about. You know reading half of that they have been at CNET Twitter -- -- -- you know -- -- -- yet a would. -- -- a thousand people tweeting our feed you. And the thing about this is that BMW is among. I guess it's kind of a German thing that they will let you do more when you're moving than most other carmakers Japanese and American companies. Tend to lock things down while both five MPH. And live right so this technology to people or tell them battered to a presentation about it would have done. Dozens of times the first and only question is that's incredibly dangerous so first -- I get the real. And I say well. It really leading -- can argue around it you can't. It's useless leading interested but it's less dangerous -- -- actually picking up their phones right and looking at their Twitter app for their FaceBook app. I get up -- well at the school inside baseball but -- -- -- a little bit of comment war. With one of the -- if they discuss third key expertise repute with the -- We can snap your iPhone on your steering wheel yes and so in covering -- -- basically -- with the horrible idea like a means if you look at me staring at the phone and drive if this -- created. -- -- -- -- -- Just the kind of come on in argue with people in the cost and found out they just like in its under like three top three counts -- within an hour of each other. And only keeping their commenting on this one post in justice like I think the great idea I contributed to kick start -- -- -- -- come on really doesn't -- get -- army of one yep it. Optical they -- they -- if it's actually you can find -- from the Arctic -- today at the comments that are a little bit comical. They're a lot of things I don't need an iPhone -- the my we -- Smartphone with -- my Wii is one of them yeah it's just a Susan turner we only a certain we'll -- specifically looking -- I irritated by the -- shift -- that are on the wield those already and even use that much. All right so that's where things are going with BMW's. Connected car interface so if you had the -- -- GB is about the safety it now will review will read out to you or very soon. Read out to do we know this is backward compatible on the existing cars are already out there I'm sure it is because -- -- is is related well. And I think it's just an -- update most of -- -- take place on the -- so that hopefully will be able to update to check with your -- if you've got a BMW made from -- -- it's the march 2011 manufacture -- -- of the ones that have this at all. And -- you bought a -- the last few months you have this technology baked into your vehicle if you put the app on your phone and maybe now if you update the app. You get to start to talk to -- So what's new head units went to stuff here -- -- -- -- -- and I rock who are these people I have no clinical. I put -- to stump you it was like I didn't yet now I Iraq. They -- -- make this this. I guess -- head unit called one called the -- rock iPhone head unit and basically. There's nothing on the front. Another volume knob. There's an interest in looking like thirty pin dot connector hanging off of one and -- would looks like -- under Hillary audio input there now the idea of being here being. Much like the pandora and that that the the tiny radio button -- use your iPhone for everything. The difference being instead of having an external display. This guy is actually just gonna use the iphone's own. Three and a half inch touch screen I think it is so this is docking with the -- so you snap your iPhone onto the front of this that landscape touch screen now become the interface for the Ira unit. And that aux connector is there is that -- the headphone Jack is on my phone when you know most iphones -- -- -- little hole there ideas -- the work so I'm wondering why why that there yeah only. Sets them -- better fidelity audio possibly. And because if they just do the control functions through the you've -- at the port and power yeah yeah let's see -- Like there's and there's a line -- -- -- In the not a pollutant on the dollar in the end the lives as an analogue out on that thirty yet that's when you when you get like a Hyundai or -- or BMW's all right detailed -- -- -- -- via its the same thirty pin -- they don't -- -- play into the I think the only reason that there is. -- I just it's not an iPhone that's right they've already pulled analogue off the dock like in the Hyundai -- that's gonna get it -- or this isn't dead -- for iPhone. Certified. To try to get county. So it's possible that that's possible so anyway this is the the the second or maybe that the second of its of its class of the app radio class of product suite is this is like 300 bucks 46399. For the -- -- about that regardless -- -- color by. And it has its own capacity of touch screen that oh bigger -- than a half inches. I don't see -- and cute it's much fun. It doesn't have -- -- screen -- a decision that the on screen and a and USB no radio tuner and a CD it's -- looks like they're just like we suggest that users download -- And it. -- to do with dementia and even -- And now alto which isn't a free app on the net movement Woodruff on the market as a -- present service -- was -- a little more realistic in this new Sony head units. -- Sony just. Until like eight new head units -- you'll all be coming out in the next. This month and -- a leading into September -- for the bulk of the what's interesting here is that. A lot of that will be the DS sex they're sort of two entry mic -- units. Mobile both -- pandora. Connectivity with the iPhone but their top line. The FXS 310 BTX. Now -- Bluetooth hands free calling. Bluetooth audio streaming but -- also Bluetooth controlled the pandora app one in injury or Blackberry phone so this is the first after market. Head unit and also leave the second head unit ever. To take advantage of that Bluetooth connection and give -- -- Blackberry users pandora control. I don't know I've got the news about pandora installed on -- Android devices. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For iPhone or Android. Finally gonna help everybody He was -- break that iPhone only storage -- -- with connectivity yeah I'm really excited about this than Ian and also the you know Blackberry plenty myself blah than ever Internet Explorer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Miss the hell is that there is that in technology which allows you to very quickly browse large. Library to hit the button -- start playing what are fat in them. Really I think it works but never present while have a net neutrality so that that's is that isn't an audio. Yes you -- it basically the idea you hit that button it to starts -- Planes don't -- something place that you like -- Indians or just -- what else you wanna hear -- literally short sentence yet let it get it in the -- -- have a song like that much of anything in your collection so -- cumulative everything came on your entire twenty provide less competent iPod library and about an -- -- addictive drug -- the south and good financial. It's an in the rest of -- -- this app and -- and -- -- so. But it is their CD receivers -- also -- an activity wool with via pandora's. And -- satellite radio three -- and unified. There that SE XF six V 100 bucks indeed you'd on the Alpine India that that the first of -- of this serious stuff and iTunes service is to get there. The new features of 2.0 right so it's applicant thirty minute cash for hunting and and -- idea island and it's awesome that the new alert features -- for what I wanna -- -- that you like right -- -- Phones or even sports teams and -- -- -- something you want here is -- -- -- it's -- -- that's -- now on -- 136. And what's interesting here is that and I didn't realize this and now -- came out there they were the first it to take advantage is -- and -- that's three Texans. Own box. They have one box it is universal now and anybody who wants to use it can just -- it. And so -- it's not like the -- an ex -- box in the series bucks the Sony. And now there's a different X -- box for -- that only works -- in years there's one box built engineered that if they won sixty dollar bucks and in every one engineers to that now. And this is now the dawn of the universal tuner which they -- during their merger back in the FCC hearing several years ago and the installation is stupidly easy but don't like it it's powering everything through the same connection. So basically you just plug it into the back routes your antenna and you're done a you can add it -- are pretty much any compatible receiver any of the Sony receivers that -- receiver. In about ten minutes but that's -- but this doesn't work with older receivers that have little an external. Port for sat radio right essentially a new kind of port has to be the new port right now there -- six of the Sony units. All four of the Sony units supported and a two Alpine unit. Which are typically the same one once the -- yeah okay so another -- Sony's came out -- have some choice bright and there's it was a technologies also spoke to believe unit. Some time -- -- great for carmakers and dealers who wanted to dealer installed upgrades wanna come back I houses isn't easy then yes plug -- -- they're only cost about like building it in two. William receivers and it's here. They're -- -- been rumors of liked it when it and get built and these though William receivers that cash to be longer than thirty minutes and advocates alike have more. Oh ego hard drive in many cases 92 and I think the one of the rumors that I heard and I mean it's only your rumor has it doubled the wildest one was -- -- -- the fact that new Internet. Who's doing who wants it but there. Odds -- that's what's going over the new head units there there are really getting some of the stuff that people are listening to -- sat radio struggling and I throw things out -- working. To stay relevant in a world where streaming is really hitting the car -- and speaking of staying relevant interesting kind of a -- -- a little more of the of the business of car tech in the car tech itself but. -- the folks who own Harmon pardon and GBL and a bunch of other brands of course to make a lot of car tech. That we see from factory cars we often see -- -- -- cardinal audio systems in the they've restructured their business bla bla bla what's interesting about it now is that they're going to take their after market car audio. And there a -- and that's factory stuff. And they're gonna include that all together in their other divisions of home and portable audio so they're saying is a company we don't see. A necessary division between car -- Personal tech home tech in the media space it's all one brand for us which I don't think we've seen a company do before. In -- -- -- Panasonic pinnacle lot of factory systems. They don't have a linkage between the air car tech and there are you know home media. They're branding is is different they're different lions they don't talk to each other they don't do technologies and a common interfaces lets users -- -- do this let's read about it is that. -- -- doesn't sell. Aftermarket stereos in their cars not for car and yeah obviously do cellular components -- home -- and like yeah so you can say okay I can buy this computer component or I can buy a BMW with the -- -- company's system yet give it is one of the big the business and Mercedes about the seal must attitude we've got in right now is a big -- big -- carton. A lot of companies are. They've -- a -- I they have more partners for audio than anybody else they also -- brands and they're also Mark Levinson and and and a bunch of other oh this elaborate at all -- -- And and GB OTC is owned infinity to unit bought it everybody back when. And a ten years of external going on a buying craze among Nevada GBL one and all that -- there's there's another example a company it says. Technology brands don't stop at certain places it's all about wherever you are we want that Harman -- thing to -- car tech home tech portable -- They're trying to break down those walls that's a good thing because it shows more broad investment. In car tech as good as new cars are coming out this week. What's the latest on altos twelfth a year of working to come back to the US and why should I care. Well this is actually pretty cool we got a lineup of what the the cars that Alfa Romeo is gonna bring back to that -- bring to the US when they they launch here which. People worldwide -- -- -- isn't that Fiat to you know by and Chrysler now there there's a distribution. In the US and so. Offer -- gonna come back. Digg and I'm pretty excited about this because the first are they gonna bring is the foresee. Which is the little compact racer. While lightweight. It's it's what I'm gonna take one. On and fungus of a lost or ethnic and -- the dust. Yet the generates -- recommend on our regular -- -- that the radio Lotus -- the foresee. Alas in the ones who lost on one of our cars and carry him along particularly gas volatility -- -- that I guess forty obligated fourteen deaths as like connector door. And an -- to 30000 your pocket if we bought one. So. You create -- rocket. Data center 7000 -- that's equivalent in Europe to the four C and pricing are yet they haven't announced the price for the US yet of course that is not. So this is the cutting -- lead the US -- -- with which is a -- -- really in -- -- -- -- statement. Oh yeah and this is -- that they're gonna take a performance car. Like you say a Lotus. And here's that we stand for and they're saying -- the -- we stand for. Mid to mid high market performance cars so they're obviously not gonna be trying to bring back Al for the way it was -- made a lot of it lot of you know every day cars when they are here. In the seventies in the eighties in their heyday in this country lots is today. Spoke to get a few of those -- the Juliana they're gonna try to bring back in 2013. And that -- -- the US when He thirteen and that's thank animals like small wagon is kind of thing. Shooting rate used. -- -- -- hatch -- of the Julia to its is that they cancel more sporty average that's a lot of in the wagon. And they gotta work on these name means that attackers Juliet and -- and are just too close for most people of a -- there was a Honda civic and -- sit back put it worked out. And they're also talking about a a small crossover in and some suvs like an SUV as well which. The CB RIs so detection and -- desire they're going totally broadens a starting offer this car. Obstacle to their Italian site here just briefly and -- what they had just Hewlett to a -- those are all about your watching our our video version so here's the meat help. Which is their little a small compact is kind of some of the -- 500 actually inside yeah and -- they might bring that here although. We'll we'll see here's the Juliette that we just talked about this is a yes same face the company face but now you've got it is like a Hyundai Sonata you know Honda Accord class has been a hot hatch yes and it's got. Let's write those are four doors a -- -- cut line back -- -- there's a door handle up on the pillar. So the -- or was cleverly disguised to be patched. Here's the 159. Which has been a big seller for them for quite some time in Europe. And that's a full size sedan like an accurate TSX I'm guessing. I -- nothing can actually bring out when He and at least there's Dustin and -- -- story about that's got an older alpha does not part of their new generation -- -- around awhile is the one in Iowa as of the 159 station in new and never bring it here. I love that car. And of course the eight C spider which is kind of the joke is the foresee is half of this size have -- price have to wait half the engine and they've actually been selling made -- here in just a really small limited numbers so. When they say -- already has returning to the US running hardy kind of return to pass through miles -- -- dealers and so that kind of half fast there -- -- of the -- into the country they've entrants are to bring out the back for solo. -- -- -- -- -- You guys -- the -- -- when you were here it's not like there's gonna be a big parade your honor there was an assay office back I mean. Most people don't know what an alpha is even -- they were alive -- And new Fiat to different Bono Fiat -- that one as a joke about him but it's not like -- was gonna go oh yeah if -- is back you have heard -- -- -- -- tomato. At the let's go to trump the. To the list here on the ship He sparked they tweeted this cars come and finally for real win. Soon good and I thought this -- -- story. There's an open -- on the way if this is to be watched the -- rock oh yeah that's the guy who run it. Landon who Lyra who helped us through a chat -- help -- here H. UA YRAA. It sounds like vomiting. Into La La land -- Yet though this is there there -- on to replacement. On course and what's interesting about the Internet wire is that. It was you know it's coming. Artists leaders this year yeah mode will boost -- -- are better for its wanna eleven like it since they're learning -- it is -- Is it's been delayed its not gonna come to North America until 2013. Because of an airbag -- I would think that do with the story here is that it takes the long -- for things to get through need to. That to win pick any put in there. There appeal to make it -- street legal in north -- three years ago. That the airbags that were in the car did not comply with the smart airbag. Regulation veteran. Now there were no progressive Saturday -- yet. And some small a limited production. Manufactures -- able to -- airbag exceptions. So the Al Lotus Elise for example it is been sold here under an airbag exceptions -- don't have to be smart airbags. -- which but that actually expires. This year which is why tussle stopped selling the roadster which is based on the -- facilities is too expensive to re engineer and recertify. -- Ramallah they are ending up anyway. And also lovingly regaining running out of their exemption or ran a few months ago or something so they have to do recertification -- they got the box about yet to ethically re -- on that I think they're okay with that -- -- this up we got -- thing. I think there's only like about a 150 of these horror hall visitors must -- -- -- or even last you know it's just such a small limited number that are supposed to come here's out of I think it's as it does. Let him on the road because they're only gonna kill the guys drive and -- representative -- quality re engineered -- in the. Put in another. Another era appeal. And I think that's why it's been deleted tweet me just takes time to go through Hampton -- -- -- -- like a bunch of -- to do it that's the thing for use as you seen anything like carbon by Ehrlich yet. Everything and they -- trash at least a few of these normally when you certify a car you can't just do it even to this day. With a -- -- file when -- got -- smashing -- yet and what I think is interesting is that you know okay Aaron we're worried about the airbag. The rest of their investment in hung up on that review mere. Hundred meters that are -- foot long stalled them just like in week for -- -- -- -- on that. In particular to watch your video version here's an angle of the three quarter front I mean those are like weapons sticking up off the -- they stick up a full speed -- their -- -- Police -- -- -- never looked back. A and you should never look stupid which these -- do so there's two things are wrong -- -- anyway that's so those of you Norway in the future but -- -- -- waiting another year to column I'd love Andy Rooney. He has a I think one of the folks in the roadside assistance audience pointed this out to us -- to -- we were talking about Andy Rooney and his hatred for car tech -- Estes is -- impression when. So we're gonna run that clip this week Mitchell can you pull that up -- audio in your hand as I want of the audio here. And let's check out this this Andy Rooney piece from those two weeks ago is -- July 24 episode sixty minutes so. Let's get his take on on cart technology as He sits there in his office threatened -- -- public -- people put this country has no idea what it is. The -- is -- the set. -- this is put this all over here. And see if so you give an edge it's up to have an idea how old Andy Rooney is at this point what let's while we're getting that they love it needlessly. Mr. Mister XM radio over here it doesn't -- -- your audience probably. In Canada we have no clue we have we have no clue -- already -- -- -- This. Equally -- -- when you're witnessing a CBS corporation career go down the tubes at and has not Andy Rooney. A lot of gadgets here in my office I don't really like gadgets -- even like the word yet. I read out -- auto makers have plans students are even more electronic gadgets in their cars -- Do we really need wore them. I knew I was out of the -- when I read recently. That the Ford Motor Co. is allowing smart phone apps on Android phones to link directly to sync equipped -- Currently don't have an Android equipped phone and my car I don't know what one it is wouldn't know what one was a -- one. -- -- drivers through a need to log -- to the Internet but they speak your friends. Other kids watch a movie on the video screen in the backseat. And at the same time have the GPS. Help locate the best Italian restaurant area. I have mixed feelings about the things that will keep me from getting lost. Too often. The best time I have is what I am lost before I get where I'm gone. I can remember when Henry Ford said you're gonna have any color car you want a -- as it's black. Now people have Green cars that means environmentally friendly cars. -- hybrids electric cars cars with fuel cells and even cars that run on used cooking -- Course I don't want a -- that smells like bacon grease or French Fries. I just wanna car but I can drive to the store and pick up a bottle of milk and a loaf of bread gone. A bottle of milk that's -- was an episode that he's cited two years old I -- with -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- A -- personally -- injuries. Why don't you Andy comply with it -- it is like doughnuts actually in yet another of those legitimate concerns that. All good stuff get a bottle of milk bottle of birds and animals that yes or any is 92 but I think the most but it's with its. You know this mean truly does not know when an Android phone apparently knowing that -- -- they'll possibly -- aggregate definitely -- -- not treatment equipment. A lot of and the other parties He says I remember when Henry Ford said I remember yeah. It's like if we say it's -- remember that Henry Ford said that He -- says that number way Henry Ford said it to me. It was born in 191990. Years old are man sixty minutes and deliberately older than -- fraternities right. It's a lot about my -- So anyway that's that's release date on car tech you know just a little extreme in their own target audience for the auto makers don't expect that your -- Don't think so in the least I'm seeing him Mary -- media. Him just trying to figure that stuff like that we've got to get him out here he's one of our CBS brethren it would be so great to have him come out -- -- spectrum speak. Is take I volunteered its credit leaned him that sent an injury I volunteer to sell tickets. So I think this is gonna work out view briefly. Our folks let's move on to worry -- all the road every week and as we take you wanna run in the latest car one of the latest cars in the scenic -- sicker -- a by the way again hello to our our new listeners and viewers. You find everything from CNET car ticket cars dot cnet.com if you're still gonna get a feel for where we do what we do this week. -- want take us on the road in a mini that is some interest and some Mini Cooper club and John Cooper works package so it's kind of hot many. On the top of their stack for performance but even more than that. It showed us a new connected apt technology that we've been waiting to get our hands on that more as they take us on the road now in the Mini Cooper club and John Cooper works with the mini connect an app. Handles really nicely had a lot of fun. Throwing that surrounds. Really cute curvy roads and -- company's hallmark is that that really get tight handling yeah that'll definitely. Way more fun and apparently it has been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apple hologram like tires well. -- arts theater asphalt mobile you know pretty early and hit apply now -- Man. Also it. Along with -- the brakes. Are highly -- movement if you break it speed like we're heading into a corner. Then you can't do a lot of -- -- the -- -- -- under control things scalable and settled pretty quickly I personally tested and hasn't had -- -- connected future. And that means -- got an album on an iPhone iPod plugged into the car. Man we've got the navigation system. And so it'll lot of different interest in features. I hear Omnia. On the navigation system and a lot of features in here and most useful search. So with via phone connected it'll actually. Cars and -- manner in any search term. And it'll find local businesses that match that banner in the navigation system in your results list. And mpeg one and sales and there. Useful. And connect -- -- things like -- Temperature in the car and you're looking to get that thing is crazy can actually blog and your Twitter account via -- -- And you'll CEO is that like most of our most recent tweets -- stream. Bob. L -- and pictures of the most of them do. And templates -- tweets you can actually post on there. So like if you were up -- Wayne Bryant on Twitter blood -- gives me something like. -- eight degrees Fahrenheit -- in -- many. And then only one -- -- especially useful there's one that once you have a destination for evident it says. I'm seventeen minutes away from you know San Francisco C radio CNET users -- -- -- like -- -- Useful yet you -- tell people -- hear about it show up. Now quibbling about them -- mini connect an -- and all that stuff is that. You'll have to buy the 35000 -- John Cooper works version to get it actually have that all the many lines have firstly I would probably yet. But Cooper S and -- get that feature and -- be in good shape. Or mini connected happen that's also that you heard -- talking earlier about a BMW story. This is the same core technology you'll find him BMW's so we saw this also in the BMW 1 -- Again too -- cars from two different divisions of BMW. And almost identical technology so if you're thinking about many connected you're also basically seeing BMW connected. Overall in terms of being cool and being useful where does this fall -- that kind of scale of tilting back and forth I think it's may be about 40% useful 60%. Compete. -- minute -- that a little bit more in the favor of of goofy just because of what goofy here's my -- feature we didn't mention in the media that they -- you really easily gets overlooked. But there's a feature of this car called mission control this is yes turn on mission control and your car. It's a multiple personality -- you get three voice is one that they control of the engine room when that the control like overall. Help the vehicle and -- one that for your climate control system. And they start talking to you. It's like -- step on the gas in your engine goes well -- really get into it. -- -- a good time now. I didn't even try and it is -- -- fuel in your your years the -- here's your overall system voice -- and it looks like you're a bit low on petrol. Perhaps you need to -- -- seriously. -- -- -- -- -- to each other. It's -- to use that's into it is whole Ares I didn't I trial that it's on next. And no you don't -- at least for the first week -- in that you aren't out with a crowbar. There you know people junior diaries to starts talking yeah you feel like you're in -- and you -- -- totally normal. But what's -- other problem. The feature for people know friends of the park and how -- it is just pretty friendly to talk to them Mahler got along because nobody also drive with them its worst -- Internet friend says it's my car friend. They're all in the car when did you try the add dynamic music teacher I was kind of and tested by that as well that's interesting. -- -- -- -- plays a some kind of be instrumental track. And as you slow down or speed up to actually add layers to that track -- either -- up tempo or -- templates not just changing them. -- -- -- in general it's actually mixing in different layers that. Go along with the this piece of the car and courts if you wanna hear fast music and you drive faster. And -- we discovered this is really funny -- we discovered it'll actually -- -- in layers if you're using the turn signal. If they're doing all these things in the speed up and if there's and -- a little. It's garage band dial your attack them but let it cool if there's a channel called like -- mini -- or something and if you -- around it flew speed. It seems like you speak in out of place -- not rocket and. That's a little repetitive. It is a little bit repetitive so you know -- -- without all the time I mean we haven't yet a lot of fun with -- -- it's it's here to get back to my question. It's a little -- -- Google search that. Google search is great yeah that's great that's that's the delegates -- up to me that's a killer app yes the -- of navigation system. It's that immigration is okay with the palm and the Google search in the navigation system yet -- -- liked. Go to destination like two or three times to make it -- London. But united -- gets there and that's that's just a nice thing to have. Yet though that that was really useful and the fact that it's got send to the car from Google as -- -- caught up on that He but it's. Absolutely. Gotta be the most fun. App that in humans put in a car yet and BMW won't have that part they won't have out Michigan prison controller they won't have the entered the. After music. On one thing that doubt I've managed and -- -- -- I think this really obvious there's a lot about immigration in cars and Ford as early leader in Matt. But I think the way BMW's doing it and put it has taken a similar -- of having a single app on your phone has a lot of different services and yes and I think this is -- we're gonna see is if it looks like a winning strategy to me because. The user doesn't have to do too much into -- -- one app on their phone installed the app not the apps yet and then suddenly they get like whatever. You know services at the yet -- company wants to put in there. In this -- EA and are still separate. Yeah -- selling through that. You know you wanna use like -- neglect and or control you have to step out -- connect app into the pandora app and -- go -- different minute act. This technology does allow that pandora to come up on the dash. So it's kind of a partner with the pandora app although you are switching out of mini connected but the -- technologies helping you get into the dash. I'll do -- thing about this is that they are using all their own branded apps here. Whereas the show the -- engine system bringing in outside branded apps. That's and others big divergence we're gonna -- companies choose one way or the other nothing here like He says no pandora built in there's no. Being built in -- Google to Google's -- like utility but -- light of the water company they could build pandora into the -- and they really should. Yet is that ray will do wonders -- -- people to understand what it is yet. But they are again it's a bunch of stuff I already use in my life and they've got it in this mini app it'll -- in my dash of its import the car companies think about that because they go with the stuff that looks -- generic it's a new interface to learn. It's a new set of -- -- are okay that's equivalent to Google Maps okay I guess that's like a pandora -- evidence that being told them to handle or whatever it. It put it look like you have a separate -- -- you you know like heaven -- -- your phone to jump into pandora. You start running at the same issue that ran into it and Europe radio last week Leo and that's that you in depth. Touching the phone weigh more then you want to to do things like jump between and Orion. -- you know -- and there's -- I've -- with you know little bouncing in and out of apps you in the touching the phone line in the kind of defeats perpetuity and -- -- a station that supposedly have -- -- tendons and. It's but let's talk to us which is this this is an app that's good but that's that's an actual car for a moment so that I guess again net many of identical works is it worth it. In Munich with confusing to -- is because there is a mini super admin. With the -- who worked package via which I think is the Wii and we did but then there's. A John Cooper works Klugman. Which is a different car. Really yeah I think it's all the same actually revenue here. The packaged. Is really an appearance and then in that -- suspension -- via the actual John works. And then this is the -- DCW club and -- that -- the extra power yet near -- at different her about the media in the two breaths. And gas more robust service a little horse power out of it and of the suspension tuning. And -- -- considers that if this model club and yet. So John Cooper works the club and yet when -- yet they were where John Cooper -- -- in appears in the modeled mean. It's very important because it did it determines whether you just have Cooper rests with. And it nicer wheels -- on the cool spoiler or the actual jock who works -- with. Enhanced suspension are so -- go to club and there's a John Cooper works under club lens of 32000 dollar to -- an -- horse power. Club that's -- we -- by go to works. There's a club and that's a 32 it's the same specs and one thing if you just go into Clinton -- -- -- can stick a giant who works package and take the phone -- on on -- group -- -- Cooper S got it okay and -- and get excellent Indian and -- package -- the most -- -- taking an M package on and on Ambien got a nice little bad to the Apple wields the door sills. But not the different Turbo. Okay so that's -- -- people to know the John Cooper works package on a non John Cooper works model. That had actually had me confused for about in a thirty minute. -- -- -- Which -- -- this thing. Thursday. I have noticed that yeah there are many overall price with that John Cooper who don't -- -- club and was 35000 of the options we. Now I'm this -- and 35000 it's running mini yeah I don't get the minis are are expensive no matter what. They're just expensive cars you can get down to you know local and -- but the not be open and honest minis an hour's drive that's one of the sluggish nasty scars don't have to get the -- -- -- -- This is interesting because. It's quite a difference in -- -- in the the works package and the works car. 281 -- to await significant difference they should make that more clear -- as the big bigger Turbo would -- you that you gather evidence and tuning into. Yet adjusting the PM agreements in the base that super. The -- -- produced has a it's actually a non fuel injected or non direct injection four cylinder engine via one point six so it's actually pretty different engine -- the one and Cooper S which actually is a direct injection. Has a lot of BMW's really smart to you know about -- on there. And also the -- and winter resident a lot of difference there and but also the new John Cooper works He beastie is a super charger in the is a -- now. -- this is supercharged development and -- I think there was a gap there -- When many. When the many -- what you went from the super charger to the Turbo yeah and then I think John Cooper works package was still using the super charger. And now they're to a terminal as well so no super charger left in the -- -- and all Turbo is now except for the base Cooper. Well yeah it's a confusing and -- would -- it has enough confusing options already. With the enormous amount of of models they've got hardtop convertible club and countryman -- is on the way. And the cons fusion between Cooper works -- -- works package. And then all the customize nation. Yet and I think that kind of depends on how you want to look at it it's either really confusing and far too many options -- -- While you can really have your own meaning if you want customization yeah yeah they really -- customization hard it's very much like. Porsche they have a lot of nine elevenths and a lot of ways to customize every one of into C one 39 history unbelievable. And all a lot 300 options 300 options on refuted every piece of trim differently. Somebody -- estimation that we put in 2012 up pushed on eleven and it's like. It's gonna look the same as 2011 I mean it's an update but as an update this -- that I could change that -- -- that's their bread and butter. Also this is a car that we had the with the manual on this right. I guess we yes and judge of course is a man that He paid. You might alien I'm a Mac on that but it's it's -- that really -- six speed manual it's just really nicely -- And this was a car that has we have the mini connected package for -- thousand dollars and listening to noted gonna buy one of these. Many connected gets you the LCD screen -- voice control. If you to USB and iPod. It obviously get you the mini connected firmware in the head unit to talk to the app which have been talking about a lot. Streaming Bluetooth. A Smartphone cradle if you want -- as -- as Bluetooth but doesn't include -- even though it's got a screen Alicia at 750 more. To make it. A mini connected with nap or get the premium package I believe now that doesn't do what you've gotta get mini connected and it -- 750 for -- If I'm reading this this -- -- which is typical overpriced BMW -- yes 1754. It that's a lot of money these days because I think nav systems have been coming down in price quite a bit somewhat and and -- you're gonna get to many connected in there yet it's not cheap us put that. It's not cheap but it's a -- with a break America's most folks equate the cars got a screen it's got -- But that's during the and -- you can get obviously Fords and have a screen that you have -- still by the SD card. To put -- and -- -- a break -- apart from screened -- the new trend it is now screens you'll lot of flexibility and in car controls. Because you can put anything on the screen. You know what Vietnam or not they are considered having -- -- -- -- buttons like thirty in a plastic buttons yet either because they're giving us more for more dubious features to -- also. I need you young how many seats settings do I need it you're gonna have that many can't do it buttons anymore there's -- real estate left. Arts and that's the that's the that's the -- club and John Cooper works. I think I'm saying that right to -- the right model who supported I just described -- back I -- I don't even know you can -- Mini Cooper club and John Cooper let's try to -- Mini Cooper John many corporate -- and John Cooper works let's just say that there's that one over there at the worst part about that car -- those -- graphics three -- -- -- -- -- they were awful I have their cool it's up to the school to union -- and then I checked -- right that -- at. It was these union -- things look as though they've been browsers are robbed and content are not -- -- is that German car. There it is -- toward union Jack DK L all over worn out like it's been remover acetone -- some parts from England. Yes yeah I didn't seem dubious during the coming -- their marketing emblem spam amounts of England that. -- -- -- the that it at that review is up over cars dot cnet.com take a look at it decoder video check their car out it's gonna very interesting -- technology -- if you wanna see that for sure. Let's -- -- what's now -- CNET car tech garage. A waiting list view in the next few days to weeks right now we're just finishing up with a Mercedes-Benz. CLS 515. And the Mazda five which is a very. You need car does not shooting anything quite like on the market. And not much is that does that -- -- Up next who got an out of the new Audi a six is coming here. The little tiny sign on ice cubes which is just so Lil bit bigger than a Smart Car was -- to rows of seats. And the Hyundai Accent which -- earlier breast. Finally a Hyundai I don't love and we'll get to that. And then after that we have my favorite the -- waited all year for -- trends -- request is this just for you I love to support transit connect and they're not getting it back. And the Honda Civic is here for it. -- -- -- on the subject and you all the with a new look and we're gonna have a little low although -- would fragrance and wetlands and it. And the tigris is the -- -- of -- I'm not -- rock -- its Adobe all of us when I'll be the cars and -- -- tipped over on my side. The cynical reader user to sixty yes. And you'll already be -- having a beer. I suppose that's car tech live for this week it's -- the show notes -- -- cars dot cnet's car tech dot cnet.com is our show home page. And of course all the other car tech stuff the reviews and everything else is at cars dot cnet.com. And you can follow us on Twitter because that's -- an easy. I'm Brian Cooley -- -- NC double OLEY -- is -- -- underscore SF. And Antuan is -- doing NT GOO. We'll see you next week things.

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