Car Tech: Car Tech Live 223: Checking out the 2011 Audi A4
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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 223: Checking out the 2011 Audi A4

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Why is the Leaf outselling the Volt? Those pesky flying cars just won't go away. Infiniti and Scion think small is its next big thing. And we take you for a drive in the no longer small 2011 Audi A4.

Why is the -- outselling the -- Those pesky flying cars just won't go away the infinity him asylum thinks small is the next big thing. We'll take you for a drive in the no longer small 2011 Audi a -- -- -- -- -- -- Who's got some dice. It's -- -- 0223 and I'm Brian Cooley is going Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin Mitchell -- at the controls. Kicking things off this week this is one of the great battles -- tech religion. Mayor's iPhone vs Android fan boys got that Mac vs windows fan boys -- way back and now we see leaf verses -- people. With bloody riot in the streets -- -- -- rage at least half of them. The leaf is outselling the volt handily by like four X Danny's fans go off at each other in our comments section all the all the time. So June numbers he's just came -- we got a piece of this on the air cars dot blog. 17100 -- were sold in June. Compared to 560. Volts. That's not even close that it's not a -- the month before about the same. Spread a little bit less but -- sold 11100 volts in May and should be sold watered any of -- -- and -- only 41 -- -- it's not even close this point and the question is why. As a matter of appeal -- as a matter of availability -- these numbers don't really address that production. We rights you know maybe you -- the only made 561 -- result every detail one of yet. Now they are saying that they've had the volt production plant offline for the last five weeks for renovations to increase production. Which stated yeah they do need I would assume -- and they've got more demand than we are actually seen self -- here that's the story giving us but. Who the -- takes a factory down for five weeks in the launch of a car yet -- in like it and -- early that -- and it seems like if you're reduced early -- lots on about that product where you started -- -- them. And even if you do it renovations that is all the time where you know they can spread it around -- -- -- but five weeks for a plant to go down. That's like launching a new car but they already launched this -- so I don't understand what it is they're doing five weeks is -- long time. In -- in the you know the content -- with the earthquake. Right the Japanese manufacturers and means to complement their pompano those -- so this open. Either ill planned or fishy here but. So be it if you see a leaf on the street -- yet suitable the wild there's a reason. They're selling in very different numbers there's gonna separatist or -- budget vote for a -- Now I've seen more leaves but not by a huge -- -- steam or herbal. We -- around San Francisco. I started to see summer around here haven't seen many in awhile but now I've seen like if you just governor at the maybe seeing the feeble and it's. -- their -- about the same color yeah that's a good grade -- these articles are trying grey yeah I saw a red one the other day. That was cool looking and you may double -- like that -- -- -- -- Really adds it's -- him so ballistic is that now and that's not that be cool Matt cherry rattling down a camera here in this area read it's it's like I don't want to offend you read. Dark cinnamon metallic malt that's what -- -- -- read -- Assuming that let's EST General Motors they have they can it was -- big goal -- -- words. Couple days ago. They were talking about the kind of new head unit there can be putting in cadillacs it will be a descendant. Of these shipping my links last Buick Intel only -- we've talked about here a number of times on the shelf. But they're saying the Cadillac version to come out in a 2013. Model year. Is going to have features that will let me get the quote right here according to a source. It'll say. The source told com who was the talk and GM authority GM law. Say quote BMW's -- drive -- -- MMI and Mercedes-Benz command systems don't hold a candle. To -- casual while will offer. That's a big piece to -- Also those that everything he mentioned there are actually really more interfaces -- they are complete infotainment system. Yet -- it was their hospice and he's -- I have yet to be different global -- rate but that would mean that if it Cadillac really is going to leapfrogged. Audi BMW and Mercedes. They have to do. On board built in connectivity -- -- to be connected SP better than the it runs -- really up the road for you know until it does better which says they -- -- the Google stuff built in Google search. Filtered results that are relevant to a car. Apps is no apps platform we've -- the Cadillac yet. Although -- link and is basic stuff pandora what ails us that your teacher -- that legendary -- And every -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- -- that market pretty well he used it here I mean really had you heard it before you out into iGoogle or or -- -- -- madame that the news. They have -- cultivated. Lift the podcast it's extreme to download. Like -- couple -- might like to listen in -- Out -- and economic theory there -- It's not quite DIY anyway that's what. That's a similar Cadillac says they'll be able to do it makes sense for that -- to do something really -- And with the news that spot -- -- in the US. And not you know motive I would imagine that 23 to be too late for -- to be the first carmaker was modified in -- -- -- -- -- -- Good grief instantly. Made. It to be easy and likes talking and transferred 2013 model year and yes the long ways down the road I -- -- -- -- would pay eight keeping gas right now. While we're gonna see in car tech news thirteen your car's brain weight man. Alternate he -- and it. Actively integrated. -- and the free ice cream and free -- -- And scent detection. And it'll be back right vehicle approach alcohol detector so it can't get within ten feet of my car -- -- that it's shocking me. I -- protection -- the courage to kick you out if you're gonna -- -- the color of is that it. It's like gets the it's like value goats moto that -- -- override -- figure out. Era administered to the car wash if you get in right and you're getting out and I'm gonna watch few. Those are just some things we have and -- mines for -- thirteen let's hope one of -- -- taking notes we'll see oh how correct we are. Let's see now if you wanna know where things are going in the head unit of another ship the unit assorted on the road might link is going to flash from hard drive. One of the things that most consumer -- no. I assume they're gonna make an upgrade to the interface -- and operate as they do eight. Well you also lose the the on board storage with this change. And it's it's it's in how we found out about this change things cars dot com published a list of the options for when he twelve cruise. And the option noted that. -- -- Chevy has -- ninety -- and hasn't officially said anything about this yet the option is noted that. Pad navigation would be SD card so the way Ford doesn't -- on -- forward touch yet and I actually asked. Represented over telling -- to see if they were involved and he said no comment. Okay Italy are the third that's us there we goes back. Now so this is going to be a big changes when he mentions that will lose the hard drive storage to they have on this ship pieces ten games -- the. You'd have people aren't using a mile -- it's really ripping CDs to their I don't understand that -- get -- CD it's your car and ripping -- -- that taking twenty minutes to rip the -- Up to the hard drive. On the chance that you're gonna one of the to -- forever. Right because it's hard to maintain is not a -- system I mean there's news and assess the and now. Give -- an iPod connection and you mean -- common Leo me bring my stuff but I already have with me. So not maintaining another collection of stuff in the car. In this is closings is gonna come and go really -- the in car hard drive slash music library. I mean it's just we don't hear even from our users and you folks are some of the most savvy -- people out there. So a man shows up on a list of people -- no one's ever they mean email and that they -- -- hard drive. And I have been -- it is always how -- -- by -- how nobody ever have yet when it -- sends emails and that's the best hard drive system. Mean and again -- I got one email about making hard drive back in 2008. Autos that -- -- totally right I have an external hard drive on equipment and -- -- -- doesn't work via tried he would. And -- -- work on putting my 45 inch TV in the back and I'm also -- three Mac minis as a server farm. For really great navigation that's the -- a user who wants to do that. So. Anyway that's where the and you -- -- going and I would imagine obviously that'll also be what's -- with Cadillac in it is talked about by the time it comes to market. Pardon -- speaking of an interesting head unit. -- car I don't remember this one from C yes we -- snapping your iPhone and it becomes the head unit. Well and has become a becomes the interface for the head unit we have the world's smallest photo right here is if you're watching -- -- and prepare to sample some really nice -- -- But here's the idea you get into this head unit it looks as though you have an anti theft face plate removed. But there was no face plate there's just a place for your iPhone but it has to go into -- -- Dual head when of these well. Yeah yet -- rule makers of super cheap Bryant former great high fiber and reduce oh yeah back when you're embryonic it was a great. Home stereo only ever known them -- -- -- -- on the wall market 29 dollars to be stronger gradual and you whatever it. Get the -- letting -- GO metro and select you'll definitely hear nobody cares right okay that's the dual you know -- -- to -- the most beautiful turn tables in history gorgeous. So elements of the -- -- base beautifully made in Germany Italy but not -- -- -- looks at Christmas and he does that with -- radio to. -- -- -- -- -- So what do we know about the so carping you have any opinion orient on -- -- giving it -- interesting. Because you basically does which are gonna wanna do. -- your products years receiver. And basically. Use the receiver has them in you know a glorified amplifier. The real thing about these things is yet Apple's always changing -- Of the iPhone. Communities -- earlier this point we are now the iPhone -- -- super thin wafer right. Any new -- the first went to the that a solid actually like that knock -- rank of willow called -- -- -- -- -- -- second tier -- -- -- And they had a unit where you would actually slide the -- -- cassette -- Intellect slot but the problem -- Like -- -- guide here at the new iPod Touch came -- and in fit anymore. So it's just like the problem with these sort of like Cox's -- new in the app -- get longer of data fed meat and with a -- screen. -- can fit in there anymore I analysts are giving different cradles which might be the logic for the cradle idea but even then what what -- -- beautiful little bit -- and it doesn't fit over a single -- oil looks like it's an open anyway. On the sides. Now -- on the -- a little bit taller than the single -- -- -- to begin with already off the -- -- idea so. Indicated that haven't really seem like -- the entity would leave me be. This kind of does exactly what tying -- at radio would do. Except for instead of using them -- year and unit in touch screen you -- these yet -- your own -- -- yet 3.5 inch screen. Sony's got you an elective to but he basically just haven't -- its slide out -- -- oh yeah often in there that's really a little -- a little door for the two entry. I decided it's interesting had to be interested that's right out and it looks like there may be some specific apps. It's you can actually download onto your phone there specific -- aren't available. Yeah on the interest in like via NA and FM tuner you view -- that yet but that screen as you don't have one of those anymore you don't have and LTD anymore. -- for you have to have some sort of an app to control the tuner. In the yet vehicle broadcasts and -- -- also taught my house got streaming audio and video. I assume it's a typo that it has AM VMI and her medium before socialism radio titans but now we were looking -- -- -- drinking and com. I hear it's the 300 bucks. For -- -- name. I just looked -- the the the details of oxygen audio the producer of this at -- Passes auction -- -- -- French designer amber and oh there's already a problem in business for fifteen years of that long ethernet. -- together and going to be community gets them heavyweights -- with so -- it's Anderson of -- -- -- on -- you're watching a video version what it does is this little dock allows -- -- countless spin around is a -- picture here on a gamble. So. It's -- odd man I mean you can put this thing in in landscape or portrait mode your phone. When it's docked up into your car we object to that image there. It's a strange bird I guess it's kind of like dollar clamps -- people put on their windshields or whatever with their Smartphones clamped into them in a you know it's also -- -- me of when the iPad came out a month -- and a and they were working on and -- -- into it but it was that I iPad -- Yeah basically in -- with an iPad cradle -- a big gamble -- -- -- yeah right big. -- thing you could basically -- the iPad on your dashboard and then. Basically use the the receiver that it in there as -- and to -- speakers what ever happened that never heard from -- again. Now look at there -- At their -- page you're gonna -- that as -- mountain has not been shown up for -- all still and handles all of you and what happened than ever that we had a -- -- -- video of them of the mock up. That we saw. It was -- and who is going right over the right over the place where the over the head unit ago. And in their -- a vehicle that is in -- it would happen anyway and equipment. -- you -- -- get back toward our duct tape and aren't crazy -- we can do anything. And a case of beer. Let's take a look at some carpooling apps because this is well I didn't even thought -- But -- still people carpooling is right here in California we're talking a lot these days about how you no longer can get one of those stickers for your Prius the gives -- the free pass through the hov lame news and even if you have when of those you can't use the hov lane anymore. Plus you totally out an ad after -- -- lifers and the yellow stickers the yellow -- -- researchers won't when you get lane anymore so you'll get busted. So here is likely the -- a year or two ago at least that giving out stickers -- -- -- and so you know Hillary is loaded. With the sticker on it would actually sell for more -- right -- of the resale value of the current -- if -- had stickers on it because those are transferable. And now the whole -- -- lot of things -- go okay my cheap commute in that cheap anymore so we started doing thing about you know carpooling. Casual carpooling here's another way to get it -- we have -- roundup of some casual carpooling apps. -- this is kind of the social networking for carpooling. The idea is that whether there's three apps that we've Baghdad rounded -- -- -- is called a -- -- driver -- one is called -- -- We've ever available moribund right now I haven't heard any this -- -- lot of activity on that one and right remedy is a -- one. And all of these like you user's Smartphone and these are all iPhone apps on I think some of -- might have Android Android versions. And the -- the you can say yes you need to go from one place to another you don't wanna drive you can -- -- raise your hand and say I need to go here and if somebody else with -- -- who was driving there and say. While I'm -- on -- -- -- this is all good Green ball on Omnia right -- -- year. -- carpooling although you can make more from occasional queries that it will look is likely targets for -- -- a buck fifty. And it's you need to passengers in the car so oftentimes they'll just jump in the -- if you buck. Cry bridge me. If you -- -- -- profit I mean if you price -- -- -- look at the work those Justin hassles and thinking about a brain cycles but if you're into casual carpooling there are three good depth we have -- appear instantly that actually have ways to divide up the cost secrecy can save little tip calculators you. He -- in -- -- -- -- -- units -- and say okay you over the driver by boxer. -- those quite a bit of a would say it's their business and only got rid of the carpool freebie rule on the Bay Bridge them -- the whole discussion about what's the decorum. What is the right way to via so there are -- the forum is -- In -- itself. It's a strange -- -- two years -- Actively participating in as a -- As both -- driver and passenger was that here are aware here. A nice to crossovers Oakland every day out and -- of the greatest. Stupid -- -- stories that you'll ever hear. It's a weird society I mean in the elegantly nicknames like -- -- -- the new planet wanna get in the car -- that while. Lawyers you're the only person in there and -- I don't like none of the -- of the kind of that he pulls up and like. Or women in front of me and it person in line. None of these women waiting in the current health and so I've basically got to cut before of this in the car than men anyway disappointed me and they sat at home. -- of the dude great but then he with. Like a prototypical of not suspect that thirty basically the whole trip talking about it -- -- passages yeah exactly -- these cars generally good better. Ferrari. Bono's. Recorded -- that's where you don't normally do for a living in pre clinical look of our take on some aspects. Anyway here in the casual -- thing we got some good apps for your equipment over cars dot us about some new cars that are coming we get a whole bunch of little ones -- came in this week. Sign -- got an electric car. And there's new smallest car on the way is an IQ -- Yet and it just that really confirm that they're gonna make a elect members and the IQ and it actually makes sense this is there. Tiny tiny car which they're just going to start selling -- -- later this year much he went on a drive in one of those next week yoga level introduction to note that IQ. And this is a four -- technically unless it. Yeah you can't actually get in through the back -- through -- drivers idea into the passenger side seriously because they of the seats offset. The passenger seat is actually a little more forward speaking Caribbean. One -- three plus one. Not as common and acts as well I don't care that our parents do not get back equally -- -- -- right no. -- let you -- image and I Italy and in those dreams now there's no way. We get a -- copy and everything horror movie out of it up into two parts -- get back there -- are getting back there's going to be a bloody mess but I didn't. I'm wondering if the outside the I QUD is going to be powered by -- power -- Well it's a big because they have that deal. And that would potentially be kind of a little bad acts the others although they are only talking about what -- -- a 65 mile range so fairly short range. Yet this is even more a city car then a leaf. When that's what hundred mile range nominally. -- analysts can't picture many American drivers being comfortable with this thing at highway speeds mean that people are recalled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean -- -- probably also -- in the probably completely filling this vehicle with battery because that Marty B. Take a couple of -- with its battery -- this car still keeps the backseat with smart and have to do. So you really -- -- -- there. -- -- got -- possibly save production cost to you because it. -- and only have no batteries DO 65 miles in that means -- lithium battery lithium ion batteries. And that's a pretty expensive part of the via the electric car -- surprised and accused battery capacity available for other models that are more profitable as cars in this category are not profitable or not very profitable listening Aston Martin's atlas is to sit at that that's gonna 3540000. Dollar mini car of another IQ variant. A targeted -- -- forgot about that and doing a lot that a lot of stuff on the back of -- portal like you. Are to discuss numbers on the Mitsubishi I meet new EPA's aren't I yes that Mitsubishi just now today they it got there am. This is that I mean it's gonna be called the eye when it now want to see its little -- -- to electric car. They just to their UP -- esteem and got to the best mile per gallon equivalent. Of any car even better than -- they scored a 112. Mile per gallon equivalent and I think the -- is about a 106. So that would be a new high water mark for this market yet. Straight up and dad knew -- -- said -- that they and their real world driving range was 62. Which doesn't sound like much of I think the -- is probably about 74 -- and dad there's another test the public LE four test which they do lot of city drive -- -- -- start and stop. Slow speed driving and that they scored 98 mile range in that OK so this is that MPG -- a lot of -- may still -- -- totally familiar with. The idea is to it make an equivalence between the amount of electricity. Used to travel a certain amount number of miles equivalent to the amount of energy. In the a gallon of gas is that rights US yet say how much is consumed. For how far you can go so yet -- kind of work out through math you know it's it's almost oranges aren't yet it's an energy equivalency it doesn't agree it does and equipment -- cost of that amount of fuel obviously it -- says. For the amount of energy and a gallon of gas you can -- -- 112 miles. On this call are. In a in -- charge its it's a tortured kind of number. Let's outsource the styling of the car by the -- that I assume this is not gonna be doing the exact way that it comes to market its another one of those cars it is gets weird looks -- American we have a little. In -- egg -- -- you get a shot if -- -- at the video version its its pretty it has golf -- written all over it's -- finally agreed to rumor and your bit around the city and and that it's very narrow he's the one that we drove a Japanese market when it was very narrow. Which varies oh yeah and it didn't feel like normal American market car because it was. So that's a number on that so huge looking for a dvd gets enormous mileage stick around for that I -- coming -- we have. Not only twelve I just excel yet believe that is I mean getting announced the numbers on it so. Going to be getting close to production -- So maybe possibly late this year trickles in early next. Now the other story about new cars to the market not electric hear nothing choose drug -- dramatic power train but. Or different size for infinity they're going after what they call the -- three class was is that as that -- B segment car is that. Not that small -- the C segment look at that greatly enthusiastic at the C segment okay. So this is going this is community's first car that class. As they -- -- ending now how a very clear image of -- this was a formerly of show car right. I yet and they said about the Geneva earlier this year -- -- -- small -- And they take their styling at least in the of the concept into a styling in the -- Syria show cars with the -- -- And they -- it. The -- aggressive that is headlights look like something out of my -- the other at Pixar -- -- -- yes exactly there expressive this arsonist if he. That's -- there is to that is definitely a it very different got a -- and there for them to the way it Ana. My finger on it but they haven't quite -- -- -- like their car or not quite there's some angles that are somewhat reminiscent of the yet DT are here. -- bill off of get a little bit of that. If there. There FX their ethnic and -- with the group rounded front raised eyebrow at the -- grille shape is very aspect to me. And so this is gonna be a good looking small car going after what is an increasingly good looking class of small cars out there so we could be talking -- hatchback. Yeah that's gonna what they're taught me this is definitely a a two door -- -- actual or a -- gets probably front wheel drive. -- and going after now what -- its main competition BMW won rights. I yet should be in the line -- You know image and Audi a three of course then. I guess that that Lexus says CT the new they're new hybrid hatchback we had a few weeks ago yet to be you know lined up against it. What's interesting here it says some it will be based on the -- platform. So this can be an electric vehicle. Almost certainly will be an option for them to offered as an EV. And I don't think we've yet seen anything in there are -- global lineup that takes the least platform and doesn't put an electric motor. At least platform lending -- -- belief right now as far as we now and that was no specifically designed as an EV -- yeah from the ground up so. Maybe so would they ever -- gas or hybrid power train -- -- -- platform and if so why or are they telling us right off the -- this is very likely going to be. Electric car yet dementieva also the allure concept that was that let -- Italy out of -- with a -- fun. Very chemists will be with the new center at the boomerang like. Oh yeah yeah. Amniotic -- looks like adults yet it may be used -- Like arm that -- real implement something and -- -- lookalike at a certain lighting although corrects in the Infiniti JX crossover. -- a different vehicles -- the based on the -- platform a -- so this is -- platform but they've got other cars coming to their bumping up their model line is we are calling out in this blog post all. Of from seven to ten vehicles and with the -- mean this and -- in the yaks and those are all. -- an -- nutrients are crossovers although this seems more. Like it's -- -- -- down and a under the ground yet this is a very very stripped streetcar. I think it's interesting that they've got so this so -- -- -- So crossover at least have a big -- the -- with the alas they don't anymore. The of the g.s and -- is a huge huge car huge they -- those hand over fist -- got him. And that's it for cars. -- spread in the -- and -- and come up with something that maybe a little smaller than the G but still retain that that car. While -- -- the current bad you know call it like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If I think definitely. That I immediately give an ugly works ugly cells that's the problem and sales -- fell segment. Now ugly consult to I mean we've seen -- let people put on their bodies he's definitely adds value have been created an old -- a I've seen some -- that sells hand over fist oh. Anyway. While we're still working out one out so yeah this could finally get some balance to infinity having many courses as they have suvs but they haven't had for. A long time. Are older cars with a little thing the last few days in Cuba with a slide show of -- -- Modern classics. Cars you can buy today. It will be totally collectible tomorrow. We don't guarantee that. No they don't hear -- and you may lose principal your investment may not do well you can tell right away -- giving you that warning because one of the first ones is. The butt ugly first generation Prius how did this get in there. I think okay this is -- -- and I think. Obvious the Prius made a huge impact as far as a hybrid -- are -- yes. You launching -- vacation a vehicle to make him popular. And I think the first gen Prius which is little lesser known than the the the Prius we all think yeah -- will be a little more in demand if you're going to Pebble Beach at concourse and okay and historic vehicle exactly. RI I can see that yet exist. -- this was the first of the legendary free guide which you a few years from now be even a bigger brand in the Prius is definitely got long legs and these are more rare than the second gen Prius the third gen -- oh yeah these are actually kind of unusual Odyssey. And you know they're kind of homely and it's charming way are terming an overweight -- any look at it. Assisting a couple others here to let people know what's in the one of my favorite when a market that's often with -- on -- you XP. These are -- it very kind of holy Senseo -- look at the lot of. People would automatically pick the planning ITT over the G-8 GXP was the last year that they've made -- and that they tried to go out with a believes the glory here it's off the six point two liter. Analysts engine in it so it's got tons of course power it was only made for one model year and this wasn't very. Under rated high performing car so mean they're gonna be rare with -- -- it adds yet are not rare with Holden badges -- if you go to Australia. He'll make in this car. But. With the -- egg badge on it the last to the tiny X. Last hurrah left of the Greek on. Canada -- -- period. And that kind of power it's gotta get some collector. -- -- so clearly got huge power you've got rarity in terms of low volume. You got and of a problem. -- You got distinctive looks it doesn't -- was badge engineered from some other -- It was -- -- -- yet which in most markets that was -- -- exactly holdings leave it I mean it's not. So over of the top and it looks it's got it's it's. Understated like the -- is -- you're gonna -- -- -- it's gonna very M three kind of idea of benign nature to fuel flat on the -- in this thing and you know. No one look at -- twice which is gonna be great among those who now. That's -- like it doesn't scream look -- And it almost slapped some holes punched in it -- not. It's not gonna be an angled silver duct tape that's all gone legislate standard -- It's local and it in the right make it total sleeper and and then no one -- -- we -- -- that I think is is interesting is -- -- -- the -- -- -- to. -- that's a good choice yet. That was another Antarctic. -- electrical with cars via port and port -- -- -- went off the box yet and it mid engined. Rear wheel drive -- -- taught at the it it away under Albert -- -- openly there might return tickets for this yet there -- purity. Even that with a warranty. Alex so I mean but. Yet this is that when they discontinued in mark to -- Williams -- -- -- -- spider and its way to silica and like 2000. Or was it. -- -- -- -- And it lasts about one yet that that that until it -- not making fun cars had no more Spore realized after that yeah that was it that was the end of their -- Carson the question for a generation or second. Why do go with the second excellence is because it fell into the modern -- -- yet okay because the first in car and it is says -- eating. But instituted this is the third generation MRT -- there was a second generation which I don't think really has the stuff to be real collector car. The first gen has that really cool -- eighties it was -- C lol yeah I forget -- -- I forgot about that second -- car yet that's more or an anatomy and its 20 yeah yeah. There it is there. Elect totally forgot about that I want Hulu -- -- -- anytime I get my driver's license you were over one when Boca I was totally over this car. Would like to date came that you know you guys -- DO -- and flabby and Toby and pedestrian it is gonna took the -- -- off the waves before it. This was like all wrong. It's amazing how drastically the change from generation and generations it yet this car has no bore -- resemblance to the car that came before which is the little -- one here that everyone knows that was the really cool little. Early MR two which lose this degree car. The current time the first -- -- -- -- in that time to do that earlier. The good time but little little Japanese -- And then of course we get to this incredibly Spartan almost English roadster like. Last model that we're talking about I mean this is a really simple clean little car that doesn't it's almost it's almost got a homely -- it's own way. Everybody. Get immaculate the port to compare and couples kind of looks -- tried to meet. A box there muse kept the voters -- and -- intake at the back in the Ames -- -- -- -- our bonds to shield down in less. Pervasive yet it lets you rate has got more slab sided as to it but yet this was a very cool sleeper arts and expect. Our folks -- -- integrates lights on that over cars dot you wanna see and and of course let us know -- The most obnoxious to possibly be important classics that we forgot I know I -- -- -- -- unit that we forget. Plymouth prowler. -- we forgot about it. If the dollar -- I -- everyone forgot the proper -- -- -- -- -- once every like for five years ST 10. And that the polar about the problem -- -- self conscious now -- -- a morning news the problem. Lies he could go up like pound out of date the that's not -- gonna I think the problem as the purple. Yeah exactly off. -- -- Off yeah purple its -- Well it is got -- their activities cover -- is that hideous or walk out you have matching -- bond that matches the purple. -- -- that's trying to be a classic so it can't -- clocks back they can't think that's what it's a retro -- the closest thing is retro classic classics that. I think it's -- occurrences. The industry cool that we go baby go moustache oh I did -- that I would would never drive communities. -- -- -- a fender Bender. -- open -- over the Internet at an open wheel car me and -- department programs. But those -- a song on -- and now that they're -- collected actually you know because they are looking speaking of bizarre looking in this is gonna anger me to the day I die. Went -- it let go this -- flying carpet. Enough when we get the flying cars and that they gotta stop with this -- fugitives to passed an important milestone they are now. Largely legal. Or use I can't believe that thanks to some exemptions and some carve -- from its -- -- highway traffic safety administration folks it happened this past week. -- been cleared to drive on the roads and in the air while flight in the air allows me about this is it's definitely isn't flying car there's the plane. -- -- -- -- It's an extended taxi ranger exactly and that means the only difference is that the -- -- driven on the ground with the unique. The the rate the plane's regular -- and puts it like. Irregular language can be recruitment -- years -- -- the wheels has blown around with a propeller that in the next bond movie you'll have this at the very beginning the -- -- Daniel Craig jump in and drive that can fly away at -- of not getting and -- carpet have you seen it on the road. Wings -- yeah -- -- you right to know what's up ATP -- means I can do that you can't -- can you go under path that I can put us out and that's that's enhances down an auction hacks on academic appointment as this that's not clever. This is like -- top -- -- cars that were boots. -- this is what data -- exit -- about it's simple stick it in about all the details of whats -- actually work. While I'm here we'll have to commend the bottom. Of that problem Waller and at that anyway you deserve these damn things for 101000 dollars if you think -- -- marks atlas -- is a deadly. Okay. So -- thousand dollars to reserve the terror -- and -- there's another look at this at the pretty one for me a flying car have have Burkle and landing. Otherwise there are joining -- are ever gonna take -- you're have to drive to the airport and in. Yeah off on a runway in inland in an airport in in the airport and it can -- to anything because their airport that's what we want. A flying car singularly smear blood illicitly you know just writing down 101 -- just like -- ago and you. Mix your clear number of that -- the -- done anything. -- it. -- -- walk some more pedestrian on the head they get sued the wing comes -- world. It doesn't actually automatically ask him to get out none really -- The Apple locked in an outfit that makes you don't lose it put your pocket drop it down okay -- -- -- may -- look -- the fuel lines again -- anatomy that -- -- -- -- -- phone while you're in the -- -- Yeah I totally totally. And you know you gotta be careful what you don't -- anything to target's got a made of lightweight materials which can be code for you know it's not gonna hold Ira Glass for their statements right now. -- -- -- of these things but I'm telling you I'm -- towards our mobile. And have to meet the look at little -- thirtieth here's here is with the wings folded because we can scale that goes to judgment it's driving by a normal car and -- -- -- energy via. And there it has the Z which you could leave again these neat little -- it's in the middle finger of his left hand -- up against the glass right now. But of the -- dude you're blind spots. Honestly believe that the wings fold into two segments. And then it's still right alongside you so they're not actually causing a lot of overhang on the wit that's got that's good. Except now you have the world's biggest blind spots these two columns right they are. At about 1:3 o'clock about 4 o'clock and a vehicle. Thank -- mean he worked in years Nokia has an almost for the -- -- -- these aren't the video back on or. Are esoteric user it's available for pre -- 101000 dollars let us know if you get one and don't fly over us. -- last -- -- -- relentless fun at this week commitment to do that. Is the Toyota Prius. With the performance packet performance plus performance -- -- plus it lets reports -- -- -- under sell this thing that I've ten Prius what performance package. Peter Cooper picked a -- of -- recent -- seventeen inch forged alloy wheel lets it to the RAZR inspired but low profile ruling resistant -- -- using a -- -- a low profile skid balls on. What the hell of a finger. I mean is that military it is not a stupid company they got there they do their research there is a market but its -- but who are they. Who -- -- -- a Prius but I want to be a bad act pre. Why are maybe it's like you know they're not -- what performance is being if you well I mean it can be lowering the coefficient of drag. That's it I mean because body -- the -- is not an aggressive by a kid and don't look like all it's doing is keeping less air from going underneath yeah -- think -- -- is an awful lowered. It's also -- it has lowered there are going up underneath the vehicle your lawyer -- -- you're increasing your. Highly fuel economy but the interesting. But they didn't really. -- out candidate and say oh and our new performance kit lowers their resistance and gets you more miles -- -- they would have to exit it at the face -- it's perform I'm reading between Milan thing that it. Generating unit at language -- I think the -- the body can -- subtle admission of taken it. We want it to look like. That little bit out of CNN -- and then yes -- that the performance -- Slam within an inch of its life right -- I mean -- have viewed your performance get on a -- don't go with subtle. -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- come out -- at this point five. CRZ concepts that -- getting crazier. And crazy yeah I had to add theme the -- via the -- and -- -- the this week they came out with the a seniors in you can double our. A good way and and I mean it's just like they're just getting crazy here increase year -- the -- -- -- -- Toyota fashion this to them is about as wild as they'll go as -- are talking about they left the sporting businesswomen Olympia marching behind and I go on to the big mind and sales. Mobile hot rod Prius is people actually buy. There are folks -- that's what's going on -- new Garza's talk about cars that are actually. In our garage rock and scoffed -- this week we go on the road -- -- -- the used to be the small -- it's now the second smallest and used to be a small car compared to its competitors and no longer is kind of you know. Volume shadow when into -- -- for a ride in the of organized when he eleven Audi a four premium lots. This is not just for the -- four. And Audi is really. In this model -- and it pretty clear distinction between which is the sport card which isn't. And well this is still OK. It's a play a lot more suburban Laporte commuter friendly and then then yes more. We've got the Q -- -- engines. Two liter Turbo direct injection. Grid engine and adequate power. And much better power when you're trying to get us court of power exit eighty you know past someone in traffic emerged on the freeway. Not so much we're trying to accelerate from a start but that may be -- transmission. Yet we've got an eight speed automatic transmission in here and now that's. Kind of a new part for Audi. And for the 84 in particular. Lot of years -- this transmission which gives it. Pretty decent fuel economy actually. I think the EPA rating is twenty to 29 but I was CNET push closed at thirty analysts on the yet trip computer so given that -- more about. Commuter car like -- governor's executive -- or maybe. To customized electronics it's gotten them. Saudis hard drive -- -- navigation system. There is a iPod and that different data connections for different kind of music in the -- compartment what they do have in this that was a really like to -- -- Bang & Olufsen audio system. That sounds -- -- afternoon five watts things fourteen speakers. Just really a well balanced system. Reproduces. Just -- acoustic guitar just. Super fine quality any audio files really enjoyed listen and music in this. Yeah and they don't hide -- speaker either -- normally the grill that kind of stealthy. And that's when they got a nice silver surround around every single speaker so you know where their -- -- appointments to show off. Visually you don't get the end the in was the auditory -- that pop up. I like fuel and over the top to your audience but I mean it's still bringing -- and into the fact that you have really nice visual experience system as well good sounding one. Okay so that was one of the high notes in his car because normally Audi sells that -- you know -- -- -- 6000 dollar B -- -- yet they're really crazy -- with a pop -- little lenses the acoustic dispersion optical. But this for 850 was equal rates rate audio up ending fourteen speakers 505 watt and up and I couldn't. There are you know comparing -- to like if you try to view an audio file home. System that'll run you. I -- an entry level 5000 dollars yeah I wanna buy the system -- -- out -- take the stairs at the to a twelve volt adapter -- listen to it was great -- I was driving around just enjoying the sound and music because it just -- everything's so well balanced exactly -- -- -- -- wasn't too heavy on the -- -- could get strong base out of -- -- -- -- -- crystal clear without being -- -- kind of -- evening pity given that -- we -- so many cars that have real. Ambitious audio systems of all kinds from the in Rockford Files -- on one -- and do the -- -- in the big saudis on the other end and the THX systems but. That really you know politics item custom it also good in their way. But this is one to decide it's so good and a nice balanced way -- -- -- and I took note of it -- like. What do they -- -- the audio. -- I was good news yet again the agreement with you -- -- balance being that thing interleukin four and a really good stereo system because then. If you're coming from -- your base you do whatever you want few you'd like your music -- -- you can do that the system doesn't distort that you. You -- the system and you'd like. A lot of PC sort of electro pop you can -- do that you don't worry about rattling the door panels or anything like that you -- get yourself into trouble right yeah and then they independently of comfort to listen to allow public talk radio the -- reproduces the human voice. It's actually really you have really clear and natural not that wouldn't tell me go lot of -- or even worse -- sort of like. Clips like almost like metallic and have -- song at. But sought to own division puts its two AG disagree audio system and for 850 a -- reasonable amount of money the other big package here protect is. The MMI nav deal which is I think a pretty good deals 2550. Which brings you the Audi -- reminder face the controller -- the buttons the navigation. When a negative that parents actually disappointed that -- might -- -- only because had been in the Audi a seven if you've in the -- yeah yeah yeah that's the problem he said as the a 71. I never done that yet still like the system this car I mean it. In my opinion that maybe it's just the wing it it's oriented but it. The color on that screen -- -- it is also it looks like -- paper nice saturation yet and I've never gotten used to this four corners -- -- they do I get it but I'd I'd never get like really good at it. I'm always forgetting -- gonna look in the corners and find my -- That's always been odd to me. Verses having either a menu button that brings up a menu -- everything's on the left or something. But this is always been an odd one for me but that that's said. Seven inch LCD and the graphics or Nvidia power so they've got some really good graphics hardware behind them and it really worked well. It was just things rendered fast. Maps when you scale them in and out they didn't pick up and go fallen wait to kind of pop the new resolution -- just. Went there. My system and that same package for 4550 brings you rear camera. Back of sensors HD radio real time traffic that is not tied to satellite radio it's a great bundle for 2550. At that not a satellite radar satellite traffic since it was TMC okay so -- over the radio yes the clear channel at them stuffs and whatever have to worry about paying a satellite -- to get that thought it was a really -- price kind of a sweet spot package. For the CNET user. And of course the engine on this we -- talk about the -- nice smooth highly highly. Honored remote data 2.0 -- key that they've been -- direct injection amusements for awhile a lot different cars. Hey it's great it currently yup he is playing power in this and exodus on his really -- port port than it has horsepower -- -- much more apps and data so. You know in normal old city -- mean whatever that that really tells I mean it's not the -- -- into a contract. 258 on the to work into levels lowers power or powers on an impressive on paper. But it's got a lot of torque and delivers twenty to thirty MPG and I didn't notice much Turbo -- with almost no. -- really good as when and if the automatic transmission was masking that just looking in the years faster and you know making it is harder to sounds. But I don't think so I that engine has almost no Turbo lite which is amazing easily pick up on -- -- -- I -- things -- direct. There have been a big fan of super chargers and Turbo chargers and computers in general to get between the panel and something happening which is way too many cars we drive around here. -- -- -- Now remember how the the BMW three series in the eighties was the you'll be -- -- the cartridge for -- go to car yet and I think the 84 there and the Audi a four has taken that that position in the last decade. So I would call it OK so if your local San Francisco this is the content is the stereotype of the marina district. Or to be the stereotype of certain part of any given the city you know. LA's -- -- stereotypes at Florida. Young upwardly mobile professional -- -- Tanzania that currently it segment it's a totally epic. Right -- -- I thought well how popular you get a case for why again -- chocolate lab could live in the back. And of course you just got back from vacation and she -- and you're about to go -- sailing this week actually it's an elaborate doodle now is the NI. Francisco right here -- Anyway the world coming to -- -- folks this is your car has been for Amber's -- to -- tell you I really enjoyed this car that gets us like it's comfortable really easy driver. Yeah united just hard to find anything really wrong with that except I I would say putting the music connection in the glove compartment. That's just so inconvenient those way to help -- -- in and they don't have about Bluetooth audio streaming in the -- area. That's right there was no way to -- at all -- and if I'm not mistaken we had the middle model the premium plus. Am -- correct in assuming that the premium didn't have Bluetooth at all unless you option. The base currently has hands -- music could be a German thing you know they they got that inspired by BMW the other interesting thing here if you wanna get some more. Of the kind of stuff that we love around here the CNET loaded up style like blind spot adaptive cruise and -- what the Audi drive select you can kind of do. Profiles of -- engine steering transmission and shifting work. You -- step to a higher trim car at the top line prestige and then. Option that stuff density gets pricey again very BMW -- report -- like. In the -- -- you -- a higher tram and then pay through the nose for the option -- -- -- gives you the -- to pay for. -- that said it's a 33000 dollar car once you get it kind of art style it's around 36. Something around there with the basics to contact that we like mid thirties and I think it's classified as a compact -- to. Yes it is a little bigger than the past a force for spokesman -- -- -- dinky little car. They got a lot of -- on that when they were in in the smaller version before so this car is definitely bigger. The legroom in the front is stupid. I mean I got to the right -- reach the pedals. At all like a child. And they say it's the biggest artists class announcing its bigger in some dimensions of the three series -- -- class has always been a knock on the a four is it's kind of a little cousin. Of those now it's up it's about decides. So you know thumbs up all around we have anything -- and I hated about. -- -- -- -- -- LED headlight that currently -- -- -- little -- the I -- and if I can live without those they're very blank you have one Messina prior -- from the nav system is that you can't actually search. On the the points of interest database. It just yet you wanna find like a restaurant you get to see a list of everything it's nearby you wherever -- the city you can't say where's the nearest body don't your weapon -- noted that. Okay so there's a -- -- little something. -- gets complicated and transmissions. So here's the thing you can get the base car now is not. An automatic or manual the -- cars a CDT at that that's a new -- thing for our audience front wheel -- only in the base configuration. They -- to get the car we had the eight speed tip -- it was a nice gearbox. That also brings in -- pro but that also adds about 2000 dollars just that feature -- -- is actually decent deal. And there's also a six speed manual available I think on. I think on both. -- -- -- -- -- Off across the -- -- writes okay that's a fifty -- a thousand depending which trim -- leveraged that power train into its real complicated. And the CBT is not available on the top -- the prestige so if you -- total of this guy up and you just -- front wheel drive and load up it'll protect you can't do. Those are kind of mutually exclusive -- and it's gonna bother people where you just get a -- for disputed S four and a whole other story. -- Are new. One of our new bosses as in this sport there. The ghostly fuels to lament the caller and review -- -- -- -- that all all the new books arrive here but it would Joseph Gillespie was to use the eight. We never tried it out of advancement and that's when and if it requires it to mission together from -- -- kept -- -- that -- that -- quickly -- -- IS -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- But we don't see in the garage for another money. When its back its putative. Hell happened here and that's gonna -- welded on -- its market outlook. Our folks though that's that is a fresh review we've got -- -- -- what else is in the CNET car tech garage as we speak to the -- a -- works. You want Josie is in this the only way to get money for mr. go to NASA's two liter Turbo is one management -- -- Right now we had the Fiat 500 C heavily requested by a lot of folks who are curious about it will be let you know about that next -- show. And morgue in the Hyundai Sonata hybrid very close but not identical -- that Kia optima hybrid that we had a couple weeks ago. And after those cars -- which are in right now we have -- Kia optima SX Turbo. And that the new Nissan GT ER which I don't imagine that any interest anybody isn't. So that was that the that the decent revision -- -- that redundancy for instance must be drivable socially comfortable and just -- greener lubricant dairy will be easier in my lower spine and authorities say anyway and Eliza if that. Yep -- comfortable ride and GTRs vary relative. Completed. Certainly that's what's going over the show this week don't forget to -- on roadside assistance as well. But to reach us for car tech it's easy to show notes or car tech dot all the notes to the shows. To the stories we had this week -- you wanna know more about email us reader comments and questions its car tech at And -- you -- to follow assault on Twitter I'm Brian Cooley BRI a NC OLEY -- is waiting to see underscore SF. And Antuan is in UA NTG. Oh -- join us for roadside assistance you can also find that car tech. Dot and we'll see -- --

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