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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 217: Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Respect the R-spec (podcast)

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 217: Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Respect the R-spec (podcast)

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Cars, technology and performance testing."The EPA issues new stickers, the Chevy Volt invades Japan, Mitsubishi takes you for a death ride, and we drive the Hyundai Genesis Coupe R spec."

But EPA issues -- stickers the Chevy -- to invade Japan. Mitsubishi takes you for it to thrive and we drive the Hyundai Genesis -- back. This is cnet's car tech live Thursday -- -- -- -- may 2011 I'm Wayne Cunningham here in the studio with Antuan Goodwin. Telling hundreds at the yet controls. Rank really is actually Brinkley and -- -- -- not here today. -- what they're doing vacation. And clever something clever that the article is doing in -- clever use of permanent at a and -- maybe subsequent revenue and I haven't found them at this time I and when you went to. Pioneer event yesterday -- -- -- -- -- -- opinion. Right right a couple of weeks ago we get an invitation and we talked about it and it's too early in -- gonna revolutionize. Something they're very big about would be one in math at the time guessing about what it would be -- they are gonna do an entry -- -- unitary doubts. What they've actually announces a product called pioneer -- radio. Now what this is is we've seen. I'm -- free receivers which don't have -- -- -- we've also seen receivers that have happened -- and would like pandora link. Or a car radio and the -- -- both of these things before. App radio basically is while -- calling it the world's first. Index receiver that basically off -- pretty much everything to your Smartphone. -- the idea being there's no CD player here there's news USB port there is no. Auxiliary in port input there's an A and FM radio and there's a thirty pin connector. For your iPhone there's also Bluetooth for hands free calling that's all you get. The idea being that. Because people keep saying. While it -- -- a receiver an iPhone -- all my music on my iPhone already have a navigation app on my iPhone is -- reconnect to the Internet. You know when Smartphones do these things and you're basically they are cool take everything out of the receiver. We'll give you a nice big. Capacity of touch screen and will allow the iPhone and -- at the power your whole experience but got the iPod -- -- that integration with four at partners now. But -- pioneer also says that there's gonna be more partnerships to com. Says this is -- doubled in receiver that you would put an after market and hear your dashboard right though it the interest in here -- thing here is the post the link there -- line. And what is an all in one the dvd. Navigation. Hands free calling for a thing. That's like a 12100 dollar unit. This is gonna be under 500 bucks and so it relatively inexpensive as -- -- index. Doubled in unit scale and it is actually the first. In -- implementation of an aftermarket capacity of touch screen off but they get to pinch to zoom if you're using the maps. -- often can and can swipe through -- the one that now but at partners that they and now are pandora of course. And every app in the system can -- going to be there are DO. The Internet. Music finding service. The -- and you can stream music from their service and also. Socially network with -- -- there's a motion XGPS drive which is can -- be handling your turn by turn directions. There is indirect for your traffic -- and I do believe that. All four of them there's also Google Maps and -- and then again the iPod out those in music that's stored locally. On your iPod era I touched it right now the -- it only worked -- the iPhone four -- the iPod Touch as -- -- -- the -- integration. So but that this won't this won't use any app on your phone just the specific to on the -- that enable the sort of like that -- pioneers or that have their own API. For transmitting data. To the head unit now than -- that means you'd like custom interfaces -- for example. You're using -- you know. You'll be able to use most of the functions that you'll be able to you -- search or if you're using. Motion XTP yes you start the navigation on the Smartphone in your -- parked there when you're sitting at your desk. Then you get in the car plug the phone up to the device in and you view on the screen. A map that you can integrate in it interact with -- around zoom in on what now with your turn by turn directions but -- speakers. -- -- -- -- -- apps coming and a new cars you don't -- have to buy new parenting speaker -- old favorite and give it. App capability right the thing that let the most interested about this -- -- the presentation even though it only worked for the iPhone. -- head Cardenas the marketing director of marketing for pioneer kept thing. Where expert to Smartphone you're smart and it and it like ever elusive of the Smartphone and -- and -- just say iPhone if you were fewer syllable and then he said -- the that was really interesting when someone asked him about injury in the race anything is that it -- app read you know. Not iPhone radio for a very specific in -- reason -- -- -- wouldn't. Actually say anything else after that now their roadmap for Bluetooth -- -- -- windows phone seven. Ford's app link system works -- entering via Bluetooth and there is a Bluetooth connection in this device -- I'm thinking that a couple of months maybe even if only will we hear something. From -- thing that -- upgraded firmware. To support injury. Yet sounds like it would just be a software upgrade that right doing hardware work on the exactly I've spent about twenty minutes early everybody pioneer activated dialing eight would be. But about that -- Android platform is pretty brief if -- right. They wouldn't give me anything but there -- a lot of winking and nodding going on them. That was the the big announcement about pioneer this week in -- have another big announcement -- -- from the EPA. -- am -- Environmental Protection Agency announced -- new sticker new fuel economy stickers. That go on every car there mandated. And it's been actually thirty years since they've updated the stickers. And now we get a whole new set of them to deal with all the hybrid car is the -- electric gas electric electric gas -- -- ancient evil put a Prius except for a also -- they made them for. Ethanol cars and all bland cars. Hydrogen fuel cell cars which actually there brilliant in the market -- -- about. Planet that Honda clarity is -- -- been -- right now. So well these these are pretty interest being that they're designed to use they design -- to give as much information of the consumers possible. And includes some. Some pollution readings to that don't currently exist on the standard gasoline line. -- just in big numbers and mind you they haven't changed the testing and all they still use the exact same test for fuel economy so. You get it -- numbers showing what the combined city highway is spots a couple of smaller numbers for city and highly highly separated out. But it may also have -- that big letters here Hamachi I guess he would save. Or it because I guess to depending on whether your -- gets worse or better than the average fuel economy for that it's. Where -- are our class. When the -- -- -- -- about this -- -- they also show. This one we're looking at right now actually shows that -- -- six miles per gallon -- a combined city highway for the theoretical gasoline tar. They also -- reading up three point eight gallons per hundred miles. That's a European system is an excellent leader for kilometers and -- really heat in the dad it's that but it's it's it's in the show that map I wonder at some point they're gonna think maybe we can switch over to something more like. The European system and maybe even go metrics them that -- never -- the director -- -- they know and there. So it recently estimated annual fuel cost -- which is gonna based on average price of a gallon gas. -- they have one to ten scale for fuel economy and greenhouse gas rating of those are tied together because fuel economy and -- gas. Are generally hide exactly together although some of the different fuel vehicles will all throw those ratings -- a little bit. If you burn a gallon gas you admit certain amount of carbon dioxide and there's no really shifting that. They also have also smog ratings Q and smog pollutants are actually different than greenhouse gas. And it emissions though. They have a separate -- ten scale war that so beyond that distance and gasoline vehicle we've got down here. They've got hadn't had separate one for diesel actually because in the diesel one that he separates the -- he -- Covered that site and miles per her -- fuel economy. -- -- will be different that are to be you can actually have about worse CO2 readings and better mileage with -- diesel. Then -- get into things like data compressed natural gas vehicle. Plug in hybrid vehicle and this one I believe is based renewable. -- but it is only one that -- this because this shows two boxes one for your miles per gallon equivalent. Which -- were showing 98. Which I think that might be a bull. So you your miles and miles per gallon equivalent which is what the electricity and also -- kilowatt hours per hundred miles to the reserve now. -- -- -- And then it also shows your gasoline only miles per gallon which in this case this one shows 38 which -- but balked at 36 -- thirty sevens and set. Pretty much the same. Again -- -- annual fuel cost savings. Of course with the atom. With the electric vehicles they actually -- one for pure electric vehicles to. And the hybrids the the fuel economy -- greenhouse gas ratings or. Show while here they're showing numerous top of the scale. Ten -- -- ten -- a ten. And -- -- and they also emphasize that these are tailpipe emissions to you they're not talking about. Factory emissions manufacturer -- emissions and -- to get the fuel anything like that just tailpipe because all those other factors there. Somebody's gonna see something about it friend if the cover your but -- -- that little little couple words in print view there. One thing interest in about these stickers they did show up preview of what these stickers might look like a little while ago some samples of what they're working on. An -- letter grades when we looked at these elements and a preview sample six spots a year ago. They did away with the letter written in wanted to label cars. He -- in the auto makers did not like that let -- -- -- again everybody wants to me. Everybody's -- -- -- unit and it OpenId and I think if there's kind of a thing when that when we talked about the -- agreed lifetime. In my mind he is acting as the average of middle of the pack. That's where most currently MB but we live -- if -- were Peters and I getting a or B yeah you're not doing it. That's the -- sucks yet. And the M although EPA actually said that. They didn't really about -- they claim it in about auto maker pressure on not having the letter grades this and there is actually confusing the consumers because the consumer look at that go like. Oldest cars and a and thinking it's about the overall car and not just the fuel economy you the -- -- might be on there. Well you know my Nissan GTR goes youngster to sixty in three point -- -- second to to get today. You -- do we get the same thing without review system the which is very tech tech tech waited because we are our tech. Stood in a correlate the -- to -- -- it was Tuesday. -- -- -- In that would like a good score and you know the good -- easily user ratings that people -- just like the best I've ever. Get I -- I'm Natalie it didn't have on its. Yet we rated tech ratings that thing they -- a misunderstanding of what the scale is what's in that at a in other interest in -- Ford. Actually -- and not related I don't have a Segway here. -- is developing any heart monitoring seat. Now a couple weeks that we talked about a thing that -- is working on and actually monitor. Their glucose bubbles like you're diabetic. And if it was it about to have he's -- some kind of problem then it could actually alert authorities. This is a heart monitoring seat which -- Will will look entered monitor your heart rate and arguably use think two. Send that information out of it says since assuming a regular. Stops in front and then -- call ambulances. Active the delicate. It would the first thing that pops -- in my mind -- completely not health related and that you're that like many system. That the fact you prove its major music up to like that match your leg -- Timberlake like quartet popping like that right. It Blake matched to your music playlist your heart rate like Hewlett come in the you're excited inspect plan like don't stop me now like I don't think. What they could all the time you gotta be getting all the noise of traffic for example Hillary -- -- -- -- road rage and -- in place to use the music and acted like. Output. Sense you know. Odors in the car that are receiving some that is -- -- developed first look -- graphs -- artery -- -- -- deeper. And landline yeah. -- the and then pulse we get down and others into the -- is actually from Automotive News and this is about how. Lot of electronic systems coming into cars and were replaced seen a lot of the hydraulic. -- during systems for example. With electric -- powers during systems which Christmas dragon engine and I'm pretty sure economy. But suppliers are finding -- You know we -- operated via -- -- better battery. Right just like dad did the -- -- -- that the power density of batteries. Needs to catch up with people are expecting so that you don't end up putting. You know look for example of the -- has a lot of batteries -- -- they run the entire length of the thinner spine and and also a T underneath the back feeds. If they could compress that. Allen is that -- they're trying to do is basically get more power out of like -- battery. Ace well that that's kind of it but this is actually from normal gasoline cars and there's two battery technologies that suppliers are operating one is. It's a type of -- -- lead acid battery which is the standard battery used for starter motors and and regular -- and accessories. They got what the -- absorbent glass -- This adds layers of glass fibers between. The the battery. The let -- some parts of the battery. Which apparently improves. Agency also allows greater more frequent discharges it recharges which is what they're fighting with with current batteries to the demands the cards are putting on these batteries. You know you district -- at all -- -- of -- -- aren't really designed for a lot of. The and his pledges to cut the batteries are deep cycle batteries which people use often times and like in and marine. Situations and also in car -- if it's recent though they're designed. To be basically discharged almost -- and recharged many times but in the one better in most cars aren't deep cycle. -- for example you kill your battery a bunch of times it'll. Eventually start losing. The ability to hold a charge and I really designed to drop below fifty for center and buy yourself that and parking lot trying to start your car -- that and I think and anyway. I think if if there -- didn't. And while there also I cannot possibly using a lithium ion batteries -- We felt -- should do that -- the performance upgrade because the batteries again look smaller more power density. So they can actually -- week at the front of the vehicle when it comes with pilgrim. Theories -- -- -- -- with that was the lead acid that's one way to go in and just yet he's generally using lithium ion battery. Those that maybe the future battery for cars problem being now that those batteries cost a lot more the -- acid batteries. -- they're all in their money they electric vehicle in hybrid electric vehicle. If there boom. Is creating more demand on that though mean the end of the -- If you're supplier. Or if you know you're a battery manufacturer and mean these are limited resources. -- manufacturing could catch up and mass production lower the price. And I hope that I mean giving individually -- epic work on getting it to a point where you know demanded. If it creeping up rather rather rather quickly and I'll admit that I'm not -- the sensor with one on supply side. Of that. As lot of talk about where where to get -- -- from things like that. In other some electric car news this is actually more about the current news Prius obviously is dominated the hybrid scene for many years down the US and of course Japan has its home turf. The Chevy Volt -- actually bringing the -- to Japan. Not for sales just yet there they -- testing the waters. There -- they're bringing a -- over there to demonstrate journalist engineers. And they're destroying DG interest to see if they can actually start selling the -- in Japan. Which should be interesting way of going head to head against the -- Prius. There and northward to edit is obviously a popular brand Red Hat -- a good. Its line to this story would be if city announced the date paired up -- it. Lake Japan's car sharing service I want that car market right now you can't buy a plug in Prius which you can rent one from -- car -- Farrell sort of like a mean of course they're gonna bring them it treatments almost three and in stone at this point but the third of pilot program. Get people used to the idea of a plug in electric vehicle. Inhibit the punchline for that would be capable -- -- you doing the exact same thing on the -- is home turf out yet. If they're not let you know whether they they might -- might -- one strategy ridiculous could use this General Motors. But I can imagine that especially in like a dense populated dance Tokyo's huge sprawl really -- And if you get 37 miles of electric driving in that -- up forty miles electric drive in actually. In that environment. You can be using no gas sperm for months on -- because you're not going far -- in the kind of traffic get in Tokyo and the Prius apparently is huge -- -- Warnings -- -- market you know off -- a year and -- with power -- -- their outlook there are they went you know its regular -- they're not they're not on the T twenty to forty and that's good question and do not know that -- -- -- you know if you if they're standard -- stars are. You know two -- to forty MET twenty to forty. They were charged after their two. In and regular situations. And the canceling weird forget it last summer I was there was -- Washington been there and usually it's just a matter of using that the plug adapter and in your electronics do the rest have an occupant -- the card. The -- with Google saying. Standard single -- that they -- 100. -- there and it into an area. And Argentine man in an important man. Out of them on a -- operating in a very speculative. Buying -- right now compared to realize. They haven't -- them into question will. Apparently import in Japan may associate Chevy with the Corvette Camaro and people -- -- those kinds of cars -- and says says that the -- will. Change the image of a Chevy in Japan apparently they're also (%expletive) is gonna sellable in China that's that's Bethlehem com or. By -- GM in general have been making a huge push in the Chinese market. With the mean even Chinese exclusive vehicles vehicle developed and you know -- specifically for the Chinese market and it doesn't surprise me at all. Actually a little and I guess if you're talking about like -- -- of a Corvette. And the and the Camaro and in -- -- like that being -- -- beat people fee when they think of several how mom always like interest data and like the third of subculture of American -- cars that -- -- -- to get imported into the Japanese market and that being the operative the -- of over here again. But it aren't you get kind of like lusting after tedium sports car if it's in Toyota Yaris -- Natalie. Played before we get the DT are here in out -- like the mean people were importing -- things like and over at. -- -- -- the small front wheel drive. You know Japanese cars have been -- tuner delight for a long time. Is that what is that the benefit it aren't -- -- double aren't they have there which is super hardcore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've been at this week we've been getting a little adventure on by watching this -- Mitsubishi recorded. A drive what -- Mitsubishi Outlander over. What's called a Bolivia's -- rode the world's most dangerous -- over a hundred people die here every year. And and this this is some. Very tough road to into the mountains. From a -- Q town called Rico. And -- -- recorded. The video here and the cool thing about it is so on their website on the -- website for the said drive which is to demonstrate there all wheel drive system and then in the -- or in the Mitsubishi Outlander. The that drive -- they've got video and actually a 360 degree video. It not only see the person driving the -- can also pan around and look how the windows but very cool. Yet on their video they've got this and people talking about the M. The the different spots in the road and they show the -- of the whole road and they have little amounts of response you can find. Areas that you might want other bits of -- -- can watch. Based on okay here's the wind is part of the road for -- and see what's happening here. And if things like a single car wide. If there had but most point and -- -- -- -- of you know a minibuses. You know passing each other and coming opposite directions on these things can display I mean -- people walking. There are real and the Syrian finalists -- -- -- -- to suck at despite EU one but that's the kind of put wheels up on the wall the -- -- -- the late this. Barely county had dropped almost two -- -- -- of them offer the heads. I -- drive in New York -- close to think yeah ever the other driver here. I -- a little bit of video plane and the videos this shows pretty shaky I -- the camera has never really well it's a rough road. And how -- 360 cameras were actually is -- eat it either single or an array of cameras that are actually oriented shooting three. The camera to commit fill that they actually like a tall -- -- the top. In that it where the cameras are aiming at affectionately. And -- -- -- contacts. Last mere look at dome. And what happens if the cameras actually shoot off of that and -- give them sort of a 360 degree. Kind of view what's going on in the software. Stitches. That image together -- off things -- to -- weird. Angles and and in a very specific player you're able to it and a granite with a mouth and spin around the because of the way that. -- -- -- The that the that -- the way that the Advent Software stated that that that -- you can't really look up or down it. Oh yeah it's it's strictly a lateral view. But very cool stuff if you wanna get it look at what that. That -- looks like and we we just got the Mitsubishi Outlander in yesterday in the DT so importing and think that down now south American tour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's the theory is right and if -- get them back in a week -- go up elements that you mean that are a little bit longer let. But this week Hyundai actually this weekend this weekend they an -- on an island on the road in the -- Hyundai Genesis coupe. Had this -- in and movie called implement a lot upon reviewing the scar well while we -- in and the open in the video outputs -- optical data. It's -- -- and I'm Wayne Cunningham and and we are on the road between eleven Genesis -- Three point -- bank broken. Don't tax neutral -- -- -- The the right control. Essentially immutable. But U -- don't wanna do that gathers a little bit of -- spin on -- that would have been a lot more. -- that start. This -- is really about. But it's got good power but files about the handling. You get difference -- the standard's this is -- You also big -- -- breaks all four corners for platinum price. So it stops. Feeling pretty seriously -- level -- a lot faster than it looks pretty fast. Data were talking about a three point eight liter V6 another entity here right now I'm gonna help when it 378. Horsepower. A lot of power. Going out of the rear axle export harsh added. But this arsenic they'll -- what's different areas it's kind of like getting. That -- -- package. But it is also more about what you don't games. You don't get sort of technology. Except for Bluetooth hands free satellite radio. It's as good as has -- a stripped down. What that all it does heaven as big display here just of them. Top of the dashboard. Which allows you to show a lot of information from radio alias opponents -- -- -- -- right and iPod connected but connection all the connections and cables -- -- but whatever it's 35 dollars. Her advice and that you're trying it will show up like dual audio streaming is just gonna -- -- in -- -- -- patrol on this car. You can't really spinning -- Back to the engine this is a fairly conventional engines. Parable about time that having a direct injection no forced induction nothing like -- Other you can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right you all about horsepower and doing I was talking about does appear more -- gallon. That's important if you're really only care about handily. B 2.0 and -- is always an option. How hard it is always have. Right especially if your racing these boundaries of these around the track which is considered this card like me rivaled three's company with the track package. Would go up against. Well. -- but also -- a little bit of the refined. Had -- in its track packaged. With this car's. A little bit -- -- -- bought cars and nearly the blind as the one. That mania. It -- it's coming back and -- the program as you can turn on. Don't think about is here to see the little rough around the -- a little clunky. As I really holds the road well I wasn't about that we are identical looks of this car earlier to I think it's kind of unassuming and it doesn't look. Like a huge sports cards and looks like maybe compact kind of semi sporting. You're coming at him problem. Fermi coming at it from the rear of the -- -- really good look really -- And my camera -- in the garage. Afraid it'll it'll here in in the profile is a pretty good things. Me very easily kind of statements -- -- -- Q. The things that plan to see him again. This might be yours deliveries are more important than anything if nothing else that. It. Answered them. I've been -- Eminem and elegant Amidon and in the 2011. Hyundai Genesis -- -- Respect the respect you. And it. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- that the -- both of brutal ride. After the end of like a long. Be. Really tired. That's the only case with a revolver Hyundai Genesis -- I mean not just the aspect I think they've they've -- -- room -- tough. Variety that. And as relative to grand touring in the regular kind of sport team suspension is. Man if cars super -- -- and that transmission -- the shifting pattern. It's a very mechanical feeling and if -- and heavy traffic. There aren't using it so tired after a while you're gonna be -- the -- -- about the automatic you can't get an automatic but the -- that's right -- the. Package that victory over it again basically takes -- that that the Genesis -- track. Has all the -- -- but then it also has the luxury -- -- the ability to add navigation -- the ability to that power -- and stuff like that all the things come with it. The drops all like -- protect pretty much so you get. -- -- I you lose like heated external Mir is -- -- -- can't get an -- you know geek cruise control you don't get automatic climate control. It's like a laundry list of the -- can't easily get the card for colors with -- the seven they basically -- the card down. To get the price of the three point eight -- are expect to about 26000. Dollars starting. When. And -- -- that compares previously made against the cars nothing really compares against we've talked about the Nissan diseased -- and easy. But also you -- look at the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro when you're looking. Cartoon right interesting thing is like at those -- the review which should actually be out tomorrow. Or maybe even if later this afternoon and if you're watching live. Comparing it to disease -- he's just a little bit out of it class it's got about thirty horsepower on -- it's got a much shorter wheelbase that would suspension doesn't have to be harsh. So it's a much more comfortable vehicle even though it's a better handling car. It's also if you compare the -- with -- sport -- to the 75000 dollars Blaine 3500 dollars more expensive. Though I don't know if -- -- -- 500 bucks. Better I can -- and produced right here right now much of Hyundai expands starting this and in the rumble stern and that -- their -- I don't know. I mean visited the V as of any you paid for which Egypt. -- -- much work in the vehicle mustang -- on the other hand. Is only about a thousand bucks more if you get the fix -- it up performance package. It's got about the amount of power. -- suspension is not gonna be nearly as sharp. I can't believe will not benefit -- it if the much more nimble lighter weight vehicle. But then. The mustang also has a direct injected V thick with much more sophisticated engine -- beat the Genesis. Just to top out at about when he thinks. Highway miles per gallon India mustang V6 with 31. Yet at the detailed estimates were comfortable -- to drive you'd better get out there. There's nothing else has the live rear axle as opposed to the end of Q does the jet rescue has independent -- -- -- Both vehicles that are all those vehicles are gonna have limited slip differential -- back which actually. -- another issue. That we were having during the course of our talent -- -- and -- that the suspension is -- it. The chassis is so stiff that coming in to the CNET arises driveway. If you came into it too slow it would actually lifts. If outside rear tire. Wave when wind at the front tires hit the -- -- a certain angle in the back tire -- -- on the ground and you're making that turn it would lift one of the tires. And because it -- the course and tight rear limited slip differential -- Types of differentials don't like to have one we would zero traction in the it freaks that the -- -- and it causes it to grind. The for the first couple of days we had -- -- but -- creeping. The bottom of the car on the curb canals here and grinding noise some taken it flow and -- on men and but what would eventually happen is the car -- each dot. Yet at federal and other parents to yet it was only when our parking attendant told me that the retirees lifting them out of like oh it's not grinding -- that differential freaking out and so instead of a slowly creeping through it without have to do -- actually. Give a little gas. Hit the curb with and speed in the disciplines through it so that I -- -- applying power with one -- in -- at. New power sliding into the garage yeah it Bradley's -- speaking in grinding there's also that four to -- shift grind right right it. It's a very direct transmission and if you elect are feeling with the fingertips deep in you can feel that -- -- and using gazing anytime you do -- shift. But the 45 shift that a shift from fourth to fifth. -- -- nearly every time and I thought for the -- a little bit that it was me within the same thing happening you. -- yeah I'd really like -- much and they get on the freeway just. And simple -- students industries and -- -- than and you had described in our normal acceleration. Shift and current. Yes I did a quick -- for its while trinity turned out. All Genesis -- V -- -- that button which has me a little concerned I think it may mean it may be a -- -- issue -- remember having a similar issue. With my Acura. The thinker with just two week. And it would cause you know figure to grind -- times sometimes the Nike it would -- that pop out but that the that the known issue on the Genesis coupe which. As the kind of Reading an eyebrow I didn't -- another point. For the -- -- he was the thinker written match that -- better transmission overall and it fulfill a little bit smarter. Yeah the also the Dennis -- appears it's an. Here's the weird thing about it the -- cars the you don't get nav. You don't get you know we heated the anything like that -- -- -- -- are. Which you do get Bluetooth. You do get Bluetooth and -- calling it on and -- -- basic system which has the voice command. Which does the weird thing about injuring people name for it if they call Cunningham Wayne. But it also has audio streaming and it turns out that we have a Smartphone in your -- Bluetooth it may be all the GB. -- just a teacup -- to the the window. And and use it for the navigation when I needed it used it for the hands free calling when I needed it and I mean it. Did -- pretty good set up there so they they left the tech in. But you want. And in the -- McConnell of the door open for you to add your own tech cheaply -- -- -- that my phone is lighter. Than its standalone navigation system would be. Yet probably wouldn't cost them more to actually remove that. A Bluetooth phone system in the USB port no left right and regularly does leave it and it yet the USB port as well -- at 35 dollar iPod cable. And use you go net -- a pretty -- -- pretty detect -- for something that stripped out. On the output -- -- -- talk a little bit about what is definitely tech cars via Twitter -- be. I'd tested this -- last week -- and I guess talked about a bit on the show. That was driving while copa but you guys are recording the show. -- this is the sort of bigger. Twit a Prius but first -- -- -- -- expanded model line under the previous name brand. The this is it is kind of silly -- -- you know that have sliding doors. It's got a bigger hatchback it's it's kind of like almost a wagon thing and when it first -- thought about the -- announced an okay. Gonna go drive this new Prius -- I was thinking that. It's gonna be boring because all it isn't just a Prius because it does actually have the exact same. Power train. -- hybrid power train same engine size and all that. That is going to be just. Like a Prius with -- wagon and worse mileage -- at hand but it actually has some cool stuff went on mostly through the and tune system. This is the twin and new app system that we got a preview added CES in January this year and -- in the New York not a show. The bag out of finally a -- -- hands on with this actually got to drive around trying different. Phones with -- and trying to different apps that are available and it and it worked -- again this is comport to see in this. Technology actually -- production which will be soon. -- is -- actually comes out in followed this year delayed slightly by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Then. I think they're -- -- -- -- same entrances to me in camera. Because oh also they're offering to navigation systems due to -- they have by the premium one which -- hard drive base which has a seven inch screen. And then they also offer a lower scale one which is flash based success -- when -- screen. So they call this larger screen the radio -- -- are display radio. Yeah it's like people -- really like using the term radio. And the second thing we've we talked community that you know high tech. Radio. And if I mean radio technology -- nothing to do it at the screen. Yes -- really has been -- -- like having part of it is so your audio system has a slightly bigger display to -- is why they. Use that than with navigation you get the the flash based navigation which. Looks perfectly fine and it's it'll be nice to see that the -- navigation options for the -- -- and obviously this. This -- at the system's rock and roll -- the alt Toyota vehicles because they standardize on the stuff pretty quickly. -- flash system. He would be in tune package be part of the bigger screen of that. In any given time with the besides a couple extra inches of screen and -- hard drive which sex with slower than the flash system. What's the advantage again bigger -- and then my head I'm thinking that in tune as part of the premium package and not the smaller ones that true. Now you actually get in tune on the on all the versions of so you get you get -- on the of the smaller navigation system as well. So it actually looks like a pretty good deal from there if you go to the premium navigation system get a slightly bigger screen. And -- -- yet your. Fuel prices weather data traffic information through XM satellite radio. If you get the -- smaller less expensive system your phone actually serves as the conduit for that data. It's cheaper in the long run off because you'd pay for the XM satellite did they get the Wii and frankly if -- wanna know how -- -- -- -- see -- the price differences between these remarkable. Yeah well you know Twitter when I talked to the reps there they are talking about the archive -- best estimates that -- you know only about 8% people take this system anyway. So that's why they -- that smaller system lower priced system a surprise that so few people do opt into the -- navigation system that it. If only one the analyst with the one -- -- -- and the bigger percentage of -- the exactly it seems like. The guy had more fun and you'd it looked like the -- The other is that couldn't denizens hubris and Prius -- yet. -- -- But -- mean that the -- we drove last week with talk about what the -- if we now what's in the CNET garage we just finished their reviews were dispassionate review is that they Hyundai Genesis -- that that's the lives that today or tomorrow yes there is that a little city crews eco -- that are and that review is going up today. Next up right there in the garage right now we've got the Ford Mustang GT and the Mitsubishi Outlander GT two GT -- -- tentative. Is sports car the other -- and is crossover that -- Kia Mitsubishi -- -- loosens all wheel drive system one pack and once in a drive that -- industry of them Bolivia. And then coming up next we've got the Hyundai Elantra coming -- -- a car that we strangely are looking forward to -- -- died due to Dave when it Netflix for any reason. -- -- As and in the -- Arctic lives -- I -- to settle web car tech dot cnet.com. And dad you can also follow us on Twitter I am waiting to see underscore SF. On Twitter and usually are putting about which -- army unit at the moment. -- -- and to view a and TD OO on Twitter he has lots of interest and say about many to protect things. And regularly is not with us today but will probably be back next week. Brian Cooley BRI and CO OEY on Twitter text out.

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