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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 216: CNET drives the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 216: CNET drives the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

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What's the best engine out there? Can Satellite radio make it in the 21st century? Google pushing robo cars. And we drive the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V.

What's the best engine out there. And he'll make it -- the first century. Google pushing the cash for more robotic cars. We drive the 2011 Cadillac CTV. Oh boy we do. Here and -- that's going to be some fun that's coming up with our on the road segment this -- -- everybody it's -- take live on CNET this is. Episode who's he what's he what are we on here -- want to sixteen lots of them lots of them. And I'm Brian Cooley Wayne Cunningham is out this week we're gonna hear from him in a sense later Antuan Goodwin. Here to answer. All. Your questions and roadside assistance coming up and of course to give us insights as only he can. -- without sound effects and if you listen to dial -- you know and I mean. And -- saying at the controls let's get to Google is of course they're in love with robotic cars that use them for mapping in for sniffing -- -- Wi-Fi hot spot and for invading your privacy in various ways. But they are now trying to. Make them more acceptable in the eyes of the law in Nevada they are working now to get some legal changes to -- I -- robot cars of any kind are illegal there. Which I didn't know. I think there's the would have thought to -- obvious law alone there has to be a person and the -- Arnold I'm -- who wrote that -- my question what spurred me answer the public an -- -- like a -- predator. 1895 have. But what nearly as cars bigger mile course of the -- was -- curious. So there's gotta be an effort to change a -- Nevada April -- Nevada listeners but it's a broader thing. Google starting here likely going to every state afterwards if they make a lab out of Nevada had to say we know now had -- change the law. What arguments to make. Who knows -- -- degrees whatever it takes the other -- part of this is they also want a law change that will. Create a carve out for texting -- -- because you're gonna have robotic cars unit -- wanna sit there and do this. That's not the -- -- -- we want to be legal to do stuff that's illegal now. Which my question is talk tweet text. Let me technically you're not driving disciplinary right through the driver yet -- -- -- -- -- loophole if the car is so autonomous does that mean you could allow things like. -- -- -- Maybe you know it's an interesting question it's. Extremely controversial and had an idea and I've actually -- get. An autonomous vehicle the lofty if monorail. Writely an economy property get that's -- there's no driver and a driver as you can -- on it. Okay yeah as you know if Rick's parents who have have done any time that's my man right there. So that's -- Google's trying to do is -- this to be a test case. So they know -- to go to other states Nevada of course itself is not the be all -- for them for autonomous cars but. We'll keep an eye on that one it's just the -- are getting started but this gets us -- a story that came out last week right after our show in -- but. This is six cities are on the governor around the country being tested by the government selected as sort of workshops for what's called V two V vehicle to vehicle. Technology where cars. Talk to other cars about their own location. There's -- what they're about to do if they're gonna make a turn or something to allow cars to keep us all out of trouble. It's kind of autonomous in kind of not it doesn't need to be use as an autonomous technology. -- -- more display I've on the route it helps people. In the car to. While they are behind the wheel to know what's going on way farther -- -- you can actually see the idea being that -- can help traffic flow for example there's an accident. You know -- have to wait for someone to call police or for the police to notice yet the vehicles will be able to automatically report it to each other. And -- through the authority and the authorities yet -- that you get the simultaneous diversion of traffic. When people feed it. Yet that opera and closed and then off so -- is after yeah -- -- And if cars can tell each other -- -- right now we have a pretty archaic or pretty crude form of blind spot detection and warning -- the card using radar to detect a mass. But it cars and a smarter way of talking and saying here's where I am that's different. That's each -- talking to each other with precise GPS coordinates that's a different more precise way I would think of doing blind spot avoidance or even if the car in front of you could let you know that it but -- -- down. Yeah I you know if if if if you're slowing without using your -- meaty or year about two. Take the next left because that's where your navigation system with pointing you know let the -- -- you know that they're about to be left for you to turn signal on for the can back off. And that's -- into the back -- Or that jackass who most play with the tail -- behind you by doing a little -- and break only and via. I can let you know if they would think it would take all that fun at a graphics though it -- to science or it -- let you know that that turns signaled it on and if you've been on the last fifteen miles. And they're not actually -- turner and addictive. Right the and that may be from your car you could cancel -- -- that makes me nuts. But I'm not the guy who pulls up in -- your signal loss leaders on -- middle ground it makes my life and now you don't intervene exactly exactly I'm not gonna get me because nowadays. -- -- -- These Cisco Poland and tells them that you signals on -- and take it as an -- how he was raised and his mother's integrity and here comes the Mac. -- -- -- -- we've got a driver assistance technology really all this kind of stuff is gonna explode -- -- research. You know take of what it's worth. But it's going to according to -- I read through their company that we monitor a lot of research from the -- space. And they say that advanced driver assistance system which which -- lane departure blind spot. What collision avoidance. Com. Its adaptive contaminants news. That would -- With old blind spot information although the cross traffic alert alert you know back -- EDT Mon all of that which is what it called driver assistance is going to be on a hair. Between now and when he sixteen right now the value of those systems built -- carpet manufacturers they estimates about ten billion dollars. This year there's a lot of money. But they say by -- sixteen you'll be 130 billion dollars -- five years from now it will go thirteen X. -- -- You -- -- yes that's -- huge delta even in the tech business at the major jump. So carmakers are gonna see are gonna put a lot more the stuff in cars and I guess what that really means for the average car buyer is gonna show up in much cheaper parts. Yet you -- -- artists -- to see it creep down. From ultra luxury vehicles now to. Mid tier vehicles and in -- even you know two or three years ago the step was only in. You know an 80000 dollar Audi now -- in the 50000 dollar Audi in the 40000 dollar out he's there you know -- 35000 dollar infinity. Next stop Altima you know exactly and then -- and then you know bicycle. -- the same thing. And the other part of the future of nab apparently is another piece of research here is that the trend now is good thing about -- -- it's still after -- -- -- -- -- -- a decade. Give or take. What one Milano old Honda's navigation system is -- -- -- -- changed. On to -- well just recently changed. So let's say it's been -- for ten years the price when it first came out was about to grant the price today is about to -- as an option. On a card you can break it out on an option -- it's still about two grand and that's amazing. Given the tech industry what technology does it usually plummets. Yeah I and that's frustrating when you consider that you can get a fully featured. In navigation app on the -- phone with lane guidance. Spoken text -- street names and traffic. Ehrlich 35 -- -- smart -- paying unit to grand. For navigation system that will be outdated in the year that. Will. Probably not -- -- traffic without subscription. The only real advantage is that it's in your car permanently and it can -- a bigger screen. The outcry that -- 2000 dollar figures. Green it -- it's -- cut ties into the vehicle state a little bit they can show you gas stations when you're running -- -- gas and animals cards and reduce that. So all of that frustration apparently is about to be answered to some degree research from IMS and -- research company we watch here indicates that the big jump of sheep and connected navigation devices. Built in head units now and not portables -- in phone that company be in the head unit stuff is really gonna -- strong. About one mean thirteen to twenty sixteenths or a couple years away but. What do you think is driving this and we know about connect we've seen some cars lately. The BMWs and saudis that are doing connected everything. But how are they gonna drive down the cost. -- as a flash thing. Yeah I mean you see things like. Ball for one for example Hyundai. And they basically just simple by the system -- instead of using you know 200 gigabyte hard drive. In music storage and all of that it usually gets rolled in because navigation often not you're not just buying the navigation your buying. A technology package that's ever released as part of -- also considering there's a sunroof in that. There's a 250 gigabyte hard -- and rip music to people written music though you know what and he started doing it. Civil fine that using. Two or eight gigabytes of solid state memory that -- sepia. Using a simpler navigation system that doesn't have for him 3-D maps but immunity to where you're going. You're Hillary -- that -- necklace we drove him pretty basic nav system you know what. Does exactly what the fancy Wednesday. Many of the -- usually less expensive that way for them Yahoo! implement and not for you it's a more stable product and and using that -- -- -- -- stale product that they're buying from the vendor from -- or Panasonic whoever it is seriously you can. You can have there's a lot cheaper for -- cars that we're -- life cycling and out. And the other thing going on here I think is some. I've used in some Fords when they have that sim card and these are now operating. That's like -- -- card via process -- car what is it like this like five or 800 dollars -- -- to get that it's not much yet -- -- -- and you can't rest because I know what's. But that overlook is that I think it's less satisfying to do that option yet knows it all I got from a hundred bucks this SD card -- when I got -- the other way the 2000 dollar unit I got this big thing in my -- I was paying for. But big screens already in the car so forced her to break those out the cutting gives us some visibility into what -- really cost -- they can sell it for. That's for an eighty -- 795 to buy that card to add to the existing my Ford touch -- And -- how much profit there who -- so the cost for them might be 350 bucks. -- -- it like licensing them map data that's yeah but I'm thinking you know innocence in a car like that. If you're already -- -- -- hyping the data in from a FT -- to mean. In the next step is -- obviously you type an -- off for the Internet cloud idea from the cloud. You know as. You know connectivity in either gonna iPhone for which exit data when you lose your connector tunnel -- -- right but. I mean it's. Less expensive ballot -- upfront I mean of course on the longer steal -- getting your data from somebody like like tele atlas are gonna have to. License that riders to pay but I mean if you he expected -- Google. I think Google will do this for almost nothing -- -- and yeah like you say if you're not connected you have known that if you're in a total momentarily might lose -- gonna have a cast -- have to play ball with the carmakers to work out that cashing in that -- and shaking so it's really robust. But. If you got a system that is used you know most people I think use now of very little most of us know we're going to -- -- -- the exact same places right I mean the most important thing I think is actually track. Yeah I mean never great for when you're on vacation your new city you want -- -- extra no one's -- like -- about but I mean going to work. Coming home pick in the kids up from a soccer practice you know the whole -- you know where you're going you just wanna know how long it's gonna take you to get there and united ethnic. When they start like figuring that out -- building some sort of like intelligence into it knowing that. It's 8 o'clock. You're probably going to work instead of having you punch in your workers -- from your drift just I don't know the traffic -- adults with you know predicted a you know your commute going to be about thirty minutes they -- even and that's your -- before you leave -- This makes me think those as the carmakers try to do this and their suppliers -- Smartphones are already there and I wanna know my drives gonna be like. My phone's gonna tell me now right as -- -- boasting go to the car and finding out surprise guess what you're draws me 38 minutes today. Well -- -- already known that from my iPhone but I mean a you know it it would be elected instead of it being. Your navigation in your car and there's a separate navigation on your phone it would be -- Navigation on your own talks to your car or navigation on your car -- enter because this is where the iPod out and other technologies of -- really important my phone becomes more central to me I just want a better interface in the -- -- a pop up maybe integrate with some vehicle systems like compass so we can maintain heading better without a GPS signal that they would write about that would OEM systems has added a compass and GPS the idea they tracked better but while you're Smartphones have competency -- -- -- better display at this point isn't it does give me a big resolution the larger screen -- a real estate. And it's -- but they know. The carmakers innovative finally they have to bring on the price of the the perceived. Cost of adding -- cannot -- -- that 2000 dollar 2000 year old level and. I mean if it it was just the case you know we're the only ones in town doing it -- so we can charge you what we want because you don't want to compare it -- but now. There's -- a death difference between. Buying a Smartphone app buying a standalone navigation app and buying. Nor cheap it'll be handy -- -- -- -- standalone navigation device and then also an alien to them I mean it's like you go from 35 dollars to 300 dollars. -- -- sells enough to do thousand dollars almost every case I can't tell you how many times that had a car with nav built in. And I'll take my Android device might -- worth Droid two and -- stick and on the screen it's better. I'll let it sit there and navigate annoys -- -- the screen on the cars it's a nice easel to hold the phone just the right angle. Tilted back about ten degrees perfect stick my Droid there and let Google do the map it's that the best nav system I've ever used and it's free. It comes on the phone -- This -- the -- knew anything nuke is you know. Mr. Android this is like the greatest. -- automotive technology. In human history. Here's a great threat to U killing yourself -- to music a left turn BMW is putting technology M -- gets rid of that. That -- playing chicken turned you're the one you're -- -- left turn -- of traffic on coming your way to go you're waiting to go is is that hole big enough to its stamp on it interests work through that little hole in -- -- doing it causing huge -- by doing it. The left turn -- -- head on collision. So they've got -- technology now they're working -- -- in the cards yet but it's called left turn assistant it'll use GPS -- the -- already has. And cameras which the cars already -- The figure up to drivers about to make a left. And if they are they will warn you if -- -- the Carl warn you if it says -- of the conditions are wrong it'll detect the oncoming traffic. I guess density and speed so it'll figure out it'll say no I know what I can do it might have had its performance program that I guess it knows what he can do in terms of accelerating. From here to 300 feet from here you -- -- -- built in safety -- about the game in Jack Evans left and that's the thing you may -- maybe it'll also know you're driving behavior and I know how you accelerate I'm guessing you're -- to make it's it's -- put a big red delete on the on the -- so on the way not in there yet but we're gonna take a look at this is that comes out BMW has been amazing -- facility -- they're putting in their cars. The little hard to -- look at this picture here if you're watching -- video version. It's really hard to see -- but there's that big red indicator in the middle of the dash and it's just a giant red exclamation mark. And it says during the classic European iconic way. Exclamation point that need to wait what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well interesting event unlike a lot of system that'll like beat -- -- you -- you only keep the fifth will easily beat -- -- -- For a couple seconds and -- -- all right I'm gonna take over and same thing with collision detection it'll be YouTube and in the window on the vita on the brakes the on the -- -- finally got it but this system actually. Jumps in automatically because the the the difference in time. Between reaction an accident is like -- left interior if so quick to be in -- -- feels like we just need to jump in there and you'll have to override it by pushing through. On the on the death penalty which three of those commercials opened the accident -- right thank you look at your -- let me get bad decision as you want but you don't work yet whether we're gonna make you creative force today in -- interesting. It would that's with interest and immediate because -- Inevitably right at that little thing in the way and -- this is another step. Or the autonomous car you notice how we had the technologies in place nothing in here is new it's as being coded a different way. And more and more the auto makers are getting more bold about -- the car take over. -- isn't what Rick Wagner that former had a GM said three years agrees that were ready for drizzle driving cars in ten years of seven years from now the public may not be ready for 25. So he's that we we're we're basically there we -- a few more years of this and -- -- in the regulators in the public and got to get warmed up to it. And we're gonna get it cards that can get more more brazen about -- I'm gonna step being evil without warning you in the case you're pointing out here. But yeah there's almost no margin for error and left -- what maybe five feet. That's all you've got lateral some times before -- -- -- on which -- you know where the worst kind of accident. Let's take a look now at what's happening with -- out of car -- full -- technologies the Prius V. Is the new Prius it's kind of a little mini people -- it's sort of one with the little Mazda the Mazda five defiant yet. But smaller than any minivan for -- any minivan right it's an M three -- And wing and is down at an event right now on facts giving I think our first drive and Prius -- -- fees. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So if as his -- and -- -- wanted he always does this he just -- big jump into the back of vehicle is like that is like the yellow lab he loves to jump in the back you lift the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're not sure which ones Wayne Cunningham go to the nearest -- unlock the list of the -- the guy who jumps in the back that's Wayne -- already in there. Other than that's definitely quiet at this was happily if you meticulously as he gets into trunks when they amended because he does this relate. You do mystery the five of the -- yet that's good to let it fall but bodies in my car so don't have that reference you know you wanna put something in every car that about the same size -- and -- a person. You know like some people use cases of beer we use -- and he can get -- affords -- the test luggage or something. Much like meant mostly -- of the unit of management -- -- -- currently. You had room that's right you can fit about -- leave out one point one cooling to the very very high -- -- -- any Amazon made habitable measurable he looked like you gonna put about two -- -- him back there and yet you put it kind of like yin Yang. If you can see putting his head around is the -- two was beaten the second Wayne goes in you that about two -- -- their plus may be his overnight bag in his. Those little portable bars people used to carry which you never travels. Thanks again to get my own unit management now yet we gotta use using unit of some kind of management -- -- more from measurement unit of sound -- Like I was awesome at what could. Doesn't sound effect that -- -- look for it or you could be it could -- a measurement of bad audio. How much and how hard do you cringe depending how hard we turn the volume it's like well we got -- we got to 2 o'clock Californians want -- cry. We get to midnight. We know we got all the way to 5 PM before his eyes began to bleed so you know we got the we -- upon measurement -- -- -- the Prius V Wayne reports from this event that -- that this has been lot of controversy over whether it's gonna be delayed or not to the US market he said. Whatever it's coming in the fall September apparently well that's delayed or not depending what reports you're basing your expectation on before. But it's a big -- Prius -- it's one of their. It is their first extension of the Prius line was that -- promising for some time but they're gonna have the regular Prius the Prius -- bigger the Prius plug in hybrid. Ending a sporty Prius we saw at Detroit somewhere creates the infinitely and yes this -- as -- the CRZ Prius. What -- get more of IQ pretty consistent and yet to small and of -- specifically states forty. But it is definitely small so there's a lot of Prius line extension coming and this is this is their first step to see if that's gonna work to people -- free -- Or is the Prius just one car in terms of popularity but -- just mention CRZ and the story -- -- in this morning and Antuan put up. Remove -- CRZ concept. Will finally take -- the smirk off slapped the smirk off our faces the humbling moment when we mention -- -- right hopefully. The of the first here -- the with a fifty met with mark from my days it's just put it there but yet the -- -- -- the actually take the the one point. -- leader. Miami if if -- engine and he's flat fee per -- on top of it. Powers now to 190 horsepower -- -- 281. Pound feet of torque. The author get suspension unity lighter wheels. About a 110. Pounds -- up the week from now understand being handled and added. If not better and a Honda Civic type. The the regular. This the sport in the eco Leo but there's now -- -- Companies involved in movie mode and I couldn't go to mode is BMW would -- -- yeah I guess. That's -- -- -- I guess I'm assuming beat take allowed to return to make the most of its power so a blown. Hybrids kind of the ultimate power train if you think about it you've got electric for the -- -- off the line thing you've got gas engine for the sweet spot in the middle and you've got super charger for when you really -- dip into. And then you've also and a six speed manual transmission lines so that -- you can get the right here from all those three most of all those modes of a different behavior -- -- -- are different way to power comes on. It's more important than ever to do we get the right here and have at least six -- to play with fascinating idea I mean we're seeing more more cars are combining all three kinds of power. Aspiration assist. Regular combustion and some kind of electric which in the way everyone -- those motors has a right to be on your -- cents it -- could afford the past it was too expensive to match those technologies together into hard to do so if prices will be unveiled at the beginning of bugs usenet the good with festival. The UK. Eight million cars come to market is a sudden it's always sold as a package or could can you buy one built up will move in usually will there unofficially Honda tuning division -- DRG they they're not owned by Honda bullet. The head of new in his on Honda's board but it looks like AMG before -- -- right now while you can -- mood in part from most. Parts -- their new in -- for the fit the fit it. Even the accord I want to -- outfit moved in and then their occasionally are special addition there is a -- -- -- aside it's you can just by turn key. But it I mean what you gave. I think that the low price this is sold through dealers sold through -- and -- -- usually water it down when they go that way is it really mean it's mostly a couple suspension tweaks embody it. I know more power on them connect they were looking at it here this -- example it's the icy body -- -- anthracite wheels of those actually all over the -- and -- that the electric for the -- Francisco area and I think -- -- -- a couple -- -- -- -- Oxford's Jim -- very limited but the idea of them. CRZ is actually the content that they may never make it now there are moved in excess of three you can buy to dealer right now we most -- want that blower. Animate that package that's mostly all -- want that supercharged you can get the wing. If you want that the last thing I want I want the supercharged artistic Odyssey. That's economy can broaden its reach human -- got legacy -- -- as we can do it on the innovative. We can always do the electric by the video than the 98 horsepower than -- -- great. Know -- -- satellite radio the new Alpine head units take advantage apparently of the new sat radio features which right are impressive and -- that radio doubters -- people who listen for awhile ago. But we've got a lot going on here of new features right we talked about -- is -- that theory fixed and version 2.0 via a couple weeks ago -- this basically the -- FBX. Expects to be 100. -- actually a package it at it DD. Receiver that the -- citizenry and anonymous you respect and connect -- that ruled in those new features yet to settle a little box little picture of our post about this rate so you'll be able to buy the package for like two and thirty -- the features that you gave HD Radio One night radio iTunes tagging -- we -- used to be only -- -- theory in calculus and into a song in -- -- it connected. To the device you can -- it to download of iTunes later. You won't that be interesting when and if Apple goes to air iTunes cloud iTunes on the sixth of June when the thing can actually reach out I would assume and diet by from the device release the iPhone or iPod Touch that has Wi-Fi through whatever -- -- Wi-Fi -- just a great they've got to the iPod -- stuff -- tag billiards -- -- Plug it in sync. Defeat -- thinks up playlist and apostle says in the song you wanna via -- Three weeks later -- now could -- and you may be over by then and in terms of the record label's interest they want you to buy it now when it's an impulse. That's gonna really improve the sales by the go ahead exactly you also get Ahmad thirty -- -- like a -- pause rewind. So of DVR sort of thing and its image right so if you're listening to something you can -- for thirty minutes united -- walk around have a good time yeah come back and resume. Your baseball game for example and also -- I think if the ruling -- that you may be able to jump in the car in the middle of a -- One activity doesn't always gonna -- offering is natural that -- -- not a hundred venture. That's amazing -- and a couple of weeks you know how that worked -- a -- a -- -- to bring inference that a system. Yards park via this post is coming in a car yet -- in the car. But then there's also like solar cars polar and game alerts that this is the newest thing in -- this system that no one else happens with streaming guys don't have -- because their terms of license wouldn't even let them if they wanted to. Yet they can't let you know what's playing on other streaming channels of that's that's -- -- look ahead service that's barred by their terms -- -- but the satellite guys so you're listening you say I want. I -- -- program this like I really like. This -- the darkness on a limited way in and if it ever playing on any channel that they will give you will pop up and in the dark -- playing over on. And that's very cool to me because I've often wanted that just driving around saying you know -- -- from -- punching buttons and some good. I'm always wishing our wish I know this is playing before the middle of it right that's the classic mode. And the game thing is great for people that are not get -- -- a lot of games -- -- again you can barely keep -- track -- you know. All you're MBA in Seoul any channel -- MLB don't think I think in the will be and then also a couple of college sports -- is. This is a big there's a big upgrade so you've got this coming in a couple weeks it yet actually just got the confirmation. In the health advocates. Will have the it's a big envelope. We'll have the the details on this went one -- a a demo car and -- and a help RS XV 100 they're about to buy new head unit for your car your satellite radio -- hold -- we give you full look at this the next couple weeks. This might be the -- you wanna go for -- -- -- new phone to others what -- But right now it's the first one. There's not one from -- they're working on an app for the car they've got an app platform as we've talked about many times. But this was very different it's not an Internet -- you may use already you know like pandora stature of a they have already on there. This is -- health app. There working with a company but I wasn't aware of before they do a lot of of health app -- development of the gold well dock. And they are gonna work with four -- a prototype system that could monitor your health issues while you're driving. And help you have a problem on the road they use the example of -- -- drivers who have heart attack while they're driving some time that caused horrendous accidents you because -- cars of at a controlled now. The car could perhaps tell if you're about to have a diabetic situation we -- about to blank out if your blood sugars plummeting. I don't know all the ways they're gonna figure this out. How -- they test -- -- -- they keep monitor monitoring of your system. The use one example where it's like if you have severe allergies pollen detector in the car could say you know what this is really high pollen count. You -- -- you particular person you need to. Go to re circulation numbers to do it automatically. But of -- sure how they would tell if you were. Diabetic and you're about to have an episode. But they wanna work on -- gonna probing ability and turn this into a new Ford -- business. It's -- intrusive to be honest. -- out of it. -- -- it helps if the card -- I think it would be better if you know for example the -- team had. Some select a blitzer monitor -- it could wildly talk to the car and me -- Volunteer -- it Burmese and buy a -- -- the depends on the implementation yet. There's a there's a guy -- Caving to test for side -- says for most people drive time -- private time he tells the New York Times. The car is the best time to listen to guidance for health and wellness and -- thought about that -- and -- lot of us -- -- where the car. We're gonna stop down we're stuck in traffic for an hour to 21 of the few times you can reach -- you with information about health the most was -- that off -- an American thing we don't -- information tools -- -- But the other the other hand all too often the cars a time when you -- of the people in the car. And -- -- because had ecosystem is so complicated I would like to -- it might start it here -- -- know it Betsy -- you're driving into the red light district you should take -- knee deep development or something -- -- stop stop off -- off and it's like night -- is a way to set the thing up and you ever had like an app I have an app that read text messages -- a bell and overhead and never caught in the wrong do I ever. May never met his -- -- -- -- You start singing club. Hallelujah. Everything through the another -- By the nearest sonic torch. I'll never get my fear the car's gonna start talking and -- -- a parent and you can't marked him -- certainly not import -- To set the thing out -- do -- without their way to keep an -- on a lasting for a tug on the road this week a story about. Engine awards -- there's a number of engine awards out there -- Ward's Automotive News they -- top engines every year. This is the international engine awards put out by I'm not sure who the international and an expert guest. -- UK IP media that would be I believe -- European media urbanization yet in the UK that's when the two letters and but they have awarded their top engines for 2011. And I think the biggest winner overall. Was the -- little Turbo two cylinder using their multi air technology which is a very interesting valve technology. -- and use. -- -- Because we're valves as the -- -- -- -- they developed chronic does -- probably -- Reynolds does that. And all the other cars out there like is they've got the -- of throttle body or some kind of meter -- on the intake to truly -- a butterfly no response yet decreed that true vacuum that allows the engine to draw more in. And then the objectors respond to these massive air that -- that it's coming in. But in this case it's a largely valve driven ethically Veltroni -- from BMW but they've also got you to two cylinder Turbo but it's not for micro cars. It's actually for it'll -- via 500 yet although my publisher of our 500 will get it. But all are 500 has the the multi year I didn't of the twin near the port induction. Rights and of the yes it has art artist gets a gets a one point. Four liter four cylinder. But there's also this other one here this -- 175. CC that's about the size of my -- that's clinical. Estimate the X 903. Notes called late fifties so it's XT smaller than a 68 Fiat motor that's pretty impressive but it's putting -- 85 horsepower. Might -- -- this capacity puts -- 41 horsepower so they've done you know that that's a huge difference in well -- forty something years. -- double the horsepower from the same displacement of course is vastly cleaner totally smooth I'm sure decent torque and -- Fiat motor that has like a foot pound. Interesting stuff other big engines that one out were -- best best bad -- and it was a -- The 458 Mueller -- a half liter V8 from -- the -- gets its name. And another win for VW's Turbo motors in this case the TS sign -- that. Diesel but the gas one point four liter combustion engines we don't get here in the US but those two or interesting as we do -- could get the Fiat twin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From the BMW 123. Which we wanted Odeo is like the the move. I -- huge -- here he is disease yup -- Owes it to cool little cartoon and I got a lot of buzz from people on the street about that they walked up with this analysis is all about and -- -- to minister to them roll their eyes and eastern northern California at the idea the diesel. And a small diesel engine. You know those who knew anything about cars so lonely want to come and often the that the you know -- -- -- -- does yeah and those core -- hand over fist in certain parts of the country was one of you can't keep -- lot here this is TDI country of people watch your a lot of -- -- still have a big diesel. Slant and you look at that -- -- term care. Diesel don't want. OK folks it's time for us to turn the corner and turn the corner and get on the road in a car that we actually hit a high price for this video. You'll see some shots or other shots you'll never see because our camera came off the car and was run over by a car. Behind us apparently yeah. Even -- we connected one of our external cameras for the podcast -- -- attempt to return to pass. And that was the into the camera and it -- all laughed at the -- orbit. There are destroyed like legally destroyed if sports camera you're asking him what car could turning a corner and handle so fast you'll rip a camera off of its own a suction cup body -- that would be none other then. The 2011 Cadillac CT SV. -- high power looks like a weapon more than a car and Winamp -- take us on the road. About some of the engine -- somewhat muted because this is the cadillacs those big cabin is pretty nice. It's got a lot of sound deadening -- lab so you don't hear as much as the -- you might but -- -- -- wind definitely comes through. -- another student -- here this is the CTS coupe so it has really dramatic styling. Yet you know the doors -- really long the door -- are actually hidden -- -- or respects kind of likes lots. Behind the door that shifting the open them by pressing little buttons. I mean if it's really slick and if you wanna get out the -- there's also a button here. To open the -- Really kind of futuristic at new rigid F -- they're gonna go while filling -- -- -- it and we modified to be able to her abdomen and -- until we came off the -- looking like that. Yes yes -- yes -- virility against the lot of attention from people because it's a unique looking car and one thing I think about -- -- -- -- it is. It's got such dramatic looks bad it really justified is that the power train business. Five -- and 55 horsepower. Supercharged engine the standard -- Looks good bit maybe doesn't quite dead baby looks a little meaner than it really is but this one hope that it does at all. But -- does have that sort of like standard Cadillac -- -- they -- have that weird. Two hands free system. Things that we've encountered before in the GM vehicles where Anthony and had the OnStar -- -- that they really want to be used. But there's also Bluetooth hands free calling it's -- check the instruction manual to figure out how to actually get the Bluetooth working but it is there but you'll -- that -- Yeah it's kind of thing where they'd. Became kicking and screaming that -- -- and their customers demand and it's an embedded in them. They'd much rather use OnStar hands free -- another. That's got and calling but it's -- -- navigation system you get perspective view and it's got traffic builds and of that. And -- -- have certainly liked about is navigation system is that. With the traffic when you're describing on the freeway without even a destination program -- will alert you have problems of Baghdad. So it's proactive -- -- and that's just a nice thing that have. Okay Cadillac CT -- speaker of this is just about the most. Audacious thing Cadillac makes bad DC -- the palsy yes because the XLRs too much of a country club opera Levine and -- anyway. He had to keep forgetting that are actually exists and do they still make now if they do it and expanding it in a while ago millennia I think useful in pretty low volumes and society -- is really. It's been a lot of time with it in their promotional materials -- it kind of flew under the radar and with forgotten about -- university of the this is like an insult me this that -- is that's what's it wasn't an American SL. American SL and it was just like but it might disguise there. This is their you know their brawny attainable car it's the opposite of an escalade you know which is powerful and a different way ponderous way this is a real barn burner of all -- 63. M three or guess really. M five the mean is -- says this is this is a three or seek class -- say he or five series competitor I think about the size of the C. And in Tennessee to see in the defeat in the three series now gets its smaller than the mid -- yeah I mean it's not a eight car. Inside it was and it was a big at all now now and it it prints a little bit bigger in pictures and it doesn't exactly -- the -- In a reasonably short real wheelbase yes exactly better for repeated. Of course -- but you wanna do though the Cadillac but it is -- -- the Cadillac with real -- I find little bit -- I mean. What's you know what's the buyer here. There's gonna say yeah I love track -- so I bought a 4200 pound Cadillac. I think it's the you know somebody who -- who's looking at in in three -- -- five but didn't want to buy American. If somebody who wants the -- -- the -- doesn't wanna look like a tool. Then -- business -- -- exactly not be that. Bad beer belly guy in the Corvette sorry -- owners this is -- ms. of the -- who made that stereotype to many bad owners last thirty years did. But yet that's the thing -- -- the most by a -- but not be driving a -- Yes and this is not the same engine as the ZO six but it's related it's very similar. Very vertical not as much power but it doesn't you know let's face it it's got ample power zero to sixty in 39 -- either transmission there -- an automatic kind of lesser known. Obama you're looking at the stock here in the Bay Area to see how many of them have automatics and remote they actually show us in the summary yours was too bad -- to know just off the top -- company -- here. Most of the ship with a manual or the automatic -- that tells you how they expected to sell I mean -- the V and if you want an automatic as I'd almost at every point that there are -- it automatics out there. But this is -- -- this is one of this is a six speed automatic automatic automatic news. It's our right and in all I mean I don't know if it's the -- -- -- they're gonna use with the the non V model because the non -- who we had in. A couple months ago had the automatic it with a decent. Du -- C I mean it will insist that -- called. Performance and I mean -- -- maybe there's a different. This one I'm look at and so far looked -- three of them here in stock in the Bay Area and embed their -- of its six speed manual side but they ship most of these that -- so -- -- about this car you really should and probably will. Half Dubai autism manual unless you're willing to order or wait a long time it look like they're all shipping with a sixty which makes sense become the technologies you guys pointed out. Pretty -- And not disappointing yes not bad but I mean in India in the pre -- discard fit that it's gonna come up against Audi BMW -- the side by side. The greatest thing is gonna go in order that motorized screen atop the market but that's but that's the crowd -- yeah it's a 64000 dollar car base. Most of them equipped -- around seven 72. Assist the price of -- actually going out on the floor. The other thing about this car is it has magnetic ride control even. It also has -- -- you sport touring mode just to. Sperm or extra -- firm or throwing up against the seat -- firm that's what we saw we certainly result when you -- to watch your video version that was probably in sport -- -- -- The other control on there is the -- traction. Lets you go track on. Track off or. Student attacked competitive mode yet the only competitive -- company and at and I loved the buttons on the steering wheel. Yes it does mean because right now there are no eggs in -- -- -- track -- now right -- right now. In the regulatory don't -- right there next is right -- to cruise control or some it's as part of the whole deal. Com the audio system on it could find nothing really notable. This is of this -- story yeah it's a rear wheel drive only cars unavailable and all wheel drive it's not a there was not a rally inspired now. It's that it's and it's there it's just it's the street -- it's a it's a drag car you know. Although it handles -- It does handle really well yeah especially in that sport mode -- mean that they in turn directions. The better than I probably didn't like what I had written those Michelin pilot from like I can show you the camera like this why you and then that the massive like gold colored breaks. But since -- yes justice. Grab your attention. I would say though that as much of Anthony as an -- story oriented it's as much styling story as well yeah period. Because all of the attention much like the last time we get the -- -- in the seats yet to pin. I got a lot of attention from people who in you know people who would come up to me. And say hey what is that. You would indeed did collective pocket did you do -- it's like when a unit were asking questions about the thinner exhaust. On the back the -- in about styling so he says this picture out this is the CT SV -- right here. There is actually the concept. And I can tell you it's the production car analysts you've got an -- why you wouldn't of the difference -- I -- I think the only difference I'm noticing it I think the thinner. A brake -- a little bit more pronounced on oh -- and hours at almost the spoiler. Told the lips yeah Allard and -- those at high senator about it is yet. And but I mean aside from that -- -- and almost came to market as a concept was amazing you need and it has the flu there are no door handles you've got to reach behind this little notch in the door to find an electric switch which was interesting. But if people can always -- how to get into their car. I gave spoke to people -- are getting help never figure out how to get out literally -- What's going on here via and there's actually a very funny video on line of -- guy who owns current generation debt which uses the same kind of push button fifteen in the -- yeah that's right his battery died. And he got locked in -- car. And he couldn't get out. Does not have the emergency polls are only added yeah you know that he didn't know was down there notice this video on YouTube of restraint basically pointing and laughing at him. While they like down there April with a -- -- hole -- in the car electric fees and -- -- -- -- -- -- Florida three sweat -- head right to earn -- degree in the car but you can't get out of -- I did notice that this car is of the electric -- releases -- -- minor thing in irritated -- territory drove it you can't. I think whenever the car is running or not in park or running -- import you can't open the door. If -- -- you know -- like most cars when the cars when the doors are locked. You can pull -- handle little. Pop a lot yes and then you pull it again and opened in this one that doesn't happen. Now the problem I kept having is well for one the lock button is way down here by unique. Yeah so you parking -- -- rise and you turn the car off. And all the into your lights go well. -- no way of finding that can laugh so -- -- -- I would always been a lot of time going. In and how it turned on the dome light fund to buy an unlocked cars it shouldn't -- that are hard to get out of a car I mean those lights should always be illuminated they're down by your writing program -- program closed source still the thing here. -- a couple of your ears yeah so those -- for those of small bit of style that went overboard it's like okay stop guys you should make a car hard to get in and out of just to say look we -- the door handle enough enough to -- that got a knowing a little -- at a time every day was like grains of -- I was about to lose my patients have to pay almost one of these it used to it but I mean after a week the last in the car with -- I think -- taken -- for -- in just -- -- -- -- who studied and I thought it had trouble getting out of the car right at every coming out of a -- I couldn't figure out. Why -- what what to do to get to let me. Key on key off the engine off in park break up what the hell is that I eventually ended -- using the poll released before. Half the time but I Africa I don't want more and I'd better learn car -- -- -- -- -- bad -- let's face -- bad -- it's it's an image car it's among two to recoup its particularly -- in the back. It's a section. -- not the worst it's an exceptionally impractical. For seeker I mean that the fact that the bank the is even back there with -- flat and the reply and usually. I mean the rear glass of almost her peril to the ground -- and -- that there -- there are even -- back there is more just like a all right. -- -- in talks -- -- it's okay it's a concession to the insurance raiders. And it also I think when you're sitting in the back I think the glass actually comes ahead of your forehead so you're gonna get a lot of son -- -- there in -- rather on ventilated area. And it's not a big lift up patch folks a lot of balls and that's so cool big lift up -- -- like a an Audi a seven may be just regular front -- and neutral -- tiny trunk lid kind of normal size trunk for the economic -- -- You know this is. I didn't hammered on this but it's of it's a fairly impractical hole and I say toy with respect but it's a fairly impractical -- of the person who -- to drive -- I just don't know live. It's as lean as a car should be for someone who likes to drive hard. Hit the track and -- I mean if you're buying a Cadillac you're not buying attract car you're buying that you buy luxury and touring store has more power than it needs to be really great at tour but that's the thing about -- trees the trees by definition more of something and you need. -- -- -- having more power than you need is. Of the status is right up there Angel and be able to -- yeah I get -- com or by about 56 foot mountain torrent what adulthood yet. Sit there and listen to the engine rumble -- and via -- the speed limit to work. The prop eight -- -- fingers that there in and out of second and third gear in practical way to work. The last note on this of course the obvious statement is gas mileage it's it's pretty awful -- -- one of the last scars left on earth. This still -- -- gas guzzler tax very few cars even great big luxury boats gas guzzler tax anymore almost that they shouldn't even have on the books anymore. This is one of the reasons they -- 1419. Manual. 1218. Automatic. And in our menu ol' I think we were exploding around 143. And I tried to help that -- -- went to highway miles on it even now all of the -- -- are doing and I think. I'll put a hundred highway miles in addition to a regular -- significantly -- 148. That's -- so real world via. We're way closer to city all the time and anywhere near that highway -- them. It's of the gas guzzler taxes thirteen hundred dollars on the manual I don't know if it's different on the automatic it would be much more but it might be more. The -- thirsty automatic which many -- the drug automatic. So -- -- CDS speak to -- lot of phone -- -- go check out the full video the full review its all over cars dot cnet.com. Here's what's coming up next in the CNET car tech -- -- Right now that's -- SV -- of course as fresh as is the third 01 because -- -- it must like cross toward utilizing what you -- I don't know what's funny is that kept trying to get things aren't it would only now. The unit driving it drag -- -- nearly enabling whole bag cause there's that you missed nothing if not a bad -- what -- read -- review later is -- cards just didn't. Of an existing -- on to these days it right now we have beach city crews ego the hyper minority it's 42 MPG highways and the Genesis -- Which of course is always a favorite restaurant we've -- sequences that car -- so it's been a year and a half I think we saw it doesn't have the three point eight arcs back. The top of -- backgrounds on mean it's a top of a -- -- the most performance oriented but you don't get any tech. Those -- the inexpensive track car this is the one that cramped housing -- 37 easy track. Okay and it's got the goodies on it like you might get from the in unity who's he what's this line of -- on what is -- PL yes it fidelity -- -- Lexus has their half. Yeah it's all those toys -- light wheels -- Greek. Better suspension OK so it's gonna be another one and it's another one knows it's gonna like the CT SV of Monday if you will. And that commitment to this after many requests and this was a tough one to get in for reasons we don't quite know it's. It's always a mystery how cars coming and the mustang GT we have the I believe it's the V8 in this one of the GT -- should be in the eight yes that'll be the new. Revised five liter Wii is the new rules. Valve technology is quite an impressive -- so we have not tried that power train yet that I know -- -- for so that'll be coming in as well next week. So that's -- coming in the -- -- right that's it for car tech live don't forget roadside assistance is our other podcast make sure you catch that. I you can find all of our -- -- car tech dot cnet.com. You're watching live roadside assistance coming up a few minutes after this meanwhile you can reach us email car tech at cnet.com any question you've got about the -- -- -- you wanna see -- -- let us know. You can also also -- voice -- if you like 866401. CNET and follow us on Twitter I'm Brian Cooley BR IAM. CO OLEY and what does it do AMT GO -- -- Thanks to Mitchell joined at the controls and we'll talk to you next week on car tech live.

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