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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 215: CNET drives the Hyundai Equus

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 215: CNET drives the Hyundai Equus

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Stranded on the road? There's an app for that. Google will tell future Ford cars how to drive. Will you buy your next car at Best Buy? And we drive the Hyundai Equus, well actually, we get driven in it.

Stranded on the road there's an app for that. Google will tell future Ford cars how to drive. Will you buy your next car at best buy and we drive the Hyundai -- was actually we get driven -- That's right folks at CNET car tech live for this twelfth the main. Eleven I'm Brian Cooley -- Wayne Cunningham and Antuan governments dive into the stories that are making news in the car space. This week the lot of green -- stuff going on starting off we have they'll be more than just one plug in hybrid out there won't just -- a Prius at some point. -- be a Volkswagen. How real is this guy is a lead to -- show cars here. Well there's they've got a surprising. Stealth green thing going on I'd heard of much going on with the books on electrification and -- that we so -- -- -- the Volkswagen toward hybrid. But to I heard and a couple weeks ago that there -- -- -- Adults that electric version of the gulf. In the -- please don't market risen an Audi a three and -- test -- that followed -- course testing pure electric cars stuff. Here they're looking at -- in a plug in hybrid. Although it I don't -- -- C that they say whether that's actually a series hybrid parallel hybrid and there are -- -- an awful lot of concept cars this is their excel one concept which. Was 260 mile per gallon prospective. My and MPG number switches its attention but the shuttle -- Yet looks like the Honda -- old Honda Insight old Honda Insight yet and which never -- anywhere -- this MPG. This is at an angle to Vienna motor symposium they were announcing this so we don't know where these power trains -- -- into -- of the -- BW has committed to a plug in. Hybrid starting in 2013 it's not too far away. -- that -- because the the hybrid system they have right now uses nickel metal -- -- -- batteries which is not great for plug -- So I imagine an -- calcium ion for that by then I think most of these car makers of lithium between thirteen. And then we've also got this interesting sidebar that the depletion me by your electric car. Might be best when it's. The blue shirts. Right so -- car that blister pack rice expected spent by the checked out there Colin -- that. But those. I was talking to a -- today about this and it was interesting who else aside from Wal-Mart and Costco. Has a large number of large stores. Where you can put -- we've got -- for them. Best -- is like one of the few companies left that really has the major physical brick and mortar presence is a you know what we do have the room to be a car show. For whatever card is of course electric makes sense -- They also already been selling these Lamo electric motorcycles. Yeah so this sort of they already kind of hit that space on two wheels does -- have to. Expanded to four wheels and they're also talking about putting electric car charging stations in the parking lots yet to make the -- close the whole loop. Right and trying to -- that the good best major electric -- store. For a charge or to buy one. How many -- stores have those -- bikes. But any kind of makes sense because you go out shopping for stereo component does that -- like that -- to Cardin. But erratic weather the current test drive you know you see that you think hey I could do a test drive this Ford Focus electric or whatever you know cars are gonna be selling. And once you have that experience and as opposed to same I'm actually in the market requirement Ian of the Ford dealership that -- Look at that it's more of sort of a yes samplings political -- -- kiosk model like you see in some malls who also is doing this it's some. The that's been doing some in mall stores you can't buy the car there but you can try it there. And to -- to go after hours to tester they have did Dolly it out. When the malls closed -- odd model. But a lot of -- trying to get away from the idea of the -- -- where you have sales pressure all the time but they're running into problems with that because of the -- thing I heard that the dealers. Were complaining. Dealers actually I think -- close to mounting lawsuits and the -- you can't sell cars. Outside of the dealership and that's the thing I -- about the best buy thing here is a must they're talking to a few funky want cute little makers. How they -- suddenly start to -- forwards and best buy showed a woman -- heard on the streets gonna absolutely nuts even for just the showroom experience because that's where it starts with the dealer they wanna get to from the beginning that it was wanna close the deal. They wanna be -- -- -- -- all the -- self financing the accessories. Make you part of their whole -- -- that it's an interesting step and I'm sure they're doing a lot of work on what's the legal behind it much of what products here's a shot of Leo -- based on November MO inertia. 8000 dollars -- -- the best buy page it'll zoom out to show you just right there are best wired dot com. Can you buy -- online yet but now -- starlight that has a threat to your shopping -- would have -- specifically concerned that to me that the in store only that you offer eighteen month financing a little longer and -- for car. But its interest in -- CEO ago for a full -- vehicle that needs a license and registration severe on a best buy. It. That then we go with fun and even though and that's the -- think about this back to reality in it too much more -- in the TV. Do we -- has to go in there they can take the space of like -- rear projection television -- not selling anymore you can actually probably just -- of them around the store. You know -- little lanes -- -- about the right -- About sixty why the low lit only lanes are gonna go around the whole store that be cool that because I'm totally don't -- best buy -- but. What -- in the rear end at at taken out a few washing -- you as you go let it loose in the corner of -- degree. Okay so now it's available or scifi but in the same -- of -- efficient cars big efficient car week here folks. Google and Ford introduced Soviets. Get a not a product the -- -- its initiative. But they're gonna be using Google prediction technology and API -- Google has called Google prediction. To allow especially electrified vehicles to help you drive them more efficiently. So -- -- heads around this it's it's kind of one of these slippery story. Well -- it actually came out of the there's a big -- conference Google I O -- called. Going on this weaker has gone on this week here and industry -- and a person from Florida did presentations on how they could use Google's prediction API. And the CPI's the same thing that. Other. Online stores used to show you things you might wanna buy after you've already looked at her her about something else okay so that's cohorts used in the shopping expects gas and and it's used in other things too but -- any time you see like. A list of things well you've looked at this you might like these things do that's usually -- prediction API current and dad so Ford an -- airport -- Tried to you can use the -- EPI to say like okay you're driving your car. I'm for one thing you'll say I -- get an of the car in the morning. And you know you driver worked every day the -- -- are are you going to work because eating 8 o'clock the morning usually you're gonna work at that time. And -- -- will predict. Where you might be going Nancy can actually set the destination that way in the -- also look at the -- and use traffic information another step to try to find them the most efficient route. And -- and it's electrified car it would also tell the car. Which normally is deciding -- to charge when to use the gas engine when to reach and -- to drive on electric based on the physical factors in the moment. But if the car -- to know through this predictive technology what's ahead in terms of traffic in terms of grade in terms of one -- distance already puts nav system it may decide to blend its power differently. For ultimate efficiency than just based on the moment no information that the car and its computers have at the time absolutely yet they can do reserve the electric power produced in city driving. -- as opposed to gonna be -- highway for awhile second usable electric power there. Or even like a car that is electric. And it knows that you know you're gonna have to go to work in the morning. On Monday through Friday but you know maybe you plug it in Saturday morning and -- -- as a pro in agony go anywhere. There's -- wearable and hours. You will hold off in charge when it's cheaper -- -- -- and I wanna -- wants to tie into the medical records of my doctor's office so it knows that when I'm sick. I'm not going to work the idea that and it doesn't charge and saves me about a block port the kilowatt I don't know yet but -- also tied to the weather Q what's really nice outside and play -- and that's what it. It knows you're ready to go for guys drop up to be over broad zone to be sympathetic and may be some cigars got a phone and it -- -- you can call it -- beacons and my voice and -- -- -- -- I'm not gonna -- -- today. As well Brian and I will not be any two day Idaho power argues gotten and it's gotta do law called the local -- You're -- for the glitz and the soft -- like what -- bracket CO UGH point and give it oiled. Are -- that's good that -- that's -- -- part of this now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes that's amazing yeah I'm happy about that is the wildest hottest greenest car all the same time we've -- a long time and each other at a Paris last in the Paris motor show and I was. But they're gorgeous yeah I was -- -- -- -- thing. That company saw a hybrid car they aired yeah concept car and it's all these great stats. -- this one says zero to 62 point four seconds off. Oh look it's electric powered card they used them micro turbines in it to generate electricity like little jet -- this to hyper spin generators -- -- exotic stuff and I was going I want -- -- -- -- -- but we're not -- -- -- It just you know we're showing up what we can do so because anniversary of jaguar -- and -- -- like. Why are not gonna build -- -- I read a few months later did they give you -- present except they've actually done only with the turbines I -- the coolest part about it. Business -- like 60000 RPM or something. And the idea was they could spin so fast and turn the generators at such a high rpm -- it would generate its power on demand. It wouldn't have to rely on battery to drive the motors it could actually generate the power on the fly which is really hard to do for a car that goes really fast on top of that. And it's it'll still get to sixty yen in Dallas and -- second holiest place threat yet. And you'll have motors -- each wield too which is interest in because a lot of carmakers have -- content and -- it will have motors and each -- and when he gets a production they have -- we descent one motor powering the rear -- yet. But this is going all the way with a motor on each -- -- and -- what they say and dad that turbines that they just say the turbines really -- ready for prime time Yale at least only to develop the statement -- -- it'll come up with something. The proposal hyper submitting vacuum motors look at would say well look at the new Dyson and car to go of those ourselves to cannibalize guys and that I think that it is about go pleasant -- -- Dyson vacuums on eBay but that does have cracked cases or something. We go. -- could be a great project in a really -- go -- -- totally. Michigan -- Columbia heard about -- power Dyson power and no backup yeah. See folks who just from a prior that it is -- -- -- won't do it. -- -- maps now it's an in car tech we've got. What does this -- cryptic little bit of nothing but everything is possible from pioneer on the 25. They're announcing something but the dash is gonna get smarter right. I ended thing is -- definitely going to be funding in -- probably gonna be -- theater. But because not only are they sending it to -- -- journalists but also to injury publications. Were thinking that a pioneer thanks again figure out some sort of a way to. Actually get the injury integration in the -- sport that a lot of us. Have been waiting for mean everything made for iPod right now only fry phone -- if you Android -- Oxley Bluetooth -- pretty much only expect dealing with. And I'm thinking because Google's kind of -- -- Some at Google I -- some deeper integration. If forests like hardware in the next version of injury that may be -- and may be taken advantage of some of that in the next version. The -- and away the that the three -- one -- one ice -- sandwich. Chinese films they'll both Saudi compliment him to the next one yen a -- and so this is -- right now if you look at your iPhone your iPod you got the Apple dock connector if you've got. Anything also -- -- to got -- -- you look at presume but that's all -- not relevant and other than anything else it's an aux Jack. What would it be on an Android device as is standard on like micro USB. While all the advocate that in the next generation that USB and a Bluetooth the HID. Profile that sort of hardware in a profound as you use for wireless mice. Wireless -- borrow right they're taken advantage of that for deeper hardware integration as well. -- so you could do wireless Bluetooth connection but would mean much richer than the current 82 DP -- hands free voice thing ranked. Interest. The other -- possibility is that pioneer is gonna build an entry based receiver. That we've seen a little bit we've seen a parent -- one we've seen. A Chinese and leave it with any third -- an Asian company built one for CES. It looked a lot like the pioneer head unit -- That there was no announcement of that ever coming. It may actually be that -- partnered with them and they were developing and -- -- for pioneer India and that might welcome to the market. In the couple weeks at the pioneered by. And -- heard and it this is a shot of it that pioneer would be doing a tablet. -- I think is this is a a prototype of a -- your tablet. I think it's the same pioneer. But there's another pioneering do it and would be really it is moving -- right or like -- Galaxy Tab the original but not off eyes and I know it doesn't look -- good but there was a lot of and -- an interface that's neither IOS -- Android and what that but there's been talk that that the -- gonna do a tablet what do we youth think of them. Adding a tablet to the market is -- -- also. As they were gonna do a tablet it wouldn't be a -- event. It via tablet then this is definitely being Martin at the -- yet they're talking about dashboard. And the founding -- its gonna be something. Either -- receiver that communicate with. Android or an Android based receiver but whatever it is it's gonna be in the car. Like okay hang on the pioneer it is doing the tablet is pioneer computers. I was another pioneer out there and knew it. That's who -- them into a whole bunch of his or whole array of on a cause -- knock off the vehicle the dream books. Interest -- -- it's a different pioneer it's a lot of this a lot folks reporting the story console treatment confusion I don't -- a lot of trademark abuse and right let's see contact us through these guys based I'm just curious because they have a dot com dot a user in Australia. That's interest so if you hear about a pioneer tablet folks don't mix it up with this pioneer event it's gonna be coming out from Pioneer Electronics but car stereo people and it's about a -- can change -- will be on top of that of course and a launch no they come out -- that and does speaking of -- out he's got one that. This one of those -- -- some of -- to this sooner. You know the technology is really in place now when you have a roadside problem you call -- earlier auto club is doing -- on the phone. Regular lots of information where are you are you on the safe part of the road yes leave me alone. What injuries she worked we find you what's your cellphone a regal has big long dialog on the side of a noisy street or sitting in your called -- car. Why isn't that -- -- now what it's well I think it has been I think OnStar is due in an app they'll be pretty much the same thing and that -- is and com. Is there another -- new -- -- -- AAA. Well now which is the biggest of the roadside assistance guys I mean that's true the but I I think apps are gonna become pretty common and the thing about this -- story that I had wasn't tumor size it seems like this -- only does. Calls -- -- assistance to doesn't really do anything else. When -- can now and Apple find your car for you and all those other things and Ford's I think I mean now a banana yep or its. Birds upcoming Ford Focus electric. That a Nissan has an app for the -- yet but eventually -- To charge it check the state of the charge -- and locked the -- become a common features I you know what down AAA does have an -- Two -- service requests so this is now officially boring. Not to know AAA had a -- while grabbing calling all this time. But that they've got an iPod iPod Touch and Android there are actually ahead of some other guys -- getting multiplatform. So there's their roadside assistance that didn't know about that they do -- very poor job to get the word out here's a AAA discounts app for finding all those you know Tripoli bargains -- have a card to get a cheaper price. That I didn't know about and here's their trip planning app -- -- -- on and then you know those books that they used to give aware of is still do. The regal look up all the stuff in a region here at all is you -- where you wanna go and it'll bring up although hotels and restaurants campgrounds I'll be damned AAA. Not of the hat to these guys. The outlook yet they have been in the word out of a noted -- that -- and -- -- -- that and they're all on Android iPhone and iPod Touch. That is very impressive known for iPad yet anyway so -- you're officially stupid we just changed her mind about you -- behind the okay now. And it's -- -- An odd bird in terms of getting fuel out of green stuff although it's rent everything now has been turned into fuel. Corn wheat sawgrass. Wings left over whiskey. Everything's been treated fuel except being alliance. What's now the in the line. It's actually got to Greg this is -- really fuel story. This is materials in the car -- it's a mature look at textiles exactly so your interior components your -- rubber and plastic stuff like that. They're looking at forty is and apparently already use a lot synthetic rubber in cars and -- And a lot of -- seat covers inform you that that's becoming -- -- commented ideas to -- like sustainable. Materials to use in your car yeah and ports green research with leaving -- a university of -- Ohio State University. And the using means that Russian band -- to -- him lot of tubes that hadn't -- -- eruption an airline plans to. -- -- You the new medium and he's. I'm gonna really be used to that -- to be used as a replacement to the synthetic rubber they're currently using inside cars. So -- maybe you know planting them the planes would -- and alliance and dual you know they have the roof of their F 150 assembly plant it's as big. The huge park on top of the building they've got all planted I think it's just four. Cool laying -- to -- oxygen back in the environment but I could see them -- their lines like that's ultimately a while but there's a lot of ways to attack the of the green equation you know when obviously manufacture -- and depends on the go on in the car. Lot of people start looking at hybrids and say well you know -- manufacturing cars -- uses all these resources. But if you start placing her -- and everything catalysts. And yet you expect Apple's Steve three -- that story last week we we mused about a -- -- if -- true but there's the apocryphal rumor that it takes more energy to build a hybrid then it'll save. Because the batteries in the whole life cycle the battery to created to recycle it. Often has to be made in Japan and shipped over to the US offer car that is sold in the US it's very heavy blah. As another example of -- damaging blow these scandal lines anywhere. You are did not -- into line and up and running or doing yard work it's hard not agree all I gotta tell you it's been years and -- -- to handle and why is that. They -- -- none of like everything else but noted alliance. -- -- -- -- opera got every other program -- invasive weed in the world. Have yet to progress now genetically engineers to -- -- lost everything. This is a that the that it just happy that we need a little yellow -- added to these -- -- -- -- alliance can handle it then and it writes that it would Jack booted -- of the -- and lying communities -- I don't Panama until it Russia underlined that we use and health. There diversity got a really hardy gave him a line in your your duties can't quite seem to skillet and it's really juicy when you cut it that might be one for -- to -- so called and the units on your property. I let's get onto the road now and this this time and our traditional on the road drive we actually normally expect -- -- -- want to go drive something. We don't normally see them get driven in something but that is a key part of the story as they take -- on the road in the 2011. Hyundai Aqua so let's check this out. That's the ultimate edition of the atlas. And yet you wouldn't expect pepper -- it as a reason why -- sitting -- back today would normally drive in that. Are very comfortable. Yeah especially from the backseat. Political question the -- -- first came out because if you look at the drive train. You look at the power train you -- -- the suspension a lot of things are very similar to the Genesis. So you have to ask yourself while you pay more for -- card and you would for the Genesis the question. It is good question is all behind the drivers. Don't get like 100 -- -- Power adjustable. I can even from accurately be the front passenger seat pulled forwards -- can get that out of my way or even use it as a foot rest. I was -- -- -- really think of next yeah actually had a driver today because we wanted to set back years. Are -- Cali Hendricks is driving that planets around today and and -- and elegant and -- what's -- all about what this car with -- -- -- -- vehicle -- -- doesn't cobol but they'd be -- Every single one of them comes -- in iPad and that's because. Your user manual and an app -- app is actually on -- -- -- a nice 3-D kind of rendering of the vehicle. Would like quick you know but that you can hit the tell you about things are all users' manuals on here you can also schedule a maintenance and whatnot. And -- ambassador to do and ultimate edition there's a LCD just over the console sort organ down edit your -- easy to view from here. And we have -- -- -- -- controls to operate all the cabinet and -- payment functions. And if there -- a dvd in the -- dvd player could miss the back here and watch watch movies. They all live music and everything to be listening to you is it would -- through a lexicon audio system. That's a pretty high end audio system that several right to actually use the use of their cards. -- the -- things like you know and it's gotta go another way to actually make this correlate tree they're claiming it is. Right other Britons are a bit with that four point six liter V -- that as -- And -- biggest engine and its line up by far. It gets plenty of power spreading normally engines of fuel economy generally save apps fantastic. But it does have an air suspension sort of enjoying the comfortable ride from air suspension over the the rough streets of -- from Cisco. And it just gotta support setting what shall I -- it up and make it a little. Better for the corners but that's not a sports car. It's really not the point of this vehicle if you create a -- resultant sporty mean you can look down -- the data that let Dave Gregory -- elegant of the skew its. So I just doubled as bottled water out of the refrigerator that sits between me two seeds here and other. Luxury in this -- was here in the ultimate edition. So I think the stuff in it right and style back here. Elegant drive and. -- the real luxury with the -- -- water bottle of vodka. Now okay stop with the email we're kidding -- -- so this is a screeching what's -- my camera. We're back at the -- just -- -- out what it. -- will excitement and icebergs in case you're wondering -- -- this is not the bat man thing on the villain at the -- shock crooked and we do it. But we are in the middle of remodeling our studios -- can say is thank god. This is a card to screeching value as luxury cars go -- world leader -- -- in -- article doing empty via the Internet at so you don't 5859000. Dollars on them -- Kelly really -- -- -- on its integrated camera around I'm in August have a good time. So war oh no the the car is incredibly. -- -- Incredibly cheap for what it does it goes after an LS. -- and -- class. And equipped itself pretty well for the money the basic yet you want a big luxury cruiser but is really. I mean and this is this one was loaded with everything they have been out for -- 65000 total us all a -- can spam that's up to -- out -- 151000 last from the Lexus LS 460. Which it is really good carted out at -- have the Hyundai lacks a couple things that swimming and only -- a six speed automatic. So your -- highway fuel economy is gonna be quite as -- it. And it does get 1624 is -- -- -- -- big delta between city and highway on this -- if you're tooling around the city allotment of -- gonna pay for. Yeah I think -- -- -- that they're getting into Turbo charging electrification with some of their other. Smaller cars and Sonata for example you out they really need look at this -- really pushed the tech and what does this card isn't really. Which -- just pushes luxury at a low price on the it has direct injection even now his interest -- doesn't for a flagship -- now what they do is they're kind of playing the greatest hits of tech -- you get so much in here but it's not super cutting -- for example the maps are really clean they work well the navigation systems good but it doesn't -- as little 3-D buildings. Wasn't a bird's eye view I don't think that is strictly two. Really easy to use really refreshing and I mean anybody can understand it -- was very clear. It comes base for the lexicon seven -- one audio system have no optional audio again making it cheaper to manufacture to there's just one part to negotiate they buy the full volume and don't worry about changes in the assembly line. -- is little things that up. No Bluetooth streaming rights. Mail now so that was another little -- out yeah one thing will be interest in the -- Sunday as watching his blue link. Tell automatic service so I assume that that -- we'll get that eventually. Which pops up to push your -- would probably be to be moved into a flat but as you guys set back there in the deploying you -- the -- you have the better seat you -- the right career. Yeah that's a little better in the right you could actually make the front passengers to move forward get under way. You can use -- you can put your feet up on there at the foot resting at the full massage you've got completely -- the cooling. It's an amazing packets -- package for 6500 bucks you get the fancy seats while the rate is really fancy. The rear seat entertainment system. The flip up console to -- BMW SUV thing it comes up from the back of the console it's kind of unusual. And it -- and the forward camera. I wrote that article yup and when you're looking to -- -- -- iPad while we're driving pretty much couldn't get -- up your hands. Yeah I I apologize for looking into -- -- -- that I think that's important. But so the part of the -- I've ever held that bad actually but ultimately. -- -- -- you can do a ton of -- with that means you can I mean I don't know why you'd want to do with 3-D look around. Brilliant that correlates are already in Jordan that China -- like. If you wanna -- -- yourself on the features you can like check it out again and you're gonna buy another Hyundai through the -- yeah look at their entire lineup you can find dealer. It looked like it was just that and -- that he I don't know if that if three G connectivity was not on that iPad. Or -- -- they expect -- to bring your own data connection there. It's estimated there is -- life like a -- and on the car. So you -- you know hot spot let me give you anyway with the cars Wi-Fi only -- schedule service on Eden. Com and like the city into a 3-D look at videos of the -- -- if you're really obsessive on your clothes and in the middle and enough of it is perfect. -- the whole instruction manuals and their two and its searchable which is great. For when you wanna know how to a pair phone. Levine and if you can't figure it out because it's pretty simple system you can just search for him to. And it'll take you straight to -- you -- to be in -- instruction manual out and look to the write fiction you know go to the index than. All of that it's really it's a great sales gimmick and that angels actually really good usable. Thing to do with it. With the Chrysler that it would a dvd or something. She Teepen Chrysler in and it went to dvd and you proceeded in a computer to use it yes you know kind of -- and BMW has most of their instruction manual. In the eyes are and I drive now yeah I welding all the important stuff with the embed their handy -- foods -- -- it's an iPad mean. Even if you're not using it for that. If -- an iPad -- -- -- startling -- first thought is -- it's just an app but what they might have like really built an iPad to be a dedicated Hyundai device and all you got on the interface was -- stuff but I'm sure Apple wouldn't allow apps like -- -- and your health provider music on it. Stick it in the garage apartment plugin into the USB port and I mean all -- need now is not an iPad -- which they really should have that rear seats. You know voting for the front seat they should further I think that maybe -- -- about the. But whenever I parked car actually I was a gallon how many people know that the Hyundai -- has an iPad -- the manual and I wonder how. When that when the windows media broken and the -- -- bicycles motor vehicle compartment. Of a first thing I thought Europe about -- are they giving you -- -- panel have to do is they go to hear and download all these apps is just one map. It's like it's units strictly -- the beginning of the iPad all they really -- to keep things that they've made this app. But it's a nice luxury -- to give -- -- iPad now. IPad won't be that cool your but -- if you're paying 60000 dollars for -- -- -- is -- thousand dollars for this much stuff like to give some stuff back. It's an incredible but I tipster I mean. Run up the price -- Morin and yeah I'm not a -- can afford the costs and an iPad I was pretty stunned by the U by the value on the score it's I mean if you go by. And -- classroom LS Italy's look at this you kind of -- it's a really it's a really nice. Our folks that's our that's -- Carlos -- but the -- act was that review up now. -- -- Yet that's gonna do today okay we have today on show -- the twelfth of may are video be up -- as well. So if you wanna check out the equity -- in the market or if you thought you -- in the market for high end luxury -- it was just too much money. It was not a cheap car but it sure isn't one of those eye watering 8800000 dollar rides and it's got a lot of what they have rolled into -- and I wouldn't I would have a problem trusting Monday at this -- though. It's when he got look at what's the what's new now in the CNET. Car tech garage our latest reviews include the Porsche Cayenne hybrid as a client -- hybrid and also the -- -- -- -- -- just mention. Coming in and what's of the garage right now some posting next to be -- Cadillac CT SV -- the little hot rod. -- we've had the CT SV and before but not in the two north and the hunt across door and once -- Just derived thought a lot -- on that one next week there's -- irony. In secretly cutting up pick up web development city crews ego which is there like 42. Mile a gallon crews. Competes with the affords that -- had the at the SS -- package and -- -- gonna look at the Prius V either kind of very small people -- version of the Prius. Will hear from him next week I was some photos actually soon after next week's show you're gonna be going next Thursday right and I'll do it I'll be driving that car on that next Thursday during the show and valuable post something on it on Friday following okay great so -- implement and a lot of folks are curious but what the new -- Prius is the -- about them becoming -- Pretty soon -- get -- car tech live will be coming back -- -- with roadside assistance if you're watching a -- in just a few minutes. -- you know how to reach justify the show notes and all the background of the show and find past episodes are given subscribed yet that's the place to do in his car tech. Dot cnet.com. While calls if you wanna call it for our roadside assistance show which is our other show you may not know about it's still pretty new -- in episode twelve. Call us at 866401. CNET if you have questions about what -- -- how to use the -- in your car and upgrade all that kind of stuff that's. The roadside assistance shown -- 86 explorer one CNET -- -- your emails any comments or questions you've got its car tech at cnet.com. And finally postal on Twitter if you don't mind I'm Brian Cooley BRI -- NC OLEY Wayne is Wayne C underscore SF. And Antuan is in new eight in TG OO we will see you next week or we'll -- on roadside assistance by --

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