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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 214: Google Earth in the new Audi A7

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 214: Google Earth in the new Audi A7

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New York taxis move into the automotive future...Google street view coming to VW dashboards...a look at the best low tech car tech...and we roll in the amazing Audi A7 Sportback.

New York taxis move into the future. Google's street view of coming to BW dashboards. A look at the best low tech car tech. We'll take -- for a ride in the amazing Audi a seven sport back. When -- day we -- of the taxicab you know it's gonna be a very special show. -- -- car tech live this is. Our. Today that the man at the mason code in my head -- Toronto -- -- -- or is that Volkswagen band four wheel drive ban on cults in -- demise of the demo now all. If you've got a great. So the like -- go to my government automotive -- please put in the chat room. -- -- Cunningham into one -- limits of saying at the controls and is going on today folks that we mentioned the top of the -- there there is a New York -- coming in normally we wouldn't cover this kind of thing. But it's a big change. It's good -- crown Vic and that's smattering of other things that they've had in New York but it's really -- a crown -- market for a long long time and now. We get this guy a Nissan van. Based on what they call the NV 200 which looks like this if you're watching -- video version. Which is kind of -- way to take on the com line and the ship be should be. Who name and a -- as the GMC. Chevy is -- experts. At W vice Versa. The problem -- that's that's the -- no -- cares about these bands anymore by the -- 200 is actually it's more about small commercial land competitive Lithia Ford transit connect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The sun says that they -- -- -- -- that marked themselves too long. So here's this new vehicle of your whole lot of high tech options -- we're gonna be envisioned for the back compartment. And a concept car that we talked about well almost a year ago I don't think many if any of those -- There was going to be a Wi-Fi hot spot in every one there was gonna be a touch screen map. You could sit there and look at the city -- the drive was driving see where he's going could punch in. What she can't already punching your payment information on touched in some of those vehicles. Ready and that's that's pretty went out from a standard equipment in New York tab and that's the part of the New York app market is they really regulate. What goes in those vehicles you have that the credit card payment of a sudden screen that should you commercials and has a little bit annoying commercials Mayor Bloomberg telling you to pick up your belongings and portable yeah thank you don't have warming are -- I'm gonna take on what money -- that's -- really -- market for cabs in and so that's why the insane that's my new York and say. Okay the Nissan and B 200 is our next cab of the future here. And here's the interior shot if you're watching a video version it's basically looking like your typical mini -- it's -- divider behind the driver -- you know you gotta have that these days. A large ish screen they -- gonna put video entertainment they -- not just those bad -- I'm not sure if they've. -- -- And then a second -- you get into -- it's -- -- bottom line but this one is gonna be taking over. The New York City cab market gradually they ordered thirteen thousand of these -- They do have it's global outlook in the back in USB port for charging your cell phone okay good it did that you that you -- how awful your phone on the on the trip and another feature that -- -- interesting is the low -- -- and one. -- taxi drivers are always on their weren't for the Hornaday only. Gentler sounding and it also does like a thing where it lacks is the exterior light. When you beat the horn to get visual attention also with those on the -- to the need to -- laugh out I don't really know hook I think it's -- going to be more -- Yet because it's not allowed enough sum -- feel like I didn't get my. -- to be -- idea point across yet for nominal lean on it. Not taxi of tomorrow they call -- so thirteen thousand of these they'll be starting in the late when he thirteenth in a coliseum for awhile but at the big shift. And the losers were Ford of course -- didn't get the contract and of course Carson and automotive of Turkey -- Never heard of them who the hell it's Cisco CRC and auto Turkey argument these guys make Etsy. But they've got -- -- -- commercial vehicles -- okay here's their New York taxi. You're watching her video versions will be looking thing. Kind of a narrow look at things with bogus barked or renew or know something writes I I have seen that picture before you have made big windows lot of visibility like almost all glass and -- and in the interior shot shows ago but a high tech it obviously was this concept stuff but anyway that's where it's go to New York's next time you're in New York a year or so down the road -- The whole bunch of his release on -- it's a big thing -- -- -- -- -- trying to plant their flag as a -- makers this is gonna get them tons. Of visibility to vick's corporate them knowing your data VW's URL their electronic research lab this week. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah really cool stuff. And this is actually coming pretty soon. So what we'll get to later in the show how the new Audi a seven has Google Earth incorporated with the navigation system other taken out of step. Further and they showed this is a demonstration -- -- -- the new location for -- electronic research laboratory and it led a tour around there. They showed that they're integrating. Google street view with the navigation system. Especially great if it is very cool. I think you know what it's it works in two ways actually one way is that if you're looking for a -- -- Using the interactive map so -- -- in the map around the media and replace them there when you scroll down past the part of the zoomed close resume it -- to street view. Okay like maps does on the Internet. And -- so then you can actually see the storefront the restaurant from whatever you're looking for identified that it yet you get a visual idea what looks like so when -- actually driving on the road and say oh yeah I just -- that in the picture. That's where -- go and another way another -- has worked though is that there. This is the way they're thinking about -- they haven't actually implemented this yet there they're gonna make sure it's safe and all Latvia but that is you grab and got of ego and ago experts say. But again I visit a dime in here -- -- -- you're driving down the road you have your destination programmed in and I -- show on the regular you know Google Maps on your nav system. And then as you get within say like fifty -- -- thirty -- it switches to the street view. On the on the screen seeking atom arts yet the smarts this is what's around me yeah this is what -- -- towards. That's it's just the degree logical step you also saw some -- and I use of terminal mode here. Trying to the Smartphone to connect to the dash -- more. One more use full. Are concentric way by bringing more of that apps from the phone to the cars is -- -- the idea make it easier to come through them together working with a lot of different projects. Even in that of the lab here they showed some different instrument clusters and all that. So with -- Nokia terminal mode thing what they're trying to do is come up with an interface on the screen that will be safe non distracting. And -- and provide useful apps out there so. They showed -- one -- menu that showed just certain apps that with larger. Icons -- is -- that usage scenarios so like if you're driving. Bastard you're above like you know five miles an hour then it would show the big big icons in just a few of them. I mean if you're part of look at the after -- maybe it'll show like your Twitter account and everything else Soka SP graded the resolution of the dense visitor information and ideas try to make it safe and this is -- -- they do a lot of experimenting in this lab because being in Silicon Valley here they have access to partners like -- -- Nvidia. All these different companies that can talk to you and it also recruit. They have a lot of the engineers that they recruit from Stanford Berkeley -- -- media. -- approach from other infrastructure. And then you also saw how they and the next step in all LCD dashboards or instant panels we show here one where we see is a lot we see the two round gauges and a lot of cars and all the space in the middle is often LCD. But this is all LCD right. It's sort of what they're working out here that what this. What they're showing -- is. Circular LCDs -- they're trying out the easy unity a different -- port configurations. These normally does have the rectangular LCDs. And so they're putting these circular LCDs in the middle of the gauges. So they can actually show more -- an alliance and the senator parts LCD the outside is a little strip of mechanical gage right now idea here is just. Try it out see if it's cost effective and -- an -- gives a benefit. One to 110 -- even goofy -- mentioned and do a lot of experiment with different technologies. And I went for the -- -- had light up. Out format. So it can actually have like the logo -- car in the -- they had an a for a little light up a -- symbol you know what the embroidered part. It lights up there's actually rubber -- in -- a little. Divided up light up part that he -- and you know they've got this -- -- -- -- -- -- editorial it worse than it is trying to determine is something that's actually. Going to be -- to survive in a car right IUD step. -- a time when wet muddy boots a mean it's no -- you're than illuminated logo so plates that are optional on -- on some cars now that I wanna have the brand blue -- adequate for what. I know what I drive and everyone else that doesn't see that. Along the lines of integrating vehicle technology are -- portable technology vehicle we so the story here that. Blackberry. -- though. Real BO's real B and C and -- Land Rover have gotten together to basically -- -- product on the market yet but announce that they're going to do. A new thing called connect and view which is yet another take on how you can hook up. Smart portables to have them show up in a really rich way on the dash. And again we just sealed kind of and three small photo -- a mock up photo here but it shows a Blackberry connecting opposite of blackberries and on this. And the Blackberry screen shows up almost exactly on the cars LCD just stretched into landscape mode. And this is I think completely separate from terminal out. Which is now public -- -- consortium and completely separate from iPod out so we now looks -- we have three major or semi major technologies out there. For -- portables into the -- -- effects in real audience the evidently come from virtual network computer that was the result the NC things yeah they're they're experts in that making a virtual commuters -- displays egg -- and -- in remote test set -- -- they're so popular Alaska -- -- that's as they've got enough automotive market and the first car diesel apparently beyond the 212 jaguar X today. Okay -- yet still get it next model year because -- on the 2011 now writes yes yes yes so the next when next time we see the XJ and we you'll see one of the first ways to really echo. Your portable on to the car's interface yes and they have a determine exactly what apps -- what -- they'll -- on -- Estonia need to do. The work and figure out what's safe what's that what's useful and that requires Blackberry still be in business and now I wondered why they -- Blackberry fanatic. Because beggars can't excuses and some way. Apparently the real BNC -- for more work with just about any Smartphone so it is really NC is just it's an for a lot of Smartphones I'm sure it's available on all the major month Android I would imagine IOS. And I've got -- -- -- NC on my iPad. So totally available for iPhone yet so what's he got it on there it's gonna easy this sling it over something else. And on -- wine known -- -- sooner had a great technology to get this done. Pentagon platforms like Android though it it you can view something else on your -- phones. Not -- not -- birds and it interface how it more portable. Our window yes of these to the Android phone is always the point right so you get a -- -- desktop computer now. And have look at that you can pull your phone would -- yeah humans themselves that's -- that's obviously works on the back regularly to computer I don't know -- a future iPad from a compete although I'm sure it hack somewhere in our -- our files here as web site. Whatever architecture -- they -- architecture that can probably do it either well yeah it's a matter of opening up what directions ago that's gonna be exciting to see that. If you're wondering about the direction of we talk when he -- last week. You know we think we have had a very blunt discussion of is the twelve volt after market dying. And one diplomatically said no not entirely. Or something I got paraphrasing you moralists accurately if something like that and -- -- it's not elephant is not dead and as orderly as I good. But there's a lot of survival -- it is going on that's -- road below the chest in meted out because the market shrinking in only the best unit can really close to the top. Right so the big guys who really innovative are the ones who are doing well. And so I saw this -- this week from one of the research firms out there are just got this little nugget he note here they say that the market for. OEM and aftermarket available altogether but all the stuff we -- in car tech is set to grow. Let's see by about it on an average rate of 7% a year in terms of dollar -- that's a pretty healthy number there a lot of mature categories of technology don't grow that strongly. The auto business doesn't -- that's so car tech you can argue that this is gonna grow in dollar value faster by far the -- actual market for cars which is a good sign of greater and greater content going into the vehicles that is the stuff we -- to talk about now later Sirius XM user. You're probably wondering what the -- your radio is doing this week. I checked a couple of -- XM -- so what happened was they change their channel lineup. On before -- the fourth Tuesday Wednesday. When Wednesday -- when -- yesterday actually just yesterday. This came down and so as a big FAQ wants serious sex and we'll put this in the show notes of -- a lot of you have serious or XM or Sirius XM radios. But it has big long fact what's happening -- bottom line is they're reordering the channels if you haven't already noticed this when you're serious or XM radio. And a lot of the channels give you numbers some channels give folded into existing ones -- -- Atlantic duplicates across serious annex them -- a few new channels. But the odd thing that I found and let us know if you found this on what's going on your radio is on some of the XM. -- X and car radios -- -- -- you hit a preset like -- -- got 32 reset it'll jump to the new channel. But I swear the new channel wasn't the right content. So let's say you -- and -- program and you hit the button forty jump to any channel but it wasn't a -- channel it was like country thought they had big if they had a glitch the first -- -- rolling out. Or if there trust so you can play radio format roulette entered introduced you to sampling new channels. Randomly. Can't beat it by radically changed the name of -- -- -- Sirius XM -- it's answers -- country might have throughput. Don't forget the Arctic whats -- is limited at the end you channel list them and being the categories are -- mix that normally they -- just a block. For each category block about channel numbers right -- need to -- them stay in the same line and that's mostly distancing thing but then again it gets mixed up here and there like. There's a country right after right after -- actually given -- the road Alice yeah and then there's a pop right after that. -- A thumbnail of the XM's a two through nine a pop -- the decades the new little country channel talk channel. Them back to country the -- to pop them back to country rock back to pop. This is the clean up thing. That do that that's the numerical order. And it doesn't seem to be very ordered am -- missing something here and now it looks very strange to me. Well anyway having issues with -- -- gonna -- the -- series sex and -- back up in the show -- -- -- tech dot cnet.com it's a very long and very detailed clinician answers a question you've got about it. And there's a lot going on if you wonder where year old channels went to live a couple of troubleshooting and radio reset steps in here. So this might help you -- -- your radio got scrambled and just lost its channel lineup persona can help. And -- we're talking about this earlier before the show we were talking about what's coming up and satellite radio casino with pandora in what in like everything coming out now for cars for after market. For some of the new OEM units. It's like you gotta wonder how much headroom satellite radio ads live at the satellite radio 2.0 stuff coming which is kind of pandora like. -- -- numbers and its satellite radio 2.0 -- what they're calling their big. A new feature release in this just happened some time this year. They will they they wanted to be with pandora so there the document offering personalized radio channels. I'm -- -- they do that with satellite radio. You that that's one of the big features though that there there apparently look and that although. I think the yes Sirius XM party line is still that -- people just want jury details that -- wanna come of their own. That's an open got to stick and a half pandora's -- proven that their parents are pretty popular little bit. But they are also -- about having that DVR style functions with. The new -- okay so kind of like we seen just a few GM cars they build it into their platform exactly -- -- yet again all. -- it's easier to implement in hardware on the other hand. There is a peaceful what was in the show notes -- be -- -- serious -- at this week of they have Leo sort of technical discussion of a 2.0 is that they're talking about a patent. And I can paraphrase briefly here that gives us some idea it's as the patent. Will allow for a personalized radio channel playlist. By time division multiplexing songs from multiple received channels from one or more broadcast streams into -- -- -- they're picking and playing. Music from different channels are coming in and it's -- those into a meta channel for you. I think at the radio level not -- but the bird I'd you Lothian the first couple syllables and -- multiplexing and time division it sounds like what. Are doing -- taking the DVR kind of hashing function they talk about later on the ugly thing that you have -- public catch a falling is that it'll basically you know keep. In its memory and combining that with the metadata that already in the songs -- and going like -- you like rock songs by this artist. Whenever we see channel playing that -- if we're gonna go any text that phone and put it in Q4 U they have a that a device flow format -- -- -- -- device sounds like it sounds like yet I'm looking you have overseas predominantly relative that's -- it sounds like yet there's a series ex members of the Palestinian right now taking notes at topical yeah. Welcome individually good at standing on the market last year we look at the guys. At -- -- -- that -- crazy idea we've got old article -- arms. I think of low tech goes satellite radio economy is. It says it and -- -- a slide show this week nine low tech accessories. For your high tech car started with the one you had in here was it -- to go you brought in that. That foam finger thing what I see that. That we had of the TVs -- -- -- we decided to great way to hold products that he only had the spider -- letter -- they've got it basically. Which is an obscene looking -- look at the first live when you go to this later on folks up at CNET car tech. It looks like. Someone who's lost -- lot of weight has very pale fingers is reaching -- and you're alone it's disgusting upgrade ability and that's that's just not cool definitely a little like pipe cleaners easily meet. Craft with when -- used to. A table still best hat best thing to do on the weekend ray -- I believe them but could with purple rubber in Pittsburgh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can do that and you can now we know we always advocate doubles dictate current era I mean a basically you think we get that in last year last maybe like ball coming into spider podium dia and I think I've used it every single day over something so you'll love it -- Because it does whatever you want it's not a fix device in a few gorilla pod it'll go anywhere they'll hold cables. It'll. Handled like a phone that doesn't have a -- or yet speaking of cables and logic. All this when I'm not gonna show the malls of folks -- what to look at but. Jumper cables idea why it doesn't and frequent at each copper cables are not expensive batteries die more today than ever. With all this stuff that's running in cars now we have Karzai pretty regularly -- -- -- -- during video -- and stuff it's like there's a beautiful set -- -- while I want I want these. Yet those those are their smart jumper cables in the exercise about those is you -- you'll like ten bucks and -- you think you don't or cable and that box in the middle. Has software and hardware and it'll basically detect when your cable connected wrong. So you move Kinect negative to positive -- you don't groundout on the on though on when cars side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Compare that to the fifteen you have a wall outlet that I know it's not apples to apples but let me tell -- it -- -- lot of current car battery. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is you know you got that what you know that they're gonna realize you've got some mode and makes them feel like you're doing them right otherwise is no sound nothing -- the car starts that's great but. Yes you sparks are great. You know you're really cocky -- -- either way of making -- speculate Marlboro in. Your pocket and that got every kit that's been overthrown that. That's the old school. Hardy folks are also show -- -- all this stuff we're running close to being done yet but I know we got a lot of show notes -- -- you'll be it car tech dot cnet.com. And of course is our show page for the -- -- podcasts okay. Studied all the road now all the roads -- all the radio all the -- -- all the rage these days is four to work groups who talked about a lot of them. And Dell or four door coupe like SUVs as the big thing in the car business lately and we have saudis and that's just we just wrapped up with a few days ago the a seven sport back. But -- You might have thought that the body style was the most remarkable thing about it once we drove it we found that was almost the least remarkable thing about it in a very impressive high tech right we didn't want tickets on the road. In the Audi a seven -- pack three point -- T. Section has the same engine as the Audi S four. And -- that -- lineup of engines is that you for the export oriented cars but this is just an 87 -- announced that seven. Being fit and exhibited. A pretty big car estimated to be about fame. Italy's interior space of the -- -- with the -- what's different between being evidence the entity that actually has. -- a bath bag profile because it's one of those weird kind of barrier. Crossing. Currently difficult even explain what it is kind of a wagon kind of hats -- it's certainly not an SUV. Yeah it's an odd way it looks that's a little bit reminiscent of the M. The -- and America. Other eligible about it back yeah getting a little what's Aston Martin's weird the rub together and I was expecting -- -- show looking like outburst in court across two reports and that looks nothing like them. But now we -- have to talk about via really cool navigation system. -- it's basically go and whatever the -- the coolest navigation system that we've seen in the passenger car so far. It's got -- Google Maps -- -- great what he's -- Google Earth. Integration. It's hurt myself on that basically if you enable the 3-D maps -- -- view is -- And now it's different from the tipster Matt is that -- used -- -- -- -- and -- -- and that there's actually satellite imagery taken from. Google Earth so a second ago and a parking lot resumed and we actually -- where in the market while we work we can see a little bit further -- boats in the harbor. That granular and I really. -- yet -- photo realistic -- well. Photos what's around -- just amazing. Now good looks and now how well it works do it's actually -- bringing in that information out over a -- cellphone. So I've got my my iPhone compared to the start right now. And it uses that my data connection my -- to download those maps that NASA needs them. Another thing it's also got -- Michaels -- -- nav systems is just one of the best I've ever seen. It also brings in Wikipedia entries you can have -- search -- like local landmarks around you. And -- -- bring up differently. Points of interest and dad -- and navigation system. And then there's also the Google Voice. Search is actually pretty cool -- we just found out about that second ago. -- you can -- the -- button instead of doing a regular destination search and online search. I believe that's what it is the command but then you can have a Google search for something like barber shop in San -- -- we just did. It pulled up a couple Barbara in the area that Apple from the Internet expands. Your list of points of interest beyond what's preloaded on the device and I'm assuming that because -- -- -- there to meet. More up to date accurate. Directly never -- -- -- date you have. So it doesn't -- up on stuff from Google's. That's the most current information and yet. Okay folks so while this is the so much in the scar we're junior ribbon on it while the video's playing -- as much as revolving covering it we still have stuff for discovery. So what are we start where this guy. What's the most amazing thing and if you're telling someone about it. What was the first thing you don't -- well beyond the maps there's some pretty cool secrets up. Below that there's for the Google Voice search so you can -- voice command and -- online destinations. And have -- search for whatever you're looking for basically and now -- -- -- Google's not just -- it was also searched yet. And there's the thing we saw in there if if you watch your video version we talked about these sort of images of things account in the local -- this service in Germany called we find. It's in beta. Confined to that we find dot DC innate power this sort of results you get back that are all these people some stuff from -- media some stuff from Amazon some stuff from some. Other localized search engines some of our -- in Europe only. It's a fascinating way to have search and nav and satellite imagery blended to get -- to receive it like that the cart before yeah a lot lot of what -- we find is doing is taking out Wikipedia entries and finding their actual locations. And and mapping them. Yet he is -- media photos to show you what you're. Looking forging T picture of it yet they have lot of -- -- straight from it's copied from Wikipedia to use them. I evidently rely on that a lot and that yet you look at Wikipedia just on your computer -- -- give -- location information relate. But there is a way of saying okay I'm here with the nearest thing listed on Wikipedia yeah and that's a complete break through literacy anything like that before. -- the whole idea of having this kind of realism. In what's the benefit lot of postal say okay whatever I got a map or buy a 3-D. Wire frames -- -- have Google Maps that's going to be order richness what's the real benefit to having the visual. Interface Google or is it just a game. I think it's useful to a point. It is kind of gimmicky and it is very interesting to look at. But I -- it it is useful as it always more distracting than just a flat -- bullet the way they have -- implemented. Not necessarily. I mean things like the street view. Don't really come into play until you're looking for something. And then -- -- -- situations where you are close your destination. And now you need to know what you're looking for and that since they can actually -- a lot safer. Because you're not looking for it it takes away from things like steering. -- -- every single building looking for street address -- knowing if you're looking for red building. Okay Iran and make it faster right for you to recognize -- -- looking for. Visually and it takes less concentration. And lift lift -- of your brain power away from actually navigating the vehicle. Yet Digital -- -- quick visual -- -- read a number that's that's that I can't say I'm highly and that Blake flew down and turned all the way to the left trying to read. A broad -- street number or write her rights you know it is at 230. Smelled like that -- a number of building the number than a different place on every bill on every delegate and consistency number yeah but if you -- you're looking for a building with -- -- top in the blue -- that's really easy. Picked that -- that's only other news about their driving through San Francisco. I was getting a look at what all the rooftops and I've never seen before because rights. I use I mean I'm doing up there yet and that's a little bit of what all the rooftops look like a that was kind of funny. But -- A lot of them are used navigation most of the times are using navigation for route guidance of a destination programmed in its intern here and there are all -- gonna -- up. Easy enough and that the satellite imagery comes into play if there's a complex intersection I think we can actually see okay this road goes this way the screen goes up that -- I -- in any representation. It's harder to like see that kind of thing. I guess it's. It's at the very least a matter of why not you can do it technically it's it doesn't detract from and for any navigation experience going on here except you know maybe it's a little bit. Funded look at too much fun to stare out voyage I think it's really is -- cool. The -- awhile but the top -- that -- is that I promise of looking -- -- of buildings which is irrelevant to drive so -- but -- Coventry which -- had lots of air conditioning compressors on this one then I thought the simplest wedding in this northern American and that's going to dedicate O'Brien's -- -- story here -- like there's little air conditioner in of the size of one you might put a little compact car that'll build. Out he points out too that these maps are up to date. Because they're downloaded from Google it's as noble as you need them. And dad said it is up to date as Google is and that's probably more up to date then what -- flash card or hard drive based maps you've got to high definition and a vision system. They also have the connectivity here. The so folks are clear on this you don't have to older phones little home aero phone to get data in this -- doesn't tether to your phone for data it has a sim card. And that's kind of an unusual thing even today -- -- -- new and I think we'll probably see more cars incorporating that kind of thing. So they can use that data pipe for all sorts of -- -- -- is that the gas prices weather things like that. One thing I found of the Google Maps those once you get outside of the the downloaded range and if you're you don't have a cellphone signal throughout out of the range of cellphone signals to. You just gotta get -- green blurry map that -- -- takes a younger. Good when you're out -- rhetoric and that's a problem of the movie online thing is if you're at a range you don't have any -- speak at the limited stuff -- -- And you still have back -- maps they still -- there there are maps on the hard drive there. But it doesn't automatically switch to those when you get out of -- to know really admitted that manual changed to yeah IMAP I didn't know that be nice and it automatically switch yet they -- I had that figured out now. The wireless connectivity you've got -- sim cards we mentioned -- -- -- -- -- year free which is gonna generous. Of three G. The BMW seven hybrid we had in which had -- same built in wireless didn't think so. It was swear that was like two G best. It was really slow loads up and in the new Ford Focus electric gonna have a built in. Three -- radio also that it is a trend carmakers and are saying you don't have to bring it with your Smartphone anymore. We're gonna start building in the connectivity -- about the form factor this -- a little bit the the aspects styling. It really good looking car I think they did a good job with the -- mostly. I found two angles -- like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had one little issue -- the -- -- -- this is concept version still for a human to production. But this is the angle where it started to look a little pan America IG. -- -- that that -- three quarter which a lot of people see as -- -- -- you know you're in traffic let's face it -- in the back you're calling their driving up the front for the most part. And so it's kind of an unflattering angle -- looks good here this isn't quite the production car. The front looks great site looks pretty good Palestinian more Aston Martin repeated in in getting terrorists and you're being -- Well what I would like -- -- that back and that is hatchback is huge well -- you look that up and he kind of normal trunk there what's really cool is there he's back panels that are easily removable. You take know that you've got this like. Dramatically big space back there yeah. The and -- dates it's amazingly long. The space area you could you don't forget -- a pass through for your skis and even need your skis and a threat to Japanese -- contortions and a little water bed back there -- -- -- -- -- -- your hockey sticks around the newly revealed that it -- literally that's always the peddling. -- -- -- -- -- The of that at the same engine as the -- five. Bigger car with -- at least seven obviously but it's notes five point seven seconds to sixty is -- but the idea -- -- -- -- maybe quite speedy and the power comes on the right way I thought all the time I never found the car was either -- G four caught it flat footed it was always just ready ago. -- -- Micro drive about one lasting -- -- in -- perspective -- handling is great. It's probably not only -- in the -- roe V. And the -- factoring across the rear axle which is really did but then also the -- this thing they've been sitting in that. Corner breaking. And actually break the interior wheels on a corner a little bit of interesting so they're gonna veteran with the outside -- -- breaking with the enzyme we have a really -- car around. It's real record victory in sport court victory right. Into it they Africa where people's -- and factoring -- It'll turn on a -- and it's amazing it was -- -- impressive car was there anything we didn't like about it. I mean I mention that lack of Bluetooth audio streaming it didn't have that and remembered now -- some of our review where readers. Commoners on our site pointed out that it used to be connected device via Wi-Fi to the car. Anything Internet music streaming through it yet has a Wi-Fi hot spot also which a lot of cars does don't have not built him. Mean that's pretty impressive so it's got that it depends in the package though folks if you get the -- seven premium which is the biggest -- in the auto industry has almost nothing. You've gotta go premium -- than most the good stuff -- that's when you get navigation so you know Google anything without going up to the at least the mid car. And the prestige car has lot of stuff to that that a very clever job of spreading the goodies around so you gotta buy in to the top package if you really wanna go CNET style. Not cheap when you get done fifties. To base was -- and -- 65 if you loaded I think. Yeah well that's not too bad considering an 88 is that -- -- -- -- -- -- the eight by the it's the next 86 that's coming out and -- aspect form -- too -- to be unique platform. This is actually the next generation six and they've brought this platform early as the seven. This could be an 850 -- Adds. And I'm pretty sure it's a -- which is a great thing to note the next six is gonna have and this is this Google's gotta be in yet. So that'll be -- that'll be really hot car is the gates too much car brought on a series of mr. -- stubbornly three Austin rockets have brought them to bring us the day one and Google stuff and it. -- -- -- -- -- Blue violet the teachers to make the TT and -- -- -- just gonna go Lincoln -- Wheeler was reduced to Americans have sent a forgot about it like that it's a fun. You have wines and those of deacons IG TI while the amount -- -- yeah I forgot what the TT. Or whether it okay so -- -- get the review I would -- review up now BA seven sport back three point OT it's only when they make in terms of power train right now. So despite this people to use and that's the best of what we had -- and when they have right now. Of course supercharged three liter direct injection V6 sockets at the tech so over shines -- reveals this cardinals to mention that a single what's going on in the CNET car tech garage now. Audi a seven a few courses fresh and Mini Countryman. It is one of our newest cars we just reviewed. And that's the mini crossover. Basically. The biggest -- before it really becomes -- seeks to go you gotta decide for yourself of course is a really nasty net. Now but it is a mini anymore the fact that don't know. The MDX -- X not a major revision of that vehicle for -- 2011 we have and now here. But we have the latest on that one and coming in now while we have the cayenne hybrid just arrived yesterday I think it was. So the hybrid version of -- speaks forty SUV. And the Hyundai what's. There -- class killer with massage seat. That that happened at the back seats that recline and all that -- -- Bogus -- back to seed packet on thrown on Google hire a driver now. I refuse that's a limited a refused to drive that -- for for purpose and you probably derided as a passenger a very different take. And with a Cadillac CT SV coming in interest. They're not faster anything. David Cook do even better -- folks that's it for car tech live we got -- roadside assistance coming up you're watching has -- its few minutes away. -- Europe's finest the show notes at a lot of today car tech dot cnet.com. The email address his car tech at cnet.com for any comments on the show or of course few questions for -- roadside assistance program. Voicemail 866401. CNET. Stole -- any comment or question you've got you can lead editor of we're all on Twitter I'm Brian Cooley BR IA NC overwhelming light plane -- -- seen underscore SF. And -- -- -- -- anti GOO follow us all wheel stop doing the show. -- -- -- -- --

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