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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 208: The $845k hybrid

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 208: The $845k hybrid

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Audi and Ford sign a cell phone contract, the Feds want your electric car to make noise, and a hybrid car that costs close to a million dollars.

Audi and Ford sign a cell phone contract. The feds want your electric car to make noise. And a hybrid car that costs close to a million dollars. This is cnet's car tech live -- 24 -- march 2011 I'm Wayne Cunningham in the studio with Antuan Goodwin and missed -- on the board. I'm Brian Cooley is not with us today he's out mailing a letter. First stop. Ford and signed a contract of eighteen T. To get that wireless connectivity for -- -- electric vehicle port electric focus. They now support electric focus earlier this year at this -- yes. And they said that they would have connectivity connectivity with that -- adapt. Some have a data be uploaded to -- -- you could see when it's charging you could actually remotely make it charge. And that charge times or it. Lot of electric cars are offering this type of connectivity at the beneath -- -- also doesn't sort of thing in the Chevy Volt. Ford hasn't had the sort of -- to -- before and and that -- they promised written so now they've actually announce how they're gonna do it that's that through AT&T. On the heels of this announcement kind of a pristine AT and he had also announced it was acquiring T-Mobile or when the try to acquire T-Mobile -- 39 million dollars -- -- with the deal billion billion to. -- think that would be surprised at B. The added value that they -- FedEx -- approve this deal because the united could be. Potentially monopolist -- but it. Looks like it's gone for the lot of commentary about it eighteenth -- -- T-Mobile initially -- Or at. So that it does deal was announced this last weekend. And on Monday -- said. We're getting used T-Mobile for connectivity -- -- -- cars. Audi has been promising that with the new eight net 87 -- have Google Earth connectivity with there. The navigation system diamond and so local search functionality a lot of good -- -- come from this that having -- cellular connection in the car. Bodies that T-Mobile but I think they're getting AT&T yet so instead. He had to get depends on a whether the deal works out at night and -- How things shake down after the merger and acquisition like it'll be a wobble -- -- team -- mole actually becomes. Completely absorbed in AT&T at least for a little bit. You'll still have T-Mobile contract the screen. -- tweet role models. It may be changed or -- and others. And a lot of it seems like a lot of opposition that the deal from commentary online. -- between AT&T and T-Mobile giving people less choice in cell providers X Petra. But for me if from what I -- from the coverage maps and actually looks pretty good I mean it -- -- -- one coverage. Is probably as possible to get your Google Earth on -- -- system. You know having that extra coverage would -- nice. -- in you know smart usage of things like -- data. Which is something -- Google doing anyway. If they can -- that in there had been you know as long as you have pretty good coverage you should be able to they've relatively relatively quickly connected and a lot of the information that goes over this this wireless pipe is it's pretty low bandwidth anyway. In automatic data a fuel prices either just -- -- -- that -- Right and with the -- the -- actually not -- -- about -- at this point LTE -- via network that -- -- -- three G initially. Is sometime in the detention of -- -- a ordeal -- And the -- -- will only mean there are only from your car to the clout though you don't have to. -- -- percent of -- TT contract with with or did and also an AT&T -- evil contract with -- For your car but it. If you have a Verizon phone for the rest of years before sprint phone nor. Prepaid phone or whatever however you choose to connect to the -- you'll still -- to keep that and the services will be interoperable but he won't have to. To completely -- carriers to take advantage of these services. Right yet a Bluetooth connection in the car will still -- you -- hands -- with your. The regular phone with the Audi deal what you like to get as did they say they'll give you six months free service initially. They hooked you know the crack -- out there in the corners and here tries -- Yeah that they've got like they do with satellite radio to you register your months nine days that yet and that and then -- -- the paper that T-Mobile contract afterwards. And -- ought to dual sim card in there with -- mobile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- dollars a month and it's gonna be just the small amount like -- in bucks a month. In eighteenth -- -- in order you know you it -- O government users tart board I think that'll be huge. Determined there's you know -- people out there. Yeah well this is in the Audi a eight and H seven which -- -- be pretty well -- 100000 dollar cars it was people it's -- that's that's that's. Read the whole family of a five dollars a month service. That's that. -- and a different tack here. If you wanna save money. Progressive. Insurance is actually offering a device. You can put in your car computer -- would be -- to port -- that record how you drive spreading like a six month period when the equity drive. Then they'll look at the data and -- and give you up to a 30% discount. On your driving if you're gonna drive. Yet for me -- probably mean you that the at. I've heard actually there's some action comments on our post on that story some people pointed out that that you can actually reiterates -- not know more than 9%. But it will eventually -- rate they appeared -- an unsafe. Behavior cells that -- you know uses -- month. But -- -- similar the the things the monitors are. Acceleration and how hard you break. And so you know you're in an area that requires a lot of heavy -- lot of traffic lot of bad drivers around you can actually -- -- But -- also like you know you when you when you get your incentive to tell them how many miles -- averaged. You know per month. An autopsy was -- that you may gets way too high outstripped so you could end up saving money just because you don't drive as often as you think you do. That the device -- -- a report that that the well and it would never GPS chip or anything that the program that wouldn't be tracking -- you're coming bingo wings. So you have to worry about that but again it just goes out and. Edison's out fast how much you drive and some other data like that apparently this device actually sends data wirelessly out. Due to progress the so they can. Moderate monitor you over time. Another comment actually on the story was a pristine as many pointed out there they're using the system. They thought okay you know -- they actually had a period of time whether we're gonna use their car pool so they parked in the garage and then have this device and and the -- was -- Great -- and territory to be really locus this'll show that we don't that are much but that it's an -- this first month there's actually -- -- have a clock in you have to grab a certain amount that month actually get the whole -- started. And so they looked at in the right you up and route for a couple weeks and came back in the clock and Canon and stopper that ms. restarted again and they get that. -- thing unit restarted so they can't just like parking are yet animated aired their idea on -- -- But figured out. -- and and if another sort of like. You know technology that helps people. And the reason portable -- away and -- But it actually -- story over. On. -- -- about a I -- -- it has been calling for. There's I guess the substance of these like driver's -- yet. Antipiracy yet thankfully. That basically will allow people to flags -- driving checkpoint and share them with other people within it. I've actually been kind of calling out. For the removal of these -- From the various apps stores saying that if -- eagerly awaited they're meant the -- the -- -- Yet you know that's -- exchanged inside that story in the I am so yeah these apps so are things like. Captor is -- line. -- if there's -- called phantom alert I think something like that and gather there's a social networks -- you can if you go through. Drunk driving checkpoint -- -- market. Also and other people would get to see that there is a checkpoint there. There are also but these apps usually do things other things like red red light camera Amazon and speed traps you know that the -- -- -- of that. Pretty way. Watching speed you can -- -- -- he is and and don't let -- everybody else abuses -- The senators actually. Is is it pristine and see what's senators were that it was that read laden bird Schumer her. Read Lundberg and -- all -- -- -- actually also at the minister and the Q and it's -- because they actually could not. Enact the law about this. They took stance of -- in an open letter to do rule. Apple and that rim Blackberry. And said you know we'd like -- get rid of these apps from your your app stores. But rim rim actually complied rim said sure we'll we'll get rid of them. Google Apple at this point haven't -- -- what they're unity units that were bogus follower and normal guidelines. -- but I think would be a real problem if these senators tried to enact a law making these apps -- legal because it would violate priest. Each -- yeah I mean it's kind of like. You know. I -- my dad used to always give me the advice like in -- the fifteen. In others to take the top drug in their quotas that makes -- -- -- and needed basically the technological and you know. Equivalent of that or. If you've -- -- been driving down the -- opposite felony -- -- I've been -- punitive -- waiting around the next corner. You'll do that so much anymore they used to do that. Then helping -- that a larger. Yet -- -- beyond Texas wants those guys down highway and the many flash their lights from the opposite direction -- -- know what that meant and easily. But I saw that it got a coveted photo and don't like what's up the bat and and yet turn up for another coroner the cops that there's like lots get a -- -- -- I mean and depending on how users' information and if -- if -- -- mean if you're wrong you're gonna probably be too -- to use the -- to circumnavigate it as a unit to plot a course around the drunk driving checkpoint. That's what I think -- at that point. If if you're too drunk to be driving. The act get to the person is like about believe the bar is like -- -- to the -- of -- -- iPhone app weathering on -- on hours without having checkpoint you know -- there and they're pretty lucky if they remembered you -- other keys effect. Adding that on the other hand knowing that there are cops out there and there are checkpoint and that you know the -- the -- -- on the look out. Could -- you know it could stop you from getting him are you the that if mr. kind of at that point where you elect might be able to make it home -- -- new look at the gap and there is another two checkpoint between -- house you may just -- it's not worth -- -- to have yet to get people off the -- at me curiously -- investigators -- You're -- and we complex. Offer -- yet it's exactly the -- Well some of our commoners -- actually in the story point out that a lot of newspapers and even police departments published where their checkpoints are going to be. And so -- -- pennant -- is already out there it's. You know I sort of hope that these apps or don't really -- -- bow down to this request by the senator's. The senators I mean you really would -- -- speech amendments you. Then to actually legally damning her to make these -- actually illegal. For example would that be the same thing as telling somebody you know you can't -- the -- road. Ultimately okay I thought I'm driving. You know checkpoint over there in so and -- stupid let them. -- -- a few other that rules that are coming out that actually could be. Me do better yet actually enacted in law these are more accurate relations. There is the them. There's been the -- bounce and around and name and national -- -- transportation association and the air. You know our department and -- -- a little while. Looking at the idea of mandating. Back -- cameras in vehicles. Because with a big suvs and pickup trucks the -- the prominent summit he's the associate child is standing behind that -- you can't see them in your demeanor. And but -- reviewed camera actually hand and others -- gonna mandating -- -- these in vehicles. But the and it's it was actually about to -- -- and HUSA. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was looking at mandating that. -- -- -- They ask congress for an extra 45 days -- or comments on the issue on how this can be implemented. Or how they can implement these and what with strikes is really funny actually is the reason why they need this extra time. Is because the different companies -- different parties involved are arguing over. How long the backup camera image come up on an LCD what you put -- -- -- Well -- know it's that how soon the the beauty of the image should come -- so to put our neighbors should be 12 to second. Five seconds while would be fine yes some company actually some one party -- said oh could be -- 510 seconds but it displayed come up. -- Wednesday intended that way when you're going from. Are -- drive. Flickr that make sense yet -- -- any longer than that uses weak and we'd like to come. On yeah I mean I was thinking like whenever I'm revenue car with back camera and go I'm. They -- parallel parking at the -- when I put those super -- I really wanna see that image pretty much right away I don't wanna -- Times and -- that. Yes I think that you know what -- a B average time. Leo when we get this card. It's the right most of them are really at of the 12 at the most I've been occasionally had cars where it is a little bit of a delay and your -- -- -- -- like. Come on I wanna park -- the thing that comes off as like it -- -- like Easter is typically one of the -- -- It I feel like it'd be moralists and absolutely I mean but you could make the point of the leadership team through reverse to neutral to drive for example in a problem -- -- Whilst this. Yes I just think it is interesting that they're gonna need an extra month and -- for even longer to figure out. And that's where -- how to implement that -- -- cameras because. How hunger that -- and it doesn't need to take the image to actually so I mean you think that this could actually be mandated. The cameras themselves yet I that -- -- really finish it because for one thing it's. You know I mean obviously -- a great pro partner and I always look behind me and everything but. It's really nice having that extra you -- be able to see the bumper of your -- -- that is. And -- Acre -- in in a congested area city for example I used to. Yet part by brilliantly appeal the bumper that behind you and maybe it'll -- if you really wanna give -- extra room there but when you can actually see where your bumper is. The -- okay might be happy to -- of the bumper I'll stop there that it. And analysts that meetings in -- it'll make it an -- Ricardo needed and a Italy. Well that's driving this is a good question of which cars -- -- timely and -- and economy. Investors. A necessary yet trust mark for two -- at -- at -- respected. Actually -- get them back at around that because you have so much room you realize that. And then. It can be and that's just -- could mean if there about it I think with W trucks and suvs that it's a pretty big safety factor. And -- not -- MacArthur -- -- -- -- ran over people. Oh another safety -- if -- It may indeed if and a floating around out there is about the the -- -- that hybrids and electric car maker rather annoyed that they don't think. There is actually the -- I guess limited under Obama signed off on January 4 thing that hybrids and EB. Should have some sort of like. It sounded meeting device per unit people who are visually impaired -- in here in the coming. And it. Is and actually still have. You know working on like what does that mean in and you wind of the noise come on when does the turned off. With it noise with the sound like Howell out that'd be that that -- -- regulating everything and don't that's. We get it I think that the ironic thing about this story is that. -- -- Decades making the gasoline engined quieter and quieter and quieter -- You know one of the things that -- -- three manufacturers often you know how strong. Feature and and is that the cards are -- quieter engines are very news. You barely here than there I mean you can barely hear the engine and Emory and -- just like a regular ads that are -- -- -- program and now we're trying to make cars louder and completely eliminated the noise and edit it if I urge you acquire any of earth. We're gonna put bells on the guys like in a bell on the -- in that -- I don't know if bizarre. -- yet so apparently there -- not only meant they battling mandated that. Yet hybrids and electric real have to make some noise but they're also am suggesting that maybe there shouldn't even be shut -- it's. Please always -- easily could -- and noble internal B rate I think so I know some -- you. I think the at Nissan -- you can actually turn off the noise it makes -- noise maker. But I mean it is by by default on and how many organs I I don't want that noise outside particularly here in the cars and rate them. The so yeah it's. In amenity in that you can actually set up -- -- -- apparently -- -- delayed. The Hyundai Sonata hybrid because -- it was like well are we gonna have a set -- which are not need to know what the regulations are going to be I think they actually. Took it out and took them delayed the deliveries of the card and the production are because they had to decide to take that out that which. Yet. It's just weird thing -- my favorite comment. On that post actually. And the guy I Armand in -- -- is that point 08% of -- blind. Point 46 of the population is actually death. And then that is really count people who look real iPods and here's the ending for now do we -- -- -- -- Demanding bright flashing lights on the front of cars so that people who can't hear these cars coming. Can now see them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know in the back of his more deaf people that can actually here in this and destroyed -- there are actually if that's gonna reverse that he. -- -- Point -- cars and about yet more people there are more data points that need it yet been blind people's so. Yeah not much thicker. About real. There -- let them walk around and let you know obviously. Only that is senators of the people involved in this are more likely have been walking through a parking garage not paying attention and hybrid comes behind them -- -- spooked. So even though they aren't. You blind me down and think this is -- problem. I've actually had that happen in the in Prius before it in an IKEA parking -- And you just you know trying to get to a -- and people like to walk in the middle. Of the street are absolutely no parking lot so you don't have to be either side of cool for me -- the -- slap in the middle of the street in you get behind them and you're just creeping along. And then suddenly they turned around and see the car there and freak out Brett. And it's like you're the village street would you expect to see what did you expect turnaround -- -- data or -- And that could affect it runs Sundays they finance editor hesitating on the -- and ship and market them -- it will have little love beat Buena Vista they like it and it. So I. Actually had yet having -- senators actually it's actually pretty good but the driver because then people -- united way. Of course well may -- to -- Maybe and see an effect in that not so much federal noise moral leader and that means that the move more legal news here. Put it I just can't get out -- them. Unintended acceleration. Issue. The -- There had you know there are a lot of people wanted to see them because they have their cars went crazy they're they're Prius is just started running away 800 and -- -- miles per hour. And that it seem like that issue had been kind of taking care was done when -- -- -- -- research the issue. The -- that he researched the issue NASA released study they had their engineers went through thousands of lines of a source code on there on Twitter vehicles and said now it doesn't seem like there's any problems here the problems must be the mechanical -- The -- issues that witness that initially were probably the problem. And that should've put the nail on the issue but. Now the plaintiffs are still wanting to -- put it over this. And they're actually they would they are not accepting that this study and they they want access more of the source code. Which put -- on want to give them because this is their European Internet intellectual property. And yet appoint as -- you know you know NASA engineers didn't go through -- -- of the source code appear offices you know them out there are smaller work -- by. Galileo lawyers so the path -- a path that that's what makes them look -- if -- -- partly analyzing. That the the religiously and a Twitter is gonna come back to this issue and -- -- judge at least in in one of these collective pieces that one of these -- lot of plaintiffs. They've asked the justice. Except the study and and dad. In the proceedings except except the NASA study in in the proceedings. And if the judge chooses to make that part of the evidence of the trial I guess that's -- State that it's fact and it -- at some point. There it -- some legal. Way that Twitter can get that -- that he accepted it becomes accepted as fact and link them varies precedence. President is different president -- is more of -- legal. Precedent that where. You know if if they say the study is the fact it makes it it is harder to contest I mean the point -- -- still try to -- But you know if -- jury is told. NASA's you know NASA looked at the source code and established -- fact a jury is more likely to -- -- them plaintiffs have them stand here. By at a couple -- you're -- oh yeah this is that Pristina speaking at Toyota. It looks like they've come up with a new interface controller we always get excited about new -- and -- -- -- controllers. Because we're big tech geeks. Glad. Oh way today in their new -- Prius is -- but the -- -- wagon. Ping minivan. Whatever hand me the versatility versatility and -- them. They were then released image of this am I knew the -- pays for the median and we've seen Libyan a couple of different shows -- we have really gotten inside a whole lot because they've had to close that. It probably got a picture -- via the center console. And we're seeing this nice new big knob pollute the M the screen and -- stylus that does -- -- cool new interface controller but now. -- -- That it's actually new climate control a one touch -- climate control thing. And dad's custody most of your climate control issues I don't. Just a temperature -- know that the new -- if controller -- them out yet. Within the -- and a bit controller now -- have. I think it might be Q knobs and actually or maybe a series of buttons. -- to. I -- -- through the tubes. The previous previously remained here's and while the -- -- with all digital. No red -- again with all all blatant. Com. And so it looks like because they've had totally re Leo the dash export for the pre -- Because it's more and you one -- they look for -- freedom and space underneath it for storage. And and move definitely. They should not all pre fan that they actually of if but that -- knob there seems like a bit of it in the release him like -- -- to -- Major change or whatever and then you have something you know -- fifths. And affiliates in the tread out the it looks like it's got some navy to a spectacular abilities I don't know what that would get -- The anonymity is it the the important part in the above it now looks like the -- touch screen. Toyota interface that we've been seeing. That we've already seen in the Prius. Although you know the software looks I mean that the the button on the Basil haul up a pretty much the same but the software looks slightly different although that might be adapted -- disputed Japanese -- the the -- on the button is definitely different but I think -- -- will be different from -- anyway yes yeah that that -- -- screens and -- theme of like a Japanese navigation and they've. Looks like the most confusing thing I've ever seen in my life. They must have like a higher ability to understand Matt is -- -- the -- I feel like United States route would very simple. And maybe -- because they're covered in English words and -- -- tricking me but it. A look at the screen sensibly satellite navigation systems and move like you know Japanese domestic market -- and what you feeding -- Very confusing. The on this system is so anyway and of the Prius that be when it comes that it won't have precisely the same interiors the the current Prius and -- that something -- sort of assumed they'd be pretty much the same cars that one's slightly bigger cells slightly different take on the switch probably migrate its way into the regular Prius humanity. Yet perhaps. If you believe and you have more complicated. Control system -- natively you know duels and left right and sometimes -- back Napster. In -- committee here we're picking on it -- it pretty good thing. Speaking hybrids. There's a lot more than -- typically much more interest in hybrid out there. The -- 918 spider. I am this in the -- -- shut up and our show while back and everybody got so excited about at the port is that in addition to that the content market today we could make it -- that people wanna buy this. And probably gotten up interest over -- didn't say the price when they initially. We're trying to TM it would actually be -- and serious buyers when they announce the price. 845000. Dollar notes. -- -- -- didn't -- is that the quality of it. In a cool little. Godaddy they -- -- territories there and I actually let me run is over a million. In which don't panic if that -- -- -- Have -- down present movement. India an article lately -- -- really. Neat looking it is that in my opinion don't look very much like the concept that we've seen -- news. Has some differences there are -- differences. I think at least that it looks area at least the delete image. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- -- 845000 dollars when you get is that sixteen miles of pure electric driving. And some crazy -- frequent -- seconds to. Sixty. Now -- -- 299. You're seeing that rate in the load that the current inquiry. Probably a thousand -- And return -- optic four dollars and indeed if an offender data at. Won a 116 scale -- I I was actually and Twitter senator got a -- on Twitter about -- that that if somebody else's the Nissan GTRs like 90000 -- -- faster -- At a videos faster -- You and Oprah he's -- gas will allot more -- at least -- -- earth and it won't be as comfortable that. After the first fifteen miles that they did anybody call. How much it for a leader for a network power -- in actually meet in. Still. Nice that -- -- -- and I would take one. Average that we actually just -- this week we did drive a hybrid this week we don't own -- hybrid recently actually that seven series hybrid. But we went on the road in the you haven't twelve Infiniti M thirty by the H that's company's new M hybrid. And -- -- -- start. Mavs sixty -- patent. A notorious FF and death you know they -- -- the power of a BA with the fuel economy of a four cylinder. It's now time to -- -- -- of course alternate car this size. Yeah I mean -- combined 360. Horsepower between the the V6 engine. And the electric power train. Pretty good about -- threaten them. When you're talking about 200 pound feet of torque -- electric engine from zero or via. His pretty good toward. From the beginning. So does that we've been driving around in sport. We've -- a dreadful at the right here that you mute switch between normal ego and sports. -- is also its notebook coming that'll -- Looking around the sort of situation had -- wheels. That we've we've done. Both of this trend sport but -- -- eco mode of thinking like. -- -- in this carbon infinity hadn't standard infinity electronics that haven't that -- the Bose stereo system with. Really a lot of speakers that -- got speakers in the shoulders of the seats. The normal -- ever -- convertible debt they've got it here in the sedan. I've also noticed that they've moved the but controlled lots of places like eateries it was easy to read before it -- for itself -- -- need them to -- that. That luxury -- pushed back a little bit of an easy. Read too easy to put your hand that's a slightly you've got a controller that we've seen in previous infinity as well I was in the news that -- -- -- controller. The -- we've got a hard drive based nav system -- pretty decent looking maps. And traffic and all -- it -- kind of stuff. Processes that -- a full featured high. And the hybrid system actually just pumps up the -- you even higher. What I like that -- -- you hear that soundtrack audio track that the video we made is is yet. Flattering them and we quickly -- -- crippling plastic in the back -- it was rain and -- and worrying. Yet but the -- -- -- fine and -- NSA I really liked this -- a lot. I was I was quite happy with the hybrid system and its from a personal -- and economic freeway. And the start -- -- on the freeways 653. Miles an hour and that. The engine shuts down -- you know that it's. The hybrid system and execute a running Picard running at -- at those speeds which is critical to the -- of the fastest -- -- now but that scene and I would ever shutting them and. He -- think -- I didn't really have any. Luck getting it up to that speed. Under full electric but then once you get there and it. Very easy especially because of the instrumentation. There's a neat little. Graph that you can pull -- India LCD that's -- instrument cluster that actually shows you. How much -- for -- applying and then it also shows you cut off point for. You know how much you have to let off to enter electric motor or when you're actually gonna be getting back in the gasoline note -- that you can. Very easily kind of control. In the -- -- modulator you're -- pro pressure so that you get the best. -- use of the electric mode. Gas and really yet. Whether the full system actually this is interest in them the -- system. The uses the BQ series. 2.0 liter V6 that Nissan Infiniti is news and in and -- their cars every yeah it -- -- hybrid system over it. And so that -- -- what is normally I like about 305 horsepower engine. -- the whole system -- but the 360 ports. Which isn't I mean it's not hugely massively powerful but it still be a good. But in an in the way that -- the power comes on thanks to the you know if electric power -- -- always been basically takes your entire work urban instead of Blake in enhancing the home to just lift the hold her -- worker -- By a couple pound feet across the board. Yet from Mike low low RPMs -- -- RPMs really considering -- though -- idle stop function and engine. 999 pound. The engine has about a hundred that are 200 and the seven do you -- -- deport. And obviously usable power yet it's it's not -- -- you can't make it -- detected that additive via actually prison system urged them. Way of determining that the actual what goes to the wheels but still you get that power pretty fast and you get some pretty good acceleration of the parent really -- up and moves. Especially considering that. So there's there's three EM vehicles now there's the yet just regular M 35. There's them 35 H hybrid. And then there's the M 56 which has the B 85 point six liter V8. But you know truck engine snippets which reacted on balance -- and I would just like lot of lot of downed power in -- -- not the most efficient power. I'd actually the gasoline and an average use differences the M thirty Fenton. Actually the three point seven that's right recently easy yet that they're bored out down -- it back down bull -- down 3.5. -- And yet more power though then the -- and 37. And better gas mileage it they just -- that currently EPA mileage is incredible at the 27 city thirty -- -- highway. -- really good numbers we got it up to me be closed 25. Had to use the sport mode on the transmission and an accidental sport -- on the console that's not on the transmission -- -- -- dial on the console lets you. Choose between eco mode sport mode and -- -- mode if you wanna be -- the wheels. But with interesting is the you know that it move would not be the fuel economy -- -- -- and that. It is. I think the two point -- and that. But that the 2.4 -- -- better than me today that it you know that the fact that you're getting that power without any tradeoff is -- actually move and. You're actually more power yet anonymity they don't need on could have put it to our -- gonna put ports owner and as an -- hybrid system and -- got some close to an -- 37. That. This is this is more now. -- it's it's how is it. I really comfortable -- generally enjoyed just that the luxury appointments and -- it. It's made it. A simple -- known in the size -- There's no like active -- there's an independent. Like Mercedes you're spoiled I. The eighties but it's if everything in it is very well put together. It feels like a very silently made car and then be based in Germany and in. Very high tech places that safety -- in this car. Is pretty impressive Alyeska prince Edward -- radar with the -- -- the collision detection and adaptive cruise control and I think in my opinion one of the bad implementations of the -- blind spot detection but if they put the LEDs. That notify you with the -- and by in this but it's you can actually. That wouldn't have to be like a gigantic lead you like it -- -- -- and it's not like outside the vehicle in that your wing meters but thankfully. Very small break even made it the driver in the eight -- Yes Eric and the speakers up there. Yeah its -- to their you to see if you're looking to that -- anyway. Yeah you'll see that light light up at blind spot detection -- my favorite. Safety features actually I like that -- lot. And that Infiniti is implemented it really well. The interesting thing about this Q is we driven. A fair amount of luxury hybrids recently. There was a BMW active seven active hybrid seven. Have that in that recently did the review and the -- -- at the Mercedes-Benz S 400 hybrid those about the executive class hybrids. And they are both. A little funky an average systems I don't think -- that will integrated. Infinity definitely got it right. Where's -- really fairly seamless swimming engine shuts down if you're stuck in traffic actually starting up again you don't -- any real rumble from the engine and start up again. And I think it's it's one of -- I mean to claim that the BMW did not reach its target system could not propel the car and derelict power -- in Kennedys could. And I don't think the Mercedes is -- -- -- more however whether it. It was kind of -- -- -- Republican electorate fist -- and -- -- Yeah what would definitely you know depleted idle stop thing but when it restarted the engine it was just like when. We do get the slight fuel rumbling and shaking -- -- to them feel like a Mercedes-Benz -- I. Edited and you get the they updated at Dublin down well -- is is their own systems. Yet you newly developed after years -- -- developing finally got one. I would expect I can I think this -- this lithium ion battery based system and and it's really nicely done. And we haven't driven -- yet but the the Hyundai a Sonata hybrid -- -- that expected to be. -- similar performance. As -- an average going to be a new guide -- going to be their two point. War right so what I when a consumer reports that are really mean overall power magnetic catapult -- to a -- which it should I mean it's -- negotiated. It -- fuel -- -- yet it'll that we have better fuel economy. But I think is just as far as the seamless running and and also -- -- being able to and a run under electric power at high speeds. I think the Toyota Prius for example I think and it. Cuts off the TV mode like 25 miles per hour. The Ford Fusion hybrid bezel -- 35 miles per again. -- downhill forty yet but that is good music downhill now Hitachi right that adding these new lithium ion battery packs -- -- -- systems you. A lot more speed range for EV mode. When you know when coupled with the gas engineer says that's a nice feature the only drawback with this. This infinity is they they really need to upgrade it their cabin tech at least navigation system. You bet that that's the -- need of make the maps prettier I -- Thirty hard drive -- said they they've got room for. Right the advocate the otherwise they're gonna end up in a situation that -- -- You know I'm have been and complained about a lot where -- systems like ten years old -- to keep keep of the update -- mean you know like a couple of years ago from the related with them. And but then you know to not make any -- -- very many changes. Over time. If we start trying to keep up officially you know it you're gonna try to compete against. Audi with their three Google Maps and BMW -- there's you know. Very beautiful map of well. -- -- and -- the software you're talking about changing which. How hard is that to change yeah I mean sheet metal -- offender you know could design whatever that's. At some work but I'm software -- And they give -- dealers again and soybeans and they're very. -- -- integrated -- everything else that's over the USB stick in Yemen in there and upload new -- as easy Fella. This that -- limit your -- -- -- -- the exactly and it's going to be O. The Pittsburgh. Models for an -- when it says -- dental term that. But that's -- -- a minute. -- that take a look at what is the in the -- garage. The latest cars we've had -- -- that 2011 Acura RL. That Infiniti M 35 -- we just talked about those reviews are going live actually just now. Today. Is it because I see -- that going live by the end of the week that this is the key to that -- -- -- -- next up we've got the Volkswagen cor -- hybrid that. And the Acura TSX sport wagon. And the next week we'll be looking at the amount the CX nine and the Chevy Volt finally get Ahold of that. Has been that CNET car tech lives. You can now take a look get these stories become anonymous -- to get lot of -- comments on our blogs to take a look at our tech dot cnet.com. And also cars dot cnet.com and take a look at our blog and -- a lot of these stories and reviews. I've been now Wayne Cunningham you can now find me on Twitter -- -- the underscored as -- Antuan is and you anti DOO on Twitter and Brian -- should be back next week is Brian Cooley. On Twitter just Rangel.

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