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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 207: Earthquake/tsunami cripples Japanese automotive industry

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 207: Earthquake/tsunami cripples Japanese automotive industry

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The devastating earthquake and tsunami shuts down Japanese automotive plants, new car hacks, and which car is the last to come with a cassette player.

The devastating earthquake and tsunami shuts down Japanese automotive plants. New car hacks and which -- the last to come with a cassette player. This is cnet's car tech live -- Thursday the seventeen -- seventeenth of march 2011 I'm Wayne Cunningham in the studio with Antuan Goodwin and damage to hang on our board. Brian Cooley is -- written a book today. An upper story actually -- distracted by something here -- -- -- year old. -- is actually com. The -- limit they make them pretty heated. With -- and make some pretty it's needed. But they've actually come out with a in 1940 vintage. Affinity year old with he. And Hispanic task for. Seventy years yet -- in the years. And and generally making a hundred -- -- it bucket of the rarity. Coming out Buick. Thirteen thousand years ago models -- -- in the -- when it met the belt. When he went gran and that US dollars rental car would you have to who -- with classic car -- you own if you're you know in the market for something like that. -- the role. Yeah I mean or you can just like failure on the fifth at atoms. The Ares -- India -- between -- brand -- routes. -- well moderately. Polluted. And -- -- should -- -- the Honda Civic or should I get a bottle of women with seventy which was important to him. Future commitment -- That. Yet but I -- under the news here obviously there earthquake in that tsunami horrible devastating in Japan and it and don't wanna. The downplayed of of the lots of light and then the devastation there and the -- people are going through -- panned -- but it's also an -- not amount of industry which. Of course that would -- obviously. 13 of the major manufacturers in the world -- in in Japan. And I would get a -- -- at Toyota Honda and Nissan how the earthquake and -- affecting there. Their operations and it's frankly gonna shut down Japanese automotive production for a little -- -- step foreseeable future. Toyota has a couple of plants that -- actually up in the -- the -- most affected by the -- -- -- -- And it sounds like those are. Evacuated at this point. So but -- -- Shut down their production in Japan at least obviously they have factories around the world as well so that they'll still be able to produce out of there. -- Honda is they've got some of their plants close there -- a little further south in Japan for the epitome of whiskey to some of the you know that the real horrible stuff going on -- -- They may be able to get up and running again and Nissan is experiencing. Can middling problems they had a fire in one of their plants and there's sort of figuring out what to do with their plants but together they're currently pretty much shut down and so will see. Tight supplies and of cars imported from Japan. -- for a little while and and actually wondered. I mean not be cynical about it but I wonder what the European and and American auto makers are -- thinking when they start looking at their charts of production in their competitive analysis. Randomly you you don't -- -- -- -- that -- convenient up and take advantage of the misfortune or anything like that but it. And even beyond. The vehicles that are meeting Japan mean a lot of cars have parts -- -- mean in Japan and in our final assembly will happen somewhere else them. -- -- -- with Honda that had they Mexican. Plant that they're actually shutting down because they can't get parts to it. That even the cars are built -- -- -- just in time. Sort manufacturing principles -- there's not a ton apart this laying around waiting to be built they. It apart the factory -- -- about the time that. You know they're supposed to go on to the vehicle. Though even then you'll thirsty and Wii was. Of this sort of shut down happening. On that you know the islands of Japan and affect. There operations even outside and then throughout -- The world right yet worldwide and -- so the the way that a lot of auto makers measure their their sales is how much how many days cars animal locked and obviously. Forty days is actually I think that's about average. You know -- them a lot about forty days. Ninety days is getting bad if they're leaving her little lot for three months that that's not get a bit you know the Japanese -- -- -- -- -- -- probably the those supplies tightening down in the -- will be spending much time are on on the lots that as a side note this story actually to -- -- remote or the audio industry and automotive audio industry -- -- -- suppliers there. Most of them a lot of merge Japanese based. Or Japan based but some a lot of Muslims into the steeped. Manufacturing problems lot of them have their manufacturing done in. Malaysia or some of the surrounding areas there. But I think Alpine is that -- written about that Alpine seems to be the one that than most expected. That their headquarters and candidates are manufactured in Japan. Looks like that their possibly shut down for while -- gonna -- Other plenty of production because other you know our -- from other manufacturers use Alpine stereos and they can't get those then and -- they can do it. Has content that -- Moving along though I'd play it actually is get a story of David said that them. A monthly operations -- -- -- which hopefully will not be my take too long. Toyota says that they're actually they've announced. A fuel cell vehicle they actually now that late last year. That they're getting pretty bullish on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. And they predicted to the fuel cell cost of fuel cells global. -- we will plunged by 2015 that. There's there's a bunch of components in their that they think they can get the price down quite a bit to one is the fuels the fuel cell stack itself which uses platinum currently. They're experimenting with different -- materials and there. And they can replace -- platinum they can actually. Reduced -- that the -- Soviet tanks of hydrogen tanks the use carbon fiber reinforced those those. 101000 PSI pressure you and yeah and a lot of pressure there and they've found ways to. Construct those and reduce the cost a -- a lot as well. Yet -- thing in the article. All -- that right now if you were to build a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. That the of the pray for the fuel cell -- the price of the hydrogen tank the complexity of the design would basically mean you have a 100000 dollar car. I'm and I mean is is -- 100000 dollar. You know probably you know -- -- C segment car. And that's -- nobody is actually selling -- -- -- -- scene there at the X clarity but he noted actually selling hydrogen fuel cell car yet because Democrats would be like. Even -- more than the electric cars -- people are already complaining about the price of those. Until it. -- in -- -- -- breakdown. To remain I don't know what Cutler percentages -- their expecting. And -- off of that but I mean. You know 4050000. Dollars. The -- even down between thirtieth condemning the electric cars these days -- what floating around thirty grand idea. So you're gonna have to get at or around that or fuel cells. From an economical standpoint. On the outstanding on the -- -- makes any sort of -- death planet. Pretty distinctive as Toyota's very careful very conservative companies that they don't make moves without figuring step out well in advance Internet -- -- economical. And value and -- -- really. And so the fact that they're saying we're gonna fuel cell sedan and when he fifteen seems like -- -- and they assume it out all the stuff out any note -- Decade -- -- they're hedging their bets because I mean they also are working. Pretty hard to you know you if make battery technology more patient though -- and basically has been vehicle is an electric vehicle the a lot of the the the the are indeed. That happens beyond that the storage of the energy. Will will still can help in both fields. Yeah I got a deal with Tesla to where there were a testament dating a lot of their technology and in exchange for helping Tesla. Creek -- -- -- -- -- -- A vehicle. Under another story here -- -- -- there's a story that came out that uses who last week about that -- being hacked and there's always stories that aren't being hacked and they get more. -- -- system the more electronics in them. Researchers are always in their trying to mess with stuff. -- got a lot of skepticism mountains -- in a posted in the New York Times and it cites a report by researchers at the University of California San Diego and the University of Washington. And the said that they were able to hack into these cars. And so part of what gets me here so they so they're able to hack into -- about a car they don't mention the brand. It's that they are able to -- hack into the cell phone system in the car. And control. Like all sorts -- stuff break. X they clearly have never tried actually pairing it fell on the technical when he met at. Really. The -- the fifth -- the move cars don't even like hold down your address book. At the screen is probably very specific -- based -- vehicle. He did -- they would vehicle there if it. NASA that that's one thing that bothers me is they they didn't want to see -- a brand it was because they -- -- the caveat that well all. Car companies are adding these types of systems to their cars so -- A moment -- in the read my violin or -- or. Let's see if they're gonna -- repair phone yen and arrogantly but that -- one -- -- -- -- in this. In this report to is that page. Actually I guess they got into the car -- -- they have physical access to the car. Got into -- open system -- to that we didn't just sit outside of -- with. Some you know like -- -- remotely accessing the file system it sounds like they actually had to get in put some stuff in there. -- only Bluetooth as well and a ten foot range and then that's. Reduced even more when you're considering you've -- middle body. The vehicle between you know the interior in the exterior the year Grammy probably only at -- the couple -- outside of the cars. -- looking at. But it's that they can do sums up through Bluetooth. Which added -- humidity too much once went in there because I mean that include payment system and that's really not in Q. If they probably -- Change your girlfriends. And a variety of mom's phone that's separate and that's at their address book -- think -- -- that would be annoyed if this could big -- but they were talking a lot about the traumatic systems and see a general motors' OnStar system. And that lets you through -- you can unlock the key role or some other stuff you know there's that -- Through their their -- people prevention thing or stolen vehicle recovery. They can actually disable the engine in his -- the engine. And Anderson way to do that apart from -- people and the way they do that is that somebody's running away with your car. They can send a signal that tells the cruise control to -- -- zero. And that. Slows down the -- safely you know and their opinion and them. The so it's you know these researchers are talking about exploiting -- patent system. In on the action -- and Ford sync in this article. But Ford actually came back in this and then they said much and doesn't connect any -- -- Yet -- -- been very modular. -- you know think it's separate from -- -- which is separate from. There if you tell manic. It -- I don't yet think. Again that the system it wouldn't be able to do very much -- beyond basically in knowing the driver -- calling them you know Miley Ferris -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But having and others some point you're like Mercedes-Benz that embrace system does lot of things that that OnStar does. It is -- having some vehicle control. And these researchers I should point out that there have been no reported cases of anybody actually doing any you know making any tax in the real world. MMX two kind of wonder too if these are so complex they take you know -- Steve professors to do them that your average criminal thing and it orally via. -- masterminding and that's -- that many times been. Yeah W I think you know criminals will surprise you with their ingenuity that there's one thing that -- -- -- that -- mean -- -- into. I guess at least be aware of these things but I don't think it's actually costs were alarmed just yet. You have is that actually news site is also reported to me -- -- that -- using. And they've actually shows are shown some possibly using just like a -- MP3 file. Q -- car this I mean every you have series skepticism in his skepticism about this because. Yet he said you could change the firmware. In a car through in crept MP3 -- -- an MP3 file of the Trojan. Them. And time that I've ever changed firmware on a car was the -- think that and that then he'd. Then you'd -- have to have your pin number to begin noise and then even then it's like ten minute process. Where the against the bulls shockingly he. Is that your system will be you know disabled for as much as ten minutes you know it was coming. But he added that Baptist board system I don't know why -- firmware is actually updated on any other -- Yet received -- from whether they're talking about the stereo system again and that you know that they have electronics and not so much the drive systems -- you are different. You added in as some -- out -- about car hacks out of now call me skeptical why I think that. And actually -- them the resources to you were saying that they think that manufacturers are doing a good job of making sure that there are credible proof these systems do so. But it is the beauty you punitive like Ian. Nothing worked pretty well a man who read it I mean we've all fine paper -- The legacy of like I haven't I mean technology in things that where -- -- a little too complicated. To be -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- a week -- week about -- -- driver distraction and and ways that you can prevent drivers traction and in -- devices and applications that are. It targeted -- keeping. People from doing things like -- -- -- answering tweet or anything like that. We've actually got story this week. About. The and -- Is looking into whether. In car device -- -- -- safety devices you know these sort of anti driver distraction devices are actually distractions and fell. It's a little complex. That seems a little -- a fill preferential. Well and -- that means transportation secretary Ray LaHood who. Is going crazy about distracted driving -- and you know. Think he's gotta figure out something you just want to name in the news yet that that's one way to get it there -- an even -- -- that we could be focusing on. It's that article points out that. Stuff like hands free phone systems and all that are more distracting. Are costly distraction this is the kind of they're looking into -- and like as Ford's sync distraction. -- Gonna put the money on nano. And I'm gonna save it and there's anecdotal evidence here but -- united drive a lot of cars. And have been in and out of a couple of cars over the last week and most of these cars that USB ports and a spike in activity. And Bluetooth hands free calling. And so when I need to listen to my music with my hands on with general -- able to pretty quickly. Skip through files and whatnot and able to pretty quickly hit a button and they call them. But this week I find myself and a carton and of that stuff and -- almost that twice this morning at a the a you know because people are going to even myself -- I consider various state are ever gonna wanna skip tracks. In -- euros and into your iPod and you're plugged up to a you know. The artillery and put it you're gonna have to look down by you know at least for half a -- -- -- you know look down and they recognize where your iPod is. So you can reach down hit -- but even if you're not playing around completely. It's way less distracting to kind of have the information to figure -- I think what Ray LaHood wants is that. -- -- -- stereos and cars no phones no GPS. -- -- there'll be is a steering wheel and gas pedal shifter may be a little too distracting to. So get -- of the shift her. That's where -- once. But I mean and you can be careful what you ask is you give somebody that they're gonna find new ways to be. Just the nature of the -- a lot of people. Don't enjoy driving and an activity if if the way to get wanted to point he and I mean I've seen people. You're not gonna be able stop people from brushing their teeth or doing their make or reading the newspaper like the year is no way your -- gonna be it -- stop people from doing that. And error back in the day like cabinet Carr with just an EM radio and -- in a boom box in the past and receive. -- -- -- -- Tastes or whatever yeah to a stop -- that's gonna fall and you can reach down and -- and you die is one that you die. Anders took it with them but the -- Well I think there are other reasons for further than the with a close calls of Mac -- -- -- that I'm alive. On the other side of the soul distracted driving issue. The of the car companies and industry is still trying to find ways to let you have your phones in the car and have them safely operated. And there's actually knew a consortium that's come together. -- -- if the car connectivity consortium. And -- coming around the idea. Standardizing terminal mode. For phones and talk about terminal mode B port Nokia is a big proponent of this. The idea is that the -- what you see on your phone pretty much gets replicated on the in her pace in your car. So it's it's an interface you use to you in the Arctic changer or have some weird little strained and -- it uses some -- what you see in your own. You know and ideas -- habit very familiar and I think with the same kind of functionality. Only limiting sums that up out -- -- -- I kind of like the idea of a car centric and faith and I think that replicating most. Smartphone interfaces on a touch screen on the phone -- horrible idea. Link -- you've got at least on my phone I've -- widgets than in all sorts of -- You know all sorts of things going on my home screen and I mean none in an on an iPhone all of your icons -- the same size. Though if you're coming from your home screens trying to go between navigation. And -- audio playback. It's gonna take you a little bit longer to recognize is happening there I am a huge proponent of the least the -- centric interface that you know sort of like Cali Android phones have their car home and simplifies it. To the thing that's your only gonna use in your car because I don't need to see -- Twitter right now on driving could've just gonna make me wanna push it. -- letter received at the -- there is an Android. Car -- pacer Android are. System entertainment system. And it was just littered with icons all things like this is the -- Yemeni driver and log in product. Figure out amongst the thirty icons which -- -- the you know music -- -- empirical equivalency at any musical and the speaker if it. Capital PU for pandora. And yet ratified and yet and you know you're right about that I think these I assume his garment manufacturers will be smart about doing this in and try Q. You know just. Limit the amount of apps that show up on the on the dashboard -- and they -- replicate the -- gonna -- exactly. -- I mean really if Nokia would come out in the Symbian OS with -- sort of a car home and -- and Apple would do the same kind of you know some sort of simple by -- Car home and in -- replicated that. On the screen that would make sense went. What's good for the goose is not good for the candy here if this most of the time the smart phone and bases is way too complex -- -- imagine. Flipping through -- the different. Cards on your home screen. Art editor HP now on your HP OX you know that flipping through those -- driving because you wanna make a phone caller. You wanna take immediate. You don't need to be taking your email while you're driving and that's gonna show you just simply replicate. -- what's happening on the phone -- Elderly enumerate who's actually in this consortium we've got Daimler General Motors Honda Hyundai. Quit and Volkswagen all founding members who had an -- those -- made me get this kind of has got -- replication. And they're also working with that aspires Alpine Panasonic -- LG Samsung. So lot of people are involved in this you know open of -- and what you're -- and and make it a more streamlined interface with just like navigation. And of the limited and you would actually when -- using -- -- -- Limited things yes you should use in your color expert and -- -- lead to its fifth if you don't hear that humans do it anyway. At all. Similarly OnStar they announced that that retail where they announced -- after market OnStar. It's the yes. Of the school year review -- -- be competitive the actually really immunity -- -- replace your other one it's got OnStar functionality. At least some of it. Com that's gonna be delayed actions that is going to be about parties in but. Right now they're saying that not mental ended June. For -- -- summer late summer. Yeah a lot of people waiting for that -- the -- -- -- Essentially. You know that this I mean what would you given that you wouldn't get like there are things like in the vehicle. You know -- -- kill. -- you know when Phillips steals your card basically just be like -- that -- and fan and like navigation and the rate of those. I guess convenience features the rate an anonymous how how -- would integrate with the the I guess they're gonna do you think the movie connections are memorable and. Threat -- got a hold of a Special Report here one of our former C and others who actually is the editor of the U -- at them now. -- music -- -- ambassador. Was it tough by southwest this week and looked at the service called mobbed. And -- and it's in the car it'll interview with -- We're speaking to Eliot van -- editor of music app publication -- -- dot FM from. That the south by southwest festival in Austin, Texas Ohio it how you do and port jamaat I haven't actually heard of this service is this that's something you can is like rhapsody can pick the -- you wanna listen to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes it's very supporter actually speed difference -- it's a web based. Here so you don't rhapsody bankruptcy now has a web based -- -- all -- -- -- and -- -- in -- view. Some interest in radios start as welcomes your subscriptions. And they also have -- I think you're originally it was good for music blog. Thus large. And so they have a network music blog. And -- urged Internet premieres. You'll be desolate part of music bloggers got how many and I'm really want you heard you know. -- -- -- working without if you include the full tracks on there are so that picture remarks ever produced it would plug in your old tracks. I'm forever you know or a normal country people are. Built up one track from an album that -- I could get down after a certain amount of hard to believe -- let's you post -- and the -- and understand things. -- to get them expert guidance with smog for some of the music -- -- -- Exactly and -- it's all the same music so they ought to differentiate -- they -- and -- car integration under the first. What they've demonstrated was with -- -- And questions. I open up the same car that pandora demonstrated live in yeah so clearly somebody -- BMW is really thinking about com contribute to the -- Right and so you have this app on your phone and and then -- their works with the car interface is that about works. Yes you plug your phone would what you know that's standard dongle that Apple uses. And after that you see you sort of that's. -- -- interface where you can dial true there is -- -- reflectors you can search for music. In the car you can check out -- you can navigate daughter realists. -- pretty much everything you would do. With the phone version except you know that is steering wheel controls -- -- -- not -- that's -- stuff that you know any drivers used to dealing way to. -- suddenly becomes hyper intelligent connected to Conroy and -- right now so is. The it is the is this actual -- -- on the phone owners it's a special like mini app that includes the -- functionality. -- okay so and then -- -- you see -- -- based on the the -- LCD. And LC in the many dashboard. Exactly -- there's one. What sort of important factors keep in mind here and the toolbar to task on -- a little bit date it. -- that's 320 K. Is very high quality audio -- so but the -- purposes you're getting all the music over your data connection or Smartphone. Now an early adapter would be -- sort -- unlimited data plan I would AT&T schizophrenia can stream music all day. But didn't get total B the cheaper -- port and we're excited to calculations by remote -- up to degrade and when you get about an hour is a good day. If you don't -- -- -- for any other big not so when reputable content. They are there are the country cap and -- -- credibility they have a solution you can. Barge into mobile apps but didn't download any of -- songs -- your phone or your playlist. Overjoyed at home -- you -- using your data connection and you're still. Accessing you know -- Lawrence arts -- workforce. Randall I'm planning work with that one. Now so you mentioned the iPhone app -- they have they do an Android at all. Yeah so badly they are I'd have to reject people for this but I'm happy don't like all companies. Start with the iPhone and -- Droid number wonder -- you'll go next. And did how did not happen. Release dates for when this is actually gonna -- -- General it got -- -- -- them anyway. I think the questions instead Carter sooner rather the date -- they said this is gonna be announced but. You know it's I think. What I can say about it is that it's it's right now the mini but they have plans to roll out. Other -- you know I -- I think people are really gonna buy a car over another so that -- -- get to the cloud based music -- -- somebody's instead. And what sorts of other factors -- felt so. Burden than encrypting it is corporate -- they get off. Which some variety of vehicles. Yeah no problem and about vomiting pandora and a lot of different cars now -- I'm sure that the different that music service and school. Rule piggyback on that thanks Eliot -- about minded and I hope you enjoy your time in -- by southwest there. It. -- -- of ambassador deaf friend of the show rising column I used -- at CNET. -- lot of writing about MP threes and music in the past and so with a revolver done at M. On from that -- -- story here. You know there was 2010 is the final year of the cassette deck. It's sad that this. The album you will -- -- what actually. So essentially no -- that it. Now everything -- it says it says story we've got here. The last card to roll off -- assembly line with the cassette deck is a factory options with the Lexus and that the 2010 model. 2011 no more no -- that -- parents. Order people who who -- to plug their iPod out. That's a good idea that they can use their cassette -- added of the two -- on the model probably. -- the -- I USB or -- -- -- -- ethnic if you like it was probably the only purpose. -- you know the only really. You move people and -- ever who have kept it ever use them for was for that weird kind of cheap cassette adaptor. -- finance the Lexus that was the last it was the last hold out on the except that because the image of the the the eagle image of the Lexus drivers is. -- older person. Senior citizen maybe -- be maybe it didn't really get on the whole CD bandwagon when that started out. Well mean I think you know there are also trying to Beulah high tech things and it's hard to -- usenet when you have to thieves beat your dashboard for a the cassette deck that. That is gone and -- if you can still get aftermarket unit. If there's load but if Lewis fifty bucks at the U you'd still need to get your is that they -- -- get a ton of it'll wobble Ricky -- -- -- wanna listen to mix tapes via mixed -- that you made back in the day. You can still listen to them but you're gonna go after market -- or in a car that. The body actually found myself with even -- in the -- were joking about it at that date but. Last week I found myself in a car listening to Chris -- that effect with a friend of mine Soviet -- people still do listen to them and I suppose you could go back in you know repurchase that album once -- Commitments and it ain't gonna wear out -- But -- the car that actually doesn't have a cassette deck and I was CD player. -- your on the road. The PS marked 2011 smart -- -- And it is. -- -- decent start. Should be manually -- believe here. Yeah it's got. One of the Wii points of this vehicle before we get and anything else gonna be that transmission. If they. Automatic transmission is an automated manual. But the thing Oakland's. -- it's basically a manual transmission with the computer controlling gear shifts in the college graduation. Right so as you get up to you a certain amount of engine's speed the computer -- say okay it's time to shift. And -- disengage the gods isn't years because -- -- but it takes a long time. Give -- -- happens when your in the automatic. United in the manual mode though. And it a little bit faster and the problem with the manual sits there is. That -- -- have comes whenever the car feels like it and though at times you'll find yourself without power. The middle of an intersection. When you're trying to make -- left -- traffic or. You know -- train tracks. And that's right. -- -- the -- that can begin to get a little more satisfying more predictable. But it just -- this card does not drive like any other card -- used you. It's also not like any other parties do. These two seater flew over the cargo area and back actually a surprising amount of cargo area I was able to get him back. Fully intact and -- somebody gonna -- me around them. Technically two -- mostly cares somebody back yet there's no seat back -- -- -- seatbelt I would advise against but anything but. And yet dog if they thought about the only living thing I've been -- them. But the about the levels -- most brilliant thing is its size Eunice city. -- you can target like anyway. Yet. Extremely short. You know all the promotional pictures show this car parking perpendicular to the -- you can back and and it takes up about as much space -- detail of your average -- takes. In track. Now we of the the -- -- realize that he got an open top here which is got a fun. -- -- gonna be open top driving down country roads and really enjoy in a perfect day. They're about three levels of open top of what we have now which is basically a glorified -- You can push the button again in the we -- glad it'll actually black. You. -- get a nice view out the back my problem but added that the fabric of the -- that's actually crumpled up exactly where your -- funeral and then beyond that you can. Take these -- offer even more open air. -- -- -- -- Probably involved process. And I'm gonna -- you wanna do that on -- on a regular basis I know that I don't. But -- like in -- -- humans to the real well without getting out aren't real. It looked like he just reached back there. Eileen Collins arms are longer than our NATO long arms that. Yeah they weren't that -- dead were randomly -- to get them off from outside the color. I'm intrigued it would have you know -- but the Mac oh yeah yeah movement is an interest in car. It's a weird -- little quirky -- its. -- I mean it's -- bids in many way that a very good design. In many ways evaluated at the very bad -- the fact that try to get -- -- power train happen as hard just like the that the physical design of that the vehicle the -- and that. Yup it in small places and there's actually there is pretty good cargo space -- their it is -- -- -- sitting back but yeah if not having backed the. Pretty much freeze up all of that there rear patchy area. I had a hard time getting anything into the rear -- because. I can figure out how to get the trunk all the way open. But we could of the ways that the the retractable roof slide down you'll only really get this kind of -- small -- -- Slot -- you can you know put things in and out and I didn't really think that you take really good event of that they. But that as partly due to the fact it was we have the -- oh yeah and so that that does compromise your access to -- the tropical more than is the the hard copy get more like -- -- Again it actually -- a look a lot more. -- lot wider net but. I -- -- like I say I started -- hitting this car look at that actually had -- to -- to drive in a couple years ago. On I -- circuit around the LA convention center and an auto show. And how nothing redeemable about this car. But I get alpha had -- -- representatives sitting in the passengers and though -- the -- the idea over the really able to. While it -- that it's it would launch at that if this vehicle that when I got really edit that sit in that after Weiler at the -- -- -- -- the pricing of those surprising that I think that if if -- really wants to like you know it's that -- game they need but the panel sectors in the car or at least give it -- manual and a manual option. I'm sure that many -- out of them out of the out of and the question because of packaging the engine actually sits on the rear axle though. The that the way they get it -- figured it. Wouldn't be very conducive for a -- transmission with paddle sectors would actually make -- one car pretty fun to drive. Yes yes I found that even -- because it -- -- horrible -- it's closed it when it ever chips that. Takes a minute to lose about you know half the speed and and even in manuals that -- I did that it still do the same thing but you kind of got -- you're. Had enough speed Packers in a moment to my guess -- ended. The trick is to pretend like it the manual transmission and the like on a normal like the SG. You just keep your foot on the gas and smacked the panel and the engine figures and how the that the -- in the drop pretty quick. In this smart if you keep your foot on the gas between the sieve like it takes for ever because the -- -- to kill the power aren't and it -- -- It kind of -- a little bit -- the clutch. In an attempt to make the ship's smooth their way no actually end up doing is just making its lower though. Who now than manual mode I'll actually just lift off of the ads then smacked the shift and then go back on power -- When -- winds shifted completed. And -- -- received. About a second operative time and that means having to make an up and ship time is ridiculous just the thing. That was -- economy is -- -- on the freeway. Six the 765 miles per hours and passing other cars. Yet it -- -- pre evil yeah I got on the speed of the area. But the ride quality that's handfuls are real teeth yeah every model you -- over Italy -- much more. That the visit of the -- was run it is yet -- you know paid if they had -- superstar athletes run that might be even worse because it probably. Bouncing back and forth all over the place to make it sees it yet. And is available immediately everyone who on the unit are desperately need an adapter -- In the people -- cars exceeded its small automatically assume that you. You know Apple parking news and explode. I was actually -- -- The cabin tech and make available port there's actually -- out of you can actually at a navigation system in -- navigation system in the top -- model now I don't know why you would. Option up to 2000 dollar option and -- parents you know seventeen -- Unity the adventurous but -- via. -- -- you I mean it does have that happen that's by the better way to go. You can get an app for your Smartphone and a smart and actually app from smart with. Design icon that everything that I'm for the -- about ten bucks it is sort of -- And it on the -- via the -- with an -- and what about the years complainants. Okay -- -- compared to leases with about an average 2000 dollars from an OEM. It's not really that pricey and then if you like -- TomTom map -- -- -- -- -- the -- that I -- And a little pricey but it now mean its not like the you know unheard -- -- if they wanted to charge to grand right now in the -- that that would be ridiculous. They. Yet he got all the options metallic all the tech options you could actually get the price of I think around point three years which is way too much for smart. -- -- -- actually fully loaded on -- yeah. Take them to look at it -- talk about it. That's optional surround sound audio system in this market as well we just have the base system with -- I think two speakers two speakers. Late in the door panels the -- speakers down by -- I stopped listening to music. And it can be adopt this option with but the smart I like the mini navigation system yet they did. Put a big list of options on the you don't actually nobody ever options they've actually -- one of the capital and this is a demonstration can be done. -- about -- -- -- when he that you can get that -- rabbit trail to the list of high performance. If -- quotes around it if -- again. United the wheels suspension interior and -- and I think. The market actually due for an interior race immediate -- -- the extra money someone. As beautiful areas that you know -- -- -- known her units meaning high in Mercedes-Benz. Vehicles. The new name smart. Yeah well after having -- a thing as that -- have to salute the people don't on the drive them all over the place to see them on highways and -- -- the site. While you're -- and it out when I'm impressed. -- at the smart. Look at it our CNET garage here other cars we've got in me with an apartment while ago we just that is wrapping up by reviews of the Land Rover LR four. And the Kia optima IKEA don't know when -- that they're gonna do that and actually via. Friday excellent. And they allow people comport in -- interested in that -- We've also have reviews in the process of the BMW active -- seven this is the big -- Seven series hybrid and the Suzuki is -- -- sport. You very different cars -- and coming up we have the Chrysler -- hundred. The Infiniti M hybrid and the 2012 Acura RL believes that there are -- Has been CNET car tech live you can now -- as you can now find on the web that car tech that cnet.com can email us architect at CNET -- -- Or leave a voicemail with you on the doctors that it will be answered me that I roadside assistance program different -- here. That the 866401. -- -- -- And you could put us on Twitter Brian Cooley is them Twitter and that's just -- named Brian equally unclear. I am wings he underscored SS on Twitter and and one is -- UN TT OO. -- -- --

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