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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 205: Big Geneva auto show preview

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 205: Big Geneva auto show preview

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For Geneva next week, we'll see a fat Ferrari, a faster Jaguar, and an electric Phantom. Meanwhile, Priuses, Prium, or Prii? And we find out there is an 'i' in BMW.

At the Geneva. Car show next week we'll see a -- Ferrari faster jaguar and and of electric phantom. Meanwhile -- uses premium or BI. And we find out there is an -- in BMW. This is cnet's car tech live for Thursday that when he -- the February. I'm Wayne Cunningham Antuan -- in the studio -- -- at the controls brain Cooley is. Without this week believe he's designing camping gear for penguins. That's when I heard -- One it. Gonna wanna get out in the wilderness this -- Rated good that there already on the wilderness fanatic and you'd be her reject -- exactly it. Bury myself and cooler -- will be in that Geneva next week at the the 2011 Geneva auto show. And that we've seen a lot of preview information coming up for the show there's really gonna be a lot of cars there and it's pretty amazing that they but I listened -- some of the M. -- that the European car market on an upswing just as the US car market. So -- went on an upswing last a year late last year's so. You lot of engined cars there we've already -- yet Ferrari app app this is that new car they'll be showing them. In that this is that replacement for their six cause deadly Eddie and -- -- different looking car this is speed. How lucky look into thing with a big back in and should be really fast -- the -- cedar. And also portal to all wheel drive to its first for Ferrari. That -- -- -- -- -- one of these in in all drives so. We've definitely -- as he mapped out but plenty of other things there we -- of the ad jaguar XKR. -- snap -- you you took a look at that aren't. Write the XKRS is basically rule the ex KR -- five and and three worth power super coupe the jaguar builds. The XT RS is basically that came car with about 47 more horsepower. And suspension upgrade aerodynamic -- since they're really tough looking. You know -- looks like the kind of things you would take to attract. Give it a supercharged V8. Tom watts of power and we've got pictures of it on our site -- -- really kind of cool looking blue color scheme. The last time there was an ex KRS. Was two years ago and it was a limited only 200 model from assuming -- gonna do something similar here. As though Philip the -- but that it is the year. That of the -- KR or of -- jaguar actually being at the Geneva Russia. Right the we just you have -- -- wire what was at the XJ. Super sport in here that had -- supercharged engine with -- and ten horsepower and I was pumped that up to 550 and that's amazing. Erica will -- the last thing that argue with. I am assuming that this -- revised suspension means that it'll be a little bit. Better able to handle that power. But little -- in treatment for accidental. Add an -- -- that -- -- GT model two door coupe kind of thing. You know some little bit of cargo area and back there. So this should be a pretty amazing sports car when it comes out and -- yet that -- celebrating. Fiftieth something rather. Mature as the natural total anniversary away but I think it may be -- -- year it needs I -- It is the first -- -- the enemy. As expected our. Data and and is similar vein a mother Roddy is that bringing out to a they're -- grand prison no convertible sports. To the Geneva show. This is convertible GT -- and it says in sport model they've already had a convertible granted them before this but -- -- sport model is going you have. Horsepower cranked up to -- and fifty. So -- that promote or points of -- liter V8. The lot of power there and the -- designed for sport driving. Should be passed you know well team dad probably not something that's gonna be super comfortable in every day driving that day these cars. When when people want -- that the fast ones you know and entities that teamed up from the factory. It is today. Really good looking -- her. -- the latest mother -- doubt that the aid to the grill and all that. Really -- in cars we had a the grant was no and it was number of items just the Coopers and a few years ago here. And yet we. Brighten it anywhere you've got looks from people only -- lot of will lot of people liking that car. -- if there's gonna be any sort of comparisons drawn between this and the Ferrari California they look like. It looked like they can be -- This being the cute if there. -- California being the Danny DeVito of twin. -- -- -- -- is a lot of similarities between them and -- and maybe maybe it's that to a badge engineering between nap for Arian and monster -- -- if it turned out it is being nice looking hurry I'll poignant that -- they would -- there -- on the anybody complain. About the faceless. As though we actually have yet another G -- are coming out of Geneva this one Preston mark. And Aston Martin probably doesn't need another GT -- they -- the DBS the DV nine advantage. But they're doing and anyway the commonality the garage. -- the DR a DU -- it's gonna be enough hard top and convertible versions wanted -- out. And this is a very sleek look and I think what this points towards is more of a modernization and -- -- because they other cars are beautiful but there's that is stuck in the same. Having -- for a lot of years and and they hadn't really him. Upgraded lot of the yet the underlying -- a whole lot either but this one. This one's pretty president actually is an active suspension which asked -- at least the DD DT has about used before so that will. Monitor. What's going on with the driving character and and Lola. Did -- that campaign act as needed you know in micro second space. Look like they've still got that weird I've buttons across the export trees and -- They did others knows no console -- or anything like that. That -- Richman today at the -- Martin's idea while daily winners -- or sister. That maybe their -- humans at some point at the community -- to the new -- -- down there. I do like the looks of this -- looks a lot sleeker than the the DS and the BB nine. So they've got some good stuff here -- this also use the same of the twelve. Engine 66 liter V twelve engine. As the an advantage and I thank him and I think DBS -- the civilian replaced advantages it a little excited yes. It apparently well Aston Martins says the card slots between the the DV nine in the -- yet so. It's a little sportier than the dvd nine but not as much as -- yes and -- -- he beat them yet and at the same form factor. I think it you. It looked like -- to independently. -- and it. Religiously will just. Get a lot more models that. Yes they can build communal and they get that if nobody complains about menial -- -- numbers super Corey marks that that the the -- that might be a stretch the area. Do have I had to notice and looking at the pictures of interior that they they are going to have a bang holds an audio system. And you can tell that because it's -- the little acoustic lenses pop up from that ends of -- dashboard. And so should be a very fine audio system if you're using -- -- with music. And we've also got. I guess they get a little bit of a different direction. Everyone -- proportion. The the -- Mara. Which I've actually started to in toward the looks. -- they get the basic thing to grow on me that -- to see more of those rolling around. And it's not that bad looking vehicle from certain angles the yellow it's like a battle look like -- -- like an -- like 1950s were no or something. -- that Apple there to get a hybrid. That they actually going to be unveiled -- as usual as well. Portion had a merit F hybrid -- -- NBA's 380. Or power. -- And basically what they're gonna be doing is adding 47 horsepower electric motor. To the -- 337. Horsepower gasoline engine. Disposed to be. A little bit of fuel efficiency gain. But it seemed like it adequacy -- more toward. You know that -- -- Performance -- right well this is a really huge stretch proportion because. They've already got the the cayenne hybrid coming out. That the available now already -- So yeah I mean and there's a lot of well. I mean mean a lot of similarities between the yet I and the media that -- America except for the size of the vehicle's been much bigger than the sports stars and ad widget. Yet and it makes sense than enough room -- that inundated you know -- -- -- electric motors though. Similar to what they did on the in the I yen and they've done that research of the science that they dispute those similar systems -- via -- Mara. What -- notice about that -- and merits and asks hybrids that I asked means there's sport version. Which I knows -- will be like faster than a standard. -- -- -- -- The fluent quoting zero to sixty in five point 72 top speed of -- 6767. Tunnels -- -- -- I've been electric only on the road connected the old parallel hybrid you can actually on the Hillary under an electric only power for about a mile will top speed of the -- -- that's not bad. It basically. It and they cut off the gasoline engine -- -- -- saying but -- you can also. Perhaps made -- a little bit of connects. Maybe. To the into the block under -- holy -- You're gonna get this patent I would -- 66 point eight liters per 100 kilometers. As a commitment and somewhere. 34 -- -- and really that's actually did. Yet the reforma. Had bad. Out of their if you would go out to be -- that that -- -- -- Full line. There -- -- even -- that it second and. Day evidence that how how you -- -- of course. Surprise news actually kind of -- on this is is Rolls Royce is that going to show off me the 102 EE acts. An electric phantom. A car at Geneva now this is just a concept that's why it's numbered one OT -- -- But yet this is the phantom which is just you the biggest part -- huge tire weighs about that -- -- twenty tons or something. And they're gonna electric power they haven't really released many specifications. The electric power train. But it's so there they're exploring this stuff which is in -- and I gotta imagine they've just gotten massive electric motors in there did you give us the kind of. Push the idea that to mean they've just taken the power -- from a nuclear -- In just shoved it under the but well you on the floor you know you get that hollow or speakers and -- -- -- speakers out -- nuclear reactor in the executive. Car is huge I mean you see that in pictures with -- use it in wine and your. Almost eye level with -- or explore. Or inflict feeding position means it's a massive vehicle a lot of weight lots of wood leather. Founded name it all things metal. -- from nineteen feet long two or more than nineteen -- so -- looking down the hood. That the you know under the hood ornament is about a mile away from. Yet so. If it's gonna be -- I mean. Using like scaling -- current electric. And battery technology that's available that can imagine the Marines on the thing will be very good. Now in Las -- took a lot of weight out of that thing maybe they replaced all that would mother with you know carbon fibers something -- -- Earlier roles anymore. The minerals. Did -- ever made have to maintain the watcher element I mean that's the two Rolls -- signature thing that and I don't think they would want to lose that. -- -- then there's the idea that even rolls -- -- trying to come up with some way of reducing. Fuel usage and they're getting -- -- carbon footprint damages yet every carmakers is looking at ways to do that. I'd expected the -- for -- -- -- think really the that would be the thing that. And a -- -- maybe it'll be some fantastic breakthrough that today. Think it'll change the automotive environment completely. And speaking of -- giving back on the kind of hybrid power train the Prius has been around for three generations. I'm -- a little over decades of point eight. Yet at 1999 when a particular in the US so yeah that yeah it's been awhile. Nobody ever. Finalized. What do you call more than one Prius that -- If people -- Prius there's. The I don't know what what what he called. Judge distance got a joke trying to be like extra fancy others pre there -- and the -- of what I've tended towards. Will -- -- the Toyota announced that they were gonna be expanding the Prius line into a line of vehicles not just one vehicle. I think they ran into an issue with what we put in our press releases Wii -- we have three. Create creative. Available. The woody -- they ran a contest that shortly after the the three auto show when the unveiling of the recipient -- -- concept and -- let. Users. On their -- -- website on their FaceBook page votes. Between five options for youth Prius is -- -- freon and pre N. Will this week they've actually. Tally the votes in the official plural of Prius. Is pre IPR double lives. Yeah I got it got it right and that's. Pretty eyes yet it's the united sort that's gonna nice it is -- Addictive. There let me -- I don't know how that worked -- Latin. Com. Personally I'm gonna called a -- pre it is. Mug. That the analytical them. We should dad kind of whatever copy editors and -- based -- Alexandria -- -- -- Prius really should -- -- -- They're going to -- -- Prius blow yeah. Diego -- creative traffic jam. Now that we do have the the plural of students -- -- But there's also the question of news like. I mean a gaggle of geese are burdened by Apple. Would become the book about -- pre -- -- -- to estimated GM of Korea. A pre -- a -- that's -- liberation that's nice I -- -- a gamma realize that. -- -- -- -- and sell Korea like a pack of batteries cell. That would cool guy. YouTube probably and now rate Dakota could simply add a marketer very happy married now -- -- -- -- yet you that it's still a pretty. Speaking now little another -- not or another -- company you know really expected here. Lot of about a lot of electricity year hybrid from is that BMW. They announced this week. That the finalizing their their mega city vehicle program which has been in the works for -- while. The ideas here -- they need be wanna build something -- Sustainable power for the future electric and thing and they they said that they are gonna put this mega city vehicle under a whole new brand. And the enough that brand the sweet beverages -- and anticipating that and that they call that I. It just -- BMW -- The presently sort or -- and then as a vehicle -- the port and drive that I. 55 you think -- -- as the man dead and gone. -- did this I they've they've got a couple of concept cars that they they've -- -- sketches they've released really per couple the initial cars they'll come out under the brand they got the -- -- -- in the IE eight. And -- to -- a small sort of negative things sort of the -- the run about kind of thing in the hiatus -- more sporty but not much top on the pictures they released so far. Elevated there's the eight with the brains of temple in the book on the viper. He expects that's -- ultimately adding them out of an RR. If they're not that there's -- -- I -- Ultimately we can't do an edit so if that -- that is that they're gonna come of these electric cars under this brand in and -- interesting that they. Got ahead of the brand now there's a question about. How ocean action on the video right now about this media release that chose -- -- stuff -- -- Somehow -- think that -- communicate this new electric car technology that there are gonna get out there. Yet you know the -- the -- the -- using I is interesting because Mitsubishi already has the I car. The the eyes of the small little -- Unity is that's what they're calling yeah I need. It. Yeah well actually -- this that are even in gas or gasoline version is called and high -- and just simply colonize -- name of the model. And there there's gonna be selling electric version respondent Japan already -- it -- on it in the US. -- -- -- I think here at the eagle eyes because there is no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- model Mitsubishi here. So that's in the run into some conflict with what BMW's trying to view although maybe not what I three I eight you know like. -- you -- BMW also lay the flat eyes on the end -- model names to designated it -- between ants and for sports and -- for more conventional you'd have made -- you know. Previous YouTube have -- 520 I. In fact when -- -- and these these you have. I've theories and thrived when -- at that I know that I actually replace it for it injection right com. -- yet know you know in a Grammy melt within nice that in movies didn't -- I think -- and for eEye. The added we get from the conflict there and then there's no question ballot via -- -- them Apple and their products iPad iPhone would -- him. A brand new it'd be like in BMW IE eight and worked that the at this. And you gotta supplement -- really fast electric cars the VM quality electric cars -- cool that that that be part. India and dad that and we're probably over using and I think you know maybe that was the best decision on BMW's Carolina late -- silent letters. -- -- -- -- A lot to do and but how many browsers only five now -- that is that nobody easy -- Correctly. About all we are doing is just wanna remind you -- net new program a roadside assistance the new podcast. We -- -- answer a lot of emails and voicemails on this program. We're shifting that over to you and you -- response -- that would then two shows of that already called CNET wrote that assistant assistance. If you're subscribe -- you car -- live then you'll automatically as they're -- roadside assistance. And roadside assistance and -- terminology is talking about your problems in public coming up with solutions but we -- actually show up roadside -- -- -- that. Anyway -- -- for that program were still kind of worked out the kinks in it and getting a production schedule going -- recorded couple shows already. I think we'll have a break on it next week because of the Geneva show and possibly the week after -- -- that. We're more stuff but that would program but two and and for that and dad send us your emails and -- and gives them what's -- altitude two we answered questions on that show. And -- questions about technology in cars. The new technology in cards was just announced -- very late last week last Friday. -- -- -- Which is really sort of a a little bit of what they'd already been doing with OnStar in integrating apps and things like that they talked about including OnStar with FaceBook and things like that. What did they finally come out they they come out what they add new system and actually this involves mas new advanced voice command -- -- of these features may sound familiar you can. Cook up an iPod in and dad asked for music by name it it's -- play Led Zeppelin it'll play it. You can also place you with a paired Bluetooth phone you can say call Antuan Goodwin and buy it in my contact list which -- it locally. That is. That's -- because that ports and peninsula. Yet those account the high bar that would fit I think a while ago and I think it's good that you know they're they're playing catchup and anything that he and play. -- -- But getting the good things happen -- vehicle as you can program -- you have to go between ROKR phone carrier music player when not. Yet at the lot of really did integration with the in the personal products -- -- in the car and hopefully non distracting integration to. -- distinct. Into this actually is sort of you know app played catchup with -- -- -- at the get caught up with sync in the sense of its those things most current features because it also has. Pandora integration pandora Internet radio and best picture which is the M -- when you can. But the element of podcaster -- you know podcast subscriptions things like that even -- -- You get that in your -- -- now. But this works differently then. And then sync with -- you have the ask the pandora app on your phone or your device whatever. And it links through Bluetooth to -- the head unit of your car. That's one that pandora is -- more needed inside via the car itself. -- -- -- It's actually installed on the vehicle audit. Whether -- that. Will use OnStar for data connection there would still use nor he would use your hours on end user -- Pontiac bailout inept at the app on your phone but it would still be using -- Wright -- data connections yet here on idea. You know you're charged by the by the bit. You know that my dad's money if you're listening to pandora lot in your car. Then of course yes -- your same thing and -- in the data plan on your phone. So yeah that's -- that of course -- does the same thing so. -- Community that can -- this money but dead. Yet it's it is probably more convenient having built into -- head unit itself because you don't worry -- -- worry about upgrading the app on your phone. It easier to a media player the jury -- and it. -- The verses. If you ever needed to upgrade and Europe and put them dramatic glitch that -- found that we know whenever this character came up and manages the system died. You'd be harder agreed to head unit yet would -- -- -- right you might have to bring in your -- Chevy into the dealer. Every month or so important you don't -- -- to -- USB he and -- plug in which -- firmware -- which and I learned adding via. The fort think -- link to. The yet to that we had last year. Can be a pain in the black and and it can be extremely easy once you figure out that one thing you're doing wrong about it. In a difficult to. To to to upgrade to the thought were on the vehicles where is -- everybody agreed that on their -- and of creative today on something. Yeah they should make that -- like a one button touch kind of thing -- you know it's done yet. But yeah it just another -- -- will will start including this. This technology the president and dad's -- that have a smiling technology you actually get a but that the -- that happens screen standard to. This show all the information from these devices and all that and and that does not just I mean that you have to have navigation either disputed. -- join audio and climate control and other information like that so. -- that's at tonight's jump percent me and you know as seamless rollout some -- -- GM vehicles to. It looked like double the equinox human efforts to. -- Opel unit gamble is that query and per vehicle and that the high tech thing that -- role on everything out in and equinox -- open endure regular car -- -- biologist -- becoming a thing I'm. Is pleased he might simply mean the necessity. They put allowed in -- by the -- in the aqueduct when they are marketed. Again maybe that at tech in and yet so we just had a holiday here last Monday presidents' day president's stay here in the United States bird. Are nine US listeners. And my put together a retrospective. Of presidential. The cars -- the president's limo. Is usually. Pretty anti. It's. Gotta be like -- high tech high security. Sort vehicle if any two point to point B -- bullet -- bomb group and it. That'd be cool looking because -- the president -- it does -- -- something that you know look like and note that the city crews would head it creates. Though I've pulled together. A lot of the the presidential right starting with. The first presidential state -- which was driven by William Howard Taft. The forty horsepower. White model company model in steamer. Confidence is actually the the first presidential limo. And within the first one used he was drive a -- -- -- inauguration that -- thankfully. On the next president but as was the first presidential -- that was purchased and I think Taft also. With the president that converted the you know White House stables into the White House garage and to report a few more years. Right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Actually made use of Al Capone. To handle the armor plated. Cadillac talented and in 1928 model. It was the -- while his presidential limo and actually being retrofitted with a bulletproof -- and armor plating that is needed company get around and they -- and and -- it. Flashy. Bulletproof green Cadillac. Their accident a number of Cadillac. And Lincoln that I the president I've driven -- over the years usually they're they're always American. Card so you're thinking about. What's gonna be a topic you're gonna be a Cadillac or Lincoln in most situations. Although we have to president Obama's. Cadillac. President -- car it actually. The first vehicle that was. Designed to be present if they -- and not actually built on a previous platform that's been retrofitted with bullet proofing and -- Though there is about fifteen cars that we can highlight if not at all completely inclusive and there's little bit of overlap with a lot of these -- that serve multiple president but. The good look at you know where armored vehicles have come from you'll notice that -- a particularly after the fascination Kennedys don't meet the -- Convertibles. Before they're all rules but then after Kennedy with a fascinated are all hard top and the mean that -- Nixon had little -- the pop out of and wave that -- back in extra security had the united to be an essential that point -- put the link -- -- show notes. Typically pop over there and check -- out. And presents arrives. And we've we've actually got another it's like to that we have to talk about every. Every car tech live show this is our -- -- cards segment and this is the -- that the pictures the parent that you send in of this. Out of messed up thing you see on the road. And their new sororities and rarely got all -- -- -- -- and. Yet as is -- -- from Melbourne. He that he saw this Suzuki swift on his lunch break in he's is that you can tell where the -- got their inspiration. The Suzuki -- he being kind of colored in this -- applies scheming to get the -- In -- red and blue stars on the side of it and I immediately recognized that as. The -- -- paint logo. I'm he'd ever built like model -- there was I don't know a lot of Japanese like -- -- then again it. The paint that they recommend users often sprinkled Tonya and that's exactly their logo -- saying something routes with the color. I think he's kind of appropriating it for his own used to -- And what is in the record yet -- Operatives or something -- that notes with. So -- operative apparently deep color and -- operative yet and that's what -- just a small little tubes seater hatchback two door hatchback looks like you. In a tiny little car and and and -- us. Paint job is is interesting it. Became applies actually get paid by -- -- that we're gonna all the white fictions have the number three. All the green -- have a number two in them like old drab look for and there's the one bird of black you. Look flaky and -- -- if car by numbers and it's actually. Kind of stupid looking -- and Nicole leave via -- that much effort into. Companies view it from travesty he -- fact that he had that is something we're gonna do to make -- -- And what -- we have -- -- -- license plate yet Toyota Prius the third -- Make it MPG. Analyst at snow covered tutors and manage to get in -- -- and in that climate that them. That's -- that's doctors smug Prius it definitely is. Rubin and everyone's face that that the -- that we've got actually is. A jacked up micro. -- So cattle like that original mini. The the the DN who since this then. And mr. -- Says that it's actually look like a Suzuki chassis that's been jacked up with the original mini body on top it. The enemy -- that's the way you do those kinds of things -- you take some other power. Something that can be jacked up like that which you could do with that -- many but Jesse. And then -- the you know that the body -- onto it. This it's funny -- what's funny about this though is that the the wheels and tires in the chassis the outlook right sized but the car which is a very small car. Yeah a weird looking. Next to it eventually a blue and in the -- -- the -- It's actually a completely that is taller than -- of -- and they give you an idea. Of a household name is at brightly in at a picture of it and like a range in the background. And it Nicosia racing seat in the swing table in years ago that RM has -- they -- Holloway should also be centrally located monster truck that looked over others. -- -- -- And -- -- to get up and looked over. And in the last when that we've got this week. Hard to tell from the picture but if -- -- quality paint job that they had to spent about three times as much of the Kelley blue book value of the on the custom paint. What is it that thunderbird but it'll thunderbird -- in the eighties. Yeah it's got when needed anymore it let's get that that really wide bi polar which I because little coral window Annette. You added to its 22 or an acute style and day I think it might be a thunderbird. -- eighties the eighties style thunderbird early -- -- for those. Listening in that watching. Here's what we're seeing -- it's the paint job looked like alternating stripes -- east right of hand and operated. Kind of looks like the -- caller. Gonna read it's gonna rust colored and it's quickly down the side it's -- straight -- bars of on the -- of -- about racing stripes oh they're just. Bars to the pattern I think he's gonna for the vacant yeah -- -- at all I can think of elegant adequately. Want them be in the fifth but they do something bad happens and the fact that it -- in so -- intended to do it. And a lot of money buttons. And actually accurate whose fitness and him laughing that he called equality -- a picnic at that community blurry by Adam you what does that mean it. Good painters and Natalie. Years. With the knowledge that it doesn't look consistent mute about political stripes across the -- in the Bay Area. -- -- term quality is thinking here. That's our wall -- if you wanted to -- that we'll have the link to that in the senate always as always available on cars dot cnet.com and people with the yet. Those stupid things that people drive around and do the things -- would do to them. That this week -- are on the road segment we have the the 2011 Nissan due in this is -- completely new vehicle from Nissan. With interest in -- Finger right at the Red -- and manual transmission. Development. The sixties. Or early. -- -- -- -- In. Part by what compact sports cars and -- crossover. Tracker it's just. With -- that the compact as well as compact as you see class but it's got a concept cars away animated productions them now. Air. And -- -- Look like -- One car. On top of and other. It's got a direct injection one point six leader four cylinder turbocharged. And harbors and actually has the six speed manual transmission there's other versions that haven't CBT. That maybe you also get the optional all wheel drive manual transmission only goes to -- But they're really pushing the sport on this guy that -- they've got sporty look that pretty. Sporty performance and then they've also got them. Interest engages down here you got actually three different drive normal sport ego and depending on which drive vote for the vehicle -- you get. A little display down here and yet the face of center stack. That shows things like booster how much toward your waiting hours. Winter fuel economy of the MF 71 of the coolest features of this -- is not something you see. In a small you know compact economy -- generally -- it also just the book that we get this. About basic looking. Car stereo and not sit on the front there's an iPod connection somewhere around here there's also. Bluetooth connectivity for our hobby for for voice there who was Friday at -- Now there's that would have brought its fairly basic. System in some ways deaths and these are really hasn't done only Bluetooth streaming yet -- does have a phone connectivity which is Nissan has done for. Quite a while there's a pretty basic there's actually. From global above it that you get navigation. And that that's step -- and -- for global we have right now remember when it. Right that's the development Nissan -- -- -- -- have -- -- car ever yet it's -- new I've seen a few on the street search on a depression is. Last year but they're available for sale yet in a couple around San Francisco every time that you -- -- -- -- Idol like it could. I love little look at that -- and it's very unique it's got a bug -- a little bit but it's the select compact SUV segment which is. -- -- -- and I think will be seeing more compact SUV cars in the future it is the -- -- -- which is kind of similar. And the BM WX one although I don't think that there's still much of the -- -- filing that the US at this point. Yeah man I mean it. I've gotta go it is undeniably ugly. And I'm gonna look a garlic you'd have to rationalize. That outlook funky looking car before you get there -- I really liked the way that it handles. But -- and this seems to like putting out ugly car and -- -- -- -- -- Weird looking car and it guys this challenging your expectations. They've the GTR elected thing. The -- -- vehicle. -- -- -- -- -- The only part of the the -- that I would submit might be. Questionable in styling of the packets of those around headlights that into the front. And then the that the jewelry on top of the vendors which is animal -- the vendors turn signals and all that. It's gonna come down to -- -- and that -- around -- don't really seem to go along with everything else that's going on that -- Yet -- has been the -- looks like there was one car. And they took another -- completely different kind of pathetic and it's axed it down on top -- that -- the tall. But I have here actually riding on top of of what you know I guess -- would be a forty birth and -- That's gonna look at I love driving this that I got a -- it was so much fun. Use XP dad manual which is always a good time although that -- knows a little bit weird because they noticed. -- -- -- to going to six years it would it really want to go to ports. Yet you get a push -- over rated event just like fall in the place. And but that direct injection engine with Turbo charger and that is modern as you get with -- gasoline engine. Right and it -- also front wheel drive which will had -- raising an eyebrow I know you get this vehicle with the old drive. But then if you do that you get stuck with the TVT transmission and I am not a fan of the -- and any sort of thing that have sporty. Built into it. What you had really actually like to drive -- version of the car because for one thing the Eller drive system or -- he says designed to help a corner and Nissan actually does a really good CVT I think they do the best CBT is -- anybody. It feels. As much like a real transmission access -- -- you can even get I think in that you know with the BT's though. Something I mean it you know maybe could they could upgrade to a dual clutch and that's what some. Maybe Sunday -- now. I am a little leery of that entire transmission configuration. But the and as -- put on the video and I think just the most amazing thing is that that -- drive modes the pac you can change. Yet -- -- and equally actually pointed out in the video heated for the -- that review is actually that. But video review is live with our our written review of -- -- follow up on the site. He pointed out that it's very cool how that ruled little -- down at the bottom of the stack which shows your drive manager your normal sport and eco. If you push the climate control buttons which that's a climate control everything changes and -- -- -- -- different display. An instance of the buttons extensions. The buttons go from showing you know drive modes two identical. -- if -- interest stating I really wish that screen within. At the bottom of the thinner stacked -- I mean it. It's almost hard not to look at it -- women and they're gonna put your -- -- down there and a current affair with cars in your. Really encouraged the kind of private -- light -- what -- filling your periphery. They'd also be nice if they would maybe re purpose that possibly use that for his playing some sort of ideal information when you're. Connected with an iPod -- something that has to be -- single -- display is also kind of weird for me. Are you have a stereo itself -- the stock stereos which was in our -- you can get an upgrade to actually navigation unit. Think I'm not -- can do that in the -- -- remotely that we have but that claim that -- trim at the top communion navigation. Yeah our current global -- -- that stereo I think the best thing about that stereos that looks like you'd be pretty easy to upgrade. Yet -- mean it's standard doubled and you should be able to pop -- unless it's like I in the thumping know it. And it it whether it really wouldn't call it tech power health -- they had the and in -- -- at least at -- -- -- Yellow -- part of the -- was that -- and -- -- and noted for -- allows Kevin's car in the in the rain get a pretty rainy week then. That I can and noted that -- taking this -- on the corners and all that it made me a little skittish on a damp roadway. Because it's that it drove home the point that yes sports cars or go to the ground because you get your -- gravity low. And you don't know appeals to be the thing felt a little bit tippy and I -- you know a couple of little bit trepidation -- around some of the corners on the wet. But then further driving that is really got to do it and taken around corners that -- -- noticeable but it tendency to draft just on a typical. -- I have that they exist if it's an interest in suspension tuning if they can. And tweet about it. I guess you know -- the you know for the way to new corner in the whole thing's gonna wants the sly old sideways and more maybe more power sliding drifting -- Yes so I don't like the form factor driving the very practical form factor but you know that's just hatchback style anyway it's great you get that with -- that hatchback. So you tell my current every car I think this one of the many but you're not not quite as excited that really settled on -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This way and is just a bit much for -- -- and they get it too far taken in a bit thicker and but I mean a good idea for a lot of people is the and get. Judging by many of them -- I've -- on that and around sentences but think. There -- a lot of people who can't get past that or maybe even think that the public endearing it -- A -- that nobody thinks they're good looking dog but everybody -- hello. That's out there on red pad at that data like that that review is actually up on our site and along the videos you can watch Brian -- program talk about it. Latest so that to get -- -- -- by the smart -- -- his -- we've been testing. We've -- a garage that car that review is going up very soon. I think it's -- by the video on the image to. Its parents of the video and a review will be up by tomorrow. -- next up we've got the -- of -- -- Mitsubishi Outlander sport this is smaller outlander. And we have the Land Rover LR for this is the mid sized -- -- And coming up after that we of the Honda CRV. That is the latest tan Honda CRV. -- customers. That's it for car tech live. -- that Thursday. You -- -- at our site at -- dot cnet.com. Or look at the at cars dot cnet.com is budget anything -- anything with car and it and price by the emails that -- -- at cnet.com. Or give -- -- or voicemails 866401. CN ET 8664012638. And with these email question to a world answer your questions on a roadside assistance. And you can -- on Twitter to you can -- Brian -- on Twitter it's Brian Cooley is one word there on Twitter I am -- the underscore FF. And Antuan is and you AMT GOO. On putter I thought.

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