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Car Tech Live 204: Ford pays dealers for the hassles of MyFord Touch: Car Tech

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 204: Ford pays dealers for the hassles of MyFord Touch

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Ford pays dealers for the pain of MyFord Touch...Tomorrow's Hyundai could have a tablet dashboard...Obama loves EV's, not so much clean diesels...and we take you for a ride in the Jaguar XJ Super Sport.

Ford pays its dealers for the pain of my -- -- Tomorrow's Sunday could have a tablet for -- dashboard and Obama loves CDs. So much clean diesel. We'll take you for a ride and that's 111 jaguar XJ super sports. That's right folks -- cnet's car tech live for the 17 February 2011. My monitor -- back on don't know what show episode decision. Looking at a black screen -- it's episode 204. Okay here -- Brian Cooley Wayne Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin Mitchell -- at the controls then lets you -- the story here our top story there which is one that. It's kind of the other shoe dropping we've been. Telling him how over the top my Ford touch is a not in a good way. They just went a step too far. Within our reviews -- -- tell you about back consumer reports came along and they satan we can't recommend this system. And now Lola Ford dealers are paying 75 dollars. To their dealers for every car that they sell that has my Ford touch according to the Detroit free press and they would -- Because they know the dealers are spending a ton of time teach you how to use the system. That's not good you should have to pay your dealers over time news -- -- customers had to use the cardinals -- was. And that way in some -- this is kind of a misstep by -- they did so much so well -- war last. Five years or more. But then suddenly my cortex and you know that I can I don't think the problem is so much the graphic arrangement because. Audi doesn't so -- -- the different colors and it's actually you know a little bit busy but some. Terrible the fourth quarter thing is in the prize yet at the real problem is BS sluggishness effect he pushes new ways away yeah you're sure didn't -- puts you push it again you're Tuesday Epson. And added that a lot on the screen -- rammed a -- on -- many of the screens outstripped that attacked two Ford rep actually after we reviewed the the Ford Explorer and and criticized the my Ford touch in that. And he'd -- -- back just wanted to see -- -- talk about my experience with that and mentioned that in the app focus upcoming focus which will also have them upward touched. He said they're really working on refining that system so. We'll see you know make it better. -- and it's duke it needs to because there have been Ford is actually paying its dealers ministry few weeks ago about how one dealership in the Detroit area has a trainer a -- and a sales person and one woman who sells their. -- as she says she spends about 45 minutes. Teaching each -- -- my Ford touch so I have ever heard of anything like this maybe it's happened but for a dealer. For -- dealer to get compensated by the factory for some it is so hard to sell in terms of time. Of delivering the product that's. That's pretty and usually you know dealers use the kicking off the lots and you'd. You -- over the -- check mail and join your way busting what's happening inside cars this one's just kind of early early roots but interest in Hyundai and Samsung Samsung. I can talk are apparently together on a joint development. Of what they call smart car which isn't a smart car not a little -- -- a tiny car but a car that will have among other things using a tablet. As a key part of the interior we've seen something like this integrated in a a -- an idea that this beyond what -- the big manufacturers suppliers has done. We got shot of it here if you're watching -- video version showing how. You can put an iPad -- they envision using an iPad right inside the center stack of the vehicle and having it become a key part of the car. Not just an optional thing but in many cases maybe this is how you have to around the car without this should be missing part of the interface which the car apart to -- the show circuit that use an iPhone as they. Necessary. Part of the day. -- smart for two for example while -- necessary just extra infotainment functions they got an app for that. And even the -- yet putting -- this I patter tablet in the unit the -- -- makes a lot of sense for the entertainment functions. But the problem there and and -- we got to the car companies do they want -- partner with Apple use the I had to -- -- -- -- partner with Motorola. Or maybe some more traditional automotive manufactures equipment suppliers. And you know will probably be like an Android type of in -- -- -- here literate with Samsung's that would be an Android and we got a couple shots here this is that in the Nissan -- -- one of their previous. Concept -- showing. IPhone that you would dock in a clip. In the steering wheel after you which -- -- was but it's actually -- -- actually -- standalone. -- If -- settlement they'll. Well that and the of the whole the editorial issues here. Knew that he's -- -- by -- it's an interior -- yet one of the the Medea and supplies and so -- yet deficit and so that's right. And it was actually really cool because it tied into the navigation system tied into the instrument clusters and -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right -- in the -- that'll -- -- on the -- But that meets on that had the little added that would -- -- -- area was weird that was really wrong united ever heard about that again luckily I think iPhone is gonna over. I mean it's been so -- by Android phones. That I would barely literate and imagine our auto makers and say let's just you know you are more popular phone which would not be the iPhone necessary and it's amazing the Android has started to outsell the IIOS phones in the last the last quarter there are now the leading -- ahead of iPhone -- -- -- -- models on so many carriers it's not surprising that you give auto makers a couple of years to catch up -- -- and they fit right in the design cycles going now that. -- and or instances. Used the you know much like how in the way that ideally. -- think Apple link -- an interface for an iPhone and an Android phone and a Blackberry around. Developing some sort of standard that could be cross platform like that would allow consumers use any phone they have or any tablet that'll fit into that spot -- -- Bluetooth you'd even have standard -- connection. So you could may be developing a in this case it would be a Sunday app that you can download -- -- platinum and then just slap the tablet they'll fit into that space. Give me a series of inexpensive. Docking adapters that make it fit nicely smooth and clean and tight in the dash so it's -- -- -- as universal -- thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's one of the pardon me is one of the a mock ups that Land Rover did the LRX concept. In a really docking an iPhone engine is just -- -- -- nice which fit into this sort of broader dashboard they had authority obsolete them -- announcement treaty. I know look at the best thing I know what about the -- the couples are rarely February anachronism in an open -- -- already -- -- -- get another little -- good -- for Apple that are -- her what it's like -- after market areas in all over again yeah. Let's talk about the it's -- -- Geneva actually speaking of smart connected cars. We've talked about the BMW vision. Concept before but this is taking it to a new. A new addition of it it's highly -- -- -- -- yet BMW announces that a new concept car they're gonna show up in Geneva this week. And it's a -- -- -- not really about the car it's about it's mobility it's connected connectedness and stuff like that. It's a very popular camel roadster but it's like a six series -- drove under a -- that the lost the roof -- -- within the digital ID five and may -- You know that it's you know BMW says they don't even mentioning engine in this thing because that's not important what they're talking about it was just so interesting that's not important these days even for a company like them it's like let's go to the -- I -- areas are huge about engineering but -- they've also been front runners in -- in the -- that -- -- before it was even really ready for public consumption until therapist if they are out front. Though this car has a lot of a few things about it and look at our photos on on the site but they. They've got this this -- does lighting -- ambient lighting around the thing that emphasizes the three stages of its connectivity. -- -- -- -- -- And connect the driver and the passenger this is two -- -- driver and the passenger in the passenger can. Put stuff up on the screen and send information -- the driver that can act as a navigator actually he's got an idea. And the the blue lighting for that actually encompasses the entire cabin says he gets that social field between the driver and the passenger -- -- -- -- when I don't quite understand that the comfort one which is must be how the car interacts with the environment. And this has -- theme to it which might have to do you do with the environment and -- them a little vague on. And what it's gonna -- -- us although I notice this of the from the top down view if you're watching a video version looking into this open top car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The book porcelain bass and acting on their -- that's the environment -- and get cleaned out all its agreements that maybe have some Panasonic cleanser to definitely scary but states that. It takes the sonic airbrushed in places I don't want to go by do you like the look Metallica pumps in the back the you know an aerodynamic ramps and that's -- -- nice cool retro design the lovely you look at that that's right that's right. -- India and the colors in the little bit out of the -- -- and -- going to on the road with a lot of blue. You know they're messing with the -- and get any veteran that's -- tell everybody what you're doing exactly what flavor of distraction -- even the middle of idea that only if you're looking right now you can -- the political concepts people there is really high -- -- this is way out there will stated Geneva will report back to -- to it looks like speaking of concepts that are much more real but no less unfortunate at least in its name. Is the Comodo console. -- right so this is from an Israeli company I guess they don't have a full command of what Comodo sounds like in our language and English anyway but -- -- and -- -- and that's it that's I was thinking you -- my -- were acts as the French where they'll come out. Elegant typically agreement with the brightest guy didn't get a nineteenth century with me but yeah as George Washington told me statement -- The citizen this is an add on device that sits on -- stalking your car integrates in a way that is wired and the vehicle and gives any vehicle. -- -- all the tech including the rear view camera navigation entertainment communication what -- we have it with a hundred apps preloaded exit -- Bones of like that infotainment and music all that it's really -- that kind of stuff that'd be -- -- -- -- in the dashboard. They -- -- top of the mobile world conference which is going on in Barcelona which I guess just finished in Barcelona yes week. So yes it's a app four point three inch screen at the device looks a little bit like and they have. The -- -- PMD -- it's flat the Indy but as a lot more functionality than your typical PNB. I added no I think this isn't really gonna go anywhere I don't think you'll find this in stores are installed in your -- -- -- -- think they're doing in the wrong car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gonna take a certificate pictures actually at the generally -- a whole different sitting right there are mixed -- the trajectory sitting next to a giant screen surrounded by -- but because they know knowing the -- interfaces that we can do that for granted yet but I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- you know aren't so graft this on to the avail now -- yet. But no it isn't an ambulance booted worked on properly -- they cannot get it -- -- a -- and I got a yellow one like -- When I -- -- what to literally mentioned what -- OS this thing runs on if at some custom proprietary OS that is now kind of stupid because they talk about. Having a library and I have an -- App Store basically -- hundred apps they say they'll have originally in the open to third party but like you say they don't tell you what the OS it is still figuring that it -- -- -- -- Android that's okay as is planning -- apps out there for Android -- it's not -- its custom and that's kind of stupid because who's gonna go to a whole new apps store -- You know -- through proprietary system what they're also doing here is they're blocking out things in -- -- vehicle centric so there is no web browser on this thing whatsoever. That doesn't make sense in a car four point three inch web browsers it's not something you need -- apps that will pull web data. And they're not gonna say the device you release it only twenty to thirty bucks a month they envision and give you the hardware that's gonna -- -- -- cheap phone. But it's connected so that's part of the reason for that yet interest thing that they think that -- don't have a web browser that they do have. Shopping dining traffic into office that sets up pick up practically. At their prisons and encode leisure whatever that is that's of the fidelity when I'm driving and daily aggression that's very daily. Which -- daily news or is that say Daffy. His daily release of liquor legally -- Arnold founder of collateral binder that that at that. With a rainbow flag over I don't know that yet anyway it's gonna be launched divinity in the Israeli market first -- apparently talking to whatever that means they're talking to poll -- and move on their they say. -- abundant in hurts probably in -- little card that academics more. Enemy would be like the wild -- the invincible. Now on the replacement or remodel of the law and -- Our rights are necessarily saw coming out of NWC looks pretty good -- delivered smart we have smart for two in right now by with one or -- a review of coming up shortly -- -- later in the show but speaking of smart the -- of game is changing you know smart cards are sold in the US. By Roger Penske -- company and scheme known as a race car owner as the truck rental magnate and as an auto dealer. Group owner. Among other industries. But now apparently there's been a little bit about spat or Penske said take this damn thing back Mercedes is now gonna take over -- smart -- stores. In the US so they've announced that that's it they're gonna take it back it is a Mercedes related product. Smart is under the -- Company umbrella so it's -- going back home now and -- the smart car has not sold well in the US have sold well like the first year. I haven't had initialize sales for people who. We're waiting to get one who really want online. But those people Augustus marts and there's not that many laps today and they felt their smarts and -- and and are recommending -- -- -- really crude little cars and they sold -- -- 44000 was their peak in 2008. It is by the way the most fuel efficient non hybrid car you can buys the ought to get the combined MPG 39 very nice. But it's a little tiny car that can't be your only car for most people so very limited appeal but. It would it be changing things up and they're going to be closing the smart stores that are not also overseas dealers have you have a smart. Standalone store in your area that apparently is gonna go away so little changed the market there for a car that is in many -- high tech not. Electronic tech but really a fascinating kind of form factor -- -- I see a sales strategy here for her Mercedes -- when this might be successful is if somebody's -- -- buy -- 1101000 dollar Mercedes-Benz but they might use smart their -- to one of those up to. -- oral give you would purchase things. But the cosmetic -- right. Hey that's a lot of this week you could purchase it's a smart fortunate with your -- telling you guessed the Aston -- -- Right if you'd like that little guy Libre and it's the it's the little portable. Little munchkin of the -- Around the -- -- we got going on here with the Obama budget which is the expert earlier in the week in the proposed -- budget came out we don't normally do with dwell on US federal -- here but -- -- -- The budget apparently up proposes killing all federal money to support research into clean diesels -- that would go away. Kill all research support for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by the -- And change the tax credit for an advanced vehicle electric or plug in hybrid from me. Semi 500 dollar tax credit which you can only use if you low income -- -- the feds if you can't if you don't know income tax you can't use the credit it's. Very difficult for some folks changing that to read it the -- most people would like it to be go to the dealer you work -- -- price and then you can take -- 500 dollars off the top. That says -- -- pretty juicy stuff for people do get motivated to buy electric cars. And clean -- come a long way I mean I almost like we should move the emphasis for awhile yet -- think anybody's gonna miss that diesel. Research funding because deals pretty well researched yet really well established and be -- he's -- -- -- diesel out their media as a reason for. You know tax incentives for that yet it's really gum it's going huge way and so clean now compared to what what -- hydrogen I -- -- and always been interesting but I think just the -- -- won out over it. -- at least for the time being the united tunes does not on the radar for anyone in the near. Or foreseeable future and if we can improve the of the -- range of electric cars to -- 20300 miles. Then media competitive with those hydrogen cars and even gas cards and get that charge cycle time well down if possible charger car an hour to get full boost on -- would that be nice. The seven the eighty million dollars that is being cut proposed be -- from clean diesel research alone if it was just that amount of money would pay for about 111600. Of these -- 500 dollar -- -- goes a long way toward covering. Honestly don't cover all the rebates that are expected for the -- -- -- the -- gonna sell 101000 this year so this one cut alone would pay for all those rebates for the volt. And then there's 20000 Nissan -- and -- weasel this year and the government has the title one money for those -- has read it. But anyway that's going on the budget that's which -- the winds are blowing on them how the White House feels about this one. And if you are in the emergency responder business good news coming for you if you're a -- any MTR firemen or police officer. Continental may be manufacturer of electronics is most hires people of the most of that. -- -- new sensor that they've announced this week available for carmakers to use it will automatically cut off the electric power in either a plug in hybrid or need the which is kinda like the auto fuel cut off in a race -- the other is always. Switchers than you can pull on the outside I'm sure it's -- automatically and now we can kill off the fuel of the fuel flow. But those cars have like 400 volts of power running for you do not wanna cut -- that -- the jaws of life. That's gonna curl your hair. And it can I mean it's very dangerous Randy. We've seen and seen some you know common commentary backlash today you get TVs people they know that the young Nazi gonna crash you do have that voltage problem fugitive dad was gas cars among -- -- -- -- that they can to blow up yet. This is going to be automatically -- within a fraction of a second would cut off the electrical flow from the battery would seem to -- With him to be a no brainer for these carmakers I don't know lol kind of reaction it'll get but the little but for exquisitely -- this something that should already be in the car right -- they -- -- without this that they -- -- -- live like a live -- -- -- multiple. I would -- -- that day I mean I'd be very apprehensive I was emergency responder they do people look at any -- hybrid. You'll typically see these bright orange wrappers around the high current line to go back and forth in the car. When from the batteries in the back all around the engine compartment to get an electric motor until they call them out. But he's got to figure it out in a crash situation cars smoking -- People are in great need of help the New York from a figure which like cut and not cut the united immediately. -- -- -- at the equal access and they don't live I don't know they're going to be a long debate for the vehicle along the spying but I think it's twisted and an accident and -- to the body. That's really got a problem yet again they want that thing to -- -- shut off. So anyway this this is good and what they in this sort of already dealt with this problem the Prius -- -- -- an -- that means these questions came up with the Prius and Toyota. Did these very same things they needed a -- automatic backup of -- the dues from there they're. You know other power -- -- -- still Bible does not as much capacity but also to -- service area. Well there was an easier when the idea's. Proponents where there was to a proprietary. -- it's a serious 6 -- is. Talking about what the future's gonna be like. Their boss Mel Karmazin. -- all bears in terms of being more like pandora what they offer a -- we'd call that a customized music service. They said there's nothing that would preclude us from doing -- If we believed our subscribers would want it. But he's saying no they want satellite radio pandora. -- below one choice now they want some programmer in Washington DC so what's a good space. I like a big corporate speak where it's yeah I sure will do it -- users want to. -- if they tell us they want it while the value we wouldn't that basically means they have no plans to do anything like that what it is that they're not researching the they're just gonna wait and see if there's some groundswell of says though yeah we want that. It's -- serious XM 2.0 is due later this year will add new channels will have an electronic program guide. You can see what's on all the channels such as flip through them one at a time or memorize we your paper on each channel. People we pause resume record and playback built in that it -- that was coming interest. And also he says here. Expecting it at the park and -- eleven well it's interesting. Their net subscribers for Q4 of last year were 328000. Net game. The quarter a year ago there were picked up 257000. So they are an upswing in the course of swing coming out of the -- of the of the reception so not quite sure what to reason that. I just I -- -- I still don't get satellite radio going beyond words that and they can they figure out there are they serious or -- them. I don't know the names -- -- -- latest. Yup figure out like one names to -- -- -- -- it's serious accident you wanna launch for that name at the stupid name. Call it whatever it's called -- who cares no one cares you blood all the channels anyway so there is neither neither exist anymore. That's a serious accident is -- series -- we're gonna call him now. There's a great app -- -- over a pothole. And not have any idea. Who to screen and complain -- bitch about it too. Is now. -- -- -- if -- via street don't -- And it's actually. In rolled out in the studio -- The want to support the as rolled out this is built on a big problem there. If you saw other town like the town recently right now you say it that way yet but -- anyway. -- -- -- -- -- And there's also an iPhone app in development. Basically will allow you to right -- step in the background on your own while you drive around the idea being that if you ran over a pothole. The excellent -- weather in your phone will detect the vehicle's been jolted -- mark using the GP -- connection. Where that pothole is and then and automatically reported to. If civil engineers -- your area. And they can come out and give them quick -- That's supposed to be able to detect the potholes -- did it. Bumps. So even if it's not a long -- the -- and about. Getting a little well worn in that area is -- -- should be able to recognize that that they can come develop it -- go -- it or. In exceed the built into public entity that ideally you're. Steer around the worst of it though some people are just absolutely unable to steer around a pothole. They almost steer right and -- them -- delightful for tire shop owners but while. But that said this thing will run on its Android isn't right. It yet it if and as an album version of it in the injury marketplace. And who should be able to -- it says here -- the the acronym is the Boston urban mechanic profile ball. That you bought the city of Boston officially comes -- that its. Interest. It's a great idea. Because every time you see a pothole or a big mess I mean a serious one little to -- tired -- and -- and injure rim I don't call. Public works where or MI -- border land mine in what town -- -- even know that. So this is a great idea course but it -- -- data. It will be negative. -- have. You know -- should -- -- -- it and like the difference between. This. Thing is if for example there's a really worked out there in the island of big metal plate that -- If you people in over the right Libya reporting them in authority indexes everything so -- like him to consider -- -- locations yet. And then you see a lot of reports coming from one place and you've got a hot spot you know especially if you can matrix that against the it has a lot of traffic here amber getting a certain number of reports that means we're still getting a high rate. Very -- -- I'd I'd I'd use it absolute. Very cool let's see we have our new show that's been running for well just this week if you were she would've seen it yet it's gonna show -- -- your feed if you're subscribed to -- show. Which I assume you -- hear -- just watching -- -- but not subscribe to which species should go subscribe right now a car tech. Dot cnet.com we've initial call roadside assistance -- all the emails and voice -- and we roll those all up into one new focused show -- all help and how to. We just did our first got a beta edges can ease the -- show while you're gonna be seen that coming up but today near. In your -- aggregated would have the user to put that show out at the code all worked out. So give -- -- listen let's go to think give us your feedback or doing all the email and voicemail help and how to in a new show called roadside assistance. And car tech live -- stays focused on news and reviews like. The perfect caller for your dog. Which is just. The wrong link -- -- -- that damn thing it's the it is the with a -- dog leash collar dog. He's -- thing yeah it's that well what it really is is AM there they're. It really doesn't really two cars that much except it's if you -- -- school if -- -- -- you really -- -- you can get a copper color for your dog that did looks like a little -- -- -- -- -- logos on their they have the -- bow tie logo on there and the actual buckle as the seatbelt buckles designed yet it's clear -- canticle. We are. Are out one of our bloggers as and then add says she's got a lot of little dogs and issues that you tested this out -- as -- occurs -- donor's -- yet there is there's little face. When you scroll down. Middle seat belt buckle right there and get a Ford Mustang -- -- for your died. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we also low will also around kind of gap jawed and you know miles -- -- watching the Nissan -- videos. Tell you I'm discrepancies by Nissan paired up with fast Sports Illustrated because what's -- -- -- swimsuit edition coming out which is always a big bump for them and the need someone to get on that bandwagon and and -- a series -- -- -- they. Hit the at duke against at various set potential swimsuit models can actually go to the meet the of the -- -- -- site invoked. On which of these models will be like the swimsuit model. For example -- -- -- Because they do is they have different challenges. To see who's better at the possible course aerodynamics has done little -- zero to sixty -- journalism. Track it's the restraining force attacks -- any moving body in the direction of free stream flow. It's also when boys -- late evenings and if that's a boy. Well -- and they Kennedy's -- -- they're lonely Steve tell us what happens at the Lan feature dynamics and the duo chips -- -- -- It's not think that I got -- same type thing is good attitude but -- US of their. Whether -- as a vote. Who gets these swimsuit model thing. Right winner to be terminal -- if this attributed you can to the guys screwed around it it's gonna and that cars in the garage right now zoom in fact will begin to our our car tech garage in -- -- for the gotta have little promise of -- cars. You know the -- cars section is where you send him pictures of cars using on the road that are so unbearably embarrassing you've gotta tell the world for that person will live in forever shame and about the elements -- that it's law LOL roughly a sentence wind blows this way that they cannot law cars. It's not -- cars. What -- -- begins. -- all and the law -- you realize LAW's new law if law alive and -- lose its -- sinister to the police cars that's been on the idea these are all cards laugh out loud like all caps it's that whole thing a little derivation of that so here is Santa's. SUV. When he's not delivering presence he's driving a -- suburban that has green running boards fender flares and of course a power scoop in the hood. You guys from the although only after -- sent to -- several yeah and to make it especially cool he painted the the hub caps the actual caps over the the dust caps over the actual -- -- little -- detailed human -- green and -- -- -- -- green -- -- it's got a huge back into here and carry a lot of presence of man I -- that and -- good -- disclosure watermelon and -- and that's -- that's that's got a little watermelon painting go either way that is nano -- it's like -- -- It's good summer living here is a it will only get so many cards -- do oversize wheels this is almost becoming normal. Here's a what a -- With twenty twos or something -- that you match. Huge continues -- -- that thing because those wheels look like their overtaking the vendors are -- do way to post to defended their way to go right and achievement right now. The thing about the way to do wheels effectively and correlate it to music in the relentless -- -- the looks at the Buick something -- look -- -- that again award the record here's one day to day here's Chelsea New York what happened this poor bastard -- I don't know Chevy citation. Parked at the -- of the okay a lot going on here that it's been spray painted apparently vandalized this doesn't appear to be art well my demonstrated by the owner. Yeah -- able to analyze their own car called art look you look inside what's inside looks like it's old books and papers and trash. There could be living in there like a rat could be living in there answer a lot of -- living in the must be split between there and none of them. But haven't intelligence level beyond about two million submit to storage storage -- that it's easier than renting a space -- the meter. Here's a his of their art car this one has glass. I don't know -- turns on the roof. Lots of what it could be wine labels all around the car that's cool. -- -- -- City -- looks like so wind seniors saying they want why indicator on the -- Abdullah drunk you know grow -- goes lately has been doing a couple wine tastings feeling pretty good -- -- the bottles on the ethnic. Anyway Lockhart sending your images of -- cars to car tech at cnet.com and see the whole gallery you can get the link to it from our show notes the car tech dot cnet.com -- -- -- -- I would do this every week we take a both interest in the two cars we have each week out on the road win in 21 -- -- talk about what it's like to drive it. -- -- this vehicle at this time around we go out in the the most interesting of all the jaguars right now is the very new completely redone 2011. XJ super sport the -- it's got the hottest power -- -- that's for -- an in -- take us on the road. Life -- a mix of our -- sports car and -- Yeah like in this class size and -- it's. Literally run Mac. Got a very comfortable ride when you're I haven't normal mode -- -- we have -- in math competition and right now. Yeah and that got a couple levels really try and friend -- code and then -- competition and and they've even looser than in its. Regular stores its cart handles early in the U. Support and guess we'll turn. And then a lot of power and then they'll almost immediately from -- -- him. Salamander and is on a fast start and they won't watch fast -- -- -- -- -- an element of -- -- -- -- an amendment letting -- and I'm sure it's well -- Wow what they -- -- -- -- and stars actually pretty amazing via. Its. Screen okay. Ice cream -- a small independent. The dominant background material you'll need to. My only complain about it and their heads -- why it doesn't look very realistic. You have presented to eventually -- -- don't display a speedometer it's on. Not an actual analog display that's what it's really obvious and it. Evidently it. Intellectual types. Than the others limit you got right here in the center of the better today. It's -- thrill out of -- entertainment stuff that happened there you navigation and -- -- and -- Mizrahi. -- -- You react and it's. Wearing gloves you don't -- their fingers. I was there -- seven hours. An intimate record entries under and know how does that. But it doesn't tell -- some very good. Plus the speakers and -- around the the cabin nice no frills really be good. -- then mumbled and eye candy analyst and again. Yes we know -- it was crap on them are apologies Michaels were in the rearview cameras that's not always the best but that's not what the car. So this is the top end of the XJ line. The super sport is the harder of two supercharged Dextre does it -- that this is a limited additional -- and find exactly how limited -- -- -- the about that it was sort of -- of -- thousand dollars and a 5000 New York Jets a lot of cars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with regret at the recession I guess. Problem five liter supercharged V8 510 horsepower direct injection direct injection six speed automatic. -- four point seven is the zero to sixty on the fast at some real -- Yakima the mileage actually pretty good actually surprisingly this is a senior something I was getting about seventeen gorilla in lot of news you know past driving past launches city driving -- -- mid -- high sixteen pretty easily in the Otellini -- -- pretty -- But it did did did really well Gary -- really impressed that he would be ended by African horse power should not I mean would usually be like fifteen would go through gas orally or worse the thirteenth of the kind of power -- -- got it's really comes on rapidly to. I did I do agree we -- that when you get into the power its. IChat I think I tried every combination of traction control on or off dynamic mode on or off. It's just. The car gets out of shape a little bit and catches itself that you can't get a complete. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- around the mountains -- that whenever -- use that I'd get out of the car afterwards in the smell -- that I brought it a different take care of it just lets the back in domain and so weighing a little he had a little bit disconcerting to drive that -- it's like it's not. I don't know why -- -- -- kicking it all the time. There's like no you just wanna hang your an absolutely do you catch yourself into BMW seven series handles look better Edmonds I guess this is silly card out to drive that -- I mean -- It's a -- -- that it was doing that with you know what you said when you and you get into and it can cut out a little bit of space and it had actually made it very. Gary from -- and the right I didn't know when the power with coming or when it was not gonna come -- when it would come back on adult you know at the wrong moment I really enjoy. I've spent the whole time driving and comfort mode. Just an allegedly played -- the conflict that -- -- it is very. Weird. Yeah we were driving a trying to get to trying to -- the -- -- for the camera and you saw those one shot there -- -- -- others snapped back I'm not snapped back couldn't get into a nice broad power -- just. It made me nervous I didn't wanna go there with a -- of this value on federal property revision -- but -- the big companies -- -- -- lawsuits but attracting -- supposed to do that supposed to bring him back in leopard to come out a little bit then bring him back -- -- a little elegant but yeah I would say this -- you can -- it pretty tired but not as hard you can drive -- and now than others on -- on this subject does -- space pace and grace and this is. This has got that goal and -- all -- in all directions. Great powerful car for open road. Nothing is too small hole for me to get into -- driving you can get there like that. Great great for the highway in the country roads unless you're really pushing -- -- Got some interesting gimmicks like you mentioned it's got the -- virtual instrument panel. Which now looks kind of flat was gonna cheap doo dad think they really weren't that -- to use improved progress yet as it looks a little Nintendo. -- it is not as nice as the -- the cabins beautiful polished Chrome and piano black and nice leather and all this stuff. Is this. Nintendo Wii -- And I like will. I don't turns red when you push it and it as the dynamic mode you can live with this is listed there and mode on a jaguar -- dynamic drive mode and it turns the gage is -- it moves the shift indicator more prominent on the virtual instrument panel and most best theater of all it does it -- -- -- to be. The pulpit about sewage is it but -- -- I'm about to give you power that I can't even -- do you care. -- and confound me a massage seats on there which I did not -- -- it is still looking around. Yet the button for the heated -- and with -- -- it can just type in a quarter. On the MacArthur and read -- if you're not using it -- looks like -- that even a button you can press the and you press it. And -- -- -- -- -- that number -- -- you take what -- that in the -- there's still too slow like the old system they have not enough process if it's improved a bit but yet still slow to replace Hillary button have to twinkle little bit of all we can turn the -- law which held the -- -- a -- turn -- animation that helped a little -- didn't he didn't totally do it. And these -- mean. It's you're sitting there in whatever mode audio mode or let's -- -- anathema. And you want from the volume it brings up a great big overlay that shows the volume going to know that. I can hear it's going out and hunt are put in a corner of the tiny icon it's growing but don't in this big slow moving over life saving with a temperature if -- the temperature up when he got the map up. Knowing it becomes a temperature thing on top your map. Not useful in that -- be heated seats recovered then yes anybody who needed visas. When you want to turn the heat up. You hit the a button on the heated -- to turn on the heat it jumps you read right now you have to get the cold -- what steps it down to look horrible why are those. It is that that is being able to toggle you reload all the key of one button you gonna hit the vehicle cool -- I never figured that out -- and -- are it was a -- and yes I figured out there yet. There will always be in England and speaking of volume that thing that happened in the patent deal with time every time -- lived in the volume down. The current neutral. Right I can't -- big gigantic drag select no okay I'm really pleased -- -- which was -- in -- we had and they had that we have an access ex K actually had an ex K I told you guys they can't reach of the -- shifted from the volume -- looked like I was crazy now I gotta convert it the hard way that you'd be able fortunately you can't duke street into reverse. Yeah that's right loading gage into your Google couldn't -- But would have -- -- and a number of accused dogs everywhere. The I didn't have much problem figured out -- the the -- on the flat part in the volume dials on the critical part and dials the little tiny one and a good job well I'll hand had been shot at love on the face of the console is the -- I don't touch that and that often is the -- you doesn't have out of climate dropping articles are lame. But even if you control for -- you can bet that it's a problem anymore about it there's a -- -- and weird weird -- it's it's the -- crazy -- -- of high -- cars -- Gorgeous car. How did see that would work on the viewer panels the end -- -- actor in lane yet head away boot time nice. And messy. And actual hand craft is that this is as recently -- like five years ago that's in his -- -- -- -- -- -- worked into a report makes no -- the purple build it in a -- ridiculous compartment on file with her -- mobile my -- purple its elected political. And royal purple very cool and they've got the touch thing on the lights on the roof on this and the ceiling. You actually push anything you put the lens to turn it on or off in this case you just -- contact. She can actually do is very lady got nothing to swing your finger across the freedom to go on on on all fall on on -- dual stage and it -- do this you know. This is an even when -- This -- that one of my favorite cars we've had in in a while I gotta say I I I I loved it beyond its quirks. Absolutely loved it beyond its core it was a very nice interesting lively car headlights to at a real -- to. On -- looks what do you think of the styling on the outside I like them. I want at the -- and yet the handsome car is not an exchange -- to me is a sedan so this is a big break in styling but that's the worst of it. You know magically now we've seen a lot of new big luxury cars do that kind of aspect design that's becoming popular four door -- Leo yeah you've got the be that he's got while they're -- GT five -- -- a thing you've got on the got to have them Audi a seven has that sort of that can design ultimate hatchback yeah pushed Santa Mara. Estimate -- He did you know it's very big trend and this guy and and this guy does it differently than any -- the four door -- and has some very interesting tail lights and some Black -- pillars that make the -- for the kind of floats over the back of -- car in cows -- designer he had a really interesting job on this it was Leo for better for worse he's known -- really have been broke a lot of broken lot of conventions and -- and entities -- -- my head on the the repair retirement in our little relieved me little highlighted speaker independent been having that little card okay what do like the smart card and it's got huge -- -- tons of -- -- welcome -- anymore. -- lets you -- XJ SSR review and our video on that are going up -- -- where we stand America everything that stated that videos up reviews that just went up both number fresh and ready for your consumption -- sixteen -- garage we wrap this show here. As you mentioned our latest review is -- 111 XJ super -- we also have the Toyota Highlander limited four by four. Not the hybrids although we talk about the hybrid fit in the video -- about that. Up next we have the Nissan juke queued up we just got that it -- restarted to our review work on that. And the smart for two which we actually have never did. Which is debating a card enough for three or four years we've we've worked -- we've driven it and sample the that would never -- formal reviews of that's coming up. And we also just got in a Mitsubishi Outlander sport -- look a little. Compact crossover so that's into the garage right now you know how to reach -- folks the show notes sign up do I get the -- in your podcast segregated whatever you use iTunes or whatever -- car tech. Dot cnet.com. Email send us -- -- all car pictures or send us your questions for the other show -- -- Tuesday show roadside assistance all the same email address car tech at cnet.com it's all three of us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wayne is Wayne C underscore -- And -- what does it do AMT GOO. We'll -- you folks next week.

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