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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 202: We welcome the electric SmartCar... and the Lexus LF-A (Those aren't too different)

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 202: We welcome the electric SmartCar... and the Lexus LF-A (Those aren't too different)

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The electric ForTwo and the Lexus LF-A debut for very different audiences...Verizon tries but can anybody beat Google maps on Android? The car key that doubles as a wallet. And we drive the BMW 740i, the thinking person's 7 Series.

The electric -- to and the Lexus L left -- interest -- week for debuts. Verizon tries but can anybody -- Google Maps on Android. A car key that doubles as a wallet and we drive the BMW 740 times the thinking person's seven series. Write an entry through all that we've got for anything can be -- If you WM finished at. You do you get ready out actions aren't there I'm over anyway enough. Surviving. Hello everybody its Arctic alive Brian Cooley Wayne Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin and Mitchell -- at the controls for our episode 202 on this February 3. Let's get to our news this week as we mentioned there at the top couple of interest thing. But -- disparate. -- of cars this week. We got the first delivery of the first electric. Smart or too. Here's a picture of that the happy couple. Lenovo happy owner and I believe actually that's -- -- released only -- by one -- -- The satellite you know what they often do with first -- 500 these they're putting out in the -- something like that -- It's a limited pilot but you can get electric smart or too -- -- apparently it was a a Mindy Campbell 36 year old major in the army. She was the first to get one there's there's Roger Penske in their shorter how to work at parties. Pretend like you know it's not working right push a little bit buttons -- -- started right here. And now more advantages than the and of the he's got field that you really want it right -- So you -- -- these and have 599 dollars a month about it inexpensively. Now that not. Not shape rich car. What we know about the range on this guy here do we I members believe -- that CS 63 miles they say which is pretty specifics as -- -- Jeff price somewhere in the vicinity of sixty miles. And it but the top speed is only sixty miles per hours though. There's a -- driver under gated community really -- dad this is just a step above the neighborhood electric vehicles -- -- euphemistically speaking other words apart and try to help. -- -- -- -- -- So anyway those are out about no you can probably get one with the limited vehicle -- its 250 -- With some people as well as organizations and municipalities so don't expect that you're smart you're smart center -- they called -- that all -- those electric -- the -- but this is a good step forward -- -- -- the -- that has been chock -- block with electric cars. Now that's a little too slow Korea. -- we can fix that we also have the roll out this week of the first delivery. Of a Lexus LF AA. Which of course told different kind of car that at all -- experience. Or I retired and V ten power four point eight liter V ten. Is Lexus and superpower which. That might not really that some might sound odd to lot of people like the super hard to do new direction for -- And they are only gonna have a limited number of these and you know it's here's a here's a video of them delivery I guess is the first one coming -- I was wondering how to get these over here they shipped it not on a plane its interest -- Here it is in -- shipping container. Being logged off on its long teachers somewhere there it is coming off on a -- wouldn't be fun to watch Sierra -- -- come off at the dock. Anticipation. There it is the second and that was that movie where. And those -- the -- where was it to them the kind no it was a little old map which currently the spectre. The what where they would we're. The Scientology's do Tom Cruise owns a federal refitting -- -- Rain Man -- -- It was a great scenery opens up the reach its -- is something -- -- -- Great scene of -- attacks in the battery. Anyway if you wanted to keep developing pointers in mesa Lexus -- there aren't delivering the first went to the elevators in the wild. And the electric smart for two in the wild and you're not gonna be driving anyone's commitment to what time you might see them on the roads that you -- now in the in the one side of the best. Are you telling us something about -- Erika at that. Esteem preferred engineering packet electric power outages and the Allah they wrapped around a -- -- -- -- -- So we've got to who got terminal velocity and rotated off the off the road freeway but they wrapped around smart. And just to get its grill and you would notice the dial it for the user -- That's right this is -- bounce off an event held an internal concussion but -- to -- wrong with a car. By this is more realistic of Prius plug in hybrid first what we just got one in the garage we talking about that later it has just arrived. But the story we have around this guy is that. Look lithium -- -- -- pretty soon. They're still running -- nickel metal high drive like most the UVs and hybrids but they're game reviews looking in my. Bright yellow this is the thing when Toyota launched the 2010 version of the Prius which is supposed to be a big update we're all excited. Seen if they're gonna update the batteries -- yeah with the in my and because they were using nickel metal hybrid for that they didn't update the batteries because. Put it is basically -- conservative company but now they're actually talking about future hybrids may use a lithium ion battery. And they really just you know somebody and -- in a leaked. This information that good one of the cars and that they haven't yet Japan I believe it's a small bands they don't sell here. There the hybrid version they're gonna pop probably yes start putting a lithium ion battery in that -- -- -- a certain cars certain applications. -- -- -- -- That's the -- is Hyundai has been out -- with lithium polymer technology which -- believes in the current Sonata hybrid I'm not mistaken that that's true and accused them I think the title of the first off. Affordable production car using a lithium anything. Battery and lithium polymer is of diversion of lithium ion. Apparently I'm reading into our our our poster cars dot cnet.com part of this is as they go to the Prius plug in. They don't want to have to put more and more nickel metal hydrate batteries in places are gonna take up a lot of space in the car. Lithium ion can be more -- -- -- into shapes that -- we've already got space in the vehicle. As opposed to putting in a big -- flat thing. It requires the floor be raised or some -- Europe's space in the -- like that. Yet there's actually -- lot of the hybrids coming out are going to use lithium ion batteries. I point out -- article here in the new Infiniti M hybrid will use lithium ion and we mentioned Hyundai. Yep and I guess this will also a next generation Honda Civic hybrid will use of the time. The race is on and no it was not even a year ago we were saying -- what are they gonna have with the in my -- Commonly in electric cars and hybrids it looks like this year and next that's where we're going to be moving to. The about I'm angry and you get a lithium -- your portion eleven. -- there really that's right that's right that's right -- what they do -- lighter and lighter and smaller and it -- through the -- -- yet. How much is it. Definitely somewhere between three and I've heard and it meant expensive options serious option added that if you -- actually about some milligram per track every album titled here's a picture of -- here's the -- lithium ion B ports of files part number 997 got 611 dot -- -- -- -- 00. Go to the -- parts -- now there it is it's -- it's very small visitors. I've got a truckload of those things I. When I retire brought back Alley gray market -- 9/11 lithium ion batteries. But the 0700 dollars a price came down now affordable. It's it went live about a year ago as an option for Baxter's spider at Judy's the most affordable and an -- -- GT three GT three RS. -- It the GT three and the obvious thought boxer -- -- but the -- right off the light and one that's right there that's you can give -- going to lithium ion vacancies putrid glory to start our. -- -- IB MW. It doesn't have all the answers are held engineering company but they do partner up other companies from time to time they announce that this week a -- with a PSA Peugeot Citron. Two that would joint venture to be 5050 in a joint venture. On doing the electric and hybrid car components -- are gonna work on electric part in a joint venture it's really much bigger than what they were doing earlier they had -- -- sharing deal. But they're getting serious about and it was tells us basically the BMW's gonna be doubling down even more. On electric. Which they haven't done yet and hybrid cars which they barely done. And back we've got the 750 active however comedians. Which will be units are an effort to drive a hybrid BMWs -- -- Then that history and a date yet you know it's been pretty -- -- about -- and obviously it's you know EPA regulations in the European media it was a everybody -- and that. -- -- -- -- The -- left them shared development cost which is the big thing. Yet it is expensive stuff and all that these companies even BMW was huge engineering operation you know can -- something rather firm. Which would think that BMW engineers are smart guys should be able to come up with a hybrid system on a weekend or at least Cisco rent a Prius taken apart and reverse engineer having to do to get the game right dad and I hybrid systems and that -- Here's what's going on -- -- portable now on handsets. -- comment on this we've got the latest easy navigator. Wii is what new. Will after updating to their -- -- the navigator four ports you and the -- renderings so kind of like how we've seen BMW and Audi vehicles now and even on the the newest version of Google Maps mobile. You get 3-D building data. That will likely shoot things that -- -- is intercept and look a little or realistic for the public that. Navigate visually. You'll forget how we and exits and what not but I mean -- -- the interesting thing is that you know I've brought up. Google Maps mobile on this is an app it's gonna be on Android phones. Google Maps mobile. You know a ten dollar a month or you know three dollars if you wanna use that day yeah which is -- -- price point right you have to pay to use this application. Who -- they think. In -- buys rights. Yes -- ten dollars and three dollars for it yet because Google Maps. It's already on the region and is stunning and it already have turn by turn navigation litigation is yet it's regrettable. Another thing is that the Google Maps navigation doesn't have the 3-D map Google Maps for browsing and three. Okay there are actually two different apps but I mean gesture area maps and navigation are different I've never know if I -- it in revive her it once now editorial on and -- nice map will mean. Who gets -- value out of 3-D buildings anyone -- really like it more than thinking it's cool out of Panama and connecting out of inning when it's good that I think it's really cool. It's definitely an -- -- titles but I would have played a video game right now and expensive that the -- did they think I'm flying road building right now what do you think this is great. Yeah I don't -- I don't see the market openness mean not in any major numbers ten bucks a month the -- Last time I tried BZ navigator it did not work well the only -- that -- Google navigation. Paid for any sort of navigation app beyond the one that authority -- the -- if they are allowed me to. Make a one time download of the map data that already use it outside of oh yeah offline yeah but this doesn't do that -- this is -- -- -- have the clout there. Yeah son of -- love easy navigator tell us why if you use one of these -- And that they've all got on Sprint's got their navigation Minnesota's AT&T in the same basis ten bucks a month of -- -- today. If you use that we were curious not to make fun to do and excel which we might but -- really curious because this doesn't really make a lot of sense sort of an Android device and even an iPhone. Well -- -- -- iPhone the at least I've entered via the Google map navigation is -- pretty weak yet you know I had would not try to rely on -- for I -- and -- network alone going to use of the economy and on AT&T seriously mean without all the time about how the phone based navigation -- when -- when products services group well. The service a lot AT&T as the fascinating new video -- -- urgency. We'll demonstrate go to CNET TV when you get there with our show today. And we have a brand new video bus speed to the Verizon iPhone four in the -- T iPhone four -- a total sidebar but. Amazing the results and the difference in the results we got confirmatory yes. But it's still amazing to watch. Are so that's what's going on -- let us know if you use one of the ten dollar a day navigation or ten dollar month navigation things from your carrier tell us why we were missing a use case here. Now -- -- with roadside America coming into is -- garden. I -- this is actually one -- that American -- has been one of my favorite travel sites for a long time because. This site charts all the crazy weird stuff around the country. Like -- -- -- giant offerman on the side of the road access. Concrete so set -- all these weird sites by giant -- on public donut shop and see exactly all that stuff and so instead of happy to bring a laptop in your car and mobile connection and all that look at the stuff. They're actually making a guide available you can download your Garmin unit -- Garmin GPS device and an analyst -- you know show you what attractions are near where you are -- -- dislike -- -- -- -- to -- the -- -- -- Or I wanna go through the biggest thermometer in the world I don't care -- that North Dakota that there are let's go -- drip. Everything that designed by categories the day and they have some pretty pretty categories on their two. It is my format -- Wilmington Illinois as an example where we -- ago. The current owner of the launching pad restaurants and it's muffler may -- Jim and I giants. Has his business on the market this could be a place for us to expand our business pursuits are on the show but of wireless that the fiberglass statue of helmeted man holding a rocket is a rare surviving -- Forman configured as -- -- -- The -- cell that was -- with an accessory potency and open to being infected them up format what. It was weird error in the nineteen -- I get -- as. You'll see a lot of -- -- attractions from the highway. And a lot of times people cross country they're on like the major and if they get it illustrates things as you would take in the -- -- and -- that -- having. Even if you're not navigating to Illinois with the intention of seeing them -- when and if you're like Dexter Garmin device and -- -- a little POI and the map that says. You know the world's largest ball of twine if after the next -- like I'm gonna click on the -- Arctic cat is an -- and after that. The -- oil it. I think what's interesting is like you say this is not on the interstate system with on the old highway it's -- -- -- -- -- six gigs -- there's a place in South Carolina musical top of the border. And -- line. Anyways it did it and it's on the East Coast in the company called up the border -- always TVs currently you're getting there. Getting -- -- exactly -- -- -- miles billboards and ultimately air back we could afford to do that yeah -- in Dillon South Carolina. Here is sophomore -- that -- -- that America. Citizens for the Garmin devices that particular guide and on you know about the deepest places -- TomTom have any similar downloadable functionality. I don't -- pretty much all the. Have the ability to load custom pure white -- so whether you're loading roadside attractions sort traffic camera is -- Or or anything like that you can you can eat five -- these sort of like the data and it's just up to. Roadside America or whoever is providing that information to give it to -- its -- that you can use. Rats -- this company tested a program and they could do for TomTom as well yeah I guess it's. And I see no reason -- -- witnessed it and it's an important function makes it easier to. If you saw our coverage of -- in tune from CES which is -- -- Arguably -- -- killer it's a serious in car telemann X system coming to. Coming to Toyota vehicles very soon if you haven't seen this you gotta check that the major move in the business right now you may be able to get on and on Toyota -- -- -- OnStar recently went. Two and after market mirror you can put in any cardigan on star -- Now it looks as though Harmon which makes the -- system fertility is at least hinting that they can rule this out to other cars. -- CEO recently was talking during an earnings announcement a few days -- probably saying. It will the ability to take this -- to offer it in the aftermarket business. Is definitely on their roadmap and they're doing a lot of attention from other auto makers to have two directions -- may go and -- be called something different most likely because each car company would wanna branded separately out the Harmon -- a supplier to these companies and of course they'd have to. The car commute have to put this functionality in the car and interact with and Q with this that apps and with the full -- with a full vehicle and all the awareness of -- but if it's available and after market that's also very cool -- my system from what we've seen. Got some cool stuff going -- Harmon makes that by the way in case you're wondering Harmon of -- -- payments the parent companies of -- -- And this is a system that does five major at the Scott being which is in this case -- toward. And of course they can have more so -- -- -- -- -- that does break out of a carmaker or aftermarket as well as BMW moved to. Do NFC on the key -- -- interest. Gray -- in the NFC near field communication -- thumb sort of a short range wireless outlets you can use two -- send information you see these things in. Those kind of credit card key fob that you can you can XP -- -- company pay and and whatnot the idea would be MW want to do is. Combined the sort of short range communication that she would use to keyless -- your vehicle. The idea being that you can use your BMW key to pay for your groceries but then also they demonstrated. A connected -- -- in the car so you're. Driving to the train station you pull up on your you're you're -- index system that's -- -- buy ticket. You buy the ticket transfer it to you keep and you get to the train station and get out -- -- -- as. These are -- to -- on the train. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet there wasn't what video I thought to what they did as they showed a guy like unit train station like outside the car in a cell -- out and he wrote any kind of held its key near the cellphone. And -- signal went from the that heated cellphone and paid for his is trying to also -- -- out for the Smartphones. Another thing is that yours restarted CDs and if the technology showing up. In phone. And if Kennedy and an Apple abilities in the latest degeneration -- -- Apple looking at India five it's pretty big over in other countries as well yet on the bottom Nokia handsets have it right. Now what I wanna see is instead of combining my wallet and my car key -- -- be able to load my car key to my cell phone. Exactly and I don't have -- barrier -- chief. I just download my car key to my cellphone -- in the car at -- -- -- anyway. Makes total sense yet makes total sense it went along the same lines of be connected services where you can unlock your key using like on stars out. That's where that -- -- -- together. That's -- -- to the morning -- unlock in the -- the carmakers have got their heads wrapped around its -- were comfortable with this receive a lot of concept cars where the iPhone or even an iPad becomes the dashboard -- down on the roadways. The -- -- could be at risk in a few years and -- -- is very cool and of course you're never forget your phone because it via -- card not going anywhere with what they -- You don't forget your phone that's what we don't do it and -- -- battery dies. You can't drive anywhere to -- to charge. -- huge atom in our view that being a problem now but then the -- -- you just keep the key on the phones are engineered differently they start to engineer a second because this what you -- so much in the phone like unlocking -- here's an image of how you can use it also of the BMW key unlocking your front door of your house victims -- did this also in their technology preview seeking. Pay for things unlock your office or your home and a we say than your phone could get the civility goes all these different ways. But these -- to re engineer constantly so they've got to batteries -- the life or death battery. It's only used for things like NFC's that emergency ends and has never attempt yet at the seamless battery to PC it's just sit -- -- doing it's one key function than your regular service batteries the on the conduct. It's just a minor and not a minor but it's an engineering change -- the the industry embrace elements alone in baited into my arm neck. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you are kind of he willed or by what's the important stuff to have in this data -- -- maybe want to buy a car we a lot of emails about the company that what should I get what carmaker has the vast array of it integrates slide show. Of the top twelve car tech features out there right now they'll stick it through anything from BMW I driving control features like that. To voice command technology who does that well we talked about 3-D mapping. -- premium audio has been around for awhile but there's a lot more choice on that now -- check that out it's over on our car tech blog. At cars dot cnet.com. Jump ball one tech features you're buying a new car now what's the one that -- is a must. Negotiate the rest away but you gotta have. Bluetooth hands free with dial by name was news writes. Because that is that. Lot of people -- -- now and that's because it well Ford of course Ford Honda Kia meant that on the yeah I think accurate in my Acura has yet. BMW has -- cities that says it's it's becoming very common I was very impressed by the BMW 740 we were just we are using it -- -- -- -- that you're able to hit the button and really give it a long history of command. As a public other destinations saying. System where you wanna go -- it was a 2352 street San Francisco California not. Beat for city beat for street -- for city beat for country deeper access to its -- one V but given all that and that's that the court to great voice command and general -- except MB for start -- -- -- -- -- -- this. -- and deeper are you sure you want to start guidance and -- for aft view. And -- out -- got map at that point I'm sick of it and -- for -- -- because there's traffic problems because you waited to Antuan. Top -- I have my way -- only one that I have to have of them pretty simple is a Bluetooth audio streaming. That's becoming a must have from guy yet and it's just because I -- really don't see myself buying an iPhone anytime soon and all of the sort of cable connections their iPods entry the idea forward if you had a universal. A good Bluetooth audio streaming with the port would be nice kind of way after after -- drew the yeah if there -- that app link I was spoiled. And unit trying to just plugging your own astronauts cable and listen -- -- -- -- the only thing that ever use on it. Regular -- if -- -- north Arctic. Is music. Navigation the number Larry I always know where I'm going which is ironic because -- the GPS editor. Never been better and -- probably reasonable to get lost more -- never lost an early 2000 you're given a softball review we'll know the united. I used in during the course of the evaluate yeah you gotta make up -- need them I'm actually going anywhere and -- -- harmed just wondering annually just have to GPS yeah. -- An agreement -- -- Bluetooth there about the thing. Having apps in the car -- mean you know like pandora in our yeah you don't. The stream you are. Like you Michael ugly and -- -- yet built him in -- yeah I -- yeah I find I I like that idea to give them finding and even as good as Bluetooth has gotten in some cars it's still. A little -- you get in one -- and it's -- -- the American of the phone or if it does it recognize it but not the -- connection that tends to fall -- sometimes it's -- the hands -- still there to get the -- -- it's like. -- are connected please connect the phone pullover stopped in his -- -- driving. But yet we're all cut on the same hands free wirelessly yeah I'd pick -- secondary would be cool he. Cooled seats has -- announced the news worthy -- is not cool but no one likes that Alex traffic patents on my second favorite features graphic data traffic traffic -- it that way or traffic that at. We're gonna -- wait to Houston where the good the worst traffic in -- -- creep analyzed two miles an hour. Okay so also many -- view right now is for doing the show on February 3 of the days before and after this aren't dying in the snow storm season of light. What is going on with everyone except the West Coast. Soft satellite map of the storm system in the day it's two thirds of the US and a knife opened by repelled by the health of its. I felt that. I found guilty you didn't you know that out of that looked like wow you even coverage -- beautiful south everything was just completely covered in snow storm activity so this is interest in the we have a a -- this week about. Roads that could melt. -- the solar panel. Soaks up energy when the sun is out and then can use it when it detects cold falling on it to put that in the heating coils. And melt the snow but more than maps. It also does. Imbedded LED signage. So the stop that they normally paint they -- on the road in the lines for the turn -- -- all that could be done as lightning. Also -- same battery and therefore -- him as though you could change the lane dividers. -- the basic idea here is that that this is a so the idea is -- a solar roads so. Imagine just miles and miles of freeway all solar -- there they're collecting that there could generate electricity during the day. -- you turn that electricity into snow melt due to personal melting technology. You power the only -- you can even you know shut down electricity in the grid and power house writing give it back and this is -- -- a prototype it's actually really got twelve by twelve foot. Prototype piece of this accompany -- and Idaho that does this it's called solar roadways of -- from Boise. And they have -- it's it's actually a piece of non glare non skid really tough. LED plus solar panel plus wiring in one -- complicated piece of stuff. That's why it's 7000 dollars for a twelve foot square right now not the -- whole lot of road at that price yet. With with interesting -- that -- collapse due -- -- is glass it is glass resting on glass tough. Non glare somehow a non slippery and around Baghdad at that lecture yeah but in the story also talked about a effect in model. Their -- to model their mentions during one is that the full power electric -- the other one is actually. Uses sort of so two pipes to -- with something like. And any reflect material that will actually hold an amateur -- -- -- of fluid of what's I would ask all the heat Kia. And it would -- that the heat in the road. -- Using a gift to thermal energy and that of -- one yet. -- to have more of a simple system of Israel allowed just when it's still. 121000000121500. Dollars 454. Feet of route it was cheaper but -- It's not gonna replace asphalt these guys that papers -- the real problem the solar wind is that these draconian dirty. You know penalties -- reckoning. To get as much energy from the sign -- Man that you these roads clean acoustic guitar miles and miles and dinners at the challenges solar in general the efficiencies got to get hired -- leave it on a long stretch of you know limited sun it's -- -- -- -- keep itself going as -- think back to it and our story here. Related but because -- good pizza party conversation -- -- apartment or something snow removal in New York cost one million dollars per inch per season. -- -- -- -- of total fall in -- referenced the -- pricey so 38 million dollars a year they -- I guess they get 38 inches of snow average per year in New York born here. We get a little more by a few feet. We've on a lot of you know talking about automated cars and all the different ways you can do autonomous cars and of course the various challenges the government sponsors in the various. Things and bad there's Robin bond movies but. This is the greatest remote control car. Ever couple of dudes in. This is in China I think it's in China. It's out of it's that out of Nokia Asia worked with these guys and they took literally one of their own cars to BMW one series as I understand -- And they hooked it up to about two controllers. And software that will actually make the car operable from their Nokia -- something rather -- just twenty days to write the software they say. Almost hard to believe. And -- what the clip but as you're watching her musical version it's fascinating. They go through the whole -- of how they did it having gotten the -- -- other in their right in the code installing modules and all this stuff. And then they get to the actual driving him because you watch -- go through the whole sequence and see how they did it when you get to them actually driving this thing. The -- while it's right out of which movie was that little appears president -- -- the second of his -- movie was coming. Yet -- which simulated -- -- Not that I feel that -- -- you said -- yes and he was just as -- -- laughing and driving around and two rocket off the roof yes yeah so here's a they've got there once of one of those gonna orange cinemas cinema color ones in there at the high speed sequence of them putting the controllers in. And -- -- -- interfaces and harnesses and stuff and they take it out there and the -- ought to attract. They checked a few things -- they got a bunch of controls to run the panels that's where obviously. They had to do some electro mechanical they couldn't do it all through the electronics in the car which I'm not because this car doesn't have. Electronic braking we have very few cars that they -- they -- -- the front -- drive. Turning the steering all buy the phone it's up -- a lift right now they're making the -- go back and forth so Mike my question is when you -- for this thing out to test it. On on some parking lot or something. One thing away for. -- some sort of. Fails to a remote control cars and new and if -- -- Medina in the form actually brings -- they -- look -- -- but here's the TV show almost every time they do apartment. They always RO RO don't control from the they have their filthy to keep the -- giveaway from -- and it looked like there in a pretty big open field and ultimately did get away at college and ran into a and B and the more. Well that's great FFA okay that's all. But it's it's a -- -- you to watch these guys take you through the -- through to see the car over to see what they did -- software -- you you really get the feel they really are like this is so cool we've built the scar. That's running on a Nokia phone -- through Nokia's global all the press that nobody in it nobody's edit it fluid that's right not gonna be me. This is the strangest story the week. Coming out of a piece a researcher -- mob which is mobile loan -- advertising network. Among little factoid since the recent research they put out is -- -- -- work with eBay quite a bit. Three to four Ferrari's -- sold each week on eBay that's not a big surprise eBay is the number one automotive site and the biggest automotive market the world. But that's just on the mobile. I just find that amazing and now we can't that the Vista from the web. But it just seems more flippant to be sitting on my phone has that ultimate car brands in the eBay app for iPhone and that a -- -- they're talking about and yeah yeah they they apparently cell. -- of runs very got a very expensive cars often these apps as somebody said there -- don't like. Yeah it's gonna go buy that McLaren SLR two -- forty -- -- do that here on my phone. The impulse buys -- -- -- behavior in the market for car anyway and use high blood -- bone that's where you happen to be but it's just it's it's just and its mind -- to say I bought a car because people are -- of the that I buy cars -- need to even -- this -- -- -- -- -- autocratic leaders sought. -- -- -- -- -- But -- -- one big step further it's like yeah on my full while I was having a drink at the bar that's it that's cool. -- in reality how this probably goes down at somebody's actually checking out the car they're right there may be given a test drive -- LKL. Put a bitterly to buy it by now Vietnam era you know because obviously most people not -- most people look at the -- before they you know but I just wanna buy an expensive card even on my phone isn't so I can say what you get this car I've go to my phone noses. -- -- -- -- -- Right yeah right. It was at midnight and Broncos -- -- hanging around. Over the back of the Town Car get a ride home account of this. Bought it. -- so let's say that's that security is this week through an arrogant or email her voicemail and we will but this is what we promised -- last week we have some we have some great -- -- news for you starting on god willing starting on the fifteenth of February so a week from next Tuesday. We're going to launch new spin off from car tech live called CNET roadside assistance. We're gonna do is we're going to get our shows that's so much -- -- right now we're gonna bursting at the seams of of an hour plus most weeks. We're gonna spit out the email that you can -- you send us all your comments in question especially your questions for help. Your voice -- which are great as well -- a lot of those and also how to tips that we've got and make that our real help and how to show about cars and car tech. And put the news and reviews where they are -- -- car tech live. That'll be starting on the fifteenth it'll be Tuesdays at what -- that we picked. Right now and it's the reality that yet. The first show and I'll -- live game records you're -- be recorded for a couple weeks we get some feeds and stuff built up but it's gonna be a new show and that will have a a link for -- soon. The next week yourself you can subscribe. And we hope that you all subscribe to the new scenic architecture which is -- -- roadside assistance that details more on that coming next week. And the week after that we get launched but does stand by for that and get ready and we're holding some your emails and voicemails that are really good ones that you don't hear -- -- answer you last week or this and wondering what's going on. Only some good ones too are getting those first few shows though is that let's get -- emails. And we have one here from Jeff in silver spring -- who says he just went to the Washington DC car -- looked at a replacement from one of their cars they wanna get rid of Nazi. -- he gets her Malibu Mac's. -- actually looking for a microbe then which would be the Mazda I -- Or the -- cutting boards seem Macs -- out there is little utilitarian -- great for cities and urban areas and employment for that Maryland is prized. Out but his problem is that day looked around the -- they haven't looked at the different options in all the -- tram what you get into the high trim options. You have to -- other scenes with -- Safety equipment tracking control. You know -- automatic there you know power adjustable seats and all that. Leathers it just comes with those and he says he has -- and likely as part of all the high trim they are very wants every carmaker things what you want anything more than a basic are you most want -- must want air conditioner which any recurrence. And he -- want this so what you know is -- the -- choices here. Well now because I mean the auto -- when they're doing these options there they're really going to the lowest Komondor you know kind of the mass of what most people want most people do want leather seats. If funny interesting and -- -- in really expensive cars you can often delete you can actually. You asked board yet -- -- you know provided Bentley or something like that they'll do whatever you want the -- city still offers the MV tax which is their synthetic. Greeley -- -- army had better -- a lot -- -- better than a lot of leather and a lot of cars and Lexus will do a cloth -- their partnership with Paul McCartney a few years ago you respond to his -- he said no no animal products in the car I'm not gonna take your sponsorship. So they do offer a I think is to offer. The cloth -- on any car. So but. Given that that's those are expensive cars and neighbor child and her monster Ford you're not spending that got so I think I have -- -- Mazda five net net every covering the seats not a very easy option I don't think he and -- -- -- a a company that does custom covers yet. It and that's indeed mostly -- leather color -- so it's now going the opposite direction that they may have -- synthetic Europe -- -- now with easy when you -- over the leather or. These are -- reefs -- and hit the right here here you take your. Trim off. In what could it have the when -- this on professionally com and it's pretty easy to do though on the you could do it in your driveway. If you've ever. -- -- -- And other -- just as -- -- boring meeting this clip the rings on the bottom in the back of the cushion the bottom of the seat and you end up this kind of sliding over like putting clothes undersea. So thought that -- I don't know if they Mika looking for if they do cloth. Option here. At sounds kind of pricey pairs of got a difficult to me and my dad is gonna you're selling in almost nobody gonna do and then another option would be to go to a salvage yard and look for. The Mazda five had been brilliant cloth seats would do compromise divide and all the seats out and replace your old ones with that's a great cost effective way to do -- That better is if you would join like a month the former cloak. You can often post on their that you have leather seats -- -- -- swap. And when they get done laughing -- Australia you can say I've got leather seat if somebody wants them to be 500 -- from your -- -- and you connect -- make me your money back. That that's a really good idea yet as you would give money back -- that's considered the premium -- Erekat skin kits range from. 2000 that we 200 bucks for a two -- okay so let's. Front and rear seats that's pricey yes a -- lot of money they say here it adds about 45 bucks a month your new car purchase if you're doing this because they -- lot of dealers use these kits from casket. And that's spelled by the way AK AT easy KIN if you look at that but -- your best options -- bone yarder -- -- I like the out online forms which -- because the thing about that is your. Even leather seats are going to digitize and the meals will use them that is going to waste yet and you get some bucks says an account that you decide for -- your -- etc. etc. but that doesn't have a -- -- Bailey. I think this is what about navigation no distractions Matthew writes in from San Diego here and an issue about. How we could enter destinations. Before they would let us -- -- are driving but once and most carmakers I think when the cars moving. They like you now know enterprise -- if you have a solution. To the kind of navigation lockout could. Today we -- -- that -- with your passenger once and it destinies and that he says there's already a sensor in the passenger's seat usually aren't that he for the air bag yup that will. For example my backpack in your bag but it -- in the passenger seat but the seatbelt not hooked. It won't deployed year -- does not enough -- for example than the airbag will deploy. Why don't they use that the sensor to detect -- passenger in the car and then disallow a lot Albert if they did the activate the lockout that passengers can. And -- the -- if the public patent. I think it goes back to the whole they'll -- Core reason -- -- -- out there. -- -- -- -- there in the first -- -- because they the manufacturers and basically covering their wrath of the suit. That distracted driving walls arts who are ruling be -- -- the wildly from. The country country from state statement. County -- county. I mean there are. You know probably within the United States thousands of different. Levels of -- driving down the municipal yet so. In some states. It. Even the passenger is not allowed to look at there you know look at a screen that's in front of our. You get the update the line of delineation is the back of the front seats yet so if you're sitting. In front in the FriendFeed than any sort of interaction with the screen is still considered a distraction to -- the rather than. Make a card that you can only -- on George because they have you know where relaxed laws or you know were. In video out basically they do -- they -- everything out. You know that if the general idea is that you can. Number they don't want someone to run into a tree you on the some of the navigation system and sue them because you can sue mcdonalds coffee and you can get it as you can -- -- for a living you get distracted in the those. Pretty much your your only real option -- those look for a system that will mean even the one that locked -- we usually -- you. Navigate the laughed at the nation and our search for the nearest gas station -- widget that doctor Clark that. Or find the -- that got a good voice command system of the usually the voice command does not now that's of the -- -- -- Idea the idea -- we have voice and having all the ones that do -- do have ports so -- their voices also often not good. And then the button for the voices on the driver so your serial. If the passengers sit there and they've got the address in the are on their iPhone or whatever it's and a look that annoys me more than when -- in a car and hit them with commencement in the passengers that something oh yeah that's actually a mush that I'm doing -- I'm doing The Today -- modern -- equivalent of don't touch my radio but don't ever -- -- -- Don't talk when I've got the -- -- open from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's the thing and and Mercedes-Benz forums saying what what what what some people do is -- let's -- on someone as -- my -- infinity and -- -- Mercedes he plays -- switch in line. On the speed sensor wire that connects to the GPS unit -- the switch to despite the sensor. Input your address book to switch back but the probable sensors disconnected the GPS unit thinks you've stopped. I know so it has to recalculate your location once you put it back into -- moving mode that the -- This is on that market system it's usually -- -- is they have the parking -- lead. In the stall out the market yet installed aftermarket unit you have there the parking league lead to connect to your parking brake since -- going to do and not connected as -- sounded well -- I. And can watch movies that you -- photograph -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not so responsible -- in you do. Further thought advice is not advise them that it's just that that this is that the information that being -- I'd do it for -- -- -- -- -- If you're -- -- it will only -- you'll want to do -- a -- repeat testing because have a parking -- death. 51 input against -- good interview on -- -- -- -- -- -- up an entire what you just isn't moving -- their forgot that well sometimes it might -- in the videos. But the political party -- on your desk. Okay let's get Norwalk -- section speaking of busting of testing things like our credulity about the -- you see on the road. A -- cards over the CNET car tech podcast show page at car tech dot CNET -- -- work -- amnesty or. Let's see here's one spot it is different Cisco at SFO -- -- this one in. This is say well as -- due to send us a picture of the arrow in your hand but this is -- even better what is on this well are you tone -- W animal white under body. Yellow top body move didn't. But that -- management's. The the touched with a -- to make this weird pattern is that it's up almost every just walk -- ever. It's actually -- it's -- racing stripe was at baboons and pinning down the senators. Sort fast car but the speedy cars at a recent often -- -- that lets Europe. Cars off -- guys in the airport and headlights -- still a typical police they're both up heroes through one of the other one of the other. What are you going used to wires was the portion he had that had. Without -- my twenties I guess he wired needed to get -- one at a time when girls in an when he point 9124. -- that's what was it -- -- can -- That's excellent -- -- ladies what we think him while that was just not so -- that clever Dahlia. -- let dealing with -- go to the patent and other statements. -- does take a look at -- Mexico walker geneticist who put this on their car. Low life now and it's a record label this gentleman has found it maybe -- parked the car club -- -- -- -- right writer life and yet. But is this this is this is this is more of hasn't been that big old 22 -- thing isn't really lowered as of the energy Grand Cherokee yours -- big wheels big like what's the point do something and and a mid twenties. Apathy and low light spelled L -- YF you I'm mistaken budget committee of the club and just think -- unfortunately for club -- all your members have to put on their -- -- that's. You better name right units and by about the mean that we're just not cool enough already -- a photograph biggest white door that -- Movement with there's a sad sad to -- -- sex that's a great great vintage Japanese gardening on the economy -- new vintage just a cool car and that's what. What aquarium -- and it's like asking them Finding Nemo in the air brushed on to the effectiveness and -- the best part is you're watching her video overs in the fish on the lower front of the drivers nor has my same reaction to this car. His validate it is either going -- like like I what is this but I -- and elect a nice dark blue -- neat idea is that it looked like it mean out of water he did look the other day -- it down from the via -- records in the roof for -- -- -- -- a nice deep blue down by the rocker panels and its paint -- it could it. Could have taken off the 240 SX -- -- it but I guess that was too much work but I guarantee it's probably one of the only -- -- fixes that you can -- and the market that hasn't been -- with an incident -- -- -- people get -- -- -- motto passionate -- on eBay. By the rational yet easy you never driven over thirty miles now let me when you take the start attractive you know laughed -- Two words but while they're laughing you win. You win it'll be a good commitment color and brightness right. But let's -- -- our on the road segment -- making go for a spin this week we have a very interesting BMW seven series -- -- -- -- seven as being a big dollar luxury flagship sedan which is what it is. But what -- that came more down to earth and at the exact on the dropped offer -- -- -- -- -- want to -- for a -- And right now they will take us on the road in the 2011 BMW 740. -- Now that. -- -- forty days so like a small number for area seven series and they've been 750. And 760 is for a while but that's -- it's got smaller engine although and that acceleration didn't feel that small. Yet it did zero to sixty in about half the states about it was gonna need. We don't actually have -- Big eggs that exact numbers for that right but it felt really bad -- is kind of car that will push you back seat. So don't let the smaller engine pull you. Yeah that could have been. Five to six seconds to sixty which is -- respectable there's also have active steering witches -- BMW technology. I don't entirely understand it but it's Wednesday they -- the corners better. Advocate sort of what they're calling speed of like what they're but they call speed sensitive hearing so depending on how harder out faster -- heavier on -- the -- from more stable feeling. Later in the parking lot -- you don't have to bring accurate. -- -- Absolutely. And of course that's part of a package. And this is that my problem BMW's is that. They penny pinch you on everything like this is a 70000 dollar card base. We've got 101000 dollars worth of options on that and a big portion of that business -- suspension. Another portion that is the nineteen -- wheels. And is a few big chunks there are also missing a lot of things it. You know it's this should have been standard on the currently this Portland's -- for example we don't have iPod integration. That is though you can't just plug your iPod anywhere in the start of the incumbent -- option the navigation system's hard drive based gadgets or music on it as well. And that Bluetooth that -- is standard in there. So it's it's actually got a view it's got a few standards and features but some of the stuff they charge you board this is ridiculous. And it's interesting because you think the seven series being head and covered here. Luxury sedan that you know competing on. That you know we basic 7007000. Dollars wouldn't be a good selling point though it did nobody any changes at that point -- even. You know trying to trick us into thinking that the base price that's lower than actually -- a little weird of one of those. Okay that's are some forty guy fascinating car cool car. I like the fact that it's it's it's it's less but the comfortable pirated use it's still a seven sevenths -- the -- -- -- bare -- thing but. Again they take out the what four point four -- open -- the business does 750 happen is the FB twelve -- -- 76 yellow -- and they drop in the three liter twin scroll single Turbo that of the 335 bot X is not a -- growth actually it's the older Owens field goal isn't I didn't episode -- Too low pressure Turbo chargers -- any chest three cylinders them. And dad yes that gives it. Three -- and 26 horse power. New direct injection system. And yet it's. So I heard the rodent that track tested -- star five point one seconds to sixty miles per hour BMW only claimed six seconds. But that's the and I heard -- capsules from the minute that the pictures of pretty but the -- -- -- looked too good compared to the it in his definitive Internet activity to that on the -- -- does a lot better than that I think it's probably more like. You know by appointees at the right right this is just a really nicely powered car the thing I noticed about it is you know -- -- try to get every day you will use may be fifty to 70% of its capability as opposed to a 750 or 760 using 30% or 10% of what it can do and every -- driving I like cars -- use. Most of what they've got. Not just tipping into the throttle a little and all -- sudden and -- sixty and at the next block a lot of those -- I didn't notice that the the smaller engine does. Start to lose a little a little back a little bit of power when you're climbing a hill accelerating -- I would get -- long climb in your kind of power that hill. I had salted then get a little weak on the power and the Rosetta breath a little bit as well when you -- when -- that the top of the revs you feel a starts -- -- ease back a little in how much of whom it's got. Not badly have a good transmission the -- is that transmission will let the attack -- apparently attacked needle hit the red. United's -- -- yet and it's got to be the dynamic drive stuff he can go comfort normal sport or sport plots to adjust chassis or drive -- got lots of ways to get the most out of that car yet handles really -- will really impressed by handling -- although that is that that happens suspension comes with the -- that it's spending comes -- and sport package. Which is their -- that -- 6500 dollar package yet. So let's talk about. Options on this -- That's what gets me. BMW so it's always gonna get our -- that for example you can only get a rear cameras of 400 dollar are all -- option period. IPod has to iPod integration comes with the premium stereo upgrade of 18100 -- 300 bucks you're standard rate VG guys mention AM FM aux Jack HD radio and a twelve gig hard drive. And the USB Jack as interest in the glove box -- -- as far away from the driver as you can get you cannot reach it while driving -- less human new bowl there's no way. To be in the trunk. Well be farther and faster but it would be effectively be further gives you can't reach that he. Out but now I think you puts them on music on the -- -- from that USB's yes -- space like you can't plug in in the USB stick and play off that you can't put an iPod to you won't recognize it but you can transfer MP threes from -- to the hard drive and you can back up that collection the other direction to the stick. And restore the whole collection and you can load vehicle settings -- you can't play anything in real time Moffitt -- Why that's the case the little that's weird the and that's why you can't reach the -- and it is that often it's an occasional thing. And the phone thing speaking of option you can get a Smartphone cradle which lets you hook up your phone. This is -- various types of phones not iPhone. Two power in the car and an antenna of course. Into the system for hands free or an iPhone cradle to to for the Smartphone cradle and they charge seventy bucks more for it. As well and all those in the console. Or you can get a Bluetooth cradle when you're hooked up via Bluetooth. But you get a hard wired antenna connection -- an antenna somewhere in the room for some. Lots of weird options for cradles and that's also -- because you it's still have the phone system you can still. Bluetooth carrier phone to the car and it does great just regular phones -- -- I mean we mentioned. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It left a bit -- option ever been amazed that it basically. Take the plastic button that you haven't yet -- controller and on the neck and climate control them and review controls that are on -- -- Replaces that with black ceramic -- -- Fix 150 plus I think an app -- -- well who really. Ceramic isn't really that good near you know what I tap them and -- my nail in the feel like that. Controller that was in the sign on -- -- had a plastic while -- kind of like a metal. May have made of recycled water bottles sound and now I'm sure they're nice they're considerably Ibadan almost 700 buck -- there. Let them believable. And I also think that I mean it's only by the BMW without that option of seven series they want luxury currently -- cheap plastic buttons on wise BMW you're doing that you are gonna look down at -- -- -- -- wouldn't loaded up that much if you're gonna buy this car if you wanna leaner more pure and somewhat more affordable experience I wouldn't go nuts on it for some reason I wouldn't go get. That engine. And active suspension which is 2000 dollars -- now it seems like a little bit of a mismatched active suspension is pretty like that option. That really does that make a big difference and -- Night vision with pedestrian detection is 2600 dollars console can be adaptive cruise 2400. Dollars that's one expensive but convenient. Head up displays thirteen -- do -- well as well as anybody. The rear seat entertainment package is an outrageous 2800 Boxee does give you I think the first I've seen of dual eighty inch wide screen. Displays like the one in the dash a little bit smaller than that they're really wide. But again you have to power it awfully optical disc changer in the glove box there's a six disc CD in the glove box -- -- some of the front popped -- disk for the folks in the rear. Little -- -- and also some 80000 dollar base price and I think with all these options you could run it over a 100000 easily are pretty close. Or you could go out and get a Lexus LS with a V8 at almost the same. Fuel economy. More power and save 4500 dollars on the MS RP base. And you're gonna get more basic tech I think -- ever came standard on -- And probably iPod and USB yet Audi a eight that's another option and you a lot of stuff standard automatic very effective ads really -- better option if you want -- -- handles. Yeah I don't know that the have mediate having come and load in it in and in six does that the Soviet. The street you're gonna pay you -- -- every big bucks for it was a -- start here not cheap for sure and eighties that on earth sciences with its higher than the seven -- -- 750 class -- -- should be. Say interesting cause I loved about was a really cool realistic. It -- last seven this would absolutely -- -- seven I would buy not a fifty or sixty. This is absolutely the right blend of power and -- it's it's it's the right amount for everything you really drive this car you -- you're gonna use most of what it will do in every day drive. Pretty spirited to be an issue. But as opposed to just using 20% goal with I would despite an elegant -- great engine agreement yet aren't -- review of echoes of what tomorrow. How come Friday which is more distant and that's a -- it was over. Yes our full review on the 740 I'll be posting on the fourth that's tomorrow yes and -- -- video goes up same David. Okay so tomorrow big -- you wanna go check out this very cool interesting. Leaner. -- presumption seven series for those who have. Lest approved that we says and the hard let's take a look -- -- -- CNET car tech. Garage. We are currently playing around with the scion -- that reviews up right now that would yesterday -- That's -- -- review and our video are both available and sum forty I would mention that the tomorrow next up we're gonna take on the new Ford Explorer the new crossover. -- full based -- non frame based car based affords more XLT four wheel drive loaded up all wheel drive. We just got between twelve Prius plug in which -- mentioned earlier in the show that's not gonna be available for another year -- change. So pretty early drop on that molecular test like this the Prius that's more batteries for electric -- but -- still. A hybrid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a hot gentlemen's hot -- right there and also the Toyota Highlander hybrid those two were coming in connection -- little preview of what's coming up from CNET car tech. Folks that's our show this week thanks so much for being with -- -- more details on our new show there were adding. Starting that would -- -- more news next week and it adds in on the fifteenth of February news CNET roadside assistance so. Teacher collier questions and your how to needs lined up in you -- it calls on the voicemail line. A -- that one right now -- 866401. -- you can call that now 866401. 2638 teacher questions in for our new roadside assistance show which -- on the fifteenth. And all your email for the show and roadside assistance can go to car -- at cnet.com. Show notes subscribe to the show get the back episodes if you're missing something -- didn't open your feed that's all -- car tech dot cnet.com. You'll find -- -- on -- we always we believe -- stuff -- playing with around here I'm Brian -- DRI ANC OLEY. -- -- C underscore asset. And into what does it do AT&T GOO. We will see you guys next -- --

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