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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 198: Special from CES

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 198: Special from CES

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Toyota Entune takes on SYNC, Android headrests, and streaming radio shows up everywhere.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cnet's car tech live real live -- international -- eleven I'm Brian Cooley with a -- -- Cunningham. It'll be ready pac -- and one good. Ervin and -- starter at Pittsburgh with that you don't wanna make between the anyway seriously good at it here the show. CES -- Consumer Electronics Show what we get all those -- -- but. Our electronics show but what we start. Right well for. Product -- to the -- actually the unveiled an object that not that has them DOD data the dash but it's really rolled out the new Ford Focus eating. Exactly the Ford Focus electric new cars -- to come out in later this year by November or December when he eleven yeah. Those are also at the -- autism -- is gonna happen next week. But it didn't wait for Detroit they did not predict where they showed up -- here. I alum Molly rotted out during -- keynote speech he actually kissed it didn't he he -- the good of the car because that. I guess you just really likes to start. There is there isn't love that -- -- -- here to watch your video over an area he's kissing the hood of the focus of Alan. Easy. The start it was funny during the keynote -- they talked a lot about the -- capabilities what -- can do 84 miles per hour top speed which is a little low. 23 kilowatt hour battery -- -- she didn't say the range did not once say the range of the -- which everybody wants to know -- electric car how far can I go yeah now. -- what we guessing. He accidentally -- it all around and there are couple -- assembly sued. We're gonna talk with the after the second but these -- public yet the -- for the card. It -- a range of eighty miles and there -- one time where they fit. If you you're targeted you to about a third charges thirty miles to -- in the -- that at that who have now. Ninety miles and then I'm we're guessing it's about a hundred miles that -- be the magic number 3-D right now -- fish writes. -- court spokesman actually told me. We're still doing the EPA testing so we can't say specifically but it'll go up 200 miles it'll pull bolts they were gonna get 230 MPG that are Wednesday in even of that numbers. Exactly and the -- but the really -- -- -- -- really innovative thing that we have not seen with other electric cars. If you can recharge -- pull in three hours. So this is -- high capacity charger in the -- the batteries are not so much the headline but the charger really towards. And it's gorgeous it faster so we're talking about how long fruitful starts at this supplement to and portable that charger ride the car in the car has an onboard charger which is that introducing electric cars do so this car's onward -- is that very robust more robust than -- -- some -- And -- the full charge and three hours which is pretty got a degree in home at 8 o'clock you'll have that are ready to go at 11 o'clock rights of. -- -- -- after a long day at work. Haven't cocktails after work and then by 11 o'clock -- that the clubs at that that's pretty cool if it got some other really cool things happening with the the the be my -- would buy affordable mobile left portable Wii yet that there they're smart phone app that they're developing the thanks -- to give users the ability to. Do things like scheduled to three hours for the absolute cheapest. Time for or for charging for you got a lot of little flexibility there they've also given people the ability to do things like track their you know -- fuel economy. It'll show you how many gallons of gas you thieves and you've owned -- -- electric electrical that but neither. If and then there's also an achievement system for the you know the kind of young audience that the -- -- -- targeted -- -- you'll be able to get achievements for things like. Using your regenerative -- world -- saving a certain amount of carved in north -- of those -- -- it but boy scout Google's little thing to America has merit badges right. It's written very Xbox Live B you know like a video game -- -- achievement than -- -- positioning. The the they fit the whole. Presentation referring to the of the focus electric out of the car but at an electronic device and there are drawing parallels between app and injury to lessen yeah usually -- We've worked well Mulally and it is TO on mastering its rough here four that Italy ruled that -- and of the UC EO Paul said we like to think of cars as just the world's biggest piece of consumer products that Allen said that that's the very top. -- -- -- Right that's the story that's going aligns its written for this show a lack of data we -- -- CNET state business out of that my port mobile app which can take a look at that that's. -- it was talking about charging settings on there isn't a screen that lets you -- range. A lot of back and eight companies only doesn't. Lot of interest -- kind of -- going on there and then there's no telling -- users reported that it had. Acted as the development while you -- -- overnight but you know -- Electric -- that they agreed on electric car rolled out at the expert editors if -- introduced -- so that's almost certainly be industry. Now when it and that's high scale charging toward the whole car but thought about charging your gear in the car. You guys saw. An effort by General Motors to make that -- its -- was wired. Stuff the company name powered maps that have wireless charging so they haven't had the you can put they have mobile path to get a path system area and you could now put your outbound with the power back -- -- charger by -- charging -- power had just signed a deal with GM to include these. These -- and all of -- models. They haven't don't that when these will roll out project. The first -- and -- -- and is the Chevy Volt which makes sense. -- decided this is sort shooting into a console well somewhere. And -- like you say there's still at this point. A little adapter -- you've gotta put on there is will be inducted charger can talk to the phone's battery basically it's very thin now that gas and -- -- -- that -- the that's an iPhone -- looks like that looks kinda like an Apple bumper promises to undergo the phones like blackberries you'll actually be able to swap the battery out more in inducted battery. Right that it won't actually be a panel will be a different batteries sold by yet if you -- a -- battery that the Phillies beat the flexibility and you also said this is magnetic. At the nice -- about the system a byproduct. Of the inducted charging -- its its magnetic between the bone and the pad. Leave your phone on -- and it basically sticks in place at their corner game in which he -- it is a balloon are you kidding we needed we actually need this. Finally the on the road segments won't have consumer products flying inside the capitalist enterprises can be no reasonable well my iPhone reflected that. I know that -- all too well let's move for the electric space to the electronic space now and if you were here if you're here at the audience at the Las Vegas convention center or following our coverage at CES dot cnet.com you know that. The big winner in the car tech category was in his system called toyotas and soon. And we can show you screen so what this looks like they'll be get a visual love it puts it is doing here is. You could say following and then one -- Ford's sync mobile apps which is a system where you put an app on your phone to its -- important into the car's dashboard but in this case. It basically it all comes over the cloud and you get five apps -- -- right now with sports Korea believe. Right well actually one initially with -- app link that's the pandora -- And -- they're just releasing the hope in the afternoon and we'll have another one pretty soon but a tornado is coming off the ground with five -- rollout down later this year they haven't specified which cars it will roll out in. But the interesting thing about this -- you don't actually load these apps on your phone. You've got these five apps and -- really basically services that come through the -- Q I -- You don't web services that come over this master app you put on your phone one time which is basic conduit that. It basically allows for sophisticated control -- and we've got being and the -- they -- -- on this is they've -- focus to realize the results -- all feel like you're not gonna get collectively garner. I heart -- clear -- streaming stations have 150 streaming stations -- there already pre categorize. Movie tickets dot com obviously. -- -- wherever you go right. Open -- Pandora of course if you're a pandora -- he should be in this building this year. All handled with pandora and everything correlate directly -- every. If not every -- differently every after market. Car stereo may affect the residents of the pandora integration yeah was that through the pandora link. But -- Toyota says they're gonna have in the year ahead. Five -- units by radios as they were saying totaled three of those five we'll have this basically built it. Right you have to have the the navigation -- navigation -- -- -- -- LCD that you -- also mentioned that that that was our best of that's the -- that best of show car tech category. For this CES for CES 2000 optimistic. Let's talk about related to that we saw amounts an all -- version that is after markets that you do by adding a a mirror to your car -- changes here. I think -- just had to releases does everybody has always ask them. Can I get on star in my -- ten year old truck -- lives you know 55 year old resident. -- -- -- -- this is actually. You've -- -- thing a lot of this in the aftermarket companies trying to believe they always like to say -- we're creating after an OnStar for the aftermarket have been. U2 or three companies over the past couple years that this joke and that other cartoons that have been -- -- and then -- -- kind of it's just Nelson did and just got a clue that market up okay because they've got the big brand after market on there now given the real deal and this is going to be how much money for this guy. 299 dollars for the -- unit you get a professionally installed. And -- the service please of the standard OnStar service is I think is that that. 1890 bucks among days and that's about you one there's some services you don't get with this. Unit though. You don't get things like automatic or remote door unlock or remote car start because it does not welcome in the Carter Beatty to court. Which limits the amount of -- you can actually do. Which you grant to Lexington visited solar orbiter built of the matter right which -- -- to give evidence on barometer accurate enough. But noted in a manner which I would think swings -- flips all over when you get heavy accident that's that it. Later they got it worked out everything they tested a lot of different cars message on a wheat and different cards -- the happens in and legitimacy like Toyota Camry and you know Ford Explorer on all these -- but ultimately grants -- on -- card although -- airlock that. Some more -- let's keep testing. Let's -- a few more mature works. But we also -- from Hyundai blue link you said it's similar. Right there's a lot of tellem addicts at this that's that's a very exciting things where it announces into your system. Odds are -- they're dreaming of after market down OnStar and then. Hyundai came out with a -- automatic service for their cars. The ideas they're bringing that they had to tell medical services that you expect things like remote door unlock gas safety features. Theft prevention -- it. Locate my car packed with features and this also has things you find import -- turn by turn navigation you. Popular operator talk to -- a voice. Automated voice system and I don't find the location for me -- -- some things. And this is gonna be available in the entire line of Hyundai cars or even that it really cute accent all the we have to you know -- hundred Genesis in the bigger ones. This is this out of -- here again Amir based interface. Like OnStar to get to the -- in the blue link button on the left and -- the on -- there but that's a little logo button. And SOS button. The road gets up to directions requesting that you -- button -- to realize there which is the Bing search on the back and I believe. Microsoft's commitment to being back in this sort of installations here article and tell us about. The thing that most people. -- If the basically pioneer they make -- areas car navigation system. And they've actually paired -- This service called -- radio Bob Harmon and national and basically what I radio does is it is a aggregators. For your FaceBook stream your Twitter stream your RSS feed you or your podcasts. The idea being that what I radio did it take those -- Converts them into an audio stream and then they'll actually. Read -- to you over your car stereo now pioneer partnership. Will allow you to -- or an iPod or iPhone. Reading definitively -- phone running the application. And I control it from your head to head unit though it basically make the -- service that supposed to make. Interacting with -- -- networks safe. Even safer by -- component -- and allow you to do it. With that that's -- the things -- read my tweets that's -- my follow on Twitter and FaceBook wall updates. We -- we the people it's. -- first question is you know are you gonna be more distracted -- -- gonna see -- infuriated. It was a good behavior and our friends close relative with you -- the of the kind of people enough followed in the -- Katamari got a question to the -- concerned. And often inadequate stagnant in the constant crops up a steady stream of course also the guy path -- -- like. But -- that that he's done right here at. Of the they've also got the ability to play podcasts -- -- network of over -- hundred podcast that apparently today they -- radio traditional but yet -- they can also read real time. Location aware Yelp reviews for things like I'm looking for restaurant fluently read allow restaurants that are -- -- I don't. No -- -- -- all I mean you know those don't refute them. It -- -- -- the others -- people out there on your FaceBook wall in your Twitter feed in your car as audio. -- -- Well -- didn't -- that okay let's move on to -- related things -- longer which is this -- accident CDC. Arguing a combo for GPS. In the car out of this improvement mean is it the -- head of the that they they have two lines of those big big screen index unit the areas your video. Unit -- don't have -- yet -- -- GPS navigation units that do now mostly flexible lets you upgrade. Your media unit GPS for the views look at 300 dollar -- you gotta buy tickets to area well actually in the bag. What this does is it allows you to upgrade the new line between eleven line of GBB received receivers. Just about looking up here iPhone running the motion it sepia now -- -- -- in this picture on the right of the video. Only JVC eight units of ActiveX guys. And it's got the app running. And than average -- the screen but I'm not seeing the same thing on both screens instead of just mirroring which you would be on the app which you can do with a video clip yet what this does is the -- actually -- the dedicated stream. That -- able to interact with. On their their debts worth doing things like maps and the -- and -- similar to what's with the and it in -- -- India or standard navigation now the app continues to run on the phone if you get -- dashboard mounted. You can interact with the yet separately from what's happening on the screen -- -- things like a compass or the next intern lower even -- apps you've got two different panels -- Primary display and secondary late August with graphic artists do -- they've got two monitors one of their -- -- -- -- power tools yet very cool. This is -- isn't real right so basically you can -- but buying a two dollar. Video like that that's very cool. Now we know that the -- people here have a car win dvd head rests. Failure of dvd address. You really you bump -- up in the -- avail of the rolling lemon. -- -- dvd -- that's the point of our next story -- stupid -- we're doing instead is audio boxes decided. Okay dvd -- it's okay that's kind of old school tech at this point but what if we instead. Also -- Android. Tablet functionality -- right now I effect -- street out in their press conference and just said. Dvd sales are -- and certainly the if they're having a hard time filling the -- people are buying them. An address they had -- yes -- what they've done is they've added basically stuck in right away they just slapped it into the headrest. And you can -- -- recommended it. Running on about -- seven inch screen. It's got -- one gigahertz processor behind it and it actually connected unit through Wi-Fi you're gonna have to bring your room to other Smartphones -- -- your review video of it. And it. It's that it's not even using the elegance the kind of developed it on their own it tablet proceed but not running the new -- -- a three point oh yeah the specific for tablet Atlantis but -- tablet like it's. Of icons like pretty standard Android stuff yet -- the the idea being you can watch YouTube videos you simply Angry Birds. Although it's the resistant sunscreen I don't know how did you -- -- -- but then you can also -- you think what's he needed through Winamp. But it had brain -- it because they're low cost brand and their top here top. If it's a concept they don't actually even and an accident scene they're gonna -- to market. They just cut -- out soon. -- -- -- -- mean -- lot of folks are talking about iPad. What pigments plant in a lot of those and the Germans and after market and there's an obvious that the tablet -- has made more sense. That network. But a lot of people sticky -- in -- pretty much everything there are no new entity that would add storage it has been about it and everything has been going on your phones. Tablets had rests. Car stereos. -- integrators refrigerator upbeat it's some televisions. A variety in these -- the car here we -- -- -- -- focused -- -- about it here but it. The only car that was here GM and VEN dash V electric network. Vehicle. It's kind of like a segue cut in the -- split apart -- -- a couple seats between the axle line or along the axle line side by side. And they had a couple of map here to go writing again but I got a video book talking about it knowing you've written -- -- -- -- -- Right except basic idea I've watched your video of it and you look a little frightened I sitting -- -- well that's a sweaty because it was so hot there. But that -- doesn't sweater hair that was what have long wondered for ambient temperature and -- climate control in the thing electric. That you're right and you had -- G -- ahead of the developing guys break any pre was driving us around and putting it is to see how responsive or easy it is to drive it -- -- really good. Which keeps it from doing we -- jerky moves. But it's lightweight technology so we can and of this works. And it was -- good. Talk about concepts we've said. Any plans for production on this -- -- -- -- -- -- super -- well. Maybe in ten years to be non got missing 2030 of the earliest though this is not coming anywhere but the cool thing about it -- -- -- -- -- are. And upload the -- using -- -- works is that its its network. These cars to talk to each other. And drive themselves around. And so -- save space to which the cards -- the sort of in the smart -- There's -- -- the port I believe it is four feet long that I thought that it's a huge game. And it's able to followed hit the top because its computer network when there on the relatively -- -- of them -- -- like. Eighty or 80% -- -- needed road space if you had a whole world Robles city who's using these are a lot. Which is very cool thing about this car is that there it is. The -- -- the personal mobile. The unit is that day had no luggage space zero -- and that seems like to be a problem here. And only use it at this at little -- trailers. If you feel that part. Of the videos -- a little bit look at this clip this thing. But every -- a lot of things like this from Japanese automakers in the -- of like the Tokyo -- -- Three Japanese having these sides had went out to me and the Ellicott bubble -- -- space -- -- canopy. Bit different body styles on it but again it it hovers and balances on its wheels into the little theories because it does does this. And you've got a -- The can be used on left -- right it just it did -- over. And that Yelp has -- screen in the middle of it because they envision this being so automated the of a lot of time here is to do nothing except video conference. -- they have cameras mounted all around envisioning. Are useful work time drive to work is here under. The rumba. Again definitely around a little tiny little that over the circles that eventually -- the -- -- it yup you like you're working for you James Bond villain when you're driving that right there -- only -- twice. Right through the -- veto and secret lair invites -- knows that pushed my buttons. -- let's talk about another existing very futuristic development that was -- -- got a roundup of kilometers and have no physical Eagles no actual display that is -- Virtual. -- -- yet digital instrument cluster now involving. Used to for years an entire 19100 -- analog gauges in our instrument clusters celebrities used to that but that's probably gonna go away. The idea that a not a maker can put an LCD and instrument cluster and have a virtual. Screen there. Nvidia showed off by a really existing concept using their 3-D graphics. Are running out of a tegra processors and -- -- powerful processor. And they were simulating glass and doing full you know 3-D graphics for this display. There are a number of other ones to the -- name this beyond the does a lot of automotive -- -- mission if you conceptual. Instrument cluster displays like that you using 3-D open GL graphics. And the great thing about these about a maker you can configure them anyway they want we can even make some configuration options available for. You know the user the drivers who can say I only to see the speedometer I don't know -- to Komondor I want you navigation in the screen while I'm driving. A little bit -- that in the in the my Ford touch on the little displays you compare those downer or blow them up as much you wanna see. Jack would jaguar has the video. Where XJ actually has the video screen and the -- -- then that's class in the would be at night vision option. Has that's odometer that's actually display that can turn into a night vision -- you of the road ahead. I think -- the land rovers has it. The -- projects system exactly -- are out but this is like a big push now to really go. Screen I don't know why -- has taken so long beyond you know this technology underneath here is that the processor power I guess. It's better to -- -- -- -- of flip 3-D here. Copy everything -- speed floating in front of attack that we going back here somewhere and then you get across landing -- if you want assistant Cuba with the a Garret the attic. If you wanna see like -- maintenance indicators you gonna. Peer around behind the speed of the could be hidden back there are no buttons to push to bring -- -- it's fascinating stuff. But -- -- thing and Nvidia developer told the is that. While a lot of the stuff they do is designed it. Get your attention -- they're designing lot of graphics that are designed it that they really wanna grab your attention. With these displays they don't wanna record and to me they've actually wanna make it seems glanced down -- information you need them look -- as soon as possible legal use. Being drawn. Q it's Tuesday and so that's one -- you can actually relevant to pulls up what's important the time it. So you're not looking at the exact same layout that may not be the most important -- information representation for your your situation like -- power flow meters in the previous in the hybrids were just I don't wanna watch that the power goes through the engine and the battery and all that and authorized to think that. But if you're if you're running low on gas all the sudden the fuel gauge tool -- will -- get bigger. That. Its polar. You know 50% look at the cars we have today they don't have temperature gauges in -- but when you haven't overheat situation at Walt want to pop up -- -- as chickens. Until the allotments of these -- that's all they have. Okay our last -- -- technology very serious stuff we saw here at the -- that. Beats on C tendency is coverages the or greater. Actually it. To be honest the product that I would probably never you look at that they'll ever put my phone down until it's time to do this show. But. It's basically a you know a little duplicate to your car's cigarette lighter -- power from there -- -- -- Bluetooth module and it you pair with your phone. The idea being that it if you ever get in your car without your phone mean if you've elected -- lacquered emulated the house before you work yet it'll buzz. And illuminate lets you know you don't have your phone delete yet that you can just kind of like a little idiot light logic areas. Turn on car. Bring your it's powered up searches for alone did not there. The new light up and -- if it -- there hadn't happened to just sit there and also on other powerful model that. Served at look at the USB charger for your phone was not just sitting there taking them they are doing more but the unit at the good reminder for -- -- they leave our phones all over the place. You gotta helpful when you're actually not used in your car -- Could squander it but I thought this. I would rather have a USB charger than its global -- -- -- anyway how about what we're talking for the double in the -- the opposite way that lets you know when you meet your phone in the dark. Exactly my thinking of unplugging my iPhone and do -- be able -- -- -- the interactive -- -- dashboard. -- in the console the glove compartment I get out of the -- be very nice to have them instead I looked upon in the car before I get to my apartment to the office whatever. The iPod the bylaw that left to review card to take -- -- third one now. Couple -- nanos I haven't lost the touch yet it's just a matter of time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cars dot cnet.com we our. Packed with a lot more depth -- -- argued that the highlights but we're off to Detroit next as the Bataan death march continues around here. Among the -- redundancy in just a couple -- -- because two dozen cars. Hyundai beloved mr. coupe but not really what we're looking -- -- -- Rumors of the current Internet for the better part of a year and it was supposed to be -- -- back. Four cylinder engine well the -- -- that stimulant for that -- port forty miles per gallon. But then it turns out that it's not really duplicate it -- -- doors eight them accurately when door on the driver's side. To stored on the -- Santa -- report doors though it. Weird the weird form decorated it publicly at me respect to looking just like that -- idea -- no rear door on the driver's. It could. It's been it would just be -- one for. The that's right they could lower the price of the do -- -- to install. Aren't one -- Scotland through the Mac guy and also the -- -- -- -- Prius driver. Okay grant okay giving -- -- Getting our rights though the new Prius the first -- we told you guys you are so that they're gonna turn Prius into a submarine -- a Toyota so that we'll just be a model it'll be -- -- of cars obviously all hybrid dies but more than one bodies dial. And -- In this. Billboard -- -- Photo it's been going around the web it would look like is the current Prius in front. And behind that he kind of a -- -- monopoly revealing is that the additional -- the -- -- the additional -- this is called -- -- simply viewed -- the name and doing around the Internet at this point -- we'll find out we'll get to see the real thing in Detroit that next week. But this is kind of a minivan sized little a little bit bigger than the job given standard Prius. Five Monterey it's a little bit longer in the in the length by just a few inches. But -- over -- -- just basically -- higher slower harking roof line to create more volume inside. Interesting thing is is a trend going on here because most of five have been selling really well. We'd like. University and -- -- They just sell and then of course the new Ford C max which was announced a few days ago and -- could be in the US released the year but it's basically amounts to five there's something about these Mazda five killers. That are that the that are coming out of the woodwork was because the media and it's huge now rightly so -- a truck. -- though they need of in the flooded between them for somebody who didn't wanna carry them his vehicle around -- -- needed to from the middle seat. You know my passengers sitting after the treatment the other possible to open their kids are small -- -- its knees or domain -- Cancer so for the rest of the world the standard Prius looks like a pretty huge -- that's that much resides. So when you mean when you raise up through the -- a little bit and give that extra -- and that's at the minivan most of the world. -- -- Vista because looking for Detroit. Our Detroit coverage will begin on now on Monday when the press preview opens there's a will be heading over their -- so your text -- in a car they need a lot to watch over cars dot cnet.com now. And in the days ahead that -- -- of our special CES when eleven additional car tech live thank you for being with -- Wayne Cunningham and -- -- myself Brian -- Enjoyed having you here and we will be all over Detroit when you coming up. See you later.

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