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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 197: Tale of two pocket rockets: Honda CR-Z and new Golf R

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 197: Tale of two pocket rockets: Honda CR-Z and new Golf R

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We drive the Honda CR-Z, and await the new VW Golf R...Ratting out speed traps gets kinda legit...The VW that sounds like a guitar...and Google plays smashmouth with the auto nav industry.

We drive the Honda CRZ. And await the new VW golf off. -- up speed traps gets -- legit. The Volkswagen that sounds like a guitar. Google waves smash mouth with the auto may have -- -- Great folks that's what's awaiting -- -- that and more had so much more. Someone. -- episode 197 CNET car tech lives. -- each of busses got a special holiday treat -- have brought it with me. It's the packet of Jessica in jail -- not supposed to eat. Today the will be article holiday -- as a passenger on the table. Each of us have all these -- to have a little bit of holiday treat it at at and bring much you can tell us that before. One -- surprise -- should probably bottled overhaul -- a little washed it down -- -- -- says Brian Cooley with Wayne Cunningham. -- -- one good one. And we've got Kelly Hendrix at the controls this week Mitchell Chang is out on his ass somewhere. So let's get to this -- by the way if you're just joining us were in the chat room as we started things that was their last show for 2010 is we into the holiday cycle. Will be back with you with a special -- live from the Consumer Electronics Show on January 8 at the end of our normal -- -- -- be a special Saturday show that week. But of course in the meantime we're gonna have tons of stuff from CES on the -- tech blog at cars dot cnet.com. Lots of videos and slide shows and blog entries and you name it as a lot of car activity going on that we'll get to that in just a moment first off let's get -- -- news this week. Speed traps have always been kind of unsavory means speed trap reporting -- covenants -- -- community thing where you know let's. Let's try and figure out where they are so we can go speeding from school zones or what have you but it's getting a little more legit now and -- There's been web app -- been out for some time now called tractor and and basically if kind of user generated map. Of these sort of driving hazard if you -- call please author hazard. So what happens is users are. Now on the highway this year cop locking people want the -- in the market. Using an iPhone Apple Blackberry app Warren Andrea. And it basically gets reported to select that nine point five million users who were using the service and -- and everybody can benefit than knowing where the top Florida avenue the radar detector know what happened is. Nav tech which is the largest of the major -- in traffic providers just bought factor. For an undisclosed amount of money -- -- enormously paid for it. But what's interesting here is monastic pretty legit you know -- -- -- -- the biggest company in -- after kind of with -- -- -- -- -- with who we like to put into the question of -- legal kind of technology words he basically helping you circumvent the law. The during the usual -- interesting so we were talking yesterday Europe. -- on their approach to stay non pirate is -- Although probably try to spin it as deterrent technology where they'll say well you know. By knowing where all of the -- and -- cameras are -- meet -- For more faithfully and I've actually use the -- -- the damn thing always going off that you never actually get comfortable driving anyway. But I mean. Where I'm thinking maybe at some point they're gonna -- this into there there traffic services -- something else that you can. You get traffic data you also get Republican -- part of that this is this is the look at. Our zip code here in downtown San Francisco you can go to bear live web map and -- -- in our -- and here we have -- Our cameras and signals. Can't bring it up on me -- well. If he good traction dot com you're going to find that you -- to visit go to -- concedes that -- -- A link at the very top of their site and you can take a look and I'm looking at while lot of stuff going on in San Francisco. Many of the moral order called known enforcement points that's pretty soft that means that they of people seeing the cops there before but -- -- -- to their right now. But there are lots of red light cameras or are called the and a world are we need everybody if you put all landing you'll -- they're they're they're. Actually marked. Around -- security know where they are -- -- to room but I mean yeah I can actually. There are a couple of these and there's a green dot what is a green dot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- point expired known for -- what it is I'm not used after before -- budgeted that. Users have to verify it so. Somebody will. -- -- traffic camera and if it hasn't been reed market a couple of days it'll count fall for the Mac and expire so you okay -- the idea is that you only really get the for a systems -- an adult -- beating it Q you're driving on the road -- you'll notice some of the -- cancer. And it faded out. Somebody also -- dangerous curve what when was this. With Lombard street will. At the intersection of two median ninety -- -- that that is the classic speed -- that big 10 yeah there's always the -- And now it and an overpass there day -- right laughed. Yeah that's right it's a really good place to report on there that's why I think that they've come does hit those great sweeping off ramps there are other beautiful I'm always open the right lane by the time -- get that perfect and what equipment to function but it. All right so -- -- nav tech coming together looks like the legitimizing of trying to find the man Google really took into the nav industry this. Last few days this week we have a piece -- -- video. The Google has posted as part of their nexus -- launch which is what a couple weeks old now but this has been circulating around where they've been showing. The idea that you know what you really shouldn't use the -- your car you should use the Smartphone navigation and most smart phone companies don't quite make -- so clear as they do in the video that Google has put -- shows. A guy and is a child or driving -- eventually learn. In what appears to be a Ford Explorer. I think -- escape. Lives and -- -- -- I can escape with a recent but not totally current generation -- head unit. And then as the as you hear the navigation directions coming. You notice that they're not actually use the head unit before it's actually the camera pans over it's the child in the passenger's seat -- -- Google nexus that's that's a very cheeky sort of way of them saying. When he bothering -- with -- head unit. -- is -- holding the phone when analysts and it was garment district in Carmel opinion you're gonna you're gonna do it. -- is is Paramount that the rocket hit it. Click the edit edit Tuesday haven't yet cold at -- -- hold it doesn't help that tells the -- -- -- well he did it. It's kind of the the the the future that people have been for telling thin bones have started offering navigation particularly since Google offering that free navigation. He looked every time we post the story about GPS device -- eight comments in the bottom going. Standalone navigation systems are dead it's time to get on the Smartphone and I mean -- I'm picking on the people but I mean they aren't aware that making a good point. -- -- why would you carry around -- -- and also I would I would go with aren't they. While would you completely give your car's navigation system I mean it's in there you mean for use it gets in the middle use it by the idea is. Don't order it. And you gotta admit this -- the -- come as a set themselves up for after all these years of 2000 dollar price points. Guess what guys that's gonna drive people away. Just -- -- -- but American voice command button on the street will and then giving your your commands about what address you want to get details are fun. All the -- include an Android phone is pretty damn good idea of an answer when you can religious. Whole Luther button until the does does beats the -- -- and his group. Navigate to in the -- -- -- and -- do it it's pretty close enough stuff to reach for that don't map button on that the phone yeah. And that that's my thing yet because he and the wheel we should be doing and hopefully expected. To right now and you wouldn't do when you're driving what you. Now -- -- owners out there birds stop whenever. A so anyway Google Google definitely starting to get very seriously directly focused on -- we can replace automotive -- here's what it doesn't. Doesn't make any sense to me I don't know. That -- guys -- went missing here but VW's got a new branded audio system coming out of the 2012 not all the VW's but some of them -- A fender branded audio system. Not car fender but guitar making vendor that's intriguing Mary intriguing -- -- Nobody I mean everybody's heard of -- but they don't really know them as they audio system builder of -- They're almost entirely while they are entirely -- a maker of guitars and -- And banners is a strange brand association I think for them to say people to think -- and think -- great car audio system. But they all think balls he sound I definitely think that's could be cool and it could be like Rockford policy where you get these really -- Ridiculously bases system I'm sure it's gonna be really balls -- and not very finessed. But it's a strange -- for -- for VW which is with the new jet have been taking increasing tack toward americanized thing. And Camry and accord -- their car because that's their only path to the massive sales gains of -- promising. Is to become more white bread and less of a German car. To be -- the cheap stuff the jet and it took a lot of more interesting features out of the most consumers would never notice like in a better suspension most folks just don't care they don't they held -- another car they would notice there was better anyway. So here they are now saying OK what's our next step toward the -- -- Wal-Mart -- station of the -- but given up fender ass kicked in label on the audio system. What it can -- the Stratocaster this in the -- -- and telling the guitar. Usually able to plug your guitar into the front and right they should have a microphone and an input on the concert artists have been input they should -- -- that the drug is -- speakers there like a base camp that are a guitar lead cabinet that you karaoke screen change them. Or that every copy of rock and that's a good time VW addition yet while all -- their marketing wait a minute. The stupidest idea that -- site named -- but Tony twelve WG get a -- way it's not made by defender pivot Panasonic. I wish they did note that at the head Jetta GL alive they'll get it thank you -- goes idealize the sport unibody one Catholic would -- yet -- As what to BS around its its of the system as -- moderately complex and extended range tweeters improperly voiced sixteen centimeters speakers. -- blah blah. But that's -- no system has been tough talk and no one's ever done extended range that never heard -- these newfangled meter sixteen centimeters speaker's voice is at the same as a five and a half inch driver why wait a bit and a meter that. -- it is. Back our right so -- on a much less cynical note toward VW they are we just posted this week on the carpet blog bringing the gulf are back. To the US and a lot of you have asked about this car when -- -- gonna come back Yee ha super hot golf. Scandal. Of people I knew personally we're super excited about this the company of basically are thirty -- owners. Wanted all the way yet there are just like -- and needed new golf. And I'm waiting for this when the come out I mean this is. I guess the similar vein to the 32 needed Olivia -- when he can that the lower number for the -- legal -- The differences were the our ability to -- the V6 this is the term charts for their vote for -- -- -- all wheel drive still. About it identical if right now that a direct injection using. -- the the public address system uses is from -- -- -- -- in apartments opera going to be great and this is the 256 horsepower Turbo four. With a lot of power a pretty small car. You know if similar horse power to the month -- three in super WRX. -- is different the month beat -- front wheel drive for your work here all over the place but the Subaru of going to be a pretty good super competitive that I shoot up their pricing in and about 25 which would that a little bit more expensive in the WRX. But. I think -- VW lovers will -- Yet if it listed you can get it -- VW at annually and an -- and easily have a better transmission than in the the data directly Nvidia's -- -- deteriorate if you're gonna have it's about five speed track. -- -- -- -- -- Like the -- -- that that. I go farther on its way back and that will be coming as 82012. In early 2012 -- -- even next year so. -- oxide and then we gotta remember this is gonna happen next year its gonna be early the year after that it should still -- be bad as a model you're 2012 -- -- that early point in the years so if you're wondering that's going. Speaking of what's going. This is not. Credit card -- it's -- -- mechanical car tech I thought it was cool but no one else did that's where it's gone. Swivel -- -- is swollen notes this is the Chrysler backseat system where you could I turn the second row seats to face rear. To -- the third -- turning into a little club room in the back with a pop up table. You could do little picture of the family there you're watching -- video version. And it kind of Harken back to the old Chrysler imperial mobile directory these guys used to make mobile director edition and a pop up table. In the back and also a rear facing passenger front seat you could flip that around that was cool and -- the -- -- -- rolling conference room -- the executive but anyway. I didn't sell well neither did this one. The device will -- and -- yeah I like this -- And maybe they -- have the wrong mark support as many families and really wants an analyst look at each other cameras aren't communicating anymore and -- -- but if you had maybe more executive level car something yeah luxurious possibly. That they might work better in that because then people can have their ruling -- that's what I'm thinking than I don't you know executives love meetings about the about their backed by crippling dinosaur games but I wouldn't mind having a role in meeting room right when that cool. I mean heading down -- on a road trip someone's driving everyone else is not -- -- -- -- -- a -- a bunch of friends to be great to -- around the forty in the back. That a talking to someone's head all the time all the way down LA or wherever your drive and from here on and on those very sociable and -- nice -- and no one else thought so. Okay Honda Civic there's a new Wii gets in the early traces of what's coming out of -- Detroit motor show auto show. And the Honda Civic is one of the earliest concepts for hearing about it's going to be shown there here's a sketch we have at the CNET car tech blog. And it's real rough -- a pen and ink. With that -- of stepped on what a Sonata. Elantra Elantra okay right it really -- -- that Hyundai in -- -- lines doesn't Unix culture they call their design language. Very kind of wide and stretched out -- on this tend to be much more upright. It's gaining and that that belt lines and arrows towards the front yes sloping belt line that comes down and then gets -- -- -- on the headlights above the fender well there but that an incident that's always -- interest as I mean it's a huge selling car into the -- on my screen right now templates look in the tech we how much it looks like that when we take it was about taking. Now can't figure imaginary your minds everybody in Elantra next to a lot -- being stepped on -- -- at any civic. -- the same idea. Now what we have going on here in the concept is -- in town this pen and ink sketch for crime lab is what looks to be a almost entirely glass roof at least from this 13 quarter front angle. Which again is very stylized you don't really see any sheet metal at the top. As if they possibly. Are going to offer a full glass top all of mustang for example they've got 2000 dollar optional the -- -- -- almost entirely glass out it. -- -- -- -- -- Can be on the concept but then again Honda often their concerts often are very close to the production vehicles -- to conservative company with -- they're -- -- crazy weird stuff they yeah usually have a car that. You know the idea months later it's actually the production vehicle sold this be cool. The good looking bad -- looking car but again this is thus the cube version not the sedan in there actions today and that will be different dowdy. One -- -- amused by here is so many designers there's sketches they always these massive -- and I wanna know what when he finally news Zia. That's almost normal actually he is a look terribly large in this -- -- -- like in a very weird direction. Yeah that's great but the I think that's -- gadget noted -- of the broken equipment on the net that. And get the best part is to say those others don't like on the clay models that -- those they would try different is on each side of the currency which looks better. On the left side of the car they have a forward projecting headlight lands on the right side they have a deeply insight headlight land. In set so that. -- market different angles -- -- -- for us to vote -- or something. Like the headlights taken out or like the headlights that command I don't know but -- would about the -- tech Blogosphere -- -- it -- a check that out. And speaking of wrapping up the year we turn the corner at the Detroit show -- -- vote for our tech part of the years and it. -- -- in we start voting last week it's almost closed actually voting closes tomorrow sorry. You wanna get a vote in we've got -- five nominees the five tacky as cars we've seen this here. I started not to be 2011 Audi a 82011. Infiniti M -- Yes it does -- -- and Khazei hybrid that came in a later just got that. I 2010 Mercedes-Benz S 400 hybrid that they're big gap by ship hybrid and that finally the 2011 and Nissan leaf. Mean is there also link near. But people complain we didn't get the Chevy Volt. -- there we didn't nominate the Chevy Volt and the reason is pretty simple we it came -- pretty late we have an had a chance to review it. Yet we've got -- review on his -- all -- we have reviewed so we're choosing from vehicles have actually been delivered to us for an even footing. So that none of these are like well here's the car we think we're gonna like when we say it that we give you -- full review on -- and you can decide. So keep that even across the board that's why people not in there and the -- it is simmer down. -- that doubled in their next year spoke well. Twelve months. You know the good lineup of very different cars. But interestingly. Development for two hours. All -- hours. He knows the port or -- -- -- -- -- and they have shorter -- of the -- -- it is because. And I so go vote we're gonna have the link again in this week's show notes over -- car tech dot cnet.com vote for your favorite. Tech car of the year and -- -- the voting closes tomorrow the seventeenth. Of December depend when you're listening to our -- or watching it here you may still do we get there -- but we hope you do -- -- we announced the car tech. That car of the year winner when December 22 so. Yet to stand next week ago -- dollar notes in here and net debt figure out from our internal Jerry decide what we want and and the give the award that next week. -- -- 22 we're gonna have the final award of and you can go buy whatever we decide the best car of the year. Because yeah that's what we expected you are right now where I come back militant got your -- to get your emails were also got to go on the road all that is coming up. As the CNET car tech live podcast continues. CNET car tech live I'm Brian -- it is the sixteenth of December -- -- Wayne Cunningham. Antuan Goodwin -- -- the controls and we now dive into. -- all cars this is of course the time I'm sorry our emails and avoids that he does it type of the law cars. As I know you're not currently before we do those and -- great. Policy back up cameras we got an email this week from my Josh the bus -- were talking about how back -- cameras to be required by the federal government. In the next model year or for -- And -- of -- to -- be stupid. He has a feeling mostly accidents or in parking lots and your personal walks behind a -- its backing out. Camera would help in the situations of the usually can't see that close to the rear corner of the car debatable. That concludes Iran actually -- they can make the camera very wide angle and used a lot of these cameras and Andy are very wide angle he -- very far around. I think. Now heading back up there was there an excellent statement and I really think they they they should be used added -- just think the point also that. Opera people that are running over their kids by backing out over the in the parking lot they should train their kids better well -- you know how that goes into. At that low with a parent usually the ones at least control their children right that's the Tripoli once the one of the legislate it absolutely absolutely it. While we -- of -- of -- mind on this one. Lab out -- come on. Among the opposite. Out of touch -- actually like back -- -- even in small cars. And you just -- -- so much easier when you can double check any especially here in San Francisco look pretty good parallel parker. But you know knowing that I've got an external -- inch. When I you know or thickens as when I thought only had -- they can make the difference between doing like two or three -- -- into the. But -- yet one. Or -- the parking by braille woodshed -- don't know I never. I don't start recovers we see around this town this -- about a back of camera is the projection lines when they're done right. They tell you where -- the edge of your wheels are to avoid rim rash. The great -- is now with -- -- adult -- -- as -- into any -- you can't -- to curb. In a tight spot because there's no projection of the curve ahead of you -- the cards are so tight together. You start to lose track where that Kirby is if you back until the little bit and then brunch -- realize you at the curb because you just took off party we'll. So that's kind of nice to the lot of benefits of these things although Josh argues -- we -- -- of cameras mandatory. But we should also make defibrillator units mandatory at home -- are more deaths from heart attacks and death by vehicular back up. Part argue that one that's -- a I 30300. Deaths a year from back up injuries who knows how many -- -- in the tens of thousands are right though. You know that early heart health mandatory then that's a much different topic -- ago passed through the area and -- and -- of the email. It -- big -- we got a Waffle House question coming Nissan leaf. Guys the -- in Detroit today with seventeen says Dan. Of the think that -- -- 196. Last week. While driving through that -- -- -- thought of the Nissan -- review how will electric cars and hybrids do in cold weather what is the cabin heat relief come from. And -- windshield to thrusters and what does an overnight cold soak into the batteries. Of these cars viable the midwest winter. -- there is no exhaust heat from an engine you can use in the -- or any electric car. Two -- heated up cabin he built ability OK you don't you don't get that. So you really as -- -- -- to rely on electric heaters. And as -- August based studio by -- desk and it's got them. Now but it'll also after ranged substantially they can take fifteen miles off -- range you know that's quite a bit and so. -- on some places some conditions of electric car might not make any sense whatsoever. I'd -- -- also asked about what what happens on the batteries are left outside overnight leader car in the driveway overnight is that good for the batteries. While the idea with belief is that you actually Leo plugged in overnight and it's got power control systems to to keep those batteries in good condition. So might heat them up periodically as needed we'll let them freeze. Yet so that the thing plugged in overnight during that miserable cold soak in the point and -- teaming snow. Is gonna be essential. Because batteries do tend to be able rather poorly when they're really hot -- really cold I don't know exactly how these. Lithium batteries behave in a car. But as though we also know you can really do a lot of programming of these electric cars will hold or -- To have it do things at certain times it can pre heat the cabin at a certain time just like you -- your thermostat. In your house to go off before you wake up via one of those programmable thermostats. Using the in the car that's -- -- Think it's funny that the better behave in the opposite way of like the old alkaline batteries that they did anybody ever tossed batteries in the free triggered the current free Lander revived them I had to do that -- that doesn't work -- As you stay right here that was all whilst I kept my kept batteries in the fridge but I didn't so I probably don't -- there. We'll fill -- -- -- yet but I but I was sold put batteries in the fridge somewhere I read recently it's like now old wives' tale that some last longer it -- bring -- -- -- For alas -- lesson Goosen -- they've got and of they're likely hard drive in the -- right to last week to -- -- to work every apps and then I get it back on topic with -- hybrid. Well they just run the engine more often. -- we had the Lincoln in -- hybrid and they've got pretty cold one night and coming and in the morning I noticed that it actually ran the engine for the first couple miles. Because it wants to warm warm itself up. It's a cooling problem versus where and in elemental on a warmer day you would be able to run under mostly electric power at low speed -- -- Just crank the India and had it running just a supply. It was on how to program and I'm sure the all -- all -- advanced technology cars are being programmed in in a way that is gonna take into account the fact in the -- drama cold freezing car just to -- another few MPG or miles of range so. They're gonna give up arranging give you the heat you need but the bolt Emily uses coil -- they don't use a -- -- Even little girl's got an engine and it doesn't it can reliably count on when it's running so it does use the coolant on heater boxes well that's what you just bundle up more -- where it offers an Arctic and you never heard of Jimmy Carter -- -- -- his letter that at. This note that -- there's no issue here -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- because if it's that we don't have to and if you have an Arizona just drive with your you know in your swimsuit yeah. It'll make you get a little spray bottles and that eleventh spray mister in your face is no one your windows down -- -- -- -- -- -- right it's ever gonna see you more clearly sitting there in your ball short drive now that an attack and that's gonna hurt my resistance at. -- not going to kill myself so that's not cool. Our political voice bills this week glory me you found the phone at 866. What they'll never forgot -- -- 866401. CNET 86640126380. Get to voice note this week one of them comes in. Was some -- -- thoughts about our questions and discussion last week about why there are more developments in hydrogen cars with Nicholas. Eight Arctic is -- in Orlando and gets a week or two million guitar art hydrogen why would -- to -- The biggest problem using ID in the fuel in an -- -- is not naturally occurring in any relation before. You either have to apply electricity -- water and separate the patriot in the oxygen or excuse hydrochloric acid to all the hydrogen the actor coworker. There's no way to get hydrogen easily. It can be best be used as a battery essentially you take lightly at the water it stores electricity and hydrogen re. All you voters -- and combine action oxygen. But it's very inefficient but the. Got that don't work so I get -- point he also made is that. We hear all the time -- when they want to a press release about a hydrogen car. This car emits only water vapor number one which should give you a clue. To the chemistry was just talking about and to. It uses the most abundant substances on -- In the universe the universe and -- -- out of it but. That sounds like it's easy to get too but it's not the same as being easy to obtain its tricky -- he -- to break it apart from what it gets married to it which is always something else. Hydrogen doesn't like to be single. Patterson's I was in a bar and there are some different ways they've looked at generating hydrogen -- -- -- -- causes which is fairly low volume. You know they they were -- things switch grass was one afternoon -- -- and possibly molecules that despite eat up. Stop and produce hydrogen strip away whatever is attached to it -- -- offices are slamming water electricity. But again you -- -- electricity produced electric -- -- -- -- occurrence diverted doing that though I have distorted the some good thoughts there in the park but I cut -- was he says. He knew all about this deleted a book report in high school like -- button gonna kill your credibility -- that -- out. Volleyball courts got -- most burning issue of the late. Month or so of car -- here mr. in the last couple of weeks undermine all the stuff about the auto mode with legislation in the electric cars and what's going on with a requiring -- -- cameras. Let's get down to some comments on how we -- -- while. How's that guys retired lopped off last episode or you can enjoy the colossus blocked all but fortunately now on Toledo's so if you're -- per hour drive from cobol -- is that on the -- -- -- -- it -- obsessed. Okay Waffle House just outside Detroit -- Now -- -- right paradigm biathlon too much going on -- has no blizzard and an authority than that. Through lawful coupled no particulate. That something equally worthless. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yale. Just pebbles will study -- -- the Lake -- there it's -- -- I -- but doable -- that's the that's a fast driving -- but we could do it alone. Ought to check the weather conditional thank you for that would have -- there was a Waffle House that far north. Up toward the toward the northerners area there are Toledo you might be seamless ads that we if you work at the -- to Waffle House and -- any strange chance -- listening. Let us now. We should drop by the -- programs. Okay let's -- -- cars this week this is where you send in pictures of cars that are embarrassing and we put them up and part of the world to laugh -- Causing derision and modification among those who on the new in the most of don't know that. So that's kind of the fun we like to play we've got -- Horribly -- that that -- start with number three in this -- we have them posted by the way. -- was -- slide number one witches are RRR lifted. Off road monster -- Agree with that he top sent in around -- taken around 1977. Says Andrew. Who that -- these pictures during spring break in Daytona or 177 or 78 that's cool but they're being picked tires -- right there with -- recovery truck tires of these to put on. And -- prevalent piece like that Cingular to do that more than the bits into your run over refused to draw. Thus students were laying up again driven over but the kind of take the cars off -- I love about this picture's the people in the -- others to people in the -- them -- people sitting on top of updates up some -- topic is cool yeah. Classic seventies their cats yup definitely taken any senator at the -- is the -- cedar. And a and a four Wheeler that -- off rotor and all wheel driver got -- look at this the thing is this isn't just the lifted -- This is a body on a different chassis -- it's got for at least brings me to someone transplant -- the whole body on to something else and did a pretty good job. Except for -- egregious -- gap around the foot offered -- look like you're splitting -- now that. -- hit. They'd already measured or gaps in a give or take a millimeters is give or take like of the the rings size of a Churchill cigar and the nature do but whatever. It's got a cool aren't so that sucker a well off road four -- lift kit. This one is just sad it's -- Vista precedent -- -- laugh at this what is was -- in spotted in Greece is George C. What is that a Hyundai Tiburon yet. First in -- -- first -- with the bad with the spooky XT second generation with the headlights yet -- that scary what nos kit on the front. Yet think. In the ninety's like every -- -- film version of this kit available that invaders style of with these the call it. It's just -- a -- -- volleyball data for in your affinity with that the body can happen. It's just so bad it's just like. This is just ugly thoughts that by the lap -- -- horrible act of three lights on either side I'd like to see more activity by all the way across yet they wanna see individual lights across the grill opening -- let's just carried out although there -- the belt line -- -- the -- -- lights everywhere. Regarding your -- calls -- aside a threat portals and go back the lights but this is a crafty one -- a third one this week is a really very clever -- someone's done. At the Woodward dream cruise there -- -- -- drive in Michigan which is every August I think. At the Detroit this is a a yellow wrought iron skeleton body. Done in like 1960s. -- DP fashion. Of a beetle that took the body off. And recreated it as an artsy wire frame out of like half inch iron rod and the data all the wire rod yellow it's really quite. Stylish. And -- something similar -- this before and and Edison actually built on an old B delay out probably early seventies late sixty yeah. I'd tell -- the of them -- -- yeah yeah I can see right through everything this is that certainly. There whether card it -- -- this is not the -- for the snow. Are you kidding wow what what a cool resort that is they're gonna say we got a couple orders to -- -- and here. But those -- on one more until god this is this is we're gonna stop. This is also the Woodward dream cruise Seville. Early Seville first year when we call from drunk at that I think it's the Seville Yan mixing up my -- and Seville but. Where do we start. Let's start with the battering ram on the back. And that it's like if they are tired but it's completely linked you know look their -- the reflectors but they looked -- they -- real point I think that this is that he's made. A continental kit for -- spare on the trunk -- continental hang on out of diamond plate. You know steel running board stuff -- drawing board and that's not only made -- of them made it lake wide cinders. And would look applicants -- Although I would -- out of the famed diamond play all diamond later on this car like that's really a great look and lights everywhere and then. What does he doesn't for the spammers federal via do you describe that it looked like you think in the -- amid a complete. And discovered it and a reflectors -- aluminum foil bulls. And at at and other things. And it's currently stuck them public if a cap fund you've been really wide. Like -- -- tires. What's really cool if you look closely you'll know if you've got desk -- Writes pointing down on the local level that's -- place to look at night that's the part I love you got desolate saying look -- my wheels. That's cool and other technology these days you actually like them from the inside yeah I have to put -- museum when. However that they don't always seen kids in semen that lake put a little little armed they have elite p.s on in the the real understandably -- the precursor to the -- an -- and isn't version that -- Man this is this -- And he's got some kind of like Secret Service -- grab handles are on the roof. So he's kind of set this up in -- Kennedy Lincoln way. For the FBI can hang on. If he has to speed away they can jump on the running -- grab grab handle to basically shower bar assistance that. He screwed the -- then -- out here man of gunshots ring out worked out maybe this is and yet he limousine driver that fit. But that is the total security -- very understated. -- -- -- on the one more I just love the punishment. In do one more other bad green weird painted on the look and crown Vic is -- they. Yeah it's either crowned victor armored streamer rather that -- buddies now and -- those tail lights. You can eat dinner repair injured -- wheels the color of a lollipop and and -- Unless you are a lollipop Monday you know your one more of a little what we call this car. -- -- an impetus. This is actually the tango the tango in which we just talked about earlier this looks Photoshop but it's not. This is actually an electric car they sell. You -- around Los handles more more than anyplace else I think and his only humans and handle kind of thing. George -- you don't -- deeds it was a -- yet -- spokesman demands then maybe it's it looks like it's flattened out this -- looks like -- that. Like it's been squished domicile outside this idea. And it's got tandem seating sit -- drivers and front passengers -- behind and front to rear. Apparently a very powerful. Electric power system on these things that -- -- is sixty very fast. Apparently so because he seems to have dragster wheels on the back of this thing to keep it from doing a Wheatley. To the -- things broken down. Or was this -- them -- that there will -- week. Well I don't think -- have a bit stick a little -- foreign language but I -- but this -- -- the dimensions -- -- so who -- -- with these guys you can actually spot planes apparently legal -- physical with 39 inches wide at the motorcycle yeah yeah. So you could little -- -- with a tangle why you're gonna get way hated that it it and you're gonna take a -- reviewer reviewed -- you're gonna take a few shots to the head to. In airway -- and -- -- -- it's made of plastic. That's 38 around -- -- through there actually talking LA and as a blow to the about to happen division is shots to -- -- this is actually a carbon fiber body. The whole -- 108000. Dollars. For that thing yet but yet you're kidding. And apparently my dad to by the company 408000 dollar apparently Google founders Sergey Brin and a lot of them against -- -- Larry Page they apparently own the currently chaplain -- these cards for -- What's wrong with these people's -- -- merge them together in one. The difference is Obama -- I live side -- this idea take off the facing goers and turn it into a real car when you want a full with -- family travel and indeed dot com or -- -- -- -- to -- to enact -- -- the patent rights. It's like when the bat mobile have BS I can't break -- -- product of rocket and that that that. Allowed to -- -- a case I just. -- my opinion of Sergey Brin and Larry Page and George Clooney. Our rights are all cars though there's there's more folks because standard there's more we have the link in the car tech notes a car tech. Dot cnet.com -- -- to go on the road this week. We got in a car that has created a lot of buzz or on the automotive circuit we sought early this year in the early initial pre show room -- And that we got -- and it's an interesting mix bag from a -- as we take you on the road in the 2011 CRZ. This is a little sport hybrid from Honda many might think sporty hybrid to be an oxymoron it. Honda's trying to bust that myth. Think -- -- -- Yes maybe sporty. Sports a term I'd use board. Mostly because. This -- that we've got right now it's been equipped with an automatic transfer transmission and specifically -- -- -- gears. -- virtual gifts and a flip through here with a -- handles -- actually at seven of them which is kinda cool. And it's the CT. You know I've tried to do it zeroes sixty run in this car earlier what does deviancy and automatic load and it was. Absolutely horrible like that -- The -- just -- -- support I view this bloated there. And unfortunately that the car stopped accelerating and that went well. But -- manual shift mode it's actually a little bit better. -- With that you -- you get the -- speed up and and you get the give -- them. Horrible grown from the engine this hybrid system is made up of one point five liter. Gas engine with well the electric motor for some assessed. About a hundred point 221 horsepower overall. Get them -- stuff going on here in front of -- as well particularly in front of me this kind of -- based instrument cluster. We've got pods over here for the climate controls iPods over here for -- artillery controls and different drive and then. -- really futuristic instrument cluster. Yeah like the look of this -- it's got a lot of interest you lights on and you get -- -- a letter. And then a digital speedometer -- inside that solo instrument. Instrumentation is really tightly packed into a digital gauges all around. But the cult thing about it is if you put it in sport -- which is just touch of a button that that is ambient ring like that turns red. In there put it in eco mode and turns green. -- -- normal mode and actually fluctuates between blue and green depending on -- -- -- but along with this high tech instrument cluster and futuristic instrument cluster. We also have the decidedly retro -- older and only -- Project Natal and navigation system. -- I have this little doubled in that unity in the dash here it's gotten really just ugly dvd based maps. Bad resolution no traffic -- -- things that is a really basic system. It'll give you basic route guidance but you know it's baffling that a good one. Also this panel actually push a button opens up to reveal the CD slot. This -- -- -- and I really just don't like very much where did you have to open up this thing to but the CD inside and. Does make a couple of. Exactly what it says not to do what we did that that's how we roll he -- this car was disappointing on the road. -- has appointed oh wells is the theory. What you like that what part of it you like excitement not getting the sixty. -- -- sixty eventually -- isolated areas or does as horsepower car. It's not it is. A really good handling small cars though it really when it's off into the turn that -- you pushing we're gonna agree to let it down and they get to put in the right mood you really to get involved this -- would definitely benefit from that they vehemently the only one with -- -- with -- sixty but I can imagine would get for a car with a six. -- six speed manual that's a hundred of the fantastic six speed manual. And is so the CBT was is definitely not as did. The -- who did the man -- support two data on it I mean. Because their virtual viewpoints than they -- it happened pretty quickly via buddy and -- handles much more satisfying. But -- I get on Hussein did it does handle pretty fun you can really rotate that car around. You know if you can get the power in the -- that's the whole problem CDT yeah I just found in the CDT and the I think undefeated bull run to -- start stop. Auto start stop audibly and those opinions but which really bad -- every -- driving because the start stop is kind of slow and kind of course and as you mentioned -- in the engines -- coffee -- it's just it never makes a nice note when you read it's RI this is a really rough. Power train to again some of its its. Same -- of the insight really and if you've ever given that its media grinds and it makes a lot of nor I never mind that. Really rough much in there they're like the -- point it's -- it's much better in this one. Yet -- -- of the month to actually make it not very good and stop and go traffic rights because by the time it cut off. It's time to start doing again as an artist frank back up and starts slowly yet like it takes an extra third of a second -- start which is a long time in that kind of thing to return in normally and hybrid -- traffic you think no big deal that he really good gas mileage at least you can even like think about. You -- you really get that college of art now. Is it because it's it's the it's the fairly soft hybrid -- on his IMA takes what used to be the -- -- in the starter. Combines them -- they -- alternate they generally just -- and restart the car all lot in this case they also handle the regenerative braking. And as one of the functional thinking. Generates electricity does region starts and -- electric boost electric blues for the engine right purpose. So what's it does a lot of stuff in an integrated motor in the middle -- -- does do any of it brilliantly. Police that was that transmission well I think the move to the point that that. I get well it did -- an Apple needed to -- point of you know for what you get here you know 122 horsepower. 35 -- miles per gallon yeah you can do that -- small four cylinder like. You don't even media artist and -- with even the point of the -- made the Ford Fiesta of this the -- though the Honda Fit. There's practically this you have existed mail account. Miles per gallon and about in north Howard and it wouldn't even the point of league -- in -- car hybrid it's twenty grand delivered for the most base model. Before you add anything like the EX -- -- -- navigation we had both. The 123 horsepower one point three on the torque. That's all in electric and gas right yet in much. You know that you feel that TV and hit the -- -- 3539 of the EPA estimates we got -- low thirties and reality to her 32 that's a pretty good for reality but yeah like you. Like you say what's the point of the hybrid here. On part of fund I like the cockpit and local district panel thing was actually in. School. -- yeah I like -- lab out tuna alike on the seats are sort of in the mid position in the car. Other -- one made the point that death. I've you know we're both had immigrated appointed -- -- our combined weight primarily offset the weight of the hybrid system that lets the engine and I'll have to -- to really -- -- amid ballot. Retirement ballots not quite now. But let's hope Cochran reminded me of the early in sight in that it feels like a little -- person you know space pod people over Rhea which is the the other interesting thing about this car than in Japan at the -- -- Over here well really we don't have to the end of the back -- served missing. They -- a grocery little -- grocery wells in this carbon in the -- in Japan at the independent if it's it's actually too close to him for presumably because they can fit closer forward because the average height of remote. Even you know I'm 59 and for me to be comfortable there -- three inches between. The back of the FriendFeed and and where a person -- -- has -- no way that anybody would be able to sit behind me now not even know how you fit in the thing. All the way back all the way back and legs to straight for comfort. A -- you'll if you loaded up textile you're gonna get bad ghastly navigation system. For 18100 dollars. -- right. -- -- the best thing about that system as it looked when it comes out -- It's the simple doubled them out I said earlier I prefer Packard navigation systems and not the -- isn't it I'm not here mr. gotta get elected on the record. -- -- -- -- No live traffic on that system dvd based course graphics. One -- -- fair to middling voice command to voice command system run for the Bluetooth system. One for the nav system the buttons right next to each other on steering general but they've got a double they've always done that at super anointing Honda does stop doing that on their own to listen to this show. And I don't -- they do it they do it because the Bluetooth. On systems a separate option or separate -- installation from. Which command system for the navigation system you know and so they haven't for some reason panel way to integrate those things like every other auto -- and I love our company it's better than sign on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right so there's your RC -- -- -- -- thousand dollar car -- -- which we hope you don't it's 18100 dollars -- the EX trim level which has -- upgraded audio system with an Indian -- and more -- Bluetooth hands free -- lights. High intensity discharge headlights a couple -- little niceties that adds 1560. Probably worth that the CDT is 650 to cheap. CBT option but don't get it don't get it. It's cheap except -- much it costs -- -- driving on. And except as ala -- interestingly 311 boxes dvd does and what quarter to -- for now it does. It doesn't really think it actually -- -- -- PG on the highway -- quite a bit. The -- to -- ads on -- of the numbers every adds a couple at least so if you're looking for Macs MPG. And CDT. -- government -- easy to find the car for you the right direction did you go buy something simpler -- Prius. Yeah Argo by just to force owner does have a complication of this stuff from the unsatisfying drive -- with a start stop that won't start stopping and starting yes. Leaking of the instead of -- drive train -- somebody's actually done something about this. -- that -- -- group called LHT. Now a couple years ago they -- -- first Jin -- to inflate -- that I remains an out and put the case series into and out of the are fixed IS under the -- and -- segment 200 -- -- will they get their hands. On a CRZ recently and -- you can guess what they've done. The K series engine out -- I'm thinking acidic SI -- think in the foot like okay that they don't have numbers on -- but if I had to guess at that 200. Five horse powered unit out of the syndicate the world if underneath -- horsepower you -- advocate side. So everything works they kept all the climate control the kept attracting controlling my guess -- the only thing that it is missing is that I -- system and I'm guessing they. Probably when -- at the batteries out. Since there's no point having -- sitting around -- -- save some -- there were looking at about eighty more horsepower. Couple hundred fewer pounds yeah and -- a much more fun to drive car I'm presuming. That's cool to -- on production well there have been rumors floating around the Internet that -- need be looking at building -- the the hybrid -- he's been getting. -- -- -- Flak from -- -- us. Everybody has their rumors floating around that Honda may build 01 point six liter Turbo charged non hybrid the RC. Heaviest and that's rare for car company to take a model that is hybrid only and -- direction lumping in lake effect historic yeah. You never know that were introduced a hybrid model and then backed in a gas engine that I can call and I wonder if they would change the model name yet -- the theory is he being a high revealing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- model that. Is similar to -- here but it would still be a hybrid. Little known -- -- -- -- turbocharged one point six as well LHT also does ship the -- implants from a mistaken that's of the nation does that. Put a small blocks -- there let's go let's just amazing as they dropped the the V8 from the Minneapolis at epic might be a there have sites rather informative against -- -- -- it's like. Are right so that and more awaiting you at CNET car tech cars dot cnet.com or all of our car reviews live in -- speaking of that let's take a look at what's in the the cnet's car tech garage our latest review up on car tech right now is a Lexus I S 350 all wheel drive. Three three and a half leader. V6 that was a -- -- car that we think we talked about was about to post last week that -- up those looking for the I have 350 review. And we also have in the or you just about to be posting is the Mercedes-Benz CL 554. -- That is. Probably below most. Decadence car in the Mercedes line right now -- -- in the CLS is least has four goers but the sea off by fifty is the spiritual descendent of the 560 SEC it's like look. I have money and I don't care you can fit in the back of my car. Nice car -- and honesty are -- -- review of -- about to go very shortly. We right now have in the garage -- across parts of the year one of them is the Volvo S sixty T six the Turbo. The real leader six cylinder. The T five will be coming early to early in 22 quad 411 the five cylinder but this is the top -- -- -- -- sixty lots he wrote in about that once that when he needed VS sixty. We are just about to put that when -- zone. And yes we see the new interface and that once you get our take on the new cabin tech. So that's that's our show this week that our show for the year folks while. -- -- -- What the hell out of your gonna get your lot of guitars lot of good liquor. You notified us this show lives a car tech dot cnet.com. All of our current reviews news slide shows everything about CNET car tech is -- cars dot cnet.com. And even -- -- -- -- -- cnet.com. Is where you're gonna find us. Or emails a -- -- break we get these all put together for next year and you know where to find us on Twitter I'm Brian -- BR ANC OLEY -- is Wayne C underscore S -- -- is in Ukrainian TG OO. Have a great holiday a great new year we will be talking to you from CES in Las Vegas in early January by --
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