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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 196: CNET chews on a freshly minted Nissan Leaf

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 196: CNET chews on a freshly minted Nissan Leaf

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Driving the real Nissan Leaf in the real world, backup cameras coming to every car in the U.S.? Nice revamp for mobile Google Maps, and we're gonna' miss the Chevy Aveo. (Just kidding.)

We drive the real -- in the real world -- -- cameras coming every car in the US it's nice rebate for mobile Google Maps. And we're gonna miss this -- avail. Just can't. We might Mississippi avail I don't know who will -- the Chevy avail. And -- One Google that its -- at other assets though it's added it's -- -- -- you'll miss it yes. Wow. I'd start to survive folks Brian Cooley Wayne Cunningham. Formerly known as a little over hold. -- -- -- handle where this week. We'll give you hook if you bureau when the -- pronunciation. I used to pronounce it avail. They can still do half the time. Anyway it's Arctic like good have you here. Let's -- -- it on this show for so what -- -- six by the way. And this is our December ninth edition and let's see what kicked things off we have what may be the most. Most interesting piece of required tech that may be required near future which is. Back -- camera. But the show hands of you out there -- of economic antsy about -- -- cameras are and what would you guess what percentage of the cars -- yet. Yet -- -- well equipped yet. Yeah unless that's -- what that's that's BMW the -- you ala carte or three. Doesn't have -- back -- camera but it's got an LCD map. That's not cool so it's a it's a mixed bag is the story here about -- of cameras in cars are still come and who are luxury item -- that -- indicates below. Of the US auto safety folks National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering a new regulation. It it's not real loss is part of the overall motor vehicle code for a vehicle to be sold United States legally. Other would require backup camera and they have ballpark what this will add to the cost of new cars starting in 2014 it's not gonna be switched on right away if they do this at all by the way. They're saying that if a car already has an LCD for other purposes like the -- -- -- were just talking about it will cost. -- sixty to ninety dollars to add the rear camera the circuitry for the -- doesn't have an LCD that it needs to have one included in the camera that could be up to 200 -- B dollars is the actual retail passed through to you the consumer who had some cost but. Most -- with -- it's a good idea how many -- back and cameras are. Really useful -- I just. Fun -- you. Do. -- -- -- -- Apparently 300 deaths a year and 181000 injuries. On every year they say this could be cut by half is the estimate over written it's that they have a camera in every car. How the thing I was thinking about is okay. That's not scientific. But there was a time -- long ago when you never heard about someone backing over some may just. I don't know I'm I guess that was happening lead is -- it was -- it was on a national crisis -- was of the issue. And I have to wonder for the all the other regulations and changes in cars and streamlining and aerodynamics and all that we just have cars that are much -- -- -- out the back up. Read his -- there's a huge influx of SUVs in the ninety's and so lot of people ended up getting cards that they couldn't see out of the back. Before you other certainly Chevy Suburban and things like that -- that was the -- fewer people have -- they weren't that common -- and you know all the cars we get them they've got these big old heavy C pillars bill high trunks. And lots of very thick what we just say trim and upholstery around the pillars of -- -- visually and -- -- lines to very -- don't invest in a new renovation. You don't -- big side windows is much anymore now it's all those things conspired a lot of those because of regulations for roll over for side impact and all that -- -- -- patients -- mandate cameras to get around the unintended problem. The -- regulations brought it but. And of course you pay for a vote on the pavement -- that the new car buyer -- asked 200 bucks sixty bucks eighty bucks but ABS added money. It's anti lock brakes added money. Stability control added money the camera's gonna add money -- that the other every -- have new headlights -- fortune here try replacing. A modern integrated headlight compared to an older bald. So all these things get laid on you. Bubbles to one of the cars -- 50000 and -- -- On. The economy gala after a while it can mean the camera can fill the -- cheap yeah. And what you. Build the you know a billion of them. -- -- -- -- You know buying one camera for yourself with the 300 dollar endeavor lifting of the by the can react by monitor yet to do my installation. Buying a camera for someone like board for example get together and put a price break he added -- 400000 of them it only costs them a couple of bucks per vehicle via the industry authority -- there. But we are estimated to cost at sixty to ninety retail once they pass that through -- market up. Just for a camera and if an average an optical cards can be cheaper to -- another yeah that's not gonna be guys there's -- that -- and also priced. You know -- -- carmakers are gonna say well you know what we're being mandated to do this but -- that -- feature in fact speaking -- this week. They have announced in conjunction with this -- -- latest noise from and it's -- The by the end of 2011 almost every Ford Lincoln while the back of camera. They've been really good about being on the cutting edge of these regulations. There's lot of things that united that are trying to get. Out before they're announced and and I think you know this is the latest example here yet this has been one that there are often bundling up with -- -- the blind spot information system. And the cross traffic alerts. And now the camera -- -- like -- trying to. No state got a safety text message which is innocent Israelis to do that in his sixties there forward. Life light sabre security packages something like a padded steering wheel and a padded dash and things -- they did right before the government required memory. Before your -- -- -- -- that's a total of ragged rebels while only -- -- those days when the balloons were brought in by the kids over the air bags. The evidence affordable on this like about a year before they required -- -- and window cranks it didn't stick out toward the open -- him in an impact and so like that so they not a play -- games they just ahead of the government side Rivera. -- Ford Lincoln back -- camera by the end of next year. Now what's going well we have Google Maps and on the go have a major. -- -- from mobile right now I -- this week there was a lot of news coming from Google. This basically with their new kind of mobile operating system -- entered gingerbread injury OS. I'm in a part of that is that they are making some pretty serious review revisions to their Google Maps for mobile mobile app. For Android -- that presumably at some point if you -- for the platform. Now what they're doing is. Right now all the apps kind of use little tiles you know -- you go to Google Maps yeah even met kind of load up and -- Little 2000 square that the kind of -- in -- doing if you're switching over to a completely vector based. And that data and instead of their being. You know -- like you know eighteen pictures that are operating dance in -- right now what they are now with going to be just wire frames. None of the the outline of the road or the shape of -- building. Know that allow them to do is reduce the amount of data that gets its. Through the the -- bandwidth via so the map data will actually be a lot smaller. And by doing so they'll be able to free up a lot more space on the phone to -- maps. So the problem -- now if you start a trip you go into a tunnel you lose your signal you lose your map -- -- With this new system that it'll be able to cash route that -- take very often the route which are currently on so when you lose your signal you grew up in the mountains or whatnot. It'll still know where you are still keep you that map data. And this is like video game technology than the vector graphics I mean billions of doing this for a long time yeah why isn't whether taking -- so quickly I get -- -- Well it just means it I think they're pulling the data will they've had. Kind of vector graphics for building data in what -- and -- Google earth system for some time. You've been able to zoom in and get down on street level and the buildings and ending these -- for awhile. The problem is that the -- data. Or the building -- had just now getting there and getting to the point where widespread. He did the the pet bed late -- to for a while and you were able -- You know -- -- maps from that pretty easily -- from interesting conversion from the satellite visuals to this there. -- -- -- they have they're their cars on the route. Credit around with the delays -- -- -- yeah clears in the building they go in and of course people been. -- and you people been adding to his in the cloud Googlers to -- out of the you know this is my building -- You know -- model of this building. To the database of is that information has been kind of being generated both by Google's cars and by people who work at the crowd first visit. Gratuities from mr. let's remind mind always goes so that's I don't know. That's a whole crowd sourcing means to make mischief could have put the big fake building while your blog -- you know and -- -- violated some. Under what the writer -- circus tent or something it's like -- and that's the body of a headquarters has a lot from Michael -- while. Com what's interesting about this is I think the fact it'll load really fast and be offline available that's really nice yeah those are the two major -- existed. Actually you know -- streamlining the amount of data that -- school. I imagine some car companies don't wanna use this and I'm editing color nav systems in the future right and bring it on his that would be great to have that kind afridi realistic that loads quickly over the scrawny connection you may have with a tethered Smartphone your car whatever the date is coming through. So that's that's pretty cool we have a story about that you can actually get a good look at what that map looks like it's a different looking. Google Maps for mobile -- -- like a hybrid between the maps and the Google Earth. Point of view and level of -- -- Now on -- -- here far less momentous but kinda cool. Slow -- you edited. You know you know you're driving around in your car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- the what if that doesn't. That allows you to find your iPhone the free app called flu down by a company called OUVK. And what it does -- -- -- you select the playlist and then manually set the speed limit for the -- the Tehran. Now when you exceed the speed limit what it -- -- slows your music down kind of creating the opposite of that which is agonizing yet. Owner -- -- this music that they include that they give you. This is actually the music on your iPod while those -- whatever playlist you have in your library you can pull from that and -- will -- your music down. If you get too fast that -- -- -- and it is ten kilometers per hour over the speed limit and lets you stop your -- it completely. -- This is this is gonna be annoying this is gonna really get the thing is that it's kinda -- -- it's -- kind of a cool novelty but I mean after awhile you just you're gonna get -- of your music study an ethical and now. Give that you're given that you could really be slowing down to keep the music going the music rim shipped to wanna go -- -- -- Bing Bing Bing being bounced back and forth it's like Romanian produced pretty much the opposite of this concept. It's gonna be in and out some of their cars. Where you can actually have your music while they have certain tracks so did they -- -- the tracks. -- on their -- the musical actually speed up as you go faster rate -- the opposite page. You're -- both -- more heroin yeah that's cool. -- right so that's some -- a free app is a. Free -- its carrier you have to manually set the speed in all of the only options you have very kilometers per hour or so it's not really gonna be too -- of the splash here in America until they you know yes orders for our identities -- the mouth Broward and you know maybe manually set. But it's of the good trail. So once -- his wife like seventy miles an hour something 120 kilometers of -- -- wannabe good ones that you're going up pretty fast from -- highway and then. But not egregiously so in the -- -- -- on your music and it's like boom. And the diabolical or you're just playing with a really crappy bodies that -- -- -- -- -- -- right. Let's take a look at speaking of these technologies like a rearview cameras and stuff we're talking about stability control all these things that are very common in cars in the US and Europe. It -- too little back story about Japan. The transport ministry there which is kind of analogous to our National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or DOT in the US one of those two has now decided just now. This is the year 2010 and the very -- and -- of -- that they're going to require the passenger cars in Japan have stability control anti skid system. Starting in the 2012 production your models a pretty soon. That's surprising since. Am here every Japanese car that we see in this country and I think also in Europe. Has tons of stability. And and stabilization and anti lock braking and all this kind of stuff but apparently Japan doesn't do their own market. Not much. 12% of cars. In Japan are sold as of most recent numbers in 2008 -- anti -- technology. -- are many accidents they have in Japan in general. You people just really just follow the rules because they don't want to upset their ancestors who let it in its initial deep any clues then there'll -- -- that's have a right and that's what it is and they don't need anti -- because you get traction Google gets in the way encrypted in a thrift. I bet there is a big cultural difference in driving. Responsibility I'd just gotta believe this cars -- Still -- a very expensive difficult -- to -- the urban areas. And very -- Leo a very small -- cars sold are actually. Of what we consider my record here and can't skid to the get go fast -- so rapidly towards our knows if they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's still driving every bit of it is exactly what -- need you drove a 100% of that car. All the time. With a car that -- a power. Anyway so they're finally gonna get around to widespread anti -- technology in Japan after Europe and America really -- the -- market for a long time. 70% of passenger cars in Germany for example a bit of a number here in the US but we almost never. Don't see it here I don't think -- work are by law yet the US united Japan getting up on the tech game they're they're becoming technically you know the -- -- -- -- cellphone someday yeah. That's what they got everything better than us everything except. Anti scan technology which is an exact words that are utterance I'm -- that's what it at that or about it. I'd if you -- for a job in your engineer especially with some battery or electrical experience you need to move to Michigan right now. General Motors is going to hire 1000. Engineers the next two years in -- GM is a big higher. All to work on electric vehicles stuffed food to move the -- what's next the -- power -- -- the -- -- tech thing to its next generation so a thousand you are indeed people at their Michigan -- which is a big sort of we've talked about before they've been really beefing up especially on the battery. Engineering side so that's just. A short -- says GM is. Not gonna rest on its laurels in terms of moving -- they know there's going to be a fast moving game an accord and Nissan -- -- money -- heavily part of necessity with the fact they're gonna move some battery production in house yes I've been using batteries from supplier right now for the -- and I believe they're gonna try to take that in -- that's gonna a lot of you element wort can have an -- earlier. I'm really pasture early this year and it was kinda like the first time that an American auto content is -- -- -- on a company to have its own battery foundry. The -- -- -- American bar auto companies in -- auto companies have their own. Engine plant -- -- -- -- parts anymore themselves but they do I take great pride in their engine plants well this is the engine but the future the battery point. It's where you're gonna have -- secret sauce that really makes you a unique at least in theory. The -- but the electric highway now -- this is a -- it's gonna be running up and down the West Coast and I both heard some about this. -- the idea is that. I mean electric cars -- coming out right now have ranges just of the battery technology ranges of a hundred miles or less heat than you ninety miles you know realistically sometimes even eighty. And -- to make -- useful that there's a lot of news coming out right now about the two charging stations charging infrastructure being built up. There is one eco tally which is company local company here that is offering a charging station. They've done a deal on the south with some chain of restaurants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you're you're not gonna get your -- targeted to while -- -- gonna get it charged at Cracker Barrel which is which are installing that you the other Zune -- hourly workers and yes and that's of the totality. GM is working with another company to install. -- charging stations in the talk about putting them in places like best buys and places like that but the big news here is that the idea is the DC to BC. British Columbia -- Baja California. Okay charging quarter. So you can -- you know -- could bet they'd have lot of rapid chargers along the ways to go -- hundred miles stints there in -- more like. Sixty on the on the freeway. Sixty mile trip charger car -- half an -- into another sixty miles charger -- Perhaps an -- and hopefully these are high current chargers or recharging -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some of his four evils -- -- -- -- can use for example get 3050 miles of interstate 500 new -- its existing interstate five -- three states involved here. Like it's AB CBC. Starting in Washington really gonna start to plug a reason not the entire link device side but -- -- -- portion of Washington State if you look at Washington State. And you can go check this out. It'll be in the show notes today let us know what this electric I Wii looks like -- -- charging stations are. Few and far between and they really putting a lot of men out there and are people using onion -- we got a lot of we have level listeners the northwest so. I asked I think it's -- misses the point that on an electric car there aren't intended right now -- to go long distances. You don't wanna take these things try to go -- -- on the freeway because of that sixty miles yes stop I don't care how fast the charges that's like. -- -- -- -- The B seven in my other route eighty and even if it's really efficient and on the highway that is -- are very efficient they'll get their maximum range -- -- ninety miles. Stop again for people small -- is great. But everyone else -- stop you know that's the thing about the about the -- -- wanna bump up the infrastructure or do we just -- not what the infrastructure and it's totally of -- the batteries because once the batteries are worked out -- can charge in three minutes. And how range of 20300 miles -- -- to -- the current range of -- -- him -- two -- three minutes and out the big leap. Infrastructure is not a big issue anymore you can always find -- plug. If you can get more range and a faster charge -- what you really want to infrastructure around a suburban or urban area. -- that you can take that maybe sixty mile trip charge out buy your groceries whatever. And go back home the batteries will solve the in for a issued and not the other way around you know all the infrastructure in the world we have a five million charging points out -- at least we need -- Fifty million charging points to replicate. The the ease of charging of gas station because it takes so long to charge you can't just have electric charge -- the gas station that's not enough beefed up far more teach them at. Because the cars are gonna be on them so long for hours and hours that's almost unfathomable compared to gain the batteries were -- where they have priced their current range. And one. It does say that one like -- their current charging -- which seems almost impossible -- on the need some lead time initial production cut about 20000 units so. It's gonna be a slow build up -- we're good for now but -- is more these things on the road. Battery has to change dramatically since the -- and engineers to GM so please go to one -- -- -- -- now onto our lead story the Waffle House menu I've been ordered a brighter okay. -- browser available that actually seven ways. -- sauteed onions. You'd covered their biscuits and gravy and that's my Tuesday you -- Tuesday at the -- then it is green -- -- melted cheese chunk is the -- Hickory smoked ham. Geist is grilled tomatoes forgot about that -- -- -- hidden in Detroit but do it -- their rather than only in the south. This Mars Phoenix I think in the west and and -- pepper despite CL opinions -- real button mushrooms and -- they have right in there these are not the traditional that's all of the -- the phone. What's -- saying -- -- yeah. Synch sing sing sing of course topped his with birds chilly north -- -- Most about -- place and countries of sausage great. Past rounds man -- of the law -- houses built an empire on. And really cheap -- -- -- prices on this web menu but there see it its cheat I've -- for breakfast get Spybot and everything right. Yet amazing great place it's 2 o'clock in the morning -- your party that's right. That's right. It was a difficult -- -- -- -- Okay let's take a look at the top engines in the year behind -- Ward's Automotive News which. Those. A lot of following of idea inside baseball of the automotive industry. As the top ten engines of the year. And who got number one. It's. Three point oh -- TF that's -- supercharged DX BO HCV six that's the engine in the Audi S four in the car that. Editor's choice for up from us we love -- -- -- And the content of the most video traffic on CNET that your app fantastic our great -- -- -- unit direct injection that technology and that. Super charging did you give it that. You know boost and it's in the about the -- -- is they actually downsized from a BU eight from the previous version of that -- to get this more efficient economical. Engine but still retain a lot of good sporting character in a super chargers or cores out I had died did this are a lot that it -- it. We're very well and right up there another -- of our favorites the -- 55 the new were. Inline six for the 335 buys of the one that has the twin scroll Turbo and not the two terms as. -- that and -- loved engineer by awards. -- -- -- The Turbo in line for one point six you're looking a little bit further down -- -- -- didn't even use gasoline -- -- -- -- Pilates team owner -- that they -- belief that top ten -- electric carving Nicholas. Nice -- have -- first big news they actually because -- just came out they noticeable that they were able to get on the you get on the list here again. This this list as you have lot of prestige comes at the end of every year and that. -- latest version that they've got lot of good stuff on here yet Chevy Volt as well yup they have the the five leader in the Ford Mustang GT the avenue 3025. Leader that they. Just revised that's backed -- four point six the old. The -- -- four point six. Of the mobile sixty gets it first three -- -- Turbo six that the -- leader and Turbo engines are in their medicines like it to be prize here is the the new -- to star from Iceland Oprah you in the Dodge Avenger to three point six -- optimized. The -- terrible about timing on this engine they don't have direct injection -- -- yet not yet so this is really an engine that they're patting him on the head saying you'll you'll get there. It worked guys you'll come up of the rest of again everything else in the past our judges knew everything in it is certainly into places or places like Ada and other engines. But it doesn't have the idea which it will -- and model your -- but it's -- kind of underwhelming. Oh we were blown away by we have in the Jeep. Yes Cherokee your would have that was very Grand Cherokee Grand Cherokee have the yeah have been -- -- the star. It was okay and it didn't -- that big -- in Turkey around yeah -- -- -- Like to see some more efficiency than that it's not as high tech advocate and also -- -- think about a couple cars. The Honda Element. Going away. Law. Let anybody care but the satellite that vehicle satellite Elena have a few friends that happen to an end their practical there -- kind of fun. It was kinda like that ever loved -- like. When neighbors got one and a few folks who go into -- it's like people seem to like them. The rear doors are annoying though because you can't get out of the -- -- somebody in front opens the door opens their front door to -- legal. In this. It appears the art video and not be unable out of there are about the same -- element not -- -- if a. It's got those funky. You know doors to close on doors a little mini -- -- second -- doors. Formed the post -- on which the main front doors locked to at -- -- -- -- -- actually -- but it should run its course. It's been out there long enough to -- 68002003. In the sales are down -- 14180. In the last year and down more this year painful -- Honda -- is having trouble they are just not firing on all on all well all -- -- -- their case. There's been just a soft year for -- new water companies have recovered far more but this is one of the things are getting rid of trying to change that and get themselves back on. Moment as if you want on the -- but -- got their buyer right away in -- got a good deal. And then finally to bring experienced -- on its the end of the avail. No it's not. The renaming of the event that the -- you can try that all you want -- -- -- every story wrong. -- the problem is that. It nobody can pronounce the data. You collect the L I couldn't firfer. I call it a veto I don't know whether people call it of the ring who -- it's a typical. Yes that's him saying that there's a little bit of confusion is like that if you note that if there with calling it something different than there have been able. It of -- you making a brand out of it -- they're changing the name of the video to the. Chrysler owes its -- thought okay when I hear this -- he sonic all I think of is. This. Saw -- -- data -- not good and funny. It's on that is connected to the horrible -- A -- that -- of the weird is that advertisers -- the prize but at sonic immediate threat thought. The sonic TV -- for -- estimates and in the front of the car and that raspberry shaped panels enough food and I don't starving Peter hi amber oh god it's then don't state haters -- -- And all I hate any kind of like like chic retreat you want to do -- into -- one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now back to that car. When I don't get up here is that why the they're still producing this tire when they've got the action -- spark coming out writings of sparked a lot smaller than you. Using. There are going to be a lot smaller you know a lot smaller in the of AM I did spark we have crews we have available we have of one -- that's -- that they are expected between the spark in the -- yeah. That seems really slicing Ayers -- of being the smart enough. Been way too much time in the of AM I didn't you know if I get any smaller than that -- -- if if anything in the excellent at getting a little bit bigger. Yeah sparks coming in underneath that an immediate -- nearly at the back seat on almost like it -- smart. That's true and they -- have the the this sport version of this they know and the RS wouldn't it showed -- so this is -- -- there's sonic RS or something. That's regularly -- -- RO lot of mail Hotmail and activated niceness. Sonic that aren't so we currently have -- sent an engine that would -- -- -- have -- enforcement. And hope that. So we have the cruise we have the -- -- soon to be the sonic we have the spark coming on line. Those three small conferencing and about the beat and whatever they're not -- that it -- that happening. -- -- another one and that the concept planet but that's okay and beats canceled. Yes -- sonic takes that slot right. A video moves a little market we knew we expect that Israel stays where it isn't is the -- -- -- comes in under notes on Eugenia. Saw this on a daily dividends in the cruise the sonic okay so they're not over -- -- by getting rid of the B they didn't make it to -- -- -- -- the beacon to the crews of the -- -- -- -- the available -- if -- aren't -- the -- -- the in this market going to be about. -- -- -- -- Or -- yeah yeah I really didn't really city cart size when Santa accused elements coming out in the end. Yeah yeah I get so -- -- other slots if we as these -- in person because it seems a little busy over Chevy's one. This is -- they have five models of -- economic that's it that's on this story but we'll need to fall colors. Video I think they heard small cars where are you growing trying to write they said let's make -- like -- we've heard you lake partners with -- and -- -- everywhere. Our third comeback is really -- your emails and your voice -- and your other males and of them are also going to be taking you for arrive in let's face it that's just the car the hour. It's in many people's minds the car of the year that more of the car tech live podcast continues. Hollywood and -- inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift giver as we take your live calls and we feel your emails and -- Send us an email right now to holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right price. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. Applicator is -- -- -- -- fame at the wall or else. It's a thirty year employee. And we were at the Dallas restaurants. He perfected the recipe birth right there -- Google -- -- reform if you're hungry just gonna keep diving down into this one anyway so that natural gas -- Let's take a look outs -- your emails and your voicemails the national natural gas car Washington from -- what is -- asking him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Particularly we'll give -- organic and Tom -- -- -- government used in our comments about hydrogen fuel and reminded him of a number. The I met other -- -- mobile hot automobile fuel question. So why is no one even the gas company promoting natural gas vehicles anymore so blitzer -- because natural gas vehicles -- -- write this from another reason to low emissions. Price is pretty -- I think one problem though is that. Well only that the only Honda was really making a production version one of these cars it'll civic. And GT XDX. Right -- and -- TX. -- -- there were a lot of conversion kits but you do have to have the big natural gas containers in your car. There's little fun to sit -- and is limited infrastructure to pull them out but I think the real problem is that natural gas is it's still a limited resource it's still a resource that. We start tapping me we -- a pretty heavily for home heating and things like patent. You know -- in our food but if you are tapping it -- get our cars around its its standard -- is -- go up pretty fast. And we might find ourselves out of it within ten point a year and -- It's pretty badly during the cold season -- anybody in the cold states -- -- -- some -- those prices and natural gas RE serious issue like a major -- you know it'll go up dramatically double or more I think some of some cold seasons at the very fluctuating market for natural gas. And has low energy density median time of it to go as far as -- -- gas I don't know what the differences but the big. Difference in the energy against the natural gas -- gonna compress the time of it -- through this. Like when says rather. High tech cylinder is -- in carbon fiber which isn't cheap. And how do you feel that things do whatever 101000 PSI whatever they do you gotta have an extremely high pressure. Filling -- Which means you gotta go find that at a bunch of gas stations that don't have right. So -- natural gas seems to have its day in cars. And there's pole -- -- still making a car that runs on. If the -- Let's that they do -- -- -- -- the as the price for their current site -- And completely killed element for only selling port 100 card -- -- and Israel Australia fifty years and I -- mostly to fleets -- And -- in municipalities. And although they do still so what is a retail car and a fleet cards -- so they do so -- what you wanna buy one for home. And you can get that fill -- may but -- candidate which is a home high pressure gas while. It goes on the wall the -- in your you're gas line and it does the high pressure filling but it but take some time it's not like it takes a minute to get -- quite awhile. Anyway yeah go -- holding your breath of though look OPG Carter. A huge difference Troy had an interesting question here that that wings -- residents of -- almost fifteen taking drivers and looking at first -- first our. So the -- that have a manual transmission almost and put that in quotes but I can't government other than -- automatic transmission car wondering if I can have a manual car. Without -- shifting geek it's just putting it into drive and go well -- -- and but it makes a final. Thought I -- that by a long explanation and a power. You drive a manual car shifting gears put in firs go about twenty miles an hour shift -- second and at the third and after this launch -- there's -- clutch -- involved too excited yet enough that if a part of a key up into first and -- you're going what you do that everything else is easy is -- it's jerky but -- -- put it them at all editing with the -- -- -- -- to deal -- -- wanted to. -- -- the -- explanations that little panel you gotta work undertaken a manual but. After all that explanation need sadly decided he would just stick with the automatic. -- -- of the many -- total Emanuel at the dealership in the parking lot the past you've bought a car you couldn't drive that had learned right. Pretty much as it should -- As it should be alerted the parking lot of the Stanford shopping center back in 1970 some but -- after a few you know jumps false starts usually get a pretty quickly in the attic comes pretty naturally every. Now in the -- stall and traffic yet -- -- once -- awhile but that's a particle Barbara. How else are we lost Detroit -- -- -- listener but you know welcome to -- drinking with a that's over. RJ -- right -- with a question about music hi guys is ripping music onto a hard drive even popular I heard a car tech review that made it sound like not having that feature kind of -- I do not know anyone that is done that uses plug in an ipodder populous GDR Apple MP threes or what have you thanks -- it but there's -- For museum. Into the lineup because it inventive minds in I hate ripping music to color it is a little -- -- I mean. It's like you music is in the car now it takes half an hour over the CD means CDs only an hour -- yup. -- most of the systems don't have any way to go from USB to the hard drive and potentially frustrating way really -- -- via. Yeah I'm thinking that right now all an especially. Now that we're starting to see things like -- my Ford touch system dropping the hard drive in favor of the old state memory and -- Hyundai has solid state memory gonna start seeing a lot more. Auto makers just drop in the hard travel together. And then just kind of trusting that you're gonna have some sort of USB device or some sort of an iPod or something. You're gonna wanna be able to have -- music portable and then in the future. When -- parts are getting more connected. They're not even gonna start you know that -- is gonna be on the cloud -- point and it's gonna connect to some sort of service like pandora radio or whatever and and you'll just stream from the unit like that and Indian music won't be stuck in your dashboard. It is -- another collection to manage. If you've got on your iPod and her you've also got on your computer that -- thinking from iTunes and those -- always in single -- manually plugging in -- And then you gotta make another collection on your car that's completely from scratch so it's -- in your you're dealing with that he database does he DB yeah it always -- -- track one recognized and unknown artists that what does that what is that I've known that -- fifteen phone yet it's not a great technology. Well I find when I'm driving cars we drive present lot of different music sources audio sources -- usually now they have an iPod connection and that's usually when I go to that's usually what I rely on. But I found like you in this embassies then we just got -- recently -- put the iPod port in the glove box yeah switch to. The hook it up yet to reach all the way across the -- -- -- -- give a car like that you either -- music on the hard drive or. You have an iPod just for the car you leave it in the -- right. -- -- the time. Right that's I give them an extra wetlands. That's the -- largest -- in -- or something -- -- the one of the smallest one is that has an iPod connector and make that your car player but if this is what we're still -- -- odd middle ground where it. Until we get to the cloud it seems a little bit clunky having to have an iPod in the car. I don't even use an iPod I have one for testing purposes only my music I've got a bunch of it on -- Android device that's strictly a Bluetooth streaming connection on these aux Jack -- cores. But that doesn't work that well and no Millman no metadata on most cars. I like that but a couple of probably because it also charges that -- -- -- I -- you always got your music and on an I device that makes it -- yet but all the Android -- -- -- -- of a great solution you know I can use -- -- he's US yet you still. Carving out unless you have an iPhone or iPod lot of people but you still carving out a second. Kingdom of media for your car when -- in the car or connected to the -- it's still were not quite to total elegance. Tony from Philly right hands of one friend one for -- probably show you guys rock and so much as one of got a situation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at one of those rights. He says he's it bigger news middle of a lot of -- -- What would you do. -- the problem that he's having here is -- of course there are plenty. Of not connecting kit for many. But most of those don't work when you have the navigation system kind of switches over to elect -- non standard -- area. I've been doing a little bit of research and during the week that the human elephant sitting in my inbox and it seems like there may be some BMW adapters because a lot of the electronics are the same. Aggressive the -- that you're using a lot of off the shelf parts of BMW says. Doing a search and including BMW -- -- similar vintage me actually yield some sort of an adapter. That work for your car and getting -- -- to is that that's first generation -- thank at the the first and yet you know and I mean how it over to carts filled input and then make and model Ahronot. Three iPod and faith came out when most of them -- And you know 96 -- BMW 2002 of them in Mini Cooper. Okay so bear the cross realizes what you're looking for it can indeed -- you know that BMW adapter and Scotia makes one. Coach coach and authority Tuesday that Tony Miller working on -- -- are named funny but -- -- better. -- three saw the car -- drive in Canada Africa and had -- Right forgot had to. And then another company called dice project makes them pretty good adapters and -- recommended for. A couple of other different meet the vehicles also makes an iPod and -- and a universal media breezes are probably -- Richardson. But it's probably. But then again to talk something to be -- oblivion -- -- currently aren't. So there you go visited cross referenced across look up for a BMW -- or adaptor that might do the trick for you. Let's stopping quickly look at a couple are of our law all cars. I actually know this -- the -- cars in case you're new to this show or this feature. You send in pictures of the -- -- cars on the road usually badly modified by an owner of limited taste. And then we -- expose into the world and deride them for there. Horrible horrible want applications to their -- this car is up in now. The president Sacramento and of this -- saw it on the road. I was up there and I took pictures and -- to put -- the show it's they RX seven. That has had I can show you here. The -- it had everything done anyway so it's had the windshield slammed it's -- the roof chopped. He made the up front I think those are slightly -- milk crate panels well well well. That's what those are I walked around look that is on a side street a -- Elk -- I thought this card -- -- the pictures the woman's cellphone. And then on the back same -- -- milk -- it actually amazingly well done except for some of the details that looks worse in this picture. Look what he repeated he. -- -- on to the trunk lid I don't know why pregnant what he did there then it's a little bit funky. Yeah that's boiler at an added does not -- -- -- not enough books or what there's little to use the right thing and of course flick the big thing is like every little car have to have smoothly. Even those does. Stick on port hole yes asset and a -- it got to look at states that exhausting -- on here by in front of the the rear wheels. I don't understand -- Whoever invented it was gonna be like a billionaire and feed them right three things right just like Carl lapses in -- you'll seem like a soccer mom and can't -- And now report -- on that and -- -- up the good position on the -- it's like what the hell's going -- anyway this is the very. All those great looking model for each got both the left the -- off the driver's door. The -- his on the fender and on the rear fender but there's a piece should -- between the middle that would look really good it was there. But it's not anyway thank you John -- that car and and let you I'm glad you brought him with a couple more here. This is. All. God help -- -- I quit and you have noticed through convertible. Acquire -- -- hinders so -- not and -- sidestep. And it's gotta roll bar tunes so it's a lucky that it. And it's got a -- what it does not look neat and -- got an interior all of diamond plate to. That's gonna become the when you hit something at that does the blu Geo Metro with the top pretty much top and -- -- -- convertible propaganda over. An affair where the vehicle owner beach -- and what they've got site facts this site by -- -- -- motorcycle exhaust -- an -- -- or dual don't work. I that they didn't -- that I haven't played on the inside -- Vegas seamless thing on Mosul break right if I've got those doors were doing what kind of laser is used if you didn't -- -- -- -- over east deputies at the he's got beetle dubbed ads on the glove box does and I mean -- -- -- youth volunteers receive it. -- -- -- kinda screwed him down and he didn't screw you bill -- of them down there to see in a small chain link your real yes small low rider we'll. Every police and what the hell is that spoiler to double blade like -- -- shaver. But what's it -- -- can't quite tell what he adapted. It's like the bloopers from a vertical blinders on the got -- Home Depot cards in Georgia apparently and -- news and explain why this happened just as it appears -- you've got into -- include. You you never know when Google Voice and instantly. That's why we do this feature the this is where they get out word -- the just. They get their little Arkansas -- dispute to it it's I mean it may be similar to the theater refilled -- -- -- a couple of weeks ago when that -- -- I think that was also in -- may -- Georgia South Carolina. This is much. That's on the back -- garlic -- -- -- -- on the back is great some of his kind of like you know just married type lettering on the back it says poorly spelled. Shortly before this but from what state do -- -- Florida of course we're gonna guess that it says if you're gonna ride my ass at least pull my hair. -- -- Help us and what or who is in the back it's like a mother breastfeeding. And it -- the bumper sticker either that's his written without written without an airing -- like bakery store window letters. And Yang is like a mom -- like a strange sort of look like a regular -- and its rating and it. Yet that I don't on the sides. Out freaky Hillary Clinton and if you get more -- and compare it to use his -- every game you've gotta get is more. I want more of -- -- gonna move on to something I'll know what's happening this is a Chrysler burning what does this have. Ali is -- -- -- -- frank M point that doesn't not to let alone card but might -- -- use for Chrysler vehicles. -- -- -- -- -- -- the odor is there were there in the grass -- he try to work this this cell phone thing my daughter gave me because I want one. In the in the in the email sprinkled benefit -- the guy -- -- ridiculously small fire extinguishers. It definitely different for the fire out. Anyway that's the professional how does that start as an invite electrical and I guess -- Had to start wants to drive around drug at a CES one year and a bunch bunch but you guys Messina at sales team -- -- -- -- blast element. The less popular highways between San Francisco Las Vegas. And two -- -- boys were in the back in there and there's smoke and playing poker rooms like seven feet tall seedling counts -- -- to -- the back of the jagged. But -- overdrive and -- that. -- -- But. Put a cigarette and a bunch of paper in the abstract. Yeah but the accident with a cigarette with a real fire but it wasn't smoking was actually flames coming up but the -- -- -- He added to that jag. It was not cheap to replace that upholstered live them a little bake like -- that goes inside IP and we put -- the report token or something like. Wow so I -- I don't -- start. Anyway -- all cars is great go over to cnet's car tech site where -- is the curator. Of the all cars exhibit and that's over cars dot cnet.com and you'll find it in the -- -- in the show notes more readily car tech dot cnet.com. Where the show -- okay let's get to our on the road segment this this week. As we kind of -- very close to wrapping the year it's appropriate that we have the car that is perhaps made as much if not more news than any other car out there it's in our garage right now -- about it. Take you for a ride in the 2011 Nissan ES LE. Fully electric. Major production electric power. And pretty roomy cabin here. He a lot of faith. -- -- years. Economy car like but it at this they had that but I mean it's. They're pretty -- -- reason. It. To handle about his role as her old Vegas accelerate by the analyst averaged four cylinder. Car in this price range of the obvious difference being that you'll be able to drive -- all -- Yeah that range is really the limiting factor ever as far as like driving around its. That doesn't handle -- little pokey but you know sergeant fields here -- real strong. But you haven't you always gotta come -- the fact that right now it's reading we 82 miles range. And you know -- -- -- on the accelerator able of -- down pretty fast but to help you gotta get over that execute color range and variety and that's been trademarked by GM and -- helped me get over that you've got a bunch of tools that are kind of integrated into the navigation system. That -- help you to keep track of how much energy you're using and in the public that there. -- -- -- dedicated blu power but here's the real reasons but. And it brings up a menu where you can look up things like driving range -- so you -- map sort of like. Ranged from your current position as the crow flies for how four you can go and your current charge. The terrible communicate with the cloud -- -- and update that was the -- that's more of those stations get -- you can just push this button -- it'll. Add more stations come online and as they -- that system at the goofy name never car wings that should it stand for something them. Extremely long Japanese decorative but. And -- get there and then you've also got an energy information screen words. Have you ever driven a Prius or hybrid you're gonna be kind of familiar what's going on here so when you with your electric vehicles doing as far as. Energy output it dinner breaking now we have the standard kind of the standard cabin suite technology -- here -- navigation system. Audio system iPod connection and and Bluetooth phone system all that that's all pretty standard Nissan stuff. The screen resolution is really -- them maps there are X are very -- Scrolling around and zooming in animated symbol. But I mean it's. It looks good example that kind of you know Fisher Price in your old technology and -- -- how fast -- -- -- -- system -- -- hard drive based. And it feels really gas play -- everything everything means fast in an happens quickly -- that's not going to be frustrated by that. Okay Nissan leaf this of course is pure electric not a range extender. Is good and bad to that. -- is only goes what's EPA reading on the range 73 miles with -- was what it said there in that we got more out of it is driving around town here yet. You know for an urban area suburban area like -- -- -- Bay Area and I could you know get pretty far down the peninsula. Pulling out all the way to San Jose and back them now that's about a forty mile drive. The freeway just really takes a lot of they had -- range off the car it doesn't do as -- on the freeway -- on this in the urban areas. And I found myself almost wanting to drive on the surface streets. You know stop and go traffic because the ranger -- right back up. You know probably the -- to about fifteen -- more miles. -- the freeway. It's a car that costs 345. Web destination and you take off. Tax credits if you can use of 7500 dollar systems off from the feds currently -- that -- does it change. And states like California offer that another 2500. -- electric. So I don't hunting and 101000 dollars off the 24000 dollar car it's an amazing deal -- beacon pulled off. And the key thing to use -- at least in California as you can get the hov lane. Stickers -- blow through all the hov lanes get that treatment you get it. You get a break on tolls and of the bridges I am and beyond that that data be -- have a series of -- -- I think LA where -- unity could save yourself. You're within your weekly community -- in a day every week gap and remember the a Prius no longer qualifies because they've raised the bar in just a standard hybrids not. A big deal anymore so a lot of folks to be attracted by that. You know the card does that you guys mentioned drives very. Normally. The normal car in the quiet push the accelerator it goes swimming upstream pressed about I was driving and up -- appeal in San Francisco. And I just you know from a stop. Which -- accelerator and kept it. 200 down and I would normally viewed as an I was always concerned about the arranged via but it just kept on -- kept on gaining speed up the hill laboratory data port was just the you know great -- -- yet to climb dried up the other thing about this car. Is that. If you look at the charging times they as electric cars changed dramatically by what -- plugging it into. So the charging time for -- 110 connection from dead flat is fourteen plus hours. I -- twenty hours it was saying that slight but got the car was saying what and -- -- point 1 -- instant Soviet -- optimistic. 220 cuts that in -- so eight to ten hours. 480 is the key something happens -- 480 you cut the time to 25 minutes. So there is a completely different charging -- you get from -- that will put four radiant to a separate port on the front. It's a secondary specialized charging port I don't think it's standard. Standard design and that will definitely start to -- -- is very exciting charging times but. That's gonna be rare to be able to use. Now -- an idea about the -- thinking about how so many might use it on a regular basis that they lived in say. San -- -- some suburban areas say their commutes about maybe 25 miles to work -- They drive point five miles there but I'm miles back every day maybe they run some errands -- they got an extra -- -- dinner. And -- and so they've done -- their driving for the week under electric power they returned the car overnight. They've got a -- gas cars sitting in the driveway to -- -- longer trips and after I would think after a month of not using that gas -- they might think. Do we need this thing anymore maybe we just ran a gas car when we wanna go on longer trip. If the rental industry was all like enterprise. Where they have lots of neighborhood locations will pick you up that's that's true that -- you know being linked to the -- there our. The other one yeah. Are. Yet yet car you all those all those car sharing things to be a nice way to bridge the gap for. Her long -- I did find nearly what I had this car for a day or two and a member. Now I didn't take it have overnight because it was a week in -- Friday Saturday Sunday where I had to gold. Forty miles. At a at a stretch every day somewhere. Upn back also eighty round trip it didn't work for a trip I had to take on the week -- -- not enough of them knew it became a gimmick it's like aren't. Well think -- Marley drive and I have to go to Santa Rosa back one day. I don't often charge apparently worried about it though it didn't make it. An editor I had to do didn't make it so I of the -- just kind of thing and this didn't really make sense for an entire three days of driving -- -- -- But I was using as a commuter. And you and in the boon -- little -- and north -- will -- to Santa Rosa and San Francisco is you you come a long run blows it out of the of the location quickly get the 8085 miles roundtrip from where I was starting though. I did I start to feel the range anxiety which I hadn't really thought about have been so in love with a fascination by electric cars -- -- -- they -- quiet and very little maintenance issues but. I -- a little taste ranged things -- differently -- Gotta have two cars if I have one of these no two ways about it. But it's precisely the feeling you get when -- gas map your gas tank is down to about maybe. 116 there's so yeah getting towards that red -- -- like I wanna drive and other. Fifty miles here bid I don't know by communities -- -- -- play the deserves to play the odds are differences are even for fourteen hour charger a three minute -- and he's had that feeling longer with the -- from -- -- it's far more present yet it's not always on your mind. Whereas with a gas car you're holding in that awkward nervousness for those few minutes when the needles waiting all gonna -- gas and it's done four days typically. This is obviously a car that doesn't have transmissions has a reduction gear so it's a very simple -- the total nob in the video -- watching a video version which is. -- you push forward to go backwards and pulled backward to go forward. -- that bother anybody I thought that was just they're trying to stay pretty close to what the standard automatic transmission is like an automatic you poured down for drive pullback for drive noon reverses further up the thing -- park usually the top of that the thing that. -- if it's in other kinds kind of backwards about. But just rethink you guys do it from scratch and make forward forward and backward backward but the -- transition people from. Normal cars there -- -- -- that'll be more and things in its early years the reverse ago overall now aware of them and then the gear shift to change again. Fortunately or written about the -- of the congress dislike weird. Very -- easy just like the YouTube mean you when you very Japanese culture in the current the -- is you booted a Japanese split. Lights are coming on is like singing do you expect that we had then -- of the wake up screen in the in the review over cars dot cnet.com you've never seen a car try your patients more with a little opening -- me to receive -- you immediately -- cited about a little digital tree. Oh yeah that's great credit bureau with winning and get good look at military -- -- You can grow these little trees -- and -- very stylized no like for where they grow those realistic looking -- vines and leads to these very sort of you know burden iconic looking trees that are in an LCD panel and you can grow trees as you drive -- or. Cut him down as you drive. If you they lose values you can destroy your trees. Yeah and every time you he would you build up a full treatment gets the docked to the -- and start working on a new one. There's a little according by the end your trip we export a mystery but what I was annoyed about this game was that after about an hour drive nine mini Q&A quarter -- And then it turned up the car went it's -- shopping whenever I got back in the tire and I'd start over again. Don't -- I have to -- your high score now did save my progress craft though there's nobody buy this car accident that it has given us CNET -- no choice. If I understand correctly. There -- some sort of function in the car -- Where you can think lake. Your green driving data for -- them sort of collective one little ahead typical online achievement but what service scoreboard we can compare it people -- -- -- everybody. The blue ribbon Alan -- right my FaceBook page and things like a metal that can create and your plane now has 52. Wednesday of America's elite except. Anyway it's a very cool -- it's getting enormous buzz right now we got it really early on so if you really -- -- -- like to live with -- the cabin -- is like and most important power -- -- -- the big story here of course it's the review is live right -- the videos up over cars dot cnet.com. Where you can find it also at CNET TV -- -- And that brings us to another car quick take here on another vehicle that we you way to taken a look at which is the the what you it'll taste of this event. Accurate -- launched this car this is the -- TSX sport wagon so it's really the first wagon -- -- -- a little while. The -- you -- remember the accord wagon which they've had in the past. They're bringing back this is actually in Europe this would be the accord wagon the -- and here's an -- It's a nice little sport wagon and episode -- a ride and drive program I. When -- -- much of other journalists we spent and they drive -- around memory and and it's basically like a -- sex with a wagon back -- -- it's. And a -- -- -- -- journalists love these kinds of cars because they've got usually fairly sporty handling almost like that sedan. Opinion to the utility the practicality of the debris or space. As opposed like a minivan or SUV -- -- Analog program -- around this thing is it's a nice trim little vehicle. I have tonight it's -- -- is very similar to the VW Jetta sport wagon. And -- same dimensions. Yeah it is a European accord wagon brought over here is that the good looking car thing outlaws -- the big family court -- Now with the TSX version they only offer the cute 2.4 liter four cylinder engine even though they do offer -- V6 in the -- -- SX sedan. And also no manual transmission only and automatic. Now knowing now you know but it's got hackers cabin tech which is actually pretty good at this time they actually of the ELS audio system in this -- good that sounds -- you know for iPod. -- up -- all I can stop by. Weather and traffic directs them satellite radio pretty fun little car to drive around. And and that they just -- nice practical easy choice if you're looking for that sort of you know sport semi -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It S something team what was that -- actually you're thinking of the TL estimates GL we had sorry. Isn't happening at every detail monster -- -- I was a great car but this goes very how he liked me very -- sort of an. And its styling is -- except -- front and very clean. Interest -- -- saying they they don't expect to sell to many of these I think it started about. It's 4000 units are something that not many in and data reason -- they're saying they don't offer that manual transmission is because. Take rates on manual transmissions are only about two to 3% rights of its so literally a few hundred most of them ran me off what happened had the inventory of those with a different colors and -- -- -- is just six settlement now had just doesn't doesn't really make sense out for them or -- -- were automatic transmission nation basically Troy was right. It's all about getting an -- Mac -- folks. Let's talk about what we have the cnet's car tech garage. Nissan -- review as fresh as we mentioned as is the Lincoln and -- -- That of course deceased sister ship to the fusion -- leave now erstwhile Mercury Milan hybrid both of which we -- a lot of big bad him uneasy hybrid out. We have an IS 350 were just finishing up with right now -- 62011. A revised version I start we'll have a review of that coming up shortly. And then coming in the garage -- now we have a CL 550 support -- -- all wheel drive. And we also just got in -- 2011 Honda CRZ another -- a lot of folks have not seen before. We have one in the garage that's the little hybrid sports car that is that you'll need to restate modest size but we'll. My that was like to live with. And -- be coming up shortly as will talk about those cars next week. On CNET car -- let people jittery just that's our show for this week. -- -- Dot cnet.com for the show lives cars dot cnet.com is where we find everything about CNET car tech blog post slide shows videos news everything is right -- -- Call us -- your voicemails and of one of those in a while the line -- -- 866401. -- 8664012638. We're -- on Twitter from a virus that we weren't I'm Brian Cooley BR IA ANC OLEY. -- is Wayne C -- SF. And if what does it do AMT GOO. -- after watching we'll see you next week.
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