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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 195: Will the feds jam your phone in the car?
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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 195: Will the feds jam your phone in the car?

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Will the feds jam your phone in the car? Your next rental car may not have an engine. Mobile TV just won't die. And we drive the 2011 Lincoln MKX Hybrid.

-- -- -- -- your phone in your car. Your next rental car may not even have an engine. Mobile T media -- -- that just won't die. And we drive the 2011 Lincoln MKX hybrid. That's right -- -- that a whole lot more hello folks. It's -- live Baghdad -- grow over the schedule. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That act and one good one. -- -- the wild Turkey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that are Jerry drunken sailor was the latest step basement. Payment of that I think that's -- that's always starts this way I don't know what it is. But if you would like to see a show on -- -- -- podcast called boost tech. Please email Scott -- -- Canada. -- right let's get to the US stories are going on this week folks first -- -- this is just that not the biggest story but perhaps the most outrageous want to talk about guys and that is a apparently very real consideration not about to happen but -- very real consideration by the Department of Transportation. And -- man Ray LaHood. Who says they're gonna look into any and all technologies that can jam cell phones and vehicles. To potentially make them part of the national vehicle code or laws. This is coming -- and know where I didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- this is ridiculous this is so completely over the topic for one thing you know. -- -- -- -- war you know we can go to battle we can find ways around the technology right try to scramble -- -- us yeah they're up. And eyed and -- -- -- think this is also disliked. In Canada saying watch out kids if you start -- -- cellphones in the cars will take them away from you know -- yeah it's kind of. -- Carrot the stick used by an older car. -- another if that's the -- greater market than ever and it just seems like a dumb idea in general -- mean cell phone there. In other distraction true but then what happens when you get an accident the fifth and stuck on and and you can't call 9101 because of cell -- jammed in the right the benefits. -- -- -- -- -- I'm in my opinion the is the detriment. We'd ever see is the study and maybe it's out there how many. Watch how many cell phone. Road -- Happen each day year month without incident. Not -- no excuse when something bad happens but is it like point 01% of people's time on cell phones leads to. An incident of any kind of fender Bender or -- bad crash at what point do we say that's kind of the cost of like and -- saying a lot of benefits. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- calls can be everything to date from the most -- and I don't meet them unlimited yet I didn't like the argument I'm laying out there I'm destroyed to be intellectually honest but and then the other problem is that the radio -- and that -- is not gonna stop with the into the route used in decree method did -- -- all the cities. I am writing where the cars go you're just gonna have people and you're gonna standing on the -- -- illegal buyers -- -- -- -- gonna go -- -- the obedient and it is saying at least one of these stories that they have a technology that would eliminate the cellphone. Operation within about five feet of the driver -- the whole -- of -- car. Plus several feet out the left side of a car yet. That's whether that's gonna what you're mentioning -- The technologies -- say I think the technology is there says lahood quoted in the story and I think you're going to see the technology become adaptable in automobiles. He's not saying he's gonna you know which his department to make it happen but he also said that his department will not rest. Until the roads are safer then they already are by the way the roads are safer than -- -- in the history of American motoring busses get that out. We got stories for you recently that even distracted driving is trending down at least via it was the accidents caused by. But only in lahood is does he -- distractions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The that is a distraction and actually for people listening to this podcast in their cars we ride was just distract you should probably turn us off no -- So anyway just put that on the radar out there it's on the department of transportation's radar with the first time we've seen anything quite like this where -- even considering even vaguely. The idea that the feds might. -- behind. Cell phone cameras maybe it's more of an idea that if you had a serious accident based on distraction. It's like a drunk driving breathalyzer install -- lockers on the eagle briefly right like the ankle pinkie under house arrest. Now all we found a lot of -- this time a year because the volt and -- for coming to market and really are are on the market. Deliveries have begun. And they've now got an official mileage number well sort of my twins got a couple of Apple stickers to their very interest in window stickers that show the new future removing into the. Yeah we just got the Nissan leaf in our garage -- just moments ago. And I with the the monitor any of the sticker and hold it up throughout a home up here you -- Tennessee -- the most interesting number here is 99. Miles per gallon of that 99 MPG words we crossed the threshold into a new -- requisite little letters next to that MPG that they equivalents if they can rake in minute mile -- the existing DG. Lower case EM PGE is the new term you're gonna hear folks that is what's gonna be applied to electric or largely electric cars like a Chevy Volt. Range extender we -- -- Wikipedia find exactly how the government's defining MP EGE. And what they do here is they look at the energy equivalent in a gallon of gas which I'm learning now is -- 1151000. BTU British thermal units. So that's kind of your benchmark and and they go convert as I understand -- here. The BTUs. That you would have as an equivalent out of kilowatt hour of electricity I think it -- kilowatt hours. That's -- that. An electric electrical engineering that -- -- electricity take. It takes to go under a thousand watts per hour per hour is the kilowatt hour and so that's how they're -- -- going -- be -- -- one as -- -- equivalent -- equivalent based on how they all come together -- -- common denominator of BTUs. So there are now is having a -- to the British Open delete the adamant about 99 gallons of electricity from right now -- -- -- hardcore. Only know what the not for illness and inner John Q that lets you work on that for next week's -- you couldn't answer I have that ready or accidental. But -- -- the honorable members here to and the Bolton -- 93 miles per -- -- under electric power -- -- -- just a few less -- the leaf -- but -- also when -- -- gas power -- -- -- -- 37 miles per gallon. -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- 379. Miles. The need some -- 73 mile total range -- that's got that's -- got a haircut from the factory estimate of 100 exactly. And after for around just comparison at that was of interest in the C we've got -- the -- the sticker for a Honda Accord and this is the V6 version which -- recently reviewed these. And that says that course -- -- -- miles per gallon city thirty miles know how it. But the important appears they give an estimated annual fuel cost about 18100 dollars -- Honda Accord. Where's the estimated that costs to run your and we throughout the year annual cost is 561. Dollars less than a third yet. So let's look how much generally does a leaf cost more than a cord. Ball park a few thousand dollars at most rights actually in this case they're exactly the same I mean obviously we have a super high trim Honda Accord yap V6 33000. Dollars base. The leave his. -- -- -- actually a nickel less than that so right off the bat you're saving money. Straight up a pulls the car works in terms -- range needs and also not talking about the the credits the you get the federal credits tax credit to get to leave 7500 comes off the top of that -- and academic point 500 right there and actually paying less output belief -- -- accord so. Unlike the old hybrid argument which was always okay I want you to drive a hybrid before you have earned back of the premium costs for that power train which used to cost several thousand more still does in many cases. -- for the Lincoln that we are gonna talk about later in the show. There's not anything to earn back is there while my -- -- today although the big difference of course range yes yes if the range works for you. If you don't -- -- respect and -- going to be. Doing them -- into new truck is considered got to go real fast -- and that she. So so there it is you can you can kind of get a better feeling about the is electric vehicles than we did about hybrids were a lot of folks -- false economy. Kinda hard to make that argument about a -- it seems to be a real economy again if a limited range car -- -- a long refueling time those two go together works for your life -- your driving -- But very interesting though -- a new -- we have for the first time seen real live. Multi almost hundred MPG. Window -- come across the car tech dot com this is interesting. One of our stories over on CNET -- -- -- cars dot is about the start stop technology going into the Duke Lacrosse voices all the time it's becoming more common. Less so than it is in Europe but as -- a more common and I'm reading this story and that's great is observed that would really boost MPG. 25%. Look down at the numbers here when the ads start stop technology to the twinkle across it will do 25 city verses nineteen without 37 highway -- thirty without. That's a huge jump. You have to -- Hundreds of millions of dollars normally to make an engine that much more efficient and years of development. And here -- just throwing in a belt all traders start stop system which is really crude stuff it's gonna Briggs & Stratton. Receiving 25% that's amazing normally we -- 56%. Savings by doing that current technology. I don't see where they get these numbers for the highway miles per gallon to the highly jumped from thirty to 37 -- And unit every -- start stop on the idea -- in LA traffic with respect but you're running on a highway that astronaut driving highway driving editors stopped every you know for every ten minutes of driving stop for five -- that it would kick -- outside of that -- -- get to that number is suspect. And even the city number which makes sense in terms of behavior is really a big -- The normally this is a five or 6% gain you get from having start stop in a car so far. This is also -- Think the same start stop have been using for a couple years I don't think it's anything new. Let's as the discount would be more aggressive with it -- that is cutting the engine when you but maybe conveniently -- Now the answers he assisted similar in principle to the bill called monitor system refused and 07 on the Saturn Vue -- similar outside. It's Tuesday -- also 79 pound feet of -- to help accelerate the vehicles. Let -- add something you -- look actually getting the car rolling movement that they say the other that they go out of their way to say it's not a hybrid but it. It really eat it with -- electric -- immediately. You know kind of like the plan will have reached their physical hybrid. You know this kind of built in an average mean the that -- has -- something -- definitely for the electric. They're yet what they're doing his -- use the old freighter as both the generator and -- motor so it's providing I think the additional -- an estimate for this car -- there's nothing in the in between the engine the transmission is -- in the transmission I think it -- yanks on the belt when you start and start to pull -- crank a little bit which is really simple stuff. This is a hybrid whatever they say it right hybrid but -- -- a -- it's a hybrid -- -- -- a belt -- accessory. Which is -- but that's very deep -- violent. Right maybe they just don't want says there's some bad connotations for them with the term hybrid which I don't see why they wanna see -- -- right. Let me immunity in. People find out that it does run under electric definitely credible into you can call that -- -- -- there are discovering -- but. Yeah I GM volt trigger happy or trigger -- -- -- there anyway sorry that's that's the that the big jump there those surprising number for a card is not a hybrid but if you think about it it's sort of a super soft hybrid. Let's take a look at another way that these electric cars are coming to market not to buy but to -- Hertz is joined. All of fairly good size listed companies now they're gonna offer electric cars -- for example. I think enterprise has some -- the fleet. -- we'll have some but this one's interest in Hertz is also gonna put some no -- Electric sedans in the fleet early next year. -- code as a company we haven't talked about too much. -- sort of a second tier carmaker. And they're not what I can attempt to seize prototype of their cars in and it's a little ugly as a rough it's -- it's also gonna be built in China they're they're -- Trying to work out where they can make this card and it's. You know they they say it's an all American -- but then when you look at the but they're really doing it looks like -- -- partnered with a factory in China to build the things you here's. We've got some shots of it here -- its -- of. Very ordinary looking car it's virtually the only current but it looked exactly like something that Singapore's ethnic all right indeed trying to figure out it was a Daewoo war it's -- it's -- Daewoo of them and more it's got Hyundai -- wasn't militant gondola -- to -- Of the day Laguna it is not like letting -- -- -- Philadelphia neck arm or in the you know we -- that there is their presentation and they told us that -- the new card -- new cars that these sales for the slate that sent him somewhere something about it rings a bell. It's kind of a cracked bell in your what's in the the video feed radiant and -- -- -- -- -- -- from -- -- this article -- kill me if I don't know -- it and now I'm gonna spend the next -- looking -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On -- there's currently use Carlisle right a final what is -- based on but. The code wizard that literally hundred of them but they're gonna put a hundred code is in -- -- leading California's though you'll have the option to rent a via a leaf. At Hertz or enterprise or a code. They offer you that I you know what -- -- on the some cabin tech now. Apps in the car becoming a big idea iPod out and various sorts the Smartphone apps written head unit. Clear channel the biggest radio company in the United States by -- The next biggest radio company I think -- us and once they were about a quarter of their size -- third maybe this is a huge radio company clear channel so they are going to you work with toy go to. And is the first time this has happened between a radio companies -- carmaker. To integrate the clear channel I heart radio app -- -- -- -- use this. I don't but -- -- one of those things -- lists a given corporation's radio stations make it easy to get to for streaming. On a Smartphone. And -- on iPhone Blackberry Android windows phone. And lets you listen to 750 of there even more net radio stations. Yeah I'm gonna actually meet with that -- -- during CES to get a look at this thing. Talk about how they're -- integrated because. What we don't know exactly how will be integrated button bullets appear on their their screens -- will appear on the radio displays somehow what's it's still they -- released any details about okay so that's not specified yet. Now it's kind of like you know. It sounds like MIT's -- -- Ford's sync aptly. OK a lot of companies are doing some of that we've seen something with that many actually incorporating. Lot of you know apps -- there -- units -- this might be interviewed some arena in -- -- through largely echoes the interface to the dash and kind of blanks out the Smartphone. -- we encourage you to do you know. Drives -- this app up here where it's auto optimize not juggling your phone. I just wonder -- they've looked at stats like how many people actually use this app. Or is it does is as clear talent and pushing them -- -- what's gonna happen because yeah you heard people are looking at this thing I wanna stream radio over my radio. By -- whatever. A two DP your iPod. Connection any advantages course radio from any part of the country you know if you like you gave your favorite station and yes Seattle in your and in Wisconsin well you can listen to. He is just that. No clear channel radio stations -- that interest things that men and only thing these guys just. Fine corporate radio. I mean they are the McDonald's -- radio. -- -- that -- had -- really good job about being an -- the radio but this is not -- your home for indie pop and rock I mean this is. -- and pandora users -- -- you know -- by a better -- the right -- Baptist that's for your getting a choice of new media and a choice of a new way to get it and the people are way more into the contents and they are a different way to get the same stuff even if it's from another market whatever there's an -- probably every city to clear channel operates are meant that -- wanna stay with one of our -- -- -- every city -- It's -- becoming too via the Toyota -- -- -- -- going on -- that on at CES. Interesting though word here on a another -- double -- you. And it -- this is the idea stick in your iPhone in the head unit yet. We've seen a couple of these actually. There was a brand called fusion and when the couple years ago Sony get this kind of like in -- thing where you exit was threatened in side of the hysteria around this showed us that yeah yeah and edited oxygen audio in the you've got this head unit that 300 dollar union that -- -- now. Your iPhone -- to the current your Apple between work and -- this bleak. -- the device so did the stereo itself doesn't have an LCD screen or you know it Nicholas kind of units of your -- and have a CD slot or anything so. You don't have an iPhone this -- the stereo for you -- The eggs that an iPhone and iPod Touch or whatever to the president and it looks like there's an app rating on the iPhone that lets you do it in place to radio. And you basically. Pull your musical the Flash -- indefinitely so this thing provides an amp the glorified him of basically an -- now. But I mean. On am FM says it's got back is that its new iphones having him at some of them and they don't have that -- -- Apple doesn't do that yet. -- so they provide the few things that an iPhone doesn't have an amplifier for channels at 55 watts which is usually ten dollars worth of equipment in the rocket's technical and that's about -- they evolved about providing the sophisticated DSP. The storage the display at the touch technology what are these bring to the table. -- -- and 99 bucks that's -- it's of the costs at the price even if I'm bringing everything. Except the -- and you know a metal -- You could get a low of fully fledged. Car stereo that has -- players in to have you with B port for connecting to other things and when you leave your app but an iPhone at home you'll still be able to listen to music. For 129 bucks. Yeah and that's less than half of what if they cough Vista doesn't make sense on a price basis. One mean these kind of like using your iPhone is -- displeased areas -- kind of becoming the -- and I think a dual electronics -- one that. Famous or this year. We've got a little bit of information on it but then they weren't really. Forthcoming. -- -- concept cars that showed docking and I -- IOS -- of some kind of becomes the dashboard but that's very much concept at this point. So you -- and the name is horrible the -- car. And steam at the same as a god patent. I -- a convertible overall look and say hello in -- other throwing open the morning via. It's up at -- that's that's what we're gonna avoid orb is gonna make -- one angry human growth. All right let's see you serious listeners. Seriously pay attention to this it looks as though. Not immediately but in the near future to be in a couple years. Serious exit of the combined company is gonna move everything -- the XM satellites that's what's being gleaned here but from a Bank of America Merrill Lynch investors' conference. Where the CFO of serious sex and their financial boss David freer. Started talking about yet -- -- -- -- the XM satellites into that later makes sense for our business it's more efficient enough to replace two sets of satellites over tunnel problem blah. So he says the reason is they're -- examines -- serious is at 60% of the auto industry is already on -- it's been more successful you know we have installed in serious though. Where you gonna go you -- -- or most of the customers are already tuning into. The downside is important that the Sirius and XM satellite and the receivers that to them. Are compatible. And they don't have a -- but. They they were talking about it when the merger was approved by the -- been conveniently Connell. Let them side of the road. I don't think you'll lose any subscribers. So -- -- to the have a strategy to get people moved over. Whether this is like Canon digital TV debacle -- Tell you what you gonna do -- -- people into habits of small scale things how many people -- It may be twenty something million. -- -- -- thirty to 33 million satellite radios in cars on the road today according to David -- I've heard a number that high but what's on its face that's the intent that -- it means that -- licensee -- -- -- and they say here by 2050 I think he says by 2015 -- -- seventy million installed units on the road that's probably total sales in history I think. Though -- -- for those that have you know. -- -- -- -- I imagine it -- subscriptions they would actually give people equipment he writes you know I mean that's bet money that yearly money and then it says it's worth Anand. And overs he's nearly money if people keep their subscriptions -- -- that the go to some sort of like the and contracts plan two years -- people -- In -- 200 dollar receiver unit for two months -- right. -- that we're not pointing it in the cellphone model. It's are you serious social people on the story -- you know mean this is not gonna happen immediately but yes when and if it happens serious radios will stop working -- satellite. Will be dead and -- move all those channels over to XM and that's gonna be a big change for clearly greater numbers. About nineteen million people regularly plenty -- -- -- and there will be and -- hopefully with the same amount of non need to worry. Let's see let's go to the ridiculous now Ford is offering not just ambient lighting that you can change -- -- you that in many of our reviews and videos but now. They say it's smart. Ambient lighting. -- -- -- -- -- means they've added a couple department of so basically. You you you've always been able to change the colors among some vehicles you've always been able -- -- you know just the brightness of it but now. Are there any a couple of minutes one minute gonna be the search like -- Which boost the the output of the emulating -- in the foot well in the kind of build what will white light the -- -- -- keys you drop your wallet or something need to dig into the seat. The -- and some change. You have laid down -- for -- like it gonna have a really cool there's also. Door -- -- which is gonna use the light that are in that in the door panel ordered a little bright red when your doors open. Cumulative safety lights those cyclists don't run into it when -- doors of eight gives you a little bit of extra light there in a lawfully keynote -- doors that includes all the way you feel -- -- willing. From the bottom and then there's also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will be able to turn on the deal with yet selling like -- -- for the lot late for you don't come back to a dead battery apps when the external ions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Folk art is goes into red board analyst notes there are a little market going to green when you're driving lean. Nice economies -- -- two other colors commuter air. Let's see when -- When yellow for when you gotta -- right. Got a little reckless and help it it's got a little bit Leo failure reached for pressures -- -- and your readers -- you refer you readers -- -- -- a -- and says oh wait estimates from. Are you -- -- gas stations and that's what it. And it immediately brings up all gas stations on the map that have clean bathrooms and what color will -- blue when you're driving with the punishment. -- good question what is the color of the bag Ferrari red Ferrari or at school and it doesn't have been thinking they're driving really secrets of windows. What we do with blue some good color. We're not gonna wanna have used -- -- bag of their corporate government. It's of the -- it. -- for brand loyalty. -- -- that stuff. -- got some one more -- to use if the light and finally they have some good uses for -- -- click on the field visit the different colored cupholder illumination. Pointless is that -- do anything eligible water bottle and -- -- to -- yet. And even the foot -- knows who the caller that much and you in the mustang you can change the instrument's first is the console and while you get -- ugly combos as -- is very good. Yet another for a technology that -- has is kind of -- intermediate integrated into the aftermarket is their Bluetooth technology they're blind by an information system. Kind of thing I know but that's coming out with they an aftermarket solution which trickled down from Volvo through -- And now something just like it. -- you can add your car yourself. Right now but for those that don't know what that system says it's like a rear proximity -- -- -- beeps when you're backing up to which he knows you're getting close to something but when it also does is lets you know it will I -- in -- Kate I don't know it's gonna be on this when they have a thing called cross traffic warning though your -- -- -- -- despite the cars coming down the road -- -- you know. There's carpet from the right the regional back into the -- the anti T bone warning be really nice -- that was on the system and they don't there's a Gartner. I'm wondering how this would go I would imagine would -- like after market. Bumper sensors. Them immediately. -- to -- the aftermarket opera that through the of the little with the Internet Apple that are -- they don't -- -- -- If -- are -- from the car in the color -- a lithium but you gotta bore a hole through your bumper cover and the bumper bar underneath. This settlement that are on the wires. Can also via a picture camera that sits I mean you copy your windshield and front of the -- -- -- -- -- afraid other -- in front of the port can install on the -- side -- on the side -- and use -- maybe it's gonna replace the -- side -- -- more advanced on the new ones the last year at CES Alpine was suing them pretty advanced camera beneath. Blind spot detection systems and also sort of an around view camera system that the kind of if similar to the one that we've seen on infinity love larger vehicles that give you that birds that he's so mean a camera based system wouldn't be completely out of the as a relatively believability. You know tacked on things that -- with a pretty small these days. Ricoh and Hewlett-Packard you can even -- the cameras on the infinity system. If you diligently to thoroughfare in to their factory the -- in the mirrors and it knows nothing but blank empty space and you're in the English you're gonna go this argument will -- -- the bottom at the consumer and going to be nervous about it and involves drilling -- not gonna do it themselves and not gonna want total body shop and incur the cost. -- -- -- -- The mean this -- obviously on camera it's gotta be a stick on -- I think but I think if they're gonna get stolen. Well that's the thing. That's -- license plate frame like cameras certainly scary to me I'll -- elephants notably lacking -- -- police attack on -- hang on the outside -- -- correlates them is gonna come by an instrument -- the wire -- -- and find them to do with it and. Put their own wires on an out there on an -- be cures -- this one actually I would actually installed I think that's key to the consumers -- I like it or now. To its trouble and he's really gonna updated 89 countless new. -- -- -- anybody who want that's title on a a -- -- got an eighty -- 89 -- -- because you don't want to be helped with blind spots on -- you're an adult in -- in like fifteen field and you -- that you need to know spot -- exactly you -- pilots the mobile -- digital television -- -- -- TV thing is dead. That was one flavor of mobile TV the other one is broadcast mobile digital television -- optimize to be picked up by a moving car but it's -- off the same transmitted -- your local station's news. So -- to -- update on this from of the mobile content venture group. Saying that by the end of next year they're gonna have quite a few stations and cities -- office right now it's very few. There will be TV stations in twenty markets not that many but it's more than the I think for they're doing this now or five. -- -- and 201120 different major cities -- at least some. TV stations not all that are setting -- mobile digital broadcasters right -- is sending a standard digital broadcast. At the -- will be available to 40% of the population so that might be the first tipping point where people can start to say okay I've heard about this it's available in my area. Maybe W of these mobile digital TV from my car it's building an iPad from -- It's -- that we are a little more money. Whether -- I mean -- where it becomes that society used to video on demand at least you on the town realms so you know when you've got a video stored on your iPod or something like that you know that seemed. -- having avatars stored in the movie avatar stored on your Smartphone. You really need like a broadcast TV coming -- The commercials and Dr. Phil -- -- TV is. I mean it's the one cough shot the U by the receiver and that's -- TV. Which is the mean you have kids you know and you wanna be buying a new movie every week. -- over time that that. Can get expensive and for a lot of people the one shot. Nature of buying a receiver with -- pick up beefed up the authority kind of flying over the air anyways that he is a pretty good -- point. Yeah I guess if you leave the united grocery shopping leave the kids in the back of the -- to keep the windows logo that was -- of -- of Arizona yes expecting dad who. And you and then -- -- Google's. Entertainment. And then we get in the shopping Sony to sneak out and take a one way ticket to Philadelphia and. That's -- overall still don't get -- right out of -- all over old -- so New York LA Chicago Philly San -- Dallas Washington and Atlanta Houston Detroit Tampa Phoenix. Minneapolis Orlando Portland Cincinnati Greenville where the hell that is West Palm Beach Birmingham and Knoxville where is that opulent. Live and learn. That is the list of cities that will all have some kind of mobile digital TV broadcasts going on. By end of next year -- during one of those well you can drugs that make -- via. If you like the look of Cadillac you're like the look -- and Ford has just hired a designer from Cadillac to come take over as the head of Lincoln design as they've just killed off Mercury. And there are doubling down on Lincoln as the -- -- important -- for so many max wolf. -- from Austria -- He is going to be getting in there to really change up the Lincoln brand food doesn't look any model like -- -- -- for that he. He analyst Dylan or the and he was okay not in the and he uses the tenderly. -- Cadillac had a whole art and science design language which really. And set their brand apart does really well yet in and -- -- -- it's very distinct -- like -- like you know when you see Cadillac you don't seek out now hopefully Lincoln launches. Copy that and I can't imagine they would not yet going to be -- -- -- -- -- I think there are two they'll stay with their current. The zephyr inspired face and -- they've got now that polarized as some people I like a politically pretty -- -- -- -- But the like the -- on the MK disease still looks pretty derivative of diffuse and doesn't know yet the same car same -- right now so -- same thing with the UK Hansen guitars. -- so they need -- this I'm sure is the place for him to say look no more are we going to remain here let's make our cars look. The state because cadillacs to look like studies. They really have a different design entirely so I'm sure the look at this guys -- -- rest of the money on you and your department and where you wanna hire and fire. Let's get a real look from Lincoln would be good because Lincoln's been derived for a long time it'll be easier because they don't have to -- -- Produced vehicles -- -- more than just due to yup because I was always have a juggle struggle -- they had -- amortize their designs and its -- is doing across all three. Okay it's a design that I'd. Think it's gonna need some serious revamp what that. The reasons speed a bamboo -- that capital BAM. And other capital BM and B and you know. This is -- Orleans beat -- this company that we they always do it Christine concepts for the Geneva auto show. So that's they've actually announcements for the team to be about a show which is coming up being in late February so long timers are quite a -- from now. Get out the -- pretty early on this. I think this is not quite as interesting as they're past concept that they had the submersible car they have the I change -- which changed its look over they are right change yeah so they've done some cool stuff. This. Map so much and they even described it as they like and growing up golf cart. This is exactly why I think that's -- it is disappointing it's like a bat mobile golf cart it's kind. Lol what -- -- -- -- long three quarter rear view -- looks. Looks like it'll play at a mini truck dealers delicately -- five Toyota with. -- -- -- -- top of the -- that at -- yet and they can think of some sort of move designed for the beach you know four that -- southern Mediterranean coast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Creation that you were immigrants speedy -- doing today -- -- while on a safer for -- environmentally conscious that here this is it uses that -- do components on the interior. -- -- the rest of -- just you know regular metal or -- electric power train and supposedly also a full global two wheeled electric gas cycle that it's in the -- you can. Over the last -- so that you steal -- at and is -- at a regular car. Men -- veterans speeds time that's ever built remote perhaps -- and -- -- -- who's behind read speeds of rich suite -- server or -- is just as a London news time except. Put crazy cars out there are gonna find right now reader reader connected whose -- have -- like that -- -- says. Complicated Swiss German name at this -- as movies. Yet this kind of -- rendered via Internet yes -- company is that they do to mean that you tuner persons of like that. -- a pretty well heeled -- -- so that's their businesses as well off -- sooner. And they make these concepts -- to get visibility. Aside from -- -- -- -- -- was yet. Okay let's dive into -- your emails and voicemails -- we take a short break here a car tech -- continue coming up we're gonna be answering. -- -- -- -- Answering your question why are we so stupid when it comes to although we're also gonna be answering your questions about hydrogen cars is what keeps popping up you folks love the hydrogen future that more. When car tech lab continues. Molly Wood and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help -- that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact when -- Send us an email right now holiday helped -- at and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right price. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at slash life. And yes we go to chew chew on the set -- like you saw -- the problem now okay let's get your emails sent to us Eckart ticket want to send us an email right now. Car -- at Didn't call us to believe your thoughts if you're really full buyout the best way to do it really comes across -- -- point 866401. CNET 866401. CNET is the car tech voice -- line. Okay this is personal take is we were musing couple weeks ago or movement is last week -- saying. We just remember who own volt well meaning somebody bottom of about silence about -- it's been a bunch of musical chairs in a bunch he wrote in. And said that GE Li of China bought -- -- And it was spiker the blocks off rights yet collect about we've got here and leave museum if they elect but it that -- are rather proudly. So now we got our Swedish cars sorted out yet thank you for that we gonna do is dead -- on who bought Volvo but -- You know relatively unknown totally unknown in this country until they bought Volvo is doable blown out of course. We had -- jaguar and Aston. Diagonally and rover went to -- and right Indian company and asked and went to some investor group or something. Who want Aston Martin and here we go again at -- don't email -- could just Google the damn thing right now we don't get all twisted I -- it in. An. Okay. Good to know you're gonna finally reveal that will yield these and see what happens double -- under under -- though -- has been actually pretty supportive of jaguar Land Rover mission that some of their mission to -- you to provide good quality cars kind of Harken back to their their heritage. Either in very faithful to what those cars mean. Right and steely bag that I would say they're putting your hands operable mother and -- bold -- people well. That you -- as well as a successful brands -- was in much worse trouble than -- ones you know so they did they bought Gilmore -- solid company. Where a speicher bought them. They got a fire sale on a net total -- let's see Aston Martin was purchased by a joint venture headed by David Richards and co owned by investment -- And I -- investment of Kuwait. With English businessmen John cinders. Whole bunch of folks bought -- Don't know how that's gonna go but no so far they -- turning out of interest in cars we haven't seen anything really stunning from them lately so when an era of the repeat repeat top -- that came out -- for the acquisition and send him yet -- so that thank you for that clarification on that. Hydrogen powered cars we got here Wayne. Well the let's see we just -- -- emails were. Position. Job Josh wondering if he -- says it to them. Where we are looking for -- hydrogen powered cars. Ready to looking at that he was wondering why we're not yet a battery hydrogen in internal combustion engines because of the fact you can -- burning it. -- right you can burn hydrogen and use that as a dual fuel system with gasoline. So he's suggesting why are we -- look at electricity when we could do you vehicles like this that burn hydrogen. And you would have an easier transition beat from hydrogen Q I guess when he also says well you know use up to build up electricity infrastructure charging infrastructure. And the same thing with hydrogen infrastructure mountain. So you know what's the difference really in and why not just use -- burn hydrogen. While the problem with -- did in BMW's found this out the of the hydrogen seven which does exactly what he says yet but are over three years -- test -- and it doesn't get a lot of performance out of that burning the hydrogen -- much better performance -- -- burning gas. I imagine that the people that have the hydrogen -- don't put lot of hydrogen in those cost is actually -- -- -- and that's the whole infrastructure problem finding the hydrogen is the hard part to you there. And as hard infrastructure goes and that's -- good question. The electricity infrastructure is actually already mostly built when you can find electrical outlets anywhere. Yes you know might not be the exact right voltage we want -- use right and all the exact right places but we're getting there. And that's just a matter of putting the right equipment transformers and such like that. You. No. Allow for real fast electric car charging and it's -- hydrogen goes. You actually have to build up filling stations yet to -- generation a lot of generation capacity -- and you have to also -- that stuff around. Not easy to do right -- and doesn't like to be trapped it's really has to be kept under very high pressure in these. Incredibly strong. Like carbon fiber cells -- -- mean as -- it makes putting liquid propane gas in a car. Relatively simple by comparison it's really high pressure high pressure or you can view very cold hydrogen you right you can. Get it get a very cold in that also tends to bleed out pretty quickly -- and you lose a lot -- -- capacity to do it that way yet that's the issued the trend that the infrastructure is a much bigger challenge for items in the electric. And the energy density -- -- is not nothing from nothing compares to gas guys oil and gas have incredible energy density because it takes a long time the -- you know. The bit about that -- -- it's packed in there all the other things are looking at. To power cars out relatively low energy density compared to. The ultimate of the petroleum fuels and electric gas is nice because of the fact that you generate alive electricity a lot of differently and you can generate and some other states -- exactly what. And in the coal and we -- a senator on a high transmission lines at the it's it's everywhere -- we already know how to do that and was basically got to realize that words being generated it's not like it's out of sight out of mind generation as generation and it's still mostly dirty but. -- -- Much further doubt that we had another a question from -- Ryan from Texas. He's -- F 150 man and he's though considering buying an F 150 and a new one but today he's wondering if it's worthwhile to wait. Until my -- touch the new. Knew that haven't taken or paste it to produce to -- -- fifty is also wondering if -- -- -- link has found its way into the new 150 yet. No content for help that net Heather how -- it could. And personally I don't know my experiences with my -- touch so far. I'm not sure -- -- awaiting for right. We it's. Really all agree you write that forward kind this has had to pick up here edged up again I think a little bit in seem like they really wanted to get this technology yup quick. And -- the results. I think all of -- have run into serious issues with it we're just doesn't seem finished. That's really it doesn't seem finished. It's slow the new navigation system that comes with that. I'm definitely may have not been a fan of -- spend way too many glitches with that you spend a little more time with that -- now. The Lincoln in a game -- coming out this week in the week. Open Edwards in the complaining about an eye towards naming it my portraits yeah now I have a lot of things it -- -- mean it if if you stick to using sync for everything. It's actually not that bad. But then there are things you can do with things like turn on the heated seats and you know or ordered. Union are searching for specific -- interest in helper -- and -- -- to -- even that has -- and if they went to sluggish. And frustrating and it's actually the we're going down gently. The navigation system crashed -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for a -- -- -- You I've -- -- -- before ever cars don't do that that's -- -- cars cars and refrigerators have a lot in common they always work and televisions. They don't do that they -- -- -- the be the interface is so. Busy. It I think for all of us there was alerting her right and I mean in their. Like things that are moving around the have no business moving around you go to the -- control screen and you've got on one side of -- the driver of climate and on the other -- the passengers would be -- decided. -- like slide back and forth right and get bigger or smaller -- you think you're about to hit the button to make your whole you're temperature -- -- and in the button. -- that change size and yet we're. And the Lincoln's got that that tension that that pressure sensitive strip you to run your finger back and forth Alpine tried this for a minute three or four years ago with a text victories going images -- -- and this -- stupid. But Lincoln's got -- in their smiling contesting to raise the volume there is -- -- you have to slide your finger on -- touch sensitive strip. And it's like playing a video game its -- But it cool controls that you wanna change your volume -- authority try to turn off the -- late. Right after parting video yeah -- -- -- your -- are real as you're holding downpour a second -- and if you have if your hands are moist or dry the response totally changes he does give out of the -- around the car your hands are just microscopically -- you would even notice that. And later in the day you're driving home it's -- when things are responding differently because -- dry elders something. By adding the lesson here Ryan is that you might wanna buy that -- and political balance literature -- or anything more they change over to my right that's. It must of course maybe you know by the time included in the -- -- -- One to view will be protected I have no doubt they're gonna dial pad and it's definitely modular of the -- in their software announcement going to be easy for them to issue was software update me. Optimize the software -- -- -- -- -- get good performance out that there's -- things happened fast on the screen. And they got a simple when it's being too many things are too small and intimate interests are the size of half of finger tip it's like tiny buttons within the artist's name and clicking install right it doesn't fit on the screen completely uninstall but there's not much with the exact right. So anyway lots of small annoying things in that that my quarter mile link and -- though. And it wins at the right idea by now before it's an auto we have a question in the chat room -- -- asking meant that he's asking -- -- decide to -- -- our tech. The -- it. For the navigation and have yet I feel so they could get rid of the hard drive yep -- medical officer and then also they can only that we they -- know for one. Hardware packaged in every car in an if you -- nav menus by the USD card pop it in and all of a sudden you have -- -- modular option and -- -- and I -- we know the incremental cost to get -- -- -- 700 bucks or something good navigation mpeg is on -- -- -- was part of -- 7500 dollar package and we can't -- it out every single thing and I thought they told -- that would be like for 500 bucks to go to -- by the card if you bought the -- -- without it but it has the SD -- you could buy it for 4500. Later. In a -- that you can still use to synch services. Turn by turn directions -- added Bluetooth -- that the pretty much the same thing that fun the order fiesta with that the recently right. Though that's that's part of why they do that is module Verity and ideally little or cost though that's not fully confirmed. What's the question we have from -- on adding steering wheel control. Right you've got a 1999. Nissan Altima about the question canal -- to lot of different people look at what he's trying to do with. His vehicle doesn't have. Steering wheel controls but he's looking at buying an aftermarket head unit anyway so what you want to know is can he go down to the junkyard. And pick up them steering wheel controls from another vehicle -- -- Oman and -- use an adapter. T like an injury rates and final controller is -- Definitely looking egg in the affiliate and -- 77. Through BT and yet if we're gonna review that and that -- -- we've actually got the then if that 770 -- on my desk right now so -- -- should actually be -- next week maybe the week after -- -- stay tuned for that. As far as adding the idea controls -- -- things are gonna have to for your specific car look at I'm not mistaken and then ultimately uses those little pied. That kind of fit between the spokes of the steering wheel for your here cruise controls and their media -- -- put teeth into the -- panel the what I would do. It's. If you just have an afternoon try taken that cruise control -- off. In -- it'll fit on the other side of the steering wheel upside down. Now if it does in just stood out to the junkyard get yourself a second cruise control. Set -- controls. And then melt that on the other side because the adapter that you're gonna use that in this case I'd recommend you use that the PC. FW IP yes. That they -- -- dollar. Through controlled mount adapter that'll. Work with the Sony unit that that the different get the it's programmable so -- pretty much except inputs from any buttons so we don't have to -- control if it takes contact closures you run your contacts and then it's gonna ask you like hit the volume up button you as this. -- we think from that error of -- we have one here on the guests on the screen is -- that the one so it's got in the yet in the U shaped curve in the -- areas where your hands on the right it's got this sort of button console for those who go to the picture that isn't part of the molded part of the wheel it literally screws -- the side and it's gonna talks in there yet. Similar to a lot of the Honda buttons where they have all those multiple boys' buttons on the left side that's kind of the same idea -- -- -- I'm thinking is that you can effectively those. Rooted in any degrees in its in -- on the other side of death in May not it doesn't look like it's particularly close says -- -- symmetrical model a little double stick tape and a -- and the cleanest with mr. negated now have been random. Honda -- a button thing and often the other side because and right after this generation's. They went to completely different steering wheel. The head of the -- and controls integrated in really in the way that exactly and -- gonna be able to just. Look where 2001 Altima with the blatant and -- the airbags that you can't just open and Wheeling your car -- -- that way that actually the second part of -- question he wanted to -- -- -- them through a custom dashboard and use it in if air -- you want the public would in the year over the whole -- and he's wondering if he just got the title overall in -- card playing it back to William pack a big try to cover the passenger airbag would then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't do that those of an immensely. -- -- -- -- Let's let this -- carbon fiber look I -- the point carbon -- reducing wait. You're getting right here and you're adding -- -- -- you know who they are we had reason that the carbon fiber applicant is -- it will decide on the right look at that -- -- it's -- you can get that when your rear bumper to of that weight by putting carbon fiber and our thanks for those emails folks it's car tech at With a couple all cars -- -- We do have a couple is the one for you send in pictures of cars that are unbelievably -- -- -- -- import taste or badly modified and humorous way. And we put him out there for the world to see. And left that and humiliate the array so the first when it's coming from -- in Oceanside California and -- -- -- gift card. In front of a pep boys and -- -- here it boom and led. Rented out definitely had -- out old Megan -- it's gonna be old death had -- -- Metallica scholar -- -- -- doing on there is lots of colors as the brown random round fender. A look at the same thing on the same insignia on the fender that Manson -- his forehead. There really that's cool. It's like a whole -- Hewitt from the -- to make it a little bit of that and had ever seen in Georgia he's miles from the -- he was -- -- and horrible horrible -- aren't gonna do back in that the anonymous caller we've got another one coming from -- got. Scott is. The actually that deal with from. And -- that there. This one actually came from David. And this is what he -- in at -- What that LG with -- What -- error. Delivering. Yet the liberty right kind of hard to tell -- hearing my eyeballs look -- looks like a ton of Blair. The company had built up at somebody 89 pounds skills -- -- it looks like you've got all these -- Button and the new medical lovely little amber early indicator -- -- -- if you -- on getting has American flag and we'll do that they didn't. If the navy when you -- it. And -- -- -- -- -- got it right here. While that thing is really salute them and apparently he's going to be all US MC sticker on the back and this is a modern. In nice shape car underneath may be that's camouflage that's it. But from what -- The great work Charlie chunk -- -- -- -- what theater of operations as he's going into Wonka plays in January psychedelic kind of wore hats -- That's money that is great because emirate of curriculum that's great that's -- car like it I don't what you bring that up in point on why you disagree and marina I don't know hooks I don't know why he would do that that. Stink and Communist Larry we've got another one from -- an interest in going to be found this when in 1959. In Thailand he -- system. Did -- -- society. What if caller is if anybody has any clue. What is that would Fiat -- Leo I win -- related accidents before -- -- the artists receive the toppling. Maybe the original openly now it's the images -- -- -- -- -- German carbon. I think I don't have any recall carriers are -- reviews as a -- mind -- my monitor. What we're looking at its -- looks somewhat like a VW bug -- tab and use that. Little more conventional -- quick it's an early fifties to locally -- via the same middle sloping -- -- -- -- product that crawls -- in the front and Europe probably -- the -- and it. -- -- -- would be weird. And a cloth rollback -- at the flow -- toppling of its means little miles -- -- -- the into the replacing the thing that -- -- here and there official car historian house. Our official -- -- and -- all aware that -- of where. An array and emanated. To get one more one more in this one comes from a -- if it -- it does. Well and of music as well -- cars and this is -- SAB heavily and he spotted. No it -- -- -- I don't puts it it's it's voted in Afghanistan the school. Purple -- Area. Yet the for those of you like listening in on the idea who and this is gonna be in the low cost flights do on -- -- to take that when you not driving. The silver. City cavalier in its Canon. Look like it's been dipped in purple paint. That's exactly. It is the Internet experience it is very different -- a temporary mail you're running on -- believe in a donut and I've been he's been doing that for months and is next paycheck he can finish the -- that's. Well they get to the door that's -- and -- -- break -- are expensive. Do a nail -- limited impact. On people what's wrong with you why do you do -- card to pay good money for how to care at the 500 -- -- -- -- paid the money for that and illegally deface them with this doesn't -- it. As you board. Ball high level of our audience they'd ever do this had better news but it was strange stuff -- their cars anyway as -- he -- -- -- Afghanistan. But if you make unanimous that this figured out yet Amanda wells but it is tolerant southern Afghanistan. That's really bizarre you -- take a look. I don't know what that started late but there's not much left it -- one of our humvees that they hijacked and strip. Leoville we got here is what it may -- the gleam of a of low you know look like a Jeep Motorola home and it's -- -- -- that -- -- it's got into my brain embody its money unibody industry frame. Engine all exposed and that but that's a very old style real on the prime it -- -- that -- the -- of the agreement is thrilled. At its Sissy bar in front of it. The bit part in the air but if floating out here in the middle of space but it's got their box -- not that old and it's got -- A polluter anyway it's got a blower as the swamp boat in the back so that makes me nervous is not a fan housing. A mom and -- -- Graham -- Yet it looked like some sort of agricultural outlook -- It is it's -- built the goes hopper to some kind of a thrasher. And all around is now. You're -- get a developer animation humans -- world and -- like this guy and evidence but with but it is voted up from his car we thought it cavalier or in his. When they were -- my -- with a body. All right so -- -- is arguably the best part about car tech depression admit that but you know what. It's just great keeps sending us those those in those pictures folks I'd be pleased that this once you took him and obviously the Afghanistan ones the ones that -- -- someone at school. But don't -- scour the web and send this -- -- got some web sites logo on the corner that's cheating. Pictures you've taken -- to be great picture but has to be a really -- stupid car after looking okay. Let's -- the road -- and the CNET car tech garage this week when we mention this earlier in the show. We have what I believe is the first hybrid on the market. To have no price differential from the non hybrid versions -- an endpoint that it's on the road now in the 2011 Lincoln -- Khazei hybrid. The start -- is is really its just forget about forty out of the city about 35. And on the highway so that crazy kind of hybrid thing where it -- actually better miles per gallon in the city and low speed start stop situations. That's because the way this thing set up -- I mean you can get up to practically forty miles per hour under under electric power only. Only other Hallie and I going to be you're gonna get electric assist mr. not going to be taken advantage of the -- Evey load. This -- can can offer. What advantages of the -- and -- the hybrid as opposed to the Ford Fusion hybrid is we do get the -- THX audio system and here. And that's what evidence that somebody's system that really. It's an audio file quality -- really at a budget price it is very view. Audio systems and cards you can get it this this quality. At this level. It does sound really good to the system that we've listened to before -- really good base. Without the need. Distortion and also released its various degrees and they don't really get into a lot of them. -- around -- making this with a system it just sounds good yes they have the old. The that we -- navigation system Ford Lincoln navigation system this is hard drive based. Has traffic get hands fuel prices it has always get stuff on -- like everything -- one. Also sync button -- think it still -- the top. Voice control system. And element we have in this C news this. Smart -- the system and shows we've got an LLC on either side of the speedometer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you can really got -- They've got it set up its kind of weird the unity of four different kind of visual styles to choose from like different levels of information inform entertain. Or you know and empower -- -- Rhode Island where they -- -- they don't make any sense. You don't really know what you're getting until you've actually clicked on and click back out but. What you do get our. Four different kind of levels of engagement and you can have it shows there's little information is I don't know how much -- -- have been how much battery charge status. Or you can -- -- show everything from -- engine RPM to the balance between gasoline and electric engine your average miles per gallon over the last 45 minutes and you can really get. Complicated with the thing and I mean it. You may not be able to have a lot of fun throwing this arrow corners but if you're a high profile and really just -- -- like holy relic edges you can have a lot of play and. Just try to -- -- their fuel economy. Are there it is the Lincoln MKs the hybrid. But the best thing about this -- The navigation system properties that that it doesn't have my Lincoln -- I think he's got a this thing up -- got three different or faces in their cars they have the know for they have the unique one of the fiesta in order cart shares. They have the blue dot matrix that's basin a lot of cars which is like in the last -- -- we at they have this. The green behind interface although that's kind of exclusive to the hybrids that. But the will but web so this one at the 24 inch LCDs and the eight inch LCD but it's not my -- -- Now as it does of the dual controller needs its mortgage and -- they have. X my X touch -- have four interfaces in the family right. And they sort of I mean this was sort of the basis for the my -- in my Lincoln touched. System video -- -- similar hardware different screens. And -- -- -- of the pilot -- in -- and networked it to to park them. There is the -- bordered. Instrument cluster kind of situation where you have the two screens in your steering wheel controls and there's nothing wrong with -- bargain -- -- -- as well of that. Beta testing quiet while love it and unlike Hillary its what that's what the system you showed here it's. It's a lot of it's a lot of nested stuff will once I said -- much easier to navigate the demise of the Mayan. The -- content is tool display that -- yet. Yes because they do a dual controller for the bad and I mean they would if you -- up you go up. India which left -- but let out it's very easy and kind of go a it will you know been you change is displayed a let let you know you don't captive which -- of these in the cruise control buttons are also hear them -- left to go right to dual controllers are they as. As much a good part of that as the displays they drive right. -- -- is the main CD the main display yeah and that's where I was using the navigation system in the EMI and then they that empties the hybrid. And -- was -- it was so smooth that it worked so well now it's up pretty. But you know it just works a lot nicer more smoothly than media this system in India bit MKX we just recently drove. Yet so we know they have a good eighty inch center stack based nav system it's that's why were so frustrated when we see it stumble in the -- system. Monica takes a -- down as it moves forward right now so we have all the good step in the cabin tech and that's when. We also have that that fantastic hybrid system consistent -- -- one of the best hybrid systems on the market reaction really responsive. Now they say you can get up to you over forty miles an hour in electric mode. And I find that's actually true. It's you can't really -- you start off and try to start from a stop in and work your way out. Where works is you power the car up but with gas power and your just gonna cruise along maintaining speed and you can do that case if you like put it at that point. You can get into it cruising the electric mode I I maintain about forty miles per hour with the I think in EV mode -- -- going down a flight. -- decline and actually that helps you all the way up to forty wouldn't let -- in the Ford Fusion hybrid. Under nothing that he be our. -- I think this is a car that gets what's the MPG in the sky again it's 41 that -- and city and at 36 highway. -- their efforts and -- 4136 so good numbers -- -- not quite approaching a Prius with its. 51. City in the lower number highway right -- About fifty overall. But it feels so I mean the -- there you know they they lets you yes lets you get out there pretty fast. A you don't have these different modes like in the Prius you've got the eco mode in the performance mode -- -- you know that the regular mode uses -- little depresses like what what wanna do that -- -- the car you're spoke to decide. That's why I've got an automatic transmission. Computers all over this car I wanna just pushed the threat to the of the throttle or whatever and it tells you what to do. Not tell me okay select the mode move your gear shift here decide to use maintenance -- what they -- on the panels. And I was totally -- and out over the -- hybrid power train and the display. Which it's a very smart display and the fact it shows you how fast you can go under -- power. And kind of just -- -- with Ronald CC don't go over that point. -- Islam are on the display and it changes. Changes that. Out yet to just -- depending -- after going yeah so if your bedroom unit and over its right but then you can turn all little. In villages do here's my dad here's my battery I get -- Linda get out of the remote overload don't remember my bottom and right. But I'm also amused at that display that was when you do you get on the gas in this one particular display anyway. It then turns brown and it's like an ugly Brownstein on the -- nice -- Remember a number you know it's like what -- dynamite -- -- kill the plants and -- dying -- on the right -- until the plant. Are right so yeah we like this -- it's it's a fusion or erstwhile maligned by any other name but that's a good thing. Yeah well. That's that he got the only real problem of the cars that it doesn't differentiate itself well enough away from the port fusion yet but power train we liked the fact that it's -- we absolutely the car itself feel it's a little bit like his badge engineered -- -- -- -- And it is -- against the pricing on it did seem as a as a -- -- -- fully loaded BX. -- can. Yet -- no no penalty for the hybrid which is a lot of concern for lot of folks all right so. That's RM KZU. Hybrid and that is that reviews up -- now we're going it's that'll be next weeks and okay I'll be going up shortly. Where's the catch our breath from the holidays granola folks it was a break here all right that's the show for this week olestra to CNET car tech garage can't leave without -- -- it appears we have. Right now in incoming and that MK actually mentioned. An accord DXL and KX I should say these previous will be just attitudes and Kay's group. Little confusing in the X forty -- those are fresh reviews and easy going up next week. We're right now driving your Lexus I S 350 all wheel drive and we just for delivery of a Nissan leaf just literally an hour sort results. And -- right after that we're gonna swap those out -- the Honda CRZ hybrid sports car hybrid only model. Time also have a mobile X sixty coming in part of their whole effort to become an audit casino -- they are we get our hands on that. -- folks that's the show for this week thanks for being with us you know how to reach us and please -- The show notes and the whole show home -- is a car tech dot Our email -- -- car tech at Phone number if you want it was a voicemail and leave your thoughts instead of -- is 866401. CNET 866412638. -- it -- on Twitter I'm Brian Cooley. Plane has wings -- underscore SF. And one isn't -- AT&T GOO. We'll see you that's what.
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