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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 193: The worst MPG car of 2011

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 193: The worst MPG car of 2011

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What 2011 car gets the worst MPG? GE makes the biggest electric car order in history, a speed camera that busts you for way more than your speed ... and we drive the all new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What 2011 car gets the worse MPG. General Electric makes the biggest electric car -- -- history. A speed camera that bust you for -- way more than just your speed and we drive the all new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. That's right folks cnet's car tech -- welcome to -- on this 111110. Number of retrieval of a year from now -- in the meantime it's just kinda cool. Let's take a look at the top story -- got going on this week EPA document whether official rundown of the 2011 MPG. Numbers for cars out there the highest to lowest the highest and lowest by category one of the most on the look at is just flat out -- mileage period. Intriguingly only one car made today. As -- the 2011 model year. Can be in the single digits on MPG no one else does that -- it was a time of a lot of cars nothing that. -- -- Mighty mighty heroes of might even -- eight city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's something about elected -- a gallon of fuel per minute though is that it can't the yep that's -- 815 -- absolute worst number of course the Prius is on the opposite end and -- many folks on one of -- A Bentley down and -- and you and you think writes in his -- sky also likes the Prius it's -- like the cools smart car. You can eat music. -- -- -- So anyway we got there will put a link to those in the show notes -- was the worse the Prius was the best. Other interesting -- -- if you wanna look by fuel economy leaders you know aside from the Prius. Who does really well because number two through -- -- give any love the Prius to steal the MPG spotlight. But you've got the Ford Lincoln Mercury try to -- in -- fusion the erstwhile Milan and the -- Khazei hybrids all the same platform. 4136. Building non hybrid car on your seems to media smart cards insisting -- a good point number seven of the best mileage smart cards at 3341. And -- the rest are all hybrids. And Lexus RX sport that DH makes number nine it's actually pretty yet nice number idea for for for a compact issue -- -- very good. And that civic and insight hybrid -- both in their number three CR is the -- automatic is number four. Lexus slow selling HS 258 is number five net nice ranking it won't help much. Etc. federal troubling to those curious what the best -- and although I don't numbers in the middle a General Motors says we're gonna make. -- -- -- out is they're gonna by 25000. Electric cars by 2015 they have a fleet of 30000 cars big company lots of vehicles -- -- -- -- vehicles and that sort of thing. And they're gonna replace almost all of them. Electric cars but when he fifteen actually -- GE not gentleman is under -- yeah -- -- the other -- that helped. The -- G -- General Motors did GE's buying up all the bolts that wouldn't get very far. That's gonna do is merge and entities vines of many electric current -- -- -- is my -- -- worse yet developed at the -- So why does the major order no one's ever mean we've never seen this -- electric cars -- made in history before let alone a single order -- for them so it's kinda like a milestone to be sure. They're gonna start off by ordering a like a 121000. Of the able -- off the bat and then move -- the next few years of course they got an ulterior motive here they sell charging stations are pushing really hard on Mac. What do they call that charging. Charge point or something. Let's talk that they make -- and called that's their big thing -- -- the TV ads for it lately so that one was in the news here in and speaking of charging your electric car. She's got a new technology. GG GMI now -- got to go the opposite that now that WG MNG mixed up all day just you know whatever it's AG thing GM and vice Versa. Promoters applied for a patent for recharging lithium ion batteries that is what is this a while you wait process. Which is kind of -- of the model of filling up a car at the -- -- Yeah we actually saw something similar to this I think was the frat house for institute in Germany had this idea Leo putting elector luckily the fluid in batteries he got a charged fluid and -- read -- batteries -- that fluid that's right you just dump out the discharge fluid. The at the -- -- at the charge station. And you'd probably need some. Dell equipment today -- pressurize it and pump about companies step in you know keep -- electrified without losing its charge a little more complex than your typical gas filler but still just like a battle tank Gatorade that we can light a light you'll -- not really changing a whole lot in the electric argument is built come up of the station and -- -- batteries and Diego. That be a very big breakthrough of one of these systems can work by the -- offer this on the GM's talking about it is very very very pretty high tech -- -- -- worked have they given. This is the thing I do -- at the foreign happen at that I -- allies already demonstrates. I assume I'm missing something it's so simple it's actually complex -- look for in -- it spits it out to the -- full of liquid am I on Miller Lite. If -- the Blatter the those of the bar also. -- -- link to that but there's a lot of progress we keep seeing on the idea of getting charging to be not a multi hour but a multi minute thing. Well no we're talking here about this silicon activity that GM is using on its testing ground Wayne and what kind of blue sky in here what -- could lead to. But it's a -- -- use net at Milford. GM is that been using Verizon for their OnStar. Cellular service you know connected cars through OnStar and that -- -- is obviously a forgy you know pushing forty trying to be forty leader yet Monica took the sprint -- And that at -- in the upper proving grounds -- engineers out there they need to throw lot of data around on the tech the cars and so that they've that Verizon has actually given. GM a custom closed four -- network there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In other servers and stream YouTube on there on the field. Now let's get on their laptop. Way out there every dance until it's up and take a lunch break stimulus braves and the video but the but there's the possibility -- -- could lead to use more -- -- now this is -- I'm really speculative there's no real. Real right this has not announced -- -- make that clear but. It should be sooner than later. And -- -- -- -- to differentiate itself -- LeapFrog ahead of some other competitors. Is to be a great way first in car system for car -- -- system but forgy powered. Allowing a lot of things to happen you really can't do over three cheated. And effective selling cars that that is certainly one when -- and -- jump ahead of other people. -- -- -- consumers are getting a lot of awareness support you don't understand it but they've heard of it it's like -- -- that's the next thing what's up with that. This could be used for so many things I was thinking you know. The trying to put -- owner's manual and dvd or an iPad now in the case of a Hyundai but. Why have the owner's manual the -- wanted to said he connected service -- relevant the minute I have an issue. -- stream if that's appropriate -- how to video on the screen. The could tell me what to do. Totally be up to date all the time editor some mountaintop and you get a flat tire you don't out of but I don't replace that well I don't despair -- -- the Buenos Aires a very good at. But you have it be cool about this is. You know we can start to move to it was Mercedes we first saw talk about this one of the -- couple years ago doing everything on -- Thing calling navigation. Radio video everything is just offshore everything not have anything in the car and why -- -- pair your Bluetooth -- we can just do IP off the -- but you gotta have four Jeep and if everything's gonna be running -- -- -- We delivered -- -- -- you know doing your own the -- unit of course you're gonna need some sort -- awaited. Port your number right -- got a -- of down the end of month one -- my biggest problem with you know using on stars. Current system for a hands free calling it that they give you another number the car yet so now you go -- in the cars politically back on the -- number. Hang on perfect in parliament to find some serviceable for one to the other that's a mess you could get I guess you could easily Google Voice -- -- that but it. You -- you -- only consumers will do that this memory -- the maneuvers and you view with marina yes yet if you're the one. You and about there -- people here at CNET that's the -- there early adapter. Nothing of early -- -- year and early -- the Hyundai Elantra visually speaking. Yeah it's they they put they and he went through the troubled me can -- -- the they make. By photo because via the new -- gonna via unveiled it in Italy next week -- And what kind of sought a couple weeks ago -- -- so if through the figures out the producers and there on the street just part electing leaders -- commercial or something within the the -- was there the asinine -- hybrid and Turbo -- there and and then it can -- you looking regular records in recent accident. -- chase vehicle out of them help them. I'm -- -- well -- -- is one of rounded out they keep there that's that's what eleven Elantra yet it with I think it's good -- and it's really good looking a lot of good Sonata line. How to do great things with their design but I think in -- storm the Sonata hybrid you know upper offer a couple of days but that's just the regular very good PR and -- back at. That's what we need that if that's that that -- -- enough you'll cars that there hey NL. Yes that's that's just to CNET thing -- that are DNA meant that out of plugged in another shot of it here's the side view if you -- your video version of the Elantra. Yeah nice looking Karmi for what's gonna be with them -- inexpensive car right. With 161000. Dollar base cardinal and exit undated class okay whatever. -- -- continent so less than sixteen yeah yeah. Yeah I really like this site graphics that you look through the way the window comes towards the back comes to -- nice point yes it is going to some kind of chunky squared off thing. There we go look at between eleven million it was a -- she can tell there's the there's the motor behind it one of the cup but motorcycles that keeps traffic where. Our -- so we're gonna also one of the carts and production you're not gonna by design and believed to be on their stories. Bogus but it can sit there -- -- it vision efficient dynamics. Total super car is -- production. There's a car we've shown you from the auto show circuit a photo of it here just remind you it's like this drool worthy totally cool. Reminds you of the BM WM one from like twenty -- thirty years ago but gorgeous -- -- card it's going to. Production I never liked the looks of that how we saw that in Frankfurt last year that's what's Frankfurt had instead of like the looks like are so much but today added. They are they're saying they're putting it -- some kind of production I think it's probably just gonna be you know develop may be hundred prototypes and then you paint scheme heir to that kind of crazy Paisley thing hybrid -- if you're watching -- through. Here's the video clip that they put out yet debate team will kill you it's like I'm allowed to that trouble -- -- that. Basically camouflaged as you put on on a test mule so that it kinda hard disks see what the actual curves in the character under the vehicle are. If if you already know it looks like why go through why do that mean and -- just as patently goofy. But I mean I don't think that's gonna make production with you know -- the weird body styling it can't hear door isn't. And seem possible it definitely -- pedestrian friendly with all -- -- edges and you can lose a finger -- -- drive my real easy as is the car that has three different ways of being propelled it's got a three cylinder Turbo diesel. An electric motors at each axle. Andy can use electric or diesel or both. 320 horsepower when everyone's Chiming in at once -- -- 64 point eight and 75 miles per gallon. -- of the -- it's boarding car but when the -- -- -- We can afford and it. Let's talk about the changing climate Washington because we're talking a lot about the motor vehicle safety -- -- -- revamped soon. To require among other things a black box and all cars it would collect they fixed. Regular set of data right now it's gonna hodgepodge across the industry. A whole lot of others safety requirements I think for the first time in Libya federal regulations that. Stability control be required in every vehicles -- some of the changes that were under. Under -- in the weeks he has for an Automotive News this week that says nothing's changed in the house -- Republican majority. A lot of that -- change to. To be much more of a there was an auto maker friendly. Environment. -- Yeah the house well the lobbies for the automotive industry have high hopes for the Republican congress that they will. Slow or does not pass legislation that's -- in the works right now and some of that legislation actually came out of the yet Toyota. -- back called the you know and and into an unintended acceleration yeah thing. But -- others the idea that well. You know that the -- leaders are really want these bills to come through and -- oh video views. In beginning gonna be happy to oblige it looks like the I'm not sure that's good or bad for the auto industry as a whole. Though -- some of this is having to do with the fuel economy standards. The have been rather aggressively raised lately there's a whole bunch of tears like -- -- -- but let's see where we have 2010. This is the new 27 point five per passenger cars right now by next you're supposed to go to thirty point 20. And it goes much higher than that to in the next few years in the auto makers have been squawking about that that might get rolled back. That might be a good thing 6262. But -- -- -- five right in front of the apparent verify that number -- that it's correct. So these are really aggressive numbers for increasing fuel economy get on a corporate average based on volumes sold -- all that's a very complicated formula. In fact -- can figure it out easily the that the formula here's the formula that they used for calculating -- the -- the corporate average fuel economy of a auto makers -- sold. That's like calculus when it yeah that's not exactly -- -- believe them. It's not easy it's not like okay you sold as many cars at 1845 and as -- 3363 and I don't average that together it's like an average of an average of an average and I missed that class and algebra anyway so the mideast continual we'll keep an -- on the bottom -- on how things change with cafe in the motor vehicle safety act but there's a lot of rumbling now since the election. That it could and let's talk about speed cameras now this is one that's happening in Finland right. -- pick up the first. First place they've actually in first test of the camera from hell yeah. -- speed cameras obviously no and hit them. Not so much yes that and it continues in the US but they. -- -- red light stuff sign camp at which you know I'm not. Do do it don't have a problem that but -- that new cameras actually can we'll look into your car look at what -- do you mean. You're talking on the cell phone that they'll realize that -- you don't have your seatbelt on they can now record that -- you could end up with you know ten tickets based on a single. You know pop from one of these camera. Yes go buy one camera can check all that stuff out now in Britain oh or in Europe I should say they also can use this to test if -- insurance is as up to date. I'm not sure we have a database like that where our driver our license plates. Are connected to a database of active insurance -- so they wouldn't have -- carry a card. I'm I think we can look and a yeah oh yeah they can. You could get that -- not a problem with this unit you could you notice there's still mired in and there are regular on remembered that the little compartment and -- -- You get pulled over you've still got the old -- -- that and they can look and a and -- -- statement -- -- -- in the depleted. Okay but this is a camera that can look all of this up it's -- 3-D camera which is interest in which apparently is part of being able to look -- -- -- look into the currency you're wearing a seatbelt such. It can also -- have have a wireless connection to whatever local constabulary is running at so they can get live data of you coming going. And locally here in the Bay -- -- -- town called to ever on the recently I think last week lit up its entry and exit camera -- -- I -- in the country here in this in this country where where every car that comes and and and leaves the town is going to roads and now. Is checked by a camera that takes a snapshot of the license plate -- can instantly alert the police if it's on a watch list. Governor's been we have -- quite this big brother's server would be -- it's progressive invasive what do you wanna go. I interest in this this speed camera has a infrared camera to they can look at -- weather conditions. And the from that -- maybe you're going too fast for the current edition I hate that now yeah because it's like okay Steve. Computer you don't really have the power of figure that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay so here's -- of tech gear for your boss 302 from the -- -- that doesn't. Void the warranty but does -- the car up what does this all about the -- key. Rate the the bathroom to you know it's how did upward and forty or court however -- of the the mustang that if the off your to engine yup on this kind of -- the payment kind of iconic -- he. -- cumulative thing -- attract key in -- you can do with you can get it from your you know or briefing dealer what -- at the special key. And also a special software to use the value of your regular key new contract he -- -- -- the regular key. Regular car but the and we use the -- track he yet. It basically. A -- -- the -- yeah it gives you all those tickets are just talking yet day in give you a little bit more aggressive -- I mean. A little bit more aggressive fuel map better Ronald -- -- -- -- -- Lost control for the things in what's called attract -- the art. -- -- -- The track movements in -- as -- attraction to detection controller is a bad sort of you know connotation let me what wouldn't be surprised they don't mention it that would meet the president Franklin mutual it's loosened up a little bit port I don't know what it's basically just. It really easy way -- caller into wreath -- moved to spot in memory -- And you know that you take the one key out but the -- -- and started up and become with a transponder chip it tells the karaoke were -- -- -- exactly could do it but. But it's a great sales -- to do it this way yeah real you know if you -- -- that they get that way you'd you know you -- -- the -- like regular with a bullet he and you switchers -- pretty cool. These people can mean if it it is kinda cool it's just the great being able to which for caller into it when and Portman and yeah it's like Elmo video BMW doesn't uses separate keys is gonna vote for -- argument which -- little -- just like. You know which is the responsibility for the complete re tune of the engine. Though -- -- fuel. Supposedly be able even here it'll sound different. Though it's not a smooth them weeding out like analyst marble look being. -- go to Trenton are entitled you know what I told -- of the software fuel economy dropped on one. Thing. He's not swapping your camera obviously tells us that's also where -- profile via -- And this is -- this is a legitimate thing right yet so the idea idea that you can. Take your car of the track and be able to get this separate -- without voiding your warranties union you can do anything in the aftermarket you've been able to do these things for decades yeah but you would have to -- like a -- that chip. Where you'd have to re -- street the U and the things voids your warranty because you're now to be getting in and messing with that computer that one of the things. -- -- -- -- -- -- So now affords you annual way to do it in -- they're also a few viable due to their forgiven you free -- -- I'm -- in this thing called the them off track tech program and provided you can get -- middle of Utah. And early 2011 they're gonna give free trek he's been threatening infection that bought new tuners pretty cool -- -- and -- like me who are wanna. Yes very take a page of a Corvette -- you can go build your own engine take delivery out there at the Corvette museum medal going to build. -- I cannot -- implement -- that's network. And that's a dirty I didn't get all greasy. -- price on a boss Leo to what do these things cost. Rhetorical boss Leo to. The -- -- to BA with the TI VCT valve train and all of that -- in price I'd forgot what they price these things that its name mean they mean if the and -- -- have a very good web server -- I'm getting any weird at least Tiki here we'll check that price for you later move on. Already let's see LA auto show next week we're gonna be there was -- Tuesday -- Wednesday Thursday. What we expect to see there were some of the highlights you've got coming up. VW electric golf electric golf the production. I think it's it's a prototype. It's like the -- EU. The -- probably in a limited release to start. Yeah and this is sort of -- leading it's like to me it's that it can leading up to Africa will eventually sell. So we should get to see that there are able albeit the -- -- next week. So yeah that'll be Wednesday Thursday will be our coverage coming out of there. We'll also be looking for. Supposedly the means for the US the I need for the US ranked at little -- -- -- little thicker side the longer still -- that more safety equipment in the -- -- -- -- -- it definitely get what they sent -- was like I was -- out in canyon -- you know those -- death -- it and they don't like there's still get over 1945. They hate us North America must try this yourself and immediately -- -- or powered by Tesla did confirm they're gonna be announcing that. Orbit yeah okay that's gonna -- there okay that's the first fruit of the Toyota investments. In Tesla and of course that we haven't heard anything more about the the throw down between -- -- in the White House. There will be that we go in and certainly there and we're actually gonna get it deterrent but we -- yet well -- who drew the short straw that one. -- called they want one of the comeback and it's the beer I think that that's how much you called it what this means you -- site I think I'm pretty sure it's what I'm here and there. The -- -- get in line for that one and that is -- SEB 94 X. Will be rolling out -- and -- my favorite Nissan GT our new version yeah and diversion. Interest in the gonna smooth and almost civilized the front and a little bit and they -- there that's buster have a better ride in the previous ones are good as -- might that might appeal the a little more of the might actually my back -- attack. Wow okay goodie I'm -- Leo those little smoother sleeker. Ron and the shape the rear -- a little bit and it every they had a lot more power companion. 523 horse while yet. Up from 45 according to -- -- the big jump right course of course our figures on the -- -- have always -- -- all over the map because -- -- -- -- build those engines individually. That you know some people die and I know dozens I'm getting -- and five horsepower is -- like that song. -- -- -- under -- Japanese super cars in the -- and eighties -- -- -- the gentleman's agreement right Myanmar where our. -- -- -- -- If you're in the note we'll see if Kennedy's first hybrid also we've talked about before -- -- M -- -- showing and pretty savage 35. Yes and -- -- the 3.5 B six that'll be rolling out first and a lot of good cars comin' up. And you quest minivan they have to step it up against the Odyssey so will be on top of that -- whole lot more of the coming out at the LA auto show again Wednesday Thursday of next week. That's the what seventeenth eighteenth will be down there in the shall be going on those -- press preview days and then. You'll -- -- to get in on the nineteenth starting on Friday through one of the Los Angeles listeners -- -- short break here is the ultimate. Car lovers personal computer. As debuts this is yet Camaro lovers actually the it looks a lot there minerals like a Camaro it. Get the Camaro shaped. -- -- -- -- -- We don't have to get deaths that's in the size of this thing -- and pictures are really did you -- there but this is a Adam Intel atom powered PC if the micro PC I mean we're looking at -- Here in this picture on the video addition and we can see the USB ports two in the front. There are a little bit narrower than the ship -- type badge on the grill is pretty big things it looks like that the does the slot right underneath the here's obviously Laura -- overlooks little -- on. Okay. Really was an odd glow around the edge of it makes me nervous -- with perfectly straight into remodeled in the -- if not. Here's a shot in the -- that shows underneath the -- if user underneath the back of the car you've got the HDMI ethernet VGA to USBs. Audio in and out. -- suck up power thing -- -- left in republika. -- this is some kind of a small ultra compacts. A subtle PC. Yeah trying to make something like this and will not like using -- available not a PC but -- system it's called the compile the report. Oh it's random on hard drive -- one -- -- scale car model yeah of them figured both gonna have portable hard drive that he ailment if you can look like an -- And an ever better didn't work -- and manuscript to pieces and wrote this stuff you buy and it -- and often cut through metal cutting -- -- he was to be doing work in. -- in Wayne Orlando's the system -- It and rights but anyway if you wanna Camaro -- that door he Amin the cool I mean cards that you want a Camaro received PC you can do one now 12100 dollars for -- -- pricing for a PC -- is -- little atom processor -- box but anyway so that's we've got to. For -- for fun and well money wasting this week -- we come back just a minute we're gonna answer your questions about factory navigation my Ford touched. Also talking about what's going on with our car this week on the road which is a completely new -- New from the ground up so Jeep -- sit tight and will be back as the car tech my podcast continues. Hollywood and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact. Send us an email right now holiday helped us at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right right. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. And we'll have a Choo Choo train -- in the studio just like you saw and a promo not a because not all are aren't -- there are all cars this week. Adult and actually -- -- these are -- -- email now -- scans to handle it no longer is this is about the stupidest -- -- -- -- -- it's not -- a -- -- like a serious -- This is the world's biggest serious stretch limo we've ever seen what is this thing -- -- a GMC savanna -- and it demonstrates that would look like. The cinders from -- in the year. It'll yet -- fenders on it -- -- we look you know know the and it looked like super ultra huge -- Full size van as they kind of restraint limo it's not all blacked out or anything just a regular wireless like -- like an airline crew shuttle. I didn't -- a little bit in the market -- looking -- bottom -- still there at that that it pretty you guys gonna pull that thing over. Get them reinforcement. -- are all car lineup for this week and if you are new to this check about it are a page at parks that dot cnet.com we will link here's the fun one. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nine. -- the can't read not invisible enough. When I go and I -- Hillary I wanna hide in this really help says like desert MO colors on this camera yet Operation Desert Storm -- Adamo on a camera. Don't get that don't know why. Open didn't cost much to look like literally eight people in the bank. Oh yeah right it's part of that they'll lose -- -- history where -- -- wrote from the GMC -- we just saw it broke down they'll have to get to the release vehicle wouldn't gamma camera. That's what I was -- really cool I mean hideous this is my favorite right this is the what is this thing we're looking man. This emitter says it's sort of cross -- Camaro and a 57 Bel Air. So this is they. And an older Camaro looks like eighties -- -- yeah eighties Camaro mostly in the fronts. You can tell whether by the that -- Miller band. And the clam shell rear. Glass but it's got actual missiles the actual offenders off the 57 ship. There have been caught -- this knows a lot of work yet big wings Omnia over the rear fenders. Athens as spotlight got to have that. White walls eighty -- with -- red -- wheels. -- ugly but. -- a piece of work. -- more here. We have the one on earth -- the community here this is a big old. Religion -- you couldn't. It's a general -- SUV it's huge. Do you jump across the hood Olerud and they jump through to -- -- it does break you to break your nose trying to. You get this thing right about who increased level I am your on the ground. We don't try again. We also have a lovely take here on -- what god. -- to start -- this -- -- -- -- at -- -- -- -- -- this is grafted on air conditioning to begin -- -- on the back of Chevy -- in this case home window air conditioner mounted a piece of plywood -- bond oh yeah and right it -- -- just one hanging down to a generator to run it. On a semi. -- balancing on the on the trade touch. And the way it's all on one side but also a little bit generator -- -- it's an accredited but this thing out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He doesn't want that was victim to spoil 200 -- place that it wow okay. -- those who want more -- there. Oh Cadillac golf what is asleep wouldn't notice. They're ill but there -- -- -- you could walk into that you could you could I -- go this is as it is great because I'm abilities ago -- so easy to work. The -- underneath -- transmission steering that I mean does the things here and -- -- -- -- -- those -- term without cutting into the frame. That's cool Chicago area on that outside Chicago's role. And we have. This is a regular routes. Last over the -- is the Prius is is resistance got a -- gas on the back -- warning lights what is the point. It looked like a -- -- He disputed jackass and thumbed his nose to the world opinion little and they -- the Matamoros that it. You think they go in the free of -- -- running into the rear reunion but he that. The -- available off from hitting him ideas. Baby on board doesn't cut it anymore out of everybody gets to it goes on their students who don't trying -- over the videos my gonna do it meant W in the ads haven't stated that range -- -- the -- -- It it'll siphon hose -- and -- there. Or he's got whiskey. All right good time that the wall -- to put the little links always up and are shown at the -- tech dot cnet.com he's wondering what on earth -- laugh but if your on the audio version it's worth a look. It always that is. A good -- and emails here we go on the road. Mike writes in have a quick question that factory now they're hard drive based idea update the maps we always tell you -- -- to update it's now hard drive but we don't really. -- tell -- how you do that how do we do that or do they do that. They haven't you now a lot of companies don't have a very good there -- well. Enunciated strategy on updating maps -- or policies about that but with the hard drives usually there's and a USB port -- the cartoon you can. You know you music plug -- -- US the stick to that and have some kind of -- -- -- government easiest way. USB to the drive was some you know installer code that I'm sure -- an obvious from the screen. It am dead end with the map updates are not updating lot of -- not updating the entire map. Gets it up there's an incremental. You're not replacing the data so it shouldn't be this enormous thing and then actually on the the new ornament -- system the curled up on the card as threatened or console -- Soviet it is really easily -- -- -- Cards to -- your PC you can -- fillets into online or go buy a -- one doesn't want to commodity environment of some of the -- Year. Abilities and of course eventually as we get these cars connected more and more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll be like that your car you just consent in the will be done over the air with a map will be on the cloud -- updating Unionists now -- -- and artist writes and a guys coming out of a twentieth 2000 Cherokee great Turkey limited that's this current car. That's taken it was -- -- CD terrorists threatens the ten most the biggest multi changer universal 10200. Why it's not the car. But in a way that could hit a car -- -- and a car the fifty -- impressive. This -- had ten news getting there I'm looking hard at the rumored 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT eight but I'm I'm impressed by the -- connect. In car cabin tech. It appears that you might for a touch -- -- article that he features include -- -- -- senator screens very drawn to that. Can you confirm as nothing else quite like it feature for feature on any other mainstream vehicle other than anything else -- compete. -- my Ford touch right now before he goes and pulls the trigger. When we think on this -- My -- touches pretty unique although. A lot of the same features out he actually does a lot of the same features in there instrument cluster displays. So if you're looking -- -- and achieving this guy out he likes patent various -- power the skinny guy he also SRT -- -- -- so. -- given that I mean the -- Q seven. Audi Q seven may do for -- -- that may not -- powerful -- -- -- -- -- -- Q five be another possibility but then again that's only a 3.2 engine and that one. But it does have a similar. Tech -- unit -- has -- cabin -- and and and I think board. Is equaling that it's but you know -- we've -- the MI port touch system actually -- -- a little bit sluggish. Plug this into complicated right now there's way too much -- -- this I think on on the screen they got. Indicated fit some of the labels on the screen that they put there like when you pull up USB drive onto the little tiny little -- drop down menu resources became instantly USB drive Apple -- roll off into space that they James so much in there it's like -- computer interface on a screen right that there were and a phone that and sooner they -- -- like that. The new faith and all the screen. Jackson -- they get him that's all they left out. And they're gonna be refining that a bit and again update that is as -- does have the possibility of -- refine it may be named -- -- -- faster they need to visit it moves to slowly it's got too much to do -- -- either under processor -- or under optimize the code. And it's it's just too slow it's it's a rare pick up in the history of sync I think the 2011 I would went of them on leads to mid year update willing infested areas says that because the you connect to Chrysler you -- system. Dated. And -- and -- couple years. But it's the -- it looks dated dad does it just looks kind of funky at -- those -- the old Ford system and easy governor right about that. And you have interfaces. Of alien -- criticize it a lot of our reviews of the Chrysler vehicles. But to -- But they are one of the few that's up on the you know on the cutting edge of offering in car -- -- Wi-Fi. They offer Ford is offering it Nazis to USB Wi-Fi drive into one of the ports on the current the -- -- Ford sync. And he's not doing that yet we talk already is in the new a eight they'll offer in car wireless. Hot spot in a wireless connection -- of -- it's on the market yet. -- neck and -- technology and -- trickle down to their -- to over the years yeah but yet it has to be an opportunity to ending next year it'll be you know -- -- gonna get a midyear trickle out of their car at the show rooms. Here's one not a question but a correction. Two and one America says -- and I think Scotia is pronounced the silent EN kind of runs of ghost. -- -- It -- coat and it's not Scotia has -- on -- is that only the word -- French it's a slang term meaning a small amount now he's really Griffin that's -- this way it's not. SK OSH is not only by used their. Old doctors -- for -- -- war room it is coach. But still jaguar. And we wanted to come in and a couple of these we we got another correction to you on the way we pronounced dead -- -- -- in the last. Last. One of these. So -- that what a load of these things there are. And re released Thursday as we do these code case as as we call him well -- we've you know I commuted Ericsson need to recounted jag wire which. Propagate the -- jaguar it's jag you are -- In -- any any in the English speaking British English speaking countries. I've also heard another -- jaguar jaguar and what the other. There's another weird spin on -- you are that I hear from some people that are of the record than you -- you aired yet animals like jaguars what did it sends a -- like what Eric writes in your did you get in front jaguars jag -- -- one of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I knew I'd -- pull that one off I'll be and my favorite is between. Cattle if the line that's still live this -- a lot with the gonna -- on the side please. It selling fine otherwise as colossal. It illicitly -- -- and blood -- -- ties -- that. That's more -- yet another on an authority our lives but we got from Joseph here hey guys over in LA at the 2011 auto show -- -- because we mentioned. Was wondering what to expect the show this year C earlier in the showed find out and a bit out of the area before he didn't -- when area he's in but he's never left home it seems like wow. What are some must -- user must eats during the weekend stay so this poor guy's leaving town home for the first time he's going to LA. Which is a hard place to nail in a short amount of time. Yeah what your body your favorite restaurants and only out of only have one because there's so and is summit summit right yeah yeah or one of them there was you point out here is Tommy's -- -- of -- -- which is the strange. Los Angeles phenomenon of it that it's basically a chilly burger stand if you can call that -- It's more of a very grainy -- with some kind of while red oil school engine it that is like blue let's good. Add unique flavor it Jenn Cutter is great is they only do two things -- view. Chili dogs and our Mitchell's got a -- -- -- -- Chile that Chile has a certain -- a consistent that. I'm MCM lithium -- I'm just telling. But that is you know back on my back when I meet that was one of the great -- experiences in Los Angeles -- -- -- -- it's -- miss you conceal your roof with that. And and and I swear if you touch it. If you touch it you'll get that off your hands for about 24 hours I mean the lifting of the -- you know -- -- -- you burned right you'll. No sooner than having to that state data there that's unbelievable colleagues did they think let's -- I did get the -- gonna hang over -- -- greatest yeah oh yeah. If you good under mcsame is so we're get off the all the topic your visit the real thing Tommy's is so cool but -- -- really -- go to the original. Which is Beverly and rampart actually not far from downtown might -- to be the closest one to downtown -- That's the first one and has two little shacks and and I think it's the only one still doesn't offer French Fries because they don't they're all like outdoor scheck's they have no way to get a permit for -- And that's -- the original. Tommy -- forget his last name yesterday he actually open up that one originally and it's just a cool LA scene. Other things -- -- with. The downtown area downtown is rapidly becoming kind of a cool spot so if you're downtown you walk around like -- an. Eagle one way to get -- would be going the other ways. Chinatown now there's a trip Japan -- a trip and -- -- -- to any of three distinct Asian towns down there. That are really coming up bath and body mind as got a it's got a -- -- amicable months ago and -- -- towns actually not the scene from Omega man anymore. So. Yeah you -- we have for use Tommy's. That's him after all that copy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sorry -- that's about all we can come up with right now without a long drive and take -- -- when you know don't -- you're gong show him nuts. Part of the road folks from body are jeepers Jeep -- -- beastie would have you wanna -- yourself. So we're gonna treat for -- this week it's the all new completely redone a whole new generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee it's between eleven Grand Cherokee limited four by four. That's or in this week is -- on tickets on the road. Six in the stars was to give it. Decent power better fuel economy the -- Okay you know it's not always super on when he hit the gas you have a couple of situations where I need to pass somebody earlier -- just the I was just there and had to wait for the transmission. To make that happen brightness just have the five speed automatic which is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which distributes -- actually has some real -- -- credibility. Yeah that's probably gonna be the most money thinking boy just take -- to the engine the most advanced part of how to train of this kind of complex all wheel drive system that -- -- down here we've got different modes for sports and regular and snow and sand load rock there of them four wheel -- lock low load their filled the standard two button that there's nothing therefore. -- mean maybe they're gonna add the more -- that later maybe they just wanted me to look at some bad. Google at this our particular model -- -- option really strangely we -- the you connect head unit which that we got LCD here that says music choices and there's an optional iPod action that we don't have in this car. -- but there's an in dash hard drive. They can store music and view photos on. But we don't actually have navigation on this card which is a very to strange options it's. As it goes back to -- the kind of piecemeal pick and choose kind of -- that you connect system is built. That you don't typically get the hard drive if you don't have nabbed because I mean let's be honest -- -- really doing much if it's not storing a couple of gigabytes of map data but in this case that it's always there. Yeah and it's thirty gigabytes exit thirty gigabytes and the goodness there. Don't forget iPod. And are upset some interest in that driver assistance technologies we've we've got -- -- detection very nice feature that'll actually. Really badly you -- -- -- -- -- that are intrinsic a lot of as a partner blind spot. And it's also. Adaptive cruise control. Yeah if you be able to basically maintain your distance from the car and property without. While matching. Yeah I believe this one system -- -- -- -- stop. If Kaiser's Stockton in front of -- -- -- -- -- That's countries and it'd actually I would opponents motorcycles and -- had a problem track in the motorcycles to imagine there's some political correctness that. And good. Are so that's that's 111 Grand Cherokee limited four by four this is an -- new model. A lot of people say Israel cheaper not as it on -- -- wealth kind of wanna frame Nicole unit frame so there's a frame. But it's completely bonded to unibody. So I don't know if jeepers consider that you cup and there's no live axles its independent suspension -- begun modern with this it's more urban enough right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know it'll take like 1520 seconds a minute to get over -- really older influence climate around and it was -- up and then look at that. Why bother. It's not like the vehicles is holding you back you can hike in and out an -- and it would take you a month to get the vehicle in and -- Now that's just it's a total I'd give it to total might just to contest. It's a stupid you can drive. I imagine your your vehicle can barely make it -- people normally running around the vehicle what struggles to hang onto this big -- -- -- -- the current parking lot and -- wanna be there are practically president on the -- and that's definitely -- all the cards they're not in the highway that's the exact one I'm making. I was dead dead dead Chrysler event do you prevent that -- let me drive one of these around some really serious opera and obstacles and yeah I'm dirt roads. The story part was when Nat -- the lead vehicle in front of me. Kind of disappeared down -- -- whoops and -- He was told the follow it now what you know my -- my vehicle crested the gauntlet down I'm looking seriously down those. Loose dirt road you know and the deep -- second oldest. You know easily -- -- I just had to steer this crawled down all by itself and you know don't get traction on each wheel and and as amazing. The other than other this is serious off -- to the grand cherokees not one of the -- jeeps and come alive at the commanders universally hated by deeper -- lovers and while another model -- really went gonna compasses. Become president and really lame right. This what is still the real deal that rancher you still serious off rotor. As we saw in the video we didn't have navigation were a little bit confused on what that means they say Garmin navigation is available later in the model year. I have to believe that's integrated Garmin brand software and data right -- -- I mean garment -- it will help -- -- -- -- -- what but no one integrates -- yet in in on an OEM system doing. Well actually that exact interface seen from Garmin in -- and it's like we're gonna want Suzuki when you pop a top of the day that's it that's right yeah. But in new -- -- or something I gotta believe this is integrated into the head unit like. You know like we saw we didn't have -- in -- but the the head -- has a lot of other stuff otherwise mean based on a Grand Cherokee you're gonna get a hard drive system. And you're going to have all the other. Inputs except the -- Bluetooth streaming available. And -- that that was their thirty gigabyte hard drive in the dash standard in the limited -- -- -- -- limited thing and yes these are a ton of music on the -- you know -- didn't have the optional iPod connector but with that. You know that part of you only need it. That's optional -- yet to weird mix -- -- the inclusion don't include a with a very high trim vehicle starts at 38000. This is also. A car part truck. A vehicle that does offer a standard dual panoramic roof which is kind of nice but -- -- diversity entertainment system it -- the second arrow glass obviously it's -- I don't know have a tough. Sort of a sacrifice to make because they choose to do a single -- -- drop down as opposed to address stupid -- headrest. -- such as solid drivers I mean just the yet felt good driving and had nice speaks during we -- the whole thing felt the united went fell wiped. You know good quality vehicle go to real truck right out a good track. Yeah well I -- you know who's -- to use so but you know I think this is coming to the -- -- quality really really -- that kind of ever find -- -- yeah and I didn't drive as well so. Now this is a big engines story for -- -- you guys were terribly impressed by the power of this all new -- to star design V6. And it's almost. And -- -- currently in the transmission. Can if you like the power maybe there would never there are ninety horsepower to a sixty foot pounds of torque. It's kind of a low torque figure you're right that big of a vehicle I think right -- -- a V8 -- available that's -- the model we had. Others pay the -- replacing a lot of V -- across the Chrysler corporate lineup it's the first -- -- since Fiat took over it's been in development obviously for several years but the real rolling out now first in the Grand Cherokee. But it doesn't have direct injection yet which apparently future versions of it will have so this is kind of like an early. And the star which may not be the one to get excited about it through looking for -- GP -- the -- -- engines coming. This wasn't where it was -- that if you're gonna get a red Kate yeah everything on trainee only by speed automatic not -- -- That's a little primitive too I mean the five dogs yeah -- engine is -- out barreled out plans that the united -- -- very of the old valve timed and that's the yet. Democrats is latest engine technology was about five years behind -- them aren't you know -- -- transmission is also you know. Ten year old technology even -- rated their market here saying and -- is abouts. A good refined off -- of the classic Grand Cherokee DNA I don't know. I haven't yet an extra gear and you get better highway mileage it is only -- Tony their work and 22 on this guy which isn't great on the freeway. -- -- -- -- -- you guys mention adaptive cruise we had the package which is adaptive cruise that also includes forward collision warning blind spot monitoring and a rear cross path detection system like. Like in the forwards that have something I think there's a two car companies that have that so -- When your back and it'll blind driveway -- the traffic election of someone's coming. Smart -- automatic high -- -- -- a chance to play with this is supposedly don't just -- the -- but they also vary the intensity based on how far -- someone -- I didn't -- intensity during that -- -- didn't like turning on and off at night okay so release with yes I -- it it. Take into account. Indian light -- if you go into a parking lot with the overhead light the happy law that and we darkroom decline OK Susan just had on like that have yet articulated it looks bird and emulate looked -- tail -- with headlights those. Doing a lot of looking on and off for the if you -- -- Julius which it was on the trip and -- available in town and out of town and. Parents those got a good it's gathered and an advanced auto high -- technology which is becoming more more common it's still pretty rare but it's gonna be one of those things where it's. Going to be on a lot of cars sooner than later and distilled -- that as a possibility they're gonna start making high -- the -- and low beams when you switch to. There's a big push to do that -- its -- at the to some good safety improvements. As adding that it misrepresents the future of Jeep it's actually united -- gonna be on get high road. But then again Fiat to -- them so we'll see what happens there yet because this is still mostly stuff that's coming out of there existing Chrysler. Even die similar momentum this vehicle I believe is based on a Mercedes M -- to stretch them all platforms so it's got a lot of of -- roller echoes still coming through the -- not long ago port Chrysler being thrown around -- around company to another amount. It's like what is crisis that we don't know yet and this is a an indication. At least that they've got Jeep figured out as the higher. Trim brand but again this is injury the Grand Cherokee and in very -- -- So -- thumbs up right good. Out yet editor's choice actually we already -- yeah I really -- his vehicle Y 10. You know I mean it dead the fact that it does get off road it posted on road you know I'd even sport drives a little bit you can throw around a little bit of that I want to have a. Alright folks that review will be up soon go up where we have -- it is up. Okay that's up in the video be videos up until -- to do those up on Friday as of tomorrow mobile a twelfth of November Molly Wood -- -- video on that. So we've got the Cherokee Grand Cherokee there for those younger we have a lot of very passionate Jeep viewers in the -- to see what's in the CNET -- -- garage at this point it's. As we rolled towards a the last vehicle we're gonna have for the year obviously we we wrap things up for that last reported December. Right now -- the Cherokee and also the lancer GGS review is do as well if you wanna get yourself for the -- -- but not go all the way Tivo style Entergy to yes. I would agree you Mitsubishi front -- we've got review on Matt and just coming into the garage we just got the jaguar XK convertible that came in yesterday. And we are finishing up our review -- the accord DX LV six with maps totally -- trim -- Course the huge seller mainstream vehicles. And though the vehicle coming in next is going to be a Lincoln MK acts to 2011 split my -- in such a little different take. On that whole interface than what Ford does a few controls are different not much but it's definitely a little different systems will be. Checking that out for that more coming up on the CNET reviews and of course you can -- all this stuff the cars dot cnet.com that's our show this week folks. Basically with -- in -- find the show notes -- car tech. Dot cnet.com all of our reviews the -- -- -- is cars dot cnet.com. Haven't had a -- you guys a little -- Get that phone at 866401. CNET for calls comments and questions. Or email us architect at cnet.com that's the best -- -- send us your lol -- by the way pictures -- wild cards you've seen don't. Go harvest the web and -- all on Twitter Brian Cooley here. Wayne C underscore asset for mr. Cunningham -- you can find -- wanted to do AMT GOO on -- we'll see you next week.
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