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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 192: It's all about swagger

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 192: It's all about swagger

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We look at a real swagger wagon from Toyota, find some cool-looking Honda hybrids, sit in a new supercar from McLaren, and drive the lowest tech car we've seen this year.

We look at our real swagger wagon from Toyota -- -- some actually cool looking Honda hybrids. -- these superstar from the -- and and -- the lowest cell car we've seen this year it's cnet's car tech live -- Thursday the fourth of November 2010 as I'm Wayne Cunningham. They have Antuan Goodwin in the studio with little -- producing. Brian Cody is -- in sick today actually must've been -- too much room the ad giants World Series win. Didn't quite make it. But -- -- has spent the the the better part of this -- -- data specialty equipment manufacturers association show better known as -- in Las Vegas. Always a -- show what you see there and one. I thought everything. I've -- argument if pretty much the gathering of every kind of card guy. That you can possibly imagine you've got to muffle our guys you got -- classic art guys tuner users. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then you both of -- the manufacturers of all kinds of products -- was -- I mean pretty much anything that you can imagine. On for real it's -- them in and there -- very many. All excellent and -- -- single. You know off the shelf dot vehicle everything had something changed on it and and cities also property unit in super cars in the wheel well you know that we would have called always -- -- that it. Mean -- if you've got just rolling in Dover because they always have the best displeased. The best callers and the -- of the fifteenth. It's always the party -- and -- even though there's not too much that we can recover from a technology standpoint. Always -- that. And a couple of hours down there. -- -- -- one of the groups in particular and mercies. The last park next to. A Lexus -- a -- -- to mr. karma apartment at that point. -- -- -- It's like going on and opened the placement assistance they're helping you viewed the -- properly yeah everything to do it and the only you know -- -- -- certificate -- -- current western pieces. Drop a little bit. So -- about technology at the show. I'm there -- some interesting things a couple of -- a lot of speakers that -- bigger than. And you can imagine. A lot of a different things -- with their for the first time. This year and they had really pretty small -- that you have a press conference but they announced. That they're gonna be debuting the first -- we im wireless charging device. Or -- car. And basically you've ever seen those in -- still power -- -- the you know they believe is getting in -- done tonight in. Energizer has an IQ. And it's our -- lie in it basically interactive charging -- -- -- that your device on. And it automatically -- -- it without having to play any opinion and this is gonna be look like either an after market -- dealer installed accessory in just gonna melt. In years and on Apple and I'm assuming gonna get them -- missile battery for your Blackberry or injury -- our. You can -- on them without a lot of issues -- keep those you know are they able adapters that plug into the that I've been connector at the elements as well you know -- -- -- -- after England autumn but the idea is that you get in your car. You please drop your phone into the center console start charging. If they've -- in -- -- Bluetooth Wi-Fi he did a user's Smartphone for streaming audio you can use hands free calling. If you've got. Why buys sort of hot but -- -- notre you can use it to provide Internet to people in the backseat. Though it's actually pretty interest in the don't have pricing on this but if they -- BO sometime early next year. And -- he's gonna be at CES to use of the -- gonna show it there as well as. It's -- really get in -- of the consumer electronics game. Right I mean they also showed off some other things like and a debt and iPod adaptor that allows you to and iPod integration team in reality device any -- vehicle that has satellite radio. Without having to. In -- group back in. Purchased a whole new head unit that was kind of look backward compatibility kind of thing but. This is really the most interesting thing they showed off. -- something from them what about the most interest in things from Toyota will at Toyota. I have this theory that. We have of kind of lost their mind to look at I think you know the -- -- -- interest in cars nagger -- is called the days and he came out theme of this year. With. The weirdest. Need -- have ever seen in my life -- swagger wagon supreme. And they've basically taken a Toyota -- we can -- wanted the Ethan van. And stretched it almost 44 inches. Though huge vehicle needed it looks like terrain -- extreme car like come on public transit or something like that. And they basically added a -- -- -- The that -- -- -- -- shares they put a hardwood floor in there there's. HP touch smart computer opinion from the ceiling. There's a refrigerator. That lake as adult beverages and then when the -- -- in the car you can flip it around and they're always on the other side that you don't know Leonid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interior they're looking at a picture of that. And that and that -- would that -- limousine quality. Yeah -- of private -- There's something about it the massage -- that fact that -- in the wrong direction -- And it's fun airbags have been in -- -- with lower it down to the ground you know regular two inches of ground clearance there. Something like that it would -- receive in -- letting people climb -- -- -- it again and in the back in what's movie. Now I wanna the you know high school -- that out of the out of the united -- and -- Las Vegas Strip. You know sticking out of the yes on route for that card and that would be an appropriate thing. As radiant health at that the swagger -- in dad was there and commercial equipment he was there. And you know opening -- There was insisting. They also had lake. Via pre there -- they two and -- that they had their -- I sort of picture that was at the Redmond and that's the idea is that looks like me kind of I don't know like somebody with this kind of hanging around looking at leveraging your reverence and slick way to license -- that it -- -- unit through our Prius. And yet it is vehicle it basically got -- Hughes by the kids with an open Brian com a bit rate here are my screen. Now. Let's get issues -- key with an open Bryant and like these you know aluminum wheels and whatnot. And I mean if they -- -- -- crazy looking vehicle like the light up play at a bad -- that that's pretty cool ray and it's also got like public an extended -- out here on the back if your in the video podcasts in the public -- -- now -- in some really aggressive cut on the buy it. Those probably the creepiest -- Prius that I've ever seen again just it's just a matte black paint out away from me -- liberty with that at a meeting of consuming -- a couple under court. If it yet. Controlling more than a couple of hundred yeah they have body -- in a Prius -- -- just can't wrap my head around that. Let me they've been doing it even if he -- three years and -- are now and I mean every year there's nobody can -- and -- the first period and you -- the month when he's been imagined -- without looking hard enough. Put in another kind of like hybrid news like Honda. You know -- CRZ they've been kind of pushing this is like it's forty. Sports car -- you know they've they've been saying that it's kind of get that whole soul of a sports car thing going on and they had. Thirteen years he's of their boot about eight of them were modified by tuners so there word you know custom rims but the wheels and whatnot but -- they they brought out. Three or four of their own one that had their regular kind of performance parts you know -- -- and whatnot they had union. That's the special edition they're gonna -- now in its -- I guess it even more aggressive body him but in two of them were built by their there -- PD division Honda performance development or something like. Yeah and these have basically been modified for racing. One of them is the the -- PD racer at -- -- stripped out. Vehicle. -- roll cage. An encrypted aero kits. And the engine's been modified with a Turbo charger in -- more aggressive I and me system that their hybrid drive. And they're not without a 200 horsepower and 170 how it works and how you're talking about -- -- -- -- -- about the same power as the civic SI. But if kind of lighter it's smaller and the hybrid those toward gonna come on probably a little bit more aggressively -- some of the tech engine. I'd be aggressive I am a system let is that of area I think that's a system to begin with you have a lot of teaming up to do with that. -- -- there's no I'm sure they lost all the fuel economy gains that they hadn't talked about fuel that this government -- the race car that's right yeah. And you're you really go into many miles to begin with and they're actually gonna fields. This they -- in one the of the racing series is. And then they also debuted the -- hybrid art concept which kind of take that same power train and put it in a vehicle actually has an interior. So this is kind of like the idea public you know you're familiar with acidic type aren't as good as -- it can get. This CRZ hybrid art concept would be as good as a CI as you can -- and -- -- the big wing on the back in the huge open by the hit with aggressive aero and rebel brakes and -- -- -- -- -- -- rate but you know bigger. Breaks and the really cool looking -- and you know. They've been saying -- -- -- -- this year's -- is performance vehicle and I haven't driven yet but -- -- horsepower sounds pretty good and. -- absolutely the -- the experiment you -- to re series would permit attempting a hybrid system all of them. Kind of blow a mean of course as fuel and hybrid -- -- -- a couple of every -- to build average the Leonid. I mean within an electric -- with it occurred to them but. The reason why -- -- -- and -- you know certain standards Norman. And -- last week I did see AIR from and racing company at McLaren. Is. It -- really just produced racing cars did some to mean war Mercedes-Benz work with them on the the SLR gonna payments that super there. He did ever production car from about 91 to 95. Now they've just come out with their newest production car outburst one and over ten years the MP 412 seat. This guy got a look at -- that candidate candidate routed around. This is a -- -- 90%. To -- production ready litigants are producing these cars next year at a new plant they've got in England. This cars actually built on racing technology so -- the big carbon -- -- -- -- Where the drivers sits there with that suspect and -- but -- the front and back of that that's you know very typically like race cars style. Because of the fact you can be damaged the front -- damage of the reader. You can actually replace those parts fairly easily you know and ideas at least in Racine is that -- can get in there plot suspension parts and bowl on new ones. And you're ready -- get back in the -- as soon as possible. -- they they just use the same technology really for the super car. Along with -- three point eight liter V8 twin Turbo. Don't think they have much in the way of performance figures on this yet yet they they were kind of conservative on the government's figures they said death. And somewhere under four seconds to sixty miles per hour. I think -- it still impressive right given the -- that over 500 horsepower and around when he 600 pounds. They'll probably come in well -- reports seconds. Really -- in Paris that the thing. They had them. Leather seats were actually been very comfortable or a super car. And well -- McLaren and English company -- interest and that's the you know kind of what kind of sports -- DNA and and electric parity and they bring to that the field here it is that. My only comparison was Lotus really -- for the British cars and Lotus is. There there is a great sports stars but they have some mechanical feeling that quite as luxuries you might want out of them but this. McLaren a very good that way. I use is an interest in performance technologies to -- it has something called holes breaking the that if you're cornering. It'll actually pulls the brakes on the inside rear -- you'll. To make you rotate a little bit better -- -- corner. They told me that that was actually a somebody is -- -- racing series. Field added that in a -- car and was doing really well on the turn -- -- is -- -- why is -- people book analyzes one parable on oil and other cars in handling. And that some photographer took some quick -- of the the some secret snaps of the retirement dependent oh he's in any system here -- That immediately got banned from Racine but says there's no reason -- declaring him put that in production car and -- in the instant in the point -- after that. Dahlia unfair and manage they wanna keep -- and even fields. At you know. But debt and beautiful -- this is that you -- -- -- -- requires you know I mean obviously. Port of my Martinis in and you know the -- the las Mercedes and and Ferrari's -- -- lovely lovely cars but I don't -- the you know up as an artist really grabbing I was really impressed with it. And -- currently being able -- you know see the chat in the body off the chassis and and that really gonna get a good look inside this thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- tech inside the way it was built ergonomics. We had the air and then -- the climate controls actually on the door handles. Which you know very accessible easy to get you -- and clutter up the center stack which they actually had. You know launch control and different settings for the the suspension and all lab. The humble or currently is -- driver in charge it and you -- Duels that on the tools and yet. You fuel little to elect street -- at the press they're quoting net 225 to two -- 40000 dollars. Yeah -- -- like tools and climate control. That car they said data making about a thousand per year and and the first down model your production only only about 300 are slated for the US when expected. See them all over the Rhode -- and it uses -- under eyes at that. -- -- They mix -- that I am -- gonna have to drive itself hopefully that'll that'll happen but that -- -- -- that -- actually go into an actual series production. But together we -- -- -- -- on -- On the site CNET that. We also pledges of BS writer wagon and the security concept -- -- talking about. Other news. LA car show LA -- shows coming up a couple weeks now will be there. Mitsubishi -- it's going to show off the I need their electric car 2011 model. Apps that showed that we've seen this article -- driven it before of -- to -- apparently driven a Japanese. Market the card. This is the one the -- -- redesigned for the US it's wider. Two allow for some of the crash resistance craft protection -- In hospital by a thicker doors that I don't think the inside will be any any bigger. And also still have that same -- estimate -- looked although some of the release of the sketches of some of the design is -- It made it looks a little more -- The not quite its UP is the original one. And I think this -- -- kind of cool actually. It the -- it. -- -- -- it seems like a very efficient use of the speaks at least you know which in the real real to the corner I mean it -- not gonna be able. They -- -- what we do with our with pretty aggressively raked on the -- to begin with but I mean this seems like you and exaggeration and. Yeah it's. You know -- -- -- this is still sketch epic I think the proportions like the cabinet portions will probably look somewhat similar at least in the roof line. At the that is based on the same car but -- and eleventh things specs as far as electric drive goes bad this this is one of the -- -- probably the -- electric car. I promote major producers sold in the US after the Nissan -- And that the level predate this are a little bit but that -- -- trying to get in their equipment that most of the car at the Alley out of says it'll be nice to get a get a get a real look at what's that gonna be sold here. Yeah we've off again a defending taken a different kind of attack in talking about them aftermarket stuff and actually even be going back a little bit the FEMA. Theme -- negotiate a rounded maker of kind of aftermarket car kit and accessories and whatnot of announced that. -- I guess the idea that you know. -- we talked earlier about car stereos having integrating your climate controls and sometimes her -- door locks and things like that if you take that factory stereo out. You lose those things you you can't lock your doors you can't just your climate controls -- say. Is coming out with a new -- That's gonna be available at first for the mustang that Ford Taurus and the the city Camaro. That's gonna plug into the factory climate control harness to allow you to swap out. Stock stereo or something aftermarket the you'll lose control of your your climate control system and what not can be compatible with pioneer Alpine clarion TV he can would -- -- -- two different companies on the radio. And it's gonna allow also allow users to keep control -- steering wheel controls for things like volume there earth keeping track and and the point that. That's a big problem do with cars having more and more integrated dashboards and I'll all the systems are really you know -- products are really -- there are so you an idea of being able -- Upgrade your your car after market it is becoming harder and harder to deal. Right -- -- thing about this is that it seems like. Instead of their being. Eleven or thirteen or twenty different -- -- -- -- you know. Toyota. Chrysler board there's just gonna be one device. And the idea is that you'll load that in -- will be able to configure it. To work with a different kind of vehicle so it was so Onebox kind of thing you -- to do a lot of searching around. Can be called the F three dash one. And it -- -- it but 170 bucks when it actually comes out. That's actually not too bad considering an amount of functionality he'd give you -- is you don't wanna lose those two remote controls and you know you don't wanna lose a lot of you know the functionality you had in your previous -- -- it. Any and and we get the question every -- -- where it you know like how do I change the you know the stereo in this car in the -- and this seems like it's gonna be -- and -- one -- How you do that the would look forward to get news in and taken a closer look at it when the price comes out. At a practice about how -- is changing the the the -- -- market. -- I mean they are basically we're not really changing anything they're kind of just predicting. Something's Delphi as the supplier. That supplies the partners. You know and and in equipment for a lot of OEMs and whatnot. And also reload the aftermarket companies that that he and scenes. But they're predicting that by 2015 or 26 -- CDs and dvd players in car stereos will be gone completely. Over the last two years we've been seeing a lot of necklace. -- there is coming in the after market. Needs basically don't have any sort of -- this -- -- optical drive that basically. Won't control other sources and often we'll have a USB your iPod -- -- to allow you to. Control your digital media off of USB key drive or portable media players -- the like that. So they're saying that. Of for the last eight years column the sales have been just dropping completely in 2008 CD sales were down by nineteen 2007. They were down. About 20% -- if progressively. People are buying fewer and accurate CDs. Together look at the market of the media that people are -- and saying you know people are gonna need TVs in their cars is open up buying them anymore. But -- what I'm curious -- as we saw. Never uses a couple years ago that Honda. Acura was the last seem to be the last company to include a cassette deck. In there and it yeah or Lexus to -- and -- -- I'm wondering what's -- our company -- the first one to lose the CD player entirely. In which 10 hang onto it till the bitter end. I don't know mean technically you can. -- you can buy a car without a radio I mean there's certainly certainly value that would -- her PP. That they've always used it pretty much they're just of the -- Pacific starts at this price. Doesn't come with a radio waves cause of the link panel that -- is that this is you're still indoors CD radio lesson no iPod connection in exactly the idea is you add. -- be adding your own radio. -- in the after market there but. I don't know -- I mean I care nonetheless come up on CD well. Yeah I can remove a little less publicity was the heavily -- one -- -- tag years knows because it came with a dvd and really one that. As you know I think in the way that Hyundai Kia is pushing the technology in the market -- was president the first ones to say you know we get the CD player we don't need it anymore. We're gonna just use their iPod dashed as we know it you know people -- cars -- liked -- -- -- old and they don't have CDs. What -- planning all of the major -- after market. Companies have some sort of us singled in -- -- in a -- receivers so. That's that's. What happened is it picks up in the after market and then that you -- the people were of the suppliers will start offering me things to the -- though. I think it's really gonna depend on -- supplier starts offering these Nichols was here is cheaper. Then the in the end optical ones because I mean right now it's the -- fairly certain that it just doesn't cost them anything to put a CD player -- -- -- to begin with something so -- just -- why. Why -- you know in her that supply chain and and and -- -- actually end up being more expensive because of the volumes lower on Nicholas type receivers to do that it may be awhile before we actually see it and Adobe's right it'll be in five or six years. We got an interest in story from our colleagues in the UK. The pennant but you know an Aston Martin there and who wouldn't why wouldn't you do it if you could if you're close to them and they -- out that that Aston Martin is actually offering a watch. A transponder -- they're calling it. Yager calls here I think of that manufactured the watch it's you know obviously election watch in this -- for their DD nine model. -- transponder watched because. There's two sapphire buttons on written and on the side of the watch and you can now use them to you open and close your car. Just like a key -- actually as -- in -- it is very cool and it got me thinking it's like. Why the need to keep Bob at all anymore if you've got a car that's got to push button start and if the doors even if you don't even need buttons on the -- popular independent touch the candles you can open the door. So why not just incorporate that the keep -- -- you. I don't know watches. -- -- your your phone and which I guess we're gonna see that a little bit with the -- -- maps from an upper OnStar. I -- -- somebody that you know when you get -- Bluetooth range with your and and appearing automatically happened -- doors automatically and while you're. -- -- -- where -- supposed to be like that's what I wanna see because I don't like carry around another thing cattle even I don't like having -- in my pocket. And that while low. The kind of you know Q was smart -- -- -- -- to go into my bag to get the keys out is this seems like an extra step to me. Yet that's the name is -- your -- -- -- -- one an emergency key around somewhere just in case you know power. Goes out or something like that let them like that you have again the whole idea of even the keep Bob united mrs. viewers never -- as -- the fast -- in the the idea to keep blog and Bob is becoming kind of -- legacy things like you know -- It's it's gonna -- little -- plastic thing that you don't really need it you can incorporate that you know that that seems and that something else. The Kindle review -- -- but what happened in the battery yes. Never got Leo get -- they apps and equally opinion that now s.'s is bad idea although I don't think he would really refuses asked Martin DV nine with those that watch. If he had to use the watched the -- on the year I emails that we -- females in this a week -- If you wanna leave us a voicemail give us the -- -- 1866401. CN ET. That's 1866. Or 012638. We'll do our best to respond to those what's -- on the air here. And or send us an email you can email us that. -- -- at cnet.com and and -- we -- Address those that. We got an email from Bruce. Who asked does -- Said they -- talk about Smartphones replacing PM -- Portable navigation devices -- a lot of people don't realize there won't realize until too late is it smart going to require three G or better data connectivity to work. I took a cross country trip on my motorcycle this summer with my Garmin ZMO 550. I also have my -- but many many of the mile we growth had no -- peppers and I'm not -- -- -- -- -- but major highways. When you need to know where the next gas station is or where to look for -- having a PNB is a trip saver. And he also mentions that -- really good Molly Wood in the Dodge Challenger video replacing that -- and requests that that -- -- letter in our cars. Again -- public. He lettered I'm -- these cards. Yeah I thought of this impact actually and it's certainly true that. There's a lot of momentum to get Smartphone navigation work in a lot of movement rely on -- for their daily business and they want or need a they have once you get in the mountains or someplace where you really where navigation actually might be you know an emergency need you're -- -- probably not gonna help. But on the other hand I also -- -- on of this that you know memory is pretty cheap and compact and I'm sure navigation. -- user or smart when companies even are gonna start offering. Locally stored maps on your Smartphone because -- say on an iPhone for example if you had maps stored locally -- get the same functionality. -- -- -- -- The TomTom -- breath and does that moon the co pilot -- locally stored. There's another one and that flipping my mind right now but yeah a lot of the as the third party yet achieved by the -- to pay for. Bull old -- you development community you basically have to make sure you have about two gigs of reached based on whatever for the memory card you have the like. Compile USA on my Android phone that I get recently with a five dollar app -- has maps of North America. And they're all stored locally and I mean I've only got sixteen gig card and my phone in between music and you know pictures and -- if there's space is kind of kind of cramped on there but I have managed to carve out two gigs for the maps -- -- mean it's it's a really good have to have -- and it. Basically -- You have to pay for of these beat the -- -- two there were over the where they gonna make their money is when you have to you update -- maps periodically and what not that's the advantage that being connected as you never have to. Update your -- that you always have the newest map. Presses and to -- those free -- Oregon. Do you pay a monthly fee for the co pilot app -- you want traffic. -- if you want traffic you can pay. Yearly subscription. I'm if you don't want traffic then you get one free map update and then your media that now iphones don't have an SD card slot which -- You know Apple's -- decision -- that lot of great phones -- could have card the point or maps or you like it because like that assisting -- third two -- even. Yeah well I mean the thing is on the jury you can't usually take the card out without taking the battery out so often -- you. The biggest. I have a sixteen gigabyte -- -- the speak -- and that is the difference is on an iPhone that that -- never comes out -- until two that the -- the board. Yeah at a one -- I've noticed using my iPhone and a lot of cars and -- is that. It I have -- compared to the of the the car's Bluetooth system and I'm also listening to music on -- plugged into the cable. The iPhone can sometimes be a little stress that they can add just have a three yes this is not a core model but it seems like. It's having trouble keeping up with all the stuff I'm asking it to do you I don't know if you've found anything -- -- on the broad. Well the -- doesn't connect anything though I mean you asked if you're gonna connect your car stereo you Dylan Bluetooth streaming anyway so when you listen in and music. Anything that would come over audio comes through the speakers you if you have an -- that -- your tech methods allow that come through the car's speakers here. Navigating. That come through speakers as well so it. It. Basically kind of that Bluetooth is the easiest way to do that if you're gonna be streaming audio for directions you -- stream that music as well when listening to worry about. -- absolutely of course then you don't have the control oh on the head unit but you don't get -- -- -- -- but anyway yeah publicity says systems and so far. Yeah that's why you like the Bluetooth streaming more more than I do -- think is the iPod allows that more you know better control. -- music library browsing on on the cars that units. We -- add another email from stew asking us he mentioned that day with the New Jersey said this morning it was thirty degrees. But it what I do went out started the car went back inside for ten minutes while the process melted and and I it's more copy. Then to the school bus stop where we -- for ten minutes with the heat on in the radio and headlights going. He asked how many miles what that reducing UVs range if -- can do that at all. Interested me about TVs there they the manufacturers of not actually a lot about this these similar situations. And did so you -- -- lot of cold weather testing as well. One thing the and he some -- and the -- Chevy Volt will happen is you can either -- you know ideas yet unplug and in your garage overnight. And while they're plugged in you can either you know set them or remotely through like an iPhone -- or you know -- -- app. Remotely set them to start the heater at a certain point while -- still plugged in. So the car will warm up you can walk out two written get into a nice toasty car. And that's in the deep roster and -- that would work as well. Now once your unplugged of course your -- on your own. But the these has also -- batteries for accessories you know your radio -- -- that. And but you know they heater in the the headlights will will probably reduce the reins a little bit although I'm thinking -- ten minutes you know you might lose -- a mile range. We were in the -- and able to -- of we talked to the guy one of the engineers and he was telling us that they have. Went in eco mode for the climate control system that maybe doesn't push out the much -- air but when you use it with something like heated seats that's. It directly heating your body you -- and heating the Indian air in the vehicle it's actually a lot more efficient that -- uses less. -- heated seats have been you have noted for. And and called -- to actually been noted for -- -- yet you're you're reducing your reliance on the yet that the regular climate control is like is said. Yeah -- and that ambient air cooling that Ambien you don't need to do that as much. You're saving a lot of energy is yet you're all you're doing is heating or cooling you know the part of the -- that it's touching you and that that -- be you know enough. Equipment so these Karzai I think a lot -- with -- and certainly the -- -- there -- companies have. Put lot of thought and of this they're also using the LL ED like to think -- need some meat comes standard building these lights. Pretty sure that is that the case and that is the much less power drain and that intelligence. So. You know and when you're. -- if you're reducing and and these cars take a lot of electricity to get going you know drive a couple ways -- a mild XX quite a bit of electricity. So. Yeah that'll probably be enough keep a lot of lot of these accessories running it is sitting there. Quite quite about a good amount of time. Finally we've got a email from Anthony. Asking us he says love this everybody else that are that I recently inherited a 2005 Lexus RX 330 -- that not a -- card inherent. The GPS units sucks. Coming from a Honda unit which made sense to me didn't have to spend several days -- in the manual. Alexis DPS is very confusing -- bit hard to program and again is that while driving. He said he -- override that on YouTube guys that do we have a replacement unit that we suggest that be some are too -- boards to type unit. With you know. IPod GPS Bluetooth audio on it and stuff but he really he really wants all the modern conveniences here. Without rewiring in the -- And yes we -- also get rid of the temperature controls be swapped it wouldn't -- -- well. I did extend -- out here you is rewiring the -- you got him a technicality there but. Yet because of the way it's little -- system's -- Your climate controls are gonna come through that system and if you can actually control them from the touch screen Apple physical control that interval. But. Earlier in the show actually it is very so we talked about security coming out with it it. That'll seem like it will do exactly what you wanted to -- you you've you that allow you to retain control of your climate systems. You -- get to keep your steering wheel controls and -- that though. Hang on for that if you can. Amendment will let you know how that works out on a later show. As far as the actual units the closest thing that I've seen to Ford's sync. Is gonna be the top of the line pioneer Avic. Right now -- he went when he BT. And it has the -- the GPS. The iPod integration. It has voice control which is the thing that I think is the best about seeing you can see -- -- artists and it does it. If you can live without that level of of voice command but now and there are -- some really -- units from Alpine and has -- the IN EW 900. The -- good unit with a very creative. Good looking screen and in from the area it very easy to use in a -- Any -- -- it's -- minute dashboard get to replace the in an animal lived at the guilt and and just leave it open to attack -- didn't -- -- around -- rectangular. Unit at post -- but -- he probably is that we're just talking earlier about like you can actually get a handle and we -- that. Scary villains bucks in the -- Excellent. I write down onto our low car's segment we've been in this for a few months now I think amendment -- excellence. But the gal like a pretty much we've definitely enjoy it. You can send us your pictures of all the crazy -- -- -- -- the I later on in the parking lots -- pretty modern cars. Maybe the party like ours nor any crashes -- -- for the moment in the -- Some pictures into -- heartache at cnet.com and that will will post them up here and talk about them and make fun of them. We've got a car actually are -- first -- this week is I don't want to deduct from Steve because that's where you'll find the craziest stuff. This is vehemence of the iceberg that but this is a elected dog that looks like a money on the worth something like that whether that old cities. And it in an air breasts. In an incredible Hulk the oldest conflicts really bowling -- agreements -- actually illustrations of the incredible Hulk fighting. Like swap they never had an abomination or whomever it. These huge wheels and actually a really cool look in -- area. You know aunt is like an -- -- in the back and looked really cool forgive the next picture. You'll be able to see. If you're on the video podcasts. -- this mural of whole whole looking out. From the movies -- that they actually it's pretty cool actually but it also are kind of creepy. That Holtz match and that's that's pretty good next we've yet to -- here will. A router if that's from the from the Internet -- this scion -- with -- police it was a weird -- -- so we -- the picture up and -- sorry -- is that that actually justice -- the errors there yeah. Yeah it. That really alone carve it in kind of had to poke a little funicular -- -- -- -- -- not really knowing that I mean maybe there was some. The sarcasm coming from you in your in the benefited out there but it -- of legacy when of these that theses with all all states it was spares cholera and they'll be there you know -- -- ruling resistance for high speed run a universal one of them. Right now we have -- -- And seen something like this before this is the -- your thirst are remotely mess in Macon Georgia. And as the -- car it's a -- it's -- way jacked up on and pointing musically it's something huge something you do those wheels. -- -- bright logo down the side green top. Is never understood the whole. You know you think we may have talked about before -- never understood the whole branding your car. Just a few immediately in the does have really -- -- And did he just won a pain if artery in and -- -- seem like you get the NATO. He'd sprite and -- be aside a little lamb there's an old one -- -- user must homo card governor managed well. Did not get the yeah what was going on there and our last one now this week gap can pipes. Jim am -- to students this is old truck will pull -- -- clinical and head South Carolina. -- top of the crazy but it's got these giant pink pipes coming up on the bed. They look like they've been music you know the tips are all black and so I've been island and I connected in effect this idea. That there would regret the major reworking an exhaust. Hey there I mean. Wanna paint can and don't the million that the peak -- -- -- and then I don't know maybe. This thing that gets white you know -- truck what right white crew cab truck with big complaints though. Been -- -- that -- at. You -- and -- that -- the tentatively meet down there this is that the people you know. -- that was -- all cars -- delegates that debt than -- your pictures of the creator is pretty monetize the on the road. -- this week. Are on the road segment Meehan Antuan we drove around in. The lowest car we've seen. Forever well a long long time anyway the 2011 months that Q. Spinning. Off the start. With this of one point five liter engine and the Mazda to. And that big buttons there probably got some of us to sixty close to it 55. -- -- powers that this cars drugs -- this. -- -- return to form of the low powered good handling miles of the early ninety's. So what is the -- strong -- them little unclear on that still I don't know if I'm inclined to believe that it handling. Or maybe it's packaging it that small pets back it's actually pretty decent -- they expect there -- -- it. And that people with deep down you give it a decent amount of stuff that -- in time. Credit either a little bit -- -- -- -- -- and for passengers. Not terribly comfortable -- There in there getting from -- -- point being. You know this is really desert -- -- cheap car. Good fuel economy I guess that's a strong -- I'm not a lot of power of five speed manual transmission which I've noticed an -- and has to run it like three of 4000 RPM you for on the freeway it. Seventy miles an hour but we're still -- fuel economy you 3637 miles per gallon. According to -- -- earliest but we gotta talk about the real. Product -- -- -- or maybe it's it's it's highlight it you know the fact that this could be the lowest tech car. We've had in this year. Yeah and it's rivaling -- should -- for a look at that point the other is literally. Like me. Phone system. -- locked -- with an iPod cable and plug in my iPod there's no USB port nano iPod integration. What it does is down low vision here is there involved port for input and actually came with a very -- Cox cable to. -- music that way. It also a loser MP -- -- plus -- Given the C drive there deaths single -- spot that -- them cities that. Actually six speaker system in the cars though. That's -- -- about it it's only that its its actually got six acres of it as opposed to just war. -- it would seem like you. Good to have those extra you know its readers that type of separation it too far from any speaker in the vehicle it anyway it. Or back. The model that you would using it on you'd be surprised the love that car you know and I noticed is that. Of all the -- we get in that was the car most in demand do you you took it up like half the weekend and truly like to get it home a couple of nights in a row. I think I understand why everybody wanted to drive. It didn't seem to pay them I mean 500 worth our. Cars and -- that we've -- have -- union league heatedly of art elect 99 or is now happening at. Barely -- in -- the hundred. But it was so fun to drive -- I'm -- you took them out. Yeah I threw it around a little bit and that is if there was pretty good for that the you know what really made this -- the pact have the manual transmission. If we'd -- the port speed optional four speed automatic you would it's. They're the reason that not to -- -- the automatic optional on this card there really hoping that people are gonna get that I've -- in the mean it's I mean it it. It with a really good shifting -- really -- transmission is kind of all of the new year pretty well that the -- kind of -- from take off but once you get moving it than it if the panic or that if you can you can speaker and intimate there's been -- you'll have a little bit of fun -- it. And you gotta give it some gasses -- is only to that one point five liter engine in it which. Does pretty well surprisingly like you can really get some motive power out of that but dad to start off you don't -- have to get an engine revving up a little bit especially if you're on a bill. You know one of these keeps him discuss those resembled the -- start from stop. -- the of the few cars actually found myself using first year like they're going to hill and just -- -- ago. -- I'm gonna have to go down and efforts to keep moving on it at lower speeds when you're kind of -- up the -- You can't stay in second in some of these hills around here some of these speeds. Yeah we mentioned in the video that we are seeing 37 miles per gallon on the trip computer we found real different story when we looked at the tank average. Worked with at least. That was act on that very -- -- and very strange that the the computer average would have beaten so far off the of the real world average. I don't know that was just some bad programming and that her computer or somebody managed to run at it like. You know sixty miles per gallon per for a little bit of time to get -- average way up there but. And the number we got with more in line with the EPA's numbers -- -- 35 highway. And let -- -- when he fitting. Yeah and you know the way I was governments can probably do most of us or not it it was that. It's a you know it's the small engine and it's much and a man up and listener so fun to throw the thing around it bids and an -- of the -- starts and stupid stuff and yeah we get what. You'll do it yet -- or -- in and out and third year. So I looked at the -- available options for the -- -- on their site. There aren't any equipment that. They keep in the right. Renovated -- in the -- automatic transmission but that's ours Kevin tech. -- -- -- It's that and that's doses that this is an issue at the cumulative at this compared to the -- yes there which these things that -- platform lead. You know we're just -- system. Aching it's sinking in there and -- of great. Functionality with that you know this Mazda doesn't have a phone system doesn't have a USB port. It student you know it's a throwback to -- 1990. Yeah I think the bit about lake that maybe there's the deep inside of me like eliminate the -- at aching to get out but it didn't bother me that there was nothing in this -- Like it no it didn't bother me at all it's I was happy to just stick main grade on the on the windshield and running -- fuel down and just do that. For -- drive -- I had to get on the trip and the senate today about as fifty miles or so. And I walked on it was an iPod in my pocket -- and USB cable economic health and music on the way down check out there -- system. No place -- -- and I'm an -- -- M radio entirely from its its him like a real academy of a -- did have the they included the Cox cable cookbook at -- that he stated yes you know that that made it so I can actually with -- the music of it's patent. -- now it's that it's heavily inexpensive car if you want something stripped out what -- think of the after marketability of that. And it is completely edit I mean you must have already kind of been like tuning the -- You know various -- -- and -- that went before -- even brought it out -- -- -- versions of it. One of which is potentially. You know like -- like or negatively it but -- the month with beavers and it. They're gonna make it on the speed to -- and and it there's nothing really happening or Kevin take those in the puberty -- the -- and the thing. But something else in the T want -- I really want -- of the view is like build a vehicle about this size. And of about is power. But rear wheel drive in a convertible. When I wanted to for them to bring back the first generation media. But we've isn't it nice and tight -- moll you know lay really low hourly if the media Philip on the link that would be the it on a -- at all I can think about the whole weekend events that through our. Like movies that -- one with like a top down. But the -- -- as a man that bright green Alec it you know they'll vote regular cars and odd color cars like is like if that's the over unhappy. I -- and I like the looks of this -- of the bright green paint job was. Get the -- -- you know and it wasn't tube right it was it was nice and you know it is news that -- splashy but in a muted and now. And it's small you can fit for adult than it. Usually I mean you or Eric sentinel the mean -- -- know it or who believe in that it and he -- that but -- In -- there was plenty of space. Behind the driver's seat bird you know -- me to sit comfortably with you know another neat in the including. Equally comparable. Brett it is got to rely on your carriers are on for navigation and then and I mean a lot of people who are looking at a month the two young and first car buyers are probably gonna already have that stuff anyway so. I united in May not be set to turn off for them -- -- me wanna use their iPod. -- or other Smartphone in that way anyway and just you know mean that's you additional expense in the first car. Be something -- spending. That make that the last -- -- the the Mazda to. Moving on to the CNET garage the stuff we've gas. In the latest up we've had in -- -- the -- Honda Odyssey to arena leads editor's choice. Porsche -- passed just that that caused the review on that. That -- is here we're gonna -- that review up as is possible. We've got the Jeep Grand Cherokee limited in right now and we also the -- lancer GGS in the garage and coming up. We have the Jack wire text Davis is gonna assume chargers and -- And a Honda Accord DX at all. Is in the -- CNET car tech alive podcast. The -- -- that -- -- you can -- on the web at -- -- dot cnet.com you can email us. -- at cnet.com comments questions -- cars. -- the colleagues and email we badly does a voicemail at 866 or 01 CN ET. And dad you can average us on Twitter depends on Twitter you can find me and -- -- -- underscore SF. And finance on and you AMT GOO. -- Brian Cooley should be back with us that next week. Brian Cooley just BR IB RI AMD OO LEY.
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