Car Tech: Car Tech Live 190: Driving the brawny, techie 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8
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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 190: Driving the brawny, techie 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8

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Mercedes beats Ford to Pandora streaming, OnStar wants to make its service free (sort of), a smart car seat for kids, and we take a run in the 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8.

Mercedes -- forward to the pandora much. How about a discount for using OnStar we'll tell you might give it to -- but RC for kids that is at least as smart as you are. We'll take a ride in the rather awesome. Dodge Challenger SRT eight. Different books that and more coming up on this edition of CNET car tech live I'm Brian Cooley Wayne Cunningham is out today. Ones here. -- And -- -- -- -- dip into our show today we have a a blistering pace of stories including Mercedes apparently beating pandora. A -- -- to the punch on pandora live stream we've been telling you how these sync apps one -- the first ones is going to be a pandora app that. Shows up on the dash is controlled the -- -- of running on the Smartphone but the controllers on the on screen interface and this is gonna be the first this bus -- mobile apps to do this -- looks like compartment Mercedes has a 300 dollar add on kit. Which is even better -- you can retro -- it your existing car. Well it technically you -- -- it poured it in need if they think -- vehicle apparently the couple but you could. You happy but they're not selling at that. Yeah well and filling it all and now an update yeah although there's some people call -- and say can I put the new version of sync on my slightly older car. And I think we received a couple. Replies from -- thing in some cases yes in some cases now yet -- the years -- first and second generation that engine India needed. And yes don't get it when -- that's what was the second gen has GPS hardware was Christian. It it's actually quite a -- a larger. Kind of announcement that are you know document that they -- -- where they were thing that they're gonna be adding an array. Media and on -- eventually and a whole bunch of other features. For example something -- Reading text messages back on the line up of the year your appeared owners something like that okay sink like very think like. -- but couldn't get to work of Alaska we haven't -- the Lincoln -- accidentally Android devices and they said there was some issue width of the if -- actually you know the problem injury that. Don't think -- with the draw it detects and it depends on the on the version of router running they I don't think any of them use it in -- -- protocols like varieties like that. That's right it was Blackberry only right now on -- I think only Blackberry torch right now. We were told the amateur but and of -- meeting -- you about that and defeat you -- yeah here. So this is a a -- add on kit 300 bucks is part of -- What I call ethical this media something plots what's in the media interface plus so if you -- -- on your Mercedes dealer and asking gonna put this on my Mercedes that's what you're asking for. Half the people the service -- -- you like your weird have -- -- but there which are talking about kids you're a lot more tech savvy than them because you're part of this audience but. Just bear in mind and it can be user install. They're so like I wouldn't do that the results of audience at that beard. -- that in the glove compartment a little -- You because they -- one of the company uses the Jack in the glove box proprietary you plan to fail if there -- you out if it is 300 -- And you know what about it is. Yeah. That's exactly what it is that the thing that that during the off -- -- -- -- for Blackberry -- You -- -- -- basically means that. -- -- -- -- -- -- wait a minutes this here for Blackberry Smartphones. -- that you -- including. Okay including -- -- connect to it yet but on the Blackberry stream them there. -- injured work the next wave at audio streaming -- now. Ford has one up to -- said in reply to this is a piece in this CE outlook industry newsletter listen in reply to this -- we -- -- about this again Mercedes maybe having missiles and -- announced by about a month or two. But. Will have voice command which they seem to indicate that Mercedes will not. You have to use an actual physical interface to control the Mercedes version and the Ford you can as he talked to. -- -- play something Europe. -- you did you station you can -- yeah and it's no longer get to track the camera. In the race is on. Read his voice controlled streaming Internet delivered -- mark our words in five years. Anything else will seem weird physical media with -- Broadcast radio while what I listen AM watts while you're already you're already there so that's nothing new you -- at the Margaret. They need new Mercedes also unveiled -- new V8 recently. Are gonna be India 2011 -- class. These basically are one's -- four point six liter and -- which is a little more compact than they've made in the past yet but it stepping down and in displacement. But. Uses direct injection and twin Turbo were written -- -- -- -- Turbo. Yeah to deliver 429 horsepower for in 515 -- in court those let displacement. -- -- More power. Probably also a little bit more efficient the way of what's going. -- -- in engine is gonna be going to be India -- 63 AMG coupe and sedan were up point five liter V8 there. You know numbers -- numbers down right from the six point six point 26 point to the goes in the 63. And they they can change the model numbers feel that I've that -- if you think that would know no one's gonna pay more for a lower model number in the Mercedes hierarchy twin Turbo direct injection again 20% through in full fuel economy but Howard's them but the 553. Horsepower and a 660 port on it or. Includes the 700 -- it fits with the liberty of restricted -- Ridiculous an -- and that's with -- performance packets that same number without it is that's an engine without it is 536. Or some 590 -- So I would united why would you not get the -- -- -- relying on a speaker of an amateur costs. I mean for 101000 dollars more probably had it -- we literally yet OnStar of course is reinventing itself about a lot of stories the last few weeks about how they are going to the aftermarket. How they are doing more than just help but -- hit a tree they're doing all kinds of more media centric services like sync. And of course like Mercedes and others are doing. But the question is can you get a discount on your insurance. For using OnStar which has all the safety features -- -- -- -- -- abandoning any of those they're just adding to them. And OnStar apparently is in discussions with -- insurance companies to lines that up because you know a lot of times these companies have to be convinced of the value of a new technology. And you -- we're way ahead these companies on this would blind spot detection and with lane departure warning was systems like OnStar in -- an informant. The MD the tele -- and all those but for the most part the industry is still need need need to be convinced that those problematic systems are worth giving you a discount so. On stars up there working on -- they're in talks -- century 21 Liberty Mutual state pharma they may do a pilot discount program in California. Later this year you can it help the LoJack. And I think you do well mean. OnStar vehicle recovery failing and it makes sense makes -- -- federal why that would be whether it be a lag in bringing OnStar into the into the fold there. The minute the -- The Nicklaus that is -- -- In vehicle it's in virtually recovery console into it really cheap ones threat or the are -- -- OnStar button and repeat if they -- the but other risks and the idea citing some I don't want in the know and I'm doing -- now but the I mean if eventually mean it looks like. Didn't -- that logical step from that is of course that means you can insert it on in vehicle. Yeah which is governor is brand message across the line and can offset -- -- fees which I guess our 200 bucks I would definitely yeah holes and if they want stars free if you get an insurance discount so -- -- what happens on at a briefing crops up but other than an update on Microsoft. Windows for automotive this week. They've added some feature is that correct a couple of main features got editing here. Yet though it basically bumping up speech recognition technology good rolling in them a version of there's silverlight and -- lacks the and it annoying or -- open. -- if graphic either -- in. And then you know basically a couple of the other. And they know that it's misty KP yeah a little developer yet to -- evil that he and I mean this is basically -- running underneath. -- -- And some other cars do in the -- it a hundred lovely but it now yeah interest because that's Microsoft sort of like a V -- there automatic and charging system when you the F Fiat Fiat 500 FiOS in the office they use a version of it oh blue and blue and me in Europe. Also silverlight of course is implements is kind of a -- basically if it's kind of a flash competitor and in it that it's it's it largely -- -- flat and it's a little -- Com and -- that could improve the graphics -- only groaned inwardly when I saw that iPod or your please tell me you're not gonna go out and try and do. Shockwave graphics like on that horrendous jaguar benefits for the everything -- slides in and add me and I didn't wait for that into the new meaning -- and you waste -- time and on it yet Jeep it's coming in and Jeanne it's going out. So I hope you're not doing that this short to liberal and now I would imagine using it for true rendering and an expert on the yeah graphic video playback -- Real world over views once they get to satellite rendered -- that'll make any windows system does that getting cars. And then I see the Tellme speech technology which. I guess is probably best of breed. I've used it many times on cellular phones I don't know if if it's. You know. Gonna be dramatically better than what's already out there which needs work -- still disappointed by speech wrecking cars with the -- a little more natural it is though I mean you -- ago you know navigation. Right destination tell leakage treated -- -- is totally natural -- when I've used it as a as a directory system it's like you just talk to it. Almost entirely natural -- that could be a big breakthrough they can do something if they have the power in the car the processing power to run that are maybe they're doing it offshore I don't know. The business later in addition there's -- support. For SMS reply by voice. So a text message comes in you can reply to it having it -- to use not tricky but the replies have so far only been -- -- -- -- did -- use one of their pre selected ones that's real limited. This case it would let you talk a text reply back. And at the -- -- -- -- with. You know different systems like using the Google and -- voice command on an -- on it works great for me. I don't maybe it's just the way I thought maybe I have a list. Maybe analysts and into the -- the way is a -- -- -- we get some weird misunderstandings. It doesn't -- anything really are -- at the opposite the only voice command system I've used I was amazed by. I -- I use it through reply edit text there aren't even bothered -- not a problem when I'm just like you know navigate to different threats. Yeah get that spot on and when I'm trying to reply to a take -- engines like a music and movies in thirty minute literally the AM and a -- movie dirty it there's a boy yet. Hates the proper proper bounds and weird names yet it cannot get those right administer the way you can say I'm I'm going dispel this to -- At the look -- that it this could be a big -- move forward for Microsoft. -- Tellme technology into the Windows 7 platform witness of an automotive by the way this is related to Windows 7 phone but a distinct product as they are always. -- explain to us. How many of you out there -- not but I can see a show of hands but I'm sure a lot of you do you have kids and have kids seats. They're just getting smarter. Story we saw in the journal this week. About a company that has something called the prodigy infant car seat which I guess is is a big deal is getting it melted up in the car right can be tricky. I don't know why that would be so hard but -- Reported -- cars like I wouldn't know Bennett four visitors if there's it frustrate you note was a tricky. Really did you do it right. He's alive okay so apparently you didn't halfway right QVC. There right I mean my question is public I mean are people putting her the in and out of ours every day right going to put an -- -- and put it in and leave it I would think you leave it a lot this display we have a picture of -- can't tell you what it corrects for. It has a seat belts clicking check. It has a leveling of the seat check. And it has I -- tightening of the belt that lacks is the car at an event at that latch system that -- the seat down so must have sensors to consult its level obviously. I don't know how it tells of -- been snuggled down it might have pressure sensors on -- And then I don't know if it will check if it's beds built that in order for -- is giving you a reminder on the screen there all of this to be complex the simple -- Just to -- is simple content don't folks -- do this our way get a contractors level okay. Get a plot the get to -- pomegranate scoop when they birth you know you've pulled this inching down tight enough that's always gonna be your kit and just reminder remember to -- up -- -- it with you go. This is like -- -- -- thing from from the office he would do -- his own way. With a level of some pomegranate some -- you know the -- epoxy. Iraq you know and there are kind of paranoid about the insinuate that they love safety Sakhalin -- -- this -- -- go to by the and I just want the best -- -- from -- in right. Nothing's too good alright cool nothing's gonna happen if -- order book more than a regular well well I will say that. You liberals got a child I had I have also -- I have no problems but he and -- yet to protect our. -- -- We're travelling it. And and you know we have one car that does not -- -- -- and though it uses an older or use the regular old -- -- and can tonight it. Bet you next week animate -- the the level. The okay there's a kind of pulls out and a way that isn't even yet now I don't know if I would necessarily need something like -- you know leveler. I note them people who would. You go for. Me now that it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hold me when we hit the -- thirty miles -- -- -- break your arm off -- -- trajectory. A guy used to hang on the -- seats -- -- I would meal on the bench seat and then put my hands up on the dash. That's what we used to do back in the day everybody right in front of probably I'm not limited windshield. NL going -- it is one thing come back the other way to really help but those days. Now they -- to drive and how it was a convertible by the way. So those were the days now. You got. -- leveling technology for this I about the thing coffins the price in the story the only works. All of us -- -- think there's going to be although Tony Bennett effort for this to be all all these seats to be factory -- an -- Precisely for each car a robot cars -- -- -- -- and did adamant. Rip the child well they'll move unit and -- -- the -- it walked. Although his doing the factory over I think one of those -- it turns it with a child robot body with ruler brightly -- -- Billiton exactly -- -- determined that. Volvo I think he's doing a factory line of infant seats -- -- we do a story on that awhile ago so yes the OEMs would like to get into this business well -- -- like to. But I can see regulators -- going that direction. And it is there -- in the market he went -- you know. -- -- right totally totally. All right let's see we got here -- the story abouts. This is the ongoing battle how can you make a glass -- that doesn't require basically a screen. We have this coming to a -- the -- SLK is that right yes this is like those bad sunglasses in the eighties it would darken when you went outside. Evidence -- an automatic. It's not a little idea of neglect you know neglected tool in Vietnam for prescription glasses now. -- worker can investigate clear and at least -- -- clean your total -- -- -- consistent experience and Vermont is you'll Mercedes of calling it magic -- control and government way. And basically it what happened -- you -- in electrical current. Through the glass and on the dark in -- Rearranging them particles -- molecules are like that -- -- but that you can hit a button and darker. And then use another button -- it in and and it clears does not display it never appreciate. Is not just summary active yet both about damn time. I know they can do this in in glass in buildings. But it puts it but pretty news yeah sure it's -- -- -- -- very -- -- Although -- -- is also new in the building trades so -- that they've been a lot of money on skyscraper but even there it's rare. That's the isn't -- -- but I'm looking at this demo picture we have here from our blog post. And I'm wondering how dark only get this doesn't show by any means they totally opaque obvious at the photos we chose -- It gives it's much darker blue light at the sequel totally dark so -- want them all the windows. Yeah right in just like -- now I can blog that outlook bar -- the ultimate thing for I -- -- -- people who I mean and -- car carrying the centuries ago the win over those that the windshield and -- -- trying to protect their interiors. Which it -- impervious to -- these days anyway but we still have that reaction to hot sun. Just darkened all the glass together Carty locked the car could be an automatic set up featuring your -- menu to darken all glass and keep you looking in he had great theft prevention. If you ever got a ticket for having it too dark when the cup so -- used to think yet -- -- clear and it. This is really a very big idea -- a very big idea for the many things it would solve I think consumers would pay significant money for a feature like this to say yeah I'll take the I don't even 2000 dollar glass darkening option I'd pay that if all the glass -- on the car was controllable. For security for sun damage obviously it's illegal to have all Mosul when those start when you're driving but that could be just geared to the -- movement and the military on the highway in -- -- -- -- rock you I've. Who -- -- them here vinyl electronically driven yeah I'm I'm I'm assuming you'd be 2000 dollars for the whole car I've bent. That don't require volume insurance accordingly you just -- them and you just you developments you'll -- 2000 -- -- -- though now. Well I want -- development and -- something too I like the idea darkening Alaska's while doing its own -- there's so imperfect. And yet I use them because -- -- My current at though all the time okay what we got here going on with -- formal challenge the most the fire was coming seven seat -- what is going on here though the current actually. Salary in Europe with a degree and -- -- yeah mean it basically. Competing. Won't work bring it over to compete with month month five and that that cedars small -- and segment who have the proportions here are they can be it. Union without scale of the photo we're looking at here you can't tell how small this thing -- longer than a -- but that's it yeah it's small. And I mean we saw last week -- -- -- -- inappropriate -- -- Oh right TV in this segment so -- felt like tiny -- statement that typically with only kind of a European and Japanese thing that they threaten and eat up here. In North America we've got to read at least the -- -- people competing in. And that. But I wanna say the VW showed a concept and the. Category would be a production looking concepts so I -- I think it's a good category I enjoyed that little must've thought I mean -- It is a simple little car -- -- a performance oriented but I thought it was a really great combination of small. And come odious -- a lot of space in a small frame. And at the overall -- -- small enough that I didn't feel like -- dragged around a lot of empty error. 360. Days a year. Yeah I mean you know you look at currently the the yen and the Odyssey. And they're huge huge. -- active. Dwarf first generation Chrysler -- exactly though -- mean it again just kind of -- With green and -- -- either haven't introduced the model when -- but yeah there. Beneath that civic there -- -- cities and there's smaller than. And it's a cool lights -- cool segment I hope this does well com and like you say -- is grand C max which is coming out now in Europe. You know based on an existing very successful platform of vehicles -- -- Of Europe has been fielding in that in that market that broad market area for a long time -- is not like it's a maternal figure out. There's -- Austin figure -- out over in the United States and other markets. Our last new car introductions story. Okay sell me on the news Sebring well I mean helpless here if I you filled in receiver and you don't call -- thievery. President Malia will impersonal you get rid of the ribs on the what did you it's not I don't know what was up with that -- But yeah it existed that to lead into the story basically connect Chrysler's introduce the -- -- Seem incidents seem like they're changing a lot of mechanical but -- get the whole new look. On the outside and they're gonna call it -- Chrysler 200 that are underneath the the 300. -- and start that whole sort of hundreds model designation and it doesn't look bad. And we'll -- -- -- low angle photo don't know what the other angles and and it doesn't look bad. And all -- -- -- that's good which is interest economic if ever been a good looking -- I had and I had a strange. Inexplicable desire receive bring it one point. When they had what was very much like an early. 13 quarter front angle and went -- walked around. But looks so good in the front because a few along with color. When you're in recent talk and about that it was first generation we see if they've got a a picture of -- -- -- Wikipedia entry Wikipedia's the patent the Chrysler -- I will. Lose respect for their alone but -- that it will. Monocle on the hazards of Wikipedia entry but there it is exercise equipment -- -- generation islands of management there. Where is it it -- it's curious second -- -- photo of it. I like. I like the front of that car. I loved -- -- horrible the idea here about -- -- -- like there was a there was a coop I believe there was the when you want it I still want one really grab when -- OK here's a convertible. Yeah bad -- and -- -- when I get off the shown little bio one also you guys are gonna say you gotta be edited it rental car aligned the device up and I doubt that hurts we sell cars plays them where the airport. It looks awful with a license plate stuck over that over that that did that early -- style -- Here's the here's another one was the stimulus and -- Ferrari for your -- Doesn't it looks like a Ferrari you know it and you want it it looks like a six well you know it liquid -- like the because they pass but it doesn't count -- the ports was it. Well Aaron yeah well why we have and a -- why yes it does and that. That the government -- for -- either. Which for RM to prove you wrong we move on here it looks like one of the for -- California while I'm pushing hard on this one what's wrong with me and -- like this car that what is -- -- -- -- a good -- -- Currently receive. Current range you gonna do an AB you're gonna go he's right okay it was kind -- like the it's the California current the scale yet even -- guy -- -- -- at -- looking it. -- here -- -- look at the snobs okay here we go arena this -- Eddie here this is the big. The B gentleman's looks of -- for which I flight hideous from every other angle except -- okay so there it is you're watching a video version if you're not really bored right now. Okay there's the from the Skelly -- and now we switch over to. -- don't know bingo. -- -- -- -- bingo cores yet the headlights are totally different orientation aside from that now being. Bang you know I guess you're right is there -- -- -- -- ran better I considering a lot better. I was a good later on and on that are the ruling the -- again. Well all right Soviet. I would give back in just if it. I'm gonna have my head examined and then. We're gonna take -- your emails got a voicemail there really go on the road in one of the hottest -- -- in the garage of a long time that Morris guard tech lab continues. -- It cnet's car tech live welcome back everybody Brian -- Antuan -- October 21 Mitchell -- at the controls -- is out today back with us. Next week let's get your calls your emails your voice mails you -- the phone number it's 866401. CNET 866401. CNET. And the call is free -- kick it off the voicemail in fact this one about GPS technology going not just bigger but wave bigger listen to this vision. All I like our. -- -- -- -- -- -- Plain language well. It. -- -- -- -- Outlining the -- do. Or right arrow. Where make. I mean yeah. Okay so this is the idea of full screen augmented reality. That's -- -- it all together right. We saw some might this from pioneer last week right right and I'm here with talking about their -- GPS that -- that Bollywood you'd his -- call. Where they would be able to throw full screen. Or maybe you'll -- full color graphics on your windshield laser driven with lasers. Oh and information from with -- and for that. I prefer to action and this looks really good future honor video version you see -- demo looked at sea -- in Japan is C tech yeah. He does GPS and more than a -- -- the typically kind of goofy kooky JDM look that's just. Weird with a robot and the screen helping you like that weird little dog used to help you Microsoft Office that we all turned off but aside from that. I it's a really big idea to use augmented reality through head up display. For GPS. Safety conditions traffic issues. What it really keep people's -- quote on the -- the question is how much is too much that it becomes its own distraction. Ray you know you were talking about you're doing something with it yet we had something from a GM lab I don't -- find it but. You get oh good. And out but the link and threw that in there will put it up on the screen nearly a GM with working on a a full screen sort of GPS systems -- -- screen hood that we actually kind of for example if you're driving in foggy conditions. And a laid down an outline of the road. Yeah curve comes appeals for street off of it or may be showing some arrows on the screen when you're approaching to turn mean even. Outlining how -- a building or something you -- your -- -- -- -- destinations -- compiled kind of wonder how this could really revolutionized GPS for a lot of consumers to to this point -- at this point -- still. Have a problem dealing with let's -- if you can't read a map. GPS is -- work that -- for you -- it's still -- Next it's still using lines on a road that -- lines on a map to make no sense to a lot of people who look at a map and say it on and I can't read maps is to make sense to remove portable that way of actually. And it -- -- I'm a big fan of the audible control than yeah one more to hearing. Eleventh what to do. And I've actually seen a couple of oh for example the co pilot follow where you that actually on the the right we GPS device that we test -- -- available for download on Smartphone. Have the special view -- the driver if he knows that actually. -- -- -- -- And just shows you two -- -- was in -- turn right on the street. And -- that works a lot better -- there's no -- looking down at the the the screen of your GPS device from your posts you looking at the -- now. During an information on the windshield -- Kind of take the whole looking away -- the -- -- than does it obscures the question. We're a little bit of video it is a shot here you're watching a video version now welcome back the second with that is the -- explaining how it works how they'll put lions on the edge of the -- so in the fog you'll know where the -- of the road is even -- you can't see there's an example -- a blue lines from the -- On a foggy day. And here's one where it's in the night. In the night vision cameras picking up someone moving and it is calling -- personnel. The death elicited campuses -- stuff it doesn't look good yet but the concept is there. Yeah here's an example of a calling out of buildings thing up there that building that's your destination not looking for an address. Not trying there -- but you're fed up investor report -- showing like 38 more of some building go up there but that's. Very literally where you're going if you points in an address -- had a suite number on it. But anyway this idea of getting augmented reality and turn the screen and suits -- military pilots have done for a long time. I mean this is not new. In the world it's is -- in consumer automotive technology so I just of the do anyway -- you didn't give us your name but whoever you work it's in development. And very soon I looks like to be on market General Motors and pioneer of the three others that we don't know about her out they're doing okay we have an iPod outs. Email his last week we talked about iPod out and what we thought was our first after market device it would do that. And this is from Bob who says. VA IS tech in Colorado which I've not heard of -- you. -- small company I'm guessing. Has made an iPod iPhone interface for Toyota Lexus vehicles for some time in my humble opinion. But when you talk about last week is a rip off of -- I asked I have four of their products to for the iPhone into axiom. In two cars they were fantastic he says they never lock up they always work perfectly he says in the case of CI SW the issue is the screen that Apple is sending out. It's slightly larger than the screen in Toyota Lexus vehicles. That seem like a member and I guess he means -- resolution but even -- -- -- lightly but maybe. This is required a great deal of work to get it to work you should contact them about this is I -- didn't hear firsthand as far different sectors of intimate different question on radar. So this company VA IS tech is there you are -- take a look at -- -- -- Want to be on the bleeding edge of iPod out these guys apparently do some iPod -- technology and here's an example run on their front door. We expected of looks like iPod out right. -- screens for. You know all your menus are all your levels I should say -- -- you can look at music in the now playing. And it goes back and forth at least two of these guys are are out on for -- promise and they looked to be. From a -- and they might be only able. That's what's -- -- -- and products. Yeah -- we -- because this company says video audio information solutions for OEM integration. I don't know any human treason in entries -- -- well into an alien head -- -- not just OEMs okay get -- quickly they fill my mistake okay so yeah there's a there's a company it doesn't we'll put a link to these guys up in the show notes for today. If you're looking to get an iPod out and get early on the edge on that. On the front edge of that does iPod out it's enabled in what the newest iPhone the newest iPod or to anything that -- and -- -- -- -- it's gotta be a -- system they look at. So kind of cool and it really improves the interface the nice thing is it's a consistent way for iPods to show up and iphones to show up on screens and not. Putting it in the hands of the car manufacturer or the head unit manufacture many of whom do a lousy job. So there's room for some consistency -- and improvement and this could answer vote. -- we're talking about -- -- excited about iPod out even though it's still early in its implementation we have one more here and one on now on behalf tool. Right -- we could get an email asking about have -- imagery video. And from and -- owner iPod Touch one an accurate vehicle and I recommended a product called -- tool. And -- confirmation on Twitter from a user off the public -- and he's basically saying -- -- one you were rate recommend NAFTA over the accurate video in. On the Arctic -- -- podcast he's got one and only India and it works great this is -- video in thing yet but anybody who is you know little. With on the fence about that we get a little. This box testimonial yes this box that integrates into a variety. Of existing OEM harnesses rate though you'd basically be basically -- to video input. It's got that is very new very cool people there and artillery navigation system -- -- camera. Whatever you. Wouldn't be it -- and in through that kind of really hand. It's just a video aux Jack just like the -- Jackson got so used to for audio and this was priced around where again be workaholic it can sorts in the same range of integration kits. Not extraordinary expensive and best of -- bright red. Okay so those a year -- emails calls and questions this week of forget the email address -- -- -- and you know the phone number 866401. CNET as the toll free voicemail number. Leave your calls your queries -- -- are outraged reactions to things that we say and believe it took a -- a -- that are all cars for get it onto a serious car. This is where you send in photos of -- you've seen in the wild that are so unbearably stupid we can barely get off the floor. This is a nice one what on earth are we looking at here. Well I figured that that started the whole hard thing. A tough one in this weak of mind because you shot this yet set of development on the we -- I in and that downtown Oakland it's -- I don't know what that is on it -- -- crap rate on installation that's crap but there's been the most interest he -- the two -- the -- and -- -- little merry go round motif. -- -- -- Well within the hood. Some sort of aero were the end it's that the nepalese flag with the kind of pain on the hood with some -- -- paint very nice. -- -- -- -- That's one atrocity let's go to our next walk -- this week which is. Writes in I took this photo in Budapest this -- -- summer it's -- Fiat -- racer. Mrs. from earth way -- this is name. Hell is that it could Fiat panda yet it's tiny and it don't even that even a hand rates and if the Fiat panda but he repairs but -- is a so that means -- added it is okay. But it that that'll go and on its gonna really cool airedale lane. And -- when there -- -- -- got a another plywood a spoiler on the rare. And you know now with some very cool downforce. A devices on top of the windshield wipers of the McCarthy's you've got optimize every surface. Have bought it we're definitely gonna move on let's get fit with will welcome our number three for this week. Oh lord. And I'm okay with wood paneling on cars and -- drive one but not this this is from Ely in Seattle. I saw this car or boat or whatever on the Chesapeake bay bridge on I 64 reduced -- Sommer definitely ahead -- this guy and his manic and in the passenger's seat. Where it's -- it afternoon drive. Wow oh we're looking at here is a I don't even know it's got a boat bow on the front it has carved the car and if that's -- I wish you would lead to the senate not -- I think exposed engine in the front will be says no. And the -- riding side exit exhaust that I better functional -- the -- by the news that aren't really. Yeah notably I had a side trap and my doubts in 510 ruined rear tires. There's actually another picture than it fixes them that the vehicle and you can use it like that more on the back okay then that at this point -- or -- left. It's guy. Like an exhaustive people you gotta get the video version you're missing a lot if you're not already okay so what I'm looking at here we cannot tell look at a card this is it is impossible. It's a heavily reworked something -- -- and it looks like about it. It's that he had the ability and it's got a boat tail rear -- it's got a nice battle for the vintage Chris -- from the -- -- -- -- motor in the back. Just a -- This little -- better -- he's got detail let's out of a 6768. Cougar. He's put those on the back out of there out of their tree absolutely McConnell like a whole different style. He added the -- Oh everything's of Sierra in the end when you really do that it is usually affair can pop the body panels off The Who work with he's got a welcome Lorenz of on the top beetles that. And like a press release like we said he's got his styrofoam ansari his manic and by the riding shotgun he missed in Virginia for a way out so he's going. Will go -- -- cars here that's what is actually remarkably subtle. This is a crown Vic. -- is. Is the sad part -- -- our. Look it's not bad packets can -- turquoise blue paint job as the crew wielded its circling back into the excessive body collar flute -- late smoke headlight -- probably in that regard little goofy on the Chrome on the -- pillar. -- -- -- -- That's not yet that's has barely a law -- kind of like a -- -- what you guys are laughing on the sneak around and and right the guys check. I I don't like -- -- -- -- -- -- get that -- Steve. -- while I would do this to zebra that's the perfect combination. And sycamore -- I'll go what happened here okay this is -- what is -- crossfire but it critical -- that statement it in the hotel that's there's a reason that on the brain. Pink wheels on a black car. What's shop you go to the future wheels done -- you could do it in with index cards and repeat. He's happy as an experience attire all of -- you don't have to go. You know political hot guys knew it -- in wintertime and it would take there you and the retired yeah -- would just take their cut -- -- but not back on yup and in just for a -- repeat it real like neon green Monday. It is just emit X cards are on the entire -- right and in -- around the it's spread out there we were trampled mistaken on -- -- laugh. It together mentally. That's exactly what happened here available gearan -- -- Big wheels on a black crossfire. Couple more here. Does that make in my head hurt Grand Junction, Colorado. Richard -- -- this him. And this is a Honda -- it's still of the Pacific but while it's in a motel six parking lot which also that this is one of the great psychedelic paint jobs on -- call I've ever seen. Inflict. Bowling ball or marble picked them yet so looks like right and -- it's -- it's a little bit of of a Monet sort of a styling concerned current public and that he's got one of those things coming off the back. Old school wings and their total wings -- like -- spikes and of course he's gonna dorsal -- on the roof. That means at that high speed stability and that that -- that's that's directional stability get out of that group okay one more here. What. What that tundra. And he's role -- its tundra to work truck he's -- latter's in the back lumber act. Tool boxes and no not -- not chopped no -- this is so illegal. -- -- -- the last. It looked like he drives for under under screen definitely. Admired them with executives have been in movies -- than yup and the holds up a holdup is chopped off that is I've never seen and all my life I've never seen that on a car. Which is pretty amazing that in every red card. -- you know it does note that acreage now here's part of what may have happened noticed the right front fenders massively Kate what he did go wonders -- Beauty and instead is to get this thing fixed. The general public and don't run as they are on yet it but he says -- good. What if I got a hell of a headache but it still runs. Let's roll. -- -- and Obama all right got you one more hear this clicking at stuff what do you start on his law cards you cannot stop okay lead. It's got basically a building scaffold in the bad. About. Oh I don't know 88 Fort Worth coming up off the sides. The year. And then Leo as -- honored at -- -- -- a driving hunting stand he theorizes. It's got a steering wheel and I guess it has drive controls of some kind -- recently relocated directed school. Electronically. It you -- -- but it's a Ford F 250 yourself them. About a wanna know 1015 years old. Where they sort of camouflage paint job yeah and good -- for that scaffolding you don't replace in the citing -- figure out it's not -- the back years. -- -- -- The best -- means -- and on the road on the week to them on the way to drop it down these go through -- goes wants to get breakfast you know you know you get it back. Oh yeah now -- it was gonna Google -- out there I'm sure he does he's got like a rotating swivel chairman of their anti. When he came and only wants -- yeah. That's the problem with this one aren't all cards are great folks if you haven't seen -- you gotta see and we put the link up in the show notes and -- sent into us car tickets We are the. Only. Podcast on the Internet that catalogs. Awful things people do their -- but you -- helpless in this mission. Although unlike most causes that are trying to -- we're trying to keep it going. So where -- with the opposite the Jerry Lewis telethon we want moral -- cars to happen everyday and -- you help us saw highlight them how can we inspire the hillbilly of tomorrow to do this. Okay scientists hillbillies don't email when its policy of -- okay let's go to our on the road segment this week you know we get -- get cars that are in that are kind of do a -- important you -- a lot of them but they aren't always the most excited we review -- because let's face it they're important -- its -- huge numbers of -- in awhile we get cars in the don't don't use numbers. But everybody wants to drive on everybody and this is one of those cars. Let's go on the road Winamp -- as they go let him up in the 2010 Dodge Challenger. -- -- It's. Really manual transmission which is actually an option in this. Yeah. Yeah -- and yeah you're gonna need an enemy and handles here. Right yes -- and -- it's ridiculous that five speed automatic. Now just don't get that. This is the biggest that is challenging and then certainly it's. Leader and he he and -- -- that it. Horsepower -- and when you -- -- it. It is a monster best thing about this iron is turning and I didn't get here that engine revved up and get him -- it's not just. And -- It's and it always -- -- when you're brilliant highway speeds and Big Dig -- in the name of like the whole way and if you need a good sound system -- this card as you're not gonna be able to hear anything you need room it's. The good point one thing I believe its magnitude and numbers kickers. And upgraded yet standard six of us is that it was -- estimates. -- these speakers haven't written anything -- it's good. It actually really bind it's. Failed. Yeah I -- and the other end of that stereo system you get. Does Chrysler's you connect system which -- pretty full featured it -- being able regional land them. Anything new. Really yeah we -- -- the US the port on the -- you also the iPod connector in the console. Yeah I don't like the inner cities on -- -- at. Give it. It's. It's -- Do we tolerate harassment that would be -- -- -- civilians during the you know but it does have a lot of features that it was -- system actually works really well it was really get recognized street names. Addresses and things like that -- just it's the big regional interest -- them but we don't have any -- distance Peterson's. -- -- interview. Performance computer. If you can -- it up and it'll give you nearly you can edit larger than sixty times you can have a lot. Lateral. Like board and that -- abilities you're -- an intriguing indeed you're giving it really didn't. Quarter -- it'll be stopping this. Yeah overall it didn't. President -- their problem here and definitely you know three of them aren't that that are available at suit alleged multi card -- -- It. This is actually does this. There were like no pony cars on the market a few years ago real serious ones. Yet it in the meeting -- just you know the braverman it's gonna get wrapped up in the -- -- dialing in and once you get the ballots only a matter -- -- -- -- the -- the big the big elephant motor in their hearts of this is a car that is. The big story around this is why does it under cell mustang and Camaro by like -- 11 to two. Well I think it the but the reason it probably under films because. Well pretty -- every every -- thing is it the vehicular -- good to be it must think it'd via the talent there I think maybe the effect he. It ended navy -- he went to the five point seven Miami art that you know aren't that impressive compared to -- com problem I think the -- -- -- -- Media it it's a -- -- I think it's a matter of the value part of it is that I haven't felt that the dodge bad he has don't think you know -- was gonna stink none of these days is not cool. I don't think it correlate oh you mean you use of these we need compared it to BMW -- -- elephant that aren't gonna meet with. But I don't think good handling -- -- well currently vehicle -- it is opening a well handling car and you know that. That motor mean these guys or back in the day. Know a bit of performance engine like them. Yeah exactly and in -- great engines street now owned. I mean it's just click in the -- always there. Oh yeah that's the beauty of displacement the power is always there of the matter what you years and -- -- athletic nonsense like RP MBA can shift if you want an -- you will be shifting allowed just as you can hear that -- all Omnia that hard. Moon -- billion -- -- -- trying to get a -- attention but it and doing -- -- you're gonna look at me. Yet -- -- caller please. Yes -- the scarf that's RT 842000. Bates yeah I thought she bride but compared to what you paper -- It's it's it's cheaper though it's a little different horsepower numbers of those delicate -- in and change for hours yeah. Yeah from just about 425 on this guy what is the what's the -- I've been. There we're gonna bump it up it -- -- physical and a different imports. But I mean honestly is there a difference in north -- that you can use instant. Publisher to track and analysts you emotionally mean you just didn't -- out. But overlooked but even then -- -- -- hundred -- longer strip in the effort to you and I didn't know. And I did them on in -- district. The betrayed but my personal their fruits of a but tonight you're gonna building up your own little launch pad replica of scientific. It's and it's it's wouldn't do that for comparison a tall order this -- -- go side by side. The major options on this guy their performance oriented. Our. Are are are really almost nothing when you get the SRT eight you get all the hot rod here it's just text -- after that except we mentioned. It's a 6700 dollar of charge for the manual that's unusual only pay more for the automatic and there's manual also for the -- -- which is the smaller -- the five point seven which we didn't review here. And actually charge more for that -- monitored thousand dollars for that -- -- some odd. Stuff going on there in terms of options they also charged with 300 bucks for that color -- you saw which is a very European sort of thing it's. Now infecting American car companies. In terms of the tech we had I believe media center 730 -- -- guy we did yes -- the GPS -- Nazi adoption GPS -- even SRT -- doesn't come with that and also adds in. Is still has hard drive space on -- for music. Thirty gig believe no 4200 songs they both have thirty gig drives -- you GPS -- or not in an SRT eight. But you get less usable space when you get the -- on the hard drive -- today I think -- the theme. -- everything it was in the armed but it last year yes they've had unit and in the same issues all it's got voice controlled -- open them you will. And way over here the little oriented in the navigation in the top. Let -- well right hand corner he if you leave it to me and you've gotta look down the button and at that point just hit -- just hit about -- -- I did hear it but Android commandment to look for. -- mean it wouldn't read. Humans have an issue for it and as blockades around in the button -- using mail burn it with the men and -- -- and it's so easy to do relief other car companies do it trust this is not that hard any other issue here is you might assert CA or do you buy an -- and -- I believe Hai Tran -- he would -- in about 33. And the SRT is mentioned it's forty -- -- 9000 dollars more -- -- are TH. And you're going to only shave I think half a second authors are 659. To 54. Org you get the authority furious he -- -- -- they -- that's one of their vintage scholars that they brought back for a limited time only lets hope it's very limited. Some of the old colors in the pony -- -- -- cool that would just I'm gonna milky purple isn't and -- you know it I appreciate unique Arctic and the colors. You dislike -- I do now. Really you lament the fact that you can only -- cars and the over and announce. And a million colors shades of Beijing gold and blues and greens. The brown. I -- brown -- the ground current more at all welcome back. -- think differently MPG like you care in this car but when you get the automatic you get hit with a big MPG penalty meaning -- it goes to the nineteen highway. I'm surprised it of the beginning of the gas -- that but it's about one mile per -- -- Whereas the manual that we had -- 22 highway. Raided the unit that it -- be entertaining and these numbers team -- driving around us there's gonna play again in an -- But. Yeah well Agassi wouldn't -- fusion. Yeah pull it up so far exceeded. Erica yeah yeah right look at that it's like a milky purple its not a pretty collar -- Indian children that -- totally right. That's not an attractive -- Obviously is. Extra mainly because it because it's not an exact -- Vietnam -- whatever right -- repeat color. Yeah I get the counter make them and about I get the -- Yahoo! the first guys have a pink racing bike back in the day it was like that was the thing that we were foreign drug wearing pink lycra and driving and running -- bytes we got that -- -- I know -- the old Apple Store. Anyway. A good how are getting back to -- that -- our legs to only gets better. So. The audio bump up in this car I didn't do the right I didn't do -- video on this one Molly Wood Diego chicken -- the great video. But this had the full audio system with the additional kickers speakers right right we used to have a Boston acoustics speaker mean -- that we can do it and in elementary. And we had in last of this and better really get down it. -- -- -- It's certainly do you -- -- that in this Garcia won a year using over the engine does the car's base at yeah exactly got -- counteract the low and I would imagine it's like it's really good heard. You know. 1970s. Rock and -- -- hip hop and -- track. 342 watts for the mania 200 -- -- alone go to the sub separate him for that that's pretty serious numbers thirteen speakers all the -- the 700 dollar option for the better audio itself. 42000. Dollars base you're gonna wanna go 600 for the media center which is basically man is largely what you -- and Bluetooth hands free which is not included in -- -- unless you get the map packet. -- -- -- But it's cheap it's 600 bucks. And that SRT group which is mostly just the audio upgrade that is 695. So for a little bit of extra money is seen at this -- all up. And you're good. It's kind of values so I'm not -- why it just doesn't. Succeed as well as Camaro mustang in and the more I think about it I think it also kinda loses every -- -- When they put the multiple cards together you know when when went went all three of them routes. You that the book makes that yeah -- the similar of the -- everything of one of them and I think it has less power than the current hot models of Camaro mustang -- -- cardboard and as well if it handles I don't think it handled it as well either of the other car and it's a car that doesn't need to handle. So you can win that battle but lose the war a Google -- -- for that reason I mean if if if you just want does awful cars the way to go but yeah I mean if -- You shop -- around an atom -- I don't know Puckett recommends. Vehicle over. A month and I still do not like beams here are edited they've improved it a little bit I think it's still pretty or. The -- just looks like about cheap plastic it is meant to keep right. That's the Camaro is no local woo -- was nothing to beauty either the mustang is best in class Ford's been concentrating on enters a lot lately so that's -- sort of thing but. Right so that's our review which is alive now writes the videos up the actual reader review won't be okay so tomorrow you can read the full detailed review on this got to be the 22 of October we're sitting here -- on the 21. And Molly's video great looking piece of -- to -- check that out that is live right now you can get to that. Right away over at CNET TV dot com or. If he -- the review a little later it'll be embedded in there as well -- -- good time of that one with that in mind let's go check out other cars in CNET car tech garage. Right now we have a Toyota Avalon that what that is. The way it works. Just put the Avalon up the level of the opera it's go through -- -- -- the review is not up yet that's those -- much for dragon -- heels on this. I thought that nobody wanted to -- such that video like a week ago I took the Avalon apps I've on the -- decide. I -- -- it that's the Japanese crown Vic but I would like that means that Dylan on the rights of a durable build Avalon. Dodge Challenger we just talked about -- 550 -- relay. That Palm Beach special we have we've -- -- -- -- last week so that there is still a fresh review a lot of you have not seen right now in the garage on the Odyssey. Which has -- talking about voicing -- keep getting bigger and checker and you know usually cooler. Well we'll let you know next week and also speaking of hot cars -- have a 2011 Chevy Corvette ZO six. Economy steely blue downstairs looks looks very good. So probably and -- -- my entire opinion about it which are normally you'd only -- -- -- yeah McCormick. Willow. Insisted that demographic -- -- ideas that -- -- that rule yeah now its its image versus performance. It is -- can't argue with the performance much. But boy the image of those cars -- dismemberment it's just -- don't know why. But we'll talk we'll talk -- that was some fodder for it -- I'm sure that'll be our ballots to the Odyssey next week. Coming up in the garage we're gonna have a Porsche Connie and -- this is the new Connie and with the rounded shape -- the first. First in the first total redo of that platform. So this is the -- -- and we have coming -- it's an ass. Didn't get an S hybrid and we hope to one of these days very soon and also speaking of suvs the 2011 Jeep Cherokee limited four by four. While that's going to be big company. -- indelicate really -- -- out today he's getting his -- -- Our folks that's the show this week -- for joining us you know where to go find the show notes it's car tech. Dot for show notes for a link to all our law all cars gallery which you gotta -- And so much more previous shows. Will get the feed all that stuff. And -- -- -- tech at Send your comments and questions are -- and free to our voice mailboxes 866401. CNET that's 866401. 2638. And finally follow us on Twitter because you'll learn a lot of the stuff even sooner by just following us. I'm Brian Cooley BRI -- NC EO LEY and and one is it new AMT GOO. Thank you to Mitchell -- at the controls and we will talk to you next Thursday by.

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