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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 189: Getting to the bottom of the Chevy Volt fiasco

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 189: Getting to the bottom of the Chevy Volt fiasco

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Getting to the bottom of the Chevy Volt fiasco, beaming your iPod screen on your dash, the littlest Aston Martin gets a green light, and the world's most advanced driving simulator.

Getting to the bottom of the Chevy Volt fiasco. Meaning your iPod screen to your dashboard. The littlest Aston Martin gets -- green lights. We'll look around the world's most advanced driving simulator. That's right folks in cnet's car tech live this edition coming at you on what -- -- fourteenth of October Thursday. Good to have you here -- Brian -- -- Wayne Cunningham. Antuan Goodwin Mitchell -- at the controls. And off we go let's start with the Chevy Volt story because that was -- numero uno in the world of car -- this week. To recap before we -- this around and try and make sense of it. A whole bunch of folks came out as savvy as GM went on a driving tour with the -- the just missed a few days ago. That's actually -- -- the backgrounds revving up. He can hear that now. They are now talking about portable power train actually is not purely. All ways constantly electric. That that little -- that generates -- for the batteries sometimes under some conditions will actually help drive the wheels -- it never does it on its own. And this got a lot of publications. Up and -- hissy fit. All saying GM -- and this is a crock in this -- -- the hybrid now just a glorified hybrid. Our guys. Let's figure this out. GM says. The motor does generate power most the time for the batteries but sometimes. Can help drive the wheels right. We all thought when GM started talking about the scar from the very beginning we -- -- -- An electric motor attached to the wheels. Probably through a simple reduction -- kind of like Tesla does. But it actually had a more complex gearbox in this thing -- the X -- the gearbox is something they got from their -- mode hybrid technology. I was just a lot of money on developing the Mercedes-Benz and BMW. -- what they -- have is a complex planetary -- set and that allows the the engine the gas engine to actually contribute some motive power to the wheels. Now that. -- always only happens in conjunction with the electric motor. And it also only happens when the cars traveling at 77 miles per hour or above above right and with the batteries depleted when the engine has to -- in anyway. And this is I think story of the way they communicated. How this cars built as opposed to a bait and switch at least the the meeting when of their way to say it an electric car yet another way to -- The engine's not connect to the wheels and then it comes down in how to connect the real. Sometimes. -- conditions yet it seems like it wouldn't be that big of a deal in my opinion if they didn't go. So a lot of -- way to. Two to paint the picture of the -- and just an electric car with a knife you know generator in front burner -- -- And I think that's where. You know people working them set that's exactly what I thought the story one I don't this of the car that was always there in my electric how many times divide described it based on what -- put out that this car is always driven is only driven. By the electric motors. Not quite true but the bottom line is. Did today in some way materially. Mislead us and most importantly the pending consumers out there should the consumer look at the -- -- now. Fraud not interest thing not worth the money. We have to dive pretty deep into this technology to understand exactly what's working I think from a PR point when they're writing the press releases about the car they weren't. They were and truthful about it at all. They just left the old they weren't lying and put it it has left out -- -- -- you know one operating conditions and you know truly the reason why they did this is is for efficiency. After testing the car testing different drive -- Train configurations they found that them when the electric motors spinning at seven you would cover many rpm 161000 or so. We get the wheels turning moving the parents -- -- miles per hour. It. It's not very efficient at that high rate of speed and yes we're electric motors not yet that's what it coming needed to kick in some are exhilarated powers source and and when you have. Jews in the batteries you can actually they actually use the second electric motor -- -- -- the the main traction motor cut down speed run more efficiently as. Another wrinkle to -- they're particularly got a shot here of for -- you watch the video addition a cutaway of the planetary -- sets. And the motor there we go not period to detailed on this but as you can see. This planetary -- -- as the stuff in the middle. I have this right of the motor which is -- -- this thing with all the copper wind things around and in the middle there you see the planetary gears -- a very complicated system there's a couple of clutches. On the way between there and the actual. Oh boy this must be the output shaft right there you can see my -- if you're watching. This is a complicated. Blending of electric power as well as the ability for the motor to drive -- to this planetary gear set here. So it's. -- says this is not a simple story for the consumer to understand my concern is. That when you are behind the eight ball like General Motors is in terms of their image in their reputation right now. They're not known as a company like BMW or Toyota. -- it integrates all the time known as a company that needs bailouts right now that's the only headline people know about GM right now. And then you come along and you say were were fixed where battery innovators now know and trust you. Because your image your reputation does not give you that credibility yet you have to have the media and third parties. Pronounce you clever innovative back. You can I do it yourself when you're behind it's just that as part of dealing with your image in corporate America that's why this is so damaging is the only -- -- GM explains this. To the top of their -- Unless organizations like us and the Edmonds and the auto blogs and all the rest come out and say this car is killer and know they really did something great here. They're -- problem on there. I think really more interest in though when as -- -- the rubber hits the road when people start driving this car. When we drive it for 300 miles and see how how the and yeah and in that cool Alec and motor interplay. If you can really truly drive it under electric power or most of you're writing week for example. Then if it handles that it does that that's where the great wrestle come out. That's -- get the reputation as well this car really changes you can get the electric efficiency really -- a really green really low cost no gassing up. And at the same time -- worry about getting as far as you want ago but lot of folks -- gonna say. I already have a car. That makes lets me go as far as I wanna go so that's a watch -- tell -- that it's really incredibly efficient and that's where this story is trying to make it look a little less innovative that. So it's Robert GM I don't think this car is a fraud. And again you are feeling like we got you -- But do them. How did it down to the river and got made to drink when we did act -- -- -- on the diameter of a Mary Jo and screaming about it yeah Edmonds went Edmonds went nuts about this story that the unit -- units for yelling screaming right so -- the look how we seem to be immune to -- at least a large part of that. There -- matter of fact right after the show -- are alive do today wrote the drivers have evil. So will be leaving here right if we finish the podcast if you're watching us on the live show fourteenth there will be out there -- will get our own opinion is they run off the bat. Not long range but will be the -- a production -- on. Regular streets here in San Francisco so we'll have more say about that next week. -- bolt dot com and also just launch which is a related sites for -- -- online portal for the connected part of the volt the -- and all that. We have here. Tickets are charging status here's the picture -- here watching our our video version. As of this ties the car. To the app which is the OnStar mobile -- the core of the Apple on your Smartphone. To a website where you can get in there and do things like check your steadier charge status and dead -- on the vehicle's current. Plugged in state and remote start all that sort of took brings it together into three places the -- the Smartphone -- the web. All kind of by different nodes of being online whose vehicle -- check that out -- your interest in mind -- wondering how connected going to be after -- a boring meeting or something where if you can just log into your permanent -- -- had searching available. Like -- couple times attachment that attention. -- -- Drug would be thieves in the parking lot nuts -- missed it again. Okay we permit the iPod out technology where you be able to really -- -- relatively faithful version of your iPod or iPhone or iPad I guess interface out to a car head unit. But until we haven't seen anything do this. Yet have we will BMW made mention of doing million that we haven't seen anything in the after market and we've got a company called nice. I've actually never heard -- -- really now I'm not really familiar with Indian and they're kind of they're gonna second tier of electronics maker. We'll leave -- -- -- a second here yet wall -- that film it but I am definitely gonna look into this that it developed. Compel but it basically and aftermarket. And on kit that allows you to put -- -- now in any vehicles but the the -- two parts there's -- little brain. If you talk and you're cedar somewhere and you're -- -- Norfolk cradle. For your iPhone or iPod Touch that's the other the only one that are supported right now okay now the idea -- here. And basically -- they you know one to 200 dollar kit. That you're installing your car and it goes out to the video inputs of your screen exactly now I'm not exactly sheer. How old their take in control of a touch screen because the -- via the object of the game with I -- that you're supposed to be able to. Control what's going on there. That yes are they feeding back the touch input to the device or are they is assist the simpler one way version actually you know what -- think about it Obama -- The iPod -- isn't actually -- it doesn't completely mimic. The I phoned in your -- yeah kind of kind of -- -- for the car on the way out right well it looks like the iPod classic. That's so much like the -- that you get like the ruse. Artist. Is on. And it looked like they have little remote control the -- due to go up and -- between the rooms in your elections. Okay so it's more of the simpler iPod interface from a generation or two or even three ago. Rate brought into the corridor -- Arnold dice has an aftermarket they'll be the first BMW like you -- is talking about putting in the OEM. But we're still waiting for this and this has been announced for quite a -- by Apple and it just hasn't been picked up by many companies just these two we know of so. You're wondering where's the iPod out to make my iPod look better on the dash. It's coming not quite there yet. Speaking of the iPods idea radar. Which sounds like a Alan Parsons group song but going back a -- when what's assault. Cobra who makes that makes radar detectors in the else makes the -- stuff like that ought to get a lot of stuff that about a foot -- they're -- to keep things ground the threat on the fringes of the automotive world but you know people that use radar detectors no that they need them. And yeah cobra has. Decided to work with that the iPhone and they -- come up with the idea of using. The iPhone -- display unit. Or read -- detector and that's pretty cool and they have a little modules that to detector it's about it. The little more than an inch thick -- happens -- long. -- put this on the -- dashboard or maybe you know on the -- on the windshield behind me yet review mere. And it connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone. And they have an app on the iPhone it reads the data -- -- you view the warnings as if it's K commander expander laser -- -- you know -- you from whatever. Highway -- happens to be sitting on the side of the road you know and dad you just of the -- an iPhone is a lot bigger than displayed you'd normally yet on radar detectors so that's -- you know lot richer and the fact that the module the detector -- small means you it is mounted in your car and leave it there all the time as opposed. Point suction cup soccer windshield constantly and not be seen an -- over the agency that things stuck in your laughs exactly and hide it. That helps to -- one promise looking into on this is because of the Bluetooth connection you have to maintain your iPhone. Can you also run -- hands. A hands free -- phone system for example at the same time. And according to what -- -- on the Internet iPhone now pilots for supports multiple Bluetooth connections. Different types of -- OK good good to note I didn't know if you could do that right. That's -- that's Ohio -- fourth thing in this. You know that's that a lot of stuff violence for dependent that announced that were just talking about silent sports do yes I don't think you could do this -- the bios through the I've phone. And also course into running that. Opera I've read our app that's the only after an in the iPhone and pandora is appealing that is the same time is a -- of what the -- and alert looks like. So your what your video overs and that's that -- -- band and it shows you how many bars skating of radar hit. And amateur that's the speed you're supposed to be going to be if you are going but it's it's the speed you are going missile -- app also includes the direction you're traveling the speed you're going -- -- Glanced down events and I go my way over the speed monitor in the dollar or that the threat yet -- -- happen -- this being easy. And here's a configuration screen for all the different bands that'll pick up including laser and a lot of folks ask about that. So lasers in there and -- KXKAA. And some of the never heard of what are VG two is 170 bucks for this -- -- -- price -- not too bad I'm gonna check out reverend Steve we can get one and and they get real close look at the on this picture they've got they've -- picture we're showing on the video version here in car. -- disappointed here that they're showing the device the iPhone on a cradle great looks really good but they're showing what I think is the module. Not in the windshield. I wonder if you can't hide it. You know it doesn't look that it's smaller than -- regular reader looks the same size just due to better display. Yeah -- -- the beam wonder what's the point I wanna ditched that I can't. This starts to get less interest and -- an advocate is a little smaller than -- your commented doctor and the fact the you don't have. Where -- mountain -- still be visible you know you know where you can associate you don't really need to see it anymore because in the -- -- -- -- -- the display on the iPhone. But you do need to mount it somewhere where it's gonna either read -- yeah I want this thing weatherproof and stuck behind my -- That's what I will ultimately to -- stream. I don't have the -- noon in the new hard wired and -- that -- somewhere in the -- and a lot of portion of people I don't know which system using they've they've made him out of the front bumper behind the cover the -- -- bumper cover it does have some lights and lead these of the mountain adapted to steal him very simple indications. But they're very hard to spot. And probably current system is they've got users used opera power cord that's why these two that's nasty that we need be that's immediately yet in agreed that more with the cart which you could -- you and that certainly. Ide devices are -- detector devices that are. Permanent mounts -- to say I would to a meter installed native. And former come along with the reader installed and so -- -- hierarchy and wall or on cobra. That's because we haven't talked CB radios -- -- With the -- -- radio right this August -- the covert site this is like it get me back in the CD between nine LX LE would have great -- CB radio. Virtual. Virtual display for the signal -- no needles -- them back and forth their fiftieth anniversaries. That's good lookin' in anybody -- -- certainly talking and the -- in -- wanna good buddy. And -- or whatever is in there and -- what you have to look through. Apps open over for 1099. But it -- -- my taxes done. 150 bucks of that cool concede behavior in the CB I'd love to know of any of our experts -- to -- -- I just -- sixty seconds of your life. Audio box. -- wrapping up. Not pandora in an online streaming head unit but actually going to the other big player kind of -- big player of yesterday which is shout cast. So they're gonna start rolling -- audio box Jensen audio vox is the company agents and the brain and in this sets will one of a lot of which line they're gonna put this out. An audio box on the whole bunch of brands used to be really cool and now mark Donovan you know reshape -- But they're gonna use shout cast on the Internet radio ahead units. When we after it went to -- It's yet two units BM 931 or in 932 -- -- basically connect to an iPhone or iPod Touch. That are within intend -- connect to the -- them sort of way to stream. That -- -- radio in the similarly that we've seen that Alpine. Do with pandora also kind year. So that's how they get their data connection through the iPhone using the phone basically is your your proxies to the Internet -- -- mean -- have to use an app on the iPhone that's handled by the head unit. -- it doesn't state. In the article assuming that you're gonna have to have them through an -- one. On that yeah there -- is in the 9300 and a. It is an -- okay here's a shot of what I believe is the actual production units this is the hiring -- -- doubled in the ninth three to four. The looks a little like a mock up to be honest but let's it was bad but -- -- Amazon so this must be alive products 399 it says not a real pretty interfaces that. They're not terribly expensive either the present pretty good -- -- too bad. So if you're instant streaming radio and shout cast is what you love I'm on salt creek in the pandora -- these days that's been -- pandora outline is going heavy on pandora this week. They are still one of the biggest head unit makers that have a little bit -- issues lately. But they say now they're going to have pandora in the basically all of their 2011 radiance yeah. All -- -- eleven models so that's right now they've only got one so this is a big increase in models. Yeah well across the board -- -- be able to get the single -- and I need DAX Treo by vets candidates and or right now and they're expanding now so there the written their singled in -- enough. Doubled in and navigation. Did you like this -- -- and major attraction for in -- streaming like just in the course of me at the beginning -- this year this was pretty much unheard of now with her wrapping Tony ten. Bull bull bull lots of products and stream binary that's a big change -- your. I mean big change dying day. Best -- a place to -- charger car. You know this -- electric motorcycles will -- those call the Rambo something or rather. -- on domestic and it seemed cleaner you bet it is -- credit to the -- Unless -- there's so many of those but they are going to do this the -- with a company called blink. Which does -- charging stations -- put them at twelve selected best buy stores -- -- dual pilot here Tucson Phoenix. A few and LA San Diego Seattle wanted to store digital markets. And they're gonna put these in by march of next year -- yet another indication that places that are. -- destinations for other reasons restaurants gas stations Nissan service -- are also. Putting in charging stations as -- places that figure you're gonna charge when you're going there for something else. Not go find the charging place or even worry about a parking lot that has charging -- you wanna charge what you're doing other things. So you're not wasting time just charging or just taking your car somewhere to charge I think it's -- it's a good part of the the growth the very slow growth. Of the infrastructure for this stuff. And it was probably would discard this is an 83 TGI. They're on a tour with this for the coming down through San Francisco over the golden -- today or tomorrow -- a big press thing. And I look in the story to know whatever they're taking is an 83 PDI is repressed or we've already seen the Turbo diesel but this is different -- -- Out he won the green car of the year award and so they've been four they're a three PDI. Diesel -- of a united -- -- these cars and and but this car is running on synthetic diesel. And this is but not biodiesel. Most people think of it and that it deals -- biodiesel we've seen this before -- -- -- a -- a natural one natural -- also synthetics a different thing entirely. Well it's actually it's similar to biodiesel is its -- -- different process its made by a company called -- tech. This who is and so they color their fuel -- diesel. This -- diesel fuel is that it actually meets the M the the out of specification for petroleum diesel the little ultra low sulfur at all -- yes candidate specifications -- EST MD 97 by open source means it can be yet transported via standard tankers. You can get it -- -- -- put it at any fuel station and media acceptable federal standards which biodiesel is actually non. Biodiesel -- Doesn't have a standard that manufacturing process so it has yeah it doesn't meet specification you gotta have -- here in it because it tends to -- up but it's yet country need to work. Yes of this and it this biodiesel or this -- diesel is me. From plant material that they use some gasification process on breaks it down and and they get this. Somehow they get this. Is allowed me take some plant waste and but dad -- thing about this is that standard biodiesel has about and 90% of the energy density of a petroleum diesel per gallon. This actually apps that have been -- 95% of the energy density. So you won't get as good miles per gallon in -- you're a three TDI these -- the they're expecting them Rula. It normally get about 42 miles per gallon on -- petroleum diesel yeah they're gonna get about forty miles per gallon with -- ran diesel. Not bad it's close by it's in the stuff is cheaper or something. Well the battered over its probably would be cheaper at this point yet the alien or mass production. But it does it is completely carbon neutral. Okay -- -- There we go there's the angle yeah you're not to adding carbon accident atmosphere like you would with the calling these. Alright so those -- they treat you guys are out there touring around and if you see you in your area have been a big for a big driving toward don't know why they're. Home or about the a three PDI the -- not new but these and that diesel is. What's also gonna be new is a new bigger. Bigger battered. -- yes that there's storage you money within Apple matter worries -- actually be -- -- dial. -- the tenth anniversary party for the Prius then neither attended -- political billboard. That kind of teasing. A multi passenger version of the editorial -- -- about the size of via -- five. With a billboard if for the people who are on our audio. -- it's basically a picture of the regular Ford or Prius that and that we're used to -- -- -- that. You -- kind of silhouetted. A larger vehicle little bit longer and also was a little bit of higher roof line -- presumably to make space for a third row seat. So that you can actually coming about -- five dies. But -- tiny tiny little mini. This goes to Toyota's strategy we talked about two months ago early this year they kind of announce we're going to have a a yeah an extension of the Prius line as a sobering and within Toyota not spin it off like -- on. Or Lexus but have it be almost like SR five used to be in the total wanted to noted their sporty models and they would use this previous -- to note -- green hybrid models but of course -- hybrid synergy drive which is their technology. Those -- the first -- they've actually done if what when and if this comes to fruition but actually take that strategy. And -- including Toyota there's this Prius line and this is the next one that implanted in their renamed to Camry hybrid and recreate -- quick -- -- -- -- confusing the other. I think -- looking at this that group -- that they show here this is not gonna get the same aerodynamic efficiency as the standard Prius as I would expect to get the fifteen miles per gallon which you can give them the Prius -- to bigger profile. -- -- -- Lula. I was extremely fast I mean it actually gonna make it more and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- down for some of your -- And arguing that target the senators Dolly's yeah but up but the best part about this whole thing just to take the meta story here. Is the picture we're looking at. Is strange it's as billboard like we just described. And it's sitting on some casters. Upon a mountain top somewhere this is like a regular billboard what did they do what is -- some gorilla thing it was that it is that it accretive in films communities rule the billboard now aren't parked at the end of whatever. Why insurance in Malibu or something you know world can they loved afloat these new cars and for -- people who live in -- of the celebs who lived there -- -- -- green. There -- -- -- during human priest and nip in the dim pretty premiums and Eric every Prius. Bought -- speaking of confusing -- as little danger mine too. The Aston Martin's -- net which we've talked about before has apparently been green lighted for production it is. Of the last and Martins city car I mean it's a little thing. Based on what's it based on the -- IQ rights yet. When it IQ and the -- and I Q now it's in the -- -- -- Q in the US oh that's right science in a car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ever ready why not -- in -- on the thing everyone jump on so the IQ -- if -- a video version at this cute little thing. Little video of a smart four to I think but not much. And it is going to actually be in production so. They're not doing this because they wanna take -- and a green small direction of doing this because they got to meet corporate fuel economy standards. And -- -- in Europe they're also concerned about corporate emission standards which isn't -- to -- deal in the US not as much. So if you're looking for a small it -- -- Aston Martin you can afford basically. -- up exciting they're still talking about 4050000 dollars for the yesterday it's not cheap at all paying upwards of 55000. Now -- Way to get them seeing here in the article it's more than we ever heard that so insane and -- awkward Middle East and in horsepower car that I'm her her car. The highest on the market this will be the very highest dollar per -- if that's the price range. Seven -- 5000. Dollars -- 97 horsepower. Forget the power to weight ratio announced conference to calculate power to galleries and they had a double glazed windows to really get this that has been yeah and thank you -- the quietness. Nothing has come into the US is it's or do we know where this is kind of the European isn't it. It's certainly the content at that level bullets and they have US plans of that -- you wanna buy a Sony 5000 dollar. Affordable Aston Martin next Nissan -- a big versus and I was like the -- -- it looks like much. But it's a -- avoid them one of the nicer finished and more solidly built of the little. -- cars here's just a sketch of what the next -- look like and that's like a completely different car. I mean if that sketch which is very watercolor is remotely accurate -- good looking car. Yeah -- all Metallica and days than not it doesn't. Yeah that's a way of looking piece of road literate person like if I if and then there's. Yeah well evidence that. Yet a -- grille shape is really different -- happens a little rules shape and mrs. Pretty different from what dead Nissan currently does. And it does look like Lexus actually now known little -- -- is cookie and -- -- bill lookalike at some point. And there's a deep sculpted sort of -- almost like a channel down the belt line here which I think that's what's giving us a strong -- Hyundai feel. Even very Genesis feel that big slot on the side there and I thought the sketch showed a two but one of our readers and we're -- -- going back and forth -- -- this -- the -- nine. He says -- that you actually see the little. Line in the back where that the rear door open your right evidence that the back of a glass on the rear door is where you get the cut line that looks like -- -- -- looks like it's a look the first low cost. Four door -- If that if this did this -- isn't at all accurate. Because knows that afford recoup the -- this would be the first that it isn't -- about the view died of reporter -- you can afford -- -- I really just don't print it. Because was because -- watercolor and contends that part of the -- Or if that story came out I -- -- flights you know -- top ten concept cars -- get lost in translation basically really cool looking concept that turned out to be. And it looking cars and -- the that never -- top of the list -- found work on that. I'm that was supposed to be -- the content became the year before the person suing the design language and -- -- in the use for the and you expect. And if they stick if you look -- little considered is that we can political the video version good looking -- good looking little sporty aren't there if it were we're gonna go and in the next year we can -- a -- -- -- -- there and here it comes to. But. They're the verse yell at me -- it's oddly enough yet is it is a long way from that coupe concept. But not that long as much as it's a matter of the WRX thing. You take that out all of a sudden blast -- And not bulging at the corners let me is that -- -- did in this kind of dispute should use it. Off the sketches start -- -- off them -- Anders read off humans who is the -- concept yeah and -- yesterday and good. There we go to yet but this is of course part of -- -- The concept the production they're both ghastly. Yet production with -- way around that actually. It and it -- that actually at the character at that yeah isn't anything you can areas -- ugly character at that than it had Eric there production is just these days is that. Most of flat green plastic on the side have been available -- then BM WX two console I never saw this concept this is the one that then became -- Now you know -- India -- one year. It's gonna lot of -- the news and disease but to -- super -- lead. And here's the -- of that became the one I see it now and of war against that but that has been. They'll do one more here those -- -- via -- watch it with into the audio our boards different. Is the -- C except concept. And there we go now to move if the slide here's the except we got -- that took the C in the concept part off things got a lot more pedestrian. Yeah the big long for -- just became a little stub your -- if it retained a lot of its original characters and one thing about the net access yet except in the except. The cabinet shouldn't change much and that was at that -- an impressive. Because you still had that crazy -- that rises up out of the cons yellow and blue and events have. Wake up when you start the car and -- heartbeat kind of thing -- oh -- thing when you get in the tire and they just brought out the XJ with -- that it's entirely video instrument panel. Which with the concept thing that we -- -- -- was gonna make it to production it's in the production next gen its just on the road now that we got rocked out of this week. We'll talk more about that later reports -- drive's -- okay let's take a look at more technologies in the -- the risky -- in your emails pioneer has a laser. Head up display what is going on -- this -- it better. Well essentially it kind of take the -- normally the -- that we've seen are basically -- We'll -- LCD display it and it took down you'd export somewhere and it predicting the light on two your your windshield you know and they usually kind of monochromatic and really eighties we're getting orange or red yet. Will pioneers newest they demonstrated NFC tech in Japan last week uses lasers project full color image onto a trance -- it -- it -- -- -- one -- I was sort of laser is this one caller of the editor of using the RGB to create full color images to talk. Navigation in our enemies and right now they've got a little injury on a skateboard. In the video and an -- look at kind of navigation screens showing -- turn by turn directions I love this for augmented reality yeah that I mean. Presumably could be something like often album artwork up on your screen and I stood a hundred regularly to -- with -- Don't mind seeing you know traffic signs it circled around new gas stations or whatever I wanna see your dad in the mean the cool thing about that -- -- it actually thumping networking. So they're talking about bringing it to the after market. And there are also courts in OEMs to see -- can find some sort of way to you know -- Some of the aliens that are in agreement with options on their vehicles yet -- -- a big. Vendor business to you -- many of your driving cars that pioneer stereos it just isn't labeled that way they're big -- -- and Panasonic. Outline as well Denzel lot of these companies that you do and don't know sell on labeled products and your new -- -- that's -- -- channel for this to go there as well. The folks who use the most though are BMW and some GM cars a Corvette and XLR. I don't know either them or embed -- pioneer -- Mac and stuff. And they -- yeah Monica color adds yet the kind of in the BMW and looks really good it's just still Monica -- monochrome. And -- the -- for -- to your email here is interesting one about drowsiness detection. And which has been in a few cars it is in a few cars I should say currently but -- this one is. Into the for the after market we haven't seen anything like that for -- comes from the -- -- in institutes oh they're not a company that develops. Consumer products in their -- and they've they've built a technology here that -- they say could be used for aftermarket. Drowsiness detection. As is I tracking technology this'll actually using cameras to look to your eyes and tell that -- -- -- islands are costly fluttering drop mean. It senses if you're you're tired -- drowsy by looking your eyes now we've seen other. Drowsiness detectors that look your base in and -- -- -- -- in a way or maybe group being the ensemble actually monitor the steering wheel on the -- to see if you're kind of getting slower in his natural sort of agitation as certain behaviors that -- that that they've. Recorded for what -- drowsy driver does. Such as drip -- In the lane rationing now or sudden what snoring but also if companies really of the story and an audible -- good that'll go talk right away -- lolly. He's I tech and a little bit overboard. The united up is that we're actually gonna be -- gravity actually gonna see this in a car it's it's you know -- cute kids -- some really cool stuff and this is one is the folks invented the MP3 codec community all -- system -- -- -- think -- I think -- -- you know the Stanford research institute down here in Silicon Valley but. -- so that -- pretty credible but yet like ours is gonna really become an aftermarket unit. And it's now is the driving drowsy the most frustrating when you cant -- yourself. I mean you can't snap I mean. And one of tricks for how to snap out of -- -- -- it in now exactly now only when it's all you can do I say drive really fast. That'll wake you right now push that accelerator -- -- the engine -- up a yeah -- do it it's a I guess there's -- that I was driving in the freeway traffic -- let's series slowed traffic you know twenty to thirty miles per hour you know my -- -- drop and but isn't that traffic cleared -- I was a wide -- I was along once -- they user -- in college of drive and a one of the freeways here -- differences are gonna to eighty and into the city near theorists have state and drive and hold that office on this lot of folks are honking at me and I couldn't I couldn't figure out what to compare wipe -- sleep itself. Think of I -- -- what if that runs hawking did they can see come out and out like a light. And with -- and stopped traffic thank you whoever you war. Or three -- you were the but -- -- -- would have the temerity and the quickness to say a he's asleep I think he's nodding off and I can get on the horns -- have to wake him up. Wow someone save my life that that that that is your card has drifted in front side that's going to be that was and a hell at some of the yeah makes that was scary okay. That's that is what the kids of your emails folks in -- -- card check at cnet.com his email address car tech at CNET. Voicemail leading voice -- and you guys -- to repaid or foam and -- dead but -- think you didn't call. 866401. -- -- -- -- get -- of voice -- of weeks we -- very -- so call call call 8664012638. Let's see first one here comes in. About video sources being added onto a T -- -- and Waldorf Maryland says love the podcast very informative. Respect your opinions when you're -- -- you know listening vertical anyway I have a 2007 accurate TL with an -- yes it has a cassette deck wide. Don't know we don't know -- but they had those for a long time. Now looking to -- interface to provide video on the nav screen and control music from an iPhone four or iPod Touch what's the best route to achieve its. -- Could -- adapter. -- -- Known to. -- I was falling for that -- -- -- they have. And and actually get a ton of email I think about adding audio the the -- Honda -- Thursday it makes it you back -- that the priority talked about that but that never got a question about video before. And on that -- think you could do it. But it -- kind of and challenge -- look to see if there's somebody made a product in there actually are a couple. On the first one's called -- tool in the it and called and media when call -- tool. And a better look in -- Though I'm gonna focus on that one and and it's basically a and in erupted view in throughout -- human fell between the navigation brain. A year undo or accurate which actually lives down in your -- -- -- somewhere. India LCD displayed it at the top of -- export. And it basically plug in in between those and allows you to and two. Come one in video or composite composites -- the yellow RCA Jack -- Thompson you can Andy it's bright red. Yeah that -- -- hide it you're gonna see it every time you get them -- if I'm affiliate -- indeed behind your dad's or -- you better believe it is. But it used it -- From the open if -- clear. The iPhone didn't -- -- know that existed and you can also add that -- -- your vehicle that come equipped in his. You can fit in interrupt that it when you pitcher you Rupert automatically switches and video or just like the only human would. The cannot be reverse lights which. Nice okay that's what comes in from Stuart -- tech -- the new jag with turbines we talked what is jag concept. But Paris but was in last week's show and has two turbines that -- generators and incredible speeds like 70000 rpm. To generate much power he says that story jog my memory about something it was the US army's M one a -- Abrams tank. It's powered by a 15100 horsepower gas -- like basically a helicopter -- When you see a Belgian ranger or something going around those or jet turbines they just -- to turn -- crank not -- jet powered movement. I get to the curb weight of seventy tons you do need a little extra gig hope -- Check out the manufacturer's spec page. These do we go here's -- you sent us a link we've got a yeah that's actually a brochure for the M when he to -- like a that the carbon short at the downloadable PDF -- all the great features an optional -- what's and a detective -- about getting -- -- -- and -- these -- give us an Abrams set. Ladies and gentlemen it's gonna come together refuted in the Alley we that -- -- gonna shoot in the Alley cute but I. 69 point five -- curb weight. Let's see when the gun is forwarded -- 387 inch length that's about two would have time to be in a long car but we want you to the engine yes 15100 horsepower like he says. Power to -- ray should you look like mister network hour per pound if they do it horsepower per -- but -- What -- one point six horsepower harper time got a four speed forward -- speed reverse gearbox nice. -- speeds 42 miles per hour it's got a governor on it. And on a 10% slope it can be seventeen it slows down a lot on a slow as you might imagine. 0232. Miles an hour is seven seconds. That's not. Dad for something that -- that much closer to sixty would be like twelve seconds if it went that fast yeah you're definitely -- The -- to 69 your life that's not bad seven seconds to its you know. Not at full speed but it's cruising speed and it's what this is governed top speed -- -- why would they do that let -- -- Yeah I mean literally -- -- -- appear in battling wanted to Grachev has possibly imagine you're just about two miles an hour from escaping the Iraqi shelves but the governor kicks then I think people are running an Indian. How now we're. I don't know college duty I don't know I saw patent. They've moved -- that was -- -- last -- strategy. That's amazing though our thanks Stuart that the move that's does an amazing piece of machinery I've never thought about that a big -- -- The eagle jet engine run in the gearbox is basically what's going on there. That's a bad -- while general dynamics land systems you bet that is. And look at. I can go to -- brochure all -- I don't want note that the cost. Let's get into our law all cars because that's just too much damn fun send us your emails by the way we have when you -- -- car on the road don't go on the web and Google something we can see those two. But -- -- Smartphone out. Go take pictures and stuff we're gonna dig down here is we don't get to the you know amount that we have every week -- back. A few fun we have a slide show -- it'll be in the show notes we always have these things in the in the show notes -- car tech dot cnet.com. Reaching way back here to one that went up back on August 27 -- we talked about. You'll see a lot of talks -- rule the -- cars section. But that's -- I particularly like because it's what is this an eclipse. Yeah and it's actually of the -- started it all is this the very first one the First Amendment found that in and now now that's okay I was out the week you guys started its yeah. And I didn't see this one this is new to me it's an eclipse with -- dual -- my love this picture because the -- the eight. It is tearing up part of the front fender right yeah -- -- seeing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The I don't have the link right now but the quote that he used with that the end of the guys who actually -- cars are very proud of it and they're calling it the the -- of automotive technology you're something like that they're really -- -- -- -- -- -- this thing out -- I thought our rights though those are very first walk argue can be are mostly. Our most recent send us your email with cars that you see that are just absurd whether it's huge wheels -- -- -- horrible modifications we see everything we've seen. Home air conditioners mounted in back windows we've seen plywood spoilers. We've seen animal heads grafted onto roofs I mean you see him every day take a picture and send it to -- -- as a car tech at cnet.com we our. The world's purveyors. Of cards you can laugh that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that RR RR on the -- segment this week. Slick little -- you know Mercedes recently I just about a model year ago. Completely re did the Mercedes. It's the one that has the drop top and the big motor so let's see what it's all about as -- -- take us on the road in the 2011 Mercedes 550 cap. That's the nice looking that -- cards. And you updated class from Mercedes-Benz. This is the convertible version we've already -- that the Coopers and actually which is also pretty nice color. It was either accidentally or -- police. And -- -- -- -- admirably instrument style body which I think that's pretty good looking. Andy actually a soft supposed to heart -- a lot of in a luxury cars -- going to -- convertibles. -- -- the -- we've got. Point five liter V that makes a really good sound all of if you're really good question the backside -- the -- will. Yeah there's engine -- to a seven speed automatic transmission. Which is pretty good it just pretty fast it's got a manual modes -- and it pretenders port scanner. And and this also has pretty apparently I think this definitely -- -- a little more toward the supports them luxury. Denis Finnegan rovers and love their loved. And a soft top -- that mean there's a couple of really cool features. That. Kind of make it a little bit more comfortable with -- a Mercedes. Story was as good comfort is key. Such as via air -- technology we have know what that it is basically. I hear -- an abandoned instead into the -- rest of the seats. And it blows warm air over your neck when you turn the system -- so that when your motoring would be -- top down and nice cool all whether or something like education can keep your head warm -- still be able to enjoy yourself we've also got. What is that thing that happened to the top of the the I think it's windshield when you're at -- top down there's some sort of air guy put the -- You can press a button I think -- of -- dream or something like that. And -- adviser at the top of the window frame that rises up and the idea is supposed. -- all that air over the cabins that doesn't. Go into the cabinet -- you would dissident rides over the top of the car. And invited all that -- -- them. Now it -- -- got all -- in expenses. Cabin tech -- -- Navigation system my heart record stereo which actually sounds really did nice tight sound. We've got them which -- -- system with that dial by voice -- -- -- -- capability of ways to which is nice feature we've seen in many new cars. Overall pretty nice -- only -- The engine. Kind of a gas guzzlers. Wouldn't really remind members choice. How those it is and as -- spots of power and -- make -- good sound and you know how important that is. Okay. Okay were back -- -- that was our ride in the 550 -- the 2011 Mercedes -- guys we have a powerful. Good looking convertible in this car is -- is there much to complain about it -- that right. A couple things. Pour gas mileage and and -- that Big Five point five -- yeah. It's not a particularly advanced engine no direct injection note Turbo super charging the route Mercedes-Benz has developed an engine that -- -- I think they're gonna -- any CLS first. And that use to smaller displacement that turbocharged engine -- that they're going to something like that but that we're not there yet so we got about eighteen and a half mile per gallon menaces. Not great it's great. Pertinent but one thing I like about this -- is -- has Mercedes-Benz pretty serious about sport handling. -- this had a very hot feeling very -- suspension and to go with it very hard seats -- the seriously give a big combination of okay this car is wrong. And I'm not -- -- -- -- crazy with a -- chamber thing but beats you at the he had the the the air scarf. And you had cooling and heating right on the Korea -- And then you had all kinds of cryptic Lamar switches on the only weird -- it really important -- To make the sides go yeah it wasn't just like there's not if they're going there -- literally. The air clue when you go to moved -- you -- ago. It's. Anything that mechanism lately and I could get an apartment -- -- You know you passengers thinking wow you are -- Yeah that was kind of an elaborate seat and the air scarf blows the hot air ball over your neck like the -- -- -- and we were talking with their in the video. The about the the air management technology the air -- -- that -- of that wing that comes up at the header of the windshield. And in the back. A little less. Dramatically the headrest go up and there's an air buffet. A screen that goes up with them advocate embedded -- that didn't seem to have I was surprised that as -- -- drive and that down the road and you know put all that's -- but no change in the turbulence in the -- and I try the backseat of Missouri. It just like -- -- get blown around. Losing more part story maybe you're just out the -- political -- -- what it will do I know I wondered about that. And -- the thing about that -- -- for the convertible to seven aside from the air management I think it's the first car we've seen that has speakers. Outside the passenger perimeter out of the paid -- part yet not all that was weird. Looked -- and -- When the top down he's really doing anything but ending down at that vehicle. I think I heard I I think they added something. Because. I thought -- was sound a little bit behind in X around but what -- -- buzz and on the -- I was in the backseat it was drive and crank it -- a little -- yet it's added some depth. It was like grocery everything come from the front now is that better which is different and well. And have a demonic admirable record stereo fine but this one is -- like it was more surrounding me -- -- seen before -- got. That's interesting and then one more thing to really worry about when you leave the top down the -- I really do need a theoretical speakers I looked down and -- know there are -- yeah. There and listen to -- and -- -- sound. I like that -- Carden stereo system in the -- yeah at all speakers' corner he watched a very contained -- it doesn't it's not expansive like -- was some systems. But it is nicely detailed and the bass was a solid growth -- yeah real -- I wasn't a fan of the automatic in this car I thought it was a little's a little sleepy -- -- you put it the manual mode. Which it's totally manual. Or the sport mode was was a big improvement. The comfort standard drive mode I still like automatic to do well in drive and this -- was really topped you're hungry it was always in top here and and you go to gets an acceleration. And it was just flat -- try to mitigate that engine trying to mitigate the tragic event tracker the economy -- -- and I'm right the -- probably. I mean that's literally probably why -- it's that it seeks high gear so much -- drive. You put it sport it's a much more -- happy motor -- in drive it was like I would never use this mode in -- and cut and -- driving in traffic you're always missing the whole always the guy who's letting you into the other -- -- talking to you think you're not even moving to the engines -- -- gearing down from. 876543. So we can finally move. Yet tired of that the sport mode that that -- and that pretty interesting. A little to -- which he may be. Yeah yeah just a minor input on the accelerator will suddenly -- blast and forward which is yeah can be fun that the yeah budget just one -- forty her mode -- -- didn't have one. The candidates forty or lazy. Right now -- -- or or manual. And a lot of that was the -- accelerator -- one more comment on the stereo system. In a convertible stereo system there -- other companies have made that have put special. It digital signal processing modes for when the top is down yeah to help. Yeah the sound get a new years years that and in defeat the wind noise. I discarded really have that either I notice and -- drive and around tunnels and -- music with the top down I'd put up the side windows actually hear anything. Yeah it didn't have anything tricky. It was just a good amp and speakers and of the Palestinian for a -- -- let's about the top it has a cloth top that's becoming kind of quite this day and -- not a retractable. The that was intriguing but it still doesn't mean you get your -- trunk. Yet you still had trucking incursion all of what -- that's that'll up -- bad lately let's count the cards that have note wrong anymore with the top down Z four. -- even worse than that was was -- and -- 37 was a joke that that was the -- it's unbelievable how many cars -- -- -- now because -- -- in love with retractable top so at least this guy takes up less room you have. Yet are described about a half a truck. On a car that is a -- to begin with. Not great but way better than some this is -- 66000. Dollar car base for any 550 cab again big engine and rag top adds a lot to the price. The CNET text up this -- package one. It's going to be essential that the media hard drive now. All the hook ups you want for iPod US be the logic seven -- -- system were talking about the air scar in the rear camera. And the reason why its important get that system because if you just get the iPhone app on iPhone kit that that Mercedes-Benz also offers. It's terrible but that's the -- does LCD but it's a different interface. It doesn't even so they act when information on the LCD actually -- dead shows that on the senator display so that monochrome in the speedometer and we've seen this on because he classes Watson was sound on and there's a weird. Thing -- -- use the -- buttons on the steering wheel and they're not labeled properly and they're not intuitive at all -- rights of yet that yet the package won its fourth thousand dollars. Again you're getting hard drive. -- a hard drive now. There was no hard drive ripping on this car once there that there was actually there was six gigabyte damn music register that's a that's right that's pretty standard her Mercedes-Benz. That's right now one thing I don't like about -- iPod connection -- -- -- put the connection in the glove compartment. Which is just not can now if you're in the driver's seat you get your iPhone you plug it in. You pull it out and get out of the car you're doing that five times a day it's it's really into mean yes and it's is that the -- -- that goes into a proprietary connector in the dash and -- comes out to an iPod. Or female walks as another when you can get that the female USB and -- -- -- -- have all -- but once you've gotta go buy one of these two pig tails and hasn't what combination of two out of three you want. Again messy -- old tech. Anyway nice car lot alike but a little dated in someone's you know with a retractable -- with a -- with a rag top. The kind of in -- in old school engine. And the audio system that is really good but doesn't do anything tricky to overcome its top down its its comparable -- it's it's not pushing any boundaries now that's. If I look at this Carl -- C 550 cap when I go Palm Beach it's a show we. -- -- Nice scar. But it's this has -- a lot of car for -- people you know. And work our folks who just happened -- nice shall we -- Our folks that's it for our show this we could we could -- garage to it that real quick on our way out now and talk about what's in now what's going up soon we have. The -- review of the Lexus LS 460. That is up it's up now. It's a man zealots were sixties up okay and there the only 550 cab is Fiona. Mark okay that'll be on the fifteenth of October of the -- Coming in we have now we just shot the Toyota Avalon -- -- yeah. It's -- if any car more associated with -- -- now. Just did it I felt I -- on the sorts. Shot of this morning. -- got between ten Dodge Challenger SRT eight that apparently just came in -- the garage downstairs. And then coming over to that we're -- -- -- -- 2011 that we believe a ZO six with a carbon something -- that this was a -- addition current so if the -- cars coming in and some hot cars -- just posted as well those -- cars dot cnet.com we'll see you guys next -- you know how to reach us -- -- -- tech dot cnet.com is the -- site email this -- -- at cnet.com. And the phone -- Toll free leader call comments questions would have you wanna ask us -- tell -- 866401. CNET -- -- on the next show. Now we're all on Twitter obviously we'd be fired if we weren't Brian -- BR IA NC OLEY -- is Wayne C underscore SF. And it's one -- it -- a NT GOO. Thank you Mitchell for one of the show we'll see you guys next week.

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