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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 184: Big change coming to MPG window stickers
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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 184: Big change coming to MPG window stickers

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New cars to get grades on their window stickers, Infiniti rolls out its first hybrid, Mazda says it don't need no stinking hybrids, and we drive the Infiniti G37 Sport convertible.

New cars we'll get grades on their windows -- And infinity rolls out there first hybrid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We take you for a ride in the ability T 37 sports convertible. We do that and more here on -- -- -- hello how are you good to see as we head into -- Labor Day weekend if you're the united state. It's or -- a holiday frame of mind Brian Cooley Wayne Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin. And it'll say that the controls. As we head into a episode 180 immediately before now. Take us awhile to get to 1000 but -- along party -- Kabila 1000 party and 200 registered for us. -- -- -- Let's get to our -- today which is EPA stickers mrs. At the core of what one of the biggest -- chooses with car buyers these days -- -- -- emissions my car putting out what kind of gas guzzling is going in. And -- haven't read don't redraw on the EPA's stickers a number of years this is a major redo check this sector on our video show. Here's one example with a new sticker might look like EPA's floating a couple of versions that you can see there's a big old letter grade there in a colored dot. There's an A plus that would be for a pure electric garlic and Nissan leaf. C -- Smartphone cliff on the right there's he can do a -- scan and I assume and look up data. On your Smartphone about that -- EPA information. They will also give you numbers as to whether or not this -- it's a certain amount of miles per charge. Kilowatt hours per hundred miles or if it's MPG. -- which is an MPG of a cargo also is electric power train. -- lots of new numbers and the very different one -- it's trying to reflect the new kind of cars that are coming on the market now and very simple -- -- and the rest. We -- -- in here too don't we guys another sort of a design for a speaker here it is here. This this is actually just a proposal by the EPA. They're not doing any new testing on the -- is -- U cycles are testing cycles are just really new sticker. Design. And they're actually they're actually taking public comments at this point so they put those out here so people can go to their website and say what they think these different designs. Yeah and these are now gonna show for the first time numbers for cars that don't just use gas on his -- -- showing you here blended electric plus gas MPG equivalent. That'll be a whole new kind a numbering a look at or the traditional gas fuel economy. This to be for a car likable let's say that has a combination of both plug -- hybrid. Or even a hybrid today a strong -- that does one electric only at some modes. The score of the MPG equivalent and the other one that has a letter grade those -- the two very big differences the you'll see from the current stickers today EPA says an a plus would be like I mentioned a pure electric car with no emissions and no gas consumption no emissions of the tailpipe emissions -- upstream that's another. And -- political story. -- -- -- a -- would be a Ferrari six -- Skelly Eddie which gets twelve MPG average twelve and under -- into a deep. And a car like gay or Chevy Volt -- not rated yet by the EPA would probably be somewhere in the B plus -- just a minus range because it does burn some gas and -- emissions. From its generator engines like -- rough idea -- football. And today straight -- see an average car is a car that is a gas engine car we have normal emissions -- averages and getting twenty to 23 MPG. Yet they gotta makers aren't gonna like this. Letter it rates are very subjective you could that mean everybody wants to name but the problem is with with -- as everybody can't be exceptional. Unlike our public school yes the everybody who doesn't get -- relive -- exactly so most cards they're gonna fit around. He plus range and it just doesn't look good on sticker now we've kind of Philip -- -- just like Alia we're strong -- student. -- -- -- General Motors. With more seat plus cars than any other auto maker but there is though half there's no failing grade actually know -- -- -- -- as low as they'll go just -- It's a -- screeching kids that like it you wouldn't be able to drive in -- on public -- they would meet emissions and exactly because every car and you're asked to meet American standards for minimum emissions and -- emissions a minimum MPG -- this is amendments to be -- he has eaten any -- you want but there our mission minimums in terms of the a certain amount of -- -- -- component market. Especially in California death threats right Californians always been the lead on this and lot of this is informed by that. So there -- -- you get to the on this says when he mentions come public comment period underway right now -- -- -- -- in the show notes afterwards if you. Wanna get the EPA some comment on this we'll give you a link out to the site where they're taking public comment for the next sixty days. And this will be coming out go one way or the other -- -- high water on the 2012 cars they'll have this which are you know. Less than a year away right now could regain the very first one -- on the market. As we speak this is real stuff this is in some pie in the sky now speaking of MPGs. And of course cars that. -- -- Blends of electric and gas infinity has their first hybrid out their first hybrid on the infinity brand and a new hybrid for the entire Nissan parent company -- this is Infiniti M. Normally -- hot -- Well the M as the infinite its flagship sedan and a big -- and we actually tested and 56. Which had a five point six think liter V8 bit all motor yet we tested that earlier couple months ago. Now they're -- in this is gonna -- when he twelve speaking of 2012 models this is gonna be a 2012 by hybrid in the M line. They're gonna call -- M 35 which means that it has the 3.5 liter V6. And a new hybrid system that infinity just developed internally. As opposed to the Toyota system they used previously on their Nissan Altima -- -- -- licensing hybrid synergy drive from Toyota. And -- -- new version will put a electric motor right behind the app engine written with -- they say there's a double clutch systems -- as the -- between the engine in the electric motor. They don't say anything about the transmissions I don't really know what. That's gonna be your electric -- gonna work has the transmissions sort of users here who knows about going to be exactly but -- He will now they say that while they say that that the car will have. A V8 power and before. Fuel economy and kind of doubt that -- -- good luck with that but that's always the marketing -- But they also say that the -- be able to drive under electric power under certain conditions. -- so strong -- well I know that's kind of Honda says about their system it'll -- under electric power under certain conditions. If given anything you could be like a Prius or can be Alec a like on of -- As far as we can detect never runs on -- -- -- after what you say we can't get a hundred to really run on pure electric I don't think maybe perhaps -- second after starting off from a stop when they engines shut down -- -- just -- to figure out what do I do next it's kind of defaulting into electric so we'll see how strong a strong hybrids that says but. Infinity definitely has spent some money on this -- accompany -- -- hybrid system. That you're doing on your own without spending a lot of money I'm sure in the tens of millions of dollars. To get this thing done so that'll be coming -- as -- says it'll be 82012. We'll see first of LA that's -- show in mid November the LA auto show which we always cover for you. In depth now Mazda says we can do a lot of good without any hybrids in terms of getting really good MPG. And -- auto makers are under pressure to meet new and ever tightening impeach these dinners those cafe standards. -- Hamas has been talking about. -- -- -- -- Line of engines and transmissions. That are direct injection also some of them -- diesel. I -- the diesels in the gas engines are coming to the US next -- -- -- first -- -- diesel. Haven't seen one in this market I don't believe we have before. Now I think this is their line -- best guy engines they call them -- the sky ideas the gasoline direct injection engine lot of auto makers are going to direct injection it I think just you know from now on you'll see. New generations of engines coming out there are -- -- direct injection yet DI has -- like a magic bullet that -- It gives a lot of fuel economy and they're used to problems with them being kind of rally in -- lab but I think it solves a lot of that. -- -- -- -- blankets and so that's that's you know this is still -- to lift the -- but whatever is obligated -- Forty MPG from this engine from a and in a new Mazda three. It'll become -- of the US. That's a two leader for -- -- says Skype Skype G is the gas. Six sky drive is their line of transmission six speed automatic and using lots of -- keep the engine in its sweet spot can always find the right -- more or less to stay in that efficient mode usually you know 2500 to. 4500 rpm for gas engines are really happy. And that's seven miles per gallon better than the -- on -- current market rates of 33 to forty pretty good jump. That gets you into you know -- -- up against some hybrids better than some actual. As a side stock and a Hyundai at a recent launch. The event that Pontiac west. And they're people we're talking about achieving a fifty mile per gallon average for their fleet. In the next five or five years world I mean there -- a lot of cars doing like eighty. Yeah and -- an average yeah that's cool big competition and I think -- is -- -- -- they're kind of hit that those same kind of numbers. -- -- that's gonna hinge on that cannot Sonata hybrid that should sell in big numbers I'm sure they're hoping it will which will be coming out -- got 2012 on the mistaken. We'll see that. Early next year they're floating around I think for the press kind of right about now and Turbo -- version early next year that the hybrids a little bit later a little bit later -- -- nonetheless we're gonna get both of those in 2011. And that could be a big -- -- -- the -- a huge seller that would do wonders for their average. -- talk about TVs now in the reality check or offering get a read on how many of these cars are really gonna sell. Because if they don't sell well here's the issue. Whether or not you see a lot of them on the road is one thing whether or not -- emboldened to buy one because you get the confidence that other people have checked him out you know the big part of -- sells cars. But also it carmakers get -- because early sales go. They'll run. They won't walk -- run from these things if they're very expensive to develop and they will find another technology is missing -- for example says and we can do a lot MPG goodness -- electric and even hybrids so auto makers will sell a total of three and a quarter million plug in hybrids and pure battery electric vehicles read a quarter million total. Between two point 12015 according to pike research to do lots of automotive market research the credible the new piece researchers came out this week. Most of these will be sold in the US and China. Primarily China with the US is a close second. Chinese consumers about 880000 of these accounting for 27% US about 26%. -- you'll of the two big market there just a little bit over half of the worldwide demand. But this is going to be a number that is significant. But this is -- changing what you see on the road this is gonna be a slow creep. Toward an electrified vehicle world I think it's still on the bubble or auto makers are gonna watch this like a hawk and say there are people really into this war we -- into too many issues with. Cost. With subsidies. We have infrastructure to charge. You know people tend to be fickle about this in love with something and then after it becomes difficult -- -- America must have three years so we'll watch that's an important one for auto makers to watch is if they don't get the above you're gonna -- part -- -- This is -- we saw about the way interiors are being done vehicles that picture on this one. Johnson controls the company that does a lot of the technology finding cards today they build systems for carmakers and this is the -- -- -- concept deal here. What are looking at this is like a highly configurable. Dashboard they've got modeled here. The idea is that with new technologies the carmakers and -- these these interests are supplied by suppliers like Johnson Controls. They are designing new dashboards and who were long past the the traditional that sort of punishment cluster and from the driver. And you know to not radioed down by the -- Shame redemption there. This is me talk so pioneered you know -- -- board's direction in my garage. But -- on the ideas that there they have got a changeable display and so the driver gets to see what they need to see. Depending on what they're doing -- they're just cruising down the freeway they can have the speedometer and yet that normal -- always have to speedometer of course. But then when there there -- under route guidance for example especially approaching me turn. Then the navigation can kick in in and take over part of the display. So the idea is the display adapts to the -- at the moment. And requires you do less info sorting by scanning and looking at what you really need to be at the time. Allowing you to think less about the moments. And have the car prompts you let's face it it's like good software design. -- software's done well it's conceptually relevant all the time and interest to me about this particular interior that they've shown -- is -- concept. Is it doesn't really look too far off of the kind of -- we see today now -- -- look at this for seeing two -- there that I imagine her video representations there in little whales but I'm sure -- largely video done you can see -- -- video version of the show and over the right we've got a large piece of LCD screen. If you've got basically three screens to round ones and a square one. Boy you can do anything what do. And I wonder these days how many people actually look at the tech com that are specially they're drive and an automatic now it's silly it's still there for sporting kind of it's but. And mean and and it in economy car with them. Manual transmission you can still probably get the attack. I mean you when you hear things start to vibrates in time to shift yeah well you do when you're the screws in the -- -- start to get the other I think every I mean -- have you -- driven Emmanuel low tech and I've done it and if you don't need it I mean it out and you can just by -- absolutely good. You gotta get a sense you know when you need to ship then yeah you don't have to be looking at that -- And yet you're trying to run the run -- close to red line and that that then yes you had him on I mean they won't we have a cause chaotic years ago manual shift in attack -- and -- even sporting car. -- the -- much of -- most curious what's it like -- it's near red line for yet. But I you look the fuel -- -- when -- -- yeah. At the car -- -- you blew the engine it is what I. Those fixer upper right and says that. But that's a good thing think how many rods -- -- that -- last five years. That's a substantial bit of that dashboard space that when he considered -- how valuable that that space can be. Yeah given over to attack commoners did you know you don't necessarily need or maybe only use 5% of the time -- -- flood -- I I think -- -- it in a car certain when -- sporting inspirations but I do not use it. The I can always down by feel and volumes -- the cars driving Japanese -- And you cart today have so it's it's overwhelming power even though modest ones compared to -- even ten years ago. You know should be at the wrong point -- -- Buckingham -- log those days are gone over to. So anyway that's a glimpse that would Johnson Controls are going on more flexible -- did you look at that. It's got a couple stories that are now related including Sony -- home Tom perhaps -- definitely teaming up. On after market in dash now what's new here right. So there is a a -- -- going on -- for India and Europe right now brilliant idea area. -- TomTom and Sony have come together to release two new index navigation unit. The X and in the -- 77 BT in the L 66 BT. The only real difference is one of them has that it's seven inch screen one have put a smaller six point one inch screen one on the right there are right from the video show -- -- what they've done is they've taken a Sony -- actually doubled -- unit and replace the entire. Navigation portion of that with TomTom internal for you -- You're TomTom traffic updates -- get your TomTom local search future. Max here and all those other really cool. Mark wrote there's something but they've all got them -- all gonna proprietary right they'll have they're yet proprietary. Tom -- system basically -- time eighth it -- -- around 6 o'clock there's usually traffic in this area the right to around that. Without actually having oh yeah right. You describe that before now here's my question of all the interfaces armed Garmin TomTom Magellan. You see some mothers out there. -- the best. I'm a big fan of garments and -- faith and I it's simple they cram a lot of information onto the screen but not so much information that it overwhelming. Particularly they're really new model that I -- actually we just did the reviews that are editor's choice he had 379 DT. Now that unit. It basically. -- some kind of -- is the screen we've. Bluetooth information. Voice command information -- information. All into a very easy to understand. Interfaith. TomTom their faces they're getting there and magellan's interfaces -- a a lot of really nice small touches that. I don't wanna see the other manufacturers pick up but overall on the big and a garment okay and I garment you -- elect -- what does that really Finland as Smartphone yet think -- a -- of an -- stick Catholics actually thinner than even -- Napa. And that's a nice package as an added that earlier to him and -- much affected you at smaller -- I've found I think there iPod Touch in shape it's amazing they can't that a touch screen on that. All I wanna expand in body but it's got a big four point three inch screen I mean you're not sacrificing screen size and -- Squeeze things down to that that small size nav tech tries to me GPS directions more human what does this. Crap and it's a little looks good BR -- lines. Well basically what they're doing in there working and in there announcing that they're gonna come out with -- natural died. And basically it's when you start approach -- turn instead of saying turn right now 150 feet or turn right in one point three miles elect. And you could figure out. You know how it alone at one point three mile yeah you know without looking out of its don't know them Peter yeah yeah it'll say turn right traffic signal or turn right at the the -- shoppers you know there's a gas station right there -- interest -- landmarks. -- -- kind of things people would tell you arriving we do in the car exactly though do and the interesting question is. -- -- -- -- Very beginning these landmarks -- they're a car going around lake noting that there's a -- health at the intersection of this in this. It is they're saying that I can see if they're using some kind of data like -- -- -- Google Maps now they have so many businesses there pinpointed -- those little dots as opposed to the bigger markers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then you're gonna look for account right and this is kind of natural language guidance yet talking about though you know million nobody ever since I've never given any -- -- they eat two point miles with a bit erratic at. And they go 150 eaten immediately make a left and you've never got that dominatrix thing like in the -- turn left now turn left and now -- turn left now such turn left now. This opened an idea that commercial while back where some old guy tells us coupled dozens and direction -- like -- -- the big fish and put it all the -- out of Atlanta. In the end if you're giving people directs and up in North Atlanta. Did they always ended up giving you. Relative to the big chicken at the think -- the big chicken was this huge play. Chicken it was a huge huge chicken I think of the chick filet your something like that there are some. Yeah and so they would always just feel like yeah it's up near the big chicken they gonna go path they take and -- mr. right and then out. I've never actually knew that eluded to in lawyers until I found my way out there when they -- like oh that that they -- in -- -- But isn't Zelman every into the video part of a show there's the big chicken to care -- they legacy with the -- -- the -- -- that isn't that the and chicken -- that from light go what does that Google -- one of those guys and and right that's not a KFC's stylized chicken that's one we have chains that have taken over. -- interest anyway that's the big chicken and -- wants thought and -- our North Atlanta listeners. We've got you covered. We know but the big chicken. Thanks. Okay it's a natural language which is is this this kind of mirrors the other big trend in in a lot of the stuff lately which is natural language going the other way. Systems and understand as we've heard so many times play I wanna hear some -- or announcements of convincingly play Led Zeppelin and radical about that sort of thing yeah without all that sort of playlist and next track Led Zeppelin artist that nonsense we had to do a couple years ago. Now these directions come from nav tech nepotism of the map suppliers not one of the device makers of the too -- yeah -- who uses. You've got significantly -- and army uses nav tech -- don't know how -- -- -- -- Tom Tom -- the other -- TomTom -- Tel net -- it -- Yeah. So yes bit that he nav tech also in a couple of aftermarket -- period that we've tested. And I can't -- -- brains in particular. But do we don't know if not nav tech is in any OEM units do it probably is looks like is there only like three or four big map. -- -- -- Yeah at them and -- so this might be -- -- one of the in car systems doesn't Nokia -- Nav tech million Nokia phones no it's -- -- you -- -- it is Nokia that -- net tech that's right. Yeah that's right and Tom Tom bought -- -- What's right right that's what it is abundantly. That's right okay anyway that's -- news this week let's get your emails the get a few Cubans hero lot of them are about cars themselves this one's about hybrid maintenance rich in Los Angeles went -- this one on the Russia. The summarized here in the market for a car in the next six months. To six years. Thanks dictionary down -- rich. Because -- had a camera so my last forever that's where it's a two bit windows interested in buying a hybrid for obvious reasons but I'm concerned about maintenance and reliability. You want to know what the story is on that so what -- we -- rule of thumb. But he says is mechanical -- -- uses an independent mechanic he says and mechanic says he will only change the oil on hybrid car doesn't know what to do anything else on a hybrid car but I looked up the -- twit is. You know the the meeting scheduled for the Prius. And most of the stuff that they say on the maintenance schedule are on your regular maintenance visits. -- they're really just standard things you have to do on any modern -- -- changed the Arroyo check the -- fluids. Look at them the boots on the drive shafts. Analysts that they united to do this on any -- there's an unusual the other is nothing special has no special maintenance you have to do. On a hybrid. You know there's no checking the battery hybrid battery to see -- it's still working or not. After talking about big repairs if you're talking about something really major goes wrong with the transmission or something like that that's where you're not gonna wanna go to your six year old -- -- -- -- -- that that could definitely be an issue. But then again you know how many people actually you know their transmission goes bad and a car and if you -- to get that repaired rather than to say it's done. -- -- repair and -- place yeah that's pretty common these days. Under warranty it's -- replacement I can't imagine any new car under warranty -- they're gonna repair the engine or transmission for anything internal it's just not worth their time. They have the factories. I don't Porsche does this jaguar doesn't Lexus doesn't know that from direct experience they all have range and -- shops -- in the US and they're rebuilding them all the time senators Wayne shipments to dealers that they can drop and swap an engine in literally a few hours happen -- in many cases. You can't be didn't open up transmission fix it after day. And am interested to that this is as mechanic -- -- in Los Angeles I assume says he won't work on hybrids. Who has lived endurance thing that's just there's a lot of hybrid and Los Angeles -- -- -- a lot of business though yeah yeah. You know I mean and part of it. -- -- -- questions question is is really you know can will hybrids -- more complex cars equipped independent mechanics out of business. And to some extent must they -- you know modern diagnostic equipment and all that that they -- -- -- up. Your specialized training absolutely so there's and -- changeover and who's running shops and how much -- invest like the small shops those are very expensive to equip these days because they get more and more sophisticated smog test the rest of the market. But you -- point out though. Breaking might actually be a little less of a bill on -- I absolutely the outbreaks. Hybrids are known for because these -- -- -- -- it's been it's pretty well documented online you talked a lot of hybrid owners that. There seem a lot less aware and terrorized their breaks where you my -- issues replaced in -- 30000 miles they might go 50000. -- the key you can -- make a big difference on a hybrid already car with region some of the regular gas -- cars BMWs -- -- now they're doing some region. To take a load -- the Automator. If you can think ahead and break more gradually. The -- never goes into service break -- can use almost every can use the regenerative resistance an electric motor a lot and its program to do that. If you jump on the brakes hard it has no choice it's gotta go to service breaks and you start to use your pad so lot of this you can really take. A big role in cutting down one of the more expensive maintenance things on cards is still breaks. Great -- for a fortune. I mean just the cost of labor going up so much -- was a -- it would break job cost the U kidding. Really could you can do agree W -- currently in like an hour if you if you know how to do you just replacing shoes or pads. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this is something you do or something always goes wrong like California early -- jammed or reboot it comes off and there's a -- everywhere now your -- avenues got to be cleaned the best case scenario and our worst case scenario. In a day and a half -- you never get that grime that your fingers for about a week your scrub anything badge of honor. -- dirty -- no one of the dirty his job in the world breaks I don't know what else and when the most toxic if you musical -- every time we're gonna parent there's always something's gonna go wrong you know there's gonna be bold you got loose and or something or look you can't find it pulls down bare rock it. Look at what aspect -- that. But why did they engineer that in there okay question about a BMW six. Ryan writes in with a little bit of so we -- prejudice so the six series resembles a parrot fish from the front. And has an ugly -- in the back. Have you heard anything about the new one -- -- BMW six of course my roommate that he saw one the other day a new one. Although I don't quite believe him and he said he was telling me that he found a picture on Google images of one and it looks amazing my main question is. How have I not heard of it before Logan told me. I'm always the one telling him about new -- so what can we tell Ryan. But whether or not his friend Logan is -- of it. Yet BMWs not actually released any he had any pictures or anything about the -- -- -- there isn't -- six coming believed when he twelve. Is the the model year that come out till probably we should be seen it very soon here what -- this over have here on auto -- owns sports. The spy image here there there's actually there's a lot of spy images out there -- a lot of computer renderings are focused via Photoshop yet I think that is they -- that Photoshop -- only a spy shots of the current cam -- halt. To the -- -- -- -- on the webcast but he it's totally governor torsos. And from the spy shots that seems it doesn't look that great to actually. The that the goods there there's the rear trunk but still kind of sticks -- which I think they relate actually have to do you Ford's safety that's a requirement. To have that rear tail light that carpet -- up at a certain point you that I got to move out light but yet you -- -- certain. Level on that and you gotta get a certain bumper height and you gotta get aerodynamics across a high trunks so so -- they can't really replicate the six the original six which I love. 635 CSI that you -- who moved gorgeous car. -- so. -- that in short answers your your remain is that it has -- have drunk peasants in the real you'll card. Opens drop you know that did you -- and a column he had BMW than referring. The -- is that twelve is going to be the super in this series at thirteen is the convertible at the platform. Name for those and yeah episode 2012 mile leaders on the team got we've been eagerly awaiting an update to the -- -- I'm from that's by sentencing I don't think this is the one we really want. But this that is extremely pricey yes one -- -- -- we lots of good looking car then okay. Let's go to a car wings now. Which fits with car -- to -- credit for this Franken San Diego. At a question here I -- this on your podcast from the generally -- them thank you much. Was one of it -- for you have on the capabilities of car wings because it is a standard navigation feature included on the Nissan leaf miners and it's been functional in Japan since 05. And the -- is the -- first US model to include car wings are on this kind of -- -- -- service really ambitious one that Nissan operates in Japan the domestic market. And if there has many possible features which want to be on the US version of the leaf what do we know about this. Carling is sort of a bland. A name for for Nissan and Kennedy's that tellem -- service which they -- Nissan in Japan. They haven't called anything here car wings yet and I believe they will call it. Our wings you have a much of that -- -- translates well he's very Japanese and the US market that's a good you know it and called the bluebird in the -- here when Nissan was -- may qualify him for good reason and we have some of the capabilities the in the Nissan Infiniti cars that are here. That you get in Japan although maybe not all the capabilities. Partly because of the just a different communication infrastructure. You know the you can't really just take one of these Japanese car -- systems of the US and -- -- work because they've got a very serious robust wireless infrastructure to begin with. Where cars are talking to -- central systems and Carter talking to lots of road infrastructure which we do not -- I don't think anywhere except in some testing. So most of what they've used in the Nissan Infiniti cars here it is a satellite feed and and we've -- that a lot of cars getting traffic information weather information through satellite he'd. Whether it's serious or you know X them. Satellite radio yeah the new -- though and that actually. Yeah our governor pointed -- -- to -- is the new leaf will have via francs when -- out that it will have -- eighteen TE. Cell connection. And the advantage there is you actually two way communication -- and that's they need that for the lead because -- need communicate battery information and all that to the central. Yeah that is central server. Yeah it's a big part of their. You know research and they wanna get out of the first few thousand cars or go out there for tens of thousands they really wanna be in touch getting data back from those vehicles and I believe there's a due to the degree of opting you know -- I'm not sure but there's a degree of opt in to -- I think. If you opt in fully on the system you're gonna be giving -- some location information as well in your call that about at least but you don't have to do it. So anyway -- wings is more of a brand -- it is a platform it'll vary by area and yet they haven't used that. Branding on the -- so far but they have told us this is a variant of that. But it won't be as -- we got a picture here from the video version of the show. Awesome screen grabs of car wings on -- JDM car and and and he's on there and you can only totaled a grainy but this shows. Very advanced traffic -- information traffic signal information. It probably will at this point history ties into some pedestrian detection -- they don't bring over to this country yet. So this is a very advanced system that is partly using infrastructure in Japan that we just don't have ruled out here yet in which consumers we won't pay a premium for yet. Which is also part of that we are less. Appetite if you will of this kind of stuff. Then the domestic Japanese market consumer but got three they'll block this week -- -- car tech at parts at for your comments questions. Criticisms. Outrageous belly laughs at our. Constellations. Let's move now to. -- cars. Part we left that. First -- which sort of -- actual news story. About a company in the business of making cars we act that Antuan radiated that you did this to us. And it is providing in and it a company called turtles Dell products would give you an idea of the kind of things -- unique -- Eskimo this product called car lasted hell yeah they are yet -- -- Definitively either continent for ladies that have. Not there are big fake eyelashes that you tape or glue want to be you're headlights of your car around a real good. But he glue -- go on whatever relative. And -- it's. Apparently I think democratic hooligans and purely audio version this is literally a pair of of a fake eyelashes about what about twelve inches big. And about six inches you know long for the lashes or so and you apply them to the top edge of your headlights and it looks it. -- -- -- That's on its opening Campbell you know they also have Blake crystal eyeliner with who like it kind of ruled that it's -- that you and I had your bullying -- -- it I hate this company -- and okay way you're wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is the car we saw recently that we reviewed a recently had a very distinct face on the front you look at the front and a card must say anything. I think it's okay I you can see I agree in and that they -- -- -- eyes there was abundant but it gets small car that we reviewed very recently can it was. -- Panama we -- that big toothy smile was the my all the Miata. X other -- -- it it was gonna put these glasses on that but you know they meet me -- -- very. Now are the experts in Miata they -- in the company -- a link in the article to a company that makes me at a key. And their little heat that you put up in the -- the lower grill. You get -- there they are you. It's wrong. Okay okay me too little but he. Idol and -- had a better -- for a better well I can't Smith of by the region of the country were expected it -- -- one little boxes. So -- up to our -- cards with that in mind now as -- -- promised he now has this running -- a slide show. For our law all cars so you be able to follow them after the show we're not just gonna put them up. -- in the live video -- let's go through these -- -- post this link for the first week we'll have it now going up on the CNET car tech live. Show page -- tech dot but our first one here is the -- robot. 101 your Santa Barbara what is wrong is the Volvo with. What that -- the -- on that thing decree would look like rocket boosters and removes whatever he could find and repeat -- is like industrial lamp housing he stuck on the luggage rack looks like Saturn rocket laying on its side. And it went through the stupidity. Let's -- -- next one here we've got coming in. Alicea hack in shy to announce that -- in the what was -- suburban look like a dream -- orange and white. And wrong and get the big rims on that at the big rooms in the -- and -- -- -- thing here is just horrible PT cruiser. With flames and fuzzy dice and skulls and Day of The Dead -- camera on the dash. Now what's wrong -- you people. I mean you people you people who want these things it's a PT cruiser with flames is not bad and -- all times and -- and -- it. -- step further -- a Pink Panther. Charger. Pink wheels not good Mary -- are very very K you're right we'll masculine for -- -- this Corvette. Like well someone stole Malibu -- -- this Tom and no high big white walls three inch white walls and it's all pink. I think a custom rear deck -- they look like -- fabulous and everybody -- right wielding Leo we have declared it. And they got -- sort you know teetered dual tone of thing going on there so -- convertibles pelican -- dead. It probably will not. There's new topic in Europe now report that I love this one is the dodge -- -- -- -- Amber's opening. -- grab bars everywhere this is this is like a rolling. Out fully accessible bathroom that's. Look at this thing due to that movie I agree -- you noted with skateboarding movie and it units being readily grab cars. And just -- hitch a ride -- of the -- -- there. Grab all usually get 45 people on either side of skateboarders all around you can be so wrong they get back to your car you're not gonna fall. -- you can grab August just get into the carnal fun I can just go bar to bar to bar after I've gone part of our bar. While that's really dedicate few more these. Let's see here is a yes we had a bunch of these sort of animal lives in the more wives of the SeaWorld -- with the Champloo. -- -- junior Siemens stupid let's go to war. See that's why it is period B. All the -- escort the first. It it looks so bad in this era when it was -- to big wheels is gonna -- like thirteen inch wheels on this I was a -- and for a while thirteen inch wheels ever look out long time ago as in the classic. This left testicle all -- this is wrong. What's this -- Chevy Lumina APV. Man way jacked up who. Really sketchy to it's -- like you'd wanna get any closer for this photo of the guys go to run after. That was thank you from Byron be thank you so much for inflicted on our eyeballs couple more here we've got why the -- -- -- -- this one. See it's in Myrtle Beach storage ascent this one in one. -- -- -- Went to -- now tavern lights really it and look like does it like -- -- ski area I don't know what the what stuff says in the back who does this to a car. We got -- to disturb people out there. Okay and my last ala favors -- -- -- when what you see the rest of the slide show. Thank you air conditioning your card that's that's okay one of those retro systems. That you're actually put under the dash just stick. A window air conditioner from -- In your window whole. And sheet metal around it also by -- in murder. To connect your global system to run Vista went through and we're just gonna run in the particular that we had a lesser battery you're gonna need one of those two so what you're gonna you're heavily hybrid off the battery off on the -- -- on the roof. Okay folks so it river -- -- -- these and more wallets it's an ongoing amazing parade of humanity you speak from your cars and what you're saying disturbs us sometimes. The law cars slide show continues over on the scenic arts excite -- tech dot -- -- -- site. Okay this -- -- this week we've got a car that gets lots of looks lot of fun parts nice to have it come in during the summer because that's when this thing really. Really shines when an -- wants a cassette. In the 2010. Infiniti G 37 convertible sport with a mean -- transmission a lot like there are few things are a little bit irritating one of the back in particular but we'll talk about that. Check -- the video. That is the only tracking people start here. Well. Of this month maybe at Stanford export -- supportive -- it. -- involved. But I mean don't look that start -- this is a really good car. Until that moment we've had nothing but -- -- to say about it. A lot of fun. It is it's. Basically the dropped version of infinity. Gene -- Was we also really -- we've guiding three point seven liter V6 and. Yeah and this is also the yes port versions news it's got a manual transmission normally get a seven speed automatic with the -- But -- and succeed Daniel Andy sport tuned suspensions one thing though that I'm not sure I like about this cars at low speeds. It feels very mechanical and I know that's partly due to the whole sport package that means suspension is -- well double tied and the -- -- -- outlet -- mechanical feel to it but. It's not as refined as you'd expect from an infinity. Actually a lot of damage you is there is the question does this retractable hardtop which is the convertible G 37. -- -- -- ruin a perfectly good. Card. -- and there yes. I mean it's really good card to drive around and when there. And you -- -- agree with the top down. That's a huge compromise. That a lot of weight and all the talk -- -- Being this mechanical hard I think that the entire front page you get about six -- space like. With the with the vehicle that you -- -- -- it expects you. Broader luggage in the next eat or something if you wanna -- it out there's no room. Being an infinity that is does have some really good electronics that we always. Like this generation of electronics. Navigation systems area they've -- iPod immigration the last couple years. Great Richard phone system that now the voice command dial by name future. Which is -- getting more -- more popular. It's very easy to use -- like they give you the choice between using their dial based system or the touch screen. Speaking you've been dialed it and get around it and when it comes time in the address you just move your hand up six inches and punch in -- -- a lot easier to do that way. My system -- system all around but -- let's start off with this car's overall design. Retractable top. Two plus two to be on it's I you know I had to type two adults members he'd actually nape of fine we don't we go around for an hour they're perfectly comfortable moment of being polite and -- down think -- that's what. They're distracted by the good whether it was the other there by sixteen by -- and -- -- to. -- what what when the top is down there is no trump to speak up. If there's a period would -- -- little ladies and even let you that little six inches it is just like a slap in the -- at that point it's about what two feet wide. Seven. -- eight inches deep. Six or seven -- I put a sport coat and that's enough that all right but only little elf yeah yeah yeah like -- like eight year old long ways like a rope -- -- stick it in there -- mean it's it's it's absurd and there's like a weird flap over it. And if you -- -- the flat down the top -- nothing -- it'll they like please check the divider and fighter and it's and they feel we recently at the Z four of them a very compact to to a two seat roadster the BM WZ four. Nice car retractable sure -- had a very small truck. More trumpet this. And it's a two seat roadster. When the top was down it had a little more room or -- I'm gonna complain less about BMWs retractable hardtop is from now on writes that we have seen how badly infinity can take in practicality something like this -- -- like this is not. A car you can do a whole lot of weak and good weather travelling it because there is no place for the bags. Unless they're in the back -- which is. -- -- We'll leave the side you can't with the top down to you're going great -- -- -- -- from that's -- now and wrapped around wherever you happen to be. Unbelievable that touching kind of -- to meet you would do 32 -- we've tested now its cooperation it just took a long time it was quite slow lots of moving parts which is great is it when it's up -- down I thought it looked pretty good. -- -- but I X no trunk space slow moving top. And also with retractable hardtop to -- -- gotta remember is they throw off the weight balance considerably. Oh it's it's a very different prostrate different having that up and over your head as opposed to having it all stowed in the trunk. Where it's gonna lighten load on the front wheels and in -- -- under steer when you if you are really hard into -- turn. Yet you're gonna push this car that hard to -- on the wrong car I mean it's a convertible it's a fun car it's -- Newport Beach car. 47008. Base for the sports. But -- -- for the sports that much more expensive -- -- sixty to sport suspension problem. As we mentioned it comes with a seven inch screen and infinity controller base for things like audio and HB AC. Our car had the -- same interface but -- the nav built in hard drive navigation nine issue gigabytes of space for media. You also pick up -- streaming without option and dvd playback in the front good -- the right one of our more or less favorites. It's it's it's pretty good -- got traffic and all that we like that. But the really the cabin tech aspect of this kind of stood out for me the most was audio system. I thought it sounded fantastic it sounded really good and this is what they call blows open air technology which -- -- to and I don't think we've seen this branding of those before thirteen speakers. -- a note the car's top position. The speed. Pick up I believe ambient noises as audio pilot technology which also is doing noise cancellation so it really is intelligent about. What's my environment and -- to white -- frequencies. And -- adjust the volume. And it had did this work for you guys -- didn't for me there's some great -- speakers in the headrest and they call those personal speakers. I never heard -- coming out. Yeah I didn't hear anything come out of me they're not -- At first there -- broken -- and I think maybe that it they're not supposed to be now opening or are they noise cancellation speakers I wonder and -- -- -- -- -- sound out. Of what happened was that's when the -- I feel like -- a delicate coming from somewhere and the dashboard -- and so. The staging still bit of a little worried that he's -- over power. A little bit of that but I mean it. And it just if they're subtle speakers media are either there in -- didn't look -- I mean they didn't work. At all and I tried every setting to see it hasn't been turned off -- now we just didn't make Nino is or -- barely pick up something but he couldn't help as -- speakers behind them. I think we must be -- because I mean the sound is really so good in that car really good idea and I can imagine it coming from just nine speakers around the front. Of course it's also I mean there's a -- them out of power in that system obviously. I get a multi channel am. Yet -- this is one of those few category as well as cue cards it just may be really happy to listen to music and I wanted to listen like all different artists and I really liked. Because -- wanted to hear that that sound quality come. Through the Irvine -- -- read it's a retractable it -- during its California's warm season. And Wayne had some new music I'm sure so this was like an addictive experience for him. -- -- great audio system in there this is also a car that has. -- dynamic HB AC system I have not seen this before and there are infinity -- -- word also biases the HDC for speed. -- sure and top positions -- you come to a stop it's gonna ramp up the air conditioning a little to make up for the fact that you have less flow. Because you're you're you're you're not moving anymore and -- -- speed up it's gonna fan down BAC if you got that gobbled up which analog book's been so very smart integration. Based on the convertible state of this car into both the audio and the climate control system nice technology there. I'm not sure they need the -- 37 S convertible. And -- maybe just reserve the sport for the two in the sedan Yale. I mean this this morning character is great in this car in general. -- the convertible -- at somewhat download it when we started off our little podcast in this car I tried to do -- fast started revved it up and was ready to drop the clutch. And there's so much -- and -- those rear wheels and it would have despondent I didn't have the traction control on. What ended up happening was -- -- and oldest pretty much stopped the car and we crawled for -- five miles an hour it is. As so often is the case these cars that mixed lots of power and the name. What's the point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It didn't feel like it was loosening up you know modern cars are so well engineered you know -- -- -- cad -- they do. You don't get that twisting thing where it's longitude -- you know coming going back and forth like a -- -- It was very nicely -- held together top up -- down. But that's -- also means kind of rough ride it that low -- yeah on rough pavement and get the sport we'll packages got nineteenth and that's again a good -- a good point you make is -- nineteen news. An aggressive sport suspension fairly aggressive. Do that make sense -- MacArthur has the extra weight and weight shift of a -- -- Connelly. And BMWs get a handling this type of stuff where they can make cars that are -- a dual purpose. They feel good they're comfortable when your drive and slow and they feel like they they they stop -- refined. But then when you'd. Try them fast suspension it's all stick -- they do their great cornering and all Latvia and dad yeah infinity this is more this kind of one purpose card you may be dual purpose but doesn't do either really well I wouldn't sweat it with the sport the exact I would I'd like discarding on sports available in -- -- -- all right. And -- -- get a seven speed automatic president Elliot I did like the gearbox nice gearbox nice -- I wasn't crazy about the gate to that that sector it well it wasn't very precise. -- -- -- One problem though like it was you know little little long throws -- What's was nice. That -- -- exhaustive. And and thankless in the face any more credibility. It's. Clutch was nice. The front -- -- -- a good exhaust note but -- anyway I saw the G 37 convertible sports. Lot to like there but maybe it's trying too hard to be everything at once and should be more of a day. Personal -- in the car and not -- -- the sports -- but I'd be really succeeds in that respect like low tech. That review will be -- win. I review as of now oh when when but the video -- weaker to that and now. Get around that work well later today aren't so -- read the reviews -- cars dot about a month to check what's in the scenic heartsick garage. Does -- mention the latest right now is that Infiniti G 37 S convertible. Right there in lipstick red looks like -- -- car. We just -- 2011 Kia -- ige. Not gonna be flaws in -- selection but it's the idea that its its red that was it is that muted that you're running a restaurant. And -- Are. -- Oh with those last -- you've cut it cough. Com destruction she has. A take on the Lincoln MK acts as she's on Ford Lincoln sponsored drive on that car right now so we'll see -- -- -- about it still economists. Also -- but don't even. Just gonna -- of the box it like a -- -- Anyway so we get that to take on that he's got a Ford Lincoln of infinite cyclical and experience to Mac -- well of people that's a show this week thanks for joining us you know how to reach us lots -- Very. Complicated ways email -- -- at Show notes and back episodes arc -- tech dot But the site is it cars dot And our Twitter addresses are all over the place so you've got me at Brian Cooley you've got Wayne Wayne C underscore SF you've got it want it -- do a NT GOO. -- yeah I did mention on the phone number which is 866401. CNET 866401. 2638. Thanks a lot have a good holiday -- and if you're here in the states and we'll talk -- next week.