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Car Tech Live 181: Audi A8 raises the bar for tech cars: Car Tech

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 181: Audi A8 raises the bar for tech cars

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Audi's new A8 rewrites the description for a high tech car, the feds put the brakes on blaming tech for Toyotagate, is your car the hacker's next frontier, Lotus has plans to go way beyond the Evora, and we thrash the very tossable new Subaru WRX with the big body.

How these new 88 re writes the description of -- -- The feds put the brakes on believing tech -- game and -- your -- the hackers next frontier. Lotus -- plans to go way beyond -- for a rash of very possible new -- WRX with the big vendors. Spend more on another beautiful episode of cnet's car tech live this is episode. 181. -- -- August -- I'm Brian Cooley with Wayne Cunningham and Antuan Goodwin who Mitchell -- at the controls -- -- -- for the first time in awhile. Of the correct and standard crew thanks to Cali -- for -- during the show last week let's get right into it folks we lead off with some Toyota news as you heard right there at the show open. Message this to your the last few weeks the government was saying -- now it looks like maybe there was some driver error in many if not most if not all of those unintended acceleration cases. And now for the first time this week an actual reports preliminary but it's an actual report coming out of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says quote. No evidence of electronics related causes those accidents doesn't mean that there were carpet maps -- -- weird petals were too long getting stuck in the rug things like that. But in terms of that idea there's a ghost in the machine -- some bad code in those Toyota electronic throttles. That's really get knocked down pretty quickly here and lot of this is coming out of the electronic data recorders. An accident re creation let's face -- some interviews with some of the drivers there. We think the Toyota stands at this point -- to the folks care enough now to hear. This good news for Toyota -- the stain just in people's minds forgotten what. -- -- gonna -- -- there was of being. Com rush of coverage around this and then suddenly everybody forgot about it and the -- stories like if -- kind of almost floating like completely under the radar. You know what is on the news -- course that it will be on your your local news at all I think -- -- -- People got a little scared and then they went back to drive in there -- You know can -- -- -- -- thinking about it. I think I think it does have a little bit of brand influence that I think the slight negative on the brand and there will be some people will for years say. Those currency if I'm not gonna get a Toyota again haters yet of course those people never would have. You never -- -- in the first place right the haters have got -- but they already had a -- Now Toyota's give marbles to put in there and we'll keep me in there but this is the latest from that side and that we. It's looking analogous is going to be part of the final report on this from the government comes out that that yet most of these -- unintended. Acceleration so at least 35 of the 58 right now are pretty much documented. As a case where people weren't even on the brakes and went to it already has a press release out on this and that you know we're we're vindicated we -- We're free and it's important this impeached Burton. Who we deserve the drink. Alright so I'll bet is also part of an interesting position the Toyota took this week -- about electronic data recorders. They are launching a program it's a little bit low on details here but here's what they're saying -- with some industry conference that was going on. And they are talking about putting out in the field a 150 electronic data recorder black box. Readers. Distributed around North America and the -- got ten in the hands of -- the highway traffic safety folks. So those can -- read the data that's in those automotive black boxes and so a lot of -- carts have those two -- the stability control the -- S systems things like that but not a lot of dealers or other individuals entities I should say. -- It's not entirely clear if this is going to be sitting -- every dealer or every law enforcement agency or every insurance agent or inspector is gonna have them. But -- started to really embrace CDR's at a time when there's that new motor vehicle safety bill working its way through congress. That may start to for the first require ED ours in every passenger car. That would begin -- 2050. And Q the privacy advocates who are going to pass aims -- -- is recording what we're doing in our cards we don't want block. Boxes in -- card -- who's gonna get the readers could demean the black boxes one issue but if you can't read it then I've got a layer of insulation but -- -- these readers to my dealer every time -- -- -- for service they're gonna pull my EDR data and just what upload it to Toyota for research purposes I'm gonna -- wanna be today. He says -- want to this spot what I wanna get you wanna going to card reader you know on regular old ATM machine on you can make this iMac and it's one. That's going too far okay that GM what. What's going on with this one -- mild hybrids but is that even what they're talking about here I mean we've got a piece in the car tech blog -- cars dot cnet.com. That comes from Automotive News and says GM is looking to gonna read bolster mild hybrids but it's not even that is it. Yet they say they're gonna bring mild hybrids back real Mac but really what that means is start stop technology which -- being used in Europe. -- for a couple years now. And the idea is the your -- -- thought -- -- when you're sitting at the stop sign -- stoplight in cocoa and real mild hybrid yet reviewed. Well you have a mild hybrids they had words you really weak and -- they they couldn't run the current electricity only -- really what they did was start -- so. They're they're bringing that idea of back and I mean I drew the the Chevy Malibu mild hybrid and then -- -- Maybe one Melbourne gallon better than -- the standard one. As mean and remember that one had electric motors -- call it was actually the I think the -- it was also an electric motor and it was latched on to the engine just by its regular belt. And that's how it did restart and that's how it did little bit of aid to the power of the car is that bill goes to the crank pulley is there were also was able to. But as -- -- -- you making your crotch this seems like an accident waiting to happen right I mean the built. I don't is that it was -- -- -- -- and like -- -- really designed to transmit -- like that and that's what I recall looking under the water thinking this is something I would do. I don't -- an alternative Redmond differ why do it at an extra battery and a relay and I've got a hybrid quirks -- scare. So I just really starts up -- -- you say when this has been really European. For the most part it's not a lot of American car companies. If they've they've -- a lot and diesel cars to you yeah you better savings that way. Yeah I mean I hope GM does not call this hybrid or any kind of hybrid because for one thing that. That label may sound you'd made me -- to get a couple years ago but it doesn't have quite the -- -- it says -- -- that he used to have -- and I -- of the -- -- start stop they would sound modern they would -- schoolmates on European -- -- car that doesn't Ronald or even if they decided to get back in hybrids a couple more years on the -- -- -- the word hybrid right absolutely and the hybrid. In their confusing people. That's why don't see them do in this sort of rushed you need to get -- get ready for their -- -- reputed pending IPO in by the way -- dig into -- but they've got a new CEO coming. Whitaker. Is just decided to resign he was kind of the CEO during the government infused recovery. And now another senior guy from -- has taken the Helm there's no real old -- to read the tea leaves just yet but. You can see the company getting ready for an IPO and you wonder if they're throwing hybrid on something just to make the -- feel like oh good we put a ton of money to GM for a good reason they're making more hybrids. They'll -- -- when Gus now lets well Lotus when you're out -- -- -- -- you for a. Events yet got to drive -- -- of -- couple days ago and at the event and this is a really official news but the Lotus representatives said. That -- -- upcoming Paris motor show they're going to be making a big push. I beyond just their line of sports cars right now they have about four and a half cars that they they offer for sale -- police at least the disease. The war that new one the 211 -- -- of -- specialty -- limited production and then the Europa in Europe. But they -- push beyond that -- -- -- small sports -- very very -- you -- the -- -- -- -- car that looks a lot like the Tesla because -- lot of the same DNA because they worked with them on that it's not the same car but it does have a lot of -- look if you're wondering what your video -- It's a hot. Yeah oh yeah I mean they make you a -- -- looking cars. Before the -- most of them you have to via a contorted -- -- -- yoga instructor to get into that game but the more -- little more accessible but even that's pretty tight. So I if they want to expand -- I think the idea is that they want to you. Have a larger product portfolio with the idea that they won't have such -- -- ups and downs and in there you know other car sales it because there are very rarefied -- she specialty real sports car. Oh yeah and although one of the -- engineers described to -- who has talked with them said the reason why Lotus is handled so well. This is the company used you'd be so many ups and downs. A -- just ups and -- as well -- left and -- oh yeah yeah and now along -- that you just -- what -- -- -- up just for the show here that they're about to sell an F one car to civilians but yeah this is a really interesting little bit of music came -- -- that you've got to look at -- -- -- -- Lotus type one point five. Is wrong with these people don't at least these on our roads -- he's crazy like this -- -- just gotta get an idea and the spirit sit around -- Why can't private customers by -- F one car but for racing. It's our road going mark Navistar is not strong they're gonna stick turn signals on top pentagon right now -- -- Now it's not street -- -- in -- -- -- for private campaigning race drivers absolutely and they'll have a special club called the -- those club would point limited to 25 members that owned media type 125. And they'll be able to go to tracks around the world. In the -- -- decide know we wanna go to you know would be mistaken -- this week and so different cars transported out there. I these cars are really built -- -- one's specs except there's a couple of modifications they have some aerodynamics that are not allowed. In F one Racine but give the -- will better downpours. For better handling. And they also have actually ms. -- fascinated me that the cockpit bigger. I think yeah that's right -- XCEO types who put on a couple pounds made a few bucks -- their life and -- wanna go private racing with how much is this thing. A one just short of one million shots yet I see you right notices also detailed a physical fitness regiment for openers noting that drivers will be subject to. For jeez. That's a lot of G -- -- that's a -- when I mean you look your typical -- one a professional drivers. These guys small I mean five foot inside and -- and yet it fit and yet very thin and that's how they can fit into these -- yet though -- court struck it. Yeah and you can even get into most of these cars about picking up the steering meal. But the in the stars of cars designed to be a little more accessible like that house -- -- 640 horsepower limited to ten -- and that that that the state. M 14100. Pounds for the cars says that's great Hardaway ratio you look at -- -- -- is to review of that that. And we'll all end up dead. Okay how it's it's -- down from that one goes -- much more Monday which is car warranties -- is just a bit of a trend going out there -- about a week ago that right after last week's show. Announced lifetime car warranties -- there's a lot of -- risks on this one and in fact they're actually I believe getting at the hot water in Europe. Over the truth and advertising standard's there. But there is -- -- restriction is what it is in terms of lifetime. But -- 160000. Kilometer mileage limit that's what about a 100000 miles I think. And it what did you say you heard the key it was doing something similar meeting yet looked into it now it turns -- that -- -- -- had something they're calling the infinite warranty by them and actually it's only a ten -- 100000 mile -- took the -- limit this is the -- -- restaurant in -- yes -- do -- -- that was being so hot water from the advertising -- that -- didn't know a lot of -- you about that -- -- -- -- and it turns -- that you know within ten years of people the and it and -- just not him. Yet -- sets -- what's this on its face gonna. What it's that he take your Chrysler in because you've got some kind of an aesthetic warranty claim pain -- leather upholstery it's eliminating or whatever. Don't -- the dealer pulls out a digital camera and says I gotta get this approved which we were gonna surprise -- and already the case but. Crisis -- -- going to be using digital photo technology at the dealers. To sending your claim the image of what you say is wrong with the car back to the factory in the -- specialists -- who look at it that will tell the dealer okay go ahead and pay on that -- will reimburse you. Or -- and fix it or not or -- looks like somebody you know spilled something on their car noticing that -- paint was no good. This apparently is not already. Completely common across the auto industry to going forward now -- new warranty claims require that dealers will take a digital photo of any paint. Glass or trim problem submit that for approval that could mean a slower approval process -- normally. The dealers used to do this on the spot so you have bull we'll cover that for you and we know that the -- in the -- gonna gonna back us up. So little change there and speaking of things change you dealerships but I also would -- a couple stories this week about how things are changing Nissan dealerships as the -- comes out a lot of dealers are saying wait a minute. We're gonna so he's in pretty good numbers and they don't need much service. Only tires only breaks. A long way down the problem in a new battery and that's kind of -- -- happens to the oil changes the tune ups the valve adjustments the hoses that blow the coolant leaks. None of that. When you were talking to a guy who is in the dealer business about this right. Oh yeah well dealers. That dealers rely on higher right now dealers are lined lot on on service costs two to make money because the -- costs on cars aren't aren't. Gonna give them a lot of money -- you know with the you know that's -- -- over the right higher margins are gone. And -- users struggling on the upfront costs and so you know. We'll we'll make more money on service and human service on the cars. So -- -- you know the end user new generation of electric cars might down below that out of the water. Which you know may have to change the whole dynamics of the -- auto -- industry. Auto makers have always had a difficult time the dealers because -- -- a lot of private companies that they. Don't have a lot -- control over necessarily always have a good relationship now and -- I heard a stat to -- from -- guys worked in the automotive erred to auto makers side of it. -- -- in. 15% of the you know the deal is a really great. They're the -- emerges in decent you know they do they don't have too many problems come up amendment 25% are actively bad. So so our our our our feelings have been confirmed by -- -- -- we always knew his customers. Beyond average -- don't know this for most cars are up by about -- cars or very expensive -- but the average dealer. In the US -- makes it loses about 250 bucks on a new car that's it there's not a huge delta their luxury cars suvs are different. But you go -- a Malibu you go while Honda Accord what have you. They might make or lose 250 on that car and that's about it they get their money later in service or they get it when they sell you the car on the financing they love to finance a car for -- They hate it when you come in with cats don't even think they're gonna be oh loving -- -- customer. That's like the dealer just lost interest but are so McCartney -- -- -- -- but we get nothing out of this. And insurance policies those are also open the -- and -- department is where they get their money and then later on on the service so all these things begin to. Collapse when you got a car that doesn't. Of course there will be some -- retraining for a lot of technicians but I wonder how often -- gonna see those cars actually comment. Especially if there will -- that shouldn't need to you. Let's talk about new technology in cars. And I mean velocity technology Garza's of the Audi a eight we've talked a little bit about we got some more news on this this week among the deet deet -- their confirming it will be. I believe the first car where -- factory installed mobile hot -- option not dealer installed. And not a third party product like the auto -- mobile routers that we've talked about a couple times. This is going to be coming from up from -- Ellen Harmon Harmon hasn't Harmon carton and mark -- as Ian big chipmaker I think it's cell phones and it might. Blackberries got a Mark Bell CPU and so these companies are getting heavily into the hot spot -- we told that a few episodes ago and here's the first example of them with a client. Which is -- -- we have the -- eight in now but we don't think we have the hot spot doing. Now I'd actually that's the hot spot but it does have some interest in connectivity things that one thing it does is it actually that the clock is is set by the Internet set remotely. So if you drive across a high time zone new couple automatically adjusts it uses GPS to know what zone you've crossed into. Yeah I don't the -- have the time and information in GPS signals clock up here is running off the GPS and tolerate him like having. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will contribute to another thing that's coming up a link in spring of next year already available in Europe but in the US will become available that's Google Maps integrated. We have the navigation system in Audi a eight. So they'll actually brilliance detailed. Satellite imagery for the maps. And they will also provide local search for or searching for appeal lies. Love it love it and I would imagine for the next two years they'll also have a complete maps that have data on a hard drive but going down the road they're gonna start pulling that out of the clout. And they're not gonna have map data in the car they should still have an -- in the car for because you never know when you're gonna find yourself in like an area with no no we get when you most need now is anyone have a reaction when you're -- -- when there's no familial connection you can't -- -- -- -- -- one of the reasons why I. Will always keep. A portable GPS -- might never. Completely rely on my phone you know it when it ragged -- in the mountains -- -- -- go -- your data signal you got no signal. And that's when you need or if like Google servers get hit really hard Andy and they're just running flow and yeah it almost two minutes -- -- and time that's true. But you know for the majority of people on the cost they can say by just. Deleting the hard drive perhaps in the future in deleting all that data licensing. I bet a lot of cars -- gonna go connected only you know not immediately but -- -- years down the road. Make -- in it in a car of the 10% plus you'll have a ten pretty in this price range yeah that should be some redundancy yeah -- -- redundancies losers you know they're really just need to release the map going on. Let's -- is a rare thing. Get me out of here. Mr. wizard let's see -- New York City -- Wi-Fi thing not quite as -- the Audi but. If you're one of our New York's who has ever traveled there a lot start looking for free Wi-Fi. In the black marks the black sedans are driving all around all the time a real totally you know Manhattan thing. -- one -- above your average yellow cab. And it turns out that there's going to be an ad supported system there with a company called live Blu-ray is which is outfitted -- five of their cars and several other fleets that operate those black cars there in in New York City. And they say -- other -- to get enough of these they can start connecting them as a mesh network as well then tell each other about traffic and relaying information from one to the other. But about a thousand cars will be equipped on the city streets by early fall. And -- also have charging plugs for mobile so I believe that means a USB charging port as well as standard 120 power outlets. Where you can bring you put your own power pack -- -- persona -- civil you know minor -- -- -- -- to see happen. In the mobile -- MySpace and want to Scarlett never lost you actually went out in rented a car from Hertz to check out something new -- -- to get their there. Never lost. GPS system basically when you rent a car you can like he would accept an actor but they hear something I don't know -- actual prices but. And they'll actually give you for the GPS device and it like a -- kind of -- -- he. Hard wired portable GPS but -- bolt it onto the -- -- regular. In elegantly but than it really is sitting behind yeah if it -- includes -- the thing that scares me is that you can't figure out cards that you park in a bad neighborhoods he's no hero or at any point you know even -- India and you you for your hat over it but that's a says that through my head or my GPS in my -- exactly. But yeah it's got an online. Element to it so basically in addition to regular connected services like pulling down a flight data which is really cool and apart from -- airport via a you can -- -- weather information. But you can also -- playing your trip online. And either beam the information to the device in the caller like store your way points from the USB keys right and Malia directly into the like that element. You'd also called there 800 number and they're on your service plan a route for even though bush and that likes it that's new and what's really cool features that -- gates. In addition to just your regular especially nice. 'cause -- never lost is shall we say a oh it's a an earlier generation devices. And it -- yet it's super clunky. They updated the hardware for this. I think though -- and the unit to be honest I didn't see the old hardware. -- there is just the current one we get an image here for video viewers is that currently one well that's newer than the old one -- was -- -- -- -- if you look it's a horse keeping its its -- same proportions as a modern portable now but different dimensions. Yeah that is a new device and use the older ones are almost like go like -- badminton passing in the night actually -- its you know -- and knew it had the world's worst screen different types of had to take the speeds which is very funny because it's a completely different voice from the pre recorded -- -- it'll -- Turn left and fifteen miles on two. Harrison street. I don't even think it's actually it is only if split personality it's a way to -- -- to -- factory cars don't do that there so we -- this -- wanted to hurt but that one. Well -- they've -- the thing and it's got some Internet connectivity like you see remembering stuff on USB -- so. They're taking a page of the -- -- good keep an up and mandated not a -- those services for the longest time. Let's have some -- now we talk about this once in awhile we raise our eyebrow we do and that is the idea of cars being hackable wirelessly. One of those stories again it seems like a bit of -- reach but it's starting to become more of a threat our researchers from University of Southern California and Rutgers. -- have shown how they've hacked to cars through their tire pressure monitoring systems. Because the sensors for those that are mounted in the in the rim have a wireless connection to a transceiver in the fire wall or somewhere which then tells the car with -- -- -- But since -- a wireless connection you can get in there and it turns out there's not really any security but in that wireless connection. It's just that the protocol wasn't published that's kind of like a lazy security. So the using 15100 bucks and equipped with -- -- -- the laptop they were able to pick up the car's tire pressure readings remotely on a machine. And then they picked apart the protocol figure out what the language languages from the pressure sensor to the -- main control unit. And they say well now -- -- it and what else can we -- Can be follow upstream now that -- -- that wireless stream. And start to get into the cars control units for more important things like the engine or the brakes or the black box. So this feels a little more realistic -- for a. Yeah and it if not so much state anybody with a laptop that's gonna be able to -- cargo block -- -- -- ball yeah but there are some things you can -- the current thinking that you know the -- -- flat you can. Through the electronic stability control system into a little -- -- fit which can be kind of scary. You can also because each of these transmitters in the ID. You can -- -- car. Oh -- still believe because you basically. Hunt finds some sort of a way of like locking into that and if you want it to you could. Traffic are this is the public key and even had nowhere basically and goes. So it's. They know -- that bit of a privacy issue and in addition to a securities news. You know for example that. The -- one bit. Track you down the -- I don't really know how to not do it in a minute you get you -- they have ways yet. There is -- it's a vector into the car that didn't exist before the enemy when there's a door somebody will split it yeah and not all cars do you have wireless TPM temperature monitoring. The kind of team came up that way because the there's a regulation there -- in law on the books that cars will -- have. Tire pressure monitoring authority had to yet say it's either upcoming inner units yelling for India where it just happened at last year -- -- -- cheap way to do it has to do wirelessly. But really there have been some previous cars where they already started installing the stuff and they did it why in all likelihood rotating contacts like user like mr. and -- buttons. Have that rotating contact manifold which tends to wear. This is the is the more reliable way is -- carmakers are gonna do it they're gonna use more and more these wireless things. As the -- pianist sensors else is gonna get more no more doable lest I wanna tell some either their car's tires -- 3000 PSI yeah. And it comes they had to be getting better -- Don't -- go to the -- let's say one this is currently. Staying on the -- your car is not so safety. We have new information from the insurance. Highway loss data institute which never heard of them before but -- -- they're legit. This is not the same as the institute's the IIH -- -- huge net they actually part of that I only are part of that okay now I've heard -- them -- a longer name they are legitimate this is there listing of the card of the highest theft losses of the cars that are the most stolen. Per thousand cars sold and also. How high their claims aren't just about every metric. It's the escalate we are driving an -- -- a target. Has the highest priority gone there yet -- -- in the -- -- -- -- don't post it. The average here is honestly with the -- -- metric is an average of 146. Well 146 dollars -- -- payments. Per insured vehicle years on average every escalate as -- and 46 dollar claiming -- which may sound silly but. Think how few cars normally ever have a claim a year. This is actually a -- number it's ten times the average in the insured automotive industry so escalates bargain here. Interesting here though is -- GM cars they have on star. And OnStar has all -- -- deterrent to add things they could even exceeds that stopped the car. You know what's what's been seen it's on the road some -- -- privately with that they can actually stop the car and haven't you know make it now and there's billion huge losses on. Second most. The second highest overall average theft loss was an F 250 crew -- -- -- 37. Charger hammy -- -- 06 vision top five in terms of your overall theft losses -- get that -- fifty run. Polio lot of hard work directed stolen and I -- -- just like compressors and jackhammers people to steal stuff all work sites in your movie for your time this was actually used to -- -- forward in the top. That the F series used to be in there are a lot. He's gonna alive back at 150 -- -- you studio also the top of these on the list lowest looks like. Volvo S eighty the high end luxury -- that looks you know. Like all of the volvos the level those do. Com Saturn Vue. Nissan Murano. Another year of Saturn Vue -- -- -- four wheel drive -- the cards you're not really excited to drive and that nobody wants the Saturn anymore now it's ladies night but nobody wants views as its continued brand nobody gonna steal this deal that is kicking you take apart state takeovers in the -- list of surprised by that. That's silly rather low it's on in the the lowest it's -- in the ten lowest on claims of that loss of so anyway that's what tie that's what's low on those -- one of the key things -- this is. Wireless key and immobilize -- technology doesn't make a big difference between the -- to get stolen a lot because they'll just put it on a trailer. And -- -- -- -- that -- and always driving your car way to get a loss to get them. Gain out of it and a loss for you -- who want to whatever we get into the email is low tech high tech. What is this rubbery things you found him one. If they get -- live very. Good way to put it low tech I think it's the wreckage trying to -- met to. And basically what it is that this kind of like a mouse pad with a sticky based on the bottom of it that's the whole main square -- -- he pretty much what it is time. Get this kind of techie therapists and allows it to really kind of stick to any. Surface. Without leaving a -- U -- without using a permanent Heath and the idea being. That you use this -- to mount for GPS device or. Your cell phone cradle onto your dashboard instead of your windshield. That puts the device closer to you. So that you can reach it and I'm also -- -- here the tiny speaker that easily in his own right if you -- you can hear better road noise. And it also brings you into almost complete compliance with of -- vision -- but that's right a lot of states won't let you which GPS device for a thinner in California included -- expect like a small box over here near the driver ran. A bigger -- we over on the passenger SATA car but you know those hard -- -- deal. Mostly slight amount middleware frequently illegal and it's for those who can't or or the audio podcasts at the big old rubber for like it was like five bind eight installed by about seven years about the size of a mountain an average now announce -- -- -- -- -- -- run them -- at. And the had a benefit the middle is they -- -- is around this that is where you would suction -- -- your typical windshield thing. It's basically just like the -- adhesive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna break it anyway yeah. This is not so okay so that's that you're looking for that's a low tech thing there we get that over the carpet blog the brackets on -- map rubber thing. Let's get to send your emails and voicemails now you -- how to do that voice filtered -- 66 for a one CNET -- free by the -- haven't shall -- it was mentioned that and for some -- it does matter. And for email it's heart attack at cnet.com. -- wanna start off here with a quick nod to -- man. -- -- He's pretty its -- editor in chief of Automotive News and you're saying. What through Keith -- because backing me up in the recent skirmish we had over wireless keys cool or not. He says it's a better idea that simply isn't better Peter's white -- is a wireless key -- with me and not a total one. But he says here keyless ignition has become the hottest feature on any number of luxury and not so luxury cars on of the slightest idea why we're consumers clamoring for this feature I don't think so. I -- some very good salesman for a supplier sold it to one car company and then it spread like wildfire but for no good reason. Mercedes even as a feature that leisure to pull the key out of the key fob pop off the push start button put in the key -- turn on and on to start the engine. Not so novel. He thinks he's he -- -- like these feature but this one is that does he means a lot of other Arctic features. And he says also because of the complexity -- sadly if you lose your key on the weekend you might be stuck into the dealership opens Monday. When they can reprogram the car and -- about that. So I'm still in a big and I like wireless keys about being on the push buttons. I -- keep in the keep Bobby in my pocket does get in the -- pushed the button and go. Bill and the animation all that enemy interestingly he wireless end buttons you guys look like the wireless the course click -- button -- just this one less step and I mean nipping at I don't really like perhaps not in my pocket and go in now infecting them apart in the wireless -- are pretty bit yeah wolf I mean. They're looks when even a key -- -- they're not so hard on pocket yet and immediately presented actually most of these transponders. If you look closely enough -- have a way to pull out. Yeah it's a metal immediately -- your battery dies and you really just need to get some of them don't now that that was always the case and now a few cars do not have a metal key backup I don't think -- -- -- a -- and which ones offhand but there's nothing that comes out on some of them like what am I gonna do win there's an electrical issue about the -- -- you can get your car anyway -- you can open doors. -- There's always a crowbar. Like get him at that and I actually of them are really bad story. -- a group more -- you do it know -- -- boom again something nice or if elected he'd in his car and some third way long story. Instead of -- the like the regular way at somebody. Crowbar the top of the door open is -- in ninety our friend and window -- and the increase in -- the -- in the into -- back in the the only -- got better and yeah would have that -- on the freeway it and they make hard into a lot of things that point and nobody. Now the crowbar not pretty aren't now we know levels during compete with. Let's see that's right tomorrow it's car mania Pebble Beach in fact some you may already be there be heading down there that's the concourse the -- courts so the auctions it's that whole. Pebble Beach week in the keeps growing into a bigger thing all the time and amidst all of this we -- interesting sort of attack angle the first high Def live broadcast of one of the auctions at Pebble -- -- moderates that technically. Is going to be happening on a discovery's HD theater one of those regional final pay to get. But it's -- the -- of auction which is a newcomer kind of the beer drinking auction among all this you know -- this down there. There is going to be a lot of -- self wanted to be cars -- -- These and do little more approachable -- -- of the founder data me come on the horn a couple days ago as he was arriving in moderate to get their tents and everything set up and oversee the crew. And asked among other things you know what kind of affordable collectible cars might there be out there especially -- got a recession here that are making the collector card is a little easier to get into what's -- Listen to what's in the stuff -- -- to tell -- My father has liquidated the company called -- our trip. Over the road like -- all I and -- trucks. Truck business screen real good I would not bought a leader trucks and didn't know anything about and control. I traded from personal collector -- are so good group minority and the mother so my my first option was early under the premise they're so suburban -- -- -- -- mentor. -- first doctrine -- download the tornado. -- -- of prosperity turned and I haven't got aspirations we have another indignity that. Am I am from -- -- -- You know we really it was illegal for they have computers. So what we would have an option. You know all of the attendees. Went to five -- Xbox and the year we -- want and so. The people tend of the options -- orbit by. Workers -- work. So our original -- of having effective -- It was just so we got one in the spring you've got one of the fall and that we've got more educated and better -- what -- -- Now you're auction has acquired -- -- have a reputation of being more of an approachable auction more over regular persons -- not so -- that -- wine -- -- crowd we -- over Pebble Beach every year. Is that place that you want to be here is that a place -- you just ended up. Now would want to remain period -- -- -- I think it's good weight is that partner they're they're different kinds -- -- Our option here we work a lot of people work level -- high energy. And we're basically like American tobacco auction here. And our image -- They're like. English. -- auctioneer. And you know there. Altered good their future to protect the urban. You know some people up our auction would -- to. Are ever good option and not like about but we may feel more comparable to some people. Order acutely not well -- higher -- -- cars we we have. The main attraction -- that chart as -- -- any card right anywhere in the world. But our overall state of the color of their own -- -- For -- thousand bowel or ultimately other. Yeah and I'm not gonna on a 78 -- LTD. -- -- -- thing. Yeah and wondered why we. A couple of what that is exactly that -- all -- of the -- but. That's -- policy that we bought it -- is. You know we advised people that may not be that you prevent them both work but -- we've never -- -- commercial. What's hot these days at last you -- you know couple or three trends are categories of cars that are really bubbling up right now you're notes kind of a tough economic time. The won the one thing that I visit it over is -- these convertibles American that is convertible. -- they're very short apply. Up fifteen years ago. What they in my car market expert at take heat out of them especially tenure. The guys are restored -- these -- -- restoring Javelle Merrill must. With that temple fifty -- -- these -- had not been getting restored. And then you know their area -- with the victims and so forth. They are American car that has a world where. Are -- -- don't personally I -- or other places in the country and so forth. -- -- -- don't have a world where guys from France or Great Britain number. Japan where you know they're not really interested muscle -- but they're tremendously over a student that these convertibles with them. It on a small scale. It's an American cars that is meaning. That. World marketplace. Like a -- for upper. And -- -- the world marketplace. Are short supply right now there's not a lot of it these are not market. So that. You know -- -- guys looking for what you would call an investment -- for principle all -- would say oh. You know any inequality. Fifties convertible. That you could -- and the 75. What it -- I would put him three to five years you -- -- -- one disputed 200. -- -- -- -- -- -- did make him at the meet them auction I would rather live blog this thing for a few hours tomorrow's of the first time we've done this for CNET car tech. Mercury should get if you guys are used in this -- however doing it so you know let us know. Email us or give us a voice mail. -- -- -- At cnet.com or its execs for a one scene and give us your thoughts if you want to cover this kind of thing to Google we do tomorrow -- -- to think you -- auctions before I'm sure if you're into classic -- Vintage or race cars the -- -- are auctioned here. -- -- you guys have an appetite for this and you can find the live -- -- for at 10 AM Pacific time on Friday. The thirteenth. Act cars dot cnet.com or put a live blog up there for about two or three hours the -- -- is gonna die of of arthritis. But I will try and bring -- -- as a possible there's a fast moving auctioned by the way it's not like those ones where they have the little guy with a blue -- in the long -- and -- little mallet and all that this is this is like crazy they're running around -- the crowd it's one of -- it's a it's an American style auction like Davis says. So that'll be coming up tomorrow and hopefully. I won't be crazy and buy something. And I might do that. Hopefully. Fifties convertible. And -- Anybody's day imperial. Okay -- operative in them would and if you -- it and that's the you better believe it and way more than our last three reviewed cars combined. All right let's dividend of what's going here we talked about a single -- idea an -- in Japan we showed you last week has an idea for -- Carlin one pedal push to break. Slide the pedal to the right to accelerate we got a call -- one of our listeners is that -- it's not really a new idea let's listen and. -- -- -- -- -- -- Here whole. That -- was Apple that -- yet. Right -- -- put -- -- a whole lot. Away. Yeah it all the bills that are able on -- I'll look -- to accelerate and push it -- for you. About. -- have a great day. Q and -- -- it's true. There -- different and working your foot writes. That's it it's you know different movement to back and forth with but it down right did I see agency that's not the first I didn't rethought -- card. Most of us haven't experienced the controls on the call and the -- this good karma we got an email about this from Sean. Com. -- loses you Wayne yeah you know orbited there for so lots of email we forgot to read do we have a -- switch for -- which one it was what Eddie gaskins what. The yes on and asking that what's going on with the spear. -- this is the had a chance to look -- the mr. -- in person yes we haven't seen it to auto shows. And -- -- -- -- it kind of secret but not really. It's got a little quieter in the headlines I -- -- Right we haven't heard much about it recently he's also asking how does that drive train operate with the cabin tech like. What kind of artificial -- doesn't make. Solar roof does -- offer any thing and that as a qualify for federal and state the credits. The thing about death -- is they've sort of been a victim of the you know the car apocalypse. You know and it devastation of the car industry in the last couple years when they were parading their cars around. Started printing around them a couple years ago. They were fundraising really at that point they had a they had test mules they had cars they're really they were really working hard to develop his vehicle. And they're using technology the series hybrid technology from a company yeah while the the technologies called Q drive is develop in the military it's actually too -- electric motors on the rear wheels. Powered by batteries of many. Generator engine to power and to provide extra electricity and took a range extender range extender a type of thing -- basically an electric car -- Decent performance figures not mind blowing performance figures. And outlook and things that we've got some pictures of it up your -- got -- miles -- GT look to it yet very very cool -- are now we haven't driven yet the only people who really driven the -- -- people at death despair. And keeps it controllable very controllable. Right be they just don't have anything they can get system out -- let people see. And is so they would they were in the process of fundraising and that was what day -- that's gonna head of the company was spending a lot of his time doing. There's a takes a lot of money to start a new car company yes the coastal folks could've told him right isn't ball with Tesla early on he was a little bit and I think they had -- he had not very happy split you didn't at a big nasty spat over who. Who stole whose technology or did someone and a big they ended up but I mean nasty battle but right so if this car comes out and I think. Hopefully the economy will get better and they will get their funding. Right I think they've been and I'm holding pattern in the last couple of years because of that -- not been any money and in the industry. But hopefully that that will change and they'll get to put this -- -- -- I think it's got good possibilities it's got a really intriguing drive system. And it will have. Pretty impressive cabin tech you know any car like this that comes out with his -- Really innovative drive train. In they're gonna give it standard -- navigation and some probably huge touch screen tablet thing I would expect something a lot like the -- -- -- -- -- 90000 dollar cars the guests -- -- think they were unity you know and no pricing has released -- of course yes -- yet sort of I think it's it's their competes probably somewhat with the Tesla model S which also is not anywhere near production yet. Rights and they've been raising money so they can qualify for more government money matching funds so yet there -- of their -- money a money mode right now. While -- stay on top of that one if as it comes mortar reality or not. We'll let you know that's what comes in from Ivan let me figures for -- for a great show -- -- haven't compared to the other blogs out there you guys appear to be the most sincere. -- Withdrawal comes across as sincere apparently it welcomed me look at the -- of that -- this is this miss him mr. sincerity that's Israeli border now that's right that's that's that's -- -- ways yes since you guys -- it's an honest bunch I really wanna get your advice somebody -- next used vehicle and -- line G 37 Oracle 9335. It's gotta be a sedan. Because I have a one year old. Alright guys sound off. I like the engine in the 335 I'd better and the driving experience that's the twin Turbo inline six right and in fact that's actually could become a rarity because BMWs going away from that twin -- to it when scroll Turbo petrol Singleton about yeah so if you plan on keeping the car for a long time it -- it might be worthwhile keeping media are getting a 335. I would assume the featured I was give -- more expensive than the 37. Yeah usually -- him in here they've been more per similar equipment. Right now the the big down -- -- -- -- drop back to the BMW is that. I believe the 09335. I had the old version of I drive. And yeah no it's not -- not nearly as nice as the new one. Yet not sure you can live with that because that was the big jump that they made from the old Ide drive -- -- four. Panels left right up and down to a more traditional menu system and everything below that got revised as well it really made a big difference we really were very pleased or not -- in which -- you -- Right now the cabin tech in the infinity is great stuff -- -- as the full navigation system. Yeah I love that interface controller it's got that little sort of novel the directional buttons on the top he had just into the screen. Very usable without -- -- a touch -- sort of a -- hybrid touch screen and hardware controller. And I I -- and incredibly usable. Yeah at today's controllers noticed yet and it's and -- -- -- TMD 37 it is agreed driving car. I just don't think it has quite the you know quite with. At 335 -- abstinent the edge. Russia and -- -- -- I think it is being more polished part of the G 37 little warm manner. The 335 as a part of it can. -- -- Personally and -- they're there and looked better. There's just like a personal choice plan I don't know I'd say yes the -- I'd say yes I wouldn't fit in looks pretty good oil I was -- well proportioned anatomy at that they the friend the little a lot -- BC. Actually overall -- a -- -- DC -- in the 335. But I mean yet at the -- curative pure driving dynamic -- -- -- everything going. That the BMW in the edge but it. There's. ING 37. You nice -- front and this is the I think the first year of the new body style right. But this will be your lines and less of the -- edges -- that he was an early in all thirty yet -- there -- -- -- -- every year they dictate to move from thirty Ericsson. Yeah okay is that I -- -- and I was the year they made the jump to the -- nomenclature the new engine anybody. Yeah like that -- -- like -- -- like that infinity body style a lot here's the cabin if you're watching -- video version it is it like Wayne says infinity controllers seen before and they'll be infinity -- down there. -- lots of dedicated buttons which if you're into that they have more of them -- BMW does BMW's added more of them but. -- still has greater number of buttons ago hot wired -- now. Audio climb -- brightness control they surface more common features in their buttons BMWs still is a little more menu driven. But here's -- crucial question as these cards are gonna use -- 2009 models you know. What do you think we'll have the last abuse of a foreign BMW owner or former infinity owner. What kind of abuse do you think because I think the G we'll get more parking lot -- and the three serious we'll get hammered harder on the road. Two different kinds of wearing care. And the BMW owners conscience is -- take care of your car. I'm going to all that out of -- they -- completely nuts and more geez get sold to people who are part people I think you're probably right there I think. BMW -- -- regularly have driven art the opinion of the car wash and and yet taken out on you know the country roads via the infinity is -- -- -- more to work and ballot Container Store. Shopping cart runs into it because the monitors -- really care had it you know I entered Leo. Stereotypes but maybe there's something -- that. Okay so that's a recommendation lasting until we get on the road in a hot little bucket this week. On Etsy John -- -- from Ohio might await Chrysler 300 has the -- package which included. The what's the ran radio. -- the -- basically a version of their Mikey fifth and have a bunch yeah they all look the same on a front but actually behind the -- there's different things happening okay depending on the vehicle you have the -- we'll -- that among them if -- disabled -- them that we you -- okay but it's -- -- hard drive based -- and right and says the music from the previous owner which is all the drive's still which is an interesting legal discussion in terms of copy or are ownership of copper and zero. Has a lot of ACC tracks with no title info do we know -- software program we can use of his laptop. To edit the song information through the USB ports. Long story short -- -- a story. But basically did some digging around you may be able to talk. Nice -- dealership into using a tool they have called star -- stargate -- two back up. All of the data onto an external hard drive and you can use software -- computer to edit the metadata there. But if alongside it -- -- -- work. I'm yet another question known as opposed really interesting is about the agrees note music recognition. Database that -- -- system uses two. -- do if recognize. Commercial CD's that you put in yet I didn't just say track one -- to little thing. Accidentally where the file of course. Anything like that did. Pretty much any CD put in the last two that -- post the last two years that -- of the mason. And he's wondering if there's a way that you can up -- David database now they actually curious about that as well but it'll -- digging. And it turns out that periodically they released grace -- dvds. This you can either go to your dealership really and have them B two database or you can find them online on the web -- -- in though if he got conflicts my gate and it's basically a big repository of information about -- -- and if you've been. Chrysler's my -- And so they have all of the youth. Agrees -- database. Discs they have the images you can I don't get it in there. -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh -- -- -- into an update real it okay yeah of his elders that is I had never thought about it a -- got a big -- And there's also went to firmware updates -- the various okay so got to put this link into the show notes this is good stuff here's a lot of good information on there is also really active forum with a lot of people that object. Get information about hacking your -- system that we're going you know a lot of fun -- -- to -- to cover on this we'll put the thing in the show notes but in case you just wanna do it it's MO FV. Dot com slash my -- -- a similar -- him or is that -- family friendly. -- now okay good. Let's hook up that's -- new feature this week this of the show according -- make -- run like half the day we've got to the I think we asked you about last week send us your pictures of cars that shouldn't exist on the road. -- there are so stupid. And you came through we're gonna call this section every week if you come through worth of pictures while all cars as museum -- Here's one that comes in from John -- so he. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is the Budweiser NASCAR don't. What is this -- that's good picture my cats there we are. But of that. You never understood the tree and avoid branding cars that than though and a live in the felt that when I'm not sponsored yeah they got -- -- like a lucky charms car. And have bulletins I'm logo and color scheme or like that I don't have always done that you know it part of garlic or McDonald's par -- -- the -- -- with just to do it the this I don't understand that discus thing I like Budweiser is so much I'm gonna bring in my car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He spotted here let's see among others see this is they. -- mustang GT with 24. Inch spinners. That takes some doing this argument that'll bigger -- one of our video watchers this is an incredible that a spinners. On a silver -- with just to see of silvery Chrome. That's ugly white -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every stealing have a news noble at some point an article that there was when in my hometown public safety -- it will be Trevor around the game when it broke down they just parked in the middle of the -- agreement. In the density around 800 -- you never -- those -- no way to -- that are here in the in the west the most of them. While there it is so if you're if you're not one of our video show users now you've got every reason to become when you know one of Moore's law cars -- Alerted the spare tire easily defeat -- on RSS. Other that's brilliance. And I noticed that all of them why they put a bunch of like a lacing dots up the side there's only -- to -- white rope across the windshield and and that that it's perfect. Are right and -- you one more here and amber gonna say sent us some more do we wanna stop this it's just too much on the lap of the people's cars. Let's see we've got. This wanna find -- -- -- -- -- -- society dodge Graham bumblebee with 26 inch rims and hydraulics. 18700. Known to be built the mind boggles. -- 700. If it doesn't it doesn't they think that rare don't know yeah bumblebee picked up I didn't really did a bumblebee package on the -- -- that's you know retro today but American cars there it would seventeen variants of every single one -- 26 inch -- hydraulics that apparently are broken in the -- -- -- The -- on the ground. It's in a parking lot so while alright we got more these came from but send us more this week we'll keep on -- every week we'll have a good laugh every week at our expense. -- -- -- -- At cnet.com listeners an email with -- you've seen that are just horrifying and we'll get to him every week and it's just too much on not. Art folks so let's move on now to the garage is gonna do the scenic Arctic garage in this week to go on the road in -- total cold -- The Subaru WORX which very recently. Has gained the big body that you used to only get in the ST got this car really makes a statement now when it comes down the road it's the Turbo charged Impreza of course -- -- suspension and all of that but the bodies the first thing you noticed on the new HW RX. We got it -- on the road find out does this car do as much as its looks prompts let's find out as we go on the road win and and one of the WRX. From CB. The premium edition. Go way back. That's probably just once we get underway a lot of ethnic and actually it's -- -- -- -- And you'd be a little. Confused looking at the -- -- -- vehicle look at that looks a lot like the S Subaru. That -- -- -- The top for the highest performance servers in the vehicle but for twenty elevenths in wood -- has done is they've given the if the -- here WR XP. The -- wide body Kate yeah increased track -- Have -- upper level vehicle while still kind of giving the heaviest -- -- the advantage over 300 horsepower here we're only work like 260. Five -- it actually increase the track one half inches a little better handling and -- previous gen that your -- Right now. In this second generation that -- eleven that -- -- on the it really pleased he has a home you -- you her home navigation unit. Brings in some stuff we hadn't had it masters. For like -- -- bones system. That day it's nice to get these these technology consumers -- lacking in -- Yeah there. And of the the -- dog. And then that respect they have always been the -- and prevent errors pegs that yet did did -- get things like you know navigation system -- -- audio system that's. We're looking at an earlier got an adjustable Parametric EQ did you know you can really gonna get in there -- the sound it's -- different. Wide variety of surround sound. Tuning -- that you can really just the way that the audio comes out of the speakers. Any did this and actually a pretty. Livable vehicle. You know we complain about -- -- I -- -- as hard -- -- -- -- it -- that -- it. How -- were confident daily driver. From of the transmission being a big -- -- this this just being a little bit long but they're also a lot -- the local work schedule. That you would get in enough hard -- vehicle -- -- -- yet again we'll where they -- you can just live with. On a daily basis I -- there. Yeah that's actually true the one thing because there's a bit of Turbo lag this engine you really have to -- to anticipate that. And if you're gonna cut it either -- traffickers -- or something like that got to realize that. You gotta get that -- -- that before you're gonna take. Subaru WRX. This is the twentieth when he eleven right yet when he eleven model so -- what was. You know -- major -- -- that are the wider track. And the add new head unit the big body in the new head unit now for the -- the tech first of we've constantly been leaning on Subaru. Why use and the -- -- -- tech we know you offer cards and have more than that we -- an email I think was it last week asking about Subaru tech and we told this poem is currently becoming itself. How was that had -- It was better. It -- there -- problems okay that the navigation system was basic but at least at the navigation system it'll help you get around. The united about it was that it locks out all destination -- hated that it on your every every -- thing. Like you can't even like -- via U Watson's and only if they apparently you can't dial the phone while you're under -- yet there was a total lawyer special someone at Subaru legal just went nuts and have been the scars moving. -- almost everything on the screen. But the unit that -- it does have located at seven navigation -- Bluetooth. And it's got this crazy complex. Audio tuning capability -- goes far beyond what the idea the system in the car connect look at the it's got these gets kind of mediocre sounding system but lots of dissed the SPD -- And ultimately. A subwoofer out but it's also got you play around the Hewitt like you can turn thinner bill on -- but yeah there. That was a speaker for -- there's a little squares she could turn it on. It -- -- sub. And -- -- route you could enable or disable it may be the most agreeable spectre has -- everything unit admitted it might be. Here's my gripe they have -- no live traffic on the -- unit. Not available any way shape -- form and I've noticed. You can get serious or -- they've always been a good actress that when having anybody else does that but they have all these flavors of something called media hub -- get an iPod adapter that's one option. You can get media -- iPod which adds USD -- doesn't just do iPod or you get media -- iPod with US -- -- two DP Bluetooth streaming three separate ala carte options. And the most expenses only 400 dollars why would they offer another one for 349. And another one for 115. Because because the dealer accessory. Well why given so many accessories are gonna have to play all these part numbers just give me the one thing media WSB an iPod and -- GDP somebody's gonna by the -- button and two years later they're gonna whose territory by another way too -- -- revenue net might -- enlightening. Is that my question is why make an accessory just you know put it in the car from the beginning that this is that cheaper cars -- it's an 181000 dollar -- 28 to base for premium. It should have some -- -- iPod connection right now as far as driving the star. The years have passed again gearbox does you have to replace with -- -- be close ratio because. That your -- knows that this was this of the five speed manual the only way these cards come -- I thought was pretty audacious for this company. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- that -- -- -- -- a couple times in a parking lot to get the thing to actually get to reverse at all levels and imagined I think it's as well as in reverse it would move affair find your Canon U turn in the dry in the middle of the transit target -- president of illegally to -- yeah stuff. In honor but think -- -- the gear shift I thought it was I thought was OK if they gave it credit for 20000 miles down the road I'll like. It needs to be warned it's really it's it is too bulky now. Really see and in the gate is horrible -- you can actually get a upgrade you can get the the short throw shipped -- -- an ST guy as a yeah as it all 3300 bucks is definitely an -- A dealer installed option so yet at least you that Diaz someone helpful that -- be a lot better than this -- five speed -- it's taken up you know. And it feels like a fireplace poker. It -- of what it wasn't a great gearbox it was a great I was more of -- -- -- the only gearbox you can get like really. But I don't wanna dwell map because the cars actually great driving car great cornering car gets car that I would actually love to own and I think you know one thing that I like about this car over the previous -- That your -- is that wider track makes a huge difference. You know just that contribute so much the -- there's so much those lean in the corners and all wheel drive handling is just a block. It's yet discard -- mid engine it has the symmetrical all wheel drive standard of the WRX. Which includes a locking center differential. And -- distribution front to -- not left or right but he called symmetric because they've got a longitude -- mounted engine in the front it's a flat boxer but the crank runs front to back. Going down to -- transmission. To a center drive shaft and then out to a rear trans -- And equal links -- left right at front and rear so you see it it is symmetrical left to right -- it's almost balanced in terms of the amount of gears and stuff front career that's what they mean by it's not really high tech. It's has laid out very symmetrical which a lot of cars they -- all wheel drive don't do. They have these these power take off Shasta come back up the car up one side and all those unequal -- shafts and that behaving differently. This was a great car just to step on a corner and have it. Just turn exactly where you want it. It's also really for giving -- the great thing about this is. If -- -- heart into a corner and you're just lean in and everything and get to get things are getting crazy yeah and then that corner decides it'll sharper. Thinking that I you can actually correct you're okay corner -- you can hit the brakes a little bit it'll close to a little bit he had the snap right everything's controllable doesn't get out of shape if you make adjustments in corner and that's -- crucial for a in I mean this paper all wheel drive car and it's good for you know and that's where it was of the rally experience. Yeah -- that -- rally DNA actually comes through on his -- even though it's not over the top like amnesty. The lot of folks noticed -- obvious is how all these -- of course but discarded decent price it's not over the top with -- it looks a little over the top but. And doesn't have the cocktail bar wing -- -- effort went into the much more livable are if I had a hard drive every single day it would -- it. It wouldn't over -- -- TI yeah I mean everybody wants more power that while good bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wouldn't we just sort of -- this year but -- -- the eleven. To 65 horsepower -- 44 foot pounds of torque 1825 the MPG so it's doing pretty well on fuel consumption for a two and a half leader in your cool dual overhead cam flat for -- To move an inch of its life while must use the term that from the -- of -- your own beauty products down to about seven theaters we always have that problem. Delay that -- -- his -- we've hammered -- up for their crappy tech over the years that the squeaky gate or fuel economy out of we -- yes I know. Good. By the way the five or -- the 500 dollar option so it's not a pick on the body style price but it listed as an option as opposed to a different trim level weird little Subaru -- unit. Get -- -- as good as -- -- and -- -- it's it's useful you can fit back there -- needed and it -- -- that I did which usually very nice and very comfortable very very very -- like that okay so that's the city did -- president -- -- 2011 -- -- the premium trim which is one below the top it's not the limited but it's not -- in the -- categories were talking about kind of a mid to high arrange -- but not over the -- -- price. Or in any sacrifices you've gotta make to live -- every day all around and it will give it a thumbs up right. They're pretty hardy. Became a total -- and -- three million dollar that's that's libraries yet. I became I think it -- real strong Laker. Yeah real strong -- at the tech was preceded it -- -- Shuster was -- I tried it was great I would take accurate TLI ants are TL SH AWE over the and in the same -- regional. An exhibit the I'm talking about what is our compete -- and I mean it -- the only thing in this price for incidentally is that -- -- -- back in -- month -- a great twin clutch in the rally aren't yet. You which I do which is the which is a great twin clutch and -- again just -- -- annual rate. And in the month SP three which. Drive -- Bryant's interest okay so we media crap. We found some level over this does W our exit -- in the market -- -- we've -- -- -- email lately about folks asking about it yeah -- were okay -- -- -- the -- to level there is the car and off and say it's. It's gonna be one that we would enjoy that it would by the way you can also -- the mobile Internet hot spot -- this caller for 500 bucks a quirky things that they're doing wrong but. Okay folks what else is the scenic -- -- garage here we've got. Whole bunch of good stuff the newest reviews include the moms this MX five slash products first. The power retractable -- -- blue things got. Subaru -- -- -- review is just up an -- tomorrow I added that now stop now just fresh as -- show dated it is Thursday. Mitsubishi Outlander GTS is up about -- -- alive that'll be a probably Friday the day after the show on and so the thirteenth. And this -- a woman has the new. You know kind of the eclipse of the -- I should say front -- on -- We'll talk whether -- -- perhaps. In right now we have a total -- so delights in the new Audi a eight -- -- we talked about at the top of the show we have in the garage right now -- a lot more about that next week. And we're also going to -- -- talked with an elusive for and we're gonna have more about that going up on the site as well from -- rather extensive drive what two days ago. You a couple of days ago some track time and -- -- -- And of course and we're gonna get more cars in for the scheduled schedules not to have been doing another we'll talk about where -- right now clicks now but they're not there will become more cars coming and I'm I'm trying to. Better -- is only Austin. We can't knock off for the year yet but ultimately avail because -- we -- -- the avail yet. Though that may be our are Arlene April -- -- is so don't don't even send us emails taunting -- Zambian president has been repeated we're not. But that'll and you look -- the I know you're -- wrong -- folks that's it for to protect alive this week. Thanks for joining us you know all the drill find the show car tech dot cnet.com by the blog cars dot cnet.com. Email us -- car tech at CNET -- on call us with your voicemails 866401. CNET that's still -- -- oh don't forget to send us -- all cars pictures total fun. That's also to the email address -- -- at cnet.com and finally. Follow us on Twitter we beg of you I'm Brian Cooley BR IA NC OLEY -- is Wayne C underscore SF and one is it do a NT GOO. Thank -- that's -- saying at the controls and they'll follow him on -- -- just. -- it makes him nervous we'll see you next week.

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