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Car Tech Live 180: New Ford Fiesta: Worth the wait? (podcast): Car Tech

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Car Tech: Car Tech Live 180: New Ford Fiesta: Worth the wait? (podcast)

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OnStar to show up in retail stores, Chrysler backs away from hybrids and electric cars, can technology end crashes in intersections, and we drive the new 2011 Ford Fiesta -- was it worth the wait?

On -- to show up in retail store. Chrysler backs away from hybrids and easy to use this technology and crashes and intersection. We drive -- 2011 board BS down what's it worth the wait. Hello folks that -- -- live for this Thursday the fifth of August 2010. Brian Cooley here Wayne Cunningham and -- movement is back from the land of peach whiskey. Which -- trip it was. Trying welcome back that would actually literally took -- plane and then a month and the number Bacharach song but don't ever take notice them that you have that it -- he told that. While what I thought it was going to be adventure easily is that if and it turned out to -- or rather people. -- -- What a guest -- at the controls and for Mitchell Chang who is in Ohio for some reason and we know we know what mostly nor I -- just -- Anyway let's go -- folks and is happening this week we've got their word that OnStar which -- always been a factory installed -- from General Motors is now coming to the after market. This is big deal is OnStar over the years -- -- -- -- they're very early has a lot of people that are aware of its. -- know what it does the kind of in -- can trigger consumer adoption if it doesn't involve buying a new car. So the word coming out of CE outlook this week trade publication for consumer electronics says that a bunch of large car stereo retailers -- -- not saying which ones. Have signed India is a non disclosure agreement -- OnStar so they don't talk about this until OnStar wants to make the announcement but they're going to. Start to offer the ability you to go into a twelve volts shop a car audio media what have you type shop. And say you know what I wanna -- on started my car we think this has a lot of legs geysers on -- yesterday's news. I think OnStar has to offer some more compelling content. They gonna concierge service for so long which has its. You have benefits but I think they need more than the data stream into the car which they've got thought you know infrastructure for ya and if they can start beating you traffic news whatever you -- the information you need in the car that that -- to be -- I think this is by an initiative the avenue CEO of their of on star Chris pretty -- It started to reach out leopard for ways to expand on star instead of the you know got to steal does this planet of the past and it's a good move. Because the -- message has been growing it has -- most -- you -- concierge and out and a flood oriented service along the way it's like what to do when things go really wrong but most of the time you know what you're lucky things are going really wrongly write your car -- be nice to have. Services and data and information that's where we're keeping around there -- let you know. When the word breaks on that actually being in stores will cost what kind of compatibility we'll have that's all the details we don't. Have yet there's an odd one Chrysler. Cutting back on its plans to put electric and battery and electrified cars out there -- focusing more on efficient. Gas engine cars from from its partnership with Fiat as you can imagine there under a lot of pressure to use the Fiat assets that have come into the company through that. That acquisition. But there we heard about what we heard about this dodge circuit and a van and some little tiny mini car that was gonna go electric and they're gonna electrify I think one of their Albanians. -- -- -- -- And B they call that that was that the name in the code into their electronic or electric car project that's -- that's right but Fiat stepped in. And says you know what we a lot of official little gas engines and they do. But I just don't know that it's you know the right idea to -- seems indicate make -- about fates. Because if you go to electric cars now you're getting all the benefit of the halo that -- on. And General Motors and to some degree Mitsubishi are generating plus Tesla has been out there. I kind of want to get part of that parade but they don't seem to want to -- I can imagine betting on there not been an electric car future. Yeah but to -- did it to delay it now and here's the picture they were putting out there was about a year ago we're -- all electric. And they -- electric -- country and this is that little little sports car look really good. And then know what is the Jeep when -- commander something like that so -- -- talking everything going electric crossed the line panel anymore. The stuff for the time being. These -- only speaking of electric we have belief in last week. We don't a lot of -- around Mac car lately. Thoughts. Did currently it drives really well. Good acceleration I -- -- around a quarter points and got to get those those that low rolling resistance tires squealing that was -- -- -- -- good noise like orange -- on Saran -- it's like out there but the fact you can accelerate -- like that and get some you know excitement that I cars is a good step for electric car and -- did you get a chance to drive belief routes did not it -- route that's right. What you missed was happening to me I was surprised long impressed by the degree of the next -- -- car. It was a because we just had the Mitsubishi I mean -- a few days before which was much more barren so it's a much more Spartan. Again it's more of a pre production parties for this market. And relief is ready to go to deliberately -- ice car was quiet and solid -- you know finished. And -- apparently roomy and side to -- -- was asking us about. -- -- -- midsize. Electric car and you know I think you know -- is really basically midsize it looks. Small slash do -- which makes you think of it as a small silly -- it's actually a pretty good size car. So I get the looks or what throw people off and they think looks like some little weird little mini thing but actually Connell large in person. And we've got a video that that that's that when you recorded -- yet over on the blog now writes yet. That's over cars dot cnet.com you got what they look like Norton -- reminds me of -- -- -- -- -- someone to say this but reminds me of the idioms he pacer. It's kinda got the wheels pushed out to the corner -- tiny picture of it generally get a bigger picture replace -- obviously here's -- but those of you don't know what -- pacers to those of you who were born under a rock. It was on awhile on some -- -- -- somewhere on here Google's that is the patient there we are okay. There's some -- as good a bigger photo doesn't mean bigger remember these cars there -- wide smaller victim -- stepped on. But it's kind of -- -- Well -- -- that glass in the back to really capture that I and the back and Mexican looks like that double blow was he when he years and thing that now -- thirty. That leads him as those who are watching the video shows you know what you're -- you want on to talk about but. Yeah -- got that kind of in the -- new media more of a sloping street street ahead backlight. But it's got that sort of slightly the item and I'm really friendly compact -- look. And no luck getting large images -- today but anyway we earlier that looks like if you don't look at the video what a great reasonable to -- -- -- Japanese and we have the Mazda Miata in the last week and that has that caused my enough basic ones gonna go dual phone and the -- it years. We'll talk about that a few moments. Collisions intersections by 40% of collisions of all cart collisions happen -- and no -- the year two directions coming together plus add on ability. And also -- civil automotive -- tallies happen in collisions in intersections they are arguably. The hot zone when you're on your car for something bad happening before it's got some technology going on now that they say will allow cars to. Talk to each other by up. This is -- -- by -- radio technology I believe. And it's called abacus but AB ICA taxes that we have is that the MacArthur blog right now -- automatic braking intersection collision avoidance system. That's belted out doesn't that cuts agreed acronym all the good others may that a sentence to make a bit longer. Uses radio and sensors between cars to say I see where you are -- -- Orion where apparently on elect in ninety degree each with trajectory for a T -- for example. And to tell each other and then at the very least they could alert the driver. We know it's not much of a stretch from there to say okay activate the breaks both cars. To avoid the collision itself. And this is and to new concept this has been around for business -- been around for awhile if VW are working on this for awhile then at that lab in Silicon Valley spread the -- -- vehicle to vehicle communication -- vehicle to infrastructure. The idea being your -- communicate with -- the cars around totality occurs where it is. Also know what's coming up in the road -- And art smart infrastructure talking to smart cars ride cars and as traffic lights it's say I'm about to turn yellow you the drivers not watching -- until the car. And -- get this all the work they have them cars that will communicate with infrastructure standards. Amongst all the card companies that and this is and must -- communities and -- traffic lights and traffic infrastructure. And that's the hard part -- a long term play. Cynthia long term life yet network traffic signals mean imagine me traffic signals there are in the world which -- a Google -- but that's like it that's a lot of stuff you gotta fix. The upgrade for Vista to work at the high level would of course in and in problem intersections to start there but. -- -- stated that doesn't get any. Enough although the -- -- fix them it's making those intersections -- -- truly improve in at least in a couple of that he that I can think of out of my head that. You know roundabout. Reduce the danger. But if it takes it from being like a ninety degree -- -- accident it being more -- -- if something does happen the problem that the -- is it confused. With what he's posted to when you get. But this -- is a different trade off there where you go from it being safer to it being. That -- causing more accidents that are less serious for a couple weeks. For -- -- -- you get used to it -- the level of sorts it out and you have a nice keypad and that's that's the best ones are yet to look to a 2 in the morning on a rainy winter nights like who. A lot of public skid pad tonight the win win situation in the total -- Yet as a Wikipedia -- -- round -- -- safer. That then both traffic circles and traditional intersections. So there's a difference between a roundabout -- and Andy traffic circle I don't know the difference that's interesting. -- yeah adamant -- it's either but there is a there's a roundabout actually sat around abouts in that it's in England. It's in Swindon actually it's about eight roundabout all kind of can join together you never get out. I yet more and never get out and get lost in the middle of that and DPS to find your way it effect that. There's just no way. They do have like is that it on 40% your vehicle collisions are the statistics 80% fewer injuries and 980% fewer serious injuries because it's more -- little bleak. I'm sure when you have an -- one of those. -- interest -- other most serious accidents are right angle left turner head on collision the traditional functions and the glancing blows make a difference around about so. That's probably -- easier way to handle this honestly everybody understands that and we don't -- its standard. But it's never gonna happen as we think there weird and British okay so. The -- thing brought up the whole issue of unintended acceleration by at least in many of the cases it now seems unintended stepping on the gas pedal. That's how the date has been coming up increasingly as the feds keep investigating this and -- -- these New York Times it says that this has all brought back once again. A look at the petals and a car is it time to rethink -- which they have been rethought since shortly after the model T which is the last Karla Conn add a proprietary -- arrangement. And here is the story at the in the times about an inventor in Japan who has come up with a panel that is just one. Pedal movement portable video here we complain it's a very small video but it's too small to really show what are you have a panel where you -- down for breaking. And you press writes. With the -- your shoe for the accelerators so the pedal has kind of like a little little fence on the right hand side of it. And when you press on that that starts the gas and nowadays it's electronic anyway so that doesn't mean lot of resistance there. And when you pushed any of the breaks kind of hard to to mix that up or is it I mean. Having them and of us having driven -- what we think of that idea as being more intuitive. It looks like. No it looked like. Left my first reaction is that it's panic and evening. And then you're trying to do with my favourite movie writer friend that I do it and it just it feels weird I guess that's because you know for many years driving me. Develop in the -- memory of like you know pushing down the pedal which is both do. I don't know -- they. And looked interesting now. I think that if it looks like there's what is it when you hit the Greek the accelerators is engaged. -- as a video of this thing has chosen make in the things in their shop but -- I would assume that the spring back when you -- it today -- side. And then. Yes so in that case. Yeah the break in that's voted on have to be. Tied togethers -- -- -- the system goes -- it looks like looks like one of those you get right to. Young to remember of these but this looks like those little shoe -- things -- -- router rate flattening in from the saliva left -- -- -- class size and with the girl. The Internet and then they're available on -- But this is may be a neat idea I don't know when we haven't really thought pedals and a digital unions and I mean everything they everything about it now. Yeah pretty much -- -- adequate though -- a that is being really good for you know there are driving techniques where you wanna be on the brakes and the and the gas the same time this kind of puts an interest in new unified place to do that. Levine my first thought it would be for me healed so -- -- -- super easy. But -- you vote with your -- -- -- when -- but you're right when it would actually be on the guest in the only way of thinking but in the the the article stated that -- on the -- -- engaged in that accelerator it looks like there's no way to do that okay so that's how it's designed to be used for safety but -- -- but it can be engineered to work. Without that happening at the seagate I think if someone learned how to drive like this have potential to be -- but does it separate the you know pushing down on the panel it separates the two going at stopping -- two distinct movement. Right you can get it right else can use -- right now you do the same behavior you know slightly different location for a very different functions that if you're looking at that today -- -- -- is on an airplane. I -- I don't think I meant an aircraft may have -- may have routers but it in a really high safety. High risk environment you look at that they're not bad you got it seems like is an easier solution though would just be. The what is that when the system that they're putting in cars now when you step on the -- is over if that it would cut Hillary condemning their time I think when you wanna go. From gas to break really quickly in during the two feet would be good -- we're -- but now. It's certainly you know rocket car out yeah or it you know some -- -- which and we you need that I think. Indian you know disadvantageous to. They get rid of. These unified suitable -- I think more of -- on the -- part to accomplish certain maneuvers like active again and you can distinguished against liberated because because I -- -- -- they can't figure that out either. Oh I -- cool at a your basic fail those that we try to New York put to the the right to push -- accelerated probably -- -- pushing down a little bit too. Right thing in -- breaking and not accelerating and wearing out the pads hat and drag it to your muscle in my allay I don't -- -- ability to -- and I think you're listening or watching or doing this right now your illusion right. And pushing -- thinking about a two hour road trip holding your foot to the left because those are much more you know at the -- the strongest muscles ones that rotate your lower leg through the need. If you knee injury this is going to be difficult one -- duo but it runs with resistance there. I don't know crazy idea let us know giving it's a good idea -- that they're doing your doing your foot right now that down and over thing what do you think. He considers an email -- -- at cnet.com or call 466801866401. CNET otherwise it would be toll free. 866401. CNET okay -- idea of the week Nissan because they do all kinds of words stuff -- air conditioning now they're going to be blowing in the and -- global vitamins C. -- on earth is this about. Part of their forest AC which is something we've talked about -- com which gives a it's partly a particle. Pure fire and partly a you know very tiny particulate filter but they say that this will improve skin moisture. Now I don't know -- -- car has to do that it's and I got more and Estee Lauder jobs would be vitamin. Isn't vitamin C co -- and end escort kick -- that is the kind of it I guess you wouldn't need security. That I -- And -- really -- -- trips the next step if they've been like on -- you have no such an asset that. Driving to Vegas and there's no fruit stand -- and across the Atlantic is in my bones may start to -- that. The -- they've already started putting in. Filters and they went from filters to have -- filters to. I and I users to have a plasma cluster ups -- Finns they'd Blake because some of the bit from the more luxury luxury vehicles now have links -- That they entered that you can put into your day CC a roller derby I always hate those and I guess -- knows that the next logical progression but unlike where you go from there. -- government right it's like okay here's the things that vitamin C will do where it's an anti oxidant that's a pro oxidant and -- that is which will load reduced transition -- during and for Asian that can be good yours skip. That's good -- your immune system but not on the outside of your body but yeah it does apparently have some some benefits on the surface of the -- -- or. In drink in -- -- the rights. And -- -- and be the metadata that artists news on the Rezko is first federated rights to. I don't know that's it's it's it's the -- -- thing we've seen in awhile but that's not saying much because in this industry -- -- a lot of goofy but anyway. They've already implemented it. The forest AC system which is could be grafted into which recreates breezes temperature humidity Roma of natural forests they we have that in the Infiniti -- car which -- well at least the -- -- they called a which. She writes yet it changed the way the air conditioning. United changed and air flow way you the end of -- afresh -- -- -- -- it was a just a steady stream of there it was like yes and suddenly there goes that because down real world breeze. And this is also the car that use the great -- Faneuil hall filter apparently great seats. In a filter do something to converts out and what is it that capitalize out impurities -- so Nissan and sharper going crazy here Nissan -- advantage oil. Yeah I gotta feeling right you know -- -- and work I mean they -- to see that it's there lake UWW no way of knowing there's vitamins senior here. That's -- like oranges Psycho somatic it just seems like another bullet point to put on the list that. Am I gonna forget it seemed to vitamin C filter actually if people seem to have a filters in their heart -- is that the voters in their -- exactly so you're gonna forget the walls are the six month ministers and be something else -- If you wanna look younger than getting -- vitamin -- and your facial one of these this portion any team spider it's just been. There's this big green light. Yeah we just saw this car -- at -- Geneva yeah it was and earlier this year look great had incredible performance figures. You've not only fuel economy but also speed and handling. But now -- said there's enough interest in it that they said they they're gonna produce this car. Interest cleanup. They said that to make that -- about 2000 people expressed like serious interest wanted to buy this -- that portion takes seriously. And they said that's actually twice the number fueling need to make a case for production so how many president 2000. All they need to but I thousands holding. Right of course the -- -- close to half a million to 63 point two hybrid of the used in the hybrid here really to get performance I don't know they were crowing about tremendously good mileage there was some decent mileage figures for it and a column -- opt out my head and either. But -- it was -- -- get it was something that around the thirty user. Here's our story let's -- Seventy -- miles per gallon -- okay so. Wow -- 63 point two and ethnic and right this is got to be very different driving styles you can get this or you can do Vegas. 3284 3285 is the way it's amazing in this day and age for a car that can use all the technology in the world it -- half million dollars in their loading everything in there. And about the best they can do is 3285. For a two -- -- cars are so heavy today. They really are meets at I see it's just -- -- -- back to you know cars over the last few decades how much the ball though. 3.4 liter V8 500 -- and of course to electric motors with 218 additional horsepower one on each rear axle. And lithium on all -- goes sixteen miles on a chart -- -- -- the idea. So while four different modes eco hybrid. Sports high greeted and rinsing it. And which one we'd be spending and customer. Look at different technology from their -- -- GT three. Rate that's the occurrence that's genetic yet -- recovery system with a big -- -- alright yeah yeah we have that. Don't do it -- yeah by -- it'll be next. But you what's is goofy thing I so hate online social network games so -- and -- you go to justify this the Austin to app. It is actually -- that that when -- Menino justified now -- industry under the bus I -- I've played this game a little bit just to get Reagan -- -- with -- -- driver bill. It's a much animosity using a -- promote their new Mazda to -- you all the farm bill and you'll do the right mafia -- gonna is -- all the end game this is this is a new one and just very you know commercially oriented launched the Mazda to you don't of the gaming it'll avatar and you can actually customize a little bit I like my. Sneaky gentleman and a white piracy near you and you yeah and that. What and the first job is to get a hold little Mazda to you which yet to get like three missions to view it took me half an -- to figure out how to Buena Park -- the missions in the Q do you gotta talk to Mazda -- -- the -- -- -- must have like this jackets appear in the upper right answer yeah I tell him about the card. If any got to watch a little movie that's a promotion that's like the first Mazda and commercial. It's yet all of -- -- about the -- grows. As is going to be you know the because sign up for this my theory is and guess what all updates all be giving them FaceBook. -- They have -- I thought this was. Re re branding of another game came now that I've been actually playing recently called -- -- You know and it's actually if -- like farm bill but you collect callers youth -- started arise. -- So basically -- -- jobs like people's cars and our -- -- -- tires installed navigation system and you do anything for money needed to abide that are car's seat -- I would like. Either -- -- that need -- and -- like -- Yaris and I think you work your way up to like a Lamborghini and we're -- yet it's gonna -- when we talk. Number I'm not really -- and of faith but gained just as an actor go -- but the play them out. But is this take -- after much into purple hearts -- -- down here -- right. Yet parts of -- -- so -- sealed garage there -- -- -- a cool they're only one of super deformed looking cars and they're they're more aren't in there but you've got you know mother. All studies right in their -- -- and it. Yeah they're gonna release FaceBook feed is gonna start an analysis -- disaster -- -- the Alfa Romeo pulls policies spiders -- generated up to it foray you know. Let's Yugoslavia you as pick up and advertising here are are are a you -- -- -- -- taco truck that controlling -- the food inside Iran. Parents a few people wanna do that you go ahead and do it just make sure we're no longer FaceBook friends I don't want to -- updates. Okay this week's what. Are WTF. Which is gonna be a common new de -- sort kind do it every week it lets you don't have one. Is what we got here was this what. What is this -- is that will we're writing down the street my hometown and only got part and it certainly doesn't and in. Had to turn around and then snap a photo of the fiftieth second generation Mitsubishi Eclipse on at 28 inch -- it -- his fifth interim bona. But yet they're huge that's a huge old balk at the little short one well it's on a trailer because. Fairly certain you cancer it's a rolled right and I mean for one the will to to -- to make any more than one degree turn for two. The eclipse came with it -- the 210 horsepower Turbo charged for being here though there is no wording this big diameter returning that -- got Scott who it's not great. And it would read about -- -- in Ohio long live the lug bolts circle I mean they actually are smaller than the circle of the center of the wheel and -- -- nutrient that one that clips this is over the top though I've not seen this much don't -- -- on anything. -- usually -- 120 ones on -- on a caprice. Exactly that's cool. I mean not written. But a cool aren't meeting intuitive so here's our invitation folks are going forward if you've got pictures of really stupid bizarre weird cars -- and it's -- -- -- -- -- of those already we see some you know own related -- regaining your neighborhood and their diamond doesn't show us the stupid show us the stupid. If you wanted to make fun of a -- -- you're need to investigate. If it's real stupid -- -- then we might even read off his address so you can email that to us that's part tech at cnet.com wanna see your pictures of cards that shouldn't be allowed to be on the rotor licensed. -- -- speaking of those emails get into -- now we got a ton of let's let's look through these here. You know the address -- gave -- -- tech at cnet.com but also the phone number 866401. CNET for your voice -- A market Chicago's is one after guy's opinion -- -- crazy for putting down deposit to reserve a Tesla -- I work from home -- -- daily commute and he driving I do is typically within 100 miles with -- he's no longer trips he currently has a 330 -- 2003. The thinking of moving to a five series but he loves the electric idea. He -- put down a 5000 dollars. To reserve one of the first of the new Tesla model -- site and seen and we've seen with the car looks like but it's very what a year I think we've production. What are we think and this makes me nervous about car that's been on the road. Depending now refundable deposits. Yeah I hope it's responded -- I gave -- reserving it -- 99 dollars be more like. Yeah I mean the model that looks fantastic -- and Tesla does have proven power train technology. I even Toyota wants to wants to use -- they're they're dealing -- you put in a deal for its all. And all process to do at this point really is build this car using there there -- existing now -- -- technology and -- actually improve that too but it's it's good enough to get the roadster. Don't more than 200 miles. Gordon's -- Really pretty. Is there kind of the most the Roddy frontman -- already GT nice lines like -- -- -- even an Aston Martin repeat year any of those you know -- to recoup these days. It it is 49000 dollars will be debates they're saying now and 5000 dollar to pop -- to mark what ended so Oslo is refundable which I'm sure it is. Otherwise -- the best scheme -- ten. Yeah why not it's fun to say yeah just -- -- order -- you know the bragging rights. And as an early -- I mean this is something and -- this is this this is put your money we amount that is Ellis Island gonna sing it in line to get an iPhone for who cares yeah I gotta Tesla ass comic. You're gonna be in an exclusive group there -- -- so what I Yorkers. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which I can't say about the -- to the -- cute and the little -- -- looking this is a real good looking real car. So like I like the account that you're -- -- Here's one that we get actually fairly frequently -- going to pick -- pick up. About adding synch to a Ford Motor product what's check out this voicemail we got in about this. Yeah it into North Carolina question -- have or you -- -- and -- the basically just luxury or fusion that are public art -- -- patent application. But this -- your -- The question. In the system be removed and eight outlets and -- Thanks to them but it all what it -- -- update they -- Tuesday that -- -- there's. -- a -- Of -- -- what sort of a junkyard in no way to head unit included in there plug compatible. I don't think it's that -- There's a Ford says there's a Microsoft and -- announcing my -- policy of implement -- about this but in the example of the mustang for example they say. In 2009 vehicles or later and aftermarket kit is available. From -- dealerships. It's not a great little it's not like the current -- to keep getting new features on New York frozen version of sync which you can get it and nothing before -- nine they say can be. Grafted on. You know anything about this otherwise importers is -- like. I -- know you do that bright -- leader and I mean it. Of course I'm sure that if you if if you've got enough of the system you India with the snatched they had unity at the yet early -- and several module from the back and something else and it it. Probably be way more effort than it was worth really -- coming after market that would probably do as good of a job. By the time you -- I've got the thousands of dollars into that. And that it would probably cost I don't know how much this module. And yeah I heard that if you went and bought. The in another forum on and off or table wasn't that someone went managed to their mustang it was a 2008 I think and it was about a thousand dollars just for the parts. Because there's more than they had you know I could say there's unaware the GPS module and that's all that's outboard. Under the -- somewhere. Yeah usually these are little little -- -- that are you know maybe there's a GPS brain -- in the console and then also did you get into and it's gonna be on the roof and oh right you gotta think we're gonna have to go through each other and if the wiring is not all there now -- really zero fat and partisanship I mean. If you really really wanted to do it. You could but he probably be cheaper just treating your vehicle in for new and -- Yes so. It looks like -- unless you're really wanna home through this thing and spent a few weeks or months keeping -- back the junkyard. And fun in the next piece in the -- -- you didn't know you needed -- -- you may -- an -- steering -- I mean you never really know what he said. And there are a -- -- we we didn't know around the entire calls along but it was a I think he's -- -- -- the right buttons -- as we. So million connections on the back of it -- -- made him name that these same polarity name in nineteen thing in the faint signal. Oh rights yet this is digital stuff this is investor contact closure. So it sounds sketchy I don't know if I do it I don't know if I do it like he's like influences they're after market. It's all kinds -- graft on most of what you want there not sinks traffic directions and information at the proprietary service but in terms of hands free Bluetooth streaming. IPod or. He even Zune can that be done after market probably in button. -- -- all four and it's -- if they know now so but yeah. I'd go buy -- I -- buy a new MP3 player that works of aftermarket kit and start this project. -- -- -- Get -- -- Smartphone that -- the navigation now and in a Bluetooth and mean and it. And now cover most of which you wanted to -- as Apple. Her think different. Think different -- late. What do they have Leo or just different they're different it irks me is dramatically that's right -- to -- -- India. We'll -- okay question about said he about hybrid pickup trucks this one comes from and on this is anyone a couple of hybrid pick up. It's interesting too because there are lots -- unity is in pretty much they're doing okay on the market. Also wanna make money off due to think they can be green and only huge car. We've seen these before it should be -- -- -- -- -- That's that's about the only big full size truck I think that is the only people slides that pick -- -- on the market that's hybrid yeah I -- is that. Dual mode Dell hybrid system that they offseason -- odd hybrid. That's right and yet Tahoe hybrid those vehicles if -- -- and actually and it's it's pretty reasonable it to. -- drive and electric power for short distances under very light throttle. And what it -- the big advantage is well there's a couple of advantages it gets you it to increases the fuel economy by about point 5% you're going from fifteen to twenty. So that's that's a bonus. And daddy can policies that -- if your contractor something like that that hybrid system and also we're as a generator. That's the cool part yeah -- power the outlets in the trumpet wallets running. And that might be -- match beats me do this does it 2122. Is the rating on the currents. Sierra hybrid. MS RP starts at 387. That's a pricey truck even for a full size that's probably fairly high trim and it does have a six liter V8 at how the equipped the hybrid. After they may be going biodiesel might be because knowing that biodiesel god by the way I on the CNET staff at where where I feel -- -- -- I think that right -- But -- diesel will be a whole lot more efficient. If Mercedes only made a pick up. That we'd have something either portrait to easily -- to continue to out in the first place and the hybrid is an expensive -- way to get -- -- -- going to -- -- grunt -- Goldman a law I don't know -- out there on -- like you say the number on the mighty hack them into the back but he's in Britain and you were in -- thought well that's as well like I would be first in line and prepare -- and -- in the worst way. Okay a bunch of notes came in from -- is it has a really good rundown a whole bunch of stuff we talked about it even mention all of these but one of the interesting things he brought up was the Taurus SH though he says has always been pronounced -- And -- -- and SHL even back when he was working at a dealer in the ninety's and early 2000. He says the Ford engineers would come into the dealer. And look at the vehicles for whatever and they would even call it a show it didn't matter it was the early Carter had that really cool Yamaha V6 or the later car which was kind of a blob -- with the in house -- they always called the shelves well. I terribly impressed and correct the record as one that -- was -- and SHO reports came out. All it would have been I think the new and -- all it's yeah they definitely -- and -- it and it. It -- -- it out officially and not monitored show yes -- Look at what people just generally all the things. I have never heard anybody actually -- -- each OSX it was always -- super high output yeah well yes it's an -- that's what it stands for yeah I mean like you would pronounce the GT ID. But -- -- hood that. Article actually -- I am gonna. Hey let's do it that's going to be heavy duty and -- -- from now -- we have in the garage revolved on. A -- works rocks that in rhetoric -- -- -- super Rex at the gallons that felons and people actually only gonna tracks -- you know when opera element. Aren't -- it thanks Jeremy -- -- -- -- bunch of good notes in there Laats is the but the show what was the most interesting and a thank you for that US access this one comes in from JC mark 42. -- on the go show us are wrong -- of the from various who says that I commented at the end of show once every six four weeks ago now. But the 3335 I guess that as the quote comfort convenience package -- the comfort access skier I can do without that I'm over which buttons he says I don't recall -- was being anti push button please elaborate. Because I think the general population -- enjoys that convenience and can't think of any significant downside. But -- that I have ridiculous thing I -- keyless but I don't I don't push buttons I think they -- are inherently. A little dangerous -- predicament and I really that they are because they all work differently and even even starting a card turning it back on like oh what was the car we had that had a we've we've been pretty five -- that a state. Yes yes yes I remember right dump the clutch on that when I was doing the -- turn illegally on this steep road on twin peaks I had to get restarted -- -- -- And you could just step on the computer that was confused in you can is at the -- I mean. And it's -- the area kind of been put the break I'm on the break -- -- I've obviously hit the button too soon for you computer if I'd been in a Mazda with a wireless key with a puck on the side of the column. Nothing would have been confused. It escalated in the whole purpose of the -- In my opinion and -- a cheap way to do it it is cheap absolutely positive you know exactly the same behavior all the time. It's not like hold down to seconds if it's running. To turn it off but hold it down differently to start when it's not running which is just like a quick momentary -- shouldn't be too behaviors on the setting controls like the gas pedal -- talk about what. Here here is actually another solution that dead Animal Planet coral in 1982 integral wanna point. The ignition the key stop working had been old and used up a lot you -- -- in there. So and but also the rear -- didn't -- -- I re -- ignition through the rear -- toggle switch is gonna be good dad and it's a three way toggle switch so it's got like a in the regular opposition -- and then -- -- -- temporary sort of -- position on those restore. -- -- That's the way to go nobody had ever steer card no -- they would have no idea. People that -- can do it they couldn't figure out how to start no idea they'd never do the rear windows which started -- -- of that -- -- you need that that three way switch and yet it is simple push button is maybe a little too simple it's -- -- However are but I find that frustrate aggressive and that's going to wait for a second -- pushed the button again -- stop -- that's relic about the art bush button. To -- its fussy and it came about because it was a racing thing. And -- 2000 and it was the first part of put a push button into production cars. Parlor remember those are racing -- it's like they were hot little roadster with a red milled aluminum button and blob blob blob politically key in the -- -- I'm on did you did didn't you you get it out even if we did yeah -- and it just -- and into the black mark that we've come a long way baby wanna. You I don't know I thought I'd look at what's but my love the look Cuba's access that's that's probably don't wanna Oracle my keys and I never remotely human mind in my pocket even though I could. I always format out of habit and London about -- you think that there's there's always that panic. Moment -- I'm like where are my keys. Right it happen in the BMW five series where the keys were in my pocket and that of India you know when you unplug -- -- -- and normally would -- up and down my -- the car for a second and couldn't on. And -- checking I have. Paranoid and when -- close the door until -- located the key fortunately. That found them and they were actually in the -- But you gotta get this we don't think about -- they never think about it and we've had at least one issue during a car tech shoot let me think where. The key is I think we got a car. We've got a car that locked and someone else had the key. I did that work it was something -- like who's got the key we can't get back in the -- is different and get a physical keys are like when you're dropping the car up at the parking garage and you just jump out of it -- -- in the building with the -- pocket easy to do yeah. You can do the physical -- you did actually take it out pull it up -- their pockets a little more thinking you've gotta do Canada but I don't -- -- when -- says don't like the push button that's just me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without critter -- -- sounds mostly he wants to go pretty much top of the line. We review the 2.5 I with no -- that's all there -- sent us. But DOD reviews -- thoughts on the new -- set up with back -- camera in the -- speaker -- carton what do we know about that we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they change it around and and that they're actually given us some high tech. I trim the Subaru models like -- -- -- we have been right now. And I understand I -- -- yet but there is a legacy around here with doll oh what he's talking about actually the high country okay so so the letter forget that it yes all right we don't have any current thoughts on -- -- current system. Except for the fact that HK is generally really get and I've always been impressed by their their audio quality. So I would I would expect -- -- a good sounding system. And dad they're navigation hasn't been the cutting edge at this point alone but you know its its -- so basic so works. And the -- side bar of the day which is a total non sequitur is the the folks that owned Harmon -- 92 year old Sidney Harman just one Newsweek why would they buy -- news and newsmakers. In a strange gonna put it in the area. Yeah that's a good to have Newsweek on the there the majority do but there point. So -- little sidebar there let's move on to -- last we get to our on the roads that we got a lot going on here we have a voicemail coming in about buying a car. That does what Infiniti M does but isn't an Infiniti M let's listen to this question about some alternatives to buying back car and it's tech paella. -- -- Steve from New York location of and it's a question. But this -- in -- are. And she was pretty intense -- -- and and he reconfirmed dignity and I'm wondering if there's a card in and I know that at the same amount attack. Make that pre -- maintaining and we have the break gained in only that is this one there's there's any other cars out there at the same amount attack. Any other cars that actually opens it up a bit because I was just initially thinking luxury sedans like the -- So he wants -- like lane departure warning -- departure prevention blind spot detection. Rob -- is the master that they're crazy -- that stuff yeah they really have pushed that technology pretty far they've got. I mean they've got that outside braking which keeps in the lane yeah they do stuff that. Debts on the verge of do you really want your car making these decisions for you. But so far they've been there have been okay with them. I think -- though is gonna come close writes I get it at the city CD I don't know they have lane departure. Prevention prevention and -- just warning. There's -- way out there on that the car that I should bring you back BMW is really catching up on this story they want something with that recently BMW five Edmonton and -- -- A member of the 740. For the keep in new and Alain Isaac -- have -- -- you just have the warning yet of but if you but it is but -- -- I've been you know that out though the -- -- and tonight -- com Lexus had it. The let the -- -- 250 -- definitely has oh I'm -- one -- assistant -- Hold we'll that is credited in the lane that's Alexis H which is that you fifty that's the hybrid that small. Hybrid that anti aliases it there and maybe some of the higher model -- -- -- I'm now. Look at it now. That's loses some ideas. But -- if you want the full package in infinity is definitely the ones that do it the most on more models than anybody else. They have been kind of make and -- -- there are. That's Everett is you know intelligence. Tells an engineering -- like that is their whole statement these days ago. They're told him that kind of -- So that's your best bottles of who have a -- -- -- -- have a similar payload though not always in the same kind of car. Okay listing of -- -- get into the road on RO one of the most long awaited and highly anticipated -- Is going to market in showrooms just now -- believe it's the new 2011 Ford Fiesta snatched almost completely intact from Ford of Europe. Let's -- it was worth the wait because it took years report to -- decide to do this as Winamp one take us on the road. And I'm trying to take that a quick start and artisans are adequately but the only get that one point -- areas and you. I didn't make Olympic Games and -- yes it's small displacement engine more focused on fuel economy -- Anything else. But it's not bad that. The power and runs a little bit -- And that it's connected this decision is connected to -- actually a dual clutch transmission six speed. Although there's still a transmission does not have any -- There's like some so it just. Just like an automatic that has a slightly more direct connection with the engine. And adding that contributes to despite. It's -- roughness of the power sharing deal -- this is a completely new car from board they've already been -- and Europe. You know they're just budget in the US this is actually European design -- And I've -- and -- said that says that a European style handling. Any notice any difference in the handling between it's darn and other American -- -- It just opening it handily. Well handling car and really understand PayPal account and you can -- and driving dynamic. But it does feel like -- together probably. -- Really -- direct connection with this between the steering -- And the roads -- -- -- have. Almost immediately. Perfect about the -- That it packages pretty standard among the best -- -- believe we have seen. Then that's about it. But as well. Yes think encompasses a lot of us think we've got the -- vote -- got them three player. Yeah and it does a lot of other things like. Stock quotes that -- sports scores movie times. So wider. Array of information available on the server. Okay so this is a car that -- can say as European handling of the sport tuned suspension. It's a crock but in this case it does handle better than the cars. In its class I. We have -- the head it head to head with and well -- -- -- -- corolla and if it. This drive that over it. I think you're plugging your typical American cars have -- -- play in the stream real audio and this is a little more direct -- to turn the wheel so we actually happens. Yeah everything's -- on this -- I'll give it that. These suspensions -- the point and shoot thing you'll want to see -- -- that it does you know a focus. For example. It's a slightly sporty appeal in a economy car is you know really witnesses in the economies the question here on display -- numbers on this guy you know it ranges from. -- -- -- thirty to forty. -- not for the fiesta. Thirty miles per gallon -- on the MPG yeah of them of the price -- if it at the lot of money for fiesta there 4030 or -- that that you want but I'm assault for. Com to regatta but -- that -- Certain what the starts in the in the -- sixteens is that rights yet mid day yet the sixteens are on there and up to about 21 or so loading up we -- the SC which is the iTrip. Yeah I believe our car was around when he when he one -- over all so -- -- of thirteen 320s the -- as the bottom price for the -- Match so it's a little cheaper than we fought for the bottom end but again we -- the car loaded up sync is standard on all but the very basic trim. And that -- interest in little head unit middle orange display agent you're watching the video of the show we think that -- was -- -- sufficient display. Or little to. Yesterday. I like that lot of action and I -- the yet having that. And that's I think -- into his happiness and almost postcard -- little bit of -- postcard sized screen you know do you lot of information on there. You -- -- your phone calls you can hear iPod library here -- whatever MB three. -- you get connected to it. -- much better than uses that to -- you reviewed this to be a much better of that. Like that didn't -- it's this it looks kinda like the the whole senator stack if you mark trying to visualize missiles -- -- the face on the alien in a rights without -- little points forward looking to this point forward like this has -- the top of the jaw. Pointy ugly face he's gonna -- is sticking up here on the what -- these buttons are. Darth Vader. And no interest in that really. I -- that's scary -- -- and that figure out if if you get this car you'd better like it if it's not coming out. At the -- that -- unity away and Brady will integrated but yeah I mean the fact that you do get a screen pretty much regardless of what else you've got it going on -- -- -- -- good -- I mean. I definitely like it that. You're you're getting voice commit and -- to the you know audio streaming and all that -- -- in the -- flat. Then you would yeah and most cards that offer something like this they're not cheating on the same experiences pretty much everything you get on -- and much more expensive car if he is going. Can you get to screen now in the current net -- yet but it pretty much stuck with. Think turn by turn -- Right which is problematic. This car actually we had a problem with that in that the -- -- wasn't working yeah and you know tech support about that they said yeah we're sorry the problem with this car. I have used navigation you and others think equipped cars and navigation. And it can work all right I'd. The problem the biggest problem I've found is getting -- he's in the voice command system because it doesn't always understand what you're saying. And I've had to yell at three or four times and still get no no feedback it's it's not nearly as good as the voice command in the car because. When you're using the the op -- services you're going to what's command it's actually in a server somewhere in the world yeah. But not in the car and it's using the voice connection on your phone -- -- using it doesn't require a data connection it's using it forget the vendors they partner with their -- -- antiquity and so it's turning the it's basically going -- old. Almost acoustic plea coupled modem technology -- in the voice channels on a cellular network you validate that -- If you look at your phone when when you're doing it you can actually see the phone numbers and -- calling -- -- it's a figure call depending -- was when you have. And Alex I was commenting that I think it Tellme is also part of that change if you hear that familiar changing. Tell -- tone when you get in there with -- is the voice command. Part of -- the server side which -- meanness and it out of wondering if that the same technology that. Powers the end of being voice search as you can get with some devices is that the sound -- all the -- the prompts -- You can pretty close to the -- well. And a mean of considering that this is Microsoft product I'm surprised -- -- if it would -- think that they would kind of put then the four differently or think with being searched. Just a little Bryant or I mean maybe -- open port blocking. Not when it too much microphone branding -- -- Leave room for our badges. I think -- the big questions on this is do you get it with the six speed power shift dual clutch automated manual which is unprecedented in a car -- For a thousand dollars and seventy. Or do you get the five speed manual week at the DCT. Yeah I liked the dual clutch transmission in this car it didn't slip up a couple times. One site. Slam on the breaks and then try to get going again pretty fast in the clutches there that it transmission speed and -- year -- for a couple seconds before it -- -- you wanna sit down. But -- you know elected at that is good and this is a city -- you don't want you know it's nice to not have -- -- dean. Yeah I thought I found it it was also -- -- a little more confused. Than I would've liked it who have been it was not figure I would've chosen. -- with a come with a -- such limited power that's important. So I'm not I would definitely drug the feisty minerals like it when it's like okay that we were European thing to do I would -- right that's the European epic man. -- of that handling. I'm beyond that you and I Sukarno a lot of options are not gonna load this thing -- -- -- the SCO has almost no options the sixty DCT Carmen group. Leather seating surfaces in -- -- story. That's it you know a -- now. In -- driving technology straight forward little car that would take that drive train feel that this current felt the drafting. Trains don't really rough rougher than you yeah they like and Honda Fit -- -- I like that I was finally that was like -- -- like -- drive -- a card this is good but it was a little on refinement of the -- the ride in the handling or better -- on to fit but that the engine. Was rougher -- I'd like. The mix there's thirteen thousand -- require. 163 for our our base that's pretty cheap and just say it it's a great package for sixteen -- -- -- -- all the materials I do like -- -- better I think -- -- yes he had -- we can all agree on that -- year old disappointed we get the -- The -- on its yellow. It really -- interest it did he more about the month to. The of them that you know now the fiesta here and we -- and formed our opinions on it. You know the -- to being based on more or less the same platform -- kind of being tune different like order how they're gonna differentiate these cards so that they don't. Totally overlap one another. Big difference was gonna be engine or transmission does the mosque to have the DC -- -- I think that I don't. Leave it does as all the commodities being uploaded office park here this morning aren't on the way in a word yes and here in addition to the dealers and we haven't got one in yet so that's one of the biggest differences you can't get the monster -- you with a DC to -- government standard manual or some automatic doesn't have a smaller engine to let our but he of one point five. But of one point six and a hundred horses that a hundred in nine -- mean. So yes and differences you afford kept that that one balanced in their favor but that is the same DNA from -- Very different here in a completely different action head unit and all that so yeah a lot of differences and -- -- -- yes a big difference. Alright well that's the Ford Fiesta that's -- eleven Ford Fiesta and that one is up cars dot cnet.com. Quick look what's in the CNET car tech garage for we -- the show for this week of course that Ford Fiesta -- our -- -- yet yellow so. Put on your sunglasses for you go to the review page it now we have a BM WZ four S drive 35 I asks. Which -- replaces what we used to be -- for in the M catalogue. Will be secret measures up on that when that review goes up soon and the Mazda Miata grand touring AKA the most MX five or known as both in this country with the power retractable hardtop that's in being reviewed right now. And then we just took delivery of that Subaru racks that WRX. Which is just directs honesty I'm right right double what looks like -- -- -- the big body. And an outlander GT is on the way -- it's in yet it's in in the graph okay so that arrival I was out so while lot of good cars in and Morgan -- comin'. And you -- -- -- -- email car tech at cnet.com. Voicemails 866401. Scene at 86 X 4012638. And don't forget to send us WTF photo -- got one of the stitched up extra -- it shouldn't be allowed to escape the crusher. Stupid mugs and things of that nature send those to -- -- at cnet.com also. And follow us on Twitter I'm Brian Cooley BRI and CO OLEY Wayne is Wayne C underscore -- happening don't want is in a NT. GOO. We'll see you. Next week.

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